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1861 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Bailieborough   Ballibay    Ballycastle    Ballyclare    Ballymena    Ballymoney    Ballynahinch
Ballyshannon    Banbridge    Bangor    Belturbet    Blackwatertown    Bushmills


Bailieborough, a market town and a parish, partly in the County Meath, but chiefly in the County Cavan, about fifty-four miles N.W. from Dublin.  It consists of one principal street and two diverging lanes.  There is no particular branch of trade flourishing here, the business existing being of a general and local nature, carried on by the shop keepers. The Union Workhouse, erected in 1841, is a large building and would accommodate 1,072 inmates.  General Sessions of the peace for the Hilary and Midsummer periods are held, and a manorial court annually.  The Courthouse, a convenient building, was enlarged and improved in 1834, and the bridewell was built the same year.  A station of constabulary is in the town.  The church is a handsome structure, with a square tower, was erected in 1838.  The other places of worship are a Presbyterian church, situated one and a half miles from the town; a Methodist chapel and a Roman Catholic chapel.  About one mile to the North of the town is Bailieborough Castle, the seat of the Right Hon. Sir John Young, Bart.  It is situated in a fine demesne, and occupies the site of an ancient fortress or castle.  The market is held on Monday.  Fairs are held on the third Monday in each month.

Post-Office - Dublin mails arrive at 20 minutes before 7a.m. and are despatched at 7.35. Northern mails are despatched at 7 a.m., and arrive at 6 p.m.; J. Mahood, postmaster.
Constabulary Station - A. O'Hays, sub-inspector;  John Armstrong, head-constable.
Stamp-Office (Market Street0 - John Mahood, stamp distributor.
Fever Hospital - James Johnston, surgeon; Ann Smith, housekeeper.
Union Workhouse - J. Montgomery, master;  Thomas Clark, clerk.
Established Church - Rev. F. Fitzpatrick, sen., rector;  Rev. F. Fitzpatrick, jun., curate.
Presbyterian Church (Corglass) - Rev. Patrick White, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - various.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. M. McQuade, parish priest;  James McEnroe, curate.
Bible Society - Rev. Patrick White, secretary;  Wm. King, agent.
Model and National School - John Brown, male school;  Mrs. McCotter, teacher, female school.
Model Farm - Henry Clarke, manager.

Clergy, Gentry &c.

Adair, Samuel, Inspector National Schools.
Bell, Rev. William, Drumbannan.
Chambers, Thomas, land agent, Market Street.
Clarke, Joseph, surgeon, Market Street.
Fitzpatrick, Rev. F., sen., Glebe House.
Gibson, Isaiah, Drumlun.
Hays, A. O., Inspector Constabulary, New Street.
Johnston, John A.
King, Thomas.
Mahaffy, Wm., attorney, Market Street.
McQuaide, Rev. M., New Street.
Spears, The Misses.
Taylor, James, surgeon and apothecary, Market Street.
Veevers, John, R.M., Market Street.
White, Rev. Patrick, Corglass.
Young, Right Hon. Sir John, M.P., Bailieborough Castle.

Traders &c.

Adams, Robert, miller, Killan.
Argue, Wm., butcher, Market Street.
Argue, Thomas, Adelaide Hotel, Market Street.
Armstrong, Mrs., milliner and dress maker, New Street.
Barclay, Wm., painter and glazier, Market Street.
Bell, Wm. J., spirit dealer, Market Square.
Brady, James, boot and shoe maker, Market Street.
Brady, J., spirit dealer, Market Square.
Burns, M., butcher, Market Square.
Carpenter, Michael, spirit and leather dealer, Market Street.
Carroll, Andrew, linen and woollen draper, Market Street.
Carroll, Philip, spirit dealer, William Street.
Chambers, Margaret.
Chambers, Stewart, grocer, iron monger & coal dealer, Market Street.
Clarke, P., watch repairer, William Street.

Clarke, J., spirit dealer, Market Square.
Clarke, Richard, linen and woolen draper, Market Street.
Clarke, Thomas, butcher, William Street.
Cooney, Philip, spirit dealer.
Hall, Thomas, spirit dealer.  (order in book)
Clarke, Edward, baker and provision dealer.
Cooney, Philip, harness maker, Thomas Street.
Duffy, Bernard, spirit dealer, Market Street.
Dunn, B., spirit dealer, William Street.
Dunn, Patrick, butcher, William Street.
Farrelly, P., butcher, Thomas Street.
Farrelly, Eliza, baker, car owner and spirit dealer, Market Street.
Farrelly, John, Hotel, Market Street.
Fearon, Eliza, baker, Market Street.
Hanratty, Thomas, spirit dealer and car owner, Market Square.
Henry, James, linen and woollen draper, Market Street.
Heslip, Robert, turner and wheel maker, William Street.
King, William, book binder, painter and glazier, Market Street.
Lynch, Bridget, milliner and dress maker, William Street.
Lynch, Hugh, tailor, Market Street.
Lynch, Patrick, spirit dealer, Market Square.
Mawood, George, process server, William Street.
Maxwell, Henry, spirit and coal dealer, grocer and iron monger, Market Street.
Maxwell, Jane, spirit dealer, Market Street.
Moore, George, spirit dealer, Market Street.
Morgan, James, tailor, William Street.
Mulligan, Patrick, spirit dealer, Market Street.
Murray, Bernard, tailor, William Street.
Murray, Mrs., straw bonnet maker, Market Street.
McKeown, Jas., spirit dealer, Market Square.
McIntyre, Owen, spirit dealer, Market Street.
Niblock, J., milliner, dress maker and haberdasher, Adelaide Row.
Orr, James, painter and glazier, Market Street.
Owens, Thomas, law clerk, Market street.
Pate, John, linen and woollen draper, Market Street.
Reilly, Bridget, milliner and dress maker, William Street.
Reilly, John, spirit dealer.
Reynolds, John, slater and plasterer. Market Street.
Shaw, Mrs., milliner and dress maker, New Street.
Simpson, Samuel, miller, Millmount.
Small, James, baker and grocer, Market Street.
Small, Robert, grocer, tanner, leather seller and woollen draper, Market Street.
Smith, Terence, spirit dealer, Market Square.
Smyth, John, carpenter, Market Street.
Soraghan, Thomas, blacksmith, spirit dealer and car owner, Market Square.
Stewart, John, baker, tallow chandler and grocer, Market Street.
Tracy, James, slater and plasterer, Market Street.
Williamson, J., miller, steam mills.
Williamson, Robert, painter, glazier and publican, Market Street.
Williamson, John, publican, Market Street.
Young, John, tailor, Thomas Street.


Ballibay, a Market town in County Monaghan.  Is fifty-two miles distant from Belfast, and eight from the county town - Monaghan; is situate on the direct line of road from Dundalk to Enniskillen and the Dundalk and Enniskillen line of railway passes through the Northern end of the town; and it is proposed to connect it with Armagh and Cavan, by a line of railway from Armagh, by Keady, Monaghan, Cootehill to Cavan.  Its markets are held on Saturday and its fairs on the third Saturday in each month.  It has obtained great celebrity for the quality and quantity of flax shown in its markets.  The description brought to market is more particularly confined to hand flax, but a fair supply of milled is also shown.  Its fair is celebrated for a choice supply of horses and black cattle, and since the Dundalk and Enniskillen Railway opened, the market for black cattle stands superior to any in Ireland.  Special trains run in connexion with the Dundalk Steam Packet Company, by which cattle bought in one fair can be sold early on Monday in Liverpool.  The railway is now open from Ballibay to Cootehill.  Trains run four times up and down each day at arrival of each up and down train.  A market for the sale of grain is also held on Tuesdays and Fridays, but is principally confined to oats.  At Crieve, where the bleaching business was formerly conducted, a vast supply of superior water power and extensive buildings are at present unoccupied; but it is generally believed they will, sooner or later, be converted into spinning concerns.  Lying between the town of Carrickmacross, distant about five miles, are spinning mills belonging to Mrs. McKean, of Keady, and adjacent to which stands a tower, the seat of John Leslie, Esq., Laragh.  Within one mile of the town are very extensive corn mills, the property of Mr. W. H. Jackson, Cremorne, and Mr. Brown, Drumfalda, and in which a very extensive trade is carried on for the home and English markets; also, about five miles distant, at Deragooney, mills belonging to R. A. Minnett, Esq., J.P., are worked very extensively for the English markets; there are also several smaller mills in the neighbourhood, and particularly that of Donraymond and Corfad, owned by Thomas and James McCullough, Esqrs., also Shantonagh and Ednafirkin, of vast benefit to the country.  Rather more than central of the town, stands a plain but substantial market-house, lately erected by the owner of the estate, Mrs. Leslie.  Petty Sessions are held every alternate Monday in the market-house.  There is as Established Church and Presbyterian Meeting-house in the town; and in the adjacent localities are one Established and five Presbyterian churches, one Covenanting house and the Roman Catholic chapel of Tullycorbitt and Balintra. A Roman Catholic Chapel is in course of erection. Population in 1851, 1,617.

