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1912 Belfast Street Directory

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Post Office - Mrs. McCoach, postmistress
Coastguard Station - Lieutenant Arnold Kirke, divisional officer; G. W. Morgan, chief officer, and five coastguards
Petty Sessions Court in Annesley Memorial Hall, third Friday in each month, at 11.30 a.m.  Clerk - Dr. W. H. Hillyard, Castlewellan.  Town Court at 11 a.m.  Clerk - Daniel Curran
Constabulary Station - Sergeant P. McGovern and six constables
Slieve Donard Hotel (Belfast and County Down Railway Company, proprietors) - W. F. Collins, manager
St. John's National School - Lewis B. ward, teacher
St. Mary's National School - John Brogan, teacher
Slieve Donard National School - Jas. Watts, teacher
Ladies' Collegiate School, Clare Lodge - Principals, Miss Park and Miss M. Park, B.A.
Dispensary, Bryansford - Medical officer, Dr. Magill, surgeon, Newcastle; also registrar for births, marriages, and deaths
Donard Masonic Lodge 377 meets monthly
Bryansford Embroidery School - The Countess of Roden, patron
Urban Council - Edmund Beatty (chairman); Matthew King, J.P. (vice-chairman); J. W. Alexander, J.P.; Robert Hastings, J.P.; Col. W. R. Slacke, R.E., J.P.; Waring C. McCracken, George W. Young, J.P.; W. Beatty, F. C. Neill, Bernard McAnulty, Thomas Newell, Jos. Thornton. Office, Annesley Arms Hotel


Church of Ireland - Rev. Otway Woodward, incumbent
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Jas. Keers, B.A.
Methodist Church - Rev. S. Cowdy
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. John McIlvenny, P.P.


Acton, Thomas, car owner; sec., Bryansford Old Age Pension Committee
Alexander, J. W., J.P., Arlington
Alexander, the Misses, Armitage Place
Annesley, Earl, Castlewellan Castle
Atkinson, Miss, 3 Arundel Terrace

Ball, Mrs. Shirley, Rowallen
Barry, Mrs., apartments, Rockland Villas
Bassett, J., Churchill, Maghera, registrar Irish Land Commission
Bate, Miss, Harbour Buildings
Beatty, Edmund, Avoca Lodge
Beatty, Edmund, Select Grocer, Provision Dealer, and General Merchant; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News,"
Beatty, Wm., 2 Glenada Terrace
Bell, Mrs., Ulsterville
Biagioni, J., & Co., ices, confectionery, tobacco, and mineral waters
Bingham, Wm., railway guard, G.N.R.
Bleakley, Miss, Maghera
Bleming, Mrs., Bronte House
Branigan, John, jobbing contractor
Brewster, Charles, apartments, Seacote
Browne, Miss, dressmaker, Hyland Lodge
Brown, Thomas, coal importer, King Street
Brush, George, J.P., Ardaluin
Bulloch, The Misses, Belvoir
Byrne, James, saddler
Byrne, Mrs., Causeway Road

Camlin, Joseph, carpenter and builder
Cameron, Miss, The Anchorage
Campbell, William, gardener, apartments, Eglintine House
Carlisle, J., restaurant
Carr, Wm., Clonallen Terrace
Carson, James, Inland Revenue officer
Carson, John, manager, Sawmills, Tollymore Park
Carson, R. B., M.D., surgeon, Annesley Terrace
Cavanagh, Miss, Bay View Hotel
Chaine, Miss Grace, Ashleigh
Cheyne, Mrs., Riverside
Chichester, Hon. Mrs. Harriett, Shane Lodge
Chippendall, Captain John A., River House
Clyde, Miss, Milliner and Haberdasher
Collins, Wm. F., manager, Slieve Donard Hotel
Conn, Wm. J., photographer
Coulter, Mrs., Mountain View
Coulter, Mrs. J., apartments, The Downs
Corry, Fredk., posting establishment, Edenville
Cowan, Mrs., Arlington
Cowdy, Rev. S., Mount Royal
Coyne, Richard, market gardener, Tollybranigan
Cundey, Mrs., apartments, 5 Glenada Terrace
Cunningham, John, Boot Emporium and Apartments
Curran, Daniel, town clerk, executive sanitary officer, secretary to school attendance committee, Arundel Terrace
Curtin, M., temperance hotel and dining rooms

Davidson, John, farmer, Corrigs
Dickson, R. J., solicitor, 2 Arundel Terrace
Dobbin, Mrs., Donacloney Cottage, King Street
Dods, Robert, M.A., J.P., St. Leonard's
Dodds, James, farmer, Tollybranigan
Dodds, Wm., farmer, Tollybranigan
Donard Buildings Ltd., Family and Commercial Hotel, High Class Grocery and Wine Merchants; Edward Brady, Manager
Doran, John, gamekeeper, Donard Park
Douglas, George, farmer and dairyman, apartments, Marine Villa
Douglas, Mrs., grocer, King Street
Douglas, Nicholas, head gardener, Tollymore Park

Eccles, Mrs., Fairleigh
Edgar, Alex., shop assistant, Ingleside, Bryansford Road
Elliott, Edward, grocer, school attendance officer, town inspector
Elliott, Mrs., apartments, Arundel Terrace
Ewing, Mrs., Slieve Dhu

Fegan, Thos., builder
Ferguson, Mrs., apartments, The Downs
Fisher, Mrs., farmer and grocer, Maghera
Flinn, Alfred, postman
Foland, James, grocer, tea and coffee rooms and harbour master

Gilmore, Miss, apartments, Fuschia Terrace
Gilmore, Wm., agent for Inglis & Co. Ltd.
Goldfinch, J. H., commander R.N., Tiraun
Gordon, Wm., market gardener, Bryansford Road
Gould, Miss, apartments, 4 Glenada Terrace
Gould, Richard T., agent for East Downshire Steamship Co.
Gracey, D. M., assistant surveyor and town surveyor, Donard Buildings
Gray, John, merchant tailor
Gray, Mrs., Adelaide Place
Gray, Robt., gardener, Eglinton Terrace
Greenaway, Francis, J.P., Stationery, Circulating Library, and Fancy Goods
Grew, Mrs., Rockside Villas

Hall, Robert, J.P., Marino
Halliday, Miss, grocer, post office, Bryansford
Hanna, John, railway porter, Main Street
Hanna, The Misses, apartments, Riverside
Hastings, Robert, Ltd., Pharmaceutical Chemists
Hastings, Thos., Summerville, firm of S. & T. Hastings, monumental works, Downpatrick
Head, Major H. N., J.P., The Downs
Henry, Miss, apartments, Downshire House
Henry, William, St. Leonards
Higgins, Edward, boot and shoe maker
Hill, Geo. G., linen merchant, Fisherwick House
Holmes, John, farmer, Corrigs
Holmes, William,  farmer and dairyman, Tollymore
Honer, Thos. J., engine driver
Hotham, Col. J., estate agent, Bryansford
Howden, J., steward, Royal Co. Down Golf Club
Hunter, Robert, spirit dealer
Hutchings, Miss, Bentley Cottage

Inglis, Major J. F., Burrendale

Jocelyn, Viscount, Bryansford
Johnston, Wm., caretaker, Annesley Memorial Hall

Keers, Rev. J., B.A., The Manse, Tollymore
Kendal, James, farmer, Tollybranigan
Kennedy, Wm. J., refreshments, apartments, Apiary Cottage; agent for Prudential Assurance Co.
Kerr, Sarah A., grocer
Kidd, Andrew, blacksmith, Manx View
King, Matthew, J.P., Maryville
King, William, Benvista
Kinnear, Mrs., house agent, Waterfoot Cottage
Kirke, Lieut. Arnold, R.N., The Downs
Kirkpatrick, Thomas, Select Family Grocer and General Merchant
Knox, Mrs., Shimnah

Laird, William, rate collector and farmer
Langtry, Rev. Arthur, The Nest, Bryansford
Langtry, Ross, J.P., The Nest, Bryansford
Law, Daniel, carpenter, Donard View
Law, James, farmer, Murlough
Lawless, Mrs., fancy goods store
Lawlor, J., refreshment
Lowry, Captain Wm. H. K., Wilmar
Lyth, Geo., electrician, Donard Villas

MacIlwaine, Robt., secretary to Down County Council, Marine Villa
Macken, Nicholas J., spirit dealer
Magee, Henry, fruit and poultry dealer
Magill, Robert, M.D., surgeon, Victoria Place
Magill, R., jun., M.D., Victoria Place
Martin, Miss, apartments, Eden Place
Matthews, Miss, Central Temperance Hotel
Matthew, Walter G., Mount Royal
Maxwell, Alfred, painter and decorator, Beresford Place
Maxwell, Mrs., apartments, Belvidere Terrace
Medcraft, The Misses, apartments, St. Leonard's
Milles, Robt. J., spirit dealer, Parkview Hotel
Moore, Alex., carpenter, Hillside
Moore, Alexander, jun., caretaker of baths
Moore, The Misses, St. Leonards
Morton, Mrs., Armitage Place
Mulligan, John, apartments, Rockside
Murphy, The Misses, Rockmore
Murray, Daniel Joseph, J.P., Cillan Fort
Murray, Mrs. R. W., Enniskeen

McAdam, Stephen, grocer
McAllister, J, gatekeeper, Donard Demesne
McAllen, Wm., plumber, Valentia Place
McAnulty, Bernard, spirit dealer, Burren Villa
McAuley, Rev. J. C. C., Bryansford
McAuley, Robert, gardener, Donard Lodge
McBennett, Jas., drapery emporium
McCance, Hugh, Annadale
McCartan, Daniel, solicitor, Eastern Villa
McCartan, Miss. 5 Arundel Terrace
McClintock, T., stationer master
McCoach, Mrs. Priscilla, postmistress
McCracken, James, grocer and hardware; agent for White Star Line
McCracken, W. C, grocer and draper, Erin Lodge; agent for Cunard Line
McCullough, George, painter, King Street
McGahey, T., photographer
McIlvenny, Miss, Lorretoville
McIlvenny, Rev. J., P.P., parochial house
McKee, Mrs., apartments and restaurant, Bryansford Road
McKibbin, Mrs., apartments, Castle Villa
McManus, Charles, The Manor House, Tollymore
McNaughton, M., Station, Tobacconist, & Fancy Goods
McTaggart, Mrs., Valentia Place

Neill, Frederick, builder and contractor
Neill, Miss Mary, confectioner, Beresford Place
Neill, Mrs. J., confectionery and fancy goods
Neill, Mrs. W., refreshments, apartments, Bay View Lodge
Neill, T., painter and house decorator, apartments
Newell & Co. Ltd., drapers and milliners
Newsome, W., post office and grocer, Maghera
Nugent, J., barber, fancy goods, and servants' registry

O'Hare, J., boot and shoe maker, Harbour Buildings
O'Hare, Mrs., apartments, Iveagh Terrace
O'Neill, Wm., estate bailiff

Park, The Misses, Collegiate School, Clare Lodge
Parkinson, Captain W. G., Corraghard
Patterson, R., Down Golf Hotel
Pelan, George, notary public, Bryansford Road
Phillips, Mrs., apartments, Bernagh
Porters, family grocers, drapers and fancy warehouse, general posting, and funeral undertaking, Belvidere stores

Quinn, Mrs., dress maker, Causeway Road

Rea, Major James, The Downs
Richmond, A., plumber, Baden House
Rintoul, Andrew, Greenmount
Robertson, Alex., golf professional, Carmel House, Tollymore
Robertson, Mrs., Fairleigh Terrace
Robertson, Wm., golf club maker, Valentia Road
Roden, Earl of, Tullymore Park
Rodgers, J., toilet saloon
Rodgers, Mrs. D. G., restaurant and posting
Russell, C. M., B.A., Solicitor, Victoria Place
Russell, John L., C.E., architect, Point View House, Newcastle, Co. Down
Russell, Mrs., The Eyries
Russell, Robert, Valentia Place

Scott, James, Lifeboat Villas
Scott, Thos., Bryansford Road
Shaw, Mrs., Lifeboat Villas
Shields, Miss, Brownville
Skillen, Wm., cycle agent and watch maker
Slacke, Colonel W. R., J.P., Annesley Terrace
Smith, John, clerk, Fuschia Terrace
Smith, Mrs., Sunnyside
Sowerby, Lady Mabel, Myrtle Lodge
Stevens, J. R., Watch Maker, Jeweller, Motor and Cycle Agent
Stevenson, Thos., dairyman and farmer, Carnicavil
Stranahan, Mrs., St. Leonard's
Stewart, Miss, The Hut
Stretton, Miss, apartments, Strand View
Stuart, John, & Co., linen drapers, Bernagh

Teer, John, steam tug proprietor and trawler
Teer, Mrs., apartments, Eglinton Terrace
Thompson, Joseph, Imperial Laundry, King Street
Thompson, Mrs. N., Clara Villa
Thornton, Alex., posting establishment and farmer, Hyland Lodge No. 1
Thornton, Joseph, Family Grocer, Provisions, Wines and Spirits, Hardware and Seed Merchant
Tyndale, Tyndale, C. H. J., Iveagh Terrace

Vint, Miss, organist, Lifeboat Villas

Wallace, Col. R. H., C.B., D.L., Waterfoot House
Walsh, Miss, Marathon Private Hotel
Ward, Kate M., drapery, millinery, and dressmaking
Ward, John, butcher, Murlough
Warne, Walter, Anchor Lodge, Agent for Houses and Apartments
Watson, Mrs., Weatherall Cottage
Watterson, J., Maghera, farmer
Westerman, Miss, apartments, Chapel Lodge
Wilkinson, Robert, postman
Wilson, Mrs., Edenville
Wilson, J., retired sergeant-major, King Street
Woods, Robert, Clonallon Terrace
Woodward, Rev. G. Otway, The Rectory

Young, George W., J.P., agent for Captain Percy Meade, D.L., and Miss Marion C. Wakefield, Mount Norris


County Court Judges - Armagh and Louth - His Honour Judge Green; Down - His Honour Judge Orr
Post Office, Hill Street - Postmaster and stamp distributor, Thomas Bernard Keefe.  Sugar Island branch office - Mr. James Trimble, postmaster.  William Street branch office - Miss Bond, postmistress
Member for the borough - J. J. Mooney, Esq., 1Killiney, Co. Dublin
Local Magistrates - The Earl of Kilmorey, Mourne Park, Kilkeel; R. G. Bull, R.M., Altnaveigh House; Henry Thomson, D.L., J.P., Scarvagh House, Scarva; J. Q. Henry, Mourne Abbey, Kilkeel; Colonel Edmund J. T. Ross of Bladensburg; Arthur A. McCann, Brae-side; Professor R. J. Anderson, M.A., M.D., Beechhill; Col. Maguire, Colonel Sir John Ross of Bladensburg, Rostrevor; E. Greer, Col-a-more, Dalkey, Dublin; C. E. T. Leslie, Killowen; P. G. Carvill, Barrister-at-Law, London; J. J. McArevey, David Martin, Littleton, Newry; Abraham Wilson, Downshire Road; W. Davies, Belfast; Saml. Gordon, Mountkearney; F. O'Hagan, Margaret Street; James S. Glenny, Glenville, Ardarragh; A. F. Campbell, Dromore Lodge, Warrenpoint; Captain O'Neill, Killowen; James M. McClenaghan, Rathfriland; Hon. A. S. G. Canning, The Lodge, Rostrevor; Henry Loughran, Newry; Thomas O'Hare, Bessbrook; Luke Cranny, Ringclare, Newry; Col. Alex. Acton, Poyntzpass; R. S. Corbett, Lisnacreevy House, Rathfriland; J. Orr, A. Gordon, P. J. Finegan, M.D., Carlingford; J. Quinn, B. A. Palmer, M.D.; J. Hanratty, H. McFarran, J. Kennedy, John Toman, J. McGeeney, W. Bartley, J. L. Devenish Meares, C.E.; P. J. Shaw, P. Lavery, M. Smyth, Captain Roger Hall, D.L., Narrowwater Castle; John Gordon, T. W. Brooks, J. F. Greene, John Edgar Connor, Warrenpoint; Major A. Nugent, Rostrevor; John Harland, Bessbrook; Wm. J. Robb, Drumhoney; Col. Mansergh, Warrenpoint; Dr. W. W. Glenny, Warrenpoint; A. Turrettin, Rostrevor; H. A. Magenis, Poyntzpass; Arthur McEvoy, Glen, Jerritzpass; Dr. M. J. McCartan, Rostrevor; Major M. Close, Drumbanagher; Major Harden, Kilbodagh; Chas. O'Hare, Newry; W. H. B. Moorhead, Carmeen and Newry; P. J. Kean, M.D., Newry; G. B. Morgan, Rostrevor; Colonel Maguire, Samuel Paxton Cowan, James Rooney, Mountmills; Francis Radford, Rostrevor; Edward Pedlow, The Square, Warrenpoint; Geo. R. Armstrong, Canal Street, Newry; H. H. McConville, Caulfield Terrace, Newry


