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Belfast, Co. Antrim

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click to go to a panorama of the pupils of BELFAST ROYAL ACADEMY 1926

Nelson's Nose

In Memory of the Belfast Electric Tramcars,
Last Tramcars leaving Harland & Wolff Shipyard, Queens Island,
27th February 1954

W. J. McC. or G. & Sons Ltd. - 2' 10. Nov. 1924, A R Hogg

looks like: Wholesale Stationers, General ??? & ???

A. R. Hogg, Photographic Specialist, 81 High Street, Belfast


Thanks to Joe Graham of Rushlight I now know where this photo was taken - this is Bank Street and that's St. Mary's Chapel at the bottom, it's in Chapel Lane
Find out more in the September issue of "Rushlight"

I can only find a Samuel Crookshanks in County Down, a water scutch linen mill?
If anyone has any further information, I'd like to hear it - Mary

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Click on thumbnail and have a read of the Northern Whig and Belfast Post for June 1927
photographs of :-

Northern Legal Golfing Society
Group of four families and other emigrants on the "Robina" on their way to Canada
Glenlola School Sports, Bangor
Golf at Newcastle
Golfing at Malone

Northern Whig and Belfast Post June 1927
Group of Four Families and other emigrants on the "Robins" on their way to Canada by the C.P.R. Liner Montclare

High Street, Belfast shops showing (left hand side) Erskine number 8 - Moat Brothers, Rubber Stamp Makers number 12 - West of England, Cloth Merchants - ?tch ?use Scutch/Dutch House? - Lipt? Liptons? number 6 is on the right hand side

Theatre Royal, Belfast 1894

The Shaughraun, Dion Boucicault's Powerful Irish Drama
Captain Molyneaux (a Young English Officer) - Mr. G. H. Hazlehurst
Robert Ffolliot (a Young Irish Gentleman, under sentence as a Fenian) - Mr. Leonard Yorke
Father Doolan (Parish Priest at Sullabeg) - Mr. H. Sainsbury
Corry Kinchella (a Squire) - Mr. E. W. Bretton
Harvey Duff (a Police Spy) - Mr. Frank Dalton
Sergeant Jones - Mr. Edward Ranier
Reilly, Sullivan, Mangan, Boyle (Blackguards) - J. B. Creedon,  J. Byrne,  S. Green,  F. Franks
Conn (the Shaughraun, the soul of every fair, the 1 fe of every funeral, the first fiddle of every pattern) -Mr. C. Guilfoyle Seymour

Clare Ffolliot (a Sligo Lady) - Miss Bessie Hazlewood
Arte O'Neil - Miss Mary Hardacre
Mrs. O'Kelly (Conn's mother) - Miss Clara Dillon
Bridget Madigan (a Keener) - Miss Edith Gautier
Nancy Malone - Miss N. Brewster
Moya (Father Doolan's Niece, in love with Conn) - Mrs. Charles Sullivan

On Monday Next, September 3rd 1894, First Time in Belfast, the Great Military Drama
The Indian Mutiny
Miss Clare Howard & Mr. George Daventry in their original characters "Ghuz-na" & "Nebu Singh"

2nd June 1953 Connswater Street, Belfast
Northern Whig, Bridge Street, Belfast
General Manager Mr. Frank Allen, Acting Manager Mr. Con Salmon
Week ending September 3rd 1898

1. Overture
2. The Lightening Cartoonist - Thornbury
3. Songs and Dances - Victoria Trio
4. Wire Walking Extraordinary - Lalla Yamina
5. Instrumental Act - Musical Dale
6. Eccentric Comedy - Mr. Johnny Dwyer
7. Selection - "L'Etoile Polaire" (Waldteufel) Band Conductor - Mr. H. A. Knight
8. The Marvellous Arab Acrobats - The Achmed Abrahim Troupe
9. The London Comedienne - The Great Millie Hylton
10. The American Comedienne - Miss Emma Pollock
11. Mimicry - Miss Florence
12. The Eccentric Comedian - Mr. Ernest Heathcote
13. Songs and Dances - Miss Flo Burris
14. Finale - "God Save The Queen" Band

Queen's College, Belfast

Belfast Bank

Custom House and Public Offices, Belfast

High Street, Belfast (from Corn Market)


Court House, Belfast

Donegall Place, Belfast


looking up Donegall  Place from the gates of the White Linen Hall , now the site of the City Hall , the house on the left was the house of Lord Donegall, it later became a hotel
pre 1888

Thank you to Joe Graham of Rushlight Magazine for identifying this photo for me

great photograph of Wm. J. Purdy's bar in Church Street, Belfast 1910, sent to me by his grandson Ian Taylor, that's Wm. Purdy on the far right

Commercial Hotel Belfast - Silver Pot

Robinson & Cleavers  1889                                       Marcus Ward & Co. Ltd.

Men join the bargain trail

     Belfast's bargain hunters hit the sale-trail again to-day.   On this, the third day of the winter sales season the city stores were attracting men as well as women hunting for those bargains.  Most people seemed to be looking for clothes.

     Mrs. Hilda McCabe, of Waveney Park, Belfast, came out of one Royal Avenue store delighted with a new winter coat - a bargain at 15.  "I really only went in to look but I'm delighted with the coat," she said.  "There was 3 knocked off it."

     For Mrs. Gertrude McKee, of Tudor Oaks, Holywood, the goal was a new pair of boots to keep out the winter cold.  The sales are a "beanfeast" for the students, especially 18-year old Miss Christine Long, of Victoria Road, Larne.  "I'm going to get a pair of trousers," she said, "I only intend to pay 2 for them so I expect I'll have to have a good look to get them.  But I'm not paying any more."

     She and her friend Miss Judith McKinler (19), of Bay Road, Larne, were spending some of their college holidays combing the sales for "best buys."

     The boys were bargain hunting too, Mr. Terry Black (24), of Sea (unfortunately there is no more :( - Mary)

Buildings upon the site of the Northern Bank Head office in process of demolition. From a photograph dated March 1854, taken by the late W. J. Young
Donegall Place, Belfast 1870
Old Theatre, Arthur Square, Belfast, Built by lessee, Michael Atkins. Opened 26th February 1793. Last performance 13th March 1871

Property adjoining the side of the Northern Bank. From an original drawing by H. B. Burgess, made for the Belfast Corporation 28th April 1852
The Marquis of Donegall's Town House, Donegall Place, 1808. In later years the Royal Hotel occupied these premises.
Castle Place 1840. Shewing, in background, buildings formerly occupied by Northern Banking Company.

High Street, Belfast, 1840
Property adjoining the site of the Northern Bank. From an original drawing by H. B. Burgess, made for the Belfast Corporation, 28th April 1852
Property adjoining the site of the Northern Bank. From an original drawing by H. B. Burgess, made for the Belfast Corporation, 28th April 1852

Winecellar Entry, Belfast, 1840
Pottinger's Entry, Belfast, 1790
Wilson's Court, Belfast, 1810