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1880 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Donaghadee, is a market town and seaport in County Down, fourteen miles from Belfast, and six from Newtownards by the road, situated on the shore of the Irish Channel. It is the nearest port to Scotland, being twenty-one miles from Portpatrick or Portlagan, the passage to which places can be made in one hour and a half by steam vessels. There is a beautiful harbour and lighthouse built by Government for steam packets. (I can see this lighthouse from where I live, Mary). Donaghadee possesses all the advantages connected with a pleasant bathing place, having a fine beach, good lodging houses, baths, and other requisites for the comfort and accommodation of visitors, with a railway from Belfast, Downpatrick and Ballynahinch. Petty Sessions are held in the Court House on the first and third Thursday of every month. Daniel De La Cherois, Esq., J.P., proprietor and lord of the manor ; William T. Poe, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Seneschal ; and a Court-leet is held annually in May. The church, built in 1641, is a large cruciform structure, with a lofty tower at its northern end, which was built by the late Captain De La Cherois and Daniel De La Cherois, Esq. It is kept in good repair, and contains a number of marble monuments. The other places of worship are two churches for Presbyterians, a Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, and a Roman Catholic Chapel. At the Northern end of the town is a Danish rath - a mound of considerable height, and surmounted by a tower and fortress in miniature, from the summit of which is a beautiful prospect of the town and surrounding country, with a distant view of the Scotch Coast and Copeland Isles is commanded. Fairs, second Wednesday in each month. Market every Wednesday open at 9.30 for grain, flax, pork, fowl, eggs, etc. Population in 1871, 2,226.

Post Office, Mount Street - Postmaster, John C. MacGowan. Letters from England, Scotland, etc., arrive at 9 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. - (in winter, however, the time varies in accordance with railway arrangements) - and are despatched at 8.30 a.m., 12.40 p.m., 4 p.m., and 6.45 p.m. Box closes 10 minutes previous to each despatch.
Coastguard - Commander Sandars, R.N., inspecting commander ; Wm. Nelson, R.N., chief officer of coastguard and acting principal officer for Customs.
Harbour Master - John King, Bow Street
Lighthouse Keeper - James Keenan
Constabulary Station - Robert Berry, constable

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Parish Church - Rev. R. H. Coote, B.A., rector
Church of Ireland, Carrowdore - Rev. F. M. Graham, A.B., rector
Presbyterian Church, High Street - Rev. William Witherow
Presbyterian Church, Shore Street - Rev. Mr. Hamilton
Presbyterian Church, Ballycopeland - Rev. John Beatty
Presbyterian Church, Carrowdore - Rev. R. H. Smyth
Presbyterian Church, Millisle - Rev. J. Macaulay
United Presbyterian Church, Ballyfrenis - Rev. Thomas Eddington
Roman Catholic Chapel, High Street
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Moat Street

Public Institutions

Erasmus Smith's Endowed School, Carnathan Place - Mr. Charles, teacher
Infant School, Markethouse Place - Miss Wilson, teacher
National School (No. 1), Parade - Wm. Campbell and Mrs. Young, teachers
National School (No. 2), Moat Street - W. Morrison and Miss Fullerton, teachers
New National School (No. 3), Warren Road - Mr. Stewart, teacher
Dispensary - Samuel Stuart, surgeon

Gentry, etc.

Arbuckle, Miss, Rosebank
Crommelin, Samuel De La Cherois, J.P., Carrowdore Castle
De La Cherois, Daniel, J.P., Manor House, Donaghadee
De La Cherois, Mrs. Alexander, Donaghadee
De La Cherois, Samuel, Ballywilliam Cottage
Dunbar, John G., Woburn
Duffin, Charles, Rockland Cottage
Ferguson, Misses, Innislea Cottage
Hamilton, Robert, Kilnburn
Leslie, Colonel George, R.A.
McMinn, Alexander, J.P., Herdstown House
White, Mrs., High Street

Clergy and Professional

Beatty, Rev. John, Ballycopeland Manse
Coote, Rev. R. H., B.A., The Rectory
Graham, Rev. F. M., incumbent of Carrowdore
Eddington, Rev. Thomas, Ballyfrenis
Hamilton, Robert, Killburn and Belfast
Hamilton, Rev. Wm. W., Parade
Hill, Rev. John, Ardville
Jamison, Rev. Robert, Wesleyan minister, Wesley Place
Macaulay, Rev. J., Millisle
MacGowan, John C., Moat
Parr, Deputy Assistant Surgeon General, Churbagh
Smyth, Rev. R. H., Carrowdore
Stuart, Samuel, surgeon, Parade

Merchants, Traders, etc.

Aiken, Francis, grocer, etc., Mount Street
Aird, Margaret, grocer, New Street
Allan, Miss, sewed muslin agent, New Street
Anderson, Agnes, grocer, Mount Street
Arthur, James, car owner, Pier Hotel, Parade
Arthur, Miss, Arthur's Hotel, Parade
Beck, William, grocer, High Street
Benson, Ann Jane, grocer, Meetinghouse Street
Boyce, Sarah, spirit dealer, Moat Street
Boyce, Henry, grocer, Moat Street
Braithwaite, William, railway station master
Brown, Miss Agnes, grocer, Shore Street
Brown, Robert, cabinet maker, Parade
Brown, The Misses, dress makers, Parade
Buckle, Mrs., Warren Road
Bullock, L., shuttle manufacturer, High Street
Burns, Mary Ann, grocer, Bridge Street
Carmichael, D. & W., flour millers and grain merchants, Millisle
Caughey, Eleanor, grocer, New Street
Caughey, Margaret, straw bonnet maker, milliner, and haberdasher, New Street
Clegg, John, diver and ship owner, Parade
Connolly, W. H., grocer and spirit dealer, High Street
Coulter, John, manager of gas works
Curragh, James, grocer, High Street
Davidson, John, Ardville and Belfast
Davidson, James Edward, tailor, High Street
Fullerton, John, publican, Back Street
Gibson, David, butcher, Moat Street
Gibson, Robert, butcher, New Street
Gray, Miss, Bow Street
Gunning, John, tailor, Union Street
Hay, William, confectioner, Bridge Street
Heenan, Jane, earthenware dealer and grocer, Shore Street
Hegan, Hugh, Eagle Hotel, Parade
Heron, Hugh, spirit dealer, New Street
Heron, William, butcher, New Street
Hewitt, Mrs., Parade
Hudson, Margaret, woollen draper, etc., Parade
Hunter, Franklin, haberdasher, High Street
Johnston, Moses, car owner, Bow Street
Johnston, Mrs., Hunter's Lane
Keating, Hugh, grocer, Moat Street
Kelly, Wm., grocer, New Street
Lindsay, Peter, spirit dealer and aerated water manufacturer, Bow Street
Lyons, Jane, grocer, Shore Street
Morrison, Wm., spirit dealer, Moat Street
MacGowan, J. C., jun., secretary of Gas Company, Mount Street
McCance, David, saddler, New Street
McCartney, R., grocer, New Street
McConkey, J., carpenter, Moat Street
McConkey, Robert, carpenter and boat builder, Moat Street
McCready, Geo. B., grocer and draper, High Street
McCready, Mrs. Thomas, Warren Street
McDowell, Robert, branch pilot, Warren Road
McDowell, Robert, High Street
McDowell, Wm., branch pilot, Shore Street
McMeekan, Mrs. David, grocer, High Street
McMullan, James, grocer and leather merchant, Bow Street
McPeake, Mrs. John, grocer, New Street
McQuoid, Mrs., lodging house keeper, Parade
Neill, James, publican, High Street
Nevin, James, sewed muslin agent, High Street
Patterson, D., painter and glazier, Bow Street
Pentland, Thomas, baker, New Street
Ringland, Andrew, farm implement maker and blacksmith, Moat Street
Robertson, J. M., grocer and sewing agent, Moat Street
Ross, Alex., spirit dealer, Moat Street
Saunders, James, butcher, High Street
Semple, Luke, grocer, Mount Street
Sloan, John, car owner, New Street
Sloan, Robert, butcher, New Street
Smith, Eliza, grocer, Moat Street
Smith, Hugh, boot and shoe maker, Meetinghouse Street
Smith, James, grocer, New Street
Smith, John, grocer, High Street
Smith, P., coal and timber merchant, Back Street
Stevenson, James, shoe maker, Hunter's Lane
Stewart, Miss, grocer, High Street
Taylor, Mrs. John, Railway Street
Vint, Wm., painter and glazier, Schoolhouse Hill
Walker, Robt., coal dealer, ship owner, and spirit dealer, New Street
Wallace, James, draper and tailor, Moat Street
Warnock, Miss, haberdasher, High Street
Warnock, Robert, grocer, Bridge Street
Waugh, Alexander, grocer and haberdasher, Parade
White, Elizabeth, dress maker, High Street

