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12th July Shenanigans - photo, purse and gloves - Parkhurst Keys - Pat Oats - R. Walsh & Co.
Nestle's Milk Food Awards - Aldis Butcher Lantern - Air-Raid Glass Reinforcement Paper
Antique Sport Caps - Enniskillen Pin Holder - H.E.G. R.I.C. Whistle etc. - Church Pew - Painting
Valuations Cartoon - Maude Steele Nicholson - Cassells to Cassidy - L.-Cpl. Molloy
The Rovers' Camp - Tyrconnell Whisky - Hill, Wuthering & Music - Weekday Page for Women
Hunt Group - Castledawson 19122 Covers, Timetable 1967 and Touring Cars 1908

Lines on a Scrap Album poem - Sinton Cottage Bessbrook - Souvenirs & Branded Crockery etc.
more souvenirs, plates etc. -

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1901 - 1907 - 1908 - 1909 - 1910 - 1912 - 1918 - 1924 - 1932 - 1939 - 1943 - 1947 - 1951 - 1955 - 1960
1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

Belfast and County Down Railway
General Manager's Office - Belfast 29th July 1892
James Pinion, General manager
Dear Sir, My Directors at their meeting on the 29th inst. desired me to write you relative to the conduct of yourself and 3 other gentlemen on the 12th July, when you stood on the rails at Carnalea Station, and stopped the 8.30 PM up passenger train to the imminent risk of yourselves as well as to the passengers in the train, who numbered close on One Thousand.  My Directors express very great surprise at such an occurrence, and have instructed me to demand an apology for such an unwarrantable proceeding.
Yours faithfully, James Pinion
To: James M'Gee, Esq., High Street, Belfast of M'Gee & Co. Ltd., tailors

a lovely little collection found together at auction, I wonder who owned them :)

a photo, a pair of gloves and a purse

Parkhurst Prison Keys Gate 1893

Pat-Oats - The Satisfying Breakfast Food Made by John Thompson & Sons Ltd., Donegall Quay Mills, Belfast

R. Walsh & Co., Rectifying Distillers, Armagh

from the Teak of H.M.S. Warspite

Nestle Milk Food for Infants and Nestlé's Condensed Swiss Milk

Aldis Butcher Projection Lantern
property of Alex. R. Hogg, Lanternist, Trinity Street, Belfast

Air-Raid Precautions - Glass Re-Inforcing Parchment Paper

Antique Sport Caps

Enniskillen Pin Cushion - Faugh-a-Ballagh - When the golden sun is sinking, and your mind from care set free, When of others you are thinking, Will you sometimes Think of me

H.E.G. on the whistle it says The Metropolitan, Royal Irish Constabulary, J. Hudson & Co., 244 Barr Street, Birmingham

a little church pew, beautifully made, there was writing on it but its been scratched out

there are names on but hard to make out, Pegg ?ai???; R. Millington; J??? 28, 1919' Ti???? Porter(?); R. Ponsonby(?) Sta???; ??in N??? Hodgeson

William Luke, 2000 Valuations per week
on back ~ Fredk. W. Martin & A. H. Patterson (The Golfer-Close Champion of Ireland) by Wm. Luke (about 1912)
The Title is - 2000 Valuations per week - Valuation Office - Ireland, Commissioner - Sir John Barton, C.B.

4th May 1912 Postmark Bangor to Miss Maude Steele Nicholson, Balloo House, Bangor, Co. Down
St. John Ambulance Association - This is to Certify that Maud Steele Nicholson has attended a course of Instruction at the Belfast Centre of the St. John Ambulance Association, and is qualified to render "First Aid to the Injured" March 1911St. John Ambulance Association - This is to Certify that Maude Steele Nicholson has attended a course of Instruction in Home Nursing at the Belfast Centre of the St. John Ambulance Association and has passed the Examination. March 1912

this is one of the items I found in an unnamed folder, if this is yours and you sent it to me or you don't want it here or even so I can give you credit, please contact me in the
Facebook Group Lennonwylie

