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1880 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Londonderry, a maritime county in Ulster province. Boundaries : N., Lough Foyle and the Atlantic Ocean ; E., Antrim and Lough Neagh ; S., Tyrone ; W., Donegal. Greatest length, N., and S., 40 miles ; greatest breadth, E. and W., 34 miles ; comprising an area of 522,315 acres, of which 196,887 are under tillage, 228,186 in pasture, 5,483 in plantations, 82,279 waste, bog mountain, etc., and 9,480 under water. The surface is hilly and rugged, with fertile tracts along the rivers. The rivers are the Bann (part of) on its E., the Foyle (part of) on its W. boundary, and the Faughan, Roe, and Moyola, with their numerous feeders, in the intermediate tracts. The sub-soil is mica-slate, sandstone and tabular trap; clay-slate basalt and limestone are found in most districts. The chief crops are oats, barley, potatoes, and flax, with some wheat. The staple manufacture is linen. A fourth part of the county is held by lease under the Irish Society and six London companies. The county is divided into 6 baronies, containing 43 parishes, and 1,202 townlands, having a population in 1871 of 173,906 persons, or 34,624 families, inhabiting 32,590 houses; also 940 uninhabited, and 76 building. The county is chiefly in Derry diocese, with portions in Armagh and Connor. The principal towns are, Londonderry City and Parliamentary borough; population in 1871, 25,242; and the Parliamentary borough of Coleraine, 6,588. The county returns 4 members to Parliament; 2 for the county at large, constituency, 1879-80, 5,729, with 18 polling places; and 1 each for Londonderry City and Coleraine borough, constituencies, 1,958 and 435. It is in the N.W. circuit. The Assizes are held at Londonderry, and Quarter Sessions at Coleraine, Londonderry, Magherafelt, and Limavady. There are 14 Petty Sessions Districts within the county and 2 Poor Law Unions, Magherafelt, and Limavady, wholly within the county, and portions of 3 other unions - viz., Ballymoney, Coleraine, and Londonderry. The constabulary force of the county consists of 5 officers and 115 men. The county is within the Belfast military district, and, in conjunction with the Counties Donegal, Fermanagh, and Tyrone, forms No. 64 Sub-district, the Brigade Depot of which is at Omagh. There are barracks in Londonderry. The annual value of property assessed under the Tenement Valuation Act is £368,342.

Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum
Sir Henry Hervey Bruce, Bart., Hon. Colonel Londonderry Militia (late Lieutenant 1st Life Guards, was M.P. for Coleraine 1862-74). Downhill, Derry; Trelydan Hall, Welshpool, Montgomeryshire; Junior United Service Club, London, S.W.

High Sheriff - 1880
George Cather, Esq., Carrickhugh, Limavady

Members of Parliament for the County

Right Hon. H. Law (1874), Q.C., P.C. (was Solicitor-General for Ireland, 1872-74), 9 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin; Sackville Street and Kildare Street Clubs, Dublin; Union Club, London, S.W.
Sir Thomas McClure, Bart. (1878), Belmont, Belfast; Reform Club, London, S.W.; Ulster Club, Belfast.

Deputy Lieutenants
Deputy Lieutenants and Magistrates marked thus (a) have served the office of High Sheriff in this County

a Alexander, Samuel Maxwell (J.P. and D.L., Co. Donegal), Roe Park, Limavady
Bateson, Sir Thomas, Bart., M.P. for Devizes (J.P. and D.L. Co. Down), Belvoir Park, Belfast; Bellaghy, Co. Londonderry, 12 Grosvenor Place, London, S.W.; Carlton, White's and Traveller's Clubs, London, S.W.; Sackville Street Club, Dublin
a Beresford, John Barre, M.A., Learmount Castle, Londonderry; Ashbrook, Londonderry
Browne, Major George (Retired List), Cumber House, Claudy
Bruce, Colonel H. S. B., Ballycullion House, Castledawson
a Clarke, James Johnston, Largantogher House, Maghera; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Canning, Hon. Albert Stratford Geo. (J.P. Co's Down and Londonderry), Garvagh; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Chichester, Major Spencer, Moyola Park, Castledawson
a Conynham, Colonel William Fitzwilliam Lenox, J.P., County Tyrone, Springhill, Moneymore

Giveen, Captain B. Mildmay, Cooldarragh, Coleraine
a Heygate, Sir Frederick Wm., Bart., M.A. (J.P. and D.L. for Leicestershire), Bellarena, Londonderry ; Southend, Essex ; 43 Eaton Square, London, S.W.; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Lyle, James Acheson, jun., The Oaks, Londonderry ; 13 Pembroke Road, Dublin
a McCausland, Connolly Thos., Dreenagh, Limavady ; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Martin, Hon. Sir Samuel Crindle, Myroe
Moore, Robert Lyon, Molenan, Londonderry
Ogilby, James, Pellipar House, Dungiven
O'Neill, Hon. Robert Torrens, M.A., Shane's Castle, Antrim ; Derrynoyd, Draperstown
Scott, Major William Edward, Willsbro', Eglinton, Derry ; Sackville Street Club, Dublin
a Torrens, J. A. W. O'Neill, Somerset, Coleraine

County Court Judge and Chairman of Quarter Sessions
J. Faviere Elrington, Esq., Q.C., LL.D. (1879), and Recorder of Londonderry, 24 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin


a Adams, John, D.L., Ballydevitt, Aghadowey
Alexander, Captain H. McC, R.N., Castleroe House, Coleraine
Alexander, John Adam, Caw House, Londonderry
a Alexander, Samuel Maxwell, D.L. (J.P. County Donegal), Roe Park, Limavady
Armstrong, Alex. Moore, (J.P. Co. Antrim), Culmore House, Kilrea
Ash, Thomas, Spotswood, Bellaghy
Ash, William Hamilton, B.A., T.C.D., Hermitage, Garvagh
Babington, Hume, Creevagh House, Londonderry
Barklie, Thomas, Cullycapple, Ballymoney
Bateson, Sir Thomas, Bart., M.P., D.L., Belvoir Park, Belfast
Beresford, John Barre, M.A., D.L., Learmount Castle, & Ashbrook, Londonderry
Beresford, Henry Barre Blacker, Lieut., R.N., Learmount Castle, and Ashbrook, Londonderry
a Bigger, William Finlay, (J.P. City of Londonderry), Riverview, Londonderry
Bowen, John Gordon (J.P. Co. Donegal), Burt House, Londonderry
Browne, Major George, D.L. (Ret. List), Cumber House, Claudy
Boyle, A., Bridge Hill, Limavady
a Bruce, Sir Henry Hervey, Bart., D.L., Downhill, Derry
Bruce, Henry Stewart Beresford (J.P. County Antrim), Castledawson
Bruce, Hervey Jukes Lloyd, Downhill, Londonderry
Canning, Hon. Albert Stratford George, D.L. (J.P. Co. Down), Garvagh
Carson, Jas. Crawford Ledlie, M.D., Coleraine
Cartwright, Henry Edmund, Manor House, Magherafelt
Casement, Julius, M.A. (J.P. Co's Antrim and Wicklow), Cronroe, Ashford, Co. Wicklow
Chichester, Adol. John Spencer Churchill (J.P. Co. Antrim), Moyola Park, Castledawson
Clark, James, Dungiven
a Clark, James Johnston, D.L., Largantogher House, Maghera
Clark, John Alex., Castledawson
a Conynham, Colonel William Fitzwilliam Lenox, D.L. (J.P. Co. Tyrone), Springhill, Moneymore
Courtenay, James, Glenburn, Portglenone
Cuthbert, J. Westbirk, Coleraine
Douglas, James Smyth, Rosebrook, Dungiven
Dymond, Captain Robert, Drumlamph, Castledawson
Forrester, Robert Wm., Clover Hill, Maghera
Gage, Connolly Marcus (J.P. County Tyrone), Carrickmore House, Carrickmore, County Tyrone
Gage, Mark, A. B. (J.P. Co's Down and Tyrone), Ballynahinch, Co. Down; University Club, Dublin; Ulster Club, Belfast
Gage, Marcus McCausland (J.P. Co. Antrim), Dunmurry, Co. Antrim
Gage, William Chas. Drummond, Ballykelly
Garvagh, Right Hon. Lord (J.P. Co. Down), Garvagh House, Garvagh ; Canningstown, Co. Cavan ; Desertmartin, Co. Derry
Gaussen, Campbell, B.A., Parkview House, Castledawson
Gaussen, W. Ash, Ballyronan House, Magherafelt
Giveen, Captain Butler Mildmay (J.P. Co. Antrim), Cooldarragh, Coleraine ; Junior United Service Club, London, S.W.
Given, John Boyd, The Diamond, Coleraine
Given, Robert, Coleraine
Graves, Major William, Castledawson
Gunning, Samuel Cosh, Maghera
Hamilton-Jones, Thomas Morris (J.P. and D.L. County Armagh, J.P. Co's Antrim, Cavan and Fermanagh), Moneyglass House, Toome ; Jonesborough House, Flurrybridge ; Sackville Street Club, Dublin
Hamilton, Major Arthur Willoughby Cole (J.P. and D.L. County Tyrone), Gortin, Omagh
Heygate, Capt. F. G., Bellarena, Derry
a Heygate, Sir Frederick William, Bart., M.A., D.L. (J.P. and D.L. for Leicestershire), Bellarena, Londonderry ; 43 Eaton Square, London, S.W.; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Hezlett, John, Bovagh, Aghadowey, Ballymoney

Hill, John (J.P. County Antrim), The Castle, Bellaghy
Holmes, Sir. W. R. Kt., the Manor House, Kilrea
Hunter, James, Ballyvillon, Coleraine
Hunter, John Charles Frederick, B.A., Straid Arran, Feeny
Knox, Lieutenant Colonel George, Prehen, Londonderry
Lane, Hugh, Master Court of Queen's Bench, The Umbra, Londonderry ; 13 Mountjoy Square North, Dublin
Lawrence, Wm. Gregory, London
Leckey, E. S., Longfield Lodge, Eglinton, Londonderry
Lecky, Thomas, Foyle Hill, Londonderry
Lepper, James, Hollymount, Desertmartin
Lyle, Hugh, Oaks Lodge, Gosheden, Londonderry
Lyle, Major Hugh Chetham, R.A., Moville
Lyle, James Acheson, D.L., The Oaks, Londonderry ; 13 Pembroke Road, Dublin
a McCausland, Conolly Thomas, D.L., Dreenagh, Limavady, Carlton Club, London, S.W.
McCausland, Oliver Plunkett, Woodbank, Garvagh
McClellan, John Mitchell, Londonderry
McClintock, Major George Percy (J.P. and D.L. Co. Tyrone), Seskanore House, Omagh
McClintock, Robert (J.P. County Donegal), Dunmore, Carrigans
McClintock, Thompson Macky (J.P. Co. Donegal), Hampstead Hall, Derry
McCloskey, James, Garvagh
a McCorkell, Bartholomew, (J.P. Co. Donegal and City of Londonderry), Strand House, Londonderry and Glenburnie, Moville
Macky, James Thompson (J.P. Co. Donegal), Belmont, Londonderry
Macrory, Robt., Ardmore Lodge, Limavady
Martin, Right Hon. Sir Samuel, D.C.L., Crindle, Myroe, Derry ; 75 Eaton Square, London, S.W.
Montagu, Right Hon. Lord Robert, M.A., P.C., M.P. (J.P. Co. Antrim), 72 Inverness Terrace, London, W.; Carlton and Athenaeum Clubs, London, S.W.
a Moore, Robert Lyon, D.L., Molenan, Londonderry
Morrison, Hugh Rankin, Moneydig, Garvagh
Newton, Robert Wm. (J.P. Co. Tyrone), Belview, Derry
O'Neill, Hon. R. T., Derrynoyd, Draperstown
Osborne, Wm., Altmover, Dungiven
Plunkett, Hon. Arthur Cecil Crampton, Government House, Londonderry
Quin, Francis, Cairndaisy House, Moneymore
Rose, Alderman Sir. Wm. Anderson (J.P. for Middlesex), Queenhithe, London, E.C., and Upper Tooting, Surrey, S.
a Scott, Major Wm. Edward, D.L., Willsboro, Eglinton, Derry
Sharpe, Robert, M.D., Coleraine
Sinclair, James, Dundarg, Coleraine
Stannus, Walter Trevor, LL.D., (J.P. Counties Antrim and Down), The Manor House, Moneymore ; Ulster Club, Belfast ; Kildare Street Club, Dublin
Stevenson, James Spencer, Fortwilliam, Tubbermore
Stevenson, Robert, jun., Ardkill, Londonderry
Stirling, George C. Beresford, Dublin
Stronge, Captain Edmond Robert Francis, Manor House, Ruskey, Coleraine
Taylor, Daniel, M.P., Millburn House, Coleraine
a Tillie, William (J.P. borough of Londonderry), Duncregga House, Londonderry
Tomkins, George (J.P. County Limerick and  borough of Londonderry), Brighton, Sussex
Tyler, Henry, Limavady
Tyrell, Colonel Frederick, Cape of Good Hope
Walker, Hugh, Magherafelt
Wallace, Henry, Movenis, Garvagh
Waterlow, Alderman Sir Sydney Hedley, Bart., M.P., Fairseat House, Highgate, Middlesex ; Fairseat, Wrotham, Kent
Watney, Frank Goulding, Landmore, Aghadowey
White, Barnewall Peter, M.D., Londonderry
Wiggins, G. Henry, Eglinton, Londonderry
Young, Richard James, Caldwell, Coolkeiragh, Londonderry
Resident Magistrate
Appointed under 6 Wm. IV. cap. 13.

