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Norah Haughton

Haughton Genealogy on Facebook
come and talk to others researching the Haughton name, and variations

I'm not a relative -  but having read everything in a small box found at auction, I'm sure that out there, somewhere, she has relatives who care about her.

( all information is written in THE smallest writing ever )

Norah Haughton is the last of her direct line.


I'm happy to say that I have been contacted by a relative of Norah's and that she is no longer a 'Lost' person - Ronnie Haughton of Killiney. His connection is that his Grandfather and Norah's father were first cousins.

I've had a few queries and guestbook entries from people related to the Haughton's
I'm going to put them here in the hope that you can all contact each other and you never know, find some new ancestors
I will forward any queries, sorry I can't put email addresses on the site as spam is a real problem... Mary

Maureen  -  Perth, Australia 
This is amazing - I am a direct descendant of the Haughton's and came across your site by mere accident and I am overwhelmed. I have nearly all the links as far back as 1645 when they arrived in Ireland and now this opens up more avenues for me. If anyone has a direct connection with the family please contact me. One of the best works to date.
I have been researching my family tree. I was looking for information on my Grandfather Richard 'Dick' Haughton and I happened to come across this amazing page all about a Norah Haughton and I see a bunch of names I know and low and behold there is my Great Grandfather John and my Grandfather Richard (Dick).
 "John more names, hard to make out Dick, Willie/William, Francis, Florence"
The John mentioned was married to a Martha and had the following children- Richard, Frances, Florence, Ester , William and John
I was completely amazed to find your web page and very moved by all the information about my ancestors. Thank You so much for taking the time to put this all online!
Yours Thankfully,  Melanie Haughton

Norah Haughton with the Wilson Family

Bobby Haughton at Killiney Beach    



Click here for a large panorama photograph of Belfast Royal Academy pupils in 1926

Norah Haughton was born in 1915. Norah attended Ulverton School, Dalkey, from 1920 to 1922, then Belfast Royal Academy from 1925 to 1932, there are certificates for 1930 and 1932 for examinations passed in French, History, English, Geometry, Drawing and Latin. There is also a 3 foot long photograph of what I would assume was all the children who attended Belfast Royal Academy in 1926. In 1928 and 1929 The Belfast Royal Academy Girl Guides Choir of which Norah was a member took second place at The Assembly Buildings, Belfast. In 1937 at The Queen's University of Belfast, Norah gained the degree of Bachelor of Arts, in 1939 a Higher Diploma in Education. Norah also taught under supervision at Queens and was the President of the W.S.H. (Women Students' Hall), the W.S.H. ran a Tea Shop every year to raise funds for Hospitals, in 1937 when Norah was President, they had premises on the first floor of the Provincial Bank, Royal Avenue.

Clipping from the Northern Whig 16th March 1937
In aid of the Students' Hospital Collection - At No. 2 Royal Avenue, Belfast, Lady Elizabeth Annesley (second from right) opened the Queen's University Women Students' Teashop yesterday morning.  Also included in photograph are Professor R. M. Henry, who presided; Miss Norah Haughton (right) (President W.S.H.), Mr. J. F. Beveen (President S.R.C.), and Mr. R. B. Uprichard (President S.U.S.).

Norah was employed as an Examiner Grade ll from 3rd March 1941 to 14th June 1945 at Drumglass House, Marlborough Park South, Belfast. In later years she was very active in the Belfast Gramophone Society and was also President for a time.


I don't think this is a Haughton, the initials look like " Yours Aye S. R. B."  but it was such a great idea I thought I would put it in here anyway, it's not a drawing, it's black paper cut out and stuck to a postcard, were these popular ? Does anyone recognise this gentleman?

no info

April 1938

Easter 1981

Easter Monday April 1936 Grasmere

no info

Norah and maybe her parents?

