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1843 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Counties and Towns Pt 2

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Town of Larne    Town of Lisburn    Town of Coleraine    County Armagh    Town of Armagh    Town of Lurgan

Adams, Mrs., Lodging House, Mill Street.
Agnew, James, Esq., Magistrate, Kilwaughter Castle.
Alexander, Samuel, Grocer and Hardware Merchant, Main Street.
Antrim Arms Inn, Bernard Jansy, proprietor, Main Street.
Atkinson, Miles, Esq., Woollen Draper and Haberdasher, Cross Street.
Baily, Robert, Publican, Mill Street.
Bane, George, Merchant Tailor, Main Street.
Barclay, Archibald, Esq., Bleacher, Inver House.
Beggs, William, Publican, Main Street.
Bell, Edward, Grocer and Painter, Main Street.
Betmond, John, Esq., Manager of Belfast Br. Bank, Larne, Point Street.
Boyd, Messrs. Robert, & Co., Grocers and Tea Dealers, Main Street.
Boyd, Misses, Grocers, Main Street.
Boyd, Mrs., Store Kepper, Store Lane, Larne.
Boyd, Joseph Thompson, Woollen Draper, etc., Main Street.
Boyle, James, Esq., Manager of the Larne Lime Works and other Works at Curnan, Curnan.
Bruce, William, Roper, Cross Street.
Burke, Alexander R., Esq., Farmer, Newtown.
Burns, John, Shoe Maker, Main Street.
Caley, James, Esq., Proprietor of the Rope Works, Main Street.
Calwell, William, Grocer and Farmer, Mill Street.
Calwell, John, Book Seller and Letter Carrier, Newtown.
Casement, Edmund McG., Esq., Magistrate, Swan More.
Cooch, James, Esq., Post Master, Weigh Master and Woollen Draper, Cross Street.
Craig, Miss, Publican, Mill Street.
Crawford, John, Publican, Cross Street.
Cross, Thomas, Road Surveyor, Newtown.
Cunningham, John, Esq., Surgeon, Main Street.
Curry, Mrs., Publican, Point Street.
Darcus, Solomon, Esq., Clerk of the Peace, Garden More.
Davison, Benjamin, Pawn Broker, Newtown.
Dixon & McCambridge, Timber Merchants and Ship Owners, Cross Street.
Eccles, Thomas, Clerk of Bank, etc., Newtown.
Ferguson, Messrs. David & William, Saddlers, Mill Street.
Fernes, Charles, Esq., Physician, Newtown.
Garland, Rev. John, Catholic Curate, Newtown.
Gavin, John, Teacher of Classical Literature, etc., Newtown.
Girvan, James, Grocer and Tea Dealer, Main Street.
Girvin, John, Auctioneer, Newtown.
Hamill, Miss, Bonnet Maker, etc., Main Street.
Hamilton, John, Clerk of Inver Flour Mills, Main Street.
Hamilton, William, Grocer, Point Street.
Hamilton, Alexander, Excise Officer, Cross Street.
Haveron, James, Stucco Plasterer and Grocer, Main Street.
Heighton, James, Pawn Broker, etc., Main Street.
Hill, Mrs., Newtown.
Hutton, James, Sergeant of Police, Cross Street.
Huston, Samuel, Teacher, Pound Street.
Jackson, John, Grocer and Hardware Merchant, Main Street.
Johnston, R. W., Esq., Solicitor, Office, Main Street, resides at Glynn.
Johnston, George, Baking Establishment, Newtown.
Kennedy, Rev. Archibald, Seceding Minister and Teacher, Newtown.
Kirkpatrick, Thomas, Esq., M.D., Doctor, Newtown.
Kirkpatrick, Samuel, Baker, Mill Street.
Laughlan, Val., Watch Maker, Main Street.
Madine, Mrs., Publican, Newtown.
Martin, Rev. Henry, Church Minister, Glebe.
Masewell, John, Publican, Mill Street.
Maxwell, Thomas, Esq., Magistrate, Ballylig.
McAlister, Robert, Grocer, Clerk of the Mail and Day Coaches and Clerk of the Loan Fund, Main Street.
McCalmont, William, Letterpress Printer, Newtown.
McCambridge, Messrs. John & A., Tanners and Farmers, Point Street.
McComb, Hugh, Esq., Physician, Newtown.
McDowell, James, Master Tailor, Newtown.
McGarnell, Peter, Esq., Magistrate, Newtown.
McGavock, John, Merchant and Publican, Cross Street.
McGee, Henry, Esq., Proprietor of the Mail and Day Coaches, Curnan.
McGiveron, Phelix, Baking Establishment, Newtown.
McGregor, William, Ship Broker, Newtown.
McIlherin, David, Master Tailor, Newtown.
Millan, Grocer and Ship Owner, Mill Street.
McLoy, David, Overseer of the Currier Works, Mill Street.
McMullan, James, Grocer, Cross Street.
McNeill, John, Spirit Dealer, Newtown.
McNeill, Malcolm, Esq., Farmer, Curnan.
McNeill, William W., Solicitor, Newtown.
Molyneaux, Rev. H. W., Presbyterian Minister, Newtown.
Moore, James, Grocer, Mill Street.
Nelson, Robert, Esq., Woollen Draper and Haberdasher, Cross Street.
O'Fey, Charles, Baker, Cross Street.
Omely, Lawrance, Publican, Newtown.
Orr, John, Shoe Maker, Main Street.
Pallon, William, Butcher, Main Street.
Palmer, James, Esq., Manager of Inver Flour Mills, Main Street.
Pool, John, Carter, Newtown.
Porter, Rev. C., Unitarian Minister, Larne.
Rea, Mrs., Haberdashery and Millinery Warerooms, Cross Street.
Richey, John, Baking Establishment, Newtown.
Sheriff, Daniel, Esq., Custom House Officer, Newtown.
Simson, William, Esq., Farmer, Mill Street.
Simson, Daniel P., Esq., Proprietor of Larne Flour Mills, Mill Street.
Sisters, Andrew, Woollen Drapers, Main Street.
Smiley, John, Esq., Grain Merchant and Ship Owner, Cross Street.
Smily, Samuel J., Esq., Merchant and Farmer, Main Street.
Smith, John, Grocer, Mill Street.
Smith, Alexander & James, Merchants and Ship Owners, Newtown.
Smith, Reverend James, Rector of Island Magee, Newtown.
Smith, Messrs. Ed. & J., Leather Cutters, Publicans, etc., Main Street.
Stafford, Miss, Publican, Cross Street.
Stewart, James, Keeper of King's Arms Inn, Newtown.
Thomson, William, Grocery Establishment, Main Street.
Turner, James, Watch Maker, Newtown.
Whitla, George, Esq., Magistrate, Inver Lodge.

The Larne Mail leaves the Office, 6 North Street, Belfast, every morning at 9 o'clock, and arrives in Larne at a quarter past 12, returns from Larne at a quarter before 3, arriving in Belfast at 6. A conveyance leaves Larne every morning, (Sunday excepted) at 6 o'clock, and returns from Belfast at 4 evening, arriving in Larne at 7 1/2.
The Larne and Glenarm Mail Car leaves the Post Office, Larne, at 12 1/2 noon, (shortly after arrival of the Belfast Mail), for Glenarm, and returns at 2 1/2, in time for the up Mail to Belfast.
Post Office, Cross Street, James Cooch, Post Master, Wm. Forsyth, Assistant, and John Calwell, Letter Carrier.
Belfast Branch Bank, Point Street, John Redmond, Esq., Manager, Thomas Eccles, Clerk.
Court House and Police Barracks, Cross Street.
Gentlemen's News Room, at the house of Mrs. Rowan, Newtown.
Public News Room and Mechanics' Institute, at the house of John Calwell, Newtown.
Custom House, Newtown, Daniel Sheriff, Esq., Officer
Public Weigh House, Cross Street, James Cooch, Weigh Master
Stewart's Inn, King's Arms, Newtown.
Jansey's Inn, Antrim Arms, Oldtown.
Waterguard Station, Curnan, Larne, Thos. Hamilton, Lieutenant.
Male and Female Public Schools, Newtown, John Doneghy and Misses Houstons, Teachers.
Larne Union Poor House, is situated on an eminence a few perches out of town, on the old Carncastle Road, leading from the foot of the town to Glenarm.

