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"When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say, 
For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today"

8th Belfast H.A.A. Regt.

aka   'The Twelve Mile Snipers'
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Sergeant William Adrain - Diary and Biography

D. J. Bailie - War Diary and Photographs

Colonel Wm. N. Brann

Sgt. Thomas Herbert Coulter (Herbie)

Jimmy Cunningham's Private Army Comes Home

L/Sgt. Bertie Goodwin

Gunner Harry Grist

2/Lt. William George Hales

Gunner Herbert Hanley

Ken Heath

Bdr. William (Buttons) Hunter

Irvine Brothers 23rd Battery

Bdr. J. C. Irvine 23rd Battery

Bdr. Thomas Henderson Kane

Tommy and Albert Kinnon 21st and 23rd Bty.

 Gnr. Jim Lennon's War Records - Photos

Sgt. Joseph Harold Lynn (aka Harry-Joe)

Matchett Brothers 23rd Battery

L/Bdr. Harry Joseph Mawhinney 22nd Battery

Gunner Thomas Mercer 21st Battery

 Jimmy McKittrick

Bdr. Thomas McLaughlin

Colonel Harry Porter

Sgt. Billy Wilson 23rd Battery

Sidney Ernest Wright - Diary & Photographs


N-O-K- Dec'd Personnel 21/22/23 Hy.A.A.

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List of Additional Soldiers

List of names, no addresses 23rd Bty.

Memorial Service Book (list of names) B Troop

22nd Bty. Memorial Brochure  names, addresses

23rd Bty. Memorial Brochure  names, addresses

RHQ/REME Memorial Brochure, addresses

Nominal Roll 21st Bty. all ranks

Nominal Roll 22nd Bty. all ranks

Nominal Roll 23rd Bty. all ranks

8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 21st Battery

8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 22nd Battery

8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 23rd Battery

Alterations & Additions to Nom. Rolls 23rd

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Burma Star Luncheon 2009

St. Annes and Lansdowne Court Hotel Laying-up of Burma Star Standard 3rd October 2010



Obituaries  *  Memorials  Changi Prison Chapel

8th Belfast HAA History
by Colonel Murray Barnes, OBE , TD.

A short History of The 8th (Belfast) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery (Supplementary Reserve)
by Harry Porter


Dean Houston McKelvey's Sermon
3rd October 2010

Extract from Coralie Kinahan's book
'Behind Every Great Man'
"Robin's War"


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Harry Porters film of the Twelve Mile Snipers
(in 3 parts)

Burma Star Luncheon

The Last Parade

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Cpl. William F. Davison

Belfast Telegraph Tuesday June, 6, 1944 Invasion


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23rd Battery Memorial Brochure - Names and Addresses