DONEGAL            top

Donegal, anciently "Tyrconnell," is a pretty seaport town, about seventeen miles from Stranorlar Railway Station, and fourteen from Ballyshannon Railway Station, with fine approaches from all sides ; situated at the mouth  of the Eske - a river abounding with fish of every kind - and on a bay of the same name. Donegal boasts of two splendid ruins - one, a well preserved castle, in whose ivy clad walls once dwelt "The Lords of Tyrconnell, Our Brave Chiefs O'Donnell." It is seated on the banks of the River Eske, as is also the old Abbey, founded for the Franciscan Friars, in 1474, by Nuola O'Connor, wife of Hugh Roe O'Donnell. It is filled with dead of all creeds - perhaps of many nations - lying side by side under the now broken arches. It is said that a subterraneous passage, about a quarter of a mile in length, connects the castle of the O'Donnells with the old abbey. A very fine sulphureous spa, within five minutes walk of the town, boasts the waters equal to those of Harrowgate, while every convenience is offered by the proprietor - Mr. James Graham - in the way of constant attendance ; and baths at a few minutes' notice, for which purpose two beautiful marble baths have been procured from Italy. In the Diamond is situated the Arran Arms (under the patronage of the Earl of Arran, to whom the town belongs), one of the best hotels in Ulster. There is also another Hotel, the Commercial and Family - J. Smullen, proprietor. They afford every accommodation, whether to visitors of the highest rank, passing tourists, or commercial travellers ; post horses and vehicles of all kinds are to be had on the premises. There are four principal Churches - the Roman Catholic, the Protestant, the Presbyterian, and the Methodist, besides chapels and minor places of worship for different denominations ; while four or five prettily built schools, both male and female, under the superintendence of the National Board, are well attended. Quarter Sessions are held every three months in a neat Courthouse, to which a bridewell is attached. The Constabulary and Coastguards have stations here ; and a fair is held every second Friday of the month ; the day for the weekly market being Saturday. Drumcliffe, a public promenade, one half of which is sheltered by trees on both sides, while the other half, over hanging the bay, and supplied with fancy rustic seats, offers not only the greatest variety of scenery, but a pleasant walk in all seasons. Many fine demesnes, belonging to the surrounding gentry, add to the beauty of the country, the most remarkable amongst these being - The Hall, the pretty residence of Lord Francis Conyngham ; the Castle and grounds of Lough Eske, the property of Thomas Brooke, Esq.; and St. Ernen's the seat of John Hamilton, Esq. There are good grain and flax markets in the town. The population is about 1,560.

Post Office - R. Maxwell, postmaster. Mails - Dublin, Belfast, Londonderry, etc., arrive 7.50 a.m., departure, 5.15 p.m., departures to Ballyshannon and Killybegs, etc., 8.30 a.m.; arrive at Donegal, 4.35 p.m.
Ulster Bank - Henry M. Lynn, manager
Belfast Bank - G. E. McNeely, manager
Petty Sessions are held every third Wednesday - Clerk, J. K. O'Donnell, Donegal
Union Workhouse - Eighteen electoral divisions. Board meets on Saturdays. Thomas Brooke, Lough Eske, Donegal, chairman ; Jas. Montgomery Sinclair, J.P., Bonnyglen, Donegal, vice chairman ; Robert Russell, Salthill, Mountcharles, deputy vice chairman ; D. C. Pearson, clerk and returning officer ; Henry Judge and Eliza Freeburn, master and matron ; Rev. Samuel Reid, Church of Ireland, and Rev. John Doherty, Roman Catholic, chaplains ; Richard H. Hope, medical officer ; George Woodward, Drummeenanagh, Donegal, relieving officer.
Schools - Robertson - Miss Lynch, teacher. National - John Hunter ; Mrs. Hunter, female teacher. Female National School, No. 2 - Mrs. McMillin, teacher.
McCormick, John W., commissioner for taking affidavits
Green, A., coroner, Ballyshannon
Greer, James, custom house officer
Registrar of Marriages - James Davis
Inspector of Weights and Measures - Constable Smith
Inland Revenue - Michael Dooley
Dispensary and Hospital - Dr. Warnock
Collector of Poor Rates - J. Kennedy
Collector of County Cess - J. Graham
Church Wardens - D. Pearson, Thos. Morrow
Solicitors - M. Henry, P. M. Gallagher, Robert McCready, C. O'Doherty
Stamp Office - Joseph McLoone
Bridewell - Robert Keatly, keeper

Nobility and Gentry

Brooke, Thomas, J.P., D.L., Lough Eske House
Cassidy, Samuel, Bruckless House
Conyngham, Lord Francis, M.P., The Hall, Mountcharles
Gahan, Fred. C. J., county surveyor, Maraghbeg
Hamilton, John, J.P., St. Ernan's
Lynn, Henry M., manager Ulster Bank, Donegal
Lowry, Rev. A., Donegal
Neilson, Rev. R., Donegal
Pope, Richard H., M.D., J.P., Abbeyview
Reed, Rev. S., Donegal
Russell, Robert, J.P., Salthill, Mountcharles
Sinclair, Jas. Montgomery, Bonnyglen, Donegal
Stubbs, J., Rossyungan
Sinclair, William, D.L., Drumbeg
Rolleston, Major Charles Frank, R.M., Wood Lodge

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. Samuel Reed
First Presbyterian - Rev. A. Lowry
Second Presbyterian - Rev. R. Neilson
Roman Catholic - Rev. John Doherty

Merchants, Traders, etc.

Auctioneers - John Johnston, H. Devine, James Boyle, George Turner
Bakers - James Smullen, J. D. Corr, Francis Morrow, J. Gallagher, John Johnston, Wm. Aikens, Hugh Mulrine, John McGinty, James Craig, Patrick McMullin, J. Smullin, E. Sharky, P. McCready.
Book sellers - A. Dunleavy, Mrs. Herran, Mrs. Watson
Boot and Shoe Makers - Patrick Martin, Wm. Doherty, John Corr, Patrick Doherty, J. McGinty, Mick McGlanaghy, Mick Haraghy, Robert Black, Jas. Higgons, Robt. Fitzhenry
Bonnet Maker and Trimmer - Mrs. Watson
Butchers - Wm. Doogan, Wm. McGerigle, John Doherty, James Martin, James McDermott, Andrew Begley, Wm. Quigley, John Gildea
Cabinet Maker - William Galbraith
Carpenters - James Scott, J. Galbraith, J. McKinney, C. Scarf
Coach Maker - Noble Galbraith
Coal Merchant - T. Hughes
Coopers - Edward Hammond, Michael Kelly, Owen Donald
Druggists - John Johnston, Miss King
Emigration Agents - T. Hughes, J. E. Corr, J. Dunleavy, Anthony Dunleavy
Flour Merchant - J. N. Russell & Son, Thomas Hughes, James Anderson
Grain Merchants - Joseph McLoone, Richard Corscaden, James Anderson
Grocers - David Brigham, Jas. Smullen s, Patk. McMullin s, J. D. Corr, John Irwin, William Doogan, s, Jos. McGinty s, John Anderson, Thomas Hughes, Margaret Devlin s, William Aiken s, John Johnston, Edward Gallon s, James Dunleavy s, Charles Bradley s, Patrick Welsh, John Gallagher s, Hugh Mulrine s, Francis Morrow, Laurence Gillespie, James Mulrine, Mrs. McKay, James Welsh, James Craig. {Those marked s are spirit dealers}
Haberdashers - Joseph McLoone, Jas. Griffith, Mrs. Killen, Wm. Wallace, James Timiny, Condy Cannon, C. R. Hill, Robert Fitzhenry, Francis Carr, James Cassidy.
Hardware Merchants - James Brigham, William Scott, John McCloskey
Hide Merchant - Andrew Bigley
Hotels - The Arran, Robert Blain ; Commercial and Family, James Smullen
Horse Shoers - John McBrearty, John Brown
Leather and Hide Merchants - John McGinty, Robert Fitzhenry
Marine Store Dealer - P. McMullan
Milliners and Dress Makers - Miss Baird, Miss Britton, Miss Brogan, Mrs. Killen, Miss Smullan, Miss Gilday
Nailers - Hugh Brittain, Edward Pilkington
Oil and Colour Merchants - J. Brigham, Wm. Scott, J. McCloskey, T. Hughes
Painters and Glaziers - A. Moorehead, John McKinney, Jas. Scott, David McKinney, John McKinney, jun.
Photographer - William Watson
Plough Makers - Thomas and Henry Robinson
Posting Establishments - Robert Blain, James Donleavy, John Slevin, James Sheeran, Mrs. Boyce, Joseph McGinty, C. Caday, James Smullen, John Quigley
Public Houses - Peter Slavin, William Aikens, B. Meighan, Patrick McMullan, Wm. Doogan, Joseph McGinty, Frank McGolrick, James Dunleavy, Joseph McGitty, John Fury, P. Fury, John Magaghrin, J. Gallagher, Mrs. Devlin, James Scott, Patrick Kelly, John Quigley, Charles Bradley, James Brogan, Hugh McKelvey, H. Mulrine, B. McGolrick, Edward Gallon, F. Kelly
Rope and Twine Maker - Thomas Hughes
Saddlers - William Arnold, Michael Gallagher, James Henderson
Sawyers - Wm. Scott, Jas. Cannon, W. Quigley, John Moorehead
Seed Merchants - John Gallagher, Jas. Brigham, Edward Gallen
Ship Broker - Thomas Hughes
Spade Manufacturer - William Graham
Spirit Dealers - Edward Gallen, C. Bradley
Tailors - Thompson McMahon, And. Kennedy, Pat Slevin, P. McCauley, Wm. Slevin
Timber Merchants - J. Brigham, W. Scott, Ths. Hughes
Turner - Noble Galbraith
Watch Makers - M. Mulreeny, G. Diver, H. Britton
Whitesmiths - M. Smith, P. McDevitt
Wine and Spirit Merchants - Edward Gallen, Charles Bradley
Woollen Drapers - Robert Fitzhenry, J. McLoone, James Griffith, James Timiny, C. R. Hill