Robert A. Mullan (R. A. Mullan & Son), office, Trevor Hill; residence, Cairn Hill; Carey & Harris, Marcus Square, residence, Diveragh; A. Gartlan, Needham Place; H. Moore, Hill Street; J. Francis Small, Hill Street; Wm. Johnson, Marcus Square; W. H. Fowler, Trevor Hill; O'Hare & O'Hagan, Hill Street; F. Mullan, Trevor Hill; Sydney Glenny, Needham Place, Newry; John Cowan, McAllister's Terrace; Fisher & Fisher, Needham Place; Wray & Donnelly, Hill Street; E. Hanratty, Hill Street; J. Henry Collins, Hill Street; Andrew Cromie, Hill Street


S. E. Martin, Trevor Hill; Howard Crossle, Trevor Hill; B. Beamish, M.D., Trevor Hill; Professor Anderson, J.P., M.D., Beech Hill; H. W. Smartt, M.D., Trevor Hill; J. McAvoy, M.D., Abbey Yard; J. Kean, Needham Place; Thomas Cronin, Corry Square; R. Flood, Queen Street; H. Grant, Needham Place, Newry

Urban District Council - North Ward - W. H. B. Moorehead, J.P.; Alexander Fisher, T. P. Willis, Robert Kerr, David Bennett, A. Meares, solicitor.  South ward - Peter Lamb, Terence Ruddy, John Brown, J. T. Cardwell, Dr. John Kean, J.P.; Daniel Dowdall.  West Ward - J. McEvoy, H. J. McConville, R. McCaffrey, Denis Neary, Peter Crilly, Robert O'Rorke.  Town Hall Committee - T. P. Willis, Robert O'Rorke, John Brown, Peter Lambe, and Daniel Dowdall.  Street and Works Committee - Dr. John Kean, J.P. (chairman); J. Brown, A. W. Devinish-Meares, Denis Neary, Terence Ruddy, John McEvoy, David Bennett.  Law Committee - P. McCaffrey, A. W. Devenish-Meares, Thos. P. Willis, Denis Neary, David Bennett, Peter Lambe, J. McEvoy, Terence Ruddy, Joseph T. Cardwell.  Public Library Committee - Councillors - A. W. Devenish-Meares, Hugh J. McConville, J.P.; Peter Lambe, Peter Crilly, Denis Neary, Patrick McCaffery, D. Bennett, Joseph T. Cardwell, Robert O'Rorke, D. Dowdall.  Ratepayers - Rev. Wm. Moore, B.D.; John J. McArevey, J.P.; John F. Small, W. D. Watt, John Stokes, Rev. D. V. O'Hagan, C.C.; Hugh McCaffery, Henry Loughran, J.P.; Samuel J. Murray (sec.)  Finance Committee - T. P. Willis (chairman), Peter Lambe, J. T. Cardwell, Robt. O'Rorke, T. P. Ledlie, P. McCaffery, D. Bennett, D. Dowdall.  Water Committee - Daniel Dowdall, Robert O'Rorke, J. T. Cardwell, Terence Ruddy, Peter Crilly, A. W. Devenish-Meares, T. P. Willis.  Fire Brigade Committee - All the members of the Water Committee along with the following ratepayers:- Messrs. James Heather, and Walter Scott.  Public Health Committee - All the members of the Urban District Council.  Gas Committee - Daniel Dowdall (chairman), John Brown, Patk. McCaffery, Peter Lambe, David Bennett, D. Neary, A. W. Devenish-Meares, Robert O'Rorke, Terence Ruddy.  Urban School Attendance Committee - Appointed by Local Authority - Felix O'Hagan, jun.; Chas. A. Mark, H. Loughran, J.P.; H. J. McConnell, J.P.  Appointed by Commissioners of National Education - Rev. Wm. Moore, B.D. (chairman); rev. Joseph Doyle, Adm. (vice-chairman); Rev. W. G. Strahan, B.A.: Rev. S. Smartt, M.A.  Urban Distress Committee - From Urban Council - P. McCaffery, H. J. McConville, J.P.; Dr. J. Kean, J.P.  From Guardians - Mrs. Green, Henry Loughran, J.P.; Daniel J. Keating.  Persons experienced in relief of distress - Mrs. Gartlan, John Stokes.  Old-Age Pension Committee - All the members of the Urban District Council.  Urban Technical Instruction Committee - Councillors - P. McCaffery, D. Neary, D. Dowdall, Terence Ruddy, D. Bennett, R. O'Rorke, P. Crilly, George Auterson, Peter Lambe, Dr. John Kean, J.P.  Ratepayers - Rev. W. Moore, B.D.; Rev. J. Doyle, Adm.; John Stokes, Dr. S. E. Martin, A. McCann, J.P.; J. J. McArevey, J.P.; H. Loughran, J.P.; Charles S. O'Hare, J.P.; James Morgan, John F. Small
Rate Collector - James McCann
Town Clerk - William M. Cronin
Town Surveyor - C. Blaney
Gas Works - B. Gibson, manager; J. Watt, secretary; Terence Rice, collector


Church of Ireland - St. Mary's Parish Church.  Hill Street - Rev. Samuel Smartt, A.M., vicar of Newry
St. Patrick's Church - Incumbent, Rev. Wm. Moore, B.D.
Presbyterian Church, Sandys Street - Minister, Rev. W. G. Strahan, M.A.  Downshire Road - Minister, Rev. J. G. Paton, M.A., B.D.
Methodist Church, Sandys Street - Ministers, Rev. Wm. M. Coade, superintendent (Newry); Rev. Wm. T. Clarke (Warrenpoint), Moses Douglas (Bessbrook), Saml. Dunlop (Rostrevor)
Unitarian Church, Needham Place - Rev. G. J. Slipper
Riverside (Covenanting) - Rev. T. B. McFarlane
Cathedral, Hill Street - Most Rev. Henry O'Neill, D.D., Ardmaine; rev. Joseph Doyle, Adm.; Rev. Daniel Grant, Rev. T. McGrath, Rev. J. Fitzpatrick, Rev. Daniel V. O'Hagan, Rev. D. Toman, Rev. F. O'Hare
Roman Catholic Chapel, Chapel Street - Rev. D. Toman
Salvation Army Citadel, Trevor Hill - Captain Keaney
Dominican Church, Queen Street - Rev. D. B. Falvey, O.P. (Prior); Rev. D. Kieran, Rev. F. McGovern


Newry No. 2 School Attendance Committee - Rev. James Meeke (chairman), Kingsmills; Rev. E. F. Alworthy, M.A., Mullaglass; Rev. W. F. Johnson, A.M., Acton Glebe, Poyntzpass; Rev. P. A. Vallely, P.P., White Cross; Thomas O'Hare, J.P. (vice-chairman), Bessbrook; Edward Nugent, J.P., Forkhill; Samuel Monaghan, Munhurris; James McQuaid, Newry; James McGuill, Dromantee; Joseph Garland, White Cross.  School Attendance Officer, R. Lockhart, Jerritzpass; secretary, J. P. Bell, Newry
Union Workhouse (Counties Down and Armagh) - Twenty seven electoral divisions. Dispensary doctors, Henry W. Smartt, M.D., and R. Flood, Newry; Theodore Bell, Warrenpoint; B. A. Palmer, M.D., Mullaglass; J. P. J. McGivern, Donaghmore; Laverty, Rathfriland, W. R. MacDermott, Poyntzpass; T. O'Riordan, Meigh; R. McC. Potts, Forkhill; G. M. Irvine, Mountmorris.  Medical Officer of workhouse, S. E. Martin, M.D.  Chaplains, Revs. Henry Todd, M.A., Church of Ireland; Rev. Jas. Mulligan, Presbyterian; Canon McNally, Roman Catholic; clerk, J. P. Bell; solicitor, Alex. Gartlan; master, T. J. Greenan; matron, Mrs. J. Wauchope
Board of Guardians - Chairman, John Toman, J.P., Rathfriland; vice-chairman, James McQuaid, Carnagat; deputy vice-chairman, William Bradford, Ringolish, Donaghmore, Newry; Hugh McEvoy, Cloghoge, Fathom P.O., Newry; Thomas O'Hare, J.P., Bessbrook; John Mulholland, Knockavannon, Newtownhamilton; Michael McBennett, Carrowmannon, Belleek; John McLoughlin, Tullyah, Belleek; J. O'Callaghan, Lisseraw, Camlough; B. Morgan, Stang, Cabra; Jas. Lockhart, Alderside, Newry; Wm. J. Cleland, Basin Walk, Newry; H. Loughran, J.P., Downshire Road, Newry; Daniel Murtagh, Hill Street, Newry; Wm. J. Fisher, Ballyreagh, Poyntzpass; William Byrne, Burren, Warrenpoint; Michael Hourican, Duke Street, Warrenpoint; James McAleavey, Lenish, Rathfriland; Falkiner B. Small, Island House, Poyntzpass, Newry; Stephen Toman, J.P., Rathfriland; John Lennon, Ballydoo, Rathfriland; Michael Cornelius Larkin, Carrickasticken, Forkhill; Edward Nugent, Shean, Forkhill; Patrick Bradley, Cleomack, Hilltown; J. McGuill, Dromintee, Jonesborough; Terence Quinn, Newtown, Killeavy; Edward Kinney, Killeen, Flurry Bridge, Newry; B. Collins, Carricknagavana, Millabawn, Co. Armagh; Patk. Tierney, Lathbirget, Mullabawn, Co. Armagh; Samuel Monaghan, Kilcoo, Mountnorris, Co. Armagh; J. Lockhart, Knockduff, Jerritzpass, Co. Armagh; T. J. Hale, Carnacally, Mountmorris; Michael Walsh, Grinan, Newry, Co. Down; Henry Cooney, Aughincirk, Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh; Felix O'Hare, East Street, Warrenpoint, Co. Down; P. J. Neary, River Street, Newry; John Fras. Small, Hill Street, Newry; Mrs. Mary A. Green, Chapel Street, Newry; Robert Whiteside, Drumbanagher, Co. Armagh; John Toman, J.P., Rathfriland, Co. Down; Luke Cranny, J.P., Ringclare House, Newry, Co. Down; Arthur McEvoy, Drum miller, Newry; Jas. Kinney, Drummond, Tullyhappy, Mountnorris; Peter O'Hare, Mayo Bridge, Newry; Charles Grant, Mayo Bridge, Newry; Robert Rowland, New Street, Newry; William J. Gibson, Leish, Jerritzpass; James Goodman, Leitrim, Hilltown; Daniel Finnegan, Faughilotra, Jonesborough; John Brady, Cecil Street, Newry; Edward Byrne, Ballyesland, Warrenpoint; James A. Bell, Canal Street, Newry; Mrs. Agnes Boyd, Needham Street, Newry; P. Connelly, jun., Benagh, Mayobridge, Newry; Michael McAnuff, Castle Enigan, Newry; T. Carson, Tullyquilly, Rathfriland; T. Malcolmson, Ouley, Ardarragh.  Co-opted members Edward Fegan, Drumgreenagh, Rathfriland, Co. Down; James Kerr, Ballyholland Upper, Newry, Co. Down; Hubert Murphy, Main Street, Rathfriland, Co. Down; Francis McParland, Deburren, Camlough, Co. Armagh; Wm. J. Hanna, Ballydoherty, Poyntzpass, Co. Armagh; David Alexander, Glen Hill House, Poyntzpass, Co. Armagh.
Rural District Council No. 1 - Chairman, Stephen Toman, J.P., Rathfriland; vice-chairman, Patrick Bradley, Hilltown; Bernard Morgan, Stang, Cabra; Edw. Byrne, Ballydesland, Warrenpoint; John Byrne, Clontafleece, Warrenpoint; James McAleavey, Lenish, Rathfriland; Falkiner B. Small, Island House, Poyntzpass; William Bradford, Ringolish, Donaghmore, Co. Down; Stephen Toman, Rathfriland; John Lennon, Ballydoo, Mayo Bridge, Co. Down; Patrick Bradley, Cleomack, Hilltown, Co. Down; William Byrne, Burren, Warrenpoint, Co. Down; Michael Walsh, Grinan, Newry, Co. Down; John Toman, J.P., Rathfriland, Co. Down; Luke Cranny, J.P., Ringclare House, Newry; Arthur McEvoy, Drumiller, Jerritzpass, Newry; Peter O'Hare, Mayo Bridge, Newry; Chas. Grant, Mayo Bridge, Newry; John F. Small, Hill Street, Newry; Patrick Connolly, jun., Benagh, Mayo Bridge, Co. Down; James Goodman, Leitrim, Hilltown, Co. Down; Thomas Malcolmson, Ouley, Ardarragh, Co. Down; Michael McAnuff, Castle Enigan, Ardarragh, Newry; Thomas Carson, Rathfriland, Co. Down..  Co-opted members - Hubert Murphy, Main Street, Rathfriland; Edw. Fegan, Drumdrinagh, Rathfriland; James Kerr, Ballyholland Upper, Newry
Rural District Council No. 2 - Chairman, Edward Nugent, Esq., J.P.; vice-chairman, Samuel Monaghan, Esq.; Hugh McEvoy, Cloughoge, Fathom P.O., Newry; Jas. McQuaid, Carnagat, Newry; T. O'Hare, J.P., Bessbrook; John Mulholland, Knockavannon, Newtownhamilton; M. Bennett, Carrowmannon, Belleek; John McLoughlin, Drumilly, Belleek; John O'Callaghan, Lisseraw, Camlough; Michael Cornelius Larkin, Carrickasticken, Forkhill; Edward Nugent, J.P., Shean, Forkhill; William J. Fisher, Ballyrea, Poyntzpass, Co. Armagh; James McGuill, Dromintee House, Newry; Terence Quinn, Newtown, Killeavy, Co. Armagh; Ed. Kinney, J.P., Killeen House, Flurry Bridge, Newry; Bernard Collins, Carricknagavana, Mullabawn, County Armagh; Patrick Tierney, Lathbirget, Mullabawn, Co. Armagh; Samuel Monaghan, Kilcon, Mountnorris, Co. Armagh; Thomas J. Hale, Cornagrally, Mountnorris; Jas. Lockhart, Alderside, Newry; Robt. Whiteside, Drumbanagher, Co. Armagh; John Lockhart, Knockduff, Jerritzpass; Daniel Finnegan, Faughil-Otra, Jonesborough, Co. Armagh; James Kinney, Drummond, Jerritzpass, Newry; Henry Cooney, Aughincurk, Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh; William J. Gibson, Leist, Jerritzpass, County Armagh.  Members co-opted - David Alexander, Glen Hill House, Poyntzpass, Co. Armagh; Wm. J. Hanna, Ballydoherty, Poyntzpass, Co. Armagh; Fras. McParland, Deburren, Camlough, Co. Armagh
Coroners for the Newry Division - Armagh, John Francis Small, solicitor, Newry; Down, A. Heron, M.D., J.P., Rathfriland
Customs - Newry - Collector, Receiver of Wreck, Superintendent of Mercantile Marine, J. Hutchinson, Customs Warehouse, Merchants' Quay, Canal Quay, and Monaghan Street
Collector of Customs - J. Hutchinson
Surveyor of Income Tax - A. Tappey, clerk; William Orr, jun.
Inland Revenue - Officers, T. H. O'Connell and T. Sheane
Consuls - W. F. Redmond, Norway, Sweden and Denmark; J. Stokes, Germany
Veterinary Portal Inspection - W. C. M. Smith, Portal Inspector; Terence Magee and Hugh McGovern, licensing officers
Registrars of Births and Deaths - Newry, H. W. Smartt, M.D.; R. Flood and Jas. Thompson, Superintendent Registrar, William R. Bell, clerk of the union; assistant clerk of the union, Joseph P. Bell
County Surveyor (Down) - James Heron
Assistant County Surveyor - J. C. McCandless, Omeath
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agents, Wm. H. Coleman, Belfast Bank; Richard Egan, 28 Monaghan Street; Thos. D. Gallagher, 17 and 19 Merchants' Quay; Edwin Harris, LL.B., Marcus Square; and William Cronin, Town Hall
Newry Port and Harbour Trust - Secretary, G. R. Armstrong, J.P.; cashier, F. McCoy; harbour master, J. McVeigh; inland inspector, J. R. Monaghan; consulting engineer, V. O'Connell; practical engineer, John McClelland, jun. Trustees, T. Irwin (chairman); Arthur McCann, J.P. (vice-chairman); Richard O'Hagan, Robt. Sands, John J. McArevey, J.P.; Hugh McCaffrey, Henry Loughran, J.P.; Felix O'Hagan, U.C.; John Quinn, Hugh J. McConville, Frank Fisher, Patrick McCaffrey, Robert Long, F. W. Harris, John Stokes
Quinn Charity - Offices, Trevor Hill; Geo. R. Armstrong, J.P., secretary
Great Northern Railway Co. - Stationmasters - Edward Street, J. F. Agnew; Dublin Bridge, J. Maginnis; Warrenpoint, W. T. Browne
Dundalk, Newry, and Greenore Railway Company - F. N. Bamford, manager. Stationmaster, W. E. Mathews, Bridge Street
Notaries Public - Hunter Moore, solicitor, Needham Place
Commissioners for Improvement of Carlingford Lough - Office, Newsroom, Hill Street, and Greenore. Secretary, James Thompson
Commissioners for Taking Affidavits for the Supreme Court of Judicature - William M. Cronin, Town Clerk; and Robert Erskine, petty sessions clerk
Admiralty Commissioner, and Coroner for the Southern Division of County Armagh - John Francis Small, solicitor, Hill Street
Petty Sessions Office for Newry and Ballybot, Hill Street - Robert Erskine, clerk
Newry Fever Hospital, Rathfriland Road - Secretary, R. A. Mullan; treasurer, Geo. R. Johnston, Bank of Ireland; physician, B. Beamish, M.D., Trevor Hill
Bessbrook and Newry Electric Railway Company - Robert Caven, manager
The Magistrates' Office, Hill Street, William M. Cronin, clerk; M. Walsh, summons-server
A petty sessions court is held in the Courthouse - Robert Erskine, clerk; J. Dowd, summons server
District Inspector R.I.C. - William Irwin, Hyde Market; Canal Street, Head Constable Cregg; Hyde Market, Sergt. Macnamara; Church Street, Act.-Sergt. Beacon
Newry Fire Brigade - James Heather, Water Street Captain
Newry Technical School - Committee of Management; Chairman, John J. McArevey, J.P.; Councillors - A. McCann, J.P.; Hugh McCaffery, Rev. Wm. Moore, B.D.; John Stokes, S. E. Martin, M.A.,. M.D.; James Morgan, H. Loughran, J.P.; John McEvoy, G. Auterson, Rev. Joseph Doyle, Adm.; Dr. John Kean, J.P.; Patrick McCaffery, D. Neary, A. W. Devenish-Meanes, John Brown, Peter Crilly, Peter Lamb, Felix O'Hagan, jun.; H. J. McConville, J.P.; Chas. S. O'Hare, J.P.; Thos. Smith, J. F. Small; principal and organiser, E. Holden.  Teachers - Miss Teresa M. Kelly, domestic subjects; Miss Minnie Nagle, art mistress; Miss M. Laverty, dressmaking; Mr. W. H. Hennessy, bookkeeping and business routine; John Sanderson, teacher of shorthand, mathematics, engineering and allied subjects, James F. Chapman, M.Sc.; hon. lecturer on ambulance and first aid to the injured, Dr. S. E. Martin, M.A.; Mr. J. C. Davis, London School of Economics; teacher of Irish, Jas. Mulligan; teacher of French, Mrs. M. Cronin; teacher of bread working, D. Young; with staff of qualified assistants in various departments of the school
Young Men's Institute, Reading Room, Hill Street Commercial Newsroom, Hill Street
Protestant Reading Room, Downshire Road - Hon. sec., Wm. Orr
Working Men's Reading Room, The Mall
The Newry Rowing Club, Green Bank - Secretary, T. R. Ledlie
Newry Total Abstinence Society - John Haldane, secretary
Masonic Hall, Downshire Road - S. Dobbin, caretaker
Newry Commercial Club - Secretaries, T. D. Gallagher and R. Brown


