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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory    1898 Newry Directory  Bangor Spectator Directory 1970
List of Belfast Photographers, compiled by Liam McFaull - thank you Liam :)

Professional photographers and studios in the North of Ireland


This list has been compiled mainly from the published directories covering the nine northern counties - Antrim, Armagh, Cavan, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry, Monaghan and Tyrone - that made up the traditional province of Ulster for most of the period under consideration. However, since directory listings are not always accurate or comprehensive a particular photographer may have operated earlier or later (or elsewhere) than indicated by the entry given here.
Where no mention is made of directories, information has come from other sources, such as newspapers and photographs.
The list is intended mainly to provide a convenient tool for dating and locating photographs. The knowledge of local historians and collectors will no doubt be able to add much detail to it, and to correct its inevitable shortcomings. I am grateful to all the people who have already contributed information, whilst absolving them of blame. Much of the basic work of searching directories was carried out by Janet McConaghy when she was employed as a research assistant in the Department of Local History at the Ulster Museum in 1987. More recently, the preparatory sorting and processing of the material was done by Pauline Dickson.
The existence and whereabouts, if available to the public, of major photographers' collections are also indicated. In that connection, MAGNI means the Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland, at either the Ulster Museum, Belfast or the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Holywood; PRONI means the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast. Lastly, any student of the subject must consult the collections of the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin, above all the Lawrence Collection - a major source of professional photographs of the North of Ireland over the period 1860-1914

ABERNETHY, HAROLD (1894-1939) Son of William; co-manager of studio 1930-39
ABERNETHY, VICTOR (1896-1966) Son of William; co-manager of studio 1930-c. 1938
ABERNETHY, WILLIAM (d. 23 February, 1930) Directories 1887-1939; 29 High St, Belfast, c. 1886-1939 and branches: Rembrandt Studio, Belfast (1906); Prince's Studio, Belfast 1911; Dundalk; Bangor 1907-19; Newry 1906-17; Albertbridge Rd, Belfast and 19 High St, Belfast 1915-25. Finishing works at Bloomfield, Belfast Died at Bangor, County Down; portrait by Harry Douglas
ABERNETHY, WILLIAM G. (d. 1924) Son of William; assistant photographer to his father
A. AND C. PHOTOGRAPHY [Artistic and Commercial] Directories from 1935; 14 Howard St, Belfast
ACADEMY STUDIO Belfast (no address) From a late carte de visite (1890s or early 1900s)
ADAIR, HUGH From c. 1893, directories 1896-1900 8a Donegall PL, Belfast Proprietor, not a photographer; see Mavius and Vivash
ADAMS AND DOWLING C. 1865 Donegall PL, Belfast
AGNEW, DAVID Directories 1896 Carlisle Rd, Londonderry
ALBION STUDIO Belfast (no address) Proprietor D. Ritchie; known by a carte-de-visite portrait of c. 1870s
ALEXANDER AND CO. Directories 1892 79 Royal Ave, Belfast
ALLEN, ERNEST Directories 1935-39 Lisanelly, Omagh, County Tyrone; 40 Market St, Omagh (1929)
ALLIANCE ART CO. Directories 1907-10 63a York St (1907) and 63a North St (1909-10 and on some photographs), Belfast; Carlisle Rd, Londonderry (1909)
ALLISON, EILEEN (Mrs Kennedy) Daughter of Herbert Allison senior. ran the Newry studio, which closed in 1932
ALLISON, HERBERT THACKWRAY (1854-1947) Directories c. 1905-39; Scotch St, Armagh; Dundalk, Newry and Warrenpoint COLLECTION: PRONI
ALLISON, HERBERT JR (1880-1957) ran the Armagh studio for his father from 1903, inheriting the business in 1947
ALLISON, MRS W. L. Widow of W. L. Allison; ran the studio through a manager, 1923-35
ALLISON, WILLIAM L. (d. 1923) Cousin of H. T. Allison Directories 1905-23; 13 Donegall Sq. North, Belfast
ALLISON, WILLIAM AND HERBERT ALLISON Directories c. 1882-c. 1905; 13 Donegall Sq. North and 14 Queen's Arcade, Belfast (from 1892), Armagh (from 1900), Newry and Dundalk see Allison H., Allison W. L. and Vienna Photo Art Co.
AMERICAN PHOTO ARTISTS Directories 1901-919 Gresham St (1901) and 24 Gresham St, Belfast Manager Thomas Barnes
ANDERSON, JOSEPH AND SONS Directories 1935-39 Cookstown, County Tyrone
ANNESLEY STUDIO Directories 1930-32 7 Ann St, Belfast
AVENUE PHOTO CO. Directories 1906-09 85 Royal Ave, Belfast Same as 'The Avenue Studios, 83 Royal Avenue' (from an early 1900s photograph)
AYTON, ALEXANDER (1829-1900) Directories 1865-1901 Kennedy PL, Londonderry 1865-94 and Shipquay St, Londonderry 1890-1901
AYTON, ALEXANDER JR (d. 1894) Campsie, Omagh, County Tyrone - thereafter Edinburgh
AYTON, GEORGE Son of Alexander senior Directories 1897-1909 Carlisle Rd, Londonderry

