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From John I. Beare, Esq., M.A., Regius Professor of Greek, Dublin University
Trinity College, Dublin, 11th November 1906 scored out and 17th December 1908

     I have much pleasure in certifying that I knew Mr. T. J. Beare for some twelve months personally, and for a longer period by reputation in Trinity College.  He was a resident student in college for upwards of two years, during which time he highly distinguished himself in a large number of the most various subjects.  In 1899 he obtained the Ekenhead Scholarship in Physics and Chemist - Practical and Theoretical - and concurrently he obtained the Berkeley Gold Medal in Greek, the special subject of examination being the De Legibus of Plato.  This medal is, perhaps, the most important distinction awarded for Greek Scholarship in the University of Dublin.  As his examiner, I was struck by the excellence of his style of translation and the ability with which he dealt with questions of Philosophy.  He attended my lectures in Classical Composition, and in that subject proved himself a very promising and capable scholar.  He twice won the first Vice-Chancellor's Prize for Latgin Essay. His character is unimpeachable and of the highest order.  He possesses a firmness of manner which, coupled with his tact, and varied knowledge and great experience as a teacher, should render him excellently qualified for the work of an (illegible) is sure to gain him eminence in the profession which he has chosen.  Though his surname is the same as mine he is not related to me.

Signed John I. Beare, Fellow and (late Tutor) of Trinity College, Dublin; Regius Professor of Greek, Dublin University

I should like the above alterations ? ? ? ? and I hope you will ?

17/Xii/08   J.I.B.


1                                                                                                         2              
a collection of cigarette card albums belonging to Willie Brownlie
2) leaflets "The World's Flags at a Glance" and "Badges and their Meaning" given to J. G. Lindsay, The Glen House, Crawfordsburn, Co. Down, Ireland, from G. A. Di?? Killylea, Co. Armagh

Although by virtue of this enlistment into the Supplementary Reserve, Driver James Nigel Haig Gilbert has become liable to be called out in aid of the Civil Power under Section 5 of the Reserve Forces Act 1882. it is not intended to enforce this liability.  By Command of the Army Council. H. J. Creedy  Permanent Under Secretary of State for War
      Colonel Daniel Stewart Thomas Bingham Dixon 1950                Mr. W. Armstrong, Clerk Spl. 'A' Glasgow Parcels Station 25.3.99

Olive M. Nelson - Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Nelson, Priory Cottages, 39 Priory Park, Balmoral, Belfast 1 Riverside Cottages, Finaghy

T. Kilmartin & Son, Law Stationers and Scriveners, Rosemary Street, Belfast
County Down   No.     Land Law (Ireland) Acts, 1881 & 1887
Particulars - (The following particulars must be accurately filled up)
Name of Landlord, and Residence of Landlord, if known ...... {Lord Deramore, Newtownbreda
Name and Residence of Landlord's Agent, if any ......{James L. Douie, Esq., Moira
Name and Residence of Tenant ...... {Margaret Falloon, Sarah Jane Falloon, of Ballynenaghten, Moira
HOLDING - County Down, Lurgan, Moira   Name by which Lands are known on Ordnance Survey Map {Legmore & Risk}
Area in Statute Measure ..{72 A.}  Rent of Holding ..{£92}   Notice of intention to sell Tenancy
Take notice that it is our intention to sell our Tenancy in the above holding
Dates this 13th February 1889
Margaret Falloon
Sarah Jane Falloon
To said Landlord  {Wellington Young, Solicitor for tenants, 28 High Street, Belfast & Lisburn

13th February '89
Notice from the Misses Falloon of intention to sell

No. 266        Moira
Received from Mr. Hugh Magee, the sum of Sixty Two Pounds twelve shillings and six pence, Sterling, being 1½ years Rent due to Sir Robert Bateson, Baronet, out of his holding in Tullyard? due and ending the first day of November 1861, Dated this 8 day of April 1862
Rent £62.12.6
Poor rate allowed £.14
Allowance for 15.-.-
Rec.d in cash £46.18.6 James L. Douie

William Clarke's Holdings 1873

docket 0006.jpg (439920 bytes)     docket 0007.jpg (218334 bytes)     docket 0008.jpg (240379 bytes)

City of Belfast Peace Day Reception on Saturday 9th August 1919 to Men & Women of Ulster who served in the War.

Official Order of March (subject to alteration) Price Sixpence
Chairman - The Lord Mayor (Right Hon. John C. White)
Hon. secretaries: Mr. R. I. Calwell; Capt. Herbert Dixon, M.P.; Dr. Wm. Gibson, J.P.;
Councillor T. E. McConnell, J.P.; Sir Fredk. Moneypenny, M.V.O.; Mr. S. Blacker Quin; Captain J. W. Storey, M.B.E.
His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
Field Marshal Viscount French of Ypres K.P., G.C.B., O.M., G.C.V.O., K.C.M.G.
Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson, K.C.B., K.C.M.G.
Admiral Sir Reginald Tupper, K.C.V., K.C.V.O., R.N.
General Officer Commander-in-Chief Ireland Lieut.-General Sir Frederick Shaw, K.C.B.
Brigadier-General The Earl of Shaftesbury, K.P., K.C.V.O.
Brigadier-General J. Brind (B.G.G.S.) C.N.G., D.S.O.
Lieut.-Colonel C. H. Haig, D.S.O. (A.A.G.)
Major J. Bury Barry, O.B.E., A.D.C., to Commander in Chief
Major K. Robertson, A.M.S.
Captain Crossley

Order of March
Advanced Guard (Armoured Car) - Band of the Irish Guards
General Officer Commanding Northern District: (Brig.-General Sir Wm. Hacket Pain, K.B.E., C.B.)
Major W. H. Stanley Jones, O.B.E. - Captain C. F. Hill, M.C. - Colours of the Irish Guards, with Escort - Massed Colours, with Escort
2nd, 6th & 13th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers; 1st, 4th and 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers; Royal Navy; 2nd & 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers; 1st & 5th Royal Irish Fusiliers
36th (Ulster) Division - 107th Infantry Brigade - General Officer Commanding: Brigadier-General G. H. H. Couchman, D.S.O.
Staff Officer: Major J. T. Duffin, M.C. - Band of 8th Royal Irish Rifles
8th Royal Irish Rifles - 9th Royal Irish Rifles - 10th Royal Irish Rifles - Band of the 15th Royal Irish Rifles - 15th Royal Irish Rifles

36th (Ulster) Division continued - 108th Infantry Brigade - General Officer Commanding: Brigadier-General C. R. J. Griffith C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O.
Staff Officer: Captain W. J. Menaul M.C. - 11th Royal Irish Rifles - 12th Royal Irish Rifles - 13th Royal Irish Rifles - band of 10th Royal Irish Fusiliers
9th Royal Irish Fusiliers; 109th Infantry Brigade - General Officer Commanding: Brigadier-General A. St. Q. Ricardo C.M.G., D.S.O.
Staff Officer: Captain K. M. Moore, M.C. - 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - 10th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - 11th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - 14th Royal Irish Rifles
36th Divisional Troops - Pioneers - 16th Royal Irish Rifles; Composite Battalion - Field Companies R.E. - Royal Engineers, Signal Company
Royal Field Artillery - Machine Gun Corps - Band of Ulster Ex-Service Men - Divisional Train - Royal Army medical Corps
Reserve Units 36th (Ulster) Division - Composite Battalion - 17th Royal Irish Rifles - 18th Royal Irish Rifles - 19th Royal Irish Rifles - 20th Royal Irish Rifles
Composite Battalion - Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - Royal Irish Fusiliers
Other Units - Composite Battalion - Colonial Troops - Irish Guards - Band of 1st Royal Irish Rifles - 1st Royal Irish Rifles (Serving Regulars and Demobilized men)
Composite Battalion - 3rd Royal Irish Rifles - 4th Royal Irish Rifles; Composite Battalion - 5th Royal Irish Rifles - 6th Royal Irish Rifles - 7th Royal Irish Rifles
Composite Battalion - Scotch Regiments - Composite Cavalry Squadron - Band of the Royal Irish Constabulary - The Royal Irish Constabulary - Machine Gun Corps.
Composite battalion - North & North Western English Counties - Composite Battalion - Royal Navy - Royal Naval Reserve - Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Royal Marines - Band of 2nd Royal Irish Rifles - 2nd Royal Irish Rifles (Serving Regulars and Demobilized Men) - Composite Battalion - Connaught Rangers - Leinster Regiment - Royal Munster Fusiliers

Other Units - continued - Royal Irish Regiment - Royal Dublin Fusiliers - Royal Horse Artillery - Royal Field Artillery - Royal Garrison Artillery
Band 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers - 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers - 3rd Royal Irish Fusiliers - 4th Royal Irish Fusiliers - 5th Royal Irish Fusiliers - 6th Royal Irish Fusiliers
7th Royal Irish Fusiliers - 8th Royal Irish Fusiliers - Royal Engineers - band of 1st Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - 1st Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - 3rd Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - 4th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - 5th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers  - 6th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - 7th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
8th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - Royal Army Medical Corps - Royal Army Ordnance Corps - Royal Army Veterinary Corps - Royal Defence Corps - Military Foot Police - Army Pay Corps - North Irish Horse - Inniskilling Dragoons - Labour Corps - Band of 2bd Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - 2nd Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
English Eastern, Southern and Western County Regiments - Royal Army Service Corps - Royal Air Force - Ladies' Service Battalion - Queen Mary's Army Aux. C.
Red Cross - Voluntary Aid Detachment - Women's Legion Corps - Women's Royal Air Forces - Women's Royal Naval Service - Royal Army Service Corps
Women's Forestry Corps - Women's Land Corps - Incapacitated "on Active Service" - Walking - In Motor Char-a-bancs
Major J. C. Trout, M.B.E., A.P.M., Northern District - Capt. A. K. D. Hall, Gen. Staff Northern District - Rear Guard (Armoured Car)
Those Marching Past are :
Ulster men who served during the great War - Others who served in Ulster Units during the great War - Demobilized Officers and Men now residing in Ulster
Ulster ladies who took up service during the great War and others with service now residing in Ulster
Service in all the above categories has been in the Army, Navy, or Royal Air Force
Many ladies qualified to march have voluntarily foregone their privilege so that they might still further "SERVE" to-day
Route - Staring Point: (Junction of Limestone Road and Antrim Road) by Antrim Road, Carlisle Circus, Clifton Street, Donegall Street, Royal Avenue, Castle Junction, High Street, Victoria Street, Chichester Street, Donegall Square North, Donegall Square West, Bedford Street, Ormeau Avenue, Ormeau Road
to Ormeau Park
The Reception on Saturday, 9th August, 1919, forms part of the City of Belfast Peace celebration Programme, which extends over a period of five days.


Coleraine Music Festival 12th May - 17th 1952 - Adjudicators: Mr. Michael Head, F.R.A.M. & Mr. Reginald Besant, O.B.E., F.T.C.L.