DOWNPATRICK              top

Downpatrick, is a market town and a Parliamentary borough, the seat of Down Diocese, and the Assizes and principal town in County Down, eighteen miles S.E. from Belfast. The County Court House and the County Jail are connected by an underground passage. Quarter Sessions are held four times a year, viz.:- In March, June, October and December ; and Petty Sessions on the first and third Thursdays in the month. The County Down Lunatic Asylum, completed in 1869, at a cost of upwards of 50,000, capable of accommodating 350 inmates, is situated on an elevated plateau, about a quarter of a mile from the town ; it is an imposing structure, and stands in the centre of a park of about 60 acres, commanding a magnificent view of the surrounding country ; and, for architectural appearance and internal accommodation, is said to be one of the finest in the kingdom. The borough returned two members to the Irish Parliament so early as 1585, and exercised that privilege until the Union, since which it has sent only one to the Imperial Parliament ; the present representative is John Mulholland, Esq., the landlord of the demesne. Constituency in 1879, 338. Quoile Quay is the port of the town, and admits vessels of 100 tons. The town was formerly a seat of the linen trade, and brewing, tanning, and soap boiling were extensively carried on, but there are no manufacturing industries at present. The town is entirely dependent on agriculture, the country around being most productive. The County Down Railway, completed March, 1859, connects the town with Belfast. The Downpatrick and Newcastle Railway opened 1869, connects Dundrum and Newcastle with Downpatrick. Branches of the Northern Bank and Ulster Bank are the monetary establishments. The Down Recorder (established 1836), is published on Saturdays - J. S. Clarke, editor and proprietor. Another paper, the Down Independent, has lately been started. Adjoining the town is Down Cathedral, a stately embattled edifice, comprising a nave, choir and aisles, with a lofty tower at the west end. It is furnished with a good organ, and there are handsome stalls for the dignitaries, and it is believed that the remains of the Patron Saint of Ireland are interred within the walls of the venerable edifice, and not in the adjoining graveyard as popularly supposed. The Parish Church is a capacious and well built edifice. The other places of worship are one Presbyterian, one Unitarian, and two Methodist Churches, and a Roman Catholic Chapel, with a handsome Nunnery adjoining. An Intermediate School is in active operation here, and there are also a Blue Coat, Parochial and other Schools. The Market House stands in the centre of the town. Fairs - First Tuesday in each month. Markets - Tuesday and Saturday. Population at last census, 3,621.

Post Office, Saul Street - Postmaster, John R. McConnell. Letters are received from England, Scotland, South of Ireland, Dublin, Belfast, etc. at 6.35 a.m. and 2.50 p.m.; from Belfast, North of Ireland, and Scotland, at 8.30 a.m.; from Newry, Rathfriland, Castlewellan, Newcastle, Clough, etc., at 8.10 a.m.; from Portaferry, Strangford, Ballyculter, Ardglass and Killough, at 9.25 a.m. and 6.30 p.m.; from Raholp, Bright, Bishopscourt, Ballee, Leggamaddy, etc., at 6.30 p.m. Letters are forwarded to England, Scotland, South of Ireland, Dublin, Belfast, etc., at 9.50 a.m. and 7 p.m.; to Belfast, North of Ireland and Scotland, at 3 p.m.; to Castlewellan, Clough, Newcastle, Rathfriland, etc., at 4.40 p.m.; to Portaferry, Strangford, Killough and Ardglass, at 7.5 a.m. and 3.5 p.m., to Raholp, Ballyculter, Bright, Bishopscourt, Ballee, Leggamaddy, etc., at 7.5 a.m.
Town Commissioners - Edward Gardner, solicitor, chairman ; James Kerr, deputy chairman ; James Jordan, Alexander Moore, J. R. McConnell, Peter Fitzpatrick, William Whiteside, Joseph S. Clarke, James McCabe, David McCutcheon, Thomas Q. Martin, Wm. Moffet, James Dougherty, Samuel Martin, John Denvir, William Russell, George Stockdale, John Fleming, Samuel Carlisle ; John Marshall, clerk, English Street.
Excise Office - Timothy Walshe, officer
Stamp Office - Charles Knox, distributor

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Cathedral - Lord Bishop, Right Rev. R. Knox, D.D.; Dean, Rev. Edward B. Moeran, D.D.; resident preacher, Rev. W. McManus ; precentor, Rev. J. P. Brown ; chancellor, Rev. J. L. M. Scott ; treasurer, W. N. Wallace ; organist, T. B. Hardman.
Parish Church - Rev. Townley Blackwood Price, rector ; Rev. Robert Foster, curate ; R. Stewart, organist ; J. Herron, clerk.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Wm. White
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - Rev. T. Pearson
Unitarian Church - Rev. David Gordon
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. P. O'Kane, P.P., and Rev. P. McEvoy, curates.

Public Institutions

Banks - Northern, English Street - Jas. Stevenson, manager ; Mr. McAlea, sub-manager ; Ulster, Irish Street - Wm. Davis, manager.
National School - John Bell and Miss Gracey, teachers
Parochial School - Mr. Mitchell and Miss Allen, teachers
Intermediate School - W. Wright, principal ; Otto Lannebach, assistant ; girls, Mrs. Hutcheson, teacher
Blue Coat Schools - Robert Stewart and Miss Skillen, teachers
Church of Ireland, Holymount - Rev. Ralph Wilde, A.M., incumbent
District Lunatic Asylum - George St., George Tyner, resident medical superintendent ; Dr. Hatchell, assistant ; J. K. Maconchy, consulting physician
Union Workhouse - 24 Electoral Divisions Board, meets on Saturdays. Col. Wm. Brownlow Forde, D.L., Seaforde, chairman ; Major Nugent, D.L., vice chairman ; John Bell, Cargah, deputy vice chairman ; John W. Montgomery, clerk and returning officer.
Endowed Hospital for ten old men and ten old women - John Mulholland, M.P., patron.
County Infirmary - J. K. Maconchy, surgeon ; A. Dunne, assistant surgeon ; Miss McKay, matron.
County Down Masonic Lodge, Reading and Billiard Rooms, Church Lane - Dr. E. F. Nelson, sec.
Mechanic's Institute - John Mulholland, M.P., president
H.M. Prison - Major Leslie J. Thompson, governor ; John Waterworth, deputy governor.
County Court House - R. Moorehead, court keeper.
Petty Sessions Court, first and third Thursday in every month - R. Whiteside, clerk
Police Barracks, Church Street - C. Leathem, sub-inspector.

Clergy, Gentry, etc.

Birney, Captain, J.P., Oakley Park
Clarke, Joseph S., Down Recorder
Cleland, John, Vianstown
Cousins, Rev. J. F., Church Street
Crawley, Robert J., solicitor, English Street
Cumming, Mrs., English Street
Davidson, Wm., coroner, Church Street
Davis, Wm., J.P., Market Street
Donavan, S., Medical Hall
Fallon, Rev. J. M., Ballee
Foster, Rev. Robert, Irish Street
Gardner, Edward, solicitor, Saul Street
Gordon, Robert, J.P., The Highlands
Gordon, R. F., D.L., Delamont
Gordon, Rev. David, Irish Street
Gracey, Thomas, J.P., Ballyhossett
Greer, James, J.P., Bishopscourt
Hall, Rev. F. H., Drumcullen
Harris, Capt., Adjt. South Down Militia
Hastings, William, J.P., Ardilea
Hastings, Mrs., Irish Street
Healey, W., Donard View, (inspector of national schools.)
Humphreys, Rev. A. S., Saul Rectory
Johnston, William, Ballykilbeg House
Johnston, Charles C., Lake Cottage, Ballydugan
Johnson, Beauchamp N., S.C.S., Irish Street
Keown-Boyd, Richard, Ballydugan House
Keown-Boyd, William, Ballydugan House
Knox, Charles, Saul Street
Maguire, Henry, J.P., Church Street
Maxwell, R. Perceval, D.L., J.P., Finnebrogue
Moeran, Rev. E. B., D.D., Dean of Down, Killyleagh
Murphy, Mrs., The Mall
Murland, James, Crown Solicitor, Irish Street
McMullan, John, M.D., Irish Street
McManus, Rev. W., Church Street
Nelson, Rev. S. C., The Hill
Nelson, E. F., M.D., The Hill
O'Kane, Rev. Patrick, P.P.
Orme, Edward, R.M., Downpatrick
Perceval, Mrs., Dillon House
Pilson, C., J.P., Rath Villa
Porter, Rev. John, Ballee
Price, Rev. Townley B., Rath Keltair
Reid, James, Vianstown
Russell, John, solicitor, English Street, agent for National Provident Institution
Saul, The Misses, Portland
Smyth, Henry, C.E., Irish Street
Stevenson, James, English Street
Thompson, Major L. J., H.M. Prison
Tyner, George St. G., F.R.C.S., District Lunatic Asylum
Wallace, W. N., attorney (of H. Wallace & Co.)
Warnock, John, (of Hugh Wallace & Co.)
White, Rev. William, The Manse
Wray, George H., county inspector, R.I.C., Church Street
Wilde, Rev. Ralph, Incumbent of Hollymount, Church Street

Merchants, Traders, etc.

