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1861 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Borough of Belfast

Part One       Part Two

Established in 1810

For the purpose of supplying the children of the poor with scriptural and literary education.  Nearly 200 children are taught in the Sunday School, and upwards of 700 receive instruction in the daily schools.  There is also a night school for adults; the average attendance for the past year, 200.

William McNeill, Treasurer; H. Ferguson, M.D., and R. T. McGeagh, Secretaries; William Young, Master; Miss Trimble, Mistress.  There is an Infant School connected with this establishment; Miss Tate, Mistress.

Opened November 1836

Number on roll - Male school, 140; Female school, 130; Infant school, 150.  Master, John H. Howell;  Mistress, Mrs. Darragh;  Mistresses Infant school, Miss Rea and Miss Smith.


The schools, male and female, are held in Christ Church School-rooms at a quarter to ten A.M., and half-past four P.M.; average attendance, 500 and 50 teachers. Total on books of Sunday schools, 900 - Adult schools, 50.  Suburban schools contain upwards of 200 children.  Luther Sunday school, containing 30 children; the Huss Sunday schools, containing about 100 children, and the Falls Road Sunday school, containing about 50 children, are held in connexion with Christ Church.

Lisburn Road - Office at the Institution

This Society was formed on 25th April 1831, and the present Institution was opened on 24th September 1845.  The objects of this Society are to afford to deaf, dumb and blind children, whose parents reside in the Province of Ulster, a religious and literary education, in accordance with the standard of doctrines of the Churches of England and Scotland, and to prepare them for learning some useful trade, by which they may be entitled to earn their livelihood.  The Society consists of members for life, and annual members.  Every donor of 10, at one time, is a life member, and every contributor of 1, or collector of 3, per annum, an annual member of the Society.  The charge to day scholars for instruction in the schools is two guineas per annum for each pupil.  The charge for deaf and dumb boarders in the Institution is about 18 per annum; for which they are provided with suitable food, clothing and education.
Treasurer, James Bristow, Esq.; Hon. Secretaries, James Shaw, Esq., and Rev. Richard Oulton; Assistant Secretary, Mr. John W. Cramsie; Principal, Rev. John Kinghan; Physician, Dr. T. H. Purdon; Matron, Mrs. Turner.


May Street and Seymour Street, established February 1840; and supported by voluntary contributions.  The objects of the Society are to afford the means of support to destitute orphans; to bestow on them a secular and religious education.  There is a school-house adjoining the Society's establishment for educating the poor of the neighbourhood.  Patron, Right Rev. Dr. Denvir.  The Committee is formed of ladies.

Instituted in 1794

Is situated at the upper end of Donegall Street, on the Antrim Road, where a commodious building was erected in the year 1830 for the reception and recovery of indigent females.  Poor married women, on presenting a certificate of good character from any respectable householder, are admissible by order of members of the Ladies Committee and the Medical Staff.  The Ladies' Committee meet on the first Monday of every month, at one o'clock.   Patroness, Mrs. Knox, The Palace, Holywood;  Vice-Patroness, Mrs. Cunningham;  Treasurer, Mrs. Pirrie, Fisherwick Place;  Secretary, Mrs. Hartley, Chichester Street.


Mrs. Bruce, Thorndale.
Mrs. Whitla, Ben Eden
Mrs. Jackson, Cliftonville
Mrs. Wright, Donegall Square
Mrs. W. Vance, Great George's Street
Mrs. Home, Mountview Terrace
Mrs. Burden, Alfred Street
Mrs. J. J. Murphy
Mrs. Johnston, Arthur Street.
Mrs. Pim, Crumlin Road.
Mrs. Robertson, Holywood
Mrs. Smith, Dante Hall
Mrs. J. C. Ferguson, Howard Street.
Mrs. W. H. Malcolm, York Street
Mrs. Girdwood, Clonaver
Mrs. Macrory, Duncairn House.
Mrs. Bristow, Prospect
Mrs. McCammon, King Street
Mrs. McCormac, Wellington Place.
Mrs. M. Andrews, Ardoyne
Mrs. Stewart, Asylum
Mrs. Malcolmson

Medical Staff, William Burden, M.D., Professor of Midwifery, Queen's College.  Attending Physicians, R. F. Dill, M.D., and S. M. Pirrie, M.D.


For the reception of erring and repentant females.  The Magdalene Church - Rev. E. J. Hartrick, incumbent - is connected with the building; also a very neat and commodious school, male and female (under the Church Education Society), situate on the Lisburn Road.

Established 1st November 1839

This noble institution receives penitent victims of seduction and encourages them to work for their own support within the walls of the Institution, where there are the most extensive and appropriate facilities for washing, drying, mangling &c.  The Institution offers a refuge to all proper objects, without distinction of sect or party; no suitable applicant has yet been refused.  Secretary, Rev. G. Shaw;  Treasurer, Dr. Edgar.

75 Durham Street

Supported by annual subscriptions.  Treasurer, Mrs. Burden, Alfred Street;  Secretary, Miss Stevenson, Linenhall Street.


Incorporated by Act of Parliament for the maintenance and instruction of poor children, and support of the aged and infirm poor.  On 27th of November 1860, it contained 152 old persons and children.  It is supported by annual subscriptions, bequests, donations and the sum of 800 per annum, applotted on the inhabitants of the town as water tax, in consideration of a large capital expended by the Charitable Society on the water works for the supply of the town.  Poorhouse and Infirmary, North Queen Street.  Treasurer, John Thomson.
Committee - The Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore, Rev. W. Bruce, John Getty, Adam J. Macrory, Professor Stevelly, John Lindsay, James Girdwood, Right Rev. Dr. Denvir, John Clarke, Rev. Dr. Cooke, Dr. Charles D. Purdon, W. T. B. Lyons, Edward Pim, John Owden, Rev. William Gibson, Rev. Dr. Miller, George Orr Wilson, William Dunville, Rev. J. Macnaughten, Robert Roddy, David Taylor.
Attending Physician, Dr. Chas. D. Purdon;  Surgeon, Dr. H. Ferguson;  Steward, J. Brunker.

Established 1826

The object of the Destitute Sick Society is to afford relief to the destitute poor of the town of Belfast, during the time of sickness.  It does not relieve old or superannuated persons, unless suffering under sickness apparently of a temporary nature.  It is supported by donations, subscriptions and congregational collections, and is under the management of a Committee of Visitors, who personally investigate every case.  Since the establishment of the Society, it has given relief to 21,817 cases.  During the past year it has assisted 747 cases, and expended 232 14s. 4d.   Visitors - Mrs. Gibson, Miss Stevenson, Miss Tate, Miss Wightman, Miss Simms, Miss Allen, Mrs. Knox, Miss Collins, Mrs. McHinch, Miss Murdock, Mrs. Morgan, Miss Gilmore, Mrs. Patterson, Miss Aitcheson, Mrs. McKinstry, Mrs. Wilson, Miss Culloden, Mrs. Irwin, Miss McConnell.   Treasurer, S. G. Fenton, Esq.;  Secretary, Mr. Robert Magill.  Applications for assistance are to be addressed to the Visitors, and left with their assistant, Mrs. Bradley, 75 Durham Street.

Established in 1836, after the example of the London Society for the same purpose.

honorary Counsel, T. K. Lowry, Esq.; Honorary Solicitors, Jas. Young and w. Seeds, Esqrs.; Honorary Veterinary Surgeon, W. McKenna, Esq.  Treasurer, E. Pim, High street;  Secretaries, R. Boag, 22 High Street, and William H. Patterson;  Collector, Alexander Deans;  Constable, James McNicholl.