"Newry Telegraph" - Office, 48 Hill Street.  "Newry Reporter" - office, New Street, Robt. Sands, proprietor.  The "Frontier Sentinel" (weekly) - Office, Needham Place, Newry; proprietors, North-West of Ireland Printing and Publishing Co., Omagh


Victoria Hotel, Hill Street, Newry; Imperial Hotel, Marcus Square, Newry - P. J. Casey, proprietor; Newry Hotel, Corry Square - Mrs. Heaney; proprietress


Bank of Ireland, Trevor Hill - S. W. Lampeir, agent; Herbert Reginald Fleming, cashier
Northern Bank, Trevor Hill - J. A. Newell, manager; John Mitchell, cashier; J. L. Millen, accountant; D. H. McHenry
Belfast Bank, Hill Street - W. H. Coleman, manager; J. Dickson, cashier
Provincial Bank, Hill Street - J. H. Richardson, manager; accountant, G. Meyrick; cashier, J. Light-Gordon; clerk, J. H. Muirhead


Intermediate School - Headmaster, William Stoops, B.A.; S. D. Stoops, B.A., classics; Miss Warnock, modern languages kindergarten, Miss Lyons; music, Mrs. White
Windsor Hill Schools - Male - Principal, Mr. Wilson.  Female - Principal and assistant, The Misses Wright
Ballybot National School - Mr. Purdy
Newry Model School - Boys; school - Henry Scott, head master; G. T. Haslam, assistant.  Girls' school - Miss J. Black, principal; Mrs. Rainey, assistant.  Infants' school - Miss M. Armstrong, Miss E. Lockhart
Christian Brothers' Schools - J. P. Serghegan, superior; J. L. Scully, J. M. Keegan, J. D. Henley, M. T. Hayes, J. M. McDonnell, G. Moloney
St. Colman's College, Violet Hill - Rev. Hugh O'Reilly, B.A., M.R.I.A., president;  Rev. Wm. Ronan and Rev. M. Gallogly, B.A., professors; Thos. Adams, drawing master


Abernethy, W., photographer, Hill Street
Adams, Miss, Barrack Street
Adams, R., 6 Margaret Street
Adams, Wm., jun., carpenter, Sugar Island
Adams, Wm., painter, 24 Sandys Street
Adamson, Gilbert, grocer, Water Street
Adamson, John, mechanic, Glen Hill
Alderdice, G. F., Downshire Place (Duncan, Alderdice & Co.)
Alderdice & Co., wholesale tea dealers, grocers, and provision merchants, 33 Merchants' Quay
Allen, Mrs., Caulfield Terrace
Allison, Messrs., portrait and commercial photographers, dealers in fine art, photographic and artists' materials, Hill Street
Anderson, Mrs., South End Terrace
Anderson, Professor, M.A., M.D., J.P., Beechhill, Newry
Armour, R., Canal Bank, foundry proprietor
Armstrong, George, secretary Newry Port Harbour Trust, Lisdrum House
Armstrong, Miss, Edward Street
Auterson & Co., grocers, Hill Street

Baird, Hugh, town postman, Cowan Street
Ballinacraig, Granite Works - W. J. Sturgeon, proprietor
Balmer, Thomas, farmer, Kiln Street
Balmer, Robert, carrier, 1 Chapel Lane
Barr, Andrew, grocer, Canal Street
Barron, Wm., provision merchant, Monaghan Street
Barry, M., glass, china and stoneware merchant ands dealer, Mill Street
Beamish, Benjamin, physician, Trevor Hill
Beck, A., hairdresser and perfumer, Hill Street
Bell, James, "Newry Reporter," Canal Street
Bell, John, verger, Cathedral, Lower Water Street
Bell, W. R., clerk Newry Union Workhouse, and Rural Councils; No. 1 and 2; res., Tower Hill
Belton, Owen, hardware merchant, Mill Street
Bennett Bros., potato merchants, Canal Quay
Bennett, Francis, dealer, New Street
Bennett, Patrick, seed merchant, Canal Street
Bennett, Peter, carman, Lower Water Street
Bennett, Peter, dealer, New Street
Best, Miss, 6 Talbot Street
Black, Mrs., grocer, Monaghan Street
Boden, Mrs., spirit dealer, Lower Water Street and Hill Street
Boland, J., Windsor Hill
Boland, Patrick, High Street
Bond, The Misses, Music Sellers and Musical Instrument Dealers, William Street
Bonynge, John, editor and manager, "Newry Telegraph"; residence, Glena, Dublin Road
Boyd, David, boot maker, Stream Street
Boyd, John, gateman, 3 Talbot Street
Boyd, John, grocer, Downshire Road
Boyle Bros., family grocers, tea, wine, spirit and provision merchants, Hill Street
Boyle, Christopher, car man, Kilmorey Street
Boyle, John, grocer and publican, Hill Street
Bradley, Christopher, carman, Kilmorey Street
Bradley, Geo., comm. traveller, Dublin Road
Bradley, James, carpenter, Dromore Burren P.O.
Bradley, Wm., dealer, Hill Street
Brady, John, carpenter, Cecil Street
Brady, Mrs., Dromalane Road
Brannigan, Peter, baker, Boat Street
Brodigan, Joseph, clerk, Caulfield Place
Brothers, John, Cecil Street
Brown, Edward, farmer, Church Street
Brown, Chas., plumber, Merchant's Quay
Brown, John, architect, Kilmorey Street
Bryson, Miss, Canal Quay
Bulger, E., confectioner, Castle Street
Burke, John, lamp lighter, Chapel Street
Burnett, M., jeweller, Hill Street
Butler, Thomas, grocer, Bridge Street
Byrne, Chas., carpenter, Chapel Street
Byrne, Hugh, mason, Market Street
Byrne, J., victualler, Hill Street
Byrne, John, ironmonger, Hill Street
Byrne, Mrs. E. A., funeral undertaker, 21 Lower Water Street
Byrne, Mrs., publican, Margaret Street
Byrne, Thomas, publican, Kilmorey Street

Cahill, Owen F., draper, Hill Street
Cairns, Patrick, carpenter, Chapel Street
Caldwell, John, stone cutter, Church Street
Campbell, Alex. F., quarry owner, polishing works, Commons
Campbell, Bernard, butcher, Upper North Street
Campbell, Edward, shoe maker, High Street
Campbell, Robert, miller, Queen Street
Cardwell, Joseph T., auctioneer and cattle salesman, Edward Street
Cardwell, Thomas, billposter and almanack publisher, Canal Street
Carr, Michael, carpenter, Cecil Street
Carroll, Bernard, tailor, Church Street
Carroll, Thos., shoe maker, Cowan Street
Carty, James E., funeral undertaker, Market Street
Cartmill, Richard, Furniture, Hardware and Marine Dealer, and Cycle Dealer
Carvill, John, Downshire Road
Casey, Jas., publican, Boat Street
Casey, Patrick, sea captain, Cecil Street
Cassidy, Thos., basket maker, Upper North Street
Cavanagh, James, sawyer, Monaghan Row
Chambers, A., 11 Talbot Street
Chambers, M., labourer, 24 Sandys Street
Chambers, Thos., plasterer, Penguin Place
Clark, Samuel, grocer, Hill Street
Clarke, Samuel, saddler, Water Street
Clarke, W. & Son, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, Hill Street
Clarke, T. J., clerk, Crieve
Cleland, W. J., commission agent, Basin Walk
Colghan, Robert, mechanic, Bridge Street
Collins, Edward, butcher, Castle Street
Collins, Henry, 5 Hill Street
Collins, John, pensioner, High Street
Collins, Joseph, butcher, North Street
Collins, William, victualler, ships supplied, etc., North Street
Colvin, Misses, Shelbourne Restaurant, Hill Street
Colwell, Robert, clerk, Bridge Street
Conagh, Phillip, fitter, Kilmorey Street
Connell, ex-sergt. R.I.C., Talbot Street
Connolly, Bernard, slater, Castle Street
Connolly, James, furniture dealer, Castle Street
Connolly, James, town inspector, Caulfield Place
Connolly, Patrick, publican, Hill Street
Conolly, Peter, fireman, Caulfield Place
Connor, George W., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., and L.D.S. (Lond.), Dental Surgeon, 77 Hill Street; res., Bayview, Warrenpoint
Connor, J. E., J.P., Bayview, Warrenpoint
Connor, S., & Sons, chemists, drug and Oil importers, 77, 79 and 19 Hill Street
Connor, W. H., Hill Street; res., Bayview, Warrenpoint
Convery, Edward, carter, Castle Street
Convery, P. J., grocer, 27 Catherine Street
Copeland, George, house agent, Canal Street
Copeland, Robt., foreman, "Newry Telegraph" residence, Erskine Street
Corcoran, Mrs., chine merchant, Hill Street
Corkey, John, relieving officer, Caulfield Place
Coughlin, M., clerk, Rooney's Terrace
Coulter, The Misses, Berlin Wool and Fancy emporium, Sugar Island
Courtney, James, shoe maker, McAllister's Terrace
Courtney, Wm. J., law clerk, Trevor Hill; res., Warrenpoint
Cowan, Isaac, farmer, High Street
Cowan, Jas., potato dealer and grocer, Cowan Street
Cowan, John, solicitor, McAllister's Terrace
Craig & Co., grocers, tea, seed and provision merchants, 4, 5 Kildare Street
Craigmore Beetling and Weaving Mills, Craigmore; manager, R. Adams
Crawford, Denis, publican, Kilmorey Street
Crawford, Francis, butcher, Lower North Street
Creighton, Patrick, slater, Catherine Street
Crilley, Mrs., victualler, Water Street
Crilly, Patk., butcher, Sugar Island
Crilly, Peter, merchant, Queen Street
Crilly, Wm., grocer
Cromie, James, mill worker, Corn Market
Cromie, Patrick, engine driver, Cecil Street
Cronin, Dr. Corry Square
Cronin, Patrick, manager, Corry Square
Cronin, Patrick, jun., clerk, Dromolane Road
Cronin, William M., Town Clerk
Crothers, R., draper, Sugar Island
Crowreagh Granite Quarry Co. Ltd., sawing, polishing and ornamental work, Lower Catherine Street
Crozier, John, carpenter, Erskine Street
Cunningham, John, shoe maker, North Street
Cunningham, Mrs., grocer, Canal Street
Cunningham, T., family grocer, Canal Street
Curran, Edward, dealer, Canal Street
Curran, Henry, butcher, Lower Water Street
Curran, Owen, spade maker, Needham Street
Cusack, James, Canal Street
Cusack, James, clerk, Dromalane Road
Cusack, John, Barrister-at-Law, Hyde Terrace
Cuyler, Miss, Needham Street

