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1861 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Professional, Commercial and Trades Directory Part 2

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 Richards, J. E., 22 Waring Street, Spanish and Portugese.                                    Silo, Modesto, 42 Upper Arthur Street, Italian.                                                    

Iron and Brass Founders

Boyd, Samuel, Belfast Foundry, 110 Donegall Street.
Burrows, Israel, 22&25 King Street.
Campbell, Robt., Damside Foundry, 15717 Damside, Millfield.
Coates, Victor, Lagan Foundry and Pilot Street.
Coombe, J. & Co., Falls Foundry, Falls Road.
Forbes, T., Ulster Foundry, 34 Townsend Street.
Gray Brothers, 81 Townsend Street.
Greer, James & Co., Donegall Street.
MacAdam Brothers & Co., Soho Foundry, Townsend Street.
Murphy, J. F., Union Foundry, May Street.
Reid, John, Ballymacarrett Foundry, New Road, Ballymacarrett.
Rowan, John & Sons, York Street Foundry.
Scott, John, May Street Foundry.
Thompson & Co., 73&79 Townsend Street.
Thompson, W. & A., 22&24 Brown Square.

Iron and Tin-Plate Merchants

Bell, William, 86 Ann Street.
Crawford, Arthur, 130 North Street.
Gregg, William, 37 Ann Street.
Greer, James, 67 Donegall Street
Musgrave Brothers, 59&63 High Street and 81 Ann Street.
Potts, John & Robert, 31 North Street.
Riddel, John & Son, Hamilton's Court.

See Hardware Merchants and Ironmongers

Jewellers, Gold and Silver Smiths and Opticians

Brown, Thomas, 4 Arthur Square.
Carr, William, 4 Corn Market.
Chapman, B., 64 High Street.
Colclough, R., 42 Joy Street.
Fullerton, Jane, 70 High Street.
Gilbert, Mrs., 43 High Street.
Gilbert, W. & Son, 15&17 High Street.
Gribben, Edward, 13 High Street.
Harbinson, John F., 77 High Street.
Higgins, James, 18 Academy Street.
Lee & Son, 57 High Street.
Lowry, J. & S., 66 High Street.
Moore, F. M., 114 High Street.
McCall, Hugh, 49 York Street.
McNeilly Brothers, 4 Donegall Place Buildings.
McNeilly, Traill & Co., (late Gray) Castle Place.
Neill Brothers, 23 High Street.
Neill, James, 6 Donegall Place.
Rolleston, James, 9 Donegall Street.
Sherrard, H. L., J. & E. F., & Co., 42,44&47 Castle Street.
Wallace, John, 49 High Street.
Wilson, James, 7 High Street.

Leather and Hide Merchants

Black, Archibald, 3 Talbot Street.
Callendar, James, 21 Mill Street.
Campbell, Wm., 109 North Street.
Cinnamond, Helena, 23 Smithfield.
Cosgrove, H., 20 Pottinger's Entry.
Dunn, Hugh, 10&12 John Street.
Greenhill, Robert, 49 Mill Street.
Greenhill, W., 9&13 Telfair's Entry.
Hoffman, Frederick, 93 North Street.
Hunter, Arthur, 152 North Street.
Hunter, W. & F., 44 Church Lane.
Jackson, George, 103 North Street.
Magennis, John, 29 Hercules Street.
Morgan, Thomas & Co., 23 Mill Street.
McBlain, John, 40 Donegall Street.
McCammon, Thomas, 23 King Street.
McClarnon, James, 45 Bentinck Street.
McClean, James, 26 North Street.
McCutcheon, James, 74 Ann Street.
Tate, Wm., 85 North Street.
Waugh, J. & J., 132 North Street.
Wetherall, Wm., 25 Mill Street.
Williamson, R. & W. J., 58 North Street.
Young, Thomas, 106 North Street.

Lime Burners

Belfast Gas Company, Ormeau Road.
Cavehill Railway Line, Antrim Road and York Street.
Murray, Daniel, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett - Antrim Road.
McCullough, Thos., McClelland's Lane.
Wheeler, Walter, 18 Carrick Hill.

Linen and Cotton Printers

    Clonard Print Works Co., Falls Road.                                                                  Girdwood, William & Co., Oldpark Print Works.

Linen and Damask Warehouse

     Lindsay, Jas. & Co., Ulster Arcade.                                                                    Sloan, James, 21 Arthur Street.
     Roddy, Robert, 18 Donegall Street.                                                                    Wilson, Mary, 58 Donegall Street.

Linen Manufacturers and Merchants

Addey, John, 5 Bedford Street.
Andrews, Michael, Ardoyne.
Bedford Street Weaving Company.
Boyd, John & Co., 161 Durham Street.
Bristow, E. J. & Co., Bedford Street.
Cameron, J., Richmond Terrace.
Charley, J. & W. & Co., 4 Wellington Place.
Charters, John & Co., Falls Road.
Conland, John & Sons, Linenhall.
Connor, Foster, Linenhall.
Craig, A. W. & Co., Falls Road.
Curell, D., jun. & Co., Linenhall.
Curell, John & Sons, Linenhall.
Darbishire Bros., 4 Fountain Lane.
Dunbar, Dickson & Co., Howard Street.
Dunbar, McMaster & Co., Howard Street.
Edgar, Alfred, Richmond Terrace.
Edgar, J. A., 3 Brunswick Street.
Ellison & Taylor, Little Sackville Street and Regent Buildings.
Elliott, John & Co., Howard Street.
Ewart, Wm. & Son, 11 Donegall Place.
Fenton, S. G. & Co., Linenhall.
Fenton, Son & Co., Linenhall.
Ferguson, John F. & Co., Linenhall.
Gamble & Bruce, Linenhall.
Grogan, Wm., 72 Wellington Place.
Henry, A. S. & Co., Wellington Place.
Herd, David, Donegall Square North.
Hind, John & Sons, Durham Street Mill.
Jaffe Brothers, 7 Bedford Street.
Johnston & Carlisle, 30&32 Donegall Street.
Joynt, James, 52 Talbot Street.
Kamcke, Wm. R. & Co., Linenhall.
Kennedy, Daniel, 19 Church Street.
Kinnear, Patk., 14 Corporation Street.
Kirk, Danl., Tannybrack, Ballymena.
Leadbetter, Calder & Co., Bedford Street.
Lecky & Jennings, Bridge Street Place.
Lefevre, Mansilla & Co., 9 Donegall Street Place.
Liddy, James, Mountjoy Street.
Lipman & Cohen, 5 Bedford Street.
Lutton, Andw. J., 9 Chichester Street.
Maclean, Jas. & Co., 60 Victoria Street.
Madden, Wm., 12 Donegall Street.
Magee, James, Donegall Square North.
Magill, Joseph, Fountain Street.
Martin, Wm., 47 Academy Street.
Matier, Henry, 5 Rosemary Place.
Matier, H. & Co., 10 Waring Street.
Mautner, Jas. & Co., 27 Victoria Street.
Montgomery, Druitt & Co., Linenhall.
Moore & Weinberg, 26 Fountain Street.
McAdam & Moore, 9 James' Street South.
McCance, H. J. & F., Donegall Square North and 13 Calender Street.
McClelland, H., 9 Chichester Street.
McHugh, B. & E., 8 Rosemary Street.
Preston, J. & Co., 12 Calender Street.
Preston, Smith & Co., 1 Donegall Square West.
Ralston, J. B. & Co., Bedford Street.
Rice, Robert, 4&6 Arthur Place.
Richardson Brothers & Co., 20 Donegall Place.
Richardson, J. N. & Sons, & Owden, 14 Donegall Place.
Roddy, Robert, 18 Donegall Street.
Saulter, Ross, 1 Donegall Square West.
Schwan, Kell & Co., 1 Donegall Square West.
Shaw, E. & Co., Victoria Chambers.
Simpson, B. K., 4 Bedford Street.
Smith, Edward & Son, Linenhall.
Stewart, A. T. & Co., James' Street South.
Stewart, Wm., 8 Lower Kent Street.
Stevenson, H. & Co., 2 Talbot Street.
Teirney, Samuel, Elliott's Court.
Thompson, H. M. & Co., 5 Donegall Street Place.
Thompson, George, 80 Eliza Street.
Thornton, Ewing & Co., Donegall Square North.
Tilley, James, McTier Street.
Wheeler, Wm., 5 Bellevue Place.
York Street Spinning Company.

Bleachers and Finishers

     Bragg, Henry, Cottonmount.                                                                                Wallace & Magill, Glengormley.
     Dobson, Arthur, Mount Pakenham and 241 York Street.

Linen Ornament Manufacturers
Those marked (*) are also fancy paper box makers.

Archer & Sons, Castle Place.
* Dickenson, John & Co., 4 Donegall Square North.
* Goldschmidt & Co., 9 Donegall Square South.
Hamilton, Robert, Castle Street.
Hughes, Robert, 36 Castle Street.
Johnston, Stewart, Pottinger's Entry.
Smyth, J. & T., 33 Castle Street.
Thompson, Robert, 26 Castle Street.
Thompson, John, 68 Henry Street.

Linen Yarn Merchants

Bell, R. & Co., 13 Donegall Street.
Bell & Borthwick, 35737 North Street.
Bristow, E. J. & Co., Bedford Street.
Byrne, Daniel, 6 Elliott's Court.
Duffin, Charles & Co., 28 Waring Street.
Elliott, John & Co., 12 Howard Street.
Ewart, Wm. & Son, Donegall Place.
Faren, Joseph, 39 Waring Street.
Fenton, S. G. & Co., Linenhall.
Fenton, Son & Co., Linenhall.
Gamble & Ure, 18 Corporation Street.
Hind, J. & Sons, Durham Street.
Johnston & Carlisle, Brookfield Mill and 30&32 Donegall Street.
Kinnear, Patrick, Corporation Street.
Lipman & Cohan, 5 Bedford Street.
Maclean, Jas. & Co., 60 Victoria Street.
Martin, John & Co., 29 Ann Street.
Mitchell Brothers, Crumlin Road.
Montgomery, J. & Son, 11 Corporation Street.
McCance, H., J., & F., Calender Street.
McClure, Finlay & Co., 16 Corporation Street.
McIntyre & Patterson, 10 Corporation Street.
McMinn, Frs. C., Victoria Chambers.
McKisack, J., 2 Donegall Street Place.
Murphy, John & Co., Donegall Place.
Preston, John & Co., 12 Calender Street.
Richardson Brothers & Co., 20 Donegall Place.
Savage, John, 24 Victoria Street.
Shaw, E. & Co., Victoria Chambers.
Taylor, A. O'D., 77 Victoria Street.
Thompson, H. M. & Co., 1 Donegall Street Place.
Thompson, Robert, Talbot Street.

Livery Stable Keepers

Bowen, M., Royal Hotel, Donegall Place.
Brown, James, Castle Lane.
Davis, George, Plough Hotel, Corn Market.
King, James, V. S., 108 Donegall Street.
Madine, George, 27 York Street.
Morrison, James, 8 Montgomery Street.
McKenna, Wm., V. S., 26 May Street.
Robson, John, 31 Chichester Street.
Smyth, Denis, 31 Great Edward Street.

Lloyd's Agent

     Boyd, Robert, 45 Donegall Quay.

Machine Makers

Bean, Richard, 39 Academy Street.
Boyd, Samuel, Belfast Foundry, 110 Donegall Street.
Campbell, Robt., Damside Foundry, Millfield.
Coates, Victor, Lagan Foundry, Lagan Village and Pilot Street.
Coombe, J. & Co., Falls Foundry.
Forbes, T., Ulster Foundry, 34 Townsend Street.
Gray Brothers, Townsend Street Foundry.
Harper, James, 11&19 Wilson Street.
Harper, W., 28 Church Street.
MacAdam Brothers & Co., Soho Foundry, Townsend Street.
Murdoch, George, 58&60 Great George's Street.
Murphy, J., Union Foundry, May Street.
Reid, J., Ballymacarrett Foundry.
Reynolds Brothers, McClenaghan's Court, Mill Street.
Rowan, John & Sons, York Street Foundry, 150&153 York Street.
Scott, John, May Street Foundry.
Thompson & Co., 73&75 Townsend Street and Brown Square.
Wilson, James, 4 Trinity Street.


     Dobbin, Clotworthy, Smithfield.                                                                    Scott, Edward, 85 Cromac Street.
     Lewers, Wm., 102&104 Ann Street.

Marble and Stone Cutters
Those marked (*) Stone Cutters only.

