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1861 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Professional, Commercial and Trades Directory Part 1

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Academies and Public Schools
those marked (*) are boarding and day

Alexander Street West National School; Jas. McQuillan and Miss E.
Magennis, teachers.
Alfred Street National School; Mrs. Clarke, Miss Kane and Miss Carson, teachers.
Ballymacarrett National School, Old Road; Arthur Hunter, teacher.
Ballymacarrett National School, Chapel Lane; Michael Brown, teacher.
Ballymacarrett Parochial Infant School; Miss McClean, teacher.
Ballymacarrett Parochial Male and Female School; John Lamont and Anna McClean, teachers.
Ballymacarrett Presbyterian Church School; John Gribben, teacher.
* Belfast Academy, 63 Donegall Street; Rev. R. J. Bryce, LL.D., principal; classical master, the principal; mathematical and mercantile, T. A. Bryce, A. M.; writing Geo. H. Watson; drawing, Joseph Molloy; English, J. T. McGaw; French, Jules Festu.
Belfast Seminary, 81 Donegall Street; Thomas McClinton, principal.
Belfast Parochial Mission School, 89 Union Street; Miss Cooper, teacher.
Bell, E. H., 57 Upper Arthur Street.
Bell, Misses, 45 Brougham Street.
* Benn, Misses, 4 Wilmont Terrace.
Birch Street National School.
Black, Miss, 69 Upper Arthur Street.
Brown, Misses, 5 Alfred Street.
Brown, Miss, 34 Hamilton Street.
Brown Street Male and Female Schools; William Young, head master.
Byrne, Misses, 50 Castle Street.
* Byers, Mrs., 13 Wellington Place.
* Campbell, Miss C., 29 College Square North.
Carpenter, Miss, 21 Church Lane.
* Cary, Miss J. M., 20 College Square East.
Christ Church Schools, Durham Street; John H. Howell, Mrs. Darragh and Miss Rea, teachers.
Colhoun, Misses, 81 Inkermann Terrace.
College Square North Presbyterian Academy.
* Craufurd, (Crawford) Mrs., 7 Adelaide Place.
* Crookshank, Mrs., 3 Lonsdale Street.
Crossley, Miss, 37 Bentinck Street.
Cullintree Road National School; R. McQuillan, teacher.
Darley, Miss, 139 York Street.
Diocesan (R.C.) Seminary, Donegall Street.
Donegall Street National Schools.
Durham Street National School; Miss Gamble, teacher.
Earl Street National Schools.
Fisherwick Place Presbyterian Church Schools, Upper Queen Street; Mr. Elliott and Mr. Clements, Miss Poole and Miss Reid, teachers.
Fountain Street National Schools, Gymnasium, H. M. Kelly, teacher; Female, Mrs. Hayes, teacher; Fountain Lane Infant, Miss McKeever, teacher.
Gill, Misses, Breadalbane Place.
* Godfrey, Misses, 37 King Street.
Hainen, Miss, 17 Talbot Street.
Hardy, Miss, 9 Fitzwilliam Street.
Hill, Mrs., 10 Ship Street.
Hudson, Mrs. and Misses, 145 Botanic Road.
Huss School and House of Prayer, Agnes Street; J. Trymble, teacher.
Kennedy, Miss, 6 College Street South.
King Street National School; Miss Dowling, teacher.

Kirwan, Misses, 10 College Street South.
* Lambert, Miss, 20 Wellington Place.
Lancasterian Industrial and National Schools, Frederick Street; Miss White, teacher; Mrs. Todd, Matron.
Lodge Mill National School, Lepper Street; Jas. Weir, teacher.
Magdalene Church Schools (Ulster Training Institution, Church Education Society), Great Victoria Street.
Magill, Mrs., 33 King Street.
* Mark, Rev. John, Academy, 39 Chichester Street.
Mateer, John M., 76 Cromac Street.
May Street National School; D. Donnegan, teacher.
Matier, Mrs., 46 Upper Arthur Street.
Mechanics' Institute, 17 Queen Street; William Warner, teacher.
Model Schools, Falls Road.
Moorecroft, Mrs., 50 Nelson Street.
Morton, Jas., 132 Kennedy's Place.
McBride, Miss, 31 Fountain Street.
McClune, Miss, Mount Pottinger.
McCormick & Henessy, Misses, 22 Dock Street.
McKay, Miss, 43 Eglinton Street.
* Overend, Miss, 4 Claremont Terrace.
Paisley, James, classical, English and mercantile seminary, 83 King Street.
Pyper, John, Belfast Mercantile Academy, 1 North Queen Street.
Ragged Schools, Barrack Street; Mr. Sindon, superintendent.
Reddy, R. S., Collegiate and English Schools, 7 Donegall Square South.
Roberts, Miss, 10 College Square East.
* Roe, Misses, 5 Clarence Place.
* Rooks, Misses, 56 Upper Arthur Street.
Rosemary Street Daily Schools, Mrs. Pink, teacher.
Ross, Wm., 9 Great Patrick Street.
* Royal Belfast Academical Institution; classical master, Robert Steen, Ph. D.; mathematical and mercantile, Rev. I. Steen; English, T. Blain, LL.D.; French, A. C. Badier; writing, Patrick Johnston; drawing, Joseph Molloy; German, Victor Rylski.
Russell, Rev. A., Belfast New Academy, Franklin Place.
Salem School, York Street.
Seaman's Friend Society National School, Pilot Street; Mr. McKee and Miss Sibbett, teachers.
* Sherrock, Miss, 1 Lonsdale Street.
Simms, Miss, 96 Donegall Street.
Smithfield National School.
Stavely, Miss, 20 College Street.
Stitt, Misses E. & M., 28 Hamilton Street.
St. Anne's Parochial School, Academy Street; Mr. and Mrs. Morrison, teachers.
St. George's Church School, High Street; Mr. Orr, teacher.
St. John's Church School; Joshua Chase and Miss Carleton, teachers.
St' John's Church District School, 88 Cromac Street; Mary Leburn and Eliza Evans, teachers.
Townsend Street National School; Wm. Erskine and Miss Weaver, teachers.
Trinity Church School, Wall Street; Wm. Anderson, teacher.
White, Miss, 189 Agnes Street.
Whittle, Misses, 1 Fisherwick Place.
* Winnard, Miss, 7 Fisherwick Place.
Young, James, Collegiate School, 11 Howard Street.


Berry, Thos. W., 9 Arthur Street.
Elliott, Thomas, 100 Donegall Street.
Gordon, J. W., Donegall Street Place.
Hannan, J. J., 109 Cromac Street.
Hartley, Wm., 1 The Castle.
McIlwrath, Wm., 16&17 Victoria Chambers.
Nelson, Wm., 102 Donegall Street.
Patton, G., 150 Corporation Street.
Pelan, George, 46 Donegall Street.
Rea, James (Borough), Town Hall.
Robinson, W. A., 5 Commercial Buildings.
Simms, William, Linenhall.
Vance, Samuel, 36 Waring Street.
Worthington, J., 32 Gloucester Street.

Aerated Water Manufacturers

Bodel, James, Townsend Street.
Carson, William & Sons, 14 Corn Market.
Cantrell, T. J., 22 Castle Place.
Corry, Wm. & Co., 3 Victoria Street.
Dyas & Co., 7 Donegall Place.
Grattan & Co., 12 Corn Market.
Johnston, Wm., 86&88 Millfield.
Matthews & Co., 33&35 Rosemary Street.
McCann, Luke, 194&196 North Street.
Warnock, Mrs., 24 Academy Street.

Agricultural Implement Makers

Gray, Robert, Police Square.
McClelland, Robert, 84 Cromac Street.
McKenzie, John, 24 Pembroke Place.
O'Brien, James, 46 May Street.

Alabaster and Roman Cement Warehouses

Bell & Oulton, Donegall Quay.
Breathwaite, Wm., Upper Church Lane.
Low, James, 24 Chichester Street.
Walkington, E. & Co., 13 Rosemary Street.
Wheeler, M. W., 9&11 Carrick Hill.

Animal and Bird Preservers

Darragh, Hugh, Museum, 7 College Square North. Sheals, James, 26 Corporation Street.

Apothecaries and Surgeons
See also Physicians and Surgeons
Those marked (*) apothecaries only.

Aickin, W., 29 Corn Market.
Aickin, T. H., 21 Chichester Street.
Alexander, J. A., 67 Corporation Street.
Beck, John W., MD., 128 North Street.
* Cantrell, T. J., Ulster Medical Hall, 22 Castle Place.
Corry, T. C. S., 1 Victoria Street.
Daly, Edward, 154 North Street.
Dickson, J. S., 2 Albert Terrace, Falls Road.
* Dyas & Co., 7 Donegall Place.
* Grattan & Co., 12 Corn Market.
Gribben, Edward D., 23 Great Edward Street,
Hanna, William, 35 Mill Street.
Hanna, H., 2 Carrick Hill.
Heeny, Francis, 48 Donegall Street.
Magee, Michael, 73&75 York Street.
* Marshall, Wm. & Co., 100 High Street.
Mawhinney, James, 42 Mill Street.
Moore, Hugh, 95 Victoria Street.
Moreland, H., MD., 73 Corporation Street.
McCleery, James, 43 York Street.
O'Hare, Owen, 38 Castle Street.
Smith, John, 16 Castle Place.
Wales, George F., 99 York Street.
Warwick, Wm., 47 Corporation Street.
Wheeler & Whittaker, 33 High Street.


Barre, Wm. John, 5 Donegall Square North.
Boyd, John, 81 York Street.
Hastings, Wm., Victoria Street.
Jackson, Thomas, 16 Donegall Place.
Lanyon & Lynn, 1 Upper Queen Street.
Moore, Wm., 29 Chichester Street.
McNea, James, 5 Donegall Street.
Turner, Thomas, 8&9 Donegall Place Buildings.
Young, Robert, 13 Donegall Place.

Portrait and Landscape Painters.
Those marked (*) are Photographic Artists.

Croome, J. D., 9 Fisherwick Place.
* Cumine, James A., 1 Joy's Entry.
* Gibson, James, 20 Castle Lane.
* Hamill & Hughes, The Castle.
Hooke, Richard.
* Orde, D & Co., 7 Donegall Place Buildings.
* Piccione, Signor & E. Birnie, 2 Hammond's Court.
* Sarony, Oliver, 12 Bridge Street.
Stannus, Anthony, 13 Donegall Place.

Assurance Offices
See Insurance Offices.

Auctioneers and Brokers.

Clarke, Hugh C., 5 Rosemary Street.
Cramsie, John, 8 Waring Street.
Dale, William, 15 Henry Street and 6 Waring Street.
Devlin, John, 6 Castle Lane and 18 Castle Street.
Gowan, John H., 7 George's Lane.
Hyndman, Geo. C., 7 Castle Place.
Rodgers, Wm., Rosemary Street Place.


Kelly, Edward, 34 Chapel Lane and 72 (sheds) Smithfield.
Hunter, William, 5 Smithfield.
Mallaghan, Henry, 71 (sheds) Smithfield and 36 Berry Street.
Meharg, James, 63 Smithfield.
Morton, David, 40 Berry Street.
Mullaghan, Thomas, 69 (sheds) Smithfield and 12 Berry Street.
McShane, Patrick, 11 Smithfield.
O'Hagan, John, 67 Smithfield.
O'Neill, John, 3 and 68 Smithfield.
Todd, William B., 24 Smithfield.

Baby Linen Warehouses

Milliken, Miss, 68 Donegall Street.
O'Brien, Mrs., 19 Donegall Place.
Oldrin, M. & S., 4 Arthur Street.


Adams, James, 5 Winetavern Street.
Andrew, John, 49&51 May Street.
Belfast Public Bakery, 30,32&34 Church Street, W. J. Elliott, manager.
Boyd, Thomas, 181 North Street.
Brown, Robert, 68 Cromac Street.
Caruth, John, 113 North Street.
Clarke, James, Prince of Wales Bakery, 13 Mill Street.
Cochrane, David, 89 North Queen Street.
Crawford, Elisha, 176&189 North Street.
Dublin Bakery, 8&10 Donegall Street.
Gardner & Wilson, 38 Great Edward Street.
Heron, Wm., 48 Great Patrick Street.
Hughes, Bernard, 71 Donegall Street, also Railway Bakery, 5 Donegall Place and Model Bakery, Falls.
Jardin, Robert 7 Co., 52 Castle Street.
Kirker, Archibald, 53 Cromac Street.
Knox, William, 62 Lonsdale Street.
Lavery, Wm. J., Northern Bakery, 103 York Street.
Lowes, Susan, 110 North Street.
McClintock, Wm., 65 Lancaster Street.
McClure, James (Birkmyre's), 108 Ann Street.
Palmer, William, 9 Wesley Place.
Patterson & Stevenson, 31 Mill Street.
Peel, Robert, 144 Shankill Road.
Pittis & Stewart, Isle of Wight Bakery, 37 Castle Street.
Shoort, John, 151&153 North Street.
Smith & McMullan, 68 Great Patrick Street.
Stewart, R., 7 Upper Church Lane.
Stitt, Robert, a98 North Street.
Thompson, James, 61 North Street.
Trainor, James, 221 York Street..
Trueman, John, English Bakery, 32 Castle Street and Dublin Bakery, 8&10 Donegall Street.
Watters, Allen, 5 Corporation Square.


Bank of Ireland, 22 Donegall Place.
Belfast Bank, Donegall Street.
Northern Bank, Victoria Street.
Provincial Bank of Ireland, 36 Donegall Street.
Savings Bank, King Street.
Ulster Bank, Waring Street.


