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"When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today"

8th Belfast H.A.A. Regt.

aka   'The Twelve Mile Snipers'
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Nominal Roll 23rd Bty. all ranks

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8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 23rd Battery

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8th Belfast HAA History
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A short History of The 8th (Belfast) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery (Supplementary Reserve)
by Harry Porter


Dean Houston McKelvey's Sermon
3rd October 2010

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Cpl. William F. Davison

Belfast Telegraph Tuesday June, 6, 1944 Invasion


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Nominal Roll 23rd HY. A.A. Battery, R.A. (all ranks)
(by zones)

                                                                                         ? means its not very clear                                                         9 Jan 46. WHP/HHS.

Rank Name Address Occupation Joined Bty. N-O-Kin
Major Holden, D. C. B. "Penn Cot" Cooden Drive, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex      
Capt. Garrett, E. J. "Hillview" Barnett's Road, Knock, Belfast      
Capt. Patterson, J. M. 27 Strathmore Park North, Belfast      
Capt. Newman, T. L. 13 Sunningdale Park North, Belfast      
Capt. Beldam, P. E. L. "Mayford House" Mayford, Woking, Surrey      
Capt. Austin, W. J. S. 19 Ballantrae Road, Liverpool 18      
Capt. John, A. F. G. 8 Victoria Park Road, East Canton, Cardiff      
Capt. Sayce, H. A. 11 Heathwood Grove, Allenbank Road, Cardiff      
Lieut. Hirst, W. 28 Broomhill Drive, Leeds 7      
Lieut. Williams, J. M. 10 Field Street, Bangor, North Wales      
Lieut. Young, D. J. 38 Courtlands Avenue, Chingford, Essex      
Gnr. Andrews, A. 8 Canmore Street, Belfast Driller 25/05/39 Wife
L/Bdr. Allen, J. "Longview House" Ballyvalley, Banbridge, Co. Down Salesman 01/05/39 Single
Bdr. Allen, T. H. 40 Rowen Street, Belfast Labourer 01/05/39 Single
Gnr. Adams, J. 200 Cooper Street, Belfast (Cupar Street) Machinist 03/05/39 Widower
Gnr. Armstrong, G. 14 Bristol Street, Belfast Labourer 06/06/39 Wife
BQMS Archer, R. 100 Killowen Street, Belfast Law Clerk 08/05/39 Mother
Gnr. Arnold, H. G. 15 Northbank Gardens, Belfast Steward 12/10/39 Wife
Gnr. Annesley, T. B. 2 Hooker Street, Belfast Labourer 17/08/39 Wife
L/Bdr. (D) Aiken, W. 32 Voltaire Gardens, Belfast Chaffeur 24/04/39 Wife
Gnr. Black, R. G. 20 Carnon Street, Belfast Labourer 01/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Baxter, T. D. 91 Dundee Street, Belfast Glazier 21/06/39 Wife
Gnr. Baillie, D. J. Laundry Lane, Kilnock, Randalstown, Co. Antrim Labourer 24//04/39 Wife
Gnr. Bartley, A. 1 Adam Street, Belfast Labourer 17/08/39 Wife
L/Bdr. Beckett, W. R. 52 Upper Townsend Street, Belfast Tailor 19/04/39 Single
Sgt. Boden, E. 73 Farnham Street, Belfast Electrician      04/39 Single
Gnr. Boomer, J. 8 Harrison Street, Belfast House Repairer      04/39 Wife
Gnr. Boyce, J. 9 Hartley Street, Belfast Machinist      04/39 Wife
L/Bdr. Boyd, R. 20 Parkmount Street, Belfast Hair Dresser      05/39 Wife
L/Bdr. Boyle, T. 72 Gainsborough Drive, Belfast Labourer      04/39 Single
Gnr. Bratty, I. W. 4 Ferguson Drive, Belfast Bank Official 26/04/39 Wife
Bdr. Brown, B. 4 Fortwilliam Crescent, Belfast Iron Worker 24/04/39 Single
Sgt. Brown, E. T. 89 Priory Park, Finaghy, Belfast Foreman 24/04/39 Single
Commissioned Beattie, N. D. Ardmore Avenue, Belfast Clerk 08/05/39 Mother
Gnr. Campbell, W. A. 25 North Boundary Street, Belfast Labourer 08/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Caughy, M. 10 Legagh Street, Belfast Labourer 28/04/39 Wife
Gnr. Charlton, S. R. A. 10 Ailesbury Road, Belfast Insurance Agent 12/10/39 Father
Gnr. Chism, W. 89 Mountcollyer Road, Belfast Labourer 04/05/39 Single
Gnr. Conley, J. 7 Enterprise Avenue, Portstewart, Co. Derry Labourer      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Connor, C. 51 Ruth Street, Belfast Tailor 06/06/39 Single
Gnr. Costello, W. F. 38 Wensley Street, Belfast Plumber 03/05/39 Wife
