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"When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say, 
For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today"

8th Belfast H.A.A. Regt.

aka   'The Twelve Mile Snipers'
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Sergeant William Adrain - Diary and Biography

D. J. Bailie - War Diary and Photographs

Colonel Wm. N. Brann

Sgt. Thomas Herbert Coulter (Herbie)

Jimmy Cunningham's Private Army Comes Home

L/Sgt. Bertie Goodwin

Gunner Harry Grist

2/Lt. William George Hales

Gunner Herbert Hanley

Ken Heath

Bdr. William (Buttons) Hunter

Irvine Brothers 23rd Battery

Bdr. J. C. Irvine 23rd Battery

Bdr. Thomas Henderson Kane

Tommy and Albert Kinnon 21st and 23rd Bty.

 Gnr. Jim Lennon's War Records - Photos

Sgt. Joseph Harold Lynn (aka Harry-Joe)

Matchett Brothers 23rd Battery

L/Bdr. Harry Joseph Mawhinney 22nd Battery

Gunner Thomas Mercer 21st Battery

 Jimmy McKittrick

Bdr. Thomas McLaughlin

Colonel Harry Porter

Sgt. Billy Wilson 23rd Battery

Sidney Ernest Wright - Diary & Photographs


N-O-K- Dec'd Personnel 21/22/23 Hy.A.A.

Posted/Repatriated from 23 Hy.A.A.

List of Additional Soldiers

List of names, no addresses 23rd Bty.

Memorial Service Book (list of names) B Troop

22nd Bty. Memorial Brochure  names, addresses

23rd Bty. Memorial Brochure  names, addresses

RHQ/REME Memorial Brochure, addresses

Nominal Roll 21st Bty. all ranks

Nominal Roll 22nd Bty. all ranks

Nominal Roll 23rd Bty. all ranks

8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 21st Battery

8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 22nd Battery

8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 23rd Battery

Alterations & Additions to Nom. Rolls 23rd

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Burma Star Luncheon 2009

St. Annes and Lansdowne Court Hotel Laying-up of Burma Star Standard 3rd October 2010



Obituaries  *  Memorials  Changi Prison Chapel

8th Belfast HAA History
by Colonel Murray Barnes, OBE , TD.

A short History of The 8th (Belfast) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery (Supplementary Reserve)
by Harry Porter


Dean Houston McKelvey's Sermon
3rd October 2010

Extract from Coralie Kinahan's book
'Behind Every Great Man'
"Robin's War"


Video Page

Harry Porters film of the Twelve Mile Snipers
(in 3 parts)

Burma Star Luncheon

The Last Parade

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other WW2 stories

Cpl. William F. Davison

Belfast Telegraph Tuesday June, 6, 1944 Invasion


these are seriously hard to read as they are hand written in pencil - expect mistakes and if you would like to see the images to verify for yourself, please email me and I will send you a copy -