Andrews, Robert, QC.
Andrews, W. D., Comber.
Bruce, W. R., Thornhill.
Close, Arthur, Glenview.
Crawford, A. S., Crawfordsburn.
Dobbin, J. W.
Falloon, William H.
Gibson, James.
Halliday, Hugh.
Harrison, Michael, 1 York Street.
Leslie, T. E. C., Queen's College.
Loughran, Henry Joseph, York Street.
Lowry, Thomas K., QC.
Macrory, Edmund, Duncairn.
Macgouran, J.
May, George A., Craigavad.
McDonnell, Thomas, QC., Eglantine, Lisburn Road.
Meade, Francis, Lisburn.
Musgrave, William, Drumglass.
Porter, A. M.
Seeds, Robert, LL.D., 14 Clarendon Place.
Thompson, J. McC., Wellington Park.

Basket Warehouses

Morrison, Robert, 48 North Street. Pelan & Co., 6&8 Bridge Street and 41 York Street.


Davis, George, Plough Hotel, Corn Market.
Eagle, Luke, 35 Chichester Street.
Holywood Baths (train to Holywood).
Hurst, Dr. C., Imperial Hotel, 10 Donegall Place.
Turkish Baths, Donegall Street and Little Donegall Street.

Bill Posters

Clarke, J., Castle Lane.
Harvey, Wm., 8 Legg's Lane.
Redpath, Wm., 30 Tomb Street.


Anderson, F., 56 May Street.
Anderson, James, 18 Seymour Street.
Anderson, J. & Co., Hamilton's Court.
Campbell, T., 34 Pottinger's Entry.
Henderson, Robert, 11 Ann Street.
Leathem, Edward, 144 North Street.
McNeill, William, 17 Corn Market.
Thomas, Samuel, 2 Arthur Lane.

Biscuit Manufacturers

Corry, Robert & Co., 145 North Street.
Faren, Joseph & Co., 26&28 York Street; J. C. Grubb, manager.
Hughes, Bernard, Donegall Place.
Orr, John & Co., 22 Robert Street.


Andrews, Michael, Kilroot - Ardoyne.
Bell, J. L., Ballyclare - York Lane.
Bragg, Henry, Woodburn - 26 Corporation Street.
Charley, J. & W. & Co., Seymour Hill and James' Street South.
Connor, Foster, Linenhall.
Dobson, Arthur, Cottonmount - 241 Abbotsford Place.
Ewart, Wm. & Son, Glenbank - 11 Donegall Place.
Fenton, Son & Co., Hyde Park - Linenhall.
Ferguson, John S. & Co., Ballysillan - Linenhall.
Ferguson, James & Son, Newforge Green.
Gray, William & Sons, Graymount.
Hodgkinson, A. & Co., Glenville - James' Street South.
Lutton, Andrew J., 9 Chichester Street.
Moore & Weinberg, Glanville - Fountain Street.
Richardson & Co., Lambeg and Lisburn.
Richardson, J. N., Sons & Owden, Glenmore - 14 Donegall Place.
Roberts, John, Colin.
Springfield Bleaching Company; town office, 13 Donegall Square North
Wallace, H., Glengormly and Dunadry.

Block, Pump and Mast Makers

Mathers, Francis, 19 Pilot Street. Mitchell & Moore, 22 Garmoyle Street.

Bobbin Manufacturers

J. P. Corry & Co., Patent Steam Saw Mills, Prince's Dock.

Bonded Warehouses

Campbell, James, 13 Corporation Street and 74 Waring Street.
Emerson, William, Donegall Quay.
Grogan, Robert, 3 Albert Square.

Bonnet Makers
See Milliners

Book Binders

Archer & Sons, 27&29 Castle Place.
Carr, John, 189 York Street.
Campbell, Mrs., 1 Skipper Street.
Erskine, Joseph, 13 Skipper Street.
Haig, Samuel, 9 Donegall Place.
Johnston, Wm., 25 Waring Street.
Murray, J., 69&71 Victoria Street.
McKee, Wm., 18 Pottinger's Entry.
Reilly, T. H., 61 High Street.
Ward, M. & Co., 13 Donegall Place.

Book Sellers and Stationers
See also Stationers and Account Book Manufacturers.
Those marked (*) only Book Sellers.

* Aitchison, Christopher, 9 High Street.
* Bullock, Wm., 23 North Street.
Carr, John, 189 North Street.
Coffey, Mary, 9 Skipper Street.
Greer, Henry, 31 High Street.
Gribben, Thomas, 76 North Street.
Henderson, John, 13 Castle Place.
Kerr, Owen, 4 Castle Place.
Magill, James, 7 Castle Buildings.
Mayne, Ales. S. (tract depository), 1 Donegall Square.
* Mullan, Wm., 8 Castle Buildings.
McAuley, Mrs., 41 Castle Street.
McComb, Wm., 1 High Street.
McIlroy, Thomas, Arthur Square.
Phillips, Geo. & Son, 26 Bridge Street.
Pollock, Mary, 62 North Street.
Reed, James, Victoria Street.
Reilly, Thos. H., 61 High Street.
Thacker, E., 51 High Street.
Unitarian Tract Depository, 28 Arthur Street - Miss Harrison, agent.
Ward, Marcus & Co., 13 Donegall Place.
Wilson & Stephen, 62 High Street.

Book Agents

Croxford, Alfred, 16 Great George's Street, London Printing and Publishing Company.
Harton, J., 18 Waring Street, agent for Virtue & Co., London.
Magee, Adam, 12 Thomas Street.
Pollock, William J., 3 Chichester Street, agent for Blackie & Son, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Boot and Shoe Makers

Adrain, Robert, 6 Arthur Street.
Anderson, John, 55 Corporation Street.
Andrews, John, 55 North Street.
Baillie, Isaac, 58 Ann Street.
Barr, Wm., 13 Talbot Street.
Beck, Robert, 38 Shankill Road.
Birnie, Edward, 22 Church Lane.
Black, James, 96 High Street.
Black, James, 26 Ann Street.
Black, William, 51 North Street.
Blake, Mrs., 106 High Street.
Blaney, Neill, 29 Garmoyle Street.
Brown, Robert, 10 Church Lane.
Byrne, James, 94 High Street.
Cinnamond, John & Son, 28&30 High Street.
Collins, E., 50 North Street.
Corry, Robt., 12 Malone Road.
Davis, Chas. N., 24 Castle Place.
Douglas, Robert & Co., 25 North Street.
Dysart, James, 4 Donegall Street.
Ferris, John, 21 Castle Street.
Fleming, Saml., 11 Harmony Place.
Gibson, Wm., 90 High Street.
Green, Samuel, 13 North Queen Street,
Gribben, J., 36 Ann Street.
Hanley, Robert, 132 Cromac Street.
Isdell, John (ladies), 15 Nelson Street.
Jamison, Robert, 11 Castle Street.
Jones, Joshua, 102 High Street and 28 Bridge Street.
Lamb, James, 92 North Street.
Maguire, G., 28 Church Lane.
Maguire, Edward, 34 Church Lane.
Mehaffey, Robert, 121 North Street.
Moore, D., 67 North Street.
Moore, John, 7&11 Church Lane.
Moore, Saml., 4&5 Church Lane.
Mortimer, J. & W., 2 Church Lane.
Mortimer, James, 8 Church Lane.
McAfee, George, 2 Corn Market and 61 Victoria Street.
McAfee, John, 18 Corn Market.
McAuley, B., 90&94 North Street.
McBratney, Alex., 9 Church Lane.
McClure, Robert, 48 Ann Street.
McGuinness, P., 9 North Street.
McKee, John, 94 Corporation Street.
McKearney, Edward, 16 Church Lane.
McKelvey, Robert, 47 Tomb Street.
McKinney, Wm. John, 20 Ann Street.
McKinney, E. & Co., 7 Mill Street.
McLarnon, Patrick, 57 North Street.
McVeigh, Joseph, 101&103 Bradbury Place.
McVicker, Alexander, Northern boot and shoe warehouse, 12 Donegall Place.
O'Neill, Patrick, 111 North Street.
Palmer, Thomas, 6 Church Lane.
Palmer, Wm., 3 Church Lane.
Patrick & Garland, 108 North Street.
Rea, James, 27 North Street.
Reynolds, John, 18 King Street.
Robinson, John, 26 Church Lane.
Sinclair, George, Wellwood Place, Ballymacarrett.
Sinclair, Thomas, 30 Prince's Street.
Smith, John, 32 Waring Street.
Smyth, Samuel, 52 Ann Street.
Somerville, D., 12 Church Lane.
Stewart, William, 19 North Street.
Stewart, Kennedy, 11 Gloucester Street.
Trimble, William, 37 Church Lane.
Whittaker, Joseph, 27 Corn Market.

Brass Founders and Gas Fitters
Those marked (*) are also lead merchants

Anderson & Co., Hamilton Court.
Bruce, Thomas, 7 Academy Street.
Burns, William, 15 Skipper Street.
* Cameron, James, 47 Donegall Street.
* Carlisle & Co., 38 Donegall Street.
Coates, William, 28 Castle Street.
Gibson, Robert, 9 Talbot Street.
Henderson & Winnington, 5 Mill Street.
Law * Co., 9&11 Fountain Street.
McNeill, William, 17 Corn Market.
Magee * Co., 32 Ann Street.
McCann & Garland, 67 Townsend Street.
McCann, James, 53 Hill Street.
Reynolds Brothers, McClenaghan's Court, Mill Street.
* Scully & Shannon, McClenaghan's Court, Mill Street and Talbot Street.
Stewart, Robert, 63 Victoria Street.


Castlebellingham Brewery; office, 12 Police Square; Thomas Marshall, agent.
Dobbin, Clothworthy, 43 Smithfield.
Lewers, Wm., 102&104 Ann Street.
Scott, Edward, 85 Cromac Street.

Brick and Tile Makers.

Brown, Robert, Ferguslie Fire Clay Depot, (works near Paisley), Queen's Quay; T. Fraser, manager.
Moore, John, (patent), Ravenhill.
McCallin, Bernard & Co., 8 Ormeau Road & Canal Quay; works, Coalisland.
McWade, James, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Sloan, Andrew & Co., Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Wallace, James, Ann's Place, Shankill Road.

Brush Makers
Those marked (*) are Trunk makers

Hall, E. & Co., 24 Castle Street.
* Kelly, John, 24 Bridge Street,
* Moore, William, 56 North Street.
* Morrison, Robert, 48 North Street.
Phillips, Henry, 7 Union Street.
Sherrie, W., and gutta percha agent, 16 North Street.

Builders and Carpenters

Adams, John, 55 North Thomas Street.
Agnew, James, 21 Talbot Street.
Anderson & Bell, 67 Durham Street.
Anderson, Wm., 51 Little Patrick Street.
Armstrong, Edwd., Upper Queen Street.
Byrne, Thomas, 54&56 Great George's Street.
Crawford, Samuel, 27 Henry Street.
Connor, John, York Street.
Connor, James, Great George's Street.
Davison, John, 163 Durham Street.
Flemming, Samuel, 22 Antrim Road.
Fullerton, 7 Durham Street.
Fulton, David, 16 Fleet Street.
Garrett, Henry, 1 College Court.
Kent, Archibald, 64 York Street.
Lowen, J. & J., 17&19 York Lane.
Lowry, John, 69&71 Great George's Street.
Maxwell, William, 28 Queen Street.
Moore, James, 53 May Street.
McCracken, James, 73 Devis (Divis) Street.
McCreary, John, 52&54 York Street.
McDowell, Thomas, 132 York Street.
McLaughlin & Harvey, 146 York Street.
McLorinan, Hugh, 46 Institution Place.
McMaster, W. B., 4 Antrim Road.
McMaster, A., 1 Lancaster Street.
McMoran, Saml., Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Purse, Arthur, 106 York Street.
Purse, John, 23&25 Meadow Street.
Ross, John, 104 Great George's Street.
Strachan, John, 204 York Street.
Taylor, Robert, 73 Joy Street.
Wilson, William, 78 Joy Street.

Those marked (*) sell poultry and game.