Stokes, Captain Robert B., Londonderry

County Officers

Clerk of the Crown and Peace - David Moore Colquhoun (1868), Londonderry ; 43 Dame Street, Dublin
Deputy Registrar of County Court - R. N. Chambers, Abergoyle, Londonderry
Crown Solicitor - Thomas Fitzgerald (1856), 20 St. Andrew Street, Dublin
Sessional Crown Solicitor - Forrest Reid (1869), Londonderry ; and 9 Eustace Street, Dublin
Treasurer - James Acheson Lyle (1845), Portstewart House, Portstewart, Coleraine
Secretary to the Grand Jury - D. R. Babington, solicitor, Londonderry ; and 131 College Green, Dublin
Solicitor to Grand Jury - John Wilson, sen.
County Surveyor - Arthur C. Adair, C.E. (1854), Londonderry ; and Friendly Brothers' Club, Dublin
Assistant Surveyors - Thomas W. Lamont, Wm. B. Fawcett, James Conroy, Joseph P. West, John W. Wilson, Henry Spunner
Sub-Sheriff - Thomas Chambers, Londonderry
Sheriff's Returning Officer - Wm. M. Lane, 31 College Green, Dublin
Coroners - Daniel Gaily, Coleraine ; William Lane, Limavady ; Thomas Lindsay, Londonderry ; David Kelly, Castledawson
Agents for Lloyds 0 Ross Smyth & Co., Londonderry

Baronial High Constables

Coleraine, Half Barony of - James B. Sterling, Manor House, Coleraine
Coleraine, Town and Liberties of - Thos. Knox, Portstewart. Deputy, Joseph Wray, Quilley
Kennaught - William Given, Limavady
Londonderry, City and Liberties of - Richard Waller, Londonderry
Loughinshollen - James Blair Stirling, Manor House, Coleraine
Tirkeeran - R. Stevenson, Ardkill, Londonderry

Stamp Distributors

Head Distributor - Richd. Laffere, Londonderry
Castledawson - James Stewart
Dungiven - J. Dean
Garvagh - R. Robertson
Kilrea - Mrs. S. McKay
Limavady - V. G. Lynch
Maghera - James Lytle
Magherafelt - James Sands
Moneymore - R. Whittaker

Her Majesty's Prison - Londonderry
Visiting Committee meets third Wednesday alternate months - January, March, May, July, September and November.

Sir H. H. Bruce, Bart., D.L., J.P.; William C. Gage, Esq., J.P.; S. M. Alexander, D.L., J.P.; J. B. Beresford, D.L., J.P.; Major W. E. Scott, J.P.; Hon. A. C. C. Plunkett ; William Tilley, Esq., J.P.; The Mayor of Derry
Governor - Major Stewart Hervey Bruce
Church of Ireland Chaplain - Rev. Charles Boyton, A.M.
R. C. Chaplain - Rev. Charles McFall
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. Robert Ross
Physician and Surgeon - Sir. Wm. Miller, M.B.
Deputy Governor - Mr. A. Briens

Bridewells and Keepers

Coleraine - Thomas Shannon
Magherafelt - Thomas Monteith

Royal Irish Constabulary

County Inspector - John B. Quinn, Londonderry
Sub-Inspectors' Stations :-
Coleraine - John Thomas Milling
Limavady - William W. B. Fausset
Londonderry - Thomas Hogben
Magherafelt - Thomas Fitzsimmons

County Infirmary - Londonderry

Secretary and Treasurer - Abraham H. Stewart
Surgeon - Sir William Miller, A.B., M.B., T.C.D., L.R.C.S.I.
Matron - Mrs. McLean

County Lunatic Asylum - Londonderry
Board of Governors meets every second Thursday each month

Res. Med. Supt. - Chas E. Hetherington, M.B., T.C.D.
Visiting Physician - Barnewell P. White, M.D.
Apothecary - Henry M. Prior
Church of Ireland Chaplain - Rev. J. P. Tegart
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. H. O'Hagan
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. Matthew Wilson
Clerk - Thomas Campbell
Storekeeper - M. J. Nilly
Matron - Mrs. Eliza Grant

Inspectors of National Schools

Head Inspector - John Molloy, Londonderry
Coleraine - S. Adair
Londonderry - William Bole, A.M.
Maghera - J. Steed, A.B.


Monaghan, an inland County in the Province of Ulster. Boundaries - N., Tyrone ; E., Armagh and Louth ; S., Meath and Cavan ; W., Fermanagh. Greatest length, N. and S., 37 miles ; greatest breadth, E. and W., 28 miles ; comprising an area of 500 square miles, or 319,742 acres - of which 285,885 are arable, 21,585 uncultivated, 5,816 in plantations, 304 in towns, and 6,167 under water. The general surface is hilly and mountainous in the N.W. and to the E., adjoining Armagh. The highest point of the Slievebeagh range is 1,254 feet above high sea level. The soil is of every variety ; that in the more level portion, which forms the north part of the great central limestone plain of Ireland, is very fertile. The lakes and rivers are numerous but small ; the Blackwater, which falls into Lough Neagh, forms a part of the east boundary. The Ulster Canal passes through the county. The population in 1841 was 200,443 ; in 1851, 141,823, in 1861, 126,482 ; and in 1871, 114,969. The occupations are almost wholly agricultural, although a good deal is done in the linen manufacture. It is wholly in the arch diocese of Armagh. The principal towns are Monaghan, Clones, Castleblayney, Carrickmacross, and Ballibay. It returns two members to Parliament ; constituency (1879-80), 5,447. H. M. Prison is in Monaghan, where the Assizes are held, and is in the North East Circuit. Quarter Sessions are held there. and at Castleblayney, Carrickmacross and Clones. The County Infirmary is in Monaghan ; and there are bridewells at Carrickmacross, Castleblayney and Clones. A Savings Bank is established at Monaghan. The Union Workhouses are at Carrickmacross, Castleblayney, Clones and Monaghan. There is a Barrack Station at Monaghan, and the County is within the Belfast Military District ; and in conjunction with the counties Armagh, Cavan, and Louth, forms No. 65 Sub-District, the Brigade Depot of which is at Armagh. The head quarters of the Constabulary are at Monaghan ; those of the four districts, comprising twenty four stations, at Castleblayney, Clones, Carrickmacross, and Monaghan. New annual value of property under the Tenement Valuation Act, £262,423.

Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum
The Right Hon. the Earl of Dartrey, K.P. (1871), Dartrey House, Monaghan ; 30 Curzon Street, Mayfair, London, W.

