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Lost Photos - Groups
with information

Newtownards Model School - Rotunda Hospital - Adelaide Hospital - Belfast Civil Defence Post 322 1944
S. W. T. C. Rugby Team 1933 and others -
Royal Victoria Hospital 1913
Methody Girls outside McArthur Hall - Slieve Bearnagh Bohemians
Large Group Photo outside St. John's National School & Parochial Hall

original photographs are not my property and are not available


Newtownards Model School (Boys) 1923/5
GI - T54


on back of Postcard - addressed to: Mrs. Haire, 6 Chatsworth Street, Belfast.
From N. Parker or Porter or Parks (written over)
message : What do you think of all our Bhoys, they are all right, best I ever was with, yours. 16th July 1912 Douglas I.O.M.

Rotunda Hospital, Dublin - September 1911

T. E. Guthrie
(Edinburgh Univ.)
J. A. Black
(Royal Univ.)
R. Marshall
(Belfast Univ.)
H. G. Steel
(Durham Univ.)
St. Mary's Hosp.
A. P. Draper
(Trinity College)
A. S. Plant
Manchester Univ.)
J. V. Holmes
(Belfast Univ.)

P. R. Cross
(St. Mary's Hosp.)

H. A. Khin
(Edinburgh Univ.)
Harry Evans
(Edinburgh Univ.)
W. P. Croker
(Trinity College)
A. P. Leighton, Jr.
(Medical School of Maine, U.S.A.)
J. B. Lowe
(Birmingham Univ.)
T. C. Gibson
(Madras Univ.)
C. V. Thornton
(Edinburgh Univ.)
Travis Hampson
(Birmingham Univ.)
W. O. W. Ball
(Trinity College)
W. I. Adams
(Royal Coll. Surgeons, Ireland)

J. R. Henry
(Belfast Univ.)

Dr. R. M. Allan
(Clinical Clerk)
Dr. D. G. Madill
(Assistant Master)
Dr. Henry Jellett
Dr. B. A. H. Solomons
(Assistant Master)
Dr. W. L. English
(Clinical Clerk)
S. J. Carroll
late 16 years with
J. Robinson & Sons Ltd.
23 St. Ann's Road
Drumcondra, Dublin
J. M. de Freitas
(Edinburgh Univ.)
Miss R. B. Thomson
(Edinburgh Univ.)
H. V. Walsh
(Belfast Univ.)
E. Bantry-White
(Trinity College, Dublin)
Miss H. M. Northcroft
(Edinburgh Univ.)
Sister Barber Miss A. Gutknecht
(Bale Univ.)
J. T. Kyle
(Belfast Univ.)
Miss E. M. Hewitt
(Trinity College, Dublin)
O. V. Burrows
(Trinity College, Dublin)


Adelaide Hospital 1922

S. G. Gilmore M. Bewley
(House Surgeon)
G. Bewley
(House Surgeon)
J. L. Stuart
E. R. Hafner D. G. Madill
S. H. Law
(Throat Specialist)
E. J. Watson
J. Speares
S. V. Furlong
photo by
Keogh Bros. Ltd.
124 St. Stephens Green &
75 Lr. Dorset St., Dublin
W. G. Harvey
H. T. Bewley
W. Beatty
T. E. Gordon
L. G. Gunn
I. G. Smith D. I. H. Henry R. Wagener


Woodvale Cricket Club
2nd XI
Winners Northern Cricket Union of Ireland Junior Challenge Cup, 1951

T. J. E. WHERRY     S. G. MILLAR     D. IRWIN     J. A. STOREY     W. GRAHAM
                                          (Captain)        (Vice-Captain)


on back - McCormack/McCormick, 42 Brookland Avenue C.P. St??


The Adelphi Club, Belfast 1783
Richard Cox Rowe - comedian, Andrew Cherry - Player, Amyas Griffith - Surveyor of Excise, James Pinkerton - Merchant
Mr. Haslett - Merchant, John Bernard - Player, Thos. Gihon - Merchant
Michael Atkins - Owner and Manager Belfast Theatre, J. Williams - artist
From Original Picture in Possession of J. C. Pinkerton, late of Victoria Street, Belfast

on the back - I. or J. W. Kernohan, Esq., with J. C. Pinkerton's respects February 9th 1921


BELFAST CIVIL DEFENCE POST 322 1944 - R. Clements Lyttle Studios, Belfast
T. Bill   J. C. Wallace   W. K. Allan   J. N. Robinson   J. F. Gillies   J. W. Campbell   W. H. Stewart   J. S. Murphy   T. E. Steen   A. Geertsen
J. Hutton  J. G. Doherty  Miss E. Clements  M. Campbell  W. Lyttle  J. S. Williamson  J. R. Kernaghan  J. P. W. Doherty  H. C. McCullough
J. M. Aiton  Miss P. Norris  W. J. Deacon  H. A. Craig
N. S. Macauley      C. Irvine       R. S. McCoubrey       W. C. Henderson      G. C. Holt       J. McAlister      R. E. Semmence
    Sen. Warden         Dep. Post Warden            Post Warden        Dep. Post Warden      Sen. Warden          Sen. Warden

S.W.T.C. 1933
D. C. Snowden   R. S. Graham   G. S. Linton   J. A. F. Beattie   ???? Rae   F. H. W. Bennett   Robt. R. Mill
(names are hand written  - see here)
J. Slater   R. Fleming   J. Linton   A. R. Stewart   ? Roberts   R. H. Dunbar?   R. Buchanan   H. C. Li

1952  names on back, hand written and the date, in top corner is   E. Gillies  2/- (front row, 3rd from left)

middle row

Norma Magee
Jenny Wilson
Barbara Lynn
Marjorie Robinson
Myrtle Luke
Gladys Henry
Jean Hood
Eileen Barr
Moira McKay
Florrie Andrews

front row

Elsie Perry
Gwen Watt
Eileen Gillies 
(front row, 3rd from left)
Agnes Allison
Renee McClean
Louis Gray
Mrs. McCulloch
Doreen Luke
Mary Allen
Mrs. Kennedy
Myrtle Francey

back row

Brian Steele
Tommy Harper
Jack Burnett or Bennett
Wilbert Courtney
Maurice Grant
Jim Nesbitt
Bob Kennedy
John Luke
Robert McCready
James McAuley

I believe the women are secretaries and the folders are ship registries & logs.  The word you have Portmahon is a seaport in Minorca & also Jamaica.
 The files are recessed into a shelf with a writing ledge where the girls can enter data into the ledgers, most likely ship voyages, crew, cargo etc.
 Also, from what I know, ships were given 5 or 6 digit registry numbers which fits the numbering on each file.  With that I would assume it is the photo Lloyd's or a government shipping office. 

If you can see any of the numbers clearly & match them with a ship registry you'll have your answer. - Roger McCalmont


Methody Girls outside McArthur Hall


St. John's National School & Parochial Hall


1911 Slieve Bearnagh, Bohemians
The Royal Studio, Royal Avenue, Belfast
Organ 0 Hart & Churchill Ltd., Belfast