Davey, Patrick, chandler, River Street
Davidson, R., grocery, Mill Street and Hill Street
Davis, Miss, Barrack Street
Day, Miss, Dromalane Road
D'Arcy, M., & Co., wine merchants and bonded store owners, Monaghan Street
Dealey, Joseph, agent South Armagh Registration Association, Bagot Street
Dealey, Mrs., servants' registry, Bagot Street
Delahunt, James, carpenter, Dromalane
Devine, Peter, lodging house keeper, Mill Street
Devlin, Charles, mason, Queen Street
Digney, Mrs., Kiln Street
Dobbin, Samuel, carpenter, Downshire Road
Dodds, Robert, clerk, Millview Terrace, Downshire Road
Dodds, William, Cowan Street
Doherty, James, police pensioner, Erskine Street
Donaldson, John, plumber, etc., Basin Walk
Donaldson, R., grocer, Hill Street; residence, Basin Walk
Donaldson, Thomas, clerk, Damolly
Donnelly, Jas., Advertisement Agent and Billposter, 6 Water Street
Donnelly, P., publican, Hill Street
Donnelly, Wm. J., shoe maker, Sugar Island
Doran, Michael J., tobacconist, Hill Street
Douglas, John, clerk, Sandys Street
Douglas, W., spade maker, Sandys Street
Dowdall, D., tanner, Hyde Market
Dowdall, Robt., publican, Boat Street
Dowdall, T. W., & Co., grocers, Monaghan Street
Downey, James, carter, Edward Street
Duncan, J., J.P., Downshire Road
Duffy, James, tailor, Mill Street
Duffy, Thomas, seaman, King Street
Dunwoody, Matthew, broker, Needham Street

Early, John, shoe maker, Queen Street
Egan, Richard, commission agent, Monaghan Street
Elliott, John, plumber, 7 Talbot Street
Emerson, J. E., stone polishing works, Sugar Island
Erly, Patrick, photographer, Queen Street
Erskine, Robt., petty sessions clerk, Canal Street
Evans, John J., boot merchant, Margaret Street
Ewen, William, foreman, Needham Street
Ewen & Sons, quarry owners, monumental works, Monaghan Street
Ewing, Robert, clerk, Bridge Street
Ewing, Wm., pensioner, Helen's Terrace

Falvey, Rev. D. B., O.P., The Priory, Queen Street
Farrell, James, grocer, Castle Street
Fealey, James, baker, McAlister's Terrace
Fealey, Wm. J., shoemaker, Mill Street
Fearon, Francis, plumber and gasfitter, North Street
Fearon, Thomas, miller, William Street
Feehan, Peter, hackler, Monaghan Street
Feehan, Peter, blacksmith, Chapel Street
Fegan, George, printer, Maginnis Street
Fegan, Hugh, publican, Water Street
Fegan, Mary, Kilmorey Street
Fegan, Patrick, tanner, Boat Street
Ferris, David, bookkeeper, Dublin Road
Ferris, Fred, merchant, Dublin Road
Ferris, James, Mill Street
Finch, Miss, Canal Street
Finch, Samuel, clerk, Canal Street
Fisher, A., solicitor, Dromalane
Fisher, Frank, Dromolane Road
Fisher, John, solicitor, Needham Place; res., Rostrevor
Fisher & Sons, ship agents, Quay
Fisher & Sons, timber, iron, slate, and cement importers, spade factory, Buttercrane Quay
Fitzpatrick, Edward, stone cutter, Church Street
Fitzpatrick, James, publican, Upper North Street
Fitzpatrick  Owen, coal merchant, Canal Bank
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, sen., slater, High Street
Fitzpatrick, Patk., jun., slater, High Street
Fitzpatrick, P., North Street
Fitzpatrick, Rev. James, Hill Street
Flack, Edmund W., comm. traveller, Canal Street
Flanigan, Hugh, fowl dealer, Monaghan Street
Flanigan, John, carter, Monaghan Row
Fleming, James, Michome, Corneyhaugh
Fleming, James, contractor, Canal Street
Flood, Dr., Queen Street
Flood, Mrs., wine merchant, Monaghan Street
Forde, James, tailor and outfitter, Hill Street; residence, Sandys Street
Forde, Misses, North Street
Forde, Thomas, grocer, Water Street
Forsythe, Joshua, pensioner, Barrack Street
Foster Ltd., drapers, etc., Hill Street
Foster, Ltd., boot merchants, 69 and 97 Hill Street
Foster, Robert (Foster Ltd.), Rockfort House, Windsor Hill
Fowler, W. H., solicitor, Trevor Hill
Fox, John, tailor, Kilmorey Street
Fox, Mrs., hairdresser, Hill Street

Gallagher, John, bellows maker, Lower Water Street
Gallagher, Robert, coach builder, Merchant's Quay
Gallogly, Mr., clerk, G.P.O., Caulfield Terrace
Gallogly, Thomas, caretaker, Monaghan Street
Gallogley, M., post office clerk, Caulfield Terrace
Gambell, Mrs., Sugar House Quay
Gamble, Miss, pawn brokers, North Street
Gartlan, Alexander, solicitor, Needham Place, residence, Downshire Road
Gawley, Bernard, blacksmith, Castle Street
Gibson, B., manager gas works, Kilmorey Street
Gill, John, insurance agent, Kilmorey Street
Gillespie, Wm., manager Loan Bank, Trevor Hill
Gilmour, Miss, Canal Street
Ginnity, John, bread server, Market Street
Ginniety, Thos., bread server, Market Street
Girvan, George, 2 Talbot Street
Glenny, J. S., Glenville
Golding, John, postman, Edward Street
Gordon, James, tailor, Church Street
Gordon, J. G., Provision Curer and General Merchant, Monaghan Street
Gordon, Joseph, grocer, North Street
Gordon, J. & R., grocers, North Street
Gordon, Robert, grocer, North Street
Gordon, Samuel, grocer, North Street
Gordon, Samuel, J.P., Mountkearney
Gordon, W. J., publican, Stream Street
Govers, R. H., Downshire Road
Gracey, Joseph, plumber, High Street
Gracey, J. S., local manager "Belfast Evening Telegraph," res., 13 Talbot Street
Graham, James, farmer, High Street
Graham, Wm., locomotive superintendent, Caulfield Place
Graham, Wm., clerk, Talbot Street
Grant, Hugh, Castle Street
Grant, James, hair dresser, Monaghan Street; agent for "Newry Telegraph"
Grant, James, farmer, Lisdrumgallion
Grant, Patrick, cabinet maker, Cecil Street
Gray, Andrew, & Son, letterpress and stationery, bookbinders, 2 Basin Walk
Greer, Henry, Bridge Street nurseries
Greer, Misses, Bridge Street
Gribben, Patrick, dealer, Kilmorey Street
Griffen, Michael, gas inspector, Chapel Street
Griffen, Mrs., bazaar and tea room, Sugar Island

Hadden, Samuel, tailor, Canal Street
Hagan, The Misses, confectioners, Hill Street
Haldane, John, manufacturer of tweeds, serges, friezes, blankets, rugs, shawls, etc., woollen factory, Merchants' Quay; res., Dromlane
Hale, James, publican, Hill Street and Kildare Street
Hall, W. F., draper, Hillside Terrace
Hamilton, John, caretaker, Town Hall, Kildare Street
Hamilton, John, Merchants' Quay
Hand, David, posting establishment, Sinclair Street
Hand, Mrs., grocer, Erskine Street
Hand, M., tailor, Canal Quay
Hand, Robert, clerk, Kilmorey Terrace
Hanna, Samuel, cooper, Mountpleasant
Hanna, S., Aileen Terrace
Hanna, Theobald, Chapel Street
Hannigan, Thomas, Kiln Street
Hanratty, Bernard, auctioneer, Hill Street; res., Dublin Road
Hanratty, Felix, van driver, King Street
Hanratty, Thomas, mason, Rooney's Terrace
Harding, Wm., contractor, Doran's Hill
Harris, Edwin, B.L., solicitor, Marcus Square; res., Divernagh
Harris, T., & Co., coach builders, Abbey Yard
Harris & Co., F. W., Dromalane; res., Dromalane
Harvey, George, carpenter, Cowan Street
Harvey, Harry, Cowan Street
Harvey, James, Cowan Street
Heather, James C., publican, Water Street
Heather, William, publican, Water Street
Hegan, Hugh, grocer and spirit merchant, 59 Lower North Street
Hegan, H., select flesher establishment, 34 Water Street
Hegan, Mrs., grocer, Sandys Street
Henderson, Sir James, D.L., Managing Trustee of the "Newry Telegraph, 48 Hill Street, and Belfast
Hendren, J., boot and shoe maker, The Mall
Hennessy, W. R. H., clerk, Dromalane Road
Henning, Andrew, wheelwright and general jobbing smith, Edward Street
Henning, Miss, Downshire Road
Henning, Miss, 4 Talbot Street
Heslip, George, compositor, Mountpleasant
Heslip, Robert, shoe maker, Stream Street
Holden, E., principal Newry Technical School, Sunnymede, Belgrave Road
Holland, Allen, Chequer Hill
Holmes, Wm., tailor, Marcus Square
Holt, Garnett W., clerk, Canal Quay
Hook, J., house proprietor, Courtenay Hill
Hudson, Robert J., auctioneer and valuer, The Mall
Hughes, John, fruiterer, Market Street
Hughes, Joseph, compositor, 1 Pool Lane
Hughes, Owen, mechanic, Thomas Street
Hughes, P., publican, Merchants' Quay
Hunter, Joe, Mountpleasant, Cowan Street
Hunter, John A., coal importer, shipwright and shipsmith, Buttercrane Quay
Hunter, Mrs., school teacher, Sandys Street
Huston, Rev. L. M., Trevor Hill
Hutchinson, James, postman, Mill Street
Hynes, John, publican, High Street

Irvine, Thomas, gardener, River Street
Irwin, Alfred, clerk, Canal Street
Irwin, George, clerk, River Street
Irwin, Joseph, & Co., booksellers; agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News" Hill Street
Irwin, Thomas (Martin, Nesbitt, & Irwin), Windsor Hill House
Irwin, William, wholesale and retail china, glass, and hardware merchant, Upper North Street and Hill Street, Newry
Iveagh Restaurant, Merchant's Quay

Johnston, Adam, emigration agent, 5 Corry Square
Johnston, Alex., carpenter, Ballinlare
Johnston, Joseph, carpenter, Barrack Street
Johnston, Samuel, builder and contractor, Queen Street
Johnson, Wm., solicitor, Marcus Square; residence, Warrenpoint

Kean, Dr. J., Needham Place
Kean, J., boot maker, St. Mary's Street
Kean, James, pensioner, Caulfield Place
Kearney, Bernard, mason, Lower North Street
Kearns, Hugh, baker, Boat Street
Kearns, Patrick, baker, Castle Street
Keating, D. J., Cecil Street
Keefe, Thomas B., postmaster, Dromalane
Keenan, Jas., railway porter, Caulfield Place
Keenan, J., dealer, Castle Street
Keenan, John, cattle dealer, High Street
Keenan, P., cattle dealer, King Street
Keenan, Thomas, cattle dealer, Mill Street
Kennedy, William J., compositor, Erskine Street
Kelly, Edward, publican, Mill Street
Kelly & Calvert, select family grocers, tea and wine merchants, The Golden Teapot
Kelly, Hugh, New Street
Kelly, John, moulder, New Street
Kelly, J., gardener, Upper Chapel Street
Kelly, J. R., Canal Street
Kelly, Mrs., publican, Sugar Island
Kelly, Owen, shoe maker, Aileen Terrace
Kelly, Patrick, Bell's Row
Kelly, Patrick, lodging house keeper, Lower North Street
Kelly, R. J., grocer, Canal Street
Kernaghan, Ben., carter, Barrack Street
Kerr, R., Newry Spinning Mills, Needham Street
Kinney, John, mason, Kiln Street

Labron, George, railway porter, Pound Street
Larkin, Charles, tailor, St. Mary Street
Larissey, Patrick, marine engineer, Basin View Terrace
Lavery, Matthew, postman, McAllister's Terrace
Lavery, Miss, dress maker, McAllister's Terrace
Lavery, Murtagh, carpenter, Catherine Street
Lavery, Patk., mill worker, Thomas Street
Ledlie, Robert, draper, North Street
Ledlie, Thomas P., & Co., drapers and tailors, North Street; res., Ashgrove
Lee, Wm., saddler, Monaghan Street
Leeson, J. E., draper, Hill Street
Leeson, Mrs., servants registry, Hill Street
Lenaghan, Wm., tanner, Boat Street
Lennon, John, painter, Market Street
Lennon, Thomas, grocer, High Street
Lennon, Wm., butcher, Cowan Street
Lipton, T. J., tea, coffee and provision merchants, Hill Street
Lithgow, R., Talbot Street
Little, Wm., auctioneer, North Street
Littlewood, J., Arthur Street
Livingston, B., coal merchant, Sugar Island
Livingston, Mrs., grocer, King Street
Lockhart, S., cycle agent, North Street
Long, Robert, & Son, tea merchants and select family grocers, Canal Street
Loughran, Henry, J.P., Downshire Road
Loughran, John, clerk, Monaghan Street
Loughran, Miss, Abbey Yard
Loughran, Mrs., ladies' nurse tender, King Street
Loughran, P., Queen Street
Lowans, Edward, shoe maker, Cowan Street
Lowans, Ed., jun., Orange Hall, Downshire Road
Loy, John, cork cutter, Bridge Street
Lundy, George, stone cutter, Church Street
Lundy, Michael, fruiterer, Mill Street
Lundy, William, butcher, Church Street
Lunhan, Miss, teacher, Erskine Street
Lynch, Theodore J., organist Dominican Church, Queen Street

Macmanus & Co., tailors, North Street
MacMillan, A. J., jeweller, etc., Hill Street
Madden, Wm., publican, Kiln Street
Magee, A., jun., carpenter, Canal Street
Magee, Thos., hardware merchant, Hill Street
Magee, Terence, Dromalane Cottage
Magee & Markey, boot and shoe warehouse, Newry, and Warrenpoint
Magennis, Edward, car owner, Kilmorey Street
Magowan, Robert, blacksmith, Canal Street
Magowan, Samuel, printer, Canal Street
Magowan, Wm., Rathfriland Road
Magowan, W. & S., stationers, booksellers and printers, Hill Street; agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Magrath, John, butcher, High Street
Magrath, Patrick, stone cutter, Pound Street
Maguire, Michael, brass moulder, Collins Row
Mahood, Alexander, builder and contractor, Monaghan Street
Maitland, J. J., clerk, Basin Walk
Mallon, Patrick, van driver, Cowan Street
Malone, Michael, tinsmith, High Street
Mann, Mrs., confectioner, Sugar Island
Mann, Robert G., Sandys Street
Markey, John, shoe maker, Hill Street
Markey, Thos., stone cutter, Boat Street
Marley, Peter, fish monger, Marcus Square, and The Mall
Marron, John, Mill Street
Marron, Patrick, Mill Street
Marron, Thomas J., Clerk of the Crown and Peace for the County of Armagh, residence, 2 Elgin Road, Dublin
Martin, David, J.P., Littleton
Martin, David J., signalman, Caulfield Place
Martin, Hugh, labourer, Queen Street
Martin, James, carter, Erskine Street
Martin, Miss, Hill Street
Martin, Nesbitt, & Irwin, tea and seed merchants, Hill Street
Martin, Patrick, clerk, Queen Street
Martin, Dr. S. E., Downshire Road
Martin, S. Edgar, M.D., Downshire Road
Massey, George H., tobacconist (best brands of Tobacco, Cigars, and Cigarettes), Hill Street
Masson, John, engine driver, Kiln Street
Mathers, Henry, Talbot Street
Mercer, James, jeweller and watch maker, Hill Street
Millar, James, painter, Needham Street
Milligan, Mrs., draper, North Street
Mines, Hugh, labourer, Castle Street
Moffett, John, manager, Trevor Hill
Moffitt, John, Talbot Street
Moloughney, J., seed merchant, King Street
Moneypeny, W. J., organist, Sandys Street
Mooney, Peter, gardener, Mill Street
Moor Quarries and Polishing Works, A. F. Campbell, J.P., proprietor; res., Dromore Lodge, Warrenpoint
Moore, F., & Co., grocers, Hill Street
Moore, Geo., clerk, Corry Square
Moore, Hunter J., solicitor, Newry; res., North Lodge, Downshire Road
Moore, Jos., furniture dealer, North Street
Moore, B.D., Rev. Wm., St. Patrick's Parsonage, Corry Square
Moore & Dunwoody, shipping agents and coal merchants, Merchants Quay
Moorhead, W. H. B., Carnmeen
Moorehead, Wm., railway guard, Chequer Hill
Morgan, James, publican, Monaghan Street
Morgan, John, clerk G.N.R., Edward Street; res., Canal Street
Morgan, Michael, green grocer, Monaghan Street
Morgan, William, Water Street
Morrow, S. J., grocer, William Street
Mulgrew, J., butter and egg merchant, Monaghan Street
Mulholland, P., traveller, River Street
Mullan, E., stone dresser, Upper North Street
Mullan, F. H., solicitor, Trevor Hill; residence, Cairn Hill
Mullan, Peter, draper and tobacconist, Hill Street
Mullan, R. A., solicitor, Trevor Hill; residence, Cairn Hill
Mullan, William, stone cutter, Pound Street
Murphy, Frank, clerk, Kilmorey Street
Murphy, George, fowl dealer, Market Street
Murphy, James, wholesale and retail spirit dealer, grocer, tea and wine merchant, 9 Sugar Island
Murphy, John, dairy keeper, Catherine Street
Murphy, Joseph, cattle dealer, Derrybeg, Newry
Murphy, Michael, fowl dealer, Market Street
Murphy, Michael, dealer, Mill Street
Murphy, Miss, agent for "Newry Telegraph" Market Street
Murphy, Patrick, fowl dealer, Castle Street
Murphy, Patrick, sen., marine dealer, Kilmorey Street; stores, 2 Cornmarket
Murphy, Patrick, jun., marine dealer
Murphy, Terence, carter, Hyde Terrace
Murray, John, baker, Thomas Street
Murray, S. J., leather stores, Mill Street and Hill Street
Murtagh, D., publican, Mill Street
Murtagh, F. C., publican, Bridge Street
Murtagh, M., publican, Castle Street