This Association was organised for the purpose of erecting and maintaining suitable drinking fountains in Belfast. A considerable sum has already been voluntarily subscribed and a number of fountains have been erected in suitable localities; and others will be added as circumstances may permit.   Committee - Wm. Ewart, jun., Esq., Mayor;  Lord Bishop of Down and Connor, Rev. Dr. Morgan;  G. Orr Wilson,  J. G. Richardson,  John Owden,  S. Browne, R.N.,  John Hind,  Robert Boag,  Edward Pim,  Elias H. Thompson,  J. M. Calder,  James A. Henderson,  David Taylor,  William Bell,  John Herdman,  John Charters,  Robert Corry,  Robert Atkinson,  John Preston,  Joseph J. Murphy, Esqrs.   Treasurer - John Owden, Esq.; Hon. Secretary, Robert Boag, Esq.; Bankers, Northern Banking Company.


This auxiliary of the above Society has been established for several years, and has extended its branches to several towns in the Province of Ulster - as Carrickfergus, Lisburn, Downpatrick, Bangor, Newtownards, Kirkcubbin &c.  Secretary, Rev. T. Campbell, Belfast.  Meet in October of each year.


And the widows and children of those killed, slain or drowned in the merchant service.  The Collector of Customs, Receiver, Custom-house.

2 Howard Street

This Institution, which is supported by voluntary contributions, was opened on 9th April 1844.  Attendance, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11 o'clock.  Upwards of 17,000 cases of eye disease and 1.400 of diseases of the ear, have been treated at this Institution since its foundation.   Surgeon, Samuel Browne, R.N., Donegall Square West.  Treasurer, R. Boag, Esq.  Secretary, Wm. Bottomley, Esq.

Established in 1853.

Its objects are the cultivation of practical pathology, diagnosis and therapeutics, by means of the accumulation and analysis of appropriate cases and pathological reports, and public discussions thereon; the establishment of a pathological museum and the keeping of records to indicate the progress of discovery in medical science. Meets every Saturday at three P.M., during the Session (which commences on last Saturday in October, and ends first Saturday in May), at the General Hospital, Belfast.  The ordinary meetings of the Council are held every Wednesday, at half-past two, P/M/. during the Session.  Its members now number upwards of 120.  The officers for Session 1860-61 are :- 
President, Professor Gordon, M.D.  Vice-Presidents, Dr. Patterson,  Dr. Pirrie,  Dr. Bryce.  Council, Surgeon Johnston,  Dr. Browne, R.N.; Dr. Dill,  Dr. Drennan,  Dr. Corry,  Dr. Mulholland.  Treasurer, Dr. Halliday;  Secretaries (general), Dr. W. McCormac, (Council) Dr. W. Aickin.


Commenced January 1852, under the Act 14 and 15 Victoria, cap. 68, being an Act to provide for the better distribution, support and management of medical charities.  Supported by the poor rates.  Medical Inspector for Ulster, Dr. Knox, Strangford.

Christopher S. Black, M.D.;  John H. Halliday, M.D.; T. C. S. Corry, M.D., &c.;  J. W. T. Smith, M.D.;  Richard Ross, M.D.;  Henry Johnston, Surgeon.

North Station - Dispensary, Frederick Street, E. Ring.  South Station - Dispensary, Old Barracks, Saml. Rea, Surgeon.  Hon. Secretary - Surgeon S. Browne, R.N.
Ballymacarrett District, James Murray, M.D.;  Ballygomartin, John S. Dickson, M.D., &c.;  Carnmoney, John Dundee, M.D.; Holywood, Archibald Dunlop, M.D., Surgeon;  Whitehouse, John McMechan, M.D.


Held in the Court-house, Crumlin Road, four times each year.
Assistant-Barrister, John Hastings Otway, Esq., Q.C.

Allen, W. J. C. Faunoran.
Belfast, the Mayor of, for the time being.
Bland, Rev. R. W., Abbeyville.
Bushell, Theobald, Sydenham.
Charley, Wm. S., Seymour Hill.
Clarke, John, College Square.
Coates, William, Glentoran.
Coey, Edward, Merville.
Crommelin, N. Delacherois, jun.
Currell, John, sen.
Dunville, Wm., Richmond Lodge.
Fenton, Samuel G., Sydenham.
Ferguson, J. F., D.L., Donegall Place.
Gray, Captain George, Graymount.
Gregg, William, Derryvolgie House.
Grimshaw, Robert, D.L., Longwood
Higginson, H. T., Carnlea (Carnalea) House, Crawfordsburn.
Johnson, Sir. W. G., D.L., College Square.
Kennedy, James, Rosetta.
Murney, Henry, M.D., Wellington Square.
McCance, James L., Glenville.
McCance, John, W. S., Suffolk.
McClure, Thomas, Belmont.
McGee, W., M.D., College Square North.
McNeile, Henry H., Parkmount.
Sinclair, Thomas, Hopefield.
Stannus, T. R., Lisburn.
Tennent, Robert J., D.L., Rushpark.
Thomson, John, Lowwood.
Thomson, Robert, Castleton.
Tracy, W. S., R.M., Tudor Lodge.
Verner, Capt. T., D.L., Lilliput House.

George A. H. Chichester, Clerk of the Peace.
W. C. Cunningham, Solicitor, Deputy and Acting Clerk of the Peace, Victoria Chambers, Waring Street.


Held in the Court-house, Howard Street, every day, at half-past ten o'clock. W. S. Tracy, Esq., Resident Magistrate. Clerks, J. Searight and G. Kennedy.

Office, 3 Donegall Place Buildings

Vicar-General, Charles Geo. Knox, Esq., LL.D., Tudor House, Holywood.  Surrogate, Rev. Thomas Knox, A.M., Lurgan.
Registrar, Henry T. Higginson, Esq., A.M., J.P., Carnlea (Carnalea) House, Crawfordsburn.
Deputy Registrar, John M. Higginson, Esq., Notary Public and Solicitor.
This Court sits to hear causes in the Vicar-General's Chambers every alternate Monday, at twelve o'clock, noon.  The Registry Office and Vicar-General's Chambers are at No. 3 Donegall Place Buildings, off Castle Street, where there will be attendance each week-day from ten till three o'clock, with the exception of Saturday, when the office closes at one o'clock P.M..
The Consistorial Court has exclusive jurisdiction in suits against clergymen &c., and causes ecclesiastical.  Proctors - John Pennington, Arthur Street; John Warnock, Victoria Street; H. B. Magee, Donegall Pass; George Stephenson, Castle Chambers; William Dillon, Arthur Street; Henry Seeds, 34 Castle Lane; and John Birney, 12 William Street South.  Apparitor, Archibald McAfee.

District Registry of Belfast for Counties Antrim and Down.

Registrar, John M. Higginson, Esq., Solicitor and Notary Public;
Clerks, Mr. Archibald McAfee,  Mr. Thomas Cooper,  Mr. James Sempill;
Messenger, Corporal James Davison.
The Court of Probate has the exclusive jurisdiction to grant probates of wills and letters of administration for all Ireland.  Grants made in the Belfast office extend to all property whatever, and to any amount, no matter where situate, funded or otherwise.  To constitute jurisdiction, it is alone necessary that the deceased party had, at the time of death, a fixed place of abode in either the Counties of Antrim or Down.  Office hours from 10 to 4 o'clock, and closes at 1 o'clock on Saturday.

Crumlin Road

Stands in an elevated and healthy situation, on an area of ten acres, and was designed after the great Model Prison of Pentonville, London. There is accommodation for upwards of 300 prisoners, including debtors. Hammocks are used in the cells, which are suitably furnished; combs, brushes, towels to each, with Bibles and Prayer Books, tools and working materials, and a bell in each cell to call the warder when required.   Board of Superintendence - Robert Thomson, Esq., Castleton; Thomas Montgomery, Esq., Birchhill, Antrim; John Clarke, Esq.; Thomas Verner, Esq.; C. R. Dobbs, Esq., Castle Dobbs, Carrickfergus; Samuel G. Fenton, Esq.; Rev. R. W. Bland; James E. Leslie, Esq., Leslie Hill, Ballymoney; Geo. J. Clarke, Esq., Steeple, Antrim; John Dickey, Esq., Ballymena; Henry H. McNeile, Esq., Parkmount; Charles O'Hara, Esq., O'Harabrook, Ballymoney.  Inspector, Rev. R. Oulton;  Governor, John Forbes;  Chaplain, Rev. C. Allen;  Presbyterian Chaplain, Rev. George Shaw;  Roman Catholic Chaplain, Rev. George Conway;  Surgeon, Thomas H. Purdon, M.D.; Apothecary, James Moore, M.D.