                                                                                                                           CLICK to enlarge
President: Dr. Elsie Johnston - Chairman: Rev. A. Maconachie, M.A., B.D. - Vice-Chairman: Mrs. C. B. Larmour - Hon. Secretary: Mrs. F. M. King
Hon. Treas.: Mr. H. McDermott - Hon. Auditor: Mr. F. G. Stokes Dunbar - Hon. Vocalist: Mrs. H. G. Mills - Official Accompanist: Miss L. M. Barnes, L.R.A.M.
General Committee: Mrs. R. P. Glassey, Mrs. M. McCloskey, Mrs. H. G. Mills, Mrs. S. Nevin, Mrs. M. McQuigg, Miss F. E. Bassett, Mus.Bac., Miss M. Barnes, Miss G. Woodrow, Mr. J. Moore, A.R.C.O., Mr. H. J. McLain, B.Sc., Mr. W. Rea, Mt. J. A. Anderson, Mr. J. G. Allen, Mr. W. Kane, Mrs. M. K. Hamilton, Mrs. J. A. Anderson, Mrs. M. Houston, Mrs. Y. Cameron, Miss I. Lee, Miss M. Morrison, Miss V. M. Blair, Miss M. Long, Mr. W. Canning, A.T.C.L., Mr. J. Walls, Mr. F. H. Wisener, Mr. R. B. Hunter, M.A., Mr. T. K. Ussher
Executive Committee: Mrs. M. K. Hamilton, Miss M. Morrison, Mr. J. G. Allen, Mrs. E. Nevin, Mr. W. Rea, Mr. J. Moore, A.R.C.O.
Members 1951-1952: Mrs. H. G. Mills, Mrs. H. J. McLain, Mrs. M. McCloskey, Mr. J. Walls, Miss A. E. Hanna, Miss M. Barnes, Miss N. Stewart, Mrs. E. Moody, Mrs. R. P. Glassey, Mrs. M. McQuigg, Miss Lynn, Miss A. K. Irwin, Mrs. T. K. Ussher, Mrs. C. B. Larmour, Mrs. E. Johnson, Dr. J. K. Forbes, Mr. H. J. McLain, Dr. Elsie Johnston, Miss M. Long, Miss F. E. Bassett, Mrs. S. R. Magee, Mrs. H. Moody, Rev. A. Maconachie, Mrs. Maconachie, Mr. J. A. Anderson, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. F. M. King, Mrs. S. Nevin, Mr. W. Stevenson, Mrs. Y. Cameron, Mrs. M. K. Hamilton
COMPETITIONS - Verse Speaking - Class 104 - Boys (8 and 9 years)  1st Prize, Badge and Certificate;  2nd, Certificate;  3rd Certificate
"My Dog" Lewis
Norman Lynas, Coleraine; Hugh Crawford, Coleraine; Ian Hunter, Coleraine; Billy McCartney, Ballymena; John Platt Coleraine; Ian Hutcheon Coleraine; Maurice McNicholl, Maghera; John Crawford, Ballymena; George Crawford Coleraine; Raymond McConkey Coleraine; Alan Brewster, Ballymoney; Geoffrey Perrin, Portrush; Richard Bennett, Portrush; Jackie McLean, Portrush
Class 90 - Children (over 6 and under 8 years)  1st Prize, Book Token, presented by Mrs. F. M. King; 2nd, Certificate; 3rd, Certificate
"Pebbles" King
Wendy Weir, Stranocum; Rex Anderson, Coleraine; Loraine Shaw, Coleraine; Eric Holmes, Stranocum; Alastair Drysdale, Coleraine; Jennifer Holmes, Stranocum; Lorna Hill, Coleraine; Robert Cox, Coleraine; Terry Patterson, Coleraine; Geoffrey Farrow, Coleraine; Eileen McCloy, Coleraine; Joan Lennox, Coleraine; Violet Scullion, Coleraine; Ann Murphy, Coleraine; Sandra Patton, Coleraine; Robert Pearson, Coleraine; Alan Millar, Coleraine; John Hanna, Coleraine; Eleanor McDonald, Coleraine; John McAuley, Mosside; Susan Henry, Coleraine; Eileen Walls, Coleraine; Joan Robertson, Coleraine; Marta Grizzell, Coleraine; Alan Drinnan, Coleraine; Margaret Cox, Coleraine; Shaun Kirk, Coleraine; Miriam McLelland, Coleraine; Mary Shaw, Stranocum; Margaret Boyd, Coleraine; Sheenagh Magee, Coleraine; Valerie Graham, Coleraine; Rene Anderson, Coleraine; Greer Lynn, Coleraine; Dehra McQuigg, Coleraine; Howard Clayton, Coleraine; Barry Garrett, Coleraine; Mary Glenn, Coleraine; Kathleen McAuley, Mosside; Pat Fuller, Coleraine; Averil Sproule, Coleraine; Jean Falconer, Mosside; Niall Armstrong, Coleraine; Spence McGarry, Mosside; Ann Osborough, Coleraine; David Elder, Mosside
Class 92 - Boys (8 and 9 years) 1st Prize, Badge and Certificate; 2nd, Certificate
"A Boy's Song" James Hogg
Samuel Kennedy, Coleraine; Ronnie McGarry, Mosside; Ivor Holmes, Stranocum; Brian Dean, Coleraine; Samuel Oliver, Coleraine; Desmond Elder, Mosside; James White, Coleraine
Class 105 - Girls (10 and 11 years)  1st Prize, Book Token, presented by Miss M. Morrison; 2nd, Badge and Certificate; 3rd, Certificate
"The Song of the Wind"  Dobson
Brenda Shiels, Rasharkin; Jean V, Shaw, Belfast; Sheila Anderson, Coleraine; Judith Anderson, Coleraine; Shena McCutcheon, Portstewart; Daphne Harkness, Ballymoney; Hazel Lowry, Ballymena; Jane Anderson, Portstewart; Julia Elliott, Ballymoney; Pat Pinkerton, Ballymoney; Elizabeth Getty, Ballymoney; Shelagh McKay, Dervock; Kaye Manson, Portstewart; Lorna Smellie, Ballymoney; Kathleen Duffy, Coleraine; Bobbie McDonald, Coleraine; Heather Simpson, Portstewart; Ann Logue, Coleraine; Madeline Stevenson, Ballymoney; Heather Logan, Coleraine; Lorna Murray, Coleraine; Bernie Tinckler, Portrush; Doreen Douglas, Portrush; Alma Hall, Portrush; Rosemary Robinson, Portrush
Class 106 - Boys (10 and 11 years)  1st Prize, Book Token, presented by Mr. W. Rea; 2nd, Badge and Certificate; 3rd, Certificate
"The Pedlar's Caravan"  Rands
Brian Wilson, Londonderry; Rodney Ross, Ballymoney; Shaw McMaster, Ballymena; Allen Loughridge, Portrush; Adrian Sawyer, Ballymoney; Thomas Lennox, Portrush
Class 103 - Girls (8 and 9 years)  1st Prize, Badge and Certificate; 2nd, Certificate; 3rd, Certificate
"What the Weather Does"  Hendry
Christine Wray, Coleraine; Barbara Gildea, Coleraine; Claire Cameron, Ballymoney; Rosemary Ginn, Ballymoney; Teresa McKernan, Coleraine; Jacqueline Mills, Coleraine; Margaret Mince, Portstewart; Lorna McGarvey, Portstewart; Deirdre Magee, Coleraine; Maire Carson, Ballymoney; Margaret Stuart, Ballymoney; Rosemary Marcus, Coleraine; Mavis Sherrard, Limavady; Maisie Lennox, Portrush; Kathleen McGrath, Ballymoney; Joyce Hassan, Portstewart; Eileen Peel, Coleraine; Ann Hammond, Ballymoney; Frances Henderson, Tobermore; Elizabeth Emberson, Coleraine; Joan Russell, Portrush; Nora McGuigan, Coleraine; Heather Hamilton, Maghera; Mabel Hazlett, Maghera; Amber Stewart, Coleraine; Madeline Sherrard, Coleraine; Dorothy Stevenson, Ballymoney; Renee McCarroll, Ballymoney; Rosemary Wharton, Portstewart; Penelope Harper, Coleraine; Eileen Moore, Dervock; Pat Curry, Coleraine; Sheelagh McMaster, Ballymena; Mary Fox, Portglenone; Joan Harbison, Ballymena; Catherine Sleater, Ballymoney; Breda McKenna, Coleraine; Rosemary McMurran, Belfast; Sylvia Hartley, Portrush
Class 108 - Boys (12 and 13 years)  1st Prize, Badge and Certificate
"Song of Summer Days"  Foley
James Close, Portglenone; Seamus McKeown, Ballymena; James Brewster, Ballymoney
Class 122 - Interpretation (under 11 years)  1st prize - Bronze Medal; 2nd prize - Certificate; 3rd prize - Certificate
Brian Dysart, Coleraine; Liam Kennedy, Coleraine; Heather Logan, Coleraine; Elizabeth Getty, Ballymoney; Harold Hunter, Coleraine; George Darragh, Coleraine; Wilbert Crawford, Coleraine; Alfred Ferguson, Coleraine; Claire Cameron, Ballymoney; John Millar, Coleraine; David McCloskey, Coleraine; Rosemary Ginn, Ballymoney; Maire Carson, Ballymoney; Margaret Mince, Portstewart; Kaye Manson, Portstewart; Evelyn Ferguson, Coleraine; John Kennedy, Coleraine; Shena McCutcheon, Portstewart; Kenneth Graham, Coleraine; Marina Rosborough, Coleraine; Heather Simpson, Portstewart
Class 128 - Story Telling (over 11 and under 13 years)  1st Prize, Bronze Medal
Story to be read by Competitors 15 minutes before being called upon to tell it in their own words - Margaret McAuley, Mosside; Agnes Getty, Mosside
Class 109 - Girls (14 and 15 years)  1st prize, Book Token, presented by Mrs. E. Nevin; 2nd, Badge and Certificate; 3rd, Certificate
"A Prospect of Swans"  Blunden
Carmel McKenna, Coleraine; Philomena Bradley, Magherafelt; Maureen Small, Bushmills; Alina Kirk, Coleraine; Jean Jefferson, Coleraine; Margt. T. McLaughlin, Coleraine; Sheila McGlade, Coleraine; Margaret G. Watt, Coleraine; Marie McLaughlin, Coleraine; Anne McDaid, Coleraine; Elizabeth Morrison, Coleraine; Margaret McAlister, Kilrea; Dorothy McQuigg, Coleraine; Nuala Brennan, Coleraine
Class 125 - Interpretation (15-18 years)  1st prize, bronze medal; 2nd prize, Certificate
Hazel W. Crockett, Moneymore; Anne McDaid, Coleraine; Mary McKee, Tobermore; Margt. T. McLaughlin, Coleraine; Anne McKenna, Coleraine; Philomena Bradley, Magherafelt
Class 111 - Girls (16 and 17 years)  1st prize, Senior Girls' Verse-Speaking Cup, presented by A. Jamieson, Esq., Coleraine, and Certificate
"The Storm is Over"  Bridges
Margaret Kernohan, Bellaghy; Mary McKee, Tobermore; Avril Tosh, Kells; Hazel W. Crockett, Moneymore
Class 115 - Shakespearean Recital  1st prize, The Steele & Sons Perpetual Challenge Cup, presented by A. M. Steele, Esq., Coleraine, and Certificate; 2nd, Silver Medal; 3rd, Certificate
(a) Competitors' Own Choice of a passage from Shakespeare  (b) Competitors' Own Choice of any one of Shakespeare's Sonnets
Margaret G. Watt, Coleraine; Ailna Kirk, Coleraine; Margt. T. McLaughlin, Coleraine; Florence Smyth, Ballymena; Marie McLaughlin, Coleraine; Sheila McGlade, Coleraine; Nuala Brennan, Coleraine; James McAuley, Ballymena; Anne McKenna, Coleraine; Jean Jefferson, Coleraine; Anne McDaid, Coleraine; Carmel McKenna, Coleraine;
Class 126 - Interpretation (Adult)  Silver Medal - Mr. John Johnston, Coleraine
Class 113 - Women (over 18 years)  1st prize, Silver Medal and Certificate - "London Snow"  Bridges - Miss Florence Smyth, Ballymena
Class 114 - Men (over 18)  1sr prize, Silver Medal and Certificate - Extract from "Dauber"  Masefield (5 stanzas)
Mr. James McAuley, Ballymena; Mr. John Johnston, Coleraine
Class 129 - Extempore Speaking (Adult)  1st prize, Challenge Cup, presented by F. M. King, Esq, Coleraine and Certificate
Mr. Bill Archibald, Portstewart; Miss Toye Torrens, Aghadowey; Mr. John Johnston, Coleraine; Miss Margt. Torrens, Aghadowey
Class 102 - The Children's Cup "Bed in Summer"  R. L. Stevenson
Elizabeth V. Wharton, Portstewart; Margaret Boyce, Coleraine; Shaun Kirk, Coleraine; Terry Patterson, Coleraine; Sheenagh Magee, Coleraine; Sandra Patton, Coleraine; Geoffrey Farrow, Coleraine; Denis McCarrol, Ballymena; Fiona Bailie, Portstewart; Barbara Mark, Coleraine; Robert Cox, Coleraine; George Burns, Maghera; Averil Sproule, Coleraine; Caroline McIlrath, Maghera; Robin Pearson, Coleraine; Rosaleen Bryson, Castlerock; Jacqueline Dennis, Tobermore; Howard Clayton, Coleraine; John Burns, Maghera; Patricia Crawford, Maghera; Alan Millar, Coleraine; Marta Frizzell, Coleraine; Margt. McCracken, Ballymoney; Stewart Hanna, Coleraine; Pat Doherty, Coleraine; Alan Drinnan, Coleraine; Carolyn Wilson, Portstewart; Jennifer Ross, Ballymoney; Campbell Morrison, Coleraine; Louis Crawford, Maghera; Lorna Hill, Coleraine; Rene Anderson, Coleraine; Pat Fuller, Coleraine; Margaret Graham, Ballymoney; Angela Cunning, Coleraine; Robert Ross, Ballymoney
Class 94 - Boys (10 and 11 years)  "The Moon is Up"  Noyes
Stanley Johnston, Coleraine; Harold Hunter, Coleraine; Harry Mitchell, Coleraine; George Hanna, Coleraine; William Neill, Coleraine; Brian Tusen, Coleraine; Robin Laughlin, Coleraine; Nixon Logue, Coleraine; Kenneth Martin, Coleraine; Victor McLaughlin, Coleraine; Billy Kennedy, Coleraine; Matthews Smyth, Coleraine; Roderick Acheson, Coleraine; Douglas Carroll, Coleraine; David Tweed, Castleroe; John Hargy, Coleraine; Arthur Parke, Coleraine; Ronald Mitchell, Coleraine; John Hartin, Coleraine; Shaun Armstrong, Coleraine
Class 95 - Girls (12 and 13 years)  "The Elfin Artist"  Noyes
Georgina Irwin, Portrush; Elsie Frizzell, Coleraine; Angela Fisher, Castlerock; Margaret Scott, Stranocum; Hilary Pollock, Portstewart; Dorothy Thorpe, Coleraine; Jennifer Darragh, Coleraine
Class 123 - Interpretation (11 and 12 years)
Theodora O'Kane, Coleraine; Mary Honeywell, Coleraine; Ruth Morgan, Londonderry; Lorna Smellie, Ballymoney; Margaret Hamilton, Coleraine; Dorothy Thorpe, Coleraine; Lorna Sim, Coleraine; Jean Scott, Ballymoney; Lorna Murray, Coleraine; Jean Davis, Coleraine
Class 91 - Girls (8 and 9 years)  "Please"  Fyleman
Barbara Gildea, Coleraine; Kathleen Patterson, Coleraine; Sally Rathbone, Garvagh; Joyce Ludlow, Coleraine; Ann Connor, Coleraine; Shirley Hill, Coleraine; Anna Scott, Mosside; Tillie Moffatt, Coleraine; Paddy Christie, Coleraine; Carol Mullan, Coleraine; Lorna Kennedy, Coleraine; Edna McCann, Coleraine; Mavis Sherrard, Limavady; Rosemary Marcus, Coleraine; Olive Kennedy, Coleraine; Jacqueline Mills, Coleraine; Maureen McKennon, Coleraine; Deirdre Magee, Coleraine; Vera Lynn, Coleraine; Eileen Doherty, Coleraine; Shirley Martin, Coleraine; Eleanor Kelly, Coleraine; Pat Curry, Coleraine; Jean Grey, Coleraine; Norma Graham, Coleraine; Evelyn Lennox, Coleraine; Renee Ferguson, Mosside; Elizabeth Johnston, Coleraine; Clare McCandless, Coleraine; Winifred Millar, Coleraine; Eileen Peel, Coleraine; Penelope Harper, Coleraine
Class 107 - Girls (12 and 13 years)  "Snow in Town"  Mark
Serena Lavery, Ballymena; Mary Honeywell, Coleraine; Nuala Kelly, Coleraine; Ruth Morgan, Londonderry; Yvonne Wilson, Londonderry; Teresa Bradley, Coleraine; Margaret Ross, Ballymena; Pauline McCartney, Coleraine; Patricia Crawford, Coleraine; Anne B. McKenna, Coleraine; Ann O'Connor, Coleraine; Margaret Hamilton, Coleraine; Doreen Boggs, Tobermore; Ailis McKenna, Coleraine; Marie McGlade, Coleraine; Irene Maguire, Coleraine; Margaret Scott, Stranocum; Theodora O'Kane, Coleraine; Jean Scott, Ballymoney; Eva Ross, Portstewart; Alice J. McBride, Coleraine; Ann Palmer, Portrush; Marjorie Douglas, Portrush' Muriel Robinson, Portrush
Class 124 - Interpretation (13 and 14 years)
Eva Ross, Portstewart; Yvonne Wilson, Londonderry; Samuel Elder, Mosside; David Allen, Ballymena; Marie McLaughlin, Coleraine; James Close, Portglenone; John McCormick, Mosside; Anne Leonard, Coleraine; Eleanor Sinclair, Coleraine; Margaret G. Watt, Coleraine; Serena Lavery, Ballymena; Elizabeth Morrison, Coleraine; Hazel Logan, Coleraine; Maureen Small, Bushmills; Margaret McAlister, Kilrea; Margaret Craigen, Coleraine; Ann Carson, Coleraine; Joyce Leeper, Coleraine; Elma Dougan, Castlerock; Anne Simpson, Coleraine; Ailna Kirk, Coleraine; Carmel McKenna, Coleraine; Irene Maguire, Coleraine; Sheila McGlade, Coleraine; Jean Jefferson, Coleraine
Class 116 - Choral Speaking (Girls under 12 years)  "The Scarecrow"  Walter De La Mare
Irish Society's Team; Blagh Primary School
Class 96 - Boys (12 and 13 years)  "I Will Go With My Father A-Ploughing"  Campbell
Hugh Weir, Stranocum; Albert McGarry, Stranocum
Class 97 - Girls (14 and 15 years)  "On A Night of Snow"  Coatsworth
Margaret Watson, Coleraine
Class 101 - Confined to Rural Primary Schools in the Counties of Antrim and Londonderry, and taught by Rural Primary School Teachers only
"The Telegraph Poles"  Enid Blyton
Margaret McAuley, Mosside; Isobel Hamill, Mosside; Shelagh McKay, Dervock; Jean Hamill, Mosside; Margt. McConaghy, Stranocum; Merle McNabb, Blagh; Norman Elder, Mosside; Anna Scott, Mosside; John McCormick, Mosside; Ivor Holmes, Stranocum; Moira McCloy, Blagh; Ronald Skinner, Blagh; Kenneth McGarry, Mosside; Agnes Getty, Mosside; Jean McElheran, Stranocum; Samuel Elder, Mosside; Renee Ferguson, Mosside; Georgina McGarry, Stranocum; Ruth Creith, Mosside; Desmond Elder, Mosside; Doris McNabb, Blagh; Dorothy Crawford, Blagh; Kathleen Crawford, Blagh; Jean Hodges, Mosside; Margaret Shaw, Stranocum; Robert Sloan, Blagh; Myrtle McCloy, Blagh
Class 110 - Boys (14 and 15 years)  "The Feckenham Men"  Drinkwater
David Allen, Ballymena; William Carruthers, Derry
Class 117 - Choral Speaking (Boys under 12 years)  "W-o-o-o-o-o-W"  Hayes
The Hon. the Irish Society's Junior Boys' School; Blagh Primary school
Class 127 - Story Telling (under 11 years)
Brian Dysart, Coleraine; Ian Hunter, Coleraine; Brian Steen, Coleraine; Arthur Milne Liam Kennedy, Coleraine; Brian Robertson, Garvagh; Boyd Anderson, Castlerock; Joseph McClelland, Coleraine; Nixon Logue, Coleraine; Samuel Kennedy, Coleraine; George Logan, Coleraine; Brian Wilson, Londonderry; Terry Houston, Coleraine; George Hanna, Coleraine; Renee Ferguson, Mosside; Jeremy Harbison, Coleraine; Kenneth Graham, Coleraine; Shaun Armstrong, Coleraine; John Hargy, Coleraine; David Vaughan, Castlerock; Jean Hodges, Mosside; Tony Kernohan, Coleraine; Shelagh McKay, Dervock; John Crawford, Ballymena; Barbara Gildea, Coleraine
Class 93 - Girls (10 and 11 years)  "The Clothes Line"  Oole
Hilary Moody, Coleraine; Jean Hodges, Mosside; Maureen Lynas, Coleraine; Pamela Graham, Coleraine; Norma Lynn, Coleraine; Judith Anderson, Coleraine; Margt. R. McConaghy, Stranocum; Ruth Creith, Mosside; Heather Logan, Coleraine; Ann Millar, Coleraine; Elza Purdy, Coleraine; Shelagh McKay, Dervock; Ann Rathbone, Garvagh; Yvonne Adair, Coleraine; Violet Gray, Coleraine; Christine Macready, Coleraine; Marina Rosborough, Coleraine; Roisin Magee, Coleraine; Mary Creith, Mosside; Pearl Cassells, Coleraine; Bobbie McDonald, Coleraine; Myrna Law, Coleraine; Rosemary Smith, Coleraine; Jane Anderson, Portstewart; Betty Laverty, Stranocum; Jean McElheran, Stranocum; Mae Doherty, Coleraine; Elma Adams, Coleraine; Rita Calvin, Coleraine; Georgina McGarry, Stranocum; Sheila Anderson, Coleraine; Maureen Cassells, Coleraine; Betty Feeney, Mosside

