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1861 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Antrim, a market town (formerly a Parliamentary borough), in the County of Antrim, 13 miles from Belfast, 93 miles from Dublin, 8 1/2 from Ballymena and 4 from Randalstown, situated on the banks of the Sixmilewater River, on the great road from Belfast to Londonderry.  This town, which is situated in one of the most beautiful and fertile valleys in the county, was anciently called Entrium or Entrium Neagh, signifying, according to some authorities, "the habitation upon the waters."  In 1649 the town was burned by General Monroe; and during the disturbances of 1798 it was the principal scene of hostilities which occurred in the county, and here the insurgents were defeated with great slaughter.  Adjacent to the town, on the demesne of George J. Clarke, Esq., J.P., is one of those round towers so often met with in Ireland; it is 95 feet in height and 49 in circumference, is of four stories, and its summit surmounted by a cone.  Closely contiguous to the town is Antrim Castle, an elegant, spacious and stately building, the ancient residence of the Earls of Massereene, now the property of Viscount Massereene and Ferrard, who is also proprietor of the town.  Shane's Castle is situated about two miles West of the town.  The Castle itself is in ruins, having been burned down, by accident, in the year 1816.  By extensive and costly additions, however, to a pile of buildings near the site of the original structure, a very commodious mansion, where the present owner resides, has been constructed.  The parks and grounds )which are extensive) are kept in the highest state of order by their amiable proprietor (the successor of the last of the O'Neill's), and are thrown open to the public, who, during the Summer months, visit them in large numbers.  Paper Mills, celebrated for the superior quality and exquisite finish of the article produced, have been here long established.  The Muckamore flour mills are also of long standing; and, in addition, new flour and meal mills, of considerable power, have recently been constructed contiguous to the railway station, by a very popular and influential proprietor; resident in the neighbourhood.  The town has been placed under the Towns' Improvement Act since 1855, and its municipal affairs are administered by nine commissioners, the chairman of whom is Lord Viscount Massereene.  Gas Works have also been erected, and the town lighted.  General Sessions of the Peace are held four times a year, and Petty Sessions every third Wednesday.  The Court-house, situated towards the foot of the town, is a commodious building.  The Belfast and Ballymena Railway passes at an inconsiderable distance North of the town.  Lough Neagh approaches within half a mile of the town, and communicates with the latter by the Sixmile River.  A new wharf has just been completed, under the supervision of the Board of Works.  The church is a neat edifice, with a square embattled tower, surmounted by a finely proportioned octagonal spire; there are two Presbyterian churches, one Unitarian, two Methodist and one Roman Catholic chapel.  The Union Workhouse, a public Dispensary, and free schools, comprise the principal charities.  The markets, which are efficiently conducted, are on Tuesday and Thursday.  Fairs, January 1st, May 12th and November 12th.  The parish of Antrim contained, in 1851, 5,074 inhabitants, and the town 2,772 of that number.

Craig, John, publican, Main Street.
Crawford, John, builder, Main Street.
Cuddy, Misses, Main Street.
Cusack, J., baker and grocer, Main Street.
Darragh, John, blacksmith, Main Street.
Davies, P. R., clerk of petty sessions and clerk of town commissioners, Main Street.
Dickson, Mrs. Margaret, publican, Townhead.
Duncan, James, watchmaker, Main Street.
Fleming, Richard, grocer, Main Street.
Fleming, Malcolm, victualler, Main Street.
Fisher, T. P., grocer &c., Main Street.
Gibson, Matthew, boot and shoe maker, Main Street.
George, Alex., publican, Main Street.
Gray, James, sen., publican, Massereene.
Gray, Jas., jun., pawnbroker, Main Street.
Gray, John, grocer, Main Street.
Gleghorn, A., publican, Main Street.
Harper, Andrew, grocer, Main Street.
Herbert, Rev. William, Main Street.
Jonson, Robt., haberdasher, Main Street.
Johnson, Miss, milliner, Main Street.
Johnson, Samuel, grocer and baker, Scotch Quarter.
Johnston, John, brewer, Mill Row.
Johnston, William, grocer, Main Street.
Kerr, Nathaniel, paper mills.
Lavery, John, tailor, Main Street.
Lavery, Thomas, tailor, Main Street.
Lavery, Thomas, tailor, Townhead.
Larmer, R., publican, Scotch Quarter.
Lennon, Miss, milliner, Main Street.
Little, Mrs., sewed muslin agent, Main Street.
Lowry, Wm., watch and clock maker, Main Street.
Moore, John, grocer and leather cutter, Main Street.
Millar, Miss, haberdasher, Main Street.
Mahaffy, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, Main Street.
Mullen, Richard, publican, Main Street.
Morwood, Arthur, saddler, Main Street.
Murdock, Fanny, haberdasher.
Milliken, Henry, grocer, Main Street.
McConnell, Langford, Townhead.
McCavena, Hugh, Paties Lane.
McConaghy, P., shoe maker, Bow Street.
McDowell, J., sewed muslin agent, Main Street.
McGee, James, Main Street.
McGuicken, C., publican, Bow Lane.
McIlnea, Misses, stay makers, Main Street.
McKeown, O., Innkeeper, Bow Lane.
McLorinan, Misses, haberdashers, Main Street.
McLorinan, Joseph, Main Street.
McMaster,  ? , publican, Bow Lane.
McMullen, Peter, publican, Main Street.
McMorran, Richard, stationer &c., Main Street.
McNaghten, Robert, sewed muslin agent and grocer, Main Street.
McNally, Mrs., Massereene Arms Hotel, Main Street.
McQuillan, Mrs., Main Street.
McQuillan, John, victualler, Main Street.
Neeson, Daniel, Innkeeper, Townhead.
Owens, James, grocer, Main Street.
O'Neill, Jas., loan fund manager, Mill Row.
Prenter, Thomas, Antrim Paper Mills.
Reid, Mrs., grocer, Main Street.
Richey, David, grocer, Main Street.
Roney, Andrew, boot and shoe maker.
Scott, Henry C., clerk of Union and agent Scottish Amicable Insurance Company, Main Street.
Scott, James, Innkeeper and posting establishment, Main Street.
Scully, Andrew, grocer, Main Street.
Service, A., publican, Main Street.
Shannon, Wm., Main Street.
Sherwood, John, publican, Bow Lane.
Sherlock, Alex., publican, Main Street.
Storey, Rev. ?, Main Street.
Steele, Robert, grocer, Main Street.
Stott, Wm., manager of gas works.
Suffern, John, grocer, Bow Lane.
Taggart, H. & J., woollen drapers, Main Street.
Thompson, S., Innkeeper, Main Street.
Vance, Wm., builder, Bow Lane.
Vance, Wm. & Co., grocers &c., Bow Lane.
Williamson, Wm., sen., delf merchant and farmer, Main Street.
Williamson, Wm., jun., attorney, Main Street.
Wilson, W. H., grocer &c., Main Street.
Young, John, Bridge Street.
Post-Office - Mrs. Goold, postmistress. Letters from England, Scotland and Belfast, arrive at 7 a.m. and 3 p.m., and are despatched at 10-30 a.m. and 5-40 p.m.

