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1843 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Alphabetical List
of the
Gentry, Merchants, Manufacturers, Traders, etc., etc., In Belfast.

Alphabetical Names A to D

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ABBOTT, Joseph, General and Commission Merchant, Agent for the Aberdeen Fire and Life Insurance Company, 41 Donegall Quay and 9 James Street, residence, 4 Henry Street.
Abbott, Mrs., 2 Joy Street.
Abernethy, John, Lodgings, 39 Cromac Street.
Abernethy, John, jun., Engraver & Printer, 39 Cromac Street.
Academy Street Bakery, 51 Academy Street, S. Hart, Proprietor.
Adair, Mrs., 4 Spamount.
Adams, George H., M.D.E., 31b Castle Place.
Adams, Thomas, Publican, 11 Hanover Quay.
Adams, James, Commercial Tavern, 12 Great Patrick Street.
Adams, James, Carman's Inn, 124 North Street.
Adams, John, Confectioner, 185 North Street.
Adams, John, Jeweller, 34 Gloucester Street.
Adams, Arthur, Book Binder, 3 Washington Street.
Adams, Thomas, Carpenter, 12 Sarah Street.
Adams, Miss, 2 Union Place.
Adams, John, Pork Cutter, 17 Cullentree Street.
Adams, Robert, Pork Cutter, 58 Edward Street.
Adams, James, Ship Carpenter, 27 North Ann Street.
Adams, William, Flax Dresser, Hamilton's Place.
Adams, Samuel, Bricklayer, Lettuce Hill.
Adams, John, Carpenter, 16 North Ann Street.
Adamson, William, Manufacturer, 32 Earl Street.
Adamson, William, Manufacturer, Agent to Robert Dalglish & Co., 4 Charlotte Street.
Addison, James, Gentleman, 68 York Street.
Addison, William, Wholesale & Retail Grocer, 15 North Street.
Adgey, David, 30 Frederick Street.
Adjutant General's Office, Antrim Turnpike.
Agar, Andrew, Writing Clerk, 19 Little May Street.
Agar, John, Carpenter, Mary's Market.
Agnew, John, Esq., Bloomfield.
Agnew, Wm., Esq., Solicitor, 46 Donegall Street & 98 Abbey Street, Dublin.
Agnew, Thomas, House Carpenter, 11 Grace Street.
Agnew, W. & R., Watch Glass Manufacturers & Hardware Merchants, 7 High Street.
Agnew, William, of W. & R. Agnew, residence, Ballymacarrett.
Agnew, Mrs., Grocer, 52 Hercules Street.
Agnew, James, of Martin & Agnew, 14 Hamilton Street.
Agnew, William, Dealer in Provisions, 13 Hill Street.
Agnew, Robert, Engineer, 14 Pilot Street.
Agnew, John, Carpenter, 58 Green Street.
Agnew, Torrens, Engraver & Printer, 2 Torrens Market.
Agnew, John, Labourer, 56 Sussex Street.
Aicken, Arthur, Pawn Broker, 40 Berry Street.
Aicken, Thomas Henry, Apothecary, 38 Ann Street.
Aickin, John, Surgeon & Licentiate Apothecary, 29 Corn Market.
Aickin, Alexander, Gunsmith, 3 Harper's Court.
Ainsworth, Mrs., 41 Mill Street.
Alabaster Mills and Roman Cement Stores, 9 Upper Church Lane, John Cuddy, Proprietor.
Albion Cloth Company, 22 High Street.
Alcorn, George, Publican, 91 York Street.
Alcorn, Benjamin, Loom Maker, 77 Union Street.
Alderdice, William, Turnkey in the House of Correction, Wesley Place.
Alderdice, David, Publican, 111 Durham Street.
Aldritt, William, Shoe Maker, 59 Grattan Street.
Aldritt, William, Brass Founder, etc., 25 Castle Street.
Alexander, John & Co., Flour Millers, Belfast Mills, Falls Road.
Alexander, Arthur, Coal Merchant, 34 Nelson Street.
Alexander, Samuel, Builder, etc., Scantling Yard, 38 York Street, residence, 27 Earl Street.
Alexander, Robert, Linen Merchant, Linen and Linen Yarn Factor, White Linenhall, residence, 6 College Street South.
Alexander, William, Saddler, 156 North Street.
Alexander, James, Dealer, 156 North Street.
Alexander, Mrs., 26 Edward Street.
Algeo, James, Gentleman, 13 Thomas Street.
Algeo, Miss, Boarding and Day School, 13 Thomas Street.
Allard, Thomas, Labourer, 36 Lancaster Street.
Allen, Martha, Dress Maker, 42 Peter's Hill.
Allen, Henry, 19 Fountain Street.
Allen, Thomas, Grocer, Nelson Street.
Allen, John, Shoe Maker, 53 North Queen Street.
Allen, Miss, Boarding House, 1 Castle Lane.
Allen, Daniel, Grocer, 34 Grattan Street.
Allen, James, Tailoring Establishment, 1 Orr's Entry.
Allen, Matthew, Writing Clerk, 23 College Street.
Allen, Thomas, Porter, 10 Verner Street.
Allen, Mrs., Dress Maker, 25 Russell Street.
Allen, W. B., Soap and Candle Manufacturer, 12 Talbot Street.
Allen, James, House Painter, 106 Ann Street.
Allen, Miss, Boarding House, 19 Fountain Street.
Allen, William J. Campbell, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, 8 Wellington Place and 76 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin.
Allen, William, Surveyor and Superintendent of Water Works, Commercial Buildings, residence, 12 Eliza Place.
Allen, John, Brick Layer, 32 Church Lane.
Allen, Thomas, Gentleman, 35 Peter's Hill.
Allen, Joseph, & Co., General & Commission Agents, American Emigration Office, 35 Donegall Quay.
Allen, Hugh, Copper & Tinplate Warehouse, 22 Ann Street.
Allen, Mrs., Lodgings, 25 Russell Street.
Allison, James, Gentleman, 68 York Street.
Anderson, Mrs., Grocer, 2 Mary Street.
Anderson, James, Publican, 42 Hercules Street.
Anderson, Drummond, & Son, Proprietors & Publishers of the Belfast Commercial Chronicle, Chronicle Place, Arthur Street, D. A.'s House, 51 Upper Arthur St.
Anderson, John C., of Drummond Anderson & Son, residence, 12 Victoria Place.
Anderson, James, Grain Merchant, 1 Gloucester Street.
Anderson, John, of James Young & Co., residence, 12 Waring Street.
Anderson, A. L., Tobacco Manufacturer, 82 North Street.
Anderson, Jane, Inn Keeper, Ballynahinch & Castlewellan Coach Office, 25 Great Edward Street.
Anderson, Joseph, House Carpenter, 6 Little May Street.
Anderson, James, Copper and Tinsmith, 86 North Street.
Anderson, James, Builder, 56 Joy Street & 11 May Street.
Anderson, David, Clerk, 45 Lodge Road.
Anderson, Mrs., 25 Tomb Street.
Anderson, Robert, Grocer, Nelson Street.
Anderson, John, Builder, 17 Pilot Street.
Anderson, William, House Carpenter, Cullentree Street.
Anderson, James, Flax Dresser, 14 North King Street.
Anderson, Margaret, Soap and Candle Manufacturer, 173 North Street.
Anderson, William, Porter, 2 Cullentree Street.
Anderson, Alfred, Surgeon, 51 Upper Arthur Street.
Anderson, John, Mill Overseer, 14 Cullentree Street.
Anderson, John, Carpenter, Trafalgar Street.
Anderson, Mrs., 20 Little Corporation Street.
Anderson, David, Carpenter, York Road.
Anderson, Andrew, Manager, 107 Durham Street.
Anderson, William, Pawn Broker, 75 Union Street.
Anderson, William, Gentleman, 3 Lancaster Street.
Anderson, Arthur, Tailor and Haberdasher, 61 Ann Street.
Anderson, William, House Carpenter, 23 Weigh House Lane.
Anderson, William, Tailor, 19 North Thomas Street.
Anderson, William, Dealer, 71 Grattan Street.
Anderson, William, Carpenter, 77 Nelson Street.
Anderson, Mrs., 65 Joy Street.
Anderson, Samuel, Gardener, Botanic Road.
Anderson, Samuel, Flax Dresser, Little George's Street.
Anderson, William, Teacher, 132 Peter's Hill.
Anderson, Joseph, Carpenter, 21 Cullentree Street.
Anderson, John, Watchman, Cullentree Place.
Anderson, Margaret, 9 Union Place.
Andrews, David, Clerk, 21 Earl Street.
Andrews, David, dealer, 18 Gordon Street.
Andrews, William, Victualler, 3 Hammond's Court.
Andrews, Peter, Trump Maker, 12 Peter's Hill.
Andrews, James, Esq., Solicitor, 60 Donegall Street and 37 North Cumberland Street, Dublin.
Andrews, Hugh, Clerk, 29 James Street.
Andrews, Thomas, M.D., 3 Donegall Square, South.
Andrews, Mrs., 3 Donegall Square, South.
Andrews, Miss, 4 Grattan Street.
Annesley, Wm., Dealer, 25 Poultry Square and 1 Hammond's Court.
Archer & Sons, Wholesale Stationers, Agents for Carnanee Mills, 27, 29 Castle Place.
Archer, Thomas, Comb Manufacturer, 48 Ann Street.
Archer, Robert, Publican, 62 Grattan Street.
Ard, John, Publican, 98 James Street.
Ardie, James, Boot Maker, Bradbury Place.
Armour, Peter, Pilot, 31 Talbot Street.
Armour, Thos., at John Mackenzie & Co.'s, House, 12 Hamilton Street.
Armour, Samuel, Boot Maker, 3 King Street.
Armstrong, Hugh W., Gentleman, 13 Victoria Place.
Armstrong, Thomas, Writing Master, Belfast Academy, House, 5 Antrim Place.
Armstrong, William, Chief Night Constable, Police Office, residence, 7 Catherine Street, North.
Armstrong, George, Mail Coach Guard, Downshire Place.
Armstrong, John, Painter, 36 Academy Street.
Armstrong, Andrew, Public Carrier, North King Street.
Armstrong, William, Car Driver, 20 Kent Street.
Armstrong, J., Lodgings, 14 Gamble Street.
Armstrong, Agnes, 47 Grattan Street.
Arnold, John, Woollen Draper, 45 High Street.
Arnold, Robert, Ship Master, 61 Nelson Street.
Arnold, Mrs. Anne, 19 Gloucester Street.
Arrott, Samuel, Surgeon, 41 Lower Chichester Street.
Arrott, Isaac, Merchant, Fish & Provision Curer, 34, 36 & 38 Waring Street.
Arnott, J. & Co., Silk Mercers, Hosiers, Haberdashers & Drapers, 7, 9 & 17 Bridge Street.
Arthur, James A. & R., Esqrs., Solicitors, Offices, 24 Donegall Place and 2 Lower Dominick Street, Dublin.
Arthur, Alexander, Esq., of James, A. & R. Arthur, residence, 24 Donegall Place.
Arthur, William, Linen Merchant & Bleacher, Mills, Whiterock, Office, 12 Calendar Street.
Arthur, A. & R., Esqrs., Agents to the Standard Life Assurance Company of Edinburgh, Office, 24 Donegall Place.
Arthur, Miss, Dress Maker, 21 Russell Street.
Arthurs, Miss, Dress Maker, 17 Academy Street.
Arthurs, John, Tailoring Establishment, 2 Nelson Street.
Ash, George, Wholesale Grocer and General Merchant, 40 Waring Street, House, Cliftonville.
Ashcroft, Joshua, Print Cutter, 53 Lodge Road.
Ashenhurst, Mrs., Haberdasher, 60 High Street.