Sgt. Cranston, J. 12 Upper Charleville Street, Belfast Machinist 01/05/39 Wife
B.S.M. Crossan, J. 49 Seaview Street, Belfast Foreman 24/04/39 Single
Gnr. Crozier, J. 3 Donegall Avenue, Off Donegall Road, Belfast Oiler 13/06/39 Wife
Gnr. Clarke, A. 137 Wilton Street, Belfast Labourer 22/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Chestnutt, T. J. c/o Mrs. R. Barrow, Ballysnod, Co. Antrim Lift Driver 14/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Cinnamond, W. J. 21 Mayo Street, Belfast Labourer 01/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Cobain, R. 2 York Drive, Belfast Plater 11/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Craig, R. 6 Pitt Street, Belfast Tobacco Worker 05/06/39 Wife
Gnr. Craig, T. 47 Ritchie Street, Belfast Theatre Attendant 13/06/39 Wife
Cpl. Crawford, W. 12 Wimbledon Street. Belfast Moulder 07/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Davison, C. 59 Hanna Street, Belfast Labourer 02/08/39 Single
Gnr. Dorman, R. 250 Cupar Street, Belfast Labourer 08/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Draycott, J. 18 Tobergill Street, Belfast Labourer 26/04/39 Mother
Sgt. Downs, V. L. 4 Adelaide Avenue, Belfast Salesman 08/05/39 Mother
Gnr. Duffy, S. 23 Bentinck Street, Belfast Labourer 24/04/39 Single
L/Sgt. Doherty, J. S. D. "Glenfield" Newcastle, Co. Down Insurance Official 04/05/39 Single
Comm. Dolan, F. W. T. 43 Adelaide Park, Belfast Bank Official 12/10/39 Single
Cpl. Douglas, A. 16 Wigton Street, Belfast Labourer 24/04/39 Wife
L/Sgt. Duff, W. A. 1 St. John's Avenue, Belfast Bank Official 24/04/39 Mother
Gnr. Edwards, W. 38 Brussels Street, Belfast Pawnbrokers' Assistant 24/04/39 Wife
Sgt. Elder, J. 30 Henderson Avenue, Belfast Machine Operator 10/05/39 Single
L/Bdr. Finlay, W. W. Mount Erin, Millisle, Co. Down Commercial Traveller 11/05/39 Single
Gnr. Fisher, G. 33 Holland Park, Belfast House Painter 14/08/39 Wife
Gnr. Fisher, J. H. 10 Johnston, Street. Belfast Fireplace Maker 19/08/39 Single
Sgt. Fleming, T. 12 Maryville Street, Belfast Labourer 15/05/39 Single
Gnr. Foster, S. McM. 99 Cosgrave Street, Belfast Rone Drawer 04/05/39 Single
S/Sgt. Fowler, W. J. 25 Carrickblacker Road, Portadown, Co. Armagh Garage Worker 24/04/39 Wife
R.S.M. Fowler, C. 6 Balmoral Street, Belfast Assistant Foreman 04/05/39 Mother
Gnr. Ford, T. J. 31 Callin Street, Armagh Labourer   Single
Gnr. Gamble, J. McV. 59 Lake Street, Belfast Labourer 18/06/39 Wife
Gnr. Gibson, J. R. D. 49 Torrens Drive, Belfast Labourer 05/06/39 Wife
L/Bdr. Gordon, W. E, 170 Templemore Street, Belfast Machinist 01/05/39 Wife
L/Bdr. Graham, J. McL. 99 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast Clerk 10/05/39 Single
Gnr. Guiney, T. 1 Coolfin Street, Belfast Machine Driller 01/05/39 Wife
Sgt. Galbraith, W. K. 414 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast Clerk 29/04/39 Single
Comm. Green, W. A. 11 Rosapinna Street, Belfast (Rosapenna) Salesman 01/05/39 Single
L/Bdr. Graham, R. J. 20 St. Judes Crescent, Belfast Grocer 24/04/39 Wife
Gnr. Graham, T. 40 Clementine Street, Belfast French Polisher 24/04/39 Wife
Gnr. Greer, W. J. 82 Saunders Street, Belfast Labourer 20/04/39 Wife
Gnr. Gillen, W. 5 Houston Street. Belfast Fitters Helper 17/08/39 Single
Gnr. Gabbey, J. 26 Glandore Avenue, Belfast Fitter                 15/12/39 10/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Hayes, J. 132 Leopold Street, Belfast Motor Driver 03/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Houston, S. 98 Beechfield Street, Belfast Machinist 05/06/39 Wife
Gnr. Houston, J. 112 Twaddell Avenue, Belfast Labourer 03/05/39 Wife
Bdr. Hunter, W. 121 Northbrook Gardens, Belfast Farm Hawking 04/05/39 Wife
Bdr. Hinds, F. K. 20 The Mount, Belfast Labourer 01/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Hoyle, J. J. 42 Vandyck Gardens, Belfast Labourer 15/05/39 Wife
Sgt. Holmes, J. J. 14 Willowbank Gardens, Belfast Clerk 08/05/39 Single
Comm. Hanley, H. A. Maryville, Lisburn Road, Finaghy, Belfast Surveyor          /39 Single
Bdr. Irvine, J. C. 115 Avoniel Road, Belfast Driller 19/06/39 Wife
Gnr. Irvine, S. 5 Byron Place, Belfast Labourer 04/05/39 Single
Gnr. Irvine, T. 5 Byron Place, Belfast Labourer 04/05/39 Single
