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1819 Belfast & Lisburn Directory

First Section (History, etc.)
Second Section (Alphabetical Names) (
this page)
Third Section (Trades & Professions)

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With Many Thanks to Peter Francis Antiques, Saintfield



Abbott, Mrs. Eleanor, 1 Lancaster Street
Aberdeen, John, skipper, 27 Patrick Street
Acheson, Misses, haberdashers, 64 Ann Street
Acheson, Rev. Robert, Edward Street
Adair, Michael, huxter, 10 Edward Street
Adair, Charles, shoe maker, 8 Edward Street
Adams, William, huxter, 29 Hill Street
Adams, Nathaniel, brick layer, 12 Charlemont Row
Adams, John, cooper, 15 Talbot Street
Adams, David, tailor, 13 Gregg's Row
Adams, John, shoe maker, 26 John Street
Adams, John, shoe maker, 89 Grattan Street
Adams, Mary, 67 Green Street
Adams, Charles, cooper, Hamilton's Court, Green Street
Agnew, John, gent, Nelson Club House
Agnew, James, tailor, 24 Pottinger's Entry
Agnew, John, weaver, 15 Hudson's Entry
Agnew, James, shoe maker, 21 Talbot Street
Agnew, Henry, shoe maker, 3 Wilson's Court
Ainsworth, Thomas, book-keeper, Prince's Street
Ainsworth, William, card maker, 61 Millfield
Alderdice, James, butcher, 55 Hercules Street
Alexander, John, Ardmullan House
Alexander, Ed., teacher, Snugborough, off North Street
Alexander, John, carman's inn, 27 Peter's Hill
Alexander, Robert, saddler, 19 Peter's Hill
Alexander, Andrew, tallow chandler, 18 Church Lane South
Alexander, Samuel, muslin bleacher, Brookfield
Alexander, John & Co., Belfast Flour Mills
Alexander, Samuel, stay maker, 18 Ann Street
Alexander, John, brick layer, 68 Barrack Street
Alexander, Edward, sawyer, 24 Edward Street
Algeo, James, custom house officer, 46 Gordon Street
Algeo, James, timber measurer, Lower George's Street
Allen, Henry, coroner, 7 Hercules Street
Allen, Thomas, merchant, 2 Thomas Street
Allen, Susanna, teacher, and boarding house, 49 Castle Street
Allen, James, house and sign painter, 42 Brown Street
Allen, Thomas, nail maker, 41 Peter's Hill
Allen, William, painter and glazier, 96 Carrick Hill
Allen, John, warper, 72 Carrick Hill
Allen, William, shoe maker, North Street
Allen, Hugh, ship carpenter, 9 Thomas' Street
Allen, John, house painter and glazier, 7 Patrick Street
Allen, John, joiner, 13 Grace Street
Allen, Robert, grocer, 39 Ann Street
Allen, Robert, tailor, 25 Weigh House Lane
Allen, Joseph, nailer, 34 Peter's Hill
Allen, Daniel, shoe maker, 64 Grattan Street
Anderson, Drummond, editor, proprietor and printer of the Belfast Commercial Chronicle, Wilson's Court; house, Ann Street
Anderson, J. & H., surgeons, 36 High Street; house, Arthur Street
Anderson, Alexander, gent., 9 Millfield
Anderson, William, weaver, 81 Millfield
Anderson, James, bellows maker & leather cutter, 37 North Street
Anderson, James, carpenter, 32 Weigh House Lane
Anderson, William, agent for the Distillery Company, 27 Old Barrack Street
Anderson, Andrew, tallow chandler, 1 Berry Street
Anderson, Robert, carpenter, 29 Charlemont Row
Anderson, Robert, grocer, 8 Curtice Street
Anderson, William, sawyer, 38 Weigh House Lane
Anderson, Nicholas, porter, 23 Wilson's Court
Anderson, Thomas, tallow chandler, 7 Clark Lane
Andrews, T. J., linen merchant, Thompson's Court, Donegall Street; house, 3 Donegall Square South
Andrews, Michael, linen merchant, 6 York Lane; house, 73 Donegall Street
Andrews, Hugh, butcher, 10 William Street South
Andrews, Samuel, 30 Gordon Street
Annesley, William, tallow chandler, 82 Millfield
Annesley, Thomas, shoe maker, 29 Margaret Street
Anthony, Isaac, wheelwright & turner, 17 Bell's Row
Apperson, Thomas, glover, 39 Forest Lane
Appleton, David, silk, woollen and cotton fancy dyer, 34 Smithfield
Archbold, Samuel, book seller, stationer, vender of patent medicines and agent to the Sun Fire and Life Assurance Office, 82 High Street
Archer, Samuel, book seller, stationer and lottery office keeper, 37 High Street; house, Castle Lane
Archer & McMillan, book sellers, stationers, music and musical instrument sellers, etc., 49 High Street
Archer, James; house, Pottinger's Entry
Archibald, James, grocer and flour dealer, 183 North Street
Armour, Andrew, bookkeeper, 5 King Street
Armour, Edward, cow keeper, 2 King Street
Armstrong, Mrs. Sarah, haberdasher, 60 High Street
Armstrong, Thomas, shoe maker, 5 Round Entry
Armstrong, James, green grocer, 53 Patrick Street
Armstrong, Robert, leather breeches maker and glover, 20 Castle Street
Armstrong, James, green grocer, Montgomery's Market
Armstrong, David, 48 Peter's Hill
Armstrong, James, cooper, 9 Kennedy's Row
Armstrong, Francis, ship carpenter, Little Patrick Street
Arrott, Samuel, surgeon & apothecary, 8 High Street
Arthur, James, solicitor, 10 Chichester Street
Askey, James, saddle tree maker, 28 Wine Tavern Street
Ash, George, merchant; house, Arthur Street
Ashcroft, Joshua, print cutter, 14 Millfield
Ashmore, John & Richard, Donegall Square East
Ashmore, Michael, rope maker, 91 Grattan Street
Atkins, James, house, sign and coach painter, Back Lane, Prince's Street
Atkins, William, cooper, 15 Bell's Row
Atkinson, Henry & Co., wholesale calico warehouse and coloured thread manufacturers, 4 Donegall Street
Atkinson, William, wholesale grocer, 23 North Street
Atkinson, Richard, bookkeeper, 5 Weigh House Street
Atkinson, Richard, carman's inn, 34 Ann Street
Auchinleck, William, merchant, 4 Great George's Street
Aughton, Isabella, straw hat manufacturer, 2 Arthur Street


Bailey, Robert, hat manufacturer, 24 Bridge Street
Bailie, James, wholesale and retail grocer, 68 North Street
Bailie, Mrs., 10 Lower Arthur Street
Bailie, John, boot and shoe maker, 59 Ann Street
Bailie, Mrs. Mary, Chichester Street
Bain, James, grocer, 72 Ann Street
Bain, John, inn keeper, 1 Ann Street
Baird, John, joiner, 30 Caxton Street
Baker, Richard, patent card manufactory, near Saltwater Bridge
Baker, James, muslin manufacturer, 39 Patrick Street
Ball, John, chandler, 10 Union Place
Ballady, Francis, cooper, Pottinger's Entry
Ballantine, Mrs. Jane, 7 York Street
Ballymacarret Dispensary; attendant surgeon, Mr. Heron, of Newtownbreda
Balmer, William, distributor of books in Nos.,25 Patrick Street
Bamford, James, carman, 65 Peter's Hill
Bamford, William, 7 Union Street
Barclay, Allan, merchant, Ann Street; house, 53 Donegall Street
Barklie, Thomas, High Street
Barklie, Matthew, grocer, 3 Prince's Street
Barnes, James, tailor, 3 Round Entry
Barnes, Thomas, carman 46 Brown Street
Barnes, Edward, tide waiter, 7 Union Place
Barnett, John, tanner and merchant, 15 Mill Street
Barnett, A. J. & Sons, merchants, 136 High Street; stores, Donegall Quay
Barnett, Miss, 8 Mill Street
Barr, William, blacksmith, 18 Peter's Hill
Barr, Henry, music master, 25 Patrick Street
Barrat, hair dresser, 12 Robert Street
Barry, William, whip manufacturer, 159 North Street
Barryhill, John, gent., 87 Carrick Hill
Bartram, William, publican, 2 Crown Entry
Batt, William, 5 Donegall Place
Batt, Thomas, merchant, 4 Donegall Place; stores, Ann Street
Batt, Goddard & Co., merchants, 2 Calendar Street
Batt, Narcissus, banker, Donegall Place
Batt, S. H., 6 Donegall Place
Batters, William, coach maker, 34 Hercules Street
Battersby, Richard, provision merchant, Ann Street
Beaty, Robert, joiner, 12 Hudson's Entry
Beaty, Thomas, 58 Hercules Street
Beaty, James, John Street
Beaty, Edward, machine maker, 4 Union Street
Beaumont, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, 51 Berry Street
Beck, Samuel, Carrickfergus Street
Beck, John, dealer in butter, etc., 28 Gordon Street
Beckett, Oliver, agent for the Belfast and Liverpool packets; office, 4 Chichester Quay
Beggs, Thomas & James, blue manufacturers, Rushbrook
Beggs, Stewart, County Constable, 31 Prince's Street
Belfast Coach Factory Company, William Street South; Robert Greer, agent
Belfast Glass Manufactory, 14 Peter's Hill
Belfast Foundry Company, Donegall Street; Job Rider, agent
Belfast Butter Weigh House, Weigh House Street
Belfast Bible Repository, 7 Commercial Court
Belfast Salt Work Company, Ballymacarret
Bell, John & Co., cotton spinners and manufacturers, John Street
Bell, John, Richard, & Co., muslin bleachers, John Street; house, Greenmount
Bell, William, merchant, John Street
Bell, William, boot and shoe maker, 16 Forest Lane
Bell, James, surgeon, Belville
Bell, William, dyer, 17 Millfield
Bell, Charles, upholsterer, 12 Marquis Street
Bell, John, pawn broker, 32 Smithfield
Bell, John, ale and porter brewer, Hercules Street; house, Beechpark
Bell, James, clock and watch maker, 95 North Street
Bell, Abraham, tallow chandler, 81 North Street
Bell, Isaac, upholsterer, 23 Donegall Street
Bell, Mrs. Elizabeth, 25 York Street
Bell, Clements, butter merchant, 8 Mary Street
Bell, John, dealer in earthen ware, 87 High Street
Bell, William, tailor, 21 Weight House Lane
Bell, Robert, cork cutter, 43 Berry Street
Bell, Thomas, dealer in clothes, 113 High Street
Bell, Thomas, merchant, Little Donegall Street; house, Donegall Street
Bell, William, carpenter, 22 Mustard Street
Bell, John, sizer, 20 Mustard Street
Benn, James, wine merchant, Hercules Street
Benn, John, North Street brewery; house, North Street
Benson, Patrick, pilot, 13 Little Chichester Street
Berry, James, weaver, 40 Hercules Street
Berwick & Ash, wholesale grocers, and general merchants, Waring Street
Berwick, Mrs., 17 York Street
Baxter, Edward, tin plate worker, 13 Carrick Hill
Bickerstaff, John, cloth lapper, 43 Sandy Row
Biggar, William & Samuel, grocers, 11 High Street
Biggar, John, cooper, 5 Cotton Court
Bingham, John, shoe maker, 16 West Street
Bingham, John, pawn broker, Smithfield
Birnie, John, bookkeeper, 11 William Street
Black, Alexander, wholesale and retail grocer, 41 High Street
Black, S. A., mantua maker, 93 Carrick Hill
Black, Henderson, gent.; house, 12 Donegall Square East
Black, Patrick, cow keeper, 43 Smithfield
Black, Robert, grocer, 13 Berry Street
Black, Matthew, woollen draper, 18 Bridge Street
Black, James & Henry, grocers, wholesale & retail, 8 Church Lane
Black, James, huxter, Chapel Lane
Black, Robert, carman's inn, 13 Union Street
Blackadder, John, boot and shoe maker, 5 North Street
Blackham, John & H., Great Edward Street
Blackwell, Alexander, linen draper, 67 High Street
Blackwell, Jonathan, gent., Fruitville
Blackwell, Elizabeth, Mrs., seminary for young ladies, Fruitville
Blackwell, Mrs. Ann, 36 Donegall Street
Blackwell, Samuel, butcher, 1 Poultry Square
Blackwood, Charles, butcher. Corn Market
Blackwood, John, butcher and horse dealer, 36 Ann Street
Blackwood, Joseph, butcher, 3 Ann Street
Blackwood, Thomas, butcher, 23 Mill Street
Blades, Matthew, saddler and harness maker, 18 Corn Market
Blades, Robert, saddler and harness maker, 6 William Street South
Blainie, Neal, green grocer, 2 Cromack Street
Blair, James, gent. Wheatfield
Blair, William, brick layer, 5 Caxton Street
Blow, Ward & Greenfield, paper manufacturers; ware house, 23 Pottinger's Entry
Bodel, John, fustian manufacturer, 47 Smithfield
Boden, James, tallow chandler, 102 Ann Street
Bogie, John, joiner, 15 Curtis Street
Boomer, John, attorney, 9 Church Street
Boomer, James & Co., cotton spinners and manufacturers, 14 Waring Street
Booth, William, North Street Foundry
Boston, Matthew, butcher, 96 Hercules Street
Boswell, Arthur, keeper of the marshalsea, 75 Smithfield
Bourdot, J. B., hair dresser, 25 Corn Market
Boyd, Joshua, grocer, 21 Ann Street; house, Castle Lane
Boyd, David, Classical, English and Mercantile School, 45 John Street
Boyd, Mrs., 10 Arthur Street
Boyd, William, chemist; house, Ballymacarret
Boyd, James, architect, 3 Lower Arthur Street
Boyd, Mrs. Jane, 10 Hercules Street
Boyd, Robert, joiner, 12 Wine Tavern Street
Boyd, Samuel, Graham's Entry
Boyd, Joseph, baker, 77 North Street
Boyd, William, shoe maker, 19 Curtis Street
Boyd, Esther, grocer, 6 Curtis Street
Boyd, James, ship carpenter, 42 Edward Street
Boyd, John, ship carpenter, 11 Green Street
Boyd, James, skipper, 29 Little Patrick Street
Boyes, Francis, grocer and spirit dealer, Waring Street
Boyle, Patrick, wine and spirit store, 45 Ann Street
Boyle, James, joiner, 1 Wine Cellar Entry
Boyle, John, publican, 25 Hercules Street
Bradbury, Joseph, brick maker, salt water bridge
Bradbury, Samuel, brick manufacturer, Maze Course
Bradford, David, cord cutter, 5 Grace Street
Braddel, George, gent. 8 Cromack Street
Bradley, Benjamin, cotton, woollen, and tow card manufacturer, 84 Millfield
Bradley, Timothy, dealer in stockings, 23 Samuel Street
Bradshaw, Robert, Milecross, near Newtownards
Bradshaw, Robert, banker; house, 67 Donegall Street
Brady, Nicholas, surgeon and apothecary, 47 Ann Street
Brady, James, blue and fustian dier, Salt Water Bridge
Brady, William, teacher, 24 Wilson's Court
Brady, John, bookkeeper, Belfast Bank; house, 6 Hamilton Place
Bragg, Thomas, grocer, 30 North Street
Braithwaite, George, joiner, 34 Hudson's Entry
Brann, John, grocer, 84 North Street
Brennan, Alexander, general merchant, 21 York Street
Brennan, Patrick, butcher, 65 Hercules Street
Brennan, Abraham, joiner and nailer, 14 Cole's Alley
Brennan, Edward, joiner, 2 Robert Street
Brice, William, grocer and tea dealer, 1 High Street
Brice, E. & Sisters, haberdashers, 33 Castle Street
Brigs, Robert, muslin manufacturer, 3 Church Street
Bright, John, carpenter, 10 New Row
Bristow, George, 2 Donegall Square South
Brett, Charles, Barrack master, 101 High Street & Charleville
Broomfield, James, tin smith, 7 John Street
Brown, David, plumber, painter, and glazier, 36 Mill Street
Brown, Matthew, 7 King Street
Brown, James, 24 King Street
Brown, John, merchant, 4 Calendar Street
Brown, Anne, 10 Church Lane
Brown, John, baker, 49 Peter's Hill
Brown, William, baker, 22 Hudson's Entry
Brown, James, brick layer, 15 Chichester Street
Brown, John, whitesmith, Little Donegall Street
Brown, John, coal measurer, 21 Green Street
Brown, Rev. William, mercantile school, Donegall Street; house, Little Patrick Street
Brown, Owen, porter, 20 Talbot Street
Brown, Archibald, ship carpenter, 33 Patrick Street
Brown, Hercules, cooper, 34 Caxton Street
Brown, Robert, ship carpenter, Little York Street
Brown, Robert, hosier, 58 Old Barrack Street
Brown, James, book binder, 1 Pottinger's Entry
Brown, Widow, cooper, 21 Forest Lane
Brown, Thomas, ladies' boot and shoe maker, 15 Weigh House Lane
Brown, John, horse shoer, 8 Gregg's Lane
Brown, John, 45 Shankhill Hill
Brown, William, tailor, 7 Castle Court
Brown, John, ship carpenter, 12 Curtis Street
Brown, Hugh, violin maker and musician, 3 Commercial Court
Bruce, William, D.D., Academy, Donegall Street
Bruce, Rev. William, Donegall Street
Bruce, Samuel, jun. public accountant, Donegall Street
Bruce & Smylie, surgeons, 35 Corn Market
Bruce, Thomas, carman, 37 Carrick Hill
Brush, Edward, merchant, 19 Chichester Quay
Bryan, Patrick, grocer, 107 Carrick Hill
Bryson, Samuel, apothecary, 86 High Street
Bryson, John, provision dealer, 12 Store Lane
Bryson, Ann, 31 Little Donegall Street
Bryson, James, muslin manufacturer, 43 Hercules Street
Bryson, John, muslin and calico manufacturer, Hercules Street
Bryson, John, shoe maker, 2 Green Street
Bullock, George & Son, English and mercantile school, 76 High Street
Bunting, John, seminary for young ladies', 1 Donegall Place
Bunting, Richard, carpenter, 31 Gregg's Row
Bunting, Robert, confectioner, Hercules Street
Burbick, James, cooper, 5 Edward Street
Burke, Catharine, feather warehouse, Skipper's Street
Burke, Robert, feather warehouse, 28 Hercules Street
Burke, Charles, shoe maker, 29 Union Street
Burnett, John, cooper, 25 Joy's Entry
Burnet, Thomas, cooper, 32 Nelson Street
Burns, Robert, linen draper, 57 High Street
Burns, Patrick, bookkeeper, Scott's Row
Burns, Charles, coach painter, 22 Chapel Lane
Burns, William, merchant tailor, 18 High Street
Burns & Johnston, sizers, 20 Gregg's Row
Burns, William, 25 Berry Street
Burns, William, cabinet maker, 4 Graham's Entry
Burns, Miss, artificial flower maker, 13 Skipper Street
Burns, Arthur, cooper, snugborough, off North Street
Burns, John, shoe maker, 51 Academy Street
Burns, Edward, tallow chandler, 67 Talbot Street
Burns, John, nailer, 32 Gordon Street
Burnside, James, brick layer, 28 Talbot Street
Burrows, Timothy, tallow chandler, 102 North Street
Busby, Thomas, blacking maker, 20 Quay Lane
Busby, John, cooper, 20 Weight House Street
Butcher, John, tailor, 27 Law's Lame
Byers, William, muslin manufacturer; house, 47 Donegall Street
Byers & Briggs, muslin manufacturers, 47 Donegall Street
Byars, James, weaver and brush maker, 17 Marquis Street
Byers, shoe maker, 18 Carrick Hill
Byrne, Arthur, tallow chandler, 90 North Street


