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Miss P. Chalmers, 11 Marshall Place, Perth, Scotland, 25th July 1948 - August 1st "In The Dark. Sept. 8th "Death Is Annoying" my plays - B.B.C. Hope all is well. Love Tom Car?
Mrs. G.? Welch, 3 Ravenscroft Street, Bloomfield, Belfast
We are here on our way to the Faculty? at East London. General Booth is here, he addressed a meeting last night. Hoping you are all well. I am yours ?  J. Dornan 13 Sept 1908?
Miss L. Doonan, c/o Mrs. McCrea, Draper?, Fintone, Co. Tyrone
My Dear Lillie, Just ? ? ? an to go I sent a note to G. Sunday week will be better. I will write later. Hope you are OK. Best Love from all ? Loving S. 
Miss Annie Ochiltre?, Ballyroney, Banbridge, Co. Down, Dear Annie, If ? 
Hers to the rose the red red rose the diamond the ring hers to the boy that courts his girl and never buys the ring, You look nice on the other side with your boy, From A. M. Blair, Aus 13th Feb 1918 from (Rathfriland)
Mrs. Rebecca Johnston, Drumaron?, Charlemont, Moy
Dear R. I received your letter alright also picture but it is just as you say (nobody called) ? Florrie is in Hospital this past 8 weeks are you in A notion of coming down I am sure you will think I forgot to answer But I hate writing, yours Emily November 5th 1919 (Belfast)
Mrs. Samuel Elliott, Bank Buildings, Ballycalre, Co. Antrim
Dear Mother, I would as soon have a bit of your pudding as this having a lovely time at Rothesay  ?, an you know L. 11th July 1910 from (Rothesay)
Miss? S. Davidson, 196 Spamount Street, Belfast - 
Dear Sadie, I hope you will excuse me for making a fool of you & Lizzie but it was not my fault as I got a job unexpectedly on Wednesday and I was not home until 7.30 pm I will see you on Saturday at 6pm this space is limited Nora? was disappointed too, Yours ? Jack 31 10 1912?
Miss Lizzie Watson, Granshaw, Comber, Co. Down
Lizzie, I hope I will can come and meet your by the river on Sunday from your old friend XXXX 29th January 1908? From Comber
Mrs. A. Roaney, Crawfordsburn, Helen's Bay, Co. Down.
Just a card to let you know that I am well & doing well, Aggie and I are enjoying ourselves hoping this will find you all well yours sincerely Mary September 27th 1911 from Carncoach
Mrs. Price, Edermine, Earlswood, Strandtown, Belfast 1914 to 1919 (Patsy)
1919 from Harold - Dear Mother, I hope you are getting on well with the new servant and will you please send my boots with the rubber soles. From Bal?
Mr. & Mrs. Adams, Maryland, New Road, Donaghadee
Easter 1919 posted 18th April 1919
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Thompson, (Florrie) The College, Starborough Park, Watford, London, England & Creevy, 44 Ashgrove Park, Cliftonville, Belfast (1921 & 1922)
 (2nd card A H Thompson, from A. & F. S. Jackson Muckamore  31 December 1923)
Mrs. Coombs, c/o Mistress Florrie, 2 Havana Street, Belfast & **43 Chichester Street
Dear Mother & my beloved mistress I am writing this myself XXX (childs writing) signed Meep? Coombs no date
**Dear Coomie, We got the books alright to day. It was very kind of you and Florrie to think of us, they are lovely. Baby has a little cough, hoping you are very well, Wishing you a happy christmas From Eva (no date)
W. J. Price, Esq., Killaney Lodge, Boardmills, Lisburn, N. Ireland
You will remember this I expect - one of the joys of Smedleys (picture on front of postcard is a cartoon (scanned) We are having a right good time, sorry you are not here, Jeannie from Matlock, Derbyshire (cant make out date)
Mrs. Price, ? Lodge, Boardmills, Lisburn, Co. Down.
Having a lovely time at Newcastle. Five mtgs. Plenty of liah? And fu? Specially about women being admitted to the ministry, calling at ??thsby on our way back on Friday hope you are feeling better for the holiday love Agnes no date
W. S. Adams, Esq., Pretoria Avenue, Newtownards, Co. Down.
19.6.1910 This is a very pretty little church, we were there on Sunday. There is to be a Memorial Service tomorrow afternoon & we hope all to be there. We had one at house too & of course everywhere. We were so sorry to hear your mother is not so well, perhaps it is partly the weather, so wet & thundery, have you or Minnie seen la Comele? is it visible at 3.30 am I believe. but have not seen it, many thanks for parcel from Grattans? ? ? please thank Minnie or Winnie for kind letter best love to both farwell H. Will? Arcachon or non gironde
Miss Mackintosh, Ardchattan, Newtownards, Co. Down
This is not a pretty p.c. but it is the only one I have. I hope you are keeping well and able to be out every day. Love from both writing, Srar & Sorn or son 30.V.12.-12 postmarked Expedition
Miss Nan Baxter, Castle Street, Comber, Co. Down.
Dear Nan, I wish you a Happy New Year and many kind regards from someone you know, Cologne, no postmark or date
Mrs. Adams, 10 Victoria Avenue, Newtownards, Co. Down.
Dear wee thing, I'm so sorry you didn't have a letter or a letter on the 18th, do you forgive us, we must get you some little gift in London later on, what Jim! Something "pratique" like a stock or collar, eh? Wa?ing Margaret I tu?band whee? Weather exquisite since Sat, Eugyns A Lutrecke? ?AUSANNE. date illegible
W. J. Adams, Esq., Victoria Avenue, Newtownards, Co. Down
With kindest regards our very best wishes & Mrs Adams & yourself. Yours Sincerely, Spencer G. Henry? New York November 12  no year unless 12 is the year?
Desmond Parker, Esq., 18 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast
thought you might like this view of "Dundrum Castle" the weather is still as wild as ever. Clair 7th Jan 1922
Miss Jackson, Miss Black & others, Ministry of Agriculture Chemical Research Div., Elmwood Avenue, Belfast.
Paris 16.8.53 Greetings from Paris It has been a grand trip. J Gordan? Or Jordan 
Mrs. G. Brice, "Glenview" Spa, Ballynahinch, Co. Down
101 Washington Court, 998 Thurlow? Street, Vancouver 5. Dear Auntie, I am sure you were surprised to hear where I was off to next. This is a beautiful city and am enjoying the change of the way of life. I am here for at least two years so am making the most of it. Hope you & your mother are well. Love Primrose. October 19th 1988 or 66
Monsieur Mackintosh, Ardchattan, Newtownards, Co. Down.
Dear Old Boy, We hope to see you all on Saturday, we leave here tomorrow & jet to Paris at 10 pm. About, then we shall be in London from Tuesday night till Friday. Thanks very much for letter, etc. & newspapers, ever yours (squiggle) Chalet-a-Gobet 1.VH.12
Miss Mackintosh, Ardchattan, Newtownards, Co. Down.
I have just received Ediths letter and am glad to hear you are feeling better and hope you will soon be out every day. We have been in the country at Lutry? And had a long walk this afternoon and got plenty of lovely primroses. The weather is more like midsummer than anything else and the trees are all budding, everything so far on, but we are sure to have it cooler later on every one says. With best love from both to all. Sara. Had a letter from Winnie, wrote to her & hope she got it all right. no name Lausanne Gare Expedition 2 ?. 12.-11
Mrs. Martin, Ardchattan, Newtownards, Co. Down.
just travel arrangement, writing very small and squashed in, can't make out namefrom France hard to make out Neuillys seine?
Miss J. ? Price, Killarney or Killaney Lodge, Boardmills, Lisburn.
11th August 1930. We started our holiday in Blanksenbertghe? & are now in Brussells, but we had such a topping time in Blanbenboyghe? We are going back there for a few more days. I don't know how I am ever going back to Ireland. I suppose your holidays are all over now. much love Beo. Blankerbergha, 12. Viii 16-17 1930
W. S. Adams, Esq., Newtownards, Co. Down.
Brussels, 11.8.1913 very small writing James Symington 22-23 11. VIII 1913
Watson, Mrs., The Hamlet (224) Earlswood Road, Belfast
We arrived here at dinner time after a very good journey. It's a very nice place & the school is very comfy, I will write tonight & tell you all about it. Love Nan? 29.XII.25-29 Chateau d'Oex
Price, Miss Patsy, Killaney Lodge, Boardmills, Lisburn.
Sunday - We visited this place at Marseilles yesterday and are now in Nice. The trip so far has been lovely and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly on the Gloucestershire. You'd love ?ia - it’s a bit like Montreux on a larger scale. Last night we went to Monte Carlo about 15 miles away and the ? was lovely. Am writing a letter to you today, Love Harrie or Hariet 22.-9.30
Martin, Miss G. A., Ardchattan, Belfast Road, Newtownards.
Nice - Spending the weekend here. It is a lovely town and the scenery is quite different from that at Grenoble. G?are B. 7. VIII 1938
Thompson, Mrs., 44 Ashgrove Park, Cliftonville, Belfast
22.7.23 Arrived here this morning, it is not like Sunday. Had a great time for our short stay in London. Went out to Richmond on the ? & had a sui? On the Thames. It was delightfully co?e. Thanks for P.C. Love from J - L. 