Agar, William, grocer and spirit merchant, Irish Street
Allen, J. & J., grocers and spirit merchants
Agnew, Samuel, grocer and spirit dealer, High Street
Beatty, James, plasterer, Saul Street
Bell, John, teacher, Infirmary Street
Bohill, Thos., spirit dealer, Bridge Street
Brien, George, grocer, Scotch Street
Brown, James, sea captain, Saul Street
Carlisle, Samuel, merchant, Irish Street
Carr, J., butcher, spirit dealer and grocer, Scotch Street
Coates, Francis, tailor, Scotch Street
Connor, Bernard, grocer, John Street
Coulter, Mrs., hardware establishment, Irish Street
Coulter, Thomas, blacksmith, Church Street
Crowe, J., grocer and spirit dealer, Bridge Street
Crickard, H., spirit dealer and tailor, Church Street
Croskery, Horatio, grocer, wine, spirit and general merchant, Market Street
Curoe, William, spirit merchant, Stream Street
Cunningham, J., saddler and harness maker, Scotch Street
Curran, Patrick, farmer, Irish Street
Darby, Bridget, baker, grocer and spirit dealer
Denvir, John, draper, English Street
Denvir, Robert, hotel keeper, English Street
Devlin, P., spirit dealer, Irish Street
Dickson, John, spirit dealer, Church Street
Dougherty, James, leather cutter, Market Street
Dunlop, J., veterinary surgeon, Church Street
Ferguson, Peter, painter, Irish Street
Finnegan, Mrs., servants' registry, Irish Street
Fitzsimons, Jas., grocer and fruiterer, Market Street
Fitzsimons, Peter, draper, English Street
Fleming, John, woollen draper, Irish Street, Downshire Arcade
Foley, Joseph, baker, Irish Street
Forsyth, John, ship owner, coal and lime merchant
Frickell, W., gas fitter, Saul Street
Gibson, Samuel, grocer and spirit dealer, Scotch Street
Gibson, Francis, stationer and newsagent
Gilmore, John, spirit dealer
Gillespie, James, baker, Scotch Street
Gracey, Robert, clerk, Saul Street
Gracey, Thomas, Deputy Clerk of the Peace, Saul Street
Johnston, Mrs., dressmaker, Irish Street
Johnston, Henry, clerk, Irish Street
Halpin, James, spirit dealer, John Street
Hanna, T., woollen draper, Scotch Street
Hardman, T. B., organist Down Cathedral, Church Street
Hardy, J. T., Northern Bank
Hastings, Samuel, stone cutter, Church Street
Hastings, Thomas, stone cutter, Church Street
Hawthorn, James, boot maker, English Street
Hastings, Mrs., servants' registry office, Church Street
Herron, Edward, saddler, Circular Road
Hurst, Robert, boot and shoe maker, Irish Street
Hutchinson, Mrs., teacher, Saul Street
Hutton, William, Saul Street
Jennings, Thomas, Down Hunt Arms Hotel, Market Street
Jervis, John, baker, Irish Street
Jervis, John, saddler and harness maker, English Street
Johnston, Thomas, tailor, Scotch Street
Johnston & Perry, timber merchants, Church Street
Jordan, James, building, auctioneer and china warehouse, Church Street ; registrar of marriages
Jordan, Mrs., Scotch Street
Johnston, John, woollen draper, Irish Street
Kearns, John, iron monger, Scotch Street
Kelly, Daniel, butcher, Market Street
Kelly, Rose, spirit dealer, Scotch Street
Keown, Sarah, grocer and spirit dealer, Scotch Street
Kerr & Belshaw, merchants, Scotch Street
King, Matthew, spirit dealer, Irish Street
Lannebach, Otto, teacher, The Mall
Lascelles, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Irish Street
Lascelles, W., grocer and spirit dealer, John Street
Lascelles, John, spirit dealer, Market Street
Lindsay, J. & Sons, nurserymen, Quoile Road
Lithgow, R. T., coach builder and auctioneer, Saul Street
Lloyd, William, butcher, Irish Street
Lowry, John, poor law guardian, Church Street
Macken, Anthony, spirit dealer, Church Street
Madine, John, butcher, Market Street
Maglennon, Mrs., inn keeper, Church Street
Maguire, Henry, spirit dealer, Circular Road
Marshall, John, town clerk, English Street
Martin, Samuel, grocer, Church Street
Martin, R., grocer and spirit dealer, Church Street
Martin, T. Q., draper, Market Street
Mearns, George, gas manager, Market Street
Moffet, William, hotel, Market Street
Montgomery, Henry, Irish Street
Montgomery, J. W., clerk of Union, Saul Street
Moore, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, Market Street
Moore, Mrs., pawn broker, Infirmary Street
Morrison, James, cattle dealer, Irish Street
Moran, John, managing law clerk, Irish Street
Murray & Co., woollen drapers, Market Street
Murphy, William, spirit dealer, Saul Street
McBride, William & Co., merchants, Market Street
McBride, John, watch maker, Irish Street
McCabe, James, spirit dealer, Irish Street
McCall, Samuel, cooper, Saul Street
McCallister, Isabella, grocer and spirit dealer, Church Street
McCarty, James, butcher, Irish Street
McCartan, Philip, general merchant, Stream Street
McCartan, James, newsagent, English Street
McCaulfield, Bernard, spirit dealer, Stream Street
McClurg, Mrs., butcher, English Street
McConnell, John R., postmaster, Saul Street
McCreedy, William, woollen draper, Irish Street
McCreedy, Miss, dress maker, Saul Street
McVeigh, Hugh, spirit dealer, Stream Street
McCutcheon, D., watch maker, jeweller, etc., English Street
McKelvey, James, Struell
McKelvey, Margaret, spirit dealer, John Street
McKittrick, J., Custom's Officer, Scotch Street
McKenna, John, saddler, Market Street
McLester, Mrs., chandler, Irish Street
McMullan, Daniel, spirit dealer, Bridge Street
McNea, Alex., shoe maker, Irish Street
Neill, T., copper, tin and zinc worker, Irish Street
Newell, William, whitesmith, Scotch Street
Newman, Joseph, printer, Irish Street
Nolan, Thos., assistant county surveyor, Quoile
Orr, Mathew, harbour master, Quoile
Patton, John, tailor, Irish Street
Parkinson Bros., grocers, English Street
Parkinson, John, baker, Scotch Street
Parkinson, M., grocer, Scotch Street
Phair, Mrs., spirit dealer, Market Street
Quail, Miss Anna, haberdasher, Irish Street
Quail, Gray, woollen draper, Irish Street
Quail, James, draper, Irish Street
Quail, R. & J., cabinet makers, Irish Street
Quail, Mrs. Samuel, haberdasher, Scotch Street
Quail, S. & Co., carpet warehouse, Irish Street
Quarrell, Miss, The Mall
Rentoul, Mrs., Quoile
Robinson, Miss, milliner and dress maker, Church Street
Shaw, Alexander, cart maker, Fountain Street
Skillen, Matthew & Thos., tailors, 100 Scotch Street
Smith, H., coach builder, Irish Street
Smith, J. H., auctioneer and valuator, Irish Street
Stockdale, George, builder, Church Street
Stockdale, The Misses, Church Street
Tate, John, iron monger, Irish Street and Market Street
Tate, Miss, leather cutter, Irish Street
Telford, Robert, boot manufacturer, English Street
Trotter, Mrs., Pound Street
Tuite, William, pawn broker, Irish Street
Walsh, Thomas, butcher, Market Street
Walsh, Timothy, excise officer, Scotch Street
Warnock, John, solicitor, English Street
Waterworth, John, deputy governor H.M. Prison
Whiteside, Richard, draper, Market Street
Whiteside, Wm., seed merchant, Market Street
Whiteside, Robert, petty sessions clerk, Audley's Acre
Wilson & Scandritt, grocers, English Street
Wilson, The Misses, boarding and day school, Irish Street
Wright, James, hair dresser, Bridge Street
Wright, Samuel, hair dresser, Saul Street
Wright, Wm., principal of Industrial School
Yeates Bros., tailors, Irish Street

DROMARA                  top

Dromara (formerly styled Annsborough, in compliment to a member of the Downshire family) is a neat village situate on the eastern bank of the River Lagan, and about three miles distant from the base of Slieve-Croob, whence the river takes its rise. Dromara, which is distant from Belfast about sixteen Irish miles, and is on the leading road from that town to Rathfriland, contains about one hundred houses. The public buildings consist of the Episcopal, the Presbyterian, and the Methodist Churches ; the Dispensary House, and the Petty Sessions Court House, and Market House, which were built some years ago at the sole expense of the lord of the soil, the Marquis of Downshire. The markets in Dromara, which were formerly held on Fridays, are now held on Tuesdays ; and the fairs, which are generally well attended, are held on the first Friday in the months of February, May, August and November, as also on the first Friday after the 15th day of the months of March, June, September and December. The Petty Sessions are held on the first Monday of each calendar month. The present population of the village is about 300.

Post Office - Postmistress, Mary Hill. Mails received from Dublin and Belfast.

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Vacant
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. Wm. Shepherd
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. J. Patton
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. John Irvine, P.P.

Clergy, Gentry, etc.

Boyd, Miss, Woodvale
Boyd, Rev. T., Covenanter
Davidson, S., M.D., medical officer of dispensary
Doake, Samuel, Millvale
Dodd, William, Woodford
Gilmer, James Birch, Mayfield
Irvine, Rev. John, P.P., Parochial House
McCartan, J., Crossgar House
McClelland, Rev. John, Presbyterian minister
McPolin, Rev. Mr., C.C.
Patton, Rev. Wm. John, The Manse
Shepherd, Rev. Wm., M.A., The Manse
Waugh, George, Sion Hill

Traders, etc.

