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"When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say, 
For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today"

8th Belfast H.A.A. Regt.

aka   'The Twelve Mile Snipers'
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Sergeant William Adrain - Diary and Biography

D. J. Bailie - War Diary and Photographs

Colonel Wm. N. Brann

Sgt. Thomas Herbert Coulter (Herbie)

Jimmy Cunningham's Private Army Comes Home

L/Sgt. Bertie Goodwin

Gunner Harry Grist

2/Lt. William George Hales

Gunner Herbert Hanley

Ken Heath

Bdr. William (Buttons) Hunter

Irvine Brothers 23rd Battery

Bdr. J. C. Irvine 23rd Battery

Bdr. Thomas Henderson Kane

Tommy and Albert Kinnon 21st and 23rd Bty.

 Gnr. Jim Lennon's War Records - Photos

Sgt. Joseph Harold Lynn (aka Harry-Joe)

Matchett Brothers 23rd Battery

L/Bdr. Harry Joseph Mawhinney 22nd Battery

Gunner Thomas Mercer 21st Battery

 Jimmy McKittrick

Bdr. Thomas McLaughlin

Colonel Harry Porter

Sgt. Billy Wilson 23rd Battery

Sidney Ernest Wright - Diary & Photographs


N-O-K- Dec'd Personnel 21/22/23 Hy.A.A.

Posted/Repatriated from 23 Hy.A.A.

List of Additional Soldiers

List of names, no addresses 23rd Bty.

Memorial Service Book (list of names) B Troop

22nd Bty. Memorial Brochure  names, addresses

23rd Bty. Memorial Brochure  names, addresses

RHQ/REME Memorial Brochure, addresses

Nominal Roll 21st Bty. all ranks

Nominal Roll 22nd Bty. all ranks

Nominal Roll 23rd Bty. all ranks

8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 21st Battery

8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 22nd Battery

8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 23rd Battery

Alterations & Additions to Nom. Rolls 23rd

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Burma Star Luncheon 2009

St. Annes and Lansdowne Court Hotel Laying-up of Burma Star Standard 3rd October 2010



Obituaries  *  Memorials  Changi Prison Chapel

8th Belfast HAA History
by Colonel Murray Barnes, OBE , TD.

A short History of The 8th (Belfast) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery (Supplementary Reserve)
by Harry Porter


Dean Houston McKelvey's Sermon
3rd October 2010

Extract from Coralie Kinahan's book
'Behind Every Great Man'
"Robin's War"


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Harry Porters film of the Twelve Mile Snipers
(in 3 parts)

Burma Star Luncheon

The Last Parade

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other WW2 stories

Cpl. William F. Davison

Belfast Telegraph Tuesday June, 6, 1944 Invasion


List of names where I assume the Memorial Service Book for "B" Troop was to be posted to,
if anyone has one of these I would love a photo