High Sheriff, 1880
Richard Fitzherbert, Esq., Shantonagh, Castleblayney

Members of Parliament for the County

Sir John Leslie, Castle Leslie, Glasslough, in this county ; 11 Stratford Place, London, W.; Pettigo, Co. Donegal ; and Sackville Street Club, Dublin ; and Sewallis Evelyn Shirley (1868) D.L., J.P., Loughfea, Carrickmacross

Deputy Lieutenants
Deputy Lieutenants and Magistrates marked thus (a) have served the office of High Sheriff in this County

a Ancketill, Wm., Ancketill Grove, Emyvale
a Bond, Major Edward Wellington, 8 Victoria Terrace, North Circular Road, Dublin
Brownlow, William, Knapton House, Abbeyleix ; 28 Merrion Square, Dublin ; and Kildare Street Club, Dublin
a Coote, Capt. Thos., Raconnel House, Monaghan
a Cremorne, Lieut. Col. Lord, Captain Coldstream Guards, Dartrey House, Monaghan ; 30 Curzon Street, London, W.
Evatt, Samuel R. Bayley, Mount Louise, Monaghan
a French, Robt. Charles Leslie, Ballybay House, Ballybay, and Carlton Club, London, S.W.
a Hamilton, Dacre Mervyn Archdale, Carnacassa, Monaghan
Kenny, Plunkett, Rocksavage, Carrickmacross

a Ker, Andre Allen Murray, Newbliss House, Newbliss, and Sackville Street Club, Dublin
Leslie, Sir John, M.P. (1871), D.L., Castle Leslie, Glasslough, Co. Monaghan, and 11 Stratford Place, London, W.; Pettigo, Co. Donegal ; Sackville Street Club, Dublin
Lewis, Henry Owen, A.B., T.C.D. (M.P. for Carlow), Inniskeen ; 19 Seymour Street, Portman Square, London, W.; Stafford Club, London, W.
a Lucas, Edward Scudmore, Castleshane, Monaghan
a Richardson, Edward, Poplar Vale, Monaghan
Rossmore, The Right Hon. Lord, Rossmore Park, Monaghan
a Rowley, Henry, Maperath, Kells
Shirley, Sewallis Evelyn, M.P., Loughfea Castle, Carrickmacross
a Singleton, Thomas, Fort Singleton, Emyvale
Woodright, Capt. Wm. Henry Edward, Golagh House, Scotstown

County Court Judge and Chairman of Quarter Sessions
William Newell Barron (1870), King Hill House, Newry, Co. Down ; Stephen's Green Club, Dublin


Ancketill, James Kerr, Brookvale, Clogher
Bath, Most Hon. the Marquis of, Longleat, Warminster, Wilts ; 48 Berkley Square, London, W.; Carlton and Travellers' Clubs, London, S.W.
a Bond, Major Edward W., D.L., 8 Victoria Terrace, North Circular Road, Dublin
a Brady, John, Johnstown, Clones
Brooke, H. G., Castleblayney
Brownlow, James, Newtownards, County Down
a Coote, Captain Thomas, D.L., Raconnell, Monaghan
Cremorne, Lord, D.L., Dartrey, Monaghan
Evatt, Samuel R., Bayley, D.L., Mount Louise, Smithborough, Monaghan
Filgate, William de Salis, Lisrenny, Ardee
Fitzherbert, Henry Corry, J.P., County Down, Shantonagh, Castleblayney
a Forster, Colonel Sir T. Oriel, Madrid House, Coachford, Co. Cork
Forster, Rev. A. N. H., Newburgh, Clones
a French, Robt. C. Leslie, D.L., Ballybay House, Ballybay
Fox, Charles de Bassyn, The Lodge, Castleblayney
Gartland, Thomas Aloysius, Monalty, Carrickmacross
a Hamilton, Dacre Mervyn Archdale, D.L., Cornacassa, Monaghan
Hamilton, Alexander, Inistogue, Co. Kilkenny
Henderson, Wm., Bessmount Park, Monaghan
Holland, John Thomas, Shirley House, Carrickmacross
Irwin, William Nassau, M.D., Monaghan
Jackson, John, Cremorne, Ballybay
a Kane, William F. de Visme, M.A., M.R.I.A., Drumreasky House, Monaghan
Keenan, Hugh, Castleblayney
a Kenny, Plunkett, D.L., Carrickmacross
a Ker, Andre A. Murray, D.L., Newbliss House, Newbliss
a Lentaigne, John, Tallaght House, Co. Dublin
a Leslie, Major John, Kiltybegs, Carrickmacross
Leslie, Sir John, A.B., M.P., County Monaghan, D.L. (J.P. County Donegal), late Captain 1st Life Guards, Glasslough, Co. Monaghan ; Pettigo, Co. Donegal ; Sackville Street Club, Dublin
Lewis, Henry Owen, A.B., T.C.D., M.P. for Carlow ; D.L.; J.P., Co. Dublin ; Inniskeen, 19 Seymour Street, Portman Square, London, W.
a Lloyd, Lieut. Colonel Jesse, late Captain 47th Foot, Ballyleek, Monaghan
Lucas, E. S., Castleshane, Monaghan
Madden, John, D.L., Roslea Manor, Clones
Molloy, Thomas, Castleblayney
Moutray, Whitney, Fort Singleton, Emyvale
Murray, William, Beechhill, Monaghan
McCullagh, James, Corfad, Ballybay
McCullagh, James, Glasslough
McKean, James, Laragh House, Castleblayney
McMath, Andrew, Thornford, Castleblayney
a Power, Sir W. Tyrone, K.C.B., Annaghmakery, Newbliss
Ramsay, Capt. Alexander, Coolderry, Carrickmacross
a Richardson, Edward, Poplar Vale, Monaghan
Richardson, John, Summerhill House, Clones ; 70 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin
Rossmore, Right Hon. Lord, D.L., Rossmore Park, Monaghan
Sankey, M. Henry, Lurganbrae, Brookborough
Scott, W., M.D., Castletownbawn
a Shirley, Evelyn P., M.A., Loughfea Castle, Carrickmacross
Shirley, Sewallis Evelyn, M.P., Loughfea, Carrickmacross
a Singleton, Thomas, D.L., Fort Singleton, Emyvale
Smith, David, Cle?ooney, Clones
St. George, Captain Capel, Lough Emy, Emyvale
Stopford, Captain Thomas
Tardy, Rev. E., Aughamullen Rectory, Ballybay
Thomson, Major Robert, Bushford, Rockcorry
Trench, Arthur, Carrickmacross
Trench, Benjamin, Bloomfield
Vernon, John, John E., Ernehill, Belturbet
Wood-Wright, Capt. W. M., Golagh, Scotstown
Tisdall, Charles, Newburgh, Castleshane
Wrench, Frederick S., Lurganbrae, Lisnaskea
Wall, Martin Napoleon, The Green, Clones
Young, Andrew Knight, The Terrace, Monaghan
Resident Magistrate
(Appointed under 6 Wm. IV. cap. 13.)
Blair, Major James B., Dartry, Monaghan