First opened at the Summer Assizes of 1850

This noble structure, which is admitted to be the most elegant and commodious building of its kind in Ireland, stands opposite the New Jail, on the Crumlin Road.  In addition to the Crown and Record Courts,  and a superb common hall for the use of the public, and for the holding of Parliamentary elections for the county, it contains ample accommodation for the grand jury and county officers.  It is in the Roman Corinthian order of architecture, with a spacious portico, and a pediment, supported by eight columns.

Court-house Keeper - Alexander Rule.

Police Square

Superintendent, Captain Shaw; Chief Constables, Thomas Green and James McKittrick; Detective Officers, Hugh McIlroy and Harrison Patterson.

County Inspector, Wm. Williams, Esq., Belfast.

Antrim, Wm. Taylor;  Ballycastle, Thomas Redwell;  Ballymena, vacant;  Ballymoney, Mason Alcock;  Belfast, Harris Bindon;  Carrickfergus, J. W. S. Cole;  Glenarm, W. S. Irvine;  Lisburn, George F. Fallon.

Garden, Malone Road - Office, 47 Arthur Street

Chairman - Valentine Whitla, Esq.;  Treasurer, Northern Banking Co.  Solicitors, Messrs. Macrory, Boyd & Macrory;  Secretary, Mr. George A. Carruthers, 47 Arthur Street, Belfast;  Curator, Mr. Daniel Ferguson.  Directors - Valentine Whitla,  William Bruce,  John F. Ferguson,  Geo. C. Hyndman,  Thomas Greer,  William Bottomley,  W. T. B. Lyons,  John Herdman,  William Simms,  Wm. S. Crawford, jun.,  Robert Atkinson,  Frederick Broughton,  A. J. Macrory,  Robert Roddy,  Frederick Kinahan, Esqrs.  Committee - Thomas Greer,  Wm. Bottomley,  W. T. B. Lyons,  John Herdman,  Wm. Simms,  Wm. S. Crawford, jun.,  Robert Atkinson,  Frdk. Broughton,  A. J. Macrory,  Robert Roddy, Esqrs.
The Gardens are open every day to Subscribers, who are privileged to give admission orders to strangers.  Visitors are also admitted on payment of 6d.  During the Summer months a band frequently attends on Thursdays.  Shareholders and Subscribers, free;  Non-Subscribers, 6d.


May's Market - May Street and Lower Chichester Street - Grain and meal; including wheat, barley, rye, oats, beans, peas, vetches, tares, wheatmeal, oatmeal, ryemeal, barleymeal, meshlinmeal, beanmeal, peameal; also flaxseed, flaxseed bolls, grass-seed, oatmeal seeds and oat chaff; daily.
George's Market - Lower Chichester Street - Butchers' meat, poultry, fresh butter, cheese and eggs; daily. Principal day, Friday.
Grass Market - Police Square - Grass, bogwood and turf, osier rods, flax, straw and print butter; daily.
Flax and Fruit Market - May Street - Flax and Fruit; daily.
Cattle Market - Oxford Street - Veal calves, Monday; fat cattle, Wednesday; cattle, pigs, sheep, calves and goats, Friday.
Pork market - Lower Chichester street - Pork; daily.
Corporation street Market - Great Patrick Street - butter, in firkins, crocks, lumps and prints; potatoes, carrots, turnips and vegetables, poultry, eggs and cheese, flesh meat, fish, grass and chaff; daily.
Smithfield Market - Hides, hay and straw, pedlar's goods, furniture (old and new) old iron, marine stores and old clothes, bogwood, turf, nursery produce, all kinds of garden plants, green feeding for live stock, fish, print butter and oat chaff; daily.
Potato and Vegetable Market - May Street - Potatoes and vegetables wholesale; daily.
Castle Market - Castle Lane - Fruit, potatoes, vegetables, butchers' meat and fish, by retail; daily.
Brown Linenhall - Donegall Street - Brown Linen, 4-4th cloth and coarse sacking; Friday.
BELFAST Monthly Fair - Fair at the Cattle Market and fair Green, May's Fields, on the first Wednesday of every month, for the sale of horses, black cattle, sheep, pigs and goats.


Built by a Joint-stock Company, which has been brought under the protection of an Act of Parliament. The building &c., cost about 20,000, which is divided into 200 shares. The business is managed by a committee, chosen annually, the second Thursday in January, from among the proprietors; Mr. Henry Boyd, Secretary.  The public apartments consist of a spacious subscription news room, liberally supplied with the principal daily and other periodical publications, and also daily telegraphic intelligence, and furnished with a valuable assortment of books and maps. Change is held in the buildings on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The facade fronting Donegall Street, is of the Ionic order, of classical proportions, substantially erected of granite and forms one of the principal architectural features of Belfast.
Committee for 1861 - George Ash, Theobald Bushell, Charles Duffin, Nicholas Oakman, Samuel Vance, Henry Murney, James Hamilton, John Charters, Jas. F. McCaw, J. Coleman, E. Walkington, J. M. Pirrie, Esqrs.

Library and Reading Rooms, 49 Upper Arthur Street.

This Society was established in the month of January 1850, for the spiritual, moral and intellectual improvement of its members, and for the purpose of aiding missions at home and abroad. A library, containing upwards of 400 volumes of history, biography, tracts &c., is connected with it; and suitable lectures are delivered, at stated periods, by eminent men and by the members of the Society fortnightly during the session. A committee of fifteen conducts the business of the Society.  Patrons - His Grace the Duke of Manchester, the Lord Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore, the Most Noble the Marquis of Downshire.  President - The Right Honourable the Earl of Roden.  Vice-Presidents - Sir. H. McC. Cairns, Esq., M.P.;  R. Davison, Esq.;  Geo. A. Hamilton, Esq., M.P.;  the Right Honourable Jas. Whiteside, Esq., M.P.; F. H. Lewis, Esq.; Colonel Ward,  H. H. McNeile, Esq.;  C. R. Dobbs, Esq.;  W. B. Price, Esq.;  Henry H. Joy, Esq., Q.C.;  Wm. B. Forde, Esq., M.P.;  Samuel G. Fenton, Esq.;  Charles Lanyon, Esq.;  Andrew Mulholland, Esq.; S. K. Mulholland, Esq.;  John Hind, Esq.;  Wm. Ewart, jun., Esq.;  John Preston, Esq.;  Thos. Henry Purdon, M.D.;  Charles D. Purdon, M.D.;  Henry Ferguson, M.D.;  Rev. Chas. Seaver, M.A.;  Rev. T. F. Miller, D.D., Vicar of Belfast;  Rev. Hugh McNeile, D.D.;  Rev. Hugh Stowell, M.A.;  Rev. J. B. Owen, M.A.;  Rev. Thos. Drew, D.D.;  Rev. W. McIlwaine, M.A.;  Rev. Theophilus Campbell, M.A.; and Rev. E. J. Hartick, M.A.   Trustees - Sir H. M. Cairns, M.P.;  Richard Davison, Esq.;  Chas. Lanyon, Esq.,  C. E. ;  Thomas H. Purdon, Esq., M.D.;  S. G. Fenton, Esq., J. P.;  John Hind, Esq.;  Wm. Ewart, jun., Esq.    Treasurer, John Abbott;  Secretaries, Robert Hamilton and Hugh Adair;  Librarian, John McGee.

Under the sanction and approval of Ministers of Evangelical denominations in Belfast - Established 1850.

