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Autograph and Photo Albums
from the estate of Lt. Cmdr. J. S. Kerans
made famous by Richard Todd in the film "The Yangtse Incident"

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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

https://www.submerged.co.uk/h-m-s-amethyst/ (Yangste Incident  with photo of John Kerans)
Yangtse Incident: Michael Anderson's faithful 1957 account of crippled H.M.S. Amethyst's daring 140 mile escape from Red Chinese in 1949. Richard Todd plats Ly. Commander John Kerans, with William Hartnell, Robert Urquhart and Donald Houston
from The Peerage site :- http://www.thepeerage.com/index.htm

           Commander John Simon Kerans was born on 30 June 1915 at Birr, County Offaly, IrelandG.2
           He was the son of Major Edward Thomas John Kerans and Eva Wills Hale.2
           He married Stephanie Campbell Shires, daughter of Harold Reginald Smith Shires and Violet Lillian Ernestine Campbell White, in 1946.3
           He died on 12 September 1985 at age 70 at Oxted, Surrey, EnglandG, Unknown GEDCOM info: Buried at St Peter's Tandridge.2
          He was educated in 1926 at 
Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, Devon, EnglandG.2
          He gained the rank of Commander in the Royal Navy.1
          He was Naval Attache in 1949 at Nanking, Jiangsu, ChinaG.2
          He was Commanding Officer of the H.M.S. Amethyst between 1949 and 1950 at River Yangtse, ChinaG.2
          He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O.) in 1950.1
          He lived at 44 Gordons Way, Oxted, Surrey, EnglandG.1

Children of Commander John Simon Kerans and Stephanie Campbell Shires


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Astrid Fulton Kerans 5th December 1945 married Ronald Kerans

R.I.M.S. Hardinge leaving Southampton October 29/12

The Flagship, H.M.S. "Highflyer," at Bombay

R.I.M.S. "Northbrook" at Bombay

Slinging Mules at Bunji

Disembarking a gun

Tow just leaving R.I.M.S. "Northbrook"

Tow leaving R.I.M.S. "Hardinge"

Tow under weigh

Disembarking mules, Galag

Disembarking mules

Mules rolling in sand after landing at Galag

Disembarking mules

Embarking mules

A boatload of mules pushing off

Disembarking stores

Supply column leaving beach, Galag

Mountain Battery on the beach, Galag

R.M.L.I. on the beach, Galag

104th leaving camp at Galag

Galag Village

Camp at Galag

View of camp, Chakai Bund

Officers Mess, Chakai Bund

Group of Officers, Makran Field Force, at Chakai Bund

The O.C. and Staff at Chakai Bun

men washing, Chakai Bund                                      Officers washing, Chakai Bund            

R.M.L.I. Detachment, Chakai Bund

Per mare, per terram, per oont.  R.M.L.I. going out as escort. Chakai Bund

Sirdar Syed Khan of Geh arriving at Chakai Bund                       Pir Bux, son of Sirdar Syed Khan                     

Sirdar Syed Khan of Geh arriving at the Durbar, Chakai Bund

32nd M. B. watering in the Rapsh River

104th crossing the Rapsh River

104th crossing the Rapsh River

104th on the march

104th halted at Barka Bund

Sirdar Islam Khan of Bhint                                                Mir Barkat Khan

Sirdar Islam Khan of Bhint, and followers

Officers of the Bhint column

Sirdar Islam Khan of Bhint, being introduced to O.C. the Force

The Bhint Column leaving Barka Bund

The Camel Corps with Bhint Column

Durbar at halting place, Bhint

H. E. the Persian Governor of Biaban, Mir Haji

Some of Mir Haji's followers

Jask camel-men

104th entering Sarzeh defile

             32nd M.B. entering Sarzeh defile                     32nd M.B. and Sappers halted in Sarzeh defile

            104th halted in Sarzeh defile                                              A council of war, Sarzeh

Hungry Hardinges, Sarzeh

Beauty unadorned, Sarzeh                                                 Infantry entering Pushak defile   