Larne Union
Assistant Poor Law Commissioner, Edward Senior, Esq.
Ex-Officio Guardians.
Chairman, Edm. McDonnell, Esq., Glenarm Castle  |  Vice Chairman, Jas. Agnew, Esq., Kilwaughter Castle  |  Conway Dobbs, Esq., Castle Dobbs
Deputy Vice Chairman, T. Maxwell, Esq., Magheramourne House  |  Peter McGurrell, Esq., Larne  |  George Whitla, Esq., Inver Lodge  |  W. Burleigh, Esq., Carrickfergus

Elected Guardians
Solomon Darcus, Gardenmore  |  Alexander R. Burk, Larne  |  Miles Atkinson, Larne  |  C. Wilson, Weyburn Cairncastle  |  John McCambrage, Glenarm Park
Robert Robinson, Foxhall  |  John Graham, Augharemlagh  |  Edmond O'Neill, Grenaghon  |  Philip Gibons, Carnlough  |  Edm. McG. Casement, Invermore
John Forsyth, Belfast  |  Andrew Kirk, Ballynure  |  James Marshall, Ballyboley  |  George McDowell, Rungill  |  Randle Wm. Johnston, Glynn
William McLelland, Portmuck  |  Luke Jackson, Linford  |  Philip Fletcher, Eden Cottage  |  Robert Wright, Ballycalwy  |  John Legg, Glynn Park
James Wilson, Carrickfergus  |  W. R. Martin, M.D., Carrickfergus  |  Paul Logan, Knockough

Paid Officers and Assistants
Clerk and Returning Officer - Thos. M. Atkinson  |  Medical Attendant - Charles Fernes  |  Chaplain Established Church - Rev. H. Martin
Chaplain Roman Catholic Church - Rev. A. O'Neill  |  Chaplain Presbyterian Church - Rev. H. W. Molyneux  |  Master - William Jackson.
Matron - Jane Jackson  |  School Master - John Hanna  |  School Mistress - Sarah Lamont  |  Porter - John Mill.

                     TOWN OF LISBURN                 top

Alderdice, Robert, grocer, Tea Dealer, Foreign Fruit, Bottled Ale and Porter Stores, 3 Market Square.
Beatty, David, Tanner and Currier, Bow Street.
Barbour, William, Linen Cloth and Linen Thread Manufacturer and Bleacher, Hilden.
Bell, George, Wine and Spirit Store, Market Square.
Bell, Archibald, Plumber and Lead Merchant, Railway Street.
Bell, Ann, & Sons, Woollen Drapers, Market Square.
Birney, John, Esq., Solicitor, Castle Street, and 28 Upper Gloucester Street, Dublin.
Brownlee, Alexander, Coal and Grain Merchant, Office and Stores, Bridge Street, residence, Dublin Road.
Bullick, William, Woollen Draper and Hatter, Market Square.
Burrows, Francis H., Baker and Grocer, Bow Street.
Burrows, William, Baker, Bow Street.
Caldbeck, William, Esq., Castle Street.
Caldbeck, William Eaton, Esq., Barrister, Castle Street.
Charley, John, & Co., Linen Merchants and Bleachers, Seymour Hill, Dunmurry.
Charley & Roberts, Linen Merchants and Bleachers, Colin, Dunmurry.
Charley, Matthew, of Charley & Roberts, residence, Woodburn, Dunmurry.
Cupples, Rev. Edward, LL.D., Vicar General of Down and Connor, Castle Street.
Cupples, Charles, M.D.
Clarke, Miss, Haberdasher, Market Square.
Cordner, Robert, Grocer, Linen Manufacturer and Linen Yarn Merchant, Market Square.
Caldbeck, Thomas F., Esq., Under Sheriff for the County of Down.
Crossley, Major, Esq., J.P., Dunmurry.
Campbell & Hall, Surgeons, etc., 2 Castle Street.
Coulson, Brothers, Damask Table Linen, Sheeting Manufacturers and Bleachers, Offices, Lisburn and 52 Bolton Street and Linen Hall, Dublin.
Coulson, James, of Coulson, Brothers, Market Square.
Coulson, William, of Coulson, Brothers, Market Square.
Davison, William, Castle Street.
Dillon, William, Esq., Solicitor and Proctor, Castle Street, Lisburn, 31 Arthur Street, Belfast and Anglesea Street, Dublin, residence, Belfast.
Douglas, Samuel, Grocer and Tea Dealer, Bow Street.
Duncan, George, Woollen Draper and Hatter, Market Square.
Edgar, Elizabeth, Haberdasher, Bow Street.
Gas Company's Office, Gas Works, Bridge Street, Mr. Samuel Neill, Clerk, Mr. John Miller, Secretary and Treasurer.
Gillin, John, Linen Manufacturer and Dealer in Linen Yarns, Chapel Hill.
Graham, William, Tanner and Currier, Maltster and Brewer.
Greaves, John, Linen, Muslin and Calico Manufacturer, Market Square.
Gregg, William, Esq., J.P., Seneschal and Chief Magistrate of Lisburn, residence, Derryvolgie.
Hertford Arms Hotel and Posting Establishment, George Davis, Proprietor.
Harlin, Ann, Haberdasher and Grocer, Market Square.
Hogg, Miss, Seymour Street.
Hicks, John, Muslin Manufacturer, Grocer and Haberdasher, Bow Street.
Higginson, Henry T., Esq., Registrar of Down and Connor, Bow Street.
Hunter, Alexander, Linen Merchant and Bleacher, Dunmurry.
Hunter, William, jun., Linen Merchant and Bleacher, Glenburne, Dunmurry.
Hunter, William, Esq., J.P., Flour Miller, Dunmurry.
Irwin, Robert, Leather Cutter and Boot and Shoe Manufacturer, Bridge Street.
Jefferson, R. & R., Grocers and Ironmongers, Timber, Iron, Leather and Coal Merchants, 27 Bow Street.
Jefferson, John, Woollen Draper, Haberdasher, and Hatter, 29 Bow Street.
Kelso, Johnston John, M.D., Market Square.
Kennedy, Samuel, Starch Manufacturer and Flour Miller, Grove Green.
Kennedy, John B., Esq., Castle Street, Lisburn, 2 Castle Lane, Belfast, and 18 Blackhall Street, Dublin.
Linn, Michael, Grocer and Tea Dealer, Bow Street.
Macartney, Arthur, Grocer, Tea Dealer, and Proprietor of the Baking Establishment.
Mack, David, Woollen Draper, Haberdasher and Hatter, Market Square.
Major, George, Timber, Iron, and Spirit Merchant, 29 Market Square.
Major, Parker, Grocer, Tea Dealer, Seedsman, Ironmonger, and Spirit Merchant, 10 Bow Street.
Megarry, B., & Co., Lime Burners, Knockdona Lime Kilns, Office, 24 Market Square.
Millar, John, Corn Miller and Coal Merchant, 24 Market Square.
Millar, Mrs. R., Prorpietrix of the Banking Establishment and Flour Stores, 23 Market Square.
Murray, James, Saddler, etc., Bow Street.
Mussen, James, Soap and Candle Manufacturer, and Haberdasher, Market Square.
Mussen, Thomas, Spirit Dealer, Market Square.
Mussen, Robert, Chandler, 22 Market Square.
Musgrave, Samuel, Surgeon, Market Square.
McCance, J. & W., Linen Merchants and Bleachers, Suffolk, Dunmurry.
McCaul, Hugh, Pawn Broker.
McClure, Robert, Woollen Draper, Haberdasher, Hatter, Hosier, etc., Market Square.
McClure, Adam, Baker and Spirit Dealer, Castle Street.
McCreanor, Michael, Spirit Dealer, Market Square.
McDonald, William, Surgeon, 29 Market Square.
McHarg, Michael, Surgeon, etc., Bow Street.
Northern Bank Branch, H. Manley, Esq., Manager.
O'Flagherty, Francis Hale, Notary Public and Proctor of Office in the Consistorial Court of Dromore, Seymour Street.
Patterson, James, Grocer and Leather Merchant, Bow Street.
Pelan, George, Soap and Candle Manufacturer, Glass, Oil, and Colour Warehouse, Market Square.
Pennington, John, Proctor of the Consistorial Court of Down and Connor, 58 Bow Street.
Queen's Arms Hotel, Richard Robinson, Proprietor.
Reid, John, Auctioneer, 10 Market Square.
Reilly, H., Printer, Book Binder, Book Seller, and Stationer, 33 Market Square.
Richardson, Samuel, & Co., Flax Spinners, Island.
Railway Tavern, Cross Row, James Phillips, Proprietor.
Richardson & Co., Linen Manufacturers, Linen Merchants and Bleachers, Office, Castle Street.
Richardson, Jon., of Richardson & Co., residence, Ingram Lodge.
Robinson, Richard, Spirit Merchant, Proprietor of the Queen's Arms Hotel and Posting Establishment, and Manufacturer of Steaming Apparatus for Agriculturists, Market Square.
Savage, John, of Stewart & Savage, 76 Bow Street.
Seeds, Henry, Esq., Solicitor, Castle Street, 8 Fountain Lane, Belfast and 52 Upper Dorset Street, Dublin.
Seeds, Hugh, Pawn Broker, Market Square.
Singleton, John, Pawn Broker, Market Square.
Singleton, William, Haberdasher, Market Square.
Sitherwood, John, Watch Maker, etc., 28 Market Square.
Smith, John S., of Richardson & Co., residence, Rosevale
Smyth, Thomas Johnston, Esq., J.P., D.L., Castle Street, Lisburn
Smyth, Roger Johnston, Esq., J.P., Castle Street.
Smyth, Matthew J., Esq., Solicitor, Castle Street and 42 Hardwicke Street, Dublin.
Smyth, James, Linen Manufacturer, Bridge Street.
Stannus, James, Dean of Ross and Rector of Lisburn.
Stephenson, George, Esq., Solicitor, Offices, Castle Street, Lisburn, 6 Castle Chambers, Belfast and 42 Hardwicke Street, Dublin, residence, Castle St., Lisburn.
Stewart, William, M.D., Consulting Surgeon of the County Antrim Infirmary.
Stewart & Savage, Flax Spinners and Linen Thread Manufacturers, Offices, Lisburn and 7 Usher's Quay, Dublin.
Subscription Bakery, Castle Street.
Thompson, William, M.D., 50 Castle Street, Surgeon of the County Antrim Infirmary.
Titterington, Alexander, Watch Maker, etc., 4 Market Square.
Ward, Andrew C., Esq., Solicitor, Offices, Castle Street, Lisburn, 25 Bridge Street, Belfast, and 11 Grenville Street, Dublin.
Ward, James, Agent to the Sun Fire and Life Assurance Company, residence, Strawberry Hill.
Waring, Lucas, Esq., Solicitor, Castle Street, and 11 Grenville Street, Dublin.
Whitla, William, Esq., Bow Street.
Weldon, Francis, Master Extraordinary in Chancery and Commissioner for taking Affidavits in Four Courts for the Counties of Antrim and Down, 41 Castle Street.
Woods, John, jun., Muslin Manufacturer and Haberdashery, 15 Bridge Street.
Woods, Mary, Grocer, etc., Bridge Street.
Woods, John, Baker and Confectioner, Bridge Street.