22nd Battery Memorial Brochure - Names and Addresses

Name To Address No. Name From
illegible Turnbull Brodie Station, Nr. Forres, Morayshire, Scotland 1568571 Dvr. Turnbull, G.
Mrs. J. McConkey 77 Tavanagh Street, Belfast, N. Ireland   Dvr. McConkey, D.
Miss R. M. Sadler 1 Council Houses, Honing, Worsted, Norwich, England 1733935 L/B. Sadler, W. C.
Mrs. Rawley 1 Ashleigh, Chertsy Road, Ashford Common, Middlesex   Gnr. Rawley
Mrs. J. H. Lynn 13 Brookvale Avenue, Antrim Road, Belfast, N. Ireland 1475271 Sgt. Lynn
Mrs. S. Lynn Fernleigh, 20 Glenburn Park, Cavehill Road, Belfast, N. Ireland 1475271 Sgt. Lynn
Mrs. Connelly 5 Chapel Street, Mold, Flintshire, N. Wales   Dvr. Connelly
Mrs. H. Hamill 3 Glenside Cottages, Ligoniel, Belfast, N. Ireland   Dvr. Hamill
Mrs. G. Anderson c/o A. Forde Esq., Mullantine, Portadown, Co. Armagh, N. Ireland   Gnr. Anderson
Mrs. J. Anderson 55 My Lady's Road, Belfast, N. Ireland    
Mrs. S. Bell 53 Peel Street, Carlisle, Cumberland, England   J. P. Bell
Mrs. K. McAvoy 5 Second Crescent, Gloucester Avenue, Slough, Bucks.   L/Cpl. McAvoy
Mrs. E. Heather 22 Kirkland Avenue, Barkingside, Ilford, Essex   Dvr. Heather
Mrs. G. Harding 1 Council House, Tainock, Nr. Axbridge, Somerset 1783216 Gnr. Harding G.
Mr. Thos. Scott Bernagh, 42 Wandsworth Road, Knock, Belfast 1465616 BQMS Scott
Capt. D. Braham c/o Dromahair, Norwood Gardens, Belfast     -do-      -do-
Mrs. W. Stewart 274 Donegall Avenue, Belfast, N. Ireland 1477269 Dvr. Stewart
Mrs. Faye Dowds 229 Great Northern Street, Belfast, N. Ireland    
Mrs. ?. J. Stewart 16 Pandora Street, Donegall Road, Belfast    
Mrs. ?. Skinner 105 Motum Road, Larkman Lane, Norwich, Norfolk 5778342 L/B. Skinner
Mrs. A. Pope 25 Waterloo Road, Barkingside, Ilford, Essex 1476914 D/R McKittrick
Miss S. Templeton 259a Fullwell Avenue, Barkingside, Ilford, Essex    
Mrs. W. McKittrick 32 Enfield Parade, Belfast, N. Ireland    
Mrs. J. Bird 74 Broomfield, Smethwick, Staffordshire 1633007 Bdr. Bird G.
Mrs. Smith 68 Wakeman Road, Kensal Rise, London, N.W. 10 (2 copies) 1746448 Gnr. Smith W. G.
Mrs. F. Ralph 3 Council House, Thrandeston Diss, Norfolk, England 11058095 Gnr. Ralph, F. A.
Mrs. L. Humphries 57 Pinegrove, Hoolechester, Cheshire 1527378 Humphries, L.
Mrs. C. ? Swain 60 Meadway, Coulsdon, Surrey   L/B. Swaine, ?
Mrs. E. Johnstone Avara, Ballygowan, Co. Down 1473921 Johnstone, E.
Mrs. Brann 46 Ormiston Crescent, Knock, Belfast, N. Ireland   Capt. Brann
W. H. Arnold Umricam, Ballyheerin, Lifford, Co. Donegal, Eire (Umrycam) 1488124 L/B. Arnold
Mrs. Surgenor 56 Mervue Street, Belfast 1465511 Hilditch, S.
Mrs. T. H. Kane "Northcliffe" Ramore Avenue, Portrush (2 copies) 1488019 L/Sgt. Kane, T. H.
Mrs. T. Houston 75 Knockvale Park, Belfast  (1 copy) 1465510 L/Sgt. Houston, L.
Mrs. McRobert 71 Knockvale Park, Belfast  (1 copy) 1465510 L/Sgt. Houston, L.
Mrs. A. H. Wilden 7 Bury Road, Stowmarket, Suffolk  (2 copies) 1058057 D/Mec Wilden, A. H.
  written and scribbled out   39 copies @ 8as = 19Rs  8 Annas    
"C" Troop - 99 these are much clearer    
Mrs. J. C. Graham 97 Bloomfield Avenue, Belfast    
Mrs. McCord 15 Hilden View, Lisburn, N. Ireland    
Mrs. Goudy 11 Kilburn Street, Donegall Road, Belfast  (2 copies)    
Mr. Wm. Johnston 51 Conlig Street, Belfast    
Mrs. A. Green Wrack Port Cottage, Annalong, Co. Down    
Mrs. J. T. Logue 5 Ypres Park, Whiteabbey, N. Ireland    
Mr. T. Kernohan 51 Emerson Street, Belfast    
Mrs. S. Gouldie 4 Reid's Place, Boundary Street, Belfast    
Mrs. S. Darragh 17 Olympic Drive, Donegall Road, Belfast    
