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RUC - RIC - B Specials - USC

Royal Irish Constabulary List and Directory July 1914

RUC 1923 Belfast  -  U.S.C. 1923 Belfast  -  U.S.C. 1922 Belfast  -  RUC 1923 Newtownards  -  Barr Ballymena

Bradley Stoneman Holywood - RIC Plaque  -  USC Statue  -  Royal Irish Constabulary Depot, Phoenix Park, 1921

RIC or RUC 1922 Antrim Street - RIC Group Photo - W. J. Mills R.I.C. -


Inspection of 'B' Division R. U. C. by Lt. Col. Sir C. G. Wickham, D. S. O. Inspector General. Belfast 9. 3. '23
photo by - 'Panograph' 61 Waring Street, Belfast



50th Platoon, Ulster Special Constabulary, Exhibition Hall, Belfast, 4th August 1922
"Panograph" 54 Botanic Avenue, Belfast



1st North Batt: (Belfast District)   U.S.C.  Belfast  9.3.1922 (32)?
USC = Ulster Special Constabulary



County Fermanagh Company of R.U.C. Parade for Lord Derby's Visit - Newtownards 7.4.1923 - Panograph 61 Waring Street, Belfast


Complainant: Con. C. H. Stoneman, R.U.C. Holywood
Defendant: John Bradley, 14 Hill Street, Holywood

Date: 14th July 1931

Whereas, a Complaint has been made to me that on the 24th day of June 1931 at Knocknagoney in said District and County you, the said Defendant, did Cause to be used a Vehicle, to wit a bicycle, on the public highway, during the period between one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise, to wit at 1.15am, without having a Lamp on the front of such vehicle properly trimmed, lighted, and attached, as required by 7th Edward VII, cap. 45.

This is to command you to appear as a Defendant on the Hearing of said Complaint, at the Holywood Petty Sessions Court, in said County on Tuesday the 21st day of July 1931, at 11.15 o'clock, a.m., before such Justices as shall be there.
Signed Samuel Sharman? J.P.

R.U.C. Packing Note

Roden Street R.U.C. Barrack 28th April 1951, Belfast

G/Coats, Trunks,  Trousers, Cups ?, Whistle Chain, Ly?, Belts moist?,  Baton Case, Baton, Holster Revolver, ? Amm.

Handed in by :-

S. ? J. Bradley, 24 Rushview Street, Belfast 28/4/51

can't find a Rushview Street in Belfast, there's a Richview Street but it is clearly Rushview on the document and Richview doesn't go as high as 24

Packer ? ? McKelvey   Witness, illegible, could be Sergt.

Many thanks to Len Foy for a better translation of the document:-

G/Coats (Great Coats), Tunics, trousers,  Caps forage (uniform cap), Whistle chain, Lanyard (for attaching revolver to belt, Belts waist, Baton Case, Baton, Holster Revolver, Pouch ammo. (ammunition pouch)

Handed in by S/Const (Special Const USC) J. Bradley, 24 Rockview Street, Belfast

(in 1943 Street Directory there is a John Bradley living at 24 Rockview Street, Belfast)

Cheers   Len Foy


on back - Mr. Barr, Ballymoney Street, no other information


Royal Irish Constabulary Plaque


Ulster Special Constable Model


CLICK to enlarge
Royal Irish Constabulary Panorama, Depot, Phoenix Park, 1921


RIC or RUC Antrim Street 1922




Royal Irish Constabulary, Parchment Certificate of Character
On discharge of No. 41754 Rank: Constable. Name: William Jas. Mills who joined the above-named Force on the 6th day of December 1875 and was discharged on the 7th day of June 1902 in consequence of Superannuation.  His general conduct during the period of his service was Very Good.  Description on Discharge: Age:44 years.  Height: 6 ft. 4 inches.  Colour of Hair: Black.  Colour of Eyes: Brown.  Complexion: Sallow.  Special distinguishing Marks: None.  Parish and County where born: Clonfecal, Tyrone.  Single, Married or Widower: Married.  Given under my hand and seal at Downpatrick this 17th day of June 1902.  Signature: ?  Rank: Co. Inspector of Down.