BAINBR1DGE, J. R., M. SC. Directories 1928-39 597 Upper Newtownards Rd, Belfast
BAKER BROS Directories 1902-5 35 High St, Belfast
BALDWIN, C. Directories 1865-66 3 Corn Market, Belfast
BALDWIN AND FERRIS Directories 1868-70 Hammond's Court, Belfast
BARNES, THOMAS Directories 1909 24 Gresham St, Belfast see American Photo Artists
BARR BROS Directories 1909 109 Donegall St, Belfast
BATES, JAMES Directories 1921-25 Keady, County Armagh
BEATTIE, WILLIAM Directories 1910-39 William St, Newtownards, County Down
BEATTY, FRANCIS S. Directories 1842 20 Castle St, Belfast
BEAUFORT'S PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY Directories 1857 11 Donegall PL, Belfast
BEDFORD STUDIO Bridge St, Belfast
BELL, GEORGE Directories 1863-77 1 Bank Lane, Belfast (1878)
BELL, MATTHEW R. Directories 1865-68 Russell St, Armagh
BELL, ROBERT Directories 1912-22 Rathfriland, County Down
BELL'S PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO Directories 1894-1920 North St, Carrickfergus, County Antrim
BELLSMITH, L. C. Directories 1902-6 Union St, Lurgan, County Armagh (1902-6) and 35 High St, Belfast (1906)
BENSON, J. Directories 1910-15 Donegal
BENSON, R. J. Directories 1916-39 Scotch St, (1906-22), Market Sq. (1923-24), Milltown (1925-27), Park Rd (1926-39), Dungannon, County Tyrone
BENSON, WILLIAM (d. 1933) Directories 1892-1901 22 Lombard St (1892-98), 30 Great Victoria St (1896), 48 Arthur St (1898) and 15 High St (1901), Belfast
BEST, E. 20 High St, Lurgan, early 1900s
BEVIS, PERCY Directories 1899 High St, Omagh, County Tyrone
BINGHAM, S. Directories 1913 15 Holywood Rd, Belfast
BIRNEY, D. O'C Directories 1933-34 Dungannon, County Tyrone
BIRNEY, HUGH Directories 1894-1932 Ann St and Irish St, Dungannon, County Tyrone see Burney
BIRNIE, A. D. Directories 1878 68 Donegall St, Belfast. Same as Alex?
BIRNIE, ALEX Directories 1870-78 33 Donegall St (1870) and 21 Church St (1878), Belfast
BIRNIE, EDWARD Directories 1856-80 50 Fountain St (1856-59), Hercules Pl. (1863-66) and 21 Church St (1877-80), Belfast Listed as Burney in 1865-66 directory
BIRRELL BROS Directories 1865-66 33 High St, Belfast
BLACK, A. Directories 1905-8 109a Donegall St (1905) and 22Lombard St (1906-8), Belfast
BLACK, JOHN Directories 1894 Armagh
BLACK, JOHN Ballycastle, County Antrim (1892-95)
BLAIR, HUGH Directories 1856-59 34 High St (1856) and 10 (or 12) Bridge St (1858-59), Belfast
BLAIR, R. J. Directories 1892-1901 45 Donegall PL, Belfast
BOOTH, MISS ANNIE (1858-1934) Directories 1909-34
Booth and Milner, Main St, Randalstown (1913), County Antrim
BOWNES, A. Directories 1898-99 Market Sq., Lisburn, County Antrim
BOYD, JAMES Directories 1894-1901 Main St, Larne, County Antrim
BOYD, MRS JAMES Directories 1902-04 Main St, Larne, County Antrim
BRADLEY, P. C. Directories 1928-39 Hilltown, County Down
BROWN, SAMUEL Directories 1877 71 Joseph St, Belfast
BROWN, WILLIAM Directories 1870 31 High St, Belfast
BROWN BROS Directories 1868 33 High St, Belfast
BUCHANAN, ALEX Directories 1894-1914 15a Donegall Pl. (1894-96), 83 Royal Ave (1895-98), 44a Dublin Rd (1907) and 33 Bridge St (1908-14), Belfast
BUCHANAN, GEORGE Directories 1870 Donaghmore, Dungannon, County Tyrone
BURNEY, HUGH Directories 1916-19 Ann St, Dungannon 'tailor and photographer' 1898 see Birney
BURROWS, J. W. Directories 1902-13 Railway Rd, Strabane, County Tyrone see Cooper
BUTLER, STEPHEN R. Directories 1920-39 Carndonagh, County Donegal 'publican, photographer and cycle agent'

CALWAY, A. G. Directories 1904-7 23 Cornmarket, Belfast
CAMLIN, JAMES Directories 1907 15 Wellington St, Ballymena, County Antrim
CASSIDY, J. D. Directories 1913 Ardara, County Donegal
CASTLE STUDIO Castle PL, Belfast
CAUGHEY, S. M. Newcastle, County Down, early 1900s
CHAPERO, E. C. Directories 1905-7 154 Crumlin Rd, Belfast
CHARLES, ANDREW Directories 1894-1924 56 James St, Cookstown, County Tyrone, also at Maghera and Magherafelt, County Londonderry
CHARLES, F. Directories 1881 45 Donegall Pl. and 14 Queen's Arcade, Belfast see Vienna Photo Art
CHARLES AND RUSSELL Directories 1898-1922 51 Ann St and 10 Royal Ave, Belfast
CHERRY Donegall Place Buildings, Belfast (1845)
CHRISTOPHER, C. Directories 1907-13 Carlisle Rd, Londonderry
CHRISTOPHER, C. Directories 1907-10 112 Royal Ave, Belfast. Same as above?
CHURCH, EDMUND T. Directories 1869-90 55 (53) Donegall PL, Belfast
CHURCH, WILLIAM Directories 1877-78 25 Castle PL, Belfast
CINNAMOND, M. AND E. Directories 1881 45 Donegall PL, Belfast
CINNAMOND, MISS Directories 1856-59 Arthur St, Belfast
CITY STUDIO Directories 1925 6 Donegall St, Belfast
CLARKE BROS Directories 1908 30 Woodstock Rd, Belfast
CLASSICAL STUDIO Directories 1928 7 Ann St, Belfast
CLUB STUDIO Portadown, County Armagh see Simmons
COBAIN, JOHN Directories 1881 Fivemiletown, County Tyrone
COCHRANE, R. H. Directories 1916 5 High St, Belfast
COGHLAN, FRANCIS (FRANK) Directories 1896-1920 31 Carlisle Rd, Londonderry
COGHLAN, J. Directories 1911-27 Ballycastle, County Antrim
COLEMAN, JAMES A. (d. 1946) Main St, Bailieborough, County Cavan (1904-46)
CONN, WILLIAM J. Directories 1909-30 Newcastle, County Down
CONNOLLY, JAMES Directories 1894-1905 Main St, Ballymoney, County Antrim
CONNOP, J. H. Directories 1863 5 1/2 Donegall St, Belfast (Connor maybe)
COON, ALLEN DANIEL (1867-1938) Active 1902-38 Londonderry; Letterkenny, County Donegal and Moira, County Down
COOPER, HERBERT FREDERICK THOMAS (1874-1960) Directories 1914-39 Strabane, County Tyrone
COLLECTION: PRONI (Includes work of J. W. Burrows)
COPELAND, J. Directories 1877-80 29 High St and 7 Donegall St, Belfast
COPELAND, WILLIAM Directories 1865-68 Orr's Entry and 30 High St, Belfast
CORRY, SAMUEL Directories 1870-78 Ballyclare, County Antrim
CORSCADDEN, MISS M. Directories 1925-28 18 Howard St, Belfast
CRAIG, C. A. Directories 1928-37 High St, Portadown, County Armagh
CRAWFORD, ROBERT Directories 1920s-1940s Glasslough St, Monaghan
CROWDER, GEORGE F. Directories 1867-1922 Willoughby PL, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh (1867-68), thereafter 26 Townhall St, Enniskillen; also 10 Brighton Terrace, Bundoran, County Donegal
CROZIER, JAMES Dublin St, Monaghan from 1874 Watchmaker, employed a photographer
CUMINE, JAMES A. Directories 1858-80 Joy's Entry, 29 High St, 48 Arthur St and 55 Upper Arthur St, Belfast
CUMING, J. T. Directories 1865-66 Marcus Sq., Newry, County Down
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN Directories 1910-35 Ballyclare, County Antrim