Askin, Patrick, Flesher, 32 Hercules Street.
Ashmore, Mrs., 8 Donegall Square, East.
Atchinson, James, Cap Maker, Shankhill Road.
Atkins, Rev. John H., 20 Joy Street.
Atkins, William, Cooper, 56 Peter's Hill.
Atkins, John, Dealer, 56 Mill Street.
Atkinson, Mrs. Mary, Botanic View.
Atkinson, William, 44 Great George's Street.
Atkinson, Richard, Spirit Dealer, 2 Cromac Street.
Auchinleck, Miss, 4 Chichester Street.
Aughton, Mrs. Isabella, Aughton Terrace, Donegall Pass.
Austen, John, 23 Ormond Market.

BADIER, Auguste Charles, Head Master of the French School in the Belfast Academy, residence, 29 Upper Queen Street.
Bailie, Major, 6 Franklin Place.
Bailie, Hugh, Publican, 17 Caroline Street.
Bailie, Isaac, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer, 63 Ann Street.
Bailie, Joseph, Eating House, 71 Ann Street.
Bailie, Joseph, Shoe Maker, 3 Edward Street.
Bailey, Robert Samuel, Veterinary Surgeon, 2 Great Edward Street, residence, 17 Catherine Street North.
Bain, Joseph, British Wine Manufacturer, 3 Seymour Lane, residence, Cinnamond's Buildings, Botanic Road.
Bain, Mrs., Grocer, 70 Ann Street.
Bain, Mrs., 48 Little Patrick Street.
Baker, Michael, Merchant Tailor, successor to Jones, 5 Donegall Square, North.
Baker, William, 43 Peter's Hill.
Ballast Office, 25 Chichester Quay, E. Getty, Ballast Master.
Balmer, William, Grocer, 43 May Street.
Banford, James, Carrier, 71 Peter's Hill.
Bambridge, Abraham, Tavern Keeper, Sugarhouse Entry.
Bamford, William John, Cabinet Maker, 20 Millfield.
Banbridge, Jacob, Cooper, 25 Little York Street.
Bank of Ireland Office, Jas. Goddard, Esq., Agent, 22 Donegall Place.
Bannatyne, Moir, & Co., Muslin Manufacturers, 24 Academy Street and 1 Royal Bank Place, Exchange Square, Glasgow.
Banner of Ulster Office, 3 Donegall Street Place.
Baptist Meeting House, King Street.
Barber, James, Dairy, 66 Brown Street.
Barker, Peter, Publican, 1 Pilot Street.
Barker, Elenor, Grocer, 17 Carrick Hill.
Barker, John, Pork Stores, 74 North Street.
Barclay, John, Shoe Maker, 21 Trafalgar Street.
Barclie, Misses, Milliners, etc., 5 Chichester Street.
Barkley, William M., Coal Factor, 99 High Street.
Barkley, Robert, Shoe Maker, 15 Lagan Street.
Barkley, Richard, Law Clerk, 21 Trafalgar Street.
Barkley, William, Shoe Manufacturer, 21 Trafalgar Street.
Barkley, Thomas, 22 Earl Street.
Barklie, Miss, Milliner, 33 High Street.
Barklie, Miss, 7 College Square, East.
Barlow, William, Manager of the Gas Works, Cromac Road.
Barnes, John, Accountant, 39 Upper Arthur Street.
Barnes, William, Carman, 97 Peter's Hill.
Barnett, C., Ship Owner and General Merchant, 5 & 9 Henry Street.
Barnett, A. J., Merchant, Office, Store Lane, House, 3 May Street.
Barnett, Jas., Distiller, Carrickfergus, Town Office, Ferguson's Court, Smithfield.                    top
Barnett, Richard, Dentist, 21 Chichester Street.
Barr, Robert, Jobbing Smith, 22 Peter's Hill.
Barr, William, 167 North Street.
Barr, Charles, Carpenter, 129 Durham Street.
Barr, James, Mechanic, 13 Hamilton Place.
Barr, John, Painter, 7 John Street.
Barrett, James, Custom House Officer, 6 Earl Street.
Barrett, Henry, Clothes Dealer, 35 Berry Street.
Barrett, Mrs., Stay Maker, 11 Castle Street.
Barron, S., Butter Merchant & grocer, 160 North Street.
Barry, James, Dealer, 125 Peter's Hill.
Barry, H., Ship Owner, Wine, Spirit, Fish and Salt Merchant, 59 Waring Street.
Barry, James, & Co., Wholesale & Retail Grocers, Tea Dealers & Nail Manufacturers, 55 Ann Street.
Barry, Samuel, Grocer, 34 Princes Street.
Bates, John, Solicitor, Offices, 19 Rosemary Street & 12 Lower Dominick Street, Dublin, House, 5 Franklin Place.
Bates, Andrew, Porter, 75 Peter's Hill.
Bateson & Co., Wholesale Woollen Drapers, 5 Pottinger's Entry.
Bathurst, William, Coach Maker, Belfast Coach Factory, Police Place.
Batt, Thomas, Esq., 21 Donegall Place.
Batt, Rev. William, 7 Donegall Place.
Batt, Thos. G., Esq., Belfast Bank, residence, Purdy's Burn, County Down. (Purdysburn)
Batt, Robert, Esq., J.P., Purdy's Burn, County Down. (Purdysburn)
Battersby, Thomas, Gentleman, Ormeau Place.
Baxter, R. & J., Provision Merchants, 4 Queen Street.
Baxter, Richard, Agent to the Sun Fire and Life Insurance Office, 4 Queen Street.
Baxter, Hugh, Publican, 48 Winetavern Street.
Bayly, Mrs., 41 James Street.
Bayly, O'Neill, Provision Merchant, 55 Tomb Street.
Bayly, William John, 41 James Street.
Beattie, George, Woollen Draper and Hatter, 42 High Street.
Beattie, James, Toll Collector, Falls Road.
Beattie, William, 12 Eliza Street.
Beattie, Mrs., Ladies Shoe Warehouse, 108 North Street.
Beattie, William John, Engraver, Lithographer and Printer, 21 Rosemary Street.
Beattie, Miss, Milliner, 45 Castle Street.
Beattie, James, Linen Manufacturer and Dealer in Mill spun Yarns, 108 North Street.
Beattie, William, Seamen's Clothing Warehouse, 39 Rosemary Street.
Beatty, William, Horse Dealer, 15 Little May Street.
Beatty, Hance S., Blacking Manufacturer, 44 Little Donegall Street.
Beatty, John, Publican, 2 Grattan Street & 36 Gordon Street.
Beatty, Abraham, Muslin Weaver, 29 Brown Street.
Beatty, Thomas, Publican, 166 North Street.
Beatty, Thomas, Publican, 2 Grattan Street.
Beaumont, John, Flax Merchant, 17 Hill Street.
Beck, John W., Surgeon, M.D., 128 North Street.
Beggs, Nathaniel, Sawyer, 24 Little George's Street.
Beggs, Stewart, Sub-Inspector of Streets, Portland Street.
Beggs, Robert, Pawn Broker, 54 Cromac Street.
Beggs, Hugh, Miller, 45 Mill Street.
Beggs, Miss Jane, 29 Dock Street.
Belfast Gas Light Company's Offices, Cromac & 8 Castle Street, John Foster, Collector.
Belfast Horse Bazaar, 2 May Street, William McKenna, V.S., Proprietor.
Belfast Steam Flour Mill, 63 Ritchie's Dock, J. G. Dunbar, Esq., J.P., Proprietor, residence, Macedon.
Belfast News Letter Office, 10 Bridge Street, Alexander Mackay, Proprietor.
Belfast Bank, 2 Waring Street.
Belfast Coach Factory, Police Place, William Bathurst, Proprietor, House, William Street, South.
Belfast Commercial Chronicle Office, Chronicle Place, Arthur Street, Drummond Anderson & Son, Proprietor.
Belfast Patent Saw Mills, Dunbar's Dock, Neal Boag, Proprietor.
Belfast Branch of the Scottish Bible Board, John Henderson, Agent, 15b Castle Place.
Belfast Auxiliary Bible Society Depository, 10 Church Street.
Belfast Foundry, S. Boyd, & Co., Proprietors, 110 Donegall Street.
Belfast Distillery, Barrack Street, John Mackenzie & Co., Proprietors.
Belfast Flour Mills, Falls Road, John Alexander & Co., Proprietors.
Belfast Museum, 7 College Square, North.
Belfast District Lunatic Asylum, Falls Road.
Belfast Charitable Society, Poor House and Infirmary, North Queen Street.
Belfast Academy, 2 Academy Street.
Belfast Savings Bank, King Street.
Belfast Dispensary and Fever Hospital, Frederick Street.
Belfast Royal Academical Institution, College Square.
Belfast Basket Manufactory, 6 Bridge Street, R. Pelan, Proprietor.
Belfast Collegiate School, 1 Adelaide Place, H. Cooke, Principal.
Belfast Bakery, 16 Church Street.
Belfast Steam Tug Company's Office, 6 Corporation Street, Nicholas Fitzsimons, Agent.
Belfast Mechanic's Institute, Queen Street.
Bell, Abraham, Manufacturer of Sewing and Tambouring Thread, Red Marking Cotton, for Bleachers, etc., 27 Rosemary Street.
Bell, Abraham, Ship and Commission Merchant, Adelaide Place.
Bell, Clements, Provision Merchant, 46 Edward Street, House, 49 Great Patrick Street.
Bell, David, Grocer and Tea Dealer, 87 North Street.
Bell, James, Baker, 59 Mustard Street.
Bells & Calvert, Flax Spinners, Whitehouse, Office, 6 Mustard Street.
Bell, George, Grain Merchant, Verner Street.
Bell, Jacob, of R. & J. Bell, residence, 125 York Street.
Bell, James, Engraver and Linen Ornament Manufacturer, 39 Castle Street, residence, 6 College Street.
Bell, John & William L., Cotton Bleachers, Works, Ballyclare, Office, 2 York Lane, residence, Green House, Ballyclare.
Bell, The Misses, 6 Adelaide Place.
Bell, Richard & Jacob, Linen and Cotton Yarn Merchants, Flax Spinners, etc., Office and Stores, 6 Mustard Street.
Bell, Richard, of R. & J. Bell, House, Ballygolen Lodge.
Bell, Richard, Stone Cutter and Publican, Marble and Stone Yard, 1 Great Edward Street.
Bell, Samuel, Publican, 6 Long Lane.
Bell, Samuel, Pawn Broker, 24 Robert Street.
Bell, Samuel, Grain Buyer, Verner Street.
Bell, Miss, Boarding House, 94 Donegall Street.
Bell, William, Iron Merchant, 114 Ann Street, residence, 18 Hamilton Street.
Bell, William, Shoe Maker, 8 Edward Street.
Bell, William, Publican, Bradbury Place.
Bell, Thomas, Cutler, 15 Corn Market.
Bell, William, Adjuster of Weights, 4 Arthur Place.
Bell, William, Baking Establishment, 38 Great Edward Street.
Bell, William, Revenue Officer, 13 Ship Street.
Bell, William, jun., 11 Church Street.
Bell, John Henry, Ship Master, 5 Hamilton Street.
Bell, Mrs. Mary, Grocer, 68 Nelson Street.
Bell, Mary, Grocer, 56 North Queen Street.
Bell, Robert, Tailor, 35 Bank Lane.
Bell, Samuel, Pawn Broker, 51 Great Patrick Street.
Bell, Adam, Labourer, Bradbury Place.
Bell, Benjamin, Tailor & Draper, 12 Bridge Street.
Bell, William, Baker, 34 Berry Street.
Bellis, Rev. George, 24 North Queen Street.
Bellew, Misses, 51 Nelson Street.
Bennett, Miss, 48 Millfield.