Cade, John, straw bonnet maker, 115 Millfield
Caffrey, James, teacher, 4 Carrick Hill
Caffrey, Edward, cooper, 54 Hudson's Entry
Cain, Francis, sawyer, 4 Donaldson's Entry
Cain, Thomas, cooper, 13 Edward Street
Cairns, William, Donegall Place
Caldwell, Rachel, mangler, 8 King Street
Callander, James, cooper, 14 Gordon Street
Callander, James, cooper, 3 Brown's Row
Callander, William, cooper, 21 Queen Street
Callwell, Robert, banker; house, Wellington Place
Callwell, John, warper, 51 Carrick Hill
Calwell, Tailor, 64 Peter's Hill
Cameron, Duncan, white smith, 56 Hudson's Entry
Cameron, John, tailor, 14 Crown Entry
Cameron, John, ship carpenter, 3 Little Patrick Street
Campbell, James, cotton spinner and manufacturer, 29 Mill Street
Campbell, William, stone and marble yard, Mitchel's Entry
Campbell, Thomas, commercial tavern hotel & livery stables, 44 Ann Street; coach yard, William Street South
Campbell, George, butcher, 11 Thomas's Court
Campbell, John, dealer in clothes, 7 Berry Street
Campbell, John, carrier, 13 Bank Lane
Campbell, Samuel & Co., merchants, 24 North Street
Campbell, John, surgeon and apothecary, 6 Donegall Street
Campbell, Ralph, 14 Union Place
Campbell, Mrs. Grace, 3 Thomas Street
Campbell, Ross, officer of excise, Nelson Street
Campbell, John, gent. Summerhill, Ballymacarret
Campbell, Thomas, dealer in clothes, 35 Church Lane
Campbell, James, master coal porter, Prince's Street
Campbell, John, girth web manufacturer, 29 Brown Street North
Campbell, William, skein and piece dier, Dam Side
Campbell, Patrick, skinner, 121 Millfield
Campbell, Patrick, tailor, 21 Hercules Street
Campbell, Sarah, huxter, 26 Forcade's Entry
Campbell, John, blacksmith, 21 Mustard Street
Campbell, Robert, pawn broker, 6 John Street
Campbell, William, rope and twine manufactory, 75 North Street
Campbell, William, cooper, 24 Gordon Street
Campbell, Charles, shoe maker, McMahon's Entry
Campbell, Samuel, shoe maker, 6 Green Street
Campbell, Bristow, custom house officer, Nile Street
Campbell, John, cooper, Little George's Street
Campbell, William, grocer, 84 Ann Street
Campbell, Thomas, joiner, Daniel Street
Canavan, James, ship tavern, 82 Carrickfergus Street
Canavan, Patrick, brush manufacturer, 106 Ann Street
Canna, John, joiner, 6 Mustard Street
Canning, Mrs., 10 Wilson's Court
Capo, Anthony, barometer maker, 154 Millfield
Carde, John; house, 81 Donegall Street
Cardwell, Margaret. haberdasher & straw bonnet manufacturer, 64 High Street
Carey, Rev. James, M.V., 8 Lancaster Street
Carey & Cooper, china, glass and earthenware dealers, 100 High Street
Carlton, Hugh, weaver's joiner, Honey's Square, Millfield
Cairns, Barbara, grocer, 94 Ann Street
Carlton, Conway, silk mercer and haberdasher, 46 High Street
Carlton, William, shoe maker, 41 Peter's Hill
Carlan, George, bookkeeper, 7 Curtice Street
Carlisle, Richard, shoe maker, 10 Pottinger's Entry
Carlisle, George, 24 Millfield
Carlisle, John, grocer, 11 Prince's Street
Carmichael, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 61 Mill Street
Carmichael, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 22 Castle Street
Carmichael, George, boot maker, 4 Millfield
Carr, Mrs. Mary, 114 Hercules Street
Carr, John, shoe maker, Mustard Street
Carr, James, musician, 24 Mustard Street
Carr, Rev. William, 51 North Street
Carr, John, merchant; house, 3 James's' Place
Carrol, William, butcher, Corn Market
Carrol, John, linen merchant; house, 32 Curtice Street
Carson, William, grocer, 13 Corn Market
Carson, Mary Ann, milliner and haberdasher, 27 Castle Street
Carson, Mrs. Jane, 33 Patrick Street
Carson, James, 71 Ann Street
Carson, Thomas, leather breeches maker and glover, 40 Smithfield
Carson, Thomas, spirit shop, Hercules Street
Carson, John, brick layer, 4 Thomas Street
Carter, Lawrence, porter, 23 Grattan Street
Carruthers, John, barber, Forest Lane
Carruthers, James, watch maker & jeweller, 8 Castle Street
Carruthers, James, weaver, 3 King's Court
Carvil, Daniel, carpenter, 23 Marquis Street
Casement, Hugh, merchant, Academy Street; office, near Curtice Street
Cashnaham, Edward, publican, 23 Prince's Street
Cashron, Henry, fustian cutter, 7 John Street
Cassidy, Dennis, spirit dealer, 48 Gordon Street
Cassidy, John, nailer, 12 Hagan's Entry
Cassidy, Daniel, grocer, 90 Ann Street
Cassidy, John, tailor & sexton of St. Anne's Church, 14 Pottinger's Entry
Caughey, Isabella, 5 Chichester Quay
Caughey, James, skipper, Graving Dock
Caughey, John, seedsman, 4 North Street
Caulfield, Francis, shoe maker, 8 Margaret Street
Caulfield, Edward, eating house, 16 Lower Church Street
Caulfield, John, colour maker, 60 Millfield
Cavan, John, grocer, 7 High Street
Cavan, Henry, carman, Berry Street
Cavart, John, attorney, 46 Castle Street
Chambers, John, gardener, 5 Corr's Row
Chapman, Henry, 2 Law's Entry
Chapman, George, bookkeeper, 3 Long Lane
Chapman, Alexander, huxter, 17 Caddell's Entry
Chapman, Martha, school mistress, 2 Curtice Street
Charlton, Thomas, merchant, 15 James's Street
Charters, James, shoe maker, 2 Union Street
Chameid, John, calico printer, 8 Talbot Street
Chirmside, Thomas, woollen draper, 8 Bridge Street
Christian, Thomas, joiner, 3 Carrickfergus Street
Clark, Peter, cabinet maker & upholsterer, Fountain Street
Clark, William, gent., 3 Donegall Place
Clark, Mrs. A., Castle Lane
Clark, James, publican, Hammond's Entry
Clark, Andrew, cabinet maker, 61 Mustard Street
Clark, Mary, huxter, 18 Pottinger's Entry
Clark, Eleanor, publican, 53 Forest Lane
Clark, William, painter, 61 Castle Street
Clark, Angus, tin plate worker, 16 Mary Street
Clark, John, cabinet maker, 2 Nile Street
Clark, William, grocer, 41 Ann Street
Clark, Mrs. Mary, upholsterer, 11 Bank Lane
Clark, James, butcher, Hercules Street
Clark, James, blacksmith, 6 Benn's Court
Clark, John, carpenter, 29 Edward Street
Cleland, Jane, glass and china warehouse, 37 Castle Street
Clements, Henry, 112 Millfield
Clendinning, William, brush shop, 116 North Street
Clulow, Mrs., 3 Wellington Place
Close, John, brick layer, 40 Millfield
Celfellan, Robert, carman, 118 Carrick Hill (Clefellan?)
Cinnamond, John, bookkeeper, 19 Skipper's Lane
Cinnamond, William, bookkeeper, 41 John Street
Cinnamond, Mary, haberdasher, 140 North Street
Cinnamond, Mary, milliner & haberdasher, 27 Castle Street
Cinnamond, John, boot and shoe maker, 17 Corn Market
Cinnamond, James, pawn broker, 11 Smithfield
Cinnamond, Thomas, publican, 9 Smithfield
Coats, Victor, Son & Young, Lagan Foundry, Ballymacarret
Coats, Victor, starch manufacturer, Ballymacarret; house, Snugbrook
Coats, Richard, seaman, 1 Patrick's Lane
Coats, John, dealer in coals, timber, flour, staves, etc.
Coburn, Thomas, grocer, 185 North Street
Coburn, William, shoe maker, 18 Edward Street
Cochran, James, cabinet maker, 11 William's Row
Cochran & Shaw, watch & clock makers, 4 Bridge Street
Cochran, Ann, 1 Wilson's Court
Cochran, William, dealer in cotton yarn, 2 Commercial Court
Coffey, James, publican, 118 Ann  Street
Cole, William, gun maker, 32 Castle Street
Coleman, James, tide waiter, 49 Prince's Street
Coleman, James, watch & clock maker, 88 North Street
Coleman, Bernard, bookkeeper, 34 King Street
Coleman, John & Thomas, grocers & seed warehouse, 2 Waring Street
Coleman, J. H., music master, Salt Water Bridge
Coleman, Thomas, grocer, 13 North Street
Coleman, Thomas, revenue officer, 25 Little Patrick Street
Collins, Henry, hatter, 3 Graham's Entry
Collins, James, whitesmith, 6 Wine Tavern Street
Collins, William, sadler, 145 North Street (saddler)
Collier, James, tinplate worker, 102 Hercules Street
Colgan, Roger, plumber, 19 Little York Street
Colter, Michael, butcher, 87 Hercules Street
Colville, John, woollen draper, 9 Bridge Street
Colville, John, grocery & spirit store, 32 James Street
Compton, John, English & commercial school, 25 Ann Street
Cone, William, cooper, 10 Blue Bell Entry
Connel, John, spirit dealer, Ritchie's Dock
Connor, Patrick, Spanish leather dresser, 31 Barrack Street
Connor, John, huxter, 92 Carrick Hill
Connor, John, hatter, 16 Union Street
Connolly, Patrick, bricklayer, 5 Carrick Hill
Connolly, James, huxter, 55 Talbot Street
Conway, Terence, auctioneer's clerk, 147 North Street
Cooke, Mrs., school for young ladies, William Street South
Cooney, Courtney, butcher, 13 Ann Street
Cooney, Gregg, butcher, 72 Hercules Street
Cooper, John, dealer in delf & china, 28 Waring Street
Cooper, James, cooper, Mary Ann's Row
Conran, John, Moyallan, Co. Armagh
Copeland, William, tailor and habit maker, 18 Crown Entry
Copeland, Richard, tailor, 18 Wilson's Court
Corbitt, Thomas & Co., timber and slate merchants, 5 Great George's Street
Corbitt, William, tailor, 7 Poultry Square
Corkan, John, hatter, Little Donegall Street
Corkan, John, shoe maker, 41 Lancaster Street
Corner, William, grocer, 1 Barrack Street
Corns, William, hatter, 8 Francis Street
Corry, John, shoe maker, 40 Fisher's Row
Corrigan, Archibald, 48 James's Street
Cosgrave, John, gent., 25 Arthur Street
Cosgrave, Bernard, joiner, 7 Brown's Row
Coulson, Colonel, Talbot Street
Courtney, Charles, skipper, 26 Patrick Street
Cowell, Mrs., Weigh House Street
Cowperthwaite, Frederick, print cutter, 1238 Millfield
Cox, Cornelius, blacksmith, 5 Patrick's Lane
Coyle, Bernard, green grocer, Montgomery's Market
Craft, William, shoe maker, 5 Scott's Row
Craig, Martha, haberdasher, 49 North Street
Craig, Samuel, spirit merchant, 22 Prince's Street
Craig, John, gent., 46 Carrickfergus Street
Craig, John, baker, 93 Grattan Street
Cramsie, John, merchant, Lime Kiln Dock
Cramsie, Neal, blacksmith, 16 Mustard Street
Cranston, William, solicitor, Donegall Square South
Crawford, James, cabinet maker, 33 Waring Street
Crawford, John, grocer, 23 Berry Street
Crawfords & Wallace, merchants, 18 Hill Street
Crawford, Simon, tailor, 33 Carrick Hill
Crawford, Arthur, grocer & iron monger, 142 North Street
Crawford, Nicholas, tanner, 66 Carrick Hill
Crawford, Robert, baker, 105 North Street
Crawford, William, cooper, 39 Talbot Street
Crawford, Mrs. Elizabeth, 4 Nelson Street
Crawford, John, baker, 22 Hercules Street
Crawford, Robert, baker, 51 Union Street
Crawford, John, 3 Mustard Street
Crawford, Mary, haberdasher & straw bonnet maker, 33 Waring Street
Crawford, David, tailor, 12 Gordon Street
Crawford, Jane, chandler, 22 Mary Street
Crawford, William, sizer, Little Patrick Street
Creek, Charles, grocer, 16 North Street
Croarkan, John, grocer, spirit & provision dealer, Hercules Street
Croft, Samuel, hair dresser, 14 Berry Street
Crolly, Rev. William, P.P., Castle Street
Cromie, Mrs. Elizabeth, 8 Lower Arthur Street
Cromie, John, tailor, 59 Millfield
Crookshank, William, James's Street
Crosby, John, skipper; house, 56 Patrick Street
Cross, Maurice, master of the Lancasterian school
Crossen, William, calico & muslin manufacturer, Brown Street
Crossley, John, 17 Lower Patrick's Lane
Crossey, Bernard, master of a lighter, Ballymacarret
Crowe, Mrs. Margaret. 53 Castle Street
Cruise, George Russel, bookkeeper to Messrs. Ramsay & Garret, 4 Union Place
Cuddy, James, glazier & dealer in oils & colours, 25 Church Lane
Cullen, John, horse shoer, 5 Poultry Square
Cully, William, ship carpenter, 37 Edward Street
Culter, John, huxter, 19 Millfield (Coulter)
Culbert, David, painter and glazier, 2 York Street
Cumberford, Nicholas, cow keeper, 85 Castle Street
Cumming, Edward, Chapel Lane
Cumming, Miss Mary, 37 Mill Street
Cumming, Samuel, leather seller, Donegall Street
Cunningham, James, merchant. 72 High Street; house, Donegall Square
Cunningham, John, linen merchant, 6 Calendar Street; house, 93 Castle Street
Cunningham, Bernard, huxter, Castle Place
Cunningham, James, sadler, 52 Ann Street (saddler)
Cunningham, William, glass cutter, 126 Carrick Hill
Cunningham, John, plasterer, 6 Burch Street
Cunningham, John, musician, 37 Mustard Street
Cunningham, J. & T., spirit merchants, Castle Street
Cunningham, Josias & Barber, wholesale & retail tobacconists, importers of foreign tobaccoes & snuffs, 15 Rosemary Street
Cunningham, Waddell, carman, 54 Mill Street
Cunningham, George, huxter, 12 Union Street
Cunningham, James, carpenter, 29 Academy Street
Cunningham, Ann, Patrick Street
Curran, William, plasterer, 31 Pottinger's Entry
Curran, James, baker, 40 North Street
Curry, Matthew, tailor, 5 Gregg's Row
Curry, Henry, skipper, 115 High Street
Cusic, Thomas, plasterer, 17 Cunningham's Court
Cuthbert, Mrs. Jane, Grace Street
Culviner, James, revenue officer, 33 Little Patrick Street


Dalton, Samuel, fustian cutter, 24 John Street
Dalton, John, tailor, Smithfield
Daily, Daniel, publican, 58 Mill Street
Daniel, Stephen, spirit dealer, 67 North Street
Davie, Alexander, publican, Red Cow, 126 North Street
Davie, James, huxter, 20 Caddell's Entry
Davis, Francis, merchant, 43 Waring Street
Davis, Francis, sen., 45 Waring Street
Davis, Thomas, huxter, Cromack Street
Davis, William, huxter, 8 Peter's Hill
Davis, William, glass cutter, 71 Millfield
Davis, Jane, publican, Irish Arms, 29 Smithfield
Davis, William, grocer, spirit dealer & livery stable keeper, 154 North Street
Davis, Joy, hat manufacturer, 19 Bridge Street
Davis, Patrick, painter, glazier & dealer in oils & colours, 33 North Street
Davis & Allen, provision merchants, Hill Street
Davis, James, breeches maker, 20 Little Donegall Street
Davis, John, sizer, 19 Mustard Street
Davis, Joseph, warper, 34 John Street
Davis, Alexander, 5 Grattan Street
Davis, Rev. John, teacher, 43 Castle Street
Davison & Charley, wholesale grocers, 73 High Street
Davison, James, trunk maker, 65 Millfield
Davison, James, brick layer, 147 North Street
Davison, William, boatman, 31 Nelson Street
Davison, William, merchant, 73 High Street
Davison, James, painter and glazier, Meeting House Lane
Davison, Alexander, skipper, 63 Patrick Street
Dawson, Thomas, teacher, 5 Green Street
Dawson, Edward, plasterer, 14 William's Court
Dawson, Samuel, merchant, 7 Hill Street; house, 49 Castle Street
Delaney, Matthew, carpenter, 36 Mustard Street
Delap & Charleton, commission merchants, Chichester Quay
Delap, Robert, commission merchant, Chichester Quay
Delargey, Donald, cooper, 8 James's Street
Dennan, William, gent., 6 Thomas's Court
Dennan, Hugh, tallow chandler, North Street
Dennison, John, cotton spinner, 10 Union Street
Devlin, Felix, dealer, 68 Peter's Hill
Devlin, James, brick layer, 5 West Street
Devlin, Charles, chandler, 49 Hercules Street
Dick, Robert, grocer, 12 Church Lane
Dickey, Alexander & Co., 10 North Street
Dickson, Alexander, grocer, 14 Church Lane
Diet, Hugh, baker, 30 Old Barrack Street
Digby, M. & A., haberdashers & straw bonnet makers, 15 Hercules Street
Dillon, R., merchant, 17 Trafalgar Street
Dillon, Miles, tailor, 5 Berry Street
Dinham, Jane, butcher, 12 William Street South
Dinham, Samuel, butcher, 17 Thomas's Court
Divine, Robert, nailer, 8 Carrickfergus Street
Dixon, John, skipper, 21 Nelson Street
Dixon, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, 39 North Street
Dixon, William, carpenter, Lenox's Court
Dixon, John, carman's inn, Little Donegall Street
Dixon, Alexander, merchant, 3 Lime Kiln Dock; house, 63 Waring Street
Dixon, Alexander & Co., wholesale grocers, 60 North Street
Dixon, William, carpenter, 33 Margaret Street
D'Oisy, Adelbert, French teacher, 7 Lower Arthur Street
Dobbin, Samuel, woollen draper, 15 High Street
Dobbin, Clotworthy, brewer & spirit merchant, Smithfield; house, 72 Donegall Street
Dobbin, Mrs., 1 Corn Market
Dobbin, John, fancy dier, 1 Wine Tavern Street
Doe, Thomas, dealer in new & old clothes, 11 Church Lane
Dogherty, Isabella, 9 Joy's Entry
Dolan, Thomas, butcher, 73 Hercules Street
Dolan, Patrick, whitesmith, dam side
Donaghy, Patrick, chandler, 25 Wilson's Court
Donaghy, John, sawyer, 10 William's Row
Donaghy, Francis, huxter, 5 Caddell's Entry
Donahoo, Patrick, Smithfield brewery
Donaldson, William, millwright, Great Chichester Street; house, Cromack Street
Donaldson, James, blacksmith, Donaldson's Entry
Donaldson, William, architect, 9 Cromack Street
Donaldson, James, tailor, 2 Donaldson's Entry
Donaldson, Roger, nailer, 50 Grattan Street
Donaldson, John, Weigh House Street
Donegall, Most Noble, Marquis of, Ormeau Cottage
Donnelly, John, grocery & spirit shop, 83 High Street
Donnelly, Mary, confectioner, 1 Carrick Hill
Donavin, John, ship carpenter
Doran, Dennis, shoe maker, 6 Morrow's Entry
Dornan, Hugh, musician, 19 Robert Street
Dornan, John, pedlar, 175 North Street
Dougal, Hugh, cow keeper, James's Street
Douglas, James, gent., 2 Donegall Place
Douglas, James, plasterer, 116 Millfield
Douglas, Isaac, woollen draper, 78 High Street
Douglas, William, 8 Nelson Street
Douglas, Charles, shoe maker, 13 West Street
Douglas, John, confectioner, 35 North Street
Douglass, Alexander, off Lancaster Street
Douglass, William, butter merchant, 8 Nelson Street
Douglass, David, carpenter, 156 Millfield
Dugan, James, sen., printer, 12 Pottinger's Entry
Dugan, Patrick, butcher, 28 Law's Entry
Dugan, James, butcher, 26 Hercules Street
Dugan, Thomas, flax dresser, 101 Carrick Hill
Dougherty, Anna Maria, tavern keeper, 3 Pottinger's Entry
Dougherty, Joseph, flax dresser, 59 Brown Street
Dougherty, Patrick, 27 New Row
Dougherty, Hugh, shoe maker, 4 Round Entry
Dougherty, John, brick layer, Mustard Street
Dow, James, dealer in old iron, 6 Wine Tavern Street
Dowd, Charles, sawyer, 20 Cole's Alley
Dowdall, Launcelot, coach proprietor, 13 Arthur Street
Downey, William, brick layer, 134 Millfield
Downey, Nicholas, muslin manufacturer, Ballymacarret
Doyle, John, conveyancer & commissioner for taking affidavits, 4 Mill Street
Doyle, Peter, skipper, 22 Little Patrick Street
Drain, William, sizer, 13 Peter's Hill
Drennan, Mrs. Ann, 4 Donegall Square
Drennan, William, M.D., Cabin Hill
Drinkwater, Thomas, auctioneer, 10 Marquis Street
Drummond, James, M.D., Chichester Street
Drummond, Alexander, boot & shoe maker, 6 Old Barrack Street
Duff, John, joiner, 16 Hudson's Entry
Duffield, Samuel, publican, 164 North Street
Duffin, Rodger, lodging house, 33 John Street
Duffy, Cornelius, 15 Bank Lane
Dunbar, James, whitesmith, 16 Blue Bell Entry
Dunbar, Adam, mariner, 5 Little York Street
Dunbar, John, Higglar Court, off Little Patrick Street
Duncan, John, porter, 49 Green Street
Duncan, Hugh, ship carpenter, 7 Little Patrick Street
Dunlop, James, auctioneer, 98 High Street; house, 36 Nelson Street
Dunlop, James, publican, 4 New Market
Dunlop, William, cooper, 1 Cole's Alley
Dunlop, William, Bear Tavern, 140 High Street
Dunlop, Mrs., 4 King Street
Dunlop, William, publican, 82 Ann Street
Dunlop, James, spirit merchant, 14 Pottinger's Entry; house, 39 Donegall Street
Dunn, Stewart, calico printer, Woodburn, near Carrickfergus
Dunvill, John, spirit merchant, 23 Chichester Street
Dupray, Henry, grocer, 37 Union Street
Dyer, Duncan, carman, 3 Gregg's Row
Dyer, Arthur, boot maker, Clark's Lane, High Street
Dyer, John, shoe maker, 3 Corr's Row
Dyer, William, 17 Graham's Entry
Dyke, Richard, miniature painter, 5 Castle Street