Gnr. Irvine, W. J. 9 Byron Place, Belfast Labourer 08/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Irwin, G. H. 27 Seaview Drive, Belfast Motor Driver 08/05/39 Single
L/Sgt. Jamison, T. 13 Beechwood Gardens, Bangor, Co. Down Machine Operator 24/04/39 Single
Gnr. Jenkins, J. 90 Torrens Road, Belfast Shop Assistant 11/05/39 Single
Gnr. Johnston, J. A. 5 Hallidays Road, Belfast Grocers' Assistant 24/04/39 Wife
L/Bdr. Jones, W. B. S. 53 Bristol Avenue, Belfast Insurance Official 12/05/39 Single
Gnr. Jenkins, W. 87 Parkmount Street, Belfast Brick Layer 18/05/39 Widower (Children)
Gnr. Johnston, W. J. 2 Beech Street, Whitehouse, Belfast Flax Worker 08/06/39 Wife
Gnr. Kinnon, T. G. 12 Northwood Road, Belfast Labourer 01/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Kane, E. 14 Southland Street, Belfast Labourer 03/05/39 Wife
L/Sgt. Kennedy, J. 87 Spamount Street, Belfast Labourer 24/04/39 Wife
L/Bdr. Knight, J. R. 5 Castle Park, Belfast Student 12/05/39 Single
Cpl. Kerr, T. J. 72 Brougham Street, Belfast Labourer 04/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Kerry, S. 13 Howard Street, Lisburn Electric Linesman 12/05/39 Single
Bdr. Lamont, W. 152 Roden Street, Belfast Civil Servant 12/05/39 Single
Gnr. Lennox, T. H. 34 Vandyck Gardens, Belfast Labourer 18/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Leslie, J. Killyfast, Toomebridge, Co. Antrim Labourer 08/05/39 Wife
L/Bdr. Loney, T.? 109 Skegoniel Avenue, Belfast Salesman 01/05/39 Wife
L/Bdr. Lowry, T. Rawbrae, Whitehead, Co. Antrim Motor Driver 01/06/39 Wife
Pte. Long, R. 77 Hallidays Road, Belfast Rivetter 08/05/39 Wife
Pte. Larmour, J. Derwald, Antrim Road, Carmoney, Co. Antrim Labourer 01/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Lewis, F. c/o Mrs. McDowell, Ballybush Road, Carmoney, Co. Antrim Tobacco Worker 13/06/39 Wife
Bdr. Martin, ? G. 335 Ormeau Road, Belfast Clerk 03/04/39 Single
Gnr. Matchett, H. 85 Upper Canning Street, Belfast Engineer 24/04/39 Wife
Gnr. Matchett, J. H. 71 Collyer Street, Belfast Labourer 17/05/39 Wife
Bdr. Matchett, J. 33 Broadbent Street, Belfast Machinist 11/05/39 Single
Gnr. Matchett, W. H. 31 Kilronan Street, Belfast Flour Miller 15/06/39 Wife
Gnr. Mawhinney, W. J. 47 Beit Street, Belfast Clerk 24/04/39 Single
Gnr. Moore, F. 75 Copperfield Street, Belfast Tobacco Worker 08/06/39 Wife
Gnr. Murphy, J. 46 Glenbryn Park, Belfast Linen Worker 13/06/39 Wife
Gnr. Murphy, W. 12 Lime Street, Belfast Carter 19/08/39 Wife
Gnr. Murray, J 18 Hartley Street, Belfast Driller 05/06/39 Wife
L/Bdr. Marmion, J. 27 Wilson Street, Belfast French Dry Cleaner 17/08/39 Single
Pte. Middleton, W. 41 Broadbent Street, Belfast Labourer 24/04/39 Wife
Gnr. McCann, J. 64 Locan Street, Belfast Labourer 24/04/39 Wife
Bdr. McCarley, W. 190 Shankill Road, Belfast Clerk 01/05/39 Single
L/Sgt. McClelland, W. 247 Oldpark Road, Belfast Machine Operator 01/05/39 Wife
Gnr. McClenahan, W. J. 1 Glencairn Street, Belfast Dispatch Clerk 01/05/39 Single
Sgt. McCorkell, J. 47 Fortwilliam Crescent, Belfast Clerk 01/06/39 Wife
Gnr. McCracken, R. J. 104 North Queen Street, Belfast Labourer 24/04/39 Single
Gnr. McCullough, H. 57 Collyer Street, Belfast Labourer 06/06/39 Widower
Sgt. McCullough, J. 97 York Street, (Park written in pencil)  Belfast Tobacco Worker 06/06/39 Wife
Gnr. McCullough, R. J. 4 Montreal Street, Belfast Labourer 11/05/39 Single
L/Bdr. McConnell, J. H. 2 Ozone Avenue, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim Motor Mechanic 01/05/39 Single
Gnr. McGlade, T. 37 Serpentine Parade, Whitehouse, Belfast Labourer 08/05/39 Single
Sgt. McKeen, W. S. 21 Haig Street, Belfast Labourer 18/07/39 Wife
Gnr. McKendry, G. 6 Main Street, Garvagh, Co. Derry Textile Labourer      09/41 Wife
Gnr. McKenna, H. 1a Lowther Street, Belfast Labourer 01/05/39 Wife
Gnr. McKeown, R. J. W. Radenon, Crossgar, Co. Down Bank Official      09/41 Single
L/Bdr. McMillen, R. 3 Norman Street, Belfast Labourer 17/05/39 Wife
Gnr. McBride, A. 130 Hallidays Road, Belfast Labourer 23/05/39 Wife
Gnr. McCalmont, J. 34 Acton Street, Belfast Labourer 08/05/39 Wife
L/Bdr. McFadden, J. H. 81 Maryville Street, Belfast Linen Warehouseman 24/04/39 Wife
Sgt. McFeeter, W. A. Waterford House, Coleraine, Co. Antrim Bank Official 10/06/39 Single