Benson, Eliza, Dress Maker, 15 Hamilton Street.
Benn, James, Rectifying Distiller, Office, Waring Street, residence, 4 Halliday's Buildings.
Beresford, John G., Esq., Landing Waiter, C. H., residence, 1 Antrim Place.
Berwick, Miss, 3 Antrim Place.
Berry, James, Grocer, 45 Durham Street.
Best, John, Law and Rent Agent, 14 Fountain Street.
Best, John, Watch and Clock Maker, 8 Crown Entry.
Best, J., Car Driver, 12b. Castle Street.
Bigger, Mrs., 36 Earl Street.
Bigger, Joseph, Provision Merchant, 13 Long Lane, North Street.
Billsland, Thomas, Seedsman, China, Delf and Glass Warehouse, 25 & 27 North Street.
Bingham, Andrew, 4 Great Edward Street.
Binks, Charles, Hair Dresser, 22 Grace Street.
Birkmyre, T., Baking Establishment, 134 Ann Street.
Birnie, George, Surgeon, R.N., 21 York Street.
Black, Henderson, Wholesale Grocer, Tea Dealer, Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer, 37 Ann Street, residence, 12 Alfred Street.
Black, Matthew, Esq., 25 Arthur Street & Adelaide Lodge, Malone.
Black, John, Silk Mercer, Emporium, 27 High Street, House, 111 Donegall Street.
Black, Henry, Wholesale Grocer, Tea Dealer, Tobacco & Snuff Manufacturer, 19 Waring Street, residence, Charleville.
Black, Martin, 33 Gordon Street.
Black, John, Publican, 3 Chapel Lane.
Black, George, Weaver, 16 Lancaster Street.
Black, Alexander, Gentleman, 24 Hamilton Street.
Black, Christopher S., M.D., Surgeon, 12 Alfred Street.
Black, Margaret, Dealer, Peter's Hill.
Black, John, Boot Maker, 31 Joy's Entry.
Black, James, Engineer, 17 Mill Street.
Black, James, Renwick Place.
Black, Susan, Dealer, 79 Grace Street.
Black and Kennedy, Solicitors, 2b Ann Street.
Blackadder, Robert, 55 North Street.
Blackely, John, Publican, 37 Donegall Quay.
Blackie & Son, Book Sellers and Publishers, Offices, 30 Gloucester Street & 38 Queen Street, Glasgow.
Blackham, John L., 60 Great George's Street.**************
Blackwood, John, Accountant, 7 Albion Place.
Blackwood, Mrs., 7 Albion Place.
Blackwood, Charles, Flesher and Poulterer, Dealer in Hams and Provisions, 20 Corn Market, House, Arthur Square.
Blackwood, Alexander, Flesher, Brown Street.
Blackwood, Peter, 44 Gordon Street.
Blackwood, John, Flesher, Montgomery's Market, residence, Lagan Street.
Blades, John, Coach Maker, 18 Catherine Street North.
Blain, Thomas, English, Mathematical & Mercantile Academy, 22 Arthur Street, residence, 8 Linen Hall Street.
Blair, William, Clerk, 3 Mill Street.
Blair, Mrs., 7 Riley's Place.
Blair, Samuel, Brick Layer, 43 Edward Street.
Blair, John, Cutler, 3 Mill Street.
Blair, Joseph, Tailor, 40 Talbot Street.
Blair, Eliza, Grocer, 24 Mill Street.
Blake, James, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer, 94 High Street.
Blakely, Miss Ann, 4 James Street South.
Blizzard, Mrs., Ormeau Place.
Bloomfield, William, Brazier & Tin Plate Worker, 2 Donegall Street.
Bloomfield, James, Tinman, 23 John Street.
Bloomfield, Edward, Brazier & Gas Fitter, 43 Donegall Street.
Blow, William & Edwin, Paper Manufacturers, 23 Pottinger's Entry.
Blow, William N., of W. & E. Blow, residence, Belville, Ballymacarrett.
Blow, Edwin, of W. & E. Blow, residence, Cromac Lodge.
Boag, Robert, of Albion Cloth Company, 22 High Street, residence, Pakenham Place.
Boag, Bernard, Labourer, 3 Townsend Place.
Boal, Robert, Porter, 38 Great Patrick Street.
Boal, Mrs., Boarding House, 37 Joy Street.
Boale, William, Carman, 2 Durham Street.
Bodel, John, Carver & Gilder, 8 Hercules Place.
Bodel, Charlotte, Spirit Dealer, 34 Smithfield.
Bodel, James, Dealer, 131 Durham Street.
Bodkin, John, Watch Maker, 39 Nelson Street.
Bogan, James, Wholesale Clothes Dealer, 5 Berry Street.
Bogan, Neal, Grocer, 3 Pound Street.
Bole, John, Publican, 51 Edward Street.
Bole, Andrew, Carman, Institution Place.
Booker, William, Linen and Linen Yarn Merchant, 18 Waring Street, residence, 40 Upper Arthur Street.
Boomer, James & Co., Flax and Tow Spinners, Falls Road, Office, Warehouse Lane, Waring Street, James Boomer's residence, Seaview.
Boomer, Susannah, 17 Joy Street.
Boomer, Michael, Joiner, 13 Cullentree Street.
Booth & Son, Hat Manufacturers, 8 Rosemary Street.
Booth & Co., Hat Manufacturers, 24 Bridge Street.
Boston, James, Flesher, 43 Hercules Street.
Bonner, Mrs., Lodgings, 34 Gordon Street.
Botanic Gardens, Malone Road.
Borthwick, John, of Andrews & Borthwick, Clerk of Saving's Bank, 31 King Street.                    top
Boucher, William, Porter, 35 John Street.
Boucher, James, Haberdasher, 126 North Street.
Bottomley, John, of Day, Bottomley's & Browne, House, 16 Donegall Place.
Boyce, William & Co., House Furnishing Ironmongers, 50 High Street.
Boyce, Mrs., 76 James Street.
Boyd, H. H., Ingram Place.
Boyd, Rev. David, Academy, Long Lane, Church Street.
Boyd, James, Umbrella Maker, 29 North Street.
Boyd, Miss, 37 Little May Street.
Boyd, Robert, of Sinclair & Boyd, House, 13 Great George's Street.
Boyd, Samuel, & Co., Iron Founders & Machine Makers, Belfast Foundry, 110 Donegall Street.
Boyd, William, jun., of Wm. Boyd & Sons, residence, 4 Howard Street.
Boyd, John, & Co., Flax Spinners, Blackstaff Mill, J. Boyd's House, 13 College Street South.
Boyd, Samuel, Spirit Dealer, Lettuce Hill.
Boyd, Jas., Starch Manufacturer, 168 Millfield, House, Beech Lodge, County Down.
Boyd, William, Builder, 5 & 7 North Thomas Street.
Boyd, James, Ship Master, 66 Nelson Street.
Boyd, John, Book Binder, 136 North Street.
Boyd, Henry, Commercial News Room.
Boyd, Daniel, Esq., 10 Alfred Street.
Boyd, Robert, Weaver, 66 Verner Street.
Boyd, William, Cooper, 59 North Queen Street.
Boyd, John, Esq., 59 Upper Arthur Street.
Boyd, Henry, Overlooker, Falls Road.
Boyd, James, Ship Owner & Coal Merchant, Glenmount Whitehouse.
Boyd, John, Dairy Keeper, 12 Barrack Street.
Boyd, Mrs., Dealer, 196 North Street.
Boyd, Hugh, Publican, 120 Ann Street.
Boyd, Bankhead, Builder, 74 Joy Street.
Boyle John, Lithographer, Frederick Street.
Boyle, Ann, 76 Mustard Street.
Boyle, S., Wine & Spirit Merchant & Commission Agent, 16 Ann Street.
Boyle, Mrs., Donegall Pass.
Boyle, Mary, Grocer, 30 Grattan Street.
Boylan, George, Gentleman, Cliftonville.
Bozi & Co., Flax, Linen, Linen Yarn & Foreign Merchants, 19 Gordon Street.
Bozi, Theodore, of Bozi & Co., Pebble Cottage, Antrim Turnpike.
Bracegirdle, Matthew, Publican, 57 Smithfield.
Bracegirdle, James, 8 Falls Road.
Bracegirdle, James, Dealer, 18 Barrack Street.
Braddell, George W., Public Notary & Agent to the Scottish Widow's Fund Assurance Company, 3 Castle Lane.
Braddel, Joseph, Gun Maker, 17 Castle Place.
Bradford, James, Block & Pump Maker & Hardwood Merchant, 10 Garmoyle Street & Dunbar's Quay.
Bradford, James W., Clerk, 3 York Road.
Bradley, Samuel, Provision Dealer, 21 Hill Street.
Bradly, Mrs., Grocer, 19 Union Street.
Bradshaw, Mrs., 13 College Square, East.
Bradshaw, George, Manufacturer, 4 Riley's Place.
Brady, J., Hotel & Tavern Keeper, 4 Orr's Entry & Graham's Entry.
Brady, James, Flesher, 16 Great Edward Street.
Brady, Anslow, Publican, Lower Malone.
Brady, William, Grocer, 111 Peter's Hill.
Bragg, Henry, & Son, Bleachers, Cotton Mount, Warehouse & Office, 8 York Street.
Braithwait, John, Leather Cutter, Botanic Road.
Branagh, David, Flesher, 17 Hercules Street.
Branagh, Mrs., Flesher, 33 Hercules Street.
Branagh, John, Flesher, 23 Hercules Street.
Branigan, Hugh, Green Grocer, Great George's Street.
Brannigan, Patrick, Flesher, 31 Hercules Street.
Brawley, Daniel, Clothes Dealer & Book Seller, 67 Smithfield.
Breathwaite, Joseph, Coffin Maker, 24 Hudson's Entry.
Brenan, Alexander, Grain Merchant, 55 York Street.
Brend, Mrs., 59 James's Street.
Breen, James, Dealer, 24 Pottinger's Entry.
Briggs, Mrs. Jane, Lodgings, 11 Queen Street.
Briggs, William, Provision Dealer, 179 North Street.
Briggs, William, Wellington Tavern, 57 North Queen Street.
Bristow, James, Esq., Banker, Northern Bank, residence, 3 Castle Street.
Bristow, Joseph, Sub-agent, Bank of Ireland Office, 22 Donegall Place.
Bristow, Mrs. L. M., Professor of Music, 10 College Street.
Britton, Dan., Registrar, for the Manor Court of Belfast, 6 Castle Lane.
Britton, John, Publican, 69 Little Donegall Street.
Britton, Mrs., 49 Hercules Street.
Brodie. George, 10 Church Lane.
Brown, Robert, Linen and Linen Yarn Factor & Merchant, Commercial Court, House, 17 College Street.
Brown, James, Esq., Land Agent, 59 Upper Arthur Street.
Brown, George, Silk and Fancy Dyer, 24 Arthur Street, House, 51 Cromac Street.
Brown, Alice, Soap and Candle Manufacturer, 42 North Street.
Brown, Francis, 10 Kennedy Place, Shankhill.
Brown, Mrs., Grocer, 69 North Street.
Brown, Henry, Pawn Broker, 53 Grattan Street.
Brown, John, of Robinson, Kelly & Brown, 87 Donegall Street.
Brown, William, Spirit Dealer, Lower Malone.
Brown, Miss, Ormeau Place.
Brown, John, Spirit Dealer, 51 Peter's Hill.
Brown, John, Spirit Dealer, 56 Nelson Street.
Brown, Archibald, Ship Joiner, 32 Little Patrick Street.
Brown, Daniel, Grocer, 32 Great Edward Street.
Brown, John, Builder, 3 Gloucester Street.
Brown, John, Builder, 27 Little May Street.
Brown, Mary, Riley's Place.