McAleavey, P., grocer, Lower North Street
McAleenan, Michael, shoe maker, North Street
McAlinden, Patrick, lodging house keeper, Lower North, Street
McAlindon, P., slater, High Street
McAlister, Hugh, slater, Chapel Street
McAlister, Jonathan, gardener, Ballinlace
McAnally, Owen, cattle dealer, Pound Street
McAnally, James, cattle dealer, Mary Street
McAnuff, James, bread server, Aileen Terrace
McAnuff, Samuel, baker, Canal Street
McAnulty, Francis, grocer, Chapel Street
McArdle, James, grocer, Soho Place
McArdle, Michael, publican, Monaghan Street
McArdle, Thomas, publican, North Street
McArevey, J. J., cabinet maker and furniture remover, Hill Street; res., Courtney Hill
McAteer, Edward, stone cutter, High Street
McAteer, Edw., fowl dealer, Upper North Street
McAteer, Henry, baker, Castle Street
McAteer, H., & Son, cabinetmakers, Hill Street
McAteer, J., stone polishing works, Mary Street
McAteer, James, stone cutter, Monaghan Street
McAteer, John, lodging house keeper, Mill Street
McAteer, John, grocer, Castle Street
McAteer, John, William Street
McAteer, John, tanner, Castle Street
McAteer, M., Clerk, Erskine Street
McAteer, Michael, stone cutter, Chapel Street
McAteer, Patrick, carter, Mill Street
McAteer, Thomas, shoe maker, High Street
McAvoy, Isaac, tenter, Lower North Street
McAvoy, Jas., M.D., Glenview Abbey Yard
McBlain, the Misses, Trevor Hill
McBride, James, dealer, Needham Street
McBride, Miss, teacher St. Patrick's National School, Stream Street; res., Trevor Hill
McBride & Henning, china, glass, and art warehouse, 81 Hill Street
McCabe, James, tailor, New Street
McCabe, Thomas, King Street
McCaffrey, Hugh, general grocer, provision and seed merchant, Canal Street
McCaffrey, Patrick, grocer and publican, Merchants' Quay and Monaghan Street
McCamley, Samuel, van driver, Monaghan Street
McCann, Arthur, J.P., baker, Hill Street and Castle Street;. res., Braeside
McCann, Charles, posting establishment, River Street
McCann, Owen, fireman, Queen Street
McCann, Patrick, permanent way inspector, Needham Street
McCartan, James, baker, Castle Street
McCartan, James, stevedore, Bridge Street
McCarthy, Miss, clerk, Marcus Square
McCarthy, Miss, Victoria Hotel, Newry
McCarthy, Patrick, fish merchant, Castle Street
McCartney, John, barber, Mill Street
McCaul, Patrick, painter, High Street
McCaul, William, painter, Catherine Street
McClean, Miss, Victoria Hotel, Hill Street
McClean, Wm., commercial traveller, Newry
McCleary, Henry, clerk, Canal Street
McClelland, Alex., Courtnay Hill
McClelland Bros., horse shoers, The Mall
McClelland, James, horse shoer, Mill Street
McClelland, John, engineer (Newry Port & Harbour Trust), Helen's Terrace
McClure, J., chemist, Hill Street
McComb, Robert, clerk, Basin Walk
McCombe, John, rent agent, Basin Walk
McCombe, William, railway waggon examiner, Canal Street
McComish, A., Margaret Street
McComiskey, Owen, carter, Canal Street
McConville, Felix, lodging house keeper, Lower North Street
McConville, H. J., house pro., Caulfield Terrace
McConville, John, North Street
McConville, John, baker and grocer, Kilmorey Street
McConville, Michael, mason, St. Mary Street
McConville, Mrs., servants' registry office, Marcus Square
McConville, Thomas, tenter, King Street
McCormick, B., commission agent, Boat Street
McCourt, Bernard, pensioner, Maginnis Street
McCourt, Cornelius, North Street
McCourt, John, carpenter, Boat Street
McCourt, John, plasterer, Hill Street
McCourt, P., sea captain, Bridge Street
McCoy, Francis, clerk, Chapel Street
McCrink, H., merchant, Merchants' Quay
McCrink, Stephen, publican, Merchants' Quay
McCrum, Miss R., school teacher, Canal Street
McCullough, John, car driver, Sinclair Street
McCullough, Jos., quarry proprietor, Crowreagh, near Newry
McCullough, Jos., boot maker, Canal Street
McCutcheon, J. & I., grocers, Merchants' Quay
McDonald, Bernard, car man, Queen Street
McDonald, John, engineer, Queen Street
McDonnell, Patrick, clerk, Helen's Terrace
McElroy, Edward, engine driver, Chapel Street
McElroy, John, baker, Canal Street
McEneaney, Michael, engine driver, Cecil Street
McEntee, Edward, rent agent, Kiln Street
McEvoy, John, grocer, King Street
McEvoy, Thomas, car man, Abbey Yard
McGeough, B., publican, Market Street and Mill Street
McGinty, J., clerk, Monaghan Street
McGivern, John, slater, Chapel Street
McGivern, Patrick, grocer, Boat Street
McGladdery, John, clerk, Sheeptown
McGovern, M., publican, Canal Street
McGrath, James, mechanic, Barrack Street
McGrath, Rev. T., Hill Street
McGrath, Robert, mechanic, Catherine Street
McGrath, Stephen, artisan, William Street
McGrath, Stephen, foundry man, Sinclair Street
McGuigan, Jas., town postman, Dromalane Road
McGuigan, John, clerk, Kilmorey Street
McGuigan, Michael, carpenter, Collin's Court
McGuigan, Thomas, butcher, Hill Street
McGuinness, M., draper, Hill Street
McKay, Daniel, carpenter, Doran's Hill
McKay, Hugh, mill foreman, Monaghan Street
McKay, James, car man, King Street
McKee, John, painter, North Street
McKenna, Mrs., Water Street
McKenna, Patrick, cork cutter, Market Street
McKeown, J., clothier, North Street
McKevitt, James, slater, High Street
McKevitt Bros., plasterers, High Street
McKevitt, jun., Patrick, slater, High Street
McKevitt, Thomas, carter, King Street
McKiinley, J., manager Damolly Weaving Factory
McLoughlin, Richard, police pensioner, Edward Street
McLoughlin, Thomas, pensioner, Kiln Street
McMahon, James, drayman, Helen's Terrace
McMahon, John, draper, Hill Street
McMahon, Patrick, boot maker, Castle Street
McMahon, Peter, blacksmith, Chapel Street
McManus, John, Chapel Street
McManus, Thos., tailor, North Street
McMullan, M., Sugar Island
McNally, J. & J. P., brewery and distillery agents, wholesale wine, spirit, and provision merchants, Hill Street and O'Hagan Street
McNeill, John, mechanic, Needham Street
McParland Arthur, carrier, The Mall
McPeake, John, refreshment rooms, Canal Street
McQuade, Philip, clerk, Queen Street
McRedmond. Joseph, law clerk, Queen Street
McRoberts, J., cheap furniture house, Castle Street
McShane, Thomas, sailor, Bridge Street
McVeigh, James, harbour master, Needham Place
McVeigh, William H., baker, Boat Street

Neary, Denis, builder, River Street and Catherine Street
Neary, James, carpenter, Boat Street
Neary, Patrick, clerk, Bridge Street
Nesbitt, Mrs., 6 Canal Street
Nesbitt, Wm., contractor, Baggot Street
Newell, J. A., bank manager, Trevor Hill
Newell, Samuel, Dublin Road
Newell's Ltd., drapers, etc., Margaret Square
Newry Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants - James Keenan, secretary
Newry Branch Independent Order of Rechabites
Newry Brick and Stone Co., Albert Basin - Robert Ewing, manager
Newry Catch-my-Pals Temperance Reading Rooms and Cafe, Sugar Island - Vice-presidents, Rev. Wm. Moore, B.D., and Mr. John Haddane; secretary, Mr. G. W. Holt; treasurer, Henry C. Lyons
Newry Clerical Club (Church of Ireland)
Newry Fever Hospital, Dr. Beamish, physician
Newry Granite Polishing and Monumental Works, Sugar Island, J. E. Emerson, proprietor
Newry Hockey Club - Thomas Long, secretary
Newry Intermediate Schools - Wm. Stoops, B.A., principal
Newry Lawn Tennis Club - Robert Erskine, secretary
Newry Loan Co., Trevor Hill, William Gillespie, manager
Newry Mineral Water Co., Downshire Road, P. Lavery, secretary
Newry Picture Palace - Manager, G. Gunn Cooke
Newry Union Workhouse - W. R. Bell, clerk, Thomas J. Greenan, master
Newry Young Men's Institute, Hill Street, John Tweedie, caretaker
Newry United Young Men's Protestant Association
Newry and Kilkeel Steamship Co., Frank Fisher, secretary
Niblock, Joseph, clerk, Erskine Street
Niblock, Wm., horse shoer, Arthur Street
Niblock, Wm., farrier, Lower Catherine Street
Nixon, Edward, dealer, Bell's Row
Norton & Co., car office, Marcus Square Yard
Norton, Michael, postman, Needham Place

Orange Hall, Downshire Road - Edward Lowans, jun., caretaker
Orr, Joseph A., clerk, Sandys Street
Orr, William, jun., clerk, Canal Street
Orr, William, & Sons, rope and twine manufacturers, Merchants' Quay
O'Callaghan Ed., baker, St. Mary's Street
O'Callaghan, James, baker, Market Street
O'Callaghan, Mrs., King Street
O'Driscoll, John, publican, Sugar Island
O'Hagan, Felix, J.P., flour and seed merchant, Margaret Street
O'Hagan, Felix, jun., coal merchant and ironmonger, Merchants' Quay
O'Hagan, Richard, 46 Hill Street
O'Hagan & O'Hare, druggists, Hill Street
O'Hare, Bernard, grocer, Water Street
O'Hare Bros., grocers and publicans, Water Street
O'Hare, Felix, railway porter, Peter Street
O'Hare, Felix, postman, Catherine Street
O'Hare, Francis, ironmonger, Upper North Street
O'Hare, Hugh, dealer in wool, hair, skins, bones, rags, rope, waste, etc., The Mall
O'Hare, Hugh, jun., wholesale marine and feather merchant, The Mall, Newry; res., 1 Castle Place
O'Hare, Hugh F., grocer, Edward Street
O'Hare, John, farmer, Ballenacraig
O'Hare, John, mechanic, Wilson's Row
O'Hare, Michael, tailor, Kilmorey Street
O'Hare, Mrs., Caulfield Place
O'Hare, Peter James, clerk, Catherine Street
O'Hare, Patrick, float man, Boat Street
O'Hare, Peter, nailer, 6 Cecil Street
O'Kane, Joseph, publican, Edward Street
O'Kane, P., Edward Street
O'Keefe, Michael, Queen Street
O'Loughlin, Francis, Queen Street
O'Mara, Thomas, seaman, Pound Street
O'Neill, Abraham, baker, Chapel Street
O'Neill, James, horse shoer, Green's Yard, St. Mary Street
O'Neill, James, posting establishment and funeral undertaker, King Street
O'Neill, Miss M., fancy shop; agent for "Newry Telegraph"
O'Neill, Right Rev. Henry, Bishop, Ardmaine
O'Reilly, Rev. Hugh, president St. Colman's College, Violet Hill

Pace, Robert, watch maker, Sandys Street
Patterson, Joseph, mason, Queen Street
Patterson, Richard, nailer, High Street
Perry, the Misses, Temperance Hotel, Sugar Island
Pollock, John, foreman Jobbing department, "Newry Telegraph" res., Erskine Street
Porter, J., journalist, Kilmorey Street
Porter, Matthew, cartwright, The Mall
Power, John W., foreman baker, 51 Monaghan Street
Power, William, Erskine Street
Price, John, shoe maker, William Street

Quinn Charity Offices, Trevor Hill
Quinn, John, grocer and spirit merchant, Hill Street and O'Hagan Street
Quinn, John, The Milestone, Hill Street
Quinn, The Misses, Queen Street
Quinn, Owen, carter, Ruddell's Row
Quinn, Thomas, general dealer, Canal Street
Quinn, William, Canal Street

Radcliffe, James, tailor, Sandy Street
Ragged School, Talbot Street - Teacher, Miss Graham
Rainey, Mrs., Model School teacher, Erskine Street
Rankin, Peter, Queen Street
Rea & Ross, house furnishing ironmongers & chandlers, Hill Street
Redmond, R. S., timber merchant, Merchant's Quay
Redmond, W. F., & Co., timber merchants, Merchant's Quay
Redmond, W. F., Bellevue
Reid, Robert, pipe manufacturer, Church Street
Rice, Bernard, saddler, Hill Street
Rice, James, Bridge Street
Rice, Terence, Commissioners' collector for Gas Company, Town Hall
Ridges, R. A., mill manager, Dromalane Road
Rigby, A. S., leather merchant, 7 Hill Street
Rigby, Joseph, leather merchant, Talbot Street
Rigby & Co., leather merchant, Hill Street
Robb, John, clerk, G.P.O., Erskine Street
Robinson, Robert, grocer, Monaghan Street
Robinson, R., manager, Foster Ltd., Windsor Hill
Rodger, D., seedsman, Sugar Island
Rodgers, J. J., coal merchant, The Mall
Rodgers, William, engine driver, Cecil Street
Rogan, Miss Ethel, assistant school mistress, Trevor Hill
Rogers, John, pensioner, Cowan Street
Rooney, D., wholesale grocer and spirit merchant, Merchants' Quay
Rooney, James, J.P., dealer, Mount Mills
Rooney, Peter, shoe maker, Lower North Street
Ross, Wm., engine driver, Caulfield Place
Rowantree, James, dealer, Cowan Street
Rowland, R., New Street
Ruddle, Alex., painter, Barrack
Ruddy, John, butcher, Church Street
Ruddy, Thomas, water inspector, Lower North Street
Ruddy, T., victualler, Upper North Street
Ruddy, T., victualler, Kilmorey Street
Ruddy, Thomas, victualler, Kildare Street
Ryan, Isabella, Bridge Street