Eagleson, Hugh, huxter, 53 John Street
Earl, James, stone cutter, 2 Charlemont Row
Ebre, John, sawyer, 27 Grattan Street
Eccles, Fergus, bookkeeper, 10 Cromack Street
Eccles, William, cabinet maker, 22 Nelson Street
Echlin, Hamilton, solicitor, 17 Arthur Street
Edmond, David, brick layer, 22 Carrickfergus Street
Edwards, Benjamin, glass works, Ballymacarret
Ekenhead, Thomas, rope, sail, twine & canvas manufacturer, 5 Chichester Quay; house, 83 Ann Street
Ellidge, Joseph, publican, 87 Ann Street
Elliot, Robert, wine & spirit merchant, 82 Hercules Street
Elliot, James, dealer in new and old clothes, 31 Church Lane
Elliot, George, coal yard, Smithfield
Elliot, James, tailor, 2 Carrickfergus Street
Elliot, Robert, cotton spinner, 6 Charles's Street
Ellison, Agnes, huxter, 64 North Street
Emerson, William, grocer & tobacconist, 28 North Street
English, John, baker, 53 Smithfield
English, Robert, 100 Hercules Street
English, Thomas, dier, 42 Union Street
Ennis, John, print cutter, 74 Millfield
Ennis, Matthew, hay dealer, West Street
Evans, David, constable of police, 76 Peter's Hill
Evans, James, tanner, 12 Old Barrack Street
Ewart, William, fancy muslin manufacturer, 4 Rosemary Street
Ewart, James, cooper, 9 Weigh House Lane
Ewing, Robert, muslin manufacturer, 3 Great Edward Street
Ewing & Lee, blacksmiths, 39 Bank Lane


Fabbrini, Gaetano, drawing master, Academical Institution
Factor, Joseph, shoe maker, 20 Union Street
Fairfield, John, weaver, 102 Millfield
Fairlie, John, tambourer and flowerer of muslin, 23 John Street
Falloon, William, tavern keeper, Sugar House Entry
Farrell, James, cooper, 2 Morrow's Entry
Farrell, Walter, blue dier, 9 Brown's Street North
Farrell, Luke, seedsman, Bank Buildings
Farrell, William, jeweller, 3 Castle Court
Farran, Michael, bricklayer, 61 Mustard Street
Faulkner, Alexander, dancing master, 7 Forest Street
Fea, Rev. John Worthington, George's Street
Fea, Gilbert, butcher, 64 Hercules Street
Fea, Thomas, blacksmith, 14 Carrickfergus Street
Fea, John, blacksmith, 52 Union Street
Featherston, Richard, gent., Cottage, Cromack Street
Featherston, Miss, boarding school, Castle Street
Feagan, George, huxter, 30 Carrickfergus Street
Ferguson, J. S., linen merchant, Donegall Place
Ferguson, Mrs. Mary, 7 Chichester Street
Ferguson, Henry, shoe maker, 3 Henry Street
Ferguson, Robert, gent., 28 Marquis Street
Ferguson, William, tailor, 9 High Street
Ferguson, Andrew, bookkeeper, 15 West Street
Ferguson, R. & E., haberdashers, 22 High Street
Ferguson, Miss, milliner, 4 High Street
Ferguson, Thomas, rope & twine manufacturer & grocer, 32 Lime Kiln Dock
Ferguson, William, plasterer, 5 Charles's Street
Ferguson, James, shoe maker, 45 Mustard Street
Ferguson, Edward, tide waiter, 34 Little Patrick Street
Ferguson, John, shoe maker, 79 High Street
Ferguson, Henry, boot & shoe maker, 13 High Street
Ferguson, James, shoe maker, 19 Chapel Lane
Ferguson, James, carman, 10 Carrickfergus Street
Ferguson, James, brick layer, 14 John Street
Ferguson, John, hosier, 18 Gordon Street
Ferguson, James, gent., Chichester Street
Ferguson, Misses, boarding school, Chichester Street
Ferguson, William, muslin manufacturer, 147 North Street
Fennin, John, shoe maker, 4 Carrickfergus Street
Ferral, J., printer & fancy dier, 9 Brown Street
Ferrar, W. H., superintendant magistrate, 83 Donegall Street
Fiey, David, blacksmith, 23 Carrick Hill
Finlay, Francis D., law, commercial, military & marine printer, book publisher, etc., 1 Corn Market
Finlay, Usher, tailor, 30 Prince's Street
Finlay, Alexander, chandler, 24 Mill Street
Finlay, Alexander, chandler, 97 High Street
Fisher, Thomas, fancy dier, Francis Street
Fitzgerald, William, grocer, North Street
Fitzpatrick, John, saddlery warehouse, 4 Castle Street; house, Boot and Crown, 3 West Street
Fitzsimmons, Samuel, ship chandler, 55 Waring Street
Fitzsimmons, Anna Maria, 45 Edward Street
Fitzmorris, Thomas, architect, Lancaster Street
Flanagan, John, coach maker, Fountain Street
Flanagan, Edward, danicng master, 19 Arthur Street
Flanagan, James, carpenter, 21 Bank Lane
Fleming, Henry, butcher, 27 Joy's Entry
Fleming, William, grocer, 9 Carrick Hill
Fleming, Miss H., 23 Castle Street
Fletcher, Alexander, stone mason, 36 Wine Tavern Street
Fletcher, Thomas, chandler, 96 North Street
Floid, John, foundry man, 5 Eagleston's Row
Flowers, James, grocer, 7 Berry Street
Forcade, Henry, surgeon and accouchier, 14 Castle Street
Forcade, John, sadler, 14 Castle Street (saddler)
Forcade, George, bookkeeper, Castle Street
Foot, William, hatter, 178 North Street
Forsythe, James, M.D., 9 Lower Arthur Street
Foster, Edward, joiner, 8 Birch Street
Foster, James, pawn broker, 33 Berry Street
Fouls, Hugh, gent., 7 Trafalgar Street
Fox, Thomas, nailer, 29 Joy's Entry
Fox, Margaret, straw hat manufactory, 22 Ann Street
Fox, George, reed manufacturer & brush warehouse, North Street
Frazer, John, joiner, 40 Prince's Street
Frazer, James, carrier, 28 Peter's Hill
Frazer, Andrew, shoe maker, 11 New Row
Franklin, Joseph, butcher, 91 Hercules Street
Frankiln, Charles, butcher, 100 North Street
Friel, James, tobacco spinner, Millfield
Friel, Thomas, tobacco spinner, 153 North Street
Freebairn, John, stocking frame smith, 46 Patrick Street
Freeman, Richard, painter & glazier, 15 Academy Row
Fuller, Thomas, 9 Poultry Square
Fullerton, John, shoe maker, 81 Grattan Street
Fullerton, William, hostler, 11 Long Lane
Fullerton, John, cooper, 87 Grattan Street
Fullerton, Patrick, skinner, 51 Smithfield
Fulton, Nathan, tallow chandler, 5 North Street
Fye, William, mariner, 6 Mitchel's Entry


Gaddis, Adam, sawyer, 57 Green Street
Gaffikin, Ambrose, shoe maker, 8 Robert Street
Gaffikin, Arthur, butcher, 4 William Street South
Gaffikin, John, butcher, 2 William Street South
Gaffikin, Mrs., butcher, Montgomery's Market
Gallagher, James, brick layer, 5 Wine Tavern Street
Gallagher, Thomas, labourer, 5 Blue Bell Entry
Galley, Daniel, mariner, 11 Church Lane
Galway, William, proprietor of corn & flax mills, near Dundonald
Galway, Abigail, grocer, 1 Sandy Row
Galway, James, baker, 19 Barrack Street
Gamble, Arthur, merchant, 29 North Street
Gamble, Robert, merchant, 58 Waring Street
Gardner, Henry, watch & clock maker, silversmith & jeweller, optical & mathematical instrument manufacturer, 65 High Street
Gardner, Willis, joiner & builder, near Chichester Street
Gardner, J. & T., grocers, 62 North Street
Gardner, John, gunsmith, Ann Street
Gardner, Robert, book seller, 124 North Street
Gardner, Mrs. L., lodging house, James's Street
Garret, Thomas, attorney, York Street
Garret, James, joiner, Market Street
Garry, Patrick, cow keeper, 73 Barrack Street
Gatgood, Richard, 8 Upper Green Street
Gauley, John, 3 Gordon Street
Gauley, Charles, policeman, 5 Nile Street
Gausen, John & Co., merchants, 36 Waring Street
Gawthorn, William, straw hat manufacturer, 49 Donegall Street
Geary, Joseph, pawn broker, 13 Marquis Street
Gelston, John, cabinet maker, 6 Mitchell's Entry
Gelston, Elizabeth, leather cap maker, Chichester Street
Gelston, Samuel, cabinet maker, 41 Waring Street
Gemmill, Mrs. Elizabeth, 30 Donegall Street
Germaine, George, flax dresser, 46 Wine Tavern Street
Getty, Robert, merchant, 27 North Street
Getty, R. & J., iron mongers & hardware merchants, 17 Bridge Street
Getty, John, cabinet maker, Thompson's Court, Donegall Street
Getty, William, merchant, 43 Donegall Street
Getty, Miss Ann, 17 Curtice Street
Gibbs, Thomas, 29 Carrickfergus Street
Gibson, James, wholesale printed calico warehouse, 7 Donegall Street
Gibson, Samuel, baker, 27 Pottinger's Entry
Gibson, Andrew, Wheat Sheaf, public house, 1 May Street
Gibson, Mrs., Church Street
Gibson, Henry, joiner, 7 Elliot's Court
Gibson, James, shoe maker, 27 West Street
Gibson, John, nailer, 32 Little Donegall Street
Gihon, Thomas, grocer, 93 High Street
Gihon, Jane, 12 Curtice Street
Gilbraith, Daniel, 42 James's Street
Gilbraith, Henry, officer of excise, 3 Little Patrick Street
Giles, Alexander, tanner, 2 Caddell's Entry
Gill, James, veterinary surgeon, 6 Talbot Street
Gillan, Hugh, whitesmith, 14 New Row
Gillan, Roger, pavier, 2 Hudson's Entry
Gillan, Adam, joiner, 40 Wine Tavern Street
Gillan, Patrick, cooper, 19 Morrow's Entry
Gillet, Jane, billiard table keeper, 5 Wilson's Court
Gilliland, Eliza, Hounds and Hare, public house, 99 North Street
Gilliland, John, warper, 45 Margaret Street
Gilliland, John, spruce beer maker, 17 Little Donegall Street
Gillies, John, merchant, 29 Hanover Quay
Gillies, Benjamin, grocer, 79 North Street
Gillies, Edward, boat builder, 3 Caxton Street
Gillies, Joseph, merchant, 16 Weigh House Street
Gillis, John, Northern Bank
Gillespie, Hugh, tailor, 22 Marquis Street
Gillespie, David, joiner, 18 West Street
Gilmor, Andrew, cabinet maker, 23 Hercules Street
Gilmor, Tobias, brick layer, 18 Hudson's Entry
Gilmor, Hugh, sawyer, 2 Bairn's Court
Gilmor, Alexander, baker, 26 Little Patrick Street
Gilmor, Joseph, baker and grocer, 37 Ann Street
Gilmor, Daniel, brick layer, 23 Hudson's Entry
Gilmor, David, Saltwater Bridge
Girvin, John, carpenter, Cromack Street
Girvin, James, carpenter, 33 West Street
Giffin, Samuel, chandler, 61 Green Street
Giffin, John, shoe maker, 24 Green Street
Gittenby, Thomas, tanner, Storr's Court
Gittins, Daniel, tailor, 45 Bank Lane
Glancy, James, stay maker, 26 Rosemary Street
Glancy, John, publican, 4 Legg's Lane
Glasgow, James, grocer, 20 Rosemary Street
Glassy, Henry, huxter, 17 Barrack Street
Glenholmes, John, carpenter, 50 John Street
Glenn, ?, stocking weaver, 15 New Row
Goddard, James, merchant, 17 Chichester Street
Godfrey, James, nailer, Shank Hill (Shankill)
Gooden, Hugh, dealer in old clothes, 4 Smithfield
Gordon, David, Belfast Bank; house, Florida
Gordon, R. & A., merchants, 19 Castle Street
Gordon, James, cotton manufacturer, 22 Brown Street
Gordon, John, warper, 50 Carrick Hill
Gordon, John, joiner, 13 Patrick Street
Gordon, Mrs., 59 Mill Street
Gordon, Thomas, 7 Prince's Street
Gordon, John, tobacco spinner, 130 North Street
Gore, James, shoe maker, Charles's Street
Gore, James, shoe maker, 7 Law's Entry
Gorman, Mrs. Jane, 1 Round Entry
Gorman, James, plasterer, 22 Mill Street
Gormill, Charles, brick layer, 173 North Street
Goudy, James, spirit dealer, 111 High Street
Goudy, John, plasterer, 78 Millfield
Goudy, James, joiner, 24 Charlemont Row
Goudy, James, hair dresser, 54 North Street
Graham, Campbell, wine & spirit merchant, Ann Street
Graham, William, 5 Chichester Street
Graham, Joseph, shoe maker, 65 Mill Street
Graham, John, block manufacturer, High Street
Graham, William, shoe maker, 15 Charlemont Row
Graham, Thomas, 18 Chichester Lane
Graham, John, pilot, 18 Chichester Lane
Graham, Thomas, sweep chimney, 56 Mustard Street
Graham, Maria, mantua maker, 34 Mustard Street
Graham, Robert, publican, John Street
Graham, Thomas, sewing & tambouring agent, 43 John Street
Graham, William, shoe maker, 13 Millfield
Graham, Mary, 79 Peter's Hill
Graham, Andrew, currier, 25 Millfield
Graham, Robert, hat manufacturer, 112 High Street
Graham, Mary, publican, White Cross, 80 North Street
Graham, Thomas, leather seller, 107 North Street
Graham, Mrs. Mary, 66 Donegall Street
Graham, Edward, blacksmith, 7 Robert Street
Graham, Hugh, block maker & pump borer, Weigh House Street
Graham, John, pilot, 16 Chichester Lane
Graham, Michael, brick layer, 29 Charles's Street
Grainger, James, brick layer, 56 Ann Street
Grainger, Catharine, grocer, 58 Ann Street
Grant, Alexander, dealer in clothes, Church Lane
Grattan, Benjamin, warper, 26 Marquis Street
Gray, John, hosiery warehouse, 81 High Street
Gray, J. & R., watch makers & jewellers, 32 High Street
Gray, Mary, confectioner, 72 Ann Street
Gray, Robert, shoe maker, Carrickfergus Street
Gray, Joseph, cow keeper, 1 King Street
Gray, John, cooper, 46 Talbot Street
Gray, Meredith, cooper, 15 Kennedy's Row
Gray, Matthew, bookkeeper, 14 West Street
Gray, Mary, brush manufacturer, 118 North Street
Gray, Hugh, teacher, 63 Academy Street
Gray, Robert, cooper, 21 Caxton Street
Gray, William, boot and shoe maker, 106 High Street
Gray, John, shoe maker, 11 Charles's Street
Green, John, cabinet maker, 31 Rosemary Street
Green, James, pro-collector; house, 20 Prince's Street
Greenan, John, grocer & publican, 41 Hercules Street
Greenfield, James, woollen draper, 5 Bridge Street; house, 51 Waring Street
Greenfield, Christopher, cotton manufacturer, 21 Merchant's Quay
Greer, Thomas, Donegall Square South
Greer & Neal, wholesale Manchester & woollen warehouse, Rosemary Street & Wine Cellar Entry
Greer, Robert, banker's clerk; house, Malone
Greer, Jacob, weaver's joiner, 11 Wine Tavern Street
Greer, James, 36 Little Patrick Street
Greer, John, shoe maker, 6 Gregg's Row
Greer, Jane, soap boiler & tallow chandler, 56 North Street
Greer, William, weaver's joiner, 117 North Street
Greer, Robert, Belfast Coach Factory, William Street South
Greer, Henry, book seller & stationer, 8 North Street
Gregg, John, gent., 63 Donegall Street
Gregg, Fortescue, proprietor of the new salt works, Ballymacarret
Gregg, James, carver and gilder, Castle Court
Gregg, John, seaman, 35 Little Patrick Street
Greig, William, rural designer & surveyor in general, 1 Corn Market
Gribben & Wallace, watch & clock makers & jewellers, 3 High Street
Gribben, Edward; house, 13 Chichester Street
Gribbin, John, tailor, 1 Grace Street
Gribbin, Edward, publican, Shamrock, 69 Smithfield
Gribbin, Thomas, house painter, 3 Carrickfergus Street
Gribbin, Arthur, potato dealer, 36 Peter's Hill
Gribbin, Bernard, publican, Tailor's Arms, 84 Hercules Street
Griffin, Patrick, Red Cross Tavern, Blue Bell Entry
Griffith, Peter, dealer, 34 Mill Street
Griffith, Thomas, harbour master, 3 Weigh House Street
Griffith, George, surveyor of excise, 7 York Lane
Grimshaw, Robert, merchant, 2 Mustard Street; house, York Street
Groves, Mrs., skinner, 25 Church Lane
Gudgeon, Ellenor, hair dresser, 39 Gordon Street
Gunning, Daniel, clerk of customs, Cromack Street
Gunning, Robert, woollen draper, 30 High Street
Gurney, John, book binder, Hammond's Court