Places of Worship

Established Church - Rev. William Greene, vicar.
Presbyterian No.1 - Rev. George Magill.
Presbyterian No.2 - Rev. John H. Orr.
Unitarian - Rev. James Carley.
Methodist (Prim.) - Rev. William Herbert.
Methodist (Wesleyan) - Rev. Mr. Storey.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. H. O'Loughlin.

Public Institutions &c.

Antrim Poor-Law Union - Established 1840; chairman, George J. Clarke, J.P., Steeple;  vice-chairman, Thomas Montgomery, J.P., Birchhill;  deputy-vice-chairman, Captain G. T. Brooke, J.P., Bowlderstone House, Templepatrick; clerk and returning officer, Henry C. Scott; medical officer, T. S. McCombe;  master of workhouse, William Steen;  matron, Anna Stavely;  relieving officers, H. Campbell and J. McQuitty.
Police Station - Wm. Taylor, sub-inspector.
Bridewell Keeper - John McLorinan.
Ulster Bank Branch - S. F. Black, manager.
Loan Fund Society - Treasurer, Rev. James Carley; manager, James O'Neill; assistant, John Young.
Erasmus Smith's Schools - Patron, Lord Viscount Massereene; patroness, Lady Massereene; teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Fee.
Infant School - Patroness, the Viscountess Massereene, Antrim Castle; treasurer and secretary, Miss Clarke, Steeple; teacher, Miss McGee.
Marriage Registrar - J. H. McCormick.
Dispensary Officer - A. Spearing, M.D.

Nobility and Gentry

Adair, Charles, Loughanmore.
Adair, Rev. T. B., Loughanmore.
Agnew, Miss, Main Street.
Brooke, Captain G. T., J.P., Templepatrick.
Bryson, Miss, Main Street.
Chaine, William, sen., Ballycraigy.
Chaine, William, jun., Moylinny.
Clarke, George J., J.P., Steeple.
Creery, ? , New Lodge.
Gilmore, Colonel, Boghead.
Massereene and Ferrard, Lord Viscount, D.L., J.P., Antrim Castle.
Montgomery, Thomas, J.P., Birchhill.
Montgomery, Alex., Potterswalls.
Montgomery, Misses, Birchhill.
Morton, ? , Spring Farm.
O'Neill, Rev. W. C., Shane's Castle.
White, James, Muckamore.

Clergy, Professional &c.

Black, S. F., manager of Ulster Bank, Mill Row.
Carley, Rev. j., Presbyterian minister, Main Street.
Dickey, Wm. McN., Mill Row.
Ferguson, John, solicitor, Main Street.
Greene, Rev. W., vicar, Dunsilly House.
Gwynn, Wm. J., solicitor, Main Street.
Hitchcock, John, J.P., Mill Row.
Magill, Rev. George, Main Street.
Malone, Edmund, solicitor, Main Street.
McCombe, T. S., surgeon, Main Street.
Nixon, George, M.D., surgeon R.A. Artillery.
Orr, Rev. John H., The Manse.
Spearing, A., M.D., Wilderness Lodge.
Taggart, John, M.D., Main Street.
Wall, Henry H., J.P.

Traders &c.

Adgey, Robert, saddler, Main Street.
Allen, John G., Mill Row.
Armstrong, J., railway clerk, Bow Lane.
Barkley, Jas., woollen draper, Main Street.
Barclay, John, boot and shoe maker, Main Street.
Beggs, Stewart, saddler, Bow Lane.
Birnie, Samuel, pawnbroker, Bow Lane.
Boyd, Robert, publican, Scotch Quarter.
Brennan, William, painter, Main Street.
Blair, J., cabinet maker, Town Head.
Bruce, Misses, haberdashers, Main Street.
Byrne, James, Castle Office.
Christie, William, victualler, Main Street.
Clugston, Samuel, linen manufacturer, Main Street.
Craig, William, Main Street.


Ardglass, a maritime town in County Down; a watering place twenty-three miles from Belfast and six from Downpatrick.  It was formerly of some commercial importance.  Within an area of one mile there are seven castles.  There is abundant fisheries.  Hundreds of boats come from the coast of Cornwall, Isle of Man, Scotland, Wicklow and Arklow, and reap a rich reward.  It also affords abundant employment to the working classes.