Price, Miss P., Killaney Lodge, Boardmills, Lisburn
16.8.31. I am having a good holiday in an ? Country. The weather is good on the whole but it can rain here. Yours, maybe Jackson? Note we have lived very near the spot on the PC for the past 5 days.Hameenlinna
Thompson, Mr. & Mrs. A., 44 Ashgrove Park, Belfast
Hotel Continental Rome, 27th May 1924. Heartiest greetings from your friend and Pastor at Rome. F. W. W. Roma Ferrovia
Brown, Miss K., Con?en Rectory, Fivemiletown, Irelandia
Barcelona? May 10.
name illegible, Sydney House, Farnham Road? May not be Ireland, looks like ????ilford
chicken scratchings November 24 1904 posted London
O'Keeney, Miss A. B., (civil servant) 90 Oldpark Road, Belfast (checked in street directory as writing was faint)
23 Oct 1958 from Atlantic City and Fr. Pat.
Henderson, Mr. Geo., 7 Glenrosa Street, Belfast
To wish you a Happy Christmas, Margaret no date no postmark from New York
Martin, Mrs., Ardchattan, Newtownards
Sat. Very stormy passage (!) & windy & showery here. today but sunshine between writing so?. Seems very pretty here but haven't seen much yet. Expecting the Davidsons any time, it is not 5o'c. Have been looking at sea & shops & enjoying it. Ever yours (awful pen) F.Saint-Malo, date smudged, could be 18. 26
Adams, Mrs., Maryland, New Road, Donaghadee, Co. Down
Fair Hope, Francestown, N.H. U.S.A., Aug 17 1938. Having a nice time with D. & L & 2 nephews in S'd sweet house, but heat & mosquitoes are awful! Love to all Elsa
Hull, Mr. & Mrs. H., 94 Orby Drive, Castlereach, Belfast (Castlereagh)
11.8.52. Received your P.C. sent from Spain. It was very thoughtful of you to remember us while on your holidays there. We wish we had been there with you- helping to look for "Damen & Haren" We sent you under Sunfall mail a package of Malayan newspapers which will give you an idea of the trend of events here. With kindest regards and Best Wishes. Jim See Oeí postmark IPOH Malaya
MacCormac, Mrs. J., Ballysallagh, Newtownards, Co. Down.
15.8.1908. Off to the West, I'm having a fine trip expect to get to Regina about Monday 17th Best Love, Fred. Ontario, Canada
McCormac, Mrs., Ballysallagh, Newtownards, Co. Down.
Hope you are A1. All well, Sam. 8th September 1915 from Gibraltar
Mackintosh, Miss, Ardchattan, Newtownards, Co. Down.
We are having perfect weather now - today very hot but with lovely little breeze. The mountains are a glorious sight, clear & distinct against the blue sky - the its dis???? High ones ? Down the ? ? Valley absolutely pure white, covered with snow. I hope you are getting quickly stronger. Thank you & Freda for last letters, her's was the last Mother got very well, has had a headache & is very fogged, had arranged tea party for today but luckily only one accepted. M. Hubbard. G. A. M.? Lausanne. VI.12-7
Martin, Mrs., Ardchattan, Newtownards, Co. Down.
Friday - Such a lovely morning, Many thanks for gloves & labels & card received this morning, I am feeling rested after quite a comfortable journey yesterday, not too hot it’s a beautiful sunny day. It was quite cold last night & earlier this morning. Mrs. Hewelson leaving on Monday. We are going to see someone at Rockcliffe that day. The ? is very nice & comfortable. I think an Aus 12 ? Much love A. or G. Auldg'rth, 27. aug.37/27
Price, Miss Patsy, Killaney Lodge, Boardmills, Lisburn.
I was right under the caved part of this glazier the other day but was jolly glad to get out safely. Nan Norheimsund, Norge. 31 ? 1926
Greer, Miss Olive, 2 Wentworth Place, Portadown. Co. Armagh
Dear Olive, How are all the P.down people getting along. Wish you would send me Flo B. London address as I want to send her a card. Give my love to Mr. Mc across the road and regards ? Ireland New York March 27 1908
Watson, Miss Tina?, c/o James Wilson, Esq., Dunmurry Old Forge
Elbe & Juend????, July 6th 1904. D. t. many regards from home to you! I have a sad time here. My father is still very ill and wont recover. I feel so glad that I'm with my mother, hart is very much distressed. Love to all and yourself, from yours truly M. Makleson?? Blankenese
Nelson, J. P., Esq., The Fort?, Helen's Bay, Co. Down.
12.6.56 Too hot to write letters. Eating, sleeping & drinking lots of wine. Arm better but not completely yet, This is a wonderful place for doing nothing. Ask J. McB. If he is doing something about the C.E.R. business for me. Regards Cy. Estepona, Spain.
Cole, Miss W. R., Bridge Street, Rosturin, Co. Down.
tricky writing. ??? Old girl Have just received paper delighted with same am writing to Arthur? Also ?ed. Weather simply beautiful here How is everybody Love to all M. Hucl?  Lui??? Blonde.19th 1911 Houlgate France
O. A. S. at top of card McClintock, Mr. W., Templepatrick P.E.S. No. 2. Co. Antrim
This is one of the lovely seaside places along the coast. It is very beautiful also gives you some idea of the houses & how they are built- not a bit like ours. The weather is still perfect. Lots of sun & blue skies & sea! - it’s the bluest blue I've ever seen. Get my address from mums and write to me. That would be fun. Best love to all. PS Am collecting Wimm's funnies for your ???? send them soon. no date no postmark
Price, W. J., Esq. of Price & Co. 129 Albertbridge Road, Belfast
Tuesday, Have had a scorching day today and are both feeling like boiled lobsters or if you like 'speaks french' Leaving here foe home on Thursday am looking forward to seeing you at the end of the month. Hope you get over this bit of La Belle France. Best true to all Sah? France
Price, Miss J. P.?, 129 Albertbridge Road, Belfast
Thurs. Hylands. Stayed here last night and are going off to the city & westend now. Having a great holiday. Only too sorry that its finishing up. Both looking forward to seeing you on Sat. Best Love Bob. London 24th September 1931
Andrews/Anderson, S., Esq., Maryland, Donaghadee, Co. Down
12.9.24 I think that Bill and I should stay here. We are getting on so well with our French friends. The weather has been lovely. We are going for a days trip to Versailles & Halmaison tomorrow. We have been doing Paris pretty well. Kindest regards & best wishes from T.C.G.M. France
Coombs, Miss, Creevy, Ashgrove Park, Cliftonville, Belfast
164 Roseberry Street, St. James Wfg? Manitoba, Canada Dec. 8, 1914. All and everything you could wish yourself and then a wee dishful is but a poor expression of my  wish for you, Lovingly Florrie M. Carothers. 
Martin, Miss A., Ardchattan, Newtownards, Co. Down
written in French - 2 July, 1938 - Dear ----------,[I couldn't decipher a name if there is one] Thank you very much for your card.  I impatiently await a longer letter from you, hopefully with good news.   As of the 8th, I will be at home at "Ch.de Vinet 94, Lausanne.  As you see, we have moved.  A thousand kisses to your mother and to you and all my affection.  Write soon.  Your ??[Probably the author's name]
Robson, Mr. & Mrs. J. P., The Firs, Helen's Bay, Co. Down was readdressed from Rembrandt Hotel, Kensington, London.
Hope you got away alright on Tuesday and are having a good time. It's quite incredible here and are we enjoying ourselves! Had snails for dinner last night but don't think I'll try frogs legs. Shops are just wonderful but Oh the prices. Love to you both from US 29th October 1951 Paris
Morrow, Miss Ruth, The Stum, Drumreagh, Ballygowan, Co. Down.
Calgary, Alberta, January 2nd 1960. Just a card to say we are spending a week here with my daughter & her husband, mighty cold here a foot of snow & expecting more & 10 below zero, we were here at the Stampede in July & it was very warm then. It never rains all winter & the ground never thaws out till May. I want to get back to Vancouver again. love to all Henry T. or J.
Ogle, Mrs., 13 Athens Street, Woodstock Road, Belfast.
Just a P.C. hoping you are all well as this leaves me. Tell Andy and Tom I was asking for them also George and Mrs. Ogle, what about wee Lizzie and the baby. Tillal Bell? 8th January 1914. Detroit, Mich.
Price, Miss Patsy, Edermine, Strandtown, Belfast.
Crossed over from Dover in 90 minutes.  3 initials N ? P 1918
Weir, Miss Fiona, 4 Carncool Park, Upper Cavehill Road 14, Belfast.
Having a lovely time, Wish you were here? Love Nana XOXO Portugal date smudged
Booth, Miss S., Ballymagarry, Portrush, Co. Antrim.
Many thanks for P.C. Hope you will like these two. Squiggle.  It’s a bas relief postcard of lilies of the valley, very nice. no date no postmark
Flynn, Mr. Frank, South Shore, Portaferry, Co. Down.
Dear Frank, Spending a holiday here (Lytham St. Anne's on Sea) it’s a rest home through the factory where we work, it’s a grand place and we are here for a fortnight. Bella & I will probably be over in Ireland about July if all goes well. Hope you are keeping well as it leaves me in the pink. Cheerio for now Love Agnes.XX. 20th May 1948
Shanks, Miss, 52 Cumberland Street, Belfast.
Thanks for letter. Fred is a little better but it will be a long time ere he is able to be taken home and months after that ere he is able to take up active work again. We hope you are both well and have good news from Harry. Two initials not clear 29th July 1924 Glasgow Picture on front looks personal not postcard
Flynn, Mr. Frank, South Shore, Portaferry, Co. Down.
Spending a day at Rothesay its lovely, hope to see you in July. Bella. 21 May 1948 Rothesay.
Patterson, Miss N., Killaney Lodge, Boardmills, Lisburn.
Have just had lunch here (on the Lossie, Elgin) & went to the Cathedral & saw the Patterson Coat of Arms, going on to Inverness. Love Auntie ?? 2nd August 1931, Morayshire
Price, Miss Patsy, c/o Mrs. W. Niblock, The Hill, Groomsport, Co. Down.
Wilds Hotel? Thursday 12.15. Hope to see you tomorrow an going now to see Selfridges. No name Aug. 2?