Gnr. McMaster, A. Mill Street, Fintona, Ormeau, Co. Tyrone Labourer 18/05/39 Wife
Gnr. McBurney, J. H. 11 Golf Terrace, Banbridge, Co. Down Labourer 01/05/39 Wife
Bdr. Neeson, R. 44 Preswick Park, Belfast Labourer 26/04/39 Wife
Gnr. Newell, E. 289 North Queen Street, Belfast Carpenter 24/04/39 Single
Gnr. Nesbitt, C. 39 Brookvale Street, Belfast Insurance Agent 21/06/39 Wife
Gnr. O'Neill, E. 24 Louisa Street, Belfast Labourer 19/04/39 Wife
Gnr. Patterson, S. J. Harleston Street, Stranmillis, Belfast Labourer 24/04/39 Wife
Sgt. Patterson, W. J. 162 Templemore Street, Belfast Storeman 13/06/39 Wife
Gnr. Price, A. J. 138 Whitewell Road, Whitehouse, Belfast Labourer 26/04/39 Wife
Gnr. Rooney, T. 21 Osborne Street, Belfast House Boy 01/05/39 Single
Bdr. Rea, F. 106 Templemore Street, Belfast Cabinet Maker 03/05/39 Single
L/Bdr. Rea, T. 29 Shipbuoy Street, Belfast Hoistman 16/05/39 Wife
L/Bdr. Reid, J. 50 Ottowa Street, Belfast (Ottawa) Foreman 01/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Reynolds, T. 62 Gainsborough Drive, Belfast Process Engraver 26/04/39 Wife
Sgt. Rice, G. 80 Hopeton Street, Belfast Labourer 24/04/39 Wife
BQMS Robinson, G. W. 50 Hesketh Road, Belfast Salesman 25/05/39 Wife
Bdr. Rodgers, W. 28 Albert Street, Bangor, Co. Down Engineer 03/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Robinson, J. Oldpark Gardens, Belfast Labourer 24/04/39 Wife
Gnr. Sterritt, W. J. 11 Alliance Road, Belfast Machinist 12/08/39 Wife
Gnr. Stockman, H. 35 Rowan Street, Belfast Labourer 01/05/39 Wife
Gnr. Spurr, G. A. 100 Blyth Street, Belfast Labourer 24/04/39 Wife
Gnr. Smyth, W. H. 96 Glenwood, Street, Belfast Labourer 08/05/39 Wife
Pte. Smith, A. R. c/o Sproule, 78 Main Street, Strabane Labourer 17/05/39 Wife
Comm. Shaw, T. B. 49 Cardigan Drive, Belfast Linen Trade Apprentice 08/05/39 Wife
Pte. Sales, H. 53 Barrow Street, Belfast Labourer 08/06/39 Wife
Gnr. Taggart, S. 43 Oldpark Avenue, Belfast Labourer 03/05/39 Single
Bdr. Thompson, J. 13 Mountcollyer Avenue, Belfast Labourer 08/05/39 Wife
Bdr. Todd, E. R. 33 Spruce Street, Belfast Train Driver 19/04/39 Wife
Bdr. Tumelty, H. 218 Alliance Road, Belfast Labourer 03/05/39 Wife
Bdr. Tweedie, T. 47 Hanover Street, Belfast Foreman 24/04/39 Wife
Gnr. W Warden, W. 1 Melbourne Court, Belfast Labourer 21/09/39 Single
Gnr. Wilson, J. 20 Queen Victoria Gardens, Belfast Labourer 06/06/39 Wife
Gnr. Wright, A. L. 12 Crimea Street, Belfast Labourer 29/07/39 Single
Gnr. Wright, J. 188 Conway Street, Belfast Asphalt Worker 30/08/39 Wife
Gnr. Woodcock, F. B. 1a Gainsborough Drive, Belfast Packer 08/05/39 Single
Gnr. Winters, F. 82 Velsheda Park, Belfast Labourer 24//04/39 Wife
Sgt. Wilson, W. 23 Trafalgar Street, Belfast Labourer 02/08/39 Wife
L/Sgt. Younger, A. W. 10 Canterbury Street, Belfast Joiner 01/06/39 Wife
Gnr. Watson, E. 61 Addison Road, Fleetwood, Lancs. Dock Worker      06/44 Wife
Gnr. Watson, L. 19 West Dixon Street, Salford, Lancs Painter      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Wheeler, F. 7 Lily Street, Lower Broghton, Salford 7 Grocer      06/44 Wife
Gnr. Whitehead, H. E. 99 Seymore Road South, Clayton, Manchester Painter      06/44 Wife
Gnr. Wilson, R.? J. 7 Kitchener Street, Haxby Road, York. Labourer 24/09/41 Wife
Gnr. Caswell, R. J. 81 Surrey Street, South Bank, Yorks Labourer      12/39  
Gnr. Humble, T. 19 Tower Street, Stockton-on-Tees Check Weighman      01/42 Wife
L/Bdr. Nelson, W. J. 19 St. Thomas Street, St. Helens, Lancs. Labourer 22/05/39  
Gnr. Newton, T. 51 Libby Gardens, Dipton, Newcastle Labourer       09/42 Wife
Gnr. Nixon, M. Front Street, Harland Buildings, Wingate, Co. Durham         12/39  
Gnr. Hoedstock, W. 38 Wordsworth Road, Pendleton, Salford 6 Warehouseman       06/44 Wife
Gnr. Anderson, F. E. 119 Claxton Grove, Hammersmith, W. 6 Rubber Moulder 28/10/41 Wife
Gnr. Aldrich, C. 45 Compton Buildings, Goswell Road, E. C. 1 Newspaper Distributor      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Benjamin, I. J. 26 Cotswold House, Stamford Hill, N. 16 Cabinet Maker      02/43 Single
BSM Bonnett, A. K. E. 65 Albion Street, Rotherhithe, S.E. 16 Labourer      06/43 Wife
Bdr. Cozens, G. A. 222 Wolfston Street, Shepherds Bush, W. 12 Wireless Mechanic      01/40 Wife