Post-Office - M. Kearns, postmaster, Kildare Street. A mail car arrives every morning at 9.30 from Clough and is despatched at 3.55 p.m.
Church of England - Rev. C. Campbell, High Street.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Thomas McAfee.
Primitive Wesleyan Chapel - Rev. Mr. Lindsay.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Wm. McMullan.
Coast-Guard - Lieutenant Maingay, Kildare Street.
News-room - Bath Street.
Petty Sessions - Bath Street, J. Bell McConnell, clerk.
Protestant School - James Caldwell, master, High Street.
Female School - Ann Caldwell, mistress, High Street.
Infant School - Mary J. Johnston, mistress, High Street.
Constabulary Station - Bath Street.
Public Baths - Bath Street.
Light-house - Hugh Cunningham, keeper, Castle Place.

Gentry and Clergy

Auchinleck, John, Castle Place.
Beauclerk, A. De Vere, Ardglass Castle.
Beauclerk, Mrs., Ardglass Castle.
Beauclerk, Rev. Charles, Castle Place.
Beauclerk, Mrs. George.
Beauclerk, Captain, King's Castle.
Black, Mrs., Castle Place.
Cottinham, Mrs., The Castle.

Hamilton, D. R., The Crescent.
Kendal, Mrs., Castle Place.
Magrath, Rev. F. F., The Crescent.
Morris, Miss, Crescent.
Savage, Mrs., The Crescent.
Thompson, H., Crescent.

Traders &c.

Brown, Mrs., hotel, Kildare Street.
Clarke, Richard, grocer, Kildare Street.
Curran, Thomas, ship owner, Kildare Street.
Doran, Arthur, ship carpenter, Bath Street.
Hughes, John, ship owner and merchant, Bath Street.
Hunter, Thomas, grocer, Kildare Street.
Hughes, Richard, baker, Bath Street.
Kearns, M., haberdasher and grocer, Kildare Street.
Martin, James E., publican &c.
Menown, John and Richard, Fucia Cottage, Ringfad.
McMahon, E., publican, Bath Street.
McKinney, Robert, master tailor, Bath Street.
Norris, James, grocer and haberdasher, Kildare Street.
Roney, Margaret, publican, Kildare Street.
Simons, Ezekiel, sewing agent and grocer, Hill Street.
Small, John, haberdasher, Kildare Street.
Torney, Mrs., grocer, Hill Street.


Armagh, an inland city and Parliamentary borough, thirty miles distant from Belfast, comprising within its ancient boundary as area of 1,147 acres, and within its present municipal boundary 269 acres.  It is the seat of the Archiepiscopal see of the Primate of all Ireland, whose ecclesiastical province comprises six consolidated dioceses:- 1. Armagh and Clogher; 2. Tuam, Ardagh, Killala and Achonry; 3. Derry and Raphoe; 4. Down and Connor and Dromore; 5. Kilmore and Elphin; 6. Meath.  The town stands on the acclivities of a hill, of which the cathedral, repaired and beautified, chiefly at the expense of the present venerable Primate, tops the summit; there are also a Protestant Chapel-of-Ease, three Presbyterian churches, two places of worship for Methodists, one for Independents and a Roman Catholic chapel (a Roman Catholic cathedral has been in course of erection for some years but is not yet completed).  The other public buildings are the County Court-house, Prison, Infirmary; Fever Hospital, supported by the present Lord Primate; the District Lunatic Asylum for Armagh, Cavan, Fermanagh and Monaghan counties (which maintained 135 patients in 1851), the Royal School; a public Library, built and endowed by Primate Robinson, in 1741 and lately rebuilt and improved (it contains about 14,000 volumes, some of them considered very scarce, and open to the public from twelve to three o'clock): a Market-house, erected by the late Primate Stewart; a Linen-hall, a Yarn-hall, Music-hall and Tontine Buildings (in which there is a large public Assembly-room and a spacious News-room); a National School, a Sunday-school; a school for the Choristers, which is maintained by the Vicars Choral.  Near the city id the Archiepiscopal palace, with a domestic chapel; the deanery; an observatory, erected A.D. 1793, with a very superior astronomical apparatus; and barracks for 200 men.  In or near the city are two distilleries, not now worked; a brewery and several tanneries and flour mills.  The Callen, a branch of the Blackwater, passes near the town, and the Ulster Canal within four miles.  The Ulster Railway connects the town with Belfast and Monaghan.  Population in 1851, 9,036.  The corporation, which was styled "The Sovereign, Free Burgesses and Commonalty of the Borough of Armagh", was abolished by the provisions of the Municipal Reform Bill.  The borough returns one member to Parliament; constituency in 1857, 404.  The lighting, cleansing and watching the streets is vested in commissioners, under the 9th Geo. IV., c.82.  Markets are held on Tuesdays, for general purposes; and on Wednesdays and Saturdays for grain.  The toils have been bought up by the inhabitants, for the improvement of the town.  Water is supplied by pipes, the management of which is vested in the Police Commissioners; and the streets and the interior of many of the houses are lighted with gas.  There are branches of the Bank of Ireland, Belfast Banking Company, Northern Banking Company, Ulster Banking Company and Provincial Bank of Ireland.  The Savings' Bank was established in 1818.  The Union Workhouse was opened in 1842.  Two newspapers are published in Armagh, the Armagh Guardian and the Armagh Gazette.

Member for the City - J. W. M. Bond, Esq.