Mrs. J. Gray 6 Reid's Place, Boundary Street, Belfast    
Mrs. J. Mateer 9 Christopher Street, Belfast    
Mrs. W. McCord 95 Mervue Street, Belfast    
Mrs. C. Best 11 Mountcollyer Road, Belfast    
Mrs. A. Wilson Stormont College Avenue, Bangor, Co. Down    
Mrs. R. Smith Joandene, Seaview Road, Wooding Dean, Brighton 1, Sussex    
Mrs. T. Armstrong 38 Moor End, Spondon, Derbyshire    
Mr. M. McCartney 45 Dagmar Street, Belfast, N. Ireland    
  46 Archibald Street, Bow, E. 3, London, England. 1684769? Gnr. F. G. Overland
Mrs. L. Campbell 2 Inverness Place, Belfast    
Mrs. B. Stuart 79 Hilda Street, Grimsby, England    
Mrs. Westgate 90 Newmarket Street, Grimsby, England    
Mrs. A. Elam 26 Meadway, Stoke Heath, Coventry, England    
Mrs. E. S. Leadbeater (Leadbetter) 37 Gas House Road, Basingstoke, Hants., England    
Mrs. D or W. G. Ireland 4 Manor Hill, Claughton, Birkenhead, Cheshire, England    
Mrs. E. M. Price 22 Bromley Street, Lye, Stourbridge, Worcs., England    
Mrs. Maxwell 18 Carmel Street, Ormeau Road, Belfast    
Mrs. A. Pritchard 22 Brempton Place, Great Horton, Bradford, Yorkshire    
Mr. L. E. Clarke 65 Lyncroft Gardens, Hounslow, Middlesex, England    
Mr. R. J. Goodwin "Ashfield" 24 Galwally Park, Belfast, N. Ireland    
Mrs. Moffatt 21 William Street, Donaghadee, N. Ireland    
Mrs. J. Gair 79 Mellowdew Road, Wyken, Coventry, Warks., England    
Mrs. T. D. Gair 25 Wellington Road, Edlington, Doncaster, Yorkshire, England    
Mrs. F. Leggett 12 York Street, Dunnington, York    
Mrs. W. Larmour 44 Broom Street, Belfast, N. Ireland    
Mrs. Gaston 10 Derry Street, Belfast    
Mrs. R. Blakemore 15 Coventry Street, Coventry, Wrks., England    
Mrs. J. Cragen 40 Rawsthorne Street, Bolton, Lancs.    
Mrs. G. A. Rush 16 Wingfield Street, Bungay, Suffolk, England    
Mrs. G. Gibbins 8 Thirlestane Road, Far. Cotton, Northampton, England    
Mrs. J. Beardmore 904 London Road, Trent Vale, Stoke-on-Trent, England    
Mr. R. Murray 13 Oakland Street, Belfast  (returned)    
Mrs. W. Murray 8 Dufferin Street, Belfast    
Mrs. R. Gaston Kilfullmat, Lurgan, N. Ireland    
E. Jennings 12 Layton Road, Brentford, Middlesex, London    
Mrs. F. Pond 64 Burnaby Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England (2 copies)    
Mrs. L. Wyatt High View, Ipswich Road, Hadleigh, Suffolk    
Mrs. A. Wyatt 13 George Street, Hadleigh, Suffolk    
Mrs. E. Kemp 91 Love Lane, Wakefield, Yorkshire    
Mrs. Lennon 223 Hillman Street, Belfast, N. Ireland    
Mrs. H. J. Mawhinney 20 The Mount, Mountpottinger, Belfast    
Mr. J. Mawhinney c/o 10 Beit Street, Donegall Road, Belfast    
Mrs. R. Waite 55 Hyde Road, Birmingham 16, England    
Mr. & Mrs. P. Jacobson 116 Nelson Street, Belfast    
Miss D. Sergeant 2 Alloa Street, Cliftonpark Avenue, Belfast    
Miss M. Devlin 110 Fox Lane, Palmers Green, London W. 13    
Mr. & Mrs. Watson 1 Ayr Street, Belfast    
Mr. T. Q. James 34 Ashley Gardens, Bangor, Co. Down    
Mrs. D. Green 5 Booth Street, Newton-Le-Willows, Lancs., England    
Mrs. M. Pollock 15 Lena Street, Belfast    
Mrs. W. Wood Moor View, The Hill, Millom, Cumberland, England    
Mr. J. Tweedie 2 Blaney Street, Agnes Street, Belfast    
Mrs. E. Wylie 57 Wigton Street, Shankill Road, Belfast    
Mrs. E. Fraser 99 Soudan Street, Donegall Road, Belfast    
Mrs. A. Berry 10 Back Street, Sherston, Malmesbury, Wilts, England    
Mrs. H. Salmons 41 North View, Widford Ware, Herts, England    
Mrs. J. Simcock 62 York Road, Denton, Manchester, England    
