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1918 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory    1898 Newry Directory  Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

The Numbering of Tenements in the Streets of Belfast is not consecutive but alternative/  One side is marked with ODD figures, 1, 3, 5, and so on; and the opposite with EVENS, as 2, 4, 6, etc.

Antrim Road
[right hand side]
2 to Boro' boundary, Clifton Ward, North Par. Div.
1 to 135, Dock Ward, North Par. Div.
137 to 189, Dock Ward, East Par. Div
199 to 287, Duncairn Ward, East Par. Div.
301 to Boro' boundary, Duncairn Ward, Nth Par. Div

                            St. Enoch's Place
1, 3. Ulster Bank Ltd., Andrew Gilbert Cromie, branch manager; W. A. Graham, cashier; res., 14 Evelyn Gardens
   5. Graham, John, tobacconist and confectioner
7, 9. Vacant
 11. Fitzgerald, C., Fruiterer and Poulterer
                               Jubilee Villas
 13. Logan, James, dentist
 15. McLaughlin, John, piano warehouse
 17. Lee, Sadie, ice-cream saloon
..........Pim Street intersects
                            Jubilee Buildings
 19. Lyons, Jas., grocer and provision merchant
 21. Donelan, Agnes, servants' registry office
 23. Nardone, C., ice-cream saloon
 25. Esler Bros., tobacconists and hairdressers
27, 29, 31. Vacant
 33. Dunlop, Hans, dairy and tea store
35, 37. Vacant
39 to 43. Rogan Bros., boot and shoe warehouseman
 45. Smith, Patk., merchant tailor
 47. Rodgers, John, grocer
..........Churchill Street intersects
                           Woodbine Terrace
 49. Gray, John, & Co., druggists and grocers
 51. Nesbitt, Wm., hardware merchant
 53. Hughes, Denis, fruiterer and florist
                            Brookvale Terrace
53a. Fearon, Miss M., costumier
 55. Hall, F. T. J., carrier
   "   Elliott, Geo., caretaker
 57. Varey, Wm.
 59. Nesbitt, James Hope, engineer and millwright
 61. Cuming, Mary
 63. Lawther, Mrs. Margaret
 65. Williams, E. C.
 67. Cooper, E.
 69. Cooper, James, grocer
..........Dawson Street intersects
                                Clive Villas
 71. Gardner, Alex., school of music and dancing
 73. Tweedie, D. H., M.D., surgeon
 75. McCrackin, J. H.
 77. Cumming, S., builder
 79. Hoyland, A. E., dentist
                                Antrim Place
 81. Archer, Mrs. Emily
 83. White, Mrs. Louie
 85. Finlay, William, builder
   "   Finlay, Mrs., servants' registry
 87. Monaghan, Mrs. M.
 89. Millar, H. F.
 91. Johnston, Mary A.
 93. Connor, Forbes, dentist
 95. Weatherup, Jas., cement merchant
 97. Kirk, Peter, publican
..........Annadale Street intersects
                             Laburnum Terrace
 99. Kelly, W. J., J.P., tea merchant
101. Kelly, The Misses
103. McLorinan, William, L.R.C.P. & S.I., J.P.
105. Thomas, Mrs. Elizabeth
107. Marks, Jos., painter and decorator
109. Harrison, Mrs.
111. McStay, M., dentist
113. Melville & Co. Ltd., funeral furnishers and posting masters (branch)
115. Gallagher, Miss M., milliner
117. Burrows, Miss, confectioner
119. Hill, Albert, blouse manufacturer
121. Douglas, Josias W.
123. Chambers, Robt., builder
125. Spence, Miss E., blouse specialist
127. Hanna, Miss, costumier
129. Nelson, Miss, costumier
131. McCarthy, Timothy, editor of "Irish News"
133. Bell, S., tobacconist
135. Donnelly, A., publican
..........New Lodge Road & Halliday's Road intersect
137. Robinson, J. B., dispensing chemist
139. Duncairn Street Post Office - J. B. Robinson, sub-postmaster
   "    Robinson, Miss A. M., A.R.M.S.
141, 143. O'Boyle, Henry, publican
                              Eagleson Place
143b. Hughes, W. J., tobacconist and newsagent
145. McCaughey, S. N., plumber and gasfitter
147. Singer Sewing Machine Co. (Branch)
149. O'Neill, J., posting establishment
151. McKendry, Patrick
153. Montgomery, D., tram inspector
155. Gilmore, D., master mariner
155. Dornan, E. H. T., & Co., grocers and provision merchants
157. Gordon, Wm., butter & egg merchant
159, 161. Fleming & Lindsay Ltd., publicans
163. Stewart, G., boot maker
165. Devine, M., florist and fruiterer
167. Watts, J. W., tobacconist, stationer & lending library
169. Walker, W. J., boot maker
171. Fisher, Miss, confectioner & tobacconist
173. Gibson, Wm., hardware merchant
175. Saunders, Geo., butcher
175a. McWilliams,. Robt., tobacconist & confectioner
177. Riddell, Frederick, Registered Plumber, Gas Fitter and Bellhanger. Tel. No. 295X
179. Ward, P. J., tobacconist
181. Martin, Wm., druggist
..........Hillman Street intersects
                           The Manor House
183. Allworthy, S. W., M.A., M.D., D.P.H.
                             Gloucester Villa
185. Haydock, Wm. S., M.B.
                             Hartington Villa
187. Lyons, Jas., L.D.S., dentist
                              Glastry Villa
189. Monypeny, H. J., M.D., B.Ch., B.A.O.
..........Duncairn Gardens intersects
191. Sterling, Tom, confectioner
193. McFerran, J., linen draper
..........Atlantic Avenue intersects
                         Corlespratton Terrace
199. McConaghy, D., Family Grover and Agent for W. & A. Gilbey Ltd., Telephone 4411 Belfast
201. McBride, R. J., ironmonger and china merchant
203. Arnold, Thos. S., outfitter
203a. Devlin, Mrs. L.
205. W. & A. Gilbey Ltd., wine merchants, branch depot
                             Cavendish Terrace
207. Vacant
209. Logan, David, butcher
211. Vacant
213. Dunlop, H., tea specialist
215. Burns, M. C., professor of music
217. Creswell, Mrs. Mary
219. Henderson, Mrs. T.
221. McNeill, Mrs. R. S., milliner and costumier
223. Johnson Bros. Ltd., dyers and dry cleaners
223a. Thompson, Miss Annie
                               Antrim Terrace
225. Gowans, J. H., pharmaceutical chemist
227, 229. Green, John, butcher, poulterer and fish merchant
229a. McFadden, Mrs. Wyffe, W. G.
231. Maypole Dairy Co. Ltd. (Branch) - R. Wallace, manager
231a. Orr, Mrs. L.
233. Harrison, J. A., grocer and fruiterer
..........Baltic Avenue intersects
235. Craig, A. H., surgeon dentist
   "    Craig, Major S.
237. Barron, John, M.D.
239. Campbell, Dr. M. Gordon, surgeon
241. Osborne, H. D., M.D., surgeon
243. Williams, J. R., manager
245. McComb, S. Wilson, M.B., B.Ch.
247. Henry, Moses, M.B., B.Ch.
249. Young, Wm., managing director Irish Flax Spinning Co. Ltd.
..........Oceanic Avenue intersects
251. Fitzsimmons, Wm., plumber, gasfitter, and hardware and china merchant
                             Arthur Terrace
253. Vacant
255. Elliott, Mrs., tobacconist
   "    Elliott, Geo., M.I.M.E.
257. R.I.C. Barracks - James McCann, head constable
261. Cliftonville P.O. - Miss S. Hopkins, sub-postmistress
263. Graham, J., confectioner and tobacconist
265a. Burnside, John
265. The Express Dairy and Tea Stores - Proprietors, Adam Armstrong, Ltd.
267. Clements, Wm. G., draper
269. Antrim Road Garage - Samuel Bryan
271. Devine, P. T., fruiterer
273. Graham, J., confectioner
275. Hughes, Wm. J., confectioner & newsagent
277. McCann, D., & Sons, Fishmongers, Poulterers and Provision Merchants. Telephone No. 2576
279. Fleming, Miss M., Flesher. Tel. No. 3441
281. Birch, Mrs., fancy draper
283. Markland, Mrs. (branch office for John Milligen & Co., coal merchants)
285. Calvin, John, hardware and china merchant
287. Pim, E. & W. Ltd., grocers (branch)
..........Limestone Road intersects
..........Camberwell Terrace intersects
                          Richmond Crescent
301. Lavery Bros., spirit grocers
303. Penning, F. W., overseer
305. Vacant
307. Cowden, Jas., baker
309. Barron, Robt., pharmaceutical chemist
311. Gill, Mrs. N.
315. Crispin, J. F., stationer and newsagent
317. Richmond Masonic Club No. 262 - R. Smith, caretaker
319. Williamson, Miss Ethel
321. Picken, Mrs. Annie
323. Saunders, Miss Jennie
325. Carse, John, plater
327. Kerby, Mrs. John
329. Christie, R., sail & tent manufacturer
331. Wilson, John
333. Weir, Mrs. Margaret
335. Kent, Margaret
337, 339. McMullan, E., baker and confectioner
..........Jubilee Avenue intersects
341, 341a. Vacant
                             Westminster Villas
343. English, Thos., dairy keeper
345. Jones, Mrs.
                                Antrim Lodge
347. Johnstone, Rev. ? M., B.A., minister of Newington Presbyterian Church
349. Deacon, Miss Ella
..........Alexandra Park Avenue intersects
                              Dunmore House
351. Headquarters North Belfast Regiment U.V.F.
   "    Kennedy, Alex.
                                 Gate Lodge
353. Brown, W. R., electric crane driver
355. McKee, David, director Belfast Banking Co. Ltd.
357. Connell, F. T., F.R.G.S., principal of Connell's Institute, Belfast
359. Stringer, Arthur
361. McComb, Wm., of Snugville Bakery
363. Spence, S. G., manager of the Southwark Manufacturing Co., 4 Skipper Street
365. Bullick, Mrs. W. E.
367. Craig, Wm. (partner of Morton, White & Craig)
369. Lilburn, Mrs. Annie K.
                            Dunedin Terrace
397. Stuart, Miss
399. Morton, John
401. Chambers, A. J., commercial traveller
403. Hilland, J., tea merchant
                          St. Paul's Parsonage
405. Scott, Rev. Oswald, M.A., incumbent St. Paul's Church
..........Glandore Avenue intersects
                            Castleton Terrace
411. Quiery, Robt., com. agent
413. McFerran, John, draper
415. Hunter, Mrs. Margt.
417. Holden, Mrs.
419. Skeffington, Jos. B.
421. Craig, J., retired engineer
423. Smith, Mrs. Mary
   "    Smith, Miss M. and E., principals Kindergarten School
425. Davidson, Hugh Joseph, linen merchant
427. Nolan, Mrs. Sarah
..........Glandore Gardens intersects
                               Glandore Park
429. Rea, Henry Tighe, shipbroker, secretary Lagan Navigation Company, Vice-Consul Argentine Republic
431. Honan, P. J., inspector of national schools
433. Taggart, Wm. J., M.D.
435. Moore, W. J., manager Northern Bank (Falls branch)
437. Carlisle, Thos. E., house and land agent
439. Pollard, Mrs. M.
441. Pollock, Rev. John, minister of St. Enoch's Presbyterian Church
443. Linton, Mary
445. Magee, Miss
..........Alexandra Gardens intersects
        Fortwilliam Park Presbyterian Church - Ministers, Rev. Jas. Maconaghie, D.D., Ellesmere, Parkmount Road, and Rev. A. Lyle Harrison, B.A., 7 Fortwilliam Terrace
..........Fortwilliam Park intersects
        Ewart, G. H., J.P., of Wm. Ewart & Son Ltd.
                             Firmount Lodge
        Graham, Robt., chauffeur
        Nagle, Garrett, Barrister-at-Law, Resident Magistrate for Belfast
        Hunter, William, J.P.
        Ferguson, Godfrey W., J.P., architect
                              Mountain View
        Hodge, James D., of Hodge & Smith
                               Mount Lyons
        Mosse, Miss
        Taylor, Miss Clara J.
        Johns, H. I., J.P., director Belfast Banking Co. Ltd.
                           Barnagheeha Lodge
        McClurg, Jas., gardener
        Vacant ground
        St. Peter's Church - Rector, Rev. H. R. Brett, M.A., Montrose, Somerton Road
        Malcolm, Bowman, engineer-in-chief Midland Railway (N.C.C.)
..........Lansdowne Road intersects
        Woodside, W. F. M., house furnisher
   1. Chantler, Wm. H., Board of Trade surveyor
                                Castle View
       Prenter, John D., accountant
       Mayne, Mrs. M. E.
       Crockett, W. R., accountant
..........Glastonbury Avenue intersects
       Taylor, John, director Henry Taylor & Sons Ltd.
       McCreight, Saml., director of Millar & Co., Clifton Street
                              Mount Lennox
       Knox, Wm.
..........Parkmount Road intersects
       McCammond, Colonel W. E. C., J.P., 3rd R.I.R.
       Macoun, Joseph
       Glendinning, Mrs.
       Stewart, H. H., chief inspector Northern Bank
                               Donore Lodge
       Chambers, Jos., sen. inspector of National Schools
       Berwitz, Louis, house furnisher
       O'Rorke, W. E., J.P., solicitor
       Nelson, Howard, linen salesman
       Gorman, John P., inspector Belfast Bank
..........Donegall Park Avenue intersects
       Walker, John
..........Waterloo Gardens intersects
       Forbes, Robert E., C.E.
..........Downview Avenue intersects
       McKibbin, F., estate agent and valuer
       Bigger, Francis Joseph
                               Cavehill Hotel
       Mulhern, F., wine and spirit merchant
       Swiney, J. H. H., C.E.
       Lockhart, A. A., solicitor
       Gibson, W. K., solicitor
       Dixon, Alexander, J.P.
       Love, David
                               Cave Hill View
       Cave Hill Stores - C. O'Neill
..........Gray's Lane intersects
                            Ben Eden Cottage
       Snoddy, Robt., shipwright
                             Ben Eden Park
       Sutton, Frank, secretary
       Johnston, Miss
                               Mount Lydia
       Magowan, Samuel J.
       Fisher, T. A., house and land agent
       Craig, Mrs.
                              Hillcrest House
       Black, Wm. W., commercial traveller
       Lawther, A., J.P.
       The Throne Hospital (Side entrance)