Barr, James, leather cutter and boot maker
Beeton, Daniel, saddler
Bell, Samuel, fowl dealer
Boden, Arthur, carpenter and undertaker
Bradford, Thomas, spirit dealer
Campbell, David
Campbell, Robert, woollen draper and haberdasher
Cardwell, Laughlin, tailor
Dennison, James, grocer and spirit dealer
Doran, Daniel, tailor
Gamble, Ann Jane, grocer
George, Robert, blacksmith
Hart, William, grocer
Hill, Mary, postmistress
Kelly, A., woollen draper
Keown, Robert, boot and shoe maker
Lavery, John, spirit dealer
Magarry, Charles, tow and flax dealer
Magill, John, civil bill officer
Mallon, John, haberdasher, grocer and spirit dealer
Murnen, P., spirit dealer
McAuley, D., grocer
McKinney, Bridget, grocer and spirit dealer
Sterling, Robert A., clock and watch maker
Walker, Hamilton, corn miller
Welsh, Jackson, blacksmith

DROMORE              top

Dromore, a market town in the County Down, fourteen miles distant from Belfast, seated on the River Lagan, and on the road from Dublin to Belfast. The Parish or Cathedral Church has undergone various repairs, and has been lately much improved. It derives most of its peculiar interest by having been erected by the great and good bishop, the celebrated Jeremy Taylor, and containing his remains, as well as those of the late Bishops Percy, Rust, Digby and Wiseman. The old wall surrounding the graveyard has been completely pulled down and a beautiful railing fixed in Scotch freestone ; a good selection of choice evergreens beautifully planted within the railing giving the edifice a more beautiful appearance, and certainly improving that portion of the town. A number of the old cabins facing the wall have been pulled down, and large roomy and comfortable houses erected. The Episcopal residence adjoins the town, and was built in the time of Bishop Bernard, and the woods around it planted by Bishop Percy. In the See House resided the several bishops of the diocese up to 1843, when, at the death of Bishop Saurin, the diocese was annexed to Down and Connor, and the See House has passed into other hands, and is now the seat of James Quinn, Esq., J.P. The other places of worship in Dromore are two Presbyterian and two Methodist Churches, one for Covenanters, one Unitarian, and a Roman Catholic Chapel. The market is held on Saturday. Fairs on the first Saturday in March, on 12th May, first Saturday in August, 10th October, and the Saturday but one previous to Christmas in each year, being in all twelve fairs in the town, which are well attended ; a fair is also held on the first Saturday in each month, except the months herein named. Population, in 1871, 2,408.

Post Office, Church Street - Miss Carrothers, post mistress. Hours of Posting - For Banbridge, 8.30 a.m.; Belfast, etc., 8.30 and 10.35 a.m.; Scotland, via Belfast, 6 p.m.; to all parts, 8.20 a.m. Hours of Delivery - 7.40 a.m.; 1.35 and 4.55 p.m.
Dromore Gas Company - Chairman of Directors, John Harrison ; secretary, H. Gibson ; manager, John Meiklejohn

Places of Worship

The Cathedral - Bishop - Right Rev. Robert Knox, D.D. - Dean - Very Rev. J. Lefroy, A.M., Aghaderg. Archdeacon - Ven, Henry Stewart, D.D. Prebendary - Rev. J. Harding. Treasurer - Rev. Chas. Beresford Knox, A.M. Precentor - Rev. E. P. Brooke, Maralin. Chancellor - Rev. E. Robinson, Clonallen. Registrar - Mark A. Saurin. Apparitor - William Falkner. Organist - Henry W. Hall
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. K. Strain
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. Jas. Rentoul
Wesleyan Church - Rev. Thomas Knox
Unitarian Church - Rev. David Thompson
Covenanting Church - Rev. Terence Boyd
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Wm. McCarten

Public Institutions

Northern Banking Company, Church Street - W. S. Lamont, manager ; W. Adams, cashier
Railway - The Belfast, Lisburn and Banbridge Junction Railway Company, John Kinghan, station master
Petty Sessions are held on every alternate Thursday ; magistrates attending - E. Orme, R.M.; Stewart Blakney, William Cowan Heron, Geo. Brush, James Quinn, John Lindsay
Solicitors attending - Joseph Dickson, Dromore ; John F. Mulligan, Belfast ; Wellington Young, Lisburn ; Hugh Glass, Thomas Card, Andrew McClelland, Patrick Doyle, Banbridge
Clerk of Petty Sessions - J. B. McConnell. Districts - Dromore, Dromara and Ballynahinch.
Sub-Inspector of Constabulary - T. J. N. Robertson. Constable - Patrick Fitzgerald

Clergy, Gentry, etc.

Ainslie, Captain, Ballykeel House
Brush, G., J.P., Gillhall Castle
Clarke, John, commissioner for taking affidavits for superiors courts
Conyngham, Mrs., Iveagh Cottage
Cosbie, George, Church Street
Dickson, Joseph, attorney and coroner for southern divisions of County Down
Graham, Henry, surgeon, etc.
Harrison, John, Harrybrook
Harrison, Robert, The Cottage
Harrison, Alexander, Dromore
Hawthorne, S. F., M.B., surgeon, B.C.S.E.
Henderson, J., Mount Ida
Hobart, Mrs., Lagan Lodge
Hammond, The Misses, Princes Street
Knox, Rev. Chas. B., Quilly House
Lamont, W. S., Northern Bank
Minnis, Rev. W. B., Mossvale
Lindsay, Miss, Princes Street
Lindsay, John, J.P., Tullyhennan House
Murphy, Francis, Princes Street
McCarten, Rev. Wm., P.P., Dromore
McClelland, George, Lisnashanker House
McDade, Mrs. C., The Square
McGinness, Mrs., Ballyally House
McMurray, William, Percy Lodge
Quinn, James, J.P., The Palace
Sprott, William
Sprott, James
Sprott, Robert
Sprott, Mrs., Meeting Street
Strain, Rev. J. K., The Manse
Taylor, Miss, Rampart Place
Thompson, Rev. David, The Manse
Weir, Marshall, surgeon, medical officer, F.R.C.S.I.
Waddell, Colonel, Islanderry House

Traders. etc.

Allen, David, spirit dealer
Anderson, James, grocer
Anderson, John, linen manufacturer
Arlow, Mrs., milliner and dress maker
Baird, William, grocer
Bronti, John, woollen draper
Bennett, Thomas, mechanic
Bonnar, Andrew, saddlery
Boal, Joseph, spirit store and seed merchant
Biggens, Owen, civil bill officer
Brennan, Peter, spirit dealer and grocer
Brennan, Wm., spirit dealer and grocer
Carrothers, S. R. M., postmistress
Cargin, Alex., woollen draper, etc.
Clarke, John, finisher, etc.
Clarke, Robert, national teacher
Clarke, Wm., spirit dealer
Cosbie, George, linen manufacturer
Caughey, James, saddler
Dawson, Mary, spirit dealer
Dickson, John M., linen manufacturer
Dowey, Wm., grocer and provision dealer
Edgar, R. S., woollen draper
Frackelton, James, grocer and seed merchant
Finch, John, painter
Gibson, Henry, town clerk
Guiney, Mrs., delf store
Hamilton, John, hemstitching & veining factory
Harrison, John & Co., linen manufacturers, etc.
Herron, Henry, grocer
Herron, Hugh, spirit dealer
Herron, David, woollen draper
Haydock, Rich., linen and cambric manufacturer
Ireland, John, spirit dealer
Jardine, John, general merchant
Jardine, Wm., hemstitcher and finisher
Jackson, James, tailor and cutter
Jelly, Andrew, woollen draper
Kennedy, The Misses, milliners
Liggitt, John, shoe maker
Mahood, Robert R., grocer
Mallagh, Wm., baker
Mallagh, James, baker and flour merchant
Mattin, John, weight master
Martin, John E., grocer
Mathers, Mrs., grocer and china monger
Mercer, James, woollen draper
Millar, Wm., hotel keeper and coach builder
Mills, John, posting establishment
Mercer, Hugh George, draper
Magill, William, shoe maker
Martin, Miss, dress maker
McCartney, Edward, woollen draper
McCaw, Wm., grocer, hardware & wine merchant
McDade, James, leather cutter
McDade, John, spirit dealer
McGrady, Patrick, grocer
McGrady, Wm., seed merchant
McMurray & Firth, Bleachers & finishers, Dromore Bleach Works
McMurray, W., & Co., linen merchants
McMurray, John, spirit merchant
McIlduff, John, baker
McIlwaine, ?, grocer
McCammon, William, grocer
McRoberts, Mrs., dress maker
McCavitt, John, grocer and cattle dealer
McGeown, Mrs., refreshment rooms
Napier, Wm., hotel keeper
Nelson, John, pawn broker and woollen draper
Northern Fire and Life Insurance Office - agent, John Clarke, Market Square
O'Hair, John, spirit dealer
O'Neill, Francis, baker
O'Neill, Chas., spirit dealer, grocer and provision merchant
Pantridge, Isaac, carpenter
Preston, George, woollen draper
Preston, Francis, sewing machine agent
Rowan, John, haberdasher and leather merchant
Saul, Wm., woollen draper and haberdasher
Sprott, Wm. & Co., linen and cambric manufacturers
Stewart, Charles, grocer
Smyth, William, coal merchant
Scott, Nelson, watch maker
Stevenson, William John, watch maker and jeweller
Spence, Robert, & Co., Lawn Cambric and Shirt Front Manufacturers
Sherrard, Andrew, grocer, etc.
Watson, Edward, reed manufacturer
Watson, John, auctioneer and valuer, commission agent and general surveyor
Watson, Wm., spirit merchant
Watson, Wm., grocer, provision dealer and coal monger
Watson, Arthur, woollen draper and haberdasher
Watson, Adam, grocer and provision dealer
Watson, Arthur, boot and leather merchant
Wallace, R. S., grocer, hardware and seed merchant
Welsh, Jane, stamp distributor
Weir, J., pawn broker and woollen draper

DUNDRUM                   top

Dundrum, a small seaport town in County Down, about twenty two miles from Belfast, four from Castlewellan, and seven from Downpatrick, situate on the shore of the inner Bay of Dundrum. There is a fine hotel, erected by the Marquis of Downshire with hot, cold, shower, and plunge baths, on ornamental grounds attached. It is much resorted to by visitors during the summer season, from its mild temperature, being shut in from the open sea by the picturesque sand hills of Murlough, covered with every variety of blooming heather and wild rose, and on which the beautiful marine residence of Lord Downshire is situate. On an eminence above the town are the fine ruins of the old castle, supposed to have been built by Sir John De Courcey. There is an excellent school built and supported by the Downshire family, in which Divine service is held on Sunday evenings, the Parish Church being a mile distant. Also a school under the National Board. Convenient to Dundrum is the magnificent house and demesne (Mountpanther), the residence of George Allen, Esq., J.P., also the beautiful residence (Ardilea) of William Hastings, Esq., J.P. The harbour is safe and well sheltered. A steamer plys regularly twice a week to English and Scotch ports, associated with a number of sailing vessels. An extensive trade in coal, farm produce, cattle, etc., being carried on.