The object of this Association is the improvement of the moral and spiritual condition of young men, by the efforts of the members of the Society in the sphere of their daily calling, by devotional meetings, biblical instruction and mutual improvement classes, the delivery of lectures, the diffusion of Christian literature, or by any other means that are in accordance with the Scriptures.  There are a reading room and Library in connexion with this Society.  President - Thomas McClure, Esq., J.P.  Vice-Presidents - David Taylor, Esq.;  Thomas G. Lindsay, Esq.;  Robt. Boag, Esq.;  J. B. Ferguson, Esq.;  Rev. Dr. McCosh,  James Shaw, Esq.;  Wm. Laird Finlay, Esq.;  J. McVicker, Esq.;  Robert Trotter, Esq.;  John Savage, Esq.;  Thomas Sinclair, Esq.;  James Carlisle, Esq.;  Saml. G. Getty, Esq., M.P.;  R. Mackay Wilson, Esq.;  William Ewart, jun., Esq.  Treasurer, William Mullan, Esq.;  Secretary, Alex. Crawford;  Acting Secretary, W. Dawson;  Secretary of Finance, R. R. Crookshank;  Tract Superintendent, R. Anderson.


The objects of this Association are the spiritual, moral and intellectual improvement of its members, the establishing of Sabbath schools, and the conducting of prayer meetings in destitute localities of Belfast and its suburbs.  It was founded in 1848.  Its meetings are held every Tuesday evening, in the Beer's Bridge School-room, admission to which can be obtained by tickets from members. Papers on literary and scientific subjects are read monthly.  The Association consists of honorary special, corresponding and branch members, the latter three being admitted by ballot.  Secretary, William Lowry, Roundhill Cottage, Mount Pottinger.


The objects of the Association are - 1st. Co-operation in endeavours to extend the Kingdom of God on earth. 2nd. The spiritual and intellectual advancement of the members of the Association.  3rd.  The manifestation of Christian sympathy towards strangers of the Unitarian denomination coming to reside in Belfast.  4th.  The cultivation of a more intimate acquaintance among the members.
President, W. J. C. Allen, Esq., J.P.;  Secretary, Henry Bruce, 1 The Castle;  Treasurer, Wm. Spackman, Victoria Street.


The Association meets every Friday evening, in a room connected with the Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Donegall Place.  It is in a flourishing condition and possesses a large and valuable library.  Lectures are delivered occasionally, and papers are read on successive Friday evenings.  President, James Carlisle, Esq.;  Vice-Presidents,  William Mullan, R. K. Matthewson,  Wm. Aicken, M.D., Edward Allworthy, John Savage, Lawson A. Brown, John Smyth, M.D., Thomas G. Lindsay, Esqrs.  Treasurer, Mr. Joseph Forsythe;  Librarian, Mr. Wm. McKee;  Secretary, Mr. O'C. Shaw.

Masonic Hall, Donegall Place - Established 1st November 1851
(Original Members)

W. S. Tracy, Lodge 10
Charles Duffin, 10
J. M. Pirrie, 40
G. A. Carruthers, Lodge 40
William Mullan, 154
F. Ogle, 154
Wm. Emerson, 40, Hon. Secretary

And also the Worshipful Masters & Wardens of Lodges 10,40 and 154, if subscribing Members to the Club. Steward, George McCullough.


Meets on the second Wednesday in March, June, September & December, at High Noon, in the Freemason's Hall, Donegall Place, Belfast.
R.W.P.G.M. - The Marquis of Donegall
R.W.D.P.G.M. - W.S. Tracy, P.M., 10
R.W.P.G.S.W. - Robert Atkinson, P.M., 154
R.W.P.G.J.W. - J. Warwick
V.W.P.G. Chaplains - Rev. T. F. Miller, 40
V.W.P.G.S. Deacon - James McCracken, P.M., 609
V.W.P.G.J. Deacon - Samuel Black, P.M., 40
V.W.P.G. Treasurer - William Emerson, P.M., 154
V.W.P.G. Director of Ceremonies - Henry Murney, P.M., 154
V.W.P.G. Secretary - George A. Carruthers, P.M., 40
P.G. Steward - James Girdwood, P.M., 154
       Do.                 John M. Pirrie, P.M. 40         
P.G. Superintendent of Works - John Johnston, P.M.
P.G. Marshal - J. G. McGee, P.M., 154
P.G. Organist - John Atkinson, 154
P.G. Swordbearer - Harris Bindon
P.G. Pursuivant - James Harloe
P.G. Tyler - George McCullough, 106
The Province or District consists, according to the patent issued by the M.W., the Grand Master of Ireland, of "the Baronies of Massereene, Belfast and part of Carrickfergus, in the County of Antrim, and the Baronies of Ards, Castlereagh, and Lower Iveagh, in the County of Down.


    ^ 88
   * 272


The Ark
L. of Concord
True Blue
Alfred's L.
St. John's
Hiram's Lodge
L. of Harmony
Prince of Wales

True Blue Lodge
Friendly Brothers

Place of Meeting.

Donegall Place
15 Donegall Place
15 Donegall Place
Gallery of Art
Pilot Street
Gallery of Art
9 Donegall Place
Gallery of Art
Pilot Street
Gallery of Art
15 Donegall Place
9 Donegall Place
9 Donegall Place
Barrack Street


2nd Wednesday, at 4
1st Thursday, at 4.30
1st Wednesday, at 7
2nd Monday, at 8
1st Tuesday, at 7.30
1st Wednesday, at 7.30
1st Friday, at 8
1st Monday, at 8
2nd Wednesday, at 8
1st Tuesday, at 5
1st Friday
1st Friday, at 7
Last Monday, at 7

Founded February 1850

Patrons - The President of the Queen's College, and Lord Dufferin and Clandeboye.
This Society, which was established for the purpose of affording to students of the Queen's College and others an opportunity of improving themselves, by writing papers on literary and scientific subjects and reading them at the meetings of the Society, now numbers upwards of 100 members. It is managed by the members themselves, under the care and with the sanction of the College authorities. Meets every alternate Friday during the College terms, in the Queen's College. Annual subscription 5s.  President, Wm. McCormac, A.B., M.D.;  Vice-Presidents, Francis Petticrew, A.B., and W. S. Sinclair;  Secretary, S. A. Bellis, 22 University Square;  Treasurer, Alex. Montgomery and Alex. Hamilton.


Instituted in 1801, meets once each month, on Monday evening, from October till May inclusive, in the houses of the members. It has for its object literature, science and  the arts; and solicits information respecting the history, antiquities and present state of Ireland. A paper, confined to the subjects announced, is read every night of meeting by the members in succession.  President, Alex. Mitchell, Esq., C.E.;  Secretary, Rev. J. Scott Porter.


Instituted in 1814 for the cultivation of Instrumental and Vocal Music. The Society meets for practice every Thursday evening, during the winter six months, at eight o'clock, in the Music Hall (erected principally by the members at an expense of more than 3,000), when admission may be obtained by tickets from members.  Occasional concerts are given.  President, James Bristow, Esq.;  Vice-Presidents, J. C, Boyd,  W. S. Tracy and J. R. Musgrave, Esqrs.;  Secretary and Treasurer, W. H. Malcolm;  Assistant-Secretary, R. W. Dyke.
Committee - John Crawford, William Moore, W. Galgey, Thomas Smyth, James Girdwood, M. B. Mulligan and C. Dalton.  Leader, Herr Kerbusch.


