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Various Small Collections 2
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Millar - Blue Album - Bulloch - Duncan - Ellison - Henderson - Watson - O'Neill - Photo - Sunderland - Windrim House
Walker - Russell - Mixed Names - Symington/Woodside - Vintage Car Rally Stormont 1955 - R. A. Wallace - 4 lovely photos
A.T.S. - Q.U.B. Photos - Pirrie maybe - Bell - 6 photos - Hastings Postcards - Flower Postcards - R. John Hind Drawings
McKeegan? - Bloomer etc - Large Framed Photos - Bunch of Photos - Marshall - Donnelly - Assorted Lot


Ballygowan L.O.L. 1207
on back Dunlop and measurements for framing Belfast photographer

Belfast photographer

Londonderry photographer

1                    2                    3                   4
1) Royal Arch Chapter No. 383 Belfast - Brother James Millar - Lodge N 516 - Grand Lodge Ireland - 23rd July 1957
2) Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter No. 383 Belfast - James Millar - 28th May 1957
3) Imperial Grand Chapter of Black Knights - Brother Sir James Millar - Preceptory No. 1023 at Ballygowan in Co. Down - 7th February 1923 - Royal Arch Masonry 2581
4) Lodge of St. John - James Millar of Myra castle Lodge No. 516 Saintfield - 19th September 1957 - Registered as Master Mason 15th April 1922

RBP 1023      LOL 1207      LOL 1207                  


Blue Album

only a couple of photos in this little album, no info

2, 4, & 5 Belfast photographers

Ford - Bulloch

The First and Ten-Millionth Ford - New York to San Francisco Lincoln Highway
31st August 1935 Postmark Detroit, Mich. to Gabriel Leslie Bulloch, 2 Maryville Park, Belfast, Ireland - 31/8/35 Dearest Leslie, Which of these 2 cars would you prefer, perhaps you'd rather have the Austin. Take care of yourself & the family. Much Love Daddy


Travis(?) K. Duncan, 1 California Terrace, South Belfast
Methodist Demonstration Against Home Rule, Thursday 14th March 1912


30th August 1928 Postmark Belfast to Wm. Ellison, Esq., B.A., 34 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast, Castle Street, Ballymoney, Ireland - Frondhjem, 21st August 1928. Dear Mr. Ellison, My wife informs me that you have sent p.c. from Copenhagen: I hope you enjoyed Denmark. This is a very beautiful country and I have been favoured with wonderful weather. I would have gone to Denmark after Norway but have not time. Yours Very Sincerely, A. Murray


1                                                                                    2
1) 13th July 1908 Postmark Belfast to Miss Lizzie Henderson, 24 Marsden Gardens, Cavehill Road, Local - Dear L. awfully sorry to disappoint you but we have arranged to go somewhere with B. D. you will know who I mean. Beattie. Hoping you won't be angry
2) 14th July 1923 Postmark Belfast to Miss Wend???, 68 Strathearn Street, Antrim Road, Belfast - Hoping you are quite well, this is a lovely place. E. G.

            1                         2                      3
1) Molly Henderson, 86 Stratheden Street, Antrim Road, Belfast - Duncairn Mission Hall Sabbath School 1st January 1924
2) November 1926 Postmark London to Mr. Arthur Henderson, c/o Mr. R. D. Gordon, 35 Wellington Park, Belfast
3) 30th October 1926 we hope to arrive home by Friday next, please don't post any letters after Wednesday & oblige R. D. Gordon


1                                                                               2
1) 19th September 1935 Postmark Bangor to Mrs. Watson, Theberton Rectory, Leiston, Suffolk - Here for a few days with M. we sends love to all, Mother
2) 10th July 1908 Postmark Londonderry to Miss L. O'Neill, Tyrone House, Main Street, Ballygawley, Co. Tyrone - Many thanks for P.C. I am here today shopping, don't forget your photo. Love from Mum?

1                                                                                    2         
1) 15th September 1913 Postmark Grand Central Sta. to Miss M. O'Neill, Spirit Merchant, Ballygawley, Co. Tyrone, Ireland - Arrived safe after food times, kindest regards to the Misses O'Neill, Jas. Rogers
2) 1914 - 1918 to Mr. W. Pollok, 97 Ewarts Row, Belfast, Ireland - Card from Tommy Parkes during 1st World War


no names Belfast photo grapher


No. 1 Crew - Sunderland Flying Boat
R.A.F. Coastal Command, Northern Ireland
Sgt. Cook    -    Sgt. Freddie Coatsworth    -    Sgt. Bowes    -    Sgt. Jones    -    Sgt. Turner    
Navigator      2nd Wireless Operator/A.G.     F/Rigger/A.G.     Flt. Mech/A.G.     Flight Engineer

Sgt. "Jock" Barnes (Me!)    -    P/O Haycock    -    F/O Parsons    -    F/O Soward    -    Sgt. George Lovett
1st Wireless Operator/A.G.               A/G                     Captain               2nd Pilot      3rd Wireless Operator/A.G.