                                TOWN OF COLERAINE                   top

Anderson, Alex., Wholesale Wine and Spirit Merchant, 21 Church Street.
Austin, Thomas, Agent to Andrew Givin, Mill Street.
Babbington, John, Esq., Solicitor, and Distributor of Stamps, Offices, New Row, and 4 Blessington Street, Dublin.
Babbington, T. H., M.D., Surgeon, 12 New Row.
Barr, James, Surgeon and Apothecary, New Row.
Belfast Bank Branch, Diamond, James McFarland, Esq., Manager.
Bellas, H. & F., Ironmongers, Hardware and Timber Merchants, Church Street.
Bennett, Thomas, & Co., Bleachers and Linen Merchants, Ballydivitt, Garvagh.
Beverland, Robert, Woollen Draper, Church Street.
Boyd, John, Esq., M.P., J.P., Dundoran House.
Brooks, James, Saddler, etc., Church Street.
Caldwell, James, Saddler, etc., Diamond.
Caldwell, James, Grocer and Dealer in Earthenware, Diamond.
Caldwell, Eliza Anne, Grocer, Waterside.
Caldwell, John, Grocer and General Merchant, Captain Street.
Carson, James C. L., M.D., Surgeon and Apothecary, Diamond.
Cavin, William, M.D., Ferryquay Street.
Cochran, Mrs., Haberdasher, etc., 4 Diamond.
Coleraine Loan Fund, Church Street, James Cowan, Clerk.
Coldwell, John, Surgeon, New Row.
Clark, Matthew, Wholesale and Retail Grocer and Tea Dealer, Provision and Salt Merchant, 10 & 11 Bridge Street.
Clarke, Andrew, Surgeon, etc., Bridge Street.
Clarke, William, Linen Merchant, Maghera.
Clarke, James, Grocer, etc., Bridge Street.
Commercial Hotel and Posting Establishment, Waterside, Thomas Davock, Proprietor.
Conn, Thomas, Tanner and Currier, Brook Street.
Corporation Arms, Family and Commercial Hotel, and Posting Establishment, Diamond, John McGrotty, Proprietor.
Cowan, James, Book Seller and Stationer, and Agents for the Sale of Teas, Church Street.
Cox, Henry, Wholesale Grocer and Tea Dealer, Hanover Place.
Culbert, Alexander, Tanner and Currier, Kingsgate Street.
Daly, Charles, Nursery and Seedsman, Bridge Street.
Davock, Thomas, Proprietor of the Commercial Hotel, Waterside.
Dillon, John, Haberdasher, Bridge Street.
Doherty, Charles, Auctioneer, Valuator and Cabinet Maker, Salerooms, Meetinghouse Lane.
Doherty, Patrick, Haberdasher, 12 Bridge Street.
Ferguson, Thomas, Agent to the Belfast, Derry and Dungannon Mail Coaches, Diamond.
Ferrar, Michael, Distiller and Maltster, Boyd Street, residence, 12 Stone Row.
Gailey, D., Commission Agent, and Agent to the Fire Insurance Company of Scotland, also, Coroner for County Londonderry, Office, Diamond.
Gaw, Thomas, Book Seller, Book Binder, Stationery and Room Paper Warehouse, Agent for the Sale of Teas, Bridge Street.
Gilmore, James, Watch and Clock Maker, Diamond.
Givin, Andrew, Flax Cleaner, Flax, Flour and Corn Miller, Yarn Office, Meetinghouse Lane, Mills, Coleraine, residence, Newtownlimavady.
Givin, John, & Co., Importers of Window Glass, Wine, Timber and Iron Merchants, Diamond.
Givin, Daniel, Ironmonger, Grain, Timber and Iron Merchant, 22 Diamond.
Graham, John, M.D., Upper Stone Row.
Gribbin, Edward, Haberdasher and Linen Yarn Merchant and Soft Soap Manufacturer, Waterside, Office in Ballymoney, Church Street.
Groves, William, Boot and Shoe Maker, 7 Diamond.
Hamilton, John, Haberdasher, Church Street.
Harkins, John, Professor of Music and Dancing and conductor of public and private Balls, 12 Lower Stone Row.
Hart, Samuel, Letterpress, Copperplate, Gold Ornament Printer, Machine Ruler, Book Seller & Book Binder, Stationery & Room Paper Warehouse, 10 Diamond
Hartford, William, Coach Factory, Lower Stone Row.
Hemphill, Hunter, & Co., Linen Merchants and Bleachers, Greenfield.
Hunter, John, Saddler, Diamond.
Hurley, Alexander, Merchant Tailor, Hanover Place.
Huston, Robert, Surgeon, Church Street.
Huston, Robert, jun., Surgeon, etc., Bridge Street.
Kennedy, Robert, Cabinet Maker, etc., Diamond.
Kennedy, David, Grocer, Waterside.
Knox and Pollock, Linen Merchants and Bleachers, Roe Green, Newtownlimavady.
Knox, Samuel, Son, & Sterling, Esqrs., Solicitors, New Row, Coleraine and 4 Blessington Street, Dublin.
Knox, John, & Sons, Linen Merchants and Bleachers, Rushbrook, Garvagh.
Loughran, B., Haberdasher, Diamond.
Lyle, Samuel, Linen Merchant and Bleacher, Oaks, Derry.
Macauley, J. H., Esq., Manager of the Northern Bank Branch, Diamond.
Macaldin, James Jasper, M.D., Hanover Place.
Mackey, Hugh Boyd, Esq., Solicitor, New Row, and 6 Lower Dorset Street, Dublin.
Mallon, Michael, Haberdasher and Draper, Diamond.
May, John, Proprietor of the Oak Tavern and Posting Establishment, Meetinghouse Lane.
May, Messrs., Letterpress Printers, Society Street.
May, James, Professor of the Piano Forte, and Teacher of Singing, Society Street.
Mooney, Miss, Swan Hotel, Bridge Street.
McAfee, John, Linen Merchant and Bleacher, Agivey.
McAfee, Thomas, Linen Manufacturer, Curryseskan, Ballymoney
McAlister, Eneas, Saddler, etc., Church Street.
McCandless, John, Grocer, Church Street.
McCarter, Joseph, Tanner and Currier, New Row.
McCaughey, M., Coach Maker, Bridge Street.
McCamphill, Haberdasher, Bridge Street
McCurdy, J., & Co., Ironmongers, 9 Waterside.
McCurdy, John, General Grocer, Tea and Wine Merchant, Diamond
McElwain, Archibald, Woollen, Carpet and Hat Warehouse, Bridge Street
McFarland, Robert H., Esq., Solicitor, Hanover Place, Coleraine and 24 Moore Street, Dublin.
McGonical, Daniel, Esq., Attorney, Bridge Street, and 72 Great Britain Street, Dublin.
McFarland, James, Agent to the Norwich Union Fire and Life Insurance Company.
McGonigal, David, Esq., Attorney, Gaol Street and 17 Arran Quay, Dublin.
McKay, Robert, Spirit Dealer, Agent to the Champion Coach, Diamond.
McHenry, Patrick, Straw, Plat, and Bonnet Warehouse, and Herring Store, Bridge Street.
McKay, Adam, Coach Proprietor and Spirit Dealer, Diamond. The Fair Trader Day Coach runs from this on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for Belfast, starting at 11 o'clock, a.m., and returns on the alternate day.
McKeag, Daniel, M.D., Surgeon, etc., Waterside.
McKee, John, Importer of Earthenware, etc., Diamond.
McKinlay, E., Earthenware Warehouse, Diamond.
McLaughlin, Patrick, Wholesale Wine and Spirit Merchant, Waterside
McGrotty, John, Proprietor of the Corporation Arms Hotel and Posting Establishment, Diamond.
McGrotty, John B., Woollen Draper, Agent to the Sun Fire Office, and Westminster Life Insurance Company, Diamond.
McManimy, Mrs., Haberdasher, Church Street.
Neill, Alexander, Surgeon, R.N., New Row.
Neill, Mrs., Seedshop, Upper New Row.
Oak Tavern and Posting Establishment, Meetinghouse Street, John May, Proprietor.
O'Kane, Charles, Ironmonger, etc., Meetinghouse Lane.
O'Kane, Hugh, Haberdasher, Auctioneer, and Valuator, Diamond.
Orr, Miss, Haberdasher, Silk Mercer, etc., Church Street.
Patterson, Henry, Rope, Twine and Leather Warehouse, Kingsgate Street.
Pollock, William, of Knox & Pollock, Roegreen, Newtownlimavady.
Provincial Bank of Ireland, Office, Hanover Place, W. W. Sibbald, Esq., Manager.
Queen's Arms Hotel, Bridge Street, Joseph Orr, Proprietor.
Rankin, Peter, Wholesale and Retail Grocer and Tea Dealer, Church Street.
Robinson, James, Woollen Draper, Manchester and Hat Warehouse, 4 Bridge Street.
Robinson, George V., Letterpress Printer, Stone Row.
Sibbald, W. W., Esq., Manager of the Provincial Bank, Hanover Place.
Smith, David, Linen Merchant, Heathfield, Garvagh.
Swan Hotel, Bridge Street, Miss Mooney, Proprietrix.
Taylor, Daniel, Grocer, Church Street.
Taggart, John, Notary, Public Commissioner for Affidavits, Special Bail, and Master in Chancery.
Thomas, James, Linen Merchant and Agent, Ballydivitt, Garvagh.
Thompson, Robert, Haberdasher, Bleacher, and Linen Merchant, Church Street.
Warke, William, Ironmonger, Wine and Timber Merchant, etc., etc., Agent to the Patriotic Fire and Life Assurance Company of Ireland, 23 Diamond.
Weir, Robert, Watch Maker, etc., Bridge Street.
Young, William, Woollen Draper, Diamond.