Hadskis, Susanna, haberdasher, 24 High Street
Hadskis, Stewart, grocery & gun powder shop, 20 North Street
Hadskis, Mrs. Sarah, 4 Grace Street
Hadskis, George, cotton ball & thread manufacturer, Wine Tavern Street
Haggan, Thomas, shoe maker, 39 Mustard Street
Hagan, Edward, provision merchant, grocer & spirit dealer, 5 Gordon Street
Hagan, J., police watchman, 47 Miller's Entry
Hale, Patrick, dealer in coals, 29 Millfield
Haley, Thomas, gunsmith, 1 McMaster's Court
Haley, Patrick, carman, 25 Millfield
Hall, Edward, muslin manufacturer & cotton spinner, 26 Donegall Street
Hall, George, blacksmith, 7 Little York Street
Hall, Joseph, muslin & calico warehouse, 57 North Street
Hall, Robert, brick layer, 24 Charles Street
Hallam, William, skipper, 19 Nelson Street
Halliday, Maxwell, Coach and Horse, public house, 26 Corn Market
Halliday, William, M.D., Clifton
Halliday, Robert; house, Donegall Street
Hamill, M. & E., grocers, 70 High Street
Hamill, James, furniture broker, 3 Wine Tavern Street
Hamill, Arthur, grocer, 17 Wilson's Court
Hamill, Patrick, tanner, West Street
Hamill, Patrick, tanner & butcher, Margaret Street
Hamill, John, provision merchant, 36 Waring Street
Hamill, William, shoe maker, 8 Bell's Row
Hamill, William, potato dealer, 59 Little Donegall Street
Hamill, John, shoe maker, 23 Margaret Street
Hamilton & McConnell, wholesale printed calico & cotton yarn warehouse, 29 Donegall Street
Hamilton, Mrs. Ann, 15 Queen Street
Hamilton, William, grocer & dealer in fruit, cheese & pickles, Church Lane
Hamilton, Ann, dress maker, 27 Berry Street
Hamilton, James, pipe maker, 5 Wine Tavern Court
Hamilton, John, cork cutter, Rosemary Street
Hamilton, Robert, tide waiter, 23 Little Patrick Street
Hamilton, John, gent., 11 Cromack Street
Hamilton, William, gent., 68 Donegall Street
Hamilton, Robert, tailor, Wilson's Court
Hancock, Arthur, land waiter, 14 Chichester Street
Hanlon, Mary Ann, straw bonnet manufacturer, 77 Castle Street
Hanlin, Mrs., 4 Curtice Street
Hanna, Samuel, D.D., Rosemary Street
Hanna, Jane, dealer in clothes, 38 Church Lane
Hanna, Hans, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Millfield
Hanna, James, cooper, 49 Academy Street
Hanna, Hill, carman, 63 Peter's Hill
Hanna, Thomas, joiner & huxter, 53 Peter's Hill
Hannan, Mary, 31 Berry Street
Harbinson, James, dealer in potatoes, Peter's Hill
Hardy, Richard, constable of police, 5 Grace Street
Hare, George, currier and leather seller, 74 North Street
Harkins, George, grocer, 4 New Market
Harlin, William, muslin manufacturer, 16 Commercial Court
Harley, Hannah, 69 Green Street
Harman, Francis, tailor, 3 Orr's Court
Harper, Martin, grocer, 76 Ann Street
Harper, James, 53 Mill Street
Harper, Rachel, huxter, 32 Hercules Street
Harper, Robert, grocer, 19 Union Street
Harper, William, shoe maker, 28 Law's Lane
Harrison, Rev. William, Holywood
Harrison, George, book binder, 5 Pottinger's Entry
Harrison, William, publican, Cumberland Tavern and Liverpool Packet House 5 Hanover Quay
Harrison, Isaac, tobacconist, 80 Ann Street
Harrison, Mary, haberdasher, 20 Bridge Street
Harrison, James, tide waiter, 10 Little Patrick Street
Harrison, John, saddler, 46 Ann Street
Hart, Hill, huxter, Ballymacarret
Hart, Robert, musical teacher, 17 Skipper's Street
Hartley, John, notary public, 9 Donegall Quay
Harvey, W. T. & Co., 9 Donegall Quay
Harvey, Hugh, joiner, Gordon Street
Hastings, William, architect, 14 Academy Street
Haughey, John, tailor, 12 Weigh House Lane
Havon, Mrs. Grace, 16 Arthur Street
Havron, Peter, huxter, 40 Grattan Street
Hawthorn, John, huxter, 2 Skipper's Street
Haylock, Robert, keeper of the Nelson Club, Donegall Place
Hayes, Holloway, merchant, Hewitt's Court
Hayes, Thomas, merchant, Hewitt's Court
Hayes, Thomas, lodging house, 20 Prince's Street
Hayes, James, grocer, 75 Berry Street
Hayes, Alexander, brick layer, 17 Charlemont Row
Headley, Robert, tin plate worker, 131 North Street
Heaney, William, tailor, 10 Quay Lane
Heaney, Richard, hair dresser, 35 Millfield
Heaney, Mary, huxter, Store Lane
Heaney, Meredith, tailor, 22 Chichester Lane
Heaney, Charles, lodging house, 42 Ann Street
Hector, John, shoe maker, 5 Cunningham's Court
Hector, Patrick, shoe maker, 19 Hercules Street
Hector, James & John, shoe makers, 55 Cunningham Street
Henan, William, umbrella maker, 41 Weigh House Lane
Hendren, William, gent., Castle Street
Henderson, Mrs. Jane, Donegall Square East
Henderson, George, baker, 22 West Street
Henderson, Miss, 3 Mill Street
Henderson, James, grocer, 6 Nelson Street
Henderson, Robert, carpenter, 5 Brown Street North
Henderson, William, carman, 5 Sandy Row
Henesy, David, cabinet & fancy chair maker, 33 Rosemary Street
Henesy, Edward, cabinet & chair maker, 39 Rosemary Street
Henesy, George, painter, Wine Tavern Court
Henry, Thomas, 4 King's Court
Henry, James, porter, 110 Carrick Hill
Henry, Ledwich, mariner, 6 Grattan Street
Henry, Thomas, governor of the House of Correction
Henry, James, dealer, 1 Hanover Quay
Henry, Archibald, black & whitesmith, Thomas Street
Herdman, Mrs. Sarah, tanner, 17 Mill Street
Herdman, William, merchant, Waring Street
Herdman, Robert, butter merchant, 78 Hercules Street
Heron, John, merchant; house, 75 Donegall Street
Heron, Hugh, 11 Mary Street
Hewit, Samuel, 26 King Street
Heyburn, John, dealer in new & old clothes, 28 Berry Street
Heyburn, Miles, muslin & calico warehouse, 8 Rosemary Street
Higginson, William, inn & livery stable keeper, 51 Donegall Street
Higginson, Anthony, blacksmith, Wine Tavern Street
Higginson, Roger, basket maker, 57 Union Street
Hill, William & Co., ship agents, 3 Chichester Quay
Hill, William, copper plate engraver, 8 Crown Entry
Hill, Samuel, pedlar, 28 Francis Street
Hill, Andrew, grocer, tobacconist & snuff manufacturer, 18 Rosemary Street
Hill, James, cooper, 4 Water Lane
Hill, George, muslin manufacturer, 47 Edward Street
Hill, Neal, brick layer, 72 Grattan Street
Hilson, James, permit officer, 1 Fountain Street
Hind, James, dealer in leather, 37 Hercules Street
Hinds, John, agent, 77 Smithfield
Hinds, William, straw bonnet manufactory, 5 High Street
Hinchey, James, painter, 22 Edward Street
Hipson, James, tide waiter, 5 Mitchell's Entry
Hirst, John, miniature painter, 1 Thomas Street
Hisdale, John, basket maker, 150 Millfield
Hobson, Lawrence, grocer & muslin manufacturer, 86 Ann Street
Hodgson, John & Co., book sellers, stationers & lottery office keepers, 9 High Street
Hodgson, Robert, sadler, 70 Hercules Street (saddler)
Hodgson, Thomas, 52 Millfield
Hogg, John, blacksmith, Mary Street
Holden, Henry, 4 Union Street
Holmes, Mrs. Robert, 2 Donegall Place
Holmes, John, banker, 14 Donegall Place
Holmes, Mrs. Eliza, 13 Curtice Street
Holmes & Crawford, merchants, Weigh House Street
Holmes, Robert, huxter, New Market
Holt, James, tailor, 16 William's Lane
Hood, William, dealer, 20 Old Barrack Street
Hoop, Terence, shoe maker, 11 Hill Street
Hope, Thomas, linen merchant, 15 King Street
Hope, T. C., merchant, house, Nelson Street
How, Thomas, muslin manufacturer, Long Lane; house, 12 Church Street
Howard, J. & Sons, importers & manufacturers of cloths, cassimeres, pelisse cloths, etc., 12 Bridge Street
Howard, Thomas, stone cutter, 6 Charlemont Street
Hoy, Henry, Blue Bell Tavern, 4 Blue Bell Entry
Hoy, John, painter & glazier, 5 Quay Lane
Hoy, Mrs. Jane, 7 Upper Green Street
Hoy, Samuel, pork cutter, 59 Patrick Street
Hoy, Samuel, cooper & publican, Waring Street
Hudson, Christopher, tanner, 112 North Street
Hudson, David Eagle Inn, 160 North Street
Huggins, James, gent., 15 Cromack Street
Hughes, John, spirit dealer & grocer, Hill Street
Hughes, Anthony, lodging house, 22 Crown Entry
Hughes, Bernard, music teacher, 5 Cromack Street
Hughes, Sarah, grocer, 14 North Street
Hughes, John, leather breeches maker & glover, 67 Hercules Street
Hughes, John, tailor, 12 Little Donegall Street
Hughes, Thomas, general merchant, 17 North Street
Hull, Robert, book seller, 17 Castle Street
Hull, William, organ builder, 32 Prince's Street
Hull, Thomas, dealer, 44 Old Barrack Street
Hunter, William, hide merchant, 137 North Street
Hunter, James, warper, 152 Millfield
Hunter, Elizabeth, 17 New Row
Hunter, Samuel, gent., 54 Donegall Street
Hunter, W. J., calico warehouse, 90 Donegall Street
Hunter, William, cotton manufacturer; house, 2 Lancaster Street
Hunter, Matthew & Co., ship builders, Great George's Street; house, 6 Lower James's Street
Hunter, John, publican, 27 Millfield
Hunter, Sarah, cow keeper, Samuel Street
Hunter, William, grocer, 12 North Street
Hunter, John, chandler, 16 Mustard Street
Hunter, William, grocer & dealer in flour, North Street
Hunter, Charles, baker, 65 North Street
Hunter, William & Co., cotton manufacturers, Margaret Street
Hunter, James & Co., cotton spinners, Millbrook
Huston, John, banker, Donegall Place
Huston, William, shoe maker, 135 North Street
Huston, John, rag and paper warehouse, 15 Robert Street
Hutton, William, jeweller & hardware dealer, High Street
Hutton, Miss, seminary for young ladies, 4 Donegall Street
Hylands, John, officer of excise, 25 Barrack Street
Hylands, Hugh, dealer in old iron, 22 Francis Street
Hyndman, Robert, flour merchant, 30 North Street
Hyndman, Mrs. Elizabeth, Long Lane
Hyndman, James, auctioneer & notary public, 22 Donegall Street
Hyndman, George C., auctioneer, 22 Donegall Street
Hyndman, Robert, gent., Ballymacarret


Ingleby, John, tide waiter, 7 Nile Street
Innis, William, gent., 4 Hamilton Place
Ireland, Francis, plumber & glazier, 14 Church Lane
Ireland, Miss Margaret, 4 Queen Street
Ireland, Hugh, cooper, 17 Gordon Street
Ireland, James, copper & tinsmith, 23 Corn Market
Irvin, Francis, auctioneer, 19 Smithfield
Irvin, Robert, blacksmith, 15 Graham's Entry
Irwin, William, fustian cutter, 12 Union Street
Irwin, James, cooper, 47 Waring Street
Irwin, Thomas, huxter, Store Lane
Irwin, William, cooper, 49 Waring Street


Jack, Martha, butcher, 62 Hercules Street
Jackson, Mrs. Martha, 3 Curtice Street
Jackson, Lewis, mariner, Grattan Street
Jackson, Thomas, cooper, Academy Street
Jamison, Robert, 5 Crown Entry
Jamison, Mary, haberdasher, 29 Castle Street
Jamison, James, tanner, 194 North Street
Jamison, Thomas, tanner, 194 North Street
Jamison, William, King's Arms Hotel, 45 North Street
Jamison, Hugh, Belfast brush manufactory, 63 Smithfield
Jamison, Matthew, mariner, 3 Chichester Lane
Jamison, William, publican & butter buyer, Little Donegall Street
Jamison, Thomas, publican, 18 John Street
Jacobson, William, pawn broker, 20 Robert Street
Jeffers, Charles, auctioneer, etc., Smithfield
Jeffers, John, county constable
Jeffers, Matthew, cooper, Hamilton's Court, Green Street
Jenkins, James, weaver, 76 Old Barrack Street
Jenkins, Andrew, tailor & dealer in new & old clothes, 41 Church Lane
Johnson & Halliday, wholesale woollen drapers & haberdashers, 2 Donegall Street
Johnson, William; house, Waring Street
Johnson, William, lodging house, 26 Forest Lane
Johnson, Ann, haberdasher, 48 High Street
Johnson, John, shoe maker, 123 Carrick Hill
Johnson, M., vinegar manufactory, 10 Nelson Street
Johnson, James, spruce beer manufacturer & lender of newspapers, 9 Lodge Lane
Johnson, Sarah, teacher in the Lancasterian school house, 5 Union Place
Johnson, Hugh, merchant, 2 Rosemary Street
Johnson, Hugh, bookkeeper, Northern Bank; house, 38 King Street
Johnston, Alexander, house, sign, transparency & ornamental painter, 12 Wilson's Court
Johnston, Samuel, whitesmith, 13 Cole's Court
Johnston, Allen, plasterer, 8 Cromack Street
Johnston, Samuel, tanner & glue manufacturer, 43 Mill Street
Johnston, William, baker, 33 Mill Street
Johnston, John, joiner, 19 Mill Street
Johnston, Robert, cabinet maker, 20 Marquis Street
Johnston, Robert, cabinet maker, 3 Croarkan's Pad
Johnston, John, wholesale & retail grocer, 38 North Street
Johnston, John, tailor, 7 Mary Street
Johnston, James, cooper, 23 Green Street
Johnston, John, cow keeper, Ballymacarret
Johnston, John, gent., Achley Hall, Ballymacarret
Johnston, William, leather cutter, Mill Street
Johnston, Thomas, watch & clock maker, 41 Ann Street
Johnston, Samuel, grocer, 39 Prince's Street
Johnston, George, publican, sign of Wellington, Old Barrack Street
Johnston, John, grocer, 62 Millfield
Johnston, Joseph, baker, 47 Peter's Hill
Johnston, William, 45 Gardener's Street
Johnston, Robert, linen dealer, 49 Mill Street
Johnston, Jane, shoe maker, 15 Chapel Lane
Johnston, Nathaniel, shoe maker, 12 Chapel Lane
Johnston, William, publican, 27 Smithfield
Johnston, James, huxter, 12 Blue Bell Entry
Johnston, John, whitesmith, 15 Blue Bell Entry
Johnston, ?, pilot, 8 Chichester Lane
Johnston, James, weaver, 9 Lodge Lane
Johnston, John, chandler, 61 Carrick Hill
Johnston, Thomas, carpenter, Pepper Hill
Johnston, John, grocer & leather cutter, 98 West Street
Johnston, Mrs., 58 Union Street
Johnston, William, commission agent & ink powder manufacturer, 4 Lancaster Street
Johnston, M. & C., 9 Academy Row
Johnston, John, bottled porter, ale & beer store, 26 Talbot Street
Johnston, John, cooper, 16 Morrow's Row
Johnston, Andrew, hosier, 6 Waring Street
Johnston, James, coal carrier, 98 Grattan Street
Johnston, William, shoe maker, 8 Mary Street
Johnston, John, teacher, 1 Nile Street
Johnston, James, revenue officer, 4 Nelson Street
Jones & Lyle, merchants, 77 Ann Street
Jones, Edward; house, Castle Lane
Jones, John, butcher, 110 North Street
Jordan, James, sawyer, 33 Grattan Street
Jordan, John, sawyer, 37 Grattan Street
Jordan, Edward, lodging house, 7 Ann Street
Jordan, Simon, cabinet maker, 30 Smithfield
Joy, Robert & George, solicitors, 3 Rosemary Street
Joy, Henry, agent, 5 Donegall Square North
Joyce, C. V., high constable, 12 Donegall Street
Joyce, William, glass maker, 150 North Street
Justin, Richard, whip manufacturer, 182 North Street