Adjudicator - Mr. Michael Head, F.R.A.M.

Class 27 - Girls' Open Solo (under 15 years)  "The Moon"  Schubert
Rosemary Quinn, Portrush; jean Scott, Ballymoney; May Craig, Ballymoney; Amanda Traversari, Portstewart; Gladys McClelland, Ballymoney; Vivien Cobban, Coleraine; Irene Maxwell, Coleraine; Jean Cox, Coleraine; Mary Honeywell, Coleraine; Mary Walker, Kilrea; John Hull, Aghadowey; Sheena Ferguson, Coleraine; Irene Taylor, Coleraine; Avril Kincaid, Coleraine; Joan McMaster, Ballymena; Ray Lynn, Ballymena; Margaret Hamilton, Coleraine; Ann Hamilton, Coleraine; Evelyn Farren, Coleraine; Janet Watt, Coleraine; Marion Lyttle, Londonderry; Helen Hamilton, Ballymena; Sheila O'Connell, Ballymoney; Jennifer Darragh, Coleraine; Mary Caskey, Coleraine; Moyra McCurdy, Portrush; Joan Anderson, Coleraine; Meta McConaghie, Ballymoney; Iris Hamill, Coleraine; Mollie McIntyre, Ballymoney; Pat O'Brien, Ballymoney; Yvonne Shelley, Belfast; Elizabeth Tennant, Castlerock; Helen Warke, Coleraine; Ina Simpson, Coleraine; Florence Stoops, Belfast; Anne Millar, Randalstown; Lily McCready, Ballymena; Dorothy McQuigg, Coleraine; Mary Troy, Coleraine; Isobel Dunlop, Coleraine; Marjorie Douglas, Portrush; Ann Palmer, Portrush; Margaret McAusland, Belfast
Class 29 - Boys' Open Solo (under 15 years)  "The Turtle Dove"  arr. Vaughan Williams
Gordon McCloud, Belfast; James Brewster, Ballymoney; Mervyn Wallace, Rasharkin; Pat Bannon, Ballymoney; Adrian Thompson, Belfast; William Murdock, Ballymoney; Walter Yates, Coleraine; Victor Lyttle, Londonderry; Allen Loughridge, Portrush; Kenneth Wright, Londonderry; Roy Alcorn, Ballymoney; Charles Leeke, Aghadowey; Edgar Stewart, Portrush
Class 31 - Prepared Song and Accompaniment (under 17 years)
Constance Warnock and Olive Courtney, Belfast; Moyra McCurdy and May Craig, Portrush
Class 28 - Girls' Open Solo (under 17 years)  "Oran-a-Chree"  Bell (arr. Roberton)
Dorothy Harbison, Coleraine; Iris Watton, Ballymoney; Constance Warnock, Belfast; Hester Neill, Limavady; Betty Stirling, Ballymoney; Margaret Torrens, Aghadowey; George Proctor, Kilrea; Connie Sherrard, Coleraine; Sheila McNabb, Coleraine; Elizabeth Johnston, Cullybackey; Iris McMahon, Belfast; Ethel Allen, Ballymena; May Boyd, Ballymoney; Elizabeth White, Ballymoney; Ann Smith, Coleraine; Mary Walker, Kilrea; Jean Reid, Coleraine; Pearl Johnston, Ballymena; Emily Craig, Coleraine; Tilly O'Hagan, Londonderry; Pamela Moran, Londonderry; Edna McKendry, Portrush
Class 30 - Junior Folk Song (under 17 years)
Irene Taylor, Coleraine; Sheila McNabb, Coleraine; Gordon McCloud, Belfast; Robert Stewart, Ballymena; Sheelane Moore, Ballymena; Kenneth Wright, Londonderry; Ann Smith, Coleraine; Constance Warnock, Belfast; Florence Stoops, Belfast; Adrian Thompson, Belfast; Isobel Dunlop, Coleraine; Wilfred Steele, Coleraine; Margaret McAusland, Belfast

