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1861 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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County Londonderry     County Monaghan     County Tyrone

County Londonderry

Londonderry, a maritime county in Ulster province.  Greatest length N. and s., 40 miles; greatest breadth, E. and W., 34 miles, comprising an area of 810 square miles, or 518,595 acres, of which 318,282 are arable, 180,709 uncultivated, 7,718 in plantations, 1,559 in towns and 10,327 under water.  The surface is hilly and rugged, with fertile tracts along the rivers.  The rivers are the Bann (part of) on its E., the Foyle (part of) on its W. boundary and the Faughan, Roe and Mayola, in the intermediate tracts.  The subsoil is mica slate, sandstone and floetztrap; clay-slate, basalt and limestone are found in each district.  The population in 1841 was 222,174.  In 1851 the total population was 191,868, being a decrease of 30,306.  The greatest part of the county is held by lease under the Irish Society and the twelve London companies.  The chief crops are oats, barley, potatoes and flax, with some wheat.  The staple manufacture is linen.  The county is chiefly in Derry diocese, with portions in Armagh and Connor.  The principal towns are Londonderry City, Coleraine and Newtownlimivady.  It returns four members to Parliament; two for the county at large, constituency in 1859, 5,178; one each for Londonderry and Coleraine - constituencies 823 and 246.  It is in the North-West Circuit.  The Assizes are held at Londonderry, Quarter Sessions there and at Coleraine, Magherafelt and Newtownlimivady; in all which towns there are Bridewells.  Petty Sessions held in twelve places,  The County Prison and County Infirmary are in Londonderry, as is the District Lunatic asylum for Donegal and Londonderry counties; which maintains 214 patients.  The Union Workhouses are at Londonderry, Coleraine, Magherafelt and Newtownlimivady - There are barracks at Londonderry.  The head quarters of the Constabulary force, consisting of 106 men, officers included, are at Coleraine; those of the four districts, comprising 18 stations, at Coleraine, Londonderry, Magherafelt and Newtownlimivady.  There are two stations of the Coast-Guard, at Downhill and Portstewart.

Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum - Acheson Lyle, Esq., the Oaks, Londonderry and Dublin.

High Sheriff (1861-62) - Rowley Miller, Esq., Moneymore.

Members for the County - Robert Peel Dawson, Esq., D.L. (1859), Moyola Park, Castledawson and Carlton Club, London ;  Sir Frederick William Heygate, Bart. (1859), Bellarena, Newtownlimivady and Carlton Club, London.

Chairman of Quarter Sessions - W. Armstrong, Q.C., (1845), 38 Gloucester Street, Dublin.

Deputy Lieutenants

Alexander, Samuel M., Newtownlimivady.
Ash, W. H., Ashbrook, Derry.
Bateson, Sir Robert, Bart., Castrues.
Bateson, T., Belvoir Park, Belfast.
Bateson, T., Belvoir Park, Belfast.
Beresford, John B., Learmount.
Boyd, John, M.P., Dundoan House, Coleraine.
Bruce, Sir H. H., Bart., Downhill.
Bruce, S. C., Coleraine.
Clarke, James J., Largantogher House, Maghera.
Conyngham, Lieut-Colonel, Wm. F. Lenox, Springhill, Moneymore.
Cromie, J., Cromore, Portstewart.
Dawson, R. P., M.P., Mayola Park, Castledawson.
Garvagh, Lord, Garvagh.
Heygate, Sir F. W., Bart, M.P., Bellarena and Roecliffe, Leicestershire.
McCausland, M., Fruit Hill, Newtownlimivady.
McNaghten, Sir E., Bart., Bushmills.
Miller, Major Rowley, Moneymore.
Ogilby, J., Pellipar House, Dungiven.
Ogilby, R. L., Dungiven and Ardnargle.
Scott, T., Willsborough, Muff, Derry.
Richardson, Henry R., Somerset, Coleraine.