Armagh Cathedral, Abbey Street.
St. Mark's Church, The Mall.
Primate of all Ireland, Right Hon. and Most Rev. Lord John George Beresford, The Palace.
Dean, Rev. William Brabazon Disney, B.D.
Archdeacon, Rev. J. W. Stokes, A.M.
Precentor, Rev. Alexander Irwin, A.M.
Chancellor, Rev. James Jones, A.M.
Rector, Rev. Benjamin Wade.
Principal Surrogate, and Private Secretary to the Archbishop, Rev. Alexander Irwin, A.M.
Treasurer, Rev. Wm. Barlow, A.M.
Vicar-General, Jos. Radcliffe, LL.D.
Vicars-Choral, Rev. J. M. H. Strangways, A.M.: Rev. James Hogan, A.M.
Curates, Rev. John Walton Murray, Rev. Joseph Chamney.
Organist of cathedral, Robert Turle.
Organist of St. Mark's, Robert Jas. Calvert.
Cathedral Choir, George Scott,  Neil McNeill Edmondson,  Edward Rogers,  George Allen,  George D. Hughes,  James Lee,  Wm. Smyth,  Wm. Wood,  Charles wood,  James Roberts,  A. Talbot Thackery.
Consistorial Court Office, Vicar's Hill - Registrars, Geo. Scott and J. G. W. Bridges;  Deputy Registrar, Robert Riddall, English Street;  Clerk, George Hughes, Vicar's Hill.
Court of Probate - Robert Riddal, registrar.
First Presbyterian Church, Abbey Street - Rev. J. Smith, minister.
Second Presbyterian Church, Lower English Street - Rev. Wm. Henderson, minister.
Third Presbyterian Church, The Mall - Rev. J. R. McAlister, minister.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Chapel Lane.
Roman Catholic Cathedral (in course of erection), Sandy Hill.
Roman Catholic Primate - The Right Rev. Dr. Dixon, Abbey Street;  Rev. Mr. Campbell, P.P.. Abbey Street.
Independent Chapel, College Street;  Rev. W. H. Craig, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Abbey Street - Rev. Messrs. Donnelly and Evans, ministers.
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Abbey Street - Messrs. Carlyle and McCormick, ministers.
Registrar of Marriages - Alexander J. Dobbin, Scotch Street.

Legal, &c.

Court-house, College Street, Assizes twice a year, Quarter Sessions, four times, Petty Sessions, every Thursday.
Magistrates - See County of Armagh.
County Jail - See County Armagh &c.
Clerk of Petty Sessions, W. Barnes, 20 Scotch Street.
Town Commissioners - Wm. Paton, chairman, W. F. Cardwell, John Hughes, Henry Campbell, Owen McParland, John G. Winder, Francis McKee, Philip Lavery, William Paton, J.P., Thomas Kidd, J.P., Henry Savage, Marc Anthony Savage, John Stanley, Francis Vallely, Thomas McCann, James Wynne, William Boyd, sen., Wm. Parker, James Devlin, John McWatters, Matthew Bell, Charles Close, Robert Cochrane, town clerk; the Ulster Bank, treasurer; Nicholas Colvin, collector.
Stamp-Office, T. A. Prentice, head distributor.
Post-Office, Robert Birch, master.
Tontine Rooms, English Street, containing public news-room, handsome assembly and other rooms; Robert Cochrane, secretary; Kingsberry Smith, keeper.
Music Hall, for the use of the Choral School, Vicar's Hill.
Depository for the Church Education Society and for the Association for Promoting Christian Knowledge; Rev. Benjamin Wade and Rev. J. M. H. Strangeways, secretaries; Wm. Paton, Esq, treasurer; James Roberts, keeper.
Thomas Charles Anderson, Scotch Street, inspector of weights and measures.
Gas Works, Callin Street, John G. Deacon, secretary; J. Gibb, manager.

Literary and Scientific

Natural History and Philosophical Society - Lord Primate, patron;  Dr. T. R. Robinson, president;  Lewis G. Mills, A.B., secretary.
Church of England Young Men's Association - president, Rev. B. Wade (rector), vice-presidents, Rev. Messrs. Murray and Chamney; secretary, Mr. J. McWatters, jun.
Christian Literary Society - Rev. J. R. McAlister, president.
Public Library - Rev. James Hogan, librarian;  Edward Rogers, deputy.
Astronomical Observatory - Rev. Dr. T. Romney Robinson, principal astronomer;  Neil McNeill Edmondson, assistant astronomer.
St. Patrick's College.
National School, School of Choristers &c.
Newspapers - Armagh Guardian, (Friday evening), English Street, John Thompson, proprietor;  Ulster Gazette (Saturday), Scotch Street, Edward Darlington, proprietor.


Market-house, containing corn market, large assembly and commissioners' rooms; crane master, Charles Keys;  keeper of room, Jane Hughes, Market Street.
Linen-hall, under toll commissioners; keeper, E. Cullen, Linen-hall Street.
Bank of Ireland, George Johnston, Esq., agent; Robert Kernaghan, manager.
Provincial Bank, William Paton, J.P., agent; James Bowman, manager.
Belfast Bank, Thomas Kidd, J.P., manager.
Northern Bank, Henry Cuppage, manager.
Ulster Bank, Angus J. Mulligan, manager.
Savings' Bank (established 1818), secretary, William Paton; treasurer, Thomas Smith, actuary.
Shambles, Lower English Street, open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.


County Infirmary, Abbey Street, Alexander Robinson, A.M., M.B., surgeon;  James Armstrong, assistant-surgeon;  R. Riddall, treasurer.
Fever Hospital, Caledon Road, Jas. Leslie, M.D., surgeon and physician.
Dispensary, Scotch Street, James Leslie, M.D., surgeon.
District Lunatic Asylum, for Armagh, Cavan and Monaghan, opened July 1825; Dr. McKinstry, manager;  Thomas Cuming, M.D., physician.
Workhouse - Board meets every Tuesday; Robert Turner, master; Malcolm McN. Johnston, clerk.
Nunnery, Windmill Hill; Madam Croft, abbess.

Nobility, Gentry &c.