Blakely & Jamison, 19 Great George's Street.
Fitzpatrick, Thomas & William, 6 Wellington Place.
Gamble, Abel, 30 Henry Street.
Graham, Wm., 98 York Street.
* Irvine, A., 27 Great George's Street.
* Irvine & McCutcheon, 70&72 York Street.
Johnston, J., steam marble works, 49 Great Patrick Street.
Robinson, John, 46&48 York Street.

Masters in Chancery
and Commissioners for taking Affidavits and Special Bail

Ch, Chancery; Q.B., Queen's Bench; C.P., Common Pleas; Ex. Exchequer; F.C., Four Courts

Batwell, W. E., solicitor, 11 Bridge Street, commissioner for taking affidavits in all the English Courts.
Cramsie, J. C., Ch., commissioner for taking affidavits in the courts of law in Ireland..
Cunningham, Thomas, 31 Donegall Street, Ch., F.C., and commissioner for taking acknowledgements of deeds by married women in Ireland.
Cunningham, W. C., solicitor, Victoria Chambers, perpetual commissioner for taking acknowledgements of deeds by married women.
Coates, John, 43 Arthur Street, Ch., County Down.
Davis, Wm., solicitor, Castle Buildings, notary public; commissioner for taking acknowledgements of deeds by married women; master extraordinary for the Courts of Chancery and Bankruptcy and Probate in England and all law courts; commissioner of High Court of Admiralty for Down and Antrim.
Gaffikin, Arthur, 32 Castle Lane, Ch., F.C.
Hartley, Wm., 1 The Castle, notary public, master extraordinary and F.C.
Higginson, John M., Donegall Place Buildings (Probate Office), master extraordinary, Ch., F.C.
Hyndman, Hugh, solicitor, 9 Donegall Place, commissioner of High Court of Admiralty for Down and Antrim.
Jackson, James K., solicitor, Donegall Place, F.C., and special bail and commissioner for taking acknowledgements of deeds by married women.
Kennedy, John, 41 Arthur Street, Ch., F.C., and special bail.
Kennedy, J. B., 26 Castle Lane, Ch., F.C.
Lindsay, Thomas, 2 Claremont Place, Ballymacarrett, Ch., F.C.
Macrory, A. J., solicitor, commissioner for taking acknowledgements of deeds by married women.
Richards, J. E., 22 Waring Street, commissioner for taking affidavits in Admiralty Court.
Simms, Wm., Linenhall, Ch., Q.B., C.P., and Ex.
Smith, George K., 3 The Castle, master extraordinary for taking affidavits, pleas and answers in Chancery and affidavits in Bankruptcy for English Court of Chancery.
Suffern, John, solicitor, 76 Donegall Street, master extraordinary for taking affidavits, pleas and answers in Chancery and affidavits in Bankruptcy for English Court of Chancery.
Teirney, Samuel, Elliott's Court, off Donegall Street, F.C., Ch.
Torrens, James, solicitor, 9 Wellington Place, F.C., and special bail.
Vance, Samuel, 36 Waring Street, Ch.
Walkington, E., 13 Rosemary Street, F.C., and special bail.


Alexander, J. & Co., Flour Mills, Falls Road.
Andrews, James & Son, Comber.
Cunningham, John, Glenwood.
Davidson, J., Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Hamilton, Megaw & Thomson, Queen's Quay.
Hunter, James, Dunmurry.
Kennedy, R. & T., Lisburn Mills.
Little & Brown, 135 Carrick Hill.
Lyle, Andrew (corn) 61 Mill Street.
Macaulay, R. & Son, Inver Mills, Larne; 59 Donegall Quay.
Macaulay, Jasper & Co., (steam flour), 23 Corporation Square and 2 Steam Mill Lane.
McCammon, Thos., 23 King Street.
McCullough & Filson, Phoenix Flour Mills, 26 Great George's Street.
Russell, Houston, Edenderry.

Milliners and Dress Makers
Those marked (+) Milliners only
Those marked (*) Dress Makers only

Alexander, Margaret, 26 Edward Street.
Anderson, Miss, 73 Academy Street.
+ Arnott, J. & Co., Bridge Street.
* Baillie, Miss, 76 McTier Street.
+ Beatty, Misses, 58 Stanhope Street.
Bell, Mrs., 14 Brougham Street.
* Bell, Margaret, 22 Russell Street.
* Benson, Miss, 18 Linenhall Street.
* Blair, Eliza, 3 Mill Street.
+ Boucher, Miss, 43 John Street.
+ Bourne, H. & sisters, 23 Donegall Street.
+ Boyd, Miss, 3 Joy Street.
+ Boyd, E., 13 Rockview Buildings.
Bradley, Miss, 5 Joy Street.
Bradshaw, Mary, 58 Frederick Street.
* Brown, Miss, 64 Townsend Street.
* Brown, Jane, 19 Fleet Street.
Bruce, M. & E., 2 Castle Place.
* Cairnduff, Mary, 118 Cromac Street.
* Callender, M., 25 North Boundary Street.
* Campbell, Ann, 30 Hartley Street.
* Campbell, M., 44 Gloucester Street.
Cunningham, S., 65 Earl Street.
* Currell, Jane, 4 Sarah Street.
* Darling, Ellen, 19 Glentilt Street.
+ Davey, Annie, 88 North Street.
* Chamney, Eliza, 43 Shankill Road.
* Crawford, Sarah, 59 Mill Street.
* Crickard, Mrs., Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
* Croft, Mrs., 58 Joy Street.
* Cromie, Miss, 9 College Street.
+ Crossett, Mrs., 66 Donegall Street.
* Dempster, S. & M., 31 Seymour Street.
+ Donaldson, Mrs., 93 Academy Street.
Douglas, Mary, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Dunlop, Miss, 93 Joy Street.
+ Ferguson, Mrs., 28 Upton Street.
Finlay, Jane & Eliza, 24 Waring Street.
* Evans, Matilda, 25 Norfolk Street.
* Fenn, Mrs., 134 Cromac Street.
+ Ferris, Mrs., 4 Malone Road.
Gamble, M., 57 May Street.
* Gardner, M. & J., 212 Northburn Place.
* Goldstein, Mary, 12 King Street.
Gordon, C., 41 Ship Street.
* Graham, Miss, 18 Rochford Street.
+ Grattan, Miss, 55 Upper Arthur Street.
Green, Mrs., 43 May Street.
* Haffern, Miss, 37 Academy Street.
+ Hardy, Thomas & Son, High Street.
+ Hawkins, Robertson & Co., Bank Buildings.
* Hayes, Mrs., 32 Boundary Street.
* Hazlet, A., 54 University Road.
* Herron, Anne, 51 Edward Street.
+ Hill, Sophia, 8 Castle Street.
Ingle, Ann, 50 Ann Street.
Johnston, Ann, 15 Henrietta Street.
* Johnston, M., 73 Hopeton Place.
* Johnston, Margaret, 22 Henrietta Street.
* Johnston, Miss, 38 Canning Street.
* Johnston, Misses, 28 College Street.
Johnston, J. A. & E., 51 Upper Arthur Street.
Johnson, B., 131 Durham Street.
* Johnson, Mrs., 24 King Street.
+ Kane, Margaret, 9 Third Street, Falls Road.
+ Loughlin, Miss, 86 Falls Road.
MacClement, D., 64 Donegall Street.
+ Macoun, George, 23&25 Castle Place.
Maguire, Miss, 3 Chichester Street.
Malcolm, Mrs., 105&107 York Street.
* Martin, Isabella, 46 Great Edward Street.
Mays, Margaret, 129 Durham Street.
Mack, Misses, 14 Trinity Street.
Mearns, Mrs., 4 Chichester Street.
* Miller, Miss, 10 Nelson Street.
+ Moffett, S. & M., 13&15 York Street.
Montgomery, E. & M., Pottinger Place, Ballymacarrett.
+ Montgomery, M. A., 98 North Street.
Moore, A., 232 Old Lodge Road.
Murray, Catherine, 24 Lagan Street.
McAlister, Martha, 19 Little May Street.
* McCleave, Miss, 33 Fountain Street.
+ McClelland, Mrs., 7 Joy Street.
* McClenaghan, Mrs., 20 Wilson Street.
* McClure, Miss, 11 Townsend Street.
* McConnell, Miss, 29 Little May Street.
* McConkey, L., 213 Agnes Street.
* McCoubrey, Miss, 21 Wesley Place.
+ McCracken, Miss, 8 Arthur Street.
* McCrudden, Miss, 5 Richmond Street.
* McCullough, Miss, 7 King Street.
+ McCune, E., 13 Academy Street.
* McGiffen, Miss, 195 York Street.
* McKee, Mary A., 33 New Durham Street.
* McKeown, Susan, 8 Union Street.
McMain, Miss, 16 Earl Street.
McMath, Mrs., 34 Dock Street.
McKay, Mary, 11 Queen Street.
+ McKee, A., 41 Earl Street.
+ McMahon, Mrs., 125 Durham Street.
* McMillen, Mrs., 56 John Street.
McNally, Miss, 27 King Street.
* McNeilly, R., 15 Harmony Place.
McPollin, Elizabeth, 56 Carrick Hill.
* Nettleton, Eliza, 26 King Street.
* O'Connor, Miss, 5 Wellington Street.
O'Farrell, Mrs., 23 Arthur Street.
Orr, Mary, 85 Old Lodge Road.
Orr, Mrs., 50 North Queen Street.
Parkhill, Jane, 47 Devis (Divis) Street.
* Patterson, Anne, 122 Cromac Street.
* Patten, M., 14 Christian's Place.
* Patterson, Mary, 4 Clonard Street.
Patterson, M. A., Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
+ Patterson, Mrs. D., 19 Arthur Street.
* Patterson, Mrs., 30 Church Lane.
* Perceval, Mrs., Mount Pottinger.
+ Perry, Mrs., 132 Falls Road.
* Reid, Miss, 50 May Street.
* Quinn, Mrs., 33 Alton Street.
* Rice, Mrs., 11 Hamilton Street.
+ Riddell, E. & M., 53 North Street.
* Riddell, Miss, 21 Hamilton Street.
+ Robertson, Miss, 38 Arthur Street.
Robinson, Miss, 54 Joy Street.
* Rollins, E. J., 50 Mill Street.
+ Russell, L., 25 Hercules Street.
Russell, Mrs., 40 Joy Street.
* Saunders, R. & M., 8 Wall Street.
+ Scott, Eliza, 2 Brown Street.
* Sharkey, Mary, 21 Academy Street.
* Shaw, Jane, 18 Townsend Street.
+ Sherry, Mrs., 43 Academy Street.
Sinclair, Mary, 8 King Street.
* Sinclair, Miss, 49 Agnes Street.
* Smith, Helena, 9 Boyd Street.
Smith, E., 46 Rosemary Street.
* Smyth, F., Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
+ Smyth, Anne, 12 Great Edward Street.
* Smylie, Miss, 6 Sarah Street.
* Sparling, Mary, 44 Upper Arthur Street.
Stannus, Mrs. & Miss Meek, 5 Chichester Street.
Steen, Mrs., 20 Hughes' Buildings.
* Stevenson, Mrs., 61 Joy Street.
+ Stewart, J., 12 Eliza Street.
* Stewart, Mrs., 67 Upper Arthur Street.
* Stewart, Mrs., 14 Spencer Street.
* Thompson, M., 16 Catherine Street.
Thomson, E, & A., 5 King Street.
+ Thomson, Mrs., 12 Fountain Street.
* Toner, Miss, 13 Wellington Street.
* Walker, Emma, 5 Christian's Place.
* Wright, Grace, 31 Talbot Street.
Weldon, Miss, 19 King Street.
Wood, Nathaniel, 12 Donegall Place.
Young, Miss, 179 York Street.

Mining Company

 Duncrue Salt Works, Carrickfergus.

Mourning Warehouses

      MacClements, D., 64 Donegall Street.                                                              Wood, Nathaniel, 12 Donegall Place.

Musical Instrument Warehouses

      Coffey, Wm., 25 Donegall Place.                                                                      Hart, Joseph, 14 Castle Place.
      Craig, Adam, 6 Chichester Street.                                                                     McGahey, David, 10 Chichester Street.

Music Sellers

       Coffey, Wm., 25 Donegall Place.                                                                       Magill, James, 6&7 Castle Buildings.
       Craig, Adam, 6 Chichester Street.                                                                     McGahey, David, 10 Chichester Street.
       Hart, Joseph, 14 Castle Place.                                                                           Phillips & Son, Bridge Street.