DALLAS, GEORGE Directories 1889-1912 Kilrea (1899-99), Maghera (1890-94), Coleraine (Bankhead Terr. 1892-1902; Railway Rd 1903-12), County
DATCHER, THOMAS Directories 1917-20 Needham St, Newry, County Down
DAVIES, W. Directories 1896-1902 Trillick, County Tyrone
DAWSON AND CO. Directories 1901-2 39 Dublin Rd, Belfast
DE GLEICHEN 5 Donegall St, Belfast (1858)
DE VOTO Directories 1894-95 13 Fleetwood St, Belfast
DEREK'S STUDIOS Directories 1932 19 High St, Belfast
DEVLIN, R. Directories 1910-17 Donegal, County Donegal
DILLON, ROBERT Directories 1904-7 44a Dublin Rd, Belfast
DIXON, J. AND J. R. Directories 1892 Rainey St, Magherafelt, County Londonderry
DOHERTY, JAMES Carlisle Rd, Londonderry, (1890s)
DONNELLY, JAMES Directories 1933-37 William St, Cookstown, County Tyrone
DONNELLY, S. Directories 1910-25 William St, Cookstown
DOUGLAS, HARRY R. Directories 1895-96 35 Royal Ave, Belfast
DUFFNER BROS Directories 1935-39 Hill St, Newry, County Down
DUNCAN, R. Directories 1870-77 The Mall, Armagh

EGAN, MATTHEW Directories 1895-96 41 Little May St, Belfast
ELECTRO ART STUDIO Directories 1902 117 Donegall St, Belfast
ERLY, PATRICK Directories 1894-1931 Newry, County Down (Mary St, 1894-1904; Hill St, 1905-8; Queen St, 1909-31)
ERWIN, T. 22 High St, Newtownards, County Down (carte-de-visite portrait of c. 1880)
ERWIN, THOMAS Directories 1884-92 Church St, Ballymena, County Antrim

FAULKNER, WILLIAM Directories 1899, 1913 Main St, Castlederg, County Tyrone
FERRIS, W. R. Directories 1888 Bachelor's Walk, Lisburn, County Antrim
FINLAY, JOHN Directories 1902-30 Castle St, Antrim, County Antrim
FINNEGAN, J. Early 1900s - known only by a postcard view of Ahoghill, County Antrim
FRANCIS, M. Directories 1909 Bushmills, County Antrim see Merten and Francis
FRENEY Directories 1921-22 Newry Rd, Armagh
FROST AND KELLY Directories 1905-13 3 High St (1905-8) and 22 Lombard St (1909-13), Belfast
FULLERTON, JOHN Directories 1888 Ahoghill, County Antrim

GALBRAITH, ROBERT Directories 1868-70 9 High St (1868) and 3 High St (1870), Belfast; owner of a hairdressing  establishment, employed a photographer.
GALBRAITH, JENNINGS AND CO. High St, Belfast c. 1869. see Jennings
GALWAY, JAMES Directories 1880-81 Fermanagh St, Clones, County Monaghan
GALWAY, KATHLEEN Directories 1890—1930s; Fermanagh St and Erne Sq., Clones, County Monaghan
GASS, MISS E. Directories 1905 Shaftesbury Sq., Belfast
GIBSON, JOHN Directories 1858-70 20 Castle Lane, Belfast
GILLESPIE, J. J. Directories 1939 Killybegs, County Donegal
GLASS, JAMES (1847-1931) Directories 1870-1939 65 Carlisle Rd, Londonderry; Strabane (1899). see Young and Glass
GLASS, THE MISSES Directories 1934-39 65 Carlisle Rd, Londonderry
GLEDHILL, R. Directories 1916-24 63a North St and 94 Bridge End, Belfast (1916-22); Mill St, Ballymena, County Antrim (1921-24)
GLEN, HENRY G. Directories 1870-78 81 High St, Belfast
GLENDINNING, ROBERT Directories 1914 63a North St, Belfast
GLOBE STUDIO Lisburn. see McGeown
GLYDE, SAMUEL Directories 1856-59 12 Bridge St and 3 Donegall Pl, Belfast
GORDON, W. R. Directories 1911-22 17 Bridge St, Belfast
GOULD, DAVID Directories 1901-10 20 Rosemary St, Belfast
GRAHAM, G. H. Directories 1865-66 James St, Cookstown, County Tyrone
GRAHAM, JOSEPH M. Directories 1868-70 Hill St, Monaghan
GRAY AND CAMPBELL Directories 1925-28 19 High St, Belfast
GREEN, WILLIAM ALFRED (1870-1958) Directories 1920s 4 Salisbury Villas, Belfast and Antrim
COLLECTION: MAGNI (Ulster Folk and Transport Museum)
GREER, J. SCOTT Directories 1902-94 109a Donegall St, Belfast
GUY, WILLIAM Directories 1908-10 Fintona, County Tyrone