                              [left hand side]
       McKnight, R. W., Pharmaceutical Chemist
   2. Bowman, Hugh, butcher
   4. McCloskey, J., tea and wine merchant
   6. Beattie, John, hair dresser & tobacconist
..........Annesley Street intersects
   8. Thompson, Mary Jane, dress and mantle maker
 10. Samuels, S., draper
 12. Dalton, Mrs. M., tobacconist
 14. Patton, Samuel & Son, butchers
 16. Mackle, J., grocer
..........Adela Street intersects
                              Adela Terrace
 18. Young, John, Wholesale and Retail Glass, China and Hardware Merchant
 20. Smith, John, boot maker and repairer
 22. Charlton, Mrs., milliner
 24. Campbell, Robt., grocer
 26. Miller, B., cabinet maker
..........Adela Place intersects
       St. Malachy's R.C. College - President, Rev. P. J. O'Neill; Professors - Rev. John Macaulay, Rev. James Clenaghan, B.D.; Rev. John McCaughan, B.A., B.D.; Rev. D. Mageean, B.A., B.D.; Rev. Jas. Hendley, B.A., D.D.; Rev. E. Crossin, B.A.; Mr. T. O'Gorman, Mr. Joseph O'Connor, B.A.; Mr. Bernard Gillespie, B.A.; Mr. John Conway, B.A., LL.B.; Mr. Peter Brannigan, D.Sc., A.I.C.E.
..........Lincoln Avenue intersects
 28. McIlroy, James, Belfast Iron & Smith Works
   "   Weir, R., Carpenter and House Repairer
28a. Casey, Thos., machinist
                               Cranston Place
 30. McGuire, Annie, fruit dealer
 32. Payne, Hamilton, baker and confectioner
 34. Quinn, Sarah, draper and dress maker
34a. Smyth, Andrew, watch maker and jeweller
 36. Vacant
 38. Cassidy, The Misses, milliners
..........Cranburn Street intersects
                              Donegall Terrace
 62. Gibson, Matthew, painter and decorator
 64. O'Leary, Edwin, Royal London Mutual Insurance superintendent
 66. McCann, Elizabeth
 68. Barklie, Mrs. M. B.
 70. Mulholland, J., bookkeeper
 72. McClarence, Jos., dentist
..........St. James Street intersects
                              Clifton Terrace
 74. Matthews, B. K., dentist
 76. McAdorey, Mrs. M.
 78. Moore, Mrs. E. J.
 80. Moore, Mrs.
 82. Conroy, Thos., rate collector
 84. Gilfedder, M., J.P., draper
..........Kinnaird Street intersects
                            Thorndale Terrace
 86. Dickey, Wm., M.B., surgeon
 88. Apergis, A. G., engineer
 90. Barbour, Miss L.
 92. Pollock, Miss H.
 94. McDonald, Mrs.
 96. Gorfunkle, S., house furnisher
 98. McDowell, R., M.B., surgeon
100. Wardsworth, W. A., M.D., J.P., surgeon
                                Haslam Villas
102. Johnson, Mrs. Charles
104. Freeman, Saml., draper
106. Rooney, Danl., publican
                                Cairn Lodge
108. Collier, H., grocer
110. Downes, Miss N.
112. Jackson, J.
                            Woodbine Cottage
114, 116. McKenzie, J., & Sons, Painters and Decorators
118, 120. Thorndale Nurses' Home - Mrs. E. Erickson and Miss A. Bill
                               Duncairn Terrace
122. McKittrick, J., bookkeeper
124. Goldring, Mrs.
126. Jameson, Miss Sarah
128. Coyle, E., M.B.
130. McGiffin, R., tea merchant
132. Werner, Herr Louis, professor of music
134. Kay, John, ship carpenter
136. Dennison, R. J., hardware merchant
138. Greer, Mary
..........Duncairn Avenue intersects
        Duncairn Presbyterian Church - Rev. James Pyper, B.A., minister
140a. Kennedy, J., coach builder
140. Vacant
142. McDonnell, J., boot maker
144. Forte, A., ice cream saloon
146a. Shearer, Patk., butcher
146. Vacant
148. Belfast Co-operative Society Ltd., grocery (Branch_
148a. Irwin, W. J., joiner
150, 152. Henry, W. J., & Co., ladies' tailors and general drapers
154. McKee, Alex., upholsterer and house furnisher
156, 158. Station Cab Company, Motor Car Hirers and Cab and Car Owners, and Carriage Hirers, Produce & Miss Litter Merchants; also at Donegall Pass & Connswater - Arthur Stringer, Proprietor.  Residence, Dunedin, Antrim Road.  Telephones 593, 1327; Telegrams, "Carriage, Belfast"
   "    Stringer, A., Motor Agent and Repairing Garage
158. Stringer, A., Funeral Furnisher (Branch); also at 109 Donegall Pass, 402 Newtownards Road, and 99 Castlereagh Street
158a. Dogherty, W., linen lapper
160. Denby, Wm., & Sons, Cliftonville Motor Carriage Works (Office)
162. Forsythe, W. J., Cliftonville cycle works
164. Denby, Wm., & Sons, Cliftonville Motor and Carriage Works
..........Cliftonville Road intersects
        St. James' Church - Rector, Rev. T. G. G. Collins, B.D., St. James' Parsonage, Cliftonville Road
166. St. James' National School, J. E. Larmour, principal
                               Helen's View
168. Stewart, J. Hamilton, M.D.
170. Dempsey, Alex. J., M.B.
                            St. James's Villas
172. McMurtry, Miss D.
174. Meenan, Margaret
176. Shaw, Miss J.
178. O'Donoghue, Patk., Barrister-at-Law
180. Hutchinson, J. A., M.D.
182. Keenan, Mrs. Mary A.
..........Eia Street intersects
                                  Eia House
184. Morrow, J. S., B.A., M.D.
186. Magee, P. J., solicitor
188. Rusk, John, B.A., M.B., R.U.I., physician and surgeon
190. Davidson, Isaac A., B.A., M.D., surgeon
192. McDowell, Miss R., teacher of music
194. Campbell, Mrs. Mary E.
196. Davidson, Captain A.
..........Allworthy Avenue intersects
                               Longford Villas
198. Clifton College - University and Teachers' Classes and School of Languages - Principal, John Harbinson, B.A. (Lond.)
200. Diamond, Robt., solicitor
                           Mariners' Parsonage
202. Brownrigg, Rev. H. W., incumbent of Mariners' Church, Corporation Street
                             Antrimville Manse
        Donald, Rev. C. S.
        Antrim Road Baptist Church
        Antrim Road National School - A. Lynas, B.A., prin.
204. Wills, Lt.-Col. R.A.M.C.
206. McCloskey, Mrs. Margaret
206a. Colgan, Mrs. E.
208. Vacant
..........Brookvale Avenue intersects
        Waterworks - Gate Lodge, Robert Rainey, caretaker
                         Waterworks Icehouse
..........Cavehill Road intersects
        Smith, Robert, builder
..........Richmond Lane intersects
240. Moody, Rev. A. F., M.A., B.D., minister Cliftonville Presbyterian Church
                                  Ivy Dene
242. Jarman, Mrs. A.

                             Richmond House
244. Knowles, Rev. James, B.A., minister Castleton Presbyterian Church; secy., Presbyterian Widows' Fund Association
246. Atkinson, John
248. Doran, Councillor J. A., J.P.
250. Connolly, John, manager Northern Bank, Falls Branch
252. Irwin, David, warehouseman
254. Richmond Nursery - A. Kennedy & Sons, nurseryman and florists
256. Thompson, Rev. S., M.A., minister Clifton Street Presbyterian Church
258. Findlay, Mrs. J. G. W.
                             Rosemount House
260. Brandon, H. B., J.P., chartered accountant
                               Mount Delphi
262. Martin, Miss M.
264. Hyes, Edward, retired sectional engineer
266. Henry, Miss Susan, private hotel
268. McDowell, Mrs. Mary
..........Rosemount Gardens intersects
270. McAllister, Robert, J.P., wine and spirit merchant
                                Mount Royal
272. Higginson, Robt., agent
274. Montgomery, Mrs. Ida A.
276. Nesbitt, Chas. H., pharmaceutical chemist
..........Willowbank Street intersects
                           Willowbank House
278. Edwards, M., bank manager
                              Marsden Villa
280. McCleery, Mrs. E.
                            Hopefield Terrace
282. McGarry, Miss
284. Bowden, Mrs. E.
286. Moore, A. E., director of T. L. Hardy & Co.
288. Kirker, G. S., manager
290. Shannon, Miss
292. Osborne, Jos., chartered accountant
294. Wilson, W. D.
..........Hopefield Avenue intersects
296. Aird, Wm., mill furnisher
298. Curley, Francis, J.P., merchant tailor
300. Grainger, Richard S., official assignee
302. Lynn, R. J., editor "Northern Whig"
304. Black, Mrs. A. L.
306. McConnell, Mrs.
..........Cedar Avenue intersects
                               Donard Villas
308. Polland, Mrs. Mary
310. Mackeown, Miss Jane E.
312. Barnett. Mrs. E.
314. Hunter, Miss Mary
316. Adrain, Mrs. Jane
..........Kansas Avenue intersects
                              Hopefield House
318. Vacant
342, 344. Ordnance Survey Office - Lieut.-Col. Whitlock, G.F.A., officer in charge
                            Fortwilliam Terrace
346. Murphy, Mrs. Mary E.
348. Houston, Craig, manager
350. Robinson, Saml., stationer
352. Cooke, Edwd., teacher
354. Orr, W. H., linen merchant
356. Lansdowne Collegiate School - Miss J. Wasson, B.A., principal
358. Harrison, Rev. A. Lyle, minister of Fortwilliam Park Presbyterian Church
..........Salisbury Avenue intersects
360. Vacant
                           Cherrington Terrace
362. Newell, Henry, merchant tailor
364. Montgomery, Charles
366. Forbes, Sarah J.
368. Miles, John M., agent
370. McCartney, Jas., manager
372. Mitchell, Miss M.
374. Grierson, Very Rev. Charles T. P., B.D., Dean of Belfast
376. Reade, J. T., merchant
                                Park House
378. McCaughey, James, flour and bran merchant
380. Richardson, General Sir George
                              Lisanore House
382. Morrow, Hugh G., mill manager
                              Lisanore Lodge
384. Kinahan, Henry, of Lyle & Kinahan Ltd.
386. Pim, John, J.P., secretary of Belfast Steamship Co.
388. Graham, Wm. J., J.P., wine merchant
                                  The Drift
390. Lowry, John, linen merchant
392. Herdman, F. S., managing director Brookfield Linen Co. Ltd.
..........Chichester Park intersects
        Montgomery, J., chemist
                            Chichester Gardens
   1. Dunlop, T. H. A., merchant
   2. Fisher, Ernest, manager
   3. Galloway, Robt. Knox L., director Ulster Bank
                           Chichester Terrace
   8. Peattie, D., warehouseman
   7. Andrews, Miss M.
   6. McDonald, Chas. S., insurance inspector
   5. Moles, Thos. E., journalist
..........Chichester Avenue intersects
   1. Hamilton, Jas., fancy box manufacturer
   2. MacGeorge, the Misses
   3. Erskine, Alex. P., of Brookhill Academy
   4. Harrison, Saml., manufacturers agent
                            Chichester House
       Harper, Mrs. William
                             Parkview House
       Wilson, John, auctioneer
..........Chichester Road intersects
..........Old Cavehill Road intersects
       Brown, Thos., J.P., estate agent
       Shemeld, Mrs. Mary
       Martin, Saml., J.P., insurance broker
                            Chichester Villas
   1. Miskimin, Mrs.
   2. Hunter, Herbt. C., secy.
                              Belfast Castle
       Shaftesbury, the Earl of, K.C.V.O., H.M.L., for Co. Antrim
                          Belfast Castle Lodge
       Mantle, R. H., gatekeeper
       Greer, Jas., game keeper
       Rexter, J., game keeper
       Moore, Robert, coachman
       Cavehill Post Office - Sub-postmistress, Mrs. R. Beamish
       Nevin, Mrs., gatekeeper
                                 Hill House
                                Park Lodge
       Craig, His Honour John Walker, K.C., Recorder of Belfast and County Court Judge of Antrim
                         Martlet Towers Lodge
       Getty, William, yardman
                              Martlet Towers
       Wallace, John, land steward
       Cameron, Jno., gardener
                        Martlet Tower Cottages
   1. Kennedy, Hugh, labourer
   2. Vacant
   3. McCosh, S., labourer
   4. Caldwell, Jas., labourer
   5. Gillespie, Wm., labourer
   6. Smith, Samuel, labourer
                                  Ben Eadan
       Adeley, W. J., stock and share broker
                             Ben Eadan Lodge
       Corporation Toll Office
       McDonald, James T.
                                Rose Cottage
       Scott, Alex., coachman
       Armstrong, Wm., of Hudson Street Factory
                           Thronemount Cottage
       Hall, Thomas Hy.
                                Kincraig Lodge
       Fisher, Thomas, gardener
                                Kincraig House
       Kirkpatrick, J. J., J.P., bleacher
       Horner, John
                            Drum-na-Coll Lodge
       Clark, James, gardener

Antrim Street
Wall Street to Unity Street
Court Ward, North Par. Div.

   1. McVeigh, Dan., packing case maker
   3. Jones, Chas., labourer
   5. Noble, Archie, labourer
   7. Slavin, Geo., horse shoer
   9. Moreland, Lizzie
 11. Duffy, John, labourer
 13. McGurk, Annie
 15. Kerr, John, soldier
 17. Begley, Jane

   2. Montague, Sarah
   4. Roody, Annie
   6. Moran, John, french polisher
   8. Downey, Jos., labourer

Apsley Street
Bankmore Street to Donegall Pass
Windsor Ward, South Par. Div.

   1. Hill, M., grocer
   3. Kennedy, John, van man
   5. McCausland, Lillie
   7. Burrell, Jas., glazier
   9. Anderson, Margaret
 11. McKay, Saml., labourer
 13. Harte, Charlotte
 15. Donaldson, D., packing case maker
 17. Taylor, James, labourer
 19. Clegg, Hamilton
 25. Hill, Wm., linen lapper
 27. Campbell, Thos., horse dealer
 29. Stewart, Lizzie, smoother
 31. Anderson, Jas., labourer
 33. Carlton, Hugh, labourer
 35. Anderson, John, joiner
 37. Miller, Mrs.
 39. Petticrew, Wm., labourer
 41. Gilmore, Robt., labourer
 43. Henry, Geo., bottler
 45. Hawthorne, A., labourer
45. O'Kane, Lizzie. confectioner
 47. Connell, Geo., grocer
 49. Cree, Henry, packer
 51. Lee, Mary Jane
..........Rainey Street intersects
 53. Smylie, D., cooper
 55. Thompson, Thos., labourer
 57. Dugan, Jos., labourer
..........Lindsay Street intersects
 59. Sloane, S., grocer
 61. McCrory, Saml., labourer
 63. Vincent, Wm., stone cutter
 65. Matier, Wm., joiner
 67. Dixon, Jane
 69. Bingham, Jas., carpenter
 71. Bell, D., publican
..........Howard Street South intersects
       Porter's Male and Female National schools - headmaster, J. Pedlow; headmistress, Miss A. Harrison
 77. Campbell, Brown, engineer and smithworks
 79. Side door

   2. Side door
   4. Archibald, Thos., joiner
   6. Mehaffey, Maggie
   8. Smylie, James, building inspector
 10. Sloan, John, barman
 12. Wilson, Rebecca
 14. Crooks, John, tailor
 16. Preston, T., labourer
 18. McCloskey, J., collar cutter
 20. Endecott, C., coachman
 22. Atcheson, Frances
24, 26. Moyna, M., spirit grocer
 28. Villiers, Geo., artist
30, 32. McEvoy, E., spirit grocer
 34. Beattie, Robt., labourer
 36. McCandless, Saml., labourer
 38. Ewing, Thos., labourer
 40. Laughlin, Lizzie, smoother
 42. Hilditch, Robt., labourer
 44. Kirkwood, Wm., boot maker
 46. Kinkade, Wm., labourer
       Corporation yard
       Christian Brethren Meetinghouse
 48. Gillespie, M., dress maker

Arbour Street
off Oldpark Avenue
Clifton Ward, North Par. Div.