Post-Office - postmaster, W. Gray.
Constabulary Station - Mark Bloxham, sub-inspector, Castleblayney;  James Phair, head constable, Ballibay.
Established Church - Rev. John Dunbar.
Established Church (Tullycorbitt) - Rev. George Harrison Reade; curate, Rev. James Fields.
First Presbyterian Church, Ballibay - Rev. John H. Morell.
Derryvalley Presbyterian Church - Rev. Wm. Reid.
Crieve Presbyterian Church - Rev, Martin McDowell.
Cahan's Presbyterian Church - Rev. Matthew McAuley.
Lough Mourne Presbyterian Church - Rev. John Dougan.
Mountain Meeting-house (Covenanters) - Vacant.
Roman Catholic priest of the parishes of Ballibay and Tullycorbitt, Rev. A. Carney; curate, Rev. Edward Goodwin.

Gentry &c.

Bennie, Geo., J.P., Farmoyle House.
Carson, David, Meninton.
French, R., J.P., D.L., Ballibay House.
French, Miss, Ballibay House.
Gray, Miss Rachel.
Gray, Miss Jane.
Jackson, John, Cremorne, secretary to County Monaghan Grand Jury.
Johnston, Captain, Millmore.
Johnston, J. F., Millmore, high-constable barony of Cremorne.
Johnston, Miss, Crieve.
Johnston, Mrs. John, Crieve.
Johnston, Misses, Millmore.
Leslie, Mrs. Emily, Ballibay House.
Lucas, Thomas, Esq., J.P., agent to the Ballibay Estate.
Murdock, Robert, Esq., Crieve House.
McCullagh, Thomas, J.P., Derryvalley and Donraymond.
Ross, David, Donraymond.
Ross, Mrs., Donraymond.
Ross, Misses, Donraymond.

Clergy, Professionals &c.

Brannen, Rev. Philip, P.P., Tattybrack.
Callan, Rev. Mr. C.C.
Carney, Rev. A.
Cathcart, James, apothecary and surgeon.
Donaldson, Robert, L.R.C.S.I.
Dougan, Rev. John, Lough Mourne Manse.
Dunbar, Rev. John, Rectory.
Fields, Rev. John.
Goodwin, Rev. Edward, C.C.
Leslie, Rev. Chas., Ballibay House.
Morell, Rev. John Harris, Comery Lodge.
McAuley, Rev. Matthew.
McCleave, Alexander, Ballinagary.
McCleave, James, Ballinagary.
McCleave, Miss, Ballinagary.
McCleave, Robert, Ballinagary.
McCleave, Samuel, Ballinagary.
McDowell, Rev. Martin, Rockmount.
McMahon, Richard, solicitor.
Reade, Rev. G. H.
Rowley, Rev. James, Rockmullen House.
Smyth, Rev. John G.
Young, J. W., physician and surgeon.

Traders &c.

Bartley, James, linen and woollen draper.
Boyle, Bernard, grocer and publican.
Boyle, Timothy, & Son, glass and delf warehouse and spirit dealer.
Carlisle, John, Craig's Castle.

Boyd, Sarah, grocer and baker.
Bradshaw, Jas., linen manufacturer.
Brady, John, spirit dealer.
Branon, Patrick, spirit dealer.
Breakey, Mrs., chine, delf and general warehouse.
Breakey, Wm. A., Petty Sessions clerk.
Brown, Benjamin, baker, grocer, hardware and general merchant.
Burgoyne, Margaret, haberdasher and china warehouse.
Charles, Martha, spirit dealer.
Cole, James, auctioneer.
Cole, Robert, pawnbroker.
Callan, Philip, spirit dealer.
Cunningham, J., boot and shoe maker.
Dalton, James, publican.
Daly, Thomas, spirit dealer.
Dixon, Robert, spirit dealer.
Donaldson, George, spirit dealer.
Duffy, James, baker and grocer.
Duffy, Patrick, baker and grocer.
Francis, Miss, dress maker.
Francis, Samuel, spirit dealer.
Gilbert, H., school master (Church Education Society's School), and clerk to the Established Church.
Graham, Henry, process server and boot maker.
Gray, James, spirit dealer.
Gray, Miss, York Hotel and posting establishment.
Hagan, John, confectioner.
Hagan, Mrs., dress maker.
Hughes, John James, woollen draper.
Johnston, Mrs., haberdasher &c.
Johnston, John, blacksmith.
King, Hugh, harness maker, saddler and letter carrier.
Logan, James, grocer and dealer.
Mateer, D., corn dealer and miller.
Miller, Jane, lodgings &c.
Miller, John, boot and shoe maker.
Moore, Robert, haberdasher, baker, grocer, wine and spirit dealer.
Murray, Edward, grocer &c.
Murphy, Michael, spirit dealer.
McCabe, John, publican.
McCabe, James, grocer, ironmonger and general merchant.
McCreery, Robert, grocer, baker, iron, timber and spirit dealer.
McDonald, Michael, blacksmith.
McGinniss, John, leather cutter.
McIvor, John, tailor.
McKelvey, William, leather cutter and boot and shoe merchant.
McMahon, Catherine, grocer and leather cutter.
McMahon, Francis, flax and spirit dealer.
McManus, J., publican and grocer.
McManus, Patrick, spirit dealer.
McMurray, Jeremiah, grocer &c.
McMurray, Thomas and James, woollen drapers.
Quin, Francis, lodging-house and dealer.
Reid, Elizabeth, grocer &c., stamp office.
Riddle, Gordon, corn dealer.
Somerville, Francis, butcher.
Somerville, John, butcher.
Spatton, Thomas, Leslie Arms Hotel.


Trains leave at 7.20 a.m.., 2.15 p.m., 4.30 p.m. and 5.40 p.m.  Arrive at 7.20 and 11.55 a.m., 4.30 and 9 p.m.  The trains which arrive pass onto Enniskillen and Cootehill, return from Enniskillen and Cootehill before they leave.  A car carrying the Dublin &c. mails, leaves each day at 2 a.m., Cavan; arrives with the night mail from Cavan at 10.40 p.m.  A car leaves at 10.50 p.m., carrying the mail to Castleblayney; also one to Monagan same time.  A car arrives from Castleblayney at 11.50 p.m.; also a car from Monaghan at 1.15 a.m.


Ballycastle, a seaport and market town in County Antrim, forty-two miles N.N.W. from Belfast.  The name of this place, Ballycashlin, signifying in the Irish language "Castletown", is derived from a castle built here in 1609, by Randolph Earl of Antrim, the remains of which, in the year of 1856, were removed, and the site left for building ground.  North-East of Ballycastle lies the Island of Rathlin.  Ballycastle owes its origin to Hugh Boyd, Esq., to whom a lease of the estate was granted by the Earl of Antrim, in 1736.  This gentleman obtained a grant from Parliament of 20,000 and upwards, for the purpose of erecting a pier to protect the shipping frequenting this part of the coast; in consequence, however, of the accumulation of sand, and the injury done to the pier by high-tides, its value as a harbour of refuge is not now recognised.  The place consists of the upper and lower town, lying about a quarter of a mile asunder, and connected by a beautiful avenue of lofty trees.  The lower town is called the quay, separated from which, by a small channel, stands the Glasshouse, occupied as a store since the decline of the local trade; likewise a building, once used as a Custom-house, but now occupied as a dwelling-house.  The upper town is the larger and more important section, and contains the places of worship, several neat villas, and the principal inns - these, the Antrim Arms and Royal Hotel, are well conducted establishments, and are both posting-houses.  Its advantages for sea-bathing, and magnificent scenery adjacent, have rendered Ballycastle very attractive in the Summer.  An inland revenue office and stations of the constabulary and coast-guard are established here.  A handsome church in the Grecian style of architecture, with a finely proportioned octagonal spire, was erected in 1756, at the sole expense of Mr. Boyd, who was interred within its walls on the day of its consecration.  The parish church of Ramoan is a short distance from the town.  The other places of worship are for Presbyterians, Roman Catholics and Methodists.  The charities comprise a dispensary and fever hospital, alms houses, founded and endowed by Mr. Boyd and a Union Workhouse.  In the neighbourhood are two chalybeate springs, and the ruins of Bona Margy monastry, founded for monks of the Franciscan order.  The chapel of this establishment, which is the burial place of the Antrim family, is in a more perfect state than the other remains.  The weekly general market is held on Saturday, beans on Tuesday and for oats &c., on Thursday; there is also a pork and butter market held every Wednesday fortnight, and a large general market held every third Tuesday.  Fairs - Easter Tuesday, the last Tuesday in May, 26th July, the last Tuesday in the months of August, October and November.  Population in 1851, 1,669.