Windrim House - where A. May stayed in Bangor


Birthday Wishes 14th October 1938 Postmark Belfast to Miss M. Walker, 50 Reid Street, Cregagh Road, Belfast - Wishing you a very happy Birthday from Granny

Walter S? Brentford?

....iam Wallace Moore McKinney


not Ireland but they ended up here so must have some sort of connection (see update below)
John Pelan, who has a gift for finding information has created this wonderful site and has very kindly researched some of the photos on this site, here is what he found for the following photos, thank you John, amazing :)
Signal History Sheet, Examination Record
Name: A. G. Russell, Port Division Mersey
28-3-18  Victory VI Depot R.N.V.R. O. Sea  O. Sig. O   22-5-18  Chatham O.Sig.
Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Mersey Division Service Certificate
of Allison Gibson Russell  Date of Entry: 7 Nov. 1917  Period of War  Liverpool  Manchester  M.E. 4451
Date of Birth:  Nov. 10th 1899   Place of Birth: Parish Meller, Town Derbyshire
Residence: 21 Lorne Grove, Fallowfield, Manchester  Mother: Eleanour, same address
Religious Denomination: Wesleyan   Can he swim?: Yes   Civil Employment: Clerk
5ft. 4 Ins. Black Hair, Grey Eyes, Fresh Complexion
Mobilisation Record with dates
UPDATE: Allison G. Russell born 10 Nov. 1899 died 1966, he lived with his wife, Edith G. Russell at 9 Marple, Cheshire in 1939 and worked as a travelling sales man selling biscuits. He had a daughter, Shelagh W. Russell who married Robert Livingstone in Cheshire in 1966. They moved to Northern Ireland and Sheila is listed as living at 18 Isadore Avenue in 2001. so that's how these documents got to be in Northern Ireland, thank you to some great detective work by Kelly Anderson, a member of Lennonwylie Group on Facebook


not convinced these all belong together
names are:- Riordan? Maitland, McFarlane, Finnegan, Craig, Kerr, McCoy, Fairbrother, Brown, Sinclair
recurring names Lily and Frank

     1                                      2                                        3                                4                        5
1) Royal Munster Fusiliers - With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year - Hope you are all in the pink, John & Kit Riordan?
2) Christmas and New Year - from Eric, 2/Lt. E. Maitland, 4 East Lancashire Regiment, Whalley, Lancs.
3) Xmas 1918 V. Army Infantry School - From Frank To Lily & all at Home
4) 29th January 1917 Postmark Folkstone to Miss L. Brown, 29 Bute Street, Belfast, Ireland - 28-1-17  Dear Lily. Just a P.C. to let you know I have only got as far as this place, we had a wait of 8 hours Thurs. was a Land Slide in Wales just outside Holyhead which blocked all the railway. I am leaving here at ? for France. I will be ? the ? Frank xxx
5) 9th May 1918 Thursday - My own Darling Wife x I received your letter dated 2nd May. I am glad to hear you are keeping fit and well as this leaves me the same. I am having a very busy time at present so I don't get much time for my correspondence. I enclose two cards of my residence in post war days, as you can see it is close by the sea and ---------?---------- place at ------?------- yourself. I hope Billy and Minnie are keeping fit & well, sent you some views of this place. I am glad to hear old ? gave you a good laugh, he is very ? when he starts. I have to churn milk. Lots if love to yourself, always yours, Frank xxxxxxxxx