Kairns, James, pedlar, 13 Robert Street
Kane, John, wine & spirit merchant, Wine Cellar Entry; house, 5 Castle Street
Kane, Patrick, cooper, 20 Blue Bell Entry
Kane, Patrick, shoe maker, 3 Peter's Hill
Kane, Daniel, painter, glazier & paper hanger, 2 Mustard Street
Kane, John, tallow chandler, 9 Brown's Row
Kane, George, cooper, 22 Gordon Street
Kay, John, butcher, 46 Hercules Street
Kearney, James, skipper, 35 Edward Street
Kearney, Richard, basket maker, 31 Brown Street
Kearns, Hugh, 100 Ann Street
Kearns, Alexander, weaver, 13 Wine Tavern Street
Kearns, Alexander, dealer in new & old clothes, 61 Union Street
Keenan, James, rope manufacturer, 3 Great George's Street North
Keenan, Francis, clothes dealer, 41 Church Lane
Keenan, T. C., master extraordinary in chancery & commissioner for taking affidavits in the court of common please, 16 Church Lane
Keenan, Anna Maria, haberdasher, 16 Church Lane
Keenan, Patrick, manufacturing jeweller, 2 Castle Street
Keenan, James, roper, 23 Little York Street
Kelly, Andrew, grocer, 2 Carrick Hill
Kelly, James, huxter, 6 West Street, Smithfield
Kelly, Thomas, furniture broker, 15 Smithfield
Kelly, Hugh, butcher, 13 Croarkan's Pad
Kelly, Patrick, sawyer, 51 Barrack Street
Kelly, James, huxter, 10 Peter's Hill
Kelly, Hugh, publican, 12 Berry Street
Kelly, Henry, blacksmith, 32 Berry Street
Kelly, Bernard, 39 Hudson's Entry
Kelly, Sarah, straw bonnet maker, 25 Grattan Street
Kelly, Patrick, stone cutter, 7 Kennedy's Row
Kelso, J. & M., milliners & haberdashers, 10 High Street
Kelso, Paul, Cape & Madeira wine, porter & ale store, ginger & spruce beer manufacturer, 15 Commercial Court
Kelso, Charles, hosier, 81 High Street
Kennad, Daniel, saddle tree maker, 36 Hercules Street
Kennedy, Mrs., 20 King Street
Kennedy, Hugh, gent., Cultra
Kennedy, Mrs. Martha, 16 Crown's Entry
Kennedy, Edward, 25 Pottinger's Entry
Kennedy, William, muslin manufacturer, 22 Gordon Street
Kennedy, John, baker, 28 Hercules Street
Kennedy, Mrs. Agnes, 11 Curtice Street
Kennedy, Rev. John, teacher, 13 Commercial Court
Kennedy, John, merchant, Donegall Quay, off Weigh House Street
Kennedy, Misses, 21 Arthur Street
Kennedy, Neal, umbrella manufactory, 17 Ann Street
Kennedy, Charles, grocery & fruit shop, 18 North Street
Kennedy, James, muslin manufacturer & bleacher, Flush Hall, near Newtownards
Kennedy, James, merchant, 26 Waring Street
Kennedy, James, police watchman, 24 Hill Street
Kennedy, Thomas, muslin manufacturer, 37 Patrick Street
Kennedy, James, cow keeper, 5 Little Patrick Street
Kennedy, John, 38 Nelson Street
Kenning, Elizabeth, haberdasher, 63 Castle Street
Kenson, William, bridle bit maker, 17 Wine Tavern Street
Kerr, David, gent., Donegall Square South
Kerr, James, grocer, 70 Ann Street
Kerr, Mary, publican, 33 Pottinger's Entry
Kerr, John, carrier, 71 Peter's Hill
Kerr, Robert, constable, 43 Talbot Street
Kilbee, James, notary public & master extraordinary in chancery, 23 Prince's Street
Killan, James, porter, 27 Francis Street
Killan, William, boot maker, Carrick Hill
Kilpatrick, James, cooper, Hagan's Entry
Kilpatrick, James, carman's inn, 4 Arthur Street
Kilpatrick, Robert, chandler, 25 Samuel Street
Kilpatrick, Joseph, huxter, 10 Grattan Street
Kilwick, Mrs. Catharine, seminary for young ladies, 20 Thompson's Court
King, John; house, 11 Union Place
King, William, publican, 19 Weigh House Lane
King, Robert, tailor, 44 Hercules Street
King, Cunningham, cutler, 26 Church Lane
Kinkade, William, hair dresser, 106 North Street
Kirk, Edward, jeweller, 9 Curtice Street
Kirkpatrick, Samuel, merchant, Church Lane
Kirkpatrick, John, merchant; house, Weigh House Street
Kirkpatrick, Thomas, tallow chandler, 68 Ann Street
Kirkpatrick, David, carman, 5 Donaldson's Entry
Kirkpatrick, Robert, merchant, 124 High Street
Kirkpatrick, Andrew, brick layer, 19 William's Row
Kirker, William, carrier, 49 Smithfield
Kirker, William, grocer, 114 North Street
Kirkwood, Brice, copper smith, 6 Ann Street
Knowles, John, solicitor, 23 Rosemary Street
Knox, Robert, shoe maker, 62 Carrickfergus Street
Knox, Robert, ladies & gentlemen's boot and shoe manufacturer, 5 Castle Street
Knox, John, boot & shoe manufacturer, 82 High Street
Knox, John, tobacco spinner, 31 Academy Row
Knox, John, quay officer, 2 Trafalgar Street


Lamb, John, hair dresser, 21 Carrickfergus Street
Lamont & Dugan, printers, book sellers & stationers & agents for the Dublin Weekly Journal, High Street
Lamont, John; house, 13 Pottinger's Entry
Lang, John, Cooper's Court, off Hill Street
Langtry, George & Co., merchants, 37 Waring Street
Langwell, Robert, brick layer, 4 Nile Street
Larkin, James, coachman, 23 Bank Lane
Laughran, Michael, pawn broker, 80 Hercules Street
Lascelles, William, dealer in old books, Pepper Hill
Larmour, Robert, skipper, 14 Talbot Street
Lathem, William, surgeon, 29 Arthur Street
Laughlan, William, sawyer, 35 Sandy Row
Laughlan, Joseph, brick layer, 5 New Road
Laughlan, James, 19 Blue Bell Entry
Laverty, Thomas, brick layer, 68 Carrickfergus Street
Lawless, John, editor of the Irishman, Pottinger's Entry; house, 36 King Street
Law, James, baker, 76 High Street
Law, Andrew, brass founder, Fountain Street
Law, Samuel, tanner, 176 North Street
Law, James, tanner, 181 North Street
Law, Patrick, brass founder, 29 Hercules Street
Law, Mrs. Martha, 45 Academy Street
Law, Henry, huxter, 35 Wine Tavern Street
Law, David, grocer, 119 North Street
Ledwich, Richard, 9 Hercules Street
Lennon, John, woollen draper & haberdasher, 26 High Street
Lennon, Patrick, tailor, 171 North Street
Lennon, James, brick maker, Ballymacarret
Lennon, Patrick, cooper, 11 Forest Lane
Lennan, Thomas, gardener, 95 Carrick Hill
Lennan, Felix, cooper, 2 Caxton Street
Lennan, John, ship carpenter, 12 Green Street
Lepper, Charles, Laurel Lodge
Leppers & Co., cotton spinners & manufacturers, Lodge Road Cotton Mill
Lepper, Maxwell, spirit merchant, 23 Donegall Street
Lepper, Francis, gent., 46 Donegall Street
Lewis, Robert, boot & shoe maker, 55 High Street
Lewis, Mrs. Elizabeth, 15 Castle Street
Lewis, George, haberdasher, 12 High Street
Lewis, John, artificial flower maker, 24 Skipper Street
Lewis, James, brick layer, 36 Carrickfergus Street
Lewis, Adam, boarding school, 4 Castle Lane
Liddy, Hugh, agent for Mr. Coats's foundry, 116 Ann Street
Liddy, John, pavier, 41 Little Donegall Street
Liddy, John, pavier, 8 Meeting House Lane
Lilly, William, 6 Crown Entry
Lilly, Mrs. Margaret, furnished lodging house, 14 James's Street
Lilly, James, gent., Nelson Street
Linden, Matthew & Sons, confectioners & pastry cooks, 75 Castle Street
Linden, Robert, stone cutter, Mitchell's Entry
Lindsay, David, tin plate worker, 41 Rosemary Street
Lindsay, Edward. nursery & seedsman, 5 Donegall Street
Lindsay, John, shoe maker, 20 Store Lane
Linn, Patrick, tavern and hotel, 1 Castle Street
Linn, Robert, sen. gent., 61 Donegall Street
Linn, Robert, jun., merchant, 15 Donegall Quay; house, 25 Waring Street
Linn, William, wheelwright & turner, 38 Smithfield
Little, William, brick layer, 7 Wine Tavern Street
Little, Samuel, retail spirit dealer, 14 Donegall Street
Little, Rev. William, 3 Union Place
Little, Mrs. Isabella, 5 Academy Row
Livingston, John, carpenter, 7 Barryhill's Row
Lockart, William, furniture broker, Smithfield
Logan, Hugh, cooper, 19 Bank Lane
Logan, Mrs. Sarah, 71 North Street
Logan, Thomas, huxter, 89 Donegall Street
London, T. H., officer of customs, 43 Edward Street
Lough, Thomas, cattle dealer, 120 North Street
Love, Elizabeth, huxter, 14 Hercules Street
Lowden, Henry, rope maker, Shank Hill (Shankill)
Lowry, Mrs., huxter, 12 Old Barrack Street
Lowry, John, baker, 11 Skipper Street
Lowry, George, painter & glazier, 6 William's Lane
Lowry, Miss, haberdasher, 6 High Street
Luke, Thompson & Co., merchants, 14 York Street
Luke, John, gent., North Street
Lunn, George, agent, 6 Quay Lane
Lying-in Hospital; Margaret Ross, matron, Donegall Street
Lyle, Thomas, 11 Queen Street
Lyle, Mrs. Sarah, 7 Wellington Place
Lyle, John, merchant, Chichester Quay
Lyle, John, carpenter, 50 Union Street
Lyons, Henry, gent., Old Park
Lyons, David, printer of the Irishman, 1 Pottinger's Entry
Lyons, David, block maker, 5 Store Lane
Lyons, William, butcher, 43 Forcade's Entry
Lyons, Thomas, joiner, 31 Margaret Street
Lyons, Thomas, brick layer, 58 Mustard Street
Lyons, Jacob, brick layer, 9 Edward Street
Lyons, Robert, ship carpenter, 5 Graham's Entry
Lynass, William, joiner & publican, 59 Grattan Street
Lynch, Hugh, butcher, 93 Hercules Street
Lynch, Mrs., dealer, 68 Old Barrack Street


Macabe, Thos., gent., Vicinage
Macarten, Daniel, muslin dealer, Castle Court
Macartney, John; house, Hanover Quay
Macartney, John & Co., ship brokers, 21Chichester Quay
Macferran, George, haberdasher, 66 High Street
Mack, Robert, tailor & woollen draper, 7 Bridge Street
Mackay, Alexander, proprietor, editor & printer of the Belfast News Letter, Bridge Street
Mackay, Felix, tailor, 15 Croarkan's Pad
Mackay, George, revenue officer, 26 Trafalgar Street
Mackenzie, John & Co., Belfast Distillery, Barrack Street
Macklin, ?, muslin manufacturer, 7 Bridge End, Ballymacarret

mac to mar

Martin, William, blacksmith, 8 Smithfield
Martin, George, hosier, Wine Tavern Court
Martin, James, muslin manufacturer, 3 John Street
Martin, David, fustian cutter, 22 Edward Street
Martin, James, gardener, 6 Nile Street
Matier, George, brick layer, 8 Graham's Entry
Matier, Samuel, auctioneer & grocer, 111 North Street
Matthews, Robert, iron merchant, 108 Ann Street
Matthews, Robert, 19 Pottinger's Entry
Mawhinny, Alexander, joiner, 5 Charlemont Street
Mawhinny, Thomas, surgeon, etc., house, Hammond's Court
Mawhinney, Thomas, grocer, 104 Ann Street
Mawhinney, James, teacher, 26 Academy Street
Maxwell, William, provision merchant, 14 Skipper Street
Maxwell, William, carman, Lower Malone
Maxwell, Mrs. Isabella, 3 Falls Road
Maxwell, Richard, cooper, 12 Caddel's Entry
Maxwell, James, teacher, 159 North Street
May, Sir Stephen, collector of customs; house, Castle Street
May, George, grocer, 31 Carrickfergus Street
Mead, John, shoe maker, 7 Caxton Street
Meek, John, baker, 148 North Street
Meek, William, baker, 50 Carrick Hill
Megonnigal, John, cooper, 35 Talbot Street
Mehaffey, Archibald, boot & shoe maker, 29 Church Lane
Mehaffey, John, carman, 38 Millfield
Mehard, David, cooper, 43 Forest Lane
Mellon, Jane, straw bonnet maker, 11 Church Lane
Mellon, John, carman, 20 Charles's Street
Mellon, David, wheelwright & turner, 172 North Street
Melish, James, chemist, 15 Wine Tavern Street
Mercer, Joseph, carman, 12 Meeting House Lane
Middle, James, joiner, 2 Green Street
Middlemore, Thomas, silver plater, 28 Telfair's Entry
Miles, Mary, corset maker, 7 Rosemary Street
Miles, William, coppersmith, 3 Market Street
Miles, George, linen merchant, 22 Academy Street
Miller, Samuel & Sons, merchant, Donegall Street
Miller, Mary, milk seller, 192 North Street
Miller, John, stone & marble yard, 39 Berry Street
Miller, ?, block maker, 20 James's Street
Miller, George, rope & twine manufacturer, 38 Waring Street
Miller, William, sedan chair man, 19 Joy's Entry
Millikin, Israel, sizer & keeper of warm & cold baths, Peter's Hill
Millikin, Robert, dealer in clothes, wholesale & retail, 91 North Street
Mills, Robert, muslin manufacturer, 11 York Street
Mills, Isaiah, 9 Patrick Street
Milton, John, shoe maker, 21 Samuel Street
Mineice, William, reed maker, 17 Peter's Hill
Mines, Samuel, cabinet maker, 3 Hercules Street; house, Bank Lane
Mines, Samuel, 1 May Street
Mines, Thomas, cooper, Green's Court, off Green Street
Minnis, Charles, hair dresser, 69 Ann Street
Miskelly, Daniel, commercial tavern; post chaises, gigs, jaunting cars & horses for hire, 1 Rosemary Street
Miskelly, James, brick layer, etc., Old Barrack Street
Miskiman, William, weaver, 48 Brown Street
Miskilling, Robert, carpenter, 11 Samuel Street
Mitchell, Mrs., Arthur Street
Mitchell, Thomas, tavern, Graham's Entry
Mitchell, James, muslin manufacturer, 90 Millfield
Mitchell, John, 9 Henry Street
Mitchell, John, chimney sweeper, 12 Academy Street
Mitchell, James, tailor, 3 William's Row
Mitchell, David, hardware dealer, Grace Street
Moffet, Thomas, baker, 2 Church Lane
Moffet, James, baker, 8 Ann Street
Moles, G. F., solicitor, 19 Rosemary Street
Moles, Henry, cotton twister, 25 Brown Street
Mollineux, Joseph, alabaster preparer, 30 John Street
Molloy, Neal, porter, 16 Chapel Lane
Moody, Andrew, joiner, 66 Millfield
Moonan, M. & M., haberdashers, 93 North Street
Moonan, Patrick, publican, 93 North Street
Mooney, Mrs. Mary, 65 Hercules Street
Mooney, Francis, ragman, 11 Edward Street
Mooney, Bernard, block maker, 24 Hagan's Entry, James's Street
Moore, David, surgeon & oculist, 16 Castle Street
Moore & Mawhinny, surgeons, 2 Castle Street
Moore, William, huxter, 43 Old Barrack Street
Moore, Patrick, milk seller, Old Barrack Street
Moore, William, leather cutter, 28 Old Barrack Street
Moore, Agnes, 48 Mill Street
Moore, John, wine cooper, 47 Berry Street
Moore, Samuel, bleacher, 6 Charles's Street
Moore, John, huxter, 51 Union Street
Moore, William, book seller & stationer, 33 Donegall Street
Moore, William, shoe maker, 47 Talbot Street
Moore, Henry, linen merchant; house, Malone
Moore, Richard, butcher, 6 Poultry Square
Moore, H. S., brick manufacturer, Salt Water Bridge
Moore, Henry, weaver, 8 Henry Street
Moore, James, watch & clock maker & jeweller, 68 High Street
Moore, Thomas, rope & sail maker, 126 High Street
Moore, Stephen, shoe maker, 7 Hudson's Entry
Moore, James, huxter, 152 North Street
Moore, Thomas, sawyer, 25 Caddell's Entry
Moorcroft, Hugh, grocer, 2 West Street
Moorcroft, Robert, grocer, Berry Street
Moorhead, H. & J., merchants, 82 North Street
Moorhead, Archibald, cooper, 34 Forest Lane
Moorhead, John, carrier, 13 Poultry Square
Monroe, Mrs. Jane, 31 Patrick Street
Monroe, John, carpenter, 28 Little Patrick Street
Monroe, Hector, cotton spinner, 6 Bell's Row
Montcrief, Alexander, agent, 5 Curtice Street
Montgomery, Hugh, tanner, 50 Mill Street
Montgomery, Mrs. Robert, 15 Chichester Street
Montgomery, George, merchant, 9 Chichester Quay; house, 38 Donegall Street
Montgomery, James, watch maker, 20 Round Entry
Montgomery, Samuel, skipper, 50 Donegall Street
Montgomery, Edward, 28 Patrick Street
Montgomery, Miss, 13 James's Street
Montgomery, William, 10 Little York Street
Montgomery, James, gent., Ballymacarret
Montgomery, Robert, solicitor, 2 Arthur Place
Montgomery, John, iron monger, 77 High Street
Montgomery, Mrs. Catharine, Donegall Square North
Montgomery, James, gent., 20 Bank Lane
Montgomery, James, apothecary, 28 High Street
Montgomery, John, carman, 26 Little Donegall Street
Montgomery, Gawn, gent., 33 Little Patrick Street
Moreland & Dunn, grocers & tobacconists, 1 Church Lane
Moreland, Andrew, wholesale grocer, 11 Rosemary Street
Moreland, Alexander, provision merchant, William Street South; house, Lower Arthur Street
Moreland, J. & J., wholesale grocers & tobacconists, 21 Rosemary Street
Moreland, Mrs. M., 1 James's Place
Morewood, Samuel, surveyor of excise, 7 Talbot Street
Morgan, John, grocer, 87 North Street
Morgan, Thomas, grocer, 8 Old Barrack Street
Morgan, David, brick layer, 6 Meeting House Lane
Morris, John, 44 Green Street
Morris, Thomas, shoe maker, 60 Carrick Hill
Morris, John, huxter, 27 Carrickfergus Street
Morrison, John, brush manufacturer, Shank Hill (Shankill)
Morrison, William, tailor, 15 Morrow's Entry
Morrison, Alexander, muslin manufacturer, Gordon Street
Morrison, Charles, publican, 41 Wine Tavern Street
Morrison, David, skipper, 40 Edward Street
Morrison, Patrick, cooper, 3 James's Court
Morrow, Mrs. W., publican & glass dealer, 9 Hanover Quay
Morrow, James, excise officer, 9 Talbot Street
Morrow, Thomas, 35 Brown Street
Morrow, Mrs. Eliza, 12 Mill Street
Morrow, Thomas, dealer in ropes, mats, etc., 26 Peter's Hill