Bigley, Francis, 51 Mill Street.
Boyd, Michael, 69 Hercules Street.
* Blackwood, C., 20 Corn Market.
Boston, Mrs., 45 Hercules Street.
Boyland, Thomas, 22 Hercules Street.
Brady, Jas., 20&22 Great Edward Street.
Brady, James, Malone Road.
Branagh, David, 17 Hercules Street.
Branagh, Patrick, 15 Hercules Street.
Burke, James, 37 Hercules Street.
Burke, John, 53 Hercules Street.
Burns, James, 11 Hercules Street.
Butler, James, 167 York Street.
Campbell, Hugh, 19 Hercules Place.
Carroll & Donnelly, 31 York Street.
Close, James, 3 Hammond's Court.
Conway, Hugh, 28 Peter's Hill.
Cooney, James, 7 Hercules Place.
Davey, Charles, 19 Hercules Street.
Davey, James, 5&13 Hercules Street.
Davey, James, jun., 25 Hercules Street.
Davey, John, 79&89 Hercules Street.
Davey, William, 41 Hercules Street.
Davey, Loughlin, 21 Hercules Place.
Davey, John, 15 Hercules Place.
Devine, Robert, 29 York Street.
Dickey, R., 10 Great George's Street.
Dinnen, James, 21 York Street.
Dinnen, David, 13 Ormeau Road and 4 Castle Market.
Doherty, Thomas, 40 Cromac Street.
Dunlop, j., 52 Cromac Street.
Fagan, William, 24 Hercules Street.
Ferguson, David, 1 Castle Market.
Ferguson, David, 34 Hercules Street.
Foley, Denis, 35 Hercules Street.
Fox, Patrick, 61 Hercules Street.
Franklin, Charles, 56&83 Hercules Street.
* Franklin, Joseph, 5 York Street.
* Gaffikin, John, 25 Corn Market.
Galagher, William, 20 Hercules Street.
Gordon, John, 64 Hercules Street.
Gordon, Jonathan, 13 Hercules Place.
Hale, Francis, 58 Peter's Hill.
Hamill, Arthur, 43 Rosemary Street & 1 Hercules Street.
Howard, Charles, 55 Hercules Street.
Hunter, Samuel, 169 York Street.
Jelly, Samuel, 67 Hercules Street.
Kavanagh, James, 57 Hercules Street.
Kayes, David, 36 Rosemary Street.
Kelly, Hugh, 15 Donegall Quay.
Logan, David, 219 York Street.
Loughran, John, 38 Corporation Street.
Loughran, J., 99 Upper Peter's Hill.
Magee, J., 3 Hercules Street.
Miller, Thomas, 66 Hercules Street.
Moore, Henry, 59 Hercules Street.
Moore, Hugh, 82 Hercules Street.
Mooney, Patrick, 7 Hercules Street.
Morgan, J. Hiram, 2 Castle Market.
Morrell, John, 75 Hercules Street.
Munce, Andrew, 13 Corn Market.
McAnally, Patrick, 71 Hercules Street.
McAreavy, John, 21 Hercules Street.
McBride, Daniel, 5 Little Patrick Street.
McCloy, William, 131 York Street.
McComish, E., 31 Ormeau Road.
McCosker, John, 73 Hercules Street.
McGovern, John, 31 Hercules Street.
McGuigan, E., 59 Mill Street.
McKee, Patrick, 49 Hercules Street.
McKee, Thomas, 91 Hercules Street.
McKenna, John, 1 Corporation Square.
McMahon, Thomas, 81 Hercules Street.
McMahon, William, 73 John Street.
McQuillan, Edward, 12 Carrick Hill.
McQuoid, Robert, 45 Donegall Street.
McSorley, John, 51 Hercules Street.
Parker, Mrs., 17 Great Edward Street.
Parker, Thomas, 47 Hercules Street.
Rice, James, 85&87 Hercules Street.
Rice, Mrs., 33 Hercules Street.
Roney, James, 29 Hercules Place.
Scott, John, 21 Great Edward Street.
Shaw, Samuel, 39 Hercules Street.
Staunton, Thomas, 190 North Street.
Stewart, Andrew, 26 Great Edward Street.
Stokesberry, C., 109 York Street.
Stokesberry, Wm., 5 Hercules Place.
* Whisker, James, 33 Hercules Place and 50 Rosemary Street.

Butter Merchants

Bailie, Joseph, 14 Butter Market.
Dykes, David, 5 Butter Market.
Erwine, John, 12 Butter Market.
Frazer, James, 7 Butter Market and 17 Great Edward Street.
Gordon, W. J., 27 Church Lane.
Moore, Samuel, 13 Butter Market.
McComb, James, 8 Butter Market.
McConnell, Samuel, York Street and 6 Butter Market.
McCullough, D., 11 Butter Market.
Scott, James, 10 Butter Market.
Smith, John & Thomas, 3 Butter Market & 6 Tomb Street.
Ware, Wm., 57 Great Patrick Street.

Button Blue Manufacturer

       Tucker, Edward, 37 Waring Street.

Cabinet Makers
Those marked (*) are also upholsterers

Bell, Abraham, Music Hall Lane.
Devlin, John, 18 Castle Lane.
Durham, Barry, 23 Thomas Street.
* Edgar, George, 101 York Street.
Gordon, J., 12 & 65 Smithfield.
* Gray, W., 31 Castle Place and 14 William Street South.
* Kelly, Robert, 29 Castle Street.
* Lindsay, James & Co., Ulster Arcade, 18 Donegall Place.
* Longford, Chas., 8 Donegall Place.
Maxwell, James, 41 Donegall Street.
McCappin, Thomas, 53 Joy Street.
Nimack, Joseph, 30 Castle Street.
* Robinson, John, 27 Donegall Street.
* Ruddell, D., 67&68 Smithfield.
Ruddell, Wm., 6,7&51 Smithfield.
* Scott, Thos. & Co., 19 High Street.
* Sloan, Archibald, 33 Castle Place.

Calico Printers

         Clonard Print Works, Falls Road.                                                               Girdwood, Wm., & Co., Oldpark.

Canvas Manufacturers

          Carson, Robert M., Corporation Street.                                                     Ellison & Taylor, Wilson Street.
          Lemon, James, Corporation Square.

Cap Manufacturers

Dixon, Wm., 37 Donegall Street.
Duncan & Thompson, 36 North Street.
Graham, H. & Co., 28 Bridge Street.
Kirsop, Thomas, 12 Bridge Street.
McCaldin, James, 18 Waring Street.
McClusky, John, 14 North Street.
McKittrick, H. J. & Co., 7 High Street.

See Builders and Carpenters

Carpet Warerooms

Girdwood, James, 44 High Street.
Lindsay, James & Co., Ulster Arcade, 18 Donegall Place.
Longford, Charles, 8 Donegall Place.
McCloy, Joseph, 75 Victoria Street.
Staunton, Coates & Co., 9 Donegall Place.

Carvers, Gilders and Picture Frame Makers.

Cuthbertson & Johnston, 200 Agnew Street.
Gaffikin, Robert, 7 Arthur Square.
Glancey, Edward, Rosemary Street.
Magill, James, 7 Castle Buildings, Donegall Place.
Patterson, Joseph, 23 Hercules Place.
Semple, Thos., 39 Little May Street.
Silo, M. & Son, 42 Upper Arthur Street.


Burrows, William, 36 Mill Street.
Byrne, John, 112 North Street.
Campbell, John, 10 Castle Street and 26 John Street.
Crawford, Alexander, 24 Mill Street.
Croft, Joseph, 27 John Street.
Gardner, Thos., 5 Queen's Square.
Geddis, John. 62 Cromac, Street.
Glenfield, Francis, 110 High Street.
Johnson, John, 14 Great Patrick Street.
Lytle, William, 12 Ann Street.
Mahir, Paul, 170 North Street.
Malcolmson, Samuel, 54 North Street.
Moffet, John, 51&53 Ann Street.
Monahan, E. J., 1 Mill Street.
Moore, George, 60 North Street.
Morris, Wm. H., 42&44 North Street.
McAlister, Joseph, 96 North Street.
McCann, James, 11 North Street.
McClinton & Thompson, 53 Academy Street.
McLorinan, John, 24 Mill Street.
McMullan, Matthew, 26 Corn Market.
Roberts, John, 33 Ann Street.
Scott & Cinnamond, 28 Mill Street.
Shaw & Finlay, 31 Ann Street.
Tate, S. & R., 88 Hercules Street.
Warnock, J., 42 Great Edward Street.

Cheese Mongers

Green, J. R. & Co., High Street.
Mark, David, 28 Skipper Street.
Walls, Robert, 6 Hammond's Court.

Chemists, Manufacturing.

Chemical and Felt Works, New Road, Ballymacarrett; Francis Ritchie & Sons, proprietors.
Chemical Works Co., Saltpan Row, Ballymacarrett.
Crawford, Alexander, 26 Mill Street.
Tennant, Chas. & Co., John Street.
Vitriol Works, Lagan Village, Ballymacarrett; William Boyd & Sons, proprietors.

China, Glass and Delf Warehouses.

Buckle, J. T., 11 Donegall Place.
Corry, Mary, 57 Victoria Street.
Dias, Robert, 4 Waring Street.
Greig, William, 50 Victoria Street.
Harkness, Jas., 56,58&60 High Street.
Hogg, Robert & Co., 104 High Street.
McLorinan, H., 41&42 Smithfield.
Wilkinson, Mrs. J. A., 108 High Street.

Civil Engineers and Surveyors.

Barre, W. J., 5 Donegall Square North.
Frazer, James, 80 Ann Street.
Godwin, John.
Hanna, Hugh, 16 Clarendon Place.
Hastings, William, Victoria Street, Town Hall.
Lanyon & Lynn, 1 Upper Queen Street.
Matier, Wm. J., 44 Upper Arthur Street.
Mitchell, Alex., 2 Alfred Street.
Moore, Wm., 29 Chichester Street.
McNea, James, 5 Donegall Street.
Smith, George, (Harbour office)
Smith, John, 21 Joy Street.
Thomson, James, 16 Donegall Place.
Watters, Wm. R., 19 Chichester Street.
Young, Robert, 13 Donegall Place.

Clock and Watch Makers
See also Jewellers and Silversmiths

Carr, Andrew, 24 Corn Market.
Chapman, Benjamin, 64 High Street.
Crozier, James, 174 North Street.
Dilger & Winterhalder, 38 Church Lane.
Fehenbrach, John, 27 Academy Street.
Fullerton, Jane, 70 High Street.
Gilbert, Mrs., 43 High Street.
Gilbert, W. & Son, 15 High Street.
Gribben, Edward, 13 High Street.
Kirner, R., 18 Church Lane.
Lee & Son, 57 High Street.
Lowry, J. & S., 66 High Street.
Moore, F. M., 114 High Street.
McNeilly, Traill & Co., (late Gray), 18 Castle Place.
McNeilly Brothers, 4 Donegall Place Buildings.
Neill Brothers, 23 High Street.
Neill, James, 6 Donegall Place.
Sherrard, H., L. J., & E., Castle Street.
Somerville, John S., 12 Ann Street.
Thompson, John, 41 Rosemary Street.
Wallace, John, 49 High Street.
Wilson, James, 7 High Street.

Clog and Patten Makers

         Clegg, Thomas & Son, 6 Ann Street.                                                          Scarborough, John V., 18 Ann Street.
         Harrison, Thomas, 86 Hercules Street.

Clothes Renovators

         Hayes, Thomas, 53 Castle Street.                                                               McNeill, James, 11 Lancaster Street.
         Kane, John, 42 Millfield.


Albion Cloth Company, 22 High Street.
Arnold, John, 43 High Street.
Ballard, Vincent, 35 Castle Street.
Cowd, J. N., 10 Castle Place.
King, Robert, 21 Donegall Street.
Murray, J. J., 33 Donegall Street.
McCullough, Wm., 75 High Street.
McGee, John G. & Co., (Pantechnetheca) 46,48,50&52 High Street.
McVicker, John & Sons, 3 Donegall Place.
Spackman, Wm., 75 Victoria Street and 116 High Street.
Trotter, James (seaman's), 3 Corporation Square.
Vail, W. K., 12 Donegall Square North.


       Masonic Club, 15 Donegall Place.                                                               Union Club, 9 Castle Buildings.
       Ulster Club, 11 Castle Place.

Coach Factories etc.

Bathurst, Wm., Police Place and Chichester Street.
Carty, David, 40 Castle Street.
Kennedy, John & Son, Montgomery Street.
Kerr, James, 7 Victoria Street.
Miller, W. & Sons, 30 Gloucester Street.
Mulryne, W. & M., 7&9 Montgomery Street.
Waugh & Smith, 22 Chichester Street.
Smyth, Samuel, 65 Donegall Street.

Coal Merchants

Agnew, W. H., 16 Coal Exchange, Queen's Quay.
Barkley, Wm. M., 15 Queen's Square.
Bell & Oulton, Old Custom house Buildings.
Boyd & Fleming, Queen's Quay.
Brannigan, John, 1 Coal Exchange.
Browne, John, 7 Prince's Dock.
Burke, John, 87 Ann Street.
Charley, John & Co., Steam Mill Lane and 49 Donegall Quay.
Craig, Hugh, Queen's Quay.
Doyle, John, 11 Coal Exchange.
Garland, James, 5 Coal Exchange.
George, Thomas, 6 Coal Exchange.
Hill, Robert, 6 Coal Exchange.
Humphrey, R., Coal Exchange.
Kelly, Samuel, 2 Coal Exchange.
Kirkpatrick, Hugh, 7 Coal Exchange.
Kirkpatrick, Wm., Queen's Quay.
Lindsay, Patrick, 8 Coal Exchange.
Massey, Wm., 9 Coal Exchange.
McCully, Robert, 1 Queen's Quay.
McDonald, Michael, 5 Coal Yards, Queen's Quay.
McKibben. John, 12 Coal Exchange.
McTear, G. & Son, 33 Donegall Quay.
Murray, Owen, 4 Coal Exchange.
Quin, Peter, 49 Corporation Street.
Stitt, James, 3 Coal Exchange.
Swan, E. W., Queen's Quay.
Wright, Philip, 10 Coal Exchange.

Commission Merchants and Agents.