Ireland's Memorial Records 1914-1918

Cassells, Samuel. Reg. No. 1032. Rank, Rifleman, 8th Royal Irish Rifles; died of wounds, France, March 20, 1916; born Lurgan, Co. Armagh
Casserly, Patrick. Reg. No. 3569. Rank, Private, Royal Irish Regiment, 6th Batt.; killed in action, France, June 7, 1917; born Newtown, Cashel, Co. Tipperary
Casserly, Thomas. Reg. No. 34426. Rank, Lance-Corporal, Royal Engineers (74 Field Company); killed in action, France, April 1, 1918; born St. Andrew's, Co. Dublin
Casserly, William Alphonse. Rank, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Munster Fusiliers, 5th Batt. (attached 1st Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers); killed in action, March 1, 1917
Cassidy, Alexander. Reg. No. 7548. Rank, Private, Highland Light Infantry, 1st Batt.; killed in action, France, December 19, 1914; born Inniskillen, Co. Armagh
Cassidy, Antony Peter. Reg. No. 41828. Rank, Private, The Worcestershire Regiment, 3rd Batt. (formerly Royal Warwick Regiment); killed in action, France, April 21, 1918; born Dublin
Cassidy, Charles. Reg. No. 4436. Rank, Private, and Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers; killed in action, France, May 16, 1915; born Templemore, Co. Derry
Cassidy, Charles. Reg. No. 3/7820. Rank, Company-Sergeant-Major, Somerset Light Infantry, Depot; died, home, February 13, 1916; born Randalstown, Co. Antrim
Cassidy, Daniel. Reg. No. 26849. Rank, Private, Northumberland Fusiliers (Tyneside Irish); killed in action, France, July 1, 1916; born Dipton, Durham
Cassidy, Daniel. Reg. No. 43090. Rank, Private, Royal Irish Fusiliers, 7 8th Batt.; died of wounds, France, June 8, 1917; born Whitehouse, Co. Antrim
Cassidy, Edward. Reg. No. 12282. Rank, Private, Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 6th Batt.; killed in action, Gallipoli, August 16, 1915; born Dublin
Cassidy, Edward. Reg. No. 13414. Rank, Private, Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 8th Batt.; killed in action, France, April 27, 1916; born Bohermeen, Co. Meath
Cassidy, Felix. Reg. No. 202599. Rank, Lance-Corporal, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 8th Batt.; killed in action, France, April 29, 1916; born Belfast
Cassidy, Francis. Reg. No. 5580. Rank, Private, Scottish Rifles, 1st Batt.; killed in action, France, July 20, 1916; born Longford
Cassidy, Francis. Reg. No. 16199. Rank, Private, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 8th Batt.; died of wounds, France, April 29, 1916; born Kilsaran
Cassidy, George. Reg. No. 9632. Rank, Private, Royal Munster Fusiliers, 1st Batt.; died of wounds, Gallipoli, April 27, 1915; born St. Mary's, Dublin


again, I found this is a folder,  if you sent this to me for a reason I have forgotten what that reason was :( sorry
please contact me in the
Facebook Group Lennonwylie
L.-Cpl. Molloy, 1st Batt. Royal Irish Rifles, reported missing on May 9. His mother lives at 11 Main Street, Strabane

as with the previous 2 items I found this is a folder, if you sent this to me for a reason I have forgotten what that reason was :( sorry
please contact me in the
Facebook Group Lennonwylie
The Rovers' Camp

single postcard, no message on the back, no title but it is Portstewart Harbour

Tyrconnell Whisky, Andrew A. Watt & Co. Ltd., Londonderry

1                                                           2                                                                           3                   
1) Greyhound or Horse Racing Ticket, Givuslight Capt. Hill on back Boggle? Hopper? 5/1
2) Wuthering Heights
3) Hart & Churchill, Ltd., Wellington Place, Belfast. To Music to be chosen to the value of :- 10/6

Weekday Page for Women
conducted by Marion Hurst

1                    2                    3                    4                   5                   6
1) the lay-out is pretty much the same for each page with slight variations - Lisburn December 1962 - Monday - Washing; Tuesday - Sewing; Wednesday - Nursing; Thursday - Cooking; Friday - Household; Saturday - Children ~ A tip for the Christmas tree
2) Lisburn November 1963
3) Lisburn January 1964
4) Lisburn February 1964
5) Lisburn March 1964
6) Lisburn December 1964

1                     2                     3                      4                   5
1) Lisburn September 1965
2) Lisburn October 1965
3) Lisburn November 1965
4) Lisburn November 1965?
5) Lisburn January 1966

Hunt Group

Bell Park or Plantation, Castledawson, from the Diamond. Scene of Disturbance, 20th June 1912
1                                            2
1) Irish Automobile Club. Reliability Trial for Touring Cars including Hill-Climbing Competitions and Speed Test on the Level. 22nd, 23rd, 25th, 26th and 27th May 1908
2) Time Table Commencing 17th April 1967 Ulsterbus


Lines on a Scrap Album (Written for the Belfast Weekly News)
What associations cluster, Round thy pages album mine, Shining with united lustre - Love and friendship here entwine.
Time or distance cannot sever, These bright links in mem'ry's chain; Voices, faces, gone forever, Wake the buried past again.
All the scraps which here I treasure, Story, portrait, prose, or rhyme, Are a source of endless pleasure, Changing not with chance or time.
For they bring up scenes long vanished, To my saddened gaze once more, And like dreams, by daylight banished, Come the faces loved of yore.
From this book a pleasant vision, Rises - of a fire-lit room, Youthful studies - dreams Elysian, Shadows seen amid the gloom.
So these scraps are dearly cherished, Tokens of the days that were; Souvenirs of hopes long perished, Friendships deep, and true, and rare.
Never broken or supplanted- Into life anew they start- Phantom shadows from the haunted, Deep recesses of my heart.
Thus, amid my album's pages, Busy fancy doth combine; Brightest gems from poets, sages, With memories of "auld lang syne."