Jimmie and Isobel

James, Isobel & David - David would turn round

March 1981 Groomsport Ruby & Susie

May 1980 Shrewsbury Park

Stella? - Norah right

Norah right

Stella & Norah Castleward 1981

Marlborough Park South 7.6.81

Norah right

Norah centre

Office February 1980 - Norah front right

Norah, she really was very lovely, I wonder why she didn't marry - Mary


no info

Belfast Royal Academy Prize Winners Session 1926 - 1927
Robert de Haughton b. Dublin 1337/1537 (writing) later notes suggest 1337 also that connection is speculation

Stephen Haughton b. Dublin 1592 - 1653 buried Wicklow
(married Katherine Lee,? buried at Tallowe, Co. Wicklow)

Rev. Robert Cromwell Haughton b. 1649 - 1720 (Rector of Wicklow Church 1684-1688) buried in Wicklow Churchyard.

Thomas Haughton b. 1680-1743 ( of Coolacorke? Wicklow) (obtained a Lease forever of -
- Townland of Coolacorke. 256 acres in 1728)

Richard Haughton b. 1729-1788 (married May! Goggin of Kingstown, Co. Dublin, sister of the mother of David Mills King, Medical Doctor of Kingstown.  His will was proved by his wife Mary! in 1780. It states that his three eldest sons were provided for with Professions. He left his lands in Coolacorke to Robert Haughton b.1759)

Robert Haughton b. 1759-1823 (married Anne Cunningham/Chamsey ? OATLAND HOUSE was the manor house of Coolacorke)

Thomas Richard Haughton b. 1811-1898 (married Esther Webster of Ballinteskin Co. Wicklow)

Robert Haughton d. 1898

* Robert Samuel Haughton b. ?

Norah Haughton b.1915 died (
xmas cards from 2003)

* Robert Samuel Haughton had 1 sister and 4 brothers,
Thomas Richard Haughton (went to Auckland N.Z. 1906 died 1951 no issue)
Ann Haughton (no info)
James Haughton (unmarried)
William John Haughton (unmarried)
George Earl ? Haughton ( 1 daughter)


This is the ancestral home of the Haughton's of Kingstown. In 1728 Thomas Haughton, who owned the adjoining townland of Roscath, obtained a Lease of the townland of Coolacork forever and gave it to his son Robert, Grandfather Haughton's father. It contained 255 acres and above house. Aunt Ellen told me she remembers, when a little girl, seeing her Grandmother riding on a horse, dressed in a red Cloak and bonnet, going into Wicklow Town, about 7 miles, for goods for the house.  The story was that, when the husband died, she employed a Manager to work the farm. She sent him to register the farm in her name, but when he got to Dublin he registered the farm in his own name, and eventually got possession. The present owner is Mrs. Shepherd (since dead) who gave me permission to take this Photograph. A sent her a copy and she acknowledged it from Dover where she was on a tour.  (initialed) B. H. 1936


                               STORY OF THE AMERICAN FORTUNE
John Haughton, Uncle of Tom Haughton of Killiney, went out to Georgia U.S.A. about 1825, and acquired some land which afterwards became a building site. He farmed the lands, and brought out a man named Murphy of Wicklow to help him.  After several years he decided to come home to Wicklow to see his relatives, and left Murphy in charge of the property. When John arrived home he got ill suddenly and died without making a Will.  For years, Murphy worked the lands for his own advantage, but when dying he told his son that the Property wasn't his but belonged to the Haughton's of Wicklow.  Letter attached marked X shows clearly that a Haughton and a Murphy were in Georgia at one time.  Uncle Tom Haughton went to great expense to try and track the matter, but got no satisfaction. Unfortunately, he had no Proof as John had no papers on him regarding the property when he died.
Told to me by Uncle Tom in his shop in Glasthule in 1925 (initialed) B. H. 1936
Thomas Haughton Tailor 65 Glasthule Road, Kingstown.