Muslin Manufacturers
Those marked (*) are sewed Muslin Agents

* Anderson, Mrs., 43 Great Patrick Street.
* Anderson, J. W. & Co., 7 Donegall Square South.
Bowman, Thomas, 2 Curtis Street.
Brown, J. & R., 6 Curtis Street.
* Brown, S. R. & T., 82 Donegall Street - D. McKean, agent.
* Bullock, G. M., 10 Williams' Place.
Bryson, William (and gingham), 18 Waring Street.
Calwell, James, Curtis Street.
Calwell, John, 2 Curtis Street.
Campbell & Co., Donegall Lane.
Campbell, R. & Co., 45 John Street.
Carshaw & Henderson, 19 Church Street.
* Cleland, John, 16 Great Patrick Street.
Cowan, Henry & Co., 45 John Street.
* Crawford, John, 19 Great Patrick Street.
Douglas, John, 24 Donegall Street.
Ewing, A., 16 St. Anne's Buildings.
* Frazer, James, 82&84 Nelson Street.
Gibson, John, 10 James' Street South.
* Gilliland, Henry, 17 Canning Street.
Haffern, Wm. & Co., 15 Church Street.
Hart, S. & Co., 3 Franklin Street.
* Haslett, John, 18 Great Patrick Street.
* Henry, J. W., 16 Church Street.
* Hewitt, J. & Son, 8 Donegall Square North.
Hicks, William, 15 Church Street.
* Holden, J. S. & Co., 17 Church Street.
Jaffe Brothers, Bedford Street.
* Jamison, J., 6 Donegall Street Place.
* Jenkins, J. & W. J., 16 College Street.
Kennedy, Daniel, Church Street.
Kennedy, James & Co. (power loom), Bedford Street.
* Lethem, Blythe & Lethem, 1 Joy Street.
* Lindsay, R. & Co., 55 Victoria Street.
* Macoun, John, Bedford Street.
* Major Bros., 12 James' Street South.
* Muir & McCann, 1 Thompson's Court.
* Murdock, Wm., Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
* McBride, George & Thomas, St. Anne's Buildings.
McBride, R. & Co., 4 Donegall Street.
McCann, Thomas, 29 Eliza Street.
McConnell, J. & J., 7 Lower Kent Street.
McConnell, James, 11 Great Patrick Street.
* McCormick, Jas., 22 Great Patrick Street.
* McCready, Joseph, John Street.
* McKee, Jas., 16 Seymour Street.
* McKee, Samuel & Co., 39&41 Great Patrick Street.
* McKelvy, C., 6 Frederick Street.
Orr, George S., 6 Bedford Street.
Patterson, T., 187 Herdman's Buildings.
* Patterson, H., 7 Corporation Street.
* Peling & Co., Thompson's Court.
* Porteous, James & Co., 94 Donegall Street.
Power, Matthew, 61 Academy Street.
* Pritchard, J. & R., 16 St. Anne's Buildings.
* Pullman, Thos., 46 Brougham Street.
* Reid, Robert, 32 Fountain Street.
Roche, W. J., 8 Donegall Street Place.
Rose, John, 16 Wesley Place.
Shaw, Henry, 4 Elliott's Court.
Shaw, Samuel, 19 Church Street.
* Smith & Petticrew, 89 Donegall Street.
Stewart, R. & W. & Co., 26 Donegall Street.
Stewart, William, 8 Lower Kent Street.
* Smith, Robt., 78 Eliza Street.
* Stiratt, R., 16 St. Anne's Buildings.
* Stirratt, James, 9 Bank Lane.
Thomas, John & Co., Franklin Street.
Tilley, James, Matier Street.
Todd, Mr., 76 Academy Street.
Vance, Gilbert, 40 Rosemary Street.
* Wallace, Jas., 116 Corporation Street.
* Wallace, Wm., 6 York Street.
* Wallace, W., 25 Great Patrick Street - agent to Hay, Bartholomew & Co., Glasgow.
* Waugh, Thos., 13 Church Street and 12 Lancaster Street.
* Weir, Gilbert & Co., 7 Queen's Square.
* Weir, Peter & Co., 9 Arthur Place.
* Wightman, R. & Co., 47 York Street.
* Wilson, John H., 43 Henry Street.
Workman, John & Son, 5 Bedford Street.
Workman, J. & R., 4 Bedford Street.
* Workman, R. & Co., 8 Corporation Street.

Nail Manufacturers

Armstrong, John, 14 Charles Street.
Cinnamond, Samuel, 23 Millfield.
Davis, W. J., 145 North Street.
Donaldson, James, 43 Hill Street.
Donaldson, John, 65 Talbot Street.
Fitzsimmons, John, 150 North Street.
Forsythe, Charles, 20 Skipper Street.
Gregg, Jas., 162 Durham Street.
Johnston, J., 2 Gordon Street.
Loughran, H. F., 13 McMillen's Place.
McCullough, J., 46 Hercules Street.
Stockman, James, 14 Tomb Street.
Stockman, Ralph, 7 Nelson Street.

Nautical Instrument Makers

     Lee & Son, High Street.                                                                                      Neill Brothers, 23 High Street.
     Moore, F. M., 114 High Street.

News Agents

      Boyd, Henry, Commercial Buildings.                                                                  Mayne, A. & Co., Corn Market.
      Henderson, John, 13 Castle Place.


Banner of Ulster (established 1842), 35 Donegall Street - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; publishers, Samuel E. McCormick & David Dunlop.
Belfast Mercantile Journal (established 1822) - Tuesday; publisher, R. Vance, Victoria Street.
Belfast Mercury (established 1851), Arthur Street - daily; publishers, the Ulster Printing Company; editor, Durham Dunlop.
Belfast Morning News (established 1855), Crown Entry - Monday, Wednesday and Friday; publishers, R. & D. Read.
Belfast News Letter (established 1737), 10 Bridge Street - daily; proprietor, J. A. Henderson; editor, W. H. F. Kisbey.
Belfast Weekly News (established 1855), 10 Bridge Street - Saturday; proprietor, J. A. Henderson.
Northern Whig (established 1824), Calender Street - daily; publisher, F. D. Finlay.
Ulster General Advertiser (established 1842), 2 Donegall Street - Saturday; publisher, John Wallace.
Weekly Northern Whig (established 1858), Calender Street - Saturday; publisher, F. D. Finlay.
Weekly Press (established 1858), 35 Donegall Street - Saturday; publishers, McCormick & Dunlop.

News Rooms

Catholic Institute, Hercules Place.
Commercial News room, Commercial Buildings; H. Boyd, secretary.
Linenhall News room, Linenhall.
People's Reading room, 16 Donegall Street.
Presbyterian Young Men's Reading rooms, 15 Donegall Street.
Unitarian Young Men's Association, Victoria Hall Buildings.
United Church of England and Ireland Young Men's Society, 49 Upper Arthur Street.
Young Men's Christian Association Reading rooms, Donegall Street.

Notaries Public

Braddell, George W., 8 Castle Lane.
Davis, William, The Castle, Castle Buildings.
Higginson, J. M., Donegall Place Buildings.
Hill, Adam, 11 Fisherwick Place.
McCracken, J. W., 28 Corporation Street.
Price, Thomas, 14 Donegall Street.

Nurse Tenders

Allen, Mrs., 26 Coates' Street.
Cullen, Mary, 142 Shankill Road.
Gibbens, Mrs., 2 Keyland's Place.
Hanna, Ellen, 65 Devis (Divis) Street.
Holden, Mrs., 143 Millfield.
Magowan, Mrs., Stanhope Street.
McCara, Mrs., 10 Glenalpin Street. 
McCaul, Mrs., 20 Catherine Street North.
McKechnie, Mrs., 11 Alton Street.
Neill, Mrs., 28 Stanhope Street.
Pettigrew, Anne, 23 Mill Street.
Reid, Mrs., 154 York Street.
Savage, Mrs., 29 Friendly Street.
Thompson, M., 4 Boyd Street (fever)
Tumbelty, Mrs., 22 North Ann Street.
White, Mrs., 40 Cullintree Street.

Oil Merchants

Adams, John, 7 North Street.
Charnock Brothers, 21 Corporation Street.
Collins, William, 16 Ann Street.
Curran, Waring, 22 Bridge Street.
Dickey, A. & Co., 83 Victoria Street.
Eakin, Wm. & Co., 52 Donegall Street.
Frackleton, John, 42 Church Lane.
Kavanagh, Jas., 33&35 North Street.
Moncrieff, J. W. & Co., 5 Waring Street.
Moreland, Wm. & Co., Bridge Street Place.
McKay, H. & Co., 10 Cotton Court.
McKendry, H. & Co., 6 Waring Street.
Scott, J. K., 59 Donegall Street, agent for J. G. Rathbone, Dublin.
Walkington, Edwd. & Son, 9,11&13 Rosemary Street.

Painters and Glaziers

Anderson, Wm., 30 Ardmoulin Street.
Anderson, J., 113 Bradbury Place.
Armstrong, John, 59 Agnes Street.
Boyd, H., 90 Great George's Street.
Black, Jas., 42 Bow Street.
Boyd & Hamilton, 18 Great Edward Street.
Brown, Francis, 34 Mill Street.
Burnett, Archibald, 23 Arthur Street.
Carlisle, David, 34 Corporation Street.
Coates, Mrs., 49 Castle Street.
Cox, John, 66&68 York Street.
Crozier, T., 38 Academy Street.
Cullin, Bernard, 8 Townsend Street.
Fisher, Thos., 106 Ann Street.
Fisher, T., 5 Kearney's Buildings, Ballymacarrett.
Galloway, Thomas, 57 Castle Street.
Gaskin, James, 56 Donegall Street.
Gribben, Thomas, 17&19 John Street.
Havern, Robert, 5 Sackville Street.
Hoy, John, 48 Waring Street.
Irvine, James, 49 Castle Street.
Johnston, A., 135&58 York Street.
Johnston, Matthew, 9 Mill Street.
Kelly, Jas., 3 Great Patrick Street.
Lynn, John, 54 Ann Street.
Martin, Wm., 16 Talbot Street.
Moore, Alexander, 31 Arthur Street.
McFarlane, Edward, 9 John Street.
McKendry, H. & Co., 6 Waring Street.
McKenzie, H., 34 Great Patrick Street.
McMullan, Matthew, 26 Corn Market.
McQuiston, John, 22 William Street South.
McQuiston, Thos., 26 Arthur Street.
Pearson, William, 19 Talbot Street.
Rutherford, J., 10 Castle Buildings, Donegall Place.
Stewart, James, 22 John Street.
Taylor, Hugh, 43 Chichester Street.
Thornton, A. H., jun., 67 Academy Street.
Vint, William, 27 Talbot Street.
Williamson, W. J., 27 Frederick Street.
Wylie, Samuel, 38 Mill Street.

Paper Makers and Merchants

Archer & Sons, Ballyclare Paper Mills; 27&29 Castle Place.
Blow, William N. & Son, 14 Rosemary Street.
Carnanee & Kilgreel Paper Mill; agent, J. Ritchie, 93 Victoria Street.
Murray, Jas., 69&71 Victoria Street.
Prenter, Thos., Antrim Paper Mills; office, Calender Street.


Anderson, T., 13&15 Carrick Hill.
Anderson, T., 53 Lancaster Street.
Beggs, Robert, 58 Cromac Street.
Belshaw, James & John, 49 Devis (Divis) Street and 2 New Durham St
Bogan, John, 2 Bogan Street.
Boyle, Arthur, 49 Albert Crescent.
Brown, Ephraim, 26 Townsend Street.
Cahoon, Robert, 11 Marquis Street and 34 King Street.
Campbell, Patrick, 4 Hercules Place.
Clements, James, 6 Lagan Street.
Drenan, Navan, 130 Conway Street.
Evans, James, 23 Nelson Street.
Ferguson, Edward, 42 Gardiner Street.
Fitzsimmons, John, 9 King Street.
Foy, Richard, 27 Great Patrick Street.
Galway, Arthur, 51 Shankill Road.
Gamble, Arthur, 58 Devis (Divis) Street.
George, Abel, 34 Smithfield.
Gilmor, Robert, 191 North Street.
Gilmore, T., 68 Little Donegall Street.
Girvan, J., 119&121 Peter's Hill.
Girvan, Thomas, 60 Carrick Hill.
Girven, Joseph, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Graham, Margaret, 33 Smithfield.
Graham, H., Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Griffith, J., 2,4,6&8 Church Street.
Hadskis, A., 123 North Queen Street.
Harper, H., 59&61 Durham Street.
Harper, Hugh, 49 Union Street.
Huddleston, Wm., 1 Portview, Ballymacarrett.
Hunter, James, 2 Dayton Street.
Hunter, Wm., 42 Townsend Street and 27 College Street.
Jenkins, James, 19 Mill Street.
Johnston, Henry, 41 Alexander Street West.
Jordan, John, 13 Nile Street.
Keatley, Saml., 1 Rockview Buildings, Shankill Road.
Kelly, Edwd., 32&34 Chapel Lane.
Kirker, Victor, 75 Cromac Street.
Maguire, Sarah, 59 Castle Street and 1 Chapel Lane.
Maguire, John, 33 Cromac Street.
Milliken, Robert, 35 Devis (Divis) Street.
Minniece, Rebecca, 3 Sussex Street.
McAlister, Daniel, 64&66 Earl Street.
McAllen, T., 87&89 Shankill Road.
McCall, Hugh, 1 Curtis Street and 39 Corporation Street.
McCleery, James, 108 Nelson Street.
McCluskey, Jas., 36&38 Hill Street.
McComb, John, 51 Brown Street.
McConnell, John, 208 Northburn Place.
McConnell, Hugh, 72 Cullintree Road.
McDonnell, F., 30 Rosemary Street.
McDonald, S., 62 North Queen Street.
McDornan, John, 72 Durham Street.
McKee, James, 112 High Street.
McKenna, Stephen, 8 Great Patrick Street.
McMillan, A., 67 Old Lodge Road.
McMillan, Samuel, 41 Henry Street.
Owen, Jas. B., 38 Townsend Street and 19 Barrack Street.
Owen, Mrs., 42 Henry Street.
Patrick, Robert, 62 Henry Street.
Scott, David, 35 Union Street.
Scott, John, 82 Millfield.
Sheals, John, 2 Conway Street.
Shields, Jas., 46&48 Academy Street.
Smith, James, 65 Cromac Street.
Thoburn, David, 1 Nelson Street.
Todd, Henry, 42 Peter's Hill.
Ward, Robt., 20&22 Lancaster Street.
Ward, Thos., 44&46 Barrack Street and 10 Hughes' Buildings.
Warnock, Joseph, 24 Robert Street.
White, John, 141 Nelson Street.
White, William, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Wright, A. W. & Co., 45 Ann Street.
Young, Wm., 38 Mill Street and 66&68 Union Street.