Mrs. E. Holland 5 John Street, Thringstone, Leicester, England    
Mrs. J. Hill 13 Thornton's Buildings, Purston, Featherstone, Yorkshire    
Mrs. G. Baldry 25 Commodore Road, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft, Suffolk    
Mrs. E. Lowden 121 The Drive, New Washington, Co. Durham    
Mrs. J. McComiskey 59 Maplin Street, Bow E. 3, London    
Mrs. F. Holmes 38 Greenrig Street, Millerston, Glasgow N.    
Mrs. H. Phillips Oak Hill, Dunmurry, Belfast    
Mrs. W. D. Gazzard The Plume of Feathers, 46 Gloucester Lane, Bristol 2, England    
Mrs. Hayman 80 Chesson Road, West Kensington, London, W. 14    
Mrs. Morton 85 Brixton Hill, London, S.W. 2    
Mrs. Pirie Home Bakeries, Lossiemouth, Scotland    
Mrs. F. Kirby 2 Wood Street, Mexborough, Yorks    
Mrs. B. Ireland 60 Wilton Street, Shankill Road, Belfast    
Mrs. J. Campbell 41 Ashmore Street, Belfast, N. Ireland    
Mrs. E. Parkes 95 Silvio Street, Belfast, N. Ireland    
Miss Doris Stagg 20 South Street, Crewekerne, Somerset    
Mrs. Lynn Hodgson 2 Dunwoods Grove, Ross Mill, Toronto, Ontario, Canada    
Miss J. Brown "Illinois" 63 Normanby Road, Normanby, Middlesbrough    
Mrs. D. Sinton "Cobra" 143 Knock Road, Belfast    
Mr. Wm. McMurtry Methodist Church Cottage, Bogend, Islandmagee, Co. Antrim    
Mr. & Mrs. G. P. Kerr Tacheen, Kingsway Gardens, Knock, Belfast    
Mrs. T. Dickson 2 Bellevue Road, Carnalea, Co. Down    
Mrs. E. Dickson 5 Esther Street, Alexandra Park Avenue, Belfast    
Mrs. J. Brennan 1 Erskine Terrace, Whitehouse, Belfast    
Mrs. N. Hayhoe 12 Douglas Avenue, Wembley, Middlesex, England    
Mrs. S. Mornin 8 Dufferin Street, Belfast    
Mrs. S. Mornin 31 Solway Street, Belfast    
J. J. Scott, Esq. Dungannon, Co. Tyrone    
Miss E. H. Gray 287 Holywood Road, Belfast    
Mrs. M. Virgin 226 North Street, Luton, Beds., England    
Mr. W. Virgin 62 North Street, Luton, Beds., England    
"D" Troop      
Mr. & Mrs. Brock 64 Galpins Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey    
Mr. & Mrs. C. C. J. Baker 18 West Park Avenue, Roundhay, Leeds    
Miss G. M. Pitt 40 West Park Avenue, Roundhay, Leeds    
Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Powell 78 Topsham Road, Upper Tooting, London, S.W. 17    
J. Tooke Ferndale, Station Road, Snettisham, King's Lynn, Norfolk    
Mrs. W. H. McCleave Lamorna, Park Road, Fowey, Cornwall    
Mrs. J. Matusavage 19 Edinburgh Street, Miles Platting, Manchester 10    
Mrs. C. J. Reeks Albury Park, Much Hadham, Herts.    
Mrs. F. O'Rourke c/o Allen, 86 Glebe Street, Glasgow C. 4    
Mrs. & Mr. F. O'Rourke 72 James Nisbett Street, Glasgow N. (Nesbitt)    
Mrs. G. Chadwick 16 West Street, Walthamstowe, London, E. 17    
Miss H. Laporte 116 Mornington Road, Greenford, Middlesex    
Mrs. J. Downs 65 Queens Buildings, London, S.E. 1    
Mrs. A. Giddings 32 Bordon Place, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwick    
Mrs. J. Gallagher 90 Abbey Hill Street, Carntyne, Glasgow E. 2    
Mrs. N. Lord 16 Beech Avenue, Darwen, Lancs.    
Mrs. M. A. Clowes 85 Cavour Street, Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs.    
Mrs. L. Mather 21 Haliburton Street, Liverpool 8    
Mrs. A. S. Cotton Roseville, Werrington Road, Bucknall, Stoke-on-Trent    
Mrs. L. M. White? 351 Castlereagh Road, Belfast    
Mrs. L. W. Harper 5 Dockar Road, Northfield, Birmingham, 31    
Gnr. Letties 3 Cantrell Way, Huyton, Liverpool    
Mr. A. Williams 145 Queens Road, London, E. 17    
B. J. Boyle 31 Egerton Gardens, Hendon, London, N.W. 4    
R. McQueston 44 Hallam Road, Nelson, Lancs.    