Gnr. Ellson, R. J. 12 Layton Crescent, Kentish Town, N.W. Butcher   Wife
Gnr. Fulcher, F. 19 Beckett House, Tabard Street, London Window Cleaner 16/08/41 Wife
Gnr. Goodwin, L. 94 Upper Street, Islington, N. 1 ARP Stretcher Bearer 01/01/42 Single
Gnr. Griffiths, D. C. 1104 Harrow Road, W. 10 Petrol Pump Attendant      09/41 Single
Gnr. Hood, L. A. 43 Micklehan Down, Woodside Park, N. 12 Clerk      04/42 Wife
Gnr. Hayesman, J. J. V. 43 Southcote Road, Blackhouse Road, Walthamstow C. 17 Scavenger      09/41 Single
Gnr. Mason, W. H. 35 Realey Road, Wimbledon, S.W. 19 Railway Porter      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Mahoney, G. S. 74 Elncroft Avenue, Wanstead, E. 11 Dairy Roundsman      09/41 Wife
L/Sgt. McGill, E. F. 33 Roveside Mansions, Garnet Street, E. 1 Electric Wireman      01/40 Wife
Gnr. McSweeney, T. J. 20 Hertford Road, Lower Edmonton, N. 9 Painter      08/41 Wife
Gnr. Overy, A. H. 60 Knowles Hill Crescent, S.E. 13 Motor Mechanic      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Paine, W. C. 14c Jubilee Dwellings, Morely Road, S.E. 1 Lampman      09/41  
Gnr. Potten, J. W. 9 St. Lawrence Street, Preston Road, Poplar, E. 14 Shipwrights Assistant 16/09/41 Single
Gnr. Powell, J. 67 Bartley Road, Brixton, S.W. 2 Clerk 16/09/41 Single
Gnr. Smith, F. H. 32 Waddington Street, Stratford, E. 15 Window Cleaner   Wife
Gnr. Tough, F. J. 59 Cloverly Estate, Shepherds Bush, W. 12 Salesman      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Wynne, C. T. c/o Martins Bank, 68 Lombard Street, E.C. 3 Independant 16/08/41 Single
Gnr. Wilks, R. 34 Sumwell Street, Peckham, S.E. 15 Foreman      09/41 Wife
L/Bdr. Armstrong, L. Dillon Terrace, Ballina, Co. Mayo Shop Assistant      09/41 Single
Gnr. Kenneally, P. Crougharoe, Mitchellstown, Co. Cork Labourer      06/44 Single
Gnr. Langford, R. M. Glenville, Ardagh, Co. Limerick Farmer      09/41 Wife
  Adams, T. C. A. 24 Portfield Avenue, Haverford West Labourer   Single
Gnr. Batchelor, J. S. Rosemary Colt, Pontypool, Freeholdland, Pontnewynywd Lorry Driver      09/42 Wife
Gnr. Hall, F. G. 69 Clifton Street, Cardiff Carpenter      06/44 Single
Gnr. Hicks, J. 9 Nixon Terrace. Moriston, Swansea Tin Plate Worker      12/39 Wife
Gnr. Holder, P. 48 Hendregahan Road, Penygraig Coal Miner      04/42 Wife
L/Bdr. Morgan, M. 10 Church Square, Tredegar, Mon. Outfitters Manager      09/41 Single
Bdr. Thomas, A. 14 Beolwyn Street, Ystrid-Mywich, Glamorgan Engine Driver      12/39 Wife
Gnr. Thomas, A. 25 High Street, LLanelly, S. Wales Steel Worker      09/42 Wife
Gnr. Andrews, D. H. Jamestown Cottage, Maidens, Ayrshire Ploughman      09/41 Single
Gnr. Anderson, A. D. 24 Constitution Road, Dundee Lorry Driver   Single
Gnr. Barr, H. 171 South Street, Lochgalley, Fife      
Gnr. Beaton, A. 89 Kinghorn Road, Dundee Public House Manager 14/10/41 Wife
Gnr. Barnett, A. 12 Kinghorn Road, Dundee Jute Worker      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Boyles, A. A. 26 Dava Street, Goran, Glasgow (Govan) French Polisher      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Brown, G. S. 72 Leslie Street, Kirkcaldy, Fife Bottle Sorter      09/41 Single
Gnr. Bruce, W. 59 Church Street, Dundee Machine Oiler      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Coulter, G. 36 St. Mary Street, Dundee Jute Worker      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Davidson, J. A. 8 Chalmer Buildings, Edinburgh Grocer 16/09/40 Wife
Gnr. Finnigan, J. P. 68 Hill Street, Dundee Flax Spinner      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Graham, P. 15 Turnlaw Street, Glasgow Electrical Apprentice   Single
Gnr. Gunn, J. A. Longman Road, Inverness Cabinet Maker      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Harold, P. 168 Rutherglen Road, Glasgow C. 5 Labourer   Wife
Gnr. Hayes, H. R. 49 The Row, Barrmill, Nr. Beith, Ayr Labourer   Wife
Gnr. Kelly, P. 1043 Gallowgate, Glasgow Electrical Apprentice   Single
Gnr. Mitchell, T. 15 Quality Street, Kirkcaldy, Fife Joiner      09/41 Single
Gnr. Mitchell, V. 75 Kerrs Crescent, Fanhill, Hamilton Coke Oven Guide      09/41 Single
Gnr. Muir, A. McG. 9 Caledonia Road, Glasgow C. 5 Boot & Shoe Worker      09/41 Single