Beresford, The Right Hon. and Most Rev. John George, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland, The Palace.
Bell, Mrs. J., Melbourne Terrace.
Bell, Misses, English Street.
Bond, Adjutant.
Boyle, Hugh, J.P., Beresford Row.
Bowman, James, Abbey Street.
Butler, Mrs., 5 College Street.
Cochran, Robert, English Street.
Craig, Captain, Beresford Row.
Darlington, Edward, Scotch Street.
Davison, Henry, county surveyor, Melbourne Terrace.
Davison, J. W., Linen-hall; office, Dobbin Street.
Dobbin, Alex. J., Scotch Street.
Dobbin, Thomas, J.P., Charlemont Place.
Hardy, Mrs., St. Mark's Place.
Hardy, Mrs. R. C., Beresford Row.
Hardy, Wm., sub-sheriff, Beresford Row.
Hardy, John, St. Mark's Place.
Heeney, Miss, Melbourne Terrace.
Kidd, Joseph, Ballinahone House.
Kidd, Mrs., Charlemont Place.
Kidd, Osborne, Tullymore.
Lynn, James, M.D.
Magill, Miss, Melbourne Terrace.
Mauleverer, Mrs., Beresford Row.
Millar, George, English Street.
Millar, W., stipendiary magistrate.
Mulligan, Angus, Ulster Bank, English Street.
McGeough, Miss, Drumsill.
McKinstry, John, crown solicitor, Beresford Row.
McKinstry, John, clerk of the peace, St. Mark's Place.
Paton, Wm., J.P., Charlemont Place.
Pooler, Mrs., College Street.
Robinson, Geo., J.P., Abbey Street.
Scott, George, Vicar's Hill.
Stanley, John, Pavillion.
Winder, John Gervais, J.P., English Street.

Clergy and Professional

Armstrong, M. & J., surgeons, English Street.
Barker, Wm., solicitor, Abbey Street.
Barrett, Jacob, solicitor and proctor. English Street.
Bryce, Alex., apothecary, English Street.
Campbell, Rev. Mr., P.P., Abbey Street.
Chamney, Rev. J., Palace Row.
Cuming, T., M.D., Beresford Row.
Davidson, John, master in chancery &c., Abbey Street.
Dixon, Rev. Dr., R.C. Primate, Abbey Street.
Fullerton, W., architect, Palace Row.
Grant, ? , dentist, Abbey Street.
Guillemard, Rev. W, H., Royal School.
Hazelton, Robert, surgeon dentist, Scotch Street.
Henderson, Rev. W., Greenfield Manse.
Hogan, Rev. James, Abbey Street.
Lavery, Philip, surgeon, English Street.
Leslie, James, surgeon and licentiate apothecary, Scotch Street.
McAlister, Rev. John R., Abbey Street.
McBride, T. G., C.E., land surveyor valuator &c., Upper English Street.
McCombe, Alexander, solicitor.
McKee, John, solicitor, Market Hill.
McKinstry, John, crown solicitor, Beresford Row.
McKinstry, John, clerk of the peace, St. Mark's Place.
Murray, Rev. J. W., Gosford Place.
Riggs, J. L., surgeon, Russell Street.
Robinson, Alexander B. M., surgeon, Abbey Street.
Robinson, Rev. T. Romney, D.D., Observatory.
Savage, Marc Anthony, surgeon and apothecary, Scotch Street.
Stanley, John, solicitor and proctor, Pavilion.
Strangeways, Rev. James, Abbey Street.
Wade, Rev. Benjamin, Melbourne Terrace.
Wilson, W. Thomas, M.D., M.R.C.E., Thomas Street.

Traders &c.

Adams, John Clarke, woollen and hat warehouse, English Street.
Adams, William, publican, Scotch Street.
Albin, W. & R., plumbers, tin and copper smiths, Scotch Street.
Allen, E. & J., haberdashers and milliners, English Street.
Allen, G., Vicar's Hill.
Allen, R., cabinet maker, Barrack Street.
Allen, T., school, Abbey Street.
Anderson, Eliza, toy shop, Scotch Street.
Armstrong, M. & J., apothecaries, English Street.
Arnold, John, sewed muslin warehouse, English Street.
Ballantine & Brothers, butchers, Scotch Street.
Barnes, William, clerk of Petty Sessions, Scotch Street.
Bates, Mrs., lodging house, Thomas Street.
Bell, Matthew Robert, auctioneer and valuator, Russell Street.
Bell, Matthew, seedsman and miller, English Street.
Best, James, grocer and miller, Scotch Street and Richhill.
Bingham, Mr., teaches, Dobbin Street.
Bloomfield, Thomas, leather store, Thomas Street.
Brown, Messrs. (of Glasgow), sewed muslin warehouse, College Street
Brown, Mr., publican, Mill Street.
Brown, John & Robert, sewed muslin manufacturers, Dobbin Street.
Boyd & Temple, grocers and seedsmen, English Street.
Boyd, A. & F., grocers, iron and coal merchants, Dobbin Street.
Boyd & Co., woollen drapers and haberdashers.
Boyd, J. B., flax store, Dobbin Street.