Established in 1851 for the cultivation of Choral Music, and the production of complete Oratorios.  The Society meets for practice every Monday and Thursday evenings, during the season, at eight o'clock, and have occasional rehearsals in the Victoria Hall, in which they have erected a powerful organ, by Robson's, of London.  President, Lord Dufferin and Clandeboye;  Vice-President - Lord Lurgan, Bishop of Down, Sir H. M. Cairns, M.P., William Dunville, Robert E. Ward, Thomas Sinclair, Charles Lanyon, S. G. Getty, M.P., James Alexander, John Young, Rev. W. O'Neill, J. Cunningham, W. T. Lyons, S. G. Fenton, G. O. Wilson, J. C. Boyd, the Dean of Armagh, and the Dean of Down.
Committee - W. P. Sinclair,  F. McCracken,  W. R. Moore,  A. P. Henderson,  John Dunn, jun.,  W. Spackman,  George Magee,  David Morrow,  P. Milligan,  J. Morton.  Conductor, Mr. George B. Allen, M.B., Oxon;  Leader, Mr. H. Loveday;  Organist, Mr. J. R. Edeson;  Treasurer, Mr. John Roberts;  Secretary, Mr. John Dunn, jun.;  Librarian, Mr. S. Tracy.


Board of Missions - Secretaries, Rev. Theophilus Campbell and Rev. H. Murphy.  Treasurer, the Vicar-General.
Association for Discountenancing Vice and Promoting the Knowledge and Practice of the Christian Religion - Treasurer to the Diocesan Committee, Rev. John Wrixon;  Secretaries to Diocesan Association and to the Belfast Sub-Committee, Rev. Richd. Oulton and Rev. John Wrixon.
Committee meets second Thursday in January, April, July and October.  Publications sold at the office of the Church Education Society, Clerical Rooms, Upper Arthur Street.
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts - Rev. C. G. Knox, Secretary for the Diocese.
Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews - Secretaries, Rev. E. Maguire and Rev. A. McCausland;  Treasurer, Rev. T. Campbell.
Annual meeting in October each year.
Irish Society - Rev. E. J. Hartrick, Secretary;  Rev. Theophilus Campbell, Treasurer.
Diocesan Church Missionary Society - Hon. Secretary, Rev. Charles Seaver,  Treasurer, Rev. T. Campbell.  Annual meeting for United Dioceses in October each year.
Branch of Dublin Protestant Orphan Society - Rev. R. S. Gregg, Hon. Secretary; S. G. Fenton, jun., Treasurer.
Branch of Ladies' Hibernian School Society - Rev. Dr. Drew, Treasurer;  George Shaw, Secretary.
Church Education Society - Rev. E. J. Hartrick, and Rev. J. Wrixon, Secretaries; William Ewart, Esq.., Treasurer;  D. Morrow, Assistant Secretary.  Committee meets on the second Wednesday, monthly.
Down and Connor Clergy Aid and Additional Curates' Society - Established June 1837, for the maintenance of additional clergymen within the Diocese.  Committee meets once in each quarter.  Office, Clerical Rooms.  Treasurer, H. F. Manley, Northern Bank, Lisburn; Secretary, Rev. H. Hodson, Lisburn.
Colonial Church Missionary Society, London. 0 Rev. W. McIlwaine, Treasurer and Secretary.
Belfast Auxiliary to Clergy Daughters' School, Dublin. - Rev. Dr. Drew, Treasurer.
Down and Connor and Dromore Clerical Rooms, 49 Upper Arthur Street. - Treasurer and Secretary, Rev. Richard Oulton; Porter, Alexander Cochrane.
Connor Clergy Widows' Fund, Established 1853 - Treasurer, Rev. Thos. Hincks; Secretary, Rev. Dr. Drew.
Clergy Sons' School, Lurgan - Treasurer and Secretary for Belfast, Rev. Dr. Drew.
The Belfast Parochial Mission was established in order to meet the urgent and acknowledged spiritual wants of this parish. The objects of this mission are to engage the services of clergymen and scripture readers; to establish additional services for Divine worship in destitute localities, and to open free schools wherever practicable within the parish of Belfast and that part of the parish of Ballymacarrett included in the municipal boundaries. President, the Vicar of Belfast.  Committee - The President, the Hon. Secretaries, the Clerical Superintendent, Rev. Wm. McIlwaine, Rev. T. Campbell, Rev. E. J. Hartrick, Rev. J. Wrixon, J. J. Murphy, Isaac J. Murphy, W. Bottomley, T. Valentine, W. T. B. Lyons, John G. McGee, Dr. Stewart, Captain Verner, Capt. Dyer, R.N., R. Hamilton, Robert Thompson, W. Gardiner, J. B. Owen,  ?  Forbes, J. Abbott, jun., and Mr. Wallace.


The object of this mission is to employ licentiates of the General Assembly, who are to visit the poor from house to house, distribute tracts, hold prayer-meetings and preach the gospel in places suited for collecting numbers together. Eleven agents are now employed. Hon. Secretaries, Rev. Dr. Ddgar (Edgar), Rev. Dr. Morgan; Secretary, Rev. Robert Knox; Treasurer, H. H. Boyd.


Or Society for the religious improvement of the poor of Belfast and its neighbourhood.  There are at present about twenty stations, and three scripture readers employed in visiting the poor at their own houses, for the purpose of reading to them the Holy Scriptures, distributing religious tracts &c. There missionaries are strictly enjoined "not to recommend the peculiar opinions or to advocate the interests of any denomination or party"  Treasurer, Robert Workman, Esq.; Secretary, Rev. R. M. Henry.


The aim of this Society is the extension of the principles entertained by Unitarians, and the removal of prejudice, by diffusing generally more correct views of their doctrines, by missionary preaching, the circulation of tracts and such other works as may effect this object. The Depository for the sale of these publications at a reduced rate is at 28 Arthur Street.  Treasurer, M. Andrews, Esq..;  Secretary, Rev. C. J. McAlester.  Managing Committee, Rev. Dr. Montgomery, Rev. John Scott Porter, Rev. John Porter, Rev. Wm. Bruce, Dr. Burden, John Campbell, John Kennedy, Herbert Darbishire, Francis Ward, B. Mulligan, William Spackman, Lennox Drennan, A. O'D. Taylor, James McFadden, John Gray, J. Ritchie, John Dunn, jun.  The Committee meets on the first Thursday of every month, at seven o'clock P.M.

Office, 20 Arthur Street

Rev. John Rogers, Comber, Convener of Committee;  Trustees, Thomas Sinclair, Esq., J.P., Edward Coey, Esq., J.P.;  Treasurer, James T. Bristow, Esq.;  Agent, Rev. James Speers.

Office, 20 Arthur Street

Home Mission - Rev. John Macnaughten, Belfast, Honorary Secretary; Rev. George Bellis, Secretary.
Roman Catholic Mission - Rev. Dr. Edgar, Hon Secretary;  Rev. George Bellis, Secretary;  Mr. M. Patterson, Agent for Scotland, Edinburgh;  Rev. J. R. McAlister, Armagh, Hon Secretary of assistant Ministers' Fund;  Rev. George Bellis, Secretary of ditto.
Foreign Mission - Rev. Dr. Morgan and Rev. Dr. Edgar, Hon. Secretaries;  Rev. George Bellis, Secretary.
Jewish Mission - Rev. John Rogers, Comber, Hon. Secretary;  Rev. Geo. Bellis, Secretary.
Colonial and Continental Mission - Rev. Wm. McClure, Derry and Rev. Professor Gibson, Belfast, Hon. Secretaries;  Rev. George Bellis, Secretary.
Missionaries to India - Rev. Dr. Glasgow, Rajkote, Bombay;  Rev. James McKee, Gogo, Bombay;  Rev. Robert Montgomery, Surat, Bombay;  Rev. James Wallace, Gogo;  Rev. Dunlop Moore, Rajkote;  Rev. Robert Young, Surat;  Rev. H. Pestonji, Rajkote;  Rev. J. V. S. Taylor, Borsad, Surat.
Missionaries to the Jews - Rev. William Graham, Bonn, Germany;  Rev. Smyley Robson, Damascus, Syria;  Rev. Dr. Craig, Hamburg, Germany;  Rev. William Graham, jun., Damascus;  Rev. Jules Ferrette, Damascus.
Government Agents for Regium Donum - Rev. H. Cooke, D.D., LL.D., for General Assembly;  Dr. Montgomery for Remonstrant Synod.