County Officers

Clerk of the Crown - Robert Murdoch (1877), 31 College Green, Dublin
Clerk of the Peace and Deputy Custos Rotulorum - Lieut. Col. Jesse Lloyd (1865), Ballyleek House, Monaghan
Deputy Clerk of the Peace - John W. Johnston, Monaghan
Crown Solicitor - Thomas H. Parkinson (1867), 24 Dame Street, Dublin
Sessional Crown Solicitor - J. Dudgeon (1866), 13 Talbot Street, Dublin, and Clones
Secretary to Grand Jury - John Jackson (1843), Cremorne, Ballybay, and Monaghan
County Surveyor - William Carroll, C.E. (1854), Monaghan
Assistant Surveyors - John Clegg, Joseph Clegg, Fras. Bleckley, Thos. Mitchell, M. Dunwoody
Sub-Sheriff - Thos. F. Richardson, Poplar Vale, Monaghan
Returning Officer - Joseph Wright, Monaghan ; 23 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin
Coroner - R. H. Reid, M.D., Monaghan ; Hugh Swanzy, Castleblayney
Inspector of National Schools - M. Sullivan
Head Stamp Distributor - Patrick Russell, Dundalk

Baronial High Constables

Cremorne - Major Frith Thomson, Tullahern ; Monaghan
Dartrey - Luke P. Knight, Corcummins, Clones
Farney, East Moiety - H. Hamilton, Castleblayney
Farney, West Moiety - Richey Lundy, Ardragh, Carrickmacross
Monaghan - Jos. Fiddes, Clenmully, Scotstown
Trough - David Patton, Trynanny, Glasslough

Her Majesty's Prison - Monaghan
Visiting Committee meets first Monday each month

Andre, A. M. Ker, D.L. (Chairman) ; W. H. E. Wood-Wright, D.L.; William Murray, J.P.
Church of Ireland Chaplain - Ven. Archdeacon Stack, D.D.
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. James A. Allison
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. John McKenna
Physician and Surgeon - Andw. K. Young, M.D.
Governor - E. Graham Colter

District Lunatic Asylum - Monaghan
(for the Counties of Monaghan and Cavan)
Board of Governors meet second Thursday each month

The Earl of Dartrey, K.P.; Marquis of Headfort, D.L.; Lord Farnham, D.L.; Hon. H. Cavendish Butler, D.L.; Evelyn P. Shirley, D.L.; R. H. Dolling, D.L.; Lieut. Col. Jesse Lloyd, J.P.; R. C. Leslie French, D.L.; R. Burrowes, D.L.; John Madden, Ed. J. Sanderson, V.L.; Andre A. M. Ker, D.L.; Mervyn Pratt, J.P.; Captain T. Coote, D.L.; W. F. D. V. Keane, J.P.; Lieut. Col. Clements, D.L.; T. Clements, D.L.; B. S. Adams, J.P.; Right Rev. James Donnelly, D.D.; Right Rev. N. Connatty, D.D.; Plunkett, Kenny, D.L.; Martin N. Wall, J.P.; Captain J. B. Lynch, J.P.; S. F. Filgate, J.L.; Lord Rossmore, Sir John Leslie, D.L., M.P.; Lieut. Col. Gerald R. Dease, J.P.; Archdeacon of Clogher, D.D.; Edward Richardson, D.L.; H. G. Brooke, J.P.; Jos. Wright, Rev. J. R. Allison, Rev. J. Davidson, W. Henderson, J.P.
Resident Medical Superintendent - John C. Robertson, L.R.C.P. & S. Edin., F.R.A.S., M.R.I.A.
Assist. Resident Medical Superintendent - Conolly, Norman, L.K.Q.C.P.I., L.R.C.S.I.
Visiting Consulting Physician - A. K. Young
Apothecary - Thomas M. Keown, L.J.M., P.S.I.
Matron - Miss Hudson
Clerk and Storekeeper - Robert Coffee
House Steward - J. Patterson (late H.C. R.I.C.)
Church of Ireland Chaplain - Rev. W. H. Bradley
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. Peter McGlone
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. Robert McBride

County Infirmary - Monaghan

Treasurer - Provincial Bank
Surgeon - And. Knight Young, J.P., F.R.C.S.I.
House Surgeon and Registrar - R. Nesbitt, L.R.C.S.I.

Poor Law Unions

The County is comprised in four Unions - Carrickmacross, Castleblayney, Clones, and Monaghan - which see under their respective heads

Inspector of National Schools

M. Sullivan, Monaghan

Monaghan (121) - Facings, White

Lieut. Colonel Commander - Sir T. O. Forster, late Captain 77th Foot
Majors - Charles Woodwright, late Captain 36th Foot, Hon. Lt. Col.; Jesse Lloyd, J.P., late Captain 47th Foot, Hon. Lt. Col.
Captains - Robert Forster, John Thos. Moutray, John Leslie, Robert Thomson.
Lieutenants - R. N. A. Flanagan, T. F. Richardson, W. H. E. Woodwright, Hon. P. Westenra
Sub-Lieutenants - Ralph Smith, T. B. Woodwright, W. Atkins, Henry Beecher
Adjutant - Captain H. Henderson, late Captain 10th Foot
Surgeon - F. R. Irwin, M.D.

Royal Irish Constabulary

County Inspector - Myles Blake Burke, Monaghan
Sub-Inspectors' Stations
Carrickmacross - Edward J. McDermott
Clones - Oliver A. T. Mason
Monaghan - A. O'Brien Carleton