Class 21 - Senior Girls' Solo (under 15 years)  "Lullaby"  Bury
June Porteous, Coleraine; Margaret Edgar, Coleraine; Elizabeth Beattie, Coleraine; Irene Maxwell, Coleraine; Elizabeth McMurtry, Culcrow; Grace Steele, Coleraine; Evelyn Shaw, Cloyfin; Janette Auld, Coleraine; Iris McDermott, Culcrow; Betty Kirkpatrick, Coleraine; Patricia Yates, Coleraine; Wilma McDowell, Coleraine; Marion McClements, Coleraine; Isobel Moffatt, Coleraine; Maureen Sproule, Coleraine; Laura Davis, Coleraine; Millie McIntyre, Ballymoney; Kathleen Hamill, Coleraine; Ruby McDonald, Coleraine; Lorna Anderson, Coleraine; Margaret Murray, Coleraine; Margaret Beattie, Coleraine
Class 54 - Action Song (Open) (under 12 years)
Waveney Singers (Infants) 'B'; Waveney Singers (Infants) 'A'; Broadway Chorus 'A'
Class 55 - Singing Game (Open) (under 12 years)
Broadway Chorus 'B'; Waveney Infants, Ballymena; Waveney Junior Singers, Ballymena
Class 77 - Junior Piano Duet (under 15 years)  "On The Village Green"  (No. 3 of "Romantic Sketches" - Dunhill
Mary Briggs and Bernadette Bacon, Portstewart; Nan Conley and Zoe Kirk, Garvagh; Sadie Peacock and Patricia McFetridge, Portrush; Doreen McBurney and Olive Wilson, Coleraine; Joan Dilworth and Joy McKay, Limavady; Ann Hamilton and Ann Woods, Coleraine; Catherine Sleator and Eileen Moore, Ballymoney; Claire McAtamney and Cynthia Hinds, Portstewart; Mary Honeywell and Jennifer Bryson, Coleraine; Carmel McKenna and Rosemary Quigley, Coleraine
Class 71a - Junior Song and Chorus (under 17 years)
Waveney Singers "D" Ballymena; Portrush Girls' Choir; Waveney Singers (Infants), Ballymena; Waveney Singers "A" Ballymena; Waveney Singers "B" Ballymena; Waveney Singers "C" Ballymena
Class 79 - Senior Piano Duet (over 17 years)  "Round Dance" from "Wedding Music"  Opus 45, No. 3  Jenson
Colette Harkin and Doreen Gilmartin, Coleraine
Class 26 - Girls' Open Solo (under 12 years)  "The Bouquet of Rosemary"
Annabel Lees, Cloyfin; Maureen Holmes, Kilrea; Maureen Lynas, Coleraine; Valerie Smith, Coleraine; Rosemary Smith, Coleraine; Olivia McFetridge, Portrush; Ann Kirkpatrick, Ballymoney; Moyra McAuley, Ballymoney; Pearl Bloomfield, Kilrea; Lorna Murray, Coleraine; Elizabeth Hamilton, Londonderry; Marina Rosborough, Coleraine; Janette Simpson, Castlerock; Joyce Lecky, Belfast; Margaret Ross, Ballymena; Eliza Purdy, Coleraine; Ann Millar, Coleraine; Alberta Herron, Belfast; Norah Bailey, Ballymoney; Susan Lindsay, Portrush; Olive Campbell, Ballymoney; Sheila Mulholland, Ballymoney; Kay Smith, Kilrea; Barbara Gildea, Coleraine; Joy Gourlay, Randalstown; Myrna Law, Coleraine; Daphne Taggart, Portrush; Elizabeth Getty, Ballymoney; Anne Rathbone, Garvagh; Ann Hammond, Ballymoney; Daphne Harkness, Ballymoney; Mary McLaughlin, Ballymoney; Heather Logan, Coleraine; Dorothy Teer, Belfast; Maureen Nicholl, Ballymena; Freda Pyper, Ballymoney; Madeline Stevenson, Ballymoney; Helen Hurst, Ballymena; Margaret McLaughlin, Ballymoney; Catherine Sleator, Ballymoney; Pearl Cassells, Coleraine; Eileen Moore, Dervock; Sylvia Wylie, Portrush; Iris Steele, Coleraine; Alma Hall, Portrush; Bernie Tinckler, Portrush; Doreen Douglas, Portrush; Audrey Dobbin, Portrush; Sylvia McMullan, Portrush; Isabelle Joyce, Portrush; Dorothy Pollock, Ballymoney; Gloria Dorrity, Londonderry
Class 25 - Infants' Open Solo (under 9 years)  "The Paper Boat"  Stuart Young
Maisie Lennox, Portrush; Ann Read, Ballymena; Irene Torrens, Ballymoney; Elizabeth Wilson, Belfast; Eileen Doherty, Coleraine; Roberta Callaghan, Castlerock; Eileen Mulholland, Ballymoney; Gloria Torrens, Ballymoney; Carole McCormick, Belfast; Ann Snoddon, Coleraine; Doreen Barr, Coleraine; Kenneth Blair, Castlerock; Elizabeth Murray, Ballymena; Maisie Lennox, Portrush; Andrew Murdock, Ballymoney; Deirdre Compton, Ballymoney; Ann Connor, Coleraine; Myrtle Brown, Belfast; Fiona Clarke, Coleraine; Margaret McLaughlin, Portrush; Jacqueline Mills, Coleraine; John Leitch, Ballymoney; Linda Brown, Belfast; Vola Stevenson, Ballymoney; William Colburn, Ballymoney; Margaret McCracken, Ballymoney; Beryl Lavery, Belfast; Margaret Loughridge, Portrush; Sylvia Hartley, Portrush; Richard Bennett, Portrush; Valerie Louden, Ballymoney
Class 74 - Piano Solo (under 15)  "Gig in G"  T. S. Arne
Ann Hamilton, Coleraine; Bernadette Baron, Portstewart; Zoe Kirk, Garvagh; Sylvia Simpson, Coleraine; Mary Briggs, Portstewart; Adrian Anderson, Portstewart; Mary Honeywell, Coleraine; Claire McAtamney, Portstewart; Lorna Anderson, Coleraine; Agnes Hoy, Ahoghill; Annabel Woodrow, Cullybackey; Doreen McBurney, Coleraine; Patricia Doherty, Portstewart; Nan Conley, Garvagh; May Craig, Ballymoney; Margaret Bryson, Castlerock; Olive Callaghan, Castlerock; Cynthia Hinds, Portstewart
Class 19 - Junior Girls' Solo (under 12 years)  "My Bonny Cuckoo"  arr. Whittaker
Reba Glass, Kilrea; Pearl Bloomfield, Kilrea; Anne Hammond, Ballymoney; Yvonne Adair, Coleraine; Anne Moore, Coleraine; Dorothy Pollock, Ballymoney; Dehra Barr, Coleraine; Iris Steele, Coleraine; Edna Millar, Coleraine; Barbara Gildea, Coleraine; Marina Rosborough, Coleraine; Mae Doherty, Coleraine; Irene Lynn, Cloyfin; Sheila Mulholland, Ballymoney; Eileen Mulholland, Ballymoney; Kay Smith, Kilrea; Daphne Taggart, Portrush; Eliza Purdy, Coleraine; Freda Pyper, Ballymoney; Moyra McAuley, Ballymoney; Pearl Cassells, Coleraine; Annabel Lees, Cloyfin; Nan McMichael, Coleraine; Sally Thompson, Coleraine; Eileen Moore, Dervock; Eleanor Guthrie, Coleraine; Dorothy Tosh, Coleraine; Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, Ballymoney; Maureen Holmes, Kilrea; Janette Simpson, Castlerock; Madeline Stevenson, Ballymoney; Margaret Proctor, Kilrea; Heather Logan, Coleraine; Myrna Law, Coleraine; Olive Campbell, Stranocum; Catherine Sleator, Ballymoney; Freda Nicholl, Cloyfin; Olivia McFetridge, Portrush; Rosemary Smith, Coleraine; Roselene Campbell, Kilrea
Class 58 - Rural Sunday School Choirs - Certificate for Conductor
First Dunboe Presbyterian Church Junior Choir; Ballywatt Presbyterian Church Sunday School Choir
Class 61 - Open Juvenile Choirs (under 18 years) - Certificate for Conductor
(a) "Song of the Music Makers" - Martin Shaw  (b) Girls' High School, Coleraine - Michael Head
Dominican Convent Choir, Portstewart; Girls' High School, Coleraine
Class 50 - Female Voice Trio  "Orpheus With His Lute"  Ed. German - Dominican Convent Trio, Portstewart
Class 59 - Sunday School Choirs - Bryans Memorial Challenge Shield, presented by Former Pupils of Killowen Primary School, Coleraine, in memory of "The Master" - the late Mr. W. J. Bryans, Principal from 1906 to 1940 - (a) A Child this day is Born"  (b) Hymn or Psalm of Own Choice  arr. H. A. Chambers
New Row Presbyterian Church Sunday School Choir, Coleraine; First Coleraine Presbyterian Church Sunday School Choir; St. James's Presbyterian Sunday School Choir, Ballymoney; Portrush Presbyterian Church Sunday School Choir
Class 75 - Piano Solo (under 17 years)  "Gavotte and Musette in G"  Bach
Joyce Millar, Coleraine; Angela McAlister, Portstewart; Ann Sloan, Coleraine; Gene McAtamney, Portstewart
Class 60 - Junior Hymn Singing (under 15 years)
First Coleraine Presbyterian Church Sunday School Choir; Portrush Presbyterian Church Evening Sunday School Junior Choir; Irish Society's Girls' Choir; New Row Presbyterian Church Sunday School Choir, Coleraine; Killowen Primary School, Coleraine; Ballywatt Presbyterian Church Sunday School Choir
Class 9 - Junior Girls' Choirs (under 12 years)  (a) "Christopher's Carol"  (b) Own Choice  arr. Lyle
Ballymoney Model Primary School; Irish Society's Junior Girls' Choir; Kilrea Primary School; Killowen Primary School Girls' Choir
Class 8 - Infants' Choirs (under 9 years)  (a) "Pear Tree and Plum Tree"  (b) Own Choice"  Alec Rowley
Irish Society's Infants' Choir; Ballymoney Model Primary School; Killowen Primary School Choir
Class 18 - Infants' Solo (under 9 years)  "When Granpa was a Little Girl Like Me"
Ann Snoddon, Coleraine; Kathleen Hartin, Coleraine; Rosemary Dinsmore, Coleraine; David Kelly, Coleraine; Ann Leacey, Coleraine; Deirdre Magee, Coleraine; Pearl Laughlin, Coleraine; Elizabeth Hanson, Coleraine; Drew Murdock, Ballymoney; Bertie Millar, Coleraine; William Colburn, Ballymoney; Mary Peden, Coleraine; Harry McGrath, Coleraine; William Kane, Coleraine; Deirdre Compton, Ballymoney; Valerie Louden, Ballymoney; Paddy Christie, Coleraine; Margaret McCracken, Ballymoney; Jacqueline Mills, Coleraine; Kenneth Vauls, Coleraine; Eileen Doherty, Coleraine
Class 10 - Junior Boys' Choir (under 12 years)  (a) "Sailor's Song"  (b) Own Choice  "Sing Care Away"
The Hon. the Irish Society's Boys' School "A";  Killowen Primary School Boys' Choir; The Hon. the Irish Society's Boys' School "B"
Class 20 - Junior Boys' Solo (under 12 years)  "The Open Road"  Walford Davies
Samuel McCracken, Coleraine; Jim Wray, Coleraine; George Musgrave, Coleraine; Kenneth Johnston, Kilrea; Paul Clayton, Coleraine; Roy Overend, Ballymoney; Brian Tuson, Coleraine; Ivan Lake, Coleraine; Harry Mitchell, Coleraine; Tommy Murray, Coleraine; David McCracken, Ballymoney; Terry Houston, Coleraine; Hubert Doey, Coleraine; Harold Hunter, Coleraine; John Lennox, Ballymoney; Allen Loughridge, Portrush; Russell Farrow, Coleraine; Brian Walls, Coleraine; Wilbert Crawford, Coleraine
Class 53 - Infants' Choirs (Open) (under 9 years)  "Butterfly"  arr. Stuart Young
Irish Society's Infants' Choir; Kilrea Primary School Infants' Choir
Class 13A - Boys' Choirs (Confined to Grammar and Intermediate Schools) (a) "Papageno's Song"  (b) "The Robin's Last Will" - Coleraine Intermediate Boys' Choir
Class 11 - Junior Mixed Choirs (under 12 years)  (a) "Reveille"  (b) Own Choice  Dyson
Ballymoney Model Primary School Choir; Killowen Primary School Mixed Choir
Class 13 - Senior Boys' Choirs (under 15 years)  (a) "A Song of Praise"  (b) Own Choice  Eric Thiman  Coleraine Intermediate Boys' Choir
Class 1 - Unaccompanied Choirs  (a) "The Shepherd"  (b) Own Choice  Walford Davies
Drumtullagh Primary School Choir; Gorran Primary School
Class 15 - Sight Reading (Rural Districts only) - Gorran Primary School
Class 3 - Unaccompanied Choirs  (a) "Twilight Lullaby"  (b) Own Choice  Dunhill - Kilrea Primary School; Blagh Primary School
Class 6 - Rural Infants' Choirs (under 9 years)  (a) "The Fairy Shoe Shop  (b) Own Choice   Stuart Young - Blagh Primary School
Class 7 - Rural Infants' Solo (under 9 years)  "Brown Bread"  J. Easson
Isobel Adams, Kilrea; Patricia Hinds, Blagh; Doreen Daly, Blagh; Anne McCloy, Kilrea; Roseleen Small, Blagh; Elizabeth Warnock, Eden; Reggie Leeke, Aghadowey; Una McKay, Blagh
Class 17 - Sight Reading (over 12 years) - Coleraine County Intermediate Junior Girls' Choir
Class 4 - Accompanied Choirs  C.M.F.A. Challenge Shield  Martin Shaw (a) "The Caravan" (b) Own Choice
Blagh Primary School; Kilrea Primary School
Class 56 - Open Class for Rural School Children (a) "Sweet Nightingale" (b) own choice  arr. Gould and Sharp - Blagh Primary School
Class 85 - Senior Violin Solo  "Allegreto"  Wolstenholme - Mr. McKeown, Ballymoney
Class 69 - Church Choirs  (a) "Sweet is the Work" (b) Hymn or Psalm (Own Choice)  Robson
Sr. James's Presbyterian Church Choir, Ballymoney; New Row Presbyterian Church Choir, Coleraine; Ballymena Methodist Church Choir
Class 63 - Female Voice Choirs - Mary Wakefield Medallion (to be held for one year) (a) "O, Can Ye Sew Cushions?" (b) "Come Let Us All A-Maying Go"  arr. Bantock; Handel (arr. Diack) - Coleraine Linnets
Class 71b - Senior Song and Chorus - Test as Class 71a
Salisbury Male Song and Chorus, Ballymena; Braidwater Old Stagers, Ballymena; Albert Chorus "A" Ballymena; Braidwater Singers "B" Ballymena; Albert Chorus "C" Ballymena; Braidwater Singers "A"; Albert Chorus "B" Ballymena; Braidwater Singers "C" Ballymena; Ballymoney Old Stagers "A"; Ballymoney Old Stagers "B"
Class 65 - Mixed Voice Choirs - Challenge Cup, presented by the late A. J. Cunningham, Esq., Hon. A.R.C.M.  (a) "When Mary Through the Garden Went" - Stanford; (b) !Spring Comes Laughing" - Bach (arr. Baker)
Stanleigh's Mixed Voice Choir, Coleraine; Limavady Choral Society
Class 70 - Rural Church Choirs - Two Contrasting Hymns of Own Choice - First Presbyterian Church Choir, Ahoghill; Aghadowey Presbyterian Church Choir
Class 68 - Rural Psalmody Choirs (from Metrical Psalter) (a) Psalm 106 (1-5) Tune: Dunfermline - Psalm 84 (1-3) Tune: Harington
Aghadowey Presbyterian Church Choir; First Presbyterian Church Choir, Ahoghill
Class 67 - Adult Hymn Singing
New Row Presbyterian Church Choir, Coleraine; First Presbyterian Church Choir, Ahoghill; Congregational Church Choir, Coleraine; Limavady Choral Society; Ballymena Methodist Church Choir; St. James's Presbyterian Church Choir, Ballymoney
Class 32 - Elementary Solo  Female Voice: "The Little Road to Bethlehem"  Any Key.  Michael Head
Miss Maureen Anderson, Cullybackey; Miss Noma Campbell, Belfast; Miss Daphne Smith, Portstewart; Miss D. Sherrard, Magilligan; Miss Beth McIntyre, Ballymoney; Miss Hester Neill, Limavady; Miss Joy Graham, Londonderry; Miss Marjorie Robinson, Ballymena; Miss Irene Crooks, Belfast; Miss Margaret Anderson, Coleraine; Miss Helen Weir, Londonderry; Miss Oonagh Stenton, Sion Mills; Miss Kathleen Wilkinson, Portrush
Male Voice: "Come My Own One" Any Key arr. Butterworth
Mr. Maurice C. Evans, Londonderry; Mr. Phil Coyle, Londonderry; Mr. Gerald Hegarty, Londonderry; Mr. Johnston Erwin, Ahoghill; Mr. Con Glackin, Londonderry; Mr. T. Cooper, Londonderry; Mr. Saml. B. Hughes, Ballymena; Mr. Patrick McShane, Londonderry; Mr. C. Slevin, Londonderry; Mr. Jas. Toland, Londonderry; Mr. B. Clifford, Londonderry; Mr. Michael McIvor, Londonderry; Mr. F. Browne, Londonderry; Mr. Tom O'Hara, Londonderry; Mr. Michael Brennan, Londonderry; Mr. Raymond Coyle, Londonderry; Mr. R. McManus, Londonderry
Class 34 - Mezzo-Soprano Solo  "Star Candles"  Michael Head
Miss Doreen Thompson, G'hill; Miss Gwyneth J. Garrett, Belfast; Miss Daphne L. Smith, Portstewart; Miss Deirdre Sherrard, Magilligan; Miss Rosie Warke, Portrush
Class 46 - Folk Song (any country)
Miss Mae Magee, Larne "Open the door softly"; Miss Gwyneth J. Garrett, Belfast "Sweet Nightingale"; Miss Noma Campbell, Belfast; Miss Elizabeth Dodds, Bangor "O Waly, Waly"; Mr. David Watkins, Belfast; Mr. William McAteer, Belfast "The Crocodile"; Miss Rosie Warke, Portrush
Class 38 - Bass Solo "King Charles"  M. V. White - Mr. Gordon Ion, Londonderry;
Class 36 - Tenor Solo "Sigh No More, Ladies"  Aiken - Mr. Wm. Wood, Londonderry; Mr. Jack Burnett, Ballymena; Mr. Robt. T. Hamilton, Londonderry
Class 41 - Interpretation
Mr. Hugo Weir, Ballymena; Miss Mae Magee, Larne "Silent Noon" (Vaughan Williams) "Churn-in' Day" (N. Hay); Miss Elizabeth Dodds, Bangor "Silver" (Armstrong Gibbs) "Grace for Light" (Hamilton Harty"; Mr. Gordon C. Douglas, Londonderry "The Estuary" (Michael Head) "Tally-ho" (Franco Leoni); Mr. David Watkins, Belfast; Mr. William McAteer, Belfast "The Vagabond" (Vaughan Williams) "Now sleeps the crimson petal (Quilter)
Class 37 - Baritone Solo "Sweethearts and Wives"  Michael Head
Mr. Liam Donnelly, Ballymena; Mr. John Kelly, Ballycastle; Mr. William McAteer, Belfast; Mr. Alex. Duddy, Limavady; Mr. J. Simmons, Portrush
Class 35 - Contralto Solo "Come, Take Your Lute"  Michael Head
Miss Enid Foster Hall, Eglinton; Miss Carol R. Chambers, Lisburn; Miss Mae Magee, Larne
Class 49 - Duet (any two voices)
Misses Sadie Kennedy and Doreen Thompson, Ballymena "Trot Here and There" (Messagers"; Mr. and Mrs. W. McAteer, Belfast; Misses K. Wilkinson and R. Warke, Portrush; Misses S. Palmer and E. McKendry, Portrush; Misses D. and R. Douglas, Portrush
Class 40 - Sacred Solo
Miss Margaret McVey, Belfast; Miss Mae Magee, Larne "Return, O God of Hosts" (Handel); Miss Gwyneth J. Garrett, Belfast; Miss Daphne L. Smyth, Portstewart "He Hath Regarded" (Bach); Miss Joan Ferris, Londonderry; Mrs. M. McAteer, Belfast "How Beautiful are the Feet" "Messiah" (Handel); Miss Josephine Gregg, Londonderry; Mr. J. G. Allen, Limavady
Class 33 - Soprano Solo  "As When the Dove"  Handel
Mrs. E. Kenny, Cullybackey; Miss Elizabeth Dodds, Bangor; Miss Joan Ferris, Londonderry; Mrs. M. McAteer, Belfast; Miss Josephine Gregg, Coleraine; Miss S. Kennedy, Ballymena; Miss Mildred Gaston, Castledawson
Class 42 - Operatic Solo
Mr. Hugo Weir, Ballymena "Questa O Quella" "Rigoletto" (Verdi); Miss Margaret McVey, Belfast; Miss Mae Magee, Larne O Peaceful England" (Ed. German); Miss Elizabeth Dodds, Bangor; Miss M. E. Hamilton, Londonderry; Mr. J. Simmons, Portrush
Class 48 - Lieder Class
Miss Josephine Gregg and Mr. William Canning
Class 45 - Gaelic Folk Song - Mr. David Watkins, Belfast
Class 47 - Moore's Irish Melodies (any voice)
Miss Mae Magee, Larne "At the mid hour of night"; Miss Elizabeth Dodds, Bangor "Believe me if all these endearing young charms"; Miss Daphne L. Smyth, Portstewart; Miss Deirdre Sherrard, Magilligan; Mr. Gordon Malcolm, Londonderry "The Harp that once"; Mr. David Watkins, Belfast; Miss Margaret Anderson, Coleraine; Mr. J. Simmons, Portrush
Class 43 - Scots Song (Traditional)
Miss Eva Douglas, Londonderry "There Grows a Bonny Brier Bush"; Mr. David Watkins, Belfast; Miss Mae Magee, Larne "O can ye sew Cushions"; Mr. Gordon C. Douglas, Londonderry "Wee Willie Winkie"; Mr. William McAteer, Belfast "The Wee Cooper o' Fife"; Miss Margaret Anderson, Coleraine; Mr. Gordon Malcolm, Londonderry
Class 44 - Irish Folk Song
Miss Elizabeth Dodds, Bangor "I have a bonnet"; Miss Deirdre Sherrard, Magilligan; Miss Mae Magee, Larne "The Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe"; Mr. Raymond Barr, Coleraine; Miss Eva Douglas, Londonderry "Granny's Advice"; Mr. David Watkins, Belfast; Miss Dorothy Harbison, Coleraine; Mr. W. McAteer, Belfast "Bonnie Wee Lass"; Mr. John G. Allen, Limavady; Mr. Gordon Malcolm, Londonderry
Class 52 - Male Voice Quartette "The White Paternoster"  Walford Davies
Cross-Channel Dockers "A" Londonderry; Cross-Channel Dockers "C" Londonderry; Cross-Channel Dockers "B" Londonderry; Cross-Channel Dockers "D" Londonderry
Class 64 - Male Voice Choirs (a) "Lyke-Wake Dirge" Roberton; (b) "Down in Yon Summer Vale" Wood - Cross-Channel Dockers Choir, Londonderry
Class 73 - Piano Solo (under 12 years) Finale from Divertimento No. 14  Mozart (arr. Thiman)
Georgie Avrell, Limavady; Rita Allen, Limavady; Valerie Smith, Coleraine; Marina Rosborough, Coleraine; Dorothy Dysart, Coleraine; Irene Thorpe, Limavady; Madeline Stevenson, Ballymoney; Ray Morrison, Limavady; Caroline Hutchinson, Portstewart; Graham Mills, Limavady; Ian Morrison, Portstewart; Margaret Lyons, Limavady; Jenny Bryson, Castlerock; Maureen Lynas, Coleraine; Rae Dinsmore, Coleraine; Eileen Moore, Dervock; Sheila Mulholland, Ballymoney; Ann Millar, Coleraine; Catherine Sleator, Ballymoney; Elizabeth McKay, Portstewart; Sylvia Wylie, Portrush
Class 72 - Infants' Piano Solo (under 9 years) No. 9 of "My First Tunes"  Kaby Mason
Margaret McLaughlin, Portrush; Lesley McFarland, Londonderry; Pamela Twaddle, Ballymoney; Eileen Mulholland, Ballymoney; Henry Hutchinson, Portstewart; Delma Avrell, Limavady; Ann Hammond, Ballymoney; Sheenagh Magee, Coleraine; Eileen Taylor, Coleraine; Deirdre Magee, Coleraine; Raymond McConkey, Coleraine; Caroline Hutchinson, Portstewart; Frances Chantler, Portstewart; Pearl Laughlin, Coleraine; Carole Magrath, Coleraine; Catherine Sleator, Ballymoney; Shirley Hill, Coleraine; Irene Watson, Londonderry; Moira McCracken, Limavady; Valerie Louden, Ballymoney; Joan Russell, Portrush; Katherine Noble, Coleraine; Rosemary Doak, Londonderry; Fiona Clarke, Coleraine; Patricia Lawther, Portrush; Anna Morrison, Portstewart; Elizabeth Anderson, Londonderry; Marie Lennox, Portrush; Heather Anderson, Portstewart; Hazel Irwin, Coleraine
Class 80 - Accompanying at Sight (Under 17 years) - Ann Sloan, Coleraine
Class 22 - Senior Boys' Solo (under 15 years) "Mister Sailor Man"  Alec Rowley
Andrew Dinsmore, Coleraine; Donald Leighton, Cloyfin; Desmond Hull, Coleraine; Winston Lyle, Coleraine
Class 78 - Intermediate Piano Duet (under 17 years) "The Lass of Richmond Hill"
Ann Sloan and Margaret Ussher, Coleraine; Angela McAlister and Gene McAtamney, Portstewart; Bried Harkin and Susan Brolly, Coleraine; Suzanne Currie and Eileen Cowan, Coleraine
Class 76 - Piano Solo (Adult) "Nocturne in E. Flat" Op. 9, No. 2  Chopin
Miss Mary Dobson, Letterkenny; Miss Gina Simpson, Castlerock; Miss Rose McCullagh, Limavady
Class 81 - Accompanying at Sight (over 17 years) - Miss Mary Dobson, Letterkenny
Class 12 - Senior Girls' Choirs (under 15 years) (a) "O'er the Smooth Enamelled Green" (b) Own Choice  Bach
Coleraine Intermediate School "A"; Coleraine Intermediate School "B"