Bacon, Mrs. E., 62 Tates Avenue, Lisburn Road, Belfast.
Dear Auntie, The views you sent me are very good I wish I could bring Dorothy to see some of them. What do you think of this one of St. John's, Ask Auntie Jennie what she thinks of it. Hope all are quite well. Gerald no date Devonport
Adams, Mrs., Maryland, New Road, Donaghadee, Co. Down.
20.10.1922. I am in the City today & Tom is on his own. I saw the Prince going to the Guildhall this forennoon. Today is wet & flooding but we can't complain (illegible) no name London
Adams, Mrs. W. P., 10 Victoria Avenue, Newtownards, Co. Down.
Thank you tremendously for the nice shamrock, which arrived safely on Sunday and of which we both wore a bit that day & were delighted to have it. Thank Teresa for her pelty? which came the same morning.The verse on it was very appropriate & nice. Weather cold last 2 days but may change again by tomorrow. Having tea with Mrs. Wield married daughter (a widow) of Mrs. Milroy's tomorrow. She called on Thurs. She was great friends with the same McCowans in Melbourne when she lived there. Wed the Milroys are coming here. Miss Hewetson coming Thurs. Aren't we society people? Ever yours Adelaide. 18 March 1912 Lausanne
Elliott, Miss C., North End, Ballyclare, Co. Antrim.
From who?  J.N. no date no postmark smudged postcard of Liverpool
Gilliland, Miss A. & D., 7 Albania Avenue, Belfast.
Were up here last night (Buckingham Palace) & all round the Mall its Are having a good time, Wish you were all here. Writing this in "Rotten Row" Love Florrie. 9th July 1949. London
Lavelle, Miss, Roslyn, Portadown, Ireland
crossing tomorrow (Friday) weather very showery I'm sure we will get a rocking. Hope to arrive 9 o'clock Saturday morning. E. Green. 11th October 1923  pc of Lloyd Geo's house
O'Donnell, Mr. Brian, 3 Auburn Street, Donegal Pass, Belfast
Hello Brian, got here safe Sunday. Going home Thursday hope your keeping well Regards to your ??? Séan. 5th May 1954 Birmingham
O'Donnell, Mr. & Mrs., 16 Auburn Street, Donegall Pass, Belfast.
Having a nice holiday though can't say it’s a rest, everything is interesting and plenty to see & do. Hope you are all fine. Mr. & Mrs. Robb. 25 June 1951 Blackpool
O'Donnell, Mr. & Mrs., 3 Auburn Street, Donegall Pass, Belfast.
Dear Mrs. O'D. At last I'm dropping you a line, Muriel had a little boy and came home on Sunday, weather has been very nice and we are making the most of it. Love to all at No. 3 Lil Robb. 25 June 1962 Torquay
O'Donnell, Mr. Brian, 3 Auburn Street, Donegall Pass, Belfast.
46 Cathcart Road, Kensington London. Our recording session at Decca on Thursday quite successful and our results are to be issued all on 1 record of the new extended play (E.P.) type the small microgroove long playing kind giving about 7 mins. Per side - total about 14 mins. The BBC also had us in for an audition for an appearance on TV later on in season in 'In Town Tonight' should we be able to return here. We are also contacting Philips records in case they are interested. All the best John & Bill. btw. Mr. Rowe?, promised me he would re-make Sean's records next year letting him play in his own true free style. John. 19th August 1956 West Brompton.
Price, Miss J. P., Killaney Lodge, Boardmills, Lisburn.
Many Happy returns of the day having a lovely time here love Auntie J. Harrowgate. 
Patsy Price, from Daisy & Family and from Mary no date no postmark
Price, Mrs. W. J., Killaney Lodge, Boardmills, Lisburn
Thursday. We came from Edinburgh on Monday to Sillo?? On the Solway, stayed there till this morning & now are on our way to Bradford via the Lake Hotel for lunch, where Connie & I stayed 3 years ago. It is a lovely day the trees are beautiful all red and gold hope to be in Belle Vue about 5 o'clock. Love from E. 22 September 1938 Kendal, Westmoreland
Price, Miss Patsy, Killaney Lodge, Boardmills, Lisburn.
Having a lovely time here. Had great fun at the dance last night. We all danced practically everything. Just going on all day trip now at 9.30 going round to Imperial Hotel tonight. Love Auntie ? 1928. Torquay.
Martin, Mrs. J. W., Ardchattan, Newtownards, Co. Down.
many many thanks for ?? Remembering my birthday  illegible lots of writing no name no postmark no date
Price, Miss, c/o Mrs. Patterson, Victoria Street, Ballymoney.
Hope you are growing big girl bring you over here some day. N.D.P. ?? 14th March 1908 Manchester
Price, Miss Patsy, Edermine, Earlswood Road, Belfast.
We arrived safely & all is fine. Auntie & Uncle were asking for you. Love Nan. 7th May 1919 Walthamstowe
Price, Mrs. W. J., Killaney Lodge, Boardmills, Lisburn.
Have had a lovely trip so far. Came by train on Wed. from Edin. To Fortwilliam. The scenery was gorgeous. Then by steamer to Inverness. It was great coming thru up the Caledonian Canal Lock Lochy. Oich & Ness, We landed at Ft. Augustus for half an hour. Staying one day in Inverness, going on to Skye tomorrow for 3 days then ?????? & back to ?????? by steamer???? Love Maggie. you would have loved the trip, weather good. 21 ? 1936 Inverness
Martin, Mrs., Ardchattan, Newtownards, Co. Down.
I am writing to Grannie, very, very best love & much, much of it for you & all. Your loving Adelaide Sunday, 5 South Street. 18th November 1906 St. Andrews
Price, Miss Patsy, Killaney Cottage, Boardmills, Lisburn.
lovely weather and many places both old and very old and new have been seeing all old Church dating back from 1200 hope we shall see you on your way to Switzerland. Love from Auntie. 12. ? 23? Christchurch, Boscombe
In bottom
Kinlock?, Mrs. B., Glenview Terrace, Omagh, Co. Tyrone.
Very nice here for a holiday. Had a calm crossing although crowded. Hope your feeling better. Kindest regards Jean. 14th July 1953/8 Isle of Man
Turner, Mr. W., junior, 171 Nelson Street, York Street, Belfast.
Hello Billy, as you can see this is Westcliffe-on-Sea and we have been down ??? Is day. The Floral clock really works and the Southend pier which you can see in backbround is longest in the world (2 miles) I was on the end of it a dat in a lovely wee train. I shall send you another ??? in two ??? this week. and expect one from you. Very best love Molly. I went in for a bathe today Thousands here. 9th July 1946. Westcliff-on-Sea
Gilliland, Mrs. M., 7 Alliance Avenue, Belfast.
Crossing over Wed. night Hope all are well, Were here (Hampton Court Palace) yesterday. It’s a lovely place. The heat is still terrific. Rose wants to stay. Love Harriett. 11th July 1949 South Kensington
Houston, Mr. J. K., The Manse, Kells, Co. Antrim.
Jackson has asked me to ??? You a card in order to tell you that we cannot leave the boys at Larne but will continue with them to Belfast so there would be no point in your making ???? Ken, you seem to have had the best of the bargain this year I think they'll have to make ?? a general to stop by after this. Regards to all at the house. Sincerely Derek. 1 July 1954 Roxburghshire
O'Donnell, Mr. B., 3 Auburn Street, Belfast.
Dear Brian, Just to inform you entries for Ballymena Festival close 18/1/65 I will not be home till 22nd. Will you please do the needful. Thanks Doris? 12.1.65 Elvetham Hall
O'Donnell, Mr. Brian, 3 Auburn Street, Donegal Pass, Belfast.
Spending a few days with Jim in Morecambe before leaving tomorrow for home the box sent wonderful at the Feis en Newcastle-on-Tyne see you Brian on Thursday. Regards to all at No. 3 Séan no date morecambre
Brice, Mrs. J., Glenview Spa, Ballynahinch, Co. Down.
Emjoying the rest but not the weather. Hope it will change soon. Kind regards to yourself & mother? M.D. 29th June 1955. Ayrshire
Martin, Mrs., Ardchattan, Newtownards, Co. Down.
Sunday morning. Just going off to Church, have written to Groshen? Very much love and kisses my dearest Mother from her own Adelaide. 7th November 1906. St. Andrews
Martin, Mrs., Ardchattan, Newtownards, Co. Down.
Many thanks for your nice letter of this morning. These are two of the houses and you can see the school (Bishop's Hall and Garden, St. Andrews) in the background. All the school post cards are hideous and don't do the place justice by any means. The grounds & buildings are all that could be desired & the colouring of the trees & flowers & playgrounds is the great charm. much love g.a.m. 18th October 1906. St. Andrews.
Mackintosh, J. C., Esq., Newtownards, Co. Down.
9.9.37. Having delightful weather, able to get some peace every afternoon. Quite a number like my self taking the cure, so far I'm very fit. Finish very plentiful Plums can be had for picking. Kind regards to all.  No name 9th September 1937 Worchestershire
Henderson, Mr. G., Abstainers & General Insurance Co. Ltd., 124, Donegall Street, Belfast
Here I am working hard up to 11 o'clock pm each night. Have done very well up to now. Booked several orders yesterday. Kindest regards C???????? 18th October 1910 West Kensington
Jackson, Miss M., C.R.D., Ministry of Agriculture, Elmwood Avenue, Belfast
I think this would be an excellent place for you to take your first driving lesson - I have just taken mine driving the wrong way round the roundabout at Buckingham Palace. Returning to Windsor this morning - I hope. Best wishes W.O.B. 26th July 1951 London
Price, Miss J. P., Killaney Lodge, Boardmills, Lisburn.
