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of the


     Lisburn, in the barony of Masserene, is for size and population the second town in the county; and was, in the reign of Elizabeth, only a small village, at that time called Lisnegarvey.  It lies about seven miles south of Belfast, on the river Lagan, which separates it from the County of Down. The original proprietor of the territory of Kilultagh, in which it stands, was an O'Neil of the Tyrone family.
     In the reign of James I. Sir Fulk Conway obtained a grant of it. He induced a number of English and Welch families to settle there. From a plan of the town taken, it is thought some time in that reign, and preserved in the Marquis of Hertford's office, it appears, that there were then 53 tenements in the place, besides the castle.
     From this plan it is evident, that the centre of the town, (all that was then in existence) has undergone but little alteration in shape, except what has been occasioned by the buildings near the market house; nor for many years after, does it seem to have made any great progress; for in 1635, it is thus described by an English traveller; "Linsley Garvin, about seven miles from Belfast, is well seated, but neither the town, nor country thereabouts, well planted (inhabited) being almost all woods and moorish, until you come to Dromore. The town belongs to Lord Conway, who hath a good handsome house there.
     Lisburn is remarkable for a victory gained over the rebels, on the 28th of November, 1641, commanded by Sir Phelim O'Neil, Sir Con Magenis, and General Plunket, little more than a month after the breaking out of the rebellion; Sir George Rawdon, who commanded the king's forces, having arrived at Lisburn on the evening before the battle **


**...... Lisnegarvey, the 28th of November, 1641. 
     "A brief Relation of the miraculous Victory gained there that day over the first formed Army of the Irish, soon after their Rebellion, which broke out the 23rd October, 1641:
     "Sir Phelemy O'Neille, and Sir Conn Maginnis, their General then in Usher, and major General Plunket (who had been a soldier in foreign kingdoms) having enlisted and drawn together, out of the counties of Armagh, Tyrone, Antrim, and Downe, and other counties in Ulster, eight or nine thousand men, which were formed into eight regiments, and a troop of horse, with two field pieces. They did rendezvous on the 27th of November, at and about a house belonging to Sir John Rawdon, at Brook-hill, three miles distant from Lisnegarvey, in which they knew there was a garrison of five companies newly raised, and the Lord Conway's troop of horse. And their principal design being to march unto, and besiege Carrickfergus, they judged it unsafe to pass by Lisnegarvey, and therefore resolved to attack it next morning, making little account of the opposition that could be given them by so small a number, not half armed, and so slenderly provided of ammunition (which they had perfect intelligence of by several Irish, that left our party and stole away to them) for that they were so numerous, and well provided of ammunition of the fifty barrels of powder they found in his Majesty's store in the castle of Newry, which they surprised the very first night of the rebellion; also, they had got into their hands the arms of all the soldiers they had murdered in Ulster, and such other arms as they found in the castles and houses, which they had plundered and burned, in the whole province. Yet it so pleased God to disappoint their confidence; and the small garrison they so much slighted, was much encouraged by the seasonable arrival of Sir George Rawdon, who, being in London on the 23rd of October, hasted over by the way of Scotland, and, being landed at Bangor, and got to Lisnegarvey, though late on the 27th of November, where those new raised men, and the Lord Conway's troop, were drawn up in the market place, expecting hourly to be assaulted by the rebels, and thus stood in that posture all the night; and before sunrise sent out some horse to discover their numerous enemy,.....

  .....In 1662, the inhabitants of the town of Lisburn, on account of their loyalty to Charles I and II, were, by the same patent which erected the church of Lisburn......


.....who were at mass (it being Sunday); but, immediately upon sight of our scouts, they quitted their devotion, and best drums, and marched directly to Lisnegarvey, and before ten of the clock, appeared drawn up in battalia, in the warren, not above a musket shot from the town, and sent out two divisions, of about six or seven hundred a piece, to compass the town, and plant their field pieces on the high way to to, before their body, and with them and their long fowling pieces killed and wounded some of our men, as they stood in their ranks in the market place; and some of our musketeers were places in endeavouring to make the like returns of shot to the enemy.  And Sir Arthur Terringham (governor of Newry) who commanded the garrison, and Sir George Rawdon, and the officers, foreseeing, if their two divisions on both sides of the town should fall in together, that they would over power our small number. For preventing thereof, a squadron of horse, and some musketeers, was commanded to face one of them, that was marching on the north side, and to keep them at a distance as long as they could; which was so well performed, that the other division, which marched by the river on the south side, came in before the other, time enough to be well beaten back by the horse, and more than 200 slain of them in Bridge street, and in their retreat, as they fled back to the main body. After which expedition, the horse, returning to the market place, found the enemy had forced in our small party on the north side, and had entered the town, and was marching down Castle street, which our horse so well charged there, that at least 300 were slain of the rebels in the street, and in the meadows behind the houses, through which they did run away to their main body; whereby they were so much discouraged, that, in almost two hours after, their officers could not get out any more parties to adventure a second assault upon us; but, in the main space, they entertained us with continued shot from their main body, and their field pieces, till about one of the clock, that fresh parties were issued out, and beaten back as before, with the loss of many of their men, which they supplied with others till night; and in the dark they fired all the town, which was in a few hours turned into ashes; and in the confusion, and heat of the fire, the enemy made a fierce assault. But it so pleased God, that we were better provided for them than they expected, by a relief, that came to us at night fall, from Belfast, of the Earl of Donegall's troop, and a company of foot, commanded by Captain Boyd, who was unhappily slain presently after his first entrance into the town. And,...


.....into a cathedral for the united dioceses of Down and Connor, dated October 27th of that year, empowered, they and their successors, to return two burgesses to.....


...after the houses were on fire, about six of the clock till about ten or eleven, it is not easy to give any certain account or relation of the several encounters in divers places of the town, between small parties of our horse and those of the enemy, whom they charged as they advanced, and hewed them down, so that every corner was filled with carcases, and the slain were found to be more that thrice the number of those that fought against them, as appeared next day, when the constables and inhabitants, employed to bury them, gave up their accounts. About ten or eleven o'clock their two generals quitted their station, and marched away in the dark, and had not above 200 of their men with them, as we were informed next morning by several English prisoners that escaped from them, who told us, that the rest of their men were either run away before them, or slain; and that their field pieces were thrown in the river, or into some moss pit, which we could never find after; and in this their retreat, or rather their flight, they fired Brookhill House, and the Lord Conway's library in it, and other goods, to the value of five or six thousand pounds, their fear and haste not at all allowing them to carry any thing away, except some plate and some linens: and this they did in revenge to the owner, whom they heard was landed the day before, and had been active in the service against them, and was shot that day, and also had his horse shot under him, but mounted presently upon another: and Captain St. John and Captain Burley, were also wounded, and about 30 men more of our party, most of whom recovered, and not above 25 or 26 more slain. And if it be well considered, how meanly our men were armed, and all our ammunition spent before night, and that if we had not been supplied with men, by the timely care and providence of the Earl of Donegall and other commanders, from his Majesty's store of Carrickfergus (who sent us powder post in mails on horseback, one after another) and that most of our new raised companies were of poor stript men that had made their escape from the rebels, of whom they had such a dread, that they thought them not easily to be beaten, and that all our horse (that did the most execution) were not above 120, viz. the Lord Conway's troop, and a squadron of the Lord Grandison's troop (the rest of them having been murdered in their quarters in Tandragee) and about 40 of a country troop and company from Belfast came to us at night. It must be confessed, that the Lord of Hosts did signally appear for us, who can save with to without any means, and did by very small means give us the victory over his and our enemies, and enough of their arms to supply the defects....


......Parliament for ever; the sheriff of the County of Antrim, upon all summonses to elect a Parliament was obliged to send his precept to the seneschal of the manor of Kilultagh, who was made the returning officer, notwithstanding the inhabitants were not a corporate body.
     In 1707, this town was burned to the ground. The castle, a fine building shared the same fate as the other houses, and was never rebuilt. Part of the garden walls are still remaining, and the great terrace affords a most agreeable promenade, being well sheltered from the north by young plantations, and kept in the best order.
     But that which more particularly contributed to the rise of the town of Lisburn, was the settlement of many French refugees there (after the repeal of the edict of Nantz) who had been bred to the linen manufacture. Mr. Lewis Cromelin obtained.....


.....of our new companies, and about 50 of their colours and drums. But it is to be remembered with regret, that this loss and overthrow did so enrage the rebels, that for several days and weeks after they murdered many hundreds of the Protestants, whom they had kept prisoners in the counties of Armagh and Tyrone, and other parts of Ulster, and tormented them by several manners of death. And it is a circumstance very observable, that much snow had fallen in the week before this action, and on the day before, it was a little thaw, and a frost thereupon it in the night, so that the streets were covered with ice, which proved greatly to our advantage; for that all the smiths had been employed that whole night to frost our horses, so that they stood firm, while the brogues slipt and fell down to our feet. For which, and our miraculous deliverance from a cruel and bloody army, how great cause have we to rejoice, and praise the name of our God, and say with that kingly prophet. 'If it has not been the Lord himself who was on our side, when men rose up against us, they had swallowed us up quick, when they were so wrothfully displeased at us. Yea, the waters of the deep had drowned us, and the stream had gone over our soul; but, praised be the Lord, who has not given us over a prey unto their teeth; our soul is escaped, even as a bird out of the snare of the fowler; the snare is broken, and we are safe. Our hope standeth in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Amen! '