Adams, John, Ballydevitt, Coleraine.
Alexander, S. M., Newtownlimivady.
Anderson, Henry, Glenkeen Aghadowey.
Armstrong, John W., Kilrea.
Ash, W. H., D.L., Ashbrook.
Ash, Wm., Hermitage, Garvagh.
Babington, Richard, Derrynoyd, Draperstown.
Babington, A., Creevagh, Derry.
Baird, Daniel, Broom Hall, Derry.
Bateson, Sir R., Bart., D.L., Castrues.
Bateson, T., D.L., Belvoir Park, Belfast.
Beresford, J. B., D.L., Learmount.
Barklie, Alexander, Mullaghmore, Aghadowey.
Boyd, J., M.P., D.L., Dundoan House, Coleraine.
Browne, T. R., Cumber, Claudy.
Bruce, Rear-Admiral W. H., Upper Castleroe, Coleraine.
Bruce, H. S. B., Bellaghy.
Bruce, Sir H. H., Bart., D.L., Downhill, Articlave.
Bruce, S. C., D.L., Coleraine.
Casement, Julius, Portglenone House.
Canning, Hon. A. S. G.
Cassidi, (Cassidy) Captain F. P., Glenbrook, Magherafelt.
Cather, Thomas, Newtownlimivady.
Clarke, Jas. Johnston, D.L., Largantogher House, Maghera.
Colthurst, Rev. J., Bovevagh, Dungiven.
Conyngham, Lieutenant Colonel Lenox, D.L., Springhill, Moneymore.
Courtenay, J., Glenburne, Portglenone.
Cox, s. L., Flowerfield, Blackhill.
Cromie, J., D.L., Cromore, Portstewart.
Dawson, R. Peel, D.L., M.P., Mayola Park, Castledawson.
Dolling, Robert H., Manor House, Kilrea.
Douglass, C., Dervock, County Antrim.
Duncan, James, Magherafelt.
Gage, M. McC., Streeve, Newtownlimivady.
Gage, Wm. Chas., Drummond, Ballykelly.
Garvagh, Lord, D.L., Garvagh.
Gaussen, Campbell, Lakeview House, Magherafelt.
Gilmore, T., Spotswood, Bellaghy.
Given, J., Farloe, Newtownlimivady.
Giveen, Butler M., Low Rock Castle, Portstewart.
Graves, Wm., Castledawson.
Green, Wm., Government House, Londonderry.
Hamilton, A. W. C., Gortin, Omagh.
Henry, R. John, Fairview, Castledawson.
Heygate, Sir F. W., M.P., Bart., D.L., Bellarena.
Heyland, Langford Rowley, Crumlin.
Hezlet, Robert, Coleraine.
Hill, John, Castle, Bellaghy.
Humphrey, Alderman John, Southwark, London.
Hunter, J. C. F., Straid Arran, Feeny.
Jones, Thomas M. H., Moneyglass, Toome.
Knox, Geo., Prehen, Londonderry.
Knox, R., Rushbrook, Garvagh.
Knox, Captain J. B., Maghera.
Kyle, Henry, Laurel Hill, Coleraine.
Lawrence, S., Banfield House, Coleraine.
Leathem, W. P., Recorder of Derry.
Lyle, James Acheson, Knocktarva, Coleraine.
Lyle, Samuel, Oaks Lodge, Cross, Derry.
McCausland, M., D.L., Fruit Hill, Newtownlimivady.
McCausland, Connolly Thomas, Fruit Hill, Newtownlimivady.
McCormick, Wm., M.P., Lisahanley House, Londonderry.

McNaghten, Sir E., Bart., D.L., Bushmills.
Mackey, James T., Belmont, Londonderry.
Magill, S. Rankin, Cookstown.
Mauleverer, Bellingham, Maghera.
Maxwell, Rev. P., Birdstown, Londonderry.
Miller, J. R., Moneymore.
Miller, Major R., D.L., Moneymore.
Montagu, Lord R., M.P., Portstewart.
Murray, Jas., Caw House, Derry.
Newton, Robert William, Hillmount, Waterside, Derry.
Nicholson, H., Roe Park, Newtownlimivady.
Ogilby, R. L., Dungiven.
Ogilby, W., Kilcatton, Claudy.
Orr, Andrew, Millburn, Coleraine.
Richardson, Henry R., D.L., Somerset, Coleraine.
Robinson, Henry J., The Castle, Portstewart.
Scott, T., D.L., Willsborough, Muff, Derry.
Scott, W. E., Willsborough, Derry.
Sinclair, James, jun., Dromore, Coleraine.
Skipton, George, Casino, Londonderry.
Spottswood, A., Millbrook, Magherafelt.
Staples, Sir t. C., Bart., Q.C., Lissan.
Stevenson, J., Ashpark, Dungiven.
Stirling, G. C. B., Moneycarrie, Ballymoney.
Stronge, Edward R. F., Jackson Hill, Coleraine.
Stuart, Hon. Charles.
Tittle, J. M., Portstewart.
Tomkins, George, Richmond Park, Patrick's Well.
Tyler, H., Newtownlimivady.
Walker, Wm. E., Magherafelt.
Wiggins, H., Eglinton, Derry.