Rank Name Copies Name Address
B.S.M. Fowler, C. 2 Mrs. Fowler 6 Balmoral Street, Belfast
B.Q.M.S. Robinson 2 Mrs. G. W. Robinson 50 Hesketh Park, Belfast
Major Holden 2 Mrs. Holden Penn Cot, Cooden Drive, Bexhill-on-Sea
Gnr. Andrews, A. 2 Mrs. Andrews 8 Canmore Street, Belfast
Mrs. Andrews 10 Wilton Street, Belfast
Gnr. Andrews, D. H. 1 Mrs. J. Andrews Jamestown Cottage, "Maidens" Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland
Gnr. Andrews, A. J. 2 Mrs. E. S. Andrews 5 Rockcliffe Avenue, Whitley Bay, Northumberland
L/Bdr. Allen, J. 1 Mrs. J. Allen "Doughery" Bourbridge, N. I.
Bdr. Allen, T. H. 2 Mrs. T. Allen 40 Rowan Street, Belfast
Sgt. Archer, R. 2 Mrs. M. Archer 100 Killowen Street, Belfast
Mrs. J. Patterson 162 Templemore Street, Belfast
Gnr. Armstrong, L. 1 Mrs. Armstrong Dillon Terrace, Ballina, Co. Mayo, Eire
Gnr. Arnold, H. G. 1 Mrs. H. Arnold 15 Northbrook Gardens, Belfast
Lieut. Austin 1 Mrs. E. L. Austin Mrs. E. L. Austin, 19 Ballintine Road, Liverpool
Gartshore, T. R.
Beech, P.
Mrs. T. Gartshore
Mrs. H. Beech
40 Lamington Street, Leicester
17 Leymoor Road, Longwood, Nr. Huddersfield
Gnr Boomer, J. 2 Mrs. Boomer 8 Harrison Street, Belfast
Gnr. Bateman, H. J. 2 Mrs. Bateman 35 Wellington Street, Saint Barnabas, Oxford
Gnr. Benjamin, I. J. 2 Mrs. E. Benjamin 26 Cotswold House, Stamford Hill, London, N. 16
Gnr. Bartley, A. 1 Mrs. A. Bartley 1 Adam Street, Belfast
Gnr. Boyce, J. 2 Mrs. J. Boyce 9 Hartley Street, Belfast (returned marked 'gone away')
Gnr. Brown, G. 2 Mrs. G. Brown Sunny Brae, Woodburn Terrace, Prudlowe-on-Tyne, Northumberland
Gnr. Barr, A. 1 Mrs. A. Barr Church Street, Wellesbourne, Near Warwick
Gnr. Bowden, R. 2 Mrs. R. Bowden 24 Oban Grove, Bolton, Lancs.
Gnr. Beaton, A. 2 Mrs. A. Beaton 89 King-Horne Road, Dundee
Mr. C. S. Martin 24 Harley Road
Gnr. Boal, J. 1 Mrs. J. Boal 62 Centenary Crescent, Norton-on-Tees, Durham
Gnr. Burr, H. G. 2 Mrs. H. G. Burr 167 Cambridge Street, Rugby
Captain Beldam 2 Mrs. Beldam Mayford House, Mayford, Woking
Bdr. Butler, L. E. V. 2 Mrs. A. Butler 16 Princes Street, Slough, Bucks.
Sgt. Brown, E. T. 2 Mrs. W. Brown 89 Priory Park, Belfast
Gnr. Bratty, I. W. 1 Mrs. I. W. Bratty 4 Ferguson Drive, Belmont, Belfast
Sgt. Bundey, R. G. 1 Mrs. R. G. Bundey 30 High Street, Chalvey, Slough, Bucks.
Sgt. Barlow, C. M. 2 Mr. Barlow 90 King George's Avenue, Foleshill, Coventry
Gnr. Bailey, W. A. 1 Mrs. W. A. Bailey 26 Meadow Road, Berkhamstead, Herefordshire
Gnr. Brown, A. 2 Mrs. F. Brown 15 Holman Road, Halstead, Essex
Mrs. B. Palmer "Briarpatch" Station Road, Normandy, Guildford, Surrey
Gnr. Bruce, W. 2 Mrs. W. Bruce 59 Church Street, Dundee
Mrs. F. Rea 62 Church Street, Dundee
L/Bdr. Beckett, W. R. 1 Mrs. T. Beckett 52 Upper Townsend Street, Belfast
Gnr. Baillie, D. J. 4 Mrs. E. Baillie Laundry Lane, Killnock, Randallstown, N.I.
Mrs. R. Stevenson 3 Co-operative Avenue, Catrine, Ayrshire, Scotland
Miss A. Reid 23 Mid Street, Livingston, Station: - Mid Calder, Midlothian, Scotland
Mrs. B. Kistruck 13 Rockview Street
Gnr. Brown, G. S. 1 Mrs. R. Brown 72 Leslie Street, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
