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any information about the soldiers in this photo or the story below would be very welcome please
streets (at) marylennon.co.uk
This is the photo I was talking about. It is taken (we think) at Seaforth training camp. My Great grandfather Samuel Stewart is at the front, left of the photo. I don't know any of the others. The family story goes that Samuel broke his leg going onto the transport ship and the rest of the soldiers pictured here were wiped out on the Somme.  -  Alison Aldersea

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I have a presentation that was presented to my great grandfather in 1923 but sadly none of the family know who presented it to him, why etc... it is an amazing art piece by a recognised artist.  the list of men at the bottom of the presentation are untraceable - I am getting desperate to find out more about it. 

thank you 
Laura Murphy - email Laura at streets (at) marylennon.co.uk
(Laura can you contact me please at above email, I've lost yours)
new info from Catherine Woods :- SEE HERE
nb - it's not the Constantine O'Neill, grocer listed in the street directories, Constantine was a Marine merchant and his father called Francis was a Hacker and died young at the age of 28
The first group picture I believe was taken around 1870 and I am 99% sure the elderly man seated is Peter Aicken of Belfast (Regent Street) born 1800 and died July 29, 1875. His wife Margaret Grahames also seated on his right.  I believe the remaining woman are his daughters Ann Jane (married to John Hyde), Sarah (married to William John Thompson), Mary (married to William Reid Stewart) and Margaret (who later married to John Malcolm). I have not been able to identify which woman is who nor have I been able to track their whereabouts or lineage. The only exception is Margaret who is my 2nd great grandmother.

The second photo is John Manson Malcolm and his wife Emiline “Rene” Lithgow Rogers. This is their wedding photo from June 17, 1908. I am looking for any information about where they ended up and their three children Angela Claire, Ian Douglas, Rosemary Roxyln

Do you recognise anyone in this photo?
they 'might' be O'Neills or Flanagans???

If you recognise anyone or know where or when this might have been taken, please email Joe at streets (at) marylennon.co.uk

no photo

Trying to contact or find out what happened to Annabel Pollock who lived on Orby Drive, Belfast during the 1950 & 1960s time frame and probably longer

Now age about 79/80


S. H. Pollock

1953 to 1962
Orby Drive
34. Pollock, G. H., civil servant

S. H. Pollock was not related to Annabel, they were friends

contact: streets (at) marylennon.co.uk

Can you help identify this couple or date the photograph?
With regards to the photo I was hoping it could be between 1880 & 1883 - in which case I would have said the individuals were Lt. Henry Gray of Bangor (59) and Sarah Jane McClinton of Moy (55) - but they don't look old enough and the picture may be dated closer to your 1894 mark (going by the dress style) - Henry died in 1883 so that theory goes.

Another alternative would have been Nathaniel McClinton of Moy and Margaret Elizabeth Westmacott of Manchester - this had been to suggested to my father by a great aunt - but they would be born around 1842, meaning they also don't look old enough!

So in answer to your question - yes I would be most grateful if you could post this picture on your website!     -      If anyone can help with this query please email me Mary at streets (at) marylennon.co.uk


The young man in this photo may still be alive and living in Belfast:-

     The story goes the picture is of a mother 2 daughters and son -  its the son we are more keen to trace, we think the family name is DOYLE from Belfast,  the picture was taken around 1946/7  -   and one of the girls we think is called Katherine, the other is unknown, one or both of them were singers of some description. 
     The boys name was
Andrew or Patrick, round about 1947/8 he spent some time in a village called Featherstone near Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England
     We know he lodged with a local lady and may have worked in the local coal mine.

     We have more information but I think that will be sufficient to get the ball rolling for now.

      By the way,  if he's still alive he will be about 79 to 80

  If you have any information or you would like more details, please contact :-

             Andy Owen  through me at streets (at) marylennon.co.uk


probably a Moore from Lisbellaw or Enniskillen, if you recognise this lady, please contact me at streets (at) marylennon.co.uk

Who is this?

Here is the picture of the man I'm trying to identify.  He could be a
McCormack/McCormick, Boyd, or less likely, a Muckle.
I've sent the picture to Linen Hall with no luck and an N.I. historian as
well.  I'm guessing turn-of-the-century.  He's very likely a Protestant 

There was a family story that one of our lot was an MP but the
historian said none with those names. The picture is glued to the
backing, so I can't see if anything is written on the back.

Please contact me if you can give me a name or guidance..

contact Andy through me at streets (at) marylennon.co.uk

Can you please put this photo onto your website. I think it’s my g/grandfather John Collins who was a Carpenter/Stonemason and
lived around Co Down I think. There is a Directory entry for Belfast & Ulster (1852) showing a John Collins, Carpenter, staying at 5 Roy
Street ( 6 Stanfield St). Perhaps someone recognises the building? Many thanks.....Bill Kean

People are unknown, perhaps related to the McCullough/Neill/Collins families - Bill Kean - any help please email
streets (at) marylennon.co.uk
(see here for further info.)


looking for a poem?