County Officers

Clerk of the Crown (1831) - John Martin, Newtownlimivady.
Clerk of the peace (1805) - William Gregg, Londonderry.
Deputy Clerk of the Peace - James W. Gregg, Londonderry.
Crown Solicitor (1856) - Thomas Fitzgerald, 20 St. Anne's Street, Dublin.
Sessional Crown Prosecutor - John Martin, Newtownlimivady and 1 Hardwicke Street, Dublin.
Treasurer (1845) - James A. Lyle, Knocktarna, Coleraine.
Secretary to Grand Jury (1834) - J. T. Gregg, Derry.
County Surveyor (1847) - Richard Williamson, Londonderry.
Sub-Sheriff - John Chambers, Derry.
Sheriff's Returning Officer - John T. Hamilton, 61 Upper Sackville Street
Coroners - Daniel Gailey, Coleraine;  William Lane, Newtownlimivady;  Minchin Lloyd, Summerhill, Londonderry;  David Kelly, Lisnamorrow, Magherafelt.
Agents for Lloyds - Ross, Smyth & Co., Londonderry;  D. T. Wilson, Portrush.
Head Stamp Distributor for the County - Anthony Babington, Londonderry.

Constabulary Officers

County Inspector - Alexander Kingston Fox.
Coleraine - Joseph S. Hume.
Londonderry - Wm. Kelly.
Maghera - John Grant.
Newtownlimivady - W. E. Crofton.

County Jail, Londonderry.

Board of Superintendence meet on the second Wednesday in every month.
Inspector - Thomas Chambers.
Chaplain - Rev. wm. Beresford.
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. W. McClure.
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. W. McLaughlin.
Physician and Surgeon - Thomas H. Babington, M.D.
Governor - Lieutenant Richard Boyd.
Deputy Governor - Thomas Lecky.

Londonderry Artillery {21}

Captain Commandant - Stewart Blacker.
1st Lieutenant - Henry S. Smith.
Surgeon - H. C. Field, M.D.
Facings - Scarlet.

Londonderry Light Infantry {95}

Lieutenant Colonel Commandant - W. F. L. Conyngham, late 88th Foot.
Majors - Rowley Miller;  S. H. Smith. late Lieutenant 64th Foot.
Captains - Stewart C. Bruce;  Geo. Knox;  G. Beresford Knox;  Wm. E. Scott;  John Blackall, late Captain 39th Foot;  A. Shuldham, late 6th Foot;  John Geo. Smyly;  R. G. Richardson.
Lieutenants - Conolly James Gage;  Connolly Skipton;  A. L. Nicholson:
H. L. Pilkington;  Pechell Irvine;  Henry R. Miller;  E. Smith Lecky.
Ensign - Samuel M. Moore.
Paymaster - Rowley Miller.
Adjutant - James D. Beresford, late Lieutenant 76th Foot.
Quartermaster - Thomas Lecky.
Surgeon - H. S. Skipton.
Assistant Surgeon - William Miller.
Facings - Yellow.
Agents - Borough, Armit & Co.


Monaghan, an inland county in Ulster province.  Greatest length N. and S., 37 miles; greatest breadth, E. and W., 28 miles; comprising an area of 500 square miles, or 319,757 acres, of which 285,885 are arable, 21,585 uncultivated, 5,816 in plantations, 304 in towns, and 6,167 under water  The general surface is hilly and mountainous in the N. W., and to the E., joining Armagh.  The highest point of the Slievebeagh range is 1,254 feet above high sea level.  The soil is of every variety; that in the more level portion, which forms the N. part of the great central limestone plain of Ireland, is very fertile.  The lakes and rivers are numerous, but small; the N. Blackwater, which falls into Lough Neagh, forms a part of the E. boundary.  The Ulster Canal passes through the country. The population in 1841 was 200,407.  In 1851, 141,758, being a decrease of 58,649.  The occupations are almost wholly agricultural, although a good deal is done in the linen manufacture.  It is wholly in the archdiocese of Armagh.  The principal towns are Monaghan, Clones, Castleblayney, Carrickmacross and Ballibay.  It returns two members to Parliament; constituency in 1859, 5,121.  The County Prison is in Monaghan, where the Assizes are held.  Quarter Sessions there, and at Castleblayney, Carrickmacross and Clones.  The County Infirmary is in Monaghan; and there are Bridewells at Carrickmacross, Castleblayney and Clones.  The District Lunatic Asylum, to which the county is entitled to send thirty-one patients, is in Armagh.  A Savings' Bank is established at Monaghan.  The Union Workhouses are at Carrickmacross, Castleblayney, Clones and Monaghan.  There is a barrack station at Monaghan.  The head quarters of the Constabulary, consisting of 208 men, officers included, are at Monaghan; those of the four districts, comprising twenty-four stations, at Castleblayney, Clones, Carrickmacross and Monaghan.

Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum (1858) - Col. C. P. Leslie, M.P., Glasslough and London.

Vice-Lieutenant - Lord Cremorne, Dartree, Rockcorry.

High-Sheriff (1861-62) - Henry Mitchell, Drumreaske, Monaghan.

Members for the County - Colonel C. P. Leslie (1842), Glasslough, 48 Berkeley Square, London;  Sir George Foster, Bart., D.L., (1852), Coolderry, Carrickmacross and 33 Duke Street, St. James's.

Chairman of Quarter Sessions (1835) - James Major, Q.C., 13 Mountjoy Square North, Dublin.

Deputy Lieutenants

Anketell, M. J., Anketell Grove, Emyvale.
Blayney, Lord, Carleton Club, London.
Bond, Captain Edward W.
Brownlow, William.
Cole, O. B.
Coote, Major T., Brandedrum, Monaghan.
Cremorne, Lord, V.L., Dartrey.
Evatt, S. R. B., Mount Louise, Monaghan. (spelt Lousie elsewhere)
Forster, Sir G., Bart., M.P.
Forster, Wm., Ballynure, Clones.
French, Robert, C.L., D.L., Ballibay House.
Hope, T. H., Castleblayney.
Ker, A. A. Murray, Newbliss House.
Lewis, Lieut-Col. A. G., Scottstown.
Lucas, Edward Wm., Castleshane.
Shirley, E. P., Loughfea, Carrickmacross.
Singleton, Thos., Fort Singleton.


Adams, John Hervey, Northlands, Shercock, Carrickmacross.
Anketell, M. J., D.L., Anketell Grove, Emyvale.
Anketell, T., Dungillick, Emyvale.
Bath, Marquis of, 44 Berkeley Square, London.
Bennie, George, Farmoyle House, Ballibay.
Bond, Captain E. W., Bondville, Middletown.
Boyle, C., Tannagh, Cootehill.
Brady, John, Clones.
Brownlow, James, Ballyleck, Monaghan.
Brooke, Basil G., Castleblayney.
Coote, Major T., D.L., Branedrum, Monaghan.
Cremorne, Lord, D.L., Dartrey Castle, Cootehill.
Cunningham, John, Glasslough.
Dolling, Robert H., Manor House, Kilrea, County Derry.
Evatt, S. R. B., D.L., Mount Lousie, Monaghan
Fawcett, J., Drumaconnor, Monaghan.
Filgate, W., Lisrenny, Ardee.
Forster, Sir G., Bart., D.L., M.P.
Forster, William, D.L., Clones.
Forster, Lieut-Col. T. O., Coolderry, Carrickmacross.
French, R. C. Leslie, D.L., Ballibay House.
Golding, E., Gouran. County Kilkenny.
Goudy, John, Coolmain House.
Hamill, David, Boosky, Newbliss.
Hope, T. H., D.L., Castleblayney.
Hamilton, J., Cornacassa, Monaghan.
Hawkshaw, Charles, Monaghan.
Holland, John Thomas, Bellevue, Carrickmacross.
Johnston, Henry G., Fort Johnston, Glasslough.
Johnston, J. W., Cassaugh Monne, Aughnacloy.
Johnston, Thos., Longfield, Carrickmacross.
Jones, Humphry, Carrickaderry House, Clontibret.
Kenny, Plunkett, Carrickmacross.
Kernan, J. B., Rocksavage, Dundalk.
Ker, A. A. Murray, D.L., Newbliss House, Newbliss.
Lentaigne, John, Tallaght House, County Dublin.
Lewis, Lieut-Col. A. G., D.L.
Leslie, Captain John, Kiltybegs, Inniskeen, Dundalk.
Lloyd, Captain Jesse, Camla, Monaghan.
Lloyd, H., Camla, Monaghan.
Lucas, E. W., D.L., Castleshane, Monaghan.
Lucas, Right Hon. E., Castleshane, Monaghan.
Lucas, Thos., Agherlane, Ballibay.
Madden, John, Rosslea Manor, Clones.