Boyd, Robert, hardware merchant and grocer, Scotch Street.
Boyd, William & Co., grocers and seedsmen, Thomas Street.
Boyd, Wm. jun., grocer and spirit dealer, Thomas Street.
Brannigan, A., publican, Barrack Street.
Burns, Bernard, lodging and posting establishment, Thomas Street.
Burns, Hugh, publican, English Street.
Burns, Samuel, watch maker and jeweller, English Street.
Burns, J., saddler, Market Street.
Caldwell, Eliza, publican and grocer, Lower English Street.
Campbell, H., publican and grocer, English Street.
Campbell, John (of Keady), posting establishment, English Street.
Campbell, William, family grocer, confectioner and publican, English Street.
Cardwell, W. F., flour and meal store, English Street.
Carolan, Hugh, publican, Lower English Street.
Carr, John, baker, Lower English Street.
Close, C., woollen draper, Scotch Street.
Cole, Robert, grocer and flax merchant, Barrack Street.
Corrigan, John, linen merchant, Dobbin Street.
Couser & Wright, grocers, Scotch Street.
Crilly, James, Beresford Arms Hotel, English Street.
Crummy, Miss, baker and flax dealer, Lower English Street.
Darlington, Edward, veterinary surgeon, Scotch Street.
Davidson, W., haberdasher, Thomas Street.
Davidson, Martha, coal, iron & leather dealer, Thomas Street.
Deacon, John, grocer, wine and spirit dealer, Barrack Street.
Devlin, Owen, grocer and publican, Lower English Street.
Devlin, Patrick, White Cross Inn and posting establishment, Lower English Street.
Devlin, James, chandler, Barrack Street.
Dobbin, Robert, publican, Thomas Street.
Donnelly, Hugh, tailor, Ogle Street.
Donnelly, Jas., Innkeeper, English Street.
Donnelly, Miss, haberdasher, Thomas Street.
Donnelly, P., stone cutter, Ogle Street.
Donohoe, James, family grocer and baker, Lower English Street.
Douglas, John, tailor, Scotch Street.
Dundas, M., haberdasher, English Street.
Eager, Thomas, publican, Scotch Street.
Fagan, Wm., baker, Thomas Street.
Farr, John, carpenter and builder, The Mall.
Ferris, Wm. Robert, hardware merchant and general grocer, Market and English Streets.
Fletcher, Robert, clerk and stationer, Scotch Street.
Foster, Isabella, tea, coffee and spirit shop, English Street.
Frizell, A., cabinet maker, upholsterer and undertaker, English Street.
Fullerton, W., architect, Palace Row.
Gardner, James, woollen merchant, English Street.
Gardner, James, Sun Fire agent, English Street.
Gardner, S. & T., iron and brass founders, and machine makers, Dobbin Street.
Gravy, Michael, baker, Scotch Street.
Gibson, Alexander, Palace Row.
Gibson, John, yarn stores, Dobbin Street.
Gillespie, David, grocer, English Street.
Gordon, Medley, smith and farrier, Dobbin Street.
Gough, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Thomas Street.
Gough, Richard, boot and shoe maker, Thomas Street.
Gray, John, grocer &c., Scotch Street.
Gray, Robert, pawnbroker, Ogle Street.
Greer, Jas. & Co., linen yarn store, Dobbin Street.
Gribben, Mary, grocer and publican, Thomas Street.
Griffin, David, rope and twine manufacturer, Scotch Street.
Grimley, Mary, milliner, Thomas Street.
Gamble, John, jun., provision merchant, Scotch Street.
Haffey, Bernard, grocer and leather merchant, Thomas Street.
Hagan, B., publican, Thomas Street.
Hamill, Patrick, baker, Ogle Street.
Hamill, Patrick, butcher, Thomas Street.
Hamilton, John, painter, Scotch Street.
Harrison, Wm., grocer &c., Thomas Street.
Heaney, H., publican, English Street.
Henry, W. H., upholsterer and cabinet maker, Scotch Street.
Hillock, James, grocer, druggist, haberdashery and perfumery ware house, English Street.
Hinchey, T., coach maker, The Mall.
Hodgens, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Thomas Street.
Hughes, Chas., publican, Thomas Street.
Hughes, Frs., Plough Inn, Lower English Street.
Hughes, Geo. D., clerk, metropolitan registry office.
Hughes, John, Charlemont Arms, Lower English Street.
Hughes, Miss, boot and shoe establishment, Market Street.
Hughes, Thomas, baker, Thomas Street.
Hughes, Arthur, Thomas Street.
Jackson, Robert, publican, Thomas Street.
Johnston, E. & M., haberdashers, Thomas Street.
Johnston, James, teacher, Ogle Street.
Johnston, Malcolm, McN., clerk of union, Ogle Street.
Johnston, R., boot maker, Thomas Street.
Kearney, John, publican, Scotch Street.
Keenan, Judith, Royal Hotel and spirit store, Scotch Street and Dobbin Street.
Kelly, Pat., furniture mart, Thomas Street.
Kennedy, Wm., Armagh Coach factory; residence, Victoria Street.
Kidd, Osborne, farmer, Tullymore.
Kidd, Joseph, store and office, Ogle Street; residence, Ballynahoe.
Kingston, Christopher, boot and shoe maker, Scotch Street.
Lavery, Philip, surgeon, English Street.
Leathem, William H., agent for Castlebellingham Brewery, Russell Street.
Lee, James, piano-forte warehouse, College Street.
Leitch, David Duncan, flax buyer, Dobbin Street.
Loughran, Bridget, oats and meal shop, Ogle Street.
Loughran, Lawrence, boot and shoe shop, Thomas Street.
Loughran, Owen, meal store, Dobbin Street.
Loughran, Pat., grocer, Thomas Street.
Lowden, James, baker and flour dealer, Lower English Street.
Lowden, Wm., baker and grocer, English Street.
Lyle, James, baker Scotch Street.
Lynch, Patrick, Linenhall Hotel, Dobbin Street.
Maglone, Bernard, dealer, English Street.
Magowan, Samuel, tailor, Thomas Street.
