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James Annett Ulster Covenant Form  -  Signing of the Ulster Solemn League

The First Ever Orange Lodge. Co. Armagh  -  Altnaveigh Memorial Band

Shankill Road  Primitive Methodist Total Abstinence L.O.L.  -  unidentified Lodge?

Champion of Bangor Drum - Captain William Luke - Guns for Ulster 1947

various Ian Paisley books etc. - W. Corbett Ulster Covenant Form - Masonic Photo

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James Annett Lisburn - Ulster Covenant Signature

The Spirit of Ulster

The name Thiepval in Ulster shall
For ever be remembered
Though far it be across the sea
Fond love it has engendered

For it was there that Ulster proved
Her loyalty and valour
Devotion to the cause she loved
Shone forth in brightest colour

That morn awoke with German smoke
And shells directed o'er them
Yet Ulster's sons stood by their guns
That duty lay before them

Each soldier meant to do or die
As he was on the border
Of sounding forth his battle cry
To test the fateful order

No words we know can fully show
Our heroes deeds in action
Historians say that on that day
They caused their foe distraction

From trench to trench they onward swept
In unexampled splendour
And o'er each top they swiftly leapt
Still shouting "no surrender"

Observers wrote "when Ulster smote
We simply stood and wondered
And did compare each do and dare
To that of the "six hundred"

While for that great and mighty test
No duty was neglected
But to us all who knew them best
'Twas just what we expected

There many fell by shot and shell
In that combined endeavour
To check the Hun upon his run
Our Allied line to sever

To them it was a heavy cost
When counted on the morrow
Then to our gallant heroes lost
We bowed our heads in sorrow

Lest we forget we owe a debt
To those in whom we glory
Who far abroad, though 'neath the sod
Still live in deathless glory

And now to all who have been spared
Our heartfelt thanks we tender
For glorious deeds and dangers shared
When shouting "no surrender"

Thomas Morrison

The author of the foregoing stanzas has received letters of congratulation from :- The Marquis of Londonderry, Viscount Massereene and Ferrard, Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilcox, Mr. Thomas Moles, M.P., and Captain Cyril Falls, Elthan, London, etc. The Prime Minister of Northern Ireland wrote - Dear Mr. Morrison, Very many thanks for your kindness in forwarding to me a copy of "Thiepval, or the Spirit of Ulster," which I will retain among the Archives of the Memorial to be opened and dedicated on the 29th November.  If I may say so, the lines are excellent, and breathe the spirit of the men of Ulster. I congratulate you most heartily on your handling of a difficult, because touching subject. With renewed thanks, Yours sincerely, James Craig


Liberty and Freedom - Signing of the Ulster Solemn League & Covenant 28th September 1912

early 1900's possibly U.V.F.

Altnaveigh Memorial Pipe Band L.O.L. No. 37 District No. 9 - 12th July 1951 at the Altnaveigh Memorial Orange Hall, 1884

Co. Armagh

Shankill Road  Primitive Methodist Total Abstinence L.O.L. No. 459 (I think)

The Late Bro. Rev. John Elliott D.G.C.I. + The Late Bro. John Longmore P.M.

can't quite make out the writing on the banner, looks like Cook or Cookstown then maybe Memorial L.O.L.  ???


U.V.F. 2nd and 8th

Green Road, Upper Newtownards Road, Army HQ

Victoria Bazaar May 1897                   The Home Rule Bill November 1913

The Champion of Bangor Drum - J. Evans, 28 Egeria Street, Belfast  Maker & Painter

The S.S. Mountjoy at Larne Harbour

To Captain William Luke formerly in command of the S.S. Fanny and afterwards Captain of the Mountjoy

Dear Captain, On behalf of your many Ulster Friends, we request your acceptance of this Illuminated Address as a small token of their warm appreciation of the excellent services you rendered to Ulster whilst in command of the "Fanny" and afterwards of the "Mountjoy." With Best wishes to Mrs. Luke and yourself, we remain, dear Captain Luke, Yours sincerely, Signed on behalf of the Subscribers - Thomas Henderson, M.P.; G. R. Black; J. H? Strain; W. C. Lindsay  February 1927