Madden, John, Hilton, Clones.
Mayne, Richard, Castleblayney and Kingstown, County Dublin.
Minnet, R. A., Derrygoonay, Ballibay.
Mitchell, Henry, Drumreaske.
Montgomery, Alexander.
Moorhead, J., M.D., Anaghmakerg, Newbliss.
Moorhead, Samuel, Fortwilliam, Clones.
Morant, G., Shirley House, Carrickmacross.
Moutray, Whitney, Fort Singleton, Emyvale.
McCullagh, Jas., Corfadd, Ballibay.
McCullagh, T., Derryvalley, Ballibay.
Murray, Wm., Beechhill, Monaghan.
McMath, A., Castleblayney.
McWatty, James, Castleblayney.
Rawdon, Colonel J. D., Dartrey, Rockcorry.
Reade, Rev. George H., A. M., Enniskeen Rectory, Carrickmacross.
Rogers, Henry, Monaghan.
Rothwell, T., Blackcastle, Navan and Shantona, Carrickmacross.
Shirley, E. P., D.L., Loughfea.
Singleton, Matthew (Resident Magistrate), Castleblayney.
Singleton, Thomas C., Fort Singleton, Emyvale.
Smith, David, Clonowney, Clones.
Stopford, Captain T., Newbliss.
Tardy, Rev. Elias, Aughamullen Rectory, Ballibay.
Thompson, R., Thornhill, Smithborough.
Trench, W. S., Carrickmacross.
Wall, C. E., M.D., Rathmines Road, Dublin and Clones.
Wright, J. C., Carraher, Scotstown.

County Officers

Clerk of the Crown (1832) - T. D. Bourne, Dublin.
Clerk of the Peace (1854) - M. P. W. Lewis, 10 Fitzwilliam Square West, Dublin and Monaghan.
Deputy Clerk of the Peace - John Mitchell, Monaghan and Dublin.
Crown Solicitor (1830) - Maxwell Hamilton, 5 Kildare Street, Dublin.
Sessional Crown Prosecutor - A. Dudgeon, 98 Talbot Street, Dublin and Sterling Lodge, Clones.
Treasurer (1830) - Thomas Montgomery, Monaghan.
Secretary to Grand Jury (1843) - John Jackson, Cremorne, Ballibay.
County Surveyor (1854) - William Carroll, C.E., Monaghan.
Coroners - C. Waddell, Lisnavane, Ballibay; and Hugh Swanzy, Castleblayney.
Head Stamp Distributor - James G. Lewers, Diamond, Monaghan.

Monaghan {121}

Colonel - Hon. Charles P. Leslie.
Lieut-Colonel Commander - T. O. Forster, late Captain 77th Foot.
Majors - Thomas Coote, Charles Woodwright, late Captain 36th Foot.
Captains - Edward W. Bond, Robert Forster, Michael E. Lewis, Adam H. Fuller, John Leslie, Jesse Lloyd, late Captain 47th Foot.
Lieutenants - Matthew Bleakeley, John C. Dawson, Frith Thompson, John Crozier, Thomas Coote.
Ensigns - Matthew B. Naghten, Henry S. N. Bird.
Paymaster - R. Thompson.
Adjutant - Captain Hugh Augustus Crofton, late Lieutenant 10th Foot.
Quartermaster - Wm. Watson.
Surgeon - W. N. Irwin, M.D.
Assistant-Surgeon - Wm. Temple.
Facings - White.
Agents - Cane & Sons.

Constabulary Officers

County Inspector - John Simson Stuart, Monaghan.
Carrickmacross - Thomas R. Barry.
Castleblayney - Francis J. Heath.
Clones - Henry Kirwan.
Monaghan - Charles McKelvy.

County Jail, Monaghan

Board of Superintendence meets on the first Monday in every month.
Inspector and Chaplain - Rev. H. Maffet.
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. John Bleckley.
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. P. Clifford.
Physician and Surgeon - John S. McDowell, M.D.
Governor - John Temple.