HAIG, CHARLES Directories 1908-40 134 North St (1908-20) and 112 Royal Ave (1920-40), Belfast
HALE, HAMILTON Directories 1870 Belfast
HALLIDAY, A. Directories 1892 15 Fairview Terr, Belfast
HALLIDAY, CHARLES H. Directories 1914-39 14 Queen's Arcade, Belfast
HAMEL, E. AND CO. Directories 1908 122 North St, Belfast
HAMILL, JOSEPH Directories 1863-78 The Castle and 10 Sandy Row (1878). Belfast
HAMILL AND HUGHES Directories 1858-61 The Castle, Belfast
HARDING, F. J. Directories 1909 Main St, Ballymoney, County Antrim
HARDING, J. Directories 1918-28 Railway Rd, Coleraine, County Londonderry
HARDING, R. Directories 1914-16 Bann Terr, Banbridge, County Down
HARKEN, F. Directories 1892 Donegal, County Donegal
HARRIES, MRS Directories 1939 Bishop St, Londonderry
HARRIS, ERNEST G. Directories 1904-39 Bishop St, Londonderry
HARRISON, PERCY Directories 1916 112 Royal Ave, Belfast
HARVESTON, THOMAS Directories 1888-1911 Wellington St, Ballymena, County Antrim (1888); Hill St (1898-1904) and Windsor Ave (1905-11), Lurgan, County Armagh
HATCH, J. AND H. Directories 1925 10 Donegall Sq. East, Belfast
HEFFERNON, J. Directories 1925 45 Queen's Sq, Belfast
HEMBRY, H. R. Directories 1897-1919 15a Donegall Pl, Belfast
HENFREY, CLAUDE (1890-1955) Holywood, County Down (1920s)
HENRI, SOLOMON Directories 1939 53 Donegall PL and 13 Donegall Sq. North, Belfast
HEWITT, J. Directories 1931-33 Fintona, County Tyrone
HEZLITT, MRS Directories 1889 Brook St, Coleraine, County Londonderry
HICKS, JOHN WALKER (1863-1938) Cinematographer 1897-c. 1908 College Sq. North, Belfast
HIGGINS, HARRIET Directories 1907-16 153 Divis St, Belfast
HIGGINS, MESSRS Directories 1910-16 79 Royal Ave and 153 Divis St, Belfast
HIGGINS, THOMAS Directories 1913 9 Mill St, Belfast
HIGGINS, THOMAS A. Directories 1895-1909 79 Royal Ave and 153 Divis St (1898-1909), Belfast
HOGAN, WILLIAM J. Directories 1907 232 Woodstock Rd, Belfast
HOGG, ALEXANDER ROBERT (1870-1939) 13 Trinity St (1901-21), 81 High St (1922-34) and 67 Gt Victoria St (1934-39), Belfast (Aldis Butchers Lantern belonging to Alex.)
COLLECTION: MAGNI (Ulster Museum, Belfast)
HOLYWOOD, W. Directories 1932-35 216 Albertbridge Rd, Belfast
HOPPER, W. Aughnacloy, County Tyrone c. 1865
HOROBIN, A. J. Directories 1939 Letterkenny, County Donegal
HOWARD AND CO. Directories 1917-22 4 Windsor Ave, Lurgan, County Armagh; 53 Donegall Pl. Buildings, Belfast (1920s)
HOWARD'S STUDIO Directories 1925-28 53 Donegall Pl. Buildings, Belfast
HOWELL, CHARLES Directories 1912-39 112 Royal Ave (1912) and 44 North St (1937-39), Belfast
HUDSON, WILLIAM (d. 1959) Directories c. 1913-39 Belmore St and from c. 1922 Darling St, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh
HUDSON AND BENSON Directories 1911 Ballybofey, County Donegal; Newtownstewart, County Tyrone (1913)
HUEY, JAMES Directories 1865-66 James St, Cookstown, County Tyrone
HUGHES, JOSEPH Directories 1863-64 30 High St, Belfast
HUNTER, MRS Directories 1890-99 Scotch St, Armagh
HUNTER, W. J. AND CO. Directories 1878-99 Scotch St, Armagh and Monaghan (1890-94)
HUTHER, EDMUND Directories 1865-78 Foyle St and 18 Carlisle Rd, Londonderry
HUTHER, MRS Directories 1880-82 18 Carlisle Rd, Londonderry; Letterkenny, County Donegal (1880)

IMPERIAL ART CO. Directories 1910-11 5 Cromac Sq,. Belfast
IMPERIAL PHOTO ART CO. Directories 1895-96 4 Fountain Lane, Belfast
INGLEBY, B. Directories 1909 72 Cliftonville Rd, Belfast
INGRAM, JAMES W. Directories 1863-64 4 Fountain St, Belfast
IRENE'S STUDIO Directories 1939 16 Donegall Pl, Belfast
IRISH PHOTO CO. Directories 1912-14 6 Cromac St, Belfast

JAMISON, W. Directories 1920-39 Regent St, Newtownards, County Down
JENNINGS, JOHN PAYNE (1843-1926) Directories 1868 6 High St, Belfast see Galbraith
JEROME LTD Directories 1939 23 High St, Belfast
JOHNSTON, J. Directories 1912-32 24 William St South, Belfast
JOHNSTON, JOHN Directories 1878 36 Hercules St, Belfast
JOHNSTON, ROBERT Campsie Pl, Omagh, County Tyrone 1870s?
JONES, A. E. Directories 1896-1902 High St, Portadown, County Armagh

KALTON, G. AND SON Directories 1937-39 64 York St, Belfast
KEENAN, JAMES Directories 1918-34 Castlederg, County Tyrone
KEITH, R. Directories 1928 la Canning Pl, Belfast
KELLY, EMILY Directories 1919-22 153 Divis St, Belfast
KELLY, MISS Directories 1939 Ballyshannon, County Donegal
KENNEDY, G. Directories 1928 74 Limestone Rd, Belfast
KENNEDY, GEORGE Directories 1907-20 Royal Ave and 50 York St, Belfast
KENNEDY, JOHN Directories 1865-1907 20 Castle Lane (1865-66), 115 York St (1868) and 119/121 York St (1870-1907), Belfast; photographer and
umbrella maker (1881)
KENRICK, WILLIAM E. Directories 1901-06 Larne, County Antrim
KERR, H. & SON Directories 1897-1909 Carlisle Rd, Londonderry
KERR, HUGH Directories 1870-97 Market St (1870) and Carlisle Rd, Londonderry
KERR, JAMES Directories 1877-98 High St, Holywood, County Down or (1890s) Kinnegar, Holywood; sometimes listed as 'artist'; in 1890, listed as proprietor of a fancy goods shop in High St
KERR, JAMES Directories 1894-1918, though James Kerr died 1907. North Rd, Monaghan; son of Hugh Kerr, Londonderry
KERR, M. & SON Directories 1910-13 Carlisle Rd, Londonderry
KERR, MISS Directories 1914-24 Carlisle Rd, Londonderry (1914-24) and North Rd, Monaghan (1919-22)
KERR, MRS Directories 1890 Brook St, Coleraine, County Londonderry
KERR, THOMAS Directories 1865-68 Market St, Londonderry
KILLINY, JOHN Directories 1877 79 Belvoir Pl, Belfast
KILPATRICK, WILLIAM J. Directories 1892-1905 53 Donegall Pl. and 22 Castle Pl, Belfast
KIRK, CHARLES H. Monaghan 1863
KNOX, DAVID Directories 1870 Dunfanaghy, County Donegal