Mor - McA

McAfee, John, dealer, 72 Mill Street
McAlister, John, tavern keeper, grocer & provision dealer, 1 Graham's Entry
McAlister, William, joiner, 184 North Street
McAlister, John, bookkeeper, 2 Little Patrick Street
McAlister, Cornelius, cooper, 25 Robert Street
McAlister, John, cork cutter, 61 Barrack Street
McArthur, cabinet maker, 14 Charlemont Row
McArthur, Peter, muslin manufacturer, Carrick Hill
McAulay & Kinley, haberdashers, 6 Castle Street
McAulay, Michael, flax dresser, 6 Lower Church Lane
McAulay, William, bookkeeper, 19 Carrick Hill
McAulay, Alexander, rope maker, 59 Grattan Street
McAulay, Patrick, huxter, Montgomery's Market
McAulay, James, 14 Cromack Street
McAulay, Robert, cooper, 17 Church Lane
McAulay, John, flax dresser, 9 Market Street
McAulay, John, shoe maker, 33 Union Street
McBlain & Oliver, haberdashers & straw bonnet manufacturers, 14 High Street
McBratney, Robert, publican, 54 James's Street
McBride, Ursula, haberdasher, 17 High Street
McBride, Elinor, haberdasher, 19 High Street
McBride, Daniel, publican, 7 Hanover Quay
McBride, John, grocer, 66 North Street
McBride, James, huxter, 22 John Street
McBride, Alexander, cooper, 2 Caxton Street
McBurney & Coats, painters & glaziers, 1 Skipper Street
McCabe, Mrs. Sarah, carver, gilder & looking glass manufacturer, 4 Hercules Street
McCabe, Thomas, pedlar, Hamilton's Court
McCaghan, Thomas, blacksmith, 46 Forest Lane
McCall, Daniel, hatter, 44 Brown Street
McCammon, Charles, cart & farming utensil manufacturer, Ballymacarret
McCammon, John, tanner, 23 King Street
McCammon, Joseph, merchant, Donegall Quay; house, 21 King Street
McCammon, George, auctioneer, house, 51 Mill Street
McCammon, John, bookkeeper, 1 Union Place
McCammon, Robert, shoe maker, 5 William Street
McCance, Mrs. M. E., 15 York Street
McCanna, John, ship carpenter, 7 Green Street
McCanna, Patrick, glass blower, 16 Peter's Hill
McCanna, John, pedlar, 23 Wine Tavern Street
McCann, James, bookkeeper, Belfast Bank; house, Fountainville
McCann, Eliza, muslin & calico warehouse, 18 Castle Lane
McCann, Thomas, 1 Ferguson's Court
McCann, Owen, dealer in fruit, 41 Hudson's Entry
McCann, Edward, fustian cutter, 20 Samuel Street
McCapin, William, merchant; house, Donegall Street
McCartney, James, smith, 5 Green Street
McCartney, C., carpenter, Ellen's Court, off Nile Street
McCashan, James, dealer in old iron, 4 Forest Lane
McCaw, Anthony, 26 Wilson's Court
McCaw, William, provision merchant, 6 Arthur Street
McChesney, John, tanner, 7 Caxton Street
McChesney, Mary, cotton ball manufactory, 1 Cromack Dock
McClarnon, Bernard, huxter, 144 North Street
McClarnon, James, butcher, 15 Berry Street
McClean, Adam, woollen draper, 42 High Street
McClean, James, timber merchant, May's Quay
McClean, Andrew, merchant; house, 19 Ann Street
McClean, Samuel & Andrew, spirit merchants, Sugarhouse Entry
McClean, Francis, ironmonger, 45 Castle Street; house, 4 Bank Lane
McClean, William, collector of Police Tax, 30 North Street
McClean, William, pilot, 51 Green Street
McClean, James, gent., 158 North Street
McClean, Daniel, publican, 65 Ann Street
McClean, John, blacksmith, 3 Thomas's Court
McClean, Charles, fancy dier, 9 Mill Street
McClean, Archibald, huxter, 186 North Street
McClean, Henry, pilot, 17 Chichester Lane
McClean, Robert, 25 Mill Street
McClean, John, pilot, 8 Grattan Street
McClean, Edward, smith, 25 Wine Tavern Street
McClean, Catharine, 8 Blue Bell Entry
McClean, William, pilot, 7 Chichester Lane
McClean, Samuel, lodging house, 55 John Street
McClean, Jane, 2 Chichester Lane
McClean, William, lodging house, William Street
McCleery, James, register & inspector of Lagan duties, North Street
McCleery, J. H., spirit dealer, 65 Smithfield
McCleery, James, surgeon & apothecary, 84 High Street
McCleave, James, saddler & grocer, 100 Millfield
McCleave, Stewart, grocer, 16 Church Street
McClelland, Mrs., 2 Castle Lane
McClelland, Mrs., 2 Grace Street
McClelland, Francis, spirit dealer, 34 Lime Kiln Dock
McClelland, George, shoe maker, 48 Lodge Lane
McClelland, David, publican, 77 Peter's Hill
McClement, David, 15 Skipper Street
McClement, Fergus, carpenter, 36 Caxton Street
McClenaghan, Samuel, carpenter, 14 Mustard Street
McClenaghan, Constantine, bookkeeper, 75 Green Street
McClennaghan, ship agent & broker, Hanover Quay
McClennaghan, James, weaver, 22 Samuel Street
McClennaghan, William, carpenter, Mustard Street
McClinchey, Samuel, sawyer, 13 Graham's Entry
McClinton, John, cloth lapper, 109 North Street
McClinton, Andrew, cotton spinner, 47 Carrick Hill
McCloud, Daniel, rope maker, 10 Green Street
McCloy, Robert, ship broker, 7 Chichester Quay
McCloy, Harrison, carman, 42 Carrick Hill
McClune, John, book seller, 11 Thomas Street
McClune, Robert, calico printer, 23 Carrickfergus Street
McCluney, Robert, surgeon, 25 Chichester Street
McClure, Robert, boot & shoe maker, 37 Church Lane
McClure, William, grocer, 35 Donegall Street
McClure, Joseph, shoe maker, Cole's Alley, Church Lane
McClure, Robert, huxter, Marquis Street
McClure, William, baker, 50 North Street
McClurkan, William, 7 Long Lane
McClusky, Bryan, shoe maker, 8 Law's Entry
McCollom, William, tailor, 23 Mill Street
McCollom, Mrs., huxter, 15 Corn Market
McComb, William, brick layer, 41 Mill Street
McComb, William, woollen, grocery & general mercantile shop, Whitehouse
McComb, Thomas, 54 Waring Street
McConaghy, John, roper, Carrickfergus Street
McConkey, George, coach maker, Grace Street
McConkey, James, cotton manufacturer, Brown Street
McConkey, Samuel, bookkeeper, 46 Peter's Hill
McConnell, John, merchant, 31 Ann Street
McConnell, James, merchant; house, 18 Skipper Street
McConnell, Thomas, shoe maker, 8 Charlemont Row
McConnell, Samuel, joiner, 5 Clark's Lane
McConnell, Andrew, 26 Green Street
McConnell, Robert, printer, 65 Green Street
McConnell, William, merchant; house, 15 Donegall Street
McConnell, James, grocer, 6 Peter's Hill
McConnell, Robert, joiner, 14 Little Patrick Street
McConnell, John, weaver, 6 Samuel Street
NcConnell, John, blacksmith, Arthur's Court, Millfield
McConnell, James, cow keeper, 23 Millfield
McConnell, James, 29 John Street
McConnell, Roger, shoe maker, Thompson's Court
McConnell, Samuel, grocer, 31 Edward Street
McConnell, Charles, shoe maker, 16 Little Patrick Street
McConnell, John, tailor & habit maker, 8 Quay Lane
McCord, Andrew, starch manufacturer, 12 Peter's Hill
McCord, Elizabeth, milliner, haberdasher & dress maker, 3 Donegall Street
McCord, Isaac, cooper, 27 Nelson Street
McCord, Robert, steward to the House of Industry, 52 Mill Street
McCord, Alexander, nailer, 103 North Street
McCord, David, clerk, 6 Edward Street
McCormick, Edward, carpenter, Little Patrick Street
McCormick, George, glass blower, 21 Carrick Hill
McCormick, Thomas, tailor, 7 Fountain Street
McCormick, Francis, carrier, 11 Market Lane
McCormick, Bernard, mariner, 2 Mitchell's Entry
McCormick, Robert, teacher, 6 Union Place
McCormick, John, carman, 31 Robert Street
McCormick, John, dancing master, 7 Fountain Street
McCormick, William, cooper, 9 William Street
McCosh, David, wholesale grocer, Legg's Lane
McCoy, Patrick, lodging house, 18 Caddell's Entry
McCoy, Daniel, weaver, Shank Hill Row (Shankill)
McCoy, James, coal yard, 47 Union Street
McCracken, Francis, rope & sail manufacturer; house, 79 Donegall Street; warehouse, 7 James's Street
McCracken, John, cotton spinner; factory, York Lane; house, 77 Donegall St.
McCracken, Mrs. R. A., 79 Castle Street
McCracken, James, brick layer, 14 Samuel Street
McCracken, Thomas, tobacco spinner, 23 Academy Row
McCrea, J. A., gent., 20 Commercial Court
McCrea, Joseph, shoe maker, 15 Law's Entry
McCredie, John, saddler & harness maker, 23 High Street
McCreary, John, tailor, 13 Caddell's Entry
McCreight, Patrick, wool & tow card maker, 17 North Street
McCrum, William, cooper, 126 Millfield
McCrum, Samuel, cotton spinner & manufacturer, 21 Skipper Street
McCue, George, lodging house, 91 Millfield
McCully, Sarah, publican, Lower Church Lane
McCully, James; house, 15 Cromack Street
McCully, James, shoe maker, Ferguson's Row
McCullough, Thomas, muslin manufacturer, 8 Lancaster Street
McCullough, James, cooper, 26 Weigh House Lane
McCullough, Francis, dier, Millfield
McCullough, Neal, 7 Chichester Lane
McCullough, Edward, Lime Kiln, Lodge Road
McCullough, Thomas, brazier & tinplate worker, 5 Waring Street
McCullough, Hugh, coal merchant, 3 High Street
McCullough, Alexander, painter & glazier, 15 Forest Lane
McCullough, Patrick, coal merchant, 3 Hanover Quay
McCullough, Mary, huxter, 50 Hercules Street
McCullough, John, grocer, 86 North Street
McCullough, Adam, carpenter, 53 Union Street
McCullough, Patrick, shoe maker, 1 Little Donegall Street
McCullough, Matthew, lime burner, 66 Lodge Lane
McCullough, Thomas, muslin manufacturer, 21 Margaret Street
McCullough, Samuel, grocer, 46 Grattan Street
McCune, Hugh, bookkeeper, 95 High Street
McCune, Mrs., 12 Mill Street
McCune, Samuel, ship bread baker, 15 Mary Street
McCuney, John, basket maker, 8 Scott's Row
McCutcheon, Jane, dress maker, 36 Princes Street
McCutcheon, Andrew, shoe maker, 6 Kennedy's Row
McCutcheon, John, architect, 1 Chichester Street
McDeade, John, nailer, Pepper Hill
McDermot, Mrs. Margaret, Ferguson's Court
McDermot, Denis, tobacco spinner, 10 Weigh House Lane
McDonaught, Henry, reed maker, 168 North Street
McDonnell, James, M.D., 13 Donegall Place
McDonnell, Alexander, surgeon
McDonnell & Bailie, merchants, 7 Skipper Street
McDonnell & Carson, merchants, 7 Skipper Street
McDonnell, Ann, dress maker, 19 Carrick Hill
McDonnell, Robert, William Street South
McDonnell, Daniel, 19 Rosemary Street
McDonnell, James, tide waiter, 49 Edward Street
McDonnell, Thomas, shoe maker, Tanner's Court
McDonnell, John, carpenter, 9 New Row
McDonnell, Patrick, teacher, 42 Gordon Street
McDonnell, Thomas, blacksmith, 3 Nile Street
McDonnell, Randle, shoe maker, near Little York Street
McDornan, Daniel, tobacco spinner, 1 Brown Street
McDougall, Archibald, gent., 47 Academy Street
McDougall, Daniel, tanner, 41 Lodge Lane
McDougall, Robert, news carrier, 13 Wilson's Court
McDowell, Robert; house, Lower Arthur Street
McDowell, Henry, banker's clerk, 6 Great George's Street
McDowell, Hamilton, revenue officer, 49 Talbot Street
McDowell, Charles, joiner, 15 Union Street
McDowell, John, joiner, 9 Union Street
McDowell & Auchinleck, public accountants, George's Street
McDowell, James, officer of customs, 49 Talbot Street
McDowell, John, muslin manufacturer, Great George's Street
McDowell, Hugh, pork cutter, 24 Round Entry
McDowell, John, carpenter, 45 Union Street
McDowell, Alexander, muslin manufacturer, 31 Brown Street
McEwen, Rev. W. D. H., 11 Chichester Street
McFadden, Oliver, ship carpenter, 6 Little George's Street
McFaddzen, Archibald, butcher, 71 Hercules Street
McFarlan, James, tailor, 59 Margaret Street
McFarlan, John, gun manufacturer, 30 Peter's Hill
McFaul, Daniel, tanner, 27 Hudson's Entry
McGahan, Michael, mangler, 19 Charlemont Row
McGahan, Philip, grocer, 5 Hercules Street
McGaen, William, painter, 51 John Street
McGeary, James, book binder, Little Donegall Street
McGhie, Miss, milliner & dress maker, Castle Street
McGee, William, surgeon, 28 North Street
McGinn, Lowry, hatter, 16 Law's Entry
McGinley, John, pedlar, 48 Hudson's Entry
McGiveron, John, flax dresser, 2 New Market
McGiveron, Daniel, flax dresser, 2 New Market
McGiveron, James, bleacher, 16 Samuel Street
McGiveron, Eleanor, cow keeper, 25 Brown Street
McGonnigal, John, cooper, 35 Talbot Street
McGough, John, weigh master in New market, 5 May Street
McGouran, Peter, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Berry Street
McGouran, Bernard, publican, 92 Ann Street
McGouran, Michael, wholesale & retail grocer & spirit dealer, 1 North Street
McGowan, William, 2 Hamilton Place
McGowan, John, weaver, 27 Carrickfergus Street
McGrorey, Patrick, tobacco spinner, 66 Grattan Street
McGrotty, Jane, publican, Caddell's Entry
McGrotty, William, shoe maker, 2 Berry Street
McGuckin, Edward, tanner, 5 Hudson's Entry
McGuckin, William, ship carpenter, 11 McMahon's Entry
McHenry, Daniel, wholesale & retail spirit merchant & grocer, Church Street
McIlroy, Mrs. Isabella, 17 Castle Street
McIlroy, George, book seller & stationer, 63 High Street
McIlroy, Christopher, dealer in clothes, 15 Church Lane
McIlroy, Samuel, baker, 77 Millfield
McIlroy, Thomas, 89 Carrick Hill
McIlveen, Gilbert, gent., Castle Lane
McIlveen, St. John, linen merchant, Castle Lane
McIlwrath, Mrs. Margaret, 76 Donegall Street
McIlwrath, James, brick layer, 9 Caxton Street
McIntyre, George; house, Donegall Street
McIntyre, E. & M., straw bonnet manufacturers. 58 High Street
McIntyre, William, nailer, 66 Millfield
McIntyre, Duncan, ship carpenter, 17 Nelson Street
McIntyre, William, shoe maker, 29 Gordon Street
McIntyre, William, nailer, 12 Law's Entry
McIver, Daniel, skipper, 30 Patrick Street
McKaig, Thomas, teacher, 30 Mustard Street
McKeady, Misses, 9 York Street
McKane, James, grocer, 100 Grattan Street
McKane, James, butcher, 8 Berry Street
McKane, James, tide waiter, 1 Green Street
McKane, John, manager of the Public Bakery, 14 Church Street
McKee, William, brick layer, 24 Hudson's Entry
McKee, John, tailor, 21 Wilson's Court
McKee, John, 38 Peter's Hill
McKee, Thomas, 163 North Street
McKee, John, confectioner, 24 Waring Street
McKee, David, muslin manufacturer, 47 Margaret Street
McKee, James, huxter, 4 Edward Street
McKeith, Duncan, lodging house, John Street
McKelvy, Nathaniel, tailor, 14 John Street
McKendry, James, publican, 29 Peter's Hill
McKendry, John, huxter, 40 Peter's Hill
McKeown, Hugh, linen draper & thread manufacturer, 11 King Street
McKeown, Bernard, carpenter & publican, 32 Edward Street
McKeown, David, ship carpenter, 5 Nile Street
McKeown, Peter & John, whitesmiths, 5 Cooney's Court
McKeown, William, ship carpenter, 6 Ellen's Court
McKey, William, gardener, 19 Wine Tavern Street
McKey, William, nailer, 54 Carrickfergus Street
McKibbin, Mrs. Hugh, 45 Mill Street
McKibbin, Jane, haberdasher & straw bonnet manufacturer, 5 Donegall Street
McKibbin, John, grocer & leather cutter, 96 Ann Street
McKim, Andrew, warper, 98 Carrick Hill
McKinney, Mary, huxter, 11 Millfield
McKinley, Patrick, smith, 2 Cunningham's Court
McKinley, Ann, dress maker, 1 Church Lane
McKinstry, Henry, grocer, 94 Little Patrick Street
McKinty, John, butcher, 48 Hercules Street
McKinty, Hugh, carman, 24 Carrickfergus Street
McKinty, Samuel, carman, 32 Carrickfergus Street
McKenzie, William, 13 Charlemont Row
McKenzie, Joseph, dealer, 24 Old Barrack Street
McLarnan, John, shoe maker, 1 Donaldson's Entry
McLaughlin, William, book binder, Hammond's Court
McLaughlin, John, American Tavern, 28 Lime Kiln Dock
McLaughlin, Walter, tailor, 43 Church Lane
McLaughlin, John, porter, 29 Caddel's Entry
McLaughlin, William, spinner, 45 Carrick Hill
McLaughlin, Joseph, sawyer, 40 Little Donegall Street
McLaughlin, Alexander, ladies shoe maker, 33 Hercules Street
McLaughlin, Hugh, tobacco spinner, 6 Margaret Street
McLaughlin, John, shoe maker, 24 Round Entry
McLaughlin, Francis, provision merchant, 38 Patrick Street
McLaughlin, Neal, brick layer, 1 Little York Street
McLaughlin, James, shoe maker, 6 Law's Entry
McLister, John, tallow chandler, 7 Ann Street
McLister, Duncan, huxter, 2 Ann Street
McLornan, Patrick, provision merchant, 3 Telfair's Court
McMahon, James, coach wheel maker, 125 Millfield
McMain, Samuel, 35 Lancaster Street
McMarran, George, book agent, Gooseberry Corner
McMaster, James & Son, merchants, North Street
McMaster, Patrick, hide & tallow commissioner, Curtice Street
McMaster, William, publican, 132 North Street
McMeekan, Joseph, stabling & entertainment
McMullen, James, shoe maker, 83 High Street
McMullen, John, shoe maker, 6 Sandy Row
McMullen, Alexander, marble yard, George's Lane
McMullen, John, butcher, 42 Hercules Street
McMullen, Eneas, butcher, 57 Hercules Street
McMullen, Mrs. Nance, 159 North Street
McMullen, John, lodging house, 16 Quay Lane
McMullen, John, tailor, Lodge Road
McMullen, Neice, butcher, 75 Hercules Street
McMullen, Robert, 34 Mill Street
McMurry, James, block maker, 18 Little Patrick Street
McMurry, Robert, tailor, 12 Mustard Street
McMurry, John, wheelwright, Ballymacarret
McMurtry, William, weaver's joiner & inventor of the cradle churn, 7 Carrick Hill
McMurtry, Thomas, miller, Millfield
McMurtry, John, joiner & glazier, 57 Academy Street
McMurtry, James, architect & surveyor, 8 Trafalgar Street
McNabb, Maria, publican, 14 Wilson's Court
McNair, John, brass founder, 144 North Street
McNally, Simon, butcher, 74 Hercules Street
McNally, Richard, butcher, 51 Hercules Street
McNally, John, nailer, 5 Barrack Street
McNally, Simon, butcher, 79 Hercules Street
McNaughtan, Samuel, gent., 132 Carrick Hill
McNaughtan, Charles, sawyer, Meeting House Lane
McNeill, Mrs., straw bonnet manufacturer, 8 Hercules Street
McNiel, John, 18 Grace Street
McNiel, William, sail maker, 27 Little Patrick Street
McNiel, Henry, 9 Mitchells' Entry
McNeilly, William, coal yard & cow keeper, 30 John Street
McNeilly, James, gent., 41 Sandy Row
McNichol, William, dealer in fish, 17 Hudson's Entry
McQuade, Tobias, baker, 35 Little Donegall Street
McQuade, John, chandler, 4 Cotton Court
McQuade, Francis, dealer, 48 Brown Street
McQuillin, John, shoe maker, 9 Peter's Hill
McQuiston, James, joiner, Hamilton's Court
McRandals, Robert, huxter, 122 North Street
McRoberts, Hugh, sizer, 3 Little Donegall Street
McRoberts, Mrs. Ann; house, 12 Talbot Street
McTier, William, agent to Mr. Cunningham, 22 Robert Street
McTier, Mrs., 40 Castle Street
McVeagh, John, quill manufactory, 28 Church Lane
McVeagh, William, huxter, 71 Hercules Street
McVeagh, Patrick, baker, North Street
McVicker, Joseph, butcher, 47 Hercules Street
McWaters, Catharine, lodging house, 162 North Street
McWhirter, James, huxter, Marquis Street