Tyrone, an inland county in Ulster province.  Greatest length, N. and S., 46 miles; greatest breadth, E. and W., 60 miles; comprising an area of 1,260 square miles, or 806,295 acres, of which 450,286 are arable, 311,867 uncultivated, 11,981 in plantations, 710 in towns, and 31,796 under water.  The surface is hilly, rising into mountains in the N. and S., and declining to a level towards Lough Neagh; the soil in the lower districts is fertile and watered by numerous branches of the Foyle and Blackwater rivers.  Coal is raised near Dungannon and Coal Island, and indications of lead, coal and iron are frequent in the hilly districts.  The population in 1841 was 312,956.  According to the census of 1851 it was 255,734, being a decrease of 57,222.  The manufactures are linens, coarse woollens, blankets, whiskey, beer, flour, meal, chemicals and coarse earthenware.  It is in Armagh and Derry diocese, with a small portion in that of Clogher.  The principal towns are Omagh, Strabane, Dungannon and Cookstown.  It returns three members to Parliament, two for the county, constituency in 1853, 7,423 and one for Dungannon, constituency 191.  The County prison and Court-house are at Omagh, where the Assizes are held.  Quarter Sessions there and at Clogher, Dungannon and Strabane, in each of which towns there is a Bridewell.  The District Lunatic Asylum for the Counties of Tyrone and Fermanagh is at Omagh,  Savings' Banks are established in Clogher, Cookstown, Dungannon, Omagh and Strabane.  The Union Workhouses are at Castlederg, Clogher, Cookstown, Dungannon, Gortin, Omagh and Strabane.  The nett annual value of property rated to the  poor in the county is 366,010.  There is a barrack station at Omagh.  The head quarters of the Constabulary, consisting of 260 men, officers included, are at Omagh; those of the seven districts, comprising 35 stations, at Omagh, Dungannon, Clogher, Cookstown, Fintona, Strabane and Newtownstewart.

Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum (1839) - The Earl of Charlemont, K.P. Roxborough Castle, Moy.

High-Sheriff (1861-62) - Ww. (Wm.) Archdall, Esq., Dromard, Kesh.

Members for the County - Right Hon. H. T. L. Corry, Castlecoole, and 35 Hill Street, London;  Lord C. Hamilton, D.L., Baronscourt, Newtownstewart and 19 Eaton Square, London.

Assistant Barrister (1828) - Richard Nun, Q.C., 29 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin.

Deputy Lieutenants

Abercorn, Marquis of, K. G., Barons Court, Newtownstewart.
Belmore, Earl of, Castlecoole, Enniskillen.
Brady, W. S. R., Oaklands, Cookstown.
Burges, J. Y., Parkanour, Dungannon.
Caulfeild, (Caulfield), E.H., Drumcairne, Stewartstown.
Greer, Major J., The Grange, Moy.
Hamilton, Major A. W. C., Beltrim, Gortin.
Knox, Hon. W. S., M.P., Dungannon Park.
Lindesay, Frederick, Loughry and Rock Lodge, Dungannon.
Lowry, R. W., Pomeroy House.
Moore, R. M., Storm Hill, Aughnacloy.
Moutray, J. C., Favor Royal, Aughnacloy.
McMahon, Sir B. B., Bart., Fecarry Lodge, Mountfield.
Sinclair, James, Holy Hill, Strabane.
Staples, Sir T., Bart., Q.C., Lissan, Cookstown.
Stronge, Sir J. M., Bart., Tynan Abbey.
Stuart, Hon. A. G., Crevenagh, Omagh.
Verner, Wm., jun., Churchhill, Moy.
Vesey, S., Derrybard House, Fintona.


