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Laura O'Neill married Albert Hodgen (around 1923/4), they had 2 children Mollie L. M. E. (24.9.25) and Albert William, Albert William died age 11 in 1935, Albert, his father, died in 1943 age 79 and Laura died 1958 age 71, I think Mollie married Albert John O'Neill who died in 1995 age 82 and Mollie herself died 2003 age 89 (but I'm not 100% sure)
If any family members can verify the above or send me the correct information please I would be grateful
it is also possible that either Laura O'Neill or Albert John O'Neill had a connection with Greer Garson
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hodgen were the grandparents names also and they lived at Arlington, Newcastle?
letters summary

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Albert Hodgen, Esq., J.P., 277 Springfield Road, Belfast

35 Glenburn Park                                 taken Good Friday 10th April 1925                                   Auntie Emma                    

In Loving Memory of Olive N. Havan or Haran, who died February 8th 1933 age 3 yrs.

Poor wee Barney run over by a motor August 21st 1925 - taken Good Friday April 1925 - a snap of baby & the wee girl that takes care of him


                   June 1937                                     July 1935 Sydenham Grange                              to George with love

writing says - just after being commissioned; Prints & Negatives of big butterfly blue album Indian army + 1 of me in group of Inniskillings at Omagh; + Print of me as a cadet at Bangalore + negative; & 1 Negative of me taken in Inniskilling badges? at Bangalore.

the above were inside the white and blur envelope above these
writing says- Razmak Jan '47; HQ & ????; 2 Baluch; Coy HQ & Sigs Platoon, 2nd Bn., Baluch Regt.; 8 Negatives + 6 prints Jan '47
Lt. M??in?e Baluch Regt.; 9th Bn. Baluch Regt.; April 1946; + 2 Negs of NCO's Mohammed Khan (Subadar); as noted 4 or & self; WAH Nr? 'Pinbi?

Salim Khan

is this the Inniskillings at Omagh photo??

City of Belfast
The Unveiling of the Belfast War Memorial in the Garden of Remembrance
11th November 1929

Ulster Covenant signed by Hugh Harte at Coleraine

Mrs. Dickson, Innisfail, Cable Road, Whitehead 1949

Friends of Fighting France, Belfast Concert - signed by Gaston Richer (baratone) 29th April 1943

Association of the Friends of the French Volunteers          Sir Daniel Dixon, Mayor and Lord Mayor of Belfast

Gracey - Handkerchief 'M' - Invite from Incorporated Association of Assistant Masters to Councillor Hodgen & Mrs. Hodgen 1938

In Loving Memory of Ella Pim August 23rd 1907, Laurel Cottage, Mountmellick

Mrs. Gillespie - Not At Home

Commission of the Peace           Invitation to Mollie Hodgen          Great James Street Presbyterian Church          Alderman John Graham


Ah no! it surely cannot be
That him, I nevermore shall see,
My son that is so dear to me!

Though folded in the earth's embrace,
Where lilies in their snowy grace
Make beautiful his resting place.

I sometimes feel that he is near,
And listen, thinking I may hear
The one voice, that my heart could cheer.

What joy 'twould be to see him there
Seated in his favourite chair;
Or hear his footsteps on the stair!

Though of my loved one now bereft,
I sigh, "God knows my heart sort cleft;
Ay, knows and cares, and memory's left."

I'll trust this word, it soothes my pain;
his promises are never vain,
he says that we shall meet again.

                      C. Hunter

We are all children of Jesus,
We want to serve him true,
he is the everlasting Saviour,
Who has been loving and true.

We are all children of Jesus,
We are all lowly and poor,
We want to serve our Saviour,
he will then help us to be true.

          Albert W. Hodgen,
            14th October 1934.


Miss M. Hodgen

9th August 43?
Dear Molly, I have just heard with great delight that you have passed your "senior" with credit. Funny I was wondering about it this morning. Good luck now for the future. My Dear but your father ? have been proud. Your ?unn's will be very pleased when I tell her at lunch time. I am enclosing you the "shilling" as promised.  I hope something will turn up for you soon so that you can help your mother.  She has dome well for you since you were born, so now take your fathers place. My love to you all.
Uncle Gordon
1st image - Nail Care and at bottom it says (upsidedown) Dr. P. Loughery, SR. H. McGuigan
2nd image - Donegal Protestant Orphan Society, Dunfanaghy, 12th October 1942 - Dear Mr. McKegney, I am in receipt of your Post Card, and enclose herewith, Certificate of Baptism of  Mary McNulty, her Parents' Marriage Certificate, and her Father's Burial Certificate, which were lodged with application for admission to the benefits of the Donegal P.O.S.  With kind regards, Yours very truly, W. T. Arnold
Addressed to Miss M. L. E. Hodgen, Miss Mollie Hodgen, Miss M. Hodgen, Mrs. Derick Hodgings, Miss Molly Hodgen, Alderman & Mrs. Hodgen, Mrs. J. Hodgen, Mrs. Derickena Hodgen & Mrs. & Miss Hodgen
From - I. J. H., Aubry?, Sadie, Captain, Rolland, S. O'Hagan, B. & T., Noel, Mary, Pinkie, I. J. Hawthorne (I. J. H.), Kathleen, Mollie, June, String, Sybil, Norman & J. L. M.


July 1st 1930 taken at Port Dalhousie Ont. Canada

my Cousin from Vancouver & Kathleen in lighter dress, outside 1733
                                                          Art                                                                            sincerely yours, June 1925

Best Wishes, Patrick, taken in Blackpool

Mrs. Richardson, Belle & Susie. taken at band stand Bowes museum Barnard Castle, August 1928 Busham?
? Park, Toronto 17th March 1929                                                    Donaghadee, Easter Monday 1925                                       
                                      For Susie from Stanley x x x                    my Canadian Pal, Bernard Michael Blythe, some name for the Falls Road
taken at Brocks? Monument, Queenston Heights 11th November 28                                        Art                                                                 
Port Dalhousie July 1st 1930                     What do you think of my panama?   ha, ha.
yours truly thinking of a Motor trip around the Copelands                                     so which one is the writer?                                                 
Betty Duffy Portstewart, August 1934                  my three cousins from Regina, taken at Chicago Lake Michigan                     

Doreen Duffy, Portstewart, August 1934             taken at the Lake front Toronto                          (Johnny) Uncle John Davidson              

Mrs. Richardson taken outside Bowes' Museum Barnard Castle, August 1928


Short Poems by Ivor Rickers - Laura O'Neill 67 Manor Street, Cliftonville, Belfast    To E. L. L. "Lorraine", Gillingham, December 1912

                                                                                                                                              Faithfully Yours J. Brice Coates

Mollie Albert & Myself in background  Springfield Village

18.6.61                                              Jock at D'Dee 20/3/48                                                                     

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