L. Warren 52 Delaford Road, Bermondsey, London, S.E. 16    
Mrs. W. Smith 8 Albion Place, Upper Bristol Road, Bath, Somerset    
Gnr. Perry, R. S. 13 Burleigh Street, Walsall, Staffs.    
Miss Betty Morston 12 Eastham Road, East Street, Crewkerne, Somerset    
Mr. R. W. Taylor 72 Ilmington Road, Wesley Castle, Selly Oak, Birmingham 29    
Mr. A. J. Smith 8 Raglan Terrace, Fairfield Park, Bath, Somerset    
Dvr.? Clift 125 Graham Street, Islington, London N. 1    
Mr. E. J. Eccles 30 Windsor Street, New Brighton, Wallasey, Cheshire    
Mrs. J. A. Crawford 34 Beau Avenue, Dagenham, Essex    
Mrs. W. Crawford 30 Whitebarn Lane, Dagenham, Essex    
Mrs. Y.? Dixon 22 George Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne    
Mrs. J. J. Glendinning 29 Nunthorpe Crescent, York    
Mrs. T. Walker 60 Renshaw Street, Hulme, Manchester 15    
Mrs. W. Cairns 37 Castle Street, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland    
Mrs. A. W. J. Coulter 761 Lisburn Road, Belfast    
Mrs. Stanfield 23 Orient Gardens, Belfast    
Miss E. Bell 613 Ormeau Road, Belfast    
Mrs. A. Sands 17 Killycomain, Portadown, N. Ireland    
Mrs. W. Hindman 97 Agincourt Avenue, Belfast    
Mrs. Tweedie 135 Dunluce Avenue, Belfast    
Mrs. J. Hamilton 14 Dagmar Street, Belfast    
Mr. J. Lanham? 36 Park Drive, Holywood, Co. Down, N. Ireland    
Mrs. G. C. Ashe Newhill, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim    
Mrs. J. Coid 7 Collinward Terrace, Whitewell, Belfast    
Mrs. S. Wright 60 Broadbent Street, Belfast    
Mr. Ross Aiken c/o Coid, 7 Collinward Terrace, Whitewell, Belfast    
Mrs. R. Hudson 20 Glandore Gardens, Belfast    
Mrs. S. Cowan Springvale House, Doagh, Co. Antrim    
Mr. S. Henry 70 Causeway Street, Portadown, Co. Antrim    
Mrs. H. Lofthouse 2 Bowness Street, Belfast    
Mrs. J. Lofthouse 19 Cambrai Street, Belfast    
Mrs. J. Brown 34 Perth Street, Belfast    
Mr. G. McDowell 24 Perth Street, Belfast    
Mrs. M. Bickerstaff 45 Boundary Street, Belfast    
Mrs. R. McKinley 76 Canmore Street, Belfast    
Mrs. M. McVeigh 174 Hillman Street, Belfast    
Mrs. S. Irwin 24 Greenland Street, Belfast    
Mrs. R. Campbell 40 Farringdon Gardens, Belfast    
W. J. Jefferson, Esq. L. L. B. 3 Old Cavehill Road, Belfast    
Mr. W. Haslam 1 Hamilton Place, Portrush, Co. Antrim    
Mrs. T. Stevenson 38 Newport Street, Belfast    
Mrs. J. Stevenson 7 Waterproof Street, Belfast    
Mrs. S. McIlveen 17 Victoria Gardens, Belfast    
Mrs. James Beggs 15 Mountcollyer Road, Belfast    
Mrs. J. Stranaghan 57 Joseph Street, Belfast    
Mrs. Simpson 8 Cheltenham Park, Belfast    
Mr. A. Myers 29 Fife Street, Belfast    
Mrs. R. W. Clarke 43 Park Road, Bedworth, Warwick    
Mrs. J. Smith 5 King Street, Burnbank, Hamilton, Lanark    
Mr. & Mrs. J. Sinfield 24 Ayr Street, Belfast    
Mr. & Mrs. J. Reid 60 Deacon Street, Belfast    
Mrs. R. Sasling? "Sycamore" Mereham-Le-Fin, Nr. Borton, Lancs.    
Mrs. Taylor 229 Ballysillan Road, Belfast    
Mr. W. F. Cantine The Gables, Bury Lane, Rickmansworth, Herts.    
Mrs. A. Brooker Grindleford, Gordon Road, Camberley, Surrey    
Mrs. J. C. Mitchell 10 Windsor Avenue North, Belfast    
Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Porter Garry-Owen, Ben-Madigan Park South, Belfast, N. Ireland (2 copies)    
Mrs. G. Blaney? 5 Westover Gardens, Low fell, Gateshead 9, Co. Durham, England    
Mr. G. L. Lee c/o 2 Station Road, Alvesford, Hants.    
Mr. K. Dunkley or by 25 Jackman's Place, Litchworth, Herts.    
Mr. W. R. Watson 90 Northumberland Street, Belfast