Physicians and Surgeons
See also Apothecaries and Surgeons

Aickin, John, 29 Corn Market.
Alexander, J. A., 67 Corporation Street.
Arnold, W., 19 Clarendon Place.
Black, C. S., 5 Victoria Place.
Browne. Samuel, R.N., Donegall Square West.
Bryce, Robert, 63 Donegall Street.
Burden, Wm., 16 Alfred Street, professor of Midwifery, Queen's College, Belfast.
Clarke, John, 77 Donegall Street.
Corry, T. C. S., 1 Victoria Street.
Cuming, Dr., 33 Wellington Place.
Dickson, J. S., Albert Terrace.
Dill, R. F., 7 Donegall Square West.
Drennan, George, 23 Chichester Street.
Ferguson, H., 10 Donegall Square East.
Ferguson, J., professor Queen's College, 14 Howard Street.
Gordon, Alex., professor Queen's College, 1 Howard Street.
Halliday, John H., 92 Donegall Street.
Harkin, Alex., 1 College Square East.
Heeney, F. X., 14 Eglinton Terrace.
Hunter, Samuel, 2 Fountainville.
Johnston, H. M., 88 Donegall Street.
Lynch, P., 78 Donegall Street.
Macormack, H., 3 Wellington Place.
Macormac, Wm., 4 Howard Street.
Mawhinney, Wm., 46 Ann Street.
Moore, James, 7 Chichester Street.
Moore, Hugh, 59 Victoria Street
Moreland, H., 73 Corporation Street.
Mulholland, C., 6 Prospect Terrace.
Murney, Henry, 35 Wellington Place.
Murray, Daniel, 6 Albert Terrace.
Murray, James, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
McCleery, James, 43 York Street.
McGee, Wm., M.P., J.P., 10 College Square North.
McGregor, James, surgeon (homoeopathic) 13 College Square North.
McMinn, Francis, 8 Belvoir Terrace.
Patterson, Jas., 4 Donegall Square North.
Pirrie, John M., 5 Fisherwick Place.
Purdon, Chas. D., 8 Wellington Place.
Purdon, Thos. H., 5 Wellington Place.
Rea, Saml., 27 College Square North.
Read, Thos., 5 Donegall Square West.
Reid, J. Seaton, professor Queen's College, 2 Glengall Place.
Ross, Richard, 28 Wellington Place.
Smith, John, 16 Castle Place.
Smith, J. W., 1 Clarence Place.
Stephenson, R., 11 Wellington Place.
Stewart, R., Lunatic Asylum.
Stronge, J. W., 3 Fisherwick Place.
Thompson, T., R.N., 8 Wellington Park.
Wales, George. F., 99 York Street.
Warwick, Wm., 47 Corporation Street.
Wheeler, Thos. K., 13 Clarendon Place.

Piano-Forte Tuners

    Craig, A., 6 Chichester Street.                                                                            Hutchinson, J., 46 Little May Street.
    Hart, John, 14 Fountain Street.                                                                           Reid, Wm., Botanic Cottage.

Piano-Forte Warehouses

    Coffey, William, 25 Donegall Place.                                                                    Hart, Joseph, 14 Castle Place.
    Craig, A., 6 Chichester Street.                                                                            McGaghey, David, 10 Chichester Street.

Picture Frame Makers
See Carvers and Gilders


Cameron, James, 47 Donegall Street.
Carlile & Co., 38 Donegall Street.
Henderson & Winnington, 5 Mill Street.
Magee & Co., 32 Ann Street.
McNeill, William, Corn Market.
Purse, A., jun., 106 York Street.
Scully & Shannon, 14,16&18 Talbot street and Mill Street.

Posting Establishments

Bowen, Matthew, Royal Hotel, 27 Donegall Place.
Brown, James, 9 Castle Place.
Davis, George, Plough Hotel, Corn Market.
Echlin, Peter, Commercial Hotel, Commercial Buildings.
Gordon, George, North Star Inn, 68 North Street.
Hurst, Dr. C., Imperial Hotel, 10 Donegall Place.
Johnston, Thomas, 9 Wellington Street.
Madine, George, 25&27 York Street.
Meanagh, James, 5 University Street.
Morrison, James, 8 Montgomery Street.
Robson, John, 31 Chichester Street.


Ballymacarrett Pottery Works, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett; Jas. McWade, proprietor.
Fullerton, Mrs., 11 Murphy Street.
McCallin, B. & Co., Canal Quay and Cromac Dock
Sloan, Andrew & Co., Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.


Black, Joseph, 113 York Street.
Blackwood, Chas., 20 Corn Market.
Dickson, S., 70 Corporation Street.
Dogherty, W., 68,70&72 May Street.
Franklin, Joseph, 5 York Street.
Gaffikin, James, D., 4 Ann Street.
Gaffikin, John, 25 Corn Market.
Kane, Luke, Hammond's Court.
Magee, Thomas, 2 Hammond's Court.
Ledley, Samuel, 11 Corn Market.
Meenan, Terence, 10 Castle Lane.
Potts, J., 40 Corporation Street.
Whisker, Jas., 33 Hercules Street.
Woodcock, H., 36 Corporation Street.
Wylie, James, 14 Ann Street.

Power Loom Manufacturers

Bedford Street Weaving Company.
Craig, A. W. & Co., Falls Road.
Curell, D., jun. & Co., Linenhall Street.
Kennedy, J. & Co., Bedford Street.
Hind, J. & Sons, Durham Street Mill.
Leadbetter, Calder & Co., Bedford Street.
York Street Spinning Company.


Adair, Hugh, 67 High Street.
Allen, David, 10 Arthur Square.
Archer & Sons, 27&29 Castle Place.
Diamond & Steen, Hill Street.
Finlay, F. D., Northern Whig, 6 Calender Street.
Henderson, James A., News Letter, 10 Bridge Street.
Henderson, John, 13 Castle Place.
Henry, Thomas, 7 Pottinger's Entry.
Johnston, J., 6 Police Place.
Maxwell, R., 15 Castle Street.
Mayne, Alexander, 7 High Street.
Moore, James, 40 Ann Street.
McClure, Thomas, 35 Ann Street.
McCormick & Dunlop, Banner of Ulster, 51 Donegall Street.
McNally, James, 8 Rosemary Street.
Read, R. & D., Morning News, 6 Crown Entry.
Reed, James, 97 Victoria Street.
Reilly, Thos. H., 61 High Street.
Ulster Printing Company (limited), Mercury Office, Arthur Street.
Wallace, J., Ulster General Advertiser, 2 Donegall Street.


Birnie, John, William Street South and Lisburn.
Dillon, William, 45 Arthur Street.
Magee, Henry B.
Pennington, John, Arthur Street and Lisburn.
Seeds, Henry, 34 Castle Lane.
Stephenson, Geo., 12 Castle Chambers and Lisburn.
Warnock, John, Victoria Street and Downpatrick.

Provision Dealers

Allen James, 52 Carrick Hill.
Auld, Hugh, 171 North Street.
Campbell, Charles, 54 Tomb Street.
Canavan, John, 107 North Queen Street.
Carpenter, P. & Co., 21 Church Lane.
Clarke, A. & Co., 4&6 Great Patrick Street.
Craigon, R. A., 128 Great George's Street.
Curley, A., 16 Hill Street.
Daly, James, 138 Nelson Street.
Dickson, D., 70 Corporation Street.
Dixon, Colvill, Talbot Street.
Douglas, W., 57&59 Lonsdale Street.
Douglas, Wm., 86 Falls Road.
Douglas, Wm., 29 Little Patrick Street.
Dyer, John, 18 John Street.
Dysart, John, 71 North Street.
Finlay, Joseph, 76 North Queen Street.
Fox, Michael, 163 North Street.
Gordon, Sarah, 20 Church Lane.
Gordon, W. & J., 27 Church Lane.
Hamill, James, 18 Barrack Street.
Hanlon, John, 29 Hercules Place.
Hawkes, James, 165 North Street.
Henry, Robert, 31 Victoria Street.
Hewitt, Joseph, 7 Brown Square.
Hodgkinson, Wm., 17 Hill Street.
Johnston, J., 138 North Street.
Kealey, W., 183 North Street.
Kelly, Michael, 175 North Street.
Lavery, Anthony, 179 North Street.
Ledley, Samuel, 11 Corn Market.
Lindsay, Wm., 13 Lagan Street.
Maguire, James, 6 Hill Street.
Maguire, A., 26 Green Street.
Maitland, B., 50 Academy Street.
Mallon, John, 28 Barrack Street.
Mooney, T., 19&21 Hill Street.
Moore, Samuel, 9 Ann Street.
Moorehead, R., 28 Little Patrick Street.
Morrow, James, 157 North Street.
Murray, Owen, 13 North Thomas Street.
McBratney, Samuel, 35 Church Lane.
McClure, Samuel, 35 Church Lane.
McClure, Thomas, 5 Hill Street.
McKee, Wm., 34 Great Edward Street.
McKinley, S., 66 Great George's Street.
Owens, T., 96&98 Nelson Street.
Patterson, David, 30 Corn Market.
Patterson, S., 2 Dock Street.
Phillips, William, 1 Townsend Street.
Pyper, H., 8 John Street.
Quinn, F., 19&21 Catherine Street North.
Reilly, Bernard, 94 Ann Street.
Scott, James, 24 Great Patrick Street.
Somerville, J., 13 Cromac Street.
Suffern, Robert, 21 Corn Market.
Thompson, A., 57 Little Patrick Street.
Thompson, J., 64 Millfield.
Watson, J., 138 North Street.
Young, H. A., 66 Great Patrick Street.

See Spirit Dealers and Retail Grocers.

Public Libraries

     Linenhall Library, James Stewart, librarian.                                                           People's Library, 16 Donegall Street; F. A. Maitland.


Adair, Hugh, 67 High Street.
Aitchison, C., 9 High Street.
Archer & Sons, Castle Place.
Henderson, J. A., 10 Bridge Street.
Henderson, John, 13 Castle Place.
Mayne, Alexander, 19 Corn Market.
Mayne, Alex. S., Donegall Square East.
McComb, Wm., 1 High Street.
Phillips, G. & Son, Bridge Street.
Read, E. & D., Crown Entry.
Reed, James, Victoria Street.
Thomas H. Reilly, 61 High Street.
Simms & McIntyre, Thompson's Court, Donegall Street.

Railway Companies

     Belfast and Northern Counties Railway, York Road; Chas. Stewart, secretary.   Ulster Railway, Great Victoria Street; Frederick Broughton, general manager.
     Belfast and County Down Railway, Queen's Quay, Ballymacarrett; Thomas Ward, secretary.

Rectifying Distillers

     Bain, Joseph, 4 Seymour Lane.                                                                   Roney, D., 19 Church Lane.
     Keegan, Peter, 4 Calender Street.                                                               Wilson, Guy S., 11 Mill Street.
     McConnell, Jas. & John, 52 Tomb Street.

