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Lurgan Factory Photographs

McCaw Allan
Quality Textiles

click the above link to go to the McCaw Allan website, check out their history and more photographs - thank you to Douglas Mowbray of McCaw Allan for sending me the names listed below and an extra photograph -  check out his site re Lurgan Park

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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory    1898 Newry Directory  Bangor Spectator Directory 1970


Lurgan Weaving Co. Ltd.
R. Robinson,  W. Brown,  J. Fitsimons (jnr.),  Jim Ogle,  W. E. Lilley,  W. Walker,  P. Denver,  J. Williamson (snr.),  J. Fitsimons (snr.),  C. Archer,  O. Burns,  S. Lauder,  E. Pearson,  J. Dowling,  S. Mehaffey,  M. Malone,  E. Caulfield
the above photograph and names were sent to me by Douglas Mowbray ~ "I was able to find out the names from the late Jim Ogle who worked as a young boy for Lurgan Weaving , sadly he passed away earlier this month."


McCaw Allan & Co. Ltd. 1939
Maggie Geary,  Bridget McCann, ??,  Lizzie Quinn,  Lizzie Heany,  Kathleen Murry,  Maggie Brady,  Lily Magee.
Tilly Haughian,  Alice Donnely,  Mary O'Neil,  Lilly O'Neil,  Josie Scullion,  Bridget Moore,  Mary Ellen Magee,  Lilly Topping.
Minnie Hamil,  Bella Moore,  Linda Doyle,  Martha Pedlow,  Graham McCollum,  Maggie Warren,  ??,  Eileen Coleman.

McCaw Allan & Co. Ltd. (Lurgan) 1939

McCaw Allan & Co. Ltd 1939

The Braid Water Spinning Co. Ltd. No 4 Spinning Room 1939

The Lurgan Weaving Co. Ltd., Warehouse Dept. 1939
R. Donaldson,  J. Calvert,  Mrs. McGonegal,  E. McCready,  M. Hull,  A. Campbell,  J. Ogle,  M. Hill
A. Mitchell,  J. Lunn,  M. Hutchinson,  E. McCourt,  J. Fitsimons,  J. Harland,  L. Brown,  W. Walker,  L. Irvine
names sent to me by Douglas Mowbray  (see top of page)

The Lurgan Weaving Co. Ltd. 1939

The Lurgan Weaving Co. Ltd., Winding Dept. 1939

R. Uprichard & Company Linen Manufacturers 1939

Thompson, Rodgers & Co., Fancy Boxmakers 1939

Woodgreen Weaving Co. Ltd. 1939

no info but I assume its Lurgan

no information but its was with all the other glass negatives from Lurgan

as above