Sands, James, Bagot Street
Sands, Robt., grain merchant, Canal Quay, and Mill Street; res., Trevor Hill
Savage, G. W., traveller, Hill Street
Savage, H. A. (Martin, Nesbitt, & Irwin), Hill Street
Savage, James, jun., & Co., merchants' quay
Savage, John, publican, Monaghan Street
Savage, William J., traveller, Hill Street
Scott, G., & Sons, wholesale and family grocers and ammunition importers, Hill Street; res., Walter Scott, Hill Street
Scott, H. T., cutter, Canal Street
Seymour, Lindsay, organist, Courtney Hill
Shannon, J. J., mill manager, Butter Crane Quay
Sheridan, Edward A., shoe maker, Mill Street
Sheridan, N., Abbey Yard
Sims & Co., Robert A., Kildare Street and Water Street
Sinclair, A., coal merchant, Merchant's Quay
Sloan, Richard, victualler, Upper North Street
Small, John Francis, solicitor, Coroner for South Armagh and Commissioner of Oaths, Hill Street
Smartt, H. W., M.D., Trevor Hill
Smartt, Rev. S., A.M., T.C.D., Vicar of Newry, The Vicarage
Smith, George N., nurseryman, Doran's Hill
Smith, H., publican, Castle Street
Smith, James, accountant, Dromalane
Smith, James, grocer, Castle Street
Smith, John, bookkeeper, Dromalane
Smith, John, fowl dealer, Hyde Market
Smith, M., plumber, Water Street
Smith, Robert, slater, Stream Street
Smith, Samuel, Stream Street
Smith, Thomas, Daisy Hill Nurseries, Monaghan Row; residence, Corry Square
Smith, W. C. M., Government veterinary inspector, Needham Place
Spence, Francis, fowl dealer, North Street
Spence, John, insurance agent, Talbot Street
Squire, W. R., Kilmorey Street
Sterritt, W. J., grocer's assistant, Edward Street
Stewart, John, engineer, s.s. Killeavy
Stewart, John, pork butcher, Talbot Street
Stirling, R., reporter "Newry Telegraph" res., William Street
Stokes, J., agent D. & N. Steampacket Company and French and German Consul agent, Greenmount, Newry
Stoops, Sam, assistant teacher, Intermediate School, Downshire Road
Stoops, Wm., B.A., principal Newry Intermediate School; residence, Downshire Road
Strahan, Rev. W. G., Presbyterian minister Sandy Street Church; res., Downshire Road
Swanzy, Mrs., Ivy Lodge, Newry
Sweeny, J., customs clerk, Erskine Street

Taylor, The Misses, newsagents, fancy goods dealers, etc., Hill Street
Telephone Exchange - Misses White, Kildare Street
Thomson, Henry, D.L., J.P., Scarvagh House
Thomson, Henry, & Co., wholesale wine and spirit merchants, Trevor Hill
Thomson, the Misses, Downshire Road
Thompson, Horace, Creeve House
Thompson, James, secretary Carlingford Lough Commissioners; res., Crieve House
Thompson, H., clerk, Creeve House
Thompson, J., painter and glazier, Hill Street
Thompson, William, carter, Daisy Hill
Thompson, William, Creeve House
Toal, M., publican, King Street
Toman, John, auctioneer, Kildare Street
Toman, M., fancy goods warehouse, King Street
Toman, Michael, school attendance officer, Sinclair Street
Traynor, John, plasterer, Monaghan Street
Treanor, Bernard, Marcus Square
Treanor, John, greengrocer, North Street
Treanor, John, stone cutter, Canal Street
Treanor, Wm., stone cutter, High Street
Trimble, John, machinist, Barrack Street
Trimble, James, manager, Sugar Island
Trimble, John George, machinist, Barrack Street
Tritton, F., plumbers and gasfitters, electric and mechanical bell fitters, 5 The Mall
Tumelty, P., lodging house keeper, Mill Street
Turley, Michael, cattle dealer, Church Street
Turley, Michael, cork cutter, Church Street
Tweedie, Samuel, caretaker, The Courthouse
Tyler & Sons, boot warehouse, Hill Street

Ulster Clothing Co., Hill Street

Waddell, James, rent agent, Edward Street
Wade, Roland, C.E., Warrenpoint town surveyor; residence, Downshire Road
Wales, William, sea captain, Boat Street
Walker, Frank, Windsor Hill
Walker, Mrs., Windsor Hill
Wallace, John, cycle factory, Mill Street
Walsh, Michael, Grinan
Walsh, Michael, summons server, Upper Chapel Street
Ward, Denis, painter, Kilmorey Street
Ward, James, painter, Kilmorey Street
Ward, M., & Sons, painters, Hill Street
Warnock, Christopher, cashier
Warnock, J., & Co., booksellers, stationers and newsagents, lending library, Margaret Square; agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Watson, Mrs., Sandys Street
Watson, Wm., engineer, Catherine Street
Watt, Thomas, Kilmorey Street
Watt, William, mill manager, Rockview, Dromalane Road
Watt, W. D., Ben Vista, Needham Street
Waugh, Francis, upholsterer, Erskine Street
Weir, Benjamin, farmer, High Street
Weir, John, insurance agent, Sandys Street
Weir, Mrs., Sandys Street
Weir, The Misses, dress makers, Sandys Street
Weir, Wm., Arthur Street
Weir, W. G., saddler, Water Street
Wheatley, Thos., clerk, Linden, Dublin Road
Whigham, Mrs., spirit merchant, Armagh Road
White, The Misses, millinery warehouse, Kildare Street
Whitfield Bros., chain makers and blacksmiths, Catherine Street
Whitfield, James, blacksmith, Catherine Street
Whyte & Co., grocers, Kildare Street
Williams, James, clerk, Erskine Street
Williamson, Gilmore, tailor, Sinclair Street
Willis, Harry, Needham Place
Willis, James A., baker, Needham Place
Willis, Martin, Windsor Hill
Willis, Thomas P., Ltd., bakers, etc., Needham Place
Willis, Wm., Needham Place
Wilson, Abraham, J.P., mill owner; res., Downshire Road
Wilson, Isaac, grocer, Water Street
Wright, The Misses, Windsor Hill School
Wylie, W. J., grocer and publican, Sugar Island

Young, J. G., Cargabane House, Newry


Post Office, Great Frances Street - Mrs. A. Stewart, postmistress
Telephone Call Office, Conway Square, Operator, Miss Morgan
Royal Irish Constabulary - Station, Court Street - District Inspector, D. Murnane; head-constable, Alex. Newman; sergeant, Geo. Smith, M. McLaughlin, and M. Lawlor
Quarter Sessions, Petty Sessions, Land and Revision Courts are held in the Courthouse, Regent Street
Clerk of Petty Sessions - John C. MacGowan, Regent Street
Registrar of Marriages - A. D. Simpson, North Street; deputy registrar, James A. Brown, High Street
Registrar for Births and Deaths - Dr. D. Jamison, Great Frances Street
Commissioner for taking Affidavits - A. D. Simpson, North Street; collector property tax, W. C. McConnell, Newtownards
Inland Revenue - Excise Officer, James G. Hanna, The Villa, Church Street
Fire Brigade - The engine is kept at the Gasworks, Mill Street, Captain, H. Mawhinney
Railway Station, North Street - John Boyd, station-master


Church of Ireland, Parish Church, Church Street - Rev. W. L. T. Whatham, B.A., rector; curate, Rev. C. P. Fisher
First Presbyterian Church, Great Frances Street - Rev. William Wright.  Second, Upper Mary Street - Rev. J. A. F. Young, B.A.  Regent Street - Rev. James Salters, M.A.  Strean, West Street - Rev. D. H. Maconachie, B.A., B.D.  Grenwell Street - Rev. Thos. McIlwrath, B.A.
Reformed Presbyterian Church, Regent Street - Rev. Torrens Boyd
Unitarian Church, Great Frances Street - Rev. R. M. King
Wesleyan Methodist Church, Regent Street - Rev. W. P. Moran, B.A.
Salvation Army Hall, Frances Street - Captain Kenney
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Chapel, North Street - Rev. G. Crolly, P.P.; Rev. Edw. P. Smyth, C.C.


Belfast Bank, Regent Street - Wm. McCullough, manager; W. W. Robinson, cashier; T. W. Pyper, accountant; T. W. Aicken, assistant accountant
Ulster Bank, Great Frances Street - J. S. Moore, manager; Jas. McAuley, cashier; A. D. Erskine, accountant; A. Irvine, assistant accountant
Londonderry Estate Office, High Street - D. Meiklejohn, agent; William Ditty, cashier and receiver of rents; George McWilliams, High Street, and Robert Robinson, Comber, estate bailiffs
News Room, Market House, Conway Square - collector and resident caretaker, Miss Annie Foster
Free Public Library, Town Hall - J. Jamison, librarian
Protestant Institute, Upper Mary Street - Caretaker, Alex. Doggart
Good Templar Hall, North Street - Resident caretaker, Robert Murphy
Masonic Hall, Regent Street; Masonic Hall, James Street; Masonic Hall, Forde Street
Union Workhouse, Church Street - H. C. Sloan, master; and Mrs. Spratt, matron; Mrs. A. Chambers, fever hospital nurse; Miss Sarah J. Kennedy, nurse of workhouse, with Nurses L. Neely, E. Magowan, M. Gracey, and M. Henry as assistants.  Dr. R. C. Parke, J.P., is house surgeon and consulting medical officer for the rural sanitary authority.  James Holmes is clerk and returning officer for the union and clerk and executive sanitary officer of the rural district and sanitary authority.  Dr. Mitchell, Bangor; Dr. Henry, Comber; Dr. Nesbitt, Donaghadee; Dr. Macarthur, Greyabbey; Dr. Wallace, Kilmood, and Dr. David Jamison are dispensary doctors and officers of health; and James McCullough and John Warden, relieving and sanitary sub-officers.  Major-General Montgomery is chairman of the Rural District Council, and William Gowan is chairman of the Board of Guardians. Vet. inspector for union, also inspector under the Dairies and Cowsheds, and Milkshops (Ireland) Order, 1908 - S. Bailie, M.R.C.V.S.  The workhouse chaplains are - Church of Ireland, Rev. W. L. T. Whatham, B.A.; Presbyterian, Rev. Wm. Wright; Roman Catholic, Rev. G. Crolly, P.P.  T. W. Lamon, A.M., Inst.C.E.I., and W. K. Wheeler, C.E., assistant surveyors for district
Dispensary, Great Frances Street - Dispensary officer and deputy registrar, Dr. D. Jamison


The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agents, Samuel Francis, 10 Regent Street; A. Stewart, Solicitor; Wm. McCullough, Belfast Bank; and Russell Bros.
Newtownards Technical Instruction Committee - Messrs. David Orr, H. Conway, B.A.; Alex. Dickson, F. J. McCormick, J.P.; S. H. Simms, M. H. Walker, W. J. Ferguson, Thos. R. Lavery, J.P.; Thomas Maddock, David O'Prey
Newtownards School Board - Rev. John Young, Rev. W. L. T. Whatham, Rev. Wm. Wright, Rev. Thos. McIlwrath, John McClement, J.P.; Samuel Heron, David Orr, F. J. McCormick, J.P.; M. H. Walker, Thos. R. Lavery, J.P.; clerk, Hugh McCartney; attendance officers, Hugh C. Finlay, W. J. Patterson
Ladies' School, Frances Street - Principal, Miss Brown
District Model School, Old Belfast Road - Boys' department - Headmaster, Hugh Conway, B.A.; assistant, R. MacIlwaine.  Girls' department - Headmistress, Miss Todd; assistant, Miss M. Byers.  Infants' department - Headmistress, Miss Ledlie
East Street (No. 1) National School - Principal, Robert Massey, B.A.
East Street (No. 2) National School - Principal, Robert McGimpsey
Ann Street Catholic National School - Principal, G. Whyte; head-mistress, Miss Rose Marquess
Castle Gardens National School - Principal, David Orr.  Infants' department - Head mistress, Miss Davidson
Greenwell Street National School - Principal, W. H. Willis.  Infants department - Miss Anderson
Miss Street National School - Principal, Mrs. McLean; assistant, Miss Garrett
Londonderry Schools, Regent Street - Male principal, James Morrison; female principal, Mrs. W. H. Nelson
Technical School, South Street - Principal, Philip A. Cole


Joint Burial Board - The Burial ground is Movilla Cemetery, and the joint burial district embraces the municipality of Newtownards and the electoral divisions of Newtownards and Newtownards South.  Jas. A. Brown, High Street, is secretary, and Thos. Ferguson, the gate-lodge, Movilla Cemetery, is superintendent and distributor of interment certificaters
Newtownards Joint Hospital Board. Appointed by Newtownards Rural District Council :- George Dickson, J.P.; J. H. Dickson, J.P.; Major-Gen. Montgomery, D.L.; Wm. Warnock.  Appointed by Newtownards Urban Council :- T. R. Lavery, J.P.; Jas. McCutcheon, David O'Prey. Appointed by Bangor Urban Council - John McMeekan, J.P.; John Nicholson, John Henderson.  Appointed by Donaghadee Urban Council - Dr. Geo. Gibson, J.P. Secretary, James Holmes
Urban District Council - T. R. Lavery, Robt. John Beckett, Thos. Drake, Wm. James Ferguson, Jas. Freeland, Thos. P. Gilfillan, Saml. Heron, Francis J. McCormick, J.P.; R. B. Christie, Robt. Morrison, Alex. Watson, Thos. Maddock, James McCutcheon, Samuel Moore, David O'Prey, David Orr.  Clerk to the Council - H. McCartney; assistant clerks, Miss Taylor, and J. McIlwaine; apprentice clerk, George Morrow


Horticultural and Horse Jumping Society - President, Geo. Dickson, M.V.H., J.P.; Wm. McCullough, honorary treasurer; Secretary, David Orr, jun., Victoria Avenue.  The horticultural and horse jumping shows are held annually on the first Thursday of each September in Messrs. A. Dickson & Sons Ltd., nurseries and the grounds adjacent
Ards Football Club - Secretary, Jas. Freeland, North Street
Ards Lacrosse Club - Treasurer and secretary, J. McNeilly, jun.
Ards Miniature Rifle Club - Secretary, Frank Clarke
Scrabo Golf Club - President, Marquis of Londonderry, K.G.; secretary, Charles Anderson, North Street, Newtownards; treasurer, H. McCartney
Newtownards Swimming Club - Secretary, Spencer C. Henry
Ards Prize Ploughing Union - Secretary, Wm. J. Beckett, Ballyblack
Ards Recreation Society Ltd. - Treasurers, Belfast Banking Co. Ltd.; secretary, Jas. Freeland. Grounds, Comber Road
Newtownards Sick Nursing Association (Non-sectarian) - Patroness, the Marchioness of Londonderry; secretary, Miss L. Simms; treasurer, T. R. Lavery, J.P.
Newtownards Grocers' Association - Thomas Drake, president; Thos. P. Gilfillan, treasurer; Robt. Cavan, secretary
North Down Agricultural Society - President, Marquis of Londonderry; secretary, John Russell, High Street
N.S.P.C.C. - Secretary, Mrs. F. J. McCormick, Frances Street


4th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles - Hon. Col., Marquis of Londonderry, K.G.; regimental office and stores, Regent Street. Lieut.-Col. F. Findlay, in command of regiment. The permanent staff is under the command of Captain and Adjutant W. J. N. Cook Coolis; G. Templeton, quartermaster


Adams, W. S., manager Ards Weaving Co.
Allen, Rev. Robert, South Street
Ards Coal Co., coal importers, Newtownards; Russell Bros., High Street, managers

Bailie, Samuel, M.R.C.V.S., Castle Place
Bailey, Dr. R., Conway Square
rett, T. Allen, draper, Frances Street

Caughey, Mrs. R. B., Saraville
Chappell, Hy., C.E., M.R.I.A., North Street
Copeland, John, Belfast Road
Crolly, Rev. G., P.P., Ann Street

Dalzell, Mrs. David, Court Street
Dickson, Alex., Belfast Road
Dickson, George, J.P., Milecross Cottage
Dickson, Gordon, solicitor, Church Street
Dickson, Hugh, Glen House
Ditty, Wm., Londonderry Estate Office, High Street
Drake, Thomas, Danecroft
Dunn, Robert, J.P., Dunalton

Ferguson, W. J., Rosemead

Galway, W. B., M.A., solicitor, Castle Street
Graham, W., & Sons, solicitors, High Street

Henry, Lieut. Jas. S., R.N.R., Frances Street
Henry, Mrs. Wm., "Chronicle Buildings"
Henry, Robt. S., "Newtownards Chronicle"
Holmes, James, clerk of union, Graceville

Jamison, D., L.F.P.S. Glasgow, L.A.H.D., Great Frances Street
Jamison, Mrs., Yew Villa
Johnston, H. J., Cloneen
Johnston, Saml., J.P., Crawfordsburn Road
Johnston, W. Sibbald, J.P., Kiltonga House

King, Rev. R. M., Whitespots

Lamon, T. W., C.E., assistant county surveyor, Strathmona
Lavery, T. R., J.P., Victoria Avenue
Lindsay, J. Crawford, High Street
Londonderry, K.G., Marquis of Mountstewart

Mackintosh, T. C. G., Solicitor, High Street and Ardchattan
Maconachie, Rev. D. H., B.A., B.D., Brooklands
Menown, John, Regent Street
Moffat, Mrs., Frances Street
Moore, J. S., Frances Street
Moran, Rev. W. P., B.A., Regent Street
Murnane, D., D.I., Zion House

McCartan, W. James, M.R.C.V.S., Castle Street
McCaulay, Thos., M.R.C.V.S., Movilla Street
McClement, John, J.P., High Street
McCormick, F. J., J.P., Frances Street
McCullough, Wm., Regent Street
McIlwrath, Rev. Thos., B.A., High Street
McKee, John, solicitor, Factory Lane
McKee, Miss A., Regent Street

Neill, Charles, coal merchant, Railway Station and Quay Place, Bangor

Orr, F. J., solicitor, High Street

Parke, R. C., J.P., F.R.C.P.E., L.R.SC.S.E., Regent House, coroner for North Down

Salters, Rev. James, M.A., Ardtara
Simms, Mrs., Scrabo Isles
Stevenson, John, J.P., Campmar Villa
Stewart, Alexander, Solicitor, Conway Square

Walker, M. H., Victoria Avenue
Warnock, T., M.D., Frances Street
Weir, A. J., Killynether Castle
Whatham, Rev. W. L. T., B.A., The Glebe, Regent Street
Wright, Rev. Wm., Springfield

Young, Rev. John, B.A., Mark Street


Aicken, Frederick, general cooper
Lavery, T. R., hemstitching factory


Ferguson, W. J., Ards Hemstitching Co.