Reed Maker

      Riddell, Alex., 45 John Street.


Clarendon Rooms, Victoria Street; John Logue, proprietor.
Dunlop, David, 1 Arthur Square.
Forsythe, Mrs., 8 Skipper Street.
Hurst, Dr. C., (Imperial Hotel) Castle Lane.
Thompson, Chas., 2 Donegall Place.
Walker, David, 19 Bridge Street.
Walker, Wm. John, 3 Donegall Place.

Room Paper Warehouse.
Those marked (*) are manufacturers

Girdwood, James, 44 High Street.
* Hunter, Matthew, 28 Donegall Street.
Johnston, M., 9 Mill Street.
Longford, Chas., 8 Donegall Place.
Malcolm, D. & Co., Albert Buildings, Victoria Street.
McCloy, Joseph, 75 Victoria Street.
Rutherford, J., 10 Castle Buildings, Donegall Place.
* Staunton, R. J., 9 Donegall Place.

Rope and Twine Makers.

Burnside, Jas., 10 Boundary Street.
Davidson, John, 13 Queen's Square.
Freeman, John, 5 Pottinger's Entry.
Hampson, J., 6 Prince's Street.
Hampson, Patrick, 74 North Street.
Ivory, James, 4 Victoria Street.
Keenan, Thomas, 98 High Street.
Lemon, James, 7 Corporation Square.
Marlow, James, 70 North Street.
Milligan, Peter, 7 Victoria Street.
McEntire, J. A., 22 Donegall Street.
Trueman, John, 92 Ann Street.

Saddlers and Harness Makers.

Cherry, Hugh, 55 Ann Street.
Cumine, John, 168 North Street.
Doherty, John, 24 Cromac Street.
Fulton, Wm., 6 Hercules Place.
Kerns, George, 155 North Street.
Milliken, Robert, 49 North Street.
McCleave, J. & Son, 6 Castle Place.
McGurk, Hugh, 49 Mill Street.
McKnight, Wesley, 9 Victoria Street.
O'Hayer, Francis, 1 Donegall Place Buildings.
Rodgers, David, 57 Ann Street.


Carson, R. M., 2 Corporation Street.
Davidson, John, 19 Corporation Square.
Lemon, Jas., 7 Corporation Square.
Tedford, James, 7 Donegall Quay.


     Colosseum, 4 Orr's Entry, off High Street; Edwd. Shearer, proprietor.                 Star, 21 Ann Street; Rose Kerr, proprietress.
     Shakspeare, 17 Castle Lane; E. P. Grey, proprietor.

Salt Merchants

Arrott, Isaac, 36 Waring Street.
Crawford, James, 31&33 Corporation Street.
Duncrue Salt Mining Company, 4 Corporation Square.
Methuen, James, 28 Tomb Street.
Millen, John, 11 Marlborough Street.

Sawmakers and Sharpers

Crooks, John, 16 Skipper Street. Palfreyman, Wm., 78 Hercules Street.

Saw Mills

     Brown, John, jun., & Alexander, 27 Reilly's Place, Cromac Street.                       McKavanagh, H. & J., Clarence Street.
     Corry, J. P. & Co., Garmoyle Street, Patent Saw Mills.

Seal Engraver

      McCleave, S. R., 6 Castle Place.

Seedsmen and Florists

Addison, Wm., (seed merchant), 15 North Street.
Burnell, H. G., 65767 Victoria Street.
Crawford, Thomas (seed merchant), 13 North Street.
Dickson, Farrell & Co., 2&4 High Street & Belfast & County Down Nursery.
Halliday, Jacob (seed merchant), 59 Victoria Street.
Howden, Charles, Laurel Bank Nursery, Malone Road.
Lytle, J. (seed merchant), 1&3 North Street.
McCausland, Saml., (seed merchant), 39 North Street.
McDuff, John, 49 Victoria Street.
Orr, Joseph, 5 Castle Place.
Threlkeld, A., Botanic Road.

Servants' Registry Offices

Chase, Mrs., 185 York Street.
Clarke, Richard, 8 Gloucester Street.
Dyer, John, 5 Arthur Street.
Purdy, Mrs. (governess), 3 College Street.
Usher, Miss, 8 Mill Street.
Waugh, Mrs., 3 Academy Street.

Ship Brokers

Andrews & Alexander, 1,2,3&4 Victoria Chambers.
Barkley, Wm. M., 15 Queen's Square.
Burke, John, 87 Ann Street.
Clotworthy & Pinkerton, 36&38 Tomb Street.
Colvil, Auld & Co., 2 Corporation Street.
Folingsby, T. G. & Co., 115 Regent Buildings.
Forrest, A. & Co., 41 Corporation Street.
Forrester, McBride & Co., 5 Waring Street Place.
Gowan, S. & Co., 4 Corporation Street.
Heyn, Gustavus, 109 Regent Buildings.
Hind, Hugh s., 51 Corporation Street.
Lammerse, P., 17 Prince's Dock.
Lawther, Saml., 112 Corporation Street.
Marshall & Moore, 17 Donegall Quay.
Munster, P. & Son, 6 Corporation Street.
McAnally, J., 82 Tomb Street.
Phillips & Moore, 101 Regent Buildings.

Ship Builders

     Coates, Victor (iron), Lagan Foundry.                                                                 Harland, Edward J., (iron), Queen's Island.
     Connell, Alex., 54 Garmoyle Street.                                                                    McLaine, A. & Sons, Graving Dock, Corporation Street.

Ship Chandlers

     Carson, Robert M., 2 Corporation Street.                                                           Lemon, James, 7 Corporation Square.
     Crawford, Jas., 31&35 Corporation Street.                                                        Tedford, James, 7 Donegall Quay.

Ship Owners

Andrews & Alexander, Victoria Chambers.
Arrott, Isaac, 34 Waring Street.
Askin, William.
Belfast Steam Ship Company.
Boyd, Robert, Donegall Quay.
Bradford, James, 41 Dock Street.
Carey, T., Carrickfergus.
Carson, R. M., 2 Corporation Street.
Charley, John, 53 Donegall Quay.
Clotworthy & Pinkerton, Tomb Street.
Coates, Victor, Prince's Dock Foundry.
Cochran, J., 30 Great George's Street.
Coey, E., Gamble Street.
Corry, James P., Great George's Street.
Corry, Robert & Sons, 3 Great George's Street.
Craig, Hugh, Queen's Quay.
Dickson, T. & Co., Larne.
Ewing, Samuel, 49 Ship Street.
Fulton, David, 251 Abbotsford Place.
Glenfield, Francis, 110 High Street.
Grainger, D. & Son, Prince's Dock.
Gray, Thomas, 22 North Street.
Greenfield, John, 76 High Street.
Gregg, J., Cranston, Malone.
Hanlon, Michael, 2 Corporation Square.
Harper, Martin, Victoria Street.
Henderson, Robert * Son, 23 Donegall Quay.
Houston, Samuel, 24 Garmoyle Street.
Keenan, Thomas, 102 High Street.
Lemon, James, Corporation Square.
Lepper, C. W., Laurel Lodge.
Martin, J. & Co., Dublin.
Martin, Samuel & Co., Ann Street.
Megaw, J. G., London.
Milford, J.
Miller, John, Lisburn.
Millen, John, 11 Marlborough Street.
Mogey, Daniel, 5 Dock Street.
Murray, D., Ballymacarrett.
Murray, Owen, Green Street.
McCausland, Samuel, 30 North Street.
McClure, Son & Co., Corporation Street.
McGarrell, C., London.
McGiffin, W. & Thomas.
McLaine, Alexander & sons.
Neill, R., Bangor.
Owens, Thomas, 96 Nelson Street.
Phillips & Moore, Victoria Street.
Quinn, Peter, Corporation Street.
Richardson Brothers & Co., Donegall Place.
Scott, John, 34 Great George's Street.
Shaw & Finlay, Ann Street.
Sinclair, John & Thos., Tomb Street.
Sinclair & Boyd, Donegall Quay.
Smiley, J., Larne.
Sullivan, J. & M. D.
Tedford, James, 7 Donegall Quay.
Templeton, W. & Co.
Thomson, Samuel, Corporation Street.
Wardlow, Hugh, Windsor.
Wright, P., 10 Queen's Quay.

Shirt Makers

     Allen, Jane, 7 York Street.                                                                                  Mitchell & Walker, Donegall Place Buildings.
     Haffern, W. & Co., 15 Church Street.                                                                Wilson, M., 58 Donegall Street.
     Kyle, G. W., 21,23&25 Bridge Street.

Silk Dyers

      Bateman, David, 10 King Street and 193 York Street.                                         Browne, George, 35 Arthur Street.

Silk Manufacturers

      Lindsay, Brothers & Co., Eliza Street.

Silk Mercers

Arnott, John & Co., Bridge Street.
Hardy, Thomas & Son, 35&37 High Street.
Hawkins, Robertson & Co., Bank Buildings.
Lindsay Brothers (wholesale), 1 Donegall Place.
Lindsay, Jas. & Co., Ulster Arcade.
Macoun, Geo., 23&25 Castle Place.
MacClement, D., 64 Donegall Street.
MacKenzie, Robert, 34,36&38 High Street.
Maclurcan, J. H. & Co., 2 Donegall Place Buildings.
McCullough & Totten, 53&55 High Street.
Robb, J. & Co., 15 Castle Place.
Tate & Davison, Bridge Street.

Size Works

     Gibson Brothers, Eliza Street.                                                                              Hicks, W., 36 Upper Kent Street.
     Hart, Saml., 33 Little Donegall Street.                                                                  Jamieson, H., Belfast Sizing Works, 18 Blackstaff Road.

Solicitors and Attorneys

Andrews, Son & McLaine, 62 Donegall Street.
Arthur, Robert, 13 Donegall Place.
Batwell, W. E., 12 Bridge Street.
Birney, John, Sessional Crown Solicitor, William Street South and Lisburn.
Black, Samuel, 27 Castle Place.
Bottomley, H. H., 9 Donegall Place.
Bowman & Campbell, 44 Donegall Street.
Bruce, Samuel (town solicitor), 17 Donegall Place.
Carson, William, Albert Buildings, Victoria Street.
Cassidy & Bruce, 17 Donegall Place.
Chambers, Robert, 48 Donegall Street.
Cinnamond, Thos., 20 Waring Street.
Clarke, H. W., 17 College Street South.
Coates, John, 43 Arthur Street.
Collins, W., 40 Arthur Street.
Cunningham, W. C., (Deputy Clerk of the Peace), 21,22&23 Victoria Chambers.
Cunningham & Johnston, 21,22&23 Victoria Chambers.
Davis, W., 2 The Castle, Castle Buildings.
Davison & Torrens, 9 Wellington Place.
Dickson, J. & A., 42 Donegall Street.
Dillon, Wm., 45 Arthur Street.
Dinnen, John, 31 Arthur Street.
Garrett, J. R. & T., 3 Donegall Square East.
Hall, R. B., 7 College Square South.
Hamilton, J., 56 Johnston's Buildings.
Higginson, J. M., notary public and district registrar, Probate Court, Donegall Place Buildings. Hyndman, Hugh, 9 Donegall Place.
Jackson, J. K. (Deputy Clerk of the Crown for Antrim, Armagh and Monaghan and Coroner), 21 Donegall Place.
Johns, Alex. & Co., 1 Donegall Street.
Johnston, T. B., Victoria Chambers.
Kelly, Robert, 31 Donegall Street.
Kennedy, John B., 30 Castle Lane.
Loughran, Michael, 46 Donegall Street.
MacKeown, George F., 53 Donegall Street.
Macrory, Boyd & Macrory.
Magenis, G. V., 26 Wellington Place.
Milford, Henry, 54 Donegall Street.
Montgomery, Alex., 7 Donegall Street.
McClelland, Thos., 95 Victoria Street.
McKenny, Tully, 32 Castle Lane.
O'Rorke, Alex., 83 Donegall Street.
O'Rorke, Daniel, 14 Donegall Street.
Rea, John, 80 Donegall Street.
Russell, Henry, 34 Arthur Street.
Pennington, John, 31 Arthur Street and Lisburn.
Seeds, H. & W., 34 Castle Lane.
Sheals, Patrick, 70 Donegall Street.
Smith, Geo. K., 3 The Castle, Castle Buildings.
Smith, Henry H., 75 Donegall Street.
Sproul, W. H., Carrickfergus.
Stevenson, G., 12 Castle Chambers and Lisburn.
Suffern, John, 76 Donegall Street.
Tittle, J. H., 53 Upper Arthur Street.
Wallace, Hugh & Co., 81 Victoria Street and Downpatrick.
Watterson, Wm. Thos., 106 Ann Street.
Young, James, 3 Arthur Square.