No houses yet erected

Ardenlee Avenue
Ravenhill Road to Cregagh Road
1 to 245, 2 to 198, Ormeau Ward, East Par. Div.
258 to 296 & 263 to 297, Ormeau Ward, North Down

                            Claremount House
   1. Boyd, Samuel W., J.P.
                            Blythswood House
   3. Livingston, James Robt., Inland Revenue
       McCann, Robt., manager
       Vacant ground
       Boyd, Mrs.
 33. Hughes, Johnston
 35. Kirk, Robt., foreman painter
 37. Hamilton, Robt., buyer
 39. Finlay, Mrs. Matilda
 41. Spratt, Thos., oversees G.P.O.
 43. Pirret, Jas., bookkeeper
                                  The Limes
       Linton, Miss
       Dodds, P. H., manager
       Barr, David, provision merchant
       Hunter, Jas., pattern maker
       Cohen, Geo., traveller
       Watterson, Adam, joiner
       Speers, Jas., manager
       Reid, Samuel, clerk
       Massey, Samuel, joiner
       Wotherspoon, W., cabinet maker
       McKee, Mrs. Matilda
       Carson, Alfred, supt. Brittanic Assurance Co. Ltd.
 69. Forsythe, Miss
       Pollard, Onias, manager
..........Ardenlee Gardens intersects
       Herron, G., salesman
       Guthrie, John, draughtsman
       Sinton, Richard, meter inspector
       Spratt, C. H., manager
 81. Brown, John B., Customs officer
       Stevens, George W.
       McGill, Arthur, buyer
       Jeffers, Wm., manager
       Murphy, W., foreman
       Norris, R. J., bookkeeper
       Crawford, R. A., draughtsman
       Wasson, Saml., blacksmith
       Woodside, Chas., warehouseman
       Hodgen, Robert, joiner
       Morton, David, boiler maker
       Mountstephan, Jas., electrician
       Burns, S., traveller
       Ferguson, Elizabeth
       Reid, Jos., draughtsman
       Bingham, Thos. H., law clerk
       Donaldson, Jas. H., rent agent
       Lowry, Wm., builder
..........Ardenlee Street intersects
       Milligan, Robert, plater
       Gourley, Hugh, bread server
       Crawford, Robert, fitter
       Graham, James, iron shipwright
       Geddes, Saml., warehouseman
       Reid, Robt., bookkeeper
       Allen, William
       Coleman, Robt., manager
..........Shelbourne Road intersects
       Duffield, Saml., bread server
       Woods, Jas., manager
       Shields, Mrs. Martha
       Dickson, Wm., foreman pattern maker
        Waddell, Robert, printer
        Fitzsimmons, Mrs.
        Moore, Wm. J., harbour constable
        Hart, Wm., storeman
        Craig, Alexander, clerk
        Shanks, John, seaman
        Johnston, Wm., inspector
        Robb, J., shoe maker
        Robb, David, boot and shoe maker
291. McKeown, Chas. G., caulker
293. McFarland, R., clerk
295. Anderson, Thos., joiner
297. Curran, Jas., traveller

   2. Harper, Andw., outfitter
   4. McClure, Wm., tailor
   6. Morrow, Samuel, grocer
   8. Graham, Robt., grocer
 14. Harrison, Richard, D.I., R.I.C.
 16. Keith, W. J., book binder
 18. Adams, Mrs.
       Vacant ground
 24. Johnston, Jas., manager
 26. Reid, W. H. G., merchant
       Crawford, Mrs. Alice
 32. Cuthbert, W. P., coach builder
 34. Cohen, Geo. H., traveller
 50. Merry, Anthony, manager
 52. Boyd, J. H., clerk
 54. Burling, E., traveller
 56. Beattie, David, clerk
   "   McFarlane, R., engineer
 58. Beattie, John G., cashier
 60. Forsythe, Miss E. C. T.
 62. Craig, Mrs. Rebecca
 64. Zachary, Jas., clerk
 66. Snoddy, Wm. H., manager
 68. Courtney, Hugh, joiner
 70. Montgomery, Hy., engineer
 72. Anderson, Mrs. Hannah
 74. Low, Mrs. Mary
 76. Andrews, W. J., cycle agent
       Gordon, David, rivetter
       Linden, Jas., bookkeeper
       Marshall, John, draper
       Johnston, George, chemist
       Heazley, H. D., chemist
       Foley, M. R.
       Frackelton, Ernest, glazier
..........Ardenlee Gardens intersects
104. Maneely, Joseph, clerk
       McVicar, Alex., jeweller
       Rowley, Wm. M., ticket and sign writer
       Beatty, James, clerk
       Chambers, Elizabeth
       Young, Wm., tenter
       Dougan, Wm., market inspector
                                  The Hollies
       Young, Richd. J., secretary
       Martin, Robert, salesman
       Schofield, John, engineer
       Mulholland, John, draper
126. Chambers, J., labourer
128. Mitchell, Jas., fitter
        Three new houses in course of erection
        Bates, Geo., fruit merchant
        Phillips, Thos. W., dairyman
..........Ardenlee Street intersects
        Baird, Samuel, pork cutter
        McCherry, Isabella
       Ritchie, William, clerk
       Gibson, Andrew
       Waddell, Saml., missionary
        McDowell, Mrs. R.
        Marshall, David, bread server
        Esler, Thos., city missionary
        Frazer, Wm. J., fitter
        Morrow, James, clerk
        Refausse, Wm., engineer
        McElhenny, Joseph
        Esler, Robert, bread server
        Lyster, John, assurance agent
..........Torrens Street intersects
290. Nelson, Saml. H., shipwright
292. Quigley, Thomas, labourer
294. McGonigal, Robt., foreman
296. Thomson, Alex., fitter

Ardenlee Drive
off Torrens Street

   1. Allen, Fred, bread server
   3. Kelly, Livingstone, brass moulder
   5. Murphy, John, plumber
   7. McClinton, Wm., engineer
   9. Sargent, G. H., traveller
 11. Blundell, John, linen lapper
 13. Hill, Thomas, joiner
 15. Foreman, Saml., engineer
 17. Denny, Wm., bookkeeper
 19. McComish, Henry, painter
 21. Hay, John, plater
 23. Watson, Rebecca
 25. Dumigan, Henry, labourer
 27. Lea, Wm., rivetter
 29. Bleakley, Geo., shop assistant
 31. Bunting, T., smith's helper
 33. Neill, Henry, artist
 35. Robb, Jas., fitter
 37. Feherty, Wm., clerk
 39. Larmour, Wm., plumber
 41. Robinson, J., postal official
 43. Neill, Charles, compositor
 45. Hill, Thomas, cutter
 47. Armstrong, Geo., clerk
 49. Tong, John W., Corporation official

Ardenlee Gardens
off Ardenlee Avenue
Ormeau Ward, East Par. Div.

                             [right hand side]
       Wood, Alex., paper merchant
       Watson, T. E., shipwright
       Lindsay, Frederick
..........Ardenlee Avenue intersects
       Reid, Samuel, joiner
       Shanks, John, cabinet maker
       Magregor, Wm., cabinet maker
       Totten, Henry, general jobber

                              [left hand side]
       Jennings, Thos. R., manager
       Duncan, John, clerk
       Ardis, James, bread server
       Harkness, Robt., clerk
       Carruthers, David, manager

Ardenlee Parade
off Cregagh Road
Ormeau Ward, North Down

                               [left hand side]
       Browne, Jas., druggist
       Whitley, Henry T., foreman compositor
       McFarland, Jas., road inspector
       McCaw, Samuel
                               Cedar Cottage
       Barclay, Henry, blacksmith
       Arkell, R. H., electrician
                                 Bray Villa
       Perry, James, plater
                                Dorset Villa
       Vaux, Charles E.
       Grant, Alex., engineer
                                  Pom Villa
       Glenn, Peter, boiler maker
       Jackson, Wm., shipwright
       Boyle, John, tea merchant
       Greer, F., bread server
       McSeveny, Jas. A., linen lapper
       Bell, David, foreman moulder
       Mulligan, John, bread server
       Donnelly, Wm., overseer
       Martin, Alex., seaman
       White, Andrew, bread server
       Bennett, Edwin, soldier
       Laing, J., draughtsman
       Petticrew, W. J., jeweller
       Taylor, John, com. traveller
       Stevenson, Alex., draughtsman
       Foster, John, manager
       Smylie, John, telegraph clerk

                             [right hand side]
       Carr, George P., draughtsman
       Hutchinson, Jackson, wholesale warehouseman
       Tilson, Wm., bread server
       Cathcart, Wm., overseer
       Craig, Herbert, rivetter
       McCarrison, John, rivetter
       Davidson, A., shipwright
       Parks, Robt. J., Corporation official
       Camm, John
       Brown, Samuel, joiner
       Elliott, John, ex-headcons., R.I.C.
       Hodgson, John, engineer
       Campbell, Robt., traveller
       Jones, Ernest E., clerk
       Piggott, James, supt. electric light station
       McMullen, Jas. G., com. traveller
       Bell, John, moulder
       Davison, Wm., shipwright
       McIlveen, Robt., joiner
                              The Anchorage
       Smith, Robt., plater
       McCurdy, W., assistant stevedore
       Patterson, Wm., traveller
       Speers, Robt. J., plater
       Dalzell, Wm. J., warehouseman
       Ervine, Robt., musical instrument repairer

Ardenlee Street
off Ardenlee Avenue

       Cochrane, Wm., dairyman

Ardenvohr Street
off Woodstock Road
Ormeau Ward, East Par. Div.

1 to 23. Vacant ground
 25. Pile, Geo., storeman
 27. Morley, Wm., labourer
 29. McCullough, R., cellar man
 31. McCormick, Pierce, fitter
 33. Allen, Jas., cabinet maker
 35. Trimble, Isaac, stoker
 37. Conway, Augustus, painter
..........Carlingford Street intersects
 39. Hughes, Wm., pattern maker
 41. Robinson, John, carter
 43. Bailie, W. J., motorman
 45. Stewart, Andrew, plater
 47. Lockhart, Joseph
 49. Walsh, Miss Elizabeth
 51. Anderson, T., boiler maker
 53. Coulter, Robt., fitter
 55. Shaw, Hugh, labourer
 57. Stewart, Chas., joiner
 59. Middleton, Rebecca
 61. Norton, F., shop assistant
 63. McAleese, W. J., boiler maker
 65. McGahey, John, painter
 67. Ireland, John, fitter
 69. Bruce, Johnston, fitter
 71. Hutchinson, Mrs. Margt.
 73. Brown, Jas., van driver
 75. Gourley, Saml., fireman
 77. Bradshaw, Arthur, labourer
 79. Larmour, T. H., carpenter
 81. Jordan, Margaret
 83. Lyons, Isaac, stableman
 85. McCullough, Thos., fitter
 87. Stevenson, Mrs. Jane
 89. Spence, Mrs. F.
 91. Mills, R. J., watchman
 93. Waugh, Mrs. L.
 95. Quigley, Wm., labourer
 97. Clelland, Henry, clerk
 99. Graham, Rodger, grocer

   4. Carroll, Miss Sophia
   6. Foy, Geo., motorman
   8. Tomlinson, John, joiner
 10. Cuthbertson, Albert, clerk
 12. Nelson, Mrs. Margt.
 14. Bickerstaff, Thos. H., upholsterer
 16. Donaldson, Wm. J., gardener
 18. Smith, Elizabeth
 20. Murphy, E. J., grocer
 22. Keevans, P., pensioner R.I.C.
 24. Binks, Thos. J., joiner
 26. Richmond, Saml., labourer
 28. Larmour, Mrs. Caroline
 30. Mullin, Thos., hair dresser
 32. Firth, E., stock keeper
 34. Foy, Wm. J., motorman
 36. Forbes, Maggie, dress maker
..........Carlingford Street intersects
 38. Hipkins, John, painter
 40. Meharg, Jas., seaman
 42. Sprats, John, linen business
 44. Duke, F. J., cabinet maker
 46. McMeekin, Miss L.
 48. Anderson, Mrs. Jane
 50. Allen, John, R.E.
 52. Moorehead, R., crane man
 54. Stevenson, Isabella
 56. Lloyd, Frederick, blacksmith
 58. Reid, Armstrong, tailor
 60. Getty, Henry, steward
 62. Carson, H. E., agent
 64. Campbell, Mrs. Eliza
 66. Hamilton, Jos., clerk
 68. Creighton, Alex., rivetter
 70. Campbell, H. S., brass finisher
 72. Sloan, James, rivetter
 74. McBride, Jas., time keeper
 76. Sweeney, Jos., labourer
 78. Drysdale, Jas., fitter
 80. Douglas, Elizabeth
 82. Spence, Annie
 84. McVey, Saml., van man
 86. Dougan, Miss, dress maker
 88. Burrell, Thomas, labourer
 90. McCammon, John, watch maker
 92. Taylor, John, fitter
 94. Lockhart, Wm., packing case maker
 96. Bowman, Wm., labourer
 98. Huniford, Wm., checker
100. Wagner, Edwd., soldier
       Side door (Rice, Winifred)

Ardgowan Street
off Woodstock Road
Ormeau Ward, East Par. Div.

   1. Bell, John, grocer
   3. Conaty, Jas., labourer
   5. Finnegan, Joseph, clerk
   7. Magowan, John, moulder
   9. McCaw, Jas., carter
 11. Manley, Ed., tram conductor
 13. McMullan, John, labourer
 15. Wark, Mrs. Harriett
 17. Ruddy, D., labourer
 19. Brown, Letitia
 21. Rodey, M. W., labourer
 23. Downey, Mrs. Louie
 25. Hogg, Hugh, boiler maker
 27. Goodwin, W., motor driver
 29. Grant, Geo., engineer
 31. Dunlop, Robt., labourer
 33. Shanks, Jane
 35. Robinson, Jas., labourer
 37. McKee, Jennie
 39. Smith, Edwin, boiler maker
 41. Bowden, John, machinist
 43. Trueick, Adam, machinist
 45. Sloan, Saml., bread server
 47. Mulholland, R., carter
 49. Ireland, Robt., fitter
 51. Crowe, Wm., engine fitter
 53. Collim, John, baker
 55. Allen, Caroline
 57. McKay, John, labourer
 59. Copeland, Mrs. Annie
 61. Ferguson, Wm., brick layer
 63. Ritchie, Wm., soldier
 65. Crooks, J., platers' helper
 67. Murphy, Mary
 69. Steele, Wm., labourer
 71. Secker, Duncan, cooper
 73. Burrows, David
 75. Biggart, Mrs. Lizzie
 77. Secker & Co., general coopers, cask merchants

   2. Johnston, Essie
   4. McNeice, Thos., joiner
   6. Albert, Robt., warehouseman
   8. Conkey, Fras., cutter
 10. Bell, Wm., transport driver
 12. Strickland, Mary
 14. Andrews, T. B., cellar man
 16. Fulham, Patk., R.I.C.
 18. Downes, Mrs. M.
 20. McMurray, Ths., despatch clerk
 22. Coyle, Henry, carpenter
 24. McClean, Thos., insurance agent
 26. Beer, Wm., carpenter
 28. Richmond, Nellie, midwife
 30. McKee, George, fitter
 32. Byron, Wm., clerk
 34. McKee, Wm., joiner
 36. Hughes, James, fitter
 38. Neill, W. S., motor driver
 40. Smith, Robt., electrician
 42. Ferguson, Albt., holderup
 44. Vance, Mary
       Vacant ground

Ardgreenan Drive
off Belmont Church Road
Victoria Ward, East Par. Div.

   2. Eaton, Jas., draughtsman
   4. McBride, N., cattle dealer
   6. Ross, John, marine engineer
   8. Johnston, E. E., electrical engineer
 10. Wallace, John, linen manufacturer
 12. Keoller, Fras., Mus. Doc. (Oxon)
 14. McLean, Jas. L., manager
 16. Dunlop, Wm. Jas., builder

Ardilaun Street
Foundry Street to Fraser Street
Victoria Ward, East Par. Div.

   1. Watson, James, soldier
   3. Whiteside, Sarah
   5. Agnew, Mrs.
   7. McKelvey, Sarah
   9. Rea, David, soldier
 11. McKenna, Jas., labourer
 13. Cooke, Wm., labourer
 15. Kirk, James, labourer
 17. Neill, Thos., labourer
 19. Lipton, Wm., labourer
 21. Costella, Thos., labourer
 23. Johnston, H., labourer
 25. Turner, John, labourer
 27. Gordon, Jas., labourer

   2. Corry, R., clerk
   4. Watson, James, driller
   6. Whalley, Hugh, stoker
   8. White, Chas., labourer
 10. Irvine, Jack, labourer
 12. Mulree, Jos., soldier
 14. Glover, Thos., boiler maker
 16. Haslett, Geo., fitter
 18. Sloan, George, plumber
 20. McIlwrath, W. J., labourer
 22. Douglas, Mrs.
 24. Lynass, Benj., soldier
 26. Wilson, Robt., labourer
 28. Kirk, Hugh, labourer
 30. Knell, Mrs.
 32. Sloan, Robt., driller
 34. Bell, Jessie
 36. Culbert, Thos., soldier
 38. Innis, Samuel, seaman
 40. Turner, Robt., soldier
 42. Gribben, Hugh, spirit grocer

Ardilea Street
off Oldpark Road
Clifton Ward, North Par. Div.