Brown, James, Clerk, 6 Riley's Place.
Brown, James, Dealer, 15 Durham Street.
Brown, Hugh, House Painter & Glazier, 34 Mill Street.
Brown, James, Publican, 45 Smithfield.
Brown, Miss, Boarding and Day School, 23 Gloucester Street.
Brown, Robert, Pilot, Rob Roy Tavern, 24 Gamble Street.
Brown, Robert, Harp Tavern, 3 Wilson's Court.
Brown, Thomas, Coach Maker, 4 Eliza Street.
Brown, R., Berlin Wool House, 13 Bridge Street.
Brown, Miss, Bonnet Warehouse, 55 North Street.
Brown, Charles, 32 Great Patrick Street.
Brown, James, Alabaster Manufactory, 42 Academy Street.
Brown, Mrs., 8 King Street.
Brown, John, Caravansary, 6 Talbot Street.
Brown, Mrs., 41 Townsend Street.
Brown, Thomas, Custom House Officer, 4 Cullentree Street.
Brown, Stewart, Publican, 38 Trafalgar Street.
Brown, William, 22 Trafalgar Street.
Brown, John, Clerk, 10 Sussex Street.
Brown, John, Horse Shoer & Farrier, 6 George's Lane.
Brown, Thomas, Millwright, 14 James's Street.
Brown, Robert, Travelling Clerk, 4 Ship Street.
brown, Eliza, Lodgings, 61 Joy Street.
Brown, Robert, Professor of Music, Stanley Place.
Brown, William, Letter Press Printer, 19 Stanhope Street.
Brown, John, jun., & Co., Timber Merchants, 41 Chichester Street.
Brown, Mrs., 33 Nelson Street.
Brown, William, Hair Dresser, 14 Ann Street.
Brown, John, of Robinson, Kelly & Brown, Stone Cutters, 87 Donegall Street.
Brown, Linenhall, 20 Donegall Street.
Brown, James, 10 Earl Street.
Brown, James, Publican, 32 Edward Street.
Brown, Robert, Shoe Maker, 194 North Street.
Brown, John, Cooper, 72 Green Street.
Brown, John, Weaver, 24 Lodge Road.
Brown, Richard, Custom House Officer, 4 Cullentree Street.
Browne, Rev. Thomas, 23 Gloucester Street.
Browne, William, of Day, Bottomley & Browne, residence, Donegall Pass.
Browne, Samuel, Surgeon, R.N., 16 Arthur Street.
Browne, Andrew, Book Seller, 125 York Street.
Browne, Mrs., Seminary, 125 York Street.
Bruce, Rev. William, Farm, Antrim Road.
Bruce, Samuel, Esq., Public Notary, Mexican Vice Consul, Agent to the Alliance British & Foreign Life & Fire Assurance Company, Office, Commercial Buildings, residence, Thorndale, Antrim Road.
Bruce, Thomas, Brass Founder, 13 Academy Street.
Bruce, Joseph, Brass Founder, 35 Cullentree Place.
Bryce, Rev. R. J., LL.D., Belfast Academy, residence, 63 Donegall Street.
Bryce, James, jun., A.M., Belfast Academy, House, 63 Donegall Street.
Bryce, Robert, M.D., 63 Donegall Street, Consulting Rooms, 7 Academy Street.
Bryson, Samuel, jun., M.D., Surgeon, 98 High Street.
Bryson, William, Muslin Manufacturer, 16 & 18 Waring Street.
Bryson, Misses, Dress Makers, 12 College Street.
Bryson, Thomas, Toy Shop, etc., 180 North Street.
Bryson, Mrs., Boarding House, 3 James's Street.
Bryson, E. & R., Dress Makers, 26 King Street.
Bryson, Samuel, Surgeon & Apothecary, 98 High Street.
Bryson, Joseph W., M.D., Surgeon, 98 High Street.
Bryson, William, Writing Clerk, 3 James Street.
Buggy, K. T., Editor of the Vindicator, 10 Ann Street.
Bullick, Samuel, Classical, English & Mercantile Academy, 82 High Street.
Bullick, Ann, Grocer, 17 Arthur Street.
Bullock, Sam., Shuttle Manufactory & Brush Warehouse, 44 North Street.
Bunting, William, Grocer, 27 Samuel Street.
Bunting, Michael, Confectioner, 146 North Street.
Bunting, Robert, Confectioner, 62 North Street.
Burden, William, M.D., 16 Alfred Street.
Burden, Miss, 14 Alfred Street.
Burges, James Howard, Animal & Landscape Painter, 4 Linenhall Street.
Burges, Miss, Dress Maker, 38 Fountain Street.
Burke, Robert, Dealer, 18 Russell Street.
Burke, John, Flesher, 53 Hercules Street.
Burke, William, Spectacle Maker, 190 North Street.
Burke, John, Butter Merchant, 44 North Thomas Street.
Burnett, Simpson, Clerk, 9 Garmoyle Street.
Burnett, James, Gilder, 20 Grace Street.
Burnett, Archibald, Painter, 38 Cullentree Place.
Burn, William, Labourer, 22 Sussex Street.
Burns, Mary, 80 Great Patrick Street.
Burns, Mary, Boarding House, 18 Quay Lane.
Burns, Hugh, Sawyer, 8 Joy's Entry.
Burns, Bryan, Mason, Pilot Street.
Burns, John, Gentleman, Cromac Road.
Burns, Hugh, Car Driver, 38 Verner Street.
Burns, James, Flesher, 57 Hercules Street.
Burns, Thomas, Shoe Shop, 82 Ann Street.
Burns, Daniel, Dealer, 14 William Street.
Burns, Arthur, Flax Dresser, 23 Townsend Street.
Burnside, Thomas, Brick Layer, 41 Little Donegall Street.
Burrows, Alexander, Soap & Candle Manufacturer, 82 Hercules Street.
Burrows, Israel, Brass Founder, 93 Peter's Hill.
Burrows, John, Miller, Falls Road.
Burrows, William, Grocer, 21 Sarah Street.
Busby, John, Publican, 81 Ritchie's Dock.
Busby, James, Cooper, 14 York Lane.
Bushell, Theobald, Wine & Spirit Merchant, Share Broker & Commission Agent, 35 North Street, residence, Strandtown Cottage.
Butler, William, Pork Cutter, 7 Lodge Road.
Butler, William, Coachman, 25 Joy's Entry.
Byers, John, Publican, 17 John Street.
Byers, Robert, Dealer, 23 Barrack Street.
Byrne, Luke, Spirit Merchant, Stores, 64 Mill Street, House, 30 Upper Queen Street.
Byrne, James, Boot & Shoe Manufacturer, 92 High Street.
Byrne, Mrs., Publican, 96 Ann Street.
Byrne, John, Auctioneer & Valuator, 36 Berry Street.
Byrne, Neal, Grain Dealer, 22 Market Street.
Byrne, Sophia, Milliner, 18 Mill Street.
Byrt, William, Gentleman, 40 Upper Queen Street.

CAHOON, James, Horse Dealer, 5 Marquis Street.
Cairncross, William, Gentleman, 15 Dock Street.
Cairns, Rev. William,5 College Square, East.
Cairns, James, Porter, 22 Gordon Street.
Calder, Lieut. F., R.N., 5 College Street North.
Calender, James, Publican, 21 Mill Street.
Calender, Thomas, Grocer, 65 Lodge Road.
Callender, John Cooper, 6 Gordon Street.
Caley, James, Ship Joiner, 35 Edward Street.
Calvert, James, Publican, Lower Malone.
Calwell, Brown, & Co., Ironmongers, 14 Waring Street.
Caldwell, James, Tailor, 25 Edward Street.
Caldwell, James, Lodgings, 14 Curtis Street.
Caldwell, Robert, Labourer, 64 Lodge Road.
Callwell, James, Sewed Muslin Manufacturer, 36 Tomb Street.
Camac, Robert, Butter Merchant, Tomb Street Market.
Cameron, John, of Sinclair & Cameron, residence, 42 Upper Queen Street.
Cameron, James, jun., Patent Lead Pipe Manufacturer, Brass Founder & Lead Merchant, 47 Donegall Street.            top
Cameron, Alexander, White Smith, 4 Hudson's Entry.
Cameron, James, sen., 47 Donegall Street.
Campbell, Robert, Bakery Establishment, 10 Arthur Street.
Campbell, Michael, Grocer and Spirit Dealer, 6 Arthur Square.
Campbell, Robert, Book Binder, 70 High Street, House, 17 Green Street.
Campbell, Francis, Shoe Maker, 55 Mill Street.
Campbell, Robert, Lodgings, Caddel's Entry.
Campbell, David, Gentleman, 5 Queen's Street.
Campbell, James, of James Boomer & Co., residence, 5 College Square North.
Campbell, James, Publican, Falls Road.
Campbell, John, Publican, 125 Durham Street.
Campbell & Ross, Builders, 17 Queen Street.
Campbell, Patrick, Tailor & Draper, 31 Hercules Place.
Campbell, James, Gentleman, 17 York Street.
Campbell, Mrs., Soap & Candle Manufacturer, 18 John Street.
Campbell, Samuel, Leather Merchant, 38 John Street.
Campbell, Edward, Wholesale Grocer, Soap Boiler and Tobacco Manufacturer, 5 North Street, residence, 8 Donegall Square North.
Campbell, Mrs. Robert, Publican, 50 John Street.
Campbell, William & John, Provision Merchants, 8 Great George's Street, residence, 17 York Street.
Campbell, James, Law Clerk, 2 Park Street.
Campbell, Francis, Brick Maker, Shankhill Road.
Campbell, John, Entertainment, 4 Caddel's Entry.
Campbell, Henry J., Flax and Linen Yarn Merchant & General Commission Agent, Office, 11 James Street, residence, 33 Queen Street.
Campbell, John, White Smith, 6 Seymour Street.
Campbell, Mrs., Dress Maker, 7 King Street.
Campbell, John, Shoe Maker, 122 Millfield.
Campbell, John, 46 Cromac Street.
Campbell, Prussia, Scripture Reader, Seymour Street.
Campbell, Samuel, Merchant, Soap, Candle & Starch Manufacturer, 23 Ann Street, residence, 88 Peter's Hill.
Campbell, Hugh, Whitesmith, 18 Verner Street.
Campbell, Robert, Glass Cutter, 4 Peter's Hill.
Campbell, Charles, Baker, 11 Durham Street.
Campbell, William Thomas, Secretary to the Mechanic's Institution, residence, Bellview, Botanic Road.
Campbell, Ann, 127 Peter's Hill.
Campbell, Catherine, Washerwoman, 15 Lodge Road.
Campbell, Margaret, Dealer, 45 Mustard Street.
Campbell, William, Dealer, 36 Mustard Street.
Campbell, Robert, Lodgings, 43 Nelson Street.
Campbell, George, Flesher, 26 Pottinger's Entry.
Campbell, John, 46 Cromac Street.
Campbell, Mrs., 22 Edward Street.
Campbell, Samuel, Soap and Starch Manufacturer, 43 North Street.
Campbell, Charles, Painter, 44 Great Patrick Street.
Campbell, Agnes, Entertainment, 42 John Street.
Campbell, Mrs., 59 Great Patrick Street.
Campbell, Robert, General Smith and iron Founder, Dam Side, House, 51 Mill Street.
Campbell, Ellen, 3 Union Street.
Campbell, Joseph, Cooper, 22 Russell Street.
Campbell, John, Sergeant of Day Police, 10 Cullentree Street.
Campbell, James, Ship Master, 24 North Ann Street.
Campbell, John, Book Seller, 39 Cullentree Place.
Campbell, James, Printer, 92 Peter's Hill.
Campbell, George, Flesher, 26 Pottinger's Entry.
Canavan, Charles, Sawyer, 136 Peter's Hill.