Gnr. Boyles, A. A. 1 Mrs. A. Boyles 93 High Street, Rothersay, Bute, Scotland
Gnr. Blower, E. 1 Mrs. E. Blower 118 Mottershead Road, Widnes, Lancashire
Gnr. Barber, G. T. 2 Mrs. C. Barber 38 Prosser Street, Park Village, Wolverhampton
Mrs. W. Barber 91 Croman Crescent, Fallings Park, Wolverhampton
Gnr. Bromley, C. W. 2 Mrs. C. W. Bromley 11 Stratton Street, Atherstone, Warwickshire
Sgt. Boden, E. 2 Mr. R. Boden 73 Farnham Street, Ormeau Road, Belfast
Bdr. Brown, B. 1 Mrs. J. Hunter 4 Fortwilliam Crescent, Shore Road, Belfast
Gnr. Buckley, H. J. 2 Mrs. H. J. Buckley 35 Mill Lane, Solihull, Near Birmingham
Mr. W. G. Buckley 5 Sapphire Gate, Bungay Road, Coventry
L/Bdr. Boyd, R. 2 Mrs. R. Boyd 20 Parkmount Street, Belfast
Gnr. Chism, W. 4 Mrs. Morehead 449 Wiley Street, Fort William, Ontario, Canada
Mrs. E. Chism 89 Mountcollier Road, Belfast
Gnr. Coulter, G. 2 Mrs. G. Coulter 36 St. Mary's Street, Dundee, Scotland
Gnr. Charlton, S. R. A. 2 Mrs. S. Charlton 10 Ailesbury Road, Belfast
Gnr. Cain, L. C. 2 Mrs. C. Cain 338 Sherley Road, Borehamwood, Herts.
Gnr. Crozier, J. 1 Mrs. J. Crozier 3 Donegal Avenue, Belfast
Sgt. Crossan, J. 1 Mr. R. Crossan 49 Seaview Street, Belfast
Sgt. Cranston, J. 1 Mrs. L. J. Cranston 12 Upper Charleville Street, Belfast
Bdr. Cozens, G. A. 1 Mrs. G. A. Cozens 222 Wolfstan Street, Shepherds Bush, London 12
Gnr. Conley, J. 1 Mrs. J. Conley 7 Enterprise Avenue, Portstewart, N.I.
L/Bdr. Clarke, J. W. 1 Mrs. J. W. Clarke 200 Warton Terrace, Heaton, Newcastle-on-Tyne 6
Gnr. Crouch, R. P. 1 Mrs. Pulford 14 Ryefield Avenue, Hillingdon, Middlesex
Gnr. Calver, G. W. 1 Mrs. Calver 35 Mary Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Gnr. Davis, G. A. E. 2 Mrs. Davis 15 Uplands, Stoke Heath, Coventry, Warwicks
Lieut. Davies 1 Mr. G. E. Davies Bromalet, Alan Road, Llandeilo, Carms, South Wales
Gnr. Duvall, H. W. 3 Mrs. Duvall 76 Prestbury Road, Liverpool 11
Gnr. Duffy, P. 1 Mrs. P. Duffy 148 Dean Church, Len, Bolton
Gnr. Davison, C. 1 Mrs. Davison 59 Hannah Street, Belfast
Gnr. Davidson, J. A. 1 Mrs. Davidson 8 Chalmers Buildings, Edinburgh
Gnr. Dyas, P. 1 Mrs. Dyas 24 Rose Street, Walton, Liverpool
Gnr Dorman, R. 4 Mrs. R. Dorman 250 Cooper Street, Belfast
Mrs. R. Dorman 250 Cooper Street, Belfast
Mr. T. J. Lyttle 23 Fortingale Street, Belfast
Mrs. E. Dorman 7 Police Quarters, Upper Arncott, Nr. Bicester, Oxfordshire
Gnr. Duffy, S. 2 Mrs. T. Duffy 23 Bentinck Street, Belfast
Gnr. Dowley, J. 2 Mrs. E. Dowley "Heathfield" Spragg Lane, Norton-Le-Moors, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs.
Gnr. Davies, M. 2 Mrs. T. Davies 76 Gower Street, Cumavon, Port Talbot, South Wales
Mrs. A. J. Butcher Sandsea House, Agusta Place, Weymouth, Dorset
L/Bdr. Derbyshire, A. 1 Mrs. Derbyshire 126 Anchor Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs.
Sgt. Elder, J. 1 Mr. Elder 30 Henderson Avenue, Belfast
S/Sgt. Fowler, W. J. 1 Mrs. W. J. Fowler 25 Carrickblacker Road, Portadown
Gnr. Finlay, W. W. 2 Mrs. F. Finlay "Mount Erin" Millisle, Co. Down, N.I.
Gnr. Fisher, J. H. 2 Miss K. Kilpatrick 21 Strandview Street, Belfast
Mr. J. Stevenson 77 Weir Street, Belfast
Sgt. Fleming, T. 2 Mrs. T. Fleming 12 Hatfield Street, Belfast