Newspaper Clipping
HAUGHTON - April 1 1941, at the residence of her niece, 5 Breffni Terrace, Sandycove, Ellen, last surviving child of the late Thomas and Esther Haughton, of Lower George's Street, Kingstown, in her 94th year. Funeral at 9.30 today (Thursday) to Dean's Grange. "He giveth his beloved sheep"


Norah Haughton's father, Robert Samuel Haughton was very interested in the family ancestry - some bits and pieces

please note : nearly everything is copied from notes written in a tiny script, mistakes are highly likely- Mary


The Haughton family is of ancient linage. It is stated that the name was originally written "de Hoghton" and that the family possessed a great estate on Co. Lancaster, England, as far back as the time of King Stephen A.D. 1135 - 1154.
The motto on the "de Hoghton" Escutcheon is 'malgre le tort' (?)
In 1611 Sir Richard de Hoghton entertained at 'Hoghton Hall' near Preston, King James for several days when he was on his way to Scotland. Sir Richard died in 1630. It is surmised that some of the younger members of this family came across to Ireland with Cromwell, either as officers or adventurers, a record in Mountmellick, Queen's County, states that a Wilfrey Haughton of Haughton Hall, came from England with Cromwell and settled in Kings County. It is also known from an old Will, that at least one other Haughton came over at the same time, and settled in County Wicklow.  This was a Stephen Haughton, and by his Will dated 1652, he bequeathed to his wife Katherine, all debts due to him, also his arrears of pay for my services due me by the State of England, from which it would appear that he was an officer, or, more likely a Chaplain in Cromwell's Army. It is observed that a Robert Cromwell Haughton was a clergyman in Wicklow Church. It is not clear whether this is Stephen's son, but it looks as if he followed Stephen's profession. Cromwell's Army landed in Dublin in 1649. The family tree 'herewith' may not be accurate in all its details, but it is as far as I can make out from the meager information at my disposal, and I would be glad of any further information from any old Records which may be in the possession of our branch of the family.
Compiled by Robert Samuel Haughton 1st July 1936.

Stephen Haughton born about 1592 died 1653 (Will proved 3rd May 1653) buried at Tallowe Co. Wicklow. married Katherine Lee

Peter Haughton born 1623 died 1713     William Haughton died 1727        Thomas Haughton died 1732

Revd. Robert Cromwell Haughton born about 1649 died after 1720, rector of Wicklow Church from 1680 - 1688. buried at Wicklow Churchyard.

Thomas Haughton of Roscrath, Co. Wicklow born about 1682 died 1743, obtained a Lease for ever of part of Coolacorke in 1728, will proved by his wife Mary 24 10 1743.

Thomas born 1723  -  William (of Longford) born 1725 died 1789  -  Margaret born 1727 died at Gleneally in 1800  -  Richard Haughton of Coolacorke born 1729 died 1788 married Mary Goggin who was a sister of Daniel Mills King, medical doctor of Kingstown. His Will was proved by his wife Mary in 1780. It states that his three eldest sons were provided for with Professions. He left his lands in Coolacorke to Robert.  -  Anne born 1731 died 1783  -  John (of Kilmanagh) born 1735 died 1821 age 86 buried at Dunganstown. married Hestor Wilson in 1762.  -  James (of Roscaw, Co. Wicklow) born about 1737 died 1786 1 son William 5 daughters

John Haughton became a doctor in the Royal Navy and afterwards practiced in Dublin (large family of sons and daughters)  -  Richard became a Quaker (married Susan ? )  -  William was Churchwarden with George Darcy in 1786 in Dunganstown Church. married Mary Haughton, widow of John Haughton  -  Robert Haughton born about 1759 died about 1823, married Ann Cunningham.  -  Stephen born 1768 became a builder at Sandymount, died 1820 buried at Dunganstown  -  James (partner with Stephen) died 1784 married Ann Fitzpatrick buried at Dunganstown  -  George or Goggin became a Lieutenant in Royal Navy blown up in Flanders on his ? HM Re? (ship) 24/7/1798  -  Elizabeth  -  May married George Darcy died 1787  -  Esther married Chamney.