Allen, D. J., 5 Skipper Street.
Ash, George, 40 Waring Street.
Atkinson & Johnston, 104 High Street.
Atkinson, Robert, 10 Hill Street.
Beath, J. & J., 2 Donegall Street Place.
Bell & Oulton, Old Custom house Buildings. 
Bragg, Henry, jun., 2 Elliott's Court.
Bristow, E. J. & Co., 29 Donegall Street.
Browne, S., 21 Waring Street.
Bullock, William, 23 North Street.
Clarke, Alexander & Co., 4&6 Great Patrick Street.
Clotworthy & Pinkerton, 36&38 Tomb Street.
Colvil, Auld & Co., 2 Corporation Street.
Corry, W. & Co., 3 Victoria Street.
Crawford, W. & H. Sharman, 14&15 Victoria Chambers.
Crothers, Hugh, 37 Queen Street.
Cunningham, Josias & Co., 41 Waring Street.
De Martelly, E. & A., 79 Ann Street.
Dickson, H. & Co., 40 Victoria Street.
Emerson, William, Donegall Quay.
Erskine & Nicholl, Albert Square.
Ewald, F. G., 1 Donegall Square West.
Folingsby, T. G. & Co., 115 Regent Buildings, Victoria Street.
Forrester, McBride & Co., 5 Waring Street Place.
Gowan, Samuel & Co., 4 Corporation Street.
Greer & Co., 16 Waring Street.
Grimshaw, Christopher, Falls Road.
Hamilton, James & Co., 20 Corporation Street.
Hamilton, Megaw & Thompson, Corporation Street.
Henderson, R. & Son, Donegall Quay.
Henderson, William D. & Sons, Corporation Street.
Heyn, Gustavus, 109 Regent Buildings, Victoria Street.
Hume, Thomas, 28 May Street.
Hunter, John, jun., & Company, 42 Waring Street.
Jamison, Hugh & W., 23 Waring Street.
Jee, Frederick, 80 Ann Street.
Kirker, James C., 40 York Street.
Lamb, J. & Sons, 5 Donegall Street Place.
Love, Henry, 21 Church Lane.
Lowry, Joseph, 23 Waring Street.
Magill, Joseph, 40 Fountain Street.
Marshall 7 Moore, 17 Donegall Quay.
Masterson, Wm. & Co., 5 Skipper Street.
Moncrieff, J. W. & Co., 5 Waring Street.
Miller, William, 5 Skipper Street.
Munster, P. Pl. & Sons, 6 Corporation Street.
Murland, W. & Co., Bridge Street Place.
McCance, H. J. & F., 1 Donegall Square North & 13&15 Calender St.
McClure, Finlay & Co., Corporation Street.
McCollum, Archibald, 22 Skipper Street.
McIlwrath, William, 16&17 Victoria Chambers.
McKee, Joseph, 26 Skipper Street.
McMahon, John, 8 Arthur Street.
McMinn, Francis C., 21 Victoria Chambers.
McMullin, Robert, 4 Elliott's Court.
McMurray, Thomas, 113 Regent Buildings.
McNally, Joseph & Sons, 82 Tomb Street.
Nichol, Henry, 1 Albert Square.
O'Kane, J. & R., 26 Donegall Street.
Pelling, Charles & Co., 5 Thomson's Court.
Penton, Wm. B., 5 Skipper Street.
Pim, G. C. & Co., 43 Donegall Quay.
Pim, John & Son, 20 Waring Street.
Plunket, F., 2 St. Anne's Buildings.
Reid, Henry, 35 Donegall Street.
Reilly, M. J., 11 Victoria Chambers.
Reilly, Val. W., 1 Donegall Square West.
Richardson Brothers & Co., 20 Donegall Place.
Ritchie, John, 93 Victoria Street.
Scott, Hugh J., 10 Thomson's Court.
Scott, J. K., 59 Donegall Street.
Scott, Robert, 9 Commercial Court.
Shaw, Edward & Co., 18 Victoria Chambers.
Taylor, A. O'D., 77 Victoria Street.
Wallace, Thomas, 5 Skipper Street.
Wight, W. J. & Co., 7 Commercial Buildings.


Clokey, T., 86 North Street.
Dobbin, W. (wholesale) 45 North Street.
Frazer, Roderick, 40 Donegall Street.
Graham, J. (wholesale) 59 North Street.
Heaney, Wm., 3&5 Donegall Street.
Linden, William, 16 Corn Market.
McClarnon, Wm., 192 North Street.
McIlroy, Samuel, 143 North Street.
Ogston, Miss, 39 High Street.
Rice, Rose, 17 Hercules Place.
Thompson, Charles, Donegall Place.
Trueman, John, 32 Castle Street.
Walker, David, 19 Bridge Street.
Walker, John, 61 Donegall Street.

Consuls and Vice-Consuls of Foreign Powers

Austria - Hugh Andrews, 1,2,3&4 Victoria Chambers.
Belgium - G. Heyn, vice-consul, 109 Victoria Street.
Brazil - G. Gerald Bingham, Castle Chambers.
Denmark - Paul L. Munster, Chevalier of the Order of the Dannebrog (consul), 6 Corporation Street; Edward F. Munster; vice-consul, 6 Corporation Street.
France - A. Duffin, 28 Waring Street.
Greece - Gustavus Heyn, 109 Victoria Street.
Hanover - J. C. Pinkerton (consul), 36&38 Tomb Street.
Hanseatic - Gustavus Heyn, 109 Victoria Street.
Holland - Gustavus Heyn, 109 Victoria Street.
Mecklenberg - Gustavus Heyn, 109 Victoria Street.
Mexico - W. R. Kamcke, Linenhall.
Oldenberg - Gustavus Heyn, 109 Victoria Street.
Portugal - John Hunter, jun., 42 Waring Street.
Prussia - Gustavus Heyn, 109 Victoria Street.
Russia - Gustavus Heyn, 109 Victoria Street.
Sardinia - J. C. Pinkerton (consul), 36&38 Tomb Street.
Spain - Gustavus Heyn, 109 Victoria Street.
Sweden and Norway - Alfred M. Munster, 6 Corporation Street.
Turkey - Gustavus Heyn, 109 Victoria Street.
Two Sicilies - Gustavus Heyn, 109 Victoria Street.
United States - Theodore Frean (consul), 9 Donegall Square North.

Copper and Tinsmiths

Anderson, J. & W. & Co., 76 Ann Street.
Bloomfield, Edward, John Street.
Coates, William, 28 Castle Street.
Moorehead, A., 15 Pottinger's Entry.
McNeill, William, 17 Corn Market.
Saunders, Thomas, 115 North Street.
Sergison, Wm., 72 Ann Street.
Watters, Thos., 45 Corporation Street.

Cork Cutters

Fullin, John, 38 Hercules Street.
Hamilton, R., 46 Rosemary Street.
Hamilton, Wm., 6 Hercules Street.
Kirwan, Wm., 6 Hercules Street.
Murdoch, John, 15 Hercules Street.
McCormick, Wm., 13 Lancaster Street.

Cotton Spinners

Currell, D., jun. & Co., Linenhall Street.
Lepper, Messrs., Lodge Cotton Mill.
Springfield Cotton Spinning Company; Maurice Lindsay Coates, proprietor; James Robertson, manager.

Cotton Yarn Merchants

Clarke & Drummond, Franklin Street.
Hodgkinson, S. & Co., (agents), James' Street South.
Hunter, John, jun. & Co., 35 Waring Street.

Cutlers and Surgical Instrument Makers

 Bell, Thomas, 15 Corn Market.                                                                      Wilson, William, 3 Skipper Street.

Damask Manufacturers

Andrews, Michael, Royal Damask Factory, Ardoyne.
Blain, James, Hopeton Damask Manufactory, Hopeton Place.
Blain, John, sen., Hopeton Place.
Coulson, James & Co., Lisburn.
Coulson, William, Lisburn.
Roddy, Robert, 18 Donegall Street.


Barnett, Richard, 1 Wellington Place.
Bowden, William, 23 Arthur Street.
Davis, Charles, 32 Arthur Street.
Grattan, J. S., 11 College Square East.
Magee, James, 1 King Street.
Smith, George, 18 Chichester Street.

Dress Makers
See Milliners and Dress Makers

Druggists and Chemists

Blackburn, R. & Co., 89 North Street.
Clarke & McMullan (wholesale), 36&38 Victoria Street.
Curran, Waring, 22 Bridge Street.
Dobbin, William & Co., 18,20,45&47 North Street.
Eakin, William & Co., 52 Donegall Street.
Forrest, Samuel (wholesale), 12 Elliott's Court.
Grattan & Co., 12 Corn Market.
Hall, Alexander & Co., 5 North Street.
Hill, Samuel & Co., 66 Ann Street.
Malcolmson, T., 12 Castle Place.
Marshall, William & Co., 67&100 High Street.
Mayne, Andrew, 75 North Street.
Mercer & Kerr, 38&40 North Street.
Walkington, Edward & Son, 11&13 Rosemary Street.

Dry Salters, Oil and Colour Merchants

Charnock Brothers, 19 Corporation Square.
Crawford, Alexander, 26 Mill Street.
Curran, Waring, 22 Bridge Street.
Dobbin, William & Co., 18,20,45&47 North Street.
Eakin, Wm. & Co., 52 Donegall Street.
Frackleton, John, 42 Church Lane.
Gray, Thomas, North Street.
Haddock, Francis C., 5 Skipper Street.
Hazlett, J. & J., 10 North Street.
Kavanagh, J., 33&35 North Street.
Mercer & Kerr, North Street and 31 Cromac Street.
Moncrieff, J. W. & Co., 5 Waring Street.
McCay, H. & Co., 10 Cotton Court.
McKendry, H. & Co., 6 Waring Street.
Osborne, Samuel, Elliott's Court.
Scott, J. K., agent for J. G. Rathborne, Dublin, 59 Donegall Street.
Tennant, Chas. & Co., 37 John Street.
Walkington, Edward & Son, 11&13 Rosemary Street.


Bateman, David, 10 King Street and 193 York Street.
Bell, Archibald, 29 Arthur Street.
Brown, George (silk), 36 Arthur Street.
Clanny, Hugh, 8 Grosvenor Street.
Cunningham, Mrs (silk), 15 Academy Street.
Donnelly, John, 28 King Street.
Dyer, John, 5 Arthur Street.
Green, Alex., 94 Boundary Street.
Hayes, Thomas, 53 Castle Street.
Kane, John, 42 Millfield.
Maguire, John, 19 Castle Street.
Murray, Robert, 9 Arthur Square.

Electrical and Optical Manufacturer

       Cumine, Jas. A., 168 North Street.

Emigration Agents

Charley & Malcolm, Donegall Quay.
Gowan, Samuel & Co., 4 Corporation Street.
McCrea, Samuel, 37 Waring Street.
McKee, John, 103 Regent Buildings, Victoria Street.
Patterson, Henry, 7 Corporation Street.
Pim, Geo. C. & Co., Donegall Quay.
Warden, Robt. H., 44 Waring Street.

Engravers, Lithographers and Copperplate Printers

Archer & Sons, 27&29 Castle Place.
Diamond & Steen, Elliott's Court.
Hamilton, R., 43&45 Castle Street.
Hill, George L., 9 Castle Street.
Johnston, S., 9 Pottinger's Entry.
Johnston, William, 25 Waring Street.
McCracken, Thomas & Joseph, 8 Donegall Square North.
Smith, J. & T., 33 Castle Street.
Thompson, Robert, 26 Castle Street.
Ward, Marcus & Co., 13 Donegall Place.

See Horse Shoers

Feather Merchants

       Ledley, Samuel, 11 Corn Market.                                                                 McVeigh, William, 13 Church Lane.
       McVeigh, David, 12 Church Lane.

Felt Works

       Anderson, D. & Son, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett.                                   Ritchie, Francis & Son, New Road, Ballymacarrett.

Fish Mongers and Shellfish Dealers

Bradley, Jas., 2 Hammond's Court and 3 Winecellar Entry.
Kane, Thos., Wilson's Court.
Hagan, James, Legg's Lane.
Meenan, Mrs., 9&10 Castle Market.
Simpson, James, 19&21 Pottinger's Entry.

Fish (dried) Merchants

Arrott, Isaac, 34 Waring Street.
Clotworthy & Pinkerton, 36&38 Tomb Street.
Crawford, James, 31 Corporation Street.
Henry, R., 74&76 Tomb Street.
Methuen, James, 28 Tomb Street.

Flax and Tow Merchants

Bell & Borthwick, 35&37 North Street.
Bell, Richard & Co., Donegall Street.
Bernard & Koch, 49 Annette Street.
Burns, B., 48 Fleet Street.
Burns, Jas. & Co., 2 Queen Street.
Connoly, Henry, 13 Eliza Street.
Dickson, Henry & Co., 40 Victoria Street.
Duffin, Chas. & Co., 28 Waring Street.
Ewald, F. G., 1 Donegall Square West.
Finlay, John, 17,19&21 Police Square.
Gamble * Ure, Corporation Street.
Gordon, Isaac, Elliott's Court.
Guthrie Brothers, 7 Commercial Court.
Hunter, J., jun. & Co., 42 Waring Street.
McAuley, Wm., Police Square.
McClelland, Hugh, 14,16&18 Police Square.
McClure, Finlay & Co., 16 Corporation Street.
McIntyre & Patterson, 10 Corporation Street.
Preston, J. & Co., 12 Calender Street.
Richardson Brothers & Co., Corporation Street.
Savage, John, 24 Victoria Street.