Canavan, John, Publican, 91 North Queen Street.
Canavan, James, Publican, 51 John Street.
Canning, William, Law Clerk, 25 Stanhope Street.
Canning, John, Cooper, 38 North Thomas Street.
Cannon, Samuel, Tailor, 35 Lodge Road.
Cappo, Anthony, Barometer & Thermometer Manufacturer, 168 Millfield.
Carabine, Thomas, Carter, 1 Townsend Street.
Carbury, Ann, Entertainment, Bradbury Place.
Cairnduff, Alexander, Teacher, Queen Street.
Carlin, J., Hair Dresser, 24 John Street.
Carlisle, John, Brick Layer, 7 Marlborough Street.
Carlisle, James, Builder, 85 Donegall Street.
Carlisle, David, Brick Layer, 9 Marlborough Street.
Carlisle, William, Emigration Agent and Passenger Broker, 74 Waring Street, residence, 72 Donegall Street.
Carlisle, Samuel, General Grocery, etc., 31 Little Patrick Street.
Carmichael, Samuel, Shoe Maker, Gamble Street.
Carmichael, Miss, Dress Maker, 5 Bank Lane.
Carnaghan, Hugh, Publican, 61 Grattan Street.
Carnell, John, Ship Master, 18 Earl Street.
Carnes, Thomas, Salesman, etc., 59 Joy Street.
Carpenter, Miss, Teacher, 25 Corn Market.
Carpenter, Edward, Cooper, 12 Princes Street.
Carr, Hugh, Upholsterer, 8 Leggs' Lane.
Carr, James, Gentleman, 18 North Queen Street.
Carr, Samuel, Weaver, 82 Durham Street.
Carragher, Michael, Grocer, 66 Alexander Street.
Carray, Thomas, Ship Master, 30 Great George's Street.
Carrigan, Adam, Sawyer, 4 Lancaster Street.
Carroll, George, Builder, 1 Spamount.
Carroll, Robert, Boot and Shoe Maker, 82 North Street.
Carroll, M., Haberdasher, 76 Green Street.
Carrothers, Captain, Botanic Road.
Carruthers, James, Glendaragh, near Newtownbreda.
Carson, William, Grocer, Tea and Wine Merchant, 14 Corn Market, residence, 1 Howard Street.
Carson, Robert M., Ship Chandlery Stores, 61 Waring Street.
Carson, Robert, Wholesale and Retail Grocer, Tea Dealer and Gun Powder Merchant, 43 Ann Street.
Carson, Henry, 58 Great Patrick Street.
Carson, Samuel, Gentleman, 28 York Street.
Carson, John, Publican, Shankhill.
Carter, John, Tow Spinner, 2 Wellwood Place.
Carty, Daniel, Proprietor of Castle Street Coach Factory, 20 Castle Street.
Casey, John, Grocer & Spirit Dealer, 129 North Street.
Casement, Mrs., 8 Alfred Street.
Casement, T., Ship Carpenter, 12 Dock Street.
Casey, Roger, Labourer, 67 Peter's Hill.
Cassey, James, Stone Cutter, 35 Mustard Street.
Cassidy, John, Professor of Dancing, 13 Chichester Street.
Castlebellingham Brewery Stores, May's Quay, John Russell, Agent, residence, 16 Castle Street.
Cassiday, Patrick, Auctioneer & Publican, 59 Smithfield.
Caughey, James, Superintendent of Mont de Piete & Loan Fund, 12 Church Street & Long Lane.
Caughey, W. B., Accountant, Packenham Place.
Caughey, Miss, 9 Albion Place.
Caughey, Alexander, Public Accountant, 5 Ship Street.
Caughey, John, Revenue Boatman, 23 North Ann Street.
Caulfield, George, Blacking & Delf Warehouse, 35 North Street.
Caulfield, Bernard, Tailor, 11 John Street.
Cavanagh, James, Musician, 10 Little Donegall Street.
Cavanagh, Bernard, Tailor, 18 Sussex Street.
Cavanagh, John, Clerk, 6 Townsend Place.
Cavanagh, John, Lodgings, 77 Great George's Street.
Cevelly, George, 7 Murphy Street.
Chamber of Commerce, Commercial Buildings, Conway B. Grimshaw, Secretary.
Chambers, George, Shoe Maker, 11 Union Street.
Chambers, Jane, Dealer, 6 Great Edward Street.
Chambers, John, Teacher, 16 Sarah Street.
Chambers, Andrew, 20 Pottinger's Entry.
Chambers, Ann, Grocer, 10 Townsend Street.
Chapman, J., Watch & Clock Maker, 64 High Street.
Chapman, Mrs., 64 High Street.
Chapman, James, Tailor, Crown Entry.
Chapman, Isabella, 9 East Street.
Charley, Hill, Agent for the Havre de Grace, London, Falmouth, Plymouth, Liverpool, Glasgow & Dublin Steamers, Offices and Stores, 49, 51, 53 & 55 Donegall Quay, residence, 13 Wellington Place.
Charles, Jane, Straw Bonnet Maker, 8 Arthur Square.
Charnock, James, 2 Great George's Street.
Charnock, Wm., of Wm. Charnock & Co., residence, Reilly's Place.
Charnock, Wm., & Co., Glass, Oil & Colour Merchants, Ann Street.
Charters, John, of the Falls Mill Company, Office, 7 Bridge Street Place, residence, Ardmoulin House, Falls Road.
Charters, David, Shoe Maker, 43 Mustard Street.
Cheevers, Patrick, Publican, 47 North Queen Street.
Chermside, Thomas, Woollen Draper, 21 Bridge Street, residence, 1 College Square North.
Cherry, Stewart, Professor of Writing, 19b Catherine Street North.
Chester, Thomas G., Custom House Officer, 19 Fountain Street.
Chew, William, 41 North Queen Street.
Christ Church, College Square North.
Christie, J., & Co., Starch Manufacturers & Grocers, 3 Frederick Street.
Christie, Mrs., Haberdasher, 53 York Street.
Christie, Robt., Proprietor of the Temperance Hotel & Coffee House, 33 Barrack Street.
Christey, Mrs., Laundress, 33 Little George's Street.
Cinnamond, John, Ladies and Gentlemens Boot and Shoe Warehouse, 5 Arthur Street.
Cinnamond, George, Publican & Hide Merchant, 23 Smithfield.
Clack, George, Ordnance Department.
Clare, John, Excise Officer, 24 Peter's Hill.
Clark, John, M.D., 6 Cromac Street.
Clark, Thomas, Weaver, 123 Peter's Hill.
Clarke, Andrew, Wholesale Grocer, 47 Ann Street.
Clarke, Hugh, & Co., Letter Press Printing Establishment, 22 Cornmarket.
Clarke, James, Flesher, 15 Rosemary Street.
Clarke, Ledlie, Brewer, 130b Ann Street, House, 91 Ann Street.
Clarke & Drummond, Cotton Yarn Merchants, 7 Commercial Court & 50 Wilson Street, Glasgow.
Clarke, Hugh C., Auctioneer, Office, Auction & Commission Sale Rooms, 5 Rosemary Street, residence, Ormeau Road.
Clarke, Andrew, Letter Press Printer, Grocer & Dealer in Provisions, 62 Mill Street.
Clarke, John, Esq., 12 College Square, East.
Clarke, Miss, Boarding House, 12 Gloucester Street.
Clarke, Arthur, Joiner, 3 Mitchell Street.
Clarke, Mrs. Thomas, 32 Hamilton Street.
Clarke, Alexander, (Successor to the late Joseph Molyneau), Alabaster Manufacturer, Importer of Roman Cement, 25 John Street.
Clarke, Wm., Whitesmith & Bell Hanger, 13 Little Donegall Street.
Clarke, William, Plain & Ornamental Painter, 27 Fountain Street.
Clarke, Robert, Dealer, 51 Grattan Street.
Clarke, John, Lodgings, 37 Wine Tavern Street.
Clarke, Ann, 5 Sarah Street.
Clarke, Peter, Cabinet Warerooms, 8 Fountain Street.
Clarke, Mrs. William, Malone Road.
Clarke, Thomas, Dealer, 115 Durham Street.
Clarke, Edward H., Esq., 5 Donegall Place.
Clarke, William, Jobbing smith, 32b Great George's Street.
Clawson, Samuel, Reilly's Place.
Clay, Thomas, Crown Inn, 30 Gamble Street.
Cleland, Robert, Publican, 57 Green Street.
Clelland, David, Glass Warehouse, 24 Waring Street.
Clements, James, Spirit House, Smithfield.
Clements, Robert, Publican, 7 Church Street.
Clements, Sarah, Grocer, 74 Hercules Street.
Clements, Robert, Lodgings, 84 Great Patrick Street.
Clements, David, Starch Maker, 16 Talbot Street.
Clerical Rooms, Castle Chambers, Castle Place.
Clindinning, William, Merchant, 2 Arthur Place.
Clindinning, William, Merchant, 11 Catherine Street North.
Close, Margaret, 10 Edward Street.
Close, Ann, Pop Maker, etc., 11 Graham's Entry.
Close Brothers, Woollen Drapers, 26 High Street, House, 11 Gloucester Street.                        top
Close, James, Grocer, 16 Little Patrick Street.
Clow, William, Musician, 25 Little May Street.
Clotworthy, Samuel, Merchant, 26 York Street.
Clydsdale, Robert, Sawyer, 65 Mustard Street.
Coalpie, William, Custom House Officer, 30 Earl Street.
Coastguard Office, 13 Chichester Quay.
Coates, Arthur M., Copper and Tinplate Manufacturer, Gas Fitter, etc., etc., 10 Arthur Square.
Coates, Ann, 62 Brown Street.
Coates, William, Copper, Tinplate, & Sheet Iron Worker & Gas Fitter, 12 Castle Street.
Coates, Francis, House Painter, Glazier, Paper Hanger, Importer of Crown Glass, Stained Glass Manufacturer, etc., 37 Castle Street.
Coates, William, Cow Keeper, 7 Durham Street.
Coates, Mrs., Milliner, 37 Castle Place.
Coates, Miss Ann, Milliner, 20 Castle Street.
Coates & Young, Brass and Iron Founders, Millwrights & Engineers, Lagan & Ship Yard Foundry.
Coates, William, Esq., J.P., of Coates & Young, residence, Glentorum, Lagan Village.
Coburn, Thomas, Merchant Tailor, 14 Castle Street.
Coburn, John, Mechanic, 19 Princes Street.
Coburn, Samuel, Pawn Broker, 30 Smithfield, residence, 29 Rosemary Street.
Cochrane, John, Cooper, 7 Little George's Street.
Cochrane, Thomas, Watchman, Cargill Street.
Cochrane, John, Servant, 6 Cullentree Street.
Cochrane, Henry, Dealer, 54 Barrack Street.
Cochrane, Rutherford, Joiner, 13 Verner Street.
Cochrane, Andrew, Dublin Bridge.
Cochran, Jas., Grocer, Tea, Wine & Spirit Merchant, 1 Castle Place, residence, 3 College Square, East.
Cochran, John, Horn Spoon Maker, 12 Francis Street.
Cockburn, John, Fire Engineer, Telfer's Entry.
Cockshot, J., Landing Surveyor of Customs.
Coey, James, Manufacturer, Wholesale and Retail Northern Boot and Shoe House, 12 Donegall Place & 35 Donegall Street.
Coey, Edward, Provision & General Merchant, 21 Gamble Street, residence, 6 Great George's Street.
Coey, Mrs., 2 King Street.
Coffey, Robert, M.D., Professor of Surgery, Belfast Academical Institution, residence, 90 Donegall Street.
Coffey, William, Print and Music Seller, 4 High Street.
Coffey, Miss, Haberdasher, 9 Skipper Street.