LAFAYETTE Directories 1900-28 8a Donegall Pl, Belfast
LAIDLAW, GEORGE Directories 1868-92 Lifford, County Donegal (1868); Strabane, County Tyrone (1868-92)
LAIDLAW, J. A. Directories 1885-86 Stranorlar, County Donegal
LAMB, RICHARD Directories 1917 Richhill, County Armagh
LANCASTER STUDIO Directories 1909 50 York St, Belfast
LANNIGAN, JOHN Directories 1901-37 McKeown St (1901), Antrim St (1902-20), Antrim Rd (1921-27)and Castle St (1928-37), Lisburn, County Antrim
LAVERY, MRS H. Directories 1919-20 94 Royal Ave, Belfast
LAWLESS, MRS Directories 1939 Rathmullan, County Donegal
LEE, ALEXANDER Directories 1910-33 Bath Terr. (1910-23) and Main St (1924-33), Portrush, County Antrim; Gt. James St (1927-39), Londonderry and
Eglinton, County Londonderry (1934-35)
LEE, ROBERT Directories 1894-1939 Causeway View (1894) and Main St (1924-39), Portrush, County Antrim
LEE, ROBERT AND SON Directories 1886-1901 Causeway View and Lansdowne Terr. (1899), Portrush, County Antrim
LEE AND CO. Directories 1905-39; Railway Rd, Coleraine (1899, 1905-39), Lansdowne Crescent (1903-11) and Main St (1909), Portrush, County Antrim
LEECH, H. Directories 1913 Main St, Portrush, County Antrim
LEECH, MRS Directories 1921-23 Main St, Portrush, County Antrim
LEITCH, ALFRED H. Directories 1939 33 Castle Lane, Belfast
LEONARD, G. Directories 1937-39 High St, Omagh, County Tyrone
LEONARD, J. Directories 1928-39 Abbey St and Union St (1934), Coleraine, County Londonderry
LEVY, H. AND CO. 79 Royal Ave, Belfast, (1890)
LEWIS, J. F. Directories 1898-99 13 Pakenham St, Belfast
LITTLE, R. C. Directories 1920-25 2 Gray's Hill, Bangor, County Down
LITTLE AND CHARLES Directories 1884 Conway Sq, Newtownards, County Down
LITTLE GEM Directories 1907 38 Mill St, Belfast
LOMBARD STUDIO Directories 1900 22 Lombard St, Belfast
LONDON AND NEW YORK STUDIO Directories 1907 55 York St, Belfast
LONDON AND PARIS PHOTOGRAPHIC ART STUDIO Directories 1896-1902 22 Castle Pl, Belfast
LOUDAN, B. M. AND CO. Directories 1888 English St, Armagh and Portadown, County Armagh
LYTTLE, ROBERT OR R. CLEMENTS '10 years with Abernethy'; Directories 1911-32 44 Dublin Rd (1911-22), 12 High St (1921-37) and 27a Donegall Pl, Belfast. Also Gt James St, Londonderry (directories 1916-20) and Newtownards

McALISTER AND McILHATTAN Directories 1925 7 College St, Belfast
McBRIDE, JAMES Directories 1909 Market Sq, Lisburn, County Antrim
McBRIDE AND CO. Directories 1894-1939 3 High St, Belfast (1894-1901) and Market Sq, Lisburn, County Antrim (1897-1939)
McCAFFREY, WILLIAM Directories 1909 Fivemiletown, County Tyrone
McCANN, Directories 1930-31 Bellaghy, County Londonderry
McCAUGHEY, S. Directories 1920-32 Newcastle, County Down
McCLEERY, GEORGE Directories 1916-23 Main St, Lame, County Antrim
McCLELLAND, THOMAS Directories 1865-66 Scotch St, Armagh
MCCLURE, R. J. Directories 1923-24 Aughnacloy and Warrenpoint, County Down
MCCLURE BROS Directories 1918-22 Aughnacloy, County Tyrone
McCOMB, M. Directories 1912-39 Castledawson, County Londonderry; 'clerk and photographer'
McCONNELL, THOMAS Directories 1890 Ramelton, County Donegal
McCOSKER, EDWARD Directories 1892-1906 Raphoe, County Donegal
McCOSKER, P. Directories 1910-20 Raphoe, County Donegal
McCOSKER BROS Directories 1907-9 Raphoe, County Donegal
McCULLOUGH, A. M. Directories 1937 327 Newtownards Rd, Belfast
McCULLOUGH, ALEXANDER Directories 1907-9 William St, Newtownards, County Down
McCULLOUGH, MRS Directories 1925 2 Hill St, Belfast
McCUTCHEON Downpatrick, County Down
McDONAGH, E. Directories 1910 60 Grosvenor Rd, Belfast
McFARLAND OR MACFARLAND BROS Directories 1890-92 The Royal Ulster Fine Art Studio, 35 High St, Belfast
McFARLANE, A. J. Directories 1930-39 High St, Omagh, County Tyrone
McFARLANE OR MACFARLANE, WILLIAM Directories 1899, 1904-28 Campsie (1899) and High St, Omagh, County Tyrone
McGAHEY OR MEGAHY, RICHARD Lurgan, County Armagh, (1870s and 1880s)
McGAHEY, S. Directories 1909 Newcastle, County Down
McGAHEY, T. Directories 1898-1918 Newcastle, Co Down
McGAW, JOHN Directories 1907-20 79c Divis St and 121 Shankill Rd, Belfast
McGEE, J. AND R. Directories 1928-39 Irvinestown, County Fermanagh
McGEOWN, WILLIAM Directories 1890-97 The Globe Studio, Market Sq, Lisburn, County Antrim
McGOWAN, E. Directories 1898-1903 High St, Omagh, County Tyrone
McGUIGAN, JAMES Directories 1911-20 17 Albertbridge Rd (1911) and 56 Albertbridge Rd (1912-20), Belfast
McGUIRE, FRANCIS Directories 1926-30 Ballygawley, County Tyrone
McGURK, JOHN Directories 1907 134 North St, Belfast
McGURK, T. Directories 1894-1907 William St and Coagh St, Cookstown, County Tyrone
McKEOWN, JOHN Directories 1899-1902 Bridge St, Portadown, County Armagh
McKENDRY, JOHN Directories 1868 Belturbet, County Cavan.
McKEY/McKAY, THOMAS AND CO. Directories 1865-1903 Abbey St, Armagh (1865-66); Lurgan and Bainbridge ('late of Armagh'); 70 Hill St, Newry (1880-1903), County Down
MCLAUGHLIN OR McLOUGHLIN, J. Directories 1911-22 Bundoran, County Donegal
McLEAN, JAMES Directories 1932 19 High St, Belfast
McMAHON, WILLIAM J. Directories 1935 Earlsmount, Castlereagh, County Down
MCMILLAN, AENEAS [ENEAS] Directories 1870 17 and 45 Donegall Pl, Belfast
McMILLAN, E. and J. Directories 1863-66 5 Donegall St, Belfast and 48 Donegall St
McMULLAN, JAMES Directories 1916-19 Church St, Coleraine, County Londonderry
McMULLAN, JOSEPH Directories 1913-32 Church St, Captain St (1913-14), Coleraine, County Londonderry
McWATTERS, J. JUN. Armagh, (1880s)