This place would suit you & C. we are having a right good time - the weather has been lovely. Your letter has just arrived. Love Auntie Jeannie? 1931 Derbyshire
Martin, Miss, 15 Belfast Road, Newtownards, Co. Down.
Have just arrived from Aberfeldy? Having a most enjoyable holiday. Hope you and Aunt Freda are enjoying the lovely weather. Much Love Molly. 2nd August 1959. Perthshire.
Price, Mrs. W., Killaney Lodge, Boardmills, Lisburn.
Spending the day here (Morecambe) - Playing golf with Lavelle this afternoon. Going on to Leeds? Tomorrow - probably be in ???? Tomorrow night. Alan? 11th July 1935.  Morcambe.
Price, Mrs. W. J., Killaney Lodge, Lisburn.
Schoolgirls' Camp. Lochearnhead? Friday. Having a most enjoyable holiday here. Weather is just perfect for this sort of life. Went to Oban on Monday & climbed Ben Vorlich? Yesterday. From Marjorie With Love. 6th August 1937. Scotland.
Adams, Mrs., 15 Belfast Road, Newtowanrds, Co. Down.
Wed. Had such a happy time in B?rstol yesterday & walked over its really wonderful bridge - so high up, cars & things below looked like toys, & round about beautiful downs & woods - I do like B????ol - shops very attractive & was in the lovely picture gallery but hadn't long enough there. St. Mary Redcliffe really an old ca??? ????? & Bristol Cathedral are two wonderful old churches, & the old university ??? beautiful.Love A. 25 September 19?? Bath
Martin, Miss A. G., Ardchattan, Newtownards, Co. Down.
Had an interesting time in London. Came to Mrs. Elliotts last night. I saw the Royal Family come up the ????? Also on balconies. Love to you and Ca?? E.W.S. 18th May 1954 Lancaster & Morcambe
Price, Miss P., Killaney Lodge, Boardmills, Lisburn, Co. Down.
Blackpool, You would enjoy this place. Pat - plenty of life. Hope you had a good holiday. Love Lillie and Mollie or Nellie. August 1927. Blackpool
Adams, W. S., Esq., Newtownards.
Messrs. Houston & Meban, (Plumbers & Undertakers) 122 Eglantine Avenue, Malone Road, Belfast.
Having a wonderful time here. Plenty of swimming, dancing, trips to the ???, walks etc.etc. The weather is not too bad some days. Hope you are having plenty of time for golf & I hope you both shall have a very nice time when you go on holiday next month. Gerald. 22nd July 1954. Morecambe
Bain, Mrs. C. H., Roselea, Andersonstown, Belfast.
My dear Mrs. Bain, I am still wandering. I am flying to Dublin tonight & will be in Belfast some time tomorrow. Will ring when I arrive. Daiden? Is off to France tomorrow. Au revoir Bella 24th July 1951 London
Jones, Mrs. H., 32 Waverley Drive, Ballyholme, Bangor, Co. Down.
This is a lovely day, enjoyed it very much feeling much better will let you know next stop. Love to all Red. May 1965? Peebles.
Price, Mrs., from D. W. Blue in Devon
Coombs, M??, Hillside Cottage, Ballycarry, Islandmagee.
"Afton" Ashgrove Park. Dear Li? Thanks for P.C. Trust your mother & yourself will benefit by the change at the Seaside. Hope the weather will keep fine during the remainder of your holiday. L. M.? 12th August 1916 Bradford.
Price, Mrs. W. J., from Chrissie at  Southport, mention of 30 Dublin Rugby lads, they made things hum. 1933
O'Donnell, Mr. Brian, 3 Auburn Street, Donegall Pass, Belfast.
46 Cathcart Road, Kensington London SW 10. Dear Brian, Bill and I arrived here safely on Sunday evening by his car, and are enjoying our stay. Bill is due to record tomorrow morning for Decca and is just having a practice unaccompanied as we haven't a piano here and don't know anyone near here whom we could ask to let us have the use of one. I shall be accompanying him on the records of course. I've contacted Peter Kennedy (of BBC & English Folk Dance & Song Soc.) and had a session over at his house on Monday. He was delighted with our music and means to have us back! Kindest regards to all from John and Bill. 15th August 1956. Chelsea.
Thompson, Mrs. F., 11 Benmadigan Park, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim.
Tuesday. Spent a lovely afternoon here (Guildford Castle) which is in the centre of the town. Able to sit in the gardens (when we have the time) every day. Hope to see Peter and Anna's flat on Friday, when Michael & family will also be there. Hope you are all well. Love Adna. August 19?5 Surrey.
Morrow, Miss Ruth, Drumreagh, Ballygowan, Belfast.
Egerton Toad, Blackpool. We are having a great holiday here. M.B. 21st July 1930. Blackpool.
Brockhurst?, Mrs., 112/142 Castlereagh Street, Belfast
Louth. I will be going on Sat morning but I don't know yet what time I will land at, hoping you are all well, best love Betsy. September 4th, no year. Louth Inniskeen.
Thompson, Mr. J., 22 Claremont Street, Belfast.
Ashfield House, ????Drive, IOM. Had a very rough passage coming over, did not arrive in Douglas until 11pm leaving Belfast at 4.30. Douglas is lovely at night as all the lights on the prom. Are lighted up. P. ?. 17th August 1906 Douglas IOM.
Anderson, Miss M., Church Street, Kingscourt?, Co. Cavan.
Dear M. Many thanks for card. Hope you are all well there, I had a card from Martha this morning and I was looking for a letter, hope you will like this card with love to Sarah to all of you, ever yours, S. A. August 1906.
Wolfe, Miss, c/o Dr. Bennett, Gray;s Hill, Bangor, Co. Down.
Just to remind you of Bristol & make you wish you were here too. Yours sincerely L. McMullin. April 1924. Bristol.
Robertson, Miss Lily, 18 Stranmillis Gardens, Stranmillis Road, Belfast.
Euston Station, London, Mar. 16/17. Dear Lily, Leaving London tonight at nine o'clock for passage West, having to come up to Holyhead & cross over to Dublin then to Cork, it will be 5 oclock tomorrow Saturday before I reach there. Love to Mother & self. Hope you are both getting along allright. Father xxx 17th March 14?
Sutton, Miss, Golden Ball, Kilternan, Co. Dublin.
I am having a grand time over here, with Best Wishes for a Happy Easter. From Nellie, 22.3.1913. Croydon.
Orson, Miss Dorothy, 3 Mount Charles, University Road, Belfast
Had a d - l of a journey coming across but arrived safely, a big crowd of people here. Eddy. 11th July 1928. IOM
Anderson, Mrs., Kingscourt, Co. Cavan.
Dear Mother, I thought you might have written before this, hope you are all well, I suppose yous are glad to have Martha home, your D. L. A. 27th November London.
O'Donnell, Mr. Brian, 3 Auburn Street, Donegall Pass, Belfast.
c/o Post Office, Holm, Orkney, 14.8.59. Having a great time here and meeting many traditional musicians. Have been playing the piano, fiddle and the whistle with them and have had some great musical sessions! Weather has been excellent apart from this morning which was wet but now cleared to fine again. Tonight there is a concert of the Orkney Straths??y & Reel Society in Kirkwell which I am to attend. I go on to Shetland for next week. Kindest regards John. August 1959. Kirkwell, Orkney.
Gilbert, Miss Jane, Thorn Hall, Kilwaughter, Larne
I keep in my memory the love of the past, with me tis as bright as of old. For deep in my heart it was planted to last in absence it never grows cold. Oft I think of you dear do you think of me, send a live forget-me-not but remember me."Why didn't you write. from you know who. M. Saw M. on Sunday & you fellow. wish you had been there. Bally???r. no date, lovelt postcard with a tiny spoon attached and there must have been 2 bows also, yellow and blue as the card says, "If you'd like me to Spoon with you Return at once the Bow of Blue. If you prefer Some other fellow. Return to me the Bow of Yellow, under the Yellow it says, I return to you the bow of yellow" written in pencil.
McKibbin, Miss Babs, Shore Street, Millisle, Co. Down.
Portrush, Wednesday. Dear Babs, I hope you are quite better again. It was dreadfullt cold here yesterday & the waves were very big. It is calmer to-day. Aunt Fanny. No date
Law, Mr. & Mrs. R. H., 346 Merville Garden Village, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim. Another for Simon Law.
M. Chase
McCusker, Hugh C., Northern Bank Ltd,m Maghera, Co. Derry. 27th Feb. 1945 Envelope
Christmas Card John Whitaker, Brook House, Newtownards 1929
NOVEMBER 2008 additions
Mrs. Cavan, 9 Conduit Street, Donegall Pass, Belfast, Dear Charlotte, I am keeping better here I would like you to tell John to come up to see me on Sunday, Your loving brother. 22nd May 1914? Belfast
McKee, Miss Lily, 2 Reid Street, Cregagh Road, Belfast, Sat stickaback yesterday. It is good. Many thanks for same. How do you like the frosty weather. 25th November 1907 Castle????..