1                       2                     3                    4
The Sydney Herald.  Monday  18th April 1831  Volume 1  Number 1
1) Column One: Public Notice, Colonial Secretary's Office, Sydney, April 4, 1831. The undermentioned Prisoners of the Crown have obtained Tickets of Leave since the last day of publication, viz:- Sydney, Donohoe Martin, Mangles (4); Bathurst, ???nter Thomas, Asia (1); Maitland, Taylor James, Tottenham - By Command of His Excellency the Governor. Alexander McLeay ~ Column Two: ~ Column Three: Government Notice, Colonial Secretary's Office, Sydney, April 9, 1831. His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to approve of the following alterations in the Police of the Colony, namely:- Sydney. To be Constables. William Longhurst, came free, from the 25th February - James Mayo, per Neptune (2), from the 25th February - Hugh Montague, per Recovery (2), from the 25th February - James Sperin, per Mangles (2), from the 11th ultimo - Edward Moriarty, per Countess Harcourt (2), from the 23rd ultimo.  To be Water Police Boatman. William Mitchell, came free, from the 25th February.  Constable resigned, Patrick Fitzpatrick.  Constables dismissed, Hugh Montague and John Turner, for highly improper conduct.  Water Police Boatmen dismissed, Michael Garvey, for highly improper conduct and drunkenness, and William Mitchell, for highly improper conduct. By Command of His Excellency the Governor. Alexander McLeay ~ Column Four: Sold by Auction Names - James Porchmouth, Pierce Collett
2) Column One: Auction names - John Thomas Campbell.  Column Two & Three: ~ Column Four: Change of Ministry. On Tuesday last, the Earl of Liverpool arrived with female prisoners, bringing news to the 4th December.  Click Image 2 to read more.
3) Column One: article continued from Image 2, column four; English News, The King's Speech; Column Two The New Ministry, The following is a list of the new Ministry Click image 3 to read full article; more articles.  Column three: continued from column two.  Column Four: For Sales & Wanted
4) Column One: Poetry, Omniana; Insolvents declared by the Supreme Court, April 6, Francis Girard, Solomon, Thomas Rowley, Huxham, Smith, Burn, Gaggin, Bates, and Jackson. Mr. Merritt was lately fined 5s. a head, and 3s. 9d. expenses, for having 12 head of cattle driven for slaughter, from Brickfield Hill to Sussex Street, between the hours of three and four on the 30th ult., contrary to the 16th Act of Council, 10. Geo. 4. No. 4.  The Hashmy, whaler, with 112 tons of oil, which left England in November 1829, has put into port to procure a captain, her master having been struck out of the stern sheets, of a boat buy the tail of a whale, and never seen afterwards.  On the night of Sunday week, about ten o'clock, as Satland and Biffit were going their rounds, their suspicions were excited by three men, whom they stopped, and from one of them, Michael Hayes, they took a loaded pistol. Risley was pursued by Riffit? and when within four yards, the former fired a pistol at him, and then flung it into the air. He was floored and searched, when a "jemmy" was found on him. The other man Stuart, with Hayes and Risley were examined; the first was discharged, the others were remanded, and finally committed for trial.  Column Two: Mr. & Mrs. Moyan, with eight children, for Sydney; The lady of Captain Bell, of New Town, and two children of a domestic, have died from eating toad fish.  Column Three: Earl of Liverpool (brig) Manning master, from London, A. B. Spark agent, 89 female prisoners and Government stores.  Column Four: Prices of Goods; Meteorological Tables; Married - On Saturday the 9th Inst. at St. Philip's Church, by the Rev. Mr. Cowper, Mr. W. T. Cape, of Sydney to Jane, the eldest daughter of William Jaques, Esq., of the Surveyor General's Department; On Tuesday, 12th Instant, at Maitland, by the Rev. R. Hill, Francis Mitchell, Esq. of Sydney, to Miss Eliza Merritt, daughter of Mr. Merritt of the same place; On Thursday the 14th Instant, by the Rev. Mr. McGarvie, Mr. Henry McDermott, of Sydney, to Mrs. Margaret Pickever of King Street.  DIED - At Portland Head, on the 13th instant, Mr. James Davison, an old and respectable settler.

Death Penny, John Hamilton Sinclair
not convinced this death penny has anything to do with this collection, was in the same bag but....?
also on this page

1                               2                                 3                            4                                         5          
1) Sarah McFarlane (Finnegan)
2) C.S.M. Craig "Jock" 1st. Gordons
3) Belfast photographer Aunt Sarah McFarlane
4) Yours Charles McCoy
5) Belfast Photographer Uncle Davy Kerr - centre

on back - to Cpl. Fairbrother, Abbey St. Valery or Valley S/Somme - Hi Lillie x, These are a few of my company who entered for the Fancy Dress Competition, Charlie Chaplin was the winner. Frank.  names listed: Binding, Lowe, Proops, Fairbrother, Robinson, Alton, Boyles, Davies, Burton, Hampton, Ayde, Britton


Kirkpatrick Bros. Ltd. Ballyclare - Making-Up Dept. 1939 (on back) Mrs. Woodside, Scullinbon(?), Ballyclare, Avoniel only
                                                                                          last 2 photos Louis Morrison, Belfast
the above photos came with this death penny


Vintage Car Rally, Stormont, 1955

obviously this isn't Stormont or a Vintage Car Rally, it is a vintage boat though
it came with the above photos :) It's Portstewart as the 3 + 3 houses are still to be found in other old photos online


R. A. Wallace, Airman

Royal Air Force Airman's Pay Book - Wallace, R. A. No. 1007158. Rank: ACA LAC
Group: 2  Trade Classification: A?????. Date of Attestation: 39.8.4?