.....a patent in 1699, which was afterwards renewed in the reign of Queen Anne, for establishing a manufacturer of linen, and also, among other grants, one for 60. per annum for a French minister. In consequence of this, he settled in Lisburn, and many of his countrymen also; the virtuous conduct, and civilized manner of these good people, were of great advantage to this place; and their skill and industry set an example to those who were concerned in the same business as they were, which soon had the effect of raising the quality of their manufacturer to a degree of excellence unknown till then; and the linens and cambrics made in the neighbourhood, and sold in Lisburn market, have until this day kept up their superior character.
     Between 30 and 40 years ago, many new houses were built in Lisburn, and some have been built since; but at present it seems stationary in that particular; and, though its vicinity to Belfast prevents it from being a place of much trade, there is a great deal of business down in it in various ways. But, from the present imperfect state of the land, it does not derive so much advantage as might have been expected. On market days it is much frequented, from the quantity of linen and other things brought to it; and it is well known as the first place to meet with oats of the best quality for seed. There is also a cattle market every Tuesday, besides its two fairs. A few years ago, a fine spire of cut stone was built to the church; and lately a steeple and cupola on the market house, the rooms of which the Marquis of Hertford has fitted up anew, with some additions, as the place of assembly for the town.
     The houses of worship are, a spacious church, a Presbyterian meeting house, a Quaker meeting house, a handsome Catholic Chapel, and a Methodist chapel. In the town, is a classical school, kept by Mr. Hudson; and, to the north of the town, is a school for Quakers, built by a legacy from Mr. John Hancock.
     Another very laudable institution is, the Humane Society for the restoration of suspended animation in persons who have been either immersed in water (as frequent accidents in this way occur from the nearness of the river and canal) or from any other cause. The county infirmary at present contains 32 beds, and will soon contain 60; and gives relief to 1200 externs. It is situated in an airy part of the town, where the duties of the surgeon are skillfully and conscientiously discharged by Dr. Stewart. Each governor can recommend 40 externs per year, and as many for advice as they think fit. They also recomment for interns, whenever there is a vacancy.
     Lisburn, in 1780, by a clause introduced into a bill, by the Bishop (Trail) of Down and Connor, was entitled to the same powers granted a few years before to towns corporate, for taking care of the poor, and preventing vagrants from introducing themselves into the town. By the act, a corporation was directed to be formed, consisting of the Rector and others for the time being, and all subscribers of three guineas a year for the purposes of the institution. If the corporation were formed at the time, it soon fell into disuse; but it might readily be revived, in the persons of the subscribers to the Philanthropic Institution, and the powers granted by the act for preventing strolling beggars, if found necessary, brought into activity.
     The Philanthropic Society was established in 1810. The design of this institution is, as far as their funds will admit, to prevent mendicity, and to relieve beggars, and especially other necessitous poor, by weekly donations, which vary, according to the exigency of the cases, and the strength of the funds, from 5d. to 2s. 6d. a week. Great benefits have been derived from this institution; and at the commencement of this year (1819) exertions were used to procure additional subscriptions, so as to enable the committee to prevent the practice of begging in the streets. The committee meet once a week, to regulate the distributions, which then take place at the vestry room. The committee have been able to put a stop to the practice of mendicity, with very few exceptions.
     To promote an attention to industry, and to inculcate the maxim, that a penny gained by industry is better than double the sum obtained by begging, the committee occasionally give a premium of a penny a hank for good yarn, spun at the institution mentioned in the next paragraph. In 1817, a Spinning Institution was established, with the design of assisting industry. Flax is purchased, and given out to females, who receive wages for spinning; and the yarn is sold by the superintending committee. A loss has been sustained, a little more than the amount of the salary paid to the manager; and the fund which arose out of a loan for assisting the 1817, and afterwards appropriated, by consent of the subscribers to this purpose, is gradually lessening; yet the benefits accomplished by this institution are considerable.
     The poor, on procuring security for a pound of flax, have employment at all times, without depending on purchasing flax from huxters at the highest retail rate, and selling their yarn to them again, when the pressure of their difficulties prevent them from waiting for the regular market. The freedom from these, and similar impositions, confers advantages; but great care is necessary to guard against the fraudulent practices of some of the spinners, who return bad counted, and ill spun yarn, and their securities, in many instances, have had to pay for their deficiencies, in not honestly accounting for the flax. But, with all these drawbacks, the balance of advantages decidedly preponderates.
     Ingrafted on this establishment, is a spinning school for teaching to spin with two hands. This plan, when prejudices shall have been overcome, and the practice become general, promises to be of important advantage in the production of the coarser yarns, at under 6 hanks in the pound, and perhaps also for the finer kinds, as the mistress of the school has spun very good yarn so fine as 12 hanks in the pound, on the double wheel. By using the two hands at once in spinning the quality is found fully equal to other yarn, and the quantity at least is increased one half The practice is general in Scotland, where it has been found to answer; and the new wheel, introduced by William Marshall, of Derry, is a considerable improvement, as well in its superior adaptation to the plan of spinning with the two hands, as also in its comparative less cost. With the double hacks in common with other wheels of this kind, it is moved by a cast-iron rim working under the seat, and is worked with greater ease, while the expence of the wooden rim, made from costly Swedish oak, is saved.
     The Marquis of Hertford has directed that part of the sheds in the Linen-hall should be fitted up at his cost, for a school for this purpose; and the Earl of Yarmouth has given 50 to enable the committee to supply the girls on leaving school, with wheels on the new construction. These wheels are granted to them, on their producing security for the repayment of the amount, in small sums, as may suit their convenience. As they pay for them, although in a manner easy to themselves, it is expected they will prize them more, than if they had obtained them more lightly.
     During the epidemic fever of 1817, 1818, and part of 1819, a Fever Hospital, adjoining the town, was opened. By cutting off the communication between the sick and the well, in ill ventilated and dirty cabins, it aided considerably in diminishing the effects of contagion.

Patients admitted, from June 7th, 1817, for 12 months  353
Discharged                                                                   308
Died                                                                               21
Remained                                                                       24

And from June 7th, 1818, for the 2nd year....................305
Discharged                                                                   288
Died                                                                                 8
Remain                                                                             9

     Besides, medicine was administered at the houses, when there was not room for admission into the hospital; and allowances were made for the support of the families, in cases when the persons on whom the labour principally rested, were incapacitated by the disease. An Institution has existed for some years, chiefly supported by females, for lending linen to the sick poor. Considerable relief has been communicated by this plan. In some cases of extreme distress, part of the linen has been left with the patients, and soap is always granted for washing the articles before they are returned.
     By the several public institutions of this town, a considerable portion of relief is extended to the poor; and with the exception of the money given to beggars, who by this degrading occupation, soon in general become the most worthless members of the community, the relief is mostly granted on principles of sound political economy. The sums given to beggars may rather be considered, for the most part, as a tax given to get rid of importunity, than as the well applied offerings of benevolence. Most of the funds of the Philanthropic Society are applied to assist the old, helpless, and infirm, rather in aid of industry, than to induce persons capable of working, to become idle. Employment in spinning is afforded on most advantageous terms, to those inclined to work, and the spinning school is especially directed to give a stimulus to industry in the young, by instructing them in a new and more productive plan, and affording to them, on easy terms, a well constructed wheel, which, with the instruction communicated, may be a valuable portion in future life.
     Care also is taken of the sick, to assist them in seasons of distress, against which the most prudent foresight cannot always enable them to guard. To relieve unavoidable distress, especially in sickness and old age; to promote industry, by affording liberal aid; and to assist in instructing the youthful mind in useful learning - are among the duties which the richer classes of society owe to their poorer brethren. But care ought to be taken, lest, in attempting to do good, mischievous effects may follow, if industry be relaxed, or an honourable spirit of independence be lost among the poorer classes. In such circumstances, the money of the donors may be wasted, and little real good effected among the intended objects of relief. Dr. Frankland has judiciously remarked, that "the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it; the more public provisions are made for the poor, the less they provide for themselves, and of course become poorer. More will be done for their happiness, by inuring them to provide for themselves, than could be done by dividing all your estates among them."
     A school for boys, partly on the Lancasterian, and partly on the Bellian plan, has long been established in this town; although as yet no school house has been built, but some funds are in bank for this purpose. Two schools for girls exist in the town, and a Sunday school is held at the Presbyterian meeting house. One of these schools is supported by the private subscriptions of a few individuals; and, to preserve its independence, public aid has been refused. A schoolroom, and a house for the teacher has been fitted up, and given for public accommodation. No catechism is taught in this school, nor any attempt made to introduce the subject of religious instruction. While so great diversity prevails on this subject, it appears best to separate religion from the instructing in reading, writing, arithematic and sewing. Let morality, in which all agree, be inculcated, comprehending its higher duties, as well as the many decencies of life, especially cleanliness, regularity, industry, and the due employment of time; but as to religious distinctions, let the parents, with the assistance of their respective teachers, use their own discretion in judging for their children, till they become capable of judging for themselves; and in this, the important business of life, a good, careful, moral education, will naturally assist. In 1811, Lisburn contained about 800 houses, which, at six persons to a house, would make the population      ; since which time, it has perhaps increased a little.

for 1819


Allen, Hercules, labourer, Long Stone
Anderson, William, sawyer, Castle Street
Anderson, Hugh, cart maker, Smithfield
Anderson, John, labourer, Smithfield
Anderson, William, butcher, Smithfield
Armstrong, George, tailor, Bow Lane