L/Bdr. Mac Quarrie, J. 64 High Street, Kinghorn, Fife Musician 06/06/41 Wife
Gnr. McFettridge, D. 3 Levenview Terrace, Dumbarton Labourer 20/10/41 Wife
Gnr. McNiven, D. 2 Orchard Street, Glasgow C. 5 Labourer      09/41 Single
Pte. Powrie, A. 10 Viewlands, Errol, Perth Shepherd 07/11/45 Single
Gnr. O'Donnell, T. G. 71 Gray Street, Lochee, Dundee Sail Maker      09/41 Single
Gnr. Reid, N. 174 Clifton Road, Hilton, Aberdeen Spray Painter      09/41 Single
Pte. Rodger, W. B. 83 Main Street, Cleland, Co. Lanark Labourer      09/41 Single
L/Sgt. Smith, J. B. 9 Bridgend, Duns, Berwickshire Land Agent 20/10/41 Single
Gnr. Watson, A. 53 Woodend Park, Cardenden, Fife Labourer      09/41 Single
Gnr. Young, A. c/o Robertson, 106 Lorne Street, Lochee, Dundee Storeman      09/41 Wife
Bdr.  (D) Allden, J. 69 Quarry Brow, Upper Gornal, Dudley, Staffs. Curb Layer 16/09/40 Wife
Gnr. Barber, G. T. 91 Cadman Crescent, Fallings Park, Wolverhampton Paint Mixer 16/08/41 Wife
Sgt. Barlow, C. M. 56 Beacons Road, Holbrook, Coventry Laboratory Assistant      01/40 Wife
Gnr. Barr, A. Church Street, Wellesbourne, Warwick Butcher 16/09/41 Wife
Gnr. Bromley, C. W. 11 Stratton Street, Atherstone Colliery Surface Worker 16/09/40 Wife
Gnr. Buckley, H. J. 35 Mill Lane, Solihull, Birmingham Miller      09/40 Wife
Gnr. Burr, H. G. 167 Cambridge Street, Rugby Butcher 16/09/40 Wife
Gnr. Bunting, E. 2 High Street, Fibshelf, Derbyshire Labourer   Wife
Gnr. Cartwright, S. 15 Ginsey Lane, Willenhall, Staffs.     Wife
Gnr. Church, C. J. 21 Jubilee Crescent, Wellingboro, Northants Drivers Mate      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Davis, G. A. E. 15 Uplands, Stoke Heath, Coventry Grocer 16/09/40 Single
L/Bdr. Dowley, J. Charlesknowle Farm, Rushton, Macclesfield, Staffs        06/44 Wife
L/Bdr. Derbyshire, A. 126 Anchor Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent Coster      07/41 Single
Gnr. Finney, W. 33 Forest Road, Lightwood, Stoke-on-Trent Shop Assistant 16/09/40 Wife
L/Bdr. Francis, W. H. 13 Littlegrove, Southfields, Rugby Grocer 16/09/40 Wife
Gnr. Gartshore, T. R. 40 Lemington Street, Leicester Hosiery Operator 16/08/41 Wife
Gnr. Greasly, H. L. 75 Park Road, Coalville, Leicester Pipe Maker 16/08/41 Wife
Gnr. Gamble, W. L. 179 Bordesley Green East, Birmingham 9 Capstan Operator      05/44 Single
Gnr. Gilmore, R. 63 Balebridge Street, Tamworth, Staffs. Labourer   Wife
Gnr. Halford, A. H. 39 Broad Street, Coventry Export Packer 16/09/40 Single
Gnr. Harrison, G. H. 223 Coventry Road, Exhall, Coventry Artificial Silk Worker 16/09/40 Single
Gnr. Hawker, R. C. 50 The Kent, Lower Hillmorton, Rugby French Polisher 16/09/40 Wife
Gnr. Hayward, P. P. 38 St. Germain Street, Huntingdon, Hunts. Furniture Porter      12/41 Wife
Gnr. Hill, W. C. 15 Summer Street, Stourbridge, Worcester Labourer 16/09/40 Wife
L/Bdr. Holdstock, W. 38 Wordsworth Street, Pendleton, Salford 6 Warehouseman      06/44 Wife
Gnr. Higginbotham, F. 21 Sherbourne Crescent, Coventry Laundry Machinist 16/09/40 Wife
L/Sgt. Higgins, F. Roker House, Victoria Road, Bridgenorth, Shrops. Waggoner      12/39 Wife
Gnr. Hulland, F. 41 West Bank Road, Allestree, Derbyshire Brick Layer      09/42  
Gnr. Humphries, A. 8 Stevenson Road, Bucknall, Stoke-on-Trent Colliery Worker      09/44 Single
Gnr. Kirkham, H. 1/73 Waterville Road, Handsworth, Birmingham Moulder      12/39 Wife
Gnr. Lenton, H. The Mallows, Sibsey, Boston, Lincs. Brick Layer      09/42 Wife
Gnr. Mason, G. F. 32 Weston Avenue, Tividale Estate, Ripton, Dudley Carpenter 16/09/40 Wife
Gnr. Measures, W. H. Cottesmore, Nr. Oakham, Rutland Shuntman      09/42 Wife
Gnr. Mee, E. M. 136 Hand Avenue, Nr. Braunton, Leicester Boot Trade      08/41 Wife
Gnr. Mole, L. W. 16 Highfield Road, Nr. Kidderminster Bakers Assistant      09/41 Wife
L/Bdr. Mullan, N. 54 Martyn Place, Cheylesmore Estate, Coventry   16/09/40 Single
Bdr. McCutcheon, W. 79 Babbington Road, Handsworth, Birmingham Grocer 16/09/40 Wife
Gnr. Oldfield, J. E. 12 Newfield Terrace, Helsley, Cheshire Packer      04/41 Wife
Gnr. Peters, R. 1/62 Hope Street, Balsall Heath, Birmingham Roller      09/41 Wife
L/Bdr. Randall, F. 15 Clumber Street, Melton Mowbray, Leicester Manager      04/41 Wife