Napier & Dunvill, spirit merchants, Bank Lane
Napier, William, brewer; house, 18 Bank Lane
Neal, James, haberdasher; house, 40 Donegall Street
Neill, Ross, 38 Hercules Street
Neill, Thomas, flax dresser, 19 Carrickfergus Street
Neill, John, ship carpenter, 9 Little Patrick Street
Neill, Robert, watch maker, 25 High Street
Neill, Hamilton, yarn merchant, 12 Lower Church Lane
Neill, Samuel, shoe maker, 22 Berry Street
Neill, Mary, publican, 20 Little Patrick Street
Neill, Alexander, printer, 2 Weigh House Street
Nelson, Mrs. M., 11 Donegall Square
Nelson, Mariot, coal measurer, 38 James's Street
Nelson, Andrew, tobacco spinner, 1 Daniel Street
Nelson, John, cooper, 49 Lancaster Street
Nelson, John, merchant; house, Lower Arthur Street
Nelson, Francis, huxter, 11 Charlemont Row
Nelson, James, hide commissioner, 17 Carrick Hill
Nelson, Joseph, carpenter, 22 William Street
Nelson, Francis, 10 Curtice Street
Newbigham, Archibald, copper & tinsmith, 99 Carrick Hill
Newell, William, waterman, 5 Mustard Street
Newsam, William, carpet & woollen warehouse, 35 High Street
Newsam, William, carpenter, 22 Mustard Street
Niblock, John, cloth lapper, 11 Market Street
Nichol, James, shoe maker, 47 Hudson's Entry
Nichol, Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 3 Bridge Street; house, Orr's Entry
Nichol, Andrew, boot & shoe maker, 33 Church Lane
Nichol, Hugh, carpenter, 10 John Street
Nicholson, Mrs. Sarah, 3 Bank Lane
Nicholson, John, hair dresser, 6 Berry Street
Nimick, John, publican, 88 Ann Street
Nocher, William, tailor & ladies habit maker, 3 George's Lane
Nocher, Thomas, tailor, 35 Grattan Street
Norwood, Sarah, grocer, 133 North Street
Nugent, Joseph, publican, Talbot Street


Oak, Henry, shoe maker, 38 Union Street
Oakman, Walter, linen merchant, Cromack Street
O'Brien, Edward, hair dresser & perfumer, 14 Ann Street
O'Brien, John, fustian manufacturer, 3 Millfield
O'Brien, John, huxter, 5 Graham's Entry
O'Connor, Anthony, distributer of stamps, 3 Arthur Street
O'Donnell, Charles, master in chancery, 23 Arthur Street
O'Farrell, James, spirit dealer, 21 John Street
O'Farrell, Thomas, woollen draper, 2 North Street
Officer, S., & Co., milliners & haberdashers, 10 Bridge Street
Officer, Robert, carman, 14 Charles's Street
O'Hara, Catharine, dealer in new and old clothes, 34 Church Lane
O'Hara, Mrs., 11 Arthur Street
O'Neal, Charles, provision dealer, 9 Berry Street
O'Neal, John, lodging house, 109 Millfield
O'Neal, Francis, Belfast Arms, 14 Rosemary Street
O'Neal, Daniel, weaver, 11 Market Street
O'Neal, Elizabeth, huxter, 128 Millfield
O'Neal, John, shoe maker, 26 Bank Lane
O'Neal, Conway, furniture broker, 5 Berry Street
O'Neal, Charles, shoe maker, 5 Skipper Street
O'Neal, Charles, shoe maker, 44 Mustard Street
O'Neal, James, brick layer, 8 William Street
O'Neill, Terence, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Mill Street
O'Neill, John, paver, Pepper Hill
O'Neill, Henry, nailer, 35 Carrick Hill
O'Neill, Thomas, haberdasher & calico printer, wholesale warehouse, Donegall Street
O'Neill, Thomas, grocer, 46 Old Barrack Street
O'Neill, James, huxter, 56 Mill Street
O'Neill, Patrick, currier & leather cutter, 15 Barrack Street
O'Prie, Hans, teacher, 6 Orr's Entry
Oram, Richard, shoe maker, 3 Arthur's Court, off Millfield
O'Reilly, Thomas, clothes dealer, 4 Berry Street
Orr, William, merchant; house, Wellington Place
Orr, James, banker, Wellington Place
Orr, David, cart maker, 25 West Street
Orr, Alexander, hide & oil merchant, 73 Smithfield
Orr, J. A., solicitor, 41 Donegall Street
Orr, David, butter merchant, 14 Hill Street
Orridge, Ralph, glass cutter, 16 Smithfield
Orrott, Zachariah, tide waiter, 9 King Street
Orrott, William, herring dealer, Weigh House Street
Osborne, James, bleacher, 130 Millfield
Osborne, William, cotton manufacturer, 16 Brown Street
Osborne, Eleanor, huxter, 15 Nelson Street
Ostler, Arthur, baker, 165 North Street
Owen, Hammil, dealer in clothes, 37 Smithfield


Palmer, John, boot & shoe maker, 15 Ann Street
Palmer, Richard, ship carpenter, 10 Green Street
Palmer, William, baker, 27 Hill Street
Pan, Le, Monsieur, Academie Francais, 30 Academy Street
Park, William & Co., wholesale grocers, Wine Cellar Entry
Park, Francis, ship carpenter, 19 Gordon Street
Park, John, linen merchant, 14 Nelson Street
Park, John, huxter, 56 Old Barrack Street
Park, David, gent., Donegall Square South
Park, William, coach spring maker, 3 Telfair's Entry
Park, John, cooper, dam side
Park, James, cotton spinner & manufacturer, 17 West Street
Park, James, saddler & trunk maker, 53 North Street
Park, William; house, 69 Donegall Street
Park, John, cooper, 5 James's Street
Parker, William, sawyer, 60 Old Barrack Street
Parker, James, nailer, 48 James's Street
Parker, Alexander, butcher, 4 Ann Street
Parker, Francis, nailer, 101 Peter's Hill
Parker, Francis, mangler, 25 Charlemont Row
Parker, John, nailer, 1 Little George's Street
Parker, William, carman, 42 Carrickfergus Street
Parkes, William, butcher, 30 Hercules Street
Patrick, Margaret, teacher, Smithfield
Patterson, Robert, iron monger & hardware merchant, 40 High Street
Patterson, Alexander, baker, 57 Mill Street
Patterson, Joseph, builder & architect, Chichester Street
Patterson, Miss, 28 Castle Street
Patterson, William, dealer in clothes, 13 Church Lane
Patterson, E. M., haberdasher, 56 High Street
Patterson, James, gent., 10 James's Street
Patterson, John, dealer in clothes, 17 Church Lane
Patterson, William, shoe maker, Pepper Hill
Patterson, Alexander, 33 Green Street
Patterson, John, clerk, 11 Nelson Street
Pattison, James, yarn dealer, Ballymacarret
Pattison, James, huxter, Ballymacarret
Patton, Isaac, & Sons, wholesale printed calico warehouse, 20 High Street; house, Hammond's Court
Patton, D., house painter & glazier, 28 John Street
Paul, Matthew, shoe maker, 35 Little Patrick Street
Peebles, Hans, Derry Coach Office
Peebles, Mrs., Repository, Ann Street
Pelan, Christopher, basket maker, William Street South
Pendleton, Arthur, 9 Grace Street, off Cromack Street
Penny, Thomas, bookkeeper, Prince's Street
Penny, John, skipper; house, 77 Green Street
Peoples, James, pork cutter, 20 Little Patrick Street
Peery, ?, Permit Office, 1 Fountain Street
Peery, William, skipper, 34 Nelson Street
Petticrew, Robert, shoe maker, 3 William Street
Phenix, Wills, farmer & proprietor of the racing stables, Maze Course
Phillips, John, cooper, 16 Edward Street
Phillips, David, tanner, 15 Carrick Hill
Pilson, Thomas, printer, 11 Barrack Street
Pinkerton, Andrew, merchant, 15 Bridge Street
Pinkerton, Jane, huxter, 4 Weigh House Lane
Pippard, James, baker, 30 Talbot Street
Pitt, John, skipper, Carrickfergus Street
Pitts, Robert, teacher, 45 Carrickfergus Street
Pitway, Thomas, dealer in potatoes, 18 Market Street
Plunkett, George, muslin manufacturer, 122 Carrick Hill
Plunkett, James, muslin manufacturer, 124 Carrick Hill
Plunkett, Isabella, 57 Carrickfergus Street
Pollard, William, ball court, 34 Berry Street
Pollock, James, shoe maker, 49 John Street
Pollock, William, shoe maker, 4 Mary Street
Pollock, Robert, shoe maker, 5 Union Street
Pollock, John, farmer, Ballymayard, County Down
Pollock, William, shoe maker, 41 Margaret Street
Pollock, Robert, carpenter, 8 Union Street
Pool, Charles, artist, Donegall Square East
Porter, Edward, iron monger & cutler, 69 High Street
Porter, William, carpenter, 11 Caxton Street
Porter, William, carpenter, 11 Caxton Street (yes twice)
Potts, Thomas, watch glass cutter, 12 Carrick Hill
Potts, John, glass cutter, 30 Mustard Street
Press, John, tide waiter, 3 Green Street
Preston, James, nailer, 25 Carrickfergus Street
Pringle, William, plasterer, Samuel Street
Purden, Henry, staff surgeon, Wellington Place
Purdie, William, shoe maker, 2 William's Lane
Purse, John, carpenter, 30 Waring Street
Purse, David, carpenter, Patrick Street


Quail, Mrs. Ann, 19 Academy Street
Querry, Alexander, boatman, 29 William Street
Quigley, Samuel, huxter, 3 Cromack Street
Quin, Arthur, boot & shoe maker, 13 High Street
Quin, Arthur, gent., 9 Skipper Street
Quin, John, publican, Ballymacarret
Quin, James, blacksmith, 43 Caxton Street
Quin, William, coal measurer, 3 Kennedy's Court
Quin, Peter, gent., 11 Lower Arthur Street
Quin, Edward, sawyer, 35 Berry Street
Quin, Peter, brick layer, 43 Union Street


Radcliff & Munce, wholesale woollen drapers & flour merchants, 26 Bridge Street
Radcliff, Mrs. M. M., 27 Chichester Street

Rad - Rog

Rogers, William, bookkeeper, 112 Carrick Hill
Rollinson, Richard, china & delf warehouse, 19/13 William Street South
Rollinson, Mrs., teacher, 16 Wilson's Court
Rosbottom, James, cow keeper, 130 Carrick Hill
Roseborough, John, porter, 22 Pottinger's Entry
Ross, Hugh, publican, Bird in Hand, 57 Ann Street
Ross, John, joiner, 14 Marquis Street
Ross, James, shoe maker, 19 Gregg's Row
Rosin, Samuel, brick layer, 8 Cunningham's Court
Ruett, George, Fruit Lodge, near Satlwater Bridge
Rowan, Henry, gent., 7 Arthur Street
Rowan, Robert, grocery & spirit shop, dealer in bottles porter & ale, 128 High Street
Roy, James, victualler, sharper & swindler, 3 Legg's Lane
Rule, Alexander, chimney sweeper, 41 Millfield
Russel, Mrs. Jane, room paper warehouse, 92 High Street
Russel, Christopher, skinner & wool dealer, 20 Berry Street
Russel, Louis, dier, 136 North Street
Russel, John, baker &alabaster manufacturer, 13 Gordon Street
Russel, Robert, grocer, 67 Patrick Street
Russel, George, carpenter, 6 Little Patrick Street
Russel, William, tobacco spinner, 35 John Street
Rutherford, Ann, publican, 55 Ann Street
Rutherford, John, boarding house, 2 Mary Street


Salmon, Christopher, gent., 18 Prince's Street
Sanders, William, tow & wool card manufacturer, 3 Wine Cellar Entry
Sanderson, John, cabinet maker, 1 Gordon Street
Savage, Mrs. M. A., 21 Chichester Street
Savage, John, skipper, 11 Mitchell's Entry
Savage, W. H., skipper, 16 James's Street
Savage, Charles, 20 John Street
Scott, Robert, muslin manufacturer, 3 Brown Street
Scott, John, joiner, 19 Cunningham's Court
Scott, John, shoe maker, 19 Wine Tavern Street
Scott, Catharine, muslin warehouse, 30 Bridge Street
Scott, Mary, publican, Wheat Sheaf, 76 North Street
Scott, Thomas, 3 Academy Row
Scott, John, cooper, 3 Hamilton's Entry
Scott, Thomas, gent., Old Lodge Road
Scott, Miss, 16 Little Patrick Street
Scott, Eliza, 50 Ann Street
Scott, Joseph, pawn broker, Smithfield
Scott, J., cabinet maker, 92 North Street
Scott, John, carder, 1 Margaret Street
Scott, James, carder, 2 Margaret Street
Scott, John, tailor, 11 John Street
Scott, Matthew, brick layer, 4 Caxton Street
Scott, Mrs. Eleanor, 9 Union Place
Scullan, Jeremiah, chandler, 7 Corr's Row
Searson, Henry, book seller & book binder, 1 Elliot's Court
Seaten, Joseph, ship bread baker, 50 Waring Street
Seed, William, general merchant, Weigh House Lane
Seed, William, merchant; house, Chichester Street
Seed, Thompson, agent to the Albion & Life Insurance Office, Weigh House Lane
Seed, Charles, tallow chandler & soap boiler, 75 High Street
Seed, Elizabeth, skinner, 13 Smithfield
Seed, Thomas, pilot, 20 Weigh House Street
Sergison, Francis, butcher, 24 Bank Lane
Sergison, James, brazier & tinplate worker, 19 Church Lane
Shackleton, Mrs. Elizabeth, Nile Street
Shanahan, E. A., haberdasher, High Street
Shankland, James, blacksmith, 1 Cooney's Court
Shanks, William, nailer, 33 Smithfield
Shannon, John, chemist & vitriol manufacturer, 126 Ann Street
Shannon, J. B., Belfast Vitriol Works, Ballymacarret
Shannon, Andrew, tailor, 12 Cole's Alley
Shannon, Hugh, shoe maker, Graham's Entry
Sharlock, Thomas, teacher, 4 Joy's Dam
Shaw, John, wholesale & retail grocer, linen & woollen draper, Dreehill, near Dungannon
Shaw, William, merchant, 24 James's Street
Shaw, John, & Co., ship & commission brokers, Waring Street
Shaw, Deborah, haberdasher, 9 Castle Street
Shaw, John, whitesmith, 5 Queen Street
Shaw, Robert, stocking weaver, 33 Millfield
Shaw, Mrs. Sarah, 50 Talbot Street
Shaw, Robert, baker, 26 Old Barrack Street
Shaw, James, grocer, dealer in china & earthenware, 112 Ann Street
Shaw, William, publican, 27 Millfield
Shaw, James; house, Barrack Street
Shaw, Samuel, butcher, 70 Little Donegall Street
Shaw, Samuel, skipper; house, 53 Waring Street
Shea, William, architect, 39 Hanover Quay
Shea, Nicholas, lodging house, 21 Joy's Entry
Sheals, John, publican, 156 North Street
Sheals, Hugh, joiner, 29 William's Row
Sheals, James, publican, 177 North Street
Sheals, William, shoe maker, 11 Blue Bell Entry
Sherar, William, brick layer, 44 Carrick Hill
Sherar, John, cooper, 3 Little York Street
Sheriff, Joseph, shoe maker, 16 Wine Tavern Street
Sherwood, Hugh, shoe maker, 60 Grattan Street
Short, James, glass blower, Barrack Lane
Sillonds, William, eating house, 16 Berry Street
Simms, William, merchant, 11 Chichester Quay
Simms & McIntyre, printers, book sellers & wholesale stationers, 18 Donegall Street
Simms, Arthur, merchant, 25 Donegall Street
Simms, Russel, carman, 25 Green Street
Simington, Robert, grocer, 15 North Street
Simington, George, brick layer, 1 Little York Street
Simpson, Paul, merchant, Warehouse Lane, Waring Street
Sinclair, Mrs. W., 10 Donegall Place
Sinclair, Thomas, gent., 2 Wellington Place
Sinclair, William, gent., Lodge
Sinclair, George, gent., Holywood
Sinclair, Miss, 38 Castle Street
Singleton, George, brick layer, 1 Little York Street
Skelly, John, herring & coal dealer, wholesale & retail, 59 Smithfield
Skeffington, William, dealer in old clothes, hams & bacon, 3 Smithfield
Skillan, Thomas, carpenter, 6 Scott's Row
Skinner, Cortland, gent., Hanover Quay
Slane, Joseph, tailor, 4 Hudson's Entry
Sloan, George, notary public, 27 Arthur Street
Sloan, William, agent to the Atlas Fire & Life Assurance Office, 33 Castle Street
Sloan, Thomas, warper, 2 Margaret Street
Sloan, Charles, dier, 8 Millfield
Sloan, John, smith, 161 North Street
Sloan, Peter, hoop coiler, 3 Green Street
Sloan, David, bookkeeper, 14 Lower Church Lane
Sloan, George, tanner, 33 Gordon Street
Sloan, Bernard, cooper, 23 Caxton Street
Sly, James, skipper, 5 Talbot Street
Small, Hugh, leather seller, 31 North Street
Small, William, huxter, Little George's Street
Small, William, cooper, dam side
Smith & Barklie, woollen drapers, 47 High Street
Smith, John G., woollen draper, 47 High Street
Smith, Rev. William, 8 Donegall Square East
Smith & Wright, coach makers, Fountain Street
Smith, Miss Margaret, 13 Donegall Square
Smith, John, tailor, 16 Grace Street
Smith, George, carman, Bank Lane
Smith, William, reed maker, 4 Margaret Street
Smith, James, reed maker, 41 Smithfield
Smith, William, sticking maker, 20 Wine Tavern Street
Smith, William, huxter, Shank Hill Road (Shankill)
Smith, John, joiner, 33 Little Donegall Street
Smith, Samuel & Sons, merchants, Church Street
Smith, Charles, 50 James's Street
Smith, William, huxter, 38 Grattan Street
Smith, Hugh, 13 Mary Street
Smith, George & Co., muslin manufacturers, 3 Nelson Street
Smith, Alexander, tailor, 15 Little York Street
Smith, Robert, muslin manufacturer, Ballymacarret
Smith, Charles, green grocer, Montgomery's Market
Smith, David, hatter, 10 Scott's Row
Smith, Samuel, baker, 4 Peter's Hill
Smith, Matthew, rope maker, Shank Hill (Shankill)
Smith, Michael, reed maker, 49 Peter's Hill
Smith, James, wood & brass engraver, 39 Millfield
Smith, William, hosier, 71 Smithfield
Smith, James, shoe maker, 65 Union Street
Smith, David, shoe maker, 12 William Street
Smith, John, waterman, 167 North Street
Smith, James; house, 9 York Lane
Smith, John, shoe maker, 5 Brown's Row
Smith, William, shoe maker, 19 Commercial Court
Smith, Martha, Ballymacarret
Smyth, Samuel, reed maker, 14 Margaret Street
Smylie, Mrs., straw bonnet maker, 103 High Street
Smylie, Mrs. Elizabeth, 120 High Street
Smyth, Rev. S., Coole
Smyth, Joseph, printer, book seller & stationer, 34 High Street
Snell, George, muslin manufacturer, Shank Hill (Shankill)
Snell, George, sizer, Millfield
Snoddy, Andrew, ship carpenter, 37 Nelson Street
Snoddy, John, lodging house, 59 Forest Lane
Soden, Martin, navy agent, 11 Lancaster Street
Sparks, Henry, tide waiter, 27 Little Patrick Street
Spears, Magdaline, haberdasher, Cornmarket
Spence, Thomas, writing master, Academical Institution; house, 17 Arthur St.
Spence, Hugh, boot & shoe maker, 85 North Street
Spence, George, joiner, 29 Weigh House Lane
Spence, Andrew, shoe maker, 14 Hudson's Entry
Spence, Felix, pedlar, 73 Hercules Street
Spence, John, boot & shoe maker, 89 Millfield
Spence, William, huxter, 12 Francis Street
Spence, Jane, huxter, 17 Berry Street
Spence, Matthew, shoe maker, 144 North Street
Spencer, William, boot & shoe maker, 12 Castle Street
Spring, Edward, cork cutter, 39 Hercules Street
Spring, Thomas, cork cutter, 10 Charlemont Row
Standfield, Charles, grocer & spirit dealer, 95 High Street
Standfield, James, wine merchant, grocery & pickle warehouse, 2 High Street
Starks, William, skipper, 18 James's Street
Stavely, James, grocer, 21 Waring Street
Steed, ?, painter & glazier, 24 Lime Kiln Dock
Steel, Alexander, 170 North Street
Steel, William, ship carpenter, 9 Court, off Patrick Street
Steel, James, Dublin carman, 43 Carrick Hill
Steen, James, jun., & Co., merchants, Hill Street
Stephenson, S. M., M.D., 6 Waring Street
Stephenson, Robert, M.D., 6 Waring Street
Sterling, Robert, timber merchant, York Street
Sterling, Thomas, cabinet maker, 5 Croarkan's Pad
Sterling, Michael, stocking weaver, 2 Charles's Street
Sterling, Mary, dress maker, 19 Talbot Street
Stevenson, Mrs., Donegall Place
Stevenson, W. & J., merchants, York Street
Stevenson, James, engraver & copper plate printer, 40 Ann Street
Stevenson, John, currier, 5 Henry Street
Stevenson, Anthony, teacher, 15 Little George's Street
Stevenson, John, bookkeeper, 25 Nelson Street
Stewart, T. L., Sovereign of Belfast, Castle Street
Stewart, Miss A., 15 Donegall Place
Stewart, James & Co., wholesale wine & spirit merchants, 7 Legg's Lane
Stewart, James, merchant; house, 14 Arthur Street
Stewart, Alexander, linen merchant, 12 Chichester Street
Stewart, Miss Ann, 9 Chichester Street
Stewart, William, brewer, Great Edward Street
Stewart, Robert, merchant, partner of the house of Woolsey, Stewart & Co., Quebec, Corn Market
Stewart, John, dealer in earthenware, 20 Corn Market
Stewart, John, publican, Crown Entry
Stewart, George, confectioner, 42 North Street
Stewart, Alexander, teacher, 7 Patrick's Lane
Stewart, Alexander, grocer, 18 Old Barrack Street
Stewart, Alexander, publican, 33 Corn Marker
Stewart, Daniel, gardener, Shank Hill Road (Shankill)
Stewart, Sarah, 30 Wine Tavern Street
Stewart, James, carpenter, 8 New Market
Stewart, James, shoe maker, 3 Poultry Square
Stewart, Magill & Co., brewers, Chapel Lane
Stewart, Daniel, tailor, Marquis Street
Stewart, James, publican, 45 Smithfield
Stewart, John, huxter, Hudson's Entry
Stewart, James, brick layer, 25 Law's Entry
Stewart, William, shoe maker, 65 Legg's Lane
Stewart, William, cotton spinner, Daniel Street
Stewart, Andrew, butcher, 18 Round Entry
Stewart, Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 66 North Street
Stewart, William, cooper, 11 Robert Street
Stewart, John, tailor, 14 Mary Street
Stewart, John, cow keeper, 12 Little Patrick Street
Stewart, Alexander, painter & glazier, 5 Barryhill's Court
Stewart, James, shoe maker, 20 Lodge Lane
Stinton, Robert, iron founder, 3 Barrack Street
Stirling, James, muslin manufacturer; warehouse, Church Street
Stocker, Alexander, brick layer, 31 Little York Street
Stockman, James, carpenter, 27 Mustard Street
Stockman, Ralph, nailer & grocer, 99 North Street
Stormont, William, glazier & painter, 43 North Street
Storret, John, cow keeper, 12 Little Patrick Street
Strachan, Alexander, skipper, 35 Patrick Street
Strickland, John, hostler, 21 Chapel Lane
Studdard, David, butcher, Cromack Street
Shubridge, Margaret, huxter, 50 Old Barrack Street
Shubridge, David, butcher, William Street South
Suffern, William, merchant, 26 North Street
Suffern, M. & G., merchants & manufacturers, 8 Long Lane
Suffern, Mrs. Elizabeth, 56 Donegall Street
Suffern, William, tobacco manufacturer; house, 70 Donegall Street
Sweeny, M., & Co., milliners, etc. etc., 15 Castle Street
Syars, Archibald, tallow chandler, 27 Corn Market