32nd M.B. entering Pushak defile                                           104th entering Pushak defile                    

Gun on picquet near enemy's 1st sangar

Bridge building at Gaz                                                 Burning huts at Kalinga

                    Blowing up palm trees at Karatan                              Cutting down palm trees, Mamurdi

             Pulling down palm trees, Goshki                                     Palm tree falling, Karatan

Entraining mules, Sassoon Dock

104th loading up, Sassoon Dock
~~~~end of album~~~~

98 Co. Rga or d. Maj OC Williamson?, gunhill, Kroonstad, S. Africa 1901

June 1929  Canada to Ireland
The Orange Party on board "Athenia" on the St. Lawrence

H.M.S. Barham looking aft

R.M.S.P. "Orca" arriving Hamburg, 24th May 1923

Natives Coaling Ship, Castries, St. Lucia, B.W.I.

at the Course 1929

The Course

In Broughshane Churchyard
Erected by Ellen Adams of Rokeel in memory of Her Father Thomas Adams died 26th April 1845 aged 62 years, Also her Mother Anne Adams died 10th March 1892 aged 82 years. Her Sister Margaret Adams died 24th April 1854 aged 21 years. Her Brother Matthew Adams died 5th October 1873 aged 45 years. Also the above named Ellen Adams who died 19th Oct 1907 aged 75 years

Mr. David Lewis announces the marriage of his youngest daughter Nellie Ross to (Major) W. A. Adams on Wednesday, the twenty-fifth (25th) day of June, nineteen hundred and twenty-four (1924) Nokomis, Sask. At. home Qu'Appelle, Sask

In Broughshane Graveyard
Erected by Hannah Redmond in memory of her Father Alex McMillan who died 23rd February 1854 aged 79 years. Also her Son William A. Redmond who died 29th December 1868 aged 20 years. Also her Mother Mary who died 13th April 1869 aged 88 years. Also her Daughter Annie who died 19th February 1890 aged 39 years. Also the above Hannah Redmond who died 11th March 1901 aged 84 years - "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord"



Dunluce 1929
L Kerry Top???
            Iwa or Twa frien's ?                                              photographer Abernethy Belfast       

Honest Toil

Four Doctors at wedding - Mr. William A. Agnew, Belfast, and his Bride, Miss M. E. M. Henderson, Somerton Road, Belfast, leaving Victoria Memorial Hall, May Street, Belfast, after their wedding.  The Bride's two sisters, Drs. Gertrude and Mabel Henderson, were bridesmaids, Dr. Glasgow, Bestman, and Dr. Andrews Groomsman

Mrs. Frances Mary Armstrong, 46 Guildford Crt., Abel Road, Berea, J.H.B. 13th January 1949
                       yours truly H. Cooke                       Daft Eddie or The Smugglers of Strangford Lough

1909 from A. K. Newcastle to Mrs. Creighton, "Kinallen" Dromara, Co. Down
Has a bath last Thursday, the weather is very warm now, we had a great day in Belfast, the Holiday will never forget  it. Best love A. K.

Henry Gregg, Ashvale, Dromara, Co. Down. Died 19th August, 1910; aged 85 years (My Father)
Dear Mrs. C. Sorry we cannot get out on Sunday ev. but as the maid is away, and we have not got another in her place yet it would be impossible to get away. But we will get up soon as we get another maid. yours truly M. Crawford
Mrs. Creighton, Kinallen

PC1 - 1900? from Roland in Portadown to Mrs. Creighton, Kinallen N.S., Dromara, Co. Down
PC2 & PC3 - 1910 from Nellie in Pittsburg to Mrs. John Creighton, Kinallen, Dromara

PC1 - 1909 from G or J. A. Magill in Llandudno, Wales to Mrs. John Creighton, Kinallen, Dromara, June 19th 09.