Mallew, Peter, Traveller's Home, Ogle Street.
Marks, ? , meal store, Thomas Street.
Martin, D. P., sewed muslin agent.
Matchett, Jas., Albert Hotel, English Street.
Matthews, Joseph, auctioneer and valuator, College Street.
Matthews, Robert, Ulster Bank.
Maxell, J., printer &c., The Mall.
Moffett, Jane, haberdasher and sewing agent, Thomas Street.
Molloy, Edward, publican and grocer, Thomas Street.
Moore, James, wine and spirit merchant, Market Street.
Moore, Robert, hosier and haberdasher, Scotch Street.
Morrison, L., grocer, Scotch Street.
Morrison, Thomas, publican, Scotch Street.
Morrow, Mrs., butcher, English Street.
Morton, C., haberdasher, Thomas Street.
Mullan, James Alexander, tailor, Thomas Street.
McAlevey, ? , grocer, publican and baker, Ogle Street.
McBride, Miss, young ladies' boarding and day school, Upper English Street.
McCann, Thomas, family grocer and fruit warehouse, English Street.
McCarten, E., tailor, Ogle Street.
McConnell, Mr., grocer and publican, Barrack Street.
McConnell, Mrs., farming implement maker, The Mall.
McGirr, F., publican, Thomas Street.
McCourt, Patrick C., book seller and stationer, English Street.
McCrum, Mr., Milford Mill wheat stores, English Street.
McCulla, Wm., family grocer and spirit dealer, Market Street.
McCullough, David,  marble and stone works, Dobbin Street.
McCullough, Wm., wine and spirit store, Thomas Street.
McGahan, Pat., baker, Thomas Street.
McGanty, Rose, publican, Barrack Street.
McGowan, Wm., grocer, Barrack Street.
McKean, Sons & Co., spinners; yarn stores, Dobbin Street.
McKean, Wm., yarn merchant, Dobbin Street.
McKeaveny, ? , Railway Arms Hotel, at Railway Terminus.
McKee, Francis, grocer and publican, Ogle Street.
McKee, Thomas, bakery, Thomas Street.
McKenna, Jas., saddler, Thomas Street.
McKenzie, Alexander, wholesale spirit store, English Street.
McKinlay, David, yarn store, Dobbin Street.
McLaughlin, Mr., glass, delf and toy shop, Ogle Street.
McLinden, George, publican, English Street.
McLorinan, Patrick, linen draper & c., Scotch Street.
McParland, Arthur, grocer, Ogle Street.
McParland, John, jun., Whitehorse Inn, Scotch Street.
McParland, Owen, baker, English Street.
McWatters, J., book seller, printer, publisher &c., English Street.
Nicholson, John, umbrella maker, Scotch Street.
O'Neill, Bernard, butcher, English Street.
O'Neill, Chas., butcher, English Street.
O'Neill, Miss, haberdasher, Thomas Street.
O'Toole, Catherine, millinery shop, Thomas Street.
O'Neill, Patrick, Thomas Street.    (listed here in Directory)
O'Toole, Chas., publican and grocer, Thomas Street.
Peel, Thomas G.,  chemist and druggist, English Street.
Penton, E., seed-house, Thomas Street.
Quin, M., haberdasher, Scotch Street.
Quin, Peter, boot and shoe maker, Ogle Street.
Rea, Samuel, servants' registry office. Court-house.
Reid, Robert, chandler and grocer, Lower English Street.
Reilly, Henry, pawnbroker, Lower English Street.
Reilly, J., pawnbroker, Abbey Street.
Riggs, R. & S., family grocers, wine and spirit merchants, English Street.
Riddall, Mrs., Abbey Street.
Riddall, Robert & Co., flour and corn millers and bakers, English Street.
Robinson, James, grocer, English Street.
Roddy, Charles, woollen draper &c., Scotch Street.
Ross, Mrs., Armagh delf and chine warehouse, Scotch Street.
Ross, Thomas, builder, English Street.
Savage, H., spirit dealer, Ogle Street.
Shaw & Co., flax store, Dobbin Street.
Sheppard, A. P., pawn broker, Scotch Street.
Simpson, William, grocer and spirit dealer, Market Street.
Sling, Jas., hairdresser, English Street.
Sling, John, barber and hairdresser, Ogle Street.
Sling, W. H., hairdresser, Scotch Street.
Sling, H., hairdresser, English Street.
Smith, William, veterinary surgeon, Scotch Street.
Steenson, J., publican, Thomas Street.
Taylor, James, coach factory, The Mall.
Taylor, R., publican, Barrack Street.
Temple & Boyd, grocers and seedsmen, English Street.
Thompson, Alexander, linen yarn and commission agent, Dobbin Street.
Thomson, John, book seller, stationer and publisher, English Street.
Thomson, J., publican, Barrack Hill.
Trainor, Richard, grocer, English Street.
Turle, Robert, organist, Vicar's Hill.
Twyford, Thomas, butcher, English Street.
Unger, W. H., professor of modern languages, Abbey Street.
Vallely, John & Co., drapers &c., Scotch Street.
Vint, John, room paper, glass, oil and colour merchants, Market Street.
Vogan & Co., grocers, wine and spirit merchants, and chandlers, English Street.
Wallace, John, sewed muslin agent, Scotch Street.
Walker, Margaret, milliner &c., English Street.
Ward, Constantine, butcher, English Street.
Weir, James, sewed muslin manufacturer, Dobbin Street.
White, Robert, publican, Barrack Street.
White, Samuel, book seller and book binder, English Street.
Wilkin & Co., grocers and spirit dealers, Scotch Street.
Wilkin, George, china warehouse, Scotch Street.
Wilkin, Jas., watch maker, Scotch Street.
Williams, Miss, English Street.
William, M. A., silk mercer and milliner, English Street.
Williamson, Richard, draper, English Street.
Williamson, George A. & Co., grocers, Thomas Street.
Wilson, B. D., baker and haberdasher, English Street.
Wilson, Robert, woollen draper &c., Market Street.
Windrum, John, grocer, Scotch Street.
Wyne, James, tanyard, Dobbin Street.