MACK, ARTHUR Directories 1912-17 Railway Rd, Coleraine, County Londonderry
MACK, E. W. Directories 1894-1937 Charles St, Ballymoney (1894-98) and Main St, Larne (1902-37), County Antrim
MACK, J. Directories 1890 Hibernia St, Holywood, County Down
MACK, J. H. Directories 1877 Railway Pl, Coleraine, County Londonderry
MACK, JOHN Directories 1870-80 Brook St N, Coleraine (1870) County Antrim; Kinnegar, Holywood, County Down (1880); 84 York St, Belfast (1877-80); Limavady 1880s (?), County Londonderry
MACK, JOHN Directories 1894-1909 Kingsgate St (1894-99), Railway St (1901-8), Coleraine, County Londonderry
MACK, WILLIAM Directories 1880-90 Brook St N. (1880-90) and New Row (1886-90), Coleraine, County Londonderry
MACK AND SONS Directories 1884-90 22 Castle Pl, Belfast
MAGAHEY, WILLIAM Directories 1863 High St, Lurgan, County Armagh
MAGDALA STUDIO St James St, Belfast 1898 see Owens, J.
MAGILL, JAMES Directories 1863-92 7 Castle Buildings (1863-68), 6 Castle Buildings (1865-66), 2 Castle Buildings (1880) and 2 Donegall Pl. (1865-92), Belfast
MAGUIRE, JOSEPH Directories 1930-35 Ballygawley, County Tyrone; 'Photo agent'
MALLON, CHARLES Directories 1868 7 Omar St, Belfast
MALONE, R. J. Directories 1912-19 Main St, Ballymoney and Bushmills, County Antrim
MANN Bangor, County Down (postcard 1906)
MARKS, JAMES Directories 1877 Maghera, County Londonderry
MARTIN, BEULA Directories 1919-33 45 Donegall Pl, Belfast
MARTIN (MERTEN?), R. Directories 1912-15 Ferryquay St, Londonderry
MARTIN, R. C. Directories 1898 83 Royal Ave, Belfast
MARTIN [MERTEN] AND FRANCIS Directories 1907-11 Bushmills, County Antrim see Merten
MASSEY, A. G. Directories 1884 35 High St, Belfast
MASSEY, ARTHUR Directories 1877 Abbey St, Armagh; Arthur G, Abbey St, Armagh and 32 Market St, Lurgan, County Armagh
MASSEY, JOSEPH Directories 1865-66 110 High St, Belfast
MASSEY, OSWALD M. Directories 1895-97 168 Agnes St, Belfast
MASSEY, WARD AND CO. Directories 1895-97 168 Agnes St, Belfast
MAVIUS AND VIVASH Directories 1890-92 51 Ann St, Belfast
MAXWELL, J. Directories 1898-1905 Church St, Banbridge, County Down
MAYER, RUDOLPH AND CO. Directories 1870 13 Castle Pl, Belfast
MAYNE, ALEXANDER S. Directories 1865-66, 1899 1-3 Donegall Sq. East, Belfast
MEGARRY AND JOHNSTON Directories 1925-30 33 Bridge St, Belfast
MERCER, THOMAS A. Directories 1881-1929 28 High St, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh
MERCER BROS Directories 1906-22 51 Ann St and 22 Castle PL (1909-13), Belfast
METHVEN, RONALD Directories 1939 Victoria Pl, Newcastle, County Down
MICKLETHWAITE, W. B. Directories 1897-1903 Hill St and Corry Sq, Newry and Newcastle, County Down
MILLER, MISS E. The Studio, Mall, Ballyshannon, County Donegal
MILLER, W. Directories 1913 Main St, Ballyshannon, County Donegal
MODEL STUDIO Divis St, Belfast
MOFFETT AND CO. Directories 1901-39 Bridge St, Portadown (1901-39) County Armagh; Windsor Ave, Lurgan (1905-30) County Armagh; 12 High St
(1905-8) and 53 Donegall PL (1909-22), Belfast
MOORE, JOHN Directories 1916-18 Greencastle St, Kilkeel, County Down
MORRISON, JACK Directories 1939 Ballytromery, Crumlin, County Antrim
MORRISON, LOUIS Directories 1928-39 83 Royal Ave, Belfast
MORRISON, MISS Directories 1909 Albert Rd, Carrickfergus, County Antrim
MORTON, H. S. Directories 1900 22 Lombard St, Belfast
MORTON, J. Directories 1898-1900 323 Albertbridge Rd, Belfast
MUIR, J. Directories 1896-97 323 Albertbridge Rd, Belfast
MULHERN, LEO W. Directories 1913 William St, Raphoe, County Donegal
MURDOCH, ROBERT Directories 1904-15 Gt James St, Londonderry
MURRAY, J. Directories 1888 Woodhouse St, Portadown, County Armagh


NAPIER, WILLIAM JOHN (c. 1870-1919) Scarva, County Down
NEILL, F. M. Directories 1935-39 24 Bradbury Pl, Belfast
NEILSON, AUGUST Directories 1894-96 51 Ann St, Belfast
NEILSON AND CO. Directories 1896-97 51 Ann St, Belfast
NELSON, ALEXANDER Directories 1865-70 Church St, Dungannon, County Tyrone
NELSON, ROBERT Directories 1865-70 High St, Omagh, County Tyrone
NEW YORK MINIATURE CO. Directories 1906-7 112 Royal Ave, Belfast
NICHOLL, WILLIAM Directories 1880 68 Donegall St, Belfast
NIMMOCKS, JOHN Directories 1868-80 Castlerock, Coleraine, County Londonderry
NORTH BRITISH PORTRAIT CO. Directories 1910-13 121 Shankill Rd, Belfast

O'CONNOR, J. W. Directories 1884 3 York St, Belfast
ODEN, W. Directories 1910-12 Newcastle, County Down
O'LOAN, JAMES Directories 1880 29 High St, Belfast
O'NEILL, MISS S. Directories 1928-32 60 Ann St, Belfast
ORANGE, EMILE 2 Castle Buildings and 22 York St, Belfast (1850-52)
ORD, WILLIAM Directories 1870 Hibernia Pl, Holywood, County Down
ORDE, D. AND CO. Directories 1860-61 7 Donegall Pl. Buildings, Belfast
ORDE AND WAITE Castle St, Belfast (1860)
ORR, ANDREW Directories 1886-89 Ramelton, County Donegal; Bennett St, Londonderry (1889)
ORR, MISS ELEANOR Directories 1916-19 33 Bridge St, Belfast
OWENS, JOHN Directories 1892-1903 Henry Pl. Belfast and Magdala Studio, Saint James St, Belfast, 1898.

