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Lost Photos - Church, Ministers, etc.

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Very Rev. Henry Montgomery, M.A., D.D.
  -  Derry Cathedral Bazaar Bookmark - Rev. William D. Maguire

Presbyterian Church in Ireland

in loving and grateful remembrance of the
Very Rev. Henry Montgomery, M.A., D.D.
Founder and First Superintendent of the Shankill Road Mission

Born 12th October 1847
Died 17th February 1943

Address by the Very Rev. Dr. A. F. Moody, M.A. D.D.
Clerk of Presbytery

Rev. Thomas McDermott, B.A.
Minister of Albert Street Church

Rev. W. P. Hall, M.A.
Superintendent, Shankill Road Mission

The Choir
The United Choirs of Albert Street Presbyterian Church and
The Shankill Road Mission (Albert Hall)

Mr. James Graham

Mr. Arthur Martin

Address to Rev. William D. Maguire 5th July 1923
President of the Bangor & Ards Christian Endeavour Union from the Christian Endeavourers of Newtownards
Dear Mr. Maguire, It is with sincere regret that the Christian Endeavourers of Newtownards have learned of your immediate departure from their midst to take up your pastoral duties in the Antrim Circuit, and they desire us to express, on their behalf, their deep appreciation of your services to Christian Endeavour, and, to the town in general, during the past two years.   You were not long in Newtownards until your evangelistic zeal stamped you as a worthy servant of your Lord and Master, and your services "For Christ and the Church" have been richly blessed.  During the United Mission conducted in the winter of 1921 by Rev. W. P. Nicholson, you supervised the work in the enquiry rooms, and everyone is agreed that no more capable and tactful person could have filled that position.  As a result of this Mission, Christian Endeavour experienced a wonderful revival in the town, and many new societies were formed.  You took a whole-hearted interest in the movement, but you did not confine your activities to your own community; it is well known that you had the welfare of every local society at heart.
Your services to Christian Endeavour were officially recognised, when, at the Annual Meeting of the Bangor and Ards District C.E. Union in October 1922, you were unanimously elected President.  This office you have held to the entire satisfaction of all concerned, and those of us who are members of the Council will miss your valuable advice and assistance very much indeed.  You have also faithfully represented us on the Council of the Irish National C.E. Union.  Newtownards Endeavourers are very sorry to lose you, but you will forever hold a place in their memories, and you leave the town assured of their continued interest in your future.  We pray that God may abundantly bless your ministry in your new sphere of service, and that you may long be spared to labour for the extension of Christ's Kingdom.
Signed Archibald R. Wright, S. J. Harvey, James Dal???, James Simpson, Thos. McIlwrath, Martha Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Cahoon, John A. F. Young, John R. Nelson, T. B. Brown, Etta McMinn, Agnes McWilliams, Llewellyn F. Bennett, Henry Martin

Derry Cathedral Bazaar Nov. 22 & 23 1922