Post-Office - Mrs. Lucas, postmistress.  Letters from Belfast, Antrim, Ballymoney, Ballymena, Coleraine and Londonderry, arrive every morning at twelve, and are despatched at one o'clock p.m.; letters from Belfast, Carrickfergus, Larne, Glenarm and Cushendall, arrive every evening at half past three o'clock, and are despatched every morning at half past nine.
Union Workhouse - Clerk, William Reynolds;  James Blair, master;  Miss Mawhinney, matron.
Established Church - Ballycastle, Rev. T. R. Wrightson; Ballintoy, Rev. Dr. H. Carter; Ramoan, Rev. W. H. Biedermann, A.M., Chancellor of Connor.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Samuel Lyle, minister.
Methodist Chapel - Ministers, various.
Roman Catholic Church - Ballycastle, Rev. James McGlennon, P.P.; Armoy, Rev. John Dunne.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Biedermann, Rev. W. H., Ramoan rectory, Ramoan.
Black, Mrs., Ballycastle.
Boyd, Miss, Ballycastle.
Boyd, Major Francis, J.P.
Boyd, Lady, Willmount.
Boyd, Alexander, Ballycastle.
Boyd, Colonel, Ballycastle.
Boyd, Rev. Mr. P.M.
Boyd, Andrew, Ballycastle.
Casement, John, Churchfield.
Campbell, John, Ballyverdagh.
Carter, Rev. H., D.D., Ballintoy.
Clark, Robert, Breen.
Courtney, Rev. Charles S., Ballynaglough House.
Cuppage, Adam, J.P., Glenbank.
D'Evelyn, Rev. W., Glebe, Armoy.
Gage, Robert W.
Gage, Rev. Robert, J.P., Rathlin Island.
Graham, Rev. Jackson, Armoy.
Hollywood, John.
Hunter, Rev. Stevenson, Turnarobert.
Kerney, Rev. R., P.P., Ballyvoy.
Kirkpatrick, Mrs., Whitehall.
Lyle, Rev. Samuel, Ballycastle.
Meek, Mrs., Ballycastle.
Miller, Mrs., Ballycastle.
Moore, John Stewart, J.P., Moyarget Lodge.
Gore, Captain, R.N., inspecting commander coast guard service.
McGildowney, John, J.P., Clare Park.
McGlennon, Rev. James, P.P., Ballycastle.
McKeever, Miss, Ballycastle.
McNeill, Edmund, J.P., Ballycastle.
McNeill, Hugh, Annaville.
O'Connor, Geo. Matthew, surgeon, Ballycastle.
O'Neill, Dr., Ballycastle.
Rodwell, Mr.
Simms, Rev. John, Toraloskin.
Stewart, Alexander, surgeon.
Wrightson, Rev. Thomas Richard, Ballycastle.
Wilson, John, Whitehall.

Traders &c.

Adams, Jane, grocer.
Armstrong, Andrew, painter and glazier.
Archer, Hugh, carpenter.
Bell, Robert, grocer.
Black, James, grocer.
Black, Daniel, tanner and leather merchant.
Black, Denis, tailor and haberdasher.
Black, John, baker.
Black, Samuel, solicitor.
Blair, Robert, boarding house.
Brown, Mary, spirit dealer.
Boyd, Hugh, baker.
Bullion, Charles, carter.
Cameron, John, blacksmith.
Cochrane, Edward, box maker.
Conley, Hugh, horse shoer.
Cooke, ? , civil bill officer.
Duncan, Daniel, house holder.
Donnelly, Edward, farmer.
Douglass, George, builder.
Happer, John T., apothecary.
Hollywood, John, linen merchant.
Humfries, Henry, carpenter.
Johnston, John. grocer.
Jolly, Ann, grocer.
Jolly, J., linen and woollen draper.
Keenan, Alexander, haberdasher.
Kelly, Mrs., dress maker.
Kelly, John, spirit dealer and auctioneer.
Kennedy, John, carpenter.
Keown, A., boot and shoe maker.
Kerr, Christy, blacksmith.
Kinney, Daniel, butter and pork merchant.

Kinney, James, grocer.
Knox, T. & J., grain merchants.
Laverty, Ann, haberdasher.
Laverty, James, Royal Hotel, butcher, spirit merchant and posting establishment.
Mathews, Mary Ann, grocer.
Miller, James, boot and shoe maker.
Moore, William, jun., saddler.
Moore, William, sen., haberdasher and fancy warehouse.
Murphy, Francis, tailor.
McAlister, Alexander, clerk of petty sessions.
McAlister, Rose, straw bonnet maker.
McArthur, Miss, sewed muslin agent.
McArthur, Archibald, carter.
McAuley, Patrick, spirit dealer.
McAuley, John, grocer.
McCambridge, Edward, spirit dealer.
McCay, Catherine, spirit dealer.
McCaughan, Alexander, tailor.
McCaughan, Nehemiah, grocer &c.
McCloey, Charles, shoe maker.
McCluskey, Patrick, publican.
McCollam, Alexander, delf and china merchant.
McConaghy, John, linen and woollen draper.
McCulley, James, gutta-percha shoe house.
McCurdy, M. & B., merchant tailors and clothiers.
McCurdey, Jane, grocer.
McDonnell, Catherine, grocer.
McDonnell, John, Antrim Arms Hotel, and posting establishment.
McGoogan, Neal, spirit dealer.
McGowan, Robert, carpenter.
McHenry, Alexander, grocer.
McHenry, Mrs., grocer.
McIlroy, James, grocer.
McKendry, Miss, grocer and spirit dealer.
McKiernan, Bernard, butcher.
McLean, Alexander, painter, glazier and spirit dealer.
McLees, Wm., insurance agent &c.
McLees, Thomas, baker.
McLoughlin, Denis, grocer and boot and shoe maker.
McMecean, Charles, boot and shoe maker.
McMichael, Hugh, leather seller.
McMichael, James, sewed muslin agent.
McNeill, Hector, grocer.
McQuigg, Henry, baker, grocer, ironmonger and hardware merchant.
McVicker, Robert, carter.
Neilly, James, grocer.
Nelson, William, proprietor mail car.
Nickle, John, timber merchant.
O'Hara, John, general merchant.
O'Hara, Ann, spirit dealer.
O'Hara, Patrick, spirit dealer.
Quinn, Edward, medicine vendor &c.
Reynolds, Wm., clerk to the board of guardians.
Robinson, George, grocer.
Robinson, Ann, medicine vendor.
Robinson, Miss E., linen and woollen draper.
Ross, John, tailor.
Saunders, Robert, boot and shoe maker.
Scallion, Henry, blacksmith.
Scally, Wm., boot and shoe maker.
Sharp, Andrew, grocer, ironmonger and hardware merchant.
Sharp, Andrew, registrar of marriages.
Sharp, William, agent for the sale of agricultural implements.
Sharp, John, farmer.
Sharp, Daniel, spirit dealer.
Sheppard, Edward, agent of Ironstone Mining Company.
Simpson, Mr., engineer.
Sinclair, Denis, boarding house.
Smith, James, blacksmith.
Smith, John, blacksmith.
Stewart, John, boot and shoe maker.
Taylor, James, grocer.
Taylor, Daniel, linen and woollen draper &c.
Tippett, Thomas, coast-guard service.
Todd, John, grain merchant.
Walker, Sturgeon, grocer.
Watt, Alexander, process server.
White, Hugh & J., grocers, ironmongers, hardware merchants and stamp distributors.
White, Archibald, grain merchant.
Wilson, Elizabeth, grocer.
Wilson, Robert, leather cutter and spirit merchant.
Woods, Michael, master extraordinary, C.C., and commissioner for taking affidavits, Q.B., &c.
Woodside, Mrs., milliner.


Cars - To Ballymoney from John McDonnell's every morning except Thursday, at a quarter to nine o'clock, returning at half past four evening and from Jas. Laverty's and John McDonnell's a conveyance every Thursday morning at a quarter to six, returning at half past four; also a conveyance from James Laverty's and John McDonnell's every Saturday, at six o'clock, returning at four in the evening.


Ballyclare, is a flourishing little market town in the County Antrim, ten miles from Belfast.  Near the town, which is neatly built, are the extensive bleach works of Messes. bell & Co., and Messrs. Archer & Sons' paper mill; and linen is manufactured by other establishments in the vicinity.  Within an area of two miles there are thirteen manufacturing establishments - spinning factories, paper mills, bleach greens and beetling engines.  A court of Petty Sessions is held every third Wednesday.  The places of worship are the Established Church, at Ballyeaston and Ballynure, and Presbyterian, Unitarian, Methodist and Roman Catholic Chapels.  In the village there are four schools, three under the National Board, and one classical and English intermediate school, established 1858, under the supervision of a committee.  Within the parishes of Ballynure and Doagh-Grange are schools for the gratuitous education of the poor.  There is a market every Tuesday for butter and pork; and markets, chiefly for cattle, are held on the third Wednesday of each month.  The fairs are held in the last Tuesday of January, the second Tuesdays after 12th May, 12th July and 12th November - the May fair is one of the largest and best for horses in the province of Ulster.