Flax Spinners

Bells & Calvert, Whitehouse; 13 Donegall Street.
Boyd, J. & Son, Blackstaff Mill; Durham Street.
Campbell, Henry & Co., Mossley; Castle Buildings.
Charters, G. W. & Co., Bath Place, Falls Road.
Charters, John & Co., Falls Road; Bridge Street Place.
Connswater Flax Spinning Mill, Ballymacarrett.
Cowan, Wm. & Co., Whiteabbey; 3 York Lane.
Craig, A. W. & Co., Falls Road.
Duffin, Charles & Co., Clarence Street; office, 26 Waring Street.
Dunbar, McMaster & Co., Gilford; office, Howard Street.
Emerson, John, Ballysillan, Eliza Street Spinning Company.
Ewart, William & Son, Crumlin Road; 11 Donegall Place.
Gordon & Co., Falls Road.
Gunning & Campbell, Falls Road; The Castle, Castle Place.
Herdman, J. & J. & Co., Winetavern Street; office, 40 Smithfield and Sion Mills, Strabane.
Hind, John & Sons, Durham Street Mills.
Johnston & Carlisle, Brookfield and 32 Donegall Street.
Johnston, Beck & Co., Jennymount Mill, York Road.
Kennedy, Jas. & Son, Falls Road.
Ligoniel Flax Spinning Co., Ligoniel.
Martin, John & Co., Killyleagh, County Down; 29 Ann Street.
Mitchell Brothers, Crumlin Road.
Monkstown Spinning Co., J. T. Carter.
Montgomery, John & Sons, Elmgrove; Corporation Place, Corporation Street.
Moreland Brothers, Loop-bridge Mill, Ballymacarrett; 10 Donegall Street Place.
Murphy, John & Co., Linfield Mill, and 3 Donegall Street Place.
Owen O'Cork Spinning Company, Beer's Bridge; Talbot Street.
Richardson, J. N., Sons & Owden, Bessbrook, Newry; 14 Donegall Place.
Ross & Thompson, Clonard Mill, Falls Road.
Rowan, John & Sons, Milewater Mill, York Road.
Shaw & Houghton, Cellbridge; Victoria Chambers.
Shaw, Joseph, Cellbridge; Victoria Chambers.
Waring & Duncan, Ligoniel Mill.
Weir, Boyle & Co., Dunmurry.
Wolfhill Spinning Co., Wolfhill, Ballysillan.
York Street Flax Spinning Company, office entrance, Henry Street.
Whitehouse Spinning Company.

Flour Merchants

Adams, James, 12 Great Patrick Street.
Alexander, John & Co., Belfast Mills.
Bell, Wm., 87&89 York Street.
Boyd, Thos., 181 North Street.
Clarke, J., 21 Church Lane.
Corry, R. & Co., 145 North Street.
Cowan, James J., 53 Victoria Street.
Davidson, James, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Ferguson, John M., 50 York Street.
Flinn, Patrick, 15 Castle Market.
Gibson, A. M., 26 Victoria Chambers.
Graham, John, 18 Castle Market.
Greer & Co., 16 Waring Street.
Hogg, Wm., stores, 3 Police Place; shop, Ann Street.
Hughes, Bernard, 5 Donegall Place and 71 Donegall Street.
Hume, Thomas, 28 May Street.
Ireland, Robert, 29 Ann Street.
Kennedy, A., 6&8 Castle Market.
Kirker, Archibald, 37 Cromac Street.
Lowes, Susan, 110 North Street.
Macaulay, Jasper & Co., 59 Donegall Quay.
Macaulay, Robert & Son, 59 Donegall Quay and Larne.
Martin, John, 6 Church Lane.
Moffett, George, 7 Gamble Street.
Murphy, Daniel, 35 Corporation Street.
McMurray, T., 113 Regent Buildings.
Owens, Samuel, 29 Great Patrick Street.
Pim, G. C. & Co., 43 Donegall Quay.
Pim, John & Son, 20 Waring Street.
Quigley, Samuel, 20 Cromac Street.
Rice, Edward, 24 Castle Market.
Rice, Mrs., 7 Castle Market.
Shoort, J., 151&153 North Street.
Thompson, James, 61 North Street.

Fruiterers and Green Grocers

Allen, James, 45 Edward Street.
Annesley, W., 1&8 Hammond's Court.
Crummery, D., 125&127 York Street.
Dougherty, Wm., 68 May Street.
Dougherty, John, 5 Victoria Street.
Glasgow, Ann, 12&13 Castle Market.
Kane, Thomas, Hammond's Court.
McDuff, John, 49 Victoria Street.
McRoberts, Hugh, 42 Corporation Street.


       Davis, Charles N., 24 Castle Place.                                                             Sergison, Eliza, 72 Ann Street.

Glass Fitters
See Brass Founders and Gas Fitters

Glass Manufacturers

        Ross, William, Ballymacarrett.

Glue Manufacturer

         Tucker, Edward, 27 Waring Street.

Grain Merchants

Bell, William, 87&89 York Street.
Clarke, Alexander & Co., 4&6 Great Patrick Street.
Clarke, J. & A., 21 Church Lane.
Erskine & Nichol, 7&9 Albert Square and 62 Corporation Street.
Gaussen, T. & C. & Co., 11 Albert Square
Gibson, A. M., 26 Victoria Chambers.
Greer & Co., 16 Waring Street.
Hamilton, Megaw & Thomson, 12 Corporation Street.
Henderson, William D. & Sons, 12 Corporation Street.
Hughes, Bernard, Donegall Place..
Hume, Thomas, 28 May Street.
Macaulay, Jasper & Co., 59 Donegall Quay.
Martin, J., 6 Upper Church Lane.
Moffett, George, 7 Gamble Street.
Murphy, Daniel, 35 Corporation Street.
McAreavy, John, 26 Cromac Street.
McMurray, Thomas, 113 Regent Buildings.
O'Connor, E. & Co., 13 Chapel Lane.
Pim, John & Son, 20 Waring Street.
Pim, G. C. & Co., 43 Donegall Quay.
Quigley, S., 20&22 Cromac Street.
Richardson Brothers & Co., 20 Donegall Place and Corporation St.
Ritchey, James, 5 Short Street.
Ward, James, 1 Murphy's Lane.

Grocers, wholesale.

Addison, William, 15 North Street.
Andrews, Samuel, 33 Victoria Street.
Andrews, William & Co., 15&17 Waring Street.
Ash, George, 40 Waring Street.
Blackburn, Robert & Co., 87&89 North Street.
Boak, A. & Co., 84 Ann Street.
Brown, Corbett & Co., 52 Victoria Street.
Carson, W. & Sons, 14 Corn Market.
Cowan, W., 9&11 Upper Church Lane.
Dickey, A. & Co., 83 Victoria Street.
Dobbin, Wm. & Co., 18,20,45&47 North Street.
Glenn, James, 81 Victoria Street.
Gray, Thomas, 22 North Street.
Green, Forster & Co., 4,6&8 Corn Market.
Hamilton, Hugh & Co., 35 Ann Street.
Harper, Martin, 35 Victoria Street.
Jardin, R. & Co., 30 Waring Street.
Johnston, P. & Sons, 34 Donegall Street.
Johnston, W. J. & Co., 78 Ann Street.
Kavanagh, James, 33 North Street.
Love, Henry, 21 Church Lane.
Lytle, John, 1&3 North Street.
Milligan, Wm. H., 33 Ann Street.
Mullan, Wm., 39&41 Victoria Street.
Murray, G. & Co., 11 Queen's Square.
Musgrave, H. & E., 83&85 Ann Street.
McCausland, S. & Son, 30 North Street.
McConnell, Wm., 7 Skipper Street.
McLaughlin, J. & J., 65 High Street.
Shaw, Thomas, 29 Ann Street.
Wightman, John, 41 Ann Street.

Grocers, Family.

Blackburn, Robert. & Co., 87&89 North Street.
Boucher, Jas., 4 Castle Buildings.
Brown, Corbett, & Co., 52 Victoria Street.
Carson, W. & Sons, 14 Corn Market.
Cochrane, Jas., 1&3 Castle Place.
Corry, James, 90 Ann Street.
Crawford, Thomas, 13 North Street.
Cuming Brothers, 23 Corn Market.
Cuming, J., 55 Donegall Street.
Dobbin, William & Co., 18,20,45&47 North Street and 37 Mill Street.
Forrester, Alex., 8 High Street.
Fisher, Wm., 40 Church Lane.
Gilmer, J. & S., 93&95 York Street.
Gilmore, Wm., 14&16 High Street.
Gray, Thomas, 22 North Street.
Green, Forster & Co., 3 High Street and 77 North Street.
Green, J. R. & Co., 25 High Street.
Halliday, John & Co., 46&48 Castle Street.
Haslett, J. & J., 10 North Street.
Hill, George, 11 High Street.
Hudson, T. & Co., 47 Victoria Street.
Jardin, Robt. & Co., 30 Waring Street.
Kavanagh, James, 33 North Street.
Loughran, Henry, 71 York Street.
Malcolmson & Baker, 26 Castle Place.
Mark, David, 28 Skipper Street.
Mayne, Andrew, 75 North Street.
Meharey, R. & J., 9 Queen's Square.
Murney, Henry & Son, 18 High Street.
Mercer & Kerr, 38&40 North Street.
McCann, John, 20 High Street.
McCullough, Jas., 54 High Street.
McDonnell, John, 54 North Street.
McKenna, John & Sons, 1 York Street and 69&73 Donegall Street.
Ogle, Frederick, 16 Donegall Place.
Pim, E. & G., 27&29 High Street.
Scott & Cinnamond, Mill Street.
Wightman, John, 41 Ann Street.

Grocers, Retail.
Those marked (*) are also Spirit Dealers.