Ballintine, Joseph, weaver, Bridge Street
Bannister, Robert, labourer, Bridge Street
Barcroft, Mrs. Sarah, Chapel Hill
Barnsley, Richard, merchant, Bridge Street
Beaty, Thomas, tanner, Bow Lane
Beaty, Joseph, tanner, Bow Lane
Beaty, William, labourer, Smithfield
Beaty, William, grocer, Bridge Street
Beaumont, John, soap boiler, Track Line
Bell, Samuel, woollen draper, Bridge Street
Bell, Thomas, publican, Market Square
Bell, William, weaver, Back Lane
Bell, Isaac, carman, Market Lane
Bell, Joseph, weaver, Johnson's Entry
Bell, John, land surveyor, Long Stone
Bell, William, land surveyor, Linenhall Street
Bell, Andrew, weaver, Linenhall Street
Bell, Joshua, weaver, Piper Hill
Bell, Edward, publican, Bow Lane
Bell, Henry, publican, Bow Lane
Benson, Francis, publican, Bow Lane
Berry, Samuel, cooper, Back Lane
Best, Ann, Belfast Gate
Biddulph, John, grocer, Bridge End
Black, William, hosier, Castle Street
Black, Alexander, sheriff's assistant, Market Lane
Black, Christian, Church Row
Blackburn, Robert, weaver, Haslam's Lane
Blaney, John, gardener, Jackson's Lane
Bolton, James, labourer, Bow Lane
Boomer, George, blacksmith, Belfast Gate
Boomer, Renney, blacksmith, Belfast Gate
Boomer, Benjamin, blacksmith, Bow Lane
Boreland, William, weaver, Piper Hill
Boyd, Hugh, tailor, Castle Street
Boyd, Elizabeth, Back Lane
Boyd, Alexander, publican, Church Row
Boyes, Mrs. Jane, Bow Lane
Boyes, John, weaver, Linenhall Street
Bradford, John, labourer, Jackson's Lane
Bradley, William, baker, Market Square
Bradley, John, servant, Belfast Gate
Bradshaw, William, helper in damask factory, Bridge End
Brady, Peter, weaver, Antrim Lane
Brady, John, carman, Long Stone
Brady, Mary, Long Stone
Brady, Mathew, weaver, Bridge End
Brannan, William, mason, Castle Street
Britton, George, Bow Lane
Britton, John, weaver, Bow Lane
Brown, Margaret, house keeper in the County Infirmary, Belfast Gate
Brown, Richard, weaver, Linenhall Street
Brownlee, Alexander, grocer, Bridge Street
Bruce, Henry, weaver, Bakery Lane
Bruce, Nathaniel, labourer, Ball Alley
Buchannan, Joseph, labourer, Antrim Lane
Buchannan, James, weaver, Jackson's Lane
Burk, John, labourer, Antrim Lane
Burns, Patrick, weaver, Jackson's Lane
Burns, William, weaver, Piper Hill
Burrows, Francis, baker, Bow Lane
Burrows, Ann, Piper Hill


Cahoon, Rodney, town constable, Belfast Gate
Cahoon, John, labourer, Bridge End
Cahoon, Widow, Antrim Lane
Calbeck, William, gent., Belfast Gate
Calwell, John, servant, Smithfield
Campbell, John, weaver, Bridge End
Cannon, John, shoe maker, Beggar Lane
Cannon, John, labourer, Bridge Street
Carleton, John, gent., Chapel Hill
Carleton, Mrs. Elizabeth, Market Square
Carleton, Miss, Haslam's Lane
Carleton, Mrs. Margaret, Chapel Hill
Chambers, David, boatman, Bridge End
Chapman, William, muslin manufacturer, Bow Lane
Carmichael, Thomas, gent., Bridge Street
Carson, Sarah, huxter, Linenhall Street
Carson, John, weaver, Piper Hill
Carson, Robert, weaver, Piper Hill
Clark, Jonathan, publican, Bridge Street
Clark, John, muslin manufacturer, Bridge Street
Clark, Saywell, muslin manufacturer, Bridge Street
Clark, John, jun., muslin manufacturer, Market Square
Clark, Ann, grocer, Church Row
Clark, Robert, shoe maker, Bridge Street
Clark, Alexander, weaver, Chapel Hill
Clegg, William, hosier, Antrim Lane
Clements, Mrs., Castle Street
Clements, George, labourer, Smithfield
Close, William, shoe maker, Linenhall Street
Close, Eliza, huxter, Belfast Gate
Coats, James, heddle maker, Piper Hill
Coin, Mary, Market Lane
Collins, Joseph, shoe maker, Piper Hill
Connor, Roddy, labourer, Johnston's Entry
Connor, Edward, labourer, Bridge Street
Conn, John, gardener, Back Lane
Conn, John, jun., weaver, Back Lane
Connelly, John, weaver, Linenhall Street
Connelly, Ann, Long Stone
Cordner, James, gent., Castle Street
Cordner, Henry, labourer, Long Stone
Cordner, Thomas, shoe maker, Long Stone
Corkin, James, publican, Church Row
Corkin, Jane, Bridge Street
Corless, Thomas, attorney's clerk, Bow Lane
Cormickon, Edward, labourer, Bridge Street
Cosgrove, David, cart maker, Smithfield
Coulson, William, & Brothers, damask manufacturers, Market Square
Coulson, Walter, grocer, Bridge Street
Crean, Morris, weaver, Back Lane
Creany, Joseph, publican, Bow Lane
Creighton, Daniel, labourer, Bridge End
Crockard, Robert, weaver, Piper Hill
Crossley, John, gent., Bow Lane
Crossley, Mary Ann, publican, Bridge Street
Crossey, Edward, carpenter, Belfast Gate
Crothers, John, weaver, Piper Hill
Crothers, James, labourer, Back Lane
Cuff, William, labourer, Antrim Lane
Cummins, James, labourer, Jackson's Lane
Cummins, Mrs., Ball Alley
Cunningham, Felix, post master, Castle Street
Cunningham, James, school master, Jackson's Lane
Cupples, Rev. Snowden, D.D., Vicar General, etc. etc., Castle Street
Curran, Thomas, carpenter, Castle Street
Curran, Richard, carpenter, Belfast Gate


Darragh, John, labourer, Bridge Street
Davis, Arthur, publican, Bow Lane
Davis, Thomas, hair dresser, Bridge Street
Davis, Francis, shoe maker, Jackson's Lane
Davidson, Alexander, shoe maker, Antrim Street
Dawson, John, publican, Market Square
Dawson, Mrs. Judith, publican, Bow Lane
Delacherois, Nicholas, gent., Castle Street
Deveney, Hugh, lighterman, Track Line
Deveney, Robert, weaver, Chapel Hill
Diamond, Andrew, weaver, Piper Hill
Dickey, Robert, butcher, Piper Hill
Dickey, Thomas, chandler, Bow Lane
Dickey, Robert, jun., butcher, Piper Hill
Dickey, Henry, butcher, Piper Hill
Dickey, James, butcher, Smithfield
Dickey, Thomas, butcher, Smithfield
Dickey, Edward, butcher, Linenhall Street
Diermond, Jane, Bridge Street
Dillon, William, proctor of Down & Connor, Castle Street
Dixon, Thomas, grocer, Bridge Street
Dixon, William, apothecary, Bridge Street
Dixon, John, roper, Bridge Street
Dixon, John, grocer, Bow Lane
Dixon, Charles, watch maker, Bow Lane
Dogherty, Mable, Antrim Lane
Dogherty, Margaret, Back Lane
Donnelly, Michael, labourer, Belfast Gate
Donnelly, John, labourer, Bridge End
Doogen, George, weaver, Bakery Lane
Doran, Charles, dealer, Castle Street
Dornan. James, whitesmith, Bridge Street
Donity, James, shoe maker, Tan Yard
Dowdalls, John, sizer, Bridge Street
Douglass, Samuel, tobacconist, Bridge Street
Douglass, Henry, sawyer, Smithfield
Drain, Mary, Beggar Lane
Drain, Hugh, lighterman, Track Lane
Drain, Patrick, shoe maker, Bridge End
Drake, Francis, carman, Long Stone
Drake, James, weaver, Haslam's Lane
Druitt, Thomas, weaver, Belfast Gate
Duberdieu, Misses, Belfast Gate
Duncan, William, servant, Jackson's Lane
Duncan, Alexander, servant, Bow Lane
Duncan, Moses, weaver, Long Stone
Duncan, Samuel, weaver, Long Stone
Dunn, George, muslin manufacturer, Chapel Hill


Eakin, James, farmer, Long Stone
Eakin, James, labourer, Long Stone
Ekenhead, Robert, roper, Track Line
Earl, Robert, weaver, Haslam Lane
Earless, Mary, Antrim Lane
Edgar, James, weaver, Bridge Street
Edwards, John, weaver, Bridge End
Elliott, William, weaver, Linenhall Street
Elliott, Francis, shoe maker, Bridge Street
English, William, labourer, Bridge Street


Fairley, Liney, Bridge End
Fairis, William, carpenter, Antrim Lane
Fairis, Neal, labourer, Long Stone
Fairis, John, labourer, Bridge End
Fell, John, labourer, Linenhall Street
Ferguson, John, grocer, Bridge Street
Ferguson, James, farmer, Long Stone
Ferguson, Thomas, labourer, Back Lane
Ferguson, James, shoe maker, Back Lane
Ferguson, Andrew, shoe maker, Bridge End
Ferrall, Grace, Market Lane
Ferrall, James, weaver, Piper Hill
Ferrall, Sarah, Piper Hill
Ferrall, Edward, weaver, Piper Hill
Ferrall, Robert, weaver, Piper Hill
Finlay, Moses, weaver, Back Lane
Finlay, David, grocer, Bridge Street
Fitzsimons, John, publican, Bow Lane
Flack, Patrick, shoe maker, Long Stone
Flanagan, Elizabeth, Antrim Lane
Fleming, Samuel, wheel wright, Market Lane
Fleming, William, wheel wright, Linenhall Street
Fleming, Samuel, weaver, Heron's Folly
Fletcher, Rev. Philip, Castle Street
Fletcher, John, shoe maker, Antrim Lane
Fletcher, Abraham, labourer, Haslam's Lane
Fletcher, Thomas, shoe maker, Bow Lane
Flinn, Charles, labourer, Piper Lane
Fogey, Thomas, boatman, Bridge End
Foote, Richard, nailer, Bridge Street
Foote, Jane, Long Stone
Foreman, Robert, muslin manufacturer, Bow Lane
Forest, Thomas, cabinet maker, Bridge Street
Fox, Frances, haberdasher, Castle Street
Frazier, Thomas, grocer, Bridge Street
Frazier, Rachel, huckster, Antrim Lane
Fulton, Joseph, gent., Castle Street
Fulton, Richard, gent., Bridge End
Fulton, John, gent., Chapel Hill
Fulton, Andrew, woollen draper, Market Square
Fulton, Agnes, haberdasher, Bow Lane
Fulton, Mary, Pump Lane
Fulton, Robert, warper, Piper Hill