Lyle, Miss M., c/o Mrs. Leyland, Ulsterville Cottage, Lisburn Road, Belfast, Kilkerran, Many thanks for your cards. It was remiss of me not to write before this, but it was a case of "to-morrow" We have been having our fill  of tennis these days. See you soon. Love to Mrs. Leyland. Love from Chrissie 1925 Baile A'tha Cliath
Murrell, Miss H. W., High Park Corner, Farnham, Surrey 8.03.03 I feel quiet tonight. I think Kath has enjoyed herself. I suppose you met K at F station tonight. Picture of Killarney 9th March 1903 Greenwich
Smith, Master Alex., 22 Ashford Avenue, Hornsey, London, With Love & Kisses to Wee Alex. From Mama 1917 24th December 1917 Hornsey
Dalton, Miss M., Melrose, Victoria Road, Cork With Love From Ethel 26th March 1904 Cork
Murphy, Miss, Eudrick, Marina Road, Prestwick, Ayrshire, Scotland. Stay clear of the ? on other side as it is not a pleasant one. Well M I hope you are having a good time hoping you are making a fine good impression that will be lasting hoping you will answer Yours 2 initials illegible 25th October 1903 Ballymena
Gardner, Miss, c/o Mr. McEwan, Craigie Bank, Perth, N.B. We started work on Thursday. This is glorious weather. You will be enjoying your holiday to the utmost I am sure. Went home on Tuesday evening for a little change but was not homesick. Love From A. Younger. 14th August 1908 Alexandria
Heary, Miss Julia, Barmeath Castle, Dunleer, Co. Louth, Ireland 3621 ?? Vernou Street, West Phila Dear Julia, Hoping you are keeping fine. I like been here very well. Do you go home as often as you used. The roads must still be bad. We have the finest weather here just like Summer. Im making a mission this week. You have still best times over there. Best Love Julia 3rd March 1921 Philadelphia
Your right im right pay the post and alls right from Ned With Love From Ned
Williams, Miss, Guards Club, Maidenhead, Berks. Dear Gut I had your P.C. forwarded on to me yesterday, they did not hurry over it did they. How are you OK I hope. What a lovely day its been quite a treat much brighter. 28th July 1907 Bray, Berks.
Taverner, Mr. J., 4 Brownlow Street, Weymouth. Arrived home safely at 10 o'clock last night. We had a very rough journey & got very wet. I enjoyed it very much & did not feel ill at all. Found your P.C. from Cherbourg waiting for me - thanks for it. Glad to hear you arrived there safely & hope you have reached Weymouth again by this time quite dafely. Wish I had been in France with you to help you talk French. Mint to write soon & let me know how you are getting on. I remain yours. E. 18th August 1909 Newport
Mahaffy, Fred. H., Esq., 55 Neill Road, Sheffield. Thanks for card very much. I enjoyed my holidays very much indeed. I hope you did. Yours scratched out PS Hows M. M… give my love to 
Johnstone, Miss A., 27 Heather Street, City Hoping you will have a very happy birthday. Ina 19th February 1910 Belfast
Cavan, Mrs., 9 Conduit Street, Belfast Trusting you will have a pleasant time this Christmas. Herbert no date  postmark illegible 
Hewitt, Miss C. or G., 15 Walnut Place, Belfast. Lisburn Lovely weather, enjoying myself, was at Coleen Mountain yesterday at Lisburn now. Bob no date no postmark
Heggarty, Miss Alice, c/o Mrs. Hewitt, Walnut Place, Belfast. Dear Alice, Just a line to let you know I am getting on alright, had a lovely passage across and have got a nice job here, done at 5.30 every night and 12 oc noon Saturday, well I hope you are keeping well, remember me to Mr. & Mrs. Hewitt and family, also Mr. Fusco, this is all at present, I remain yours sincerely Fred Allen 6th November 1915
Hewitt, Mr. Geo., c/o Mr. Moore, Newgrove, Ballylesson. Dear George, Just a wee reminder. Hope to see you Saturday at the station Bangor. Sadie XXX 11th August 1911 Bangor
Hewitt, Mr. G., c/o Cavans & Co., Lanseer Street, Stranmillis Road, Belfast. Dear George Arrived safe in New York. Splendid passage. It is a fine City. Having a fine time here. Weather very hot. Ocar 9th November 1909 New York N.Y.
Hewitt, Mrs., 15 Walnut Place, Ormeau, Belfast. Mrs. G. has a message to the Ravenhill Road tomorrow evening and she will call round herself to Mrs. Browns about 7 or 8. I suppose that time will do. Yours S. illegible. 10th November ?? Belfast
Hewitt, Mr. Geo., 15 Walnut Place, Belfast. Sent in affection to swell your collection, From Sadie XXX no date no postmark
a photograph of a man sitting on a chair with a child (4) says Yours sincerely J. Cavan scanned in lost possibly connected to Cavan above
Hewitt, B., Esq. c/o Mrs. Shields, Surgeon Dentist, Carlisle Circus, Belfast. Dear Bob, Arrived on Friday, having a good time, you should come over, plenty of girls for you. Will write my address later Horace. 3rd July 1915 Seaforde
Hewitt, Miss Toosie?, 15 Walnut Place, Belfast, Ireland. Having a fine time. Hoping you are alright and all at home. Yours Geo. 17th September 1913 Morecambe, Lancashire
Hewitt, Mrs., 15 Walnut Place, Ormeau Road, City. Dear Susan? I would like you to drop me a P.C. to say if you would rather not ???? It as it would be too late tomorrow ???? As I will not be able to get over on Saturday. I don’t want to put her in with the rest as ?? might not do your ???? date illegible Belfast
Cavan, Mr. J., 9 Conduit Street, Belfast, Irelande. Dear Johnny, we having a good time of it here, its very beautiful country, the sunny south so good bye for the present, yours truly J. W. date illegible France
McCracken, Mrs. N. I.?, Marathon, Marlborough Park, Belfast Inghilterra, Irlanda. 8th March 1902. Saturday morning. Mia Cara. I am leaving now for Napoli. I will write if possible tomorrow. Sempet tue ? Willie 1902 Roma
Davis, Mr. F. G., Victoria Street, Belfast. How's this for Scotland, Crossing tonight. Willie date illegible Glagow (think he's referring to 2 girls on front of postcard washing clothes in bucket with feet titled A Highland Washing)
Wicklow, Miss J., 47 Lagan Street, Belfast. For meself, his mother, F. C. date illegible Belfast
Dear Hole? I am keeping well, hoping it will find you enjoying a good bath on wring? Good sports on the stairs with Stiff Lizzie. I am getting on splendid and I have one two watch fobs and a medal for swimming, write soon, love to all, write soon, postcard on front see here Stiff Lizzie
Cavan, Mr. J., 12 Prospect Street, Belfast Enjoying myself well, weather splendid, I hear the train leaves at ten minutes past seven X 27th June or July 1908 Killough, Downpatrick
Dalton, Miss Ethel?, Cliff Cottage, Queenstown. Hope you will come to the fa?d Ethel is going to Kicker? On Thursday, Friday or something. She was up with me this evening. Bella 9th August 1904 Cork
Dalton, Miss Ethel, Melrose, Victoria Road, Cork. With best wishes for a very happy Xmas Love from Janie. 26th December 1906 Kilmallock
Hadley, Miss, 72 Cambridge Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham. We shall be very pleased to see you anytime Saturday afternoon, I hope it will be nice weather. Love to all. 12th August 1903 Leamington Spa on front of card it says August 12th 1903. Best Love - Frances
Smith, Master A. F., 22 Ashford Avenue, Hornsey. Wishing you many happy returns for your birthday. Hope you will enjoy a nice Motor Car?, From Grandma and Grandpa 14th January 1920? Hornsey
Johnston, Miss, Ballindrum, Moneymore, Co. Derry, Saturday, Hope you are in good health. I only wish you were here to help me enjoy this good time. The weather cold, love to all, Mary 16th September 1916 Portstewart
Smith, Mrs. J., 71 Homesdale Road, Bromley, Kent. Dear Mother, Arrived home quite safe about 11oc. All well, Annie was waiting up for me & feel about knocked up, write soon, From loving Son "Wall" 21st July 1910? Saffron, Walden
Henley, Miss E., High Street, Lamberhurst, GoodBye my "Blue Bell" Come over and leave some tea with me Tuesday if time enough, Mr. & Mrs. W. are away for a few days. Love from Annie. 1905? Wadhurst, Station Road
Madame Montreus scanned
McCoubrey, Mr. A. B., 46 Cartwright Gardens, London. Tuesday, Rec'd your P.C. this morning. Glad to know you got across all right. Hope you are doing well in your exams. This place is A1 but very quiet. We have had some good weather & some rain. John date illegible Glens of Antrim (possibly from Garron Tower School)
Murphy, Miss, Eurick, Park Avenue, Prestwick, Ayrshire, Scotland. Dear M., When writing let me know if you are really coming over at Xmas. I herd you were. Write soon to say. I was in town yesterday. S. is in from work with a very bad cold, A is up in the City & ???? K very lonely. I didn't even see the ??. Come back soon to the dear old Country Yours Trixie. 1903 or 1905 Ballymena
Hewitt, Mrs. R., 15 Walnut Place, Belfast. Getting well sunburnt here, hope to see you soon, Sadie XXX 17th J 1916 Bangor, Co. Down beautiful girl on postcard scanned
Hewitt, Mr. R., 15 Walnut Place, Donegall Pass, Belfast. Wishing you many happy returns of the day. Sadie. 14th April 1913? Belfast
Rooney, Mr. Jim, Tobermoney, Downpatrick, Co. Down. To Jimey and Pa, with love from Sister Mary, Ballykinlar no date no postmark stamp removed
Sim?, Mrs. Edith, South Crown/Brown House, Aberdeen. An ???? Woman's Pet, Aida. No date Dublin, funny postcard scanned pig
Winsor, Windsor, Miss Ida, Postal Telegraphs, G.P.O., Hull. 9th September 1904 Whitby, Dear Ida, Am leaving Grosmont, all being well, 12.30 p.m. tomorrow Saturday. C. & L are staying until Monday, I am due in Hull 4.24 p.m. Hope you will be able to meet. Love H. Rec'd your letter this morning, Love from all H. This is one of the highest waterfalls in this district, It falls 67 feet Love H. (The Falling Foss) no date, no postmark, stamp removed.