Coffey, James, Salesman, 9 Skipper Street.
Coleman, John, Teacher of Music, Lower Malone.
Coleman, Patrick, Spirit Dealer, 131 North Street.
Coleman, Alexander A., Butter and Provision Merchant, 2 Washington Street.
Coleman, John, Gentleman, 1 Halliday's Buildings.
Coleman & Dobbin, Wine and Spirit Merchants, 1 Church Street.
Coleman, Laurence, Publican, 66 Barrack Street.
Coleman, Patrick, Publican, 160 North Street.
Coleman, Hugh, Merchant, 5 Sussex Place.
Coleman, Bernard, Cashier, Belfast Bank, residence, 53 James's Street.
Coleman, Thomas, Butter Merchant, 53 Edward Street.
Coleman, James, of Coleman & Dobbin, residence, 76 Donegall Street.
Coleman, James, gentleman, 25 Lancaster Street.
Colgan, Edward, Victualler, 5 Hammond's Court.
Collins, Elizabeth, Dealer, 40 Grattan Street.
Collins, Robert, M.D., 4 Brunswick Street.
Collins, W. M., Esq., Solicitor, Ingram Place, Office, 12 Castle Lane & 86 Capel Street, Dublin.
Collins, Rose Ann, Publican, 50 Grattan Street.
Collins, Charles, Painter, 178 North Street.
Collins, John, Quarter Master, 53rd Regt., 34 North Queen Street.
Collins, John, Publican, 2 Tomb Street.
Colville, Samuel, Woollen Draper, 23 Bridge Street Place, residence, Ormeau Place.
Colville, James, Linen Lapper, 4 Hamilton Place.
Colville, John, Publican, 9 Hanover Quay.
Colville, John, Gentleman, 36 James's Street.
Colville, William, 35 Hamilton Street.
Colville, Mrs., 35 Hamilton Street.
Commercial Buildings, Waring Street.
Commercial Hotel, Commercial Buildings, William Hall, Proprietor.
Commercial News Room, 1 Waring Street.
Commercial Tavern and Livery Stables, 12 Great Patrick Street, Jas. Adams, Proprietor.
Conliffe, William, 25 Dock Street.
Conlin, Mrs., Publican, 55 Barrack Street.
Conlin, James, Publican, 20 Barrack Street.
Conlin, Patrick, Entertainment, 46 Union Street.
Conlin, Patrick, Publican, 97 Millfield.
Conn, John, Book Binder, 11 High Street.
Connell, Charles, & Sons, Ship Owners & Ship Builders, 9 Ritchie's Dock, Charles Connell's Residence, 10 Great George's Street.
Connell, Jas., of Charles Connell, & Sons, residence, 34 Nelson Street.
Connell, Alex., of Charles Connell & Sons, residence, 35 James Street.
Connell, Charles, jun., of Charles Connell, & Sons, residence, 57 James's Street.
Connell, George, 23 Nelson Street.
Connolly, John, Lodgings, 116 Millfield.
Connolly, Robert, Porter, 18 Little Donegall Street.
Connolly, Thomas, Coach Painter, 19 Catherine Street.
Connor, Foster, Linen Manufacturer, Foxe's Row, residence, 6 Linenhall Street.
Connor, James, Publican, 5 Market Street.
Connor, J., House Carpenter & Publican, 43 Forest Lane.
Connor, John, & Son, Builders, etc., 37 York Street.
Connor, John, of J. C. & Son, residence, 37 York Street.
Connor, James, of J. C. & Son, residence, 9 Dock Street.
Connor, David, Linen and Linen Yarn Factor, 76 High Street.
Connor, Joseph, Grocer, 24 Verner Street.
Connor, Patrick, Porter, 39 Hill Street.
Connor, James, Servant, 30 Gordon Street.
Connor, Henry, Mechanic, 51 Lodge Road.
Connor, Hugh, Salesman, 23 Pottinger's Entry.
Connery, Richard, Mercantile & Land Agent & Agent to the English & Scottish Law Fire & Life Assurance Company, Office, Castle Chambers, residence, 5 Linenhall Street.
Constabulary Barracks, 102 Cromac Street and 15 North Queen Street.
Constabulary Station, Eagleson's Place.
Conway, Henry, Pork Cutter, 52 Sussex Street.
Conway, Henry, Weaver, 82 Peter's Hill.
Cooke, Rev. Henry, D.D., LL.D., Ormeau Road.
Cooke, Henry, Collegiate School, 1 Adelaide Place.
Cooke, Henry, Scripture Reader, Charlotte Street.
Cooke, Johnston, & Co., Hatters, 1 Bridge Street & 42 High Street.
Cooke, Frederick, Publican, 1 Murphy Street.
Cooper, Douglas, Gentleman, 97 York Street.
Cooper, Samuel, Publican, 22 Samuel Street.
Cooper, Miss, 6 May Street.
Cooper, Mrs., 50 Great George's Street.
Cooper, John, Sawyer, 78 Nelson Street.
Cooper, David, Carpenter, 19 Pottinger's Entry.
Cooper, William, Merchant, 16 Great Patrick Street.
Cooper, James, Cork Manufacturer, 22 Rosemary Street.
Copeland, Thomas, Carpenter, 5 Cromac Street.
Copeland, James, Clerk, Eagleson's Place.
Corbit, Thomas, & Co., Timber Merchants, 3 Great George's Street, Thomas Corbit's residence, 5 May Street.
Corbit, John, Clerk, 10 Catherine Street South.
Corbit, James, Flesher, 69 Hercules Street.
Corbit, Mrs. Sarah, 23 Poultry Square.
Corbit, Henry, Lodgings, 26 Marquis Street.
Corbitt, William, Publican, 5 Upper Church Lane.
Cordukes, Jonathan, Ship Owner & General Merchant, 87 York Street.
Cork, Margaret, Dress Maker, Lagan Street.
Cornston, Robert, Ruling Master, 60 Nelson Street.
Corr, John, Sawyer, 12 Durham Street.
Corr, Miss, Milliner, 4 Union Street.
Corrigan, Adam, Sawyer, 4 Lancaster Street.
Corrigan, Samuel, Watch and Clock Maker, 16 Sarah Street.
Corry, Robert, Gentleman, 7 Franklin Place.
Cortie, Mrs., 6 Trafalgar Street.
Cosgrave, John, Weaver, Botanic Road.
Cosgrave, James, Grocer, 92 Ann Street.
Cosgrave, Michael, Brick Layer, 53 Lancaster Street.
Costello, Patrick, Tailor, 77 Durham Street.
Cotter, Charles, Tailor, 84 Durham Street.
Cottery, Mrs., Day School, 54 Ann Street.
Coulter, William John, Clerk, 12 Caroline Street.
Coulter, Daniel, Flesher, 75 Hercules Street.
Coulter, James, Boot and Shoe Maker, Eagleson's Place.
Courtney, William, Land Surveyor, Valuator & General Measurer, 14 Calender Street, residence, Ballynafeigh House.
Courtnay, Henry, Ship Bread Baker, 74 James's Street.
Covenanter's Meeting House, College Street, South.
Cowan, Samuel, Wholesale Grocer, Tobacco Manufacturer & Gunpowder Merchant, 45 Ann Street.
Cowan, James, Butter Merchant, Tomb Street Market.
Cowan, William, Wholesale Grocer, Tea Dealer, Wine and Spirit Merchant, 19 Church Lane.
Cowan, James, Cotton Spinner, Office, 86 Hercules Street, Mills, Duncru, residence, Barn Cottage, Carrickfergus.
Cowan, William, & Co., Flax Spinners & Linen Manufacturers, Mills, White Abbey, Agents to the North British Assurance Company, 17 York Street.
Cowan, Andrew, Seneschal for the Manors of Newtownards, Comber & Hollywood, Office, 2 Ann Street.
Cowan, Margaret, Publican, 18 Store Lane.
Cowan, Frederick, Tailor, 2 Stanhope Street.
Cowden, Tailor, 14 Sussex Street.
Cowie, James, Manager of Wine Tavern Street Mill, 39 Smithfield.
Cowie, William, Spinning Master, 20 Francis Street.
Craig, A. W., Linen Manufacturer, Flax Merchant & Tow Spinner, Falls Road, Office, 12 Waring Street.
Craig, John, & Co., Iron Founders, etc., Hibernian Foundry, 26 Chichester Street, John Craig's residence, Frederick Street.
Craig, John, Ironmonger, 15 Bridge Street.
Craig, James Scott, Shoe Maker, 11 John Street.
Craig, John, Muslin Manufacturer, Haberdashery & Millinery Establishment, 37 Castle Place.
Craig, Hugh, & Co., Coal Merchants, 46 Talbot Street.
Craig, David, Joiner, 5 College Place North.
Craig, John, Blue Manufacturer, 32 Green Street, residence, 14 Frederick Street.
Craig, John, Merchant, 15 Great George's Street.
Craig, John, Baker, Bradbury Place.
Craig, Henry, Blacksmith, 5 Mustard Street.
Craigan, Mrs., 15 Cullentree Street.
Craigan, Laurence, Flesher, 11 Long Lane.
Crainey, John, Shoe Maker, 12 Mustard Street.
Crampton, John, Comptroller of Customs, 37 King Street.
Cramsie, John, Public Notary, Master in Chancery, Wine and General Merchant, 70 Waring Street, residence, 7 May Street.
Cramsie, John, Smith and Ironmonger, 13 Ann Street.
Cramsie, Archibald, Stucco Plasterer, 7 West Street.
Cranston & Hall, Solicitors, Offices, 33 Arthur Street & 18 Hardwicke Street, Dublin, Agents to the Clerical, Medical & General Life Insurance Office, Dublin.
Cranston, Wm., Esq., of Cranston & Hall, residence, 10 Chichester Street.
Cranston, Elizabeth, Publican, 19 Lancaster Street.
Craufurd, Robert, Foreman of J. Craufurd's Sewing Warehouse, 6 Nelson Street.
Craufurd, Mrs., Ladies' School, 7 Adelaide Place.
Craufurd, John, 7 Adelaide Place.
Crawford, James, of Gordon & Crawford, 26 Donegall Place.
Crawford & Russell, Solicitors, Offices, 20 Arthur Street & 47 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin.
Crawford, William, Esq., of Crawford & Russell, residence, Wellington Lodge, County Down.
Crawford, Arthur, Woollen Draper, 12 Waring Street.
Crawford, James, Merchant, Wholesale Fish, Herring & Salt Stores, 64 Waring Street.
Crawford, Arth., Iron Merchant & Coke Manufacturer, 130 North Street.
Crawford, Alexander, Manufacturing Chemist, 26 Mill Street.
Crawford, John, Gentleman, 17 Great Patrick Street.
Crawford, Charles, Cooper, 2 Gordon Street.
Crawford, Mrs., Hercules Street.
Crawford, John, Grocer, 25 Berry Street.
Crawford, Charles, Publican, 67 North Queen Street.
Crawford, Hugh, Esq., Solicitor, Castle Chambers & 46 Hardwicke Street, Dublin.                 top
Crawford, William, Joiner, 68 Little Patrick Street.
Crawford, Hugh, Grocer, 157 North Street.
Crawford, William, of McKelvey & Crawford, 25 Pottinger's Entry.
Crawford, Mrs., 73 Joy Street.
Crawford, James, Ship Chandler, 66 Waring Street.
Crawford, Misses, Milliners & Dress Makers, 17 High Street.
Crawford, Mrs., 23 Queen Street.
Crawford, Mrs., 67 North Queen Street.
Crawford, John, Brick Layer, 23 Verner Street.
Crawford, Mrs., Dress Maker, 29 North Thomas Street.
Crawford, Simon, Tailor, 1 Sarah Street.
Creaney, John, 19 Peter's Hill.