The Dr. H. A. Anderson Cup (in memoriam) will be awarded to the Choir in Classes 1-14 obtaining the highest number of marks
Challenge Cup, presented by Miss Margaret McKay, in memory of her sister, for the most promising voice in the children's Solo Classes


This is a list of names of men who worked at Harland and Wolff's Belfast
The first list is in 1912 and includes addresses
(the writing isn't very clear)



Signed by:- (78 names)

Alexander, George, W., 49, Annalee Street , Foreman Shipwright

Alexander, Robert, 44, Edinburgh Street , Caulker

Beasant, John J., 44, Spencer Street , Foreman Shipwright

Beggs, John, Sol. (solicitor?), Belfast

Beggs, John, 5, Old Lodge Road

Black, Samuel, 6, Southport Street

Boyd, Robert, Sailmaker, 208, Hillman Street

Buchanan, William, Dyer, 8, Tasmania Street

Collins, William James, 25, Rutland Street , Caulker

Coope, Edward, Caretaker

Cowes (or could be Lowes?), Edward Reuben, 22, Pandora Street , Fitter

Dale, David, B.A, Student, 22, Roosevelt Street

Dougherty, Robert, Labourer

Emerson, William, Van man, 4, Ernley (?) Street (4 Emily Place in 1918 SD and Ulster Covenant)

Ferguson , William, Grocer, 22, Manor Street, & 13, Beechpark Street

Fitzsimmons, Richard, Wireman, 106, Hillman Street

Fitzsimmons, William

Gilson, Robert, 46, Ramore (canover?) Street

Fleming, Henry, 1, Maruna Place , Holywood, Riveter (Marine Place, Kinnegar)