It's a bit of a long shot, as I don't have a lot of information on it, but the poem was written by (or for) a Connaught Ranger, I believe the night before a battle. He talks about how the landscape of Tripoli reminds him of the Clare mountains back home... the poem may or may not be in Irish? I would love to be able to track this down - any help much appreciated!     ....Robert
                       email any suggestions to Robert at  streets (at) marylennon.co.uk

Lance Corporal Edward (Eddie) Murray
would like to add Edward to the Roll of Honour on the site if we find a living relative

1st Black Watch - KIA 23rd April 1917 - Age 22
some information on Edward, thank you to Colin Caruth :)
Place of birth Sion Mills Co Tyrone (from The Great War Forum)

Ellen Keely
Died 31st May 1937 Churchtown
(both above found together)


Family Found - resolved

We have lost touch with this family, do you know them?
I wonder if you would post on your site the enclosed photo of some of my mother's family with whom we have lost touch in the hope that someone in the picture is recognised and would make contact with me.

email Adrian McCullough  through me at

Pearl Hamilton (big hair), her cousin Maureen, Aunt Pearl, William (?)Ferguson & Marian (Mary) Ferguson (née Boyd)   -    c. 1943 

Pearl Hamilton married Jim McCullough 2nd April 1952

Where are you?

Colin Nye

RESOLVED - found and in contact
from the Gang Show Belfast 1958

"As a direct result of someone in Australia seeing this notice, Colin F Nye has been traced.  He emigrated to Australia after leaving the RAF."

Seeking Colin F. Nye ex-RAF

I am trying to trace Colin F. Nye, who probably lived at 17 Killard Place, Finaghy. He was one of 35 boys who trained as armourers in the 91st Entry of Aircraft Apprentices at RAF Halton in 1959-1961. Later this year will be the 50th anniversary our Passing Out from RAF Halton and I would like to contact Colin with reference to this. There are very tentative rumours that he may have married a girl from Morocco while serving at Gibraltar, but no further details have surfaced. Colin's father was probably Fredrick T. Nye who was an engineer. If anyone knows anything that might help me track down Colin, please pass them to me:

Mike Bryant
tel: 01242-520533

List of Newspapers in Belfast in 1907

Monaghan Family?

Would you be so kind as to post the attached photograph in the hope that someone is able to identify this family.  The picture was taken be J. Galway of Clones, Monaghan, in the '80s or '90s.  The man or woman may be a Rudden, offspring of Michael Rudden, Coolcanadas, Cavan and his wife Bridget Winters, who was from Monaghan.
Email Michael Sheehan at streets (at) marylennon.co.uk

RESOLVED - The man is my great uncle, James Patrick McCaffrey; the woman is my great aunt, Mary McCaffrey, nee Rudden; the older children are Edward and Mary Alice McCaffrey; and, the twins are Sarah Jane and Bridget McCaffrey.
~ Michael Rudden Sheehan

What does this say?


My father is trying to find an old army song he remembers....

I want to go home, Far away over the foam,
Living in history doesn't suit me, I want to live for eternity,
Take me over the sea, Where the Japanese can't get at me,
Oh My! I'm too young to die, I want to go home.

He's not 100% sure of the lyrics but he thinks he's close with the above

email me if you can help please streets (at) marylennon.co.uk

RESOLVED - Thank you to Colin McGraffin and Brian Conlin for the answer........
I Want To Go Home

I want to go home, I want to go home,
I don't want to go in the trenches no more,
Where whizzbangs and shrapnel they whistle and roar.
Take me over the sea, where the alleyman can't get at me;
Oh my, I don't want to die, I want to go home.

This song appears under this link for "Oh! What A Lovely War" - can you see the slight similarity?


The references are WW1. Is this simply a ditty that caught the mood of Tommy and was personalised to suit the circumstances through WW2?

Boyle.jpg (770830 bytes)

Boyle2.jpg (297884 bytes)

Boyle - Click on each image to enlarge it, what we are trying to work out
is the name of the Street, it looks like  _ alt_ _ _?

resolved - thanks to Tracey Bonnar for her sheer doggedness :)
been at it all day but finally cracked it, the address for the Boyle twins are not in Belfast, the parents are Scottish, had a child in Scotland before having Charlotte and John, so I was able to decipher the wording that I do admit had me pulling a few hairs, it was the first letter but when I saw how the deputy registrar spelt his name William, it made sense, so the address is 27 Watling Street, which is in Uddingston, Scotland, although the area has been modernised, the address has been kept.

Where is this store?

MICHAEL LINDSAY your email is bouncing,
can you contact me with your new one please

The Grand Fruit Store
S. Nelson - in the reflection of the window it says Temperance, its thought to be in County Down, maybe Bangor or Donaghadee? but there is no reference to a fruit shop owned by Nelson in the directories SO ANY IDEAS??

streets (at) marylennon.co.uk

" 'The Grand Fruit Store' was in Bangor and came newly under the management of Samuel Nelson in late 1912"
the above information kindly sent to me by Catherine Woods and others (sorry to the 'others' I no longer have access to your emails after losing my hard drive a few years back :( )


I did some research online and have located the attached which I believe to be the birth and marriage certificates for Constantine O'Neill.

A trawl of the BNA suggests that some of the people who signed the Address and Presentation to Constantine O'Neill and his wife were in the Ancient Order of Hibernians - Mr Diffin, for example.

It could possibly have been they who arranged for this presentation - particularly as Constantine was a merchant, and they refer to their various dealings with him.

I haven't been able to locate a newspaper announcement of the O'Neill marriage unfortunately but I did find the following link which sheds a little light on the custom of 'illuminated addresses':

Catherine Woods
thank you Catherine :) - Mary
there are 2 pdf files also Laura - Mary