                              [right hand side]
   1. Side door
   3. Grant, R. J., smith's helper
   5. Burns, Thomas
   7. Arbuckles, Jos., labourer
   9. Saunders, Jos., labourer
 11. Mulholland, Patk., soldier
 13. Law, Maggie, stitcher
 15. Young, Sarah
 17. Crilly, Sarah, drawer
 19. Burns, Maggie
 21. McNally, John, labourer
 23. Gordon, S., labourer
       Wallace, James & Sons, Ltd., Oldpark Brickworks
27 to 33. Todd, R. G., City Bakery
 35. Mahoney, Charles, labourer
 37. Kavanagh, B., labourer
 39. Mahoney, R., labourer
 41. Mulholland, C., flax dresser
 43. O'Neill, Margaret
 45. McKeown, Annie
 47. Mowhan, Patrick
 49. Orr, Wm., soldier
       Vacant ground
 61. McCabe, Agnes, spinner
 63. Day, Mrs. Mary
 65. McGuigan, Peter, hackler
 67. Gilmore, H., labourer
 69. Toman, Mrs. Mary
 71. Wallace, A., labourer
 73. Daly, Nancy
 75. Grimley, Mrs.
 77. Caulfield, Jas., labourer
 79. McQuade, Alex., painter
 81. Vacant
 83. Thomas, Jas., rougher
 85. Boyle, James, soldier
 87. Quinn, John, flax dresser
 89. Toner, Joseph, labourer
 91. Vacant
 93. Garland, B., rougher
 95. O'Rorke, Mrs.
 97. Lennon, E. J., tailor
 99. Halfpenny, J., labourer
101. McDowell, Sarah
103. Cooper, Alex., labourer
105. Grego, Jeremiah, labourer
107. Collins, P., labourer
109. McQuade, Ellen
111. O'Neill, Mrs. Annie
113. McGoldrick, P., rougher
115. Madden, Lizzie
117. Kearney, John, labourer

                              [left hand side]
2, 4. Martin, John, pawn broker
   6. Quinn, Mary
   8. McConnell, Edwd., labourer
 10. Clarke, S., smiths helper
 12. Hughes, Henry, labourer
 14. Gorman, James, fitter
 16. Bryan, Henry
 18. Kane, Henry, rougher
 20. McAllister, John, joiner
 22. Kelly, Catherine
 24. Murray, John, labourer
 26. O'Connor, James, flax dresser
 28. Turley, Sarah
 30. Thomas, Wm., labourer
 32. Clarke, John, labourer
 34. Dunlop, John, bleacher
 36. Johnstone, R., labourer
 38. Dellott, J., labourer
 40. Dargan, Geo., seaman
 42. Campbell, H., watchman
 44. Hughes, Jane
 46. McGahey, Robert
 48. Haveron, Sarah
 50. Wyles, Stephen, labourer
..........Glenpark Street intersects
 52. Burns, Thos., mill worker
 56. McKernan, Peter, rougher
 58. McGeough, Margaret
 60. Freel, Mrs. Mary
 62. Quinn, Mrs. Annie
 64. McCracken, John, flax dresser
 66. Douglas, James, labourer
 68. Douglas, Patrick
 70. Lappin, Mary Jane
 72. Cooke, Susan
 74. Cochrane, T. P., carter
 76. O'Connor, Edwd., striker
 78. Campbell, Sarah, spinner
 80. Johnstone, Bella
 82. Jeffrey, Wm., labourer
 84. Seawright, Lizzie, spinner
 86. Anderson, Jno., engine driver
 88. O'Neill, Mrs.
 90. Donnelly, P., labourer
 92. Grant, Sarah, drawer
 94. Vacant
 96. McGuigan, Bernard, labourer
 98. Brady, John, labourer
100. Devlin, Mrs. R.
102. Greene, James, labourer
104. Henry, Peter, labourer
106. Gillespie, Wm., brick layer
108. Deans, James, shoe maker
110. McGlade, John
112. Wiggins, Mary, grocer
114. Killen, John, labourer
116. McTaggart, P., labourer
118. McKillen, John, flax dresser
120. Kinney, H., packer
122. Patterson, Mrs. H.
124. Darby, Mary
126. O'Neill, Margt., spinner
128. Smyth, Wm., labourer
130. Smith, Patrick, rougher
132. Smallwood, W., labourer

Ardmore Avenue
off Ormeau Road
Ormeau Ward, East Par. Div.

   1. Farr, H. W.
   3. Russell, Mrs.
   5. Green, John O., manager
   7. Thompson, Mrs.
   9. McAdam, H., warehouseman
 11. Wheelhouse, Geo., showcard finisher
 13. Burrows, Wm., tailor
 15. Stewart, M., clerk
 17. Waddington, Edw., traveller
 19. Burgess, Geo., com. traveller
 21. Anderson, Jas., warehouseman
 23. Hill, Mrs.
 25. Kinder, T. W., clerk
 27. Brownlee, T. D., teacher
 29. Cooch, Mrs.
 31. McConkey, Wm., cutter
 33. Philpot, D., grocer

Ardmoulin Avenue
Dover Street to Percy Street
Woodvale Ward, West Par. Div.

 1a. Tate, Bros., hemstitchers
   1. McFall. J., pinafore manufacturer
   3. Savage, T., registration agent
   5. Stewart, Robt., box maker
   7. Furey, P., R.I.C.
   9. Somerville, Robt., plumber
 11. Watson, C., clerk
 13. Reid, Robt., hair dresser
 15. Mitchell, Bernard, R.I.C.
 17. Millar, John, blouse cutter
 19. Shannon, Wm., coachman
 21. Marron, Mrs. Mary Jane
 23. Gordon, Wm., foreman
 25. Patterson, Geo., fitter
 27. McDonald, Thos., plumber
 29. Purdy, Jas., machine man
 31. Boyd, Maria
 33. Holloway, Andw., painter
 35. Turner, Robt., clerk
 37. Magee, Ellen

   2. Hunter, R. S., checker
   4. Warwick, Nat., printer
   6. McAuley, Jas., ticket collector
   8. Nelson, Jas., lithographer
 10. Gaskin, Margaret
 12. Cuthbert, David, clerk
 14. Cummings, J., store keeper
 16. Stewart, Wm., mechanic
 18. Vacant
 20. Kelly, Jas., cons. R.I.C.
 22. Frazer, D., plater
 24. Callan, David, joiner
 26. Whitley, Edward
 28. McCormick, T., carpenter
 30. Deakin, W., constable R.I.C.
 32. Reid, Mrs.
 34. McQuitty, Wm., joiner
 36. Kennedy, P., brass finisher
 38. Mullan, Matt., whip maker
 40. Kerr, Mary

Ardmoulin Cottages
off Percy Street
Woodvale Ward, West Par. Div.

   1. Andrews, Isaac, & Sons, flour merchants
   2. Clark, William

Ardmoulin Street
from Divis Street to Milford Street
Smithfield ward, West Par. Div.

                              [right hand side]
1, 3. McArdle, B., publican
   5. Hanna, James, clerk
   7. Harkin, F. P., butcher
   9. Crossey, James, flax dresser
 11. McKee, J., bread server
 13. O'Brien, Martha
 15. Rice, Patrick, painter
 17. Turley, Sarah, dealer

                              [left hand side]
   2. Side door
   4. Corr, Edwd., saddler
   6. O'Reilly, M., constable
   8. McCorry, F., store keeper
 10. Campbell, Thos., fitter
 12. Savage, Elizabeth
 14. Downey, Jos., van driver
 16. McAteer, Mary J., dress maker
 18. Fay, William, labourer
 20. Hughes, W. J., marine dealer
 22. Fitzpatrick, Annie
 24. McGuigan, Thomas
 26. Cullen, Peter
..........Alexander Street intersects
 28. Langin, Susan
 30. Leddy, Letitia, upholstress
 32. Duffy, Margaret
 34. McCurry, Thos., carter
 36. Fox, Cornelius, coach fitter

Ardoyne Avenue
off Flax Street
Clifton Ward, North Par. Div.

   2. Carroll, M., spirit grocer
   4. Forsythe, Martha
   6. O'Rorke, Patk., labourer

Ardoyne Road
off Crumlin Road
Clifton Ward, North Par. Div.
Shankill Ward, West Par. Div.

       Andrews, George, J.P. (back entrance)
       Belfast City Tramways - Ardoyne depot - Hugh Young, depot foreman
       Edenderry National School - Geo. Watson, B.A., principal
       Edenderry Female National School - Mrs. Hutchinson, principal
   1. Hanna, William John
   3. Castles, Thos., tenter
   5. Hamilton, Henry, weaver
   7. Conlon, John
   9. Carlton, Lizzie
       Henderson, Thos., land steward

Ardoyne Village
off Ardoyne Road
Clifton Ward, North Par. Div.

 11. Philpot, Mrs.
 13. Vacant
 15. Magee, Jas., weaver
 17. Lyttle, John, weaver
 19. Donaldson, Mrs.
 21. Vacant
 23. Johnston, Jos., weaver
 25. Briggs, Wm., weaver
27 to 31. Vacant
 33. McVeigh, Hugh, card cutter
 35. Lyttle, Thos., cloth passer
 37. Cinnamond, John, weaver
 39. Allen, Mrs.
       Ratcliffe, Mrs. (Ardoyne Cot.)

   2. Vacant
   4. Richmond, Hy., weaver
       The Royal Damask Weaving Factory - John Shaw Brown & Sons, proprietors; M. C. Andrews, manager
   8. Giffin, John
 10. Applin, Saml., motorman
 12. Elliott, Wm., blacksmith
 14. Conlon, Hy., cloth passer
 16. Sharkie, Thos., shoe maker
 18. Sharkie, Hy., motorman
 20. Vacant
 22. Gifford, Fred
 24. Caves, Maggie
 26. McCartney, Mrs.
 28. Farrell, Francis, bookkeeper

Argyle Street
Shankill Road to Cupar Street
Woodvale Ward, West Par. Div.

                              [right hand side]
       Argyle Place Infant National School - Principal, Mrs. Smyth
   1. Vacant
   3. Armstrong, David, labourer
   5. Burgess, Wm., labourer
   7. Scott, Jos., labourer
   9. Henry, William
 11. Brooks, Jane
 13. Edgar, Thos., labourer
 15. Kirkwood, Lizzie
 17. Trainor, Henry, painter
 19. Killop, Thos., labourer
 21. Deans, John, labourer
 23. Hook, James, labourer
 25. Dowling, Agnes
 27. Little, Mrs.
 29. Barkley, Alex., labourer
 31. Vacant
 33. Purdy, George, wood turner
 35. Purdy, Samuel, labourer
 37. Cowan, Thomas, labourer
 39. Charters, John, labourer
 41. McCready, John, labourer
 43. Loughlin, James
 45. Vacant
 47. Cummins, William
 49. Wright, Chas., labourer
 51. Laird, Alex.
 53. McCallen, Jas., labourer
 55. Mullan, Jos., carter
 57. Campbell, Lizzie
 59. Vacant
 61. Anderson, John, labourer
 63. Dunseath, Robert, labourer
 65. Bishop, Arthur, labourer
 67. Davey, Charles, labourer
 69. Darragh, Wm., labourer
 71. McFarland, Robt., labourer
 73. Boomer, John
 75. McDonald, Eva
 77. Rodgers, Mary
 79. Watt, Mary
 81. Darragh, Jane
 83. Bowers, Wm., labourer
 85. Connor, William
87, 89. Nelson, J. W., publican
..........Nixon Street intersects
95, 97. Nicholson, E., spirit grocer
 99. Mayne, Robt., labourer
101. Braden, Maxwell, labourer
103. Thompson, John
105. Montgomery, J., rougher
107. McKinney, Robt., labourer
109. McCallin, David, labourer
111. Ferguson, Robt., driller
113, Ballance, William
115. Crilley, Fredk., labourer
117. Osborne, Jas., labourer
119. Brown, W., brush maker
121. Reid, Sarah
123. Clifford, David, labourer
125. Gordon, George, labourer
127. Braden, Maxwell, labourer
129. Scott, Jane
131. Livingstone, Margaret
133. Carson, Fredk., lapper
135. Millis, William
137. Braden, John, labourer
139 to 143. Vacant
145. Montrose, Jas., labourer
147. Smylie, Saml., labourer
149. Smith, Robert, labourer
151. Barrett, Jas., labourer
153. Armour, Edwd., labourer
155. Milliken, Jane
157. Magill, David, gardener
159. Heathwood, Geo., labourer
161. McCabe, Patrick, labourer
163. Ferguson, Joseph
165. Ball, William
167. Stewart, Thomas
169. Hall, Nathl., labourer
171. Spence, Georgina
173. McCloy, Alex., labourer
175. Surgenor, John, labourer
177. Side door
179. Porte, Edmund, grocer
..........Ashmore Street intersects
183. Smyth, John, boot maker
185. Shields, Patk., labourer
187. Mooney, Ed., labourer
189. McTeer, Jas., storeman
191. Morgan, Frank, labourer
193. Rolston, Joseph
195. Kells, John, carter
197. Waite, Mary
199. Duffey, Michael
201. McHugh, Patk., tailor
203. Burton, Wm., labourer
205. Lenaghan, Mrs.
207. Donnelly, Lizzie
209. Murray, Mary
211. McClinton, Maggie

                             [left hand side]
   4. Barry, Alex., stationer
   6. Mann, John, labourer
   8. Jamison, Lizzie
 10. McKibbin, William
 12. Edgar, Wm., labourer
 14. Simpson, William
 16. Mawhinney, Hugh, labourer
 18. Grant, Martin, painter
 20. McCartney, Wm., labourer
 22. Kerr, Joseph
 24. McVeigh, Emily
 26. Doey, John, painter
 28. Mateer, Hugh, labourer
 30. Green, John, fireman
 32. Boyce, John, labourer
 34. Burrows, George, labourer
 36. Smyth,. George, labourer
 38. Caldwell, John, labourer
 40. Collins, Lizzie
 42. McComish, John, tailor
 44. Robinson, Geo., labourer
 46. Kelly, John, engineer
 48. Donnelly, William
 50. Evans, William
 52. Thompson, Thos., labourer
 54. Jackson, Wm., labourer
 56. Gourley, Saml., labourer
 58. Barrons, Thos., labourer
 60. Griffith, David, labourer
 62. Entwistle, James, labourer
 64. Christie, James
 66. Cummins, Jane
 68. Simmons, John
 70. Brown, Albert
 72. Duggan, Victor, labourer
 74. Strahan, Mary
 76. Cairns, John, labourer
 78. Edgar, Wm., labourer
 80. Patton, John, labourer
 82. McGlade, Hugh, labourer
 84. Mulholland, E., labourer
 86. Connolly, John, labourer
 88. Heatley, David, labourer
 90. Martin, W., labourer
 92. McAlister, Wm., labourer
 94. Ormood, Albert, labourer
96, 98, 100. Trimble, W., grocer
..........Nixon Street intersects
102, 104. Simons, H., publican
106. Porter, Walter, labourer
108. Mallon, David, labourer
110. Meek, Thomas
112. Cairns, Robert
114. Robinson, John, labourer
116. McBride, Thos., iron turner
118. Jeffrey, Jos., labourer
120. Shepherd, John, labourer
122. Willis, Wm., labourer
124. Kendle, Harry
126. Baxter, Robert
128. Irvine, John, labourer
130. McNeill, Jas., labourer
132. Strahan, Wm., labourer
134. Livingstone, Jos., labourer
136. Lavery, Jos., labourer
138. Addis, James, labourer
140. Branagh, Thomas
142. Spratt, Henry
144. Mahaffey, Alice
146. Ballance, Geo., labourer
148. Cameron, Hanna
150. McCashin, Eliza
152. Maguire, Edwd., labourer
154. Connelly, Jas., labourer
156. Lewis, Arthur, mechanic
158. Campbell, Edwd., labourer
160. Johnston, David
162. Shortt, Geo., labourer
164. Crothers, Samuel
166. Shortt, John, labourer
168. Huston, Archie
170., 172. Clarke, David
174. McKendry, Eliza
176. Ballance, Albert, labourer
178. McConnell, Samuel
180. Gibson, H. J., labourer
182. Lavery, Mary
184. Shannon, John, labourer
186. Reid, John, labourer
..........Ashmore Street intersects
190. Donnelly, Jos., labourer
192. Murphy, Mary Ann
194. Carlin, Annie
196. Mooney, Sarah
198. McLoughlin, Charles
200. Nugent, J., iron moulder

Ariel Street
Agnes Street to Blenheim Street
Court Ward, North Par. Div.