Walker, George, & Co. Ltd., manufacturers of spinning yarns for linen weaving and thread


Campbell, Sam., cycle engineer
Ennis, John, spirit merchant
Maxwell, T. H., grocer and merchant


Dalzell, Robert, cooper
Martin, Wm., grocer
Poots, John, grocer, provision and grain merchant
Wilson, W. H., grocer


Blakely, Mrs. Wm., tea dealer, draper and commission agent
Clarke, Robert, factory manager
Connolly, R., grocer
Dickson, A., & Sons Ltd., nurserymen and florists
Gill, Mrs. W., road contractor, grocer, and spirit dealer
McAuley, James, bank cashier
Warden, John, relieving officer


Apperson, James, The Commercial Temperance Hotel, Conway Square
Bailie, James, spirit dealer
Bailey, Dr. R.
Bailie, George, Stationer and Fancy Goods Warehouse; Agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Beckett Bros., drapers
Dugan & Co., drapers
Gordon, Joseph, tailor and draper
Halpin & Co., auctioneers and house agents
Hanna, John & Co., funeral undertakers, etc.
Harvey, R., draper, The Arcade
Mackey, S. G., medical hall
Miskelly, James, plumber and gas fitter
Murphy, Mrs., butcher and cattle dealer

McBrien, Peter, spirit dealer
McNeilly, Alex., & Son, fancy warehouse, tailors, etc.
Singer Manufacturing Company
Stewart, Alexander, solicitor
Telephone Call Office
Warden, The Misses, dress makers
right, James, draper
Young, R. A., grocer


Black, Samuel H.
Christie, R., Barilla Ash Soap Manufactory
Christie, Robert B., jun.
Dawson, Samuel, builder and general carrier
Dornan, Charles
Kirk, T., saddler
Mathers, William, saddler
Morrison, Mrs. James, spirit dealer
McConnell, Robert, spirit dealer
McCullough, Jane, spirit dealer
Robson, John, general dealer
Thompson, John, saddler


Finlay, Isaac
Hamilton, E., baker
Jardine, Adam H., horse trainer
Johnston, Alex., weaving agent
Munce, Robt., grocer
Paisley, Thos., carpenter
R.I.C. Barracks
Scott, Wm., baker
The Newtownards Hosiery Company, manufacturers, dyers, and finishers


Adgey, John, carter and straw merchant
Doggart, James N., painter and glazier
McGimpsey, R., school master
Parker, David, summons server


Apperson, John, Cycle and Motor Engineer
Bailie, John, grocer
Bailie, John, spirit dealer
Beattie, John, pawn broker
Boal, Wm., boot and shoe maker
Brett, T. Allen, draper, hosier, milliner, dressmaker, and general outfitter
Byers, Joseph, druggist, Frances Street
Caughey, D. J., house decorator
Caughey, J., printer, house painter, funeral undertaker, posting establishment, etc.
Cherry, James M., M.P.S.I., pharmaceutical chemist
Francis, Mrs. James, spirit dealer
Gaw, Mrs. W. J., butcher
Henry Bros., newspaper proprietors
Heron, John, green grocer
Heron, Andrew, spirit dealer
Jamison, David, M.D.
Kirk, H., tobacconist and fancy warehouse
Kirk, Thos. G., spirit dealer
Lavery, Hugh, slate, tile, and timber yard
Maddock, Miss, tobacconist
Malcolmson, J., spirit dealer
Millin, Jos., hair dresser
Moore, David, baker and confectioner
McCormick, Francis J., J.P., draper
Newtownards Co-Operative Society
Newtownards Chronicle and County Down Observer - William Henry, proprietor
Philips, Archie, auctioneer and furniture warehouseman, Frances Street
Pinkerton, Miss, milliner
Reid, Miss, milliner and mantle maker
Robinson, Miss
Smyth, Robert J., butcher
Smyth, Wm., butcher
Stouppe, Archie, boot and shoe maker
Stoupe, Robert, sen., boot and shoe maker
Tate, John, spirit dealer
Wallace, G., grocer
Warnock, T. & D.
Ulster Banking Co. Ltd.


Baird, D., spirit merchant
Beckett, R. J., representative of Castle Gardens Spinning Mill
Dalzell, John B., & Co., fowl dealers
Dawson, Wm. J., grocer and provision store
Doggart, Adam, carpenter
Graham, Hugh, postcar proprietor
Johnston, Jos. H., carpenter and builder
Kelly, Samuel C., family grocer and general merchant
Mawhinney, James, coal agent
McGimpsey, William, smith and horse shoer
McQuiston, Robert, hairdresser
Scott, David, compositor
Thompson, J. & R., decorators and painters


Burns, James, spirit dealer and car owner
Campbell, Thos., carpenter and joiner
Gordon, Miss, wholesale and retail spirit dealer, posting establishment
Jackson, Wm., spirit dealer
Moore, Hugh, smith and horse shoer
Patterson, Wm., fowl dealer
Poole, J., hairdresser


Bailie, Miss A., stationer and newsagent
Bailie, Thomas, cabinet maker
Bailie, Wm., & Co., furniture warehouse
Black, S. H., hardware and fancy goods store
Brown, James A., commission agent

Donnan, Hugh, hardware and seed merchant
Dornan, Charles, tailor
Drake, Thos., & Co., grocers and provision merchants
Dugan, Miss, dress maker
Edgar, Robt., boot and shoe warehouse
Glasgow, F. C., draper
Goudy, J., & Co., grocers and provision merchants
Graham, W., & Son, solicitors
Halpin & Co., Auctioneers, Valuers, House, Land and Insurance Agents and Fire Loss Assessors, 16 High Street; and at Parade (near Station), Donaghadee, Head Office, Castle Market, Belfast
Harvey, John, boot and shoe manufacturer
Harvey, S., pawn broker
Job Bros., provision merchants
Johnston Bros., drapers
Laird, Wm., merchant tailor, milliner and dress maker
Londonderry Estate Office
Mackintosh, T. C. G., LL.B., Solicitor, High Street
Mairs, James, merchant tailor
Mayne, Thos., & Son, grocer, grain and wine merchant
Mercer Bread Co., Ards steam bakeries
Montgomery, Henry, & Co., Auctioneers and House Agents
Moore Bros., grocers and seed merchants
Morgan, Robert J., butcher
McAlpine, Thos., boot and shoe warehouse
McBride, W. H., boot and shoe dealer
McCall Bros., Londonderry Arms
McCall, Edward, draper
McCall, Edward, Londonderry Arms
McClement, John, chemist and druggist
McCutcheon, Jas., grocer and provision merchant
O'Prey & Son, painters and paper hangers
Patterson, Harry, jeweller
Pedan, Samuel, Jeweller and Watch Maker, High Street
Poole, John, hairdresser
Queen's Confectionery and Fancy Bakery - Mrs. T. G. Kirk
Quinn, W. H., spirit dealer
Russell Bros., house agents, accountants and auctioneers
Savage, Henry, painter and decorator
Simms, Messrs., & Co., Drapers and Haberdashers
Tyler & Sons, boot and shoe dealers
Wallace, J., spirit dealer
Warden, R. & G., hardware merchants and iron mongers
Young, R. A., grocer


Apperson, James, agent
Burch, Mrs., grocer
Robson, H., plasterer


Doggart, Thos. W., postman
McKeag, E., grocer
Rea, Hugh, dairyman and cattle dealer


Anderson, Sarah, music teacher
Beattie, James, plasterer
Beattie, Thomas, plasterer
Crawford, S., spirit merchant
Gasworks - G. Roberts, manager
Martin, Wm., carrier
Montgomery, Andrew, spirit dealer
McCauley, James, car owner
Patterson, Robert, mason


Grant, Wm., cloth manufacturer
Hanna, Patrick, saddler and spirit merchant
Scott, James, grocer and carter


Anderson, Charles
Burrows, Hugh, spirit dealer, general carpenter and coach builder
Burrows, John, cycle agent
Boyle, Mrs., Newsagent and Stationer; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News," North Street
Foster, Isaac, wood turner and umbrella maker
Freeland, James, clerk
Garrett, David, hair dresser
Heron, Jas., fruiterer
McMeekan, Mrs. C.
Orr, David, auctioneer and hosiery traveller
Purse, the Misses, dressmakers
Rankin, George, rate collector
Riddell, R., plumber and gas fitter
Robinson, Joseph, hair dresser and wig maker
Sandford, Thos., druggist and chemist
Simpson, A. D., registrar of marriages
Smyth, Robert, butcher


McMaster, James, weaving agent
McRoberts, Hugh, carter


Bailie, J., spirit dealer
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd.
Crooks, Wm., tailor and clothier
Dunn, W., coal importer; depot, railway station
Ferris, C., furniture dealer
Ferris & Co., chemists and druggists, and aerated water bottling stores
Finlay, Hugh C., school attendance officer
Foster, Robert, painter and decorator
Frances, Samuel, house and land agent
Irvine, John, cycle engineer
Jamison, D., grocer and confectioner
Kelly, R. G., grocer
Kerlin, Wm., grocer
MacGowan, J. C., petty sessions clerk
Miskelly, J., spirit merchant
Moore, W. H., spirit dealer
Moore, W. J., tailor and cutter
Moran, Rev. W. P., Methodist minister
Morrison, James, school master
Murphy, Miss, confectioner, etc.
McAlea, L., spirit dealer
McCullough, John, spirit dealer
Nelson, W. H., cutter
Patterson, W. J., rural school attendance officer
Smyth, James, flesher
Stevenson, J., auctioneer
Stevenson, Miss, music teacher
Stevenson & Co., hosiery manufacturers
Ulster Hotel, Regent Street - Proprietress, Mrs. Birrell
Wallace, Wm., spirit dealer


McLaughlin, Hugh, spirit dealer


Brown, Robt., builder and contractor
Christie's Barrilla Soap factory
Lavery, Samuel P., carpenter, etc.
Ross, Samuel, straw dealer
Stringer & Co., motor works


Carse, Robert, cycle agent
Hanna, John, & Co., builder and funeral undertaker, steam saw mills
Irish Tapestry Company
Murphy, Joseph, cattle dealer
Snodden, Andrew, carter
Taylor & Sons, starch manufacturers
Watson, Alexander, grocer


Colville, Mrs. James
Grant, John, manufacturer
Heron, Samuel, representative Ulster printing works
Mairs, James, draper
Meikle, James, Victoria Avenue
Moore, John C., school master


Beattie, William, photographer
Glen Steam Laundry - Malcolmson Bros.


Ards Coal Co. - John Moore, proprietor
Copeland, John, spirit dealer, bottler, & aerated water manufacturer
Freeland & Iveston, hemstitching factories
Gilfillan, Thomas P., grocer
Martin, Edward, carrier


Eadie, John, spirit dealer
Ferguson, Robert, grocer
Gibson, D., grocer


Boyd, Alexander, Ballyblack
Boyd, John, Ballyalton
Boyd, Thomas, Greengraves
Boyd, William, Drumhirk
Campbell, John, Cottown
Campbell, Wm., Cottown
Cooper, Robert, Cunningburn
Crawford, Wm. John, Ballyharry
Crawford, Wm. Henry, Ballysallagh
Dunn, Thomas, Granshaw
Ferguson, Edward, Ballyrogan
Ferguson, Hugh, Castleavery
Ferguson, James, Loughrie's Couse
Ferguson, John A., Greengraves
Ferguson, Nathaniel, Ballycullen
Ferguson, Robert, Ballymagreechan
Ferguson, Samuel, Greengraves
Finlay, John, Ballyhaft
Gilliland, J., Castleavery
Hall, James, Ballysallagh
Kennedy, David, Greengraves
Millar, John, Ballysallagh
Milliken, Hugh, Ballyrogan
Milliken, Robert, Tullynagardy
Milliken, Samuel, Ballyskeagh
Miskelly, Henry, Ballygrainey
Miskelly, Hugh, Granshaw
Moore, John, Milecross
Moore, John, Killearn
Moore, Wm. John, Ballyalicock
McConnell, William, Tullynagardy
McCready, T. D., Cronstown
McCutcheon, Andrew, Ballywatticock
McCutcheon, Samuel, Ballyskeagh
McDowell, John, Granshaw
McKee, William, Ballyskeagh
McKibben, Alex., Greengraves
McMorran Bros., Castleavery
Orr, Henry, Cronstown
Patterson, Alexander, Drumhirk
Patton, Alex., Crossnamuckley
Patton, Henry, Ballyalicock
Patton, Hugh, Comber Road
Patton, Samuel, Loughries
Quirey, John, Granshaw
Stewart, William, Cottown
Wallace, Wm., Drumhirk
Warden, John, Cunningburn
Warden, Robert, Ballygrainey
White, William, Drumhirk
Wilson, James, Ballymagreechan
Woods, Wm., Ballyrea
Wright, James, Ballysallagh



Church of Ireland - Rev. R. J. Ballard, M.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. C. J. Jamison, B.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. P. Kerley, P.P.; Rev. A. P. Smyth, C.C.; Rev. P. Gogarty, C.C.