Reilly, Mrs., Woodburn ???, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim. Can you ????anything after all like this, Winton? 7th November 1904 Killarney
Cavan, Mrs. J., Girls Home, Bangor, Co. Down. Glenarm, 15 or 18 Park or York ?? I hope you are doing well, I hope the ??? Will agree with you L. J.? 11th June 1904? Belfast
Pimley, Miss R., 32 Gracehill Street, Off Oldpark Road, Belfast. The Top of The Morning to you, From Alex. 16th March 1945 Cookstown
Anderson, Master Ernest, Embleton, Osborne Park, City, From Kathleen 23rd December 1905 Belfast
Shimmon, Mr. Ernest, c/o Mr. Shields, Dentist, Carlisle Circus, Belfast. Lovely weather Sunny Sky Hoping you are busy, So am I. Geo.? 7th August 1911 Bangor Co. Down
Hewitt, Miss Susan, 15 Walnut Place, Belfast, Ireland. Dear Cousin, Just a little Card to remember you of Easter, With Love from your Cousin, Susan XX 2nd April 1914 Harriston, Ontario
Hewitt, G., Esq., 44 Spring Street, Donegall Pass, Belfast, Ireland. Dear G., Just a card have not got time to write letter, will write from London hoping you are well, Ascar 23rd September 1910 New York N.Y.
Hewitt, Miss Cherry, 15 Walnut Place, Belfast, Ireland. Having a good time here. Hoping you are alright and a good girl. Yours Geo. 15th September 1913 Morecambe, Lancashire
Crookes, Mr. Victor, 35 Auburn Street, Belfast, Ireland. 14th August 1908. Dear Victor, Just a line to say I received your card all right & you did not flirt too much with MM when I was away, you took her out one walk surely. I will be home on Saturday by the 8.57 train, arriving at Belfast about 5 past 10 p.m. Bertie. 14th August 1908. Islandmagee
Cavan, Mr. J., 9 Conduit Street, Belfast, Having a good time, bad weather, J. C. date illegible postmark illegible, postcard of View from Look Out Cliff
Hewitt, Mr. Bob, 15 Walnut Place, Belfast. Many Happy returns of the day. With all good luck, N. Bell. 14th April 1913 Belfast
Hewitt, Mrs. A., (Senior), 15 Walnut Place, Donegall Pass, Belfast. Wishing you many Happy Returns of the day and may you live to be a hundred. September 1928 Belfast
Reilly, Mrs. G. E., Woodburn Glen, Carrickfergus. Dear Mother, This is a lovely place. Of much interest both to a lover of nature and to the archaeologist, well worth a visit. O'Raitaille 1903? Belfast (Ross Castle)
Reilly, Mrs. G. E., Woodburn Glen, Carrickfergus. Kind Regards from E. Robinson. 9th September 1902 or 1912. Banbridge 
Dalton, Miss Ethel, Melrose, Victoria Road, Cork. With Love from Ethel 19th February 1904 Cork
Dalton, Miss M., Melrose, Victoria Road, Cork. 23/12/04 Love & best wishes for Xmas & the New Year, From S. M. B. 23rd September, 1904. Armagh
McCracken, Mrs. N. I., Marathon, Marlborough Park, Belfast, Irelanda, Inglaterra, I hope to have a letter from you in Madrid. All well here Willie 29/09/1900? Barcelona
Reilly, Wm. Geo., Woodburn Glen, Carrickfergus. From W. A. Edmundson 16th July 1902 Carrickfergus
Clarke, Mr., Secys. Office, B. & C. D. Railway, Belfast. Weather is just like this here (Sunny photo of Sugar Loaf Mountain, Wicklow) Bray Post Office, 14/7/02 So far, So good, I have just been round Powerscourt & the Sugar Loaf & am leaving this evening for Dundalk. Cranium Cracker, etc., etc., etc. 14th July 1902 Bray
Cavan, Mrs., 9 Conduit Street, Donegall Pass, Belfast. Dear Charlotte, I hope you will be up on Wednesday with my mother as I am longing to see you, your loving brother St. Clair. May 1914 Belfast
Wood, Master J., Gordon Road, Byker/Ryker. With heaps of love and kisses from Norah XXXX no date, not posted
Hewitt, Mrs. R., 15 Walnut Place, Ormeau Road, Belfast. Having a good time, lovely day here, out in a wee boat for a row. Jeanie/Joanie. 15th July 1916 Bangor maybe
Bryans, Miss Annie, 17 Church Street, Banbridge. Had your letter alright. Sorry to know your cold is not better. The footballers are going down in brakes on Saturday first, so I expect you will see some of them. The team and our Willie and some outsiders are going, I don't know the time they start as it is not arranged yet. Everybody asking for you, Love from Cissie 6th September 1911? Annsborough, Co. Down
Thomson, Miss Jessie, Wellbrae, Stonehouse. Hope you will like this one. Your Loving Alick, 12th October 1903. Stonehouse (photo of Muckross Abbey, Killarney)
Cavan, Mrs. B., 12 Prospect Street, Belfast, Ireland. Lincoln Hotel. January 4th Dear Barbara, I Laned? Here safe today, I hope all is well, write at once as I might leave here at any time. Yours W. L. ? 4th January 1910 Lincoln
Cavan, Mrs., 12 Prospect Street, Donegall Pass, Belfast. January 5th Cornhill Hotel, Lincoln. Dear Brother, this is the address of the place where I am stopping now but I might leave before Saturday, I think if you write later I might not get your letters ???????? this address. Yours W. L. 5th January 1910 Lincoln
Hewitt, Mrs. S., 15 Walnut Place, Belfast, Ireland. Having a very jolly time. Best of weather, enjoying myself fine, Bobbie. 17th September 1913 Morecambe, Lancashire
Loo?, Miss, 7 Queens Street, Maidenhead, Bucksl. Dear Nell, your long letter must follow, have not got time to write, you did not send that leter you spoke about. Love to all and yourself Edith XXXX 26th UA? 1906 Hampstead?
Hewitt, Mr. G., c/o Jenkins, 210 Roden Street, Belfast. Dear George, Willie and I are having a grand time here, you should be here, I suppose this is the way you enjoyed yourself at Morecambe, only you would not be wearing the kilt. (photo on front of man in kilt and woman) Nell. 20th July 1912 Dunoon
Wilson, Mr. S. G., Coal Importer, No. 12 Whitehall Buildings, Ann Street, Belfast. 1/1/10 Please instruct Mr. Cavan  to call at 103 Roden Street Belfast City obledge T. S. 1st February 1910 Belfast (postmark and date written on card are different)
Hewitt, Mr. & Mrs. R. J., (Sen.) 15 Walnut Place, Belfast, Ulster. 1st July Enjoying ourselves in Niagra for the day, Geo & Sadie. 2nd July 1930 Ontario
Hamilton, Master A., 20 Leppoc Road, Claphand Park, London. Dear Alex., Very many thanks for P.P.C. hope you are all well Love from us both & all. 7th July 1905 Moffat
Hamilton, Mr. Alex., 20 Leppoc Road, Clapham Park, London. Wishing you all a happy New Year. J. T. W. Southfield, Moffat. 31st December 1907 Moffat
Smith, Master A., 22 Ashford Avenue, Hornsey. Dear wee Alex., may you have many 'of em' With love from Edith. 14th January 1917 Hornsey
Smith, Master A. F., J. Hamilton Esq., "Chalfont" 22 Ashford Avenue, Priory Road, Hornsey. 14/1/1917 To Little Ackie with best wishes for a very happy birthday. Love & Kisses from Wee Peg. 15th January 1917 Wood Green
Hamilton, Alex., Esq., 20 Leppoc Road, Clapham Park, S.W. 16/11/04 My Dear Alex, I left my gloves at your place the last time I was over, you might put them aside for me till I come over on Tuesday, Mrs. Mac is leaving her situation, will tell you all when I see you. Ina? 16th November 1904 
Hamilton, Master Alick, 20 Leppoc Road, Clapham Park, London. Dear Alick, Having a splendid holiday here, Love Lee? 15th August 1904 Rothesay. Written on front of card Alex is in the house
Hamilton, Mr. A., 20 Leppoc Roasd, Clapham Park, London. Dear old Alec, Just to wish you the old, old wish from Keith. 24th December 1907 Clapham
Hamilton, Mr. Alex, 20 Leppoc Road, Clapham Park, London. Better late than never. With best wishes for a bright and prosperous New Year. H. E.? 31st December 1907 Moffat
Hamilton, Mr. A., 20 Leppoc Road, Clapham Park, London. My Dear Alex, Thanks so much for P.P.C. How do you like this weather, I hope all are well, Love to all Kitty (note: answered by P.P.C. on 1/6/05 or 08 date illegible postmark illegible  ????nfield
Hamilton, Mr., 22 Ashford Avenue, Hornsey, London. With every good wish to you & yours. Been. 25th ?? 1921 ???ford
Smith, Master Alex., 22 Ashford Avenue, Hornsey. Dear Alex, Just to wish you Many many Happy returns of the day, with love, Uncle Ernie. 14th January 1920 Hornsey
Smith, Master Alex, Chalfont, 22 Ashford Avenue, Hornsey. With fondest love and kisses from Grandma & Grandpa. 15th January 1917 Hastings
Hamilton, James, Esq., 22 Ashford Avenue, Hornsey, London, N.8 Angleterre. Ostende 13/6/26 Had a very good crossing. Everybody here very obliging & practically all speak English. Raining today. Expect leave here Monday or Tuesday. Hope you & all others keeping fit. Alex. 14th June 1926 Ostende
Murphy, Miss, c/o Mrs. Watson, Endrick, Park Avenue, Prestwick, Scotland. Is this the kind of a darling you have got now (photo of goat licking a girls face) Still in the Hack Trade. S. Mc? 27th September 1905 (not clear) Portrush