Established 1815, under the management of a Committee of different religious denominations.  Depository, 1 Chichester Street, corner of Donegall Square East.  Secretary, Dr. Edgar;  Proprietor and Manager, A. S. Mayne.


This Society was formed in 1851, and is chiefly composed of students of the Presbyterian College; others, however, are admitted as honorary members. Its patrons are the President, Vice-President and Professors of the Presbyterian College. Its meetings are held fortnightly during the College Session, and papers are then read by members on theology, metaphysics, ecclesiastical history and kindred subjects.

Established September 1852

Meetings held on the first Wednesday of each month, in 19 Rosemary Street.  President, Rev. David Magennis.;  Treasurer, Mr. James Harkness;  Secretary, James H. Beattie, 19 Rosemary Street.

Formed 1845 - Rooms, 16 Donegall Street

President, S. G. Getty, esq., M.P.;  Vice-Presidents, Wm. Young and J. Lynn;  Treasurer, H. Pink;  Hon. Secretary, Thomas Morrison;  Librarian, F. A. Maitland.  Lectures have been delivered under the auspices of the association, by several eminent gentlemen. The money raised by all lectures delivered in connexion with the association is used in improving and extending the library.  The People's News-room, opened 22nd June 1846, is supplied regularly with the leading newspapers and periodicals.  It is open daily from 8 am till 10 pm.  Terms to the working classes, 2s. 6d. per quarter; to all others, 4s. Visitors admitted at the charge of one penny.  The People's Circulating Library, opened 8th July 1847, consists of about three thousand volumes. It is open daily from 2 till 3 and from 6 till 8 pm. Terms to the working classes, 1s. 6d. per quarter; to others, 2s.  The Committee meets every Thursday evening.  The general meetings of the association are held on the first Thursday of January and July.


Registered according to the Act 19 and 20 Vic., cap. 47.  Capital 6,000, in 6,000 shares of 1 each. Offices, 2 Hercules Place, Belfast.
Chairman of Directors, Terence O'Brien, 30 Canning Street.
Directors - William Watson; George Murney, Tudor House, Holywood; D. R. Brannigan, Murray's Terrace; Dr. Cuming, Wellington Place; John Murphy, Mill Street; James Burns, Wellington Place; Bernard Hughes, College Square North; Matthew McMullan, Corn Market; B. McCallin, Ormeau Road; Terence McKenna, Berry Street; Owen McGrath, East Street; James Savage, York Street; James O'Here, Church Street; James Barr, Lagan Street; James Bradley, Crumlin Street; William Downey, Alexander Street West; William Kearney, Scotch Street; John Woods, Smithfield; James Cushnohan, Nelson Street.   Joint Treasurers, William Watson and George Murney; Secretary, Patrick McGivney.


This Society was established 1821, and is registered under the Act 18 and 19 Vic., cap 63.  It affords to its members, in seasons of sickness, gratuitous medical attendance and pecuniary assistance; and, in the event of the death of a member, or of his immediate relatives, a sum of money is obtainable for the purpose of Interment. In connexion with the society an Auxiliary Fund has been recently formed to assist old and infirm printers, and the widows and orphans of printers, which is maintained by means of public subscriptions and donations, and concerts and lectures promoted under the auspices of the society.  Attending Physicians, Surgeon John Clarke;  Secretary, Thomas Henry; Trustees, William Nelson and Nicholas Virgin.


Established in 1822, for the mutual advancement of medical knowledge and social professional intercourse. Meets the first Monday in every month, at seven o'clock evening, in the General Hospital, when a paper upon some interesting case is usually read and discussed. The office-bearers are elected annually in May.  The Society possesses a well-selected medical library of above 2,000 volumes. President, Dr. Pirrie;  Vice-Presidents, Dr. Murney and Dr. Bryce;   Treasurer, J. Patterson, M.D.;  Secretary, John S. Drennan, M.D.
Council - Dr. W. J. Smith,  Mr. Johnston,  Dr. Halliday,  Mr. Rea,  Dr. Heeny,  Dr. Corry, with Mr. Browne, ex-President.

Belfast Branch

The parent Society was established in Dublin, in 1842, for the purpose of creating a fund, by donations and subscriptions, for the relief of medical men (physicians and surgeons) under severe and urgent distress, occasioned by sickness, accident or any other calamity; also to relieve the widow or family of a professional man who may have been deprived of the support and protection of a husband or parent.  The distribution of funds takes place after the annual meeting in Dublin, which is held on the first Monday in the month of June.  Contributions are received from all persons friendly to the objects of the society, thought not belonging to the profession.  The payment of 10 constitutes a life subscriber and of one guinea annually an annual subscriber; but any contributions, however small, will be thankfully received and acknowledged.  The following are the Officers and Committee of the Belfast Branch of the society, established in 1843 and embracing the Counties of Antrim and Down, who meet quarterly in the library room of the Belfast Medical Society, at the General Hospital, Frederick Street:-
Permanent President,  Dr. T. H. Purdon;  Treasurer, Dr. S. Browne, R.N.;  Hon, Secretary, Dr. Stewart (hospital for the insane), from whom applicants for relief can obtain printed forms, , and who will afford all requisite information of the society's operations.
Committee - Dr. Patterson,  Dr. Drennan,  Dr. T Thompson,  Dr. C. D. Purdon,  Dr. H. S. Ferguson,  Professor Ferguson, Q.C.B.,  and Dr. Moore, all for Belfast; and as country members -  Surgeon Black, Ballymena;  Dr. Spearing, Antrim;  Dr. Jamison, Newtownards;  Dr. Musgrave, Lisburn;  Dr. Filson, Portaferry;  Dr. Thetford, Strangford;  and Surgeon Stewart, Carrickfergus.

Re-incorporated by Act of Parliament 14 Victoria, cap. 15, with power to raise 124,666
Works, Ormeau Road; Office, 27 Castle Street

Charles B. Robinson, esq., Leicester, Engineer;  James Stelfox, Manager;  Alexander Turnbull, Accountant and Collector;  James L. Hamilton and Wm. McClinton, Assistant Collectors;  Wm. Lynass, Inspector of Meters;  James Hattrick, Assistant Inspector of Meters.


This institution was established in the year 1851, by the corn merchants of Belfast.  The building, which is situated at the Northern extremity of Victoria Street, at its junction with Corporation Street, was completed in February 1852, at a cost of 3,500 in 120 shares.  It is a substantial structure, in the best Scotch stone.  The basement story is occupied by an entrance hall and four handsome shops.  The Corn Exchange hall occupies the upper story, and is approached by a very spacious flight of stone stairs.  It is decorated with classic mouldings, and is lighted by eight lofty windows, and a lantern in the roof.  Besides the principal use for which it is intended, it is occasionally let for public purposes.  Trustees - Thomas McClure, J.P.,  W. Valentine,  Jasper Macaulay.  Directors - Thomas McClure (Chairman),  James Hamilton,  Jasper Macaulay,  Edward Coey, J.P.,  W. D. Henderson,  Thomas Gaussen,  James Hunter (Dunmurry),  J. M. Ferguson, and G. C. Pim.  Secretary - Robert Vance.

Office, Castle Chambers, Belfast

Established in 1858, for the purpose of protecting the general interests of the Irish linen trade.  Chairman of Committee - Jonathan Richardson, Esq., Glenmore;  Treasurer, William Charley, Esq., J.P.;  Secretary, G. G. Bingham, Esq.


Appointed under the sanction of the Belfast Chamber of Commerce, meet every Monday at the office of the secretary, 16 Victoria Chambers:-  C. B. Grimshaw,  John Charters,  Finlay McCance,  Isaac Julius Weinberg,  John Hind,  Charles Duffin,  J. M. Calder,  and Charles W. Shaw.  Secretary,  W. McIlwrath.  The Linen Trade Circular is published weekly under the direct surveillance of the above Committee.

Capital, 50,000 in 5,000 shares of 10 each
Offices of the Company, 12 and 13 Victoria Chambers, Belfast.