Gabby, James, weaver, Bridge Street
Gallagher, Bartley, weaver, Chapel Hill
Gallaway, Mary, Bridge Street
Gallery, John, shoe maker, Tan Yard
Gamble, Samuel, school master, Market Square
Gauley, Robert, labourer, Antrim Lane
Garside, Joseph, watchman, Linenhall Street
Gearey, George, carman, Castle Street
Gibson, Alexander, weaver, Chapel Hill
Gilliland, David, carpenter, Tan Yard
Gill, John, servant, Bridge Street
Gill, William, shoe maker, Haslam's Lane
Gilmore, John, weaver, Piper Hill
Gilmore, Patrick, labourer, Back Lane
Gilmore, Edward, brazier, Bakery Lane
Gilmore, Hill, brazier, Linenhall Street
Gilmore, Daniel, brick layer, Bow Lane
Glenn, Joy, weaver, Back Lane
Gooden, John, hair dresser, Bow Lane
Gorman, Ellen, Smithfield
Gorman, Elizabeth, Bridge Street
Gowdey, Ruth, grocer, Antrim Lane
Graham, William, tanner, Market Square
Graham, James, bleacher, Jackson's Lane
Graham, William, weaver, Linenhall Street
Graham, Robert, shoe maker, Long Stone
Graham, David, weaver, Bridge End
Graham, Andrew, tailor, Bridge End
Graham, George, labourer, Antrim Lane
Grant, Lawrence, carman, Piper Hill
Gray, Mrs. Betsey, Bow Lane
Gray, Robert, slater, Smithfield
Gray, Charles, brick layer, Smithfield
Gregg, Dominick, linen merchant, Castle Street
Greer, Richard, grocer, Bow Lane
Greer, Arthur, publican, Bow Lane
Greer, Thomas, blue dier, Bridge Street
Greer, John, labourer, Vitriol Island
Gribbin, Michael, tobacco spinner, Jackson's Lane
Gribbin, Edward, weaver, Bridge Street
Gribbin, Hugh, labourer, Bridge End
Gribbin, Michael, labourer, Pump Lane
Griffin, Roger, labourer, Bow Lane
Griffith, Mary, huxter, Bridge Street


Hagan, Bernard, labourer, Long Stone
Haggarty, Sarah, Jackson's Lane
Hall, Rowley F., attorney, Market Square
Hall, John, shoe maker, Bridge Street
Hall, William, weaver, Jackson's Lane
Hamill, Sarah, huxter, Market Lane
Hamilton, David, button mould maker, Jackson's Lane
Hamilton, William, cooper, Bakery Lane
Hamilton, John, cooper, Bakery Lane
Hamilton, James, butcher, Linenhall Street
Hamilton, John, butcher, Heron's Folly
Hamilton, Alexander, labourer, Piper Hill
Hancock, John, linen merchant, Castle Street
Hancock, William, linen merchant, Market Square
Hancock, Jacob B., gent., Gregg Street
Hancock, Misses, Castle Street
Hanlon, Bernard, weaver, Tan Yard
Hanna, James, weaver, Chapel Hill
Hanna, Robert, labourer, Pump Lane
Hare, Henry, shoemaker, Antrim Lane
Hare, William, Market Lane
Harrison, John, mason, Kennedy's Court
Harty, Bernard, labourer, Johnson's Entry
Havern, Philip, labourer, Antrim Lane
Havern, Ann, Antrim Lane
Hawkshaw, William, gent., Castle Street
Hay, James, gardener, Castle Street
Henderson, John, weaver, Back Lane
Heney, Rachel, school mistress, Haslam's Lane
Hennan, Margaret, Bridge Street
Herdman, John, farmer, Chapel Hill
Heron, Edward, lieutenant R.N., Castle Street
Heron, John, cabinet maker, Smithfield
Heron, William, retailer of delf, Market Square
Hicks, Henry, muslin manufacturer, Long Stone
Higgins, James, hawker of delf, Bow Lane
Higginson, Rev. Thomas, register to Bishop's Court, Bow Lane
Higginson, Miss Margaret, Castle Street
Higginson, William, writing clerk, Bow Lane
Higginson, John, labourer, Belfast Gate
Hill, Samuel, weigh master, Bow Lane
Hilland, Henry, labourer, Chapel Hill
Hillard, Joseph, butcher, Smithfield
Hood, Thomas, tailor, Castle Street
Hodgson, James, hatter, Bow Lane
Hogg, James, linen merchant, Castle Street
Hogg, William, gent., Castle Street
Hogg, James, labourer, Markey Lane
Hogg, James, weaver, Long Stone
Houston, William, labourer, Antrim Lane
Houston, John, weaver, Antrim Lane
Huey, Samuel, gardener, Jackson's Lane
Huey, James, weaver, Antrim Lane
Hughes, Samuel, woollen draper, Market Square
Hughes, Thomas, labourer, Antrim Lane
Hull, Thomas, publican, Church Row
Hull, William, weaver, Linenhall Street
Hull, John, weaver, Chapel Hill
Hull, Robert, writing clerk, Belfast Gate
Hunter, Joseph, veterinary surgeon & register to the Royal Down Corporation of Horse Breeders, Heron's Folly
Hunter, William, gent., Castle Street
Hunter, John, shoe maker, Long Stone
Hutchinson, Hugh, retailer of herrings, Antrim Lane
Hyde, Abraham, weaver, Bow Lane


Innis, James, permanent sergeant, yeoman, Long Stone
Irwin, William, publican, Belfast Gate
Isdall, David, shoe maker, Bow Lane


Jack, George, blacksmith, Bridge End
Jacobson, John, carpenter, Haslam's Lane
Jellett, Rev. Matthew, Bow Lane
Johnston, John, sheriff's assistant, Castle Street
Johnston, Arthur, gent., Market Square
Johnston, Samuel, merchant, Market Square
Johnston, John, shoe maker, Antrim Lane
Johnston, William, shoe maker, Bow Lane
Johnston, William, blacksmith, Johnston's Entry
Johnston, Mary, publican, Bow Lane
Johnston, Matthew, weaver, Piper Hill
Johnston, John, servant, Piper Hill
Johnston, Robert, weaver, Piper Hill
Johnston, Mary Anne, Long Stone
Johnston, James, farmer, Long Stone
Johnston, Robert, farmer, Long Stone
Johnston, David, boatman, Bridge End
Johnston, William, boatman, Bridge End
Jones, Miss, Belfast Gate
Jordon, Matthew, publican, Bridge Street


Kean, Peter Q., pro-surveyor of excise, Bow Lane
Kean, Daniel, weaver, Chapel Hill
Kean, James, labourer, Bridge Street
Kearns, Bridget, Jackson's Lane
Kelly, Henry, shuttle maker, Bridge Street
Kelly, Jane. huxter, Bridge Street
Kelly, James, Smithfield
Kelly, Anne, huxter, Bow Lane
Kelly, Henry, jun., shuttle maker, Bridge Street
Kelly, Patrick, tailor, Bow Lane
Kennedy, Henry, attorney, Castle Street
Kennedy, Samuel, muslin manufacturer, Bow Lane
Kennedy, Dennis, nursery man, Belfast Gate
Kennedy, James, carpenter, Bow Lane
Kennedy, Dennis, town crier, Long Stone
Kennedy, James, weaver, Bridge End
Kerr, William, mason, Antrim Lane
Kerr, Patrick, weaver, Bow Lane
Kerr, Margaret, Belfast Gate
Kerr, Robert, weaver, Chapel Hill
Kerr, Hannah, Long Stone
Kernaghan, David, flax dresser, Linenhall Street
Kernaghan, Margaret, Bow Lane
Killin, John, labourer, Jackson's Lane
King, Matthew, butcher, Linenhall Street
Knox, Robert, cutler, Castle Street


Lackey, William, weaver, Chapel Hill
Lappen, Cornelius, nailer, Market Lane
Lappen, James, labourer, Long Stone
Laverty, Henry, carman, Long Stone
Laverty, Charles, labourer, Long Stone
Laverty, Robert, hostler, Chapel Hill
Lavery, Anne, Long Stone
Lavery, James, weaver, Long Stone
Lavery, John, chaise driver, Bridge End
Laughran, Neal, labourer, Antrim Lane
Lawson, Alexander, weaver, Piper Hill
Leech, Thomas, shoe maker, Long Stone
Lemon, John, grocer, Bridge Street
Lenaghan, James, labourer, Jackson's Lane
Lenaghan, John, servant, Bow Lane
Lennon, Patrick, labourer, Bridge Street
Linn, James, mason, Bridge Street
Linsey, Ann, Smithfield
Livingston, James, weaver, Piper Hill
Long, John, boatman, Bridge End
Lowry, John, weaver, Bow Lane
Lutten, Charles, writing clerk, Belfast Gate
Lynch, Hugh, labourer, Jackson's Lane
Lynes, Terence, labourer, Chapel Lane