Gnr. Sutton, J. W. 19 Bluebell Road, Priory Street, Dudley, Worcs. Sand & Gravel Worker 16/09/40 Wife
Gnr Wakeman, E. M. 40 Canterbury Road, Wolverhampton Silk Spinner 16/09/40 Wife
Bdr. Winnall, C. G. 18 Renshead Avenue, Northfield, Birmingham Loader      08/41 Wife
Gnr. Mee, F. C. ** 49 Hillcroft Close, Thorsnarston, Leicester (Thurmaston) Boot Hand 16/08/41 Wife
Gnr. Miner, A. 55 Lumley Road, Walsall, Staffs. Pork Butcher      09/40 Wife
** Frederick C. Mee see Thurmaston WW1 & WW2 Site
L/Bdr. Alexander, P. G. 9 Brookleaze Buildings, Bath, Somerset Painter      12/39 Single
BQMS Allen, G. H. Southampton Street, Torrington, Berks. Warehouseman      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Allison, H. J. G. 27 The Crescent, Purbrook, Hants. Shop Assistant 22/09/41 Wife
Gnr. Andrew, J. W. 4 Boscawin Road, Truro, Cornwall Assistant Storeman   Wife
Gnr. Bailey, W. A. 26 Meadow Road, Berkhamstead, Herts. Lithographic Machinist      08/41 Wife
Gnr. Bateman, H. J. 35 Wellington Street, St. Barnabas, Oxford Store Keeper      09/41 Single
Gnr. Brown, A. 15 Halman Road, Halstead, Essex Gardener      07/41 Single
Gnr. Bulmer, J. 7 Radmore Wharf Road, Stenshaw, Portsmouth Motor Driver      05/42 Single
Bdr. Butler, L. E. V. 16 Princes Street, Slough, Bucks. Laboratory Assistant      10/41 Single
Sgt. Berry, T. Stoney Hill, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex Electrical Engineer      01/40 Wife
Sgt. Bundey, R. G. 30 High Street, Chalvey, Slough, Bucks. Cable Jointer      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Cain, L. C. 338 The Chase, Shenley Road, Borehamwood, Herts. Hosiery Knitter      07/41 Wife
Gnr. Crouch, R. P. 14 Ryefield Avenue, Hillingdon, Middlesex Machine Minder      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Cooper, S. F. Gascoyne Lane, Ropley, Herts. Labourer    
Gnr. Davies, M. 2 Express Chambers, Edgware, Middlesex Handyman      07/43 Single
Sgt. Doney, E. 18 Alan Road, Padstow, Cornwall Fitter      11/39 Wife
Gnr. George, R. M. 54 Berkeley Road, Fish Pond, Bristol Clerk      09/41 Single
Gnr. Goodgame, F. 86 Grosvenor Avenue, Barnet, Herts. Postman      09/41 Wife
L/Sgt. Hambridge, H. H. 286 Bath Road, Brislington, Bristol 4 Presser      12/39 Wife
Gnr. Howell, F. C. 87 Vale Farm Road, Woking, Surrey Railway Porter      08/41 Wife
Gnr. Hadland, F. C. 31 Whittington, Andoversford, Nr. Cheltenham Chaffeur      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Hathaway, G. A. 3 Brickfield Cottage, Booker, High Wycombe, Bucks. Labourer      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Hawkes, R. H. 52 Barkway Road, Royston, Herts. Outfitters Assistant 16/09/41 Wife
Gnr. Hudson, R. A. 90 Upper Baker Street, High Wycombe, Berks. French Polisher      06/41 Wife
Gnr. King, L. A. 14 Trinity Road, Stotford, Beds. Butchers Roundsman      09/41 Wife
L/Bdr. Legge, F. G. 245 Cherryhinton Road, Cambridge Builder      08/41 Wife
Gnr. Martin, V. L. 35 Windsor Road, Reddington, Middlesex Electrician      09/41 Single
Gnr. Mickleburgh, R. R.? 1 Council Houses, Hadenham, Bungay, Suffolk Cow Man      07/41 Wife
Gnr. McElwain, J. F. 37 Wheatley Road, Islesworth, Middlesex Extruder Rubber 31/07/41 Wife
Gnr. Parks, W. 122 Emlyn Road, Redhill, Surrey Sawyer      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Patten, G. A. 7 Butts Road, Woking, Surrey Railway Porter      08/41 Wife
Gnr. Paul, C. G. 37 Arrol Road, Beckenham, Kent. Gardener      08/41 Single
Gnr. Pedder, B. D. 8 Bidwell Hill, Houghton Regis, Dunstable Envelope Gummer      07/41 Single
Gnr. Picton, T. W. M. Highfield, Kent Road, Parkstone, Dorset Silk Trader      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Smith, B. C. 193 Stradbroke Road, Pakejula, Lowestoft Coach Builder      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Sturt, S. G. 13 Glouster Place, Worthing Upholsterer      09/41 Single
L/Bdr. Turville, C. J. Hanley Sports, Pavilion, Gravesend Labourer      09/41 Single
Gnr. Watts, W. G. F. 494 Butts Road, Sholing, Woolston, Southampton Labourer      09/42  
Cpl. Alcindor, J. F. 37 The Driveway, Canvey Island Sign Writer      01/42 Wife