COUNTY OF TYRONE                top

Tyrone, an inland County in the Province of Ulster. Boundaries - N., Londonderry ; E., Lough Neagh and Armagh ; S., Monaghan and Fermanagh ; W., Fermanagh and Donegal. Greatest length (N. and S.), 46 miles ; greatest breadth (E. and W.), 60 miles ; comprising an area of 806,658 acres, of which 275,423 are under tillage, 264,271 in pasture, 9,195 in plantations, 226,366 waste, bog, mountain, etc., and 31,796 under water. The surface is hilly, rising into mountains in the N. and S., and declining to a level towards Lough Neagh ; the soil in the Lower districts is fertile, and watered by numerous branches of the Foyle and Blackwater rivers. Coal, fir for domestic use, is raised near Dungannon and Coalisland, a thriving and populous village, and indications of lead, coal, copper, and iron, are frequent in the hilly districts. The population in 1871 was 215,766 persons, or 42,747 families inhabiting 41,522 houses. Tillage is practised on improved principles ; young cattle are reared in the hilly and mountainous districts. The manufactures are linens coarse woollens, whiskey, beer, flour, meal, chemicals, soap, candles, and coarse earthenware. The county is in Armagh and Derry diocese, with a portion in that of Clogher. The principal towns are Omagh, Strabane, Dungannon, and Cookstown. The county returns three members to Parliament - two for the county at large - constituency in 1879-80, 8,777, with 22 polling places ; and one for Dungannon borough - constituency 288. Her Majesty's Prison and Court House are at Omagh, where the Assizes are held. Quarter Sessions are held at Omagh, Clogher, Dungannon and Strabane, in each of which towns there is a Bridewell. The County is in the North West circuit. The District Lunatic Asylum for the counties of Tyrone and Fermanagh is at Omagh. The Union Workhouses are at Castlederg, Clogher, Cookstown, Dungannon, Gortin, Omagh, and Strabane. There is a barrack station at Omagh. The County is in the Belfast Military District, and in conjunction with the counties of Donegal, Fermanagh, and Londonderry, forms No.64 Sub-district, the Brigade Depot of which is at Omagh. The constabulary force consists of 7 officers and 210 men. There is a railway from Londonderry to Enniskillen, Cookstown to Randalstown, and Portadown to Dungannon and Omagh. Net annual value of property, under the Tenement Valuation Act, £429,847.

Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum
The Earl of Charlemont, K.P. (1864), Roxborough Castle, Moy.

High Sheriff, 1880
Captain James H. Stronge, Tynan Abbey, Tynan.

Members of Parliament for the County
John William Ellison Macartney (1874), Clogher Park, Clogher ; Kildare Street Club, Dublin ; National and St. Stephen's Clubs, London, S.W.
Captain The Hon. Henry Lowry Corry (1873), Coldstream Guards, Edwardstone Hall, Boxford, Suffolk ; 95 Eaton Place, London, S.W.; Carlton and Guard's Club, London, S.W.

Deputy Lieutenants
Deputy Lieutenants and Magistrates marked thus (a) have served the Office of High Sheriff in this County

Abercorn, His Grace the Duke of, K.G., P.C., Baronscourt, Newtownstewart ; Duddingston House, Edinburgshire ; Hampden House, Green Street, London, W.; Carlton and Travellers' Clubs, London, S.W.
a Auchinleck, Capt. Thomas, Tyrone Fusiliers (late Lieut. 11th Foot), Crevenagh House, Omagh.
Belmore, Earl of (was Under-Secretary Home Department, 1866-67), Governor and Commander-in-Chief, New South Wales, Sydney ; Castlecoole, Enniskillen ; Sackville Street Club, Dublin ; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
a Black, William, 27 Nicholas Street, Dublin
a Browne, Thomas R., Aughentaine Castle, Fivemiletown
a Burges, John Ynyr, Parkanaur, Dungannon ; 37 Hill Street, Berkeley Square, London, W.; Carlton Club, London, S.W.; Sackville Street Club, Dublin.
a Caulfield, E. Houston, Drumcairne, Stewartstown
a Caulfield, Lieutenant Colonel James A., Drumcairne, Stewartstown ; Guards' Club, London, S.W.
a Conyngham, Lieut. Col. W. Fitzwilliam Lennox, Springhill, Moneymore
a Castlestuart, Right Hon. the Earl of, Stuarthall, Stewartstown ; Drummanor, Cookstown
Eccles, John S., Ecclesville, Fintona

a Galbraith, John Samuel, B.A., T.C.D., J.P., Co. Longford, Clanabogan, Omagh
a Gervais, Francis John, M.A., Cecil, Augher ; Friendly Brothers' Club, Dublin
Greer, Col. Henry Harpur, C.B. (Col. Comm. 63rd Brigade Depot), Grange House, Moy.
a Hamilton, Major A. W. Cole, Beltrim, Gortin
Knox, Colonel the Hon. W. Stuart, Dungannon Park ; 5 Seymour Street, Portman Square ; and Carlton and United Service Clubs, London
Knox, Ed. C. (late Captain Tyrone Fusiliers), Desertcreat, Dungannon ; University Club, Dublin.
a Lowry, James C. J. (Lieut. Colonel Donegal Artillery), Rochdale, Dungannon ; Army and Navy Clubs, London, S.W.
a Lowry, Robt. W., B.A., Oxon, Pomeroy House, Dungannon ; Sackville Street Club, Dublin
a McClintock, Major Geo. Perry, Seskinore House, Omagh
Ranfurley, Right Hon. Earl of, Dungannon Park, Dungannon
a Stewart, Sir John Marcus, Bart., Ballygawley Park, Ballygawley ; Finn-Coul Lodge, Co. Tyrone ; and Carlton Club, London, S.W.
a Vesey, Major George W., 5th Dragoon Guards (J.P. Co. Cavan), Derrabard House, Omagh ; Army and Navy Clubs, London, S.W.
County Court Judge and Chairman of Quarter Sessions
Sir Francis William Brady, Bart. (1872), B.A., London, Q.C. (D.L., Dublin), was Chairman of Quarter Sessions, Co. Roscommon (1863-72), 26 Pembroke Street Upper, Dublin.