4 lovely photos, all Belfast photographers except young fellow, no information

the young fellow, middle row, 3rd from right looks very like the young lad below




A.T.S. 3 Platoon C Company No. 7 Training Centre
March 26th 1943
names on back - E. M. Denley(?), C. Stone, Paddy, M. Pembery(?), Elizabeth Jarden(?) USA, B. J. Armstrong, Doreen, ? Wood, H. Skinner(?), C. W. Barnett, Violet King, Dot Christie(?), Noline(?) Fagert(?) cpl., Evelyn I. Giles, cpl., Blanche Stewart, Mary Ferguson, U.S.A., Breage(?) Speers(?) U.S.A., Sally Burkshire, U.S.A., Ann Lowway(?), L. Davis/Tich, A. Lee, J. Wood, E. Cox, H. Konopka(?), S. Al??????(?), Sgt. Blossom, Bloomfield, Best of Luck

To Peggy from Kath & Joan                                                                                                        
                                          Spoons - Paris(?).  Mons.  Arras.  Trouville.  Armentiers      -       Rouan                   Peace


Queens University Belfast, etc.
came together as one lot

John Pelan, who has a gift for finding information has created this wonderful site and has very kindly researched some of the photos on this site, here is what he found for the following photos, thank you John, amazing :)

The Society of Applied Chemistry - The Queen's University of Belfast 1966-67
R. Clements Lyttle Studios, Belfast
back row - Mr. P. I. Daly   Mr. W. R. Murphy   Mr. B. Hamilton   Mr. W. S. A. Kyle   Mr. R. McB. Davern   Mr. W. J. Jones   Mr. J. McGinn   Mr. T. H. Rea   Mr. P. A. P. O'Hare   Mr. S. C. Fitzpatrick   Mr. W. L. Boyd   Mr. W. Barr
middle row - Mr. J. E. Riordan   Mr. W. Moore   Mr. M. Grimshaw   Miss E. Barrett   Miss J. E. Beckett   Miss C. T. Ch'ng   Miss K. McNally   Miss B. Campbell   Miss Y. M. Warden   Mr. A. D. Ince   Mr. J. N. Mulholland   Mr. D. E. Hood   Mr. J. A. Reid
front row - Mr. H. S. Blair   Dr. M. B. Meyers   Mr. J. Kirk (Vice-President)   Miss A. E. Brown (Hon. Secretary)   Dr. R. A. Ross (Hon. President)   Mr. R. Cromie (President)   Mr. E. Tyrall (Hon. Vice-President)   Mr. C. Wilson (Hon. Vice-President)

Society of Applied Chemistry Q.U.B. Final II. Research Students and Lectures 1959-1960
Reg Perry, Photographer, 103 Great Victoria Street, Belfast
back row - J. A. McGurran   D. L. Jamison   M. A. Waheid   J. G. Swanton   W. D. O'Donoghoe   R. D. McKnight   J. A. Hamill   W. J. R. Robinson   T. N. S. Stevenson   H. G. Dunlop   M. F. Mufti   B. A. Black   W. T. Foster   R. B. Peel   D. D. Owens
front row - J. A. Agha   M. H. Sayliss (Hon. Treas.)   E. O. Blegen   K. Y. Singleton, B.Sc. (President)   Dr. D. Hamer (Hon. Pres.)   E. Tyrrall, M.Sc.   Miss R. J. W. Barry, M.Sc.  J. G. Mawhinney   A. J. Evens, B.Sc. (Hon. Sec.)   C. S. Shapiro, B.Sc.