Gilliland, William, 2, Tudor Place , under Foreman

Glynn, Edward, Commercial Traveller, Glenburn Park

Graham, Edward, 197 Woodstock Road , Foreman Rigger

Grainger, William, Shirtcutter, 15, Ruth Street

Greer, Thomas, 84, Dee Street , Leading Fitter

Gribbins (Gribben?), John, Sanitary Inspector, 45, Fortwilliam Street (Gribbin, John, 48 Fortwilliam Parade)

Hanna, Matthew, 8, Meadow Street , Student

Healey, Patrick, 16, Peters Hill

Hedley, David, Shipwright, 37, Spencer Street

Hewitt, Hugh, 61, Bryson Street , Foreman Caulker

Hollway, George, 18, Edlingham Street , Shipwright (Holloway)

Houston, James, 6, Daisyvale Terrace, Riveter

Johnston, John, Machineman, 8, St Paul Street

Johnstone, Thomas M, Reverend, Newington Church, Belfast

Johnston, William, 180, North Queen Street

Kingan, Thomas, 114, Templemore Avenue , Foreman Riveter

Kirkpatrick, John, 23, Manor Street , Law Clerk

Kirkpatrick, Samuel D., 57, Cedar Avenue

Lowes (or could be Cowes ?), Edward Reuben, 22, Pandora Street , Fitter

McAdam, Samuel, Foreman Shipwright

Mackay, Labourer, 87, Hillman Street

McAlpine, Charles, 19, Mountchest (?) Street (20 McCalpin Mountcashel Street)

McCracken, James, Plater’s Labourer, 22, Bute Street

McDonald, Robert, 47, Jaffa Street , Riveter

McGovran, Publican, 252/4, Old Lodge Road

McCloskey, John, 1a, Meadow Street , Plumber

McClarin, William, 58, Greenore Street , Riveter

McNeice, Hugh, Painter, 34, Summer Street

Mallon, Charles, Spirit Dealer, 59, Summer Street

Maneely, Robert, Fitter, 13, Hallidays Road

Martin, Robert, Old Park Road , Belfast

Martin, Walter, Pawnbroker, 146, North Queen Street

McLernon, J. A., Solicitor

Millar, Samuel, Labourer, 40, Carnalea Street

Millar, Samuel, 25, Greenmount Street , Fitter

Mitchell, Robert D., (Gardener?)

Morrison, Samuel, 219 (or 279?), Shankill Road

Munn, Adam, 30, Evelyn Avenue , Shipwright

Murtagh, James, Cliftonville Hotel, Belfast

Patterson, William, Motor & Cycle Agent, Summer Street

J. H. Pym, Merchant, Belfast

Quigley, William, 40, Maryvale, Street, Joiner

Quinn, James, 1, Parkend Street , Joiner

Rea, John, Flax Dresser, 43, Mervue Street

Rolston, Joseph, hairdresser, 175, North Queen Street

Rosboro, Thomas B. 160, North Queen Street  (Rossborough)

Sands, Alexander, 15, Dee Street, Caulker

Saulter, Robert, 16, Victoria Avenue , Fitter

Scott, William H., Grocer, Old Park Road , Belfast

Sheriff, James, 14, Victoria Avenue , Ship’s Joiner

Smyth, Albert E., 33, Walnut Street , Joiner

Sibbens, William, 292, Old Lodge Road (Sibbins)

Spottiswood, J. J. (or F?), 6, Rowan Street , Joiner

Steele, William, 37, Kilronan Street , Storeman

Stobo, Thomas, 24, Iseral ( Israel ?) Street, Plumber (Stolo)

Taylor, David, 16, Carlingon (?), Painter (maybe Carrington?)

Topping, John James, Teacher, 1, Elmgrove Street

Tregenna, Robert, H., 60, Hillman Street , Plumber

Welsh, Thomas, Labourer, 103, St. Leonard ’s Street

West, William George, 150, York Street , Grocer

Wise, William, 19 Old Park Road (Wiseman in the directory)

This is a list of names of men who worked at Harland and Wolff's Belfast
This second list is in 1915
(the writing isn't very clear


For The Release from prison of a shipyard worker

To His Excellency The Lord Lieutenant Governor General of Ireland

Received 10 June 1915

Signed :+431 names´

Adams, John, Labourer
Addis, James
Agnew, James, Driller
Agnew, Samuel, Riveter
Agnew, Samuel, Rigger
Agnew, William N., Clerk
Alexander, Robert, Leading Hand Caulker
Apsley, George, Labourer
Arnold, James, Plater
Auld (or could be Field) James, Caulker
Austin, Geoffrey, Joiner
Bailie, William J., Caulker
Ball, Alex., C., Clerk
Band (Bank?), James, Caulker
Barnes, Robert, Warehouseman
Baxter, James, Labourer
Barry, Marcus S. Riveter
Bates, Robert, Blacksmith
Beattie, Robert, Caulker
Beattie, William, Caulker
Beasant, Hugh, Charles, Leading Hand Riveter

Beasant, John James, Leading Shipwright
Beckett, Isaac, Carter
Beckett, J., Caulker
, Robert, Driller
, William, Caulker
Bennett, Charles, Caulker
Billinghurst, Ali.(?) Tho., Caulker
Bingham, James, Leading Hand Driller
Black, James, Caulker
Blackstock, John, Clerk
Blair, William, Caulker
Boiles, William, Caulker
Bousel, Thomas, W. Caulker
Boyce, Hugh, Caulker
Boyd, Robert
Boyd, William, Clerk
Boyd, William, Leading Hand Riveter
Boyle, Robert, Helper
Boyle, Sam, Caulker
Bradshaw, Joseph, Joiner
Briggs, Robert
Briggs, W. J.
Bryce, Robert, Fitter
Brown, David, Riveter
Brown, Hugh, Rigger
Brown, Thomas, Joiner
Brown, William, Caulker
Brown, William, Stager
Brownlow, John, Caulker
Bryans, T., Caulker
Bunting, Alexander, Cosgrave Street

Burns, Alex., Clerk
Burrell, David, Caulker
Campbell, Alfred
Campbell, Charles, Caulker
Campbell, James, Caulker
Campbell,, John*
Campbell, John, Caulker (*not same handwriting as above)

Carlisle , Robert, Plater
, William J., Joiner
Carey, William, Caulker
Carson, Samuel, Labourer
Cheater (?), William, Asst. Foreman Blacksmith
Christian, John
Clark, Fred
Clark, William, Leading Hand Riveter
Clarke, Robert, Clerk
Clarke, William, Caulker
Clingan (?), William, Plater
Cochrane, Samuel, BD, Minister of Sinclair Seamen's Church

Coates, John, Caulker
Coates, Russell, Caulker
Coates, Samuel, Caulker*
Coates, Samuel, Caulker (*not same signature as above)
Coates, William, Stager
Coly (Coey?), Thomas, Fireman (Coey foreman)
Colley (?), James, Driller
Collins, John, Caulker
Collins, Robert, Foreman Plant Plater
Collins, William James, Asst. Foreman Caulker
Cooke, John, Plater Foreman
Coope, Edward, Caretaker
Corbett, Thomas, Caulker
Cornish, William, M, Leading Hand Riveter
Cosby,, John, Caulker
Coulter, Samuel, Joiner
Cosby, Robert, Caulker
Craig, Herbert, Leading Hand Riveter
Craig, Hugh, Shipwright
Craig, Thomas, Leading Hand Caulker
Craig, William, Plater
Crawford, George, Caulker
Croft, Samuel, Hotel Keeper
Crothers, Thomas
Crothers, William, Caulker
Cross…, Thomas
, James, E., Rigger
Crown, Thomas, Caulker
Cunningham, Aidan W.
Currie, Fred., Clerk

Dalrymple, Alexander, Leading Hand Plater
Dalrymple, John, C., Plater
, Samuel, Shipwright
Davey, William J., Congregationalist Minister
Davidson, Thomas, Joiner
Dempster, John, Riveter
Dempster, William, Caulker
Deyermond (?), George, Joiner
, Samuel H., Plater
Doherty, Andrew, Caulker
Donald, William, Clerk
Dougan, William, Caulker
Dowds, William, Joiner
Duff, James, Joiner
Dunn, William, Caulker
Dunwoody, William J., Joiner
Dyer, William, Caulker

Eccles, John, Joiner

Elliott, Samuel, Caulker
Evans, James
Evans, John, Asst. Foreman Caulker
Emerson, William, Carter
, William, Leading Hand Caulker
Field (or could be Auld) James, Caulker
Fisher, William, Driller
Fleming, Henry, Riveter
Fletcher, Joseph, Joiner
Foster, David, Leading Hand Caulker
Fray, Frank, Staging
Frazer, Archibald C., Caulker
Fuller (?), Charles, Caulker
, William, Stager
Geddis (or could be Yeading), David John, Caulker
Gilbert, William, Leading Hand Blacksmith
Gilchrist, Donald, Plater
Gilchrist, William, Boilermaker
Gillespie, Samuel, Leading Hand Caulker
Gillson, Jonathan, Leading Hand Driller
Graham Edward, Rigger
Graham, James R., Plater
Graham James, Labourer

Grainger, William
Gray, David, Holder Up
Green, David, Plater
Green, James, Caulker
Gribbin, William, Store Keeper
Gordon, Samuel
Gorman, Edward, Driller
Halliday, John, Leading Had Riveter
Halliday, Samuel, Caulker
Hanna, John, Boilermaker
Hamil, Parker, Plater
Hamilton, Andrew, Driller
Hamilton, David
Harbison, Robert, Caulker
Hare, Samuel, Caulker
Harper, John, Driller
Harvey, Henry, Joiner
Harvey, Joseph, Labourer
Haslett, Samuel,  Caulker
Hawthorne, Thomas, Labourer
Haverson (?), Alex., Joiner

Hayter, Tom, 85 , Madrid Street, Fitter
Heaney, Joseph, Leading Hand Riveter
Heatley (?), John, Plater
Hedley, David, Shipwright
Hewitt, David, Caulker
Hewitt, Hugh, Foreman Caulker
Hicks, Israel , Plater
Hicks, William, Joiner
Hilditch, John, Caulker
Hill, George, Caulker
Hill, Thomas, Caulker*
Hill, Thomas, Caulker (handwriting different from above*)
Hirson (Herson?), Martin, Riveter
, John, Caulker
, William, Driller
Houston, James, Rivetter
Houston, James, Leading Hand Caulker
Houston, William, Clerk
Hunsdale, William, Caulker
, Henry, Wages Clerk
Irwin, George, Caulker
Irwin, John, Store Keeper
Jackson, John, Helper
Joyce, Samuel, Caulker
Jeffrey, John, Rivetter

Johnston, Alexander, Leading Hand Driller
Johnston, George, Joiner
Johnston, James, Leading Hand Caulker
Johnston, Robert, G ., Joiner
Johnstone, Thos. M.  BA Presbyterian Minister
Johnstone, William H., Caulker
Jordan, Richard, Caulker
Jordan, Robert, Labourer
Keel, Ernest, Driller
Keenan, Charles, Caulker
Kennedy, Hugh, Riveter
Kennedy, William, Caulker
Kerr, David James, Shipwright
Kilpatrick, Thomas, Storekeeper
Kinkeade, Joseph, Caulker
Kitson, William, Joiner
Knowles, William, Caulker
Kingsberry, Joseph, Asst. Foreman Driller
Kirkpatrick, John, Leading Hand Riveter
, David, Joiner
Kitchen, George, Foreman Driller
Knox, James, Leading Hand Driller
Larmour, John, Rigger
Larmour, Samuel
Lawther, Thomas, Caulker
Lee, Alexander, Caulker
Lemon, Alex., Rigger
Lewis,, Robert, Rigger
Little, William, Joiner
Logan, William, Leading Hand Driller
Logan, William, Joiner
Lunn, William, Caulker
Lynar, Alfred, Caulker
Lynar, Hugh, Caulker
McAllister, Thomas, Caulker
McAlpine, Charles, Driller
Macartney Joseph, Shipwright
Macartney, David, Stager
Macourt, James, Shipwright
M’Ateer (McAteer?), James, Joiner
McAteer (?), William, Plater
McBride, John, Riveter
McBride, R. J.
McBroom (?McBrimm?), Henry, Riveter
McCabe, John, Labourer
McCabe, Thomas, Leading Hand Riveter

McCambley, Robert, Caulker
McCann, Thomas, Joiner
McCarley,, Henry, Caulker
McCarroll, Thomas, Rigger
McCarthy, Joseph, Caulker
McCarthy, Thomas, Plumber
McCaughay, J., M., Caulker
McClarin, William, H, Riveter
McClean, Thomas, Shipwright
McClean, William, Leading Hand Plater
McCleery, Alex, Rivetter
McClenaghan, Thomas, Caulker
McClure, James, Driller
McCluskie, John, Rigger
McComb, Joseph, Joiner
McConnell, William, Joiner
McCormick, David, Caulker
McCormick, Edward
McCormick, Gordon
McCormick, John, Leading Hand Driller
McCormick, William, Driller
McCoy, John, Caulker
McCracken, Robert, Stager
McCracken, Thomas, Stager
McCrea, Thomas, Caulker
McCrum, Samuel, Caulker
McCune, John
McDermott, Thomas, Store keeper
McDonald, Robert