   1. McBride, Mary Jane
   2. Side door

Arizona Street
off Glen Road

                             [right hand side]
 15. Duke, D., clerk
 17. Mitchell, John, tram conductor
 19. Burns, Robert
 21. McCann, J., R.I.C.
 23. Barkley, Jas., pawn broker
 25. Cush, J., engineer
 27. Owens, J.
 29. Wales, Jos., blacksmith

                              [left hand side]
       White, John, builder
       Kirkpatrick, W. J., builder
   6. Kelly, Jas., school teacher
   8. Feris, Wm.
 10. Kingan, J., clerk
 12. Harris, William
 14. Scott, David, engineer
 16. Evans, David, clerk
 18. Gilligan, Edwin
 20. O'Donnell, Jas., carpenter
 22. McGahen, Mrs.
 24. Nelson, H., carpenter
 26. Hull, J., engineer
 28. Weir, William
 30. Wright, Mrs.
 32. McCrea, Henry, cooper
 34. Forsythe, Jas., engineer
 36. Reid, James
 38. Denver, Robert
 40. Greer, John, clerk
 42. Schess, John
 44. Enwright, J., carpenter

Arkwright Street
Old Lodge Road to Perth Street
Court Ward, North Par. Div.

   1. Jackson, J., carpenter
   3. Russell, Wm., traveller
   5. Potts, Jos., carpenter
..........Shaftesbury Street intersects
 21. Mills, Mrs.
 23. Ferguson, T., soldier
 25. Chambers, Maggie
 27. Henry, Robt., chauffeur
 29. Boris, John, labourer
 31. Aiken, James, labourer
 33. Crawford, J. B., blacksmith
 35. McCallum, John, labourer
 37. Keys, Saml., labourer
 39. McAllister, Jas., labourer
 41. McAllister, James, labourer
 43. Higginson, Geo., clerk
 45. Hagan, Jane

   2. Hamilton, J., soldier
   4. Robinson, Malc., painter
   6. Douglas, Mrs.
   8. Corry, George, labourer
..........Tilley Street intersects
 10. Orr, J., grocer
 12. Corry, Samuel, labourer
 14. Millar, Thos., labourer
 16. Magowan, Jas., labourer
 18. McCullough, Wm., joiner
 20. Hunt, Fras., labourer
 22. Boyles, Alex., labourer
 24. Jackson, James, groom
 26. Finlay, Wm., labourer
 28. Macartney, Agnes
 30. Kinley, Jas., labourer
 32. Leeman, John, labourer
 34. Lowry, Wm. J., painter
 36. Lowry, David, printer
 38. Patterson, John, carter
 40. Caldwell, Lizzie
 42. Johnston, Jas., clerk
 44. McCleery, H., brass finisher
 46. Ritchie, Jos., labourer
 48. Watson, John, tailor

Arlington Street
New Lodge Road to Annadale Street
Dock Ward, North Par. Div.

 1a. Side door
   1. Barry, John, grocer
   3. Livingstone, Mrs. Jane
   5. Fry, Robert, moulder
   7. McCleery, Robt., warehouseman
   9. Sye, Robt., iron moulder
 11. Moore, Mrs. A. J.
 13. Farrell, Margaret
 15. Simpson, John, machine man
 17. Black, Alex., fitter
 19. Hembrok, John, seaman
 21. Houston, Hugh, sexton Clifton Street U.F. Presbyterian Church
 23. Baird, Jas., carpenter

   2. O'Donnell, Mrs.
   4. Mulholland, Bridget
   6. Doherty, Hugh, joiner
   8. Gibson, Susan
 10. Jenkins, Wm., salesman
 12. Horne, Michl., clerk
 14. Duffy, Francis, R.I.C.
 16. Taylor, D., painter
 18. Gourley, Wm., labourer
 20. Minford, Mrs.
 22. Ward, Hugh, labourer
 24. Cullen, Mrs., spirit grocer

Armitage Street
off Mersey Street
Victoria Ward, East Par. Div.

   1. Clarke, R., labourer
   3. Walker, Geo., labourer
   5. Brown, W., holderup
   7. Scott, Wm., labourer
   9. Swan, J., labourer
 11. Newberry, J., rivetter
 13. Gildea, Mrs.
 15. Aiken, Henry, holderup
 17. Gibson, Wm., labourer
 19. Howe, Wm. H., labourer
 21. James, Thos., labourer
 23. Johnston, H., shipwright
 25. Rea, Ben, labourer
 27. Cleland, W. J., clerk
 29. Logan, H., labourer
 31. Neill, Wm., labourer
 33. Bateman, Wm., labourer

   2. Shortt, Hugh, labourer
   4. Rea, James, labourer
   6. Vincent, David, labourer
   8. Lowry, Fras., plumber
 10. Hunter, Wm., boiler maker
 12. Crawford, Wm., labourer
 14. Baxter, Sarah
 16. White, Alex., engineer
 18. Wilson, Wm., labourer
 20. Walker, Jas., labourer
 22. Spratt, John, labourer
 24. Young, Geo., electrical engineer
 26. Jones, James
 28. McLean, Andw., labourer
 30. Reid, Thos., labourer
 32. Watterson, Jas., holderup
 34. Kenny, Wm., rivetter
 36. Black, Robert, labourer
 38. Gibson, W., labourer
 40. McClean, John, boiler maker

Arnon Street
Old Lodge Road to Wall Street
Court Ward, North Par. Div.

   1. Purcell, Jane
   3. Gray, Sydney J., carpenter
   5. Wheelan, W. J., labourer
   7. Grew, Patk., labourer
   9. Boyle, John, soldier
 11. O'Hara, Lizzie
 13. Mullen, Ed., platers' helper
 15. Milligan, A., soldier
 17. Smith, Geo., shop assistant
 19. Nugent, Jas., wheelwright
 21. McWilliams, Lizzie
 23. McVeigh, Michael, soldier
 25. Warwick, Mrs. Margaret, grocer
..........Park Street intersects
 27. Fitzpatrick, Edw., spirit grocer
 29. Campbell, Margaret
 31. Kennedy, Hugh, holderup
 33. Bradley, J. J., soldier
 35. Crawford, Albert, soldier
 37. McParland, Jas., labourer
 39. Curran, Patk., soldier
 41. McCartney, D., carpenter
 43. Murray, Miss
 45. Brannigan, John, labourer
 47. McGivern, W. J., carpenter
 49. Carraher, Mrs.

   2. Devlin, Miss
   4. McCracken, Miss
   6. McBride, Jas., tailor
   8. McAvoy, John, chimney sweep
 10. O'Hara, James, labourer
 12. Murray, Geo., butcher
 14. Donnelly, Mrs.
 16. Spallen, Wm., fireman
 18. Walsh, Joseph, labourer
 20. Irvine, Chas., soldier
 22. Welsh, Robt., dealer
..........Park Street intersects
 26. Keenan, John, cooper
 28. Gribben, Henry, painter
 30. Carson, James, dealer
 32. White, Patk., labourer
 34. Crawford, D., plater's helper
 36. Mullan, Michael, slater
 38. Murdock, Mrs.
 40. Hall, Harry, dealer
 42. Donnelly, Eliza Jane
 44. Ferguson, Wm., baker

Arran Street
Clyde Place to Moira Street
Pottinger Ward, East Par. Div.

   1. Boyd, Mary
   3. Murphy, Jas., labourer
   5. Lockhart, Robt., labourer
   7. Carlin, Wm.
   9. Leathem, Jas., labourer
 11. Dinsmore, Wm., soldier
 13. Martin, Robt., labourer
 15. Dougan, John, labourer
 17. Sloan, Mrs.
 19. Herdman, Robert
 21. Rooney, Thos., labourer
 23. McKenna, Wm., labourer
 25. McCann, Mrs.
 27. McCarthy, Henry, labourer
 29. McAleese, F., iron turner
 31. McCurrie, John
 33. Carney, Jos., hair dresser
 35. Rock, David, labourer
 37. McClelland, Annie

   2. Murray, Fras., plasterer
   4. Dougan, Patk., labourer
   6. Noade, Patrick
   8. Reynolds, Jas., labourer
 10. Webb, Jas., labourer
 12. Morrell, John
 14. Burns, Hugh, labourer
 16. McDonald, Joseph
 18. Leathem, Hugh
 20. McQuade, Thomas
 22. McGowan, W., labourer

Artana Street
off Ormeau Road
Cromac Ward, South Par. Div.

   1. Winters, Wm., clerk
   3. Irvine, W. J., baker
   5. Price, John, traveller
   7. Harrison, David, joiner
   9. Richardson, Wilfred, engineer
 11. Tinman, Jas., labourer
 13. Edmundson, R., warehouseman
 15. Kennedy, A. N., engineer
 17. Reid, Mrs.
 19. Monaghen, Margaret
 21. Smylie, Jas., shipwright

   2. Mottrem, Frank, joiner
   4. Magowan, Wm., cabinet maker
   6. Stubbs, Richard
   8. Young, Thos., gardener
 10. Wilkinson, Robt., plumber
 12. Jeffries, Fred., warehouseman
 14. McDuff, Gilbert, stationer
 16. Drennan, Wm., mechanic
 18. Bell, Mrs.
 20. Middleton, J., agent

Arthur Lane
Arthur Street to Montgomery Street
St. Anne's Ward, South Par. Div.

       Coote, Chas., butter and egg merchant

Arthur Place
off Arthur Street
St. Anne's Ward, South Par. Div.

                                 First Floor
   1. Municipal Employees Association - D. Houston, secretary
   2. The Belfast Mercantile Bureau - Miss Crozier
   "   Craig, J., agent
                               Second Floor
   3. Stirrett, H., tailor
   5. Corbett, Mrs.
   7. Bishop, B., shopman

   2. Wright & Hunter's workshops
   4. Paterson & Courtney, Wholesale Provision Merchants. Telegraphic Address, "Instanter, Belfast." Telephone No. 2016

Arthur Square
from Corn Market to William Street South
St. Anne's Ward, South Par. Div.

1, 3. Mooney, J. G., & Co., Limited, wine and spirit merchants; W. J. Hogg, manager
3, 5. Baird, G., hatter and outfitter
   7. Braddell, Joseph, & Son, Gun, Rifle, Revolver, Fishing Rod, and Tackle Manufacturers. 'Phone 525
                                 First Floor
   2. Donnelly, Joseph, & Co., solicitors
   3. Income Tax Office, No. 1 District, Belfast - Surveyor, H. Edwards; surveyor assisting, J. J. Brennan; 1st clerk, Jas. Bailie; 2nd clerk, Jas. McLaughlin; 3rd clerk, J. V. Fitzpatrick; 4th clerk, R. H. Callan; 5th clerk, W. G. Brown; typist, Miss W. A. Ellis
   4. Galway, J. L., and Hawthorne, solicitors
   5. Income Tax Office, District A - Surveyor, H. M. Wilson
                                Second Floor
   6. Blair, John H., collector of income tax
   "   Fair, Henry, collector of income tax
   7. Coates, J. Dunville, solicitor; res., Eagle Hall, Hampton Park
   8. Orme & Sons Ltd., billiard table builders
   9. Stewart, Kennedy, Ltd., colliery agents and ship owners
 10. Ferguson & McMurray, consulting engineers
 11. Heron, T. M., solicitor
11a. Beattie, Wm., Barrister-at-Law
                                 Third Floor
 12. Income Tax Office, No. 2 District, Belfast; surveyor, G. M. Aylmer; surveyor assisting, H. M. Loughran; 1st clerk, J. A. D. Henderson; 2nd clerk, Hugh Jennings; 3rd clerk, A. E. Martin; lady clerks, Misses F. M. McCurdy & O. M. Flinn
 14. Income Tax Office, District B - Surveyor, T. A. J.  O'Neill; temp. clerk, S. McDonald; typist, Miss. M. L. Nesbitt
 15. Northern Law Society offices
 16. Weir, H. C., LL.B., solicitor
 17. Income Tax Office, No. 6 District, Belfast - Surveyor, H. J. O'Connell; 1st clerk, Alex. Gordon; 2nd clerk, D. J. McCurdy; 3rd clerk, Alex. Boyd; 4th clerk, E. S. Gallagher
 18. O'Reilly, P., Ltd., box manufacturers and printers; G. H. Cohne, representative. 'Phone 1692
                                Fourth Floor
 19. McKean, A. W., architectural and contractors' agent and engineers' representative
   "   Shaw, F. W., architect
 20. Jackson, Mrs., art classes
 21. Jones, H. H., solicitor
 22. Graham, J., agent Elliott-Fisher machines
 23. Stewart, J. C., law agent
 24. Vacant
   "   Crean, W. J., lift attendant
       Farley, Wm., caretaker
 11. Davidson, Arthur S., coal importer; res., Sorrento, Craigavad
 13. McNerney, Elizabeth, oyster saloon
13a. Winters & Jamison, city tailors
 15. D'Lucio, Pietro, ice cream vendor
 17. Campbell, F., tobacconist
                            Masonic Buildings
 19. Belfast Masonic Club; Donegall Masonic Club; D. Millar, house steward
 21. Tyler, John, & Sons, boot warehouse

Arthur Street
Arthur Square to Chichester Street
St. Anne's Ward, South Par. Div.