Mackay, Hugh, weaver, Bridge End
Magee, Henry B., Proctor Down and Connor, Bridge Street
Magee, James, labourer, Ball Alley
Magee, John, weaver, Jackson's Lane
Magee, John, weaver, Belfast Gate
Magee, Edward, publican, Church Row
Magee, John, sheriff's assistant, Haslam's Lane
Magee, John, labourer, Long Stone
Magennis, John, horse dealer, Long Stone
Magennis, James, labourer, Jackson's Lane
Mairs, Thomas, currier, Tan Yard
Major, George, grocer, Belfast Gate
Major, William, muslin manufacturer, Bridge Street
Major, John, merchant, Market Square
Major, James, grocer, Market Square
Marlow, William, weaver, Bridge Street
Martin, Francis, weaver, Antrim Lane
Martin, Jane, Bow Lane
Martin, John, weaver, Bow Lane
Martin, John, jun., labourer, Bow Lane
Martin, Robert, weaver, Piper Hill
Mason, Peter, superintendant of the vitriol works, Vitriol Island
Mathew, Catharine, Long Stone
Mathew, William, shoe maker, Long Stone
Mead, Mrs. Ann, Belfast Gate
Mealan, James, labourer, Piper Hill
Meharry, James, tailor, Market Lane
Miller, Ruth, Market Square
Miller, Robert, weaver, Piper Hill
Miler, James, weaver, Chapel Hill
Miller, David, labourer, Long Stone
Milligan, Lewis, labourer, Ball Alley
Milligan, John, mason, Bridge Street
Moat, Samuel, labourer, Bridge End
Moles, Frances, Belfast Gate
Moles, William, boatman, Pump Lane
Montgomery, William, labourer, Bridge Street
Montgomery, John, labourer, Bridge Street
Mooney, William, coach driver, Jackson's Lane
Moore, George, inn keeper, Market Square
Moore, Joseph, labourer, Tan Yard
Moore, John, labourer, Jackson's Lane
Moore, Jane, Jackson's Lane
Moore, James, weaver, Beggar Lane
Moore, William, weaver, Bow Lane
Moore, James, weaver, Chapel Hill
Moore, Robert, blacksmith, Antrim Lane
Moorcroft, William, weaver, Kennedy's Court
Morewood, George, gent., Castle Street
Morgan, John, mason, Bow Lane
Morgan, Henry, mason, Ball Alley
Morgan, Arthur, sawyer, Bridge Street
Morgan, John, sawyer, Bridge End
Morgan, Hugh, weaver, Bridge End
Morgan, Sarah, Bridge Street
Morren, Hugh, servant, Piper Hill
Morrow, George, carpenter, Castle Street
Morrow, Hugh, reed maker, Linenhall Street
Morrow, James, weaver, Linenhall Street
Moss, Lewis, huxter, Market Lane
Mullen, Mary, Beggar Lane
Munce, Andrew, butcher, Smithfield
Munce, Robert, butcher, Smithfield
Mulholland, Hugh, spirit merchant, Bridge Street
Mulholland, Henry, linen merchant, Belfast Gate
Mulholland, Henry, jun., timber merchant, Bridge Street
Mulholland, Robert, weaver, Jackson's Lane
Mulholland, John, muslin manufacturer, Bow Lane
Mulholland, Isabella, Heron's Folly
Mulholland, Ann, dress maker, Castle Street
Murdoch, James, publican, Bow Lane
Murray, Richard, hair dresser, Castle Street
Murray, William, grocer, Market Square
Murray, Thomas, publican, Market Square
Murray, Daniel, nailer, Antrim Lane
Murray, George, mason, Ball Alley
Murray, Hugh, servant, Belfast Gate
Murray, James, saddler, Bridge Street
Murray, John, butcher, Smithfield
Murray, Matthew, weaver, Long Stone
Murphy, William, flax dresser, Antrim Lane
Murphy, Richard, weaver, Back Lane
Murphy, William, weaver, Back Lane
Murphy, Jane, Linenhall Street
Murphy, Matthew, weaver, Long Stone
Mussen, Matthew, chandler, Market Square
Mussen, James, chandler, Market Square
Mussen, Richard, publican, Market Square
Mussen, Mrs. Agnes, Bow Lane
Mussen, Mrs. Sarah, Bow Lane
Musgrave, Samuel, surgeon, Market Square


McAfee, Archibald, weaver, Smithfield
McAfee, John, weaver, Linenhall Street
McAfee, Patrick, weaver, Linenhall Street
McAtier, Archibald, shoe maker, Bridge Street
McAtier, Hanna, Chapel Hill
McAvoy, James, labourer, Pump Lane
McBlain, Jane, Castle Street
McBlain, William, shoe maker, Linenhall Street
McCabe, Joseph, carpenter, Johnson's Entry
McCaffrey, Charles, labourer, Long Stone
McCagherty, John, labourer, Ball Alley
McCall, Robert, muslin manufacturer, Market Square
McCall, Charles, weaver, Smithfield
McCallister, Eliza, haberdasher, Castle Street
McCallister, John, nailer, Antrim Lane
McCallister, Catharine, Antrim Lane
McCallister, Alexander, coal porter, Antrim Lane
McCallister, Thomas, weaver, Johnson's Entry
McCallister, Neesy, nailer, Smithfield
McCallister, Charles, servant, Bridge End
McCallister, James, knit shoe maker, Bridge Street
McCann, Hugh, labourer, Piper Hill
McCann, William, weaver, Long Stone
McCann, James, weaver, Long Stone
McCann, James, farmer, Long Stone
McCarty, Ellen, Antrim Lane
McCarty, William, shoe maker, Smithfield
McCauley, Patrick, labourer, Tan Yard
McCauley, John, weaver, Back Lane
McCauley, James, mason, Back Lane
McCauley, Sarah, Long Stone
McClatchy, Ann, huxter, Bow lane
McClaverty, John, weaver, Linenhall Street
McClernan, James, hair dresser, Jackson's Lane
McCloy, Matthew, painter, etc., Bow Lane
McCloy, Alexander, painter, etc., Bridge Street
McClure, John, merchant, Market Square
McClure, James, baker, Castle Street
McClure, Joseph, saddler, Market Square
McClure, John, baker, Bridge Street
McClure, Thomas, labourer, Bridge Street
McClusky, Peter, hostler, Jackson's Lane
McComb, John, inn keeper, (Hertford Arms) Market Street
McComb, Hugh, carpenter, Jackson's Lane
McComb, Thomas, shoe maker, Smithfield
McComb, Nathaniel, shoe maker, Market Lane
McConnell, Samuel, labourer, Tan Yard
McConnell, Matthew, weaver, Back Lane
McConnell, John, dealer, Market Lane
McConnell, John, weaver, Haslam's Lane
McConnell, Henry, weaver, Linenhall Street
McConnell, Owen, hosier, Piper Hill
McConnell, James, weaver, Piper Hill
McCormick, Patrick, waiter, Jackson's Lane
McCormick, Henry, labourer, Antrim Lane
McCormick, Ezekiel, weaver, Bow Lane
McCracken, Alexander, shoe maker, Jackson's Lane
McCue, William, labourer, Ball Alley
McCully, Hugh, book binder, Jackson's Lane
McCurker, Thomas, labourer, Jackson's Lane
McCurry, James, boatman, Bridge End
McDonald, James, grocer, Chapel Hill
McDonald, Daniel, waterman, Smithfield
McDonald, Mary, Belfast Gate
McDonald, James, painter, Smithfield
McDonald, Edward, butcher, Bow Lane
McDonald, Daniel, labourer, Bridge End
McDougall, James, shoe maker, Market Lane
McDowell, William, nailer, Bow Lane
McDowell, James, tailor, Johnson's Entry
McDowell, John, saddler, Castle Street
McDowell, Rose, Antrim Lane
McGaghey, Francis, dealer in linen yarn, Bridge Street
McGannily, Henry, labourer, Bridge Street
McGaverin, Catharine, Smithfield
McGillin, Henry, labourer, Antrim Lane
McGlaughan, Dennis, flax dresser, Johnson's Entry
McGlaughan, John, labourer, Bridge Street
McGlaughan, Hannah, Ball Alley
McGough, John, labourer, Long Stone
McGough, John, carman, Long Stone
McGough, Laughlan, shoe maker, Long Stone
McGowan, Mary, Long Stone
McGra, James, labourer, Bridge End
McGrillis, Michael, labourer, Smithfield
McGullaghan, Robert, carman, Long Stone
McGurk, Arthur, publican, Church Row
McGurk, James, boatman, Bridge End
McGurk, John, boatman, Bridge End
McGurnaghan, Patrick, shoe maker, Heron's Folly
McIlroy, Manus, weaver, Market Lane
McIlroy, Manus, labourer, Track Line
McKeever, Terence, labourer, Piper Hill
McKendry, Henry, school master, Smithfield
McKenna, Hugh, servant, Jackson's Lane
McKenna, John, labourer, Bridge Street
McKeown, Robert, weaver, Back Lane
McKeown, Thomas, weaver, Belfast Gate
McKeown, Robert, weaver, Bridge Street
McKeown, John, coal measurer, Bridge Street
McKeown, Toal, lodging house, Piper Hill
McKinny, Misses, Bow Lane
McManus, William, weaver, Linenhall Street
McMullen, John, labourer, Back Lane
McNamara, John, currier, Bow Lane
McNally, Patrick, labourer, Bakery Lane
McNalty, John, weaver, Piper Hill
McQuaid, Bernard, shoe maker, Market Lane
McSeveney, Charles, weaver, Market Lane
McVey, Daniel, butcher, Smithfield
McVey, Bartley, labourer, Piper Hill
McVey, Edward, weaver, Jackson's Lane
McVey, John, butcher, Back Lane


Napier, Henry, butcher, Smithfield
Napier, Ann, Long Stone
Neely, Benjamin, English and Mathematical teacher, Castle Street
Neely, Erskine, school master, Market Square
Neill, Ann, Long Stone
Neill, Henry, labourer, Johnson's Entry
Neill, John, labourer, Linenhall Street
Neill, John, weaver, Piper Hill
Neill, James, shoe maker, Long Stone
Nesbitt, John, surgeon, Castle Street
Newburn, Thomas, hosier, Market Lane
Nuckle, William, weaver, Ball Alley


O'Brie, Mrs. Elizabeth, Chapel Hill
O'Donnell, Hugh, shoe maker, Haslam's Lane
O'Hara, Charles, blacksmith, Jackson's Lane
O'Hara, Mary, Bridge End
O'Hara, William, labourer, Bridge End
O'Neill, Roger, labourer, Track Line
O'Neill, John, labourer, Jackson's Lane
O'Neill, James, labourer, Track Line
Osborne, William, weaver, Bridge End


