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Patrick Shannon - Dublin - Faversham


Patrick Shannon DOB 21.3.1903

Church of the Sacred Heart
Wimbledon College, Edge Hill, London, S.W. 19
Please certify to the Baptism and free state of :-
Patrick Shannon
Son of Patrick Shannon
and Elizabeth Shannon formerly Cullen, Elizabeth
born on March 21, 1903 and Baptised at St. Michan's on 23rd March 1903
J. Bolland, S? J. Rector

The above named was Baptised on 23rd March 1903
at the Church of St. Michan's at Dublin
and to the best of my knowledge is free to marry.
Signed Myles V. Ronan, P.P.

This may be Patrick or his son Michael, the eyes are the same pale grey

Regular Army Certificate of Service
Army No. 3953605 - Shannon, Patrick, Enlisted at Omagh on 29th September 1923 with The Welch Regt.
Military Conduct Good, Testimonial A keen hard working man, has been employed for 1 year as an Officers servant and 1year as a Signaller. Is intelligent. Has done well at a Vocational Training Course in General Farming and is a good milker. Is in possession of a 3 Class Certificate of Education dated 28.02.24
Place : Gosport, Signed Lieut Colonel ??? commanding at Bn. The Welch Regiment, Date 13.08.30

Service with the Colours showing Transfers, if any, to other Corps
The Welch Regt. Home (29.9.23/14.10.24 - 1yr 16dys)- India 15.10.24/4.3.27 2yr 141dys) - Aden (5.3.27/26.11.27 267dys) - Home 27.11.27/22.8.30 2yrs 269dys) - Reserve (23.8.30/28.9.35 5yrs 37dys) 23 yrs in total

Educational Attainments, Trade Qualifications, Medals, etc.
Army Education 3rd Class 28.2.24 (Signed J. K. M. G. Lieut)
Vocational at a Command School Nil
Vocational Overseas Settlement 1930 at Chisledon, Hard working, Willing, honest and an excellent man. (Signed E. McL. ?ry Capt.)
Trade on enlistment Farm labourer

Certificate of Discharge Date : 28th September 1935
Rank : Pte.
Cause of Discharge : Terminating of first period of engagement. Para 497 (VII) KR?
Corps : The Welch Regiment
Service on Date of Discharge
(a) With Colours 6 yrs 328 dys
(b) In the Reserve 5 yrs 37 dys
Total Service  12 Yrs
Signed Captain unclear
Place Shrewsbury Date 25.9.35 for Officer 1/c Infantry Records

Certificate to Transfer to the Army Reserves
Date : August 22nd 1930
Rank : Pte.
Cause of Transfer : With his Convert? before expiration of his period of Colours Service
Corps from : Welch Regt.
Service with Colours : 6 yrs 325dys
Description of soldier on transfer :
Year of birth : 1903  Height : 5ft 6ins  Complexion : fresh  Eyes grey  Hair : brown
Signed : Major unclear
Place : Shrewsbury  Date : 25.8.30  Officer i/c infantry Records

Post Office Savings Bank
Jevington 212
Mr. P. Shannon, The Shop, Preston Place, St. Johns Road, Faversham 1956 15th March

The Shawl of Galway Grey

'Twas short the night we parted
Too quickly came the day
When silent, broken hearted
I went from you away.

The dawn was bright'ning o'er Glenrue
As stole the stars away
The last fond look I caught of you
An' your shawl of Galway grey.

Oh I've seen the silks and laces
An' well they look an' show
Beneath the pretty faces
Of gentle girls I know.

But this (a secret I'll confide)
I'd leave them all to-day
To meet you on a green hillside
In your shawl of Galway grey.

The well is sparkling as of yore,
The Sky still grey and blue
The dog outside your father's door
Keeps watch and ward for you

An' all this picture now I see
But ah! so far away
Is brightened by your grace so free
An' your shawl of Galway grey

Let others love some prouder dame
With frills and flowers bedecked
Your power o'er me is still the same
Its play remains unchecked

An' all I wish for is Glenrue
My homestead far away
An' life an' love beside you
In your shawl of Galway grey

Cárta Aitheantais Taistil
Travel Identity Card

Le h-ághaidh Taistil idir Eire agus Bhreatáin Mhór amháin
For Travel between Ireland and Great Britain only

Bailí ar feadh cúig bliana c dáta eisiúna
Valid for five years from date of issue

Leanai - Children Michael Shannon 6.11.41(year unclear) Son 6th November 1941 (year unclear)

Travel Identity Card - inside

Serial Number A 29858
Surname Shannon, Christian Name Patrick
Address Preston Place, St. John's Road, Faversham, Kent
Profession Blacksmith
DOB 21.3.1903
Place of Birth Dublin

Estate Office, Jevington, Sussex, 26th July 1930
The Commandant, Army Vocational Training Centre, Chisledon Camp, Wiltshire.

Dear Sir, Mr. J. Dann, The Jevington Estate Farmer, has requested me to reply to your letter of the 24th July, 1930 regarding Patrick Shannon. I shall be glad to employ him if he is  sober and hard working and bears a good character, The wages offered are :- 36s 0d per week, 9d per hour overtime, 2s 0d extra per diem for Thatching (or payment @ piece work rates, if preferred)

Hours of work :- 7 a.m. till 5 pm (including Saturdays) with ¼ hour interval for "forenoon lunch" and 1 hour for mid day meal. Accommodation, i.e., Board Lodging and Laundry can be obtained in the village @ £1 per week.  His Railway fare from Chisledon will, of course, be paid. I am at all times anxious to employ an Ex-Service man and am

Army Vocational Training  -  This is to certify that No. 3953605 Private P. Shannon - Welch Regt.
has undergone a course of instruction in Oversea Settlement
From 2.6.30 to 8.8.30
Remarks by instructor :-  P. Shannon is a first class milker, understands clean milk production and calf rearing. He is an excellent horseman and ploughman and understands all farm work including stacking and thatching.  He is hard working, willing and honest and an excellent man.  (Sd) J. D. Beveridge, Instructor
Remarks by Commandant : - I concur.  E. W. Fry?  Captain, for Lieut-Colonel, Commandant


Dáil Éireann, Baile Átha Cliath 2, (Dublin 2)

Michael Shannon, Ulster Polytechnic, Shore Road, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim.

24th June 1981

Dear Michael, Thank you very much for your kind message of good wishes following the recent election.  These are difficult times and the good thoughts of those who wish me well are a valuable source of encouragement.

Many Thanks, Yours sincerely, Michael D. Higgins, T.D.