Technical High School Football Club 1946-1947
R. Clements Lyttle Studios, Belfast
back row - J. Beattie   Mr. J. F. Harbinson   Mr. E. W. B. Astle   Mr. H. Neeson   E. Pickering
middle row - R. W. Black   J. G. Allen   A. G. Anderson   J. C. Young   H. C. McClatchey (Vice-Captain)   F. R. McAuley   G. Boyce   E. R. Dempster
front row - R. Purdy   W. J. Dornan   R. Press   J. N. Harrison (Captain)   W. N. Rodgers   J. T. Macklin   R. J. Kelly

M.T.I.B. Day Technical Course and Queens University Students - Session 1913 - 1914
Alex. R. Hogg, Belfast
back row - B. Cowser   M. F. McHenry   C. J. Connell   H. A. McConnell   W. Allen   F. Malone
middle row - E. J. Matchett   J. P. Mackie    A. Zaitseff   G. Jackson   T. D. Ferguson   W. A. Tyrrell   H. J. Calvert   R. B. McCowen
front row - J. S. Secker   J. N. K. Rankin   W. S. Keown   R. K. Porter   F. McEvoy   R. S. Hanson   C. F. Duffin   W. Harbison   J. A. Beck

Hembry, 15 Donegall Place, Belfast Photographer
on back M? Edwards, ?? Maguire & Co.(?) Upper Arthur Street

no info, label on back


all photos may or may not be Pirrie related

these 2 photos were very badly damaged and the 2nd one is blurry, have thumb-nailed them CLICK to enlarge, no info

Framers in Newport
writing on the back is faint and eaten by silverfish, looks like 'Uncle ? James or Jones d 1918
on front M. H. I.(?) Hurdles Final 1914

Framers - William Rodman & Co., Belfast

1                                                                                    2                  

1) Framers - Nottingham
2) Gold Casket, containing the First Freedom of the City of Belfast, Presented to the Right Honourable W. J. Pirrie, J.P., By the Lord Mayor, Alderman Henderson, J.P., In the name of the Aldermen and Councillors of the City of Belfast, 21st July 1898. Specially designed and manufactures by Messrs. Gibson & Co., Ltd., Donegall Place and Castle Place, Belfast - on back ~ Study ~ To be treated 9/10/59 ~ Fumigated 10/11/59


a piece of paper that came with these - These 5 came together.
The 2 old Barques (barks) were built by Harland & Wolff & sailed out of Belfast

only information in this collection, the name J. Bell on the back of this photo (photographer Market Street, San Francisco)
"Lord Templemore" Capt. McWilliams

"Lord Templetown" Capt. McCracken S.F. 1898

M.V. "Britannic" Cunard
Gala Dinner Wednesday September 10, 1958 Autographs:- Jean Robson, Mary M.? Wigton?, Mary R.? McGrattan, Winifred Woods, Mary Jane ???ton, Wm.? Novak, Colleen M. Harnett or Hannett, Jean Leese, Albert or Filbert Jamieson

and two lovely ladies, no names
photographers Navana Ltd., Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Nottingham and London


6 Photos

1                             2                           3                        4                              5
1) Crayon drawing of the late Mr. Nelson of Hillsborough
by T. B. Walker, 22 Wellington Place, Belfast (T.B.W. 1920)
2) -
4) -
5) -


Hastings Postcards

1                                       2
1) 11th April 1929 Postmark Ballymoney to Mr. R. D. Pinkerton, Ballaghmore, Ballymoney - Ballymoney Milk Recording Association. Yield of cow 'Motalee.' Numbers of weeks in milk 40. Milk Yields 10,339 lbs. Butter Fat 359.90 lbs. Average % Fat 3.48. M. Warnock, Supervisor
2) 12th October 1929 Postmark Ballymoney to Mrs. R. D. Pinkerton, Ballaghmore, Ballymoney - Motalee was given 7028 lbs milk in eighteen weeks ending 25/9/29. M. Warnock