McCoubrey, J., Esq., 48 Scotch Street, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone. Liverpool, 22.7.14 Letter to ???. Will write you fully in a day or two. Weather here very close. Yours G. H. B. ? 22.7.14 Liverpool
To Mary from George (photo of St. Brigid's Cathedral, Kildare) My Dear Mary, Too bad of you to think I could be guilty of keeping you waiting like the Damsel on the P.C. be good and I shall meet you at the gate of B. T.? And we will have a feed of fish & chips. love yours George no date, no stamp, not posted, (written under Foreign One Penny "The very idea" lol)
Cavan, Mr. John, 9 Conduit Street, Belfast, Ireland. Dear John, I hope you and all with you is well. I am leaving for another place hear? Two night, your Fr. W. L. 24th May 1912 Norfolk
Hewitt, Mrs., 15 Walnut Place, Ormeau Road, Belfast. Mrs. G. is not to well and she wants to no if you will order her a pair of girls boots size 11 for wearing ? To ? ? ? I will send Jim on Thursday or Friday ? ? ? Yours Sarah 7th November 1911? Belfast
Johnston, Miss Susan, 93 Donegall Road, Belfast. Having a good time here initials illegible 17th March 1910 or 1916
Grosse, Mr. Oscar, SS Liverpool, Salisbury Dock, Liverpool. Just a P.C. to ask you how you are doing this New Year, you might have sent a line before this to your one and only. M. G. January Belfast
Hewitt, Miss Toosie, 15 Walnut Place, Belfast. Having a Grand time, Geo. 18th April 1911? Antrim
McCorry, Miss B., Halftown Bridge, Lurgan, Co. Armagh. Dear Bella, I received your P.C. alright. I would have went out on Wednesday, only it was wet here till dinner time, and when it stopped it was very dull looking so I was afraid to go out. But however if all goes well I will surely be out on Friday hoping it will be dry. I suppose you have given me up for a bad case after disappointing you so often, but I'll get out sometime. Hope you get well. Will leave home a little after one o'clock. Will say more when I see you. Janie. XX1st September 1910 Lurgan (I don't think I've ever seen so much written on one normal postcard)
Rodgers, The Misses, at Mrs. Pells, 71 Botanic Avenue, Belfast, Ireland. Boston Hotel, Rome, April 5, 1910. You will see by this that we are so far on our journey back - Rome is very big, it would take about a year to see it. Best love to you both. Garcinia Ferguson (maybe?) 5th April 1910 Rome
names written on back of Scottish and Welsh postcards with no addresses or messages and not posted .. Doris Morland, Madge Binghan, Josie McCreddy, Eavline McLennen, Doris Garford, Charlotte Wiclo, Annie McCoy, Eddie Steward, Ethel Taggart, Quenny Gisbon or Gishon
Johnston, Mr. Willie, Donegall Roasd, Belfast (number scratched out) Sent in affection To help your collection. Peep Peep, Go on the Blues. You are laughing, I suppose you thought I did not know the number. Bill Bailey. 3rd August 1906 Belfast (written on front of card- You are all excited you are sloping the barber.
Dalton, Misss Ethel, Melrose, Victoria Road, Crok, Ireland. We had a lovely day at Southport today, love to all from all Madeleine. 28th June 1905 Blackpool
Smith, Mr. George, c/o Mr. J. Smith, 3 Church End, Ashdon, Saffron Walden, Essex. Dalkeith, Sea Road, Felizstowe. Dear G. How is the harvest progressing, it is glorious weather here, hoping you are well, write before ???? Love to all Nance. Give this to mother for her album. 6th September 1915?
Snowden, Miss E., 10 Tavangh Street, off Donegall Troad, Belfast, Ireland. My Dear Eve or Eva, sorry I couldn't write any sooner as I had no time of course you know yourself I suppose yous are all looking worward for seeing the 12th, this year & hope yous will get a better day this time. Stuart joins me in sending his love to Evelyn and Harry. M. Boyd. I say down on a mossy bank and he sat down on a Bee, I suppose joy and aggie are still dolling. how would you like this ???? Boy no date Stand??? (somewhere in Scotland I think)
Hewitt, Mrs. R., junior, 15 Walnut Place, City. 64 Penrith Street, Belfast, 12/1/14. Dear Boffie, Baffie, just a line to let you know Willie McGowan has arrived here this morning. Good Bye Jim. 12th January 1914 Belfast
Hewitt, Master George, 60 Chadwick Street, off Lisburn Road, Belfast. Dear George, Got P.C. & I was just wondering if what you wrote on it is true & do you mean it. If you want to send me such loving ones, send them in an envelope & I will be much obliged. Will you be at the meeting on Wed. Will you keep your girl waiting like this on the picture. I write this with a pen, I seal it with a kiss, if you love me as I love you quickly answer this. When the golden sun is setting, And your mind from care is free, When of others you are thinking, Will you soemtimes think of me. M. R. 6th August 1907 Belfast
McKee, Miss L., c/o R. McBride & Co., Ormeau Avenue, Belfast. MDL arrived home & everything alright so got only one you know what that is I did enjoy Belfast, it seems as if a part of me was there yet, from ??? Is the word goodbye my L. initials illegible will write in a day or so. 20th September 1912. Castle??? Monaghan
Carter, Mrs. V., Ivyland Green, Netherfield, Battle, Sussex. With best wishes for a Merry Xmas. Hoping you are all well. No name 24th December 1908? Brompton, S.W.
Burnside, Miss M. & Mr. J., 346 Shankill Road, Belfast, Ireland. I left Heidelberg on Friday to spend a weekend in the Black Forest. I am staying the night at Rothenbach - 830 metres high. Tomorrow I shall climb the Feldberg, the highest mountain in the Black Forest, 1500 metres high. This picture shows the Gala dress of the womenfolk here. Maisie 30th July 1934 Altglashutten, Schwarzwald
Johnston, Mi??, c/o Mrs. Finlay, Willebilen, Holywood, Co. Down. J. Montgomeryfell partly out of boat, one foot caught in boat. Mrs. ?ullots went into water and hooked the boat, and help came, he has mis?????? But illegible. 27th July 1907 Carnlough
McCarey, Miss Annie, Browndodd,Larne. Kissing is the key of love, Marriage is the knot, Squeezin is the nicest thing A lady ever got. I just wish I had you inside another tyre you wouldn’t get out so easy as the same time. I hope you'll be spending xmas with your cousin at B........, 20 cwt and I;ll come and see you there. 21st December 1905 Larne
Sister Butler & any other old friends who remember me at the  Hospital. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Tom Phillips, Hermon, Osborne Park, Belfast.
Murphy, Miss M., 3 Athole Terrace, Prestwick, Scotland. Sorry I wont be able to afford that visit to Scotland, I am up in Belfast for the day, cycled to Ballymena & took train here, I will write you later, I hope you are well. Yours T. M. A. or F. M. A. 10th September 1905 Belfast
Hewitt, Mr. Geo., c/o Mrs. A. Balshaw, 8 Edward Street, Morecambe, England. Geo., am a good girl at school every day, hoping you are well, Cherry. 18th September 1913. Belfast
Hewitt, Mr. Bob, 15 Walnut Place, off Donegall Pass, Belfast. Dear Bob, having a grand time, wishing yuou were here, from Sarah 30th August 1913 Whitehead
Cavan, Mr. Wm., 12 Prospect Stret, Belfast Truro 18/1/10 Coming home this week, I am here above. Martin. 18th January 1910 Truro
Murphy, Miss, 2 Attiole Terrace, Prestwick, Scotland. Dear Jimmie, Only a P.C. to say that we are all well. No work if you coming over to see us. I was at the Port on the  last Wednesday o0f the month. I saw Lara and helped they were both asking for you, I will ?????? you more again, Yours H. G. 13th October 1905 Ballymena
Grosse, Mr. Oscar, T.S.S. Manaman, Heysham Harbour. Dear Oscar, We arrived back in England quite safely. Have got over our holiday by this. Hope to see or hear from you again before you leave the ship, hope you are keeping well best. Love Jinnie. 17th August 1909 Morecambe, Lancashire
Hewitt, Mrs., 44 Spruce Street, City (Belfast) Mrs. Hewitt, please call tomorrow if possible & Oblige. A. Thompson. 15th June 1910 59 Sandy Row. Belfast
Grosse, Mr. Oscar, SS Manzman, Heysham Harbour, Morescome. Sorry I cant get parcel off tonight. G. is off to Excursion & will not be home until too late, will send it down to boat sure on Tuesday night, sorry for keeping it too long, Yours S. H. 12th June 1909 Belfast
Hewitt, Miss T., 15 Walnut Place, Belfast. Having a good time here, Francie & Mother is coming down this week so I want you to come with them, I will let you know. Sadie. XXX 17th July 1916. Bangor.