Aughnacloy, a market town in the county of Tyrone, forty-one miles from Belfast, and containing at present about 2,000 inhabitants.  The town consists of one long street, and several diverging streets and lanes - considerable improvements in the appearance and general management of the place have been made during the last few years.  It is well lighted with gas.  The markets held every Wednesday are excellent; and the fairs, held the first Wednesday in each month, are inferior to few in Ulster.  Petty Sessions are held each alternate Monday; and there is a considerable constabulary force stationed in the town, including a head and two constables.  The parish church, erected by the late Acheson Moore, Esq., is a spacious structure, with a fine tower and handsome spire, also an excellent bell and clock.  The other places of worship are - a large Presbyterian church; a handsome Wesleyan chapel, erected by a bequest from the late Captain Moore; a Primitive Wesleyan preaching house; also a Roman Catholic Chapel, nearly a mile from the town.  The Jackson almshouse, endowed by the late Alexander Jackson, M.D., Madicus Regius for Ireland, intended for the accommodation of fourteen inmates, seven males and seven females, "who have seen better days," is a handsome building, erected at a cost of 3,500.

Town Commissioners - Henry Falls, chairman.
Fever Hospital - Wm. Scott, M.D., F.R.C.P., M.R.C.S.
Post-Office - David Campbell, postmaster - Letters from Dublin arrive every morning at 44 minutes past 1, and are despatched every night at 50 minutes past 10 o'clock; letters from Londonderry arrive every night at 20 minutes to 10, and are despatched every morning at 20 minutes to 3.
Stamp-Office - Fiddes, Simpson & Co., distributors.
Constabulary Station - D. Harrell, sub-inspector; B. Bradley, head constable.
Bank (Ulster Banking Co.'s Branch) - Thomas Montgomery, jun., manager;  George Heron, cashier;  T. Field, assistant.
Established Church - The Ven. Archdeacon Stokes, rector;  Rev. Thomas G. Stokes and Rev. Percy G. Benson, curates.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Wm. McIlwaine, A.M., minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - Various Ministers.
Primitive Methodist Church - Various Ministers.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Charles O'Brien, P.P., and Rev. Morgan O'Brien, C.C.
Church Education Society's School - Edward Smith, master;  infant school, Miss Campbell, mistress;  girls' school, Miss Caves, mistress.
National School - John O'Reilly, master.

Gentry and Clergy

Anderson, Mrs.
Anketell, Thomas, Dungillick.
Betty Rowland.
Blakely, S., M.D., M.R.C.S.E.
Cochrane, William, Leek.
Cole, The Misses.
Crossle, James, J.P., Anahoe House.
Chambre, Hunt W, Riversdale.
Disney, Rev. Mr., Killeshal Glebe.
Falls, Henry, solicitor.
Fiddes, James, Holywood.
Heron, George.
Horner, Mrs., Millview.
Hopper, William.
Hopper. Miss.
Johnston, W., J.P., Casha Moan.
Mayne, Nathaniel, Lakeview.
Mayne, William, Harriett.
Montgomery, Thomas, Evergreen Cottage.
Montgomery, Vaughan, J.P., Crilly House.
Moore, Cecil, sessional crown solicitor for County Tyrone, Cottage Hill.
Montgomery, Robert J., Garvey.
Moutray, Anketell, J.P., Favor Royal.
Moutray, Rev. William.
Moutray, Rev. J. J., Richmond Glebe.
Moutray, Henry, J.P., Killybrick.
Moutray, Whitney, J.P., Fortsingleton.
McIlwaine, Rev. William, A.M.
O'Brien, Rev. Charles, P.P.
Olpherts, Captain George Edward, Springmount.
Scott, Wm., M.D., J.P., The Bawn.
Simpson, Hugh, solicitor.
Simpson, Muss Mary Ann.
Singleton, Thomas, J.P., Fortsingleton.
Sharples, James, inland revenue officer.
Stewart, Captain Mervyn, J.P., Martray House.
Stewart, George Vesey, J.P., Lisbeg.
Stokes, Ven. Archdeacon, Bellmont.
Stokes, Rev. Thomas G.
Stinson, Rev. John, Manse, Glendaragh.
Scott, Miss.
Waller, Edward, J.P., Lissenderry.
Young, Rev. G. R., Erringle Glebe.

Traders &c.

Abraham, Joseph, grocer.
Abraham, James, grocer.
Anderson, John, grocer.
Barnes, Samuel, spirit dealer.
Best, Lewis, grocer.
Best, Wm., earthenware dealer and grocer.
Bell, John, carrier.
Bridge, Morrison & Co., linen and woollen drapers &c.
Burns, John, spirit dealer.
Burns, Thomas, spirit dealer.
Beavers, James, woollen draper.
Booth, James, grocer.
Campbell, James, grocer and baker.
Campbell, David & Co., merchants.
Campbell, John, Queens' Arms Hotel.
Carroll, John, spirit dealer.
Carroll, William, spirit dealer.
Chapman, Matthew James, earthenware dealer and grocer.
Chapman, John, Imperial Hotel.
Corbett, William, spirit dealer.
Coyle, Patrick, tailor.
Cruthers, Elizabeth, pawnbroker.
Curran, John, spirit dealer.
Devlin, Daniel, spirit dealer.
Ellison, William, saddler and spirit dealer.
Erskine, Prudence, haberdasher.
Erskine, James, haberdasher.
Fair, James, carpenter.
Fiddes, Simpson & Co., merchants.
Fulton, Jos., watch and clock maker.
Girvan, John, linen and woollen draper and haberdasher.
Graham, Samuel A., linen and woollen draper.
Haddon, ? , clothes dealer.
Horner, Elizabeth, grocer.
Keenan, John, blacksmith.
Kellett, Eleanor, haberdasher.
Kingston, Mary, straw bonnet maker.
Little, Fras. & Co., grocers, bakers, ironmongers &c.
Murdock, Joseph, tailor.
Murray, Patrick, woollen draper and merchant tailor.
McCaffrey, James, grocer and nailer.
McCarron, James, spirit dealer.
McCullough, William, sewed muslin agent.
McDowell, John, saddler.
McElmeel, Ann, spirit dealer.
McGee, Andrew, spirit dealer.
McKenna, James, spirit dealer.
McKenna, Patrick, spirit dealer.
McKenna, Owen, grocer.
McKenna, Edward, blacksmith.
McKenna, Wm., grocer and baker.
McKenna, Hugh, baker and spirit dealer.
McKenna, Owen, spirit dealer.
McKenna, John, butcher.
McVeigh, Peter, spirit dealer.
Reid, Robert, millinery and Manchester warehouse.
Shields, Thomas, carrier.
Sloan, John, grocer, baker and spirit merchant.
Smith, J., butter and egg merchant.
Soraghan, Peter, baker and grocer.
Stewart, Hugh, painter.
Traynor, Ann, clothes dealer.
Wilton, Mrs., bonnet maker.
Woods, John, toy shop.

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