1                   2                     3                    4                                                                 5                                                          
1) 20th January 1948 Postmark Edinburgh to Miss Lorna Hastings, Broad Street, Magherafelt, Co. Derry, N. Ireland - Jordan Hotel, E'burgh, Monday  E'burgh is beautiful in the snow. I have been very busy since I arrived and have had no time to look around. This view is by no means the best of the castle. It is much nicer from Princess Street. Love Mervyn
2) 20th January 1948 Postmark Edinburgh to Miss Lorna Hastings, Broad Street, Magherafelt, Co. Derry, Nr. Ireland - E'burgh, 20th Jan '48.  We dined last evening in the Caledonian Hotel in the room that Elizabeth and Philip dined in. The dance was in the assembly rooms where they also danced. It was a very grand affair, wish you could have been here. Thanks for your letter. Hope to sail this evg. Mervyn
3) 28th February 1948 Postmark Baile Atha Cliath to Miss Lorna Hastings, Broad Street, Magherafelt, Co. Derry - Dublin 28.11.48 V. dull game, Irish forwards didn't count - with exception of McCartney, De lacy & Kyle V. good. I enjoyed the dance very much but was sleepy this morning. All my love, Mervyn
4) 23rd July 1948 Postmark Bristol to Miss Lorna E. Hastings, Broad Street, Magherafelt, Co. Derry, Ireland - Bristol 23.VII.48 We went on a coach tour last evening and visited two very quaint little villages. One of these Badminton owned by the Dukes of Beaufort is claimed to be the oldest in England. It is now 8.30 a.m. and we have just had breakfast. Love Mervyn
5) 'Hibernian Hall, Blackrock, Co. Lough' 17th August 1948 Postmark Creagacha? Dubha? to Miss Lorna Hastings, 37 Fitzwilliam Street, Belfast - Here today and the petrol coupons were awaiting us. We have had some sunshine. The ham? in Omeath was most enjoyable. Johnny sends his love. You have all mine. M.

1                    2                   3
1) 18th August 1949 Postmark Rath Droma to Miss Lorna Hastings, 37 Fitzwilliam Street, Belfast - Royal Hotel, Glendalough, 18.VIII.49  Stayed here last night. The hotel is shown on the other side of the card. This is even more beautiful than Lough Lomond though not on so large a scale. Johnny insisted on breakfast in bed this morning and I was easy. Love Mervyn or Mummy x You could write to the G.P.O. in Cork.
2) 20th August 1949 Postmark Blarney, Co. Chorcaighe to Miss Lorna Hastings, 37 Fitzwilliam Street, Belfast - Blarney, Saturday. Just after kissing the Stone but don't feel any different as yet. Dr. Shear gave us a marvellous dinner last night. We are now setting out for Killarney. M.
3) 25th August 1949 Postmark ? to Miss Lorna Hastings, 37 Fitzwilliam Street, Belfast - Kerry 25.VIII.49  This morning we went boating on this lake and bathing at the far end. It is about 5 miles long. This afternoon we went up the top of Dunloe on ponies. We are still laughing and not I think without cause. Looking forward to seeing you at Rosemont this weekend. Love M.

1) 21st July 1950 Postmark Scarborough, Yorkshire to Miss Lorna Hastings, Broad Street, Magherafelt, Co. Derry, N. Ireland - Thursday. Jolly glad Mervyn has got his exam. Congrats. I am sorry I was so busy getting things ready to go away that I had not time to reply to your letter. Yes Dick did a locum for P.H. Be careful. We are coming back on August 8th from Portstewart so the pair of you come up some evening & have a chat. Love Molly

1) no date, Postmark illegible, Stamp Eire to Miss Lorna Hastings, 37 Fitzwilliam Street, Lisburn Road, Belfast - Haven't we been very lucky, this has been a heat wave I think. Both of us & Brandy feeling much better. See you when we return. Peg.

The highest inhabited house in England                                  Ireland, Queenstown, Co. Cork
1400 feet above the sea                                                                                              

       Shore, Patterson, Ramsey                                               Ireland, Glenarm, Co. Antrim

Flower Postcards
came with Autograph Book and Hastings Postcards above

1                                                                                                      2
1) R.M.S. Carmania Cunard to Canada, Gross Tonnage 20,000 - This ship during the Great War was an auxiliary cruiser, she had a great fight with a German auxiliary cruiser, the Cap Trafalgar, which she sunk after heavy fighting.
2) 23/11/1906 - Mrs. Bell, Ardlussa? Bangor, Co. Down - Bangor 30 years ago. H.B. - R. Seggons, Photographic Artist, 13 Castle Place, Belfast

1                                                                                                2
1) R.M.S. Antonia, Cunard Line, Gross Tonnage 14,000
2) R.M.S. Baltic, White Star Line, 23,876 tons 24th August 1912 Postmark N.Y.P.O. Hud. Term. Sta. Paquebot? to Miss S. J. Hewitt, 25 Little Victoria St., Belfast, Ireland - Will arrive in N.Y. tomorrow morning all well, fine voyage, love to all. Jim 8/23/12