Gnr. Francis, W. H. 1 Mrs. W. Francis 13 Littlegrove, Southfields, Rugby, Warwicks
Gnr. Fenton, R. W. M. 1 Mrs. Fenton Bowgreave Post Office, Garstang, Nr Preston, Lancashire
Gnr. Finnigan, J. P. 1 Mrs. J. Finnigan 5 Dallfield Terrace, Dundee, Scotland
Gnr. Fulcher, F. 2 Mrs. F. Fulcher 90 Beckett House, Tabard Street, London
Gnr. Foster, S. McM. 1 Mrs. Foster 99 Cosgrave Street, Belfast
Gnr. Fisher, G. 2 Mrs. G. Fisher 30 Holland Drive, Ballyheckamore, Belfast (Ballyhackamore)
Captain Garrett 2 Mr. Garrett "Hill View" Barnett's Road, Knock, Belfast
Gnr. George, R. M. 1 Mrs. George 54 Berkeley Road, Fishpond, Bristol
L/Bdr. Graham, J. McL. 1 Mrs. T. Graham 99 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast
Gnr. Gartshore, T. 1 Mrs. T. Gartshore 40 Leamington Street, Leicester
Gnr. Goodwin, L. 3 Mrs. J. Murray 18 Hartley Street, Belfast
Miss M. Jones 5 Hoyle Avenue, Oldham, Lancs.
Mrs. A. Goodwin 94 Upper Street, Islington, London, N. 1
L/Bdr. Gordon, W. E. 5 Mrs. W. E. Gordon 170 Templemore Street, Belfast
Sgt. Galbraith, W. K. 4 Mrs. I. Galbraith 414 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast
Gnr. Gibson, J. R. D. 1 Mrs. J. Gibson 49 Torrens Drive, Belfast
Gnr. Gamble, J. 1 Mrs. E. Gamble 59 Lake Street, Belfast
Sgt. Galbraith, W. K. 4 Mrs. I. Galbraith 414 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast
Gnr. Greasly, H. L. 1 Mrs. H. Greasly 143 Central Road, Hugglescote, Coalville, Leicester
Gnr. Gamble, W. L. 1 Mrs. W. L. Gamble 179 Bordesley Green E., Birmingham
Gnr. Griffiths, D. C. 1 Mrs. Griffiths 27 Chiltern Street, Baker Street, London
Gnr. Gunn, J. A. 1 Mrs. Gunn Longman Road, Inverness, Scotland
Gnr. Hadland, F. C. 1 Mrs. F. C. Hadland 31 Whittington, Andovers Ford, Cheltenham
Gnr. Higginbotham, F. 1 Mrs. Higginbotham 21 Sherbourne Crescent, Coventry
Gnr. Hill, W. C. 1 Mrs. Hill 15 Summer Street, Stourbridge, Worcs.
Gnr. Hicks, J. 2 Mrs. J. Hicks 9 Nixon Terrace, Morriston, Swansea, Glamorganshire
Gnr. Harrison, G. H. 1 Mrs. A. Harrison 223 Coventry Road, Exhall, Coventry
Gnr. Heeson, A. 1 Mrs. A. Heeson 12 Oakes Street, Flanshaw Lane, Wakefield, Yorks.
Gnr. Hawkes, R. H. 1 Mrs. R. Hawkes Newmarket Road, Royston, Herts.
Lieut. Hirst 2 Mrs. W. Hirst 28 Broomhill Dive, Leeds
Gnr. Holder, P. 2 Mrs. P. Holder 48 Hendercafn Road, Penycraig, Rhonnda, South Wales
L/Bdr. Hounsome, A. G. W. 1 Mr. A. Hounsome 15 Margaret Drive, Shepperton, Middlesex
L/Sgt. Hambridge, H. H. 2 Mrs. H. Hambridge 9 Greenleaze, Knowle Park, Bristol 4
L/Sgt. Higgins, F. 2 Mrs. F. Higgins "Roker House" Victoria Road, Bridgenorth, Shropshire
Mrs. L. Cowlards High Street, Oxted, Surrey
Gnr. Houston, J. 2 Mrs. J. Houston 112 Twaddell Avenue, Belfast
Gnr. Howell, F. C. 4 Mrs. F. Howell 87 Vale Farm Road, Woking, Surrey
Mrs. Howell 218 Walton Road, Woking
Mrs. Belton 16 Canal Cottages, Boundary Road, Woking
Mr. Burton 15 Hayesbridge Court, Hayes, Middlesex
Gnr. Hayward, P. P. 1 Mrs. Hayward 38 St. Germain Street, Huntingdon, London
Gnr. Hayesman, J. J. 2 Mrs. Hayesman 43 Southcote Road, Blackhouse Road, Walthamstow, London
L/Bdr. Hinds, F. K. 1 Mrs. F. Hinds 20 The Mount, Belfast