Mechanics' Institute

President - Sir H. H. Bruce, Bart.  |  Treasurer - Jas. McFarland, Belfast Bank  |  Secretary - G. V. Robinson, Institute Rooms, Town Hall

Dispensary and Fever Hospital, Doctor Macaldin.

The following are the Commissioners for the Borough of Coleraine, under the 9th George IV., chap. 82, entitled, "An Act to make Provision for the Lighting, Cleansing and Watching of Cities, Towns Corporate, and Market Towns in Ireland, in certain cases."
Sam. Lawrence, Esq., J.P., Chairman  |  Stewart C. Bruce, Esq., J.P., D.L.  |  Daniel Givin  |  Archibald McElwaine  |  James Caldwell  |  Hugh Bellas
Robert Sharpe  |  John Taggart  |  Thomas Cown  |  Robert Huston  |  William Warke  |  Thomas Davock  |  Alexander Cuthbert  |  William Young  |  John B. McGrotty
Joseph McCarthen  |  Daniel Taylor  |  James McFarland  |  J. C. L. Carson  |  Robert Huston, Esq.  |  Robert Thompson, Esq.  |  John Boyd, Esq., J.P., M.P. treasurer  |  Samuel Wright Knox, Town Clerk  |  John Coyle, Clerk to the Commissioners.

By the Corporation Reform Act, 3rd & 4th Victoria, chap. 108, the property of the late Corporation is vested in these Commissioners. The Revenue is composed of the Tolls and Customs of the Town, and the Rent of Lands in the neighbourhood.

Magistrates Attending Petty Sessions
Held every second Thursday

John Boyd, Esq., M.P.  |  Sir Henry H. Bruce, Bart.  |  Henry Richardson, Esq.  |  Hugh Lyle, Esq.  |  John Cromie, Esq.  |  Charles J. Knox, Esq.
Henry O'Hara, Esq.  |  Wm. Wilson Campbell, Esq.  |  Richard Hunter, Esq.  |  Andrew Orr, Esq.  |  Samuel Laurence, Esq.

Coleraine Farming Society

President - Henry Richardson, Esq., D.L.  |  Treasurer - S. C. Bruce, Esq., D.L.  |  Secretary - Samuel Orr, Esq
Society's Office, Meetinghouse Lane, Coleraine.

                    COUNTY ARMAGH             top
Population for 1831, 220,134 ; for 1841, 232, 393.


The Hon. Archibald (Acheson) Viscount Acheson, only son of the Earl of Gosford.
Brookes' Club, London, Gosford Castle, Market Hill & Worlingham Hall, Suffolk.

Lieutenant Colonel William Verner
Carleton Club, London, 48 Upper Mount Street, Dublin and Church Hill, Moy, in this County.


The Right Honorable Earl of Gosford, G.C.B. Baron Worlingham, of the United Kingdom, and one of the Representative Peers of Ireland, Gosford Castle, in this County, Worlingham Hall, Suffolk, and Brookes' Club, St. James' Street, London.

High Sheriff

James M. Stronge, Esq., of Tynan Abbey, Tynan.

Custos Rotulorum

The Right Honorable the Earl of Gosford.