Abercorn, Marquis of, K. G., D.L.
Archdall, E., jun., Riversdale, Enniskillen.
Archdall, W. H., Riversdale, Enniskillen.
Ashe, W. H., Ashbrook, Derry.
Baird, Daniel, Boom Hall, Londonderry.
Belmore, Earl of, D.L.
Black, W. F., Lislap, Omagh.
Boyle, C., Tanagh, Cootehill.
Brackenridge, G. C., Ashfield Park, Clogher.
Brady, Wm. S. R., D.L., Oaklands.
Brook, Basil G., Dungannon.
Browne, T. R., Aughentaine, Fivemiletown.
Burgess, J. Y., D.L.
Burgess, Ynyr, Parkanour, Dungannon.
Castlestuart, Earl of, Stuart Hall, Stewartstown.
Caulfeild, (Caulfield) E. H., D.L.
Conyngham, Lieut-Col. W. F. L., Spring Hill, Moneymore.
Cranston, J., Cranebrook, Coalisland.
Crossle, J., Anahoe, Ballygawley.
Dane, Paul, Killeyhevlin, Enniskillen.
D'Arcy, H. M. J., Necarn Castle, Lowtherstown.
Disney, T., 68 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin.
Dixon, Rev. R. V., Clogherney, Dungannon.
Echlin, Henry, Kelish, Drumquin.
Eccles, C., Ecclesville, Fintona.
Edwards, Rev. Wm. M., Clonleagh, Strabane.
Ellis, Captain F., Fecarry House, Omagh.
Evans, Robert, Gortmerron House, Dungannon.
Eyre, John, Benburb.
Gage, Charles William.
Gage, Marcus, Carrickmore.
Galbraith, S., Clanabogan, Omagh.
Gervais, F. J. Cecil, Augher.
Gledstanes, a. U., Fardross, Clogher.
Goff, Joseph, jun., Dungannon.
Greer, Major Joseph, D.L., The Grange, Moy.
Greer, T., Tullylagan, Dungannon.
Gunning, J., Wellbrook, Cookstown.
Hamilton, Major A. W. C., D.L.
Hamilton, Lord Claude, M.P.
Hassard, R., Cookstown.
Hoffman, C. P., Annaghroe, Caledon.
Holmes, J., Stranabrosny, Dunamanagh.
Hore, Walter.
Hornidge, Robert, Fardross, Clogher.
Humfrey, Lieut-Col. B. G., Cavanacor, Strabane.
Humphreys, T. W. D., Milltown House, Strabane.
Irvine, Major J., Killydeas House, Enniskillen.
Irvine, Captain John G., Leack, Kesh.
Irvine, Rev. A., Trillick.
Jackson, J. E., Tullydoey, Moy.
Knox, Captain A. F., Urney, Strabane.
Knox, Captain E. C., Desertcreight, Dungannon.
Knox, Hon. John J., Northland House, Dungannon.
Knox, Hon. Wm. Stuart, M.P., D.L., Dungannon Park.
Lendrum, J., Magheracross, Enniskillen.
Lindesay, Frederick, D.L.
Little, Samuel, Stewartstown.
Litton, E. T., Altmore Lodge, Dungannon.
Londonderry, Mayor of.
Lowry, J. C., Rockdale House, Dungannon.
Lowry, R. W., D.L.
Lowry, Robert W., jun., Pomeroy House, Dungannon.
Lyle, Alexander Mackenzie, Donaghmore, Dungannon.
Lyle, Godfrey O., Cookstown.
Macartney, J. W. Ellison, The Palace, Clogher.
Mann, Deane, Dunmoyle, Sixmilecross.
Maude, M. C., Chanter Hill, Enniskillen.
Magill, S. R., Crieve, Cookstown.
Miller, Rowley, Moneymore.
Miller, J. R., Moneymore.
Moore, E., Bawn, Aughnacloy.
Moore, R. M., D.L.
Montgomery, V., Crilly, Aughnacloy.
Moutray, J. C., D.L.
Moutray, W., Killibrick, Aughnacloy.
McClintock, George P., Perrymount, Seskinore, Omagh.
McMahon, Sir B. B., Bart., D.L.
Newtown, Robert Wm., Derry.
Ogilby, W. L., Lisclean, Dunamanagh.
Patterson, Wm., Fivemiletown.