Gnr. Hoyle, J. J. 2 Mrs. J. Hoyle 45 Greenville Road, Belfast
Gnr. Hawker, R. C. 1 Mrs. R. C. Hawker 50 "The Kent" Lower Hillmorton, Rugby, Warwickshire
Gnr. Hodgson, G. 2 Mrs. T. Hodgson 5 Stavordale Street, Dawdon, Seaham, Co. Durham
Gnr. Holdstock, W. 1 Mrs. E. Holdstock 38 Wordsworth Street, Pendleton, Salford 6
Gnr. Hood, L. A. 2 Mrs. Hood 43 Michleham Down, London, N. 12
Gnr. Houston, S. 2 Mrs. S. Houston 98 Beechfield Street, Belfast
Mrs. S. Mannus 24 Loopland Gardens, Belfast
Gnr. Hudson, R. 1 Mrs. Hudson 6 Everleigh Place, Throckley, Northumberland
Gnr. Hulland, F. 2 Mrs. T. E. Hulland 41 West Bank Road, Allestree, Derby
Gnr. Hudson, R. A. 1 Mrs. M. A. Hudson 90 Baker Street, High Wycombe, Bucks.
Gnr. Humphries, A. 2 Mrs. D. Humphries 8 Stevenson Road, Bucknall, Stoke-on-Trent
Bdr. Hunter, W. 1 Mrs. W. Hunter 12 Northbrook Gardens, Belfast
Gnr. Halford, A. H. 1 Mrs. Halford 39 Broad Street, Coventry
L/Sgt. Holmes, J. J. 1 Mrs. J. J. Holmes 14 Willowbank Gardens, Belfast
Gnr. Irvine, W. J. 2 Mrs. W. Irvine 9 Byron Place, Belfast
Gnr. Irvine, S. 1 Mrs. A. Irvine 5 Byron Place, Belfast
Gnr. Irvine, T. 1 Mrs. S. Irvine 5 Byron Street, Belfast
Gnr. Irwin, G. H. 1 Mrs. R. Irwin 27 Seaview Drive, Belfast
Bdr. Irvine, J. C. 3 Mrs. J. Irvine 115 Avoniel Road, Belfast
Lieut. John, A. F. G. 1 Mrs. A. F. G. John 8 Victoria Park Road East, Canton, Cardiff
Gnr. Jackson, S. S. 1 Miss G. Warburton Bewsey, Oldhall, Nr Warrington, Lancs.
Gnr. Jackson, J. 1 Mr. Jackson 29 Newlands Road, Jesmond, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Gnr. Johnston, J. A. 1 Mrs. Johnston Pond Park, Lisburn, N.I.
Gnr. Jones, W. 1 Mrs. W. Jones 60b South Hill Road, Dingle, Liverpool 8
L/Bdr. Jones, W. B. S. 2 Mrs. Jones 53 Bristol Avenue, Belfast
L/Sgt. Jamison, T. 2 Mrs. Jamison 13 Beechwood Gardens, Bangor, Co. Down, N.I.
Gnr. Johnston, A. 2 Mr. I. Johnston 124 Orton Road, Carlisle, Cumb.
Gnr. King, L. A. 2 Mrs. King 14 Trinity Road, Stotfold, Luton
Gnr. Kirkham, H. 2 Mrs. H. Kirkham 1/73 Wattville Road, Handsworth, Birmingham 21
Gnr. Kenneally, P. 2 Mrs. J. Kenneally Crouchavoe, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, Eire
L/Bdr. Knight, J. R. 2 Mr. J. R. Knight 5 Castle Park, Cavehill Road, Belfast
Miss Pat Boyd "Silverdale" Greenisland, N.I.
Cpl. Kerr, T. J. 2 Mrs. T. Kerr 73 Brougham Street, Belfast
Mrs. J. Kerr 19 Canning Street, Belfast
Bdr. Lamont, W. 1 Mrs. W. Lamont 152 Roden Street, Belfast
Gnr. Langford, R. M. 1 Miss D. Clotworthy 26 Ashley Avenue, Belfast
L/Bdr. Legge, F. G. 2 Mrs. F. G. Legge 245 Cherryhinton Road, Cambridge
L/Bdr. Loney, F. 1 Mrs. F. Loney 109 Skegoniel Avenue, Belfast
Gnr. Lennox, T. H. 2 Mrs. S. Lennox 34 Vandyck Gardens, Belfast
Gnr. Lenton, H. 1 Mrs. H. Lenton "The Mallows" Sibsey, Boston, Lincs.
Gnr. Lowry, T. 1 Mrs. T. Lowry Rawbrae, Whitehead
Gnr. Mason, G. F. 1 Mr. G. F. Mason 32 Western Avenue, Tiverdale Estate, Tiverdale, Dudley
Gnr. Morgan, M. 1 Mrs. Morgan 10 Church Street, Tredegar, Monmouthshire, South Wales
Gnr. McMaster, A. 1 Mrs. A. McMaster Mill Street, Fintona, Co. Tyrone
L/Sgt. McGill, E. F. 1 Mrs. E. F. McGill 33 Roveside Mansions, Garnet Street, London E. 1