PALACE STUDIO Directories 1910-22 83 Royal Ave (1910-12) and 94 Royal Ave (1919-22), Belfast
PANOGRAPH PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO Directories 1925-28 61 Waring St, Belfast
PANORAMIC PHOTO CO. Directories 1932-39 565 Lisburn Rd, Belfast
PARKES, WILLIAM SCOTT Directories 1870 7 Donegall PL, Belfast
PARKES AND GEDGE Directories 1870 Donegall Pl, Belfast
PARKS, F. W. Directories 1916-17 Main St, Larne, County Antrim
PATTERSON, J. Directories 1890-98 Belturbet, County Cavan
PATTERSON, JAMES Directories 1865-70 High St, Omagh, County Tyrone
PATTERSON, JOHN Directories 1880-84 68 Woodhouse St (1880) and High St (1884), Portadown; Market St, Lurgan, County Armagh
PATTERSON, MRS J. Directories 1876 Omagh, County Tyrone
PATTERSON, R. A. Directories 1909-17 The Parade, Donaghadee, County Down
PERY, JAMES Directories 1870 Main St, Ballymoney, County Antrim
PETER PAN STUDIOS Directories 1935-39 19 High St (1935-37) and 25 High St (1939), Belfast
PHILLIPS, J. Directories 1914-16 Mill St, Ballymena, County Antrim
PHILLIPS, JOHN Directories 1877-1916 7 Donegall St (1877), 79 Donegall St (1880-84), 143 Royal Ave (1887-1903), 173a York St (1902-3) and 45 Donegall Pl. (1904-16), Belfast
PICCIONE, FELIX Directories 1861-78 Hammond's Court (1861), 22 Castle St (1877) and 71 Corporation St (1877-78), Belfast
PICCIONE AND BIRNIE Directories 1861 Hammond's Court, Belfast
PIDDUCK, G. H. Directories 1916-39 107 Donegall St (1916-22) and 19 High St (1928), Belfast; Queen's Parade, Bangor, County Down (1925-29)
PIDDUCK AND ARCHER Directories 1906-14 5 High St (1906-13) and 109 Donegall St (1911-14), Belfast
PIPER, MISS Directories 1894-95 22 Castle Pl, Belfast
PLIMMER, T. H. Directories 1870-87 19 High St, Belfast
PLIMMER, T. H. AND T. S. Directories 1863-66 10 Bridge St (1863-64) and 21 High St (1865-66), Belfast
PLIMMER, T. S. Directories 1878-98 19 High St, Belfast
POLLOCK, J. A. Directories 1905 47 Donegall Pl, Belfast
POLYFOTO Directories 1939 At Robinson and Cleaver, 56 Donegall Pl, Belfast
PORTLAND STUDIO Directories 1909 109 Donegall St, Belfast
PRATT, JAMES Directories 1870 Letterkenny, County Donegal
PREDY, THOMAS Directories 1877-1939 Limavady, County Londonderry
PRETORIA FINE ART CO. Directories 1905-7 154 Crumlin Rd, Belfast
PRlNCE(s) STUDIO Directories 1904-13 19 High St, Belfast
PRIVATE PORTRAIT STUDIO Newtownlimavady, County Londonderry 'C. D. H. C. '. 1880s?
PYPER, ARCHIBALD Directories 1908-10 325 Newtownards Rd (1908) and 12 High St (1910), Belfast
PYPER, D. Directories 1911-28 234 Newtownards Rd (1911-16) and 238 Newtownards Rd (1916-28), Belfast
PYPER, J. Directories 1911-12 244 Newtownards Rd, Belfast

QUEEN ANN STUDIO Directories 1910-11 39 Ann St, Belfast
QUEEN'S PHOTO ART CO. Directories 1887-1905 Queen's Buildings, Royal Ave, Belfast (1886-92)
QUINN, WILLIAM H. Directories 1865-80 5 Donegall St (1865-66), 42 Donegall St (1870-81), Belfast; 'rifle range, 1 John St', 1881


RAINEY, S. Directories 1939 175 Agnes St, Belfast
RANSOM AND HALL 43 High St, Belfast (1854), 'just  arrived from America'
RAPHAEL FINE ART CO. Directories 1910-12 7 Queens Sq, Belfast
RAPIDE STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHS Directories 1939 107 North St, Belfast
REGENT STUDIOS Directories 1898-99 43a High St, Belfast
REID, GEORGE, J. Directories 1921-22 63a North St, Belfast
REID, S. Directories 1902 117 Donegall St, Belfast
REID BROS Directories 1880-1932 81 High St (1880-1921), 114 Royal Ave (1921-28) and 231 Shankill Rd (1921-32), Belfast
REILLY, THOMAS HENRY Directories 1865-66 61 High St, Belfast
REMBRANDT STUDIO Directories 1904-7 53 Donegall Pl, Belfast
REVLIN Directories 1910-15 Donegal, County Donegal
REW, HENRY Directories 1903-5 5 Bridge End, Belfast
RIPLEY, JOHN Directories 1912-39 William St, Lurgan, County Armagh
RITCHIE, D. The Albion Studio, Belfast
RITCHIE, WILLIAM Directories 1904-39 Garden St, Magherafelt, County Londonderry
ROBIN, H. O. Directories 1921-24 Gt James St, Londonderry
ROBINSON, JOHN Directories 1863-64 63 York St and Queen's Island, Belfast
ROBINSON, T. A. Directories 1910-22 Donegal, County Donegal
ROSBOTTOM, T. A. Directories 1898-1900 120 Dublin Rd, Belfast
ROSS, R. M. Directories 1932 410 Beersbridge Rd, Belfast
ROYAL STUDIO Directories 1895-1919 79 Royal Ave (1895-1916) and 153 Divis St (1898-1919), Belfast
ROYAL ULSTER FINE ART STUDIO see McFarland/MacFarland Bros.

ST GEORGE'S STUDIO Directories 1908 35 High St, Belfast
SARONY, OLIVIER FRANCOIS XAVIER (1820-79) Directories 1861 12 or 12 1/2 Bridge St, Belfast
SAUNDERS, H. R. Directories 1932 21 Bridge St, Belfast
SEGGONS, ROBERT Directories 1877-87 13 Castle Pl, Belfast
SEMPLE, W. S. Directories 1899 Manorcunningham, County Donegal
SEWELL, J. Directories 1895 323 Albertbridge Rd, Belfast
SHANNON, STANLEY Directories 1921-25 Gt. James St, Londonderry
SHIMMONS, DAVID Directories 1903-04 33 Bridge St, Belfast
SHORTHOUSE, CHARLES DAVID Directories 1922-39 Cushendall, County Antrim (1922-35) and 362 Ravenhill Rd, Belfast (1925-39)
SILO AND SON Directories 1856-59 Donegall Pl. (1856) and Upper Arthur St (1858-59), Belfast
SIMMONS, R. G. Directories 1881 Letterkenny, County Donegal
SIMMONDS [SIMMONS], G. V. Directories 1894-99 The Club Studio, 59 Bridge St, Portadown, County Armagh
SMYTH, PATRICK Directories 1868 East Port, Ballyshannon, County Donegal
SOLOMON, HENRY (OR HENRI) Directories 1925-39 22 Lombard St (1925-32) and 53 Donegall PL (1932-39), Belfast
STANDARD CAMERA CO. Directories 1932 109a Donegall St, Belfast
STANSFIELD, L. Directories 1939 Darling St, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh
STANTON, J. S. 22 Castle St, Belfast, 1850
STAUNTON, THOMAS Directories 1870 19 Gt. James St, Londonderry
STEEN, JOSEPH Directories 1919-39 79 Royal Ave, Belfast
STEVENSON, J. Directories 1921-32 Burn Rd, Cookstown, County Tyrone
STEWART, JAMES SCOTT Directories 1856 Castle Buildings, Castle Pl, Belfast
'STICKY BACKS' STUDIO 146 Upper North St, Belfast
STITT, WILLIAM Directories 1885-90 26 Hillman St, Belfast
STUART, T. Directories 1888 Randalstown, County Antrim
STUART, THOMAS Directories 1895-1909 Main St, Larne, County Antrim
STUDIO CECIL Directories 1925-39 51 Ann St, Belfast