Creen, Robert, Shoe Maker, 75 Grattan Street.
Creen, William, Ship Master, 72 Nelson Street.
Creeth, John, Grocer & Haberdasher, 17 & 28 Skipper Street.
Crocket, William, Railway Constable, 132 Durham Street.
Crolly, Rev. George, 97 Donegall Street.
Crolly, H., Lodgings, 111 Millfield.
Crombie, Andrew, Tailor, 63 Millfield.
Crone, John, Muslin Weaver, 60 Brown Square.
Crooks, John, Grocer, Saltwater Bridge.
Crooks, Hugh, Clerk, 60 North Queen Street.
Crooks, John, Confectioner, Bradbury Place.
Crooks, John, Saw Maker, 20 Skipper Street.
Crookshank, Alexander, Esq., Attorney, 7 Donegall Street, residence, 101 Donegall Street.
Cross, William, Labourer, 34 Lancaster Street.
Crosset, Alexander, Haberdasher, 38 North Queen Street.
Crossley, John, Stucco Plasterer, 2 Lagan Street.
Crossley, Charles, Hatter, 35 North Thomas Street.
Crossley, Michael, Plasterer, 11 North Thomas Street.
Crothers, Moses, Wholesale & Retail Grocer & Fruiterer, 69 Donegall Street.
Crothers, William, Public Yard Keeper, 29 Ann Street.
Crothers, John, Weaver, 22 Lodge Road.
Crothers, James, Grocer, 29 Church Lane.
Crouch, John, Merchant, 111 York Street.
Crown Inn, 30 Gamble Street, T. Clay, Proprietor.
Crozier, William, Street Inspector, 9 Frederick Street.
Crozier, William, Clerk, 34 Upper Queen Street.
Crymble, William, 16 North Queen Street.
Cuddy, John, Glass, Oil & Colour Merchant, Importer of Chrystals of Soda, Soda Ash, Alum, Epsom Salts & Bicarbonate of Soda, 42 Church Lane, residence, Gassfield House.
Cuddy, Miss, 39 Joy Street.
Cullan, Thomas, Grocer, 28 Barrack Street.
Cullimore, R., 10 York Street.
Culloden, Joseph, 34 Waring Street.
Culloden, Hariet & Ann, Baby Linen Establishment, 9 Arthur Street.
Culloden, John, of Wm. McConnell & Co., residence, 9 Arthur Street.
Cumine, James, Saddler & Harness Manufacturer, 6 Church Lane.
Cumins, Eleanor, Dealer, 3 Stanhope Street.
Cummin, Matthew, Stucco Plasterer, 31 Barrack Street.
Cunningham, J., Esq., W. Linenhall, Country Residence, Macedon.
Cunningham, Mrs. James, 2 Donegall Square, North.
Cunningham, Waddell, Gentleman, 52 Mill Street.
Cunningham, Thomas, Spirit Merchant, 6 Mill Street, residence, 49 Castle Street.
Cunningham, Miss, 13 Great Patrick Street.
Cunningham, Thomas, Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Married Women in Ireland, and also a Master Extraordinary in Chancery, Commissioner for taking Affidavits out of all the Law Courts, and also for taking Special Bail, Office, 47 North Street.
Cunningham's Hotel, 47 North Street, Thos. Cunningham, Proprietor.
Cunningham, Mrs., Publican and Coach Office, 45 North Street.
Cunningham, James, Stucco Plasterer, Charlotte Street.
Cunningham, Archibald, Publican, 17 Henry Street.
Cunningham, Thomas, Hatter, 93 York Street.
Cunningham, James, Lath Cutter, 11 Little Patrick Street.
Cunningham, John, Cooper, 15 Forest Lane.
Cunningham, John, Flour & Oatmeal Miller, Glenwood, Shankhill, Town Office, 6 Mill Street.
Cunningham, Matthew, Linen, Flax, Linen Yarn & General Commission Merchant, Warehouse Lane, Waring Street.
Cunningham, Josias, 49 Castle Street.
Cunningham, J., Saddler, 5 Joy's Entry.
Cunningham, James, Gentleman, 23 Tomb Street.
Cuppage, John, & Co., Merchants, 7 & 9 Donegall Street Place.
Curnon, Jacob, Excise Officer, 40 Townsend Street.
Curoe, Rev. Patrick, 97 Donegall Street.
Curran & Kavanah, Oil, Glass & Colour Warehouse, 35 North Street.
Curran, Henry, Harbour Master, 144 High Street.
Curran, John, Shoe Maker, 3 Pilot Street.
Curran, Catherine, Dealer in Fruit & Provisions, 13 William Street, South & Montgomery's Market.
Curran, William, Land Surveyor, 39 Little Donegall Street.
Curran, Michael, 12 Falls Road.
Curell, John & Daniel, Linen Merchants & Bleachers, Office, White Linenhall.
Curell, John & Sons, Linen Merchants & Bleachers, also Agents to the Liverpool Fire and Life Insurance Company, Office, White Linenhall.
Curell, John, Merchant, of John Curell & Sons, residence, Clonard, Falls Road.
Currell, Daniel, jun., & Co., Linen and Cotton Manufacturers & Merchants, Office, Linenhall Street.
Curell, Miss, 4 College Street South.
Currie, James, Hair Dresser & Perfumer, 22 Castle Place.
Currie, Hugh, Hardware Merchant & Ironmonger, 90 High Street, residence, 58 Joy Street.
Currey, James, Cabinet Maker, 20 Torren's Market.
Currey, Jasper, Turner, 37 Market Street.
Custom House, 15 Hanover Quay.

DAILY, James, Joiner, 21 Earl Street.
Dakin & Co., Importers and Dealers in Tea, 36 High Street.
Dale, Peter, First Clerk, Excise Office, Waring Street.
Dale, Robert, Ship Joiner, 9 North Thomas Street.
Dalglish, Robert & Co., Muslin Manufacturers, 16 Waring Street.
Dallas, John, Inspector of Bridges, 42 Joy Street.
Dalton, Chas., Professor of Music, Piano Forte Warehouse, 28 Castle Street.
Daly, Francis, Publican, 57 Union Street.
Daly, Edward, Academy, 26 Chapel Lane.
Daly, William, Entertainment, 4 Barrack Street.
Dalzell, David, Tavern Keeper, 74 Donegall Street.
Daniel, James, Bailer, 52 Peter's Hill.
Darby, James, Match & Blacking Manufacturer, 20 Hercules Street.
Dargan, William, Esq., Contractor, 121 York Street.
Davey, William, Flesher, 41 Hercules Street.
Davey, John, Flesher, 59 Hercules Street.
Davey, James, Flesher, 13 Hercules Street.
Davey, Patrick, Publican, 3 Wine Cellar Entry.
Davey, Bernard, Tobacco Spinner, 12 Marquis Street.
Davey, William, Painter, 2 Murphy Street.
Davey, Charles, Flesher, 69 Hercules Street.
Davidson, Rev. John, 4 Donegall Square, East.
Davidson, Alexander, Builder, Reilly's Place.
Davis, James, Esq., of David & Suffern, residence, Ballysillen.
Davis, John, Manager of John Kane's Glass House, residence, 18 Hamilton Street.
Davis, John, Entertainment, 5 Church Street.
Davis, Wilson, Dealer, Falls Road.
Davis & Suffern, Attorneys, Solicitors & Conveyancers, Commissioners for Taking Affidavits for the County at Westminster and the County Palatine of Lancashire & Perpetual Commissioners for Taking the Acknowledgment of Deeds Executed by Marries Women. Agents for the British Commercial Life Assurance Company, 23 Arthur Street & 30 Great Brunswick Street, Dublin.
Davis, Mrs., Ingram Place.
Davis, Eliza, Publican, 87 Little Patrick Street.
Davis, Elizabeth, Straw Bonnet Manufacturer, 118 High Street.
Davis, G., Plough Hotel and General Coach Office, 5, 7 Corn Market.
Davis, Hugh, Dentist, 11 Arthur Street.
Davis, Daniel & Charles, Merchants, Ballymacarrett.
Davis, William John, Gentleman, 19 York Street.
Davis, Valentine, Publican, 30 Mill Street.
Davis, John, Provision Merchant, 8 Trafalgar Street, residence, 15 Great George's Street.
Davis, Margaret, Grocer, 112 Cromac Street.
Davis, Arthur, Ship Master, 14 Thomas Street.
Davis, Mrs., Donegall Pass.
Davison, Richard, Esq., Solicitor, Seneschal of the Manors of Clough, Ballymoney, Ballycastle, Bushmills, Cushendall, Glenarm & Larne, Offices, 11 Donegall Place & 36 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin.
Davison, John, Shoe Maker, 30 Mill Street.
Davison, William, Rag Dealer, 18 Grattan Street.
Davison, John, Architect, 127 Durham Street.
Davison, Mrs., 7 Montgomery Street.
Davison, Margaret, 35 Trafalgar Street.
Davison, John, Tailor, 10 Catherine Street.
Davison, Sarah Jane, Grocer, 49 Durham Street.
Davison, Charles, Publican, 55 Forest Lane.
Davy, Eliza, Publican, 10 Gamble Street.
Dawson, Miss, 11 Victoria Place.
Dawson, J., Muslin Warehouse, 33 Church Lane.
Dawson, Robert, Publican, 36 Hudson's Entry.
Day, Bottomley & Browne, Wholesale Woollen & Manchester Warehouse, 7 Calendar Street.
Deaf, Dumb & Blind Institution, College Street, Charles Rhind, Teacher.
Deary, Hannah, Dealer, 10 Smithfield.
Dalehoyde, R., Provision Dealer, 33 Hill Street.
Deleany, Matthew, House Carpenter, 31 Forest Lane.
Dempsey, Mrs., Lodgings, 23 Trafalgar Street.
Dempsey, Bernard, Painter, 23 Russel Street.
Dennis, James, Publican, New Lodge Road.
Dennison, Robert, Grocer & Spirit Dealer, 14 North Thomas Street.
Denvir, Right Rev., Doctor, Roman Catholic Bishop of Down and Connor, residence, 97 Donegall Street.
Denvir, Patrick, Lodgings, 46 John Street.
Denvir, W. & R., Hat Warehouse, 8 Bridge Street, residence, Lilliput.
Denvir, Robert, Dairy Keeper, Lilliput.
Derry, Henry, Cooper, Forest Lane.
Derry, Coach Office, J. Grogan, Esq., Proprietor.
Devlin, John, Book Seller, 10 Frederick Street.
Devlin, J., Tailor, Falls Road.
Devlin, Mrs., Dealer, 20 Talbot Street.
Devlin, William, Labourer, 20 Sussex Street.
Devlin, Mary, Dealer, 12 Joy's Entry.
Devlin, Sophia, Lodgings, 47 Verner Street.
Devlin, Ann, 44 Lodge Road.
Devlin, Felix, Broker, 78 Peter's Hill.
Devlin, John, General Auctioneer & Appraiser, Auction & Commission Rooms, 2 Castle Lane & 64 Smithfield.
Dewhurst, Robert, Flax Spinner, 18 Commercial Court.
Dickey, Alexander, & Co., Wholesale Grocers & Oil Merchants, 60 North Street.
Dickey, Nathaniel, Grocer & Tea Dealer, 63 North Street.
Dickey, Charles, Horse Shoer, 33 Great Edward Street.
Dickey, James, Esq., Post Master, 67 Donegall Street.
Dickson, Miss, 4 Sarah Street.
Dickson, John, Manager, 109 Durham Street.
Dickson, Mrs., Vender of Medicine, 73 North Street.
Dickson, Arthur, Lodgings, 79 Ritchie's Dock.
Dickson, Robert, Watchman, 79 Great George's Street.
Dickson, James, Publican, 26 Frederick Street.
