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"When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say, 
For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today"

8th Belfast H.A.A. Regt.

aka   'The Twelve Mile Snipers'
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8th Belfast HAA History
by Colonel Murray Barnes, OBE , TD.

A short History of The 8th (Belfast) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery (Supplementary Reserve)
by Harry Porter


Dean Houston McKelvey's Sermon
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Cpl. William F. Davison

Belfast Telegraph Tuesday June, 6, 1944 Invasion


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No. Rank Name Next-of-Kin Home Address
1654353 ? Gnr. Ashbrook, G. C. Wife 24 Pointers Road, Dunstable, Bedfordshire
1569930 W/Bdr. Anderson, D. W. Wife Dec'd. 60 De? Walk, Nethill, Fifeshire, Scot.
1822802 Gnr. Bassett, E. Wife 63 The Crescent, Welwyn, Herts.
1468868 Gnr. Buller, E. Father 9- Fortingale Street, Belfast N.I.
1683043 Gnr. Eberry, D. H. Father Tamworth Road, Wood End, Hurley, Tamworth
1683049 Gnr. Fuller, T. Wife 68 Lauderdale Avenue, Coventry, Warwickshire
1460318 Gnr. Foster, D. Mother 27 Hillman Street, Belfast, N.I.
1457034 Gnr. Galway, J. Father 46 Belgrave Street, Belfast, N.I.
1683055 Gnr. Grinsell, J. Wife 1 Court, 2 House, Gulsen Road, Coventry, Warwickshire
1778688 Gnr. Hughes, J. Wife 58 Guinness Buildings, Page Walk, London S.E.
1841697 Gnr. Haughty, R. G. Mother Maes-yr-Haf, Fairview, Pengam, Monmouthshire
1459544 Gnr. Kinnon, A. Wife 77 York Park, Belfast, N.I.
1683120 W/Bdr. Sherratt, N. Wife 12 The Crescent, Leek, Staffordshire
1487581 Gnr. Shields, J. Wife 25 Wapping Lane, Londonderry, N.I.
1438782 Gnr. Sharpe, H. Father 102 Isle Street, Bradford, Yorkshire
1780431 Gnr. Talbot, W. T. Wife Church Cottage, Northmore, Oxford
1465685 Gnr. Totten, R. J. Wife 1 Regent Street, Belfast, N.I.
1777629 Gnr. Ward, F. W. Wife 2 Treherne Road, Mortlake, London S.W. 14




1822516 Gunner Bryce, T. Wife - Mrs. Bryce 36 Hillside Avenue, Kilsyth, Scotland    (Burma)
1174 Gunner Coppinger, E. M. Wife - Mrs. E. M. Coppinger 32 Great Gardens Road, Romford, Essex   (Bengal)
873461 L/Sgt. Drew, R. Mother - Mrs. Drew 7 Sunnyside Cottages, Stoke Bishop, Bristol   (India)
1820061 Gunner Knox, T. T. Wife - W/279558 L/Cpl. Knox, J. "G" Company, House 6, Williams Road, A.T.S. Group, Queen Elizabeth Camp, Chilwell, Notts.
Mrs. J. Knox, 65 North Fort Street, Leith, Midlothian, Scotland  
1819105 Gunner McKay, W. Sister - Mrs. J. Gibson 13 Mitchell Street, Dundee, Augus, Scotland   (Burma)
1691295 Gunner Rowlands, E. Mother (Widow) Mrs. Rowlands 102 Beatrice Street, Bootle, Liverpool 20, Lancs.   (Burma)
1502415 Sergt. Vance, J. D. Mother (Widow) Mrs. Vance 98 Paynes Road, Freemantle, Southampton   (India)
1475265 Private Rowley, R. Wife ? says nothing, just a question mark
the following are written in pencil and unclear   Gnr. McBurney
Gnr. Cainouthus?
Gnr. Barnhill
Gnr. McIlhagga
Sgt. J. D. Grieve
L/Bdr. Reid, R. J.
Pte. Gregory
Gnr. Gillett, W. E.
Gnr. Steisant, J. ?
D. Louden
(T. France)
(U.K.) (Londonderry)
(France) very faint

says (Total 390) at bottom of page



    W. Jamison    
    David Arthur Rhead    
    Wm. Rea    
  Capt. W. E. Whitney Martin   606 Oldpark Road, Belfast
    Hugh G? Montgomery   20 Shandon Road, Knock, Belfast
  L/Bdr. Wm. Aiken 24/4/39 - '45 32 Voltaire Gardens, Belfast 
  Bdr. John Allden 16.9.40 - '45 69 Quarry Brow, Upper Ground, Dudley, Staffs


Gnr David Barnhill. He was originally a member of 9th ( Londonderry ) HAA Regt and had a brother who was a regular Gunner, having joined in about 1930. The Barnhill brothers came from the Waterside area of the city and David’s wife was Ellen Margery. He is buried in Glendermott CoI graveyard; he died in the UK in March 1941. His brother, Joseph, survived the war but died in 1969 - details supplied by Richard Doherty

David is also listed on the memorial at St. Anne's Cathedral in Belfast, unfortunately there is an error in the inscription 'O' instead of  'D'  Barnhill