Ritchie, Mrs. Margaret, Rockmount, Ballykeigle, Ballygowan, Co. Down. Monday & Tuesday was just like the winter time, we were nearly perished Wednesday. Dear Mother, I am very glad to say that the weather has improved greatly today. It is more like what the weather should be. We were out at the Causeway today. It is a lovely place, but the worst of it is very tiresome. There are quite a lot of Ballygowan people staying here and even staying in Kantara. I will arrive home sometime on Saturday. Hope you are keeping well, Love Mattie. 19th August 1948 Portrush, Co. Antrim
Davis, Mrs. F. G., Invermore, Station Road, Sydenham, Belfast. Arrived home in good time, Annie & Father were waiting for me. Sorry I didn't see Fred before I left, I am nearly dead with the cold so haven't been out, will give you all the news later love from Eva. 23rd October 1916 Larne
Snowden, Miss E., 95 Donegall Avenue, Belfast, Ireland. Having a great time here & glorious weather. How is the boy. Yours A. Reid. 22nd July 1914 Douglas IOM
Snowden, Miss E., 95 Donegall Avenue, Donegall Road, Belfast. Dear Eric, If possible would you try and open my dress down the both sides and still have the row of buttons if possible, I hope you like this card. Kay or May. 7th ? 1918 Belfast
Buxton, Miss Mary, 7 Hanover Terrace, Repents Park, London N.W. 1 I felt I ought to send you an Old Master as a Christmas card. I don’t know anything about the tactile values of this. But I do like it being all out of proportion - which I'm sure one shouldn't. I was sorry not to be able to come to your party - & I hope your mother got my letter explaining why. I did enjoy playing with you, & we must meet again very soon. Once the Chrsitmas Rush is over. In the meantime (Chinese writing) to you & your family during Christmas & New Year. Carmen. 18th December 1947 London S.E. 1
Cochrane, Miss Maggie, c/o Mrs. Roulston, Lifford Street, Strabane. DM Another change of a card for you. I don't think you have any like this one amongst your number. W. J. 14th February 1910
Cunningham, Miss or Mrs., Bay Hotel, Warrenpoint, Co. Down, from 29 Chapel Street, St. Helens, Dear Mrs. Cunningham, we reached St. Helens on Sunday morning after having a splendid passage. The little boy is doing very nicely although he is under medical treatment, Hope you are keeping well & with kindest regards I remain yours sincerely, E. Butcher. 15th August 1910 St. Helens
Cole, Miss, Bridge Street, Postrevor, Co. Down. My Dear Winnie, Thanks very much for P.C. This photo is taken from a very hilly field from which, as you may see, one is able to get a beautiful view, the first time I was there, almost 5 years ago I saw the fishermen pull in a very large net full of fish at the point. It really was a glorious sight, expecially for one on an holliday. I hope M. didn't be unkind enough to give you the Chols without the hat if so you had better ask L. for the other, I'm sure you will think it more pleasant I hope you are all enjoying good health, I always do. Fondest love to all, Yours etc., Trezia or Jrezia hard to make out. XXX dreadful weather here today (Sunday) my day out too, always the way, however glad the ???? wasn't coming up, aren't you? XXX 27th November 1910 Teignmouth
Cole, Miss M., Bridge Street, Rostrevor, Co. Down. From Heyworth Street, Priory Hotel, Liverpool. Dear Winnie, Arrived alright on Sunday morning at 12.20, had a rough time & was very sick, Don't forget to write soon, Love from Janie. 15th August 1911 Liverpool
Irwin, Miss R. A., Railway Hotel, Poyntzpass, Co. Armagh. 16.11.08 Dear K, yours to hand, glad to find you & I will write before end of week if any time, expect to be here at Christmas. Yours initials illegible 16th November 1908 Castlepollard
Irwin, Miss R. A., Railway Hotel, Poyntzpass, Co. Armagh. 14.10.08 Dear K, yours to hand, too busy to write sooner but will tomorrow, Hope you are A1 Yours ? R. 14th October 1908 Castlepollard
Lloyd, Miss, Benturb, Co. Armagh. With best wishes from C. Fresson, 24th December 1907. Dungannon
Irvine, Mr. R., Railway Hotel, Poyntzpass, Co. Armagh. Glad to hear from Ciss you were all right, a little note from you at times would be acceptable. Name illegible 17th November 1909
Duffy, Esq., El Beit, 82 Kimmage R. I. West, Dublin. From Graymount, Grange Road, Rathfarnham, 25th April 1941 Have finished the books sometime now, but for various reasons have been prevented from returning them. If I don't hear before next Tuesday that you will not be at home that afternoon, hope to call about 4pm. Kind regards, W. J. Gray. 25th April 1941 Rathfarnham
Barr, Mr. John, Drumcondra ?? Dublin. Dear John, How are you getting on this weather, I want you to let me know if you will dance at the Feis. William. June or July 1916? Antrim
Archer, Mrs. Freeman, 38 Rosevale Street, Belfast. Dear Annie, Landed here in good time, we thought it lonely/lovely after you got out. I think I will like the place. I hope you are having an awfully nice day. Lillie joins in love to yourself & Willie, Helena 27th July 1905 Belfast
Sloane, Miss S., No 13 Ward, Royal Victoria Hospital, City (Belfast) Dear S., I hope this P.C. will find you still keeping better, I suppose you have never got up yet. I send this to say M. will not can get tomorrow as we have a friend coming from Larne but will go on Thursday with my W. B., sending his love to you from New York, also Jim, Aggie. 8th May 1907 Belfast
Gracey, Miss, Druminargle House, Scarva, Co. Down. From Lisbon, Feb. 18th/15 On shore here for a few hours, all well, Weather delightful, Love Wes. 18th February 1915 Lisbon
Huplies, Mrs., Married Quarters, Stewart Barracks, 3rd Dragoon Guards, Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare. Dear Mrs. H., Many thanks for all good wishes for the New Year & sincerely return the compliment to you all.. Glad to hear you are all well, with love, B. Hatcher 3rd January 1908 MHOW
Agnew, Miss Mary, c/o Conway House, Derriaghy, Belfast. D/M will be here until Friday. Having lazy mornings & getting about in afternoons, weather is fine & warm. Sadie. 16th ?? ?? Paddington
Broderick, M. B., c/o "Cork Examiner" 1 & 2 Quai Eden, Dublin. From Rouen, 14th September 1924? Arrived here last night after a delightful walk from Le Harve which we left on Thursday morning. Some Country. No more hols for me in ?? On the neighbourhood. You'll be stunned to hear what it costs. Regard to the Boss & Flo? & Harry or Henry. glorious weather. T. 14th September 1924? Rouen
Waring, Mrs., Ballywhelan, Stewartstown, Co. Tyrone. From Pisa June 2nd. We are back now in Pisa, for a minute at least to ??? On Saturdays to the Borgne? The children are all very much improved by stay at sea and we are enjoying ????? Fine weather & fruit galore in Pisa. I hope you are all well, I have better accounts from Mexico? love from all. 2nd June ?? Pisa
McIlwaine, Mrs., Ballycraigey Manse, Carnmoney, Belfast. We want to thank you for wire received on 15th. We like Menton very much, the scenery is very beautiful and weather has been fine but rather cold. Love Biddy. 22nd February 1927 Menton
McQuillan, F. G. J., 79 Kimberley Stret, Belfast. Shall be seeing you shortly. Hope you are feeling OK Moira says that the grub is very good. Love K. September 1937 Dinard
MacQuillan, Anthony, Haywood Avenue, Belfast. Arrived here tonight after dark. The weather has kept up well. You ought to do this trip next year earlier - it gets dark so soon now. V. October 1937 Verdun
McIlwaine, Mrs., The Manse, St. Johnston, Londonderry. Hope to leave for home by Highland Piper on 7th November. Should arrive in Ireland early in first week of December. Hoping you are both well. Looking forward to seeing you soon. As ever love Wes. 12t November 1916 Argentina
Hale, Mrs. ?, Finvoy Lodge, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim. Having a beautiful time and we will be quite sorry to leave France or perhaps to leave the cafés. August 1938 France
Gadd, Mr. & Mrs. N.? J., 16 Camberwell Terrace, Antrim Road, Belfast, 18th May 1946? from Cardiganshire - Thank you for your letter John dear, it was lovely to find it waiting at Cardiff, we cannot let you have another address in time for you to reply worse luck. tonight we shall be at the good old "Porth" at Handyss?th weather cold in mornings & evenings, very warm in between, lovely to see Michael sitting up eating, shall answer your letter at home, hope all goes well with your work. Dad is with Mrs. Feriss whatever, Love M.
Patterson, Mr. T. J. (Thomas Tommy), West Street, Carrickfergus, from various people, Madge in New York, 1912, Dear T., I believe you say I owe you a letter but I think if you will recollect, I sent you the last letter. However if you don't answer this card I shall call you a big Lem? Regards to all.
13/7? From J. Mc. A., Belfast 17 A.P.A., Gone for dinner as usual on Monday R. will be there.
photo card wishing you the compliments of the season from Mr. & Mrs. B.
date unclear From ?
Dear Tommy, just a few words to ask you where were you on Wednsey night I was thinking over my music well you should be thinking over me instead of that you will be blowing your head of and then what do tom do you mind the night me and molly told you. xxxxxxx
date unclear 5/7/07? different writing from previous card, no name
Tommy oh. When a courting you do go, remember that this courting does give pain. Young gents they should beware, in tunnels dark declare and in kissing girls within a railway train. From your broken hearted Bluebell. Is that your only pair. If so I am very sorry to see you sitting like that. (photo on postcard of a man mending a hole in his pants)
2/12/07 From G. S. or J. T. Moreton-in-Marsh
Thanks very much for your P.C. glad to hear about The Barn. I don't think they name you wrong if you do get Jack Frick the second. remember me to the boys at the Castle when you take the things round.
Postcard to Jack (no address) (no postmark) From Jim, Dear Jack, I am having my Whitsintide holidays in the country I often come here 4 miles from Preston, I will make it my way to bring you here some time, Broughton is a charming place.
another with no details other than its from Jim to Jack says...
Dear Jack, This is our village church, sorrie to say I was called here very suddenly on Friday last to a funeral of a little friend of mine and she was buried here it was very sad.
Christmas photo and name George
Photo card to name Mildred & Jim Shorrocks, Accrington
Colter, Mr. J. M., 92 Donegall Street, Belfast. Got into Interlaken last night received paper but no letter, left this morning before post arrived, will get back again about 6pm. Leaving on Monday for Montreau, a day sooner than Interlaken, both well weather fine. 29th August 1908 Interlaken