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"When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today"

8th Belfast H.A.A. Regt.

aka   'The Twelve Mile Snipers'
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Sergeant William Adrain - Diary and Biography

D. J. Bailie - War Diary and Photographs

Colonel Wm. N. Brann

Sgt. Thomas Herbert Coulter (Herbie)

Jimmy Cunningham's Private Army Comes Home

L/Sgt. Bertie Goodwin

Gunner Harry Grist

2/Lt. William George Hales

Gunner Herbert Hanley

Ken Heath

Bdr. William (Buttons) Hunter

Irvine Brothers 23rd Battery

Bdr. J. C. Irvine 23rd Battery

Bdr. Thomas Henderson Kane

Tommy and Albert Kinnon 21st and 23rd Bty.

 Gnr. Jim Lennon's War Records - Photos

Sgt. Joseph Harold Lynn (aka Harry-Joe)

Matchett Brothers 23rd Battery

L/Bdr. Harry Joseph Mawhinney 22nd Battery

Gunner Thomas Mercer 21st Battery

 Jimmy McKittrick

Bdr. Thomas McLaughlin

Colonel Harry Porter

Sgt. Billy Wilson 23rd Battery

Sidney Ernest Wright - Diary & Photographs


N-O-K- Dec'd Personnel 21/22/23 Hy.A.A.

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List of names, no addresses 23rd Bty.

Memorial Service Book (list of names) B Troop

22nd Bty. Memorial Brochure  names, addresses

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RHQ/REME Memorial Brochure, addresses

Nominal Roll 21st Bty. all ranks

Nominal Roll 22nd Bty. all ranks

Nominal Roll 23rd Bty. all ranks

8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 21st Battery

8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 22nd Battery

8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 23rd Battery

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Burma Star Luncheon 2009

St. Annes and Lansdowne Court Hotel Laying-up of Burma Star Standard 3rd October 2010



Obituaries  *  Memorials  Changi Prison Chapel

8th Belfast HAA History
by Colonel Murray Barnes, OBE , TD.

A short History of The 8th (Belfast) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery (Supplementary Reserve)
by Harry Porter


Dean Houston McKelvey's Sermon
3rd October 2010

Extract from Coralie Kinahan's book
'Behind Every Great Man'
"Robin's War"


Video Page

Harry Porters film of the Twelve Mile Snipers
(in 3 parts)

Burma Star Luncheon

The Last Parade

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other WW2 stories

Cpl. William F. Davison

Belfast Telegraph Tuesday June, 6, 1944 Invasion


Bdr. Thomas McLaughlin
21st Battery 

some photos and documents and newspaper clippings

kindly donated by Thomas McLaughlin's grandson - John Nodwell


Biography of Thomas McLaughlin
Born 10th January 1910   -   Died 11th May 2006

Thomas McLaughlin was born one of eight children, five boys and three girls.  His mother was called Elizabeth Herdman and father Robert McLaughlin.  His dad was a cook in the army at Palace Barracks, Holywood, Co. Down.  He came from East Belfast and when the cattle were driven over the Albert Bridge to Market, he, as a young boy took a tin can and milked the cows, then sold it round the doors to help make some money for his family.  He was always a hard worker and indeed ended up working for Dobson's Dairies on the Beersbridge Road.  They moved premises to the Montgomery Road sire where 'Tommy' became manager of the Dairy.

He married Elizabeth McChesney in 1936 and had three children, Eileen, Tom and Margaret.  When World War 2 broke out he joined up and served from 1939-1945 with the 8th Belfast H.A.A.  In ranks, he rose to sergeant and worked a lot with the Physical Education of his comrades.  He was indeed present at Dunkirk and also later at Kohima Ridge, Burma, where they were cut off and surrounded by the Japanese.  He was very brave and didn't speak much of his experiences until later on in life when he was prompted by his daughter.

He died at the age of 96, sadly of lung cancer.

a husband who devoted his love.   a father who supported his children.
a grandfather who gave and expected nothing in return.  a light-hearted man who enjoyed a song
and a soldier who fought in a war so that we may have our freedom.

                                                             ~~~~~~~ Thomas' daughter Margaret, January 2011

Thomas McLaughlin & ?                                 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Evolina Street on VE Day - Tommy's wife Lilly right standing (nurse)


INDIA 1942

Xmas Comes But Once a Year,  And usually brings us all good cheer,
Parted again must we be dear, So we must look to the coming year,
Let's pray and hope this be the last, So we can be just like the past.

Chin up pal and don't look down, For we are only part of the crowd,
Keep that smile and grin and bear, While I am here and you are there,
The tide will turn how big the wave, So until then must we wait,
Now lots of love to you my dear,
And all best wishes for the coming new year.

To Mt Darling Wife  Lily

From Tommy  X X X

The Co-Ops



       1     Opening Chorus                               The Cast
       2     The Merry Yodler                       
Bdr. McLaughlin
       3     1891 And All That                            The S.S.
       4     The Ballet                                    Gnr. Cootes
       5     Songs                            Sgt. Robinson & Pte. Hunter
       6     Sketch   'Snow'                            The Gunners
       7     A Little Bit of Scotch                   L/Sgt. Weeks
       8     Health and Strength                       Gnr. Cootes
       9     Impersonations                             Gnr. McQuitty


  10     The Compere                               Lieut. William, R.N.
  11     Sketch   'The Chittagong Camp'      Gnrs. McQuitty & Cootes
  12     Gags and Gags                                 Pte. Mathison
  13     Songs                                                  Gnr. Kean
  14     Into to The 'Pig & Whistle'                   The Cast

"The King"


Addresses  - 128 Alliance Road - milk tester
12 Evolina Street
11 Northbrook Street
10 Eia Street


Ministry of Pensions
Norcross, Blackpool, Lancs.
stroked out
Cheltenham, Glos.