L/Bdr. Hounsome, A. F. W. 15 Margaret Drive, Shepperton, Middlesex Signal Man      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Killick, J. 13 Heath Cottage. Tragett Heath, Newchapel, Lingfield Labourer      09/42  
Gnr. Reeve, J. E. 13 Saxmundham Road, Framlington, Suffolk Fish Merchant 16/08/41 Wife
Gnr. Underwood, C. D. Trelawney, Carne Hill, St. Dennis, St. Austell, Cornwall Quarryman      09/42  
Gnr. Virgin, H. 31 Roman Road, Taunton, Somerset Steel Reinforcer      06/44  
Gnr. Allsop, A. 3 Back Lane, Holmfirth, Nr. Huddersfield Cloth Finisher 01/01/42 Wife
Gnr. Andrews, A. J. 5 Rockeville Avenue, Whitley Bay, Northumberland Shop Assistant      10/41 Single
Gnr. Beech, P. 17 Leymoor Road, Longwood, Huddersfield Mason Banker Hand      05/42 Wife
Gnr. Blackhurst, H. P. 319 Kingsheath Avenue, Knotty Ash, Liverpool 14 Postman Driver 14/10/41 Wife
Gnr. Blower, E. 118 Mottershead Road, Widnes, Lancs. Apprentice Brick Layer      09/44 Wife
L/Bdr. Brown, G. Sunny Brae, Woodburn Terrace, Prudloe-on-Tyne Bus Cleaner 16/09/40 Wife
Gnr. Backhouse, C. 1 Rosemond Street, Salford, Lancs. Labourer      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Barwise, G. 107 Northumberland Street, Liverpool Painter   Wife
Gnr. Bowden, R. 24 Oban Grove, Bolton, Lancs. Garden Labourer 14/10/41 Wife
Gnr. Calver, G. E. 35 Mary Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne Flour Mill Hand      06/44 Wife
Gnr. Chester, W. Don View, Waterside, Thorne, Doncaster Mech. Tool Operator 24/09/41 Single
L/Bdr. Clarke, J. W. 21 Northumberland Gardens, Jesmond, Newcastle-on-Tyne Conductor 14/05/42 Wife
Gnr. Caswell, R. J. 81 Surrey Street, Southbank, Yorks. Labourer   Wife
Gnr. Collinge, E. 59 Brennand Street, Burnley, Lancs. Labourer   Wife
Sgt. Corbett, J. A. 54 Doncaster Road, Conisborough, Yorks. Glass Hand      06/45 Wife
Gnr. Crowe, F. 43 St. Thomas White Gardens, Liverpool Shop Assistant   Single
S/Sgt. Davis, H. J. 14 Martin Grove, Bolton, Lancs. Commercial Artist 05/12/45 Wife
Gnr. Duffy, P. 148 Dean Church Lane, Bolton, Lancs. Concreter      06/44 Wife
L/Bdr. Duvall, H. W. 4 Esmond Street, Liverpool Prepayment Meter Collector      08/40 Wife
Gnr. Davidson, G. 10 Mersey Road, Fleetwood, Lancs. Coach Painter      09/41 Wife
Gnr. Dodsworth, F. 25 Brazil Street, Hull, Yorks Plate Layer 24/09/41 Wife
Gnr. Dyas, P. 24 Rose Street, Walton, Liverpool Driver      06/44 Wife
L/Bdr Fenton, R. W. M. Bowgrave Post Office, Garstang, Preston Cotton Warehouseman      09/44 Wife
Gnr. Heeson, A. 12 Oakes Street, Flanshaw Lane, Wakefield Painter      02/41 Wife
Gnr. Hodgson, J. 5 Stavondale Street, Dawdon, Seaham, Durham Miner      09/44 Single
Gnr. Hudson, R. 6 Eversleigh Place, Throckley, Newcastle-on-Tyne Labourer      02/43 Wife
Gnr. Jackson, J. 29 Newlands Road, Highwest, Jesmond, Newcastle Dining Bar Attendant      04/41 Single
Gnr. Jackson, S. S. c/o Miss Warburton, Bewsey, Oldhall, Warrington, Lancs. Moulder      06/44 Single
Gnr. Johnston, A. 120 Orton Road, Carlisle Stock Keeper      06/44 Single
Gnr. Johnston, R. 266 Raffles Avenue, Carlisle Warehouseman      06/44 Wife
Gnr. Jones, W. 60b South Hill Road, Dingle, Liverpool Heavy Goods Driver      04/44 Wife
Gnr. Leedam, J. 18 Bedford Street, Widnes, Lancs. Labourer      06/44 Single
Gnr. Lennighan, F. 29 Moore Street, Preston Coach Painter      06/44 Wife
Gnr. Murphy, D. 14 Navigation Street, Leigh, Lancs. Brick Layer      06/44 Wife
Gnr. Myers, W. 98 James Street, Widnes Labourer      06/44 Single
Gnr.? McCollin, F. W. 7 Spennimore Road, Stockton-on-Tees Cabinet Maker      04/41 Wife
Gnr. Noton, A. (Norton) 143 Duke Street, Sheffield 2 Greengrocer      09/41 Wife
L/Sgt. O'Neill, L. 43 College Road, Brambles Farm, Middleboro Fitter   Single
Gnr. Pendlebury, R. 9 Hinkler Avenue, Higher Swan Lane, Bolton Stripper      06/44 Wife
Gnr. Pew, C. 3 Olivers Street, Middlesboro. Bus Driver      01/40 Wife
Gnr. Robinson, T. H. Yew Tree Houses, Underbarrow, Nr. Kendal Drainage Worker      06/44  
Bdr. Senior, H. H. New Delight, Marsden, Huddersfield Textile Worker 01/01/42 Wife
L/Sgt. Smith, R. 17 Kertch Street, Southwick, Sunderland Boiler Maker      01/43  
Gnr.. Smithson, W. 94 Hawthorn Cottages, South Hetton, Durham Shoe Maker      09/41 Single
Gnr. Ward, S. 177 Whitelees Road, Littleborough, Lancs. Leather Buffer      06/44 Wife