Spirit Dealers
See also Grocers and Spirit Dealers.

Aiken, A., 16 Robinson's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Allen, Hugh, Mount Charles.
Agnew, E., 136 Corporation Street.
Anderson, Eliza, 173 North Street.
Anderson, Jane, 25 Great Edward Street.
Anderson, John, Old Road, Ballyhackamore.
Andrews, J. E., 62 Earl Street. (as Jas. G. in Grocers)
Armstrong, Joseph, 69 Union Street.
Ashton, Wm., 88 Durham Street.
Atkinson, Mrs., 2&4 Cromac Street.
Bammer, Wm., 71 May Street.
Barry, J. & Co., 20 Prince's Street.
Beattie, J., 101 New Lodge Road.
Beattie, Samuel, 1&3 Bogan Street.
Bell, Alexander, 37 Wesley Place.
Bell, Samuel, 13 Victoria Street.
Birnie, E., 35 Townsend Street.
Black, Hugh, Ballynafeigh.
Black, James, 32 Joy Street.
Black, Robert, 1 Skipper Street.
Blaney, Archibald, Castlereagh Street, Ballymacarrett.
Boyd, James, 1 Gordon Street.
Boyd, James, 114 North Street.
Boyd, Samuel, 67 Lettuce Hill.
Boyd, Sarah, 11 Donegall Quay.
Boyd, Thomas, 184 North Street.
Bradley, H. & F., 12 Smithfield.
Brady, C., 5&7 Caddell's Entry.
Brady, James, 102 North Street.
Brady, Owen, 62 Mill Street.
Branaghan, Edward, 64 Mill Street.
Brittain, John, Ballynafeigh.
Britton, John, 81 Mustard Street.
Brown, Mrs., 28 Gamble Street.
Brown, Mrs., 11 Trafalgar Street.
Browne, Henry, Old Road, Ballymacarrett.
Burns, William, 59 Millfield.
Byrne, Cherry, 3 Donegall Quay.
Callender, James, 21 Mill Street.
Cameron, T., 175 John Street.
Campbell, John, 161 Durham Street.
Campbell, John, 2 Edward Street.
Canavan, J., 107 North Queen Street.
Canmer, John, Lagan Village.
Carrigan, Adam, 40 Garmoyle Street.
Carson, Ann, Lisburn Road.
Carson, Hugh, 7 Annette Street.
Carson, Mrs., 1 Robert Street.
Cheevers, P., 58 North Street.
Clarke, John, 194 Conway Street.
Clarke, John, 41 Pilot Street.
Clarke, Neal, 82 Cromac Street.
Cleland, James, 63 May Street.
Cleland, Robert, 5 Donegall Quay.
Clements, Robert, 69 Agnes Place.
Clements, Robert, 7 Church Lane.
Close, James, 31 Earl Street.
Coates, Mrs., 110 Conway Street.
Connolly, John, 25 Arnon Street.
Conway, Jane, Cheerymount Tavern.
Copeland, John, 126 Cromac Street.
Corr, Edward, 3 Prince's Dock.
Coyle, John, 25 Ormeau Road.
Cranston, E., 25 Lancaster Street.
Craig, Mrs., 124 North Street.
Creen, Robert, 74 Corporation Street.
Crossen, Margaret, Lagan Village.
Crowell, Jane, 57 Hill Street.
Cuddy, Hugh, 30 Chichester Street.
Cunningham, A., 1 Earl Street.
Cushnahan, J., 158 Nelson Street.
Dale, Wm., 15 Henry Street.
Davey, Eliza, 5 Winecellar Entry.
Davis, John, 32 Garmoyle Street.
Dickson, A., 15 Corporation Square.
Dogherty, F., 64 May Street.
Donaldson, H. W., 1 Ann Street.
Donovan, Mrs., 46&48 John Street.
Donnelly, P., 154 Conway Street.
Donnelly, Edwd., 156 Old Lodge Road.
Donnelly, Robert, 13 Castle Lane.
Doran, Bernard, 41 Annette Street.
Duff, James, 20 Gardiner Street.
Duffy, Wm., 56&58 Howard Street.
Duncan, Mary, 33 Falls Road.
Dunlop, Alex., 17 Tomb Street.
Edgar, John, 4 Winetavern Street.
Ervine, Mary, 86&88 Peter's Hill.
Erwin, Mary, 71 Brown Square.
Fagan, Edward, 25 John Street.
Fagan, Edward, 54 Townsend Street.
Fee, John, 111 Sandy Row.
Fee, Jane, 100 Ann Street.
Fee, Thomas, 10 Marlborough Street.
Ferran, Patrick, 18 Alexander Street.
Ferguson, David, 90 North Queen Street.
Fetherston, J., 49 Ann Street.
Firth, James, 1 King Street.
Fitzpatrick, John, 24 Falls Road.
Forsythe, Catherine, 8 Skipper Street.
Fullin, F., 27&29 Union Street.
Gelston, James, Ballyhackamore.
Gillespie, M., 28 Great Edward Street.
Gilmer, J. & S., 95 York Street.
Gilmore, Henry, 20&22 Union Street.
Gilmore, Hugh, 160 North Street.
Gilmore, Owen, 6 New Durham Street.
Gilmore, Owen, 158 North Street.
Grant, J., 3 Upper Church Lane.
Grant, M., 14&16 Verner Street.
Gray, James, Old Malone Road.
Griffith, Patrick, 35 Smithfield.
Halpin, James, 66 Smithfield.
Hamill, John, 69 May Street.
Hanna, M. A., 35 Shankill Road.
Hannan, Jas., 135 Shankill Road.
Hawthorn, John, 1 Eliza Street.
Hawthorne, John, 16 Great Edward Street.
Heaney, Hugh, 35 Winetavern Street.
Heeny, William, 57 Durham Street.
Herald, Alex., 2&4 John Street.
Hilland, Mary, 23 Bentinck Street.
Hogg, Jane, 23 Pilot Street.
Houston, Hugh, 79 Peter's Hill.
Hughes, Mrs., 104 Nelson Street.
Ingram, George, 17 Queen's Square.
Irish, C., 21&23 Queen's Square.
Irvine, James, 166 North Street. 
Irwin, Robert, 7 North Queen Street.
Johnston, Alex., 36 Cromac  Street.
Johnston, Mrs., 6 Fountain Street.
Johnston, William, 31 Prince's Street.
Jordan, John, 110 Ann Street.
Kane, Ellen, 46 Waring Street.
Kavanagh, John, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Kennedy, Edward, 41 North Street.
Kennedy, John, 130 Cromac Street.
Kennedy, Rose, 1 Durham Street.
Kennedy, M., 7 Harmony Place.
Kenny, B., 7 Curtis Street.
Kerr, William, 4 Rosemary Street.
Kerr, Rose, 21 Ann Street.
Kerr, Wm., 58&60 Union Street.
Kilmartin, Thomas, 38 Cromac Street.
King, Bernard, 92 Roseann Place.
King, Robert, 1&3 Nile Street.
Kirk, Robert D., 176 York Street.
Kirker, Thomas, 81 Durham Street.
Lavery, Alex., 4 Hill Street.
Lavery, Richd., 47 North Queen Street.
Laverty, H., 1 Hutchinson Street.
Lennon, H., 13 Great Edward Street.
Lewis, H., 64 Waring Street.
Lewis, T., 44 Old Lodge Road.
Lewis, Wm., 29 Stephen Street.
Loughead, A., 27 North Ann Street.
Loughlin, J. & W., 131 North Street.
Loughran, C., 5 Prince's Dock.
Loughran, Henry, 28 John Street.
Lowry, John, 68 Ann Street.
Low, James, 24 Chichester Street.
Mackreth, Wm., 34 Gamble Street.
Magee, Eaver, Ballynafeigh.
Magee, Mary, 83 Cromac Street.
Magee, J., 17 Barrack Street.
Maguire, John, 35 Frederick Street.
Mayne, Patrick, 39 Albert Crescent.
Meihan, Patrick, 96 Millfield.
Millen, Hugh, Queen's Quay/
Millen, Adam, 32 Prince's Street.
Millen, John, 25 Prince's Street.
Miller, Jas. C., Crumlin Road.
Milliken, George, 154 Falls Road.
Moffett, Miss, 208 York Street.
Moore, Henry, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Morrison, James, 8 Montgomery Street.
Morrison, R., 15 William Street South.
Mulholland, Robert, 11 Gamble Street.
Mullin, James, 14 Hercules Street.
Murphy, Arthur, 72 John Street.
Murphy, John, 2 Mill Street.
Murray & Quinn, 2&4 Hercules Street.
Murray, Daniel, Lagan Village.
McAlea, James, 134 North Street.
McAlister, Alexander, 33 May Street.
McAlister, John, 196 York Street.
McCall, James, 103 Durham Street.
McCall, William, 80 Falls Road.
McCann, James, 25 Marquis Street.
McCann, John, 4 Prince's Street.
McCann, John S., 34 Rosemary Street.
McCann, Samuel, 22 Castle Street.
McCartan, James, 62 Grattan Street.
McCartney, Thomas, 23 Michael Street.
McClesh, Henry, 5&7 Millfield.
McCloy, Wm., 119 York Street.
McConnell, W. J., 2 Malone Road.
McCormick, J., 39 Henry Street.
McCormick, J., 12 Garmoyle Street.
McCorry, Richd., 15 Institution Place.
McCracken, Joseph, 74 Brown Street.
McCracken, Mary, 47 Carrick Hill.
McDowell, Thomas, 130 York Street.
McFerran, Wm., 24 Prince's Street.
McGlade, C. & P., 33 Caxton Street.
McGlade, Henry, 35 Great Patrick Street and Edward Street.
McGlade, Patrick, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
McGlade, P/. 71&72 Smithfield.
McGladdery, Samuel, Antrim Road.
McGuikan, J., 1&3 Milford Street.
McGuirk, T., 58&60 North Queen Street.
McIlhone, Henry, 100 Cullintree Road.
McIlroy, Wm., 30 Gardiner Street.
McIlwee, R., 62 Waring Street.
McKee, James, 100 Tomb Street.
McKey, Mrs., 2 Great Edward Street.
McKenna, John K., 200 North Street.
McKenna, John, 29 Robert Street.
McKenna, John, 17&19 Union Street.
McKenna, Wm., 1&3 Little Donegall Street and 23 John Street.
McKeown, James, 28 Chapel Lane.
McKibben, J., 148 Falls Road.
McKinley, Saml., 66 Great George's Street.
McKinney, Hugh, 29 Great Edward Street.
McLaughlin, G., 81 McTier Street.
McLaughlin, John, 17 West Street.
McLaughlin, Mary, Antrim Road.
McLorinan, Hugh, 46 Institution Place.
McLoughlin, J., 2&4 Gamble Street.
McManus, J., 82 Little Donegall Street.
McMillen, John, 21&23 North Queen Street.
McMullan, Hugh, 59 Carrick Hill.
McNeilly, John, 17&19 William Street South.
McNeill, Owen, 47 Smithfield.
McQuillan, Hugh, 24 Gamble Street.
McQuillan, Wm., 64 Pilot Street.
McRoberts, Saml., 1 Great Edward Street.
McSherry, Richard, 20 Gamble Street.
McVeagh, Thomas, Marlborough Street.
Neill, Alexander, Antrim Road.
Nelson, Geo., 108 Great George's Street.
O'Connor, James, 65&67 North Queen Street.
O'Hagan, Daniel, 47 Winetavern Street.
O'Kane, Edward, 65 John Street.
O'Kane, Thomas, 12 McCrory's Row, Ballymacarrett.
O'Neill, G. J., 5 Peter's Hill and 2 Old Lodge Road.
O'Neill, James, 11 Cromac Street.
O'Neill, James, 14 Barrack Street.
O'Neill, John, 12 Barrack Street.
O'Neill, Patrick, 17 Patrick Street.
Orr, Robert, 42 Ann Street.
Peake, Hugh, 59 Lancaster Street.
Peak, Mrs., 24 Ann Street.
Peebles, H., 118 Upper Peter's Hill.
Peel, Robert, 144 Shankill Road.
Potts, Margaret, 22 Henry Street.
Quigley, Sarah, 3 Short Street.
Quinn, Ann, 19 Queen's Square.
Quinn, Richard, 18 Hill Street.
Quin, James, 114 Nelson Street.
Rea, Hugh, 18 Mill Street.
Reid, George, 2&4 Valentine Street.
Reid, John, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Rice, Henry, 3&5 Union Street.
Rice, J., 36 Church Lane.
Rogan, Patk., 47&49 Carrick Hill.
Rosbotham, W., 14 Old Malone Road.
Rowan, James, Carman's Inn, 58 Great Patrick Street.
Russell, Robt., 16&18 Nelson Street.
Rutherford, James, 26 Ann Street.
Savage, James, 26 Lancaster Street.
Savage, Hugh, 2 Garmoyle Street.
Savage, Samuel, 55 Dock Street.
Savage, J., 25 Boundary Street.
Scott, James, 2 Mustard Street.
Scott, Joseph, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Scullin, John, 173 Nelson Street.
Shaw, Hugh, 40 Great George's Street.
Sheals, Wm., 18 Church Street.
Skurry, Mrs., 2 Arthur Square.
Sloan, John, Old Road, Ballymacarrett.
Smith, Bernard, 42 Cromac Street.
Smyth, Denis, 31 Great Edward Street.
Smyth, E., 105 North Queen Street.
Smyth, Francis, 19 Welsh Street.
Smyth, M., 68 Great George's Street.
Smyth, Wm., 164 North Street.
Stephen, Alex., 39 Rosemary Street.
Stewart, Alex., Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Strain, Thomas, 168 Sandy Row.
Sullivan, John, 119 Millfield.
Taylor, John, 70 Sandy Row.
Taylor, J., 49 Dock Street.
Thompson, E. & A. J., 24 Garmoyle Street.
Thompson, Joseph, 56&58 North Thomas Street.
Thompson, R., 4 Hammond's Court.
Trainor, J., 40&42 Old Lodge Road.
Turtle, J., Old Road, Ballymacarrett.
Vance, Adam, Ballyhackamore.
Wallace, R., 228 Old Lodge Road.
Walsh, James, 51 North Queen Street.
Ward, John, Lisburn Road.
Watson, James, Great Victoria Street.
Watson, T., Watson's Buildings, Ballymacarrett.
Watt, Mary, 55 Little Donegall Street.
Weir, Samuel, 28 Devis (Divis) Street.
Williams, E., 6 Sandy Row.
Wilson, George, 29 Barrack Street.
Wilson, James, 29 Church Lane.
Wilson, J., 30 Washington Street.
Wilson, Wm., 74 Great George's Street.
Wright, Robt., 10 Pottinger's Entry.
Young, James, 8&10 Ann Street.