Post Office - John McIlroy, postmaster. Letters arrive at 9 a.m., and 6.15 p.m., and are despatched at 9.45 a.m., 4.20 and 6.25 p.m.
Coastguard Station - A chief boatman and three coastguards
Police Barracks - An acting and three sub-constables

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Kilmegan Parish Church - Rev. Adam Cuppage, A.B., incumbent

Clergy, Gentry, Traders, etc.

Agar, Hugh, Murlough
Archibald, Mrs.
Blackwood, David, wine and spirit dealer
Brannigan, John, grocer
Connor, Henry, foreman unloading steamers, etc.
Cunningham, Miss, Castle Cottage
Cuppage, Rev. Adam, curate of Kilmegan
Dove, Daniel, captain "Lady Downshire" s.
Fitzsimmons, John, station master
Finnegan, George, sea captain
Fitzpatrick, Mary, publican
Graham, Thomas H., farmer
Green, Nicholas, commission agent
Graham, W., plasterer, delf and fancy warehouse
Green, Francis, spirit dealer
Henesey, E. G., managing director of East Downshire S.S. Company
Johnston, Robert, carpenter and builder
Johnston, Sarah, publican
Kean, Michael, shoe maker
King, Rose, spirit dealer
Kidd, David, smith
Kennedy, Thomas, tailor
Lewis, William, baths keeper
Magowan, John, engine driver
Matthews, Thomas, baker
Murland, Jas., solicitor, resides here occasionally
McCann, D., grocer, spirit dealer and ship owner
McCann, H., grocer, spirit dealer and ship owner
McCann, Mary, publican
McClement, Patrick, retired coast guard
McCreight, Miss Isabella
McIlroy, John, postmaster, grocer, haberdasher and ship owner
Napier, Rev. Wm., Clough Meeting House
Nelson, Hugh, lodging house
O'Hare, John, lodging house
Phillips, John, retired coast guard
Prey, John, boot and shoe maker
Quinn, Wm., mechanical engineer
Roberts, John, harbour master
Rooney, James, high constable - collector of county cess and income tax
Savage, Hugh, spirit dealer
Scott, John, engine driver
Trainor, Thomas, tailor
Teer, Dr., teacher of Downshire School
Torney, James, N.S. teacher
Young, James, hotel (Downshire Arms)


Dungannon is a Parliamentary borough, market and post town, in County Tyrone, thirty two miles W. by S. from Belfast. It is situated on a beautiful hill, from which, on a clear day may be seen with ease the fairest portion of Tyrone. It was the seat of the O'Neills from its earliest days ; and on a hill, crowning the town, formerly stood a castle erected by those powerful chiefs. Dungannon confers the title of Viscount on the family of Trevor, of Brynkinalt, near Chirk, North Wales. The town consists of a square, and four principal with several smaller streets. There is a Literary Society in a flourishing condition, with a library and museum. Courts of Quarter and Petty Sessions are regularly held. The Court House has a bridewell at back. The present old Registry of Dungannon Church commences in 1665 - (church rebuilt in 1869) - the Registry before that having been burned, and contains a few signatures of George Walker the defender of Derry. The other places of worship are two Presbyterian Churches, two Methodist Churches, and a Roman Catholic Chapel. The principal charities consist of Free Schools, in which the children of the poor are educated ; a fever Hospital, a Dispensary, and Union Workhouse, opened in 1842. The College, or Royal School, one of the five regal endowments, was founded by Charles I., in 1628, as a Free Grammar School, and largely endowed. The present building, erected in 1786 by Primate Robinson, and since then considerably enlarged, is in a most flourishing condition. *The representative of the borough is Thomas Dickson, Esq., Milltown House. Drumglass collieries are rather more than a mile from the town, and are the property of the Tyrone Coal Mining Company. Trade in grain and farm produce is the most important here. There are dye and bleach works. The leather trade is of some importance, and earthenware, bricks, and tiles are manufactured in the vicinity. There are several corn mills actively at work, and a good spinning mill and two weaving factories. There are branches of the Belfast Banking Company and Provincial Bank of Ireland, and a Savings Bank. The market is held on Thursday. Coalisland, which is situated three miles from Dungannon and two from Stewartstown, is a place of some importance ; an extensive pottery and spade manufactory is carried on near and in it, and the Ulster Canal runs through it - one of the Company's offices being in town. The population in 1871, according to the census, was 4,119.

Donaghmore, two miles distant, has an ancient ecclesiastical history. St. Patrick having built a Church where the old graveyard now stands, close to which, on the village street, is a fine specimen of the Old Irish Cross. Governor Walker was rector of this parish at the time the Protestants were driven into Derry. His remains are interred in the Parish Church at Castlecaulfield. Wolfe, the author of the ode on the "Burial of Sir John Moore," was curate of this parish.

Post Office - Jacob Orr, postmaster. Letters are despatched to Armagh, Portadown, and Belfast at 8.40.
Stamp Office, Scotch Street - J. Gray, sub-distributor
Member for the Borough - T. A. Dickson, Milltown House, Dungannon ; and Reform Club, London
Town Commissioners - Dickson Patterson, chairman ; John Compton, James Creagh, Charles MacShane, Wm. Irwin, John McMullan, Geo. Moon, Edward Hurson, jun.; Thos. McIlhone, William Twigg, M.D.; David Loughran, John Gray, F. Henderson, Thomas H. Aikin, Robt. Stephenson, Davis Moon, Charles Hagan, Jas. C. Shuter, Michael Montagu, Francis McIlhone
Coroner - David Hamilton, M.D., Cookstown
Seneschal - Robt. Newton, J.P., Killymeal House
Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages - Dr. T. J. Browne
Constabulary Station, Market Square - J. Webb, sub-inspector ; John Devine, head constable

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Parish Church, Church Street - Rev. Lewis Richards, rector and surrogate
Donaghmore Baptist Chapel - Rev. Jas. Dickson
Friends' Meeting House, Grange - R. Pike, Beechgrove, leader
Independent Chapel, Donaghmore - Rev. John Dickson.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Charles L. Morell
Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. Simpson
Roman Catholic Chapel, Northland Row - Rev. Dr. Quin, P.P.; Revs. Corr & McNeece, curates
Roman Catholic Chapel, Donaghmore - Rev. F. Devlin, P.P.; Rev. Mr. O'Brien
Wesleyan Methodist Chapels, Perry Street and Thomas Street - Revs. Dunlop, Woods, and Harpur

Public Institutions

Belfast Banking Co. (branch), Bank Building, Market Square - H. M. Pentland, manager ; Richd. Lloyd, cashier
Provincial Bank of Ireland (branch), Scotch Street - John Patchell, manager ; A. Sproull, cashier
Savings Bank, George Street - James Irwin, actuary
Church Society's Schools :- Castlecaulfield - Saml. and Mrs. Revel, teachers.  Carland - James Frackelton, teacher.  Coalisland - John Lynass, teacher.  Donaghmore - W. Walker, teacher.  Edendock - B. Rafferty, teacher.  Granville - Edward Campbell, teacher.  Killyman - Felix Ruddy, teacher.  Killyman - Saml. and Sarah Robinson, teachers.  Lisnagleer - R. J. McCausland, teacher.  Newmills - J. Hewitt, teacher.  Thornhill - Miss Revel, teacher.  Earl of Ranfurly's Infant School, William Street - Miss Wilson, teacher.  Erasmus Smith's School - M. Quirk and Miss McLaughlin, teachers.  Female School (private), Market Square - Mrs. McAvoy, teacher.  Mrs. Justice's School (private), Northland Row
National School, Coalisland - J. B. Rafferty and Miss Halligan, teachers.  National School, Donaghmore - Fras. Hurzon, teacher.  National School, Perry Street - Vacant.  National School, Stuart's Row - Mr. Collins, teacher.  National School, William Street - J. Boyd, teacher.  Royal School, Northland Row - Rev. F. H. Ringwood, principal.
Literary and Scientific Rooms (R.C.), Union Place
Literary Society - President, Earl of Ranfurly ; vice presidents, Lord Claud Hamilton, Colonel Hon. Wm. Stuart Knox, John Ynyr Burges, D.L.; the Lord Bishop of Kilmore, George E. Stuart, and James G. Richardson, J.P. There is also a council of fifteen.
Young Men's Christian Association Society House - Earl of Ranfurly, president ; Thomas Bryars, secretary
Bridewell - Wm. McKee, keeper
Clerk of Petty Sessions - R. Smyth, William Street
Commissioner for administering oaths in Chancery, and commissioner of affidavits - G. Moon
Commissioners for taking acknowledgements of deeds by married women in Ireland - Henry Russell Kelly, solicitor ; Robert Newton, J.P.
Dispensary, Perry Street - T. J. Browne, M.D., surgeon
Excise Officers - Samuel, Wilson, J. Kelly
Gas Works, Washington Row - R. Montgomery, manager
Land Agent - Robert Newton (to the Earl of Ranfurly)
Masonic Hall, off George Street
Provident Loan Society, Coalisland - George Tuft, clerk
Sanitary Inspector and Town Sergeant - Thomas Scully, Perry Street
Supervisor - George Field
Town Clerk - John Ewing, Scotch Street
The Staff of the Tyrone Artillery Militia is stationed here ; stores in Castle Hill ; Capt. R. J. Hezlett, adjutant
The Tyrone Coal Mining Company, Congo - Maynes Campbell, manager
Union Workhouse - 19 Electoral Divisions. The Board meets every Thursday. J. Y. Burges, Parkanaur, Dungannon, chairman ; R. Newton, Dungannon, vice chairman ; Wm. J. Barcroft, Redford, Moy, deputy vice chairman ; John Boyd, clerk and returning officer ; W. Twigg, M.D., medical officer.