Abercorn, His Grace the Duke of, K.P., P.C., D.L.
Alexander, Capt. C. M., Termon, Beragh
Alexander, Robert Quin (J.P. Co. Armagh), Caledon ; Sackville Street Club, Dublin
Ancketill, Fitz-Ameline M., Killyfaddy, Clogher
Anderson, Matthew, Whitehill, Dromore, Omagh
Anketell, James K., Brookvale, Clogher
Archdall, Hugh M., Drumdrag, Irvinestown
Archdale, Capt. M. E. (J.P. Co. Donegal ; J.P., D.L. Co. Fermanagh ; M.P. for Co. Fermanagh from 1840 till 1874), Castle Archdale, Lisnarrick ; Trillick, Tyrone ; 41 Hamilton Street, London, W., Carlton and Army and Navy Clubs, London.
a Archdall, Wm. H., D.L., Riversdale, Enniskillen
Atthill, Edward, Ardvarney House, Lack
a Aughinleck, Capt. J., Grevenagh House, Omagh
Bell, Frederick James, Coalisland
Belmore, Right Hon. the Earl of, D.L., Castlecoole, Enniskillen ; Sackville Street Club, Dublin ; and Carlton Club, London, S.W.
a Black, William Fleming, Lislap, Omagh
Boyle, Hugh, Armagh
Browne, James, Ivy Bank, Donaghmore, Dungannon
a Browne, T. Richardson, D.L., Aughentaine, Fivemiletown
Bruce, James, Thorndale, Belfast
Brush, Richard Crane, Benburb House, Moy
Buchanan, Alex. Carlisle, Riversdale, Omagh
Burges, John Ynyr, D.L., Parkanaur, Dungannon
a Burges, Ynyr Henry, Parkanaur, Dungannon
a Castlestuart, Right Hon. Earl of, D.L., Stuart Hall, Stewartstown ; Drum Manor, Cookstown
a Caulfield, Edward H., D.L., Drumcairne, Stewartstown
a Caulfield, Lieut. Col. James A., D.L., Drumcairne, Stewartstown
Chambré, Hunt Walsh, Stewartstown House, Stewartstown
Cochrane, John, A.M., T.C.D. (J.P. Co. Donegal), Lifford
Colhoun, Charles John, Newtownstewart
a Conyngham, Col. Wm. F. Lennox, D.L., Springhill, Moneymore
Cooper, J. Douglas, Carrickfergus
Crosslie, James, jun., Annahoe, Ballygawley
Dickson, Thos. Alex. (M.P. for Dungannon), Milltown House, Dungannon ; Reform Club, London, S.W.
Dixon, Rev. R. V., D.D., Clogherney, Beragh
Edwards, Rev. William Macklin, M.A., T.C.D., Leckpatrick, Strabane
Edwards, Rev. Edward, Mountbernard, Castlederg
Ellis, Capt. R. H., Rush House, Omagh
Ellis, Col. Francis, Seaton Lodge, Omagh
Exham, William Allen, Q.C., Court-na-Farraga, Killiney, Co. Dublin
Ferrall, J. Jervis O'F. Carmichael, Augher Castle, Augher
Gage, Connilly Marcus, Carrickmore, Omagh
Gage, Marcus, A.B., T.C.D. (J.P. Counties Down and Londonderry), Ballynahinch Co. Down ; University Club, Dublin ; Ulster Club, Belfast
a Galbraith, John S., Clanabogan, Omagh
a Gervais, Francis John, D.L., Cecil, Augher
Gamble, William, The Grange, Strabane
Gledstanes, Capt. Moutray, Fardross, Clogher
Gore, Robert, Kaveagh, Eskera, Fintona
Greer, Fred., Tullylaggan, Tullyhogue, Dungannon
Greer, James, Mullaghmore, Omagh
Gunning, William A., Turnaskea, Cookstown
Hamilton, Marquis of, M.P., Baronscourt
a Hamilton, Major Arthur W. Cole, D.L., Beltrim, Gortin
a Hamilton, Right Hon. Lord Claud, P.C., Baronscourt, Newtownstewart
Hamilton, Major R. S., Lakemount, Omagh
Hassard, Robert Allan, Rock, Omagh
Herdman, Emerson Tennent, Sion House, Strabane
Holmes, John, Stranabrosney, Donemana
Humphreys, Thomas W. D., Milltown House, Strabane
Irvine, Captain Henry, Campsie, Omagh

Irvine, Colonel John Gerard, Killadeas, Enniskillen
Irwin, Thomas Staples, Drumglass House, Dungannon
Knox, E. Chaloner, Queen's Park, Monkstown
Knox, Colonel the Hon. William Stuart, D.L., Dungannon Park
Leeper, James, Woodbrook, Cookstown
Lendrum, George Crosby, Magheracross, Enniskillen
a Lowry, J. Corry Jones, D.L., Rockdale House, Dungannon ; Army and Navy Club, London, S.W.
Lowry, J. Fetherston H., Pomeroy House, Dungannon
a Lowry, R. W., Pomeroy House, Dungannon
Lyle, Thomas, Strabane
Macartney, John William Ellison, M.P., The Palace, Clogher
Mann, Lieut. Col. Deane, Dunmoyle, Sixmilecross
Mansfield, George S., Kilmore Lodge, Drumquin
Maude, Maurice Ceely, Lenaghan, Enniskillen
Maxwell, Charleton, St. Cleran's, Croughwell
Mayne, Captain William, Rahaghey, Aughnacloy
Montgomery, Capt. Hugh de Fallenberg, Blessingbourne, Fivemiletown
Montgomery, Vaughan, Crilly, Aughnacloy
Moore, James, Dalchoolan, Belfast
Moore, John B. G., Loymount, Cookstown
a Moutray, Anketell, Kellybrick, Aughnacloy
Moutray, Whitney, Fort Singleton, Emyvale, County Monaghan
a McClintock, Major General George Perry, D.L., Seskinore House, Omagh
McFarlane, Henry James, D.C.L., Fallagh-Erin, Dunmoyle, Sixmilecross
McFarlane, James, Melmount, Strabane
Moutray, Edward, Riversdale, Ballygawley
Newton, A. W., Killymeal, Dungannon
Newton, Robert, Dungannon
Newton, Robert Wm., Hillmount, Derry
Nicholson, Armytage L., Lisdhu, Dungannon
Pomeroy, J. A., St. Angelo, Ballycassidy, Co. Fermanagh
Posnett, George, Enniskerry, Bray, Co. Wicklow
Powerscourt, Viscount, K.P., Powerscourt Castle, Co. Wicklow
Prentice, Henry Elliott, B.A., Caledon
Ranfurley, Earl of, Dungannon Park
Raphael, John, Cookstown
Richardson, James Greer, Trew Mount, Moy
Robinson, Alex. H., M.D., Woodview, Fintona
Scott, William, M.D., Castletownbawn, Carnteel, Aughnacloy
Sinclair, William, Hollyhill, Strabane
Sloane, James, Moy
Smyth, Major General, Drumcree, Killucan
Smyth, Robert, Lime Park, Caledon
Sproule, Thomas, Altnamullan, Castlederg
Stack, George Hall, Mullaghmore, Omagh
Stanley, Charles, Roughan Park, Dungannon
Stannus, W. T., LL.D., D.L., Moneymore
Staples, Sir N. A., Bart., Lissan, Cookstown
Stephenson, Robert, Ardhill, Londonderry
Stevenson, John, Coalisland
a Stewart, Sir John M., Bart., D.L., Ballygawley Park, Ballygawley, and Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Stewart, George Vesey, New Zealand
a Stewart, Mervyn, Moutray House, Ballygawley
St. George, Capel, Emyvale, Co. Monaghan
St. George, Major Henry Lucas, Dublin
Storey, James, Errington, Killskerry
Stronge, J. Calvert, Huckley, Armagh
Tener, Hampden, Moore Rock, Dungannon
Tottenham, Richard, B.A., Trillick
Verner, Sir W. E. H., Bart., Churchhill, Moy
Vesey, Major G. W., Derrabard House, Omagh
Wallace, Henry, Novenis, Garvagh
Wilcocks, St. George Lawrence, Brookend, Ardboe, Stewartstown
Wybrants-Phipson, Capt. T. L., Dunloy, Moy

Resident Magistrate
(Appointed under 6 William IV., cap. 13.)
Waring, Captain Holt, Omagh