Deputy Lieutenants

The Earl of Charlemont  |  The Viscount Mandeville, Tanderagee  |  The Viscount Acheson, M.P., Gosford Castle  |  Charles, Ld. Lurgan, Lurgan Park
The Hon. H. Caulfield, Hockley  |  Sir James Matthew Stronge, Bart., Tynan Abbey  |  Edmund Bacon, Esq., Richhill and Thorock Hall, Lincolnshire
Lieutenant Colonel Maxwell Close, Drumnabagher Castle  |  James Eastwood, Esq., Castletown  |  John Whaley, Esq., Divernagh and Stephen's Green, Dublin
Leonard Dobbin, Esq., Armagh  |  Sir George King A., Molyneaux, Bart., Castle Dillon  |  James Mat. Stronge, Esq., Tynan Abbey  |  Charles Fox, Esq., Keady
Peter Fane, Count de Salis, Tanderagee  |  Thomas Wilson, Esq., Lissadin and Upper Temple Street, Dublin

Assistant Barrister

Edward Tickell, Q.C., 10 Clare Street


Francis William, Earl of Charlemont, Rosborough Castle, Moy.
Archibald, Earl of Gosford, Gosford Castle, Market Hill.
Francis Jack, Earl of Kilmorey, Shavington, Market Drayton.
George, Viscount Mandeville, Tanderagee Castle.
Sir James Matthew Stronge, Bart., Tynan Abbey, Tynan.
Charles, Lord Lurgan, Lurgan Park, Lurgan.
Peter John Fane, Count de Salis, Tanderagee.
John Reed, Esq., Rahans, Carrickmacross.
William Reid, Esq., Ballymoyer, Newry.
James O'Callaghan, Esq., Dundalk.
Roger Hall, Esq., Narrow Water, Newry.
Hunt Walsh Chambre, Esq., Hathornhill, Forkhill.
William N. Thompson, Esq., Newry.
John Hardy, Esq., Loughgall.
William Whitelaw Algeo, Esq., Armagh.
Captain Joshua Paul Barker, Market Hill.
William Blacker, Esq., Gosford, Market Hill, Armagh.
Nicholas C. White, Esq., Loughbrickland, County Down.
Marcus Synnot, Esq., Ballymoyer, Newtownhamilton.
Major Fulton.
Edward Lucas, Esq., Castle Shane, Monaghan.
Hugh O'Callaghan, Esq., Divernagh, Newry.
Thomas Gibson Henry, Esq., Newry.
George Murray McGusty, Esq., Derrygalone, Dundalk.
Henry Leslie Prentice, Esq., Caledon.
James McWatty, Esq., Castleblayney.
Conway Richard Dobbs, Esq., Castle Dobbs, Tanderagee.
Leonard Dobbin, Esq., Armagh.
John Whaley, Esq., Divernagh and Stephen's Green, Dublin.
Lieutenant Colonel Maxwell Close, Drumbanagher Castle, Newry
Rev. James Campbell, Forkhill.
John Foxall, Esq., Forkhill House, Forkhill.
William Henry Quin, Esq., Newry.
Francis Stringer, Esq., Tassa, Keady.
James Eastwood, Esq., Castletown, Dundalk.
George King Aldercron Molyneaux, Esq., Castle Dillon, Armagh.
Maxwell Cross, Esq., Dartan, Killilea.
Denis Caulfield Brady, Esq., Newry.
Constantine Maguire, Esq., Newry.
Thomas Claude Hamilton, Esq., Hampton Hall, Balbriggan and Newtownhamilton.
Charles Hunt, Esq., Tanderagee.
John Calvert Stronge, Esq., Tynan Abbey, Tynan.
William Paton, Esq., Armagh.
Thomas Dobbin, Esq., Armagh.
John Robert Irwin, Esq., Carna House, Keady.
Major Arthur Adderley Bernard, Forkhill.
William Olpherts, Esq., Darty, Blackwatertown.
John Hancock, Esq., Lurgan.
Thomas Fortescue, Esq., Ravensdale, Flurry Bridge.
Barnet McKee, Esq., Market Hill.
Thomas Wilson, Esq., Lissadien.
William Kirk, Esq., Annevale, Keady.
Peter Quinn, Esq., Acton House, Loughbrickland.
James Harden, Esq., Harrybrook, Tanderagee.
Lee McKinstrey, Esq., Armagh.
Joseph Nicholson, Esq., Cranagill, Loughgall.
Thomas Joseph Tenison, Esq., Portnelligan, Tynan.
M. Singleton, Esq., S. M., Newtownhamilton.
James Molyneux Caulfield, Esq., Hockley.
Powell Foxall, Esq., Killevy Castle, Flurry Bridge.
George Greer, Esq., Lurgan.
Thomas Kidd, Esq., Armagh.

Militia Staff, Stationed at Market Hill

Colonel - Viscount Acheson, M.P.  |  Lieutenant Colonel - Wm. Blacker, Carrick  |  Major - Thomas Fulton  |  Adjutant - Captain J. P. Barker
Agents - Sir Edward R. Borough, Bart., Armit & Co.

Clerk of the Crown - Leonard Dobbin, jun., Esq., English Street, Armagh and 27 Gardiner's Place, Dublin.
Clerk of the Peace - Leonard Dobbin, jun., Esq., English Street, Armagh and 27 Gardiner's Place, Dublin.
Deputy ditto - John McKinstry, Esq., Armagh.
Crown Solicitor at Quarter Sessions, James T. Bell, Esq., Armagh and 61 Blessington Street, Dublin.
Treasurer - Acheson St. George, Esq., Wood Park, Tynan.
Secretary to the Grand Jury - Thomas Kelly Evans, Esq., Armagh.
County Surveyor - Henry L. Lindsay, Esq.
Sub-Sheriff - James C. McKinstry, Esq., Armagh.
Returning Officer - John McKinstry, jun., 17 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin.
Coroners - Joshua Michael Magee, Esq., Armagh, George Henry, Esq., Ballybrawby, Keady, George Young, Esq., Knockbane, Tynan.
Distributor of Stamps - Thomas Prentice, Esq., Scotch Street, Armagh.

County Jail, Armagh

Inspector - William L. Kidd, M.D.  |  Chaplain - Rev. Edw. Ogle Disney  |  Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. Pooley Shuldham Henry
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. M. Conway  |  Surgeon - Alexander Robinson, M.D.  |  Apothecary - Meredyth Armstrong  |  Governor - John Turner

County Infirmary. Armagh

Treasurer - George Scott, Esq.  |  Surgeon - Alex. Robinson, M.D.

District Lunatic Asylum, Armagh

Manager - Mr. Thomas Jackson  |  Physician - W. L. Kidd, M.D., A.B.

Commissioners of Affidavits

John Davidson, jun., CH. QC. and E., Master Extraordinary, and Special Bail, Abbey Street, Armagh.  |  Thomas Hall, N.P.C.H., Q.C., Lurgan
Pat. McConnell, Q.E., Tanderagee  |  J. Mathers, Q.E., Lurgan.  |  John Overend, C.  |  Richard Trotter, CH.Q., Tanderagee
John Wiles, Q.E., Newtownhamilton.  |  John Obins Woodhouse, Q., Portadown  |  Wm. Barnes, CH., QCE., and SB., Office, 20 Scotch Street, Armagh.

Resident Magistrate of Armagh, with the date of his original appointment.
M. Singleton, Esq., Newtownhamilton, 16th May, 1831.

County Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors of Police of Armagh

Henry Townsend, Armagh  |  Thos. Armstrong, N. T. Hamilton  |  Edward Hill, Portadown  |  Gordon Holmes, Crossmaglen  |  William Kelly, Armagh
George Seton, Ballybot, Newry  |  PayMaster of District - Robert Robinson, Dundalk.

Principal Clergy of Established Church

Diocesan of Armagh
Is 75 miles long, and from 12 1/2 to 32 broad. It embraces parts of the Counties of Armagh, Londonderry, Tyrone, Louth and Meath, and contains 99 benefices, including perpetual curacies.

The Cathedral
Of St. Patrick's, in the City of Armagh, is of very great antiquity, and has recently been repaired and beautified. There are 98 other churches, and one licensed place of worship in the diocese.

Most Rev. the Lord Primate - Palace, Armagh
Dean - Vacant  |  Chancellor - James Jones  |  Precentor - Richard Allott  |  Treasurer - C. Atkinson, LL.D.  |  Archdeacon - Edward Stopford, LL.D.

Mullabrack - S. Blacker, LL.D.  |  Ballymore - T. Carter  |  Loughall - S. Oliver  |  Tynan - W. Maclean

Rural Deans
Drogheda - William H. Foster  |  Athirdee - Richard Olpherts  |  Dundalk - Elias Thackeray  |  Creggan - Savage Hall  |  Aghaloe - E. Stopford, LL.D.
Dungannon - T. Carpendale  |  Tullahog - William Quain  |  Vicar General - Right Hon. J. Radcliff, LL.D., Dublin  |  Surrogate - Rev. George Miller, D.D.
Registrar - G. Scott, Esq.