Palmer, William, hair dresser, Bow Lane
Park, Samuel, butcher, Haslam's Lane
Park, Alexander, weaver, Linenhall Street
Park, Moses, shoe maker, Piper Hill
Parkinson, Richard, weaver, Long Stone
Parkinson, Ellen, Smithfield
Parsons, Robert, watch maker, Bridge Street
Patten, Thomas, wheelwright, Jackson's Lane
Patterson, John, carpenter, Chapel Hill
Patterson, James, grocer, Bridge Street
Patterson, John, weaver, Haslam's Lane
Patterson, Elizabeth, Johnston's Entry
Pattison, John, gardener, Bridge Street
Peak, Neal, servant, Beggar's Lane
Pelan, George, chandler, Market Square
Pelan, Richard B., chandler, Market Square
Pelan, Thomas, grocer, Bridge Street
Pelan, James, weaver, Bridge End
Pelan, Mrs. Mary, chandler, Bridge Street
Pennington, John, Proctor of Down and Connor, Bow Lane
Pentland, George, blacksmith, Bow Lane
Philips, Edward, farmer, Castle Street
Philips, William, publican, Church Row
Pilson, Conway, hosier, Haslam's Lane
Proctor, Edward, weaver, Antrim Lane


Quail, Archibald, weaver, Piper Hill
Queery, Elizabeth, Antrim Lane
Quin, John, labourer, Ball Alley


Rainey, John, huntsman, Smithfield
Rainey, James, weaver, Back Lane
Ravenhill, William, farmer, Chapel Hill
Ray, John, labourer, Jackson's Lane
Read & McConkey, Miss, dress makers, Castle Street
Read, William, carpenter, Belfast Gate
Read, David, currier, Bridge Street
Read, Arthur, riddle maker, Bridge End
Reekey, William, weaver, Jackson's Lane
Reilly, James, besom maker, Piper Hill
Richardson, James, linen merchant, Bow Lane
Richardson, John, linen merchant, Castle Street
Richardson, Joseph, linen merchant, Bow Lane
Riddock, Elizabeth, Bow Lane
Robinson, Alexander, gardener, Beggar's Lane
Robinson, James, labourer, Bridge Street
Rogers, John, grocer, Market Square
Rogers, Patrick, publican, Bridge Street
Rogers, Patrick, sen., farmer, Longstone (Long Stone)
Rogers, Richard, shoe maker, Antrim Lane
Rogers, Thomas, tailor, Chapel Hill
Rooney, James, spruce beer maker, Market Square
Rooney, Michael, labourer, Jackson's Lane
Rutlage, William, shoe maker, Bow Lane
Ryans, John, hostler, Linenhall Street


Sands, Ross, labourer, Piper Hill
Savage, Thomas, porter, Antrim Lane
Scandratt, Joseph, publican, Bow Lane
Scott, Henry, labourer, Antrim Lane
Scott, William, carman, Long Stone
Scayer, Elizabeth, Bridge End (Seayer)
Seeds, Hugh, pawn broker, Market Square
Serby, Richard, mason, Bridge Street
Serby, Richard, mason, Tan Yard
Serby, Margaret, Bow Lane
Sharky, Allen, pump maker, Smithfield
Sharky, Ann, Smithfield
Sharp, Edward, weaver, Long Stone
Shaw, William, farmer, Demiville
Shaw, Thomas, agent to mail coach, Bridge Street
Shepherd, George, weaver, Bridge End
Sheilds, Charles, school master, Castle Street
Sheilds, Rachel, Smithfield
Short, Owen, labourer, Bridge End
Simon, John, gent., Market Square
Simson, George, grocer, Bridge Street
Singer, Hamilton, publican, Bridge Street
Singleton, William, weaver, Haslam's Lane
Skeffington, Peter, labourer, Ball Alley
Skeffington, Luke, labourer, Ball Alley
Slaven, Timothy, weaver, Piper Hill
Slaven, John, labourer, Long Stone
Sloan, Henry, weaver, Belfast Gate
Sloan, Adam, baker, Bridge Street
Sloan, Matthew, labourer, Bridge End
Sloan, John, farmer, Bridge End
Sloan, Hugh, weaver, Bridge End
Sloan, Robert, weaver, Bridge End
Sloan, James, boatman, Bridge End
Sloan, David, weaver, Bridge End
Small, Jeremiah, huxter, Market Lane
Smily, Richard, huxter, Bow Lane
Smith, Thomas Johnson, gent., Castle Street
Smith, Mrs. Charlotte, Castle Street
Smith, Misses, Mount Phoebus
Smith, John, woollen draper, Market Square
Smith, Robert, publican, Bridge Street
Smith, Alexander, huxter, Belfast Gate
Smith, Samuel, school master, Bridge Street
Smith, Mary, huxter, Haslam's Lane
Smith, William, labourer. Beggar Lane
Smith, Thomas, labourer, Jackson's Lane
Sparks, Thomas, labourer, Pump Lane
Spears, George, weaver, Bridge End
Spears, George, weaves, Kennedy's Court (weaver)
Spence, Ann Jane, pawn broker, Market Square
Spence, Robert, labourer, Back Lane
Spence, James, currier, Smithfield
Stannas, Rev. James, agent to the Marquis of Hertford, Castle Street
Stars, Arthur, labourer, Bridge Street
Steed, John, boatman, Piper Hill
Steel, John, shoe maker, Beggar Lane
Stephenson, James, weaver, Piper Hill
Sterling, Mrs. Ann, Market Square
Sterling, Nicholas, labourer, Jackson's Lane
Stewart, Pointzs, gent., Castle Street
Stewart, William, M.D., Castle Street
Stewart, William, gent., Castle Street
Stewart, Robert, muslin manufacturer, Chapel Hill
Stewart, James, farmer, Bow Lane
Stewart, James, labourer, Bridge End
Stewart, James, labourer, Bridge End
Stewart, Daniel, auctioneer, Smithfield
Stewart, David, grocer, Market Square
Strickland, Thomas, weaver, Belfast Gate
Strickland, Margaret, Belfast Gate
Stirrit, James, weaver, Chapel Hill
Stretton, Richard, mason, Linenhall Street
Sweeney, James, weaver, Bow Lane


Taggart, William, labourer, Haslam's Lane
Taggart, William, weaver, Bow Lane
Teat, Elizabeth, Chapel Hill
Tedford, James, labourer, Antrim Lane
Thompson, William, apothecary, Castle Street
Thompson, Thomas, shoe maker, Market Square
Thompson, James, shoe maker, Church Row
Thompson, Edward, weaver, Smithfield
Thornton, Joseph, writing clerk, Castle Street
Todd, James, weaver, Smithfield
Tool, Patrick, labourer, Antrim Lane
Tosh, Daniel, labourer, Piper Hill
Tosh, Alexander, labourer, Bridge Street
Townley, James, farmer, Chapel Hill
Trail, Rev. Anthony, D.D., Castle Street
Trimble, William, labourer, Bridge End
Turner, James, farmer, Long Stone
Tuton, James, shoe maker, Bridge Street
Tuton, John, carman, Antrim Lane


Valentine, Joseph, weaver, Bridge Street


Wallace, Alice, Antrim Lane
Walker, Mrs. Mary, apothecary, Market Square
Walker, Susanna, Antrim Lane
Walker, William, carpenter, Linenhall Street
Walsh, Baptist, huxter, Antrim Lane
Walsh, Ralph, saddler, Bow Lane
Ward, James, book seller & stationer, Market Square
Ward, Nicholas, tailor, Heron's Folly
Ward, Dennis, labourer, Jackson's Lane
Ward, Mark, weaver, Linenhall Street
Waring, Miss Mary, Castle Street
Waring, Richard, publican, Market Square
Waterson, Bridget, Kennedy's Court
Watson, Thomas, carpenter, Linenhall Street
Watson, Jane, Antrim Lane
Watson, Mary, Bridge End
Watt, John, labourer, Piper Hill
Weldon, Patrick, whitesmith, Smithfield
Wheeler, John, grocer, Smithfield
Wheeler, John, cloth lapper, Bow Lane
White, John, huxter, Bow Lane
White, James, baker, Jackson's Lane
Whiteside, Jane, Haslam's Lane
Whitla, George, merchant, Bow Lane
Wier, James, carpenter, Haslam's Lane
Wiley, Alexander, watch maker, Bow Lane
Wilkinson, William, labourer, Bow Lane
Williams, James, pawn broker, Market Square
Williams, Margaret, Belfast Gate
Wilson, George, shoe maker, Bow Lane
Wilson, William, shoe maker, Bow Lane
Wilson, Adam, shoe maker, Smithfield
Wilson, William, weaver, Haslam's Lane
Wilson, Robert, carpenter, Track Line
Wolfenden, Abraham, carpenter, Piper Hill
Woods, John, baker, Bridge Street
Woods, Elizabeth, Belfast Gate
Woods, Bernard, labourer, Chapel Hill
Wright, Thomas, painter, Heron's Folly
Wright, John, labourer, Piper Hill


Yarr, William, tailor, Bow Lane
Yarr, John, weaver, Pump Lane
Younghusband, Mrs. Jane, Belfast Gate

Trades and Professions in Lisburn


Cordner, James, Castle Street
Stannas, Rev. James, Castle Street


Dixon, William, Bridge Street
Thompson, William, Castle Street
Walker, Mary, Market Square


Hall, Rowley f., Market Square
Kennedy, Henry, Castle Street


Stewart, Daniel, Smithfield


Bradley, William, Market Square
Burrows, James, Bow Lane
McClure, James, Castle Street
McClure, John, Bridge Street
Sloan, Adam, Bridge Street
White, James, Jackson's Lane
Woods, John, Bridge Street


Boomer, George, Belfast Gate
Boomer, Renny, Belfast Gate
Boomer, Benjamin, Bow Lane
Jack, George, Bridge End
Johnson, William, Johnson's Entry
Moore, Robert, Antrim Lane
O'Hara, Charles, Jackson's Lane
Pentland, George, Bow Lane


Gilmore, Edward, Bakery Lane
Gilmore, Hill, Linenhall Street

Brick Layers

Gilmore, Daniel, Bow Lane
Gray, Charles, Smithfield


Dickey, Robert, Piper Hill
Dickey, Robert, jun., Piper Hill
Dickey, Henry, Piper Lane (?)
Dickey, Thomas, Smithfield
Dickey, James, Smithfield
Dickey, Edward, Linenhall Street
Hamilton, John, Heron's Folly
Hamilton, James, Linenhall Street
Hillard, Joseph, Smithfield
King, Matthew, Linenhall Street
Munce, Andrew, Smithfield
Munce, Robert, Haslam's Lane
Murray, John, Smithfield
McVey, Daniel, Smithfield
McVey, John, Back Lane
Napier, Henry, Smithfield
Park, Samuel, Haslam's Lane