Post-Office - Thomas Beggs, postmaster.  Letters arrive from Belfast every morning at 8 o'clock, and are despatched every afternoon at 5.
Established Church, Ballyeaston - Rev. wm. Campbell.
Unitarian Church - Rev. John Hall.
Covenanters' Church - Rev. Wm. Russell.
Wesleyan Chapel - Rev. Mr. baker.
Methodist (new connexion) Chapel - Rev. James Argue.
R. C. Chapel - Rev. Mr. Ryan.
Established Church, Ballynure - Rev. Charles Falloon.
Presbyterian Church, 1st Ballyeaston - Rev. Wm. James Raphael.
Presbyterian Church 2nd Ballyeaston - Rev. Andrew B. Porter.
Presbyterian Church, Ballynure - Rev. A. B. McKay.
Presbyterian Church, Kilbride - Rev. Wm. Orr.
Presbyterian Church, Ballylinney - Rev. Isaac Adams.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Robert McCully.

Gentry and Clergy

Adams, Rev. Isaac, Ballylinney.
Alexander, James, Sizehill.
Allen, John G., high constable, Collin.
Archer, Messrs. & Misses, Milltown.
Bain, Rev. James, Straid.
Broadbent, Samuel E., Cogry.
Bell, Mrs. and Misses, Greenhouse.
Bell, Richard, Glen Cottage.
Campbell, Rev. Wm., Ballynure.
Clugston, Wm. A., M.D., medical officer of Doagh Dispensary.
Galt, James, Clareview.
Gardner, Robert, Bruslee.
Gibson, James, officer of excise. (also listed with "w's")
Gillis, Misses, Craigs.
Hall, Rev. John.
Hanson, John, Ballycalket.
Hill, Edward.
Hughes, Thomas.
Irwin, Robert, inspector of national schools.
Kirkpatrick, John J., Henryfield.
Langtry, Charles, Drumadarragh.
Montgomery, Rev. John, Glenwherry.
Murdoch, The Misses.
McCalmont, Rev. Fras., Springvale.
McCully, Rev. Robert.
McMurtry, James, Sandymount.
McWilliams, Dr. William Alexander, surgeon.
Nicholas, Parkin, supervisor. (also listed with "w's")
Wiley, A. William, Rushvale.
Orr, Rev. William, Kilbride.
Owens, John, J.P., Holestone.
Park, Richard Dobbs, Ballynure.
Parkhill, Robert, Glenpark.
Peden, James, surgeon and commissioner for taking affidavits for the superior courts of common law.
Porter, Rev. A. B.
Prenter, N. A., Brookfield.
Raphael, Rev. Wm. Jas., Ballyeaston.
Russell, Rev. William.
Simpson, Mrs. Eliza, Cogry.
Simpson, Robert W., solicitor.
Simpson, William, attorney at law and solicitor.
Stevenson, Matilda, Doagh.
Stevenson, Thomas, Palentine.
Nicholas, Parkin, supervisor.
Gibson, James, officer of excise.
Wiley, A. William, Rushvale. (also listed under "n's")
Williams, Alexander, Fisherwick.
Wilson, Hugh G., Rashee.
Wilson, Mrs.
Woodside, Alexander, surgeon.

Traders &c.

Archer & Sons, paper manufacturers.
Baird, John, Hotel keeper.
Barber, James, grocer.
Beggs, Thomas, clerk of petty sessions and post master.
Beresford, Nimmon, pump maker.
Beatty, R., woollen draper, Ballynure.
Bell, John, bleacher.
Bell, Samuel, saddler.
Blair, James, slater.
Blair, Samuel, butcher.
Boyd, Jane, sewed muslin agent.
Boyd, David, publican, Ballynure.
Boyd, James, publican, Straid.
Boyd, Samuel, jaunting car proprietor.

Cameron, Arthur, stationer.
Cameron, Robert, shoe maker.
Cannon, John, grocer and leather cutter.
Carruth, John, plasterer.
Cole, James, nailer.
Coulter, Miss, milliner.
Dempsey, James.
Dickey, John, publican.
Eagleson, John, woolen draper and master extraordinary of the high court of Chancery in Ireland.
Erskine, Thomas, innkeeper.
Ewing, James, publican.
Todd, Samuel, slater.
Galt, Samuel, woollen draper, Doagh.
Girvan, Wm., publican, Ballynure.
Gordon, Agnes, woollen draper.
Gordon, ? , pork and butter merchant.
Gregg, James, publican.
Hamilton, John, sewed muslin agent.
Hanley, James, mechanic, Bruslee Mill and manufacturer of farming implements.
Harvey, Joseph.
Hill, John, tailor.
Houston, Thomas, painter and glazier.
Moss, John, tailor.
Houston, Thomas, blue dyer.
Hill, David, publican and butter merchant, Ballynure.
Hill, Edward, commissioner for taking affidavits for the superior courts of common law.
Hunter, John, blacksmith.
Johnston, James H., leather cutter.
Lawson, Wm., woollen draper.
Ledlie, George, miller.
Lindsay, Joseph.
Lindsay, Susan, grocer and woollen draper.
Magee, Francis, builder.
Magee, Francis, tailor.
Marshall, James, shoe maker.
Marshall, Robert, carrier.
Miller, James, butcher.
Miller, David, publican.
Miller, Thomas, watch maker.
Milliken, Jas. and Wm., jaunting car proprietors.
Moon, Wm., flax spinner, Cogry.
Moore, William, woollen draper.
Moss, John, tailor. (also with "h's")
Milford, John, innkeeper, Doagh.
Murdock, Eliza, stamp distributor.
McClelland, David, publican, Doagh.
McClelland, William, innkeeper.
McClelland, John, baker.
McCrea, Samuel, civil bill officer.
McCullough, Wm., builder.
McCune, David John, teacher of national school.
McCune, William, publican.
McDowell, John, carpenter.
McGladdery, Alexander, innkeeper.
McIlroy, Wm., innkeeper.
McMeekin, Wm., leather cutter.
McNeilly, John, publican.
McQuitty, Thomas, hardware merchant.
Nesbitt, James, hardware merchant.
Percy, Robert, cooper.
Percy, Thomas, publican.
Percy, Thomas, jun., teacher second national school.
Ramsay, John, blacksmith.
Park, Grace, sewed muslin agent.
Reid, John, publican.
Ross, John, publican and jaunting car proprietor.
Todd, Samuel, slater. (also under "e's")
Townsley, Robert, grocer.
Valentine, James, news agent.
Walmsley, Jas., teacher of classical and English industrial school.
Washington, S. Stewart.
Wasson, Jane, teacher of female national school.
Watt, Thomas, publican and chandler.
Wilson, Robert, hardware merchant.


Cars - To Ballymoney from John McDonnell's every morning except Thursday, at a quarter to nine o'clock, returning at half past four evening; and from Jas. Laverty's and John McDonnell's a conveyance every Thursday morning at a quarter to six, returning at half past four; also a conveyance from Jas. Laverty's and John McDonnell's every Saturday, at six o'clock, returning at four in the evening.


Ballymena, is a stirring, business and thronged market inland town, in the County of Antrim - twenty-one miles from Belfast - pleasantly situated, two miles above the confluence of the Braid and the Main Waters, and on the high road from Belfast to Coleraine and Londonderry.  Large quantities of linen cloth are made in the neighbourhood, and brought to the Ballymena bleach greens, of which there are many in the vicinity of the town, where the water is abundant and pure.  It is now allowed to be the best linen market in the United Kingdom.  General Sessions of the Peace are held four times a year and Petty Sessions every fortnight.  Court Leet are held on the last Friday in the months of April and October.  The town, which is the property of Sir Robert Shafto Adair, has been greatly improved within the last few years.  The principal streets are wide, well built, and the town is gas lighted, as are the chief shops; many of the houses are of a respectable class and appearance.  The Town Hall, near the centre of the town, is a large and convenient edifice, surmounted by a steeple 96 feet in height.  A Court House has been erected by the county; and a large, elegant and commodious Hotel (by the owner of the town), which, however, has remained unoccupied for the last few years, and is about being converted into two houses, the great extent of the establishment being found rather unsuited to the present business of the town.  The management of the town is vested in nine commissioners, under the provisions of the Towns' Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854.  Three of these commissioners retire annually, in rotation, but are eligible to be re-elected.  The monetary establishments of Ballymena are a branch of the Belfast Banking Company, of the Northern Banking Company, of the Ulster Banking Company; and of the Provincial Bank of Ireland; and a Savings' Bank has been recently established - the office connected with a news room.  A news room and library, well supplied with the Irish, Scotch and English newspapers, and the best periodicals, is well conducted, and thrown open to strangers.  A Literary and Scientific Society and a Young Men's Christian Association have been added to the public institutions of the town within the last few years; and a local newspaper, published every Saturday, and called the Ballymena Observer, was established in 1855.  The Belfast and Northern Counties Railway has a terminus at the end of the town; and railway communication is open to Portrush, and also along the entire line to Londonderry, via Coleraine.  A new parish church, beautifully situated within the demesne of Sir Robert Adair, at the head of Castle Street, was completed and opened for Divine service in 1855.  Every window in the edifice is of richly stained glass; and the entire cost of the erection was about 5,000.  It is called the Church of St. Patrick, and it is universally regarded as a model of architectural taste.  The other places of worship are four Presbyterian churches, a Roman Catholic Chapel and one for Methodists.  One of the Presbyterian churches was entirely rebuilt lately, at a cost of 1.500.  The Roman Catholic chapel has been pulled down, and a new one is now built, on a very extensive scale of enlargement, and was opened for public worship on the 11th of November.  The population is estimated at 7,000.  There are three weekly markets - namely, on Tuesday, for pork and butter; on Wednesday, for grain; but the principal one is on Saturday, and is a large linen market.  Fairs, 26th July and 21st October.