Robert born 1799, alleged to have gone to America and left property (1825) in Verginia or Georgia U.S.A.  -  James born 1802 had two sons, one drowned  -  Sarah born 1804 married Nicholson  -  Peter born 1805  -  Samuel born 1807  -  John/Robert born 1809 lived in Delgany buried in Dunganstown  -  Thomas Haughton born 1811 died 1898/9 married Esther Webster daughter of John Webster of Ballinteskin Co. Wicklow   -  Richard born 1813 (Wicklow)  -  Esther born 1815  -  William born 1817 daughters Mrs. Brown Mrs. Russell & son Tom Haughton  -  Anthony school master at Crumlin Co. Dublin.

Anne married Blackmore and after his death married Richardson of Dalkey.2 sons  -  Thomas born 1846 died 1929 list of names, hard to make out think Thomas, John, Beth, Arthur, Dick, Pearlie  -  Ellen (unmarried) died 1st April 1914 aged 94 years  -  John more names, hard to make out Dick, Willie/William, Francis, Florence  -  Robert Samuel Haughton  born 1850 died 1898/9 Tom?, Annie?, Robert/Bobby?, James?, Willie, Georgie/Georgia -  Richard went to Australia died 1934 son Dick, daughter Martha  -  William (married miss Sexton Kingston) <illegible)  -  Esther married ? Foster, Isaac, Etta, Robert, Florence   -  Harriet married H. Williams, Harry, Daisy?, Ruby, Hattie, George Williams

Norah Haughton daughter of Robert/Bobby Haughton.

* Richard Haughton  (noted at bottom of tree) son Lt. General John Colpoys Haughton : 4 sisters born in Dublin 1817 died 1887 at Ramsgate?  children - eldest son Richard (tea planter) born 1848 married Susan born 1850.  -  Lt. Col. John Haughton born in India 1852 killed in action 1898 at Shalamar (N W India)  -  Henry Lawrence Haughton born 1857 died of cholera 1882 in India, served in Africa (Worcester Regt.) and India.   

son of Lt. Col. John Haughton  - Lt. General Henry Lawrence Haughton born 1884 in India died in England 1954 ( ? Kelly)

son of Lt. General Henry Lawrence Haughton  -  Capt. John Haughton killed last war 1940? ( in Greece) < maybe

        B Murphy        J. Steele         P H Emberton
J. A. Landy       A H Stewart       A V Lea
Geo W O'Donnell   W G E Burnett   R S Haughton
   F J Johnston
was this Norah's father OR grandfather, there is no date or information other than what you see, maybe someone who can date photographs can let me know.

streets (at) marylennon.co.uk

Louise Victoria Haughton R.R.C. First Class
The Matron of Guy's Hospital, formerly the Matron of Sir Patrick Dunn's Hospital, Dublin.
The "Royal Red Cross, First Class" is the highest possible decoration in the Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps.
"Aunt Loo" was a pioneer of the Royal College of Nursing, she is the sister of Lt. Colonel Henry Wilfred Haughton DSO OBE
(16 Lancers and Royal Bucks Hussars) a yeomanry regiment.  The RBH made the last cavalry charge in military history ( Palestine 1917) -Official War History  (Kelly Haughton)

Ben Haughton of Barrow Flour Mills, Carlow. Co. Carlow Eire. father of Louise Haughton. (see left) Ben sold out the Mills to the Shackletons ( of the family of Sir Ernest Shackleton of the Antarctic) now living at Glen Mona. Moore. Co. Kildare. Eire
They have two sons, naval officers.
(Kelly Haughton)

brother of Louise Haughton (see left)

William Haughton
Chairman of the GL. S & W Railway Co. of Ireland. son of Samuel Pierson Haughton and Mary Pim, brother of James "Vegetable" Haughton.
(Kelly Haughton

Major General John Haughton R. A.
brother to Ben Haughton (above right) John married Penelope Kelly, of the baronetage family, present baronet being Sir Oliver Kelly Btn? Denton Manor, Grantham, Lincs. John was in the 2nd Afghan War (1880) with "Roberts of Khandahar" with his camel drawn & mule drawn mountain gun teams. There never was an Afghan War without a Haughton in it. ( Kelly Haughton)