Cabinet Makers

Forest, Thomas, Bridge Street
Heron, John, Smithfield


Crossey, Edward, Belfast Gate
Curran, Richard, Belfast Gate
Faires, William, Antrim Lane
Gilliland, David, Tan Yard
Jacobson, John, Haslam's Lane
Kennedy, James, Bow Lane
Morrow, George, Castle Street
McCabe, Joseph, Johnson's Entry
McComb, Hugh, Jackson's Lane
Patterson, John, Chapel Hill
Read, William, Belfast Gate
Walker, William, Linenhall Street
Watson, Thomas, Linenhall Street
Wier, James, Jackson's Lane
Wilson, Robert, Track Line
Wolfenden, Abraham, Piper Hill

Cart Makers

Anderson, Hugh, Smithfield
Cosgrave, David, Smithfield
McDonald, William, Bow Lane


Dickey, Thomas, Bow Lane
Mussen, Matthew, Market Square
Mussen, James, Market Square
Pelan, George, Market Square
Pelan, Richard, Market Square
Pelan, Mary, Bridge Street


Berry, Samuel, Back Lane
Hamilton, William, Bakery Lane
Hamilton, John, Bakery Lane


Mairs, Thomas, Tan Yard
McNamara, John, Bow Lane
Read, David, Bridge Street
Spence, James, Smithfield


Knox, Robert, Castle Street

Dress Makers

Butcher, Mary Ann, Castle Street
Garrett, Mary, Castle Street
Magee, Mrs. Sarah, Bridge Street
Mulholland, Ann, Castle Street
Red & McConkey, Castle Street

Flax Dressers

Kernaghan, David, Linenhall Street
Murphy, William, Antrim Lane
McLaughan, Dennis, Johnson's Entry


Blaney, John, Jackson's Lane
Conn, John, Back Lane
Hay, James, Castle Street
Huey, Samuel, Jackson's Lane
Pattison, John, Bridge Street
Robinson, Alexander, Beggar Lane


Beaty, William, Bridge Street
Biddulph, John, Bridge End
Brownlee, Alexander, Bridge Street
Clark, Ann, Church Row
Coulson, Walter, Bridge Street
Dixon, Thomas, Bridge Street
Dixon, John, Bow Lane
Ferguson, John, Bridge Street
Finlay, David, Bridge Street
Frasier, Thomas, Bridge Street
Gowdey, Ruth, Antrim Lane
Greer, Richard, Bow Lane
Lemon, John, Bridge Street
Major, George, Belfast Gate
Major, James, Market Square
Murray, William, Market Square
McDonald, James, Chapel Hill
Patterson, James, Bridge Street
Pelan, Thomas, Bridge Street
Rogers, John, Markey Square
Rogers, John, jun., Church Row
Simson, George, Bridge Street
Stewart, David, Market Square
Wheeler, John, Smithfield


Fox, Frances, Castle Street
Fulton, Eliza, Bow Lane
Heron, Anna, Market Square
Magee, Sarah, Bridge Street
McCalister, Eliza, Castle Street
Shaw, Misses, Bridge Street
Wolfenden, Ann, Market Square

Hair Dressers

Davis, Thomas, Bridge Street
Gooden, John, Bow Lane
Murray, Richard, Castle Street
McClernan, James, Jackson's Lane
Palmer, William, Bow Lane


Hodgson, James, Bow Lane


Black, William, Castle Street
Clegg, William, Antrim Lane
McConnell, Owen, Piper Hill
Newburn, Thomas, Market Lane
Pilson, Conway, Haslam's Lane
Scandratt, Joseph, Bow Lane


Close, Eliza, Belfast Gate
Frazier, Rachel, Antrim Lane
Griffith, Mary, Bridge Street
Hamill, Sarah, Market Lane
Kelly, Maria Jane, Bridge Street
Small, Jeremiah, Market Lane
Smith, Alexander, Belfast Gate
Walsh, Baptist, Antrim Lane
White, John, Bow Lane

Inn Keepers

McComb, John (Hertford's Arms) Market Square
Moore, George (King's Arms) Market Square

Land Surveyors

Bell, John, Long Stone
Bell, William, Linenhall Street

Linen Merchants

Gregg, Dominick, Castle Street
Hancock, John, Castle Street
Hancock, William, Market Square
Hogg, James, Castle Street
Richardson, James, Bow Lane
Richardson, John, Castle Street
Richardson, Joseph, Bow Lane


Delacherois, Nicholas, Castle Street
Hawkshaw, William, Castle Street
Smith, Thomas Johnson, Castle Street
Stewart, Pointz, Castle Street


Brannan, William, Castle Street
Harrison, John, Kennedy's Court
Kerr, William, Antrim Lane
Milligan, John, Bridge Street
Morgan, John, Bow Lane
Morgan, Henry, Ball Alley
Murray, George, Ball Alley
McCauley, James, Beggar Lane
Serby, Richard, Bridge Street
Serby, Richard, jun., Tan Yard
Stretton, Richard, Linenhall Street


Barnsley, Richard, Bridge Street
Johnson, Samuel, Market Square
Major, John, Market Square
Mulholland, Hugh, Bridge Street
Mulholland, Henry, jun., Bridge Street

Muslin Manufacturers

Clark, John, Bridge Street
Clark, Saywell, Bridge Street
Clark, John, jun., Market Square
Dunn, George, Chapel Hill
Foreman, Robert, Bow Lane
Kennedy, Samuel, Bow Lane
McCall, Robert, Market Square


Foote, Richard, Bridge Street
Lappen, Cornelius, Market Lane
Murray, Daniel, Antrim Lane
McDowell, William, Bow Lane


McCloy, Matthew, Bow Lane
McCloy, Alexander, Bridge Street
McDonald, James, Smithfield
Wright, Thomas, Heron's Folly

Pawn Brokers

Neely, Erskine, Market Square
Seeds, Hugh, Market Square
Spence, Ann Jane, Market Square
Williams, James, Market Square


Crawford, Alexander, Kilrush
Stewart, William, Castle Street


Dillon, William, Castle Street
Magee, Henry B., Bridge Street
Pennington, John, Bow Lane


Bell, Edward, Bow Lane
Bell, Henry, Bow Lane
Bell, Thomas, Market Square
Benson, Francis, Bow Lane
Boyd, Alexander, Church Row
Clark, Jonathan, Bridge Street
Corkin, James, Church Row
Craney, Joseph, Bow Lane
Crosley, Mary Ann, Bridge Street
Davis, Arthur, Bow Lane
Dawson, John, Market Square
Dawson, Judith, Bow Lane
Fitzsimons, John, Bow Lane
Greer, Arthur, Bow Lane
Hull, Thomas, Church Row
Irwin, William, Belfast Gate
Johnson, Mary, Bow Lane
Jordan, Matthew, Bridge Street
Magee, Edward, Church Row
Murdock, James, Bow Lane
Murray, Thomas, Market Square
Mussen, Richard, Market Square
McGurk, Arthur, Church Row
Phillips, William, Church Row
Rogers, Patrick, Bridge Street
Scandratt, Joseph, Bow Lane
Singer, Hamilton, Bridge Street
Warring, Richard, Market Square


Murray, James, Bridge Street
McClure, Joseph, Market Square
McDowell, John, Castle Street
Walsh, Ralph, Bow Lane

School Masters

Cunningham, James, Jackson's Lane
Gamble, Samuel, Market Square
Neely, Benjamin, Castle Street
Nelly, Erskine, Market Square
Shield, Charles, Castle Street
Smith, Samuel, Bridge Street

Shoe Makers

Cannon, John, Beggar Lane
Clark, Robert, Bridge Street
Close, William, Linenhall Street
Collins, Joseph, Piper Hill
Cordner, Thomas, Long Stone
Davis, Thomas, Jackson's Lane
Davidson, Alexander, Antrim Lane
Dorrity, James, Tan Yard
Ferguson, James, Back Lane
Ferguson, Andrew, Bridge End
Flack, Patrick, Long Stone
Fletcher, John, Antrim Lane
Fletcher, Thomas, Bow Lane
Gallery, John, Tan Yard
Gill, William, Haslam's Lane
Graham, Robert, Long Stone
Hall, John, Bridge Street
Hare, Henry, Antrim Lane
Hunter, John, Longstone
Isdall, David, Bow Lane
Johnson, John, Antrim Lane
Johnson, William, Bow Lane
Leech, Thomas, Long Stone
Mathews, William, Long Stone
McAtier, Archibald, Bridge Street
McCarty, William, Smithfield
McComb, Thomas, Smithfield
McComb, Nathaniel, Market Lane
McDougall, James, Market Lane
McGough, Laughlin, Long Stone
McGurnaghan, Patrick, Heron's Folly
McQuaid, Bernard, Market Lane
Neill, James, Long Stone
O'Donnell, Hugh, Haslam's Lane
Park, Moses, Piper Hill
Rogers, Richard, Antrim Lane
Rutlage, William, Bow Lane
Steel, John, Beggar Lane
Thompson, Thomas, Market Square
Thompson, James, Church Row
Tuton, James, Bridge Street
Wilson, George, Bow Lane
Wilson, William, Bow Lane
Wilson, Adam, Smithfield

Shuttle Makers

Kelly, Henry, Bridge Street
Kelly, Henry, jun., Bridge Street


Doudalls, John, Bridge Street


Ward, James, Market Square


Musgrave, Samuel, Market Square
Nesbitt, John, Castle Street


Armstrong, George, Bow Lane
Boyd, Hugh, Castle Street
Graham, Andrew, Bridge End
Hood, Thomas, Castle Street
Kelly, Patrick, Bow Lane
Meharry, James, Market Street
McDowell, James, Johnson's Entry
Rogers, Thomas, Chapel Hill
Ward, Nicholas, Heron's Folly
Yarr, William, Bow Lane


Beatty, Thomas, Bow Lane
Beatty, Joseph, Bow Lane
Graham, William, Market Square

Watch Makers

Dixon, Charles, Bow Lane
Parsons, Robert, Bridge Street
Wiley, Alexander, Bow Lane

Wheel Wrights

Fleming, Samuel, Market Lane
Fleming, William, Linenhall Street
Patton, Thomas, Jackson's Lane


Dornan, James, Bridge Street
Weldon, Patrick, Smithfield

Woollen Drapers

Bell, Samuel, Bridge Street
Fulton, Andrew, Market Square
Hughes, Samuel, Market Square
Smith, John, Market Square

A List of Gentlemen, Manufacturers, Bleachers, etc.
residing in the Neighbourhood of Belfast and Lisburn

(includes Comber, Larne, Drumbo etc., etc., etc., etc.)

