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Westbourne Presbyterian Church
26th Year                                                                        June 1916


Our Roll of Honour


Father guide them,
O, we know not what of harm
May betide them.
'Neath the shadow of Thy wing
Father hide them;
Walking, sleeping, Lord, we pray,
Go beside them.

Abraham, R.
Adair, Frank
Adams, D.
Addison, Robert
Addison, W.
Agnew, J.
Agnew, Joseph
Agnew, W.
Aiken, J.
Alford, R.
Allen, A.
Allen, T.
Allister, W. J.
Andrews, Wm.
Anderson, Alex.
Anderson, J. D.
Anderson, J. G.
Anderson, R. (killed in action)
Anderson, R.
Atkinson, J.

Bailie, A. F.
Bailie, George
Bailie, H. (killed in action)
Bailie, J.
Bailie, T.
Bailie, W.
Beattie, J.
Beattie, W.
Bell, Thomas
Bennett, W.
Bennett, Wm.
Bingham, S. J.
Black, R.
Black, Wm.
Blain, J.
Blair, T.
Bothwell, C.
Bothwell, T.
Bothwell, W.
Bowie, J.
Boyd, J.
Boyd. J.
Boyd, W.
Brown, A.
Brown, G.
Brown, J.
Brown, J.
Brown, R.
Brown, Robert
Brown, W. C.
Bushnell, J.

Campbell, I.
Campbell, W.
Carson, T.
Cathcart, J. A.
Childs, Edward
Chittenden, A.
Clarke, John
Clarke, Samuel
Clarke, W. H.
Clint, R.
Coates, S.
Cochrane, J.
Connolly, J.
Conway, M.
Cooper, F.
Cosgrave, G. T.
Coulter, J.
Coyle, B.
Craig, A.
Creelman, A.
Creighton, J.
Crothers, J.
Cull, J.
Cull, S.
Cully, Wm.

Dale, John
Davison, R.
Deans, John
Dickson, D.
Dickson, J.
Donnan, S.
Donnan, Wm.
Drennan, Thomas
Duncan, W. J.
Dunwoody, W. J.

Emerson, J.
Esler, J.

Ferguson, Daniel
Ferris, Thomas
Fisher, D.
Flannigan, J. A.
Fleming, G.
Fleming, Joseph
Foreman, R.
Forsythe, H.
Forsythe, H.
Forsythe, J.
Forsythe, T.
Forsythe, W.
Foster, R. N. (killed in action)

Gallaher, A. C.
Gardner, S.
Gardiner, W. A.
Garrett, A.
Gattenby, E.
Girvin, Alex.
Gordon, D.
Gordon, G.
Gordon, J.
Gordon, W.
Gourley, T.
Graham, T.
Graham, W.
Grath, Wm.?
Gray, R. J.
Gray, W.
Gray, W.

Hay, S. (killed in action)
Hamilton, J.
Hannigan, R.
Harper, Wm.
Hedley, Wm.
Hives, Samuel
Hooke, Harry
Hummerston, Albert
Hurst, W.
Hunter, T.
Hutcheson, W. J.

Irvine, George
Irvine, James

Jamison, F.
Jamison, R. J.
Jamison, Victor
Johnston, J.
Johnston, J.
Johnston, R.
Johnston, S.
Johnston, W.
Johnston, W. J.
Jones, F.
Jones, T.

Keith, J.
Keith, T.
Kelly, Thomas
Kelly, W. H.
Kenny, A.
Kenny, J.
Kenny, J.
Kenny, W.
Kennedy, James
Kennedy, John
Kerr, Alex.
Kerr, J.
Kerr, J.
Kerr, Norman
Kerr, W.
Kershaw, C.
King, J.
King, S.
Kirk, David
Kirk, W.
Kirkpatrick, Alfred

Large, W. H.
Law, D.
Law, David W. C.
Lee, G.
Lee, W.
Leebody, R.
Leebody, S.
Lewis, J.
Liggett, E.
Liggett, G.
Little, J.
Little, T.
Little, T.
Little, W.
Long, J.
Long, W.
Lowry, S.
Lumsden, George
Lyons, G.

Magee, J.
Marshall, D.
Marshall, D.
Martin, G.
Martin, W.
Matthews, J.
Matthews, T.
Matthews, W.
Mawhinney, S.
Maxwell, J.
Millar, R.
Milligan, T.
Mills, A.
Moffatt, W.
Montgomery, R.
Montgomery, T.
Monroe, G.
Moore, David
Moore, J.
Moore, T.
Moran, G.
Moran, W. J.
Morrison, A. W.
Morrison, J. G.
Morrison, W. B.
Mossman, M.
Moy, H. M. S.
Murdock, S.
Murphy, F.