Directors, 1861 - Jonathan Richardson, Esq., M.P. (Chairman) ;  John Hind, Esq. (Vice-Chairman) ;  Samuel Murland, Esq., J.P.;  William Charley, Esq., J.P.;  James Dewar, Esq.;  Elias H. Thompson, Esq.;  Jonathan J. Richardson, Esq., J.P.  Bankers - The Northern Banking Company.  Solicitors,  Messrs. Cassidy & Bruce.  Secretary, W. McIlwrath.


Appointed under the Mercantile Marine Act 1850, for the examination of masters and mates, and the shipping and discharging of crews.  Members of the Board - Ex-Officio members, Mayor of Belfast and W. S. Tracy, Esq., Resident Magistrate; nominees of the Board of Trade, W. Valentine, James Steen, John Clarke, J.P.;  J. F. Ferguson, J.P.; members elected by the shipowners, James Barnett, J.P., Edward Coey, James Hamilton, Robert Corry, Robert Boyd, James Bradford; examiner in navigation and seamanship, and shipping master, Captain Arthur MacGregor Skinner, R.N.; deputy shipping master, Mr. R. Batewell; examiner in steam, Mr. W. Rowan; meteorological agent, Mr. F. M. Moore; medical inspector, Dr. J. M. Pirrie.  Days of examination, first and third Tuesday in each month.

Office, 103 Victoria Street

Established 1852, to provide additional steam communication between this port and Liverpool.  Capital, 50,000, in 1,000 shares of 50 each. Managed by a board of directors.  Secretary, John McKee.

Office, 20 Police Square

Managed by a board of directors. Secretary, William McCleery.  Engineer, Mr. Smyth.

Pilot Street

The object of this Society is to provide preaching, and to promote scriptural and religious instruction among the seamen visiting this port. A new and commodious church has been erected in Corporation Square, at the cost of 4,000.  Treasurer, Edward Coey;  Secretary, Thos. Sinclair.

(Supported entirely by voluntary contributions)

Was instituted in 1839, and incorporated by Act of Parliament, 13 Vic., 1850, having the following amongst other objects in view:- 1st - To board, lodge, clothe and forward to their homes, or to their nearest consuls, if foreigners, all wrecker seamen, soldiers, or other poor persons of all nations, cast destitute upon the coasts.  2nd - To assist seamen, whether of the Royal Navy or Merchant Service, fishermen, coast guardsmen, pilots, boatmen and apprentices, subscribers to the society, to replace their clothes, boats &c., when lost by storm or other accidents of the sea; and to relieve their widows, orphans and aged parents.  3rd - To give gold and silver medals, and other honorary pecuniary rewards, for any praiseworthy endeavours to save life from shipwreck on the high seas or coasts of the colonies.  4th - To establish savings' banks for receiving deposits and granting annuities or other benefits to seamen, members of the society, and their widows or orphans.  5th - To build hospitals for aged or worn out mariners in convenient localities, as soon as funds are provided.  Cards of membership may be obtained at the shipping office, Custom-house. Life Governors, 10; life membership, 5.  Annual subscriptions and donations, ad libitum.  Patrons - Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen; H. R. H. The Prince Consort, K.G., &c., Treasurer, Edward Coey, Esq.; Hon. Agent, Captain Skinner, R.M.

Tomb Street

Established in 1852, for providing a suitable home fro seamen, with opportunities for mental improvement and religious instruction. Patron, Hid Excellency the Earl of Eglinton and Winton.  Vice-Patron, Captain W. H. Hall, C.B.  President, the Lord Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore.  Vice-President, the Mayor of Belfast.  Managing Committee -  W. S. Tracy, Esq., Chairman;  Vice-Chairmen, G. Heyn, and George Orr Wilson;  Thomas McClure,  Wm. Campbell,  Robt. Boag,  James Hamilton,  J. P. Corry,  S. Kinghan,  Robert Wilson,  W. P. Sinclair,  John Owden,  Jas. Barnett,  John Shelly,  John Pim,  John Grainger,  Robert Henderson, Esqrs.  J. M. Pirrie, M.D., Honorary Physician.  Edward Coey, Esq., Treasurer.  S. Browne, R.N., Honorary Surgeon.  Capt. Dyer, R.N., Honorary Secretary.  Mr. John McLaine, Superintendent.

Emigration Agent, Belfast, Captain Dyer, R.N.
Medical Inspector of Emigrants, Dr. Jas. Moore, 7 Chichester Street.


Committee, John Currell,  John Cunningham,  William Ferguson,  S. G. Fenton,  J. F. Ferguson,  William L. Bell,  Foster Connor,  Samuel Nelson,  John Henning,  Edward J. Smyth,  Valentine Whitla,  Henry H. Bell,  Benjamin G. Saddler, and James Crawford.  Chamberlain - William Simms.

In connexion with the department of Science and Art, Marlborough House.
Officers for 1861
President - Lord Dufferin and Clandeboye.

Vice-Presidents,  William S. Crawford, J.P., D.L.;  S. K. Mulholland,  W. S. Tracy,  Charles Lanyon,  John Herdman,  Lord Massereene, the Mayor, Richard Davison, Sir. H. M. Cairns, M.P.  Committee - Thomas Andrews, M.D.,  Michael Andrews,  William Bottomley,  Bishop of Down and Connor,  William Coates, J.P.,  William Dunville,  William Ewart,  S. G. Fenton,  James Girdwood,  Robert Grimshaw,  John Henning,  John Holden,  G. C. Hyndman,  John Hind, jun.,  Robert Howie,  David Lindsay, J.P.,  John Rowley Miller, J.P.,  Alexander Moore, M.D.,  Jas. Musgrave,  Robert MacAdam,  Dr. McGee,  Francis McCracken,  John McAlister,  John Owden,  John Preston,  John Rowan, jun.,  William Richardson,  Robert Roddy,  James Thomson, C.E.,  R. J. Tennent, and Wm. Young.  Treasurer, W. J. C. Allen;  Hon. Secretary, James MacAdam, jun.,  Assistant Secretary;  Samuel Vance;  Head Master, J. D. Croome.


Trustees, Thomas G. Batt, Esq.,  W. T. B. Lyons, Esq., J.P.,  Robert Thomson, Esq., J.P.;  Hon. Secretary, Robert F. Gordon, Esq., J.P.;  Bankers, Northern Bank.

Castle Buildings, Donegall Place
Committee - John Charters, Theobald Bushell, J. Thomson, James Campbell, R. K. Simms; Treasurer, Charles Duffin; Secretary, George K. Smith.

Office of the Company - Castle Buildings

The object of this Company is to erect in Belfast a spacious hall, now on course of erection in Bedford Street, with the necessary minor apartments, affording accommodation for between 2,000 and 3,000 persons, and suitable for concerts, exhibitions of art, balls, dinners, and all other public purposes to which such buildings are generally supplied.  Chairman of Directors, W. T. B. Lyons, J.P.;  Treasurer, William Valentine;  Secretary, John Dunn, jun.;  Solicitor, T. B. Johnson;  Bankers. Northern Banking Company.


These baths are upon the principle of the old Turkish or Roman baths, and were erected and opened in Belfast during the year 1860.  They are situated in Donegall Street and extend back to Little Donegall Street - the entrance to the first-class baths being in the former Street and to the second-class in the latter.  The project of constructing these baths in this town was first mooted by philanthropic individuals, chiefly influential members of the Society of Friends.  Dr. Barter, Clarney, County Cork, proprietor;  Thomas Cockson, superintendent.


This institution was established at Lisburn in the year 1767. Its object is to provide medicines, or medical or surgical aid, for the poor of the county.  The number of extern patients annually relieved amounts , on an average, to about 2,000, with medicine and advice; and with advice alone, about 450 - and the interns received into the infirmary about 350. The hospital can receive 51 intern patients, and has baths, dissecting rooms &c.  Surgeon, Wm. Thompson, M.D.;  Treasurer, J. N. Richardson, Esq.