Bdr. Martin, A. G. 2 Mrs. E. Martin 335 Ormeau Road, Belfast
Mr. E. Martin 661 Kingsway Avenue, Winnipeg, Man., Canada
Gnr. Mee, E. M. 1 Mrs. H. Mee   (returned) 136 Braunstone Estate, Leicester
Gnr. Matchett, J. H. 1 Mrs. J. H. Matchett 71 Collyer Street, Belfast
Gnr. Mitchell, T. 2 Mrs. W. Mitchell 15 Quality Street, Kircaldy, Fife, Scotland
Gnr. Moore, F. 3 Mrs. F. Moore 75 Copperfield Street, Belfast
Gnr. Mason, W. H. 2 Mrs. W. H. Mason 35 Ridley Road, Wimbledon, London, S.W. 19
Gnr. Mullan, N. 2 Mrs. Mullan 54 Martyr's Close, Cheylesmore Estate, Coventry
Gnr. Murphy, W. 1 Mrs. W. Murphy 12 Lime Street, Belfast
Gnr. Matchett, W. H. 2 Mrs. W. Matchett 31 Kilronan Street, Belfast
Miss E. Dixon c/o Gallaher Ltd., Belfast
Bdr. Matchett, J. 2 Mrs. A. Matchett 33 Broadbank Street, Belfast
Miss J. Sawdon 19 Hartington Road, Stockton-on-Tees, Co. Durham
Gnr. Measures, W. H. 4 Mrs. J. P. Measures Barrow Road, Cottesmore, Nr Oakham, Rutland
Gnr. Mickleburgh, R. R. 2 Mrs. R. Mickleburgh 1 Council Houses, Hedenham, Bungay, Suffolk
Mrs. S. Pollard 130 Norton Avenue, Norton-on-Tees, Co. Durham
Gnr. Mitchell, V. 2 Mrs. J. Mitchell 75 Kerr Crescent, Fairhill, Hamilton
Gnr. Mole, L. W. 2 Mrs. Mole 16 Highfield Place, Nr Kidderminster, Worcester
Gnr. Muir, A. McG. 2 Mrs. Muir 9 Caledonia Road, Glasgow C. 5
Gnr. Murphy, D. 1 Mrs. M. Murphy 14 Navigation Street, Leigh, Lancs.
Gnr. Myers, W. 1 Mrs. M. Woodroe 98 James Street, Widnes, Lancs.
Gnr. Martin, V. L. 1 Mrs. K. Martin 38 Windsor Road, Teddington, Middlesex
Pte. Middleton, W. 1 Mrs. W. Middleton 41 Broadbent Street, Belfast
Gnr. Mahoney, G. S. 1 Mrs. G. Mahoney 75 Elmcroft Avenue, Wamstead, London, E. 11
Gnr. McClenahan, W. J. 4 Mrs. McClenahan 1 Glencairn Street, Belfast
Mrs. J. Price 72 Sandymount Street, Belfast
Mr. W. Campbell 118 Glenwood Street, Belfast
Gnr. Murphy, J. 2 Mrs. J. Murphy 46 Glenbryn Park, Belfast
Gnr. Matchett, H.  (returned) 1 Mrs. H. Matchett 35 Upper Canning Street, Belfast
Gnr. MaWhinney, W. J. 2 Miss G. MaWhinney 47 Beit Street, Belfast
Gnr. McCracken, R. J. 2 Mrs. R. McCracken 104 North Queen Street, Belfast
Sgt. McCullough, J. 1 Mrs. J. McCullough 97 York Park, Belfast
Gnr. McCollin, F. W. 1 Mrs. F. McCollin 7 Spennithorne Road, Norton-on-Tees, Co. Durham
Bdr. McCarley, W. 1 Mr. W. McCarley 190 Shankill Road, Belfast
Gnr. McGlade, T. 2 Mrs. T. McGlade 37 Serpentine Parade, Whitehouse, Belfast
Gnr. McSweeney, T. J. 1 Mrs. T. McSweeney 20 Hertford Road, Lower Edmonton, London, N. 9
Gnr. McKenna, H. 1 Mrs. McKenna 1a Lawther Place, Belfast
L/Sgt. McClelland, W. 2 Mrs. W. McClelland 247 Oldpark Road, Belfast
Mrs. J. McGrath 241 Joanmount Gardens, Belfast
Bdr. McCutcheon, W. 1 Mrs. W. McCutcheon 79 Babington Road, Handsworth, Birmingham 21
Gnr. McKendry, G. 2 Mrs. McKendry 6 Main Street, Garvagh, Co. Derry, N.I.
Mrs. E. McKendry 11 Brook Street, Coleraine, Co. Derry, N.I.
Gnr. McKeown, R. J. W. 2 Mrs. J. McKeown Ashleigh, Rademon, Crossgar, Co. Down, N.I.
Sgt. McCorkell, J. 1 Mrs. J. McCorkell 47 Fortwilliam Crescent, Belfast
Gnr. McCann, J. 1 Mrs. J. McCann 64 Locan Street, Beechmount, Falls Road, Belfast
Sgt. McKeen, W. S. 1 Miss J. Gibson 70 Slatter Street, Oldham, Lancs.