Abbreviations used in this list :-
R. Rectory  |  V. Vicarage  |  R.V. Rectory and Vicarage  |  U. Union  |  P.C. Perpetual Curacy  |  D.C. District Perpetual Curacy  |  C. Chapelry or Chapel of Ease

The benefices thus marked (+) are in the presentation of the Lord Primate



Post Towns

Aghaloe, or Caledon
+ Ardee
+ Armagh
+ Ballinderry
+ Ballyclog
+ Ballymore
+ Barronstown
+ Beaulieu
+ Carlingford
+ Carrenteel
+ Charlestown
+ Clonkeen
+ Clonmore
Coal Island
+ Creggan
+ Derryloran
+ Derver
+ Donaghendry
+ Donaghmore
+ Drumcree
+ Drumglass
+ Dysertlyn
Errigle Keroge
+ Foghart
+ Forkhill
+ Heynstown
+ Jonesborough
+ Keady
+ Kildress
+ Killincool
+ Killevy
+ Killishill
+ Killyman
+ Kilmore
+ Lissan
+ Loughgall
+ Loughgilly
+ Magherafelt
+ Manfieldstown
+ Mullabrack
+ Newtownhamilton
+ Pomeroy
St. Peter's, Drogheda
St. Patrick's, Newry
+ Tamlaght
+ Tullaniskin
+ Tynan
Wood's Chapel




J. L. Darby
Edward A. Stopford
John Wade

Arthur Ellis
Samuel Simpson
C. R. Elrington, D.D.
J. K. Baillie, D.D.
Joseph Abbott
Alexander Miller
James Tisdall
Henry Green
Hugh Lefroy Baker
Charles Miller
H. T. Hobson
T. Carter, (D. of Tuam)
Gilbert Percy
Sir. T. Foster
Edward Groome
Andrew Cleland
William Barlow
E. Stopford, LL.D., Arch.
J. Disney
Richard Olpherts
Edward Bruce
James Lowry
Henry Griffin
William Lee
H. U. Tighe
John Buck, D.D.
Isaac Ashe
Anthony Adams
Andrew Christie
Charles Atkinson, LL.D.
A. Major
William Quain
Cosby S. Mangan
Richard D. Woods
John Buck, D.D.
James Gerahty
Thomas Cardendale
John Hamilton Stubbs
John C. Quinn
Cecil Smyly
Charles Alexander
Richard N. Horner
W. D. Long
Elias Thackery
James Crofton
Hon. J. Pratt Hewitt
C. Waring
John James Moutray
C. Marshall
James Campbell, LL.D.
W. Pennefather
Joseph Wright
Robert Henry
Charles King Irwin
Leonard H. Robinson
H. P. Disney
Richard Stewart
Joseph Wright
Richard Allott
John Young
John C. McCausland
Mor. O'Sullivan, D.D.
James Jones
R. Le P. McClintock
Stephen Radcliff
J. M. Staples
Silver Oliver
William Henry Foster
Elias Thackeray
Thomas A. Vesey
George Vesey, D.D.
Richard Graham
J. Mauleverer
Charles Crossle
J. Leech
Alexander A. Nicholson
Samuel Blacker, LL.D.
W. Chichester
Savage Hall
? Conynham
Thomas Twigg
Arthur Molony
Alexander Lindsay
E. M. Taylor
Arthur Wynne
C. Maude
Thomas Parkinson
Maxwell Carpendale
Hon. F. Clements
John Kerr
Charles Cobbe Beresford
Robert Kingsmore
Thomas J. Mackee
William Maclean
Launcelot Dowdall
Pomeroy, Dungan
Coal Island
Pomeroy, Dungan
Pomeroy, Dungan

Curates Assistant

Benefices Curates Post Towns
Aghaloo, or Caledon

St. Peter's, Drogheda
St. Mark's, Drogheda
E. O. Disney, A. Irwin
Michael Kearney
Henry B. Farmer
Thomas D. Logan
R. R. Kennedy
Henry Ussher

J. Wilson, E. L. Elwood
Charles Smith
Isaac G. Glenny
Robert Ellison
Arthur Young

Thomas N. Burgoyne
Edward Hassard
John Bailie

Alexander G. Stuart
Robert Frazer
David Babington
James Hogan
John H. Alpress
M. Enraght, T. W. Disney
W. Beresford
Joseph Wright, jun.
James Hewitson

John Marks, R. Oulton
Robert Chichester
J. F. Lloyd
William I. Irwin
H. H. Madden, J. Wilson
Richard Verschoyle
Frederick Barber
Samuel Twigg
Anthony Garstin
R. Atkinson, W. Gray
Robert Haig
E. Durham
George Needham
David Donaldson
Samuel Alexander
Thomas I. White
Pomeroy, Dungan