McAuley, J.
McAuley, W. D.
McBride, A.
McBride, A.
McBride, J.
McBride, J.
McBride, W.
McCambley, J.
McCarroll, W.
McCartney, E.
McCartney, H.
McCartney, R.
McCartney, W. J.
McClean, D.
McClean, H.
McClean, H.
McClean, J.
McClean, W. (killed in action)
McClernon, J.
McClurg, C..
McConnell, A.
McConnell, S
McCormick, W. J.
McCracken, A.
McCracken, G.
McCruden, C.
McCullough, A.
McCullough, E.
McCullough, J.
McCullough, T.
McDonald, F.
McDowell, J.
McDowell, Robert
McFall, J.
McGimpsey, S.
McGrub, J.
McGuffin, S.
McIlroy, W.
McIlwain, W. J.
McIlwrath, J.
McIlwrath, Wm.
McIntosh, D. A.
McIntosh, N.
McIntosh, T.
McKee, A.
McKee, D.
McKee, R.
McKee, S.
McMaster, J.
McMaster, J.
McMillan, H.
McMillan, Wm.
McNeice, D.
McNeilly, R.
McVeigh, W.

Napier, R.
Nelson, S.
Nichol, D.
Nolan, W. N.
Nolan, A.
Nolan, J.

Orr, H.
Orr, J.

Parker, A.
Parker, W.
Patterson, T.
Pearson, G. H.
Poag, J. (killed in action
Poag, R.
Poots, W.
Proudfoot, W. J.

Quinn, J.

Rea, D.
Rea, R.
Reid, J.
Ritchie, J.
Rodgers, J.
Rodgers, T.
Rodgers, W.
Ross, R.
Ross, S. P.

Savage, R.
Scilley, J. F.
Scilley, R. A.
Scott, J.
Scott, M.
Scott, S.
Shanks, J.
Shaw, J.
Shaw, S. J.
Shaw, T. H.
Shields, S.
Sloan, J.
Smith, E.
Smith, H.
Smith, S.
Smith, S.
Simpson, S.
Smylie, J.
Somerset, W.
Spence, H.
Steele, T. E.
Steenson, W.
Stewart, G.
Stewart, W.
Strickland, W.
Sturgeon, J.

Tate, W.
Templeton, R.
Thompson, A.
Thompson, D.
Thompson, D.
Thompson, J.
Thompson, J.
Templeton, N.
Thompson, W. A.
Tosh, N.
Tosh, R.
Tosh, W.
Todd, R.
Totton, T.
Turner, J.

Vincent, D.

Wallace, A.
Wallace, H.
Waters, D.
Welch, F.
Wells, W.
Wilkinson, R.
Williams, F.
Williams, J. (killed in action)
Williams, R.
Williams, W. J.
Wilson, H.
Wilson, J.
Watson, P.
White, H.
White, T.
Witherow, T. H.
Wylie, D. (could be a brother of J. K.)
Wylie, J. K. (my grandfather - Mary)

Young, J.

          "We have done our very utmost to have the above list of men as complete as possible.  If any names have been omitted friends might please give them to Mr. George Matthews, Church Officer, and we will publish them next month.  It is interesting to know that by the return given to the general Assembly we have close on 18,000 Presbyterians in the Army and Navy.  These are reliable figures of members who are on our church rolls.

          We tender to Mr. Thomas Beattie, Superintendent of our Morning Sabbath School, our sincere sympathy in his recent sad bereavement.  It is the Master's own words, "She is not dead, but sleepeth."

          The Annual Inspection and Drill Display of the 46th Company of our Boys' Brigade was a most successful gathering; and the report of the Inspecting Officer, Rev. R. H. S. Cooper, M.A., gave the Company the greatest praise for their efficiency in both deportment and Drill generally; and those who were present could not but admit the praise was well deserved.  Mr. A. Grogan presided at the meeting, and in every way it was profitable and enjoyable.  The following are the particulars regarding medals, etc.:-

          Gentleman's medal, presented by W. J. Price, Esq.  First Drill Down medal, presented by A. Grogan, Esq.  Second Drill Down medal, presented by Mrs. Tanner.  N.C.O.'s medal, presented by George Smyth, Esq.  Three-Books (Bible Class Examination), presented by Mr. and Mrs. Gourley.  One Book (Bible Class Examination), presented by Mrs. Tate.  Pencils for Squad, presented by Mrs. T. Tate.
          Squad medal won by No. 1 Squad, under Sergt. Sam Magee.  Gentleman's medal won by Colour-Sergeant Sam Gourley.  N.C.O.'s medal won by Sergeant Sam Magee.  Drill Down Competition - First Place, Private Robert Anderson; Second Place, Lance-Corporal W. McCrory.  One Year Efficiency Badges - Colour-Sergeant Sam Gourley, Sergeant Sam Magee, Corporals Alex. Sampson, George McDonald, John Bell, Lance-Corporals W. McCrory, W. McCullough, Bugler Sam Douglas, Privates Murray Brown, William Hart, Robert Anderson, Joseph Sampson, Sam McMillan, S. D. Thompson, James Bell, Lance-Corporal W. McCullough, Bugler Sam Douglas, Privates Robert Anderson, Murray Brown, James Bell.  Bible Class - 1st, Private W. Hart. 2nd, Corpl. G. McDonald, 3rd, Private Robt. Webb, 4th, Harry Carson.  Discharge Certificate, Col. Sergeant Saml. Gourley, L. Corp. W. McCullough.  To be Staff Sergeant, Col. Sergeant Saml. Gourley

This photograph was with the above magazine so I assume they are members of the church whose names are listed above.