L/Bdr. McConnell, J. H. 1 Mrs. McConnell 2 Ozone Avenue, Balleymoney, N.I. (Ballymoney)
Gnr. McCullough, R. J. 1 R. J. McCullough 77 Denmark Street, Belfast
Gnr. McCullough, H. 2 Mrs. M. McCullough 57 Collyer Street, Belfast
Mrs. W. Stewead Johnsons Hill, Greenisland, Co. Antrim, N.I.
Bdr. Neeson, R. 1 Mrs. R. Neeson 44 Prestwick Park, Belfast
Gnr. Newell, E. 3 Mr. J. Newell 289 North Queen Street, Belfast
Mrs. Crawford Tobergill, Templepatrick, Co. Antrim
Mrs. Hopkins 63 Mayola Street, Belfast
Gnr. Oldfield, J. E. 1 Mrs. E. Oldfield 12 Newfield Terrace, Helsby, Cheshire
L/Sgt. O'Neill, L. 1 Mrs. Connors 43 College Road, Brambles Farm, Middlesborough
Gnr. O'Neill, E. 1 Mrs. M. O'Neill 24 Louisa Street, Oldpark Road, Belfast
Gnr. O'Donnell, T. G. 1 Mr. F. O'Donnell 71 Gray Street, Lochee, Dundee
Gnr. Overy, A, H, 1 Mrs. A. H. Overy 60 Knowlee Hill Crescent, London S.E. 13
Gnr. Paine, W. C. 3 Mrs. P. C. Bray 32 Portkerry Avenue, Helling, Kent
Captain Patterson 2 Mr. J. M. Patterson 27 Strathmore Park North, Belfast
Gnr. Parks, W. 2 Mrs. W. Parks Emlyn Road, Reahill, Surrey   (returned)
Gnr. Patten, G. A. 1 Mrs. G. Patten 7 Butts Road, Woking, Surrey
Gnr. Potten, J. W. 2 Mrs. Potten 9 St. Lawrence Street, Preston's Road, Poplar, London E. 14
Mrs. D. Brewer 7 Leyland House, London E. 14
Gnr. Peddar, B. D. 2 Mrs. D. Peddar 8 Bidwell Hill, Houghton Regis, Nr Dunstable, Beds.
Miss E. Rowe 15 Southfield Road, Dunstable, Beds.
Gnr. Patterson, S. J. 1 Mrs. S. Patterson 29 Madison Avenue, Belfast
Gnr. Paul, C. G. 1 Mr. G. Paul 37 Arrol Road, Beckenham, Kent
Gnr. Price, A. J. 1 Mrs. J. Price 138 Whitewell Road, Whitehouse, Belfast
Gnr. Picton, T. W. M. 1 Mrs. T. Picton "Highfield" Kent Road, Parkstone, Dorset
Gnr. Peters, R. 2 Mrs. A. H. Peters 192 Darwin Street, Highgate, Birmingham
Gnr. Powell, J. 1 Mrs. F. J. Powell 67 Bartley Road, Brixton, London, S.W. 2
Gnr. Pew, C. 1 Mrs. C. Pew 31 Oliver Street, Linthorpe, Middlesborough
L/Bdr. Rea, F. 4 Mrs. T. Rea 106 Templemore Street, Belfast
Miss A. Bell 31 Hind Street, Stockton-on-Tees, Co. Durham
Mrs. M. Millar 7 Douglas Street, Belfast
L/Bdr. Rea, T. 2 Mrs. T. Rea 29 Shipbuoy Street, Belfast
Mrs. J. Rea 51 Copperfield Street, Belfast
Gnr. Reynolds, T. 3 Mrs. T. Reynolds 62 Gainsboro Drive, Belfast
Miss P. Hutchinson 23 Lyndhurst Gardens, Belfast
Miss S. McCleave Process Dept., W. & G. Baird Ltd., Belfast
L/Bdr. Randall, F. 2 Miss E. Randall 15 Clumber Street, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
L/Bdr. Reid, J. 2 Mrs. J. Reid 50 Ottawa Street, Belfast
Miss A. Reid 93 Sugarfield Street, Belfast
Bdr. Rodgers, W. 2 Mrs. I. Rodgers 24 Varra Drive, Woodvale Road, Belfast
Miss M. Caulfield 28 Albert Street, Bangor, Co. Down
Gnr. Reid, N. 1 Miss E. Reid 174 Clifton Road, Aberdeen, Scotland
Gnr. Robinson, T. H. 2 Mrs. Robinson Yew Tree House, Underbarrow, Nr Kendal, Westmoreland
Sgt. Rice, G. 2 Mrs. G. Rice 80 Hopeton Street, Belfast
Mr. W. Rice 8 Spamount Street, Belfast
Gnr. Smithson, W. 1 Miss Smithson 94 Hawthorn Cottages, South Hotton, Durham
Lieut. Sayce 1 Mrs. H. A. Sayce 11 Heathwood Grove, Cardiff
Gnr. Sterritt, W. J. 1 Mrs. W. Sterritt 111 Alliance Road, Belfast