Established by the Young Men's Christian Association, for providing the working classes with coffee, soup and other refreshments at a very low price.  Three have been already established - one at the corner of Donegall Street and John Street, one in Great Edward Street and one in Mill Street.  Treasurer, David Taylor, Esq.;  Secretary, Rev. Dr. McCosh.

Postmaster - O.Donnell Grimshaw, Esq.;  Chief Clerk - Robert Dennison
Table showing the hours of closing, the Letter-box, the Dispatch and the Arrival of Mails, and Delivery of Letters in Belfast.
THE NEXT PAGE IN THE 1861 BELFAST STREET DIRECTORY IS TAKEN UP WITH POSTAL TIMES, DAYS AND PLACES OF POST BOXES. ( If anyone really needs this information, they can email me and specify which part they require, the writing is miniscule and there are no NAMES OF PEOPLE mentioned.




Parish Church (St. Anne's)   ...   ...   ...   ...   
Chapel of Ease (St. George's)   ...   ...   ...   
Christ Church   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   
St. Matthew's Chapel   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
St. Mark's   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   
Mariners' Church   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   
Magdalene Asylum Chapel   ...   ...   ...   ...   
Trinity Church   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   
St. Paul's Church   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
St. John's Church   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
St. John's Church   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Parish Church, Ballymacarrett   ...   ...   ...   .
First Presbyterian Meeting-house   ...   ...   .
Second Presbyterian Meeting-house   ...   .
Third Presbyterian Meeting-house   ...   ...   
Fourth Presbyterian Meeting-house   ...   ... 
Fifth Presbyterian Meeting-house   ...   ...   ..
Sixth Presbyterian Meeting-house   ...   ...   .
Seventh Presbyterian Meeting-house   ...   .
Eighth Presbyterian Meeting-house   ...   ...
Ninth Presbyterian Meeting-house   ...   ...   
Tenth Presbyterian Meeting-house   ...   ...  
Eleventh Presbyterian Meeting-house   ...   
Twelfth Presbyterian Meeting-house   ...   ...
Thirteenth Presbyterian Meeting-house   ...
Fourteenth Presbyterian Meeting-house   ..
Fifteenth Presbyterian Meeting-house   ...   
Sixteenth Presbyterian Meeting-house   ...  
Seventeenth Presbyterian Meeting-house .
Eighteenth Presbyterian Meeting-house   ...
Sinclair Seamen's Church   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
Methodist (Wesleyan)   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Methodist (Wesleyan)   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Methodist (Wesleyan)   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Methodist (Wesleyan)   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Methodist (Wesleyan)   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Methodist (Wesleyan)   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Methodist (New Connexion)   ...   ...   ...   ...
Methodist (Primitive)   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  
Methodist (Primitive Wesleyan)   ...   ...   ...
Methodist (Primitive Wesleyan)   ...   ...   ...
Methodist (Primitive Wesleyan)   ...   ...   ...
Methodist (Primitive Wesleyan)   ...   ...   ...
Reformed Presbyterian   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   .
Reformed Presbyterian   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   .
Primitive Seceding   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
Evangelical Union   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Independent   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
Baptist   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Friends' Meeting-house   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  
Unitarian   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
Unitarian   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
Unitarian   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
St. Malachy's R. C. Chapel   ...   ...   ...   ...   .
St. Patrick's R. C. Chapel   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
St. Mary's R. C. Chapel   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   .

Roman Catholic Chapel   ...   ...   ...   ...   ... 


Donegall Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   .
High Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
College Square North   ...   ...   ...
Shankill   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Ballysillan   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  
Nelson Rooms   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Donegall Pass   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Trinity Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  
York Road   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
May Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Malone   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Ballymacarrett   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Rosemary Street   ...   ...   ...   ... 
Donegall Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
Fisherwick Place   ...   ...   ...   ... 
May Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Townsend Street   ...   ...   ...   ... 
York Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Berry Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
Ballysillan   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   
Linenhall Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
Alfred Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   .
Great George's Street   ...   ...   ..
Ballymacarrett   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Malone   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Newtownbreda   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
College Square West   ...   ...   ...
Eglinton Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Albert Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   .
Alfred Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   
Corporation Square   ...   ...   ...   
Donegall Square East   ...   ...   ..
Wesley Place   ...   ...   ...   ...   ... 
Falls Road   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Frederick Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   
Agnes Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  
Ballymacarrett   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
York Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Melbourne Street   ...   ...   ...   ... 
Donegall Place   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
Sandy Row   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Ballymacarrett   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Crumlin Road   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Dublin Road   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   .
College Street South   ...   ...   ...
York Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Wellington Place   ...   ...   ...   ... 
Donegall Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   .
Academy Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   .
Frederick Street   ...   ...   ...   ...  
Rosemary Street   ...   ...   ...   ... 
Rosemary Street   ...   ...   ...   ... 
York Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
McClean's Fields   ...   ...   ...   ... 
Donegall Street   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
Chapel Lane   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   .

Ballymacarrett   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...


T. F. Millar, Vicar   ...   ...   ...   ...
W. McIlwaine, A.M. & G. H. Wilson
R. S. Gregg, A.B.
C. Crossley   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  
J. Marshall, M.A.   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
T. Fauscet, A.B.   ...   ...   ...   ...   ... 
E. J. Hartrick   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
T. Campbell, A.M.   ...   ...   ...   ...   .
Charles Allen   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Chas. Seaver, A.B.   ...   ...   ...   ...
J. Wrixon, A.M.   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  
T. W. Roe, A.B.   ...   ...   ...   ...   ... 
John Macnaughten   ...   ...   ...   ...  
Isaac Nelson   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Jas. Morgan D.D.   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
H. Cooke, D.D., LL.,D.   ...   ...   ... 
Wm. Johnston   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
David Hanson   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
Hugh Hanna   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ... 
Wm. C. McCullagh   ...   ...   ...   ... 
Robt. Knox, A.M.   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
George Shaw   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
Thomas Toye   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
John Meneely   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
Joseph McKenzie   ...   ...   ...   ...   .
Andrew Crawford   ...   ...   ...  ...   ...
Joshua W. Collins   ...   ...   ...   ...   .
James Martin   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
John B. Wilson   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  
L. Hutchinson   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
William Irvine   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Robert Wallace   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  
Edward Best   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
  ?  Davis   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
J. B. Gillman   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Wm. Gorman   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
C. L. Grant   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
B. Turnock   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
J. Stroud & S. Brock   ...   ...   ...   ...
Wm. Craig   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   .
W. Scott   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
J. Watson   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
John Kerr   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
  ?  Moody   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
W. McCarroll   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
R. J. Bryce, LL.,D.   ...   ...   ...   ...   .
George Cron   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
W. Bagley   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
R. M. Henry   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  
Various   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   .
W. Bruce & J. Scott Porter   ...   ... 
John Porter   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  
David Maginnis   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  
{ Dr. Denvir, J. Killen, V.G. George
{ Conway, J. McAuley, B. Clark,
{ Wm. Martin, J. O'Laverty, P.
{ Blaney, J. Magee, R. Marner,
{ W. Roe.
M. McAlister   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...


S. 11.30 & 7; W. 11.30
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11.30 & 7; W. 7.45
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11.30
S. 11.30 & 6
S. 11 & 1.30
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11 & 1.30
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 12 noon
S. 11 & 1.30
S. 11 & 1.30
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11.30 & 1.30
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11 & 7
S. 11 & 7
S. 11 & 7
S. 11 & 7
S. 11 & 7
S. 11 & 7
S. 11 & 7
S. 11 & 7
S. 10 & 7
S. 10 & 7
S. 10 & 7
S. 10 & 7
S. 11 & 1.30
S. 11 & 1.30
S. 11 & 3
S. 11.30 & 7
S. 11 & 7
S. 11 & 7
S. 11 & 2.30
S. 11 & 1
S. 11 & 1
S. 12 & 7

S. 8  & 10.30 & 7

S. 12 noon



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