TAIT, JOHN Directories 1899, 1907-11 Newtownstewart, County Tyrone
TALBOT, ABRAHAM J. Directories 1863-64 12 Bridge St, Belfast
TAYLOR, WILLIAM Directories 1902-3 22 Castle Pl, Belfast
TAYLOR, WILLIAM HENRY Directories 1868 48 Mill St, Belfast
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER Directories, 1870 65 Donegall St, Belfast
THOMPSON, ARTHUR Directories 1865-70 55 Donegall St (1865-66) and 60 Cavour St (1870), Belfast
THOMPSON, E. Directories 1935 44 Dublin Rd, Belfast
THOMPSON, F. Directories 1911-16 Bundoran, County Donegal
THOMPSON, J. Directories 1896-1902 7 Donegall St (1896) and 35 High St (1897-1902), Belfast
THOMPSON, J. A. Directories 1918-35 Carlisle Rd, Londonderry
THOMPSON, J. J. Directories 1894-97 High St, Omagh, County Tyrone
THOMPSON, JAMES Directories 1906-33 26 Crane's Buildings, Wellington Pl. (1906-12), 1 Grosvenor House, Wellington Pl. (1913-18) and  Prudential Chambers, Wellington PL (1918-33), Belfast
THOMPSON, JOHN Directories 1872-77 Omagh, County Tyrone
THOMPSON AND WOODS Directories 1921-22 13 Donegall Sq. West, Belfast
THOMPSON'S PHOTO STUDIO Directories 1930-39 Bryan St, Ballymena, County Antrim
THOMPSON'S STUDIO Directories 1937-39 Carlisle Rd, Londonderry
TIERNEY BROS Directories 1913-35 Fivemiletown, County Tyrone
TRIMBLE, WILLIAM J. Directories 1890-39 Church St, Dungannon, County Tyrone: Banbridge, County Down; Lurgan and Portadown, County Armagh (1894)
TULLOCH, A. 22 York St, Belfast (1850)
TURNBULL, JOSEPH M. 9 Gosford St, Belfast
TURNBULL AND SONS Directories 1884-1930 23 Garfield St (1884-1900), 7 Garfield St (1901), 9 Garfield St (1905-22) and 11a Garfield St (1928-32), Belfast
TUTTY AND CO. Directories 1932 61 Waring St, Belfast

ULSTER PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO Directories 1884 Carlisle Rd, Londonderry
ULSTER PORTRAIT CO. Directories 1908 45 York St, Belfast
UNSWORTH, J. C. Directories 1895-97 High St, Ballynahinch
UNSWORTH, JOHN OR JONATHON Directories 1880-1926 Railway St, Ballynahinch, County Down

VARVISH, W. Directories 1868 7 College St South, Belfast
VIENNA PHOTO ART CO. Directories 1887-96 14 Queen's Arcade, Belfast; also Portrush (1892-96) and Larne, County Antrim
VIVASH see Mavius and Vivash

WAIDE, HUGH Directories 1865-94 Coagh St (1865-66) and Rock Cottage, (1880-94), Cookstown, County Tyrone
WALSH, WILLIAM Directories 1887 31 Cranburn St, Belfast
WALSH (OR WELSH) BROS Directories 1892 22 Castle Pl, Belfast
WARD, MARCUS AND CO. Directories 1868-80 Donegall Pl, 110 High St (1868) and Dublin Rd (1877-80), Belfast
WARD, RICHARD AND CO. 65 Donegall St and 98 High St, Belfast
WATKIN, CHARLES Directories 1890 Mill St, Ballymena, County Antrim
WATSON, WILLIAM Directories 1877-1939 Donegal, County Donegal
WEBB, GEORGE F. Directories 1925-32 63a North St (1925-28) and 12 Lombard St (1932), Belfast
WEBSTER, J. Belfast, 1930 (?)
WEINER, B. Directories 1914 7 Glenravel St, Belfast
WEIR, WILLIAM Directories 1887 17 My Lady's Rd, Belfast
WELCH, DAVID (d. 1875) Directories 1863-70 Enniskillen, County Fermanagh (1863-68) and Newry, County Down (1870)
WELCH, ROBERT JOHN (1859-1936) Directories c. 1880-1936 49 Lonsdale St, Belfast
COLLECTIONS: MAGNI - Ulster Museum (Welch Collection); Ulster Folk and Transport Museum (Harland and Wolff Collection)
WELSH (OR WALSH?), W. Directories 1890 Queen's Photo Art Co, Royal Ave, Belfast
WEST, JOHN Directories 1863 10 Trinity St, Belfast
WILLIAMS, FRED Directories 1937-39 Fivemiletown, County Tyrone
WILLIAMS, SYDNEY Directories 1905-27 Fivemiletown and Clogher (1909)
WILLIAMS, THOMAS AND CO. Directories 1880-82 25 Castle Pl, Belfast
WILSON, BENJAMIN Directories 1863 Wall, Londonderry
WILSON, GEORGE Directories 1865-66 Mill St, Newry, County Down
WILSON, I. B. AND CO. Directories 1939 Castlederg, County Tyrone
WILSON, W. Directories 1861-62 Church St, Banbridge, County Down
WILSON, WILLIAM Directories 1896 Fintona, County Tyrone
WITCOMBE, E. LAWRENCE Directories 1910 10 Donegall St, Belfast
WOODS, D. C. Directories 1898 Church St, Coleraine, County Londonderry, and Portrush, County Antrim
WOODS, MISS Directories 1897-1909 Church St, Coleraine (1899-1909) and Main St, Portrush (1897-1907)

YOUNG, J. BRUCE Directories 1909-20 Wellington St, Ballymena, County Antrim
YOUNG, JOHN Directories 1878 24 Argyle St, Belfast
YOUNG AND GLASS Directories 1878 Carlisle Rd, Londonderry