No. Rank Name Address Amount
1464855 Sgt. Adrain, W. Hesketh Park, Belfast, N. Ireland ?
11416268 Gnr. Allison, C. 21 Egton Street, Hull, England 1
1465680 Gnr. Anderson, T. 56 Hanna Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 2
1458572 Gnr. Andrews. W. J. Main Road, Drumbeg, Dunmurry, Co. Down, N. Ireland 1
1475146 Gnr. Arthur, T. E. 7 Vara Drive, Belfast, N. Ireland 2
1466621 Sgt. Arthur, W. G. G. 58 Canmore Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 2
11058196 Gnr. Austin, A. G. Snug Oak Lane? Bricket Wood, St. Alban, England 1
11058358 Gnr. Billingham, A. 18 Bugbrook Road, Kislingbury, Northants 1
11058362 Gnr. Bradshaw, A. 88 Purser Road, Northampton, England 1
1473919 Gnr. Buchanan, S. 91 Battenberg Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 1
1778057 Gnr. Brown, A. 61 Sherborne Road, Apsley, Notts, England 1
1474917 L/Sgt. Brown, R. 17 Lawnbrook Square, Belfast, N. Ireland 2
1465070 Bdr. Brown, S. 4 Fortwilliam Crescent, Belfast, N. Ireland 2
1468866 Gnr. Carmichael, W. 2 Conistion Street, Belfast, N. Ireland (Coniston) 1
1618356 Gnr. Callin, R. G. Post Office, Maudsley, Ormskirk, England 2
1536735 Gnr. Cannan, D. West Logan, Castledawson, Dumfries, Scotland 1
1501989 L/Bdr. Chubb, W. H. 8 Wellington Place, Waybridge, Cornwall, England 1
1676055 Gnr. Clarke, G. E. Lamburnum Street, Taunton, Somerset, England (Laburnum) 1
1468637 Gnr. Clifford, A. 8 Wellwynne Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 1
1757086 Gnr. Cootes, A. 3 Elia Street, Islington, London, England 2
1456338 Pte. Crainey, E. 25 Torrens Road, Belfast, N. Ireland 2
1704063 Gnr. Cunliffe, J. 9 Crosby Street, Atherstone, Lancs, England 1
1467319 Gnr. Dickey, J. 7 Cross Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 2
1472610 Bdr. Doyle, W. B. 36 Matlock Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 2
859885 Gnr. Edwards, J. 9 Dingle Mount, Liverpool 8, England 1
1491752 Gnr. Edwards, T. E. 61 Beloe Street, Liverpool 8, England 1
1468860 Gnr. Eva, H. 12 Eberington Gardens, Belfast, N. Ireland 1
1456564 Gnr. Glass, J. 66 Penrith Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 2
1807942 Gnr. Graham, J. 5 Duncan Street, Greenock, Scotland 2
1468878 Gnr. Graham, W. 68 Malvern Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 2
1804900 Gnr. Grizzell, R. 42 Manor Avenue, Brockley, London, S.E. 4, England 2
1465707 Gnr. Girvan, G. 47 Mourne Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 1
1777552 Gnr. Groom, S. J. 32 Second Avenue, Dagenham, Essex, England 2
1468884 Gnr. Hazel, S. 66 Belgrave Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 1
1804912 Gnr. Hatter, A. M. 78 St. Ervans Road, North Kensington, W. 10, England 1
888020 Gnr. Harris, L. J. 57 Ennersdale Road, Lewisham, S.E. 13, England 1
1465678 Gnr. Harris, H. A. 6 Deerpark Road, Belfast, N. Ireland 2
1471051 Gnr. Hawthorne, T. 67 Ewerts Row, Belfast, N. Ireland (Ewarts) 1
1683065 Gnr. Haynes, C. B. 2 Bromliegh Drive, Stoke, Coventry, England 2
1536568 Gnr. Hindley, H. P. 174 Manchester Road, Clifton, Manchester, England 2
1804922 Bdr. Hockley, G. 180c Colne Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, England 1
1536476 Gnr. Jarman, J. B. 1 Ogden Street, Castleton, Rochdale, England 2
1803893 Bdr. Jupp, A. 8 Leithview Road, Horsham, Sussex, England 1
1537176 Gnr. Laing, J. 101 Carronshore Road, Carron, Falkirk, Scotland 1
11057540 Gnr. Kearney, E. A. 36 Ellerslie Road, Shepherds Bush, London, England 2
1464856 Sgt. Lockhart, H. 157 Silvio Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 2
1465682 Pte. Lyttle, H. 190 Urney Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 2
1477449 Gnr. Marmion, S. 88 Burns Way, Heston, London, England 2
1476347 Gnr. Mateer, J. 8 Gipsy Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 1
1471047 Gnr. Montgomery, N. 41 Vernon Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 2