Old Town Hall, W. Corbett


back row: Arnold Shaw, Cecil Oakes, Leslie Doherty, Victor Moore, Alex. Hunter, David Thompson, Gilbert Mairs Shaw, Fred Stocker, James Graham, Hugh Melling
front row: Eddie McNeilly, Thos. J. Patterson, R. H. McDonnell, D. S. Bell, Major Sir. Wm. Baird, Thos. R. Cambridge, James Hamilton, Rev. Samuel Cochrane, William S. Milner
Belfast Photographer
further information on the above photograph by Rebecca of the Grand Lodge of Ireland kindly sought out and sent to me by Mark Donald ~ thank you


further information

Warrant No. 1012. 9 May, 1947 - Printed form of Memorial for a new warrant to meet at the Masonic Hall, Carrickfergus and to have the title "St. Andrew's" Lodge – Memorial signed by nineteen brethren from various Lodges and recommend William Baird (P.M. No. 432) as first W.M.; David Samuel Milliken Bell (No. 43) as S.W. and Thomas Reid Cambridge (No. 346) as J.W. and the Memorial was recommended by Lodge Nos. 346, 43 and 282 and the Provincial Grand Master of Antrim.

From the Minutes of the Grand Lodge Board of General Purposes. Lodge 1012. 21 May, 1947 - Read Memorial from various brethren praying for a warrant to establish a Lodge in Carrickfergus in the County of Antrim to be called the "St. Andrew's". Recommended. Grand Lodge Minute 5 June, 1947 – Confirmed.

(A) Reissued to "St Andrew's" Lodge in CARRICKFERGUS, Co. Antrim, 5 June, 1947.

Series five Vol. 20 shown as Vol. 5 of the extant Grand Lodge Registers shows:- Warrant No. 1012 to Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim as "St. Andrew's" Lodge, 5 June, 1947. Sir William Baird DL., Director (No. 432); David S. Bell, Director (No. 43) and Thomas R. Cambridge, Director (No. 346) registered along with sixteen others from various lodges 5 June, 1947. No indication as to Master or Wardens. The Register continues with the registration, on affiliation of a further twenty brethren, from various lodges, up to September 1948. A total of sixty-six brethren registered up to 15 December, 1952. In most cases the dates when the issue of certificates is shown, together with the occupation of the brother.

Constituted in the Masonic Hall, Carrickfergus, on Saturday, 25th October, 1947 by Rt. Wor. Bro. John W. Gillmour, Provincial Grand Master of Antrim. The Lodge had nineteen Foundation Members and Rt. Wor. Bro. Sir William Baird, DL. (No. 432) was the first Master. Bros. David S. Bell (No. 43) and Thomas R. Cambridge (No. 346) were the Wardens, Wor. Bro. R.C. MacDonnell (No. 313) the Treasurer and Wor. Bro. James Hamilton (No. 226) the Secretary. Other Founding Members – Bro. Hugh Milling (No. 346); Bro. Arnold Shaw (No. 346); Bro. Gilbert M. Shaw (No. 346); Bro. Frederick G. Stocker (No. 282); Bro. James Graham (No. 346); Bro. Alexander Hunter MA. (No. 527); Rt. Wor. Bro. Rev. Samuel Cochrane, BA., Provincial Grand Chaplain (No. 289); Wor. Bro. William S. Milner, P.G.L.I. (No. 162); Wor. Bro. Thomas J. Patterson, P.G.L.I. (No. 43); Bro. Victor S. Moore (No. 515); Bro. Leslie Doherty (No. 346); Bro. R.M. Oakes (No. 346); Bro. Edward McNeilly (No. 43) and Bro. David Thomson (No. 282).