                             [right hand side]
1, 3. The Royal Cinema - Proprietors, Messrs. Warden Ltd.; managing director, F. W. Warden; telegraphic address, "Warden, Belfast."; 'phone No. 1142
5, 7, 9. Forrester, A., & Sons, wine & spirit merchants
11 to 19. Adair, Hugh, Steam Printer & Lithographer, Wholesale and Retail Stationer, Bookbinder and Account Book Manufacturer. Telephone 37
21, 23. Hanna & Browne, Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers, and Carpet Importers, Bedstead and Bedding Manufacturers. Telephone 650
25 to 39. Dunville & Co. Ltd., Royal Irish Distilleries (Head Office), Distillers, Bonders, Wholesale Wine and Spirit Merchants.  Telegraphic Address, "Dunvilles." Telephone No. 346
 41. Preston, John, & Co. (back entrance)
 43. Park, George, merchant tailor
 45. White, McMillan, & Wheeler, solicitors; res., J. C. White, Craigavad House, Craigavad; Wm. J. McMillan, Dunloe, Maxwell Road, Bangor; Geo. H. Wheeler, Thornhill Gardens, Marlborough Park
   "   Automobile Association & Motor Union Offices - T. C. Agnew, Dist. Sec.
 47. British Petroleum Co. Ltd. - Manager, H. Thompson, Telegraphic Address, "Britoleum, Belfast." Telephone Nos. 4158 P.B.E. Installation and Works, 33 Queen's Road. 'Phone 1655

   2. Bates, E. & R. D., solicitors
   "   Bates, R. Dawson, solicitor; res., Woodvale, Holywood
   "   Hamilton, W., & Co. Ltd., Seedsmen, Nurseryman, & Florists. 'Phone 2896. (Belfast Nursery, Malone Road)
   4. Dickson, Wm., & Co., Umbrella and Stick Manufacturers, Toy and Fancy Goods Importers, Stationery and Pictures
   6.                      Arthur Chambers
                                 First Floor
   1. Crymble, S. & R., solicitors
                               Second Floor
   2. Oughton, Henry, & Co., incorporated accountants
   "   Pasley & Co., insurance and commission agents
   8. Reid, Miss, costumier
 10.                       Arthur Chambers
                                  First Floor
   3. H. H. Boyd & Magill, estate and rent agents, and chartered accountants
   4. Belfast Wholesale Merchants' and Manufacturers' Association Ltd., Henry M. Crawford, sec.
   5. Ross, Samuel, solicitor
   6. Surveyor of Taxes, 3rd District - Surveyor, W. P. Shipway
   7. Haper & Petticrew, auditors and accountant
                               Second Floor
 10. Vacant
                                 Third Floor
   "   Jones, Esau, caretaker
 11. Vacant

 12. Bell, A. & Sons Ltd., Dyers & French Cleaners. Office for Castlereagh Laundry. Telephone 844
 14. McAuley, J. Alfred, Estate Agent and Valuer, Telephone 1230. Res., Moyleen, Deramore Park South
16 to 22. Wright & Hunter, Ltd., Cabinet Makers & Upholsterers, Carpet Warehousemen, Bed & Bedding Manufacturers, & General House Furnishers; Dealers in Antique China and Furniture. Telephone 826. Telegraphic Address, "Carpets;" Res., Stanley M. Wright, Erindale, Ormeau Road
..........Arthur Place intersects
 24. Harvey, W. S., auctioneer & valuer, property broker, etc.; res., Richmond, Antrim Road
 26. Crawford, Ale., & Son, F.A.I., house and land agents and auctioneers
   "   Crawford, H., commissioner for tang affidavits
   "   Crawford, Harper (of A. Crawford & Son), insurance agent; res., Aurora, Ballyholme, Bangor
                                 First Floor
   "   Bradley, W. J., solicitor
                                Second Floor
   "   Rice, J., commission agent
   "   Stevenson, W. J., com. agent
 28. Fisher, Thomas, & Co., House and Land Agents, Property Valuers. Telegrams, "Fisher, Belfast." Telephone, Belfast 1162.
   "   Robinson, John, F.A.I., Commissioner to Administer Oaths
                                 First Floor
 30. Hanna, John, solicitor
                               Second Floor
   "   Ward, W. T. C., insurance agent
 32. Malcomson, Jos., & Co., stock & share brokers
                                 First Floor
   "   Vacant
                                Second Floor
 34. McKee, Samuel, estate agent, valuer, and accountant
   "   Wilson, Norman, solicitor
   "   Orr, J. A., agent
   "   Gilbert, G. & J., solicitors
 36. Ferguson & Son, auctioneers, valuers, and estate agents' also at Ballyclare. Res., A. Ferguson, The Pines, Balmoral; W. H. Ferguson, P.A.S.I., Merida, Lisburn Road
   "   Irvine, Albert, poor-rate collector
                                 First Floor
34 & 36. Vyse, Sons, & Co. Ltd., The Millinery and Fur House, London - Ed. D. Stewart, Representative
   "   Mackintosh, T. & A., solicitors

Arthur Street Upper
from Chichester Street to May Street
St. Anne's Ward, South Par. Div.

                             [right hand side]
..........Patterson's Place intersects
 51. Coulter, George, Painter & Decorator, and Sole Agent for Brilliant Company Ltd., London. Telephone 359
 53. Johnston, S., boot maker
   "   Dolaghan, J., hair dresser
 55. Rolston, Mrs., governess and servants registry office
   "   Wilton's Variety Agency
 57. MacLaine, G. L., & Co., solicitors
 57. Nelson, W. H. Niall, solicitor, notary public, and commissioner for oaths; res., Dooneen, Cultra
57a. Moffatt, ?, manufacturer's agent and wholesale merchant
 59. Connolly, J., & Co., cabinet makers, upholsterers, house furnishers. 'Phone No. 3361
 75. Prince of Wales Masonic Lodge 154 - D. W. Boyd, house steward
..........Clarence Place Mews intersects

 38. Rylands & Sons Ltd., Manchester - J. C. Watson, agent
 40. Parker, A. H., commercial traveller
   "   Jackson, H. M., manufacturers' agent
   "   McCulloch, Henry & Son, manufacturing stationers
   "   Pim Bros. Ltd., wholesale warehousemen; head office, Dublin; G. Megaw, representative
   "   Rotherham & Co. Ltd., London; representative, Wm. Campbell
   "   Oliver & Rankin (Late of Mills & Garrett), First Class Ladies' and Gent's Tailors
 42. McCaughey, J., linen merchant
   "   McCaughey & Co., manufacturers
   "   McCaughey, Donald, estate agent and valuer
..........Arthur Lane intersects
 44. Ireland, William, ostrich feather merchant
                                First Floor
   "   Johnston, John, solicitor
                              Second Floor
   "   East Belfast Unionist Association - Secretary, John Johnston
                              Ground Floor
 46. McCracken, Geo., solicitor
                                First Floor
   "   Beatty, J. B., grey cloth and yarn agent
 48. Bowman, Davys, & Dowdall, House, Land, Estate and Insurance Agents. Telephone 521
                              Second Floor
   "   Lemon, Edwd., B.A., solicitor
 50. Stewart, E. M., F.A.I., House, Land, and Insurance Agent, Auctioneer and Valuer. Telephone No. 502. Res., 8 Mountcharles, University Road
   "   The City of Belfast Perfect Thrift Building Society (in Liquidation) - E. M. Stewart, liquidator
                                 First Floor
 50. Wark, J. A., F.S.I., Civil Engineer and Surveyor. 'Phone 3387
 52. Vacant
 52. Hawthorne, John, Auctioneer, Estate Agent, Property and Insurance Broker and Valuer. Tel. No. 2832. Branches, Dublin and Holywood. Dublin Office, 15 Eustace Street
   "   Galway, McIlwaine & Seeds, solicitors
54, 56. Marshall, M., motor and cycle factor
..........Music Hall Lane intersects
58, 60. The Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd. Telephone No. 1916. Telegraphic Address, "Pneumatic, Belfast."
 62. Victoria Memorial Minor Hall

Artillery Street
North Queen Street
Dock Ward, North Par. Div.

   1. Side door
   3. Murray, Patrick
   5. Kennan, Geo., soldier
   7. Loughran, Mrs. Margt.
   9. McBrimm, Jos., carter
 11. McCamley, Margaret
 13. Milligan, Patrick, carter
 15. Collins, Francis, labourer
 17. Slavin, Wm., labourer
 19. Scullion, Mrs.
 21. Devine, Mrs. Nellie
 23. McBride, Mrs. Eliza
 25. McMenemy, Michael, labourer
 27. McBride, J., blacksmith
 29. Dunbar, Joseph, labourer
 31. Garry, Phillip, labourer
 33. McKernan, Emily
 35. McCabe, Peter, porter
 37. O'Neill, Jane
..........Bruslee Street intersects
 39. McVey, Miss Annie
 41. Rooney, John, soldier

   2. Vacant
   4. McMahon, Mary A., spinner
   6. McIlroy, James, labourer
   8. Dornan, Thos., labourer
 10. Devlin, John, labourer
 12. McKeown, Jas. H., diver
 14. Magerty, Patrick, labourer
 16. Mulholland, Mary Ann, winder
 18. Mullan, Francis, labourer
 20. Kelly, Maria
 22. Loughran, John, labourer
 24. Crawford, John , labourer
 26. Mullan, Mrs.
 28. Laverty, Bridget
 30. Coutanchie, Mrs. Mary (Coutanche)
 32. Twigley, Edward, labourer
 34. Morris, Francis, soldier
 36. Hoy, John, labourer
 38. McKinley, Edwd., labourer
 40. McLoughlin, W., confectioner
 42. Madden, James, labourer
 44. Kinsella, Michael, labourer
 46. Solly, Wm., labourer
 48. Cush, Patrick
 50. McDonnell, Mrs. Margt.
 52. Connor, Catherine
 54. Baxter, Robt., labourer
 56. McDermott, Bernd., joiner
 58. Sweeney, Saml., driver
 60. Cushinan, Henry, carter
 62. Matthews, Winifred
 64. Campbell, D., hackle setter
 66. McCann, Robt., labourer
 68. Murtogh, John, cutter
 70. Simpson,. Danl., carter
 72. Devlin, Joseph, carter
 74. O'Boyle, Maggie
 76. Murray, John, labourer
 78. Donnelly, Mrs.
 80. Steele, Arthur, fitter
 82. Campbell, Miss Annie
 84. McWilliams, Arthur, labourer
 86. Kelly, Mrs. Mary Jane
 88. O'Neill, Charles, carter
 90. Kelly, Joseph, carter

Arundel Street
Grosvenor Road to Little Distillery Street
St. Anne's Ward, South Par. Div.

   1. Cullen, Miss K.
   3. Leonard, Jos., railway porter
   5. McCormick, Robt., dresser
   7. Sharp, John
   9. Wright, Mrs.
 11. Long, Alfred, fitter
 13. McMann, John, porter
 15. Clegg, Robt., plater's helper
 17. Dempster, Mrs. Mary
 19. Crawford, Wm., shipwright
 21. Card, Wm., driller
 23. Shannon, Wm., engraver
 25. Cooper, W. H., boiler maker
 27. Patterson, E. J., yarn dresser
 29. McQuillan, John, carter

   2. McClatchey, David, linen lapper
   4. Clegg, Matt. John, labourer
   6. Sharp, James, labourer
   8. Nelson, Robert, fitter
 10. Robinson, Robt., labourer
 12. Dougherty, Robt., collar cutter
 14. Paterson, Archd., labourer
 16. Stockdale, Mrs. Jane
 18. Weir, Wm., hotel boots
 20. Ritchie, Hugh
 22. McCann, Thos., boot maker
 24. McKinstry, Robt., labourer
 26. Hyland, Wm., labourer
 28. Morrow, W. Geo., carter
30, 32. Mallon, Hugh, spirit grocer

Ashburne Street
Salisbury Street to Maryville Street
Windsor Ward, South Par. Div.

   1. Houston, John
   3. McVeigh, Miss
   5. Lennon, David, fruit merchant
   7. Collins, Miss Lizzie
   9. Gilmore, Albert, porter
 11. Bell, W. T., packer
 13. Ryan, Robt., whitesmith
 15. Rodgers, W. J., iron moulder
 17. Gibson, Fred. C., carpenter
 19. McKenna, Miss
 21. Perrin, Mrs. Minnie
 23. Brown, Wm., engineer
 25. Thompson, A., shopman
 27. Morris, Robt., printer
 29. Lee, F. C., manager
 31. White, John, store keeper

   2. Moore, Alex., taxi-cab owner
   4. McGurk, Patk., bar man
   6. Butterworth, W., labourer
   8. Palmer, Fras. G., fitter
 10. Rowe, Frank R., inspector of telephones
 12. Rankin, W., manager
 14. McDonald, J. A., agent
 16. Johnstone, Annie
 18. Gamble, S., insurance agent
 20. Lindsay, Jos., blacksmith
 22. Armstrong, R., crane driver
 24. Hollins, Mrs.
 26. Hutchinson, S. J., guard
 28. McEwan, John, caretaker
 30. Ferguson, Wm., shop assistant
 32. McCartney, R., labourer
 34. Mealey, Miss Mary Jane
 36. Harte, Edwd., linen lapper
..........Hardcastle Street intersects

Ashdale Street
Bloomfield Avenue to Bread Street
Pottinger Ward, East Par. Div.

   3. Watson, Sarah Jane
   5. Hunsdale, H., smith's helper
   7. Donovan, Clara
   9. Trotter, Charlotte
 11. Cleland, Jennie
 13. Hanvey, Geo., labourer
 15. Scott, R., labourer
 17. Elliott, Mrs.
 19. Roy, Mrs.
 21. Jones, Mrs.
 23. Mission Hall
 25. Millar, Thomas
 27. Armstrong, Isabella
 29. McBride, Thos., labourer
 31. Donnelly, Catherine
 33. Lyons, Mrs.
 35. McClurg, John, labourer
 37. McCleery, Henry W., labourer
 39. Pyper, Frederick
 41. Magee, Alex.
 43. McAuley, R., street inspector
 45. Lamey, Geo., labourer
 47. Garbet, W. J., dealer

   4. Caldwell, Elizabeth
   6. Lester, Edward
   8. Greer, Bernard, van driver
 10. Venters, Maggie
 12. Bell, Mrs.
 14. Cairns, John
 16. Vance, Saml., labourer
 18. Cunningham, Walter
 20. Dawson, Mrs.
 22. Lappin, Henry, labourer
 24. McLoughlin, Jos., labourer
 26. Murray, Annie
 28. Brown, Wm., labourer
 30. Wright, Geo., stone mason
 32. Ferguson, Jas., labourer

Ashfield Street
from Castlereagh Road to Frankfort Street
Ormeau Ward, East Par. Div.

 11. Frankfort Street National School (side door)
 13. Girvan, Jas., brick layer
 15. Burrows, Jas., holderup
 17. Polley, John, coalman
 19. Herron, Robt., labourer
 21. Martin, Mrs. M. E.
 23. Hoy, John, R.I.C.
 25. Milford, Robert, labourer
 27. Cairnduff, Wm., labourer
 29. Side door

   2. Murray, W. J., pensioner
   4. Brown, Geo., soldier
   6. Thompson, Geo., shipwright
   8. McAvoy, Jos., labourer
 10. Bothwell, Arthur, labourer
 12. Murray, Alex., labourer
 14. Foster, Joseph, labourer

Ashgrove Park
off Cliftonville Circus
Clifton Ward, North Par. Div.

                             [right hand side]
   1. Cranston, W. J.
   3. Stewart, R. M., accountant
   5. Mitchell, Wm., shop fitter
                                   St. Kilda
   7. Browne, George
   9. McGuigan, Hugh, Customs officer
 11. Kirkwood, Duncan, secy. Independent Order of Rechabites
 13. Kane, Wm. Jas., grocer
 15. Campbell, W., clerk
 17. Clements, Mrs.
 19. Irwin, Saml., bookkeeper
 21. Todd, H., manufacturers' agent
..........Cardigan Drive intersects
 23. Gibson, Wm., district manager Abstainers and General Assurance Co. Ltd.
 25. Gibson, Thos., shipwright
 27. Williamson, Anna
 29. Morton, David, shipwright
 31. Carlisle, Wm., contractor
 33. McArthur, G. B., tea buyer
 35. McCallum, Major William
                               The Rookery
 37. Larmour, Wm., com. traveller

                             [left hand side]
                              Grove House
   2. Norton, Valentine, manager
   4. Mewhirter, John
   6. Brady, James, school teacher
   8. Hunter, Wm., clerk
 10. Martin, Mrs. A. Mc.
 12. Campbell, Robt., com. traveller
 14. Ewing, R. W., builder
 16. Pritchard, Geo., chief steward
 18. Marks, E., potato merchant
 20. O'Neill, Jas., spirit merchant
 22. Lundie, Robt., cashier
 26. Condy, Alex., cashier
..........Cardigan Drive intersects
 28. Officer, Mrs.
 30. Marshall, Margaret C.
 32. Gibson, Chas., french polisher
 34. Nelson, John, assistant sec.
 36. Field, Mrs. I.
 38. Morrison, J. G., rent agent
 40. Hall, S., ladies' outfitter
 42. McKercher, John, manager
 44. Arbuckle, Jos., ladies' outfitter
                                Rose Lodge
 46. Wallace, Wm. L.
 48. Scott, Mrs. K.

Ashley Avenue
off Lisburn Road
Windsor Ward, South Par. Div.

                             Clarence Terrace
 1a. Vacant
   1. Bingham, J. A., chemist
   3. Mortimer, J. C., commission agent
   5. McKeown, Rev. John, M.A., Presbyterian minister
   7. Finlay, Matthew, com. agent
   9. Carson, J. M., flesher
                           Avondale Terrace
 11. Hurst, John, draper
 13. Craig, Thomas, clerk
 15. Elliott, Mrs.
 17. Campbell, Hugh, N.S. teacher
                             Rehola Terrace
 19. Morrow, James, leather merchant
 21. Robb, John H., Barrister-at-Law
 23. Richmond, J., com. traveller
 25. Cupples, Mrs. M.
 27. Stevenson, W. J., chemist
 29. Smith, Alexr., traveller
 31. Atkinson, Rev. Duncan G., minister of Rugby Avenue Congregational Church
 33. Andrew, Fredk., clerk
                                Ashley Villa
 35. Oliver, T. S., accountant
..........Alexander Terrace intersects
 37. McNeill, Mrs.
                              Waverley Terrace
 39. Thompson, E., hair dresser
 41. Wright, Miss Burke
                             Ashley Cottage
 43. Dennison, Miss
 45. Campbell, F., tobacconist
 47. Allen, Mrs. F.