Post-Office, Church Street - George Dugan, postmaster.  Ballymoney, Coleraine and Derry mail, 7.15 a.m.; Belfast, Dublin and England, at 9.45 a.m. and 5.15 p.m.
Magistrates - William Gihon, Hillhead;  John Dickey, Lehinmohr;  Charles Hunt, R.M., Ballymena;  Henry Hutchinson,  H. O'Hara, Ballymarlow Lodge;  Thomas Casement, Ballee House;  John O'Neill Higginson, Springmount;  Alexander Davison, Knockboy;  Ambrose O'Rorke, Ballybollin;  Alexander Shafto Adair, Farm Lodge;  John Young, Galgorn Castle;  John Patrick, Dunminning;  Rev. R. W. Rowan, Mountdavys.
Town Commissioners - Andrew T. Dickey, chairman;  Colonel A. S. Adair,  James Patrick,  Alexander Caruth,  Patrick McVicker,  Wm. Anderson,  Hugh Davidson,  John Strahan,  R. G. Reid. The commissioners meet on the first Monday of every month, and more frequently by adjournment; office, Linenhall Street.
Coroner - John Jellett, Albert Place.
Episcopal Church - Rev. E. Maguire, incumbent.
First Presbyterian Church, Castle Street - Rev. S. M. Dill, D.D. minister.
Second Presbyterian Church, High Street - Rev. W. Campbell, minister.
Third Presbyterian Church, Wellington Street - Rev. S. J. Moore, minister.
Unitarian Meeting-house, High Street - Rev. J. A. Crozier, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Castle Street - Rev. J. W. Ballard, minister.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. J. Lynch, P.P., ditto, Crebilly - Ditto.
Court House, Ballymoney Road - Wm. Watson, keeper.
Bridewell - behind the Court House, contains seven cells and one solitary, one male and one female day room; Wm. Watson, governor; Rev. R. A. Oulton, local inspector.
Constabulary Barrack, Albert Place - G. H. W. Dobbyn, sub-inspector.
Union Workhouse, Cushendall Road - Thomas M. H. Jones, J.P., Moneyglass House, chairman to Poor Law guardians;  John Raphael, Galgorm, vice-chairman; J. Watson, deputy vice-chairman; Frederick Albert Matthews, clerk to Board; Robert French, master; Mrs. French, matron; medical attendant, Dr. Kidd.
Dispensary - Dr. Ross, medical officer.
Town Hall, corner of Bridge Street and Mill Street - the lower part of which is converted into an armoury for local pensioners, in charge of Serjeant (Sargeant) Boreland.
John Beaumont, clerk of markets, and collector of tolls for Sir R. Shafto Adair.
Cattle Market - H. Devenie, clerk.
Clerk of Petty Sessions - George Ballentine, master in Chancery, and commissioner for taking affidavits for all courts, High Street.
Stamp Distributor - Mrs. Greer, agent for the Northern Fire and Life Assurance Company, Flixton Place.
Notary Public - George White, Church Street.
District Registrar of Marriages - George White, Church Street.
Banks - Belfast Bank, Wellington Street, John Patrick, director, R. G. Wallace, manager ;  Northern Bank Linenhall Street, James and Robert Young, directors, Thomas McDowell, resident sub manager ;  Ulster Bank, Wellington Street, Wm. Hogg, manager ;  Provincial Bank, Wellington Street, John Raphael, director, J. W. Lawlor, manager.
Diocesan School - Rev. Robert King, head master.
National Model School, Ballymoney Road - J. Given, head master, Mrs. Hopkins, mistress, Mrs. Campbell, mistress infant school.
District Inspector, J. Carlisle.
Parochial School - J. Madden, master.
Guy's Free School, Wellington Street - John Alexander, master.
Infant National School, Wellington Street - Margaret Baggs, mistress.
Female National School, Wellington Street - Margaret Cameron, mistress.
Ballymena Library and News room, Wellington Street - Alex. Caruth, secretary;  T. McDowell, treasurer, Castle Street;  J. Craig, keeper.
Circulating Library, Church Street - George Dugan, proprietor.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Adair, A. Shafto, D.L., J.P., Farm Lodge.
Ballard, Rev. Mr.
Balfour, Misses, Lawnview.
Beatty, John, A.B., Wellington Street.
Bace, Major, staff officer, Gracehill.
Beggs, Wm., bleacher, Lisnafillen.
Brown, George C., Wellington Street.
Brown, Robert, Kildrum.
Campbell, Rev. Wm., High Street.
Caruth, Alex., solicitor, High Street.
Casement, Francis, Brocklamont.
Casement, Rev. Robert, Harryville.
Carlisle, J., inspector of national schools, High Street.
Casement, Thomas, J.P., Ballee House.
Christie, Robert, solicitor, High Street.
Crookshank, Rev. J., Lawrence Place.
Crozier, Rev. J. A., High Street.
Currell, Andrew, Ballygarvey.
Davison, Alex., J.P., Knockboy.
Davison, Dr., Raceview.
Dickey, Andrew, Lawnview Place.
Dickey, John, J.P., Leighenmohr.
Dickey, Misses, Victoria Place.
Dill, Rev. S. M., Castle Street.
Dinney, Miss, Lawrence Place.
Dunseath, Wm., Knockanore.
Dunseath, Misses, Wellington Street.
Ferguson, George, solicitor, High Street.
Fleming, Rev. James, Albert Place.
Gihon, Andrew, Clonavon.
Greene, Mrs., Castle Street.
Gihon, William, J.P., Hillhead.
Hamilton, Jas., surveyor of income tax, Hill Street.
Harrison, Captain, Hugomount.
Harrison, Robert, Flixton Place.
Hogg, William, Wellington Street.
Jackson, Mrs., Lawnview Cottage.
Kidd, Abraham, M.D. and surgeon, Church Street.
Lawler, J. W., Wellington Street.
Logan, Andrew, Mill Street.
Lynch, Rev. John, P.P., Chapel House.
Martin, Misses, Raglan Place, Harryville.
Martin, Mrs. D., hotel, Church Street.
Mathews, Frederick A., Raglan Place, office, Bridge Street.
Moore, Misses, Wellington Street.
Moore, Rev. S. J., Manse.
Maguire, Rev. Edward, Parsonage.
McDowell, Thomas, Linenhall Street.
McGee, Edward, land surveyor, Albert Place.
McKillop, David, solicitor, Wellington Street.
McKillop, John, Ballygarvey.
O'Neill, James A., excise officer, Flixton Place.
O'Neill, John, M.D. and licentiate in midwifery, Bridge Street.
O'Rorke, Alex., solicitor, High Street.
Orr, Wm., solicitor, Bridge Street; residence, Harryville.
Patrick, James, Bridge Street.
Raphael, John, Galgorm.
Raphael, William, Galgorm.
Ross, Arthur, M.D. and surgeon, Wellington Street.
Skelly, Mrs., Fountain Place.
Smyth, Andrew, M.D., surgeon and apothecary, Church Street.
Smyth, Rev. John, rector, Ballyclug, Victoria Place, Harryville.
Taylor, Robert, Church Street.
Taylor, M. P., solicitor, Church Street.
Thompson, Joseph, Galgorm.
Treacey, Mrs., Brigadie.
Wallace, Dr., Raglan Place, Harryville.
Wallace, R. G., Wellington Street.
Wardlow, Colonel, Craigbilly House.
Young, John, J.P., Galgorm Castle.
Young, John, jun., Wellington Street.
Young, Robert, Hillmount.
Young, Samuel R., Finaghy Street.
Young, William A., Tullymore Lodge.
Young, William, Finaghy, Cullybackey.

Merchants, Traders &c.