Mary Pim
third wife of Samuel Pierson Haughton, who altogether fathered 16 children. Mary and Samuel P. Haughton were parents of James Haughton ( "Vegetable Haughton") the Reformer and Philanthropist and William Haughton the chairman of the GL S&W Railway Co. of Ireland. Pim's are as old Irish Quaker family (Kelly Haughton)

James Haughton known as "Vegetable Haughton" Eminent Irish Philanthropist, Reformer, Teetotaler, Anti-Slavery Advocate and Temperance leader.  Also a vegetarian ! brother to William Haughton. The brothers had a big flour merchants :- Jas. & Wm. Haughton, City Quay, Dublin.
(Kelly Haughton)

"The Rose of Antrim"
Ellen Ferguson, sister to Sir Samuel Ferguson, QC, the celebrated Irish poet. The Fergusons lived at Cider Court, Gleneavy, Antrim. Ellen Ferguson married William Haughton chairman of the GL. S&W Railway Co. of Ireland (see left ) Major William Haughton of the Crimea and Indian Mutiny was their son.  (Kelly Haughton)

Major William Haughton Royal Artillery
son of William Haughton and Ellen Ferguson (see left) Major Haughton was in the Crimean War 1854-5, including Battle of Interman ?sp. and Siege of Sebastopel ?sp Also in the Indian Mutiny 1857-8, including Capture of Lucknow ?sp. I have here his sword, as shown in the photo, in excellent condition.
(Kelly Haughton)

Major General Henry Lawrence Haughton CB., CIE., CBE., ADC to the King. (Sikh Regt.) Winchester & Sandhurst. son of Colonel Jack/John Haughton (see left) of the Bengal Regt and the Sikhs, who used to visit your (Robert Samuel Haughton, Norah's father) people.
General Harry stood 6ft 6ins high, with a character to match, kind, courteous and gentle with everyone, high and low, regardless of colour or class. A true gentleman, he was a Wykehamist in the finest sense, he was also President of the Royal Numismatic Society, London. Photo taken when he was a Major, the lapel badges represent the old 'Sikh weapons' - "chukkas" - a steel ring, with a sharp outer edge, whirled at one's opponents with one's hand totally inside the ring.

(Kelly Haughton)

Colonel John Haughton of the "Sikhs" Personally raised the "36th Sikhs" Regiment and led them in the Tirah ?sp Campaign 1898, when he was killed, at Shinkarrar ?sp Pass, Bara Valley.
Blackwoods - "Small Wars of the Empire" says - "No braver man or finer soldier ever lived"  Son of Lt. General John Haughton of the First Afghan War (1840) and father of Major General Henry Lawrence Haughton of the Sikhs.

Memorial in Uppingham School Chapel (Rutland) to the John Haughton who used to know your (Robert Samuel Haughton, Norah's father) folks. John was in Bengal Regiments until he was instructed to raise the 36th Sikh Regiment, one of the finest and bravest fighting soldiers of the N.W. Frontier, loved by friend and foe alike, his story is told in "The Life of Colonel John Haughton" -
by A. C. Yate, published by John Murray & Co. Ltd.

(Kelly Haughton)

Colonel Thomas Hutchinson Haughton of the Cork Haughtons. father to Lt. Colonel E. J. H. Haughton of the Mahrattas.  They were known as Tom and Young Tom, as both were serving in India together.  Old Tom was in the Punjabis - Field Marshall, "67th Punjab Regiment",  Auchinleck's Regiment.  Young Tom's niece married Major Robin Wright MBE., MC., of the 13/18 Hussars, now in BAOR.

Lt. Colonel Edward Juxton Henry Haughton DSO. of the "2/5 Mahratta Regt" Cork Haughtons. son of Colonel Thomas Hutchinson Haughton (see above).
EJHH always known as 'Young Tom', in World War 1 he plunged into the Tigris and saved the life of a Gurkha soldier - Royal Humane Society's Medal for Gallantry.
(Kelly Haughton)

Dublin Metropolitan Police, 4th May 1916. Please pass Mr. R. S. Haughton (of Irish Land Commission) of 5 Casimir Road, Harold's Cross through the streets of the City and D.M.P. area - signed Commissioner W. Edgeworth Johnston


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