       Side door
   4. Hayden, Thos., R.I.C. pensioner
   6. Wilks, Wm., engineer
 12. Smith, James, warehouseman
 14. Ashley Nursing Home - Mrs. Millar, matron
 16. Jenkins, W. N., linen merchant
 20. Scott, Miss G.
 22. Martin, Mrs. A.
 24. Gibson, C. K., traveller
 26. Clotworthy, Mrs. Mary
 28. Richardson, Robt., clerk
                               Ashley House
 30. MacMillan, Wm., J.P.

Ashley Gardens
Lansdowne Road to Parkmount Road
Duncairn Ward, North Par. Div.

                               [left hand side]
       Ekin, John, com. agent
       McClurkin, Mrs. Margt.
       Sandiford, A. Carlton, representative of Mather & Platt Ltd., of Manchester
       Wood-Sammon, Major S. G., 3rd R.I.R.
       Dunseith, Mrs.
       Neill, Jas. F., com. traveller
       Grainger, David, clerk
       Brand, W. J., merchant
       Carlisle, J., M.D.
       Carlisle, Jas., bank official
       Ayton, H. R., representative of Keith & Blackman, London
       Tate, Francis, manufacturer
       Wood, H. E., bank official
       Warren, Miss A.

                             [right hand side]
       Birch, Chas., general manager I.T.L.
       Bristow, Mrs. M.

Ashmore Street
from Conway Street to Cranmore Street
Woodvale Ward, West Par. Div.

   1. Side door
   3. Shearer, Mrs.
   5. Smith, Jas., flax dresser
   7. Smith, Jas., flax dresser
   9. Donaghy, John, plater's helper
..........Argyle Street intersects
 11. Porte, D. G., grocer
 13. Robinson, Jas., brass moulder
 15. Allen, George, labourer
 17. Lowe, Agnes
 19. Knox, Martha
..........Urney Street intersects
21, 23. Bell, Sarah, grocer
 25. Scott, William
 27. Serington, Robt., labourer
 29. Glendinning, William
..........Wilton Street intersects
 31. Craig, David, labourer
 33. Rosson, Thos., labourer
 35. Garland, Agnes
 37. Noble, Wm., labourer
 39. Page, Wm., labourer
 41. Kirkpatrick, Mary
..........Eastland Street intersects
43, 45. Peoples & Sons, grocer and drapers
 47. Spratt, William
 49. Baillie, James, fitter
 51. Faloon, Peter, carpenter
..........Westland Street intersects
 53. Mateer, Richard
 55. Hynds, Margaret
 57. Moore, Robt., moulder
 59. McKenzie, Robt., labourer
 61. McCrea, Wm., assistant agent
 63. Gallaher, Alex., labourer
 65. Mahood, John, preparing master
67, 69. Byrne & Co., spirit grocer

   2. McDowell, Mrs.
   4. Fletcher, Thos., grocer
 4b. Galloway, Frank, butcher
       Ashmore Street National School - prin. Saml. Espie
..........Argyle Street intersects
   6. Young, Matthew, labourer
   8. Corr, T. J., spirit grocer
..........Lower Urney Street intersects
 10. Hunt, Mrs.
 12. Emerson, Graham, labourer
 14. Agnew, Thos., labourer
 16. Hawthorn, Thos., labourer
 18. Kidd, Lizzie
 20. Dunn, Sarah
..........Wilton Street intersects
 22. Barret, David, labourer
 24. Barton, Robert
 26. Holland, John, labourer
 28. Wright, Thos., labourer
 30. McKeever, Jas., labourer
 32. Close, Mary
 34. Dickie, James, labourer
..........Eastland Street intersects
36a. Love, Thomas
 36. Presho, John, labourer
 38. McVeigh, John, labourer
 40. Scott, John, labourer
 42. Chestnut, John
 44. McKee, Jane
 46. White, Thomas
 48. Lynn, John, labourer
 50. Johnston, John, tailor
 52. McEvoy, W. J., hackle setter
 54. Hamilton, Ellen

Ashton Street
Dawson Street to Annadale Street
Dock Ward, North Par. Div.

   1. Burns, James, labourer
   3. Hamilton, Jas., labourer
   5. Kennedy, Saml., labourer
   7. Pryde, Alex., postman
   9. McIlwaine, J. F., smith's helper
 11. O'Neill, Chas., fireman
 13. Fullerton, Wm., postman
 15. McKenna, H., coachman
 17. McQuoid, Annie, weaver

   2. Crooks, Geo., lamp lighter
   4. Jenkins, Mrs. Annie
   6. McCormick, M., reeler
   8. Phillips, John, cloth pssr.
 10. Kilpatrick, Robt., carter
 12. Nesbitt, T. F., seaman
 14. O'Donnell, Mrs.
 16. Callaghan, Emma
 18. Smyth, Chas., labourer
18a. Leitch, D. D. & Sons, flax, tow and seed merchants (stores)
 20. Elliott, Wm., blacksmith
 22. Lowry, John, labourer
 24. Stalford, Jas., labourer
 26. Hoey, David, carter
 28. Foster, Jas., iron sorter
 30. Kerr, Hugh, labourer
 32. Sherard, Mrs. Mary
 34. Hull, Agnes, costumier

Aston Gardens
off Belmont Church Road
Victoria Ward, East Par. Div.

       Tattersall, Mrs.
       Scott, Jas. H., mill furnisher
       Apperson, David, Customs and Excise
       Laslett, George, engineer G.P.O.
       White, John S., accountant

Athens Street
Willowfield Street to Hamburg Street
Ormeau Ward, East Par. Div.

   1. Neill, Henry, labourer
   3. Murphy, John, labourer
   5. Long, Allen, soldier
   7. Dogherty, Benj., labourer
   9. Patterson, Geo., carter
 11. Cunningham, R. H., soldier
 13. Glover, Jas., dealer

   2. Martin, Mrs. Mary
   4. McCarron, D. J., red leader
   6. McKee, Jas., brick layer
   8. Kirk, David, labourer
 10. Milling, Saml., plumber
 12. Pascoe, Mrs. Margt.
 14. McClean, Maggie
 16. Scott, James, carter
 18. Ferris, Stephen, labourer
 20. Scott, Jas., labourer
 22. Hopper, Jack, labourer
 24. Bell, Mrs. Jane
 26. Forde, Gardiner, labourer
 28. Rowan, Wm., labourer
 30. Boyd, Robt., joiner
 32. Lyttle, Jas., shipwright

Athol Street
College Street South to Durham Street
St. Anne's Ward, South Par. Div.

                               Athol Terrace
1 to 19. Co. Down Weaving Co. (workers' entrance). Glendinning, McLeish, & Co. (workers' entrance). Belfast Linen Handkerchief Co. (workers' entrance).
21a. Athol Laundry Co.
 21. O'Brien, Patk., R.I.C.
 23. McBride, Wm., labourer
 25. Magill, Francis, moulder
 27. McKernan, E., labourer
   "   McAllister, John, driller
   "   Gilmore, Jos., labourer
 29. Gordon, R. D., & Co., dining hall
 31. McCourt, James, R.I.C.
 33. Simpson, W., preparing master
 35. Hayes, John, porter
 37. Lyness, John, painter
39, 41, 43, 45. Gordon, R. D., & Co. Ltd.

   2. McCormick, Jno., inspector
   4. Ulster Loan and Discount Co. Ltd.
   6. Nesbitt, Jos., railway con.
   8. McCorriston, Annie
 10. McCourt, P., car owner
 12. Short, James, carter
 14. McKenna, Patk., R.I.C.
 16. McKenna, Jas., car man
 18. Timbey, J., compositor
 20. Donnan, W. J., basket maker
 22. Fleming, John, carter
 24. Johnston, Miss, grocer
 26. Kerr, James, painter
 28. Coghlan, G., foreman binder
 30. McMurray, John, postman
 32. Hall, John, litho printer
 34. Greene, Mrs. Maggie
 36. Flynn, Miss
38, 40. Gorman, F. G. S., furniture warehouse

Athol Street Lane
rere of Athol Street
St. Anne's Ward, South Par. Div.

Atlantic Avenue
from Antrim Road to Limestone Road
Duncairn Ward, East Par. Div.

                           Duncairn Buildings
   1. Adair, Mrs. Margaret, tobacconist
   3. Stevenson Bros., butchers
   5. Jersey Dairy - W. R. Creswell, proprietor
   7. Leonardo & Nardone, confectioners
   9. Manson, John, grocer
..........Ponsonby Avenue intersects
 11. English, Miss E.
 13. McBurney, Samuel, insurance manager
 15. Entwistle, James, clerk
 17. Manson, John
 19. McFarland, Thos., engineer
 21. Brownlie, James, plater
 23. Vogan, Samuel
 25. Murray, Miss, servants' registry office
 27. Marshall, Fras., traveller
 29. Appleman, J., draper
..........Newington Avenue intersects
 31. Maxwell, Mrs. Jane
 33. Vacant
 35. Gailey, Wm. J.
 37. Parr, Hugh, traveller
 39. Fowler, John C., musician
 41. Crangle, Mrs.
 43. Todd, Frank, butcher
 45. Cassidy, Miss Lizzie
 47. McCaw, Geo., clerk
 49. McMillan, Miss, costumier
 51. Busby, Mrs.
 53. Rosenfield, S., draper
 55.Howard, L. A., buyer
 57. Wilson, W. J. P., secretary Chamber of Commerce
 59. Rew, Fred. W., agent
 61. Feeney, Jas., tea agent
 63. Adams, Miss, ladies' school
 65. Henderson, Saml., com. traveller
 67. Christy, R. J., clerk
 69. Stewart, Mrs.
 71. Boyd, Thos. R., salesman
 73. Pollard, Miss F.

 2a. McConaghy, Daniel, grocer (side door)
   2. McIvor, Margaret
   4. Morton, Mrs.
   6. Dickey, Mrs.
   8. Tinsdale, Robert
 10. Vacant
 12. Beare, William
 14. Robinson, Mrs. M.
 16. Plunkett, Annie
 18. Barr, John, painter
 20. McBride, Thos., grain merchant
 22. Downs, Mrs.
 24. MacMahon, Mrs. A.
..........Baltic Avenue intersects
 26. Barclay, Mrs.
 28. Fitzgerald, Margt.
 30. McIlroy, Wm., prin. of Northumberland Street N.S.
 32. Tully, Michael
 34. Travers, Thos., com. traveller
 36. Gold, J., musical director
..........Pacific Avenue intersects
 38. Bryans, W. J., traveller
 40. Malcolm, Mrs. L.
 42. Myres, A., draper
 44. Warwick, S., traveller
 46. Bell, Mrs. Margaret
 48. Hayes, Wm. Jas.
..........Lothair Avenue intersects
 50. Tims, Robt., clerk
 52. Fisher, Miss G. E.
 54. Vacant

Auburn Street
Elm Street to Vernon Street
Cromac Ward, South Par. Div.

   1. McKee, Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer
   3. Thompson, Miss Elizabeth
   5. Stevenson, Chris., fitter
   7. Russell, Jas., linen lapper
   9. McCrudden, J., moulder
 11. Williamson, Robt., porter
 13. Moffatt, John, upholsterer
 17. Hamilton, Archie, baker
 19. Prentice, W. J., photo framer and enlarger
 21. Rush, Hugh, caretaker
 23. Mooney, J., sergt. R.I.C.
 25. Cunningham, Miss Jane
 27. Just, James, weaver
 29. Adamson, Thos. L., clerk
 31. Elder, Mrs.
 33. McKeown, Mary
 35. Crooks, W. A., mechanic
 37. Savage, John, carpenter
 39. Wright, Anthony, labourer
 41. McKee, David, insurance agent
 43. McKee, Jno., insurance agent
 45. Vincent, Mrs.
47, 49. Rice, Geo., grocer

   2. Beattie, Hugh, joiner
   4. Elliott, Wm., shipwright
   6. Andrews, Thomas
   8. Mitchell, J., collar cutter
 10. Chalmers, John, fitter
 12. Dempster, Ellen
 14. Hampson, John T., fitter
 16. Cleland, Miss Ellen
 18. Carson, Mrs. Maggie
 20. McDonald, Harry
 22. Pearson, Wm., carriage inspector
 24. Overend, Jas., gas inspector
 26. Casey, Mrs.
 28. Stanfield, John
 30. Cassels, Mrs.
 32. Robinson, Geo., tailor
 34. Blevings, Miss Agnes
 36. Hamilton, John, porter
 38. McKernan, John, labourer
 40. Pollock, Mrs. Margaret
 42. Morrison, Wm., joiner
 44. Huston, Robt., labourer
 46. McDowell, U., storeman
 48. McAloone, Peter, electrician

Aughrim Street
City Street to Blythe Street
St. George's Ward, South Par. Div.

..........Boyne Street intersects
       Workman Memorial National school - Thos. McLoughlin, principal; Miss Petrie, Infant School
..........Madeline Street intersects
 1a. City Street Shorthand School - Prin., Alf. Sims?? page 122 check spelling
   1. Martin, Wm., carter
   3. McGill, Hanna
   5. Dorman, James, carter
   7. Robinson, Johnstone, labourer
   9. McTear, Mrs.
 11. Cairns, Thos., plater
 13. Nesbitt, M., labourer

   2. Patterson Ltd., bakers
   4. Bell, John, labourer
   6. Pedlow, Mrs.
   8. Martin, Mrs.
 10. Martin, Wm., iron dresser
..........Schomberg Street intersects
 12. Morrow, John, labourer
 14. Smith, John, fitter
 16. White, Mary
 18. Ashwood, John, labourer
 20. Murdock, Saml., labourer
 22. Robinson, Jas., labourer
 24. Young, James, labourer
 26. McGibbon, Wm., labourer
 28. Stewart, Mary
 30. McGuirk, W. J., labourer
 32. Johnstone, Bella
 34. McCleery, Jas., labourer
 36. Cousins, James, labourer
 38. Sloan, David, weigh master

Austin Street
off Newtownards Road
Pottinger Ward, East Par. Div.

   1. Horner, James, labourer
   3. McBride, Saml., labourer
   5. Strickland, Wm., motor driver
   7. Sinclair, Robt., moulder
   9. McKinney, John, shipwright
 11. Curran, John, driller
 13. McMaster, Geo., ship carpenter
 15. Tosh, Wm., fireman
 17. Boyd, Bruce, joiner
 19. Hanna, John, cabinet maker
 21. Andrews, S., smith
 23. Gally, Thos., rivetter
 25. Spence, H., painter
 27. McMinn, Thos., labourer
 29. Burns, Robt., labourer
 31. Harris, Wm., plumber
 33. Allen, A. R., crane driver
 35. Poag, Mary

   2. Davidson, Mrs.
 2a. Yard
4, 6. Crichton, James, joiner
   8. Williamson, Wm., labourer
 10. Billbat, C.
 12. Moffitt, R. J., moulder
 14. Greer, A., labourer
 16. Hoy, W. J., engineer
 18. Allen, Alex., joiner
 20. Smith, Saml., coppersmith
 22. Moore, J., joiner
 24. Crothers, Gardner, rivetter
 26. Scott, James, rivetter
 28. Machan, David, boot maker
 30. Hunter, Thomas, joiner
 32. Garrasay, Wm., rivetter

Ava Avenue
off Ormeau Road
Ormeau Ward, East Par. Div.