                       TOWN OF ARMAGH                   top

Adams, John C., Woollen and Linen Draper, Hatter, etc., 5 Upper English Street.
Allen, E. & G., Haberdashers, etc., English Street.
Anderson, John, Saddle and Harness Maker, English Street.
Armstrong, Meredith, Surgeon, English Street.
Armstrong, Thomas, Ironmonger, Grocer and Hardware Merchant, Scotch Street.
Armstrong, George, Flour Miller, Market Street.
Arthur, John, Sack and Bag Manufacturer, Dobbin Street.
Barker, William, Esq., Solicitor and Law Agent, Abbey Street and 15 Nelson Street, Dublin.
Barnes, George, Flour Miller, Ogle Street.
Barnes, John, Linen Manufacturer, Loughgall
Barnes and Whitford, Watch Makers, Scotch Street.
Barrett, Jacob, Esq., Solicitor, Proctor of Office to his Grace the Lord Primate, and Public Notary, Upper English Street and 26 Queen Street, Dublin.
Bell, Matthew Robert, Merchant, Irish Street.
Bell, James T., Esq., Local Crown Solicitor, 7 Houses and 16 Blessington Street, Dublin.
Bell, James C., Esq., Barrister, College Street and 74 Upper Dominick Street, Dublin.
Bell, Matthew, Seedsman, Flour and Leather Merchant, 1 English Street.
Boyd, William, Grocer, Gunpowder, Paint, Oil, and Seed Merchant, 4 Thomas Street.
Boyd, William, jun., Spirit, Ham and Bacon Store, Thomas Street.
Boyd, James B., Brown Linen Manufacturer, Linen Bleacher, and Flax Merchant, Office, Dobbin Street.
Boyd, A. & F., Iron and Timber Merchants, Dobbin Street.
Boyle, Hugh, Linen Merchant, Linen Hall.
Branigan, John, Spirit Dealer, 2 Dobbin Street.
Brice, Alexander, Apothecary, English Street.
Burns, James, Watch and Clock Maker, English Street.
Campbell, Jane, Grocer and Druggist, Scotch Street.
Cargill, William, Linen and Flax Merchant and Agent, Mullabane, Glasslough, County Monaghan, Offices, 26 Dobbin Street, Armagh, and Ballybay.
Carvill, Thomas, Ironmonger and Timber Merchant, 37 Thomas Street.
Cargill, John, Linen and Linen Yarn Merchant and Agent, Mulladuff, Glasslough, County Monaghan, Office, 26 Dobbin Street.
Carrol, I. & E., Haberdashers, English Street.
Close, James, Woollen Draper, etc., Scotch Street.
Colvan, John, M.D., Surgeon and Licentiate Apothecary, Lower English Street.
Cole, Robert, Flax Buyer and Linen Yarn Merchant, 19 Barrack Street.
Constable, George, Hair Dresser, etc., Agent for J. J. Jackson's Silk Dyeing Establishment, Scotch Street.
Connolly, Charles, Wholesale and Retail Ironmonger, General Trimming and Saddlery Merchant, Market Street.
Cowdy, Arthur, Linen and Linen Yarn Merchant, Offices, 25 Dobbin Street, Armagh, and Thomas Street, Portadown, residence, Portadown.
Corrigan, Mrs., Haberdasher, Scotch Street.
Corrigan, Samuel, Manufacturer of Lawns, Cepney, Verner's Bridge, Office, Dobbin Street.
Corrigan, Robert, Lawn Manufacturer, Mosspring, Moy, Office, Dobbin Street.
Corrigan, John, Linen and Linen Yarn Merchant, Dobbin Street.
Corry, John, Woollen Draper, Market Street.
Craig, Thomas, Tanner, Lower English Street.
Craig, John, Grocer and Spirit Dealer, Scotch Street.
Crolly, Right Rev. Dr., Roman Catholic Primate, Abbey Street, Armagh and Drogheda.
Croan, Robert, Linen Manufacturer, Derryane, Verner's Bridge and Dobbin Street, Armagh.
Cumming, Thomas, M.D., Beresford Row.
Cumming, John, Esq., Solicitor, Beresford Row and 39 Westmoreland Street, Dublin.
Daly, Rev. James, Roman Catholic Curate.
Davidson, John, Master Extraordinary in Chancery, and Commissioner for taking Affidavits in all the Courts, Agent to the Albion Fire and Life, and Phoenix Fire Assurance Companies, Abbey Street.
Davidson, John, Timber Merchant, Abbey Street.
Davidson, Alexander, Rope Manufacturer, Scotch Street.
Davison, Robert, Leather, Iron and Timber Merchant, Ogle Street.
Dickson, Henry, Corn Miller, Flax Commission Agent, and Spirit Dealer, Market Street.
Dobbin, Leonard & Thomas, Esqrs., Managers of the Bank of Ireland, Office, Scotch Street.
Duncan, John, Engraver and Watch Maker, English Street.
Duncan, Miss, Bonnet and Stay Warehouse, Russel Street.
Dundas, Mrs., Haberdasher, English Street.
Fegan, John, Albert Hotel, English Street.
Fitzpatrick, Hugh, Haberdasher, Scotch Street.
Fulton, Robert, Druggist, Grocer, Glass, Oil and Timber Merchant, Upper English Street.
Forster, Thomas, Surgeon and Apothecary, Upper English Street.
Foster, Charles, jun., Grocer and Baker, Scotch Street.
Frazer, John, Classical School, College Street.
Gardner, Samuel & Edward, Armagh Foundry, Iron and Brass Founders, Smiths, Plumbers, Tin, Zinc and Copper Workers, Bell Hangers, etc., Dobbin Street.
Gardner, Samuel, of S. & E. Gardner, Woollen Draper, Agent to the Westminster Life and Sun Fire and Life Insurance Company.
Gas Company's Work, Callen Street, Robert McEndow, Secretary and Treasurer, Joseph Gibbs, Manager.
Gibson, John, Linen Yarn Merchant, Richhill, Office, Yarn Hall, Dobbin Street, Armagh.
Graham, Mrs. Maria, Haberdasher, Scotch Street.
Grattan, Thomas, Surgeon Dentist, Medical Hall, Scotch Street.
Greacon, James, Printer and Stationer, Thomas Street.
Green, James, & Co., Flax and Tow Spinners, and Coloured Thread Manufacturers, Keady, Offices, Dobbin Street and Ballybay.
Hazilton, Hammersley, Watch Maker and Jeweller, Russel Street.
Heaton, William, Woollen Draper, Silk Mercer and Haberdasher, Market Street.
Hodge, Robert, Linen Yarn Merchant, Monaghan, Office, Yarn Hall, Armagh.
Hodge, Samuel, Linen Yarn Merchant, Clontibret, Castleblaney, Office, Yarn Hall, Armagh.
Hughes, William S., Saddler and Harness Maker, Scotch Street.
Hughes, S., M. and L., Haberdashers and Linen Drapers, Scotch Street.
Hughes, Patrick, Proprietor of the Victoria Hotel, Castle Street.
Jackson, Henry, Linen Manufacturer, Drumherif, Loughgall, Office, Dobbin Street, Armagh.
Johnston, Samuel, Linen Draper, Silk Mercer and Haberdasher, 34 Scotch Street.
Keenan, Philip, Proprietor of the Royal Hotel and Posting Establishment, Dobbin Street, from whence Vans start for Newry, Portadown, Enniskillen and Dungannon, every day, Sunday excepted.
Keys, Charles, Baker and Grocer, 57 Scotch Street.
Kidd, James Alexander, Bleacher, Greenmount, Keady, Office, Linen Hall, Armagh.
Kidd, Thomas, Esq., Manager of the Belfast Bank Branch, Upper English Street.
Kidd, Osborne, Distiller and Flour Miller, Distillery, Ballynahone, Office, Thomas Street.
Kidd, William Lodge, M.D., Charlemont Place.
Kidd, Samuel, & Son., Linen Merchants and Manufacturers, Bleachers, Dyers, etc., Dundrum, Keady, Office, Dobbin Street.
King, James, Haberdasher and Hosier, Scotch Street.
Kirk, William, Esq., Manager of the Northern Bank Branch, Market Street & General & Commission Linen Merchant, Bleacher, Dyer & Finisher, Ann Vale, Keady.
Knox & Co., Woollen Drapers, Silk Mercers and Haberdashers, Market Street.
Lavery, Philip, Surgeon, Scotch Street.
Larah and Cherryvale, Castleblaney.
Ledlie, George, Agent to James Twigg, Flax Spinner.
Leslie, John, M.D., Scotch Street.
Lethen, William, English Street.
Lillyman, William, Veterinary Surgeon, Scotch Street.
Lyle, Andrew & Alexander, Maltsters, Brewers and Spirit Merchants, Lower English Street.
Macartney, John N., Watch Maker and Jeweller, 48 Market Street.
Matthews, Joseph, Flour Miller, 13 Scotch Street.
Mercer, Arthur, Linen Manufacturer, Loughgall, Office, Dobbin Street.
Moody, William, Book Seller, Stationer, Grocer, Wine and Spirit Merchant, News Agent and Music Seller, Market Street.
Molliert, Samuel, Delf, Glass and China Warehouse, Scotch Street.
Medical Hall, 26 Scotch Street, John Leslie, M.D., Surgeon and Apothecary, Proprietor.
Murdoch, William, Flax and Tow Spinner and Linen Manufacturer, Anaroe, Glasslough.
Mulligan, A. J., Esq., Manager of the Ulster Bank Branch, English Street.
McCaldin, William, Linen, Linen Yarn and Flax Merchant, Newbliss, County Monaghan, Office, 11 Dobbin Street, Armagh.
McCann, Thomas, Wholesale Wine and Spirit Dealer, Grover, Baker and General Merchant, 62 & 63 English Street.
McEndow, Robert, Bakery, Glass and China Warehouse and Coal Store, English Street.
McArthur, John, Painter, etc., 27 Scotch Street.
McKean, Henry, Flax and Tow Spinner, Darclay, Keady, Office, Market Street, Armagh.
McKinstry, John, Esq., Solicitor, Proctor of the Consistorial Registry Court, Armagh and Commissioner for taking Acknowledgments for Deeds to be Executed by Married Women, Offices, Beresford Row and 17 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin.
McKinstry, Robert, M.D., Beresford Row.
McVernon, Arthur, Engraver and Copperplate Printer, Thomas Street.
McWatters, John, Book Seller, Printer, Stationer and Librarian, English Street.
McKee, Joseph, Linen Manufacturer and Bleacher, Millview, Keady.
Nicholson, A. & J., Haberdashers, English Street.
Noble, Dorothea, Haberdasher, Market Street.
O'Brien, Rev. Michael, Roman Catholic Curate.
Orr, William, & Sons, Linen Manufacturers, Linen Merchants and Finishers of Linens, Loughgall, Office in Armagh, Dobbin Street.
Orr, Sinclair, Linen Yarn Merchant, Loughgall, Office in Armagh, Dobbin Street.
Post Office, Scotch Street, Robert Birch, Postmaster.
Penton, Mrs., Nursery and Seed Establishment.
Prentice, Thomas A., Stamp Distributor for County Armagh, Scotch Street.
Potter, Frederick, Printer and Stationer, Scotch Street.
Quin, John, Esq., Solicitor, 42 Castle Street and 34 Lower Gloucester Street, Dublin.
Rea, James, Register Office for Servants, Church Street.
Rickard, James, Flour and Oatmeal Miller, English Street.
Riddall, Robert, & Co., Corn and Flour Millers, Mills, Lurgyvallen, Office, 28 Upper English Street.
Riddall, Robert, of Robert Riddall & Co., Deputy Registrar of the Diocese of Armagh, Upper English Street.
Riddall, James, Ironmonger, English Street.
Riggs, John S., Grocer, Wine and Spirit Dealer, 24 Upper English Street.
Rooney, Rev. Patrick, Roman Catholic Curate, Chaplain to the Gaol and Poor House.
Rodgers, William, proprietor of the Molyneux Arms Hotel and Posting Establishment, Upper English Street.
Scott, George, Registrar of the Diocese of Armagh and Local Director of the Belfast Bank Branch, residence, Vicar's Hill.
Simpson, John, Meal, Flour and Spirit Store, Market Street.
Sloan, Mrs., Druggist, English Street.
Smyth, James, Seedsman, English Street.
Smyth, Robert, Flax Spinner, Millbrook.
Stevenson, R., Book Seller, Stationer and Printer, Scotch Street.
Sling, W. H., Hair Dresser, Scotch Street.
Sling, John, Hair Dresser, Scotch Street.
Smyth, Thomas, Grocery Establishment, Scotch Street.
Scott, S., Book Binder, etc., Thomas Street.
Stanley, James, Flour Miller and Spirit Merchant, 28 Scotch Street.
Stanley, James, Jun., Wine and Spirit Merchant, College Street.
Stanley, John, jun., Esq., Solicitor and Proctor of the Consistorial and Metropolitan Court of Armagh, English Street and 12 North Frederick Street, Dublin.
Trenor and Bennett, Corn and Flour Millers, Umgola.
Twigg, James, Flax and Tow Spinner, Mills, Laragh and Cherryvale, Castleblaney, George Ledlie, Agent.
Ulster Steam Carrying Company's Stores, Mall, Office, English Street, Robert McEndow, Agent.
Vint, J., Glass, Oil, Colour and Room Paper Warehouse, Market Street.
Vogan, Richard C., Grocer, Tea, Wine and Spirit Merchant, Upper English Street.
Walker & McNair, Haberdashers, etc., 1 Market Street.
White, Samuel, Book Binder and Stationer, 5 English Street.
Williams, Miss, Haberdasher and Milliner, English Street.
Wilson, John, Flax Buyer, Grocer and Haberdasher, Scotch Street.
Wilson, Wm. Thomas, M.D., Surgeon, Thomas Street.
Wilton, Thomas, Grocer, etc., Thomas Street.
Wynne, Mrs. Margaret, Linen Bleacher, Lislea House.