     Sir, The Minister of Pensions is commanded by His Majesty the King to forward to you the King's Badge for members of the Armed Forces, the Merchant Navy, the Home Guard and the Civil Defence Organisations who are disabled as a result of war service.

I am, Sir, Your obedient Servant, H. Parker, secretary

'D' Section Roll (21st Battery)
Sgt.      H. W. Lockart (Lockhart)
Sgt.      J. J. Sharpe
L/Sgt.  W. G. Arthur
L/Sgt.   T. McLaughlin
L/Sgt.   A. Shoffren
Bdr.      R. Brown
Bdr.      W. Doyle
Bdr.      G. Hockley
Cpl.       H. Harvey
L/Bdr.   W. Chubb
L/Bdr.   V. Twigger
L/Bdr.   V. Tiltstone (Tilstone)
L/Bdr.   H. W. Wearing
Gnr.      C. Allison
Gnr.      T. Anderson
Gnr.      A. C. Arthur
Gnr.      J. Aston
Gnr.      A. Billingham
Gnr.      R. G. Callin
Gnr.      A. Clifford
Gnr.      J. Dickey
Gnr.      A. G. Bruce
Gnr.      J. Edwards
Gnr.      H. Eva
Gnr.      J. Foster
Gnr.      J. Graham
Gnr.      W. Graham
Gnr.      W. F. or J. Gibson
Gnr.      G. Girvan
Gnr.      S. Groom
Gnr.      S. Hazel
Gnr.      H. A. Harris
Gnr.      J. Laing
Gnr.      W. McGurk
Gnr.      F. McGilloway
Gnr.      T. McMorrow (McMorran)
Gnr.      J. Naughton
Gnr.      E. North
Gnr.      A. E. K. Robb
Gnr.      R. Robson
Gnr.      R. J. Roberts
Gnr.      W. J. or F. Smith
Gnr.      W. H. State
Gnr.      G. H. Stevens
Gnr.      D. Stone
Gnr.      S. Snoxall
Gnr.      J. K. Thompson
Gnr.      W. Thompson
Gnr.      L. Thompson
Gnr.      E. Thornton
Gnr.      R. Trethewey
Gnr.      S. Walding
Gnr.      R. Warefield
Gnr.      T. Wiltshaw
Gnr.      J. Wood
Gnr.      R. H. Woodside
Gnr.      J. Dewhurst
Gnr.      L. Smith
Nominal Roll (assume 21st Battery)
Bdr.  Bothwell
Gnr.  Wilkinson
Gnr.  Vance
Gnr.  F. Clarke
Gnr.  Wilton
Gnr.  Nickiel
Gnr.  Kernaghan
Gnr.  A. Gould
Bdr.  Christie
Bdr.  J. Lyttle
Bde.   McCutchin
Bdr.  Mackintosh
Bdr.  Farr
Bdr.  McGarry
Bdr.  Andrews
Bdr.  Flogs
Bdr.  W. Burney
Bdr.  W. J. Smith
Bdr.  ? V. Smith
Sgt.  McLaughlin
L/Sgt.  Wallace
Bdr.  Baxter
         Sennett  Bennett
         W. ? Gibson
         E. Worth
         A. C. Arthurs
         A. Austin

         H. P. Hindley
Sgt. McLaughlin, T.         1459102
Gnr. Kearney, E. A.        11057549
Gnr. Smith, L.                   1492070
Gnr. Thompson, J.            1468872
Gnr. Brown, H.                 1777618
Gnr. Machin, A.               1491915
Gnr. Pugh, A. J.                  855676
Gnr. Crawford, J. H.        1755994
Gnr. Lord, N.                    1589010
Gnr. Lettis, T.                     914822
Gnr. Clarke, L. E.             1459447
Gnr. Fry, J.                        1683047
Gnr. Headlam, A.              1780536
Gnr. Mitchell, V.               1744945
Gnr. Hodson, J.                 1440116
Gnr. Whitehead, H. E.       1674989
Gnr. Hawker, R. C.            1683067
Gnr. Mawhinney, W.         1454045
Gnr. Benijaim, I. J.            1810015
Gnr. Bateman, H. J.          1085412

Sgt. Watts                          5576467

The Coventry Evening Telegraph, Monday, October 15, 1945
A contingent of soldiers who fought in the historic Burma campaign were included in Coventry's Thanksgiving Week procession on Saturday and they were given an enthusiastic welcome.  Picture shows the 'Burma Boys' marching past the Council House.
other articles from the Coventry Evening Post

Air Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham, Air Officer Commanding N. African Tactical Air Force, gives a "gen" talk  to some of his men, letting them have a background picture of the war at the moment and some idea of coming events.

Lady Alexander, wife of the British General, and their children at their home in Windsor Forest
The Soldier's Corner

     "Daffy" the little girl about whom I wrote last month has become quite a celebrity.  The "RA lads" have now added theirs to the tribute paid her by the "RAF boys."
     One of them writes: "Me and a pal happened to be ?iving on a short holiday last Sunday, when we got to reading the "Corner" and an item entitled "To Daffy" caught our eyes.  We be lads of the Royal Artillery stationed at two separate posts, and I drew my pal's attention to this little bit.  We also happen to know this charming little kid, as she has also been kind to us, bringing us the same gifts as she has to the RAF lads, once every week, and my pal says he knows her too.  This means she visits the Forces three times a week and who knows what other good work she is doing other days.  We would like to add our appreciation, as this kiddie means much to us now that she is a pal of us all.  So will you print this as a token of appreciation from the Royal Artillery?  We owe her much."

Coventry and District

Ald. T. J. Harris has celebrated his 80th birthday recently. At present he is spending a short holiday in Wales.