Adams, William, 22 California Street.
Adams, Ann, 9 Rockview Buildings, Shankill Road.
Adair, John, 98 Falls Road.
Alexander, Andrew, 20 Moffet Street.
Allan, Sarah, 20 Bond Street.
* Allen, Alex., 55 Lancaster Street.
Allen, Wm., 32 Grattan Street.
Allen, Elizabeth, 51 Cromac Street.
* Allen, Hugh, Mount Charles, University Road.
Allen, Wm., 32 Grattan Street (second entry)
Anderson, E., 206 Old Lodge Road.
Anderson, Joseph, 125 North Street.
Anderson, Martin, 179 Agnes Street.
Anderson, M., 30 Christopher Street.
Anderson, Thomas, 45 Barrack Street.
Anderson, William, Whitla Street.
Anderson, Wm., 26 Hercules Street.
* Andrews, Jas. G., 62 Earl Street.
Archibald, Wm. C., Fountain Square.
Armstrong, Thos., 6 Charlotte Street.
Bailie, John, 200 York Street.
Bain, William, 70 Ann Street.
* Ball, James, 40 Hercules Street.
Bamford, Sayers, 15 Wellington Street.
Barry, Jas. & Co., 20&22 Prince's Street.
Barry, James, 25 Ann Street.
Beacon, J., 109 Shankill Road.
Beale, G. S., 69 High Street.
Beattie, M. A., 152 Old Lodge Road.
Beatty, Samuel, 2 Falls Road.
* Beatty, Wm., 230 Old Lodge Road.
Bell, Mrs., 39&41 Cullintree Road.
* Bell, Alex, 35&37 Wesley Place.
Bell, A. Sarah, 146 Corporation Street.
Bell, Eliza, 73 Cromac Street.
* Birnie, Edward, 35 Townsend Street.
* Blackburn, James, 27 Mill Street.
Blair, Eliza, 30 Nile Street.
Bowes, David, 143 Sandy Row.
Boyce, Wm., 57 New Lodge Road.
Boyd, M., 5 Berry Street.
* Boyd, Samuel, 67 Lettuce Hill.
Boyle, Hugh, 51 Devis (Divis) Street.
* Bradley, H. & F., 12 Smithfield.
Braithwaite, John, 6 Malone Road.
Brannard, Joseph, 38&40 Alexander Street.
Briggs, R., 78 North Boundary Street.
Brittain, E. F., 9 Kensington Street.
* Brown, Wm., 48 Peter's Hill.
* Brown, John, 105&107 Peter's Hill Upper.
Browne, Daniel, 41 Great Edward Street.
Browne, William, 32 Smithfield.
Bulger, James, 32 Alton Street.
Bunting, Wm., 2,4&6 Lemon Place and 9 Bogan Street, Falls Road.
Burns, John, 117 Millfield.
Burrows, Mrs., 23 Derby Street.
Callan, Luke, 60 Mill Street.
Caldwell, Ann, 75 Devis (Divis) Street.
Cameron, Thomas, 290 Conway Street.
Campbell, Anne, 124 Cromac Street.
Campbell, F., 1 Cinnamond Street.
Campbell, Hugh, 38 Fleet Street.
Campbell, James, 126 Sandy Row.
Campbell, Joseph, 7 Tamworth Place.
Campbell, M., 178 Sandy Row.
Campbell, S. W., 80 Ann Street.
* Canmer, John, Lagan Village.
Carlile Brothers, 2 Townsend Street Upper.
Carlin, Orr, 25 Sandy Row.
Carlin, Owen, 23 Hurst Street.
Carlisle, John, 7 Marlborough Street.
* Carson, Thomas J., Lisburn Road.
* Carson, David, 28 Talbot Street.
* Casey, J., 127&129 North Street.
* Cinnamond, H., 23 Smithfield.
Clarke, A. & Co., 4&6 Great Patrick Street.
Clarke, Ellen, 1 Donegall Pass.
Clarke, Michael, 85 Barrack Street.
Clarke, Thomas, 46 Harding Street.
Cleland, Hans, 1 Stanley Street.
Clements, Wm., 32 Sandy Row.
Close, Anthony, 31 Durham Street.
* Close, James, 142 Nelson Street.
Coburn, William, 1 Coates Street.
Cochrane, D., 89 North Queen Street.
Colburn, Wm., 49 Green Street.
Coleman, L., 72 Barrack Street.
Collier, S., 41 Durham Street.
* Colligan, J., 74 Cullintree Road.
Connolly, John, 25 Arnon Street.
Corry, Robert, North Street.
Corry, James, 90 Ann Street.
Cotter, R., 180&182 Agnes Street.
* Cowan, Andrew, 55&57 Shankill Road.
* Coyle, John, 25 Ormeau Road.
Cooper, Mary Ann, Ballymacarrett.
Craig, Hugh, 91 Cromac Street.
Crawford, Mrs., 35 Berry Street.
* Crawford, Denis, 70 Mill Street.
Crawford, Eliza, 17 Mill Street.
Crickard, William, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
* Croft, Joseph, 18 Garmoyle Street.
* Cron, G., Club Row, Ballymacarrett.
Cross, John, 181 Conway Street.
Crouch, James, 174 Nelson Street.
* Cullen, Hugh, 33 Green Street.
* Cunningham, J. S., 39 Durham Street.
Cunningham, Margt., 37 Devis (Divis) Street.
Cunningham, W., 39 North Queen Street.
* Curran, Elizabeth, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Curren, M., 54 Cinnamond Street.
Daly, James, 36 Earl Street.
* Daly, Mrs., 54 Upper Kent Street.
Daly, Wm., 42 Shankill Road.
Davis, Robert, 76 Peter's Hill.
Davison, Patrick, 23&25 Boyd Street.
Dawson, Isaac, 1 Norwood Street, Great Victoria Street.
Dickson, Wm., 29 Edward Street.
Dickson, John, 42 Albert Street.
Dixon, Miss, 4 Hutchinson Street.
Dobbs, John, 34 Stanfield Street.
Dogherty, Hugh, 39 Hamill Street.
Doherty, Hugh, 92 Joy Street.
Donaldson, Wm., 51 Stanfield Street.
* Donnelly, Edward, 78 Peter's Hill.
Donnelly, James, 67 Barrack Street.
* Dornan, Robert, 11 King Street.
Douglas, W., 57&59 Lonsdale Street.
Douglas, Andrew, 102 Millfield.
Douglas, Wm., 86 Falls Road.
* Downey, James, 32 Academy Street.
Downey, Hugh, 77 Alexander Street West.
* Drake, Richard, Lagan Village.
Drummond, S., 1&3 Leadbetter Street.
Duncan, Eliza, 65 Little York Street.
* Duncan, Nathaniel, 32 Cromac Street.
* Dunlop, A., 17 Tomb Street.
Dunlop, Robert, 33 Edward Street.
Dunlop, S., 29&31 Tomb Street.
Dyer, John, 18 John Street.
Dyer, Elias L., 1 Lemon Street.
Dysart, John, 71 North Street.
Dwyer, Eliza, 28 Falls Road.
Elliott, John, 29 Alton Street.
Elliott, Joseph, 120 North Street.
Ellis, Henry, 25 Brookfield Street.
English, John, 111 Shankill Road.
Erskine, John, 110 Falls Road.
Erskine, Robert, 66 Durham Street.
Evans, George, 69 Smithfield.
Farquhar, John, 37 Frederick Street.
Faulkner, Agnes, 76 Lepper Street.
Fenning, Wm. J., 18 Ross Street.
Ferguson, W. John, 71 Mustard Street.
Finlay, James, 37 Verner Street.
Finlay, Jane, 22 Falls Road.
* Finlay, Joseph, 76 North Queen Street.
Finlay, William, 1 First Street.
* Fitzpatrick, E., 43 New Durham Street.
* Fitzsimmons, J., 126&128 Earl Street.
Fleck, Patrick, 39 Old Lodge Road.
Fleeton, Nathaniel, 80 Brown Street.
Fleming, Wm., 6 Howard Street North.
Fleming, Wm., 38&40 John Street.
Fleming, Robert, 213 Shankill Road.
Forsythe, Charles, Ballymacarrett.
Forsythe, Samuel, Wesley Street.
* Fox, Thomas, 171 York Street.
Frame, Wm., 55 North Queen Street.
Freel, Henry, 35&37 John Street.
Froude, T., 5 Little George's Street.
Fullerton, Henry, 37 Durham Street.
* Galt, Alex., 8 Frederick Street.
Gamble, John, 49 Brown Street.
* Gardner, E., 67 New Lodge Road.
Gaw, Thomas, 29 Stanley Street.
George, Hans, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Gibson, H., 126&128 Falls Road.
Gibson, Samuel, 32 Mill Street.
Gillespie, P., 32 Edward Street.
* Gilmer, J. & S., 93&95 York Street.
Gilmore, Daniel, 20 Pilot Street.
* Gilmore, Hugh, 160 North Street.
* Gilmore, Robert, 19 Ann Street.
Ginn, J., 92 Cromac Street.
Girvan, Gaw, 34 Earl Street.
Girvan, J., 76 Carrick Hill.
Girvan, Thomas, 50 Peter's Hill.
Girvan, Wm., 21 Little Patrick Street.
Glenn, Alexander, 71 Durham Street.
Gordon, John, Willow Street.
Gordon, Robert, 70 Tomb Street.
Gordon, Thomas, 19 Nile Street.
Gorman, Jas., Club Row Lane, Ballymacarrett.
Gourley, W., 41&43 McAuley Street.
Graham, Patrick, 68 Millfield.
Graham, Hugh, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Graham, R., 34&36 Prince's Street.
Green, Alex, 94 Boundary Street.
Green, John, 16 Millfield.
Green, Samuel, 23 Melbourne Street.
Greer, William, 49 Edward Street.
* Greenfield, Isabella, Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett.
Griffith, James, 57 Stephen Street.
* Guy, Wm. & Alex., 5&7 Little Donegall Street.
* Haddock, Wm., 15&17 Ann Street.
Hagarty, Mrs. S., 48 Old Lodge Road.
Hanna, Charles, 148 Corporation Street.
Hanna, James, 2 Lemon Street.
Hanna, John, 26 Falls Road.
Hanna, Robt., Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Harper, R., 13 Little George's Street.
Harvey, Thomas, 36 Great Edward Street.
Haslett, Jas., 8&10 Shankill Road.
* Hassard, Richard, 2 Millfield.
Hatton, Owen, 97 Shankill Road.
Haworth, Giles, 9 Falls Road.
Hawthorn, Catherine, 28 Verner Street.
Hayes, William, 36 Welsh Street.
* Heaney, John, 142 Millfield.
* Heaney, Wm., 57 Durham Street.
Henderson, Eliza, 91 Bradbury Place.
Henderson, Russell, 21 Sarah Street.
Hennesy, J., 33 Little George's Street.
Henry, Madeline, 4 Skipper Street.
Henry, Patrick, 72 Henry Street.
Henry, Wilson, 25 Carrick Hill.
* Herald, Alexander, 72 Donegall Street and 2&4 John Street.
Herdman, Samuel, 31 Great Patrick Street.
Heron, John, 170 Shankill Road.
Heron, Wm., 48 Great Patrick Street.
* Heron, E., Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Herron, Mrs., 159 Nelson Street.
Higgins, J., Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Hilland, Robert, 25 Barrack Street.
Hilland, R., 64&66 North Queen Street.
Hogg, William, 30 Ann Street.
Hogg, William, 21 Church Street.
Holden, Margaret, 1 Clarendon Street, Ballymacarrett.
Houston, Robert, 30 Cromac Street.
Houston, John, 70 Verner Street.
Houston, Samuel, 25 Melbourne Street.
* Howard, Wm., 61 Little Patrick Street.
Hoy, Peter, 51 Albert Crescent.
Hughes, James, 72 Sandy Row.
Hughes, James, 32 Williams' Place.
* Hughes, Peter, 45 Gardiner Street.
Hughes, Wm., 26 Sackville Street.
Hughes, William, 39 Wilson Street.
Hughes, M., 30 May Street.
Hughes, Mrs., 14 Skipper Street.
Humphrey, John, 8 Brown's Square.
* Hunter, Ann, 84 Vere Street.
Hunter, Eliza, 60 Cromac Street.
Hunter, William, 21 Park Street.
Hunter, William, 27 Arnon Street.
Ireland, John, 82 Market Street.
Jackson, Agnes, 12 Christopher Street.
Jackson, Margaret, Ballymacarrett.
Jefferson, Thomas, 2 Sackville Street.
* Johnston, A., 2 Lagan Street.
Johnston, P., 42 Cullintree Street.
Johnston, John, 164 York Street.
Johnston, J., 31 New Lodge Road.
Johnston, Richard, 1 Athol Street.
Johnston, J., 138 North Street.
Johnston, Saml., 73 Hopeton Place.
Jones, J., Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
* Jones, Jane, 63 Cromac Street.
* Kearney, J., 35&37 Peter's Hill.
Keenan, Patrick, 82 Barrack Street.
Keenan, Wm., 59 Mustard Street.
Kelly, F., 204 North Street.
Kelly, Hugh, 50 Union Street.
Kelso, Alex., 136 Old Lodge Road.
Kennedy, Mary, 78 Cromac Street.
* Kennedy, Mrs., 35 Alexander Street.
Kernaghan, Wm., 15 Great Patrick Street.
Kerr, Wm., 58&60 Union Street.
* Kerr, Hanna, 18 Peter's Hill.
Kerr, Thos., 38 Cullintree Road.
* Kerr, John, 18 Smithfield.
Kidd, A., 30 Sandy Row.
Kilpatrick, Catherine, 86 Cromac Street.
* King, Robert, 1&3 Nile Street.
King, William, 43 Devis (Divis) Street.
* King, W., 31&33 Cullintree Road.
* KInney, Felix, 11 Durham Street.
* Kinning, Margaret, Beer's Bridge Place, Ballymacarrett.
Kinsella, Martin, 44 Milford Street.
* Kirk, R. D., 176 York Street.
* Kirker, John, 38 Great George's Street.
Kirkpatrick, A., 16 Brookfield Street.
Kirkpatrick, Chas., 19 Queen's Square.
* Kirkpatrick, Jas., Ballymacarrett.
Kirkpatrick, Margaret, 165 York Street.
Kirkpatrick, M., 83 Shankill Road.
Lappin, Wm., 49 Bow Street.
Larmour, Matthew, 11 Spencer Street.
* Lavery, Henry, 47 Stanley Street.
Lee, Henry, 41 Samuel Street.
Lemon, John, 14 Short Strand.
Lindsay, Wm., 13 Lagan Street.
Lockhart, John, 210 Shankill Road.
* Loughran, H., 2&4 Peter's Hill
Loughlin, Wm., 31&33 Devis (Divis) Street.
Lynas, Robt., 115 Bradbury Place.
Madden, H., Antrim Road.
Magee, C., 73 Little York Street.
Magee, Daniel, 27 Old Lodge Road.
Magee, J., 110&112 Milford Street.
Magee, T., 152&154 Nelson Street.
Magee, Mrs., 20 John Street.
Maginnis, Mary, 139 Millfield.
Mairs, J. & A. T., 2 Boyd Street.
Mairs, J. & A. T., 14&16 Peter's Hill.
Mairs, James, 124 North Street.
Malcolmson, A. J., 117 Carrick Hill.
* Mallen, Hugh, Crimea Street.
Marks, Sarah, 64 Boyd Street.
Martin, Ann, 1&3 Wilson Street.
Martin, James, 87 Bradbury Place.
Martin, Mrs., 19 Grace Street.
Mawhinney, Mrs., 41 Frederick Street.
Maybin, Hugh, 15 Garmoyle Street.
Meek, Moses, 13 New Durham Street and 48 Great Edward Street.
Mercer & Kerr, 31 Cromac Street.
* Miller, James C., Crumlin Road.
* Miller, James, 1 Agnes Street.
* Miller, Thomas, 46 Eliza 
Miller, Robert, 20 Fountain Street.
Miller, Mary, 7 Fountain Street.
Milliken, J. H., 66 Cromac Street.
Miskimon, Robert, 28 Robert Street.
Mitten, John, 54 Henry Street.
Moffatt, Wm., 78 Sandy Row.
Mogey, James, 22 California Street.
Molloy, Wm. John, 59 Boundary Street.
* Montgomery, Jas., 112 Falls Road.
* Montgomery, J., 1&3 Balaklava Street.
Moore, B., 195 Conway Street.
Moore, Thomas, 3 Brown Square.
Moreland, Margaret, 38 Henry Street.
Moreland, Samuel, 82 Peter's Hill.
Morrison, H., 5 Green Street.
* Morrison, James, 56 Cromac Street.
Mulgrave, Samuel, 5 Welsh Street.
Mulholland, John, 41 Gilford Street.
Murdock, John, 24 Little Patrick Street.
Murphy, Alexander, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Murphy, C., 30 Little May Street.
* Murphy, John, 2 Mill Street.
* Murphy, Jane, 117&119 North Queen Street.
Murray, Charles, 106 Henry Street.
Murray, Henry, 118 Falls Road.
Murray, Owen, 28 Green Street.
Murray, O., 18 North Thomas Street.
Murray, Wm., 38&40 West Street.
McAnally, Felix, 61 Cullintree Road.
McBratney, Wm., 91 North Street.
McBride, W., 28 Corn Market.
McBurney, T., 80 Northumberland Street.
McCahin, Robert, 21 Cullintree Place.
* McCammon, Agnes, 27 Park Street.
* McCartney, Thos., 6 Little George's Street.
McClements, H., 72&74 Peter's Hill.
McClintock, Wm., 65 Lancaster Street.
McCloskey, Wm., Lower Kent Street.
McCluskey, H., 23 Union Street.
McClure, Martha, Ballymacarrett.
McConkey, John, 83 Durham Street.
McConnell, Mary, 92 Union Street.
McComb, Mrs., 78 Old Lodge Road.
McCormick, Jas., 12 Garmoyle Street.
McCormick, D., 55 Pound Street.
McCormick, John, 17 Smithfield.
McCormick, T., Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
McCormick, Thos., 23 Prince's Street.
McCormick, Jas., 12 Garmoyle Street.
* McCorry, C., 9 Boundary Street.
McCoy, Kendrick, 21 Mustard Street.
McCrea, Robert, 80 Cromac Street.
McCready, John, Lagan Village.
McCrum, Sarah, 9 North Queen Street.
McCullough, Mary, 63 Cullintree Road.
* McCullough, Joseph, 2 Grosvenor Street and 137 Durham Street.
McDonald, Peter, 2 Hartley Street.
McDowell, John, Lagan Village.
McDowell, J., 49 Little George's Street.
McDowell, J., 18 Howard Street North.
McDowell, John, 34&36 Joy Street.
* McDowell, J., 2 Second Street.
McDowell, John, 82 Cullintree Road.
McDowell, Alex., 17 Hamill Street.
McEntee, Francis, 42 Hercules Street.
McEvoy, Mary J., 34 Barrack Street.
* McGarry, J., 41&43 Lancaster Street.
McGeown, Neill, 32 McTier Street.
McGimpsey, John, 133 North Street.
McGinley, John, 44 Falls Road.
* McGlade, Bernard, 2 Little Patrick Street and 27 York Street.
* McGlade, Bernard, 34 Edward Street.
* McGlade, F., 48&50 Cromac Street.
McGlade, J., 138 Upper Peter's Hill.
McGlone, Pat., 5 New Durham Street.
McGowan, Anthony, 33 Boundary Street.
McGowan, John, 49 Cullintree Road.
McHenry, Patrick, 46 Milford Street.
McIlroy, B., 12 Hamill Street.
* McIlroy, G. & H., 86 Durham Street.
McIlroy, William, 1 Park Street.
* McIlroy, W., 136 North Street.
McKeag, Andrew, 14&16 Alexander Street.
McKee, Elizabeth, 7 Ann Street.
* McKenna, J. & John, 19 Lagan Street.
* McKenna, James, 58 Talbot Street.
* McKenna, James, 24&26 Verner Street.
* McKenna, John, 45 Academy Street.
* McKenna, John, 2 Charles Street.
McKenzie, E., 8 Arthur Square.
McKeown, Arthur, 130 Carrick Hill.
McKeown, Hugh, 189 North Street.
McKeown, J., 107 North Street.
McKeown, Rose, 35 Millfield.
* McKeown, James, 24 Millfield.
McKeown, Patrick, 140 Peter's Hill.
* McKibben, Jas., Cupar Street, Falls Road.
McKibben, Alex., 137 Nelson Street.
McKibben, Hugh, 51 Victoria Street.
McLaverty, Arthur, 149 Nelson Street.
McLea, James, 17 Berry Street.
McLean, Robert, 29 Grattan Street.
McLoughlin, Catherine, 26 Little George's Street.
McMeekan, Samuel, 64&66 Milford Street.
McMillan, James, Lagan Village.
McMorran, M., Gooseberry Corner, Ballymacarrett.
McMullan, M., 10 Henrietta Street.
McMullan, Ann, 126 Conway Street.
McMullan, Alex., 1 Ormeau Road.
* McNamee, P., 26 Verner Street.
* McParland, John, 28 John Street.
McPeake, Eliza, 32 Charlemont Street.
McQuade, A., 35 Mustard Street.
McStay, Wm., 70 Smithfield.
* McTear, John, 37 Corporation Street.
McVeagh, H., 202 Shankill Road.
* McVogue, Michael, 10 Durham Street.
* McWade, Ann, 48 Union Street.
Nelson, John, 63&65 Fourth Street.
* Nelson, A., Antrim Road.
Neill, Joseph, 44 Great George's Street.
Neill, James, 35 Boundary Street.
Neill, Abraham, 6 Shankill Road.
Newell, Hamilton, 64 Sandy Row.
Nicholl, Edward, 16 Russell Street.
Nicholson, Mark, 73 Carrick hill.
Nolan, William, 52 Hercules Street.
* Noon, Henry, 54 Mill Street.
Norris, James, 61 Alexander Street.
Norris, Jas., 114 Great George's Street.
* O'Brien Brothers, 41 Barrack Street.
O'Brien, John, 10 Barrack Street.
O'Hara, Owen, 70 Hercules Street.
O'Neill, Charles, 63 Lancaster Street.
O'Neill, Constantine, 54 Falls Road.
* O'Neill, Daniel, 23 Marlborough Street.
* O'Neill, J., 37 Falls Road.
* O'Neill, Mrs., 31 Smithfield.
O'Neill, James, 151 Shankill Road.
* O'Neill, Rose, 27 Devis (Divis) Street.
Orr, Edward, 225&227 York Street.
Orr, William, 74 North Queen Street.
Orr, Mrs., 144 Peter's Hill.
* Palmer, Alex., 77 Peter's Hill.
Park, William, 20 Hutchinson Street.
Parker, John, 27&29 Charlemont Street.
Patterson, F., 2 Linfield Road.
Patterson, John, 188 Old Lodge Road.
Patterson, Samuel, 2 Dock Street.
* Patton, Michael, 13 Gamble Street.
* Patton, Archibald, Ballymacarrett.
* Pelan, James, 100 Durham Street.
* Phillips, John, 48 Devis (Divis) Street.
Phillips, J., 1 Townsend Street.
Pigot, John, 27 Barrack Street.
Pollock, Sarah, 114 Sandy Row.
Potts, John, 116 Carrick Hill.
* Powell, Mrs., 109 Peter's Hill.
Prenter, R., 19 Lancaster Street.
Priestly & McKeown, 16 Townsend Street.
Purdy, Joseph, 122 Falls Road.
* Purse, Henry, 48 Henry Street.
Pyper, H., 8 John Street.
Pyper, Thomas, 143 North Street.
* Quinn, Hamilton, 2&4 Craig Street and 11 Falls Road.
Quinn, Thomas, 1 Murphy Street.
Quirey, Margt., 63 North Thomas Street.
* Rafferty, George, 48 Barrack Street.
Rafferty, Jane, 10 Bank Lane.
Rafferty, Mrs., 24 Little Corporation Street.
Rainey, George, 31 Henrietta Street.
Rea, Hugh, Ballynafeigh.
Rean & Stephenson, 15&17 Green Street.
Reid, Elizabeth, 138 Corporation Street.
Rice, Edward, 105 Bradbury Place.
Ritchie, James, 119 New Lodge Road.
Ritchie, R., 11 Nile Street.
Robinson, Henry, 66 New Lodge Road.
Robinson, J., 87 Corporation Street.
* Robinson, N., 13 Trafalgar Street.
Robinson, Eliza Ann, 8 Park Street.
* Rogan, Aaron, 2 Barrack Street.
* Rogan, Jas., 10 Little George's Street.
Rogers, Alex., 2&4 Melbourne Street.
Rollins, George, 50 Mill Street.
Ross, James, 5 Eliza Street.
Ross, William, 28 Sackville Street.
Rowan, Wm., 51 Union Street.
Rowley, A., 8&10 Cargill Street.
Rundall, George, 212 Agnes Street.
Russell, M., 6 North Thomas Street.
Russell, Nelson, 78 Carrick Hill.
* Russell, Robert, 16&18 Nelson Street and 41 Little Patrick Street.
* Russell, Wm. J., 84 Peter's Hill.
* Russell, Ralph, 108 Millfield
Rutherford, John, 23 Ormeau Road.
* Savage, James, 33 Alexander Street.
* Savage, John, 158 Peter's Hill.
Scott & Co., 2 Brookfield Street.
Scott, A., 199 Agnes Street.
* Scott, Christian, 112 Nelson Street.
Scott, James, 38 Ann Street.
* Scott, Mary, 61 Sandy Row.
* Scott, Mrs., 41 Trafalgar Street.
* Scullion, John, 30 North Thomas Street.
Service, E., 10 Little Patrick Street.
Shanks, Thos., 27 Stanley Street.
Skillen, Robert, 171 Nelson Street.
Simpson, Thomas, Ballynafeigh.
Sinclair, Wm., 2 Abbey Street.
Sloan, T., Gooseberry Corner, Ballymacarrett.
Smith, Thos., 2 Bilton Court.
Smith T., 15 Leadbetter Street.
Smith, Eliza, 65 Old Lodge Road.
* Smyth, F., 33&35 Stanfield Street.
Somersett, H., 20&22 Nelson Street.
Steele, Thomas, 40 Christopher Street.
Stevenson, J., 49 Old Lodge Road.
Stevenson, Robt., 51 Bentinck Street.
Stewart, James, 22 John Street.
* Stewart, John, 41 Wall Street.
Stewart, Saml., 246 Old Lodge Road.
* Taylor, John, 27 Ormeau Road.
Thom, Wm., 19&21 Nelson Street.
Thomson, Robert, 28 Gardner Street.
Thompson, W. J., 115 North Queen Street.
Thompson, W., 60 Alexander Street West.
* Thompson, E. & A. S., 24 Garmoyle Street.
* Thompson, G., Ballymacarrett.
* Thompson, J., 14 Garmoyle Street.
* Thompson, Mrs., 42 Hill Street.
Thompson, James, 30 May Street.
Tinsley, Thos., Rockview Buildings.
Toman, S., 44 Ann Street.
Trimble, James, 112 Conway Street.
Tucker, David, 70 Millfield.
Twigley, James, 25 Gardiner Street.
Wallace, Jane, 47 Great Patrick Street.
Walker, Hanna, 67 Peter's Hill.
Walker, John, 37 Union Street.
Walker, Thos., 71 Old Lodge Road.
Walsh, James, 19 Boundary Street.
Ward, James, 67 Verner Street.
Waring, James, 27 Cullintree Road.
Warwick, S., 54 Peter's Hill.
Watters, Allen, 5 Corporation Street.
Waters, Miss, 104 Corporation Street.
Watson, Mrs., 63 Sandy Row.
Watson, Wm., 47 Talbot Street.
Watt, Bros., 156 Upper Peter's Hill.
Watt, J. & W., 60 Ann Street.
Watt, T. & W., 99 North Street.
Watt, Wm. & Co., 72 Mill Street.
West, E. A., 51 Verner Street.
* Wethered, Geo., 19 Cromac Street.
Wherry, 58 Mill Street.
* White, W., 121&123 Shankill Road.
* Williams, E., 6 Sandy Row.
Wilkinson, John, 10 Pilot Street.
Williamson, Robert, 87 Barrack Street.
Williamson, R., 34 New Durham Street.
Wilson, Hans, 103 New Lodge Road.
Wilson, John, 6 Peter's Hill.
* Wilson, Mrs., 20 Ship Street.
Wilson, Wm., 74 Great George's Street.
Wilson, George, 29 Barrack Street.
Withers, James, 16 Barrack Street.
Woods, James, 59 John Street.
Woodside, A., 46 Little Corporation Street.
* Wright, Wm., Upper Peter's Hill.
Wright, J., 46&48 McTier Street.