Gnr. Smith. B. C. 1 Mrs. B. C. Smith 193 Stradbroke Road, Pakefield, South Lowestoft, Suffolk
Gnr./ER. Sturt, S. G. 2 Mrs. West 25 Graham Road, Worthing, Sussex
Mrs. Sturt Seveland Cottages, Plumpton, Sussex
L/Bdr. Senior, H. H. 2 Mrs. H. H. Senior New Delight, Marsden, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Mrs. A. Senior 5 Clough Lea, Marsden, Hudd.
L/Bdr. Smith, J. B. 2 Mrs. M. Smith c/o "Seggie" Maryville, 1 Elliot Crescent, Dunfirmline
Mrs. R. Smith 99 Nethertown Broad Street, Dunfirmline
Gnr. Sutton, J. W. 2 Mrs. J. Sutton 19 Bluebell Road, Priory Estate, Dudley
Sgt. Smith, R. 1 Mrs. R. Smith 17 Kertch Street, Southwick, Sunderland
L/Sgt. Thomas, A. 1 Mrs. A. Thomas 11 Wakefield Place, Llanelly, South Wales
L/Bdr. Thompson, J. 2 Mr. J. Thompson 13 Mountcollyer Street, Belfast
Bdr. Todd, E. R. 1 Mrs. E. Todd 33 Spruce Street, Belfast
Gnr. Turville, C. J. 1 Mrs. J. Turville Henleys Pavilion, Gravesend, Kent
Gnr. Tough, F. J. 2 Mrs. Tough Cleverly Street, Shepherds Bush, London N. 12
Gnr. Taggart, S. 1 Mrs. S. Taggart 43 Oldpark Avenue, Belfast
Bdr. Tumelty, H. 2 Mrs. H. Tumelty 218 Alliance Road, Belfast
Gnr. Underwood, C. D. 1 Mr. C. Underwood "Trelawny" Carne Hill, St. Dennis, St. Austill, Cornwall
Gnr. Watson, A. 1 Mrs. B. Watson 53 Woodend Park, Cardenden, Fife
Gnr. Wynne, C. T. 1 Mr. T. Wynne "The Limes" Arrington, Nr Royston, Herts.
Gnr. Watson, L. 2 Mrs. L. Watson 19 West Dixon Street, Salford 5, Lancs.
Mrs. L. Watson 20 Melbourne Street, Salford 5
Gnr. Whitehead, H. E. 2 Mrs. Whitehead 162 Barnsley Street, Hull, Yorks.
Miss Vera Lynton 99 Seymour Road, Clayton, Manchester
Gnr. Ward, S. 1 Mrs. S. Ward 177 Whitelees Road, Littleborough, Nr Rochdale, Lancs.
Gnr. Wilks, R. 2 Mrs. R. Wilks 34 Sunwell Street, Peckham, London S.E. 15
Mr. Fowler 14 Malpis Road, Brockley, London S.E. 4
Gnr. Watson, E. 1 Mrs. N. Watson 104 Radcliffe Road, Fleetwood, Lancs.
Gnr. Wheeler, F. 1 Mrs. F. Wheeler 7 Lily Street, Lower Broughton, Salford 7, Lance.
Gnr. Wakeman, E. M. 1 Mrs. E. M. Wakeman 40 Canterbury Road, Penn, Wolverhampton
Gnr. Wright, J. 1 Mrs. A. Wright 188 Conway Street, Belfast
Gnr. Wilson, J. 2 Mrs. J. Wilson 20 Queen Victoria Gardens, Belfast
Mrs. I. Tenon 51 Deacon Street, New North Queen Street, Belfast
Gnr. Watts, W. G. F. 2 Mrs. Watts 494 Butts Road, Sholine, Southampton
Miss B. Drake 66 Argyle Road, Southampton
Gnr. Wright, A. L. 1 Miss M. E. Wright 12 Crimea Street, Belfast
Gnr. Winnall, G. C. 1 Mrs. Winnall 18 Kingsmead Avenue, Machfield, Birmingham  (returned)
Lieut. Williams 1 Mrs. J. M. Williams 10 Field Street, Bangor, North Wales
Gnr. Woodcock, F. B. 4 Mrs. Woodcock 1a Gainsboro Drive, Belfast
Miss Williamson 161 Cliftonpark Avenue, Belfast
Mr. J. Woodcock 32 Queen Street, Ballymena
Mrs. Wilson 9 Crosscollyer Street, Belfast
Gnr. Wilson, A. J. 1 Mrs. A. J. Wilson 7 Kitchener Street, Haxby Road, York
Gnr. Young, A. 2 Mrs. W. Young 60 St. Mary's Street, Edinburgh
L/Sgt. Younger, A. W. 2 Mrs. A. W. Younger 10 Canterbury Street, Belfast
Mrs. A. S. Younger 118 Haypark Avenue, Belfast
Lieut. Young, D. J. 1 Mrs. M. J. Young 4 Monkham Avenue, Woodford Green, Essex