Isabel Sinton (nee Pringle)
Derramore House, Bessbrook - Where your grandmother was born in and married from.
William Rodman & Co., Limited., 12 Arthur Street, Belfast
4th January 1990 - Dr. J. A. Sinton, 42 Stranmillis Road, Belfast
My Grandmother, Isabel Sinton (nee Pringle) was born c.1861 as my father, her eldest child was born in April 1891. Her father was Henry Pringle, who married twice, Isabel being the only child, I believe of this first marriage. I do not know the name of his second wife, but I do know that (?) her eldest daughter was Sophia (S? who was to marry James Mackie - founder of the Albert Foundry, Springfield Road, Belfast.  My father, Victor Walter Sinton became a director in the Foundry, and I believe was very highly respected and liked by management and staff.  Unfortunately he died aged 37 years, 28th April (or 29th) 1918 of the "Spanish Influenza"  Mt grandfather was Walker Ly?? Sinton, whose family has connected with the Linen? industry.  He was from what I heard, an old impractical man with outlandish? ideas on life and ? Religion. He died in America long after my grandmother left him and came home but not until he had 7 children. Victor Walter, Norah, John Alexander, Ivy, Olive, Maida? and Isa. Only Maida of the girls married - to a Col. Robert Vi??? R.A.M.C., but both men married, Father to Mary Lindsay (my mother) and Jack (after wh? I ? ?) to a Miss Eia? Stuart? Martin, an English woman.
Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Third S?nis, Vol 1. Part 2. July 1935/85?
"If tradition is correct, history was made at Derrymore House in Co. Armagh, for it was there that the Act of Union between Great Britain & Ireland was drawn up in 1799, as the Rt. Hon. Isaac Corry, Chancellor of the Irish Exchequer? & ? ? owns, worked in close collaboration with Lord Castlereagh, who subsequently visited there during that eventful period of the Derrymore ? Sir Chas. ? ? - This demesne, the seat of the Rt. Hon. Isaac Corry, has great natural capabilities in respect to beauty ..... the approaches are well planned and the Cottage is the most elegant summer lodge I have ever seen." The Cottage, so called, seems to be the present Derrymore House, whose plan shows such a unity of designs. It is a one-storied house with a basement ? round an oblong courtyard .... to the left of the entrance hall a door opens into a corridor which extends eighty feet ... along which are three rooms - one the dining room.  To the right of the entrance hall there is a corresponding corridor, off which the bedrooms probably were.  The courtyard is enclosed on fourth side by the drawing room, which is 32 feet long, & which is connected with the east of the house by two circular halls or anti-rooms at the end of the two long main corridors .... The oval ceiling of the drawing room has the typical 'Adams' egg moulding, and in the wall above the fireplace there are two curious round depressions, or holes, which ? suggested were introduced for acoustic purposes. The mantelpiece was of carved white marble and of exceptional beauty!"
selection of souvenirs and branded crockery

1                                        2                                      3                                    4
1) First Presbyterian Church, Bangor
2) Antrim Artillery
3) May Street Presbyterian Church 1829 - 1979 to Commemorate The 150th Anniversary
4) R.U.Y.C.

   1                              2                      3                                       4                                            5
1) Savoy Hotel, Bangor
2) Wm. Corry & Co. Ltd. Established 1850?   ?  Belfast
3) Success by Merit, Bangor, Co. Down
4) A Present from Bangor
5) Thomas L. Corbett, M.P. for North Down

1                                            2                                                                     3                            
1) 3 bottles - J. S. Balmer Ltd., Pharmacy, Bangor - Chemist Hanna? Bangor - Bangor ? Dairies Ltd.
2) A present from Bangor (salt & pepper and mustard pot)
3) Commemorating Twenty-Five Years association with the Austin Motor Company Ltd. - Presented to H. C. Reid, Esq., Harry Ferguson (Motors) Ltd.

                1                                                     2

1) Silver Photo Frame
Presented to His Brother Officers of The King's Dragoon Guards
by Lieut. B. B. H. Baird on His Retirement 1950
2) Pinta Savings Week One from your Milkman
£1 off your Groceries with 27 money saving coupons FREE with extra Pintas

1                                            2                                         3                                    4
1) A Present from Bangor
2) Belfast
3) Elephant eggcup
4) U.S.S. Co. (Ulster Steamship Co. Ltd., Belfast)

1                                                        2                                                    3
1) Bangor, Co. Down
2) A Present from Bangor
3) Ulster Transport Authority, Coalisland (ashtray)

1                                     2                                  3                                          4     
1) A present from Belfast
2) Malone House
3) J. G. Mooney & Co. Ltd., Belfast
4) Northern Light Houses - In Salutem Omnium

1                              2
1) looks like - William McCu??ock maybe McCullock? 1907
2) Bangor Drama Festival 1947

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