Nobility and Gentry

Acheson, David, Castlecaulfield
Brown, James, Ivy Bank, Donaghmore
Brown, James, R.N., Northland Row
Burges, J. Y., D.L., Parkanaur
Burges, Major Ynyr. H., Parkanaur
Carpendale, W. M., Tullyodonnell
Evans, Edward, Gortmerron
Greer, F., Bernagh
Greer, Thomas, J.P., Tullyhogue
Greer, Thomas F., Roan Hill, Moy.
Greer, Frederick, Tullylaggan
Greene, The Misses, Union Place
Hamilton, Rev. T., Grange, Moy
Irwin, Thomas Staples, Drumglass House
Irwin, Miss, Northland Row
Irwin, James, Springfield
Kingsmore, Miss, Union Place
King, Robert, Annesley Lodge
Knox, Col. the Hon. W. S., Dungannon Park
Leathem, Dr., Coalisland
Lloyd, Averell, Tamnamore
Lowry, Capt. J. C., Rochdale
Lowry, R. W., Pomeroy House
Lowry, W., Drumreagh
Monck, Mrs., Stuart Row
Newton, Robert, J.P., Killymeal House
Nicholson, A. Lennox, J.P., Lishdu House
Pepper, James, Beech Valley
Pike, Richard, bleacher & finisher, Beech Grove
Ranfurly, Right Hon., Earl of, Dungannon Park
Stanley, Charles, J.P., Roughan
Stuart, Miss, Perry Street
Tener, J. K., J.P., Moree

Clergy and Professional

Atwell, Rev. Wm. E., B.D., Clonoe Glebe
Bradley, Rev. Mr., Coalisland
Browne, Rev. Robert, Aughareany House, Donoughmore (Donaghmore)
Browne, Dr. T. J., Scotch Street
Bryson, Rev. Lewis, Derrygortreavy
Carpendale, W. M., baronial constable, Carland
Carse, Rev. Stewart, The Manse, Carland
Devlin, Rev. F., Donaghmore
Dickenson, J. A., county surveyor
Dickson, Benjamin, physician and surgeon, R.M., Union Place
Dickson, Rev. John, Donaghmore
Disney, Rev. James, Killyman Glebe, Moy
Hamilton, Mr., school inspector, Railway Road
Irwin, James, baronial constable, Springfield
Jones, Rev. T., Coalisland
Kelly, Henry Russell, solicitor, Northland Row
Kennedy, Rev. Robert, Carland
Matthews, Rev. Wm., Coalisland
Morell, Rev. Chas. L., Scotch Street
McCann, Rev. James, Coalisland
MacNeece, Rev. James, Clonfeacle
Neville, Wm., M.D., Perry Street
Porter, Rev. Thomas H., D.D., Ballymully Glebe, Tullyhogue
Reynolds, W. J., Market Square
Richards, Rev. Lewis, Drumglass
Ringwood, Rev. F. H., College
Simmons, John, attorney, Market Square
Simpson, Rev. J.
Sugars, J. C., M.D., Scotch Street
Twibill, Rev. Wm., Thornhill
Twigg, Wm., M.D., Northland Row
Venables, W. J., Cookstown
Wade, Rev. B., Castlecaulfield
Webb, J., sub-inspector
Whitty, Rev. E., Castlecaulfield
Wilson, J., land agent and surveyor, Dungannon
Young, Samuel, solicitor

Traders, etc.