Starch Manufacturers

Boyd, James & Co., 37,39&41 Boyd Street.
Christie, Mrs., 25 Frederick Street.
Gardner, James & Co., 10,25&27 York Lane.
Gemmell, James, Hudson Street.
Hamilton, John, 36 Leadbetter Street.
Hunter, M., 136 Upper Peter's Hill and 28 Donegall Street.
Lyle & Brown, 11 York Lane.
Molyneaux & Ferguson, 22 Unity Street & 85 Peter's Hill.
Tucker, Edward (& glue), 37 Warrington Street, 156 Millfield & 83 Sandy Row.
Wharton, Wm., 35 York Lane.

Stationers and Account Book Manufacturers

Archer & Sons, 27&29 Castle Place.
Blow, Wm. N. & Son (wholesale), 14 Rosemary Street.
Johnston, Wm., 25 Waring Street.
Moore, Sarah, 5 Donegall Place.
Murray, Jas., 69&71 Victoria Street.
Phillips, Geo. & Son, 26 Bridge Street.
Reilly, Thos. H., 61 High Street.
Ward, M. & Co., 13 Donegall Place.

Statuary Makers

     Sparrow, Charles, 20 Church Street.                                                                  Trabucco, Pietro, 5 Academy Street.

Stay and Corset Makers.

     Allen, Jane, 7 York Street.                                                                                  Gwynn, Eliza, 147 North Street.
     Burns, Eliza, 20 Castle Street.                                                                             McMullan, Ann, 10 Mill Street.
     Forbes, Mrs., 17 Castle Street.                                                                           Wilson, Mrs., 4 Upper Queen Street.

Steam Packet Agents

     Charley & Malcolm, 51&55 Donegall Quay.                                                        McCulloch, A. G. S., 39 Donegall Quay.
     Henderson, Robert & Son, 19 to 27 Donegall Quay.                                            McTear, George & Son, 33737 Donegall Quay.
     Langtry, Wm., 55 Donegall Quay.

Stock and Share Brokers

     Bushell, Theobald, 32 Rosemary Street.                                                                Reid, Henry, 35 Donegall Street.
     Cunningham, J. & Co., 41 Waring Street.                                                              Robinson, Wm. A., 5&6 Commercial Buildings.
     Orr & Co., 19 Waring Street.

Straw Bonnet Makers
See Milliners

Sugar Merchants
See also Wholesale Grocers

     Hamilton, Megaw & Thompson, 12 Corporation Street.                                      Nelson, Samuel, Linenhall.
     Herron, W. C. & Co., 13 Albert Square.                                                            Sinclair 7 Boyd, 45 Donegall Quay.
     Musgrave, H. & E., 85 Ann Street.

See Physicians and Surgeons

See also Clothiers

Allen, James, 1 Orr's Entry.
Anderson, A., 14 Church Lane.
Anderson, Wm., 32 North Thomas Street.
Anderson, Wm., 13 Fifth Street.
Armstrong, T., 6 Charlotte Street.
Arthur, Wm., 15 Nelson Street.
Bailie, Wm., 5 Arthur Street.
Barr, Samuel, 35 Abbey Street.
Baxter, Wm., 47 Shankill Road.
Blair, Joseph, 25 North Queen Street.
Boles, John, 6 Institution Place.
Bowden, H. A., 29 King Street.
Bruntz, Francis, Ballynafeigh.
Burke, A. K., 56 North Queen Street.
Campbell, Robert, 11 Hill Street.
Cash, Edward, 7 Wesley Place.
Carlisle, J., 53 Great Patrick Street.
Chapman, Jas., 26 New Durham Street.
Copeland, R., 12 Pottinger's Entry.
Crossbie, J., 43 Ann Street.
Dempsey, Bernard, 10 Skipper Street.
Ferguson, Thomas, 20 Joy's Entry.
Ferritt, William, 31 Wesley's Place.
Galway, William, 32 Dock Street.
Greer, H., 11 Rockview Buildings.
Hewey, John, 29 Talbot Street.
Jackson, J., 6 Pottinger's Entry.
Johnston, James, 48 Frederick Street.
Kennedy, Terence, 4 Berry Street.
Kerns, Patrick, 3 Orr's Entry.
Lewis, Wm., 51 Academy Street.
Logan, Patrick, 116 Nelson Street.
Lewis, Jas., 21 Lancaster Street.
Magill, Wm., 59 Castle Street.
Morrison, H., 22 Academy Street.
Morrow, Andrew, 11 Talbot Street.
Murray, J. J., 33 Donegall Street.
Munce, A., 11 Donegall Street.
McClenaghan, W. J., 116 Cromac Street.
McCracken, John, 148 Sandy Row.
McGreevy, Thomas, 188 North Street.
McKibben, David, 12 Fountain Street.
McKibbin, Robert, 66 Sandy Row.
McKinney, Thomas, 4 Hamilton Street.
McMullan, Samuel, 10 Mill Street.
McMullan, John, 16 Fountain Street.
Napier, J., 17 Pottinger's Entry.
Nelson, G., 6 Pottinger's Entry.
Nelson, John, 3 Harmony Place.
Park, Wm. J., 25 Talbot Street.
Percy, R., 22 Shankill Road.
Pollock & Smith, 47 Cromac Street.
Ritchie, Robert, 9 Arthur Square.
Russell, George, 49 Academy Street.
Savage, J. C., 49&51 Townsend Street.
Shaw, Wm., 44 Frederick Street.
Stevenson, Samuel, 27 Arthur Street.
Stevenson, Thomas, 39 Mill Street.
Turner, Wm., 14&16 Gamble Street.
Wardlow, Wm., 11 Skipper Street.

Tanners and Curriers

Greenhill, Robert, 49 Mill Street.
Lowry, Wm., 12 Lonsdale Street.
McCammon, Thomas, 23 King Street.
McClearns, James, 26 North Street.
McMullan, Patrick, 48 Mill Street.
Nelson, Robt., 3 Israel Street.
Wetherall, Wm., 25 Mill Street.


Alderdice, David, Victoria Tavern, 145 Durham Street.
Armstrong, Thos., Shell Fish Tavern.
Baines, John, 7&9 Great Victoria Street.
Beattie, J., Corn Exchange Tavern, 2 Grattan Street.
Campbell, M., Bower's Hill Tavern, 153 Shankill Road.
Carmichael, Robert, Fox Tavern, 2 Calender Street.
Close, James, Old Swan Inn, 42 Barrack Street.
Conway, Jane, Cherrymount Tavern, Crumlin Road.
Crossley, Wm., Crown Tavern and Billiard Rooms, Quinn's Entry, 11 High Street.
Cunningham, Archibald, Cave Hill Tavern, 239 York Street.
Doyle, Dennis, Royal Oak Tavern, 1 Peter's Hill.
Duncan, Adam, Carman's Inn, 104 North Street.
Gerrard, Isabella, Eagle Tavern, 14 Pottinger's Entry.
Gordon, George, North Star Inn, Hotel and Posting Establishment, 66 &68 North Street.
Jordan, Phillip, Queen's Bridge Tavern, 1 Donegall Quay.
Kane, Thomas, Crown Shell Fish Tavern, 11&13 Crown Entry.
Lester, A. M., Fox Tavern, 90 North Queen Street.
Magill, Mary, Boyne Tavern, 1 Moore's Place, Malone.
Maguire, W., Longford Arms Hotel, 61 Donegall Quay.
Mallon, Hugh, Crimean Tavern, 199 Shankill Road.
Mitchell, George, Navy Hotel and Tavern, 43 Prince's Dock.
McCann, Samuel, Railway & Steam Packet Tavern, 22 Castle Street.
McConnell, John, Thatched House Tavern, 28 Frederick Street.
McCullough, James, Vulcan Tavern, 95 Peter's Hill.
McCullough, S. J., Court House Tavern, Crumlin Road.
McKee, John, Eglinton Tavern, 65 Eglinton Street.
McLaughlin, Jas., Glenwood Tavern, Shankill Road.
Nicholl, J., Railway Hotel, 210 York Street.
Parker, George, Burns' Commercial Hotel, 25&27 Queen's Square.
Potter, Mrs., Marine Hotel and Tavern, 15 Corporation Square.
Quinn, Thomas, White Cross Inn, 80 North Street.
Rafferty, Hugh, Rainbow Hotel and Tavern, 5 Wilson's Court.
Savage, Patrick, Bath Tavern, 50 Devis (Divis) Street.
Savage, Samuel, American Hotel, 1 Short Street.
Skene, James, Stag's Head Tavern, 2 North Street.
Trevor, Francis, Wellington Arms Hotel, 18 Castle Lane.
Young, Ann, Belfast Arms, 57 Donegall Quay.

Teachers (Dancing)

     Carpenter, Miss, 21 Church Lane.                                                                      Kennedy, Miss, 6 College Street South.
     Gordon, James, 9 York Street.                                                                           Lynch, Mr., 21 Gloucester Street.
     Gubbins, Mrs., 27 Chichester Street.

Teachers (Drawing)

     Croome, J. D., 9 Fisherwick Place.                                                                     Molloy, Joseph, Academical Institution.
     Ferguson, Miss, 12 Upper Queen Street.                                                            Smeeth, Roland, 22 Ardmoulin Street.

Teachers (French etc)

     Badier, Augusta C., 29 Queen Street.                                                                 Griem, Miss, 17 College Square North.
     Boyle, George, 33 Hamilton Street.                                                                     Pourre, Madle., 7 Lonsdale Street.
     Festu, Jules, 3 Clarence Place.                                                                            Rylski, V. H., 55 Victoria Terrace.

Teachers (Music)

Allen, G. B., Armagh and 27 Queen Street.
Ballard, John T., 140 Falls Road.
Brown, Miss, 13 College Street.
Brown, Robt., 38 North Queen Street.
Burnett, W. S., 1 Linenhall Street.
Carroll, B. H., 4 Sussex Place.
Crymble, Lucius, 23 College Street.
Dornan, John, 26 Joy Street.
Dupree, Miss, 40 King Street.
Dyke, R. W., 26 College Square North.
Edeson, J. R., 33 Queen Street.
Gibson, Mrs., 3 Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett.
Gordon, Charles D., 30 Fleet Street.
Gordon, James, 9 York Street.
Griem, Miss, 17 College Square North.
Hart, John, 14 Fountain Street.
Howard, A., 8 Bentinck Street.
Kavanagh, J., 5 Cromac Street.
Kennedy, Miss, 6 College Street South.
Ling, Mrs., 5 Stanley Place.
Loveday, G. B. & H., 12 College Street.
Lynch, Miss, 21 Gloucester Street.
Mason, Wm., 30 College Square North.
May, J. T., 1 Adelaide Place.
Mayne, John, 19 College Street.
McGahey, D., 10 Chichester Street.
Robinson, F., 30 College Street.
Willis, John, 5 College Street South.