Gun and Pistol Manufacturers

        Braddell, Joseph, 17 Castle Place.                                                              Neill, John, 82 High Street.

Gunpowder Merchants

        Brown, Corbett & Co., 52 Victoria Street.                                                   Murney, Henry & Son, 18 High Street.


Arnold, Jane, 1 Great George's Street.
Arnott, J. & Co., 7,9,11,13&17 Bridge Street.
Boucher, James, 126 North Street.
Brown, Mary A., 105 North Street.
Bruce, M. & E., 24 Castle Place.
Campbell, W. H. & J., 88 Ann Street.
Canning, J., 117 Upper Peter's Hill.
Clarke, James, 69 North Street.
Cleland, Mrs., 27 Peter's Hill.
Coffey, Jane, 9 Skipper Street.
Colvin, Richard, 23 Castle Street.
Crawford, A. & Co., Donegall Street.
Crossett, Mrs., 66 Donegall Street.
Devlin, John, 100 North Street.
Dickens, O., 147 North Street and 40 Great Edward Street.
Dickson, Wm., 6 Unity Street.
Dumphy, Patrick, 135 North Street.
Edgar, S. & Son, 5 Arthur Square.
Faulkner, Agnes, 76 Lepper Street.
Finlay, J. & E., 24 Waring Street.
Fox, William, 84&86 High Street.
Gemmill, Geo., 44 Great Edward Street.
Gillespie, Alex., 42 Church Street and 65 North Street.
Greenfield, John, 76 High Street.
Griffith, M., 101 North Street.
Hardy, Thomas & Son, 35&37 High Street.
Hassard, R., 3 Barrack Street.
Hawkins, Robertson & Co., Bank Buildings.
Hazelton, Mrs., 22 Ann Street.
Hennessy, Margaret, 84 North Street.
Hepburn, Jane, 56 Ann Street.
Lindsay, James & Co., Ulster Arcade, 18 Donegall Place.
Lindsay Brothers (wholesale), 1 Donegall Place.
Mackenzie, Robert, Scotch House, 34,36&38 High Street.
Macoun, Geo., 23&25 Castle Place.
Maginn, Teresa, 135 North Street.
Martin, Miss M., 123 North Street.
Millen, Wm., 8 Castle Place.
Moore, Samuel, 46&48 North Queen Street.
Mulholland, J., 95 North Street.
McCalla, Mary, 62 North Street.
McCallum, Jas., 2 Castle Buildings.
McCamley, John, 66 Nelson Street.
McCormick, A., 129 Pennington Place.
McGeagh, R. T. & Co., (wholesale), Castle Place.
McGonigal & Mack (wholesale), 21 High Street.
McHugh, B. & E., (wholesale), 12 Rosemary Street.
McKeown, Francis, 44 Donegall Street.
O'Here, James, 40 Church Lane.
Ramsey, Sinclair, 12 Hill Street.
Reid, Wm., 73 High Street.
Riley, Wm., 46 North Street.
Robb, J. & Co., 15 Castle Place.
Scotland, A., 25 College Street.
Taylor, Joseph, 85 Bradbury Place.
Thompson, Alice, 27 Great Edward Street.
Ware, Richard, 116 North Street.
Wilson, Thos. & Co., 32 High Street.

Hackle and Gill Makers

       Cocker, John & Co., from Sheffield, 6&8 Harding Street.                         Ward & Hodgkinson, 17 Hill Street.
       Purkis, J. & Co., 3&5 Marquis Street.