Synge National School - W. J. Warmington, teacher; assistant, Miss Menary
Townsend National School - A. Burns, teacher; assistant, Mrs. Stevenson
Newtownhamilton National School - Thos. Gribbin, teacher; assistant, Miss Donnelly
Dispensary - W. J. Dawson, M.D.
Registration of Births, etc. - W. J. Dawson, registrar; W. H. Starr, assistant registrar
Ulster Bank (Armagh Agency - Saturdays) - James Moore, Manager; agent for Standard Life Assurance Co. and Royal Insurance Co. (Fire)
Magistrates who preside at petty sessions - R. G. Bull, R.M.; Hugh G. Douglas, Patrick McConville (chairman Rural District Council), Thos. O'Hare, J. McGeeney, E. Blacker, P. G. Shaw (county councillor), D. Craig, J. L. D. Meares, Michael Smyth, W. J. Robb, John Harland
Clerk of Petty Sessions - W. H. Starr, Commissioner of Oaths, agent for Patriotic Insurance Company, Phoenix Fire Office, Ocean Accident Office, Scottish Provident Institution, auctioneer and estate agent
Assistant - Herbert W. Starr
Solicitors - Patrick Lavery, Fisher & Fisher, and John G. Reid
R.I.C. - Ewing Gilfillan, D.I.; Head Constable, Thomas Groves; Sergeant, James Trainor; constables, J. W. Gervan, E. Sweeney, Myles McParland, and P. J. Marron
Post Office - Miss L. Jenkins; assistant, Miss E. Fulton
Old-Age Pensions Committee - Pension officer, Officer Inland Revenue, Castleblaney; clerk, Clerk of Union, Castleblaney


Andrews, Samuel, shipping agent and auctioneer
Ardis, A., druggist and general merchant

Baillie, Elizabeth, grocer
Bailie, Mrs. Sarah Ann, grocer
Beacom, William, pensioner and carter
Bingham, David, entertainment
Bingham., W. J., sexton
Boyd, Mary, lace worker
Bradley, John, contractor
Bradley, Mrs., grocer
Brennan, A., smith
Brennan, Eliza Jane, farmer
Burke, James, publican
Burke, Mrs., dress maker
Burke P., tailor
Burke, Sarah Ann, grocer
Burns, John R., rate collector
Burns, Miss, music teacher

Callaghan, John, smith
Canning, P., coach builder
Cannon, Frank, grocer and refreshment rooms
Carson, Wm. J., carter
Clarke, Mary, lace worker
Collins, James, labourer
Collins, John, labourer
Cooke, Alexander, flesher
Cooke, Henry, farmer and publican
Cooke, John, butcher, mill owner, and farmer
Cooke, Joseph, butcher
Cooke, Joseph J., farmer
Cooke, Robert, dealer
Cooke, Watson, butcher
Copeland, James, carter
Copeland, Samuel, carter
Copeland, Saml., jun., carter
Cornet, J., draper and boot merchant
Cosgrove, A. C., publican
Cosgrove, Francis, hardware merchant
Crummy, Terence, boot maker

Daly, Thomas, labourer
Dawson, James, publican
Devine, P., publican

Farley, Peter, cattle dealer
Fallon, P., grocer
Feehan, Mrs., caretaker
Feehan, Patrick, labourer
Forsythe, Jas., tailor
Frazer, William J., publican and grocer
Fulton, James, shoe maker

Glenny, Thomas, grocer and farmer
Gordon, George, labourer

Hale, Miss, draper
Hamill, P., saddler
Hamilton, W. J., labourer
Hannaway, Ann, lace worker
Hannaway, Mrs., Margaret
Hannaway, Rose, entertainment
Hannaway, William, labourer
Harvey, Anne
Harvey, Edward, labourer
Hawthorne, Elizabeth, publican
Hawthorne, Wm., draper & seed merchant
Hearty, Owen, pedlar
Hearty, Thos., refreshment rooms
Holland, Arthur, Co-operative Stores
Hughes, Jas., car owner
Hughes, Mary, lodging house
Hughes, Mrs.
Hughes, Peter, publican and baker
Hunter, Edwin
Hunter, Susannah, farmer

Irwin, John, mason
Irwine, Jane, publican and undertaker

Johnston, Catherine, lace worker
Johnston, Charles, shop manager
Johnston, Mrs.

Kean, Margaret
Kearney, Frank, Rock Cottage
Kelly, Terence, labourer

Leemon, John, labourer
Lutton, J., smith and sexton parish church

Mackin, Felix, farmer
Mackin, Thos., publican and grocer
Magee, Edward, draper and cycle agent
Malcomson, Miss, milliner
Mallie, Mrs. Mary Annie
Mallie, Mrs. T. L., White Cross Hotel
Mallie, P., hardware, grocer, etc.
Markey, Miss B., publican and grocer
Marron, Miss J., publican
Martin, John, carter
Matchett, Wm. F.
Mitchell, David, civil bill officer
Molloy, Peter, carter
Montgomery, Miss M., dress maker
Morgan, James, boot maker
Morris, Alice, lodging house
Morriss, Bridget, grocer
Morriss, Mrs. Jane, publican
Murphy, John, farmer
Murphy, Mrs., flesher
Murray, Catherine, lace worker
Murray, Margaret, lace worker

McArdle. Peter, publican
McBennett, Catherine, grocer
McBirney, James, farmer
McBride, Wm., carpenter
McCann, Miss, grocer
McClean, Wm., publican
McClure, Wm., draper
McConnell, John, draper
McConville, Patk., labourer
McCoy, James, labourer
McCreanor, H., fruiterer
McCullagh, David, farmer
McDonald, John, letter carrier
McFerron, Miss M.
McGaw, David, grocer
McGeown, John, entertainment
McGeown, Mrs. Mary, flesher and grocer
McGeown, Patrick, boot maker
McGuigan, Mary, labourer
McKee, A., grocer
McKee Bros., publicans, drapers, undertakers
McKenna, James, publican
McLernon, Miss, grocer
McMahon, Michael, boot maker
McManus, Patrick, publican
McMurray, J. & R., publicans and grocers
McParland, F.
McVey, Joseph, labourer

O'Neill, John, flesher
O'Neil, Thomas, publican, grocer, and hardware merchant
O'Rourke, Alice, lace worker
O'Shaughnessy, Alice, grocer
O'Shaughnessy, Joseph, coach builder

Parkinson, Robert, grocer
Patton, Samuel, saddler
Paxton, Wm., sen., publican
Paxton, William, jun., farmer
Preston, James, publican
Preston, Thomas, grocer and weighmaster
Preston, W. J., carter and farmer

Riddle, Andrew, C.C., Aughinard
Rutledge, Adam, grocer

Slane, Michael, jun., labourer
Slane, Matthew, grocer
Slane, Peter, van man
Smyth, Mrs. M., draper
Starr, Herbert W.
Starr, W. H., property and insurance agent and auctioneer
Steen, John, boot merchant, grocer and cycle agent
Stenson, Miss, grocer

Taylor, David, labourer
Tiernan, Miss K., dress maker
Trodden, William, sewing agent, stationer and delph warehouse; agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Troddon, Patrick, boot maker

Watson, John, labourer
Watt Bros., coach builders
Watt, Thomas, contractor
West, James, rate collector and farmer


Post Office - Miss Baxter, postmistress
Clerks in Post Office - S. McMahon, J. McLaughlin, George McGuire, messenger
Petty Sessions Clerk - George Marks
Magistrates - The Duke of Abercorn, D.L.; Lieut.-Col. R. H. Ellis, Thos. Falls, Captain Gosselin, R.M.; Col. A. R. Cole Hamilton, John Love, Andrew Love, James Lowry, A. McSorley, James Stewart, W. H. Todd, Messrs. E. T. Herdman, William Hood, P. Lafferty, John Love, William T. Millar, Brook House; Charles McIvor, Mourne Lodge; J. H. Mellon, D. A. Ross, P. McGlynn
Royal Irish Constabulary - Head-constable Kearley and eight men
Telephone Exchange - Post Office
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, Moses Gillespie


Church of Ireland - Incumbent, Rev. A. V. Dobbs, M.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. David Morton, B.A.
Weseyan Church - Rev. Ed. Bennett (Wesleyan)
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Wm. McLaughlin, P.P.; Rev. H. Smith, curate


Northern Bank - Alex. Whitford, manager
Sanitary and Lighting Committee - Dr. Lyle, chairman; A. Whitford, hon. sec.
Orange Hall - Caretaker, A. Kerr
Union Hall - William McCloy
Town Hall - J. J. O'Doherty, Mountjoy, Omagh
National Model School - Boys' department, Thos. Falkner, headmaster; Mr. Newell, assistant teacher; girls' department, Miss Cumins, headmistress; Miss Gibson, assistant; infant department, Miss R. Browne, headmistress; Miss Walsh, assistant
National School - Mr. J. J. McAnulla, teacher; Mr. Doherty, assistant.  Girls' department - Miss Fisher, teacher; Miss T. Fisher, assistant
Registrars of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Dr. Lyle, registrar; William McCloy, deputy registrar
Mourne and Tributaries Angling Club - President, Capt. Williams
Protestant Total Abstinence Union, Branch No. 250 - Secretary, W. R. Henderson
Masonic Lodge 547 - Secretary, S. M. Millar.  L.O.L. No. 5 - W.M., Jeremiah Dunbar; L.O.L. 39 - W.M., H. Gibbs
Newtownstewart Model Creamery - Proprietors, Henderson's Ltd.
Co-operative Dairy Society - R. H. Hood, secretary
I.O.G.T. Lodge No. 98 - C. T. W. Walsh
Old Age Pension Committee - Wm. McCloy, clerk
Abercorn Hotel and Posting Establishment - Mrs. Marshall
Castle Hotel and Posting Establishment - James Roche, sen.
Maturin Baird Arms - John W. Baird
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, Robert Bell, Demesne Office


Alexander, W. J., publican, Main Street
Anderson, John, wheelwright, Mill Street
Arbuckle, James, auctioneer, etc., Dublin Street
Arbuckle, Thos., tailor, Main Street
Ashenhurst, John, grocer, Dublin Street

Baird, John W., Maturin Baird Arms Hotel
Ballintine, James, rural postman, Dublin Street
Barber, Francis, Grange
Barton, William, carpenter, Dublin Street
Baxter, Miss, postmistress
Beattie, M., farmer, Crosh
Bell, Robt., land steward, Baronscourt Demesne
Blanter, John, bill poster

Campbell, J., saddler
Cole, Constable, R.I.C.
Conway, Michael, grocer, Main Street
Corrigan, John, publican
Creswell, Andrew, baker
Crowe, John, general dealer, Mill Street
Cumins, Miss F., Model School
Currie, John, carpenter, Mill Street

Devine, P., publican
Dick, Ezekiel, farmer, The Cottage, Glenock
Dick, Thomas, auctioneer, Ballymullerty
Donaghy, Mrs., lodging house keeper
Donnell, Samuel, Dublin Street
Donnelly, Robert, Dublin Street
Dunbar, Jeremiah, farmer, Grange
Duncan, Miss, dressmaker, Mill Street
Duncan, Miss, refreshment rooms, Main Street
Duncan, Oliver, carpenter, Mill Street

Faulkner, Thomas, principal teacher, Model School
Fisher, Mrs., Mill Street

Gallagher, Andrew, butter and egg merchant
Gallagher, F., butcher
Gallagher, F., hawker, Old Lodge Road
Gallagher, James, publican
Gallagher, William, butcher, Main Street
Gallaher, A., grocer, Back Street
Gallagher, W. J., butcher, Back Street
Gibson, John, Dublin Street
Gillespie, Miss, grocer, Castlebrae
Gordon, J. J., farmer, Tullynadall
Gordon, Wm., farmer, Tullynadall

Harper, Thomas, Mill Street
Harkin, P., tailor, Mill Street
Haslett, David, boots, Abercorn Hotel
Hegarity, John James, boot and shoe maker, Main Street
Hegarity, Miss, sewing agent, Back Street
Hegarity, Wm., C.B.O., Miss Street
Hegarty, Mrs., Main Street
Hempton, Samuel, contractor, Hawthorne Cottage
Henderson's Ltd., grocers, hardware merchants and Model Creamery
Henderson's Ltd., Agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Henderson, W. R., Press correspondent
Hempton, Samuel, sen., Hawthorne Cottage
Hill, Jas., farmer, Glenock
Hill, Joseph, farmer, Lislap
Hill, Robert, farmer, Gallon
Hill, Samuel, farmer, Crosh
Hood, Miss, Main Street
Hood, R. H., auctioneer, Dublin Street
Hood, William, farmer, Pubble Cottage
Hood & Co., general drapers, hardware, guano and seed merchants and undertakers

Irwin, Barton, carpenter, Mill Street

Jack, George, Mill Street
Jack, Miss, music teacher
Johnston, John, farmer, Rathkelly

Kane, Mrs., boarding house, Dublin Street
Kane, P., car owner
Kearley, Head Constable P., R.I.C.
Kelly, Mrs., publican, Mill Street
Kerr, Alexander, Orange Hall
Kerr, Robert, tailor, Dublin Street

Lancashire and Yorkshire Accident Insurance Co. Ltd., Agent, William McCloy, Sefton House
Law Accident Insurance Society - Agent, W. R. Henderson
London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Co. - W. R. Henderson, agent
Lyle, Wm., M.D., Dublin Street
Lynch, J. J., fowl merchant, New Lodge Road
Lyons, J. J., farmer, Riversdale
Lyttle, Wm., teacher, Dublin Street

Magee, Wm., carpenter
Mahaffey, J., Mill Street
Marks, George, petty sessions clerk, Castle House
Marshall, Mrs. S., proprietress, Abercorn Hotel
Martin, J., R.I.C.
Matthews, Joseph, farmer, Mourne View
Mellon, J. H., J.P., Red House
Millar, Samuel, farmer, Crosh House
Miller, W. T., Brook House
Miller, W. J., grocer
Molloy, Bernard, Mill Street
Moore, A., auctioneers, etc., Milltown
Moore, James, farmer, Grange
Moore, Jas. A., farmer, Grange
Moore, Robert, farmer, Woodbrook
Moore, John J., farmer, Grange
Moorehead, Joseph, Old Lodge Road
Montgomery, James, boarding house
Morton, Rev. David, The Manse
Mullan, Miss, boarding house, Main Street

McAleer, Michael, wine and spirit merchant, Castle Brae
McBride, Hugh, publican and grocer, Main Street
McClelland, J., stationmaster G.N.R.
McCloy, William, Sefton House
McColgan, Thomas, clock repairer, Back Street
McCollum, Wm., farmer, Aldohil
McConnell, R., farmer, Grange
McConway, Mick, grocer, Main Street
McCrossan, P., boot maker
McCrossan, Robt., publican, Dublin Street
McCullagh, C, boot and shoe maker, Dublin Street
McCullagh, M., tailor, Back Street
McCullagh, M., publican, Main Street
McCurdy, J., cycle agent
McFadden, Constable, R.I.C.
McFadden, Owen, R.I.C., Dublin Street
McFadden, Sergeant, R.I.C.
McFarland, Chas., farmer, Corrick Lodge
McFarland, Geo., farmer, Aldohil
McFarland, Miss R., publican, Main Street
McGlinchy, Jas., Back Street
McGlinchey, Thos., blacksmith
McGorman, Thomas, Main Street
McHugh, H., general draper, Main Street
Mclhatton, Robt., coach builder, Back Street
McIlwaine, Thos., carpenter
McIvor, Charles, J.P., Mourne Lodge
McKee, James, R.I.C., Mill Street
McKeown, John, Newtownstewart
McKeown, Miss, music teacher
McKinley, Wm., grocer and road contractor, Mill Street
McLaughlin, S., town postman, Mill Street
McLaughlin, W. J., postman
McNamee, Edward, carpenter, Back Street
McNamee, John, carpenter, Dublin Street
McNamee, Patrick, farmer, Dublin Street

Patterson, James, signal man, G.N. Railway
Patterson, J., carter
Pinkerton, Jas., farmer, Lislap

Robinson, James, publican, Dublin Street
Robinson, Thomas, blacksmith and coach builder, Main Street
Roche, James, sen., hotel proprietor and undertaker
Roche, P., draper
Ross, J. J., farmer, Glenock
Ross, S., & Sons, boot makers

Scott, W. & C., Ltd., Corn Mills
Shaw, H., publican
Sheridan, John, Dublin Street
Sinclair, W. J., C.B.O., Dublin Street
Smith, Miss, dress maker
Smyth, Mrs., millinery and mantle warehouse, Main Street
Sproule, James, grocer, Mill Street
Stafford, Constable R.I.C.
Stevenson, Mrs., cafe and temperance hotel
Stewart, John, Grange Terrace
Stuart, S., publican and grocer

Tait, Joseph, saddler, Main Street
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, D. Cunningham, Grocer
Tipping, N., farmer, Deerpark

Vaughan, Robert, farmer, Pound Street

Walsh, James F., china, glass, stationery, and fancy warehouse
Walsh, Joseph, sen., carter
Walsh, W. B., school teacher, Moyle Road
Wasson, R., grocer, Ballykeel
Whitford, A., manager, Northern Bank
Williams, Captain, Mourneleigh
Wilson, Alex., farmer, Deerpark
Wilson, James, farmer, Pubble
Wilson, John, draper, Main Street