Teachers (Writing)

      Johnston, P., Institution.                                                                                     Watson, Mr., Belfast Academy.

Tea Agents

     Hall, J., 40 Academy Street.                                                                                Moreland, Wm., 15 Rosemary Street.
     Jee, Frederick, 80 Ann Street.                                                                             Prenter, W. E., 13 Queen's Square.
     Moncrieff, J. W. & Co., 5 Waring Street.                                                            Wight, W. J. & Co., 7 Commercial Buildings.

Tea Merchants (wholesale)
See also Wholesale Grocers.

Andrews, S., 33 Victoria Street.
Andrews, W. R. & Co., 15&17 Waring Street.
Ash, George, 40 Waring Street.
Ball, William, 54 Victoria Street.
Brannigan, Daniel R., 43 North Street.
Brown, Corbett & Co., 52 Victoria Street.
Byrne, Charles, 4 Donegall Street Place.
Calwell, Samuel, McC., 12 Castle Chambers.
Coote & Co., 19 Victoria Chambers.
Dunville, J. & Co., 10 Calender Street.
Johnston, Philip & Son, 34 Donegall Street.
Keegan, James, 74 High Street.
Lytle, John, 1&3 North Street.
Mullan, W., 39&41 Victoria Street.
Murney, Henry & Son, 18 High Street.
Murray, George & Co., Queen's Square.
Musgrave, H. & E., 83&85 Ann Street.
McCausland, Samuel, 30 North Street.
McClure, Finlay & Co., Corporation Street.
McConnell, Jas. & John, 52 Tomb Street.
McLaughlin, J. & J., 65 High Street.
O'Kane, J. & R., 25 Donegall Street.
Wilson, Jas., 45 Victoria Street.

Timber Merchants

Agnew, James, 36 Chichester Street.
Brown & Alexander, 136 Cromac Street.
Canavan, John, 176 North Street.
Carse, G. H., 82&86 York Street.
Corry, James P. & Co., 5 Great George's Street.
Dunn & Grey, 108 Cromac Street.
Hanlon, Michael, 2 Corporation Street.
McDonald, Alex., 3 Hamilton Street.
McKavanagh, John & H., 15 Queen Street & Clarence Street.
McKinney, Danl., 13&16 Eliza Street.
Robinson, Thompson C., 66&68 Corporation Street.

Tobacco and Snuff Dealers
Those marked (*) are manufacturers

Cottam, J. & Co., 3 Castle Buildings.
* Gelston, Wm., 17 Skipper Street.
* Harper, Martin, Victoria Street.
* Johnston, Philip & Co., 24 Skipper Street.
Love, Henry, Church Lane.
* Massy, Fergus, 24 North Street.
* Massy, George, 12 North Street.
* Milligan, W. H., 33 Ann Street.
* Murney, H. & Son, 18 High Street.
* Murray, Geo. & Co., 11 Queen's Square.
* Murray, Mrs., Arthur Street.
* McCausland, Samuel, 30 North Street.
McDonnell, Mrs., 5 High Street.
McDonnell, John, 4 North Street.
McFarland, J., 14 Bridge Street.
* McLaughlin, J. & J., 65 High Street.
Read, Patrick, 2 Castle Place.
Scott, Joseph, 51 Castle Street.
* Turtle, Launcelot, 82 North Street.

Toy Shops

     Bryson, Thos., 180&182 North Street.                                                               Pelan, Robert & Co., 678 Bridge Street & 41 York Street.
     Connor, Jas., 119 North Street.                                                                          Price, Margaret, 177 North Street.
     Hewitt, James, 5 Donegall Place Buildings.

Trimming Warehouses

     Borthwick, J. R., 5 Castle Buildings.                                                                    McCallum, Jas., 2 Castle Buildings.
     Bourns, H. & Sisters, 23 Donegall Street.                                                            Ramsay, Sinclair, 12 Hill Street.
     Greenfield, John, 76 High Street.                                                                         Wilson, Thos. & Co., 32 High Street.

Umbrella Makers

     Boyd, James, 21 North Street.                                                                             Leathem, Edward, 144 North Street.
     Dickson, Wm., 37 Donegall Street.


     Braithwaite, J., 99&101 Union Street.                                                                  O'Hagan, Charles, 77 Union Street.
     Madine, George, 25727 York Street.                                                                   Robson, John, 31 Chichester Street.
     Morrison, James, 8 Montgomery Street.                                                               Scott, Thos. 7 Co., 19 High Street.
     McLaughlin, J., 17&21 West Street.

See also Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers

Bradley, E., 35 York Street.
Forbes, Thomas, 17 castle street.
Girdwood, James, 44 High Street.
Gray, William, 31 Castle Place.
Goudy, James, 14 Unity Street.
Lindsay, Jas. & Co., Ulster Arcade, 18 Donegall Place.
Longford, Charles, 8 Donegall Place.
Murray, James, 87 Academy Street.
Scott, Thomas & Co., 19 High Street.
Silo, Modesto & Sons, 42 Upper Arthur Street.
Sloan, Archibald, 33 Castle Place.

Parcels Offices

     Richards, J. E., 22 Waring Street.                                                                       Wallace, John, 2 Donegall Street.

Venetian Blind Makers

     Anderson, F., 56 May Street.                                                                              Forbes, Thomas, 17 Castle Street.
     Anderson, J. & Co., Hamilton's Court.

Veterinary Surgeons

     King, James, 108 Donegall Street.                                                                      McKenna, Wm., 26 May Street.
     McCourt, John, 61 York Street.

Vitriol Works

     Boyd, Wm. & Sons, Ballymacarrett.

Weaving Factories

Blain, James, Hopeton Place.
Ellison & Taylor, Wilson Street.
Hicks, Wm., 9 Francis Street.
McClarnon, Patrick, 27 Lancaster Street.
McManus, J., 91&93 Union Street.

West India Merchants

     Herron, W. C. & Co., 13 Albert Square.                                                            Sinclair & Boyd, 25 Donegall Quay.
     Nelson, Samuel, Linenhall.


Adams, Alex., 11 Donegall Pass.
Crawford, Mrs., 27 Winetavern Street.
Cromie, Thomas, 21 Wilson's Court.
Henderson, Robert, 11 Ann Street.
Hoy, Alex., 15 Fountain Street.
Johnston, Saml., 21 Prince's Street.
Lynn, J. & W., 5 Police Place.
McGuigan, J., 1 Meeting House Lane
Stirrett, Thos., 15 Grattan Street.

Wholesale London, Manchester and Scotch Warehouses

Browne, Reid & Co., 3 Waring Street.
Day & Bottomley, 7 Calender Street and 16 Donegall Place.
Greer, Thos., Sons & Co., 16 to 20 Rosemary Street.
Greer & Oakman, 15 Donegall Street.
Hannay, Hugh H., 24 Rosemary Street.
Hawkins, Robertson & Co., Bank Buildings.
Johnston, R. & Co., Sugarhouse Entry.
Robinson & Agnew, St. Anne's Buildings.
Lindsay Brothers, 1 Donegall Place.
Miller, Clendinning & Co., 32 North Street.
Mulligan, T., 6 Donegall Street.
McGeagh, R. T. & Co., 39 Castle Place.
McGonical & Mack, 21 High Street.
McHugh, B. & E., 12 Rosemary Street.
Young & Anderson, 19 Donegall Street.

Wholesale Printed Calico and Trimming Warehouses

Browne, Reid & Co., 3 Waring Street.
Day & Bottomley, 7 Calender Street.
Greer & Oakman, 15 Donegall Street.
Greer, Thos., Sons & Co., 16 to 20 Rosemary Street.
Hawkins, Robertson & Co., Bank Buildings.
Johnston, R. & Co., Sugarhouse Entry.
Lindsay Brothers, 1 Donegall Place.
Miller, Clendinning & Co., 32 North Street.
Mulligan, T., 6 Donegall Street.
McCaldin, J. & Co., 18 Waring Street.
McGeagh, R. T. & Co., 39 Castle Place.
McGonical & Mack, 21 High Street.
McHugh, B. & E., 12 Rosemary Street.
Robb, J. & Co., 15 Castle Place.
Young & Anderson, 19 Donegall Street.

Wine and Spirit Merchants

Atkinson, Robert, 10 Hill Street.
Ball, William, 54 Victoria Street.
Brannigan, Daniel R., 43 North Street.
Brown, Corbett & Co., 52 Victoria Street.
Bryson, James & Co., 83 York Street.
Bushel, Theobald, 32 Rosemary Street.
Carson, W. & Son, 14 Corn Market.
Cochran, Jas., 1&3 Castle Place.
Coleman, James, 1 Church Street.
Cowan, Wm., 9&11 Upper Church Lane.
Crawford, James, 1 Calender Street.
Crawford, W. & H. Sharman, 14&16 Victoria Chambers.
Cuming Brothers, 23 Corn Market.
Cunningham, Samuel, 1 Queen Street and 6 Mill Street.
Duncan, N., 32 Cromac Street.
Dunville, J. & Co., 10 Calender Street.
Forrester, Alex., 8 High Street.
Gelston, Samuel, 9 Corporation Street.
Gilmer, J. & S., 93&95 York Street.
Gilmore, Wm., 14&16 High Street.
Gordon, A. & Son, 10 Castle Chambers.
Keegan, James, 74 High Street.
Keegan, Peter, 4 Calender Street.
Kelly, Hugh, 36 Bank Lane.
Killen & Gibson, 33 Church Lane.
Lipsey, James & Co., 16 Ann Street.
Loughran, Henry, 71 York Street.
Lyle & Kinahan, 46&48 Fountain Street and 23 Donegall Place.
Lyle, Andrew, 85 Donegall Street.
Moreland, Wm., 15 Rosemary Street.
Munster, P. L. & Son, 6 Corporation Street.
Murney, George, 18 High Street.
McCollum, Archibald, 22 Skipper Street.
McConnell, J. & J., 52 Tomb Street.
McGlade, B., 97 York Street.
McKenna, John & Son, 1 York Street.
Neill & White, 7 Winecellar Entry.
Ogle, Frederick, 10 Waring Street and 16 Donegall Place.
Pim, E. & G., 27&29 High Street.
Rea, Charles, 26 Church Street.
Rooney, Daniel, 19 Church Lane.
Scott, Robert, 9 Commercial Court.
Shaw, John & Sons, 9&10 Victoria Chambers.
Torbitt, James, jun., 58 North Street.
Vint, J., 66 Little Donegall Street.
Wilson, James, 45 Victoria Street.

Wire Work Manufacturers

     Macdonald, A., 55&57 May Street.                                                                   Rodgers, John, 43 Victoria Street.

Woollen Drapers

Albion Cloth Company, 22 High Street.
Arnold, John, 45 High Street.
Arnott, John & Co., Bridge Street.
Browne, Reid & Co. (wholesale), 3 Waring Street.
Bullick, S. W., 31 Donegall Street.
Close, Wm., 26 High Street.
Crawford, Arthur & Co., 17 Donegall Street.
Day & Bottomley, (wholesale), 7 Calender Street & 16 Donegall Place.
Edgar, Samuel & Son, 5 Arthur Square.
Ferguson, John, 27 Bridge Street.
Ferguson, Nathaniel, 18 Bridge Street.
Greenfield, John, 76 High Street.
Hannay, Hugh H., (wholesale), 24 Rosemary Street.
Hanson, W. M., 16 Bridge Street.
Hardy, T. & Son, 35&37 High Street.
Hawkins, Robertson & Co., Bank Buildings.
Lindsay Brothers, (wholesale), 1 Donegall Place.
Magill, Robert, 1 Castle Buildings, Castle Place.
McCann, Thomas, 41 High Street.
McCullough & Totten, 53&55 High Street.
McCullough, Jas., 88&90 High Street.
McCullough, Wm., 75 High Street.
McGee, John G. & Co., (Pantechnetheca), 46,48,50&52 High Street.
McGeagh, R. T. & Co., 39 Castle Place.
McKeown, Francis, 44 Donegall Street.
McVicker, John & Sons, 3 Donegall Place.
Robb, J. & Co., 15 Castle Place.
Spackman, Wm., 116 High Street & 53&55 Victoria Street.
Steele, John, 7 Donegall Street.
Tate & Davison, 5 Bridge Street.
Trainor, W., 20 Bridge Street.
Waring, Robert, 1 Donegall Street.
Wilson 7 Woods, 68 High Street.

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