McDowell-Elliott, Hugh, Helper
McDowell, James, Caulker
McDowell, Thomas, Caulker
McElroy, Johnston, Storekeeper
McFadden, Robert, Caulker
McFall, William, Caulker
McHarg, Robert, Caulker
McKay, Donald, Joiner
McKay, Hugh, Rigger
McKee, David, Stager

McKenzie, William, Riveter
McMillen, Samuel, Labourer
McKeown, George, Caulker
McKibben, James. Caulker
, Hugh, Plater
McKnight, Joseph, Labourer
McLaughlin, John, Riveter
McLean, George, Caulker
McMaster, Samuel, Leading Hand Riveter
McMeekin, Samuel, Labourer

McMinn, John, Plater
McMinn, Samuel, Joiner
McMullen, James
McNally, Henry, Leading Hand Riveter
McParry, Maurice, Plater
McPherson, Alex., Rigger
Majury (?), James, Driller
Majury, James, Labourer

Malcolmson, George, Caulker
Malcolmson, John, Leading Hand Riveter
Martin, William, Caulker
Mason, William, Plater

Mayne, Robert, Driller
Megarrell, James, Caulker
Millar (Miller?), Clerk
Millar, Charles, Joiner
Millar, Robert, Riveter
Millar, Samuel, Caulker
Millen, John, Leading Hand Riveter
Milligan, Robert, Leading Hand Plater
Mitchell, James, Caulker
Mitchell, John, Caulker
Mitchell, Robert
Morrison, Charles C., Leading Hand Driller
Morrison, James, Riveter
Mullholland, Ephraim, Joiner
Munn, Adam, Shipwright
Murphy, John
Murphy, John, Helper

Murray, Charles, Leading Plater
Murray, James, Foreman
Murray, Matthew, Labourer
Newell (or could be Powell) Robert, Caulker
Neill, Alexander, Caulker
Neill, John, Riger (rigger)
Neilly, John, Caulker
Nelson, Robert, Rigger
Nelson, Samuel, H., Riveter
Nesbitt, Joseph, Joiner
Nesbitt, Robert, Riveter
Nicol, Andrew J., Joiner
Northey, Joseph, Presbyterian Minister
, Joseph, Joiner
Orr, Robert, Driller
Park, Israel, Plater
Parker, Alexander, Caulker
Parkinson, John, Timekeeper
Paterson, G. J. (or L.?)
Patterson, James, Leading Hand Rivetter
Patterson, Samuel, Leading Hand Rivetter
Patton, Robert, Plater
Peden, William, Hy (?), Store Keeper (Henry)
Petrie, James, Plater
Pyle, George, (cannot read occupation, A— Man?)
Pym, J. W.., Merchant
Pollock, Thomas, Caulker
Porter, John, Caulker
Powell (or could be Newell), Robert, Caulker
Quinn, John, Rigger
Rainey, Samuel, Caulker
Rea, John, Flax dresser
Rea, James, Caulker
Ravey (?), John, Riveter
Reid, William, Leading Hand Blacksmith
Robertson, Charles, Caulker
Robinson, David, Caulker
Robinson, James, Rivetter
Robinson, Samuel, Caulker
Robinson, William, Caulker
Rodgers, Paul, Joiner
Rodgers, W. J.., Labourer
Rogers (?), Richard, Caulker

Rolston, Joseph, Hairdresser
Rosbotham, William, Plater
Rosemond, Benjamin, Machine Man
Ross, John, Riveter
Russell, John, Riveter
Russell, Thomas, Riveter
Rutherford, Robert, Plater
Salmon, James, Riveter
Sands, Alexander, Leading Hand Caulker
Savage, John. M, Joiner
Scarr, Joseph, Caulker
Seaton, George, Labourer
Sharpe, John, Leading Hand Riveter
Sharpe, William, Leading Hand Driller
Shaw, John, Leading Hand Riveter
Shaw, William, Joiner
Sinclair, Norman, Joiner

Sinclair, James, Labourer

Simms, Joseph, Caulker
Simpson, James. Joiner
Skelton (Skalton?), Thomas, Clerk
Sloan, Robert, Tidyer (Tidier?)
Smyth, Hugh, Stager
Smyth, Robert
Spence, Ned
Spiers, Robert
Stephens, William, Plumber
Stevenson, James, Caulker
Stewart, Alexander, Joiner
Stewart, William, Joiner
Still, William James, Caulker
Stone, Andrew, Caulker
Stoopes, George, Caulker
Strong, Robert, Clerk
Sweeney, David, Caulker
Telfer, William, Plater
, Thomas, Joiner
mas, Paterson, Baker
Thompson, Arthur, Driller
Thompson, George W., Leading Hand Driller

son, William, Caulke
Todd, Robert, Labourer
Todd, William, Caulker
Vaughan, James, Store Keeper
Waddell, Robert, Holder Upper
Wade, Joseph, Joiner
Walker, Peter, Leading Hand Driller
Walker, Robert
Wallace, David, Caulker
Wallace, George, Caulker
Watson, David, Leading Hand Driller
Watters, John, Caulker
Watterson, John (may be a joiner?)
Welsh, Thomas, Labourer
Whitford, Alfred, Caulker
Whitla, Robert, Caulker
Williamson, James, Caulker
Williamson, John, Labourer
Wilson, Alex., Plater
Wilson, Fred, Caulker
Wilson, John, Caulker
Wilson, Robert, Caulker
Wilson, Robert, Caulker
Wilson, Samuel, Clerk
Wilson, Thomas Alexander, Caulker
Winters, John
Wood, George, Foreman Blacksmith
Wood, George, Patternmaker
Wright, Alexander, Leading Hand
Wright, Geoffrey, Joiner
Wright, John, Storekeeper
Wright, Samuel
Wynne, James, Riveter
Yeading (or could be Geddis), David John, Caulker

Registered Letter to Mrs. Rene Andrews, c/o 110 York Road, Belfast 15, N. Ireland 17th May (can't make out year)

British Postal Order for 2/6 two shillings and sixpence 12 February 1963?

from Mr. D. W. Andrews, 28 Fernhill Houses, Blaenrhondda, Treherbert, Glam. South Wales



Family Register


Name:  Ralph Herron
Born at:  Derrycarn Portadown
Date:  May 22nd 1858
Died at:  13 Kingsmere Avenue, Belfast
Date:  26th June 1927


Name:  Sarah Logan
Born at:  Banaghroe Monaghan

Married at:  Stranooden, Monaghan
Date:  June 8th 1886


Name:  Wm. G. Herron
Born at:  Ardagh, Co. Longford
Date:  August 30th 1887

Name:  John Herron
Born at:  Ardagh, Co. Longford
Date: November 10th 1889

Parchment No. 5016
Royal Irish Constabulary
Form 37/8
Parchment Certificate of Character
On discharge of No. 44076 (Rank) Sergeant (Name) Ralph Herron who joined the above-named Force on the 6th day of November 1878, and was discharged on the 30th day of November 1906, in consequence of his having been pensioned.
His general conduct during the period of his service was Very Good.
Description on discharge
Age - 48 years. Height - 5 feet 11 inches. Colour of Hair - Dark-Grey. Colour of Eyes - Dark. Complexion - Dark sallow. Special distinguishing Marks - None.
Parish and County where born - Drumcree, Co. Armagh  Married.

Given under my hand and seal at Longford, this 19th or 17th day of December 1906. Signature, T. A. Howe, Rank - Co. Inspector of Longford.



Intermediate Education Board for Ireland. Certificate. Preparatory Grade. This is to Certify that at the Examinations held in 1905 Thomas Burke (Exam No. 214) passed the Examination having obtained passes in English Literature and Composition, History and Geography, French, Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, and Experimental and Practical Science (First Year's Course). T. J. Bellingham Brady, ? ? Johnston. Assistant Commissioners.

The Association for Promoting Christian Knowledge. Awards this Pass Certificate (Junior Grade) To T. Burke of Royal School in the Diocese of Raphoe for proficiency in holy Scripture and the formularies of the Church, at an Examination held on 9th December 1904 under the Direction of the Association and of the Standing Committee of the General Synod of the Church of Ireland. J. F. Dublin, Chairman. R. Godfrey W. Webster, Secretary

The Association for Promoting Christian Knowledge. Awards this Pass Certificate (Middle Grade) To A. Burke of Royal School in the Diocese of Raphoe for proficiency in holy Scripture and the formularies of the Church, at an Examination held on 10th December 1909 under the Direction of the Board of the Association and of the Board of Education of the General Synod of the Church of Ireland. J. F. Dublin, Chairman. R. Godfrey W. Webster, Secretary

The Association for Promoting Christian Knowledge. Awards this Pass Certificate (Middle Grade) To A. Burke, of Royal School in the Diocese of Raphoe for proficiency in Holy Scriptures and the formularies of the Church, at an Examination held on 10th December 1909 under the Direction of the Board of the Association and of the Board of Education of the General Synod of the Church of Ireland. J. F. Dublin, Chairman. R. Godfrey W. Webster, Secretary

In a book:- William Bowers ? This Book Thomas Symon?

inside another book:- Shoreditch

Thomas Symonds Kempley, His Book, July 14th 1798
William Bower His Book 1814, Michael Dean, May ? 5 Glocester ?

The French School, Bray, Co. Wicklow - Principal, Miss Robinson, B.A.
inside leaf - ? & Feb ?. 1 Clare Street, May 1925
Miss or Mrs. Florence Burke to Elizabeth ? for professional services.
Three singing lessons in January at 7/6 each
£1. 2. 6.
1 Class at 2/6
£1. 5. 0.
Two singing lessons in February at 7/6 each, also ? for April £1. 12. 6.
1 Class 2. 6.
1. 5. 0.
£2. 2. 6.
2 Red Stamps with writing on, can't make out

Foundation  The School was founded as a Private Boarding School for Girls in the year 1864 by Madame Reighley de Mailly.  In 1876 Mme. de Mailly retired, and the school was continued by Miss C. Reilly and Miss  Williams.  Miss Williams retired in 1912.  Miss C. Reilly carried on the School until her death in 1927, when the present principal (Miss Robinson), who was then Headmistress, took it over.  The Jubilee of the School was celebrated in June 1914 and the Diamond Jubilee in 1924.

Aim  The aim of the School is to fit girls, by means of a sound education, to take their proper place as good citizens in the world in which they live; to prepare all for home life, and to enable those who are suited for a professional career to equip themselves for it.
     The School follows modern educational ideals, the aim being to develop the character, intellect and physical well-being of the girl; and to promote resource, initiative and self-control by a judicious freedom and methods of self-government.

Education  The work of the School is carried on chiefly on the lines of the Cambridge University Local Examinations; but public Examinations are not insisted on, the powers of each pupil being carefully watched and no undue strain imposed.
     Brilliant successes, including gold and silver medals, have been gained by past and present pupils at Trinity College, Dublin; The Royal Irish Academy of Music; the Feis Ceoil, Dublin; and the Cambridge University Local Examinations.
     The regular course of study includes Scripture, English, Latin, French, Arithmetic, Mathematics, Elementary Science, Music and Part-Singing.
     The School year is divided into three terms of about 12 weeks each.  Lessons are arranged to admit of open-air exercise during the most suitable hours of the day.

Health  The health of the girls is considered to be of the first importance, and is the particular care of Miss Robinson and a Lady Matron.
     The half-hour before bedtime is spent in the drawing room.  On Saturday and Thursday evenings there is dancing.

Games  Lacrosse and Hockey are played in the two winter terms.
 Cricket, Tennis and Swimming in the summer.
     The games are under the direction of a fully qualified Games Mistress.  Wherever necessary, Remedial Exercises are prescribed and given by her.
     The School has the advantage of being placed amid beautiful surroundings, enjoying sea and mountain air.  The Houses have pleasant Gardens, good Croquet and Tennis Grounds, and a Field for Hockey.  Though not exposed to the sea front, the School is within five minutes' walk of the beach, and the sea-bathing is excellent.
     The climate of Bray is exceptionally good.

Fees  Boarders.
£35 per Term
     This includes use of Piano, general School Books, Stationery, and plain Laundry.
     Special books required for examination are provided by the pupil.  Music and Songs are extra.
     An entrance fee of Two Guineas is charged instead of plate and linen.

Day Girls - Ten Guineas per Term

Extra Subjects per Term: Singing - 4. 4. 0.; Violin - 4. 4. 0.; Violincello - 4. 4. 0.; Drawing and Painting - 2. 2. 0.; German - 2. 2. 0.; Dancing - 2. 2. 0.; Drill - 0. 10. 6.; Elocution - 0. 10. 6.; Use of Laboratory - 0. 10. 6.; School Orchestra - 1. 1. 0.; Games subscription - 0. 5. 0.

All School Fees are payable in advance.

Sisters obtain a reduction of Five Guineas each per annum.

There is no reduction for temporary absence.

A Term's Notice in writing, or fees for that period, required before the removal of either Day pupil or Boarder.

Medical attendance and medicine charged for as incurred.