Dickson, John, Publican, 140 Carrick Hill.
Digby, M. & A., Stay Makers & Haberdashers, 25 Hercules Place.
Digby, Miss, Day School, 25 Hercules Place.
Dill, Robert Foster, M.D., Surgeon, 16 Wellington Place.
Dillon, Wm., Solicitor & Proctor of the Consistorial Court of Down & Connor, Offices, 31 Arthur Street, 69 Capel Street, Dublin & Lisburn.
Dillon, James, Hatter, Wesley Place.
Dillon, John, Publican, 1 George's Lane.
Dillon, Thomas, Publican, 15 Pound Street.
Dillon, Mrs., 2 College Street South.
Dillon, Ann, 14 Falls Road.
Diamond, Michael, Publican, 17 Dock Street.
Dinnen, William, Flesher & General Dealer in Provisions, 9 Arthur Square.               top
Dinnen, John, Flesher, Montgomery's Market.
Diocesan Seminary, Vicinage, New Antrim Road.
Dispensary & Fever Hospital, Frederick Street.
Divine, Thomas, Coach Maker, 12 East Street.
Dixon, Simon, Grocer, 92 Carrick Hill.
Dobbin, Samuel, Furrier, 14 William Street South.
Dobbin, Clotworthy, Ship Owner, Maltster, Brewer, Wine & Spirit Merchant, 43 Smithfield, residence, 12 Howard Street.
Dobbin, Hamilton, of Coleman & Dobbin, 1 Church Street, residence, 1 Castle Lane.
Dobbin, John & William, Drug, Spice, Oil, Colour & Dye Stuff Merchants, 20 North Street.
Dobbin, Alexander, Grocer, 6 Townsend Street.
Dobbs, R. Conway, Esq., Solicitor, Offices, 17 Church Street & 12 Upper Temple Street, Dublin.
Dodd, William, Book Kepper, Williams Place.
Dodson, John, 65 Barrack Street.
Doe, Jane, Boarding House, 13 Gloucester Street.
Doherty, Elizabeth, 5 Charles Street.
Dogherty, Joseph, Dealer, 37 May Street.
Dogherty, Patrick, Stucco Plasterer, 1 Russell Street.
Dogherty, William, Tailor, 22 Union Street.
Dogherty, Ann, Grocer, 113 Peter's Hill.
Dolan, Matthew, Whitesmith, 13 Bank Lane.
Dolmer, Robert, Publican, 44 North Queen Street.
Donaghadee Coach Office, 73 Ann Street.
Donaghty, William, 14 Chapel Lane.
Donaghy, William, Grocer, 31 Durham Street.
Donaghy, Patrick, Clerk, 80 Peter's Hill.
Donaldson, William, Teacher, 57 Talbot Street.
Donaldson, Rodger, Nailer, 22 Grattan Street.
Donaldson, Hugh, Grocer, 8 Hercules Street.
Donaldson, John, Baker, 17 Bank Lane.
Donaldson, William, Day School, 57 Talbot Street.
Donaldson, Mrs., Grocer, 61 Green Street.
Donaldson, William, Horse Dealer, 15 Catherine Street North.
Donegall Street National School.
Donegall Arms Hotel and Posting Establishment, 11 Castle Place, John Moore, Proprietor.
Donnan, James, Ship Owner, 14 Tomb Street.
Donnelly, John, Schoolmaster, 134 Millfield.
Donnelly, Letitia, Cap Maker, 84 Peter's Hill.
Donnelly, Edward, Publican, 64 Peter's Hill.
Donnelly, Francis, Joiner, 17 Durham Street.
Donnelly, Edward, Brisk Layer, 3 North Queen Street.
Donnelly, Cornelius, Entertainment, 32 Union Street.
Donnelly, James, Dairy Keeper, 70 Barrack Street.
Donnelly, Arthur, Publican & Grocer, 2 Abbey Street.
Donnelly, James, Letter Press Printer, 1 Grace Street.
Donnelly, John, Great George's Street.
Donnelly, Robert, Confectioner, 8 Edward Street.
Donnelly, John, 48 Great George's Street.
Donnelly, Neill, Porter, 14 Lancaster Street.
Donnelly, Ann, 8 Durham Street.
Donnelly, James, Shoe Maker, 28 John Street.
Donnelly, Edward, Labourer, 5 East Street.
Donnelly, Owen, Clothes Dealer, 2 Smithfield.
Doody, John, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer, 30 John Street.
Doogan, James, Flesher, 28 Hercules Street.
Doogan, Andrew, Boot Closer, 4 Edward Street.
Doonaghan, Owen, 28 Grattan Street.
Dooney, James Dealer, 50 Green Street.
Dooras, Patrick, Clothes Dealer, 51 Berry Street.
Dooras, Neill, 59 Lancaster Street.
Dornan, Hugh, Musician, 17 Robert Street.
Dornan, Mrs., 50 Barrack Street.
Dornan, Mrs. Mary, 6 Calendar Street.
Dornan, Elizabeth, Dealer, 50 Mustard Street.
Dorrian, Edward, Surgeon & Apothecary, 68 Donegall Street.
Dorrian, Rev. Patrick, 97 Donegall Street.
Dougall, Hugh, Dealer, 48 Verner Street.
Dougall, Samuel, Grocer, 72 Peter's Hill.
Dougall, Hugh, Public Carrier, 69 Millfield.
Dougall, Arthur, 7 Townsend Street.
Dougherty, Patrick, Publican, 37 May Street.
Dougherty, Eliza, 42 North Queen Street.
Dougherty, Mrs., Eagleson's Place.
Dougherty, William, Tailor, 22 Union Street.
Dougherty, James, Carpenter, 29 Poultry Square.
Dougherty, James, Labourer, 18 Kent Street.
Dougherty, Ann, Grocer, 113 Peter's Hill.
Dougherty, Robert, Moulder, 53 Peter's Hill.
Douglas, Mary, Publican, Dunbar's Quay.
Douglas, Arthur, Printer, 11 North Ann Street.
Douglas, Arthur, Cow Keeper, Townsend Street.
Douglas, Hugh, Publican, 26 Verner Street.
Douglas, Alexander, Salesman, 53 North Street.
Douglas, Samuel, & Co., Linen Drapers, Haberdashers, etc., 24b Donegall Street.
Douglas, John, Shoe Maker, 1 Lancaster Street.
Dowd, John, Tailor, 24 Grace Street.
Dowdall, John, Home and Foreign Fruit Warehouse, 1 Corn Market & 2 Hammond's Court.
Dowdall, Alexander, Servant, 20 Grattan Street.
Dowdall, Miss, 15 May Street.
Dowling, Denis, Conveyancer & Law Agent, 6 Fountain Lane, residence, 3 College Street.
Dowling, John, Publican, 20 Telfair's Entry.
Dowling, Andrew, Poulterer, 11 Corn Market.
Dowling, Mrs., 3 College Street.
Down, Mrs. Ann, 13 Catherine Street South.
Downey, Edward, Clerk, 8 East Street.
Downey, Andrew, Entertainment, 22 Caddells' Entry.
Downing, William, Tailoring Establishment, 4 Hamilton's Court.
Downing, George, Cork Cutter, 76 Great George's Street.
Downing, Patrick, Superintendent of Ormond Market, Rent & House Agent, Office, 11 Ormond Market, residence, 89 Little Patrick Street.
Downs, William, Pork Cutter, 37 Mustard Street.
Doyle, Henry, Clock Maker, 43 Mill Street.
Drain, John, Flesher, 55 Hercules Street.
Drain, John, Dealer, 19 Townsend Street.
Drain, Charles, Sawyer, 9 Eliza Street.
Drain, William, Cart Maker, Shankhill.
Drenan, Mrs., 23 Chichester Street.
Drennan, David, Ship Master, 86 Nelson Street.
Drew, Rev. Dr., 6 Victoria Place.
Druitt, George, 14 Gloucester Street.
Drummond, James L., M.D., 8 College Square North.
Drummond, Robert, Gentleman, Botanic Road.
Drysdale, Robert, Porter, 16 Hamilton's Place.
Dublin & Enniskillen Royal Mail Coach Office, F. Rae, Agent, 10 Castle Place.
Dudgeon, Mrs., 18 North Street.
Duff, Laird, Clerk, Northern Bank, residence, 6 Joy Street.
Duff, Thomas, Pilot, 62 Nelson Street.
Duff, James, 15 Long Lane.
Duffield, William J. & A., Provision Merchants, James's Street, William J. Duffield's Residence, 53 York Street.
Duffin, Charles, & Co., General Merchants & Ship Brokers, 28 Waring Street.
Duffin, Mrs., Lodgings, 53 John Street.
Duffy, John, Ship Carpenter, 4 Grattan Place.
Duffy, James, Grocer, 39 Samuel Street.
Duffy, Michael, Labourer, 164 Millfield.
Duffy, James, 26 Marlborough Street.
Duffy, James, Sub-Ballast Master, residence, 13 Trafalgar Street.
Dugan, Mrs., Publican, 42 Princes Street.
Dugan, Matthew, Painter, 166 Millfield.
Dugan, James, Ship Carpenter, 74 Nelson Street.
Du Moisy, Mons. Brassy, Professor of the French Language, 1 Donegall Square, East.
Dunbar, John G., Esq., J.P., Office, Dunbar's Dock, residence, Macedon.
Dunbar, George, Esq., Mayor, 4 Donegall Square North.
Dunbar, Robert, Sawyer, 8 Little Corporation Street.
Duncan, Alexander, Cooper, 63 Green Street.
Duncan, Nathaniel, Publican, 40 Cromac Street.
Duncan, William, Watchman, 87 Durham Street.
Duncan, Daniel, Ship Master, 20 Trafalgar Street.
Dunigan, John, Lighter Man, 32 Grattan Street.
Dunlop, William, Revenue Boatman, Point Fields.
Dunlop, James, Grocer, 186 North Street.
Dunlop, Mrs., 1 North Queen Street.
Dunlop, Daniel, Glass, Oil & Colour Warehouse, 28 Upper Church Lane.
Dunlop, William, 20 Catherine Street North.
Dunlop, John, Boot and Shoe Maker, 71 High Street.
Dunlop, Hugh G., Clerk, 72 Joy Street.
Dunlop, Mrs., 4 College Street.
Dunlop, James, Whip Maker, 149 North Street.
Dunlop, John, Servant, 9 Wellington Street.
Dunn, James, Sail Maker, Seymour Street.
Dunn, Hugh, Leather Merchant, 6 John Street.
Dunn, John, Merchant & Ship Owner, 13 Henry Street.
Dunn, Margaret & Jane, Silk Mercers & Milliners, 33 Donegall Street.
Dunn, Patrick, Blacking Maker, 58 Carrick Hill.
Dunn, Violet, Grocer, 188 North Street.
Dunnan, John, Servant, 16 Kent Street.
Dunvill, John, & Co., Wholesale Tea, Wine & Spirit Merchants, 10 Calendar Street, J. Dunvill's Residence, 7 Donegall Square East.
Dunwoody, Maria, 88 Carrick Hill.
Dupark, Mrs., 32 Corporation Street.
Dupree, John A., Writing Clerk, 18 Catherine Street North.
Duprey, Hastings, Proprietor of the Fountain Street Coach Factory, 13 Fountain Street.
Dyer, Daniel, Carrier, 81 Millfield.
Dyer, Hugh, Grocer, 10 John Street.
Dyer, John, House Agent, 12 Skipper Street.
Dyer, Hugh, Nailer, 7 Hudson's Entry.
Dyer, Joshua, 16 Chapel Lane.
Dyke, R. W., Professor of Music, Music & Musical Instrument Seller, 25 Castle Place & 1 Mill Street.
Dyke, E. & S., 1 Mill Street.

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