Not In The Directory

Anderson, Mrs., inn keeper, Carrickfergus
Andrews, James & Sons, linen drapers, Comber
Arthurs, William, linen merchant, Greenview
Barbour, John, thread manufacturer, Plantation, Blaris
Barklie, Archibald, linen merchant, Larne
Blair, D. S., gent., Merville
Blair, Daniel, grocery, haberdashery & spirit shop, Carrickfergus
Brown, Rev. John, Solitude
Burleigh, ?, counsellor, near Carrickfergus
Carleton, Cornelius, spirit merchant, Carleton House, Blaris
Carleton, Thomas, gent., Myrtle Hill, Blaris
Casement, Charles, gent., Pine Hill, Drumbo
Charley, William, bleacher & linen merchant, Mossvale
Charley, John, bleacher & linen merchant, Finaghey
Clarke, Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth, Townland of Clogher, Parish of Derriaghy, Widow of Lieutenant Humphry Clarke, 30 Foot.
Clements, Miss E., Post Office, Carrickfergus
Connor, John, linen draper, Donegore
Corkin, John, gent., Lambeg
Corcoran, William, haberdasher, Carrickfergus
Craig, James, gent., Scout Bush
Curtis, Edward, linen merchant & bleacher, Glenburne, Derriaghy
Dalway, Noah, gent., Ballyhill, near Carrickfergus
Dobbs, Richard, gent., Castle Dobbs
Dunlop, Charles, gent., Edenderry, Drumbo
Durham, Andrew, gent., Belvidere, Drumbo
Ellis, Henry, gent., near Carrickfergus
Ferguson, Annesley & Co., linen merchants, Newforge Green
Garr, Edward, linen merchant, Port View
Garr, John, linen merchant, Lagan Cottage
Garrett, Robert, gent., Red Hill, Maragall
George, John, teacher of Mathematics, Crumlin
Gilmor, ?, counsellor, near Carrickfergus
Gracey, James, linen merchant, Comber
Grimshaw, John Usher, gent., Whitehouse
Grogan, John, linen merchant, Glen Bank
Hall, William, inn keeper, Carrickfergus
Hancock, W. J., bleacher, near Lisburn
Hanly, Robert, corn & flax mills, Carrickfergus
Haughton, Major, Springfield, Maragall
Hill, J. C., linen merchant, Donought
Hossack, John, master of the ship Greenbow / Greenlow / Greenhow
Hunter, William, linen merchant & bleacher, Dunmurry
Hunter, Alexander, linen merchant & bleacher, Dunmurry
Hunter, William, publican & dealer in hides, 154 North Street
Johns, Alexander, store keeper, Carrickfergus Castle
Johnson, Rev. Philip, of Ballymacash, Parish of Derriaghy, Vicar of Derriaghy from the year 1772, Justice of the Peace for the Counties of Antrim and Down; house built by his great grandfather, Ralph Smyth, Esq. shortly before the Revolution of 1688, rebuilt by himself in the years 1789, 1790.
Lawler, John, watch glass cutter & engraver, Bridge End
Leathem, William, colour maker, Carrickfergus
Legg, John, Tan Yard, Carrickfergus
Lennon, Luke, farmer, Strandmillis
Luke, John, gent., North Street
Macalister, Archibald, master of the Janet
Magee, William, gent., Lodge
Mateer, David, gent., Hazle Bank
Maxwell, James, teacher, 159 North Street
Miles, John, bookkeeper, Crown Entry
Millar, Thomas, port surveyor, Carrickfergus
Moore, Henry, painter, White House
Moreland, Moses, gent., Lodge
Morrison, Andrew, farmer, near Castlereagh
Murray, James, master of the Edward
McCallan, John, muslin manufacturer, Ballymacarret
McCance, John, linen merchant, Suffolk
McLaughlin, Robert, joiner, Bridge End
McNair, Archibald, master of the Sir William Wallace steam packet
McQuillan, Charles, grocer, Malone
McTeer, James, gent., Vernant Lodge
Neilson, Samuel, woollen draper, Carrickfergus
Oakman, Walter, linen merchant, Glenavy
Patterson, James, master of the Diana
Pottinger, Thomas, gent., Silver Stream
Quinn, James, tide surveyor, Petersfield, White Abbey
Reid, Thomas D., boot maker, Carrickfergus Street
Roberts, Walter & Son, Collin
Robinson, James Wheeler, New Market
Robinson, Thomas, gent., Low Wood
Rogers, John, master gunner, Carrickfergus Castle
Smith, E. J., linen merchant, near Belfast
Smith, Andrew, master of the Rob Roy steam packet
Stitt, William, linen merchant, Comber
Stevenson, James, grocery & spirit shop, Carrickfergus
Stevenson, William, shoe maker, grocer & spirit dealer, Carrickfergus
Stewart, William, gent., St. Catharine's, near Carrickfergus
Stewart, John, gent., Wilmont, Drumbeg
Stewart, Thomas A., gent., Lakefield, Drumbeg
Stewart & Cunningham, Belfast Linen Hall
Stewart & Nelson, Belfast Linen Hall
Stuart & Co., grocery, ironmongery & spirit shop, Carrickfergus
Thompson, John, gent., Jennymount
Thompson, Alexander, joiner, 10 Union Place
Verner, David, gent., Derraghmore
Ward, James, muslin bleacher, Hilden
Watson, James, gent., Brookhill, Maragall
Williamson, Robert, linen merchant & bleacher, Lambeg House
Williamson, Alexander, linen merchant & bleacher, Lambeg House
Wolfenden, John, linen merchant, Lambeg
Wilson, Ezekiel Davys, gent., Carrickfergus
Young, William & Sons, linen merchants, Ballymena


(Established by Act of Parliament in 1783)

Governor, Nathaniel Sneyd, Esq., 34 Sackville Street
Deputy Governor, Arthur Guinness, Esq., 33 Granby-Row


Robert Alexander, Esq.
Robert Ashworth, Esq.
James Chambers, Esq.
Leland Crothwait, Esq.
George Drevar, Esq.
Joseph Goff, Esq.
Arch. Hawksley, Esq.
Nathaniel Hone, Esq.
William P. Lunell, Esq.
William Snell Magee, Esq.
John Leland Maquay, Esq.
William Sparrow, Esq.
John Stewart, Esq.
Hugh Trevor, Esq.

Note:- The Directors are annually chosen the first week in April, under this restriction, that five new Directors be chosen every year.


Thomas Williams, Secretary
William Donlevy, Acct. Gen.
Nathaniel Low, Cashier
E. Medlicot, Chief Bookkeeper
G. Draper, chief Clerk of Discts.
Brab. Stafford, Transfer Officer
D. Houghton, chief Clk. of Deb.
J. Gihons & R. Williams, Notaries
Fleetwood & Darley, Law Agents
James Draper, Stationer

Close Holidays, Good Friday, King's birth-day, and Christmas-day

Days of Discount every day except Saturday - The Board meets every Tuesday


Alexander, Sir William, Bart, Robert Alexander jun., William James Alexander, and William John Alexander, Esqrs., Upper Sackville Street
Ball, Benjamin, Matthew James Plunkett, Philip Doyne, jun., and Henry Samuel Close, Esqrs., Henry Street
Finlay, Thomas, John Geale, Robert Law, and Michael Law, Esqrs., Jervis Street
La Touche, George, J. D. La Touche, J. La Touche, jun., P. La Touche, jun., P. D. La Touche, and James D. La Touche, Esqrs., Castle Street
Newcomen, Right Hon. Viscount, and James Evory, Esq., Castle St.
Shaw, Robert, T. Needham, and P. Shaw, Esqrs., Foster Place

Who Registered in 1818

Belfast - D. Gordon, N. Batt, J. H. Houston, and H. Crawford, Esqrs.
Belfast - William Tennent, Robert Callwell, Robert Bradshaw, John Cunningham, and John Thomson, Esqrs.
Belfast - Hugh Montgomery, John Hamilton, James Orr, and John Sloan, Esqrs.
Carrick-on-Suir - Richard Sauce, Esq.
Clonmel - William Rial, Charles Rial, and Arthur Rial, Esqrs.
Cork - Joseph Pike, Esq.
Cork - Sir Walter Roberts, Bart., Charles H. Leslie, and John Leslie, Esqrs.
Cork - Stephen and James Roche, Esqrs.
Kilkenny - James Laughnan, Esq.
Limerick - Thomas and William Roche, Esqrs.
Limerick - George Evans, Esq., Jonath. and George Bruce, Esqrs.
Lurgan - Joseph Malcomson, Henry McVeagh, and Al Cuppage, Esq.
Mallow - Robert De La Cour, and R. T. Cuthbert, Esqrs.
Tipperary - Dennis Scully, and James Scully, Esqrs.
Waterford - William Samuel, and John Newport, Esqrs.
Waterford - T. Scott, G. Ivie, Robt. Geo. & Henry Scott, Esqrs.
Wexford - John Redmond, Esq.
Wexford - Nic. C. Hore, and Charles Henry Hatchell, Esqrs.