Reference is kindly permitted to :-

The Rev. Canon Scott, M.A., and Mrs. Scott, The Rectory, Bray, Co. Wicklow
The Rev. W. F. Alment, B.D., and Mrs. Alment, Drakestown Rectory, Navan
The Rev. Marcus Given, M.A., and Mrs. Given, The Rectory, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan
The Misses Scott, Pembroke Lodge, Bray
Lt.-General Sir Henry Lawson, K.C.B., and Lady Wilma Lawson, Gorve House, Lymington, Hants
Col. J. E. D. Holland, D.S.O., M.C., and Mrs. Holland, The Grove, Balrath, Co. Meath
Col. G. M. S. Hunt, C.B.E., and Mrs. Hunt, Rahara, Bray, Co. Wicklow
Col. H. G. Leahy, O.B.E., and Mrs. Leahy, Chittlehamholt, Manor, Chulmleigh, N. Devon
Major Lindsay Knox and Mrs. Knox, Bonnetstown Hall, Kilkenny
Sir John Ross, Bart, and Lady Ross, Dunmoyle, Sixmilecross, Co. Tyrone. Town address: 2 Whitehall Court, London, 3 W.1.
Sir John Arnott, Bart., and Lady Arnott, D.B.E., 12 Merrion Square, Dublin
Cyril E. Browne, Esq., M.A., and Mrs. Browne, Rosslyn, Bray
Charles Harvey, Esq., and Mrs. Harvey, Duffcarrig, Gorey
Edward Gabbett, Esq., and Mrs. Gabbett, Ballaghtobin, Callan, Co. Kilkenny
Cecil Brew, Esq., M.D., and Miss Brew, Prince of Wales Terrace, Bray
The Misses Allen, 3 Royal Marine Terrace, Bray
Francis H. Pim, Esq., and Mrs. Pim, Campfield House, Dundrum, Co. Dublin
T. P. LeFanu, Esq., C.B., Commissioner of Public Works, and Mrs. LeFanu, Abington, Bray
Cecil Harmsworth, Esq., M.P., and Mrs. Harmsworth, 28 Montagu Square, London, W.1.

(Keep the Home Fires Burning)
Words by Lena Gilbert and Music by Ivor Novello

Keep the Home Fires Burning,
While your hearts are yearning.
Though your lads are far away
They dream of home.
There's a silver lining
Through the dark clouds shining,
Turn the dark cloud inside out
Till the boys come home


little old bible                                                            Peter Clarke December 23rd 1765
                                                                                 Anne Clarke 29th June 1770
                                                                                          Sam Johnson - given to him by his Dear Sister A C (Anne Clarke?) 1776

Barbados - Anne Clarke January 22nd 1??? returned to her after the great Hurricane on October the 10th 17?0 by her Dear Brother S. J. (Sam Johnson) as the Child who is ????ble of its error submits itself to the correction of its ??????, ...............submit to Divine Providence for ....................above & only Brothers with many others in the ?ielle de Paris September 17??

Belfast City Mission Information Cards
Name Address Age Place of Worship Date
Fred Benson
Cecil Cleland
Sam Campbell
James Findlater
Trevor Crossley
John Johnston
Stanley McIlwaine
Jack Phair
Mr. William Cuming
Stephen Brown
Irene Robinson
Maureen Bell
Vera Hyndman
Madge Crawford
Miss Mina Neill
Rhoda Neill
Betty Flanagan
Annie Irwin
Audrey Graham
Miss Ellen Edmont
Verena Edmont
Agnes Bates
George Neill
Ruby Gribbon
Joyce Kelly
Nan Morrison
Bertha Conway
Georgina Boyle
Mrs. H. Spence
Miss Martha Graham
Miss Irene Crawford
Edward Findlater
Billy Coates (Willie)
Mervyn Hyndman
Maureen Hinchley
Jim Brennan
June Findlater
Mrs. David Johnston
John Bates
Hazel Williamson
Mrs. Donnelly
Nadia Robb (adopted)
22 Laganvale Street
11 Ashley Drive
9 Laganvale Street
4 Harleston Street
41 St. Albans Gardens
27 Sandymount Street
10 St. Albans Gardens
20 Laganvale Street
4 McAdam Street
31 Laganvale Street
2 Harleston Street
9 Wansbeck Street
7 Wansbeck Street
21 St. Albans Gardens
7 Laganvale Street
26 Wansbeck Street
14 Wansbeck Street
19 Sharman Road
34 Laganvale Street
19 Laganvale Street
19 Laganvale Street
18 Harleston Street
7 Laganvale Street
21 Wansbeck Street
11 Wansbeck Street
3 Laganvale Street
19 Malone Place
6 Harleston Street
30 Belmore Street
34 Laganvale Street
21 St. Albans Gardens
4 Harleston Street
14 Laganvale Street
7 Wansbeck Street
33 Laganvale Street
15 Laganvale Street
4 Harleston Street
11? Laganvale Street
18 Harleston Street
21 Harleston Street
35 Laganvale Street
35 Laganvale Street

11  Sept.

12 - Nov 42
13   Dec 42


13  Dec 21



S.A. Dublin Road
St. Aidens Church
St. Bartholomew's Church
St. Barthenolew Church
King's Bridge Hall
Fisherwick Church
Fisherwick Church
St. Aidens Church
Fisherwick Pres.
Fisherwick Pres.
King's Bridge Hall
Great Victoria Baptist
Donegall Pass Pres.
St. Bartholomew's
S. Army Dublin Road
Fisherwick Hall
St. Bartholomew's
St. John's Malone




Automobile Association Triptyque

Downshire Archers Account 1878
The Annual Meeting was held at the Royal Hotel, Belfast on Friday, the 23rd May 1879. Members Present:- Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Lyons, Mrs. Crommelin, Mrs. Alexander, Mr. Crommelin, Mr. Dwyer. Mr. W. H. H. Lyons, Mr. McNeile, Mr. Dunville, Mr. Gisborne Gordon, Mr. Houston
The members present desire to record on the minutes the irreparable loss the Club has sustained by the lamented death of its Hon. Secretary, the late Godfrey Lyle, Esq.

21st December 1946 from Denis in Belfast to Mrs. & Miss Kelly, 2 Woodstock Street, Belfast
with all blessings fro Xmas & the new year, Denis
Happy Xmas Jamie Mathewson
from ?????

The Honourable Society of King's Inns, Dublin 28.8.45
Dear Sir, I enclose copy of our Rules. There is nothing to prevent your son from reading for his LL.B. & doing his King's Inns Course concurrently if ___ ___ fit in.
As to your other query, see Rule XVI., (b), page 13  yours faithfully J. C. Tobias - Under Treasurer - J. E. O'Connor, Esq.
King's Inns - Sept. ? 1945 I hereby certify, that Rory O'Connor, Esq., has paid for Form of memorial £1-1-0 Theodore C. Tobias - Under Treasurer

Rules of The Honourable Society of King's Inns with regard to the Admission of Students into the Society and to the Degree of Barrister-at-Law and with regard to Honour Examinations. Revised July, 1933 - 1945

Atkinson's Newest Perfume 'Californian Poppy' Agent: R. Morrow, Corn Market, Belfast

Masonic Male Orphan School - Third Application - May Election 1880
Your Vote and Interest is Earnestly Requested on Behalf of William Stewart Steele, aged ten years, Son of the late James Steele, of Belfast, Solicitor, Member of Lodge 43, Carrickfergus, and afterwards of Lodge 97, Belfast, who Died of Consumption in March, 1875, after a protracted illness.
His father was an attentive Mason. He died penniless, leaving a widow and two children (boy and girl) totally un-provided for.  The widow has since been barely able to support herself and children by the very precarious means of keeping lodgers. The following have strongly recommended this most deserving case:-
Charles Lanyon, Knt., Belfast, D.P.G.M., Antrim; Alexander Tate, Belfast, P.G. Sec., Antrim, P.G.R.C.; John G. McGee, Belfast, Lodge 154, P.G.R.C.; Thomas Cordukes, Belfast, Lodge 154, P.G.R.C.; C. J. Kinahan, Belfast, Lodge 10, P.G.R.C.; Samuel Graeme Fenton, Belfast, Lodge 10, P.G.R.C.; Wakefield H. Dixon, Belfast, Lodge 7, P.G.R.C.; William J. Johnston, Belfast, Lodge 154, P.G.R.C.; James Henry, Belfast, Lodge 154, P.G.R.C.; Jas. Alex. Henderson, Belfast, Lodge 7, Chap. 8, P.G.R.C.; Henry H. Bottomley, Belfast, Lodge 10, P.G.R.C.; Wm. C. McCullagh, Belfast, P.M. and K. 154, Preceptor Lagan Valley; William H. Ward, P.M. and P.K. 154, and H.K.T.; John Boyd, Belfast, Lodge 154, P.M., P.K., P.C.; John Arnott Taylor, Belfast, Lodge 7, H.K.T.; Victor Coates, Belfast, Lodge 10; Thomas Gerrard, Belfast, Lodge 40, P.K., Chr. 40.; E. O'R. Dickey, Belfast, Lodge 10; Robert Kelly, Belfast, Lodge 154; Hugh C. Kelly, Belfast, Lodge 40, H.K.T.; D. F. Spiller, Belfast, Lodge 40; Thomas S. Dixon, Belfast, Lodge 154; Hugh Ross, Belfast, Lodge 154; John Milliken, Belfast, Lodge 40; Foster Coates, Belfast, Lodge 40; Robert Kelly, jun., J. W., Lodge 154; and many others

to - 1946 Mrs. Berryman, 10 English Street, Armagh from 13053054 Cfn. Berryman, 1 B/W  R.E.M.E. British Troops in Iraq
3rd September 1941 to 13053054 Pte. Berryman, A. H., c/o Mrs. White, Thorn Bank, Clifton Lane, Rotherham, Yorks from Armagh

February 1926 from Glasgow to Miss Lily Savage, 23 Wimbledon Street, Belfast
23rd February 1926 from Belfast to Miss Lily Johnstone, 23 Wimbledon Street, Belfast
to Lily from Bob

21st November 1947 from Belfast to Miss Brownrigg at Drumleck, Castlebellingham, Co. Louth
28th November 1938/9 from Melbourne, Australia to J. Graham, Esq., 2 Sea Haven, Helens Bay, Belfast, Ireland
Xmas 1926 from Malcolm MacInnes, 40 Blantyre Street, Glasgow, C.3
Campbell Gebbie

John Campbell, Born 15th February 1819
Ellim Ellen Campbell, Born 6th April 1821
William Campbell, Born 7th June 1823
Marryann Campbell, Born 13th March 1826
Elizabeth Campbell, Married 21st April 1818
and Died on the 9th September 1836

13th May 1968? from Carol in Belfast to The Rev. T. W. Gebbie, M.A., 9 Connsbrook Avenue, City
St. Pauls,
Glad you are coming to us 7pm 30th inst for toys but sorry the absence of a housekeeper and the presence of a blitzed family prevents me entertaining any deputation at the Rectory as I should wish.  Carol
Rev. T. W. Gebbie, The Rectory, 9 Connsbrook Avenue, Belfast

H.C.M.S. Outlook May 1948

Dick Scarlett

D. Scarlett, Trumpet; H. Chestnut, Drums; T. Hughes, Trombone Bb Trumpet; V. Young, Piano; H. McKeown, Clarinet Bb; Flute, Bb, C. Violin

names on back Dick Scarlett, Master John Stewart, Thomas Gildea, John McAllister, 10 Islandbawn Street, Belfast;

Craigmore Hotel, Mr. Scarlett - Restaurant Cars 24th March 1951 - Ticket for 26th March 1951

Royal Festival Hall, National Federation of Jazz Organisations present A Jazz Concert Monday 16th July
Mrs. Cyril Steadman, 27 Irwin Drive, Strandtown, Belfast

Hyde Park - The Band of the Scots Guards

Nicola Shannon, 14th January 1943, Born Berkshire, Address: 15 Kingsway, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim
Employed with Carreras of N.I. Ltd., Seapark, Carrickfergus - Secretary

               1                                                       2                                                 3
26/11/51 Jean Gadsby, Dr. Exclusive Dressmaker, 59 Main Street, Bangor - Mrs. Irwin
2) 13 Sep 1967 Northern Bank Limited Ballyholme, Mrs. D. M. Irwin
3) Joan Irwin, Redroofs, 131 Groomsport Road, Bangor

1                                                                 2                                                  3
Mrs. F. M. Craig, 4? Cabinhill Gardens, Knock, Belfast: The Recipe Club, Chocolate Shortbread, Ingredients, 4oz Flour, 4oz Coconut, 4oz Marg, 2 teasp. D. chocolate, 2 oz Sugar, ½ teasp. B. Powder - Method, Cream marg & sugar, add dry ingredients, spread neatly on swiss roll tin, ice with chocolate icing, cut in squares when cold, gas stove ? 10-15 minutes
2) Presented to Mr. John Irwin On the occasion of his Marriage, by the Sabbath School Teachers of Benburb Presbyterian Church, November 1903
3) Mr. J. Irwin, Mr. R. Moore, Matthew 2 verses 1-11

1                                                                          2     
With love from George & ?, Christmas 1942 - Mr. & Mrs. D. M. Irwin, Apt 4 Bayside, 24 Ballyholme Road, Bangor
2) M. H. Irwin