Acheson & Smith, weaving factory, Castlecaulfield
Alexander, Henry, shoe maker, Scotch Street
Allen, Miss, dress maker, Church Street
Applegate, Mrs., sausage manufactory, Irish Street
Barcroft, J. P., linen merchant, Strangemore (Strangmore, Stangmore)
Barnett, Samuel, Stughan
Beatty, J., grocer and haberdasher, Castlecaulfield
Beatty, John, china warehouse, Irish it (Street)
Benson, Robt., posting establishment, Market Square
Birney, ?, tailor, Stewartstown
Birnie, Hugh, tailor, Irish Street
Black, L., grain and flour merchant, George's Street
Blain, Mrs., spirit merchant, Perry Street
Blair, John, confectioner, Scotch Street
Bloomer, Michael, carpenter, Scotch Street
Bond, John, sewed muslin agent, Church Street
Boyd, Wm., spirit dealer, Newmills
Boyle, James, spirit dealer, Irish Street
Bothwell, Geo., land steward, Northland Street
Bryars, John, blacksmith, Newmills
Brown, Robert, grocer and draper, Newmills
Brown, D. & Son, bakers, soap boilers, Donaghmore
Bryars, J., grocer, baker and leather seller, Scotch Street
Buchan, C., tailor, Thomas Street
Buchanan, Geo., watch maker, Donaghmore
Burns, James, earthenware manufacturer, Corr
Burns, W., earthenware manufacturer, Ballinakelly
Campbell, Henry, clothes dealer, Irish Street
Campbell, J., commission agent, Thomas Street
Campbell, J., grocer, Lisnagleer
Campbell, Wm., earthenware dealer, Creenagh, Coalisland
Cassidy, P., saddler, Scotch Street
Cassidy, Robert, cooper, Scotch Street
Cardwell, John, grocer, Lisnagleer
Carpmill, James, carpenter, Castlecaulfield
Cavanagh, Christie, grocer and spirit merchant, Church Street
Chapman, J., hair cutter, Perry Street
Clarke, G., watch maker, Church Street
Clarke, J. & J., haberdashers, Scotch Street
Cole, Michael, spirit dealer, Irish Street
Compton, J., draper and haberdasher, Market Square
Conway, P., shoe maker and leather seller, Scotch Street
Corr, P., carpenter, Perry Street
Craig, Archibald, spirit dealer, Castlecaulfield
Creagh, James, merchant tailor and habit maker
Cullan, Maurice, butcher, Shamble Lane
Cummings, J., shoe maker, Scotch Street
Cunningham, J. & M., haberdashers, Market Square
Cunningham, J., entertainment and lodgings, William Street
Cunningham, W., painter, glass warehouse, Scotch Street
Daly, Bros., spirit dealers, Scotch Street
Daly, Wm., blacksmith, Castlecaulfield
Devlin, P., auctioneer, Eskra
Dickson, T. A., weaving factory, manufacturer of brown and striped drills, fancy linens and damask table linens, Milltown House
Donaghy, P., lodging and entertainment, Irish Street
Donnelly, Alice, grocer, Carland
Donnelly, B., spirit dealer, Donaghmore
Donnelly, Catherine, draper, Donaghmore
Donnelly, D., carpenter, Irish Street
Douglas, Miss, servants' registry office
Douglas, Wm., & Co., printers, book sellers, stationers, etc., Market Square
Doyle, J. M., manufacturer, Cullinagor
Dunlop, Alex., hatter, Scotch Street
Eccles, J., spirit dealer and miller, Coalisland
Eccles, J., spirit dealer, Scotch Street
Ewing, J., registrar of marriages, architect and builder, Scotch Street
Faney, J., grocer, Castlecaulfield
Farley, J., haberdasher, Scotch Street
Ferguson, J. M., & Co., grocers, wine and spirit merchants, Scotch Street
Fitzsimons, J., baker, Perry Street
Flanagan, P., auctioneer and stationer
Foulis, J., boot and shoe maker, Perry Street
Fowler, R., earthenware manufacturer, Derryboy
Fox, J., baker, Scotch Street
Frizell, John, carpenter, Scotch Street
Frizell, Misses, bonnet makers, George's Street
Frizell, P., grocer, George's Street
Fullen, T., spirit dealer, Coalisland
Frizell, Henry, draper, haberdasher, hatter, etc., Market Square
Gaffney, James, tailor
Gallogly, P., carpenter, Stangmore (Strangmore)
Gillon, J., carpenter, Donaghmore
Gillon, J., tailor, Ballybray
Girvan, J., sweep, Scotch Street
Goodwin, E., lodging and entertainment, Irish Street
Goodwin, F., grocer, Irish Street
Goodwin, Peter, grocer, Irish Street
Gorman, Mrs. M., haberdasher, Scotch Street
Gourley, John, plumber, Church Street
Gray, J., ironmonger and grocer, Scotch Street
Greene, Mrs., butcher, Shamble Lane
Grimes, Charles, publican, Scotch Street
Hagan, John, baker, Irish Street
Hagan, Mrs. Charles, spirit dealer, Scotch Street
Hagan, M., provision and leather merchant, Irish Street
Hale, Martin & Co., spinning mill
Hall, James, blacksmith, Castlecaulfield
Hall, Wm., blacksmith, Castlecaulfield
Hamill, J., grocer, Church Street
Hamilton, J., boot and shoe maker, Scotch Street
Hamilton, J., grocer and seed merchant, Church Street
Hamilton, W., road contractor, Farlough
Hancock, Robert, saddler, Church Street
Hart, F., auctioneer and valuator, Irish Street
Hart, P., clothes dealer and china warehouse, Irish Street
Harton, John, whip maker, Irish Street
Hayden, J., grocer and spirit dealer, Irish Street
Hazelton, D., linen manufacturer, Bogbawn, Moy
Henderson, F., draper, Church Street
Henderson, J., tape manufacturer, Sherrygroom
Henry, James, grocer and provision store
Hinchey, J., post office, Castlecaulfield
Hodget, Richd., nailer, Union Place
Hodget, Thos., nailer, Donaghmore
Hodget, Thos., nailer, Milltown
Hogg, Hugh, haberdasher, Irish Street
Howard, S., Quarry, Carland
Howard, W. J., spirit dealer and grocer, Carland
Hughes, B., tailor, Coalisland
Hughes, J., Ranfurly Arms Hotel
Hughes, J., earthenware manufacturer, Brocagh
Hughes, J., bakery, Irish Street
Hughes, W., refreshment house, Irish Street
Hurson, E., grocer, spirit dealer and draper, Scotch Street
Hurson, Hugh, baker and grocer, Donaghmore
Hurson, M., spirit dealer, Donaghmore
Hurson, Patrick, builder, Ballymenoch
Haydock, M., draper and hatter, Market Square
Hezlett, W., station master
Irwin, Mrs., grocer, Irish Street
Irwin, W., druggist and grocer, Scotch Street
Meenagh, R., painter  and glazier, Perry Street
Johnston, D., veterinary surgeon and shoeing smith, Donaghmore
Jordan, P., furniture mart, Church Street
Kerr, J., flax merchant, Tullyaran
Kelly, Bernard, grocer and baker, Scotch Street
Kelly, James, tailor, Irish Street
Kelly, J. J., milliner and draper, Church Street
Kelly, P., publican,  William Street
Kelly, P., tailor, Mullyrodden
Kelso, George, clogger, George's Street
King, Robert, miller, Coalisland
Kyle, S. & Co., ironmongers and seed merchants, Church Street
Lamb, Patrick, grocer and tobacco dealer, Ann Street
Langlands, John, ironmonger and seed merchant, Church Street
Lewis, William, entertainment, Scotch Street
Lennon, Henry, blacksmith, Sloan Street
Loughran, D., baker, Church Street
Loughran, J., carpenter, Donaghmore
Loughran, Patrick, clothes dealer, Irish Street
Longfield, Davidson, & Kelly, solicitors, Northland Row
Loy, D. & E., spirit store, Ann Street
Lucas, John, grocer, Scotch Street
Mackenzie, Alexander, & Co., bonded stores and wholesale spirit dealers, Donaghmore
Mackin, Hughes, & Co., woollen drapers
Macshane, Charles, merchant tailor, and hide maker
Madden, Michael, clothes dealer, Irish Street
Madden, F., boot maker, Sloan Street
Mahony, T., grocer, Irish Street
Manson, D., blacksmith, Donaghmore
Marshall, H. G., veterinary surgeon, Market Square
Marshall, J., blacksmith, Market Square
Marshall, R. C., druggist, Market Square
Martin, J. R. (Hale, Martin & Co.) spinning mill
Mason, Joseph, cess collector, Perry Street
Meenagh, Robert, painter and glazier, Cork Road
Moon, Davis, Northland Arms Hotel
Montague, Michl., Commercial Hotel, Market Square
Morrison, F., butcher, Shamble Lane
Morrison, Ferdinand, jun., butcher, Shamble Lane
Morrison, Patrick, butcher, Scotch Street
Morrison, W., butcher, Sloan Street
Muldoon Brothers, coach builders
Mulgrew, David, blacksmith
Mullan, John, grocer, etc., Perry Street
Mullan, M., clothes dealer, Irish Street
Mulholland, J., boot and shoe maker, Coalisland
Murphy, Hugh, watch and clock maker, Irish Street
Murphy, Mrs., spirit dealer, Coalisland
McAnally, H., boot and shoe maker, Donaghmore
McCann, M. & J., grocers and news agents, Church Street
McCausland, Mary, spirit dealer, Donaghmore
McClean, Thomas, spade maker, Mullaghatague
McCourt, Mrs., dress maker, Scotch Street
McCourt, Owen, shoe maker, Creeve
McCullough, T., clay pipe manufactory, Newmills
McDonald, John R., linen manufacturer, Cohannon, Moy
McElhone, Felix, spirit dealer, Irish Street
McElhone, John, victualler and grocer, Irish Street
McElhone, Francis, grocer, Ann Street
McGladrigan, Joseph, flax merchant, Dungannon
McGladrigan, Livvy, grocer, Carland
McGlone, P., boot and shoe maker, Donaghmore
McGuckian, Hugh, blacksmith, Market Square
McGuckian, James, confectioner, Perry Street
McIlroy, R., draper, Market Square
McKeown, John, grocer, Scotch Street
McMenemy, W., tinsmith, Scotch Street
McMinn, William, refreshment rooms and carpenter
McMullan, John, butcher, Scotch Street
McNeice, Felix, linen manufacturer, Moy
McNeice, W., cabinet maker, Church Street
McShane, Peter, mason, Irish Street
McVeigh, J., baker, Irish Street
Newell, H., butcher, Scotch Street
Nelson, James, painter, Perry Street
Olden, James, Manchester House, Church Street
Orr & Son, manufacturers, Stangmore (Strangmore) ?
O'Connor, B., boot and shoe maker, Donaghmore
O'Neill, Bernard, spirit dealer, Church Street
O'Neill, H., carpenter, Donaghmore
O'Neill, Felix, linen manufacturer, Coash, Moy
O'Neill, H., spirit dealer, Donaghmore
O'Neill, John, pawn broker, Ann Street
O'Neill, J. B., linen manufacturer, Donaghmore
O'Neill, P., grocer, George's Street
O'Neill, Robert, spirit dealer, Perry Street
Patterson, Alexander, hat warehouse and news agent, Scotch Street
Patterson, Dickson, linen and woollen draper, Market Square
Pike, J. & Son, linen manufacturers, Beech Grove
Pinkerton, James, watch maker, Church Street
Powell, Robert, assistant surveyor, John Street
Quin, Daniel, spirit dealer, earthenware and tile manufacturer, Coalisland
Quin, John, post office, Edendork
Quinn, Cornelius, blacksmith, Sloan Street
Quinn, Charles, baker, etc., Ann Street
Quinn, Eliza, spirit dealer, Donaghmore
Quinn, James, baker, Irish Street
Quinn, James, haberdasher, Ann Street
Quinn, Owen, clothes dealer, Irish Street
Quinn, Samuel, grocer and provision merchant, Irish Street
Reid Brothers, spirit merchants, Scotch Street
Reid, G., haberdasher, boot and shoe maker, Scotch Street
Reid, Robinson, grocer, Church Street
Reid, W. J., bonded stores, Beechvalley
Reynolds, T. W., grocer and druggist, Scotch Street
Richardson, A., printer, Church Street
Richey, J., horse dealer, Creevagh
Roberts, Neason, saddler, Irish Street
Robinson, Isaiah, tinplate worker, Barrack Street
Robinson, James, boot and shoe maker, and general dealer, Market Square
Rogers, Thomas, tailor, Church Street
Sharkey, Wm., grocer and car driver, Irish Street
Simpson, John, tinsmith, Irish Street
Simpson, R., grocer and spirit dealer, Market Square
Sloan, G., brick and tile manufacturer, Coalisland
Sloan, A., & Co., coalmine proprietors, Coalisland
Sloan, Thomas, publican, George's Street
Smith, W. J., grocer and provision store, William Street
Smith, Wm., baker and provision store, Coalisland
Steele, James, butcher, Shamble Lane
Steenson, W., carpenter, Donaghmore
Stevenson, John, & Co., spade and shovel manufacturers, steam sawing and grinding mills, and weaving factory, Coalisland
Stevenson, Wm., post master and grocer, Newmills
Stevenson & Aiken, grocers and ironmongers, Church Street
Stevenson & Douglas, flax merchants, George Street and Moygarbell Mills
Stewart, John, saddler, Scotch Street
Sullivan, William, Church Street
Tague, William, tailor, Scotch Street
Taylor, George, carpenter, Milltown
Tener, James, spirit dealer, Castlecaulfield
Thompson, Miss, Market Street
Thornberry, D., shoe maker, Donaghmore
Thornberry, Miss A. J., post office, Donaghmore
Thornberry, Richard, shoe maker, Castlecaulfield
Tierney, Thomas, coach builder, George Street
Timony, Patrick, grocer, Donaghmore
Trimble, Wm. J., china warehouse, Church Street
Waters, Robert, aerated water manufacturer
Wilson, Bros., Roan Spinning Mills, Coalisland
Wray, Samuel, sewed muslin agent, etc., Scotch Street