                        TOWN OF LURGAN                     top

Adamson, R. & J., Linen Merchants, Ballydugan.
Anderson, William, Cabinet Maker, Back Lane.
Anderson, James, of J. Wilson & Co., Main Street.
Armstrong, William, Wholesale and Retail Grocer, Tea Dealer, Ironmonger, Coal, Iron and Timber Merchant.
Armstrong, William, & Son, Woollen Drapers, Silk Mercers and Hatters.
Armstrong, Brothers, Importers and Dealers in Foreign and Mill Spun Yarns.
Ballocke, John & Thomas, Grocers, Bakers, Wine and Spirit Merchants, Main Street.
Beatty, Richard, Grocer, Leather Cutter and Spirit Dealer.
Bell, Robert, Surgeon, etc., Medical Attendant to the Lurgan Union Workhouse, Main Street.
Bell, Thomas, Linen and Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturer.
Black, Jonathan, Watch, Clock Maker and Jeweller.
Boyd, Joseph Hall, Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer.
Boyd and Watts, Maltsters and Brewers.
Brennian, William, English and Classical Teacher.
Brown, Youngson, Woollen Draper and Spirit Dealer.
Brownlow Arms Hotel, John Girdwood, proprietor.
Bullock, John, Grain Merchant.
Cherry, Samuel, Spirit Dealer.
Christy, Joseph, Esq., Manager of the Ulster Bank Branch, residence, Kircassock.
Crawford, Misses, Grocers, etc., Main Street.
Cummins, John, Innkeeper and Posting Establishment, Main Street.
Cuppage, John, & Co., Flax and Tow Spinners, Linen Yarn Merchants, and General Agents, Offices, Lurgan and 7 Donegall Street Place, Belfast, John Cuppage's residence, Lurgan.
Dobbin, Rev. H., Main Street.
Douglass, Charles, Esq., J.P., Gracehill.
Duffy, James, Baker and Flour Merchant, Castle Lane.
Druitt, Thomas, of Greer & Co., Milltown.
Evans, R. J., Printer, Book Binder, Book Seller, etc.
Falloon, John, Chandler and Grocer.
Gilbert, John, Importer and Dealer in Foreign and Mill Spun Yarns, Delf and Glass, Main Street.
Gilbert, Mrs., Wholesale Spirit Dealer.
Greer, George, Esq., J.P., Woodville.
Greer, J. & F. H., Discount Agents for the Belfast Bank, Offices, Main Street and Distillery.
Greer, Henry, Solicitor, Lurgan and 14 Gardiner Street, Dublin.
Greer, George, & Sons, Distillers.
Greer, George, & Co., Linen Merchants and Bleachers, Milltown.
Hall, Thomas, Manager of the Provincial Bank, Public Notary, Commissioner for taking Affidavits in Her Majesty's Court of Q.B., C.H., and C.P., and Agent to the Alliance Life Assurance Company of London.
Hancock, John, Esq., J.P., Seneschal, Land Agent and Local Director of the Provincial Bank.
Hannay, Robert S., M.D., Main Street.
Hazlett, John, Esq., Solicitor and Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds, to be Executed by Married Women, Main Street and 25 Old Dominick Street, Dublin.
Henning, John T., Surgeon and Apothecary.
Johnston, John, Maltster and Brewer, Main Street and Regent Street, Newtownards.
Johnston, William, Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer.
Johnston, William, Grocer and Hardware Merchant.
Kennedy, John, Baker and Spirit Dealer.
Kerr, R., Pawn Broker.
Lockhart, George & William, Diaper and Linen Manufacturers.
Lurgan, The Right Honourable Lord, J.P., & D.L., Brownlow House.
Lurgan Loan Fund and Saving's Bank, Henry Greer, Actuary.
Malcom, James, Lawn, Cambric and Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturer, Importer and Dealer in Foreign and Mill Spun Linen Yarns.
Mathews, Thomas, Commissioner for taking Affidavits in the Court of Queen's Bench and Exchequer.
Morris, Robert, Esq., Solicitor and Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds to be Executed by Married Women.
Morris, William B., Postmaster and Distributor of Stamps, and Agent to the Protector Fire and Life Insurance Company.
Morrison, James, Linen Yarn Agent and Accountant Ulster Bank.
McCaw, Johnston, Linen and Cambric Manufacturer, Tegnavin.
McCrory, William, Linen Manufacturer, Clare.
McCullough, William, Chandler, Grocer and Tea Dealer.
McKeown, Hugh, Leather Merchant.
McMullan, John, Surgeon.
Nettleton, George, Grain Merchant and Grocer.
Paul, A., Woollen Draper and Haberdasher.
Phillips, John, Surgeon.
Reilly, Henry W., Printer, Book Seller, Book Binder, Stationer and Ironmonger.
Richardson, John & Thomas, & Co., Linen and Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturers, Springfield.
Rogers, Samuel, Surgeon, Main Street.
Ross, John, Linen and Linen Yarn Merchant.
Ruddell, David, Linen Manufacturer, Maid Street (Main)
Shaw, John, Manager of the Northern Bank Branch.
Stanley, Thomas, Grocer, Tea Dealer, Seedsman, Dealer in Paints, Oils and Colours, Ironmonger, Hardware, Flour and Timber Merchant.
Stanley, Robert, Grocer and Ironmonger.
Starkey, Charles, Saddler and Harness Manufacturer.
Trail, Robert, Woollen Draper, Hatter, etc.
Watson, Henderson, Linen Buyer and Dealer in Linen Yarn.
Watts, Samuel, of Boyd and Watts, Main Street.
Watts, William, Spirit Dealer.
Watson, Robert, Diaper, Damask, Lawn and Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturer.
Watson, Francis, Lakeview.
Wells, William, Woollen Draper, Haberdasher and Hatter, Main Street.
Wells, Matthew, Watch and Clock Maker.
Wilson, Joseph, & Co., Linen Merchants and Dealers in Foreign and Mill Spun Yarns.


Belfast Branch, Messrs. J. F. & H. Greer, Discount Agents.
Northern Branch, John Shaw, Esq., Manager.
Provincial Branch, Thomas Hall, Esq., Manager.
Ulster Branch, Joseph Christy, Esq., Manager.

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