PC2 - 26th April 1911 from Sissie in Eighth Street, Oakmont, P.A.,  to Mr. John Creighton, Artana N.S., Dromara, mention of Sissie being his old pupil, a Wm. Bell dying and asks him to give her regards to Mrs. Cromie.
PC3 - 29th December 1911 from Sissie in Oakmont, P.A. to Mr. John Creighton, Artana N.S., Dromara, mention of Mrs. C. being seriously ill Christmas evening.

PC1 - 21st December 1906 from G. McGowan in Banbridge to Mrs. Creighton, Artana, Dromara.
PC2 - no date, to Mrs. Creighton, Kinallen, Dromara, mention hoping the worse is over.
PC3 - 24th December 1909 from S. & R. Ross, Tandragee to Mr. & Mrs. Creighton, Ardara N.S., Dromore (scored out) says try Dromara.

PC1 - 11th September 1909 from E. & M. Wilcock in Accrington to Mr. & Mrs. Creighton, c/o Mrs. Quinn, Causeway Villa, Newcastle, Co. Down, mention of  heartfelt thanks, doesn't say what for.
PC2 - 6th October 1909 from Mrs. T. & myself Sarah in Newcastle to Mr. & Mrs. Creighton, Kinallen N.S., Dromara, mention of "Betty" cheap sales and 'no more hats'.
PC3 - August 10 (10th? or 1910) from Matt. Bros. in Dromore S.O. to Mrs. John Creighton, Kinallen, Dromara, Dear Aunt.

PC1 - 23rd December 1907 from Gladys McGowan in Lenaderg, Banbridge to Mr. & Mrs. Creighton, Artana N.S., Dromara.
PC2 - 10th October 1911? from M. Bell & M. Skel___ in Lisburn to Mr. John Creighton, Kinallen, Dromara, only in Lisburn for the day.
PC3 - 6th June 1910 from Sister Annie in Pittsburg, P.A. to Mrs. J. Creighton, Kinallen, Dromara.

PC1 - 8th June 1910 from F. Watt from Dromore S.O. to Mrs. Creighton, Kinallen, Dromara.
PC2 - 24th December 1909 from Gladys McGowan in Pittsburg, P.A. to Mr. & Mrs. McCreighton, Kinallen, Dromara

Dairy Scene near Willows                                               Helen Wilson 6/5/10            

On top of Mount Royal, Montreal                                       Sheguiandah, Ontario                   

PC1 - no year from S. Rutherford to Mrs. Mandie McCalmond, Maretta, 79 Bloomfield Road, Belfast.
PC2 - 13th September 1923 or 28 from sig. unclear in Aberystwyth to Miss M. McCammon, 23 Kensington Avenue, Bloomfield, Belfast.
PC3 - 15th June 1925 from Sophia to Miss M. McCammon, 23 Kensington Avenue, Bloomfield, Belfast.

PC1 - 13th July 1926 from Sally in Blackpool to Miss M. McCammon, Fleetwood Steamers, Donegall Quay, Belfast
PC2 - 10th October 1926 from W. McC. in Hamilton, Bermuda to Miss Maud McCammon, Maretta, Bloomfield, Belfast - Received letter on arrival. We are having 10 days here discharging diesel engine for the ?eal Electric Light Station, together with a large supply of monkey nuts for American tourists. Leaving about 5th for Nassau.
Postcard published by the Yankee Store & Bermuda Drug Co.
PC3 - 23rd October 1926 from W. McC. in Kingston? to Miss Maud McCammon, Maretta, Bloomfield, Belfast - Another for the collection, leaving today for Haiti. A.W. (all well?)

PC1 - 29th November 1926 from W. McC. in Rotterdam to Miss Maud McCammon, Maretta, Bloomfield Road, Belfast. Delayed waiting for coal, but leaving for London tomorrow. all well.
PC2 - 18th ? 1924 from Evy in Penarth to Miss McCammon, 23 Kensington Avenue, Bloomfield, Belfast.
PC3 - 6th September 1924 from W. McC. in Halifax to Mrs. McCammon, 23 Kensington Avenue, Bloomfield Road, Belfast. Arrived Halifax 4th with all my geer. Ship not sailing till 12th writing later.

McCammon maybe?