   1. Brady, Thos., telegraphist
   2. Crothers, Jas., draper's assistant
   3. Little, Mrs.
   4. Livingston, Wm. J., warehouseman
   5. Hewitt, Thos., merchant
   6. Taylor, Mrs. Jane
 13. Smyth, John Knox
 15. Shaw, James
 17. Gulston, Henry
 19. Vacant
 21. Browne, Gerald, chief reporter, "Belfast News Letter"
       Marquis's Brickworks - James Wallace & Sons, proprietors
       Haypark Brickworks - H. & J. Martin, Limited, proprietors

   2. Ormeau Bakery Ltd.
..........Burmah Street intersects
   4. Dempster, Sarah, grocer
   6. Ross, John, publican
   8. Carvill, Henry, com. traveller
 10. Rutter, J. J., electrical engineer
 12. Kirkpatrick, W. H., checker
 14. Skilling, Adam, joiner
 16. Meharg, J. D.
 18. Jones, J. C., merchant

Ava Street
off Ava Avenue
Ormeau Ward, East Par. Div.

   2. Roberts, G. V., book pr.
   4. Mahair, Thos., engineer
   6. Anderson, W. J., manager Victoria Factory
   8. Stanley, Robt., R.I.C.
 10. Gordon, Robt., sample maker
 12. Cranston, Jacob
 14. Spratt, Robert, waiter
 16. Graham, J., provision merchant
 18. Crotty, Jane
 20. Duffin, Margaret
 22. Smallwood, Geo., fitter
 24. Hunter, Sarah
 26. Holness, John J., rivetter
 28. Mortimer, Lindley, musician
 30. Black, W., yarn com. agent
 32. Watters, J. W. T., solicitor
   "   Johnstone, Mrs. C. E.
 34. Thompson, Alex., joiner
 36. Scullion, Jas., traveller
 38. Moore, Fred,. harbour constable
 40. Weisner, Mrs. Elizabeth
 42. Walsh, Robt., harbour constable
 44. Fulton, Alex., builder
 46. Patterson, Jas., pork curer
 48. McGifford, Samuel
 50. Blacke, J. Stuart, journalist
 52. Boyd, John, carpenter
 54. Graham, Thos., joiner
 56. Thompson, John, labourer
 58. Kerr, Mrs. Margaret
 60. Robson, John
 62. Wilson, John C., fitter
       Vacant ground
..........Fernwood Street intersects
 74. McLoughlin, P. J., R.I.C.
 76. Wolesley, Alex., railway guard
 78. Gilmore, M., P.O. official
 80. Dale, Ed., cabinet maker
 82. Lacky, G. E., pawn broker
 84. Robinson, Geo., designer
 86. Harrison, E. V., warehouseman

Avoca Street
from Summer Street to Alloa Street
Avoca Crescent
Clifton Ward,. North Par. Div.

   1. Rosenweig, Solomon, cabinet maker
   3. Wolff, Jos., traveller
       Clifton Park N.S. No. 1 - Andw. McLoughlin, principal
   9. McCullough, J., shipwright
 11. McConnell, J., rivetter
 13. Montgomery, I., bread server
 15. Greer, R., french polisher
 17. Hopkins, Saml., manager
 19. Devlin, Mrs.
 21. Wilson, S., farmer
 23. Nelson, Jas. A., painter
 25. Field, Geo., packer
 27. Bell, Wm., carpenter
 29. MacCabe, M., compositor
 31. Mooney, Frank, superintendent
 33. Henry, F., compositor
 35. McIlmurry, Elizabeth
 37. McMullan, Agnes
 39. Whiteford, W. J., clerk
 41. Blumberg, Edwd., draper
 43. Brown, Jas., book finisher
 45. McCabe, Thos., compositor
 47. Crowther, Wm., engineer
 49. McClenaghan, Jas., clerk
 51. Freedman, Rhoda
 53. Miller, Louis, draper

   2. Wilson, Robt., fitter
   4. McDowell, Robt., R.I.C.
       Clifton Park N.S. (Central) - Principal, A. Mclean
14, 16. Smyth, Rd., carpenter
 18. Tipping, H.
 20. Dick, James, warder
 22. Gallagher, James
 24. Bentley, Robert
..........Derg Street intersects
 26. Williamson, J., labourer
 28. Finney, John, joiner
 30. McFarland, Rachael
 32. Williams, Geo., seaman
 34. Laverty, Frank, dealer
 36. Kennedy, Hy., engine driver
..........Bandon Street intersects
                            Salisbury Terrace
 38. Lecky, Saml., crane man
 40. Lyle, Jas., colour sergt.
 42. Moles, Isaac, winding master
 44. Walsh, Michael, detective
 46. Corry, John, shop keeper

Avon Street
off Dee Street, Newtownards Road
Victoria Ward, East Par. Div.

   1. Atkinson, W. J., labourer
   3. Atkinson, Hugh, labourer
   5. Retalic, Geo., pensioner
   7. Scott, Wm., painter
   9. Brown, Mrs.
 11. Hall, James, labourer
 13. Thornton, Robt., labourer
 15. Spence, Jas., mechanic
 17. Spratt, Alice
 19. Smith, Wm., labourer
 21. Winters, T., labourer
 23. Grant, Jas., fitter
 25. Bowman, S., joiner
 27. McQueen, Thos., plater
 29. Sandford, W., holderup
 31. Dugan, Mrs. Mary
 33. Dugan, A., rivetter
 35. Sands, H., moulder
 37. Briggs, Mrs.
 39. Wylie, Annie
 41. Slater, Mrs.
 43. Atkinson, R., labourer
 45. Aiken, Wm., clerk
 47. Johnston, Jas., labourer
 49. Beck, W. J., labourer
 51. McGarry, J., labourer
 53. Hutchinson, Jas., labourer
 55. Galbraith, Wm., lamp lighter
 57. Maxwell, G., labourer
 59. Scarborough, D., plater's helper
 61. Moore, Jas., plater
 63. Masterson, H., carpenter
 65. Dick, John, labourer
 67. Bulloch, Saml., carpenter
 69. Picken, Wm., labourer
 71. Moore, Saml., rivetter
 73. Gateway
 75. Telford, Thos., platers helper
 77. Paton, Robt., labourer
 79. Telford, Wm., labourer
 81. Hayes, Robt., rivetter

   2. Jackson, Wm., labourer
   4. Rosemond, Robt., labourer
   6. Morrison, Duncan, labourer
   8. Armstrong, W., labourer
 10. Donnelly, Alfred, driller
 12. Stewart, R., labourer
 14. Thornton, Alex., labourer
 16. Kelly, Mary
 18. Gregg, W., labourer
 20. Torrens, Alex., rivetter
 22. Gateway
 24. Shannon, D., posting master
 26. Shannon, W. J., car driver
 28. Carson, R., fitter
 30. Greenlaw, Mrs. J.
 32. Johnston, Moses, labourer
 34. Moore, James
 36. Williams, Robt., engineer
 38. Chamberlain, G., soldier
 40. Moffett, Wm., fitter
 42. Couser, Thos., labourer
 44. Pickens, Mrs.
 46. Wilton, David, painter
 48. Jeans, J., plater
 50. Black, John, smiths' helper
 52. Donaldson, W., boiler maker
 54. Hamilton, R., labourer
 56. Jones, Henry, labourer
 58. Beattie, John, labourer
 60. McCann, Sarah
 62. Hossack, C., boiler maker
 64. Moore, Wm., rivetter
 66. Kiltie, W. J., labourer
 68. Rutherford, H., rivetter
 70. Patterson, J., soldier
 72. Moore, J., labourer
 74. McCann, Mrs. M.
 76. Cunningham, W. J., labourer
 78. McCrudden, C. R. N.
 80. Duncan, Wm., labourer
 82. Teggart, Jos., dealer

Avonbeg Street
from Cliftonpark Avenue to Manor Street
Clifton Ward, North Par. Div.

   1. Murphy, Susan
   3. Verner, James
   5. McAlpin, T., butcher
   7. Bunting, Mrs. Maggie
   9. Anderson, J. A., engineer
 11. Joule, Thos., engineer
 13. Press, John, fitter
 15. Linden, Emily
 17. Boyd, Mrs. Emily
 19. Blake, Chas., fireman
 21. Graham, W. H., bookkeeper
 23. McClurkin, Saml., joiner
 25. Murphy, Charles, chief steward
 27. McKinney, Wm., winding master
 29. McCrainor, John, engineer
 31. Haslett, Isaac, seedsman
 33. Vacant
 35. Downey, Geo., insurance agent
 37. O'Reilly, Garrett, R.I.C.
 39. Robinson, Thomas
 41. Baillie, E. G., manager
 43. Clarke, Mrs. Charlotte
 45. Shields, Martin, fitter
 47. Caves, Mrs. Mary

   2. Ives, J., coachman
   4. Stevenson, J., linen business
   6. Jordan, Thos., soldier
   8. Corry, Catherine
 10. Sterling, James, clerk
 12. Kennedy, Elizabeth
 14. Ward, Mrs. Agnes
 16. Watson, Wm., colporteur
 18. Smith, Lizzie
 20. Cole, William, jeweller
 22. Eno, Jas., carter
 24. Nixon, Stewart, engineer
 26. McKinty, Martha
 28. Moffatt, Jas., draper's assistant
 30. Moore, Geo., weight master
 32. Goldthorpe, J. A., traveller
 34. Ewing, Thos., joiner
 36. Sherry, Christopher
 38. Fisher, Jas. H., R.I.C.
 40. Worrell, Thos. G., R.I.C.
 42. Houston, Saml., undertaker
 44. Harding, Miss
 46. Delaney, Louis, postman
 48. Hamilton, Jas., draper's assistant
 50. Price, Wm. H., clerk
 52. Side door

Avondale Street
off Bloomfield Avenue
Pottinger Ward, East Par. Div.

   1. Campbell, Mrs.
   3. McKittrick, Jas., labourer
   5. Jameson, Samuel
   7. Patterson, James
   9. Reid, Francis, labourer
 11. McGowan, Wm., labourer
 13. Rutledge, Maggie
 15. McShane, Patk., labourer
 17. McQuade, Jos., labourer
 19. Belshaw, Geo., labourer
 21. Porter, Mrs.
 23. Brackenbridge, A., printer
 25. Shankelton, A., labourer
 27. Scullion, Mrs.
 29. Harvey, Mrs.
 31. Ferguson, Agnes
 33. McIlroy, Jas., labourer
 35. Lowry, Savage, labourer

   4. Garrett, Thomas
   6. Reid, Jas., labourer
   8. McCullough, Wm., labourer
 10. Rice, Joseph
 12. Shaw, Mrs.
 14. Munce, Esther
 16. Chasty, Jas., labourer
 18. McIlvenny, Martha
 20. Rice, Thos., labourer
 22. Allen, Joseph
 24. McArthur, Mrs.
 26. Stewart, David, labourer
 28. Richards, J. F., labourer
 30. Williamson, Catherine
 32. Lynas, John, flax dresser
 34. Dickson, Sarah
 36. Denny, Herbert

Avoneil Road
Templemore Street to Beersbridge Road
Pottinger Ward, East Par. Div.

                              [left hand side]
   2. Ogle, Thomas, carter
       Avoniel Distilliery (Distillery) Limited - Manager, John Grant
                              Avoniel House
       Grant, John, manager
       Campbell, J., supervisor, Customs and Excise
                           Avoniel Gatehouse
       Barnes, George
                         Avoniel Porter Lodge
       Rodgers, George
 22. Drummond, B.
 24. Flanagan, Jas., van man
 26. McCreight, R., labourer
 28. McBride, Jas., labourer
 30. Creelman, T., labourer
 32. McCartney, David, labourer
 34. Rainey, David, holderup
 36. Whitaker, Geo., labourer
 38. Cook, Hamilton, labourer
 40. Kirkwood, Ellen
 42. Gibson, Samuel, labourer
 44. Thompson, R., labourer
 46. Hughes, Isaac, painter
 48. Canning, Robert
 50. Hughes, Wm., labourer
 52. Whittaker, G., labourer
 54. Lindsay, D., brick layer
 56. Smyth, Thos., carter
 58. Walker, Hugh, labourer
 60. Law, Samuel, labourer
 62. Doyle, Lawrence, labourer
       Vacant ground

                             [right hand side]
1 to 143. Vacant ground
145. Dickson, W. H.
147. Bailie, Alex., fitter
149. Crooks, Danl., labourer
151. Campbell, Wm., shipwright
153. McKee, Saml., baker
155. Wallace, Andw., carter
157. Smyth, Thos., fitter
159. Livingston, John
161. McGown, James
163. Monaghan, Geo., holderup
165. Woods, Wm., labourer
167. Bates, John, boiler maker
169. McCoo, Mrs. Sarah A.
171. Steele, Wm. J., brass finisher
173. Fletcher, Robert, joiner
175. Donaldson, Jas., moulder
177. Jackson, Thos., cooper
179. Officer, John
181. Green, Francis
183. Tumilty, Jane
185. Downey, Thos., labourer
187. Montgomery, Mrs.
189. Geary, John, linen lapper
191. Gordon, Alex., labourer
193. Dines, John, labourer
195. Norris, Mrs.
197. Neill, Wm., carpenter
199. McLernon, Jas., rivetter
201. Black, Wm., labourer
203. McClurg, Thos., cooper
205. Carnduff, John, labourer
207. McAdam, Geo., labourer
209. Anderson, Saml., brick layer

Avoneil Street
Beersbridge Road to Belmont Street
Ormeau Ward, East Par. Div.

   1. Metcalfe, John, labourer
   3. Hanratty, Mrs. Mary
   5. Patterson, Wm. John
   7. Hodgett, Jas., soldier
   9. Clarke, Letitia
 11. Rooney, Mrs. Mary
 13. Sommerville, Thomas
 15. Gibson, John
 17. Vacant
 19. Steele, John, soldier
 21. Vacant

   2. Gordon, Wm.
   4. Fenning, Joseph
   6. McCracken, Elizabeth
   8. McConville, James
 10. McNerney, Alex.
 12. Proctor, Richard, soldier
 14. Cuddy, Patrick
 16. Roulston, Mrs.
18, 20. Vacant

Ayr Street
off York Road
Duncairn Ward, East Par. Div.

   1. Beggs, Wm., railway porter
   3. McBride, Alex., coal dealer
   5. Ross, S., plasterer
   7. Bruce, John, rigger
   9. Fagan, Mrs. Christania
 11. Mann, Robt., rivetter
 13. Brawn, John, blacksmith
 15. Wilson, W. B., red leader
 17. Anton, Geo., seaman
 19. Rosbotham, Thos., soldier
21a. Cowan, T. J., soldier
 21. McDonald, Neil, soldier
 23. Hare, Wm., labourer
 25. Hill, John, labourer
 27. Linton, Jacob, boiler maker
 29. Brigger, S., smiths' helper
 31. Hunter, Thos., labourer
 33. Craig, Samuel, joiner
 35. McConnell, James
 37. Holmes, Agnes
 39. Gibson, Wm., rivetter

   2.. Gordon, Daniel, grocer
   4. Porter, J. W., coal merchant (stables)
   6. Thompson, Peter, rivetter
   8. Heaney, Saml., carter
 10. Soutter, Walter, seaman
 12. Aikin, Joseph
 14. Robinson, Jas., labourer
 16. Aiken, Robt., labourer
 18. Gilmore, W., chauffeur
 20. Farrell, John, holderup
 22. Aiken, Eliza Jane
 24. Cairns, Mrs. Margt.
 26. Gourley, Margaret
 28. McIlfatrick, M., tailor
 30. Nelson, Wm., labourer
 32. Duncan, Hugh, platers' helper

Azamor Street
off Lawnbrook Avenue
Woodvale Ward, West Par. Div.

 1a. Morrow, Robert, driller
   1. Gault, H. S., confectioner
   3. Wilson, John, flax dresser
   5. McIlhagga, Robt., labourer
   7. Winnington, T., barber
   9. Smith, Wm., machine man
 11. Milliken, Andw., moulder
 13. Gordon, Jas., labourer
 15. Haddock, Thos., iron dresser

 2a. Kirk, John & Co., spring manufacturers
   2. Thompson, Jas. C., spinning master
   4. Province, W. J.
   6. Irvine, F., joiner
   8. Pinkerton, Thos., labourer
 10. Wilson, Robt., joiner
 12. Nevin, Mrs. M.
 14. Taylor, Thos., labourer
 16. Taylor, Thos., soldier