1                                                                                                  2
1) R.M.S. Minnedosa (Minnedosa launched at Belfast about 1924) 5th May 1928 Postmark Belfast to Miss J. Reade, 99 Tildarg Street, Woodstock Road, Belfast, N. Ireland - 451 Mayor Street, Montreal, Canada. Dear Jeannie, Just a P.C. to let you know I am having a fine time ? so far, we are lying down at Carrick just now waiting for the Belfast place ? This is a beautiful morning but cold on Deck. Trust you are all well, don't forget to write & let me know when you are leaving this & my address here. Remember me to all at No. 99, Miss J. Reade, 15 May 1928
2) A. E. Middleton, Photo, Liverpool - Joseph Flower, 25 Little Victoria Street

1                                                                                               2
1) The Quays (Bangor Steamer) Belfast 16th October 1905 Postmark Belfast to Nurse Hewitt, c/o Dr. Haynes?, (Joe Flowers) The Cottage, 32 Brunswick Terrace, Hove, Brighton, England - Dear J. Rec. letter Saturday, Have not time to write to you expect to leave on Friday for Isle of Man, will write a long letter to you then, write before if you have time. We are all well & just as usual. I hope I will get on well, it is not so far away at all & there are plenty of ? in the ? I hope I will be at home when you take your holidays, don't know yet whether I will be at home for xmas, if not, love to you all. I wish I were going to Brighton. N.
2) The Teutonic? An old White Star Liner

                                                                                                         H.M.S. Temeraire

 H.M.S. Iron Duke                                                              P. & O. R.M.S. Strathmore 23,500 tons

1                                                                                                            2
1) H.M.S. Indefatigable
2) S.S. Patriotic Belfast & Liverpool Service - Joseph Flowers, 25 Little Victoria Street, Belfast (sprickley)

1                                                                                                          2
1) H.M.S. Nelson, Wright & Logan, Southsea 29th June 1938? Postmark Dunoon, Argyll to Mr. J. Flower, 25 Little Victoria Street, Belfast, N.I. - The Fleet is on a visit to Gurock, which is a little further up the Firth of Clyde. We went on a cruise around the Warships, and were allowed on board the H.M.S. Nelson. I got this photograph on board. P.
2) The New White Star Liner "Britannic" The largest British built vessel. Gross tonnage 50,000. Length 900 feet. Breadth 94 feet. Total height from keep to navigating bridge 104 feet 6 inches. Accommodation 2,600 passengers, 950 crew. - This magnificent ship was torpedoed in the Baltic during the Great War. She was then a hospital ship and when sunk carried many wounded soldiers and nurses. Built at Belfast. Joe Flower, Little Victoria Street

1                                                                                                2
1) S.S. Graphic, Belfast and Liverpool Service - Joey Flower, 25 Little Victoria Street, Belfast - Joseph Thomas Flower
2) Harland & Wolffs Shipbuilding Yards, Belfast 28th November 1911 Postmark Belfast to Mr. or Mrs. Hewitt, 25 Little Victoria Street, Belfast - F. G. H. Dear M. Gatis?? all right again, I'm going over in the Cregagh Direction this afternoon. Will be down on Thursday if it is nice. Love ?

1                                                                                                                  2
1) C.P.R., R.M.S., Empress of Britain - Joe Flower
2) S.S. Duke of Cumberland, L. & Y. and L. & N. W. Royal Mail Service, Fleetwood and Belfast - The best old ship in the world. Finished her Belfast career in May 1928, having been running almost continuously for 20 years. Built at Dumbarton 1909


John Hind, July 29th 1843

1                   2                   3                    4                    5                     6                   7
1) The Shannon from the Bridge at Shannon Harbour, Galway Side 1843
2) The Seat of Lord Avonmore on the Shannon 1843
3) Doonall or Doonass On the Shannon 1843
4) Dark Cascade 1843
5) In Lord Annesley's Park, Newcastle August 1846
6) Earlsdale near Tollymore Park, Bryansford 1847
7) On Lough Neagh Co. Antrim

R. J. Hind Sketches taken on a tour through Italy & South of France 1864

Chateau Fauché? Cannes                             Narni? Bridge of Augustus

      View of Grasse? Road from Villa Rye?                                 Temple of Neptune Paestum March 12th 1864

   Friday, February 20th 1836 No. 2                          April 11th 1834 Friday
                                                                                  A gift from Mary or May

                                                                                       To Mrs. Hind from J. A. Hind 1859
                                                                                      My Love


only one name, it looks like McKeegan but could really be anything

L. McKeegan or W. McKeegan or McKilligan
the other words are just framing instructions
framed by Lafayette, 8 Donegal Place, Belfast

1                                      2                                   3                                    4
1) Portrush September 1924
2) Photographers - Morrison's Studios, 137 Leigh Street, Edinburgh
3) Photographer - Young, Ballymena
4) Photographer - Billen, Levin

1                                                                   2
1) Photographer - Thomas Erwin, 76 Church Street, Ballymena
2) Photographer - Thos. H. Ashe, Onehunga, N.Z.
CLICK to enlarge
Nairobi, Kenya                and                Cahoe or Lahoe?

no info, 2nd photo looks like a gramophone sitting on the table

no info.