County Officers

Clerk of the Crown - James Crossle (1876), Omagh
Clerk of the Peace - Lewis Mansergh Buchanan (1875), Edenfell and Peace Office, Omagh
Crown Solicitor - William H. Magrath (1856), 9 Upper Merrion Street, Dublin
Registrar, County Court - A. C. Buchanan, Riversdale, Omagh
Crown Solicitor at Quarter Sessions - Thomas Coulter Dickie, Omagh
Treasurer - Provincial Bank of Ireland, Omagh
Secretary to Grand Jury - Burleigh Stuart (1851), Omagh
Sub-Sheriff - George Alex. Rogers, Omagh
County Surveyors - North division, Theophilus B. French, Omagh ; South division, James A. Dickenson, Dungannon
Assistant Surveyors - Messrs. Patterson, Claude Burgoyne, Henry McCormick, George McElroy, Thomas Stewart, William Scott, Robert Powell, H. E. Fox, Alfred Barney. J. Kenny
Coroners - William O. Orr, Omagh ; Robert McCrea, jun., Strabane ; David Hamilton, M.D., Cookstown ; Robert Buchanan, Clogher
Head Stamp Distributor - A. C. Buchanan, Omagh

Inspectors of National Schools

Cookstown - M. Mullally
Dungannon - A. Hamilton
Omagh - T. J. Alexander
Strabane - William Nicholls

Baronial High Constables

Clogher - James Crossle, Annahoe
Dungannon Lower - James Crossle, Annahoe
Dungannon Upper - J. Irwin, Springfield, Dungannon
Dungannon Middle - William M. Carpendale, Dungannon
Omagh East - L. M. Buchanan, Edenfell, Omagh
Omagh West - John Sproule, Kirlish, Drumquin
Strabane Lower - W. O. Orr, Crevenagh, Omagh
Strabane Upper North - S. McFarland, Gortin
Strabane Upper South - Lewis M. Buchanan, Edenfell, Omagh

Poor Law Unions

The County is comprised in seven Unions, viz.:- Castlederg, Clogher, Cookstown, Dungannon, Gortin, Omagh and Strabane - which see under their respective heads

Her Majesty's Prison
Visiting Committee meets second Thursday in each month

Francis, John Gervais, D.L.; Col. Francis Ellis, J.P.; T. W. D. Humphreys, J.P.; William F. Black, J.P.; Captain Thomas Auchinleck, J.P., D.L.; Major A. W. Cole Hamilton, D.L., (chairman); Robert Newton, J.P.; James Greer, J.P.
Church of Ireland Chaplain - Rev. Wm. Chartres
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. John Arnold
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. B. McNamee
Surgeon - Edward C. Thompson, M.B.
Apothecary - Francis Trenor, L.A., Dublin
Governor - George E. McL. Mason
Deputy Governor and Clerk - Hugh Patterson

District Lunatic Asylum - Omagh
(for counties Tyrone and Fermanagh)
Board of Governors for Co. Tyrone meets second Thursday in each month

Duke of Abercorn, K.G.; Earl of Belmore, P.C., D.L.; Rt. Hon. Lord Claude Hamilton ; Col. the Hon. Wm. Stuart Knox, D.L.; Sir John M. Stewart, Bart, D.L.; John F. Lowry, J.P.; Thomas R. Browne, D.L.; Francis J. Gervais, D.L.; Colonel Francis Ellis, J.P.; Rev. W. Chartres, William F. Black, J.P.; Major Geo. P. McClintock, D.L.; Major A. W. Cole Hamilton, D.L.; John S. Galbraith, J.P.; Col. W. F. Lenox Conyngham, D.L.; Alex. O. S. McCausland, James Greer, Capt. Thomas Auchinleck, J.P.; James Crossle, J.P.; Wm. Scott, M.D., J.P.; T. W. D. Humphreys, J.P.; George Hall Stack, J.P.; Lieut. Colonel Dean Mann, J.P.; Rec. C. McCawley, P.P.; Alex. C. Buchanan, J.P.; Vaughan Montgomery, J.P.; Sir Wm. McMahon, Bart.; Rev. John Smith, Rev. Leslie A. Lyle, Robert William Lowry, J.P.; Wm. Scott, Rev. B. McNamee, Earl of Ranfurley, Major Geo. W. Vesey, D.L.; Wilkin Bird.
Resident Medical Superintendent - Francis J. West, M.R.C.S.E.
Visiting Physician - Edward C. Thompson, M.B.
Apothecary - Francis Trenor
Church of Ireland Chaplain - Rev. H. Faussett
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. James Maconaghie
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. Patrick Grant
Clerk - Charles J. McMullan
Storekeeper - Richard Coffey
Matron - Sophia Mathers

County Infirmary, Omagh

Treasurer - Provincial Bank
Surgeon - Edward C. Thompson, M.B.
Registrar - Richard Stack, Omagh

Royal Irish Constabulary

County Inspector - Harvey C. Murphy, Omagh
Sub-Inspectors' Stations :-
Aughnacloy - Lewis M. Lanyon
Cookstown - Robert Allman Smith
Dungannon - J. G. Webb
Newtownstewart - Gerard Hurst
Omagh - William B. Kelly
Strabane - John E. C. Lawler

Tyrone Fusiliers (80) - Facings,  Dark Blue

Hon. Colonel - Sir James M. Stronge, late 5th Dragoon Guards
Lieutenant Colonel - Francis Ellis, J.P.
Majors - G. P. McClintock, D.L.; Lewis M. Buchanan
Captains - R. S. Hamilton, Hon. R. T. O'Neill, Thos. Auchinlech, C. M. Alexander, H. Irvine, Jas. H. Stronge, R. A. Miller, H. G. S. Alexander, Hon. C. Alexander, Peter C. Browne
Lieutenants - Hugh Gore, Walter L. Stronge, Wm. E. Carver, R. L. Blosse, R. G. Gore, H. W. Lowry, John Pim
Sub-Lieutenants - R. Yerburgh-Armstrong, C. H. Browne, R. Ellis, C. E. S. Stronge
Adjutant - Captain R. C. D. Ellis, late captain 22nd Foot
Paymaster - Wm. M. Carpendale
Surgeon - J. Moore, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon - W. S. Love

Mid-Ulster Artillery (21) - Facings, Scarlet

Hon. Colonel - The Hon. Wm. S. Knox
Lieut. Colonel - Ynyr H. Burges
Major - R. J. P. Saunders
Captains - H. B. R. Beresford, F. C. Macky, John S. Irwin, John Richardson, F. G. Heygate
Lieutenants - W. Browne, F. P. Gervais, A. E. Gunning, R. H. L. K. Brinkley, W. R. Lyle
Adjutant - R. J. Hezlet
Surgeon - W. Twigg, M.D.

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