Those marked (*) are also Wig Makers and Perfumers.

Adams, Wm., 67 Union Street.
Clotworthy, J., 12 Gamble Street.
* Galbraith, Robt., 11 High Street.
Graham, John, 62 Ann Street.
* Guion, C., 4 Castle Place.
Hall, J., 23 York Street.
Hamill, Jas., 9 Hercules Street.
Herron, Robert, 3 Ann Street.
* Main, Alex., 39 Donegall Street.
* Matthews, Wm., 106 North Street.
Mawhinney, Jas., 8 Hercules Place.
McAuley, Patrick, 57 Cromac Street.
McCann, James, 6 Arthur Square.
McCartin, E., 9&11 Castle Lane.
McDonnell, David, Prince's Street.
McLarnon, James, 10 Gamble Street.
* Rannigan, B., 22&24 Castle Lane.
Rea, Alex., 24 Great Edward Street.
Rea, James, 62 May Street.
* Shaw, Robert, 19 Castle Place.
Simpson, Wm., 36 Great Patrick Street.
Smith, John, 103 Union Street.
Thompson, Geo., Hammond's Court.
Woods, Wm., Hammond's Court.

Hardware Merchants and Ironmongers

Brown, David, 35 Castle Place.
Calwell & Co., 14 Waring Street.
Campbell, B., 10&16 Smithfield.
Campbell, B. & J., 17 Smithfield.
Currie, Hugh, 72 High Street.
Gilmore, John, 15 Church Lane.
Greer, J., 67 Donegall Street.
Meharg & Beck, 20 Castle Street.
Mitchell, D., 14&16 Castle Street.
Musgrave Brothers, 59&63 High Street and 81 Ann Street.
McNeill, Wm., 17 Corn Market.
Patterson, R. & D. J., 40 High Street.
Riddell & Co., 21 Donegall Place and 42&44 Fountain Street.
Sherrard, H., L. J., & E. F., 42,44 and 47 Castle Street.

Hatters etc.
Those marked (*) are also Manufacturers

Albion Cloth Co., 22&24 High Street.
Arnold, John, 45 High Street.
* Berry, Edward, 5 Bank Lane.
Bickerton, James, 9 Castle Place.
Crossley, Charles, 32 York Street.
Ferguson, Nathaniel, 18 Bridge Street.
Graham, H. & Co., 30 Bridge Street.
Hanson, W. M., 16 Bridge Street.
* Holmes, Thomas, 25 Hill Street and 29 Rosemary Street.
King, Robert, 21 Donegall Street.
Kirsop, T., 12 Bridge Street.
Magill, Robert, 1 Castle Buildings.
* McCaldin, James (hat and cap), 18 Waring Street.
McCann, Thomas, 41 High Street.
McCluskey, John, 14 North Street.
McCullough & Totten, 53&55 High Street.
McCullough, J., 88&90 High Street.
McGee, John G. & Co., (Pantechnethecal), 46,48,50&52 High Street.
McVicker, John & Sons, 3 Donegall Place.
Savage, Thomas, 48 Rosemary Street.
* Shaw, Samuel, 10 Orr's Entry.
Spackman, Wm., Victoria Street.
Steele, John, 7 Donegall Street.
Trainor, Wm., 20 Bridge Street.
Waring, Robert, 1 Donegall Street.
Wilson & Woods, 68 High Street.

Hide Merchants
See Leather Merchants; also Tanners.

Horse Bazaars

        King, James, 108 Donegall Street.                                                              Robson, John, 33 Chichester Street.
        Long, Robert, Castle Yard.                                                                            Smyth, Denis, 31 Great Edward Street.
        McKenna, Wm., 26 May Street.

Horse Shoers and Blacksmiths

Adams, A., Donegall Pass End.
Armstrong, John, 104 York Street.
Bradley, Henry, 46 Spencer Street.
Brown, John, 5 George's Lane.
Campbell, John, 10 Prince's Street.
Clawson, Caston, 44 Spencer Street.
Dickie, James, 15 Police Square.
Dickie, J. W., 35 May Street.
Downing, John, 10 Keegan Street.
Lynas & Burns, Bridge End.
Monaghan, John, 59 Verner Street.
McCartney, John C., 6 Garmoyle Street.
McClelland, Robert, Union Street.
McCourt, James, 61 York Street.
McDermott, Matthew, 5 Seymour Street.
Porter, John, 64 Great Patrick Street.
Wilson, James, 38 York Street.

Hosiers and Glovers

Arnott, J. & Co., Bridge Street.
Ferguson, N., 18 Bridge Street.
Greenfield, John, 76 High Street.
Hardy, Thomas & Son, 35&37 High Street.
Hawkins, Robertson & Co., Bank Buildings.
Kyle, G. W., 21,23&25 Bridge Street.
Lindsay, James & Co., Ulster Arcade, Donegall Place.
Magill, Robert, 1 Castle Buildings.
Mitchell & Walker, 3 Donegall Place Buildings.
McCallum, Jas., 2 Castle Buildings.
Reid, William, 73 High Street.
Trainor, Wm., 20 Bridge Street
Wilson, Thos. & Co., 32 High Street.

Hotels etc.

Adams, Mrs., Queen's Arms, 75 Donegall Street and 2 York Street.
Bambridge, A., 6 Sugarhouse Entry.
Bowen, Matthew, Royal Hotel, 27 Donegall Place.
Dale, Wm., Hotel, 15 Henry Street.
Davis, George, Plough Hotel, 5&9 Corn Market.
Dunlop, D., Thistle Hotel, 1 Arthur Square.
Echlin, P., Commercial Hotel, Commercial Buildings.
Farrell, Thomas, Victoria Hotel, 12 Waring Street.
Gordon, George, North Star Inn, 68 North Street.
Gunn, Mrs., Vine Hotel and Tavern, 3 Corporation Street.
Hurst, Dr. C., Imperial Hotel, 10 Donegall Place.
Irish, Charles, Cumberland Hotel, 21&23 Queen's Square.
Mantel, James, Eglinton Arms, 77 High Street.
McDonald, David, Caledonian Hotel, 19 Gamble Street.
O'Hanlon, T., Ulster Railway Hotel and Tavern, 6 Great Victoria Street.
Robinson, Mrs., Commercial Boarding House, 29 North Street.
Smyth, Herbert, Hargrave's Commercial Boarding House and Hotel, 56 Victoria Street.
Spotten, Mrs., Temperance Hotel, 22 Rosemary Street.
Taylor, G., Albion Hotel, 69 York Street.
Watson, Jas., Dublin and Armagh Hotel, 4 Great Victoria Street.

House, Rent and Land Agents

Ball, John, 6 Hughes' Buildings.
Beattie, William & Son, 19 Rosemary Street.
Bingham, G. G., 14 Castle Chambers.
Brown, E., 3 Cargill Street.
Campbell, Samuel, 44 Mill Street.
Carolan, James, 16 Chichester Street.
Dargan, Mrs., 7 Castle Street.
Ferris, Wm., 10 Townsend Street.
Gaffikin, Arthur C., 32 Castle Lane.
Giltenan, Edward B., 6 Spamount.
Hartley, William, 1 The Castle.
Humphrey, E., 1 North Boundary Street.
Kennedy, John, 41 Arthur Street.
McAlister, Mrs., 111 Regent Buildings, Victoria Street.
McCluny, Henry, 21 Waring Street.
McMahon, John, 8 Arthur Street.
Nelson, Wm., 102 Donegall Street.
Patton, G., 150 Corporation Street.
Porter, John, Hamilton's Court.
Reid, J. & E. C., 17 Chichester Street.
Sherrard, Connolly, 14 Calender Street.
Simms, William, Linenhall.
Small, John, 21 Waring Street.
Vincent, Samuel, 33 Arthur Street.
Ward, Chas. H., 11 Mill Street.

Insurance Agents
See also Insurance Companies' Offices.

Atkinson & Johnston, 104 High Street - Caledonian Fire and Life.
Atkinson, Robert, 10 Hill Street - Patriotic Assurance.
Batwell, Wm. E., 12 Bridge Street - People's Provident Life and Guarantee.
Baxter, Richard, 15 Rosemary Street - Sun Fire and Life.
Berry, Thomas W., 9 Arthur Street - Albert Life and Mercantile.
Boyd, H. H., Commercial Buildings - Medical Invalid Life.
Braddell, George W., 3 Castle Lane - Scottish Widows' Fund.
Carrothers, T. P., at H. J. & F. McCance's, 13&15 Calender Street - The Queen Fire and Life.
Carruthers, George A., 47 Arthur Street - Standard Life Royal Fire Insurance.
Charley & Malcolm, Donegall Quay - Royal Insurance (Liverpool) Fire and Life.
Clotworthy & Pinkerton, 36,38,40&42 Tomb Street - Scottish Widows' Fund Life and the Provincial Fire and European Guarantee.
Corry, Wm. & Co., 3 Victoria Street - State Fire and National Provincial Plate Glass.
Crawford, Wm. & H. Sharman, 14&15 Victoria Chambers - London Assurance, Corporation Fire and Scottish and English Law Life.
Cunningham, Josias & Co., 41 Waring Street - Life Association of Scotland.
Currell, J. & Sons, Linenhall - Liverpool and London Fire and Life.
Dyer, John, 5 Arthur Street - English Church, University Life.
Emerson, Wm., 21 Donegall Quay - Liverpool and London Fire & Life.
Faren, Joseph, 39 Waring Street - Liverpool and London Fire & Life.
Fisher & Duffin, 26 Waring Street - West of England Fire & Life.
Folingsby, T. G., Son & Co., 115 Regent Buildings - Imperial Fire & Life and the London and Provincial Marine.
Forrester, McBride & Co., 5 Waring Street Place - Norwich Fire.
Garrett, Messrs., 3 Donegall Square East - Alfred Life.
Gordon, R. F. & Jas. Lipsey, Castle Chambers - Royal Exchange Fire & Life.
Gowan, John H., George's Lane and Arthur Place - European Life & General Live Stock.
Gowan, Samuel & Co., 4 Corporation Street - Marine Life and Casualty Mutual Assurance Societies of London and Scottish Provincial Fire & Life.
Grimshaw, C. B. & Son, 14 Donegall Street - Atlas Fire & Life.
Grimshaw, Osborne & O'Donnell, 14 Donegall Street - Life Association of Scotland.
Haddock, F. C., Belfast Bank - Minerva Life Assurance.
Harper, Martin, 35 Victoria Street - Kent.
Hartley, Wm., The Castle - Edinburgh Life, London Assurance and Corporation Fire.
Henderson, J. A., 10 Bridge Street - Law Property & Life.
Henderson, Robt. & Son, 25 Donegall Quay - Scottish Equitable Life.
Henderson, Wm. D. & Sons, 12 Corporation Street - Scottish Amicable Life and Unity Fire.
Heyn, Gustavus, 109 Regent Buildings - Scottish Union Life.
Hyndman, George C., 7 Castle Place - Globe Fire and Pelican Life.
Johnston, T. B., Victoria Chambers - Professional Life.
Kinahan, F., Fountain Street - North British Fire & Life.
Lamb, John & Sons, 5 Donegall Street Place - Patriotic Fire & Life.
Loughran, M., 46 Donegall Street - Unity Fire & Life.
Lowry, Joseph, 23 Waring Street - North British Fire & Life.
Martin, Samuel, 29 Ann Street - County Fire & Provident Life.
Murney, George, High Street - Colonial Life.
Munster, P. L. & Sons, 6 Corporation Street - Unity Fire & Crown Life.
McCammon, Thomas, 23 King Street - United Kingdom Life.
McCracken, John W., 26 Corporation Street - Globe Life & Fire and Pelican Life.
McIlwrath, Wm., 16 Victoria Chambers - Eagle Life.
McMinn, Francis C., 21 Victoria Chambers - State Fire & Steam Boiler.
McTear, Geo., 33 Donegall Quay - Scottish Provident Life.
Nichol, Henry, 1 Albert Square - National (Ireland) Fire, Life & Marine.
Orr & Co., 19 Waring Street - Reliance and East of England Life.
O'Rorke, Daniel, 14 Donegall Street - Eagle and City of London Life.
Pelan, George, 46 Donegall Street - Liverpool and London (fire only) and Albert Life & Guarantee.
Phillips, Geo. & Son, 26 Bridge Street - Church of England Life.
Pim, Edward & George, 27&29 High Street - Britannia Life.
Pim, Geo. C. & Co., 43 Donegall Quay - National Provident Life.
Pim, John, 20 Waring Street - Imperial Fire & Life and Friends'' Provident Life.
Plunkett, F., 1 St. Anne's Buildings - Royal Insurance Fire & Life.
Reid, Henry, 35 Donegall Street - Lancashire.
Reid, J. & E. C., 17 Chichester Street - Eagle, Agricultural * London Indisputable and Liverpool and London Fire & Life, English and Irish Church and University.
Ritchie, John, 93 Victoria Street - National Mercantile (Mutual Life) and Accidental Death.
Robinson, Wm. A., 5 Commercial Buildings - North British Fire & Life.
Simms, William, Linenhall - London Union Fire & Life.
Provincial Bank, Donegall Street - Alliance Fire.
Thompson, J. M., 21 Waring Street - Star.
Thompson, Joseph G. - National Mercantile (Mutual) Life, Accidental Death, Eagle, Protector Endowment Loan and Annuity.
Vance, Robert, 113 Regent Buildings - English and Irish Church and University Life.
Vance, Samuel, 36 Waring Street - Globe Fire & Life.
Ward, Thomas, County Down Railway Office - Norwich Union Fire & Life.

Insurance Companies' Offices
See also Insurance Agents