Various Names inc. Bloomer
these may or may belong altogether

William James & Catherine Bloomer & their sons 1898
standing at back: Nursery Maid
Young Bill - Grandfather Wm. Bloomer - Uncle Walter - Young Albert - Grandmother & Baby Charles - Uncle Bob

Irish Local Names Explained by P. W. Joyce, LL.D., M.R.I.A.
E. Cowan, No. 37 - Emily J. A. Smith, Armagh

Medical Card for - Mrs. Ivy M. Hall, 8 Castlehill Drive, Belfast 4
D.O.B. 4/6/22 (N.H.S. Number removed)

pretty frame
says Portrush on the back                                                                                               

on back 1942
                                                                    1st Holywood Presbyterian Church             Ballywillan Presbyterian Church, Portrush
on back of all 3 - Art & Home, 147 High Street, Holywood


Large Framed Photos

                                                                                              B.V.D.C. Team 1916-17
Standing - Jas. Ewing (Linesman), Wm. McNaughton (Referee), A. H. Ward, J. A. Howey, R. Forshaw, R. Thornton, A. Beattie (Linesman)
Sitting - Robt. Nicholl, R. H. Press, W. M. Davidson, Wm. McBride (Captain), J. Barrie, J. V. Gosney, John McBride, R. H. Gibson, Geo. Willis
Photographer/Framer - Robt. Lyttle, 12 High Street and 44 Dublin Road, Belfast, and Great James Street, Londonderry

Photographer R. Brownlie, Belfast                            J. H. Martin & Co., 43 Dublin Road, Belfast             


Bunch of Photos
no real information

on back - Anty Fred and Co. - Belfast News Letter
after a bit of research online I found a website for the 'Ulster Girls Choir'
the sheet music in the girls hand is "Lark in the Clear Air"

Rex Roberts Studios, 2 Upper Mount Street, Dublin

CLICK to enlarge. Photograph by G. R. E. Hamilton, Main Street, Bangor
"Australia Sends her best to Northern Ireland"

on back of 1st photo 'Mother'
all W. R. Pratt, Photographic Artist, Station Road, Darnall, Sheffield

Photographer: J. H. Flower, St. John's, Isle of Man

The Northern Whig, Belfast
          Jerome, Ltd.           Keogh Bros. Ltd., Dublin

no info.

                                                                        Kerry Gold, Irish Dairy Queen

Building says 1919 in large numbers, there's a name behind the men but I can't make it out
BRO-D? & BAST or RAST?   A  K ??



W. F. Marshall's Sister (The Bard of Tyrone)                                and her husband?                      
(William Forbes Marshall)                                                                                         



        1                                        2                                         3                                         4
1) Mother, Lily and Theresa Donnelly. Taken in Warrenpoint, August 1912
2) Templeogue. Sunday, 31st August 1947
3) Belfast Photographer
4) 14 May 1928

            1                                            2                                 3                                         4                                      5             
1) Belfast in its regional setting 1952 - Block diagram of the site of Belfast, looking north from the Castlereagh Hills - Geology
2) The Little Bugler - Bangor Road Presbyterian Church Sabbath School, Holywood. This Premium was awarded to David McConnell for regular attendance, good conduct, and proficiency in lessons 1884
3) Arms of The Queen's University of Belfast - Canoe Club 1921 Queens College
4) Riotous Living, Rowel Friers (signed)
5) To Robert Sebag-Montefiore from his loving father M. Sebag-Montefiore 1st May 1933

Film Star photos - pity there's no date on the envelope - Postmark Los Angeles, Calif. to Miss Olive Adams, 186 Ravenhill Road, Belfast, Ireland from Pola Negri, Lasky Studio, Hollywood, Calif.

   Norma Talmadge   -  Rod La Rocque     -         ?        -    Constance Talmadge   -  Norma Talmadge

Alice Calhouse   -    Rudolph   -   Malcolm McGregor  -       ?       -  Rudolph Valentino      -                  ?                       
                Dock Street, Warrenpoint (may not have been called Dock Street then)        on back 1904 Moffitt