1456622 Sgt. Millar, A. "Wyndmoor" Walkers Lane, Millisle, Co. Down, N. Ireland 2
1694640 Gnr. Murphy, J. Kings Knowe, Lanark, Scotland 2
909850 Gnr. Murry, L. J. 13 Carloine Street, Newport, Mon., Wales 2
1460270 Gnr. McBurney, J. 58 Egmont Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 1
1474581 Gnr. McCullough, J. 1 Ferrymount Terrace, Carrick, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland 2
1536583 Gnr. McDonald, R. R. 6 Bayview Amble, Northumberland, England 1
1517808 Gnr. McGivern, J. C. Manor House, Ballykinlar, Co. Down, N, Ireland 1
1459102 L/Sgt. McLaughlin, T. 10 Eia Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 3
1465726 Gnr. McQuitty, A. 130 Limestone Road, Belfast, N. Ireland 1
909901 Gnr. Naisby, T. W. 27 Marina Crescent, Currock, Carlisle, England 1
1683100 Cpl. Naughton, J. 15 Hamilton Road, Coventry, England 1
1657988 Gnr. North, E. 34 Queens Drive, Barnsley, England 1
1075793 Gnr. Pitt, A. V. 16 Oakhurst Road, Forest Gate, London, E. 7, England 3
1683111 Sgt. Pain, B. 65 Vernon Avenue, Rugby, England 1
1683103 Gnr. Parker, P. T. 53 Longfort Road, Longfort, Stoke-on-Trent, England 2
  Capt. Reade, R. H. "Carncairn" Broughshane, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland 3
1477347 L/Bdr. Rodgers, W. 25 Copeland Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 1
1683115 L/Bdr. Robbins, A. "Vernoia" Hetherway Lane, Stradford-on-Avon, England (Stratford-on-Avon 1
1458597 Gnr. Robb, A. E. K. 78 Hillview Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 1
777113 Gnr. Robson, R. 43 Woodbine Street, Sunderland, Co. Durham, England 2
1806803 Gnr. Roberts, R. J. 2 Penbrymllyyd, Clanypwll, B.L., Festiniog, S. Wales 1
1473860 Sgt. Scott, W. 23 Meenan Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 2
1805156 Gnr. Searle, G. T. W. 16 Laytons Lane, Sumbery-on-Thames, London 1
1698784 Gnr. Shaw, G. 204 Coalburn Road, Coalburn, Lanark, Scotland 2
1683112 Gnr. Sheffield, L. Oversalde Crescent, Coundon, Coventry, England 1
1595565 L/Sgt. Shoffren, A. J. 208 Manchester Drive, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex 2
1471626 Gnr. Smith, W. J. 18 Eton Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 1
1492070 Gnr. Smith, L. 3 Douglas Road, Belfast. N. Ireland 1
5117629 Gnr. State, W. 16 Carlisle Street, Birmingham, England 1
1742173 Gnr. Starling, N. V. 179 Staines Road, Ilford, Essex, England 2
1492090 L/Bdr. Stevens, G. Holdbrook Cottages, Cropwell, Bishop, Notts, England 1
2390837 L/Bdr. Sharp, H. D. "Mayfield" Tetney, Grimsby, England 1
1602581 Gnr. Stone, D. "Pantyllyn" Trimsaran Road, Llanelly, S. Wales 1
1683126 Gnr. Snoxall, S. 67 Coleshill Road, Atherstone, Warwickshire, England 1
1683128 L/Bdr. Tilstone, V. 11 Albert Street, Golden Hill, Stoke-on-Trent, England 1
1468883 Gnr. Thompson, J. K. 69 Belgrave Street, Belfast, N. Ireland 2
5577469 Gnr. Thomson, L. 82 Hengrove Lane, Knowle, Bristol, England 1
3971121 Bdr. Thomas, F. 193 Lavender Hill, London, S.W. 11, England 1
1683127 Gnr. Thornton, G. E. 52 Clinton Road, Shirley, Birmingham, England 1
1645718 Gnr. Trethewey, R. Hendra, Corner, St. Dennis, Cornwall, England 1
1683131 L/Bdr. Twigger, A. Lynden House, Newlands Lane, Exhall, Coventry 1
1433743 L/Bdr. Wakefield, R. C. 55 Dellanda, Overton, Hants, England 1
1683144 Gnr. Walton, F. 25 Perkin Street, Coventry, England 1
11250323 Gnr. Waldron, H. W. 52 Cranbrook Street, Bethnel Green, London, England 1
1683135 Gnr. Walding, S. Morse Road. Brybrook, Cloucestershire, England (Gloucestershire) 1
1683136 Bdr. Wearing, H. W. "Bro-Dawel" 24 Chester Street, Coventry, England 2
1683146 Gnr. Wiltshaw, T. "Bry Lea" Oakland Avenue, Porthill, Staff., England 1
1683138 Gnr. Wood, J. 85 Werrington Road, Bucknall, Stoke-on-Trent, England 1
11418031 Gnr. Wainwright, F. T. 2 Willow Street, Leicester, England 1
  Lt. Wynn, J. C. W. Heather House, Milford, Staffordshire, England 2