Taggart, Francis, public notary & proprietor of the Mercantile Journal, High St.
Taggart, Daniel, publican, Windmill, Ballymacarret
Talbot, Montague, manager of the Belfast Theatre
Tandy, Mrs. Isabella, 31 Edward Street
Tannyhill, Robert, grocer, Ballymacarret
Tate, John, grocer & Dublin carrier, 120 Millfield
Tarburn, George, shoe maker, Telfair's Entry
Taylor, George, boot & shoe maker, 8 Church Lane
Taylor, James, smith, 39 Weigh House Lane
Taylor, Mrs. Ann, 34 Patrick Street
Taylor, John, publican, William Street South
Taylor, James, boot & shoe maker, 1 Hamilton's Court
Taylor, William, shoe maker, 25 Peter's Hill
Taylor, William, cabinet maker, 45 Donegall Street
Taylor, John, deputy weigh master, 4 Grattan Street & Sportman's Hall, near Salt Water Bridge
Taylor, James, ship carpenter, 11 Patrick Street
Taylor, John, publican, 4 Little Patrick Street
Taylor, James & Co., whitesmiths, Great George's Street
Taylor, James, officer of Custom House, 4 Trafalgar Street
Telfair, Robert, writing master, Belfast Academy; school for young ladies, 13 Joy's Entry; house, Grovefield, Ballymacarret
Telfair, Robert, jun., & Co., merchants, Telfair's Entry
Templeton, Robert, skipper, 3 Grace Street
Templeton, Matthew, shoe maker, 13 Union Street
Templeton, William, cooper, 57 Carrickfergus Street
Tennent, William, banker; house, Hercules Street
Tennent & McConnell, wine & spirit merchants, 19 Waring Street
Tennent, Samuel, merchant; house, 3 Union Street
Tennent, George, muslin manufacturer, 114 Carrick Hill
Tennent, Callwell & Co., Commercial Bank, 1 Donegall Street
Tennent, Wallace, glass cutter, 34 Smithfield
Thomas, Francis, skipper, 5 Nelson Street
Thomas, William, butcher, 51 Hercules Street
Thomas, Bernard, inspector of butter, Edinburgh Tavern, Quay Lane
Thompson, William, linen merchant, Donegall Square West
Thompson, Henry, tailor & ladies' habit maker, 4 Crown Entry
Thompson, Jane, haberdasher, 30 Ann Street
Thompson, Samuel, grocer, 28 Ann Street
Thompson, Robert, muslin weaver, 34 Millfield
Thompson, James, publican, 2 Weigh House Street
Thompson, Matthew. weaver, 75 Carrick Hill
Thompson, Isaac, gent., Garden Hill
Thompson, Richard, merchant, 60 North Street
Thompson, James, butcher, 26 Hercules Street
Thomson, Charles & William, grocers & tea dealers, 99 High Street
Thomson, Rev. John, 99 High Street
Thomson, John, copper plate engraver, 30 Castle Street
Thomson, Mrs., 6 King Street
Thomson, James, professor of mathematics, College Square
Thomson, Samuel, M.D., 2 Donegall Square North
Thomson, Margaret, boot & shoe shop, 58 Ann Street
Thomson, John, tobacco spinner, 2 Telfair's Court
Thomson, William, brick layer, 29 Hudson's Entry
Thomson, John, skipper, 38 Edward Street
Thomson, William, shoe maker, 12 Edward Street
Thomson, William, cooper, 21 Mary Street
Thomson, Robert, teacher of geography, etc., 12 John Street
Thomson, John, engineer, Great George's Street
Thornton, Arthur Hill, muslin manufacturer, Brown Street
Thurnam, Mary, lodging house, Lancaster Street
Tierney, Hugh, dealer in old clothes, 24 Berry Street
Tinson, John, tide waiter, 73 Green Street
Tinsdale, John, printer, Academy Street
Tipping, Thomas, huxter, 15 Marquis Street
Titterton, John, grocer, 10 Millfield
Tobin, Michael, agent to the Dublin & Belfast mail & day coaches; office, 10 Castle Street
Todd, John, tanner, 10 Hudson's Entry
Todd, Arthur, hair dresser, 174 North Street
Tomen, Hugh, painter & glazier, 48 Ann Street
Tomen, Robert, publican, Wheat Sheaf, Ballyhackamore
Tomelty, Hans, joiner, 8 Green Street
Tomlinson, Oliver, shoe maker, Pepper Hill
Tool, William, bookkeeper, 6 Thomas Street
Tool, Henry, sizer & grocer, 37 Wine Tavern Street
Topping, John, shipping agent, 48 Waring Street
Torrance, John, shoe maker, 30 Edward Street
Tosh, James, huxter, Shank Hill (Shankill)
Townley, William, coachman, 67 Smithfield
Trainer, John, 25 Gregg's Row
Trimble, David, grocery & toy shop, 3 Skipper Street
Trimble, Samuel, grocer, 20 Academy Street
Tripp, Thomas, excise officer, 15 Trafalgar Street
Tucker, William, cotton spinner & manufacturer, 3 Castle Lane
Tucker, Samuel, glue manufacturer; works, Sandy Row, Lower Malone; warehouse, 16 Skipper Street
Tully, James, machine maker, 108 North Street
Turnbull, Peter, fancy dier, 51 Castle Street
Turner, John, brush manufacturer, 10 Margaret Street
Turner, James, shoe maker, 25 Talbot Street
Turney, Thomas, publican, 18 Smithfield
Turnshort, James, shoe maker, 7 Nile Street
Tuton, Alexander, shoe maker, 6 New Market


Vance & Stockdale, merchants, 10 Calendar Street
Vance, John, merchant; house, 1 Fountain Lane
Vance, William, joiner, 41 Edward Street
Vance, John, joiner, 2 Little Patrick Street
Vance, William, tailor & grocer, 22 Millfield
Vaughan, Thomas, custom house officer, 39 Nelson Street
Verner, Thomas, gent., Donegall Place
Verner, David, gent., excise officer
Villars, Matthew, clerk in the post office, 12 Brown Street
Vint, William, carman's inn, 104 North Street
Virgin, Nicholas, huxter, 14 Blue Bell Entry


Waine, Alexander, black soap, iron & red liquor manufacturer, 2 Little Donegall Street
Wales, John, pawn broker, 14 Smithfield
Walker, John, grocer, 21 Corn Market
Walker, John, publican, Highlandman, 33 Carrick Hill
Walker, David, huxter, Millfield
Walker, Thomas, cabinet maker, 21 Peter's Hill
Walker, George, coal inspector, 25 Charles Street
Walker, Robert, brick layer, 11 Little York Street
Walker, William, huxter, 2- Mill Street
Walker, William, lodging house, 5 Ann Street
Walker, James, police man, 43 Margaret Street
Walker, John, carman, 3 Edward Street
Walkington, Edward, chemist & druggist, 13 Rosemary Street
Wallace, Mrs. M., 16 Donegall Place
Wallace, James & Sons, solicitors, 14 Castle Lane
Wallace, John, solicitor, 14 Castle Lane
Wallace, John, jeweller & watch maker; house, 5 Lower Arthur Street
Wallace, Thomas, woollen draper & hosier, 2 Bridge Street
Wallace, William, cotton spinner, 38 Little Donegall Street
Wallace, John, provision merchant; house, Patrick Street
Wallace, Archibald, blacksmith, 41 Caxton Street
Wallace, Isaac, shoe maker, 4 Patrick Street
Wallace, James, 22 Green Street
Wallace, John, leather cutter, 115 North Street
Wallace, A., merchant, 9 Weigh House Street
Ward, Thomas, book seller, stationer, agent tot he Norwich Union Office & lottery office keeper, 27 High Street
Ward, John, house, 18 Lower Arthur Street
Ward, Jeremiah, bookkeeper, 22 King Street
Ward, Mary, mangler, 19 William Street
Ward, James, keeper of the Waring Street News Room; house, 9 Elliot's Court
Warburton, Thomas, cotton twister, 8 Little Patrick Street
Ware, Ann, seminary for young ladies, 8 Chichester Street
Ware, William, organist & music master, 8 Chichester Street
Warke, William, weaver, Shank Hill Road (Shankill)
Warnick, Martha, milliner & haberdasher, 23 Castle Street
Warnick, Alexander, sawyer, 1 Water Lane
Warnick, James, carpenter, 1 Mitchell's Entry
Warnick, Thomas, sawyer, 2 Water Lane
Waters, Michael, tailor, 16 Caddel's Entry
Waterson, Henry, conveyancer & commissioner for taking affidavits, 128 Ann Street
Waterson, John, carpenter, 72 Little Donegall Street
Watson, John, miniature painter, 21 Academy Street
Watson, George, publican, 43 Barrack Street
Watson, Joseph, leather cap & hat maker, 1 Church Street
Watt, John, gent., Brickfield
Watt, David, grocer, 47 North Street
Watt, James, tailor, 21 Pottinger's Entry
Watt, Mrs. Eleanor, comb maker, 7 Carrickfergus Street
Watt, William, cotton spinner & manufacturer, 4 Waring Street
Watt, James, ship carpenter, 6 Trafalgar Street
Waugh, Rev. David, 8 Donegall Square East
Waugh, John, baker, 58 North Street
Webster, Ann, grocer, 114 Ann Street
Weightman, James, chandler, 10 Wine Tavern Street
Weir, George, skinner, 146 North Street
Weir, Matthew, pawn broker, 18 Nelson Street
Weir, Joseph, huxter, 21 Marquis Street
Weir, Thomas, blacksmith, 6 Carrick Hill
Weir, Robert, merchant, 11 James's Street
Weir, Samuel, muslin manufacturer, Ballymacarret
Welsh, Thomas, notary public & master in chancery, 8 Donegall Street
Welsh, Robert, sawyer, 34 Prince's Street
Welsh, Edward, tanner, 15 Hill Street
Welsh, Mark, shoe maker, Kennedy's Row
Welsh, Robert, bookkeeper, 47 Mill Street
West, David, shoe maker, 41 Grattan Street
Wheeler, John, publican, Glass House, Ballymacarret
Whinnery, Thomas, postmaster, Post Office, Church Street (see also Whinney)
White, John, wholesale & retail grocer, 2 Rosemary Street
White, John, clerk, Sandy Row
White, Mrs. Mary, 57 Castle Street
Whiteside, William, stocking maker, 63 Hercules Street
Whiteside, Robert, lighterman, 31 Grattan Street
Whiteside, Woods, nailer, 5 Allen's Entry
Whisker, James, butcher, 17 Bank Lane
Whitfield, Henry, gun smith, 38 Ann Street
Whitfield, Prudence, lodging house, 26 Pottinger's Entry
Whitla, Francis, solicitor, Donegall Street
Whitla, James, merchant; house, 12 Great George's Street
Whitla, William & John, merchants, Weigh House Street
Whittle, John, wholesale woollen & Manchester warehouse, Waring Street; house, 9 Elliot's Court
Wicklow, Thomas, glass cutter, 83 Millfield
Wicklow, John, glass cutter, Tate's Court
Wiley, James, tanner, 25 Hudson's Entry
Wilkinson, Robert, weaver, 30 Gregg's Row
Wilkinson, George, bridle bit maker, 17 Wine Tavern Street
Wilkinson, Neal, flax dresser, 1 Morrow's Row
Willans, William & Co., woollen warehouse, 9 Donegall Street
Williams, William, pawn broker, 10 Smithfield
Williams, William, skipper, 6 Cromack Street
Williams, Charles, school master, 9 Little Donegall Street
Williamson, Mrs. A. J., 19 Chichester Street
Williamson, James, land surveyor, 5 James's Place
Williamson, James, carpenter, 30 Union Street
Williamson, Thomas, muslin manufacturer, 35 Patrick Street; warehouse & stores, Little Patrick Street
Willis, John, organist & music master, Academy Street
Willis, John, bookkeeper, 110 Millfield
Willis, Richard, tallow chandler, 14 Wine Tavern Street
Willis, Andrew, skipper, 10 Trafalgar Street
Wills, Miss, haberdasher, 59 High Street
Wilson, Charles & Co., provision dealers, 16 Hill Street
Wilson, Hugh & Sons, merchants, 2 Corporation Street; house, 1 Henry Street
Wilson, Thomas, inn keeper, Donegall Arms, Castle Street
Wilson, Mrs. A., milliner & haberdasher, 53 Ann Street
Wilson, Mrs., 27 York Street
Wilson, Alexander, joiner, 13 William Street South
Wilson, Samuel, publican, 1 Upper Chichester Street
Wilson, Richard, joiner, 1 Grace Street
Wilson, George, tailor, 7 Telfair's Entry
Wilson, James A., cabinet maker, 1 York Street
Wilson, Francis, currier, 12 Millfield
Wilson, William, school master & grocer, 5 Berry Street
Wilson, James, baker, North Street
Wilson, Robert, nail manufacturer, 158 North Street
Wilson, John, boot & shoe maker & grocer, 53 Carrickfergus Street
Wilson, Robert, flax dresser, 19 Charles Street
Wilson, William, umbrella manufacturer, 59 North Street
Wilson, Thomas, stocking weaver, 14 Green Street
Wilson, John, steward of the Poorhouse
Wilson, Hugh, cooper, 29 Weigh House Lane
Wilson, Hamilton, calico printer, Cavart's Mill, Falls
Wilson, James, tailor, 31 Hudson's Entry
Wilson, James, tinplate worker, 29 Wine Tavern Street
Wilson, Mary, washer woman, 28 Caddell's Entry
Wilson, James, chandler, 10 Caddell's Entry
Wilson, Mary, straw bonnet maker, 3 Skipper's Street
Wilson, Mary, 10 Long Lane
Wilson, Richard, shovel maker, 43 Miller's Court
Wilson, William, ship carpenter, 43 Nelson Street
Winchester, John, clerk, 10 Mustard Street
Winnington, James, book binder, 28 Chapel Lane
Winnington, ?, cotton spinner, 76 Millfield
Wirling, Robert, gent., 6 Church Street
Withers, Samuel, porter, 7 Calendar Street
Withers, James, porter, 30 Rosemary Street
Withers, James, cooper, 18 Weigh House Street
Withers, Alexander, huxter, 22 Old Barrack Street
Wolfenden, Mrs. Olivia, 7 James's Place
Wolfenden, Mrs. Mary, 9 James's Place
Wood, John, hawker, 8 Gregg's Row
Woods, William, baker, Thompson's Court
Woods, Hugh, currier, 64 Millfield
Woods, Patrick, tailor, 5 Smithfield
Woods, William, brick layer, 2 Barrack Street
Woods, Joseph, sawyer, 21 Morrow's Entry
Woods, Arthur, gent., Falls
Woods, John, shoe maker, Tanner's Court, off Millfield
Woods, Owen, cotton spinner, 15 Millfield
Workman, John, muslin manufacturer, 39 Little Patrick Street
Worthington, James, surgeon & apothecary, 74 High Street
Worthington, Nathan, Glasgow Tavern, 138 High Street
Wright, Joseph, solicitor, 25 Rosemary Street
Wright, Ludford, tinplate worker, 51 Forest Lane
Wright, Samuel, hair dresser, 7 Mill Street
Wright, John, tailor, 128 North Street
Wright, Richard, hat manufacturer, 29 High Street; house, 11 Academy Street
Wright, William, cooper, 23 Talbot Street
Wright, William, dealer, Mill Street
Wright, James, green grocer, 83 Hercules Street
Wright, David, blacksmith, Long Lane
Wylie, James, sizer, Corr's Court
Wylie, James, sizer; house, 11 Trafalgar Street


Yates, John, clothes dealer, 34 Church Lane
Yates, Robert, joiner, 21 Millfield
Yates, Sarah, 19 Berry Street
Yelton, John, dealer in spruce beer, 3 Chichester Lane
Yelton, Thomas, vinegar distiller, Hill Street; house, 8 Gordon Street
Young, James, woollen & Manchester warehouse, 84 High Street
Young, William, cow keeper, 146 Millfield
Young, Robert, huxter, Carrickfergus Street
Young, James, cabinet maker, 22 Church Lane
Young, Charles, dealer in new & old clothes, 29 Church Lane
Young, David, huxter, 6 Carrick Hill
Young, Edward, house, 26 John Street
Young, Hugh, publican, 45 North Street
Young, John, muslin manufacturer, Ballymacarret