Adair, Blayney, architect, Wellington Street.
Allan & Son, seedsmen and florists, Church Street.
Anderson & Co., sewed muslin agents, High Street.
Anderson, William, cloth and yarn merchant, Castle Street.
Ashley, Misses, ladies' school, Lawnview Place.
Atkinson, John, Lawnview Place.
Atkinson, John & Son, hardware, delf, glass and china warehouse, Mill Street.
Hardy, James North, woollen draper, haberdasher and linen draper to her Majesty, Church Street.
Ballentine, J., leather cutter, Wellington Street.
Ballentine, Robert, grocer, Harryville.
Ballentine, R. J., grocery, bakery and spirit store, Bridge Street.
Barr, Wm., posting establishment, Wellington Street.
Barr, Wm., publican, Church Street.
Beattie, Jas., chemist and druggist, Wellington Street.
Beattie, William, publican, Broughshane Street.
Black, Wm., surgeon, Church Street.
Black, R., publican, Wellington Street.
Black, Robert, yarn store, Church Street.
Boyd, John, grocer, High Street.
Boyd, Mrs., hotel keeper, Bridge Street.
Boyle, James, woollen draper &c., Mill Street.
Boyle, James, tailor, Albert Place.
Bradshaw, James, grocer, Mill Street.
Brown, Jane, restaurant, family grocer and spirit dealer, Mill Street.
Brown, S. & T., sewed muslin agents, High Street.
Brownlee, David, publican, Hill Street.
Buchanan, John, publican, Wellington Street.
Buick, Wm., grocer, Broughshane Street.
Callaghan, John, publican, High Street.
Cameron, The Misses, High Street.
Carey, Jas., land surveyor, Harryville.
Carson, Ellen, publican, Bridge Street.
Carson, W., saddler, Bridge Street.
Cathcart, John, linen lapper, Mill Street.

Craig, Brothers, woollen drapers and merchant tailors, Church Street.
Cameron, Thomas, Linenhall Street.
Cameron, Mrs., ladies' boarding and day school, Wellington Street.
Chesney, Robert, Melbourne House, Bridge Street.
Christie, John, cabinet maker, Mill Street.
Colville, Hugh, spirit dealer, Hill Street.
Cooney, R., butcher, Linenhall Street.
Cosbie, Mrs., saddler, Wellington Street.
Craig, Alex., saddler, Church Street.
Crawford, Robert, pawn broker, Mill Street.
Currell, Andrew, linen merchant, Ballygarvey.
Davidson, Wm., reed maker, Church Street.
Davison, A. & J., yarn stores, Wellington Street.
Davison, Hugh, rope and twine maker, Bridge Street.
Delargey, Hugh, publican, Church Street.
Diamond, Margaret, publican, Galgorm Street.
Dickey, J., bleacher, Leighenmohr and Ballymena.
Duffin, Miss, haberdasher, Church Street.
Dugan, George, printer, book seller and stationer, Church Street.
English, James, grocer and publican, William Street.
Erwin, William, tract depository, Church Street.
Fowler, Jas., boot and shoe maker, Wellington Street.
Getty, James, publican, Mill Street.
Gighon, Wm., jun., bleacher, Lisnafillen and Ballymena.
Gilmour, Wm., publican, Church Street.
Given, Jas., watch maker, Church Street.
Graham, James, iron monger and leather dealer, Bridge Street.
Graham, J., publican, Ballymoney Street.
Gamble, J. A., grocer, Linenhall Street.
Greene, T., publican, William Street.
Hanna, William, leather merchant, Bridge Street.
Hanna, Wilson, publican and grocer, William Street.
Hilditch, John, tailor, Harryville.
Houston, Wm., fishing tackle shop, Harryville.
Irwin, Miss, milliner, Castle Street.
Jamieson, John & Co., bakers and grocers, Church Street.
Jellett, John, coroner, Albert Place.
Johnston, J., house painter, Wellington Street.
Johnston, S., Railway Tavern, Harryville.
Kane, Wm., publican, Bridge Street.
Kelly, Samuel, auctioneer, Mill Street.
Kennedy, Eliza, hotel, Bridge Street.
Kennedy, John, grocer and publican, Broughshane Street.
Kennedy, Ann, publican, Bridge Street.
Kennedy, Robert, publican, grocer, pork and butter merchant, William Street.
Kennedy, W. R., grocer, Broughshane Street.
Kennedy, William, tailor, High Street.
Kidd, Thomas, boot and shoe manufacturer, Castle Street.
Kilpatrick, Elizabeth, spirit dealer, Mill Street.
Kinnear, James, linen manufacturer and yarn merchant, Harryville, office, Mill Street.
Knowles, James, cabinet maker and upholsterer, High Street.
Knowles, Robert and Wm., grocers and spirit dealers, Linenhall Street.
Larkin, David, grocer and publican, Galgorm Street.
Lennox, J., pawn broker, Castle Street.
Morton & Smith, haberdashers, Mill Street.
Liggett, Miss, spirit store, Harryville.
Liggett, William, plumber, Linenhall Street.
Lindsay, D., woollen draper, haberdasher & clothes dealer, Mill Street.
Lindsay, Margaret, haberdasher, Mill Street.
Lindsay, John, clothes dealer, Mill Street.
Lindsay, Thomas, clothes dealer, Mill Street.
Linn, Crawford, boot and shoe manufacturer, Wellington Street.
Love & Co., timber merchants, High Street.
Malaghan, James, coach builder, Broughshane Street.
Martin, Andrew, grocer, chandler, wine & spirit merchant, Church Street.
Martin, Charles, publican, Bridge Street.
Mills, Mrs., grocer, Springwell Street.
Mitchell, John, glazier, Church Street.
Montgomery, Matthew, coach maker, Church Street.
Montgomery, William, carpenter, Church Street.
Moore, James, solicitor's clerk, Bryan Street.
Moore, W. & R., builders, Wellington Street; timber, slate and tile yard, Ballymoney Street.
Morton & Simpson, grocers, bakers & provision dealers, Church Street.
Morton, Robert, merchant and mill owner, Brookvale.
Mullan, Hugh, spirit store, Church Street.
Mullan, Wm., linen lapper, Albert Place.
Murdock, W. J., grocer, wine & spirit store, Bridge Street.
McAfee, Robert, haberdasher, Church Street.
McAleese, Daniel, grocer & publican, Broughshane Street.
McAlister, J., spirit dealer, Bryan Street.
McAlister, J., publican, Wellington Street.
McAtameny, J. publican and grocer, Mill Street.
McAulay, Jas., haberdasher, Mill Street.
McAuley, Andrew, auctioneer, valuator and jobber, Castle Street.
McAuley, Joseph, coach maker & house builder, Mill Street & George's Street.
McAuley, F., publican, Church Street.
McCallion, J., grocer, Harryville.
McCambridge, Patrick, woollen draper, Bridge Street.
McCamphill, S., leather seller, Church Street.
McCann, Patrick, clothes dealer, Mill Street.
McClarnon, H., publican, Wellington Street.
McClean, Chas., grocer, William Street.
McCleery, Wm., butcher, Linenhall Street.
McClure & Co., yarn store, Linenhall Street.
McConnell, A., clothes broker, Mill Street.
McCurdy, John, publican, Church Street.
McCutcheon, John, boot and shoe dealer, Church Street.
McDonald, Randal, confectioner, Bridge Street.
McElwain, J., pawnbroker, Linenhall Street.
McErlean, G., painter, Broughshane Street.
McFeeters, William, boot and shoe maker, Church Street.
McGahey, F., publican, Mill Street.
McKay, Samuel, boot and shoe shop, Church Street.
McKinlay, M. J., publican, Wellington Street.
McMichael, Margaret, publican, Springwell Street.
McNally, Jas., publican, Harryville.
McNaughtan, M., grocer, Harryville.
McNeill, Hugh, grocer, Bridge Street.
McNees, Henry, reed maker, Mill Street.
McNees, John Alexander, reed maker, Harryville.
McPeake, Robert, linen merchant, Harryville.
McPeake, Wm., timber, coal, slate and iron store, Railway Terminus, residence, Harryville.
McVickar, James, woollen draper, Church Street.
McVicker, Patrick, woollen and linen draper, Church Street.
Nicholl, David, saddler and harness maker, Mill Street.
Nicholl, James, clerk and land surveyor, Bridewell Street.
O'Dowd, F., publican, Church Street.
O'Neill, C., classical school, Castle Street.
O'Neill, W., watch maker, Church Street.
O'Neill, Jas., watch maker, Castle Street.
O'Rawe, Bernard, Fountain Place.
Patrick, John & Son, linen merchants, Bridge Street.
Patterson, A., family grocer, High Street.
Queate, Miss, milliner and dress maker, Broughshane Street.
Quinn, Matthew, smith, Galgorm Street.
Rainey, Hugh, grocer, Church Street.
Rea, Aaron, grocer, wine and spirit store, Bridge Street.
Rea, Hugh, publican, William Street.
Reid, R. G., grocer and iron monger, Church Street.
Ross, Wm., grocer, Bridge Street.
Robinson, Alexander, woolen and Manchester house, Mill Street.
Sanderson, A., publican, Bridge Street.
Shannon, H. M. & A., emporium, haberdashers, woollen drapers &c., Mill Street.
Simm, Frederick, plumber, Mill Street.
Sinclair, A. & G. & Co., woollen drapers, hatters, silk mercers, hosiers and haberdashers &c.
Sloan, W., watch maker, Church Street.
Sloane, Samuel, reed maker, Mill Street.
Smith, The Misses, haberdashers, Bridge Street.
Smith, The Misses, haberdashers, Wellington Street.
Smyth, Gladney, builder and carpenter, Broughshane Street.
Smyth, James, boot and shoe maker, Church Street.
Steele, Adam, grocer, baker, wine & spirit dealer, Mill Street.
Stevenson & Lyle, yarn store, Wellington Street.
Stewart, Joseph, bakery, Bridge Street.
Strahan, Samuel, grocer and chandler, Church Street.
Strahan, John, merchant, Wellington Street.
Swan, Wm., publican, Bridge Street.
Taylor, Archibald, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, Mill Street.
Taylor, I., house painter, High Street.
Telford, Alex., boot and shoe maker, Mill Street.
Tinsdale, Robert, boot and shoe shop, George's Street.
Tomb, Geo., woollen draper, haberdasher and silk mercer, Church Street.
Walkinshaw, Mary, delf and china shop, Bridge Street.
Watson, J., woollen draper, Church Street.
White, David, grocer, Wellington Street.
White, Catherine, publican, Bridge Street.
White, Daniel, blacksmith, Wellington Street.
White, George, printer, book seller and stationer, proprietor of the Ballymena Observer and agent for the Crown Assurance Company, Church Street.
White, Jas., grocer, Wellington Street.
Williams, J., tailor, Woodbine Cottage.
Wilson, W., woollen draper, Church Street.
Wylie, S. & Co., hardware house, Bridge Street.
Wylie, James, boot and shoe maker, Mill Street.
Young, J. & R., bleachers and linen merchants, Galgorm Street.
Young, Alexander, pawn broker, Linenhall Street & Castle Street.
Young, W., watch maker, Castle Street.


Railway - Five trains to and from Belfast daily, and three on Sundays.
The Portglenone, Kilrea, Larne and Glenarm cars leave the Post-Office every morning at 8.30;l Derry mail, every morning at 7.30.


Ballymoney, a market town and parish in the County of Antrim, 35 m. 6f. N.N.W. from Belfast, 14 m. 4f. N.N.W. from Ballymena, seated on a small tributary water of the Bann.  The town lies over an area extending from Milltown, on the Rashaskin Road, to Rawdon Foot.  It was originally irregularly built; but in 1845 the inhabitants placed it under the Act "for lighting and cleansing &c." since which times there is no town of the same size in the North of Ireland so much improved, partly by the inhabitants, who, however, were liberally assisted by their late landlord, the earl of Antrim.  The town is now under the "Town Improvement Act"  There is a large park and cricket ground, kept up by the inhabitants.  The park and garden covers an area of five acres.  Neat and clean footpaths are in every street; the old Town Hall has been remodelled and now stands a beautiful and commodious building, a monument to the liberality of the late noble owner, who also granted to the Ballymoney Gas Company a lease of ground on which their works stand, free of rent, and gave one-eighth of the whole cost of the erection of the works as a donation to the improvement of the town.  It is the capital of the two baronies of Dunluce, and the largest seat of their population, and trade.  The linen manufacture prevails in the neighbourhood.  Branches of the Belfast Bank and of the Ulster Bank are established here.  General sessions of the peace are held twice in each year; petty sessions, once a fortnight.  The Court House, a convenient building, wherein the courts are held, is situated in Charlotte Street and the Bridewell is attached to it.  The Church, a large, plain edifice, with a tower and cupola, was erected in 1782, near the site of an ancient church, of which some fragments still remain,  The other places of worship are for Presbyterians, Roman Catholics, Unitarians and Covenanters.  The trustees of Erasmus Smith's fund established a school in 1813.  There is a Model Agricultural School for the training of young men to agricultural pursuits.  The farm contains about thirty acres, and is situated opposite the workhouse.  There is also a male and female and infant school attached to the farm.  A linen market is held on the first and third Thursday in each month; and a weekly market, for the usual domestic commodities, on Thursday.  The first meeting held to promote the making of a railway from Ballymena, Ballymoney and Coleraine, with a branch to Portrush, thereby to continue the communication entire from Derry to Cork by rail, was held in this town, on 6th September, 1852, and carried on by a few of its spirited inhabitants, aided by some landed proprietors who joined them.  They all exerted themselves sedulously, receiving every encouragement from the land owners along the line, with two or three exceptions; and notwithstanding a determined opposition which they had to encounter, they obtained the royal assent to their Act on the 8th July 1853; the first sod being turned by the chairman of directors, the late lamented Earl of Antrim, on the 21st of the same month, at Portrush.  The railway, nearly thirty five miles in length, was executed in a shorter period of time than any railway before made, of similar extent, in a most satisfactory manner, by the eminent contractor, William Dargan; and having been fully approved of by the Government Inspector on the 6th November 1855, it was immediately opened for traffic to the inhabitants of the county, as well as to tourists and travellers.  The great facilities of a railway communication had induced many, from distant counties, to visit the picturesque and beautiful scenery of the ironbound coast of Antrim, its basaltic cliffs and great national curiosity of the Giant's Causeway, with its numerous interesting views and objects in its neighbourhood, as well as induce parties to take advantage of the fine watering places of Portstewart, Portrush &c.  A dejeuner on a large scale was given in Portrush at its commencement, as also another fete and ball at Ballymoney at its completion, attended on both occasions by a large assembly, representing the rank and influence of the county.  The officers conducting the railway are Charles Lanyon, Esq., C.E., Messrs. Green and Cramsie, solicitors;  James Thompson, Esq., secretary, and E. J. Cotton, Esq, traffic manager.  Fairs - May 6th, July 10th and October 6th.

Post-Office, Church Street - Mrs. Jane Hamilton, post mistress.
Established Church, Church Street - Rev. James Russell Philott, rector;  Rev. John Wilson, curate.
First Presbyterian Church, Meetinghouse Street - Rev. Robert Parke, minister.
Second Presbyterian Church, Townhead Street - Rev. James Usher, minister.
Third Presbyterian Church, Rawdonfoot - Rev. J. L. Rentoul, minister.
Eastern Reformed Presbyterian Church, Town Hall - Rev. John Paul Marcus, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist - Rev. Mr. Crooke, minister.
Covenanters' Meeting House, Charlotte Street.
Unitarian Meeting House, Charles Street - Rev. Joseph McFadden, minister.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. John McErlain, P.P.
Belfast Banking Company (branch) Church Street (draws on Union Bank), London - Jas. Thompson, local director;  S. Hardy, manager.
Ulster Banking Company (branch), Charlotte Street - Wm. Carothers, manager.
Excise Office, Charles Street - Wm. Glass, chief officer.
Constabulary Station, High Street - Mason Alcock, sub inspector.
Dispensary, Charlotte Street - Wm. Thomas Latham, M.D.
Clerk of Petty Sessions - Robert Steele, Main Street.
Baronial Surveyor - Henry Johnson, Ballygobbin.
High Constable for Upper Dunluce - James Thomson.
Commissioner for taking acknowledgements of married women, and affidavits in the court of Queen's Bench - James Cramsie, High Street.
Union Workhouse - H. McC. Hamilton, clerk;  Robert Bogle, master;  Mrs. Bogle, matron.
National School - Mr. Warnock, master.
Model Agricultural School - Mr. Clarke, manager.
Infant School - Miss Patman, mistress.
Adult Female School - Miss Baddlay, mistress.
Free School, Church Street - Vacant.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Barclay, Alexander, Mullamore.
Barclay, George, Mullamore.
Bryan, James T., Ballinamore.
Carothers, William, Charlotte Street.
Cramsie, James, solicitor, High Street.
Leslie, Edmund James, J.P., D.L., Leslie Hill.
Letham, Wm. Thomas, M.D., Charlotte Street.
Mitchell, Miss Sarah, Main Street.
Montgomery, John, J.P., D.L., Benvarden.
Moore, Miss, Charlotte Street.
Moore, Mary, Main Street.
Moore, W., J.P., LL.D., Moorefort.
McFadden, Rev. Joseph, Charles Street.
McNaul, Robert, apothecary and surgeon, Main Street.
O'Hara, Chas., J.P., O'Harabrook.
Parke, Rev. Robert, Charlotte Street.
Phillott, Rev. James Russell, Glebe.
Rentoul, Rev. James, Rawdonfoot.
Stavely, Rev. William John, Ballyboyland.
Stirling, Captain, Agivey.
Thompson, Dr., Finvoy dispensary.
Thompson, Adam, M.D., Main Street.
Thompson, James, apothecary and surgeon, Church Street.
Thompson, James, Charlotte Street.
Usher, Rev. James, Ballymoney.
Walker, Lieutenant James, Linenhall Street.

Traders &c.

Adams, Robert, shuttle maker and wheel wright, Castle Street.
Aikin, Margaret, straw bonnet maker.
Anderson, Mrs., grocer, High Street.
Armstrong, Patrick, baker, High Street & Main Street.
Barr, Gabriel, grocer, Main Street.
Bryan, James Thompson, spinning mill, Ballyinamore.
Boyde, Samuel, Charlotte Street.
Black, Thomas, linen manufacturer, Brevallen.
Beard, John, publican, Linenhall Street.
Boyle, John, publican, Church Street.
Caldwell, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, Meeting House Street.
Caldwell, Sarah, straw bonnet and dress maker, Church Street.
Cameron, John, Linenhall Street.
Cameron, James, linen yarn merchant &c., Cameron Place.
Cameron, Miss M., milliner, Church Street.
Cameron, Wm. John, dealer and grocer, Church Street.
Campbell, Adam, glazier, Church Street.
Campbell, Jane, baker, High Street.
Canning, Edmd., grocer and baker, Main Street.
Casey, John, butcher, Charles Street.
Clarke, John, woollen draper and haberdasher, Main Street.
Cochran, Mrs., Main Street.
Cochran, Miss, haberdasher, Main Street.
Cochran, W., haberdasher, High Street.
Coffey, Wm., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, Main Street.
Collett, John, publican, Linenhall Street.
Cowan & Reid, yarn spinners, Liscolman.
Cramsie, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Charlotte Street.
Darach, Roger, gas fitter, Meeting House Street.
Dillon, Mrs., publican, Main Street.
Divine, Jas., publican, Charles Street.
Doherty, John & Co., flax, grain and provision merchant, High Street.
Fry, John L. C., organist, Charles Street.

Galloway, Charles, grain merchant, Linenhall Street.
Gamble, Alexander, painter &c., Townhead Street.
Gardner, J., clothes broker, Main Street.
Gault, Henry, emigration agent, High Street.
Getly, William, watch and clock maker, Townhead Street.
Gilmour, Brice, publican and grocer, Church Street.
Gordon, Joseph, watch and clock maker, Main Street.
Grames, Wm., sewed muslin manufacturer, Charlotte Street.
Griffith, John, Main Street.
Haltridge, Jane, toy shop, Main Street.
Hall, Mrs., Main Street.
Hamill, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Linenhall Street.
Hamill, Stewart, boot and shoe maker, Charlotte Street.
Hamilton, Hugh McC., woollen draper and haberdasher, Church Street.
Hamilton, Richard, iron monger and hardware merchant, Church Street.
Hayes, John, blacksmith, Charlotte Street.
Henry, Alex., publican, Main Street.
Hunter, Miss, haberdasher, Church Street.
Jamison, John & Co., Church Street.
Johnston, John, flour and meal store, Charles Street.
Jordan, Robert, carpenter, Main Street.
Kelly, Hugh, saddler and harness maker, Main Street.
Kennedy, Michael, blacksmith, Rodden Foot.
Lilley, James, grocer, Cameron Place.
Lithgow, James W., printer, book seller &c., Main Street.
Long, William, sewed muslin warehouse, Main Street.
Lyle, Thomas, grocer, 1 Church Street.
Lyons, Hugh, carpenter, High Street.
Matthews, William, leather seller, Church Street.
Meekan, John, rope and twine maker, Castle Street.
Melville, Robert, miller, Milltown.
Mellican, Mrs., grocer, Main Street.
Morrow, John, publican, High Street.
Magee, Robert, tailor, auctioneer and appraiser for County Antrim, Charlotte Street.
Moody, John, blacksmith, Castle Street.
Moore, Archibald, soap, candle and tobacco manufacturer and grocer, Main Street.
Morton, John, woollen draper, High Street.
McAfee, Wm., publican, Church Street.
McAlonan, Miss, Linenhall Street.
McCandless & Co., woollen drapers and haberdashers, Main Street.
McCaughern, John,  painter, Castle Street.
McCaw, James, wheel wright, Townhead Street.
McCloskey, John, publican, Main Street.
McColgan, James, brewer, wine and spirit merchant, Main Street.
McCook, Daniel, publican, Church Street.
McDermott, Jane, provision store, Main Street.
McEldavy, Thomas, general merchant, Charles Street.
McIntyre, Miss, teacher, Charlotte Street.
McIlroy, Samuel, painter, Main Street.
McKeag, Benjamin, saddle and harness maker, Main Street.
McMullan, John, grocer and hardware merchant, Linenhall Street.
McQuaid, Wm., tailor, Church Street.
Neill, Hannah, Antrim Arms Hotel and posting establishment, High Street.
Nickle, Bernard, blacksmith, Meeting House Street.
Nickle, Geo., boot and shoe maker, Castle Street.
Orr, Mrs. W. M., linen and woollen draper and haberdasher, High Street
Orr, Miss, milliner and straw bonnet maker, Main Street.
O'Bryan, James, baker, Main Street.
O'Kane, D., Linenhall Street.
Pollock, James H., grocer, iron monger and hardware merchant, High Street.
Pollock, James, grocer, Main Street.
Pratt, David, shoe maker, Main Street.
Read, Patrick, cooper, Main Street.
Reid, David, Commercial Hotel and posting establishment, Church Street.
Robinson, Chas., white smith, Linenhall Street.
Robinson, John, publican, Linenhall Street.
Robinson, John, linen & woollen draper and haberdasher, Main Street.
Ross, Margaret, haberdasher, Church Street.
Rowan, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, Main Street.
Scott, Thomas, solicitor, Charlotte Street.
Speir, Hugh, grocer, High Street.
Speir, Mrs., dress maker, High Street.
Stewart, Wm., sewed muslin warehouse, Charlotte Street.
Stratford, F., coach builder, High Street.
Snodgrass, Robert, grocer and clothes dealer, Main Street.
Stuart, Hugh, pawn broker, Main Street.
Taggart, Robert, woollen draper, High Street.
Thomson, Adam, leather seller, Church Street.
Thomson, James, wine and spirit merchant, Main Street.
Torrens, William, leather seller, Main Street.
Tweed, John, grocer, Church Street.
Wallace, Jas., grocer, Charlotte Street.
Warwick, John, grocer, Meeting House Street.
Williamson, Peter, grocer, High Street.
Williamson, William, cooper, Townhead Street.
Wilson, David, tanner and currier, Charlotte Street.
Young, James, grocer, Main Street.
Young, Wm., carpenter and builder, Charlotte Street.


Railway - See time table
Coaches - Mails from Mrs. Neill's Hotel to Ballycastle every day ay 9.30 a.m.


Ballynahinch, a small market town in the County Down, thirteen miles from Belfast.  The manor on which the town stands was granted by Charles II. to Sir G. Rawdon, the ancestor of the present Marquis of Hastings, and it continued in the possession of the family of Moira until the year 1800, when it became the property of David Ker, Esq.  Montalto House, adjoining the town, was formerly the chief seat of the Earls of Moira, and has lately been rebuilt in the most costly style by the present owner, D. S. Ker, Esq., D.L., J.P.  It was at Ballynahinch that the insurgents, in 1798, met with a complete overthrow by the troops under General Nugent, when the former sustained a loss of one hundred and fifty men, and the royal troops, forty.  The places of worship are, a very neat Established Church, three Presbyterian churches, a Methodist chapel and a Roman Catholic chapel.  The market house is a very commodious one; the market is held on Thursdays.  Fairs, third Thursday in every month.  Population in 1851, 1,006.  The Spa is about two miles S. W. of the town, and the wells have been put in the best order by the proprietor,  A very commodious news room has also been erected by Mr. Ker.

Post-Office - Market Square.
Established Church - Rev. Charles Boyd, vicar ;  Rev. W. E. Mulgan, curate.
1st Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. Shaw.
2nd Presbyterian Church - Rev. D. Edgar.
3rd Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. Davis.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. D. Sharkey, P.P.
Market House - Market Square.
Police Station - A. W. Stafford, sub inspector.
Clerk of Petty Sessions - John Carrothers ;  assistant clerk, William Barry.
National School, Mr. Shaw's Meeting House - John Law, teacher.
National School - Mr. Edgar's Meeting House - J. Watt, teacher.
Dispensary, Church Street - James Dickson, surgeon.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Anketell, William R., J.P.
Arnold, H., surgeon and apothecary.
Brown, W., architect.
Boyd, Rev. Charles, Magheradroll.
Crozier, Rev. Wm., Redemon.
Davis, Rev. J., Ballykine.
Edgar, Rev. David, Ballymaglave.
Graham, John, Ballymaglave.
Ker, D. S., D.