Porter, Rev. J. G., Kilskeery House, Trillick.
Prentice, Henry Leslie, Caledon.
Richardson, H. M., Rossfad, Enniskillen.
Rogers, J., Glennock, Newtownstewart.
Scott, C. R., Strathroy, Omagh.
Scott, Joseph, Rockwood, Castlederg.
Scott, Wm., M.D., Aughnacloy.
Spear, J. L., Clonally, Ballygawley.
Sproule, Y., Bridgehill, Castlederg.
Stack, George Hall, Mullaghmore., Omagh.
Staples, Sir T., Bart., D.L.
Stanley, Charles, Roughan House, Dungannon.
Stephenson, R., Ardhill, Londonderry.
Stewart, Sir J. M., Bart., Ballygawley House.
Stewart, George Vesey, Lisbeg, Ballygawley.
Stewart, M., Martray House, Ballygawley.
St. George, Capel, Aughinver, Kesh.
St. George, H.L.
Story, J. H., Derryalles House, Ballinagh.
Stronge, J. C., Tynan Abbey.
Stronge, Sir J. M., Bart., D.L.
Taylor, J. E., Cranbrook, Fivemiletown.
Tener, J. K., Moree, Dungannon.
Tottenham, Major.
Tottenham, Rev. Henry, Fintona.
Verner, Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Wm., Bart., M.P.
Verner, William, jun., D.L.
Vesey, Samuel, D.L.
Waller, E., Lissenderry, Aughnacloy.
Wilcocks, St. G. L., Brookend, Ardboe, Stewartstown.
Wray, R., Northland Row, Dungannon.

Resident Magistrate.

R. D. Coulson, Omagh.

County Officers

Clerk of the County - David Fitzgerald, 20 St. Andrew Street, Dublin.
Clerk of the Peace (1849) - J. C. Stronge, Dublin.
Deputy Clerk of the Peace - John B. Buchanan, Omagh.
Crown Solicitor (1856) - W. H. Magrath, Dublin.
Crown Solicitor at Quarter Sessions (1848) - Cecil Moore, Omagh, Aughnacloy and 56 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin.
Treasurer (1836) - Hon. A. G. Stuart, Crevenagh House, Omagh.
Secretary to Grand Jury (1851) - Burleigh Stuart, Omagh.
County Surveyors - A. Gahan and W. H. Deane, Dungannon.
Coroners - William Orr, Omagh;  James Hamilton, M.D., Strabane;  James Buchanan, Fintona;  and Edward S. Tener, Dungannon.
Head Stamp Distributor - Alexander C. Buchanan, Omagh.

Tyrone Royal Fusilers {80}

Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant - James M. Stronge, late 5th Dragoon Guards,
Majors - David R. Ross, late Captain 66th Foot;  James A. Caulfield, late Lieutenant and Captain, Cold Guards.
Captains - Burleigh Stewart,  Fras. Ellis,  Robert S. Lindsay, late 30th Foot;  Claud Houston,  J. H. Armstrong, late Lieutenant 95th Foot;  William H. Irwin,  Edward C. Knox,  C. K. Colhoun, late Donegal Mil.; Deane Mann,  Geo. P. McClintock.
Lieutenants - William Moore,  Richard White,  John Maxwell,  Thomas A. Young,  Joshua Pim,  Daniel Wilson,  Robert S. Hamilton,  Robert Wm. Scott,  John B. McCrea.
Ensigns - G. Knox Horner,  John Robert Bailie,  Walter J. F. Quin.
Paymaster - Wm. M. Carpendale.
Adjutant - Captain William Lundie, late Coldstream Guards.
Quartermaster - John Core.
Surgeon - J. Moore, M.D.
Facings - Blue.
Agents - cane & Sons.

Tyrone Artillery {28}

Major - Joseph Greer.
Captain - Yner Hen. Burges.
1st Lieutenant - Frederick Rogers.
Adjutant - Captain J. S. Wright, late Royal Artillery.
Surgeon - R. Crothers, M.D.
Facings - Scarlet.
Agents - Cane & Sons.

Constabulary Officers

County Inspector - John Manby.
Clogher - David Harrell.
Cookstown - James McMullan.
Dungannon - Thomas Smith.
Fintona - James Campbell.
Omagh - George A. Molony.
Strabane - H. B. Thornhill.
Newtownstewart - Thomas Hogben.

County Jail, Omagh.

Board of Superintendence meet on the second Thursday in every month.
Local Inspector - George A. Rogers.
Governor - William McClelland.
Chaplain - Rev. Chas. A. Seymour.
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. Joseph Mitchell.
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. M. O'Kane.
Surgeon - Henry Thompson.

District Lunatic Asylum, Omagh.

The Board of Governors meet on the second Thursday in every month.
Resident Physician - F. J. West, M.D.
Visiting Physician - Henry Thompson, M.D.
Apothecary - Francis Trainor.
Episcopalian Chaplain - Rev. R. M. Swift.
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. J. Mitchell.
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev.  ?  O'Donnell.
Clerk and Storekeeper - George Quail.

1861 BSD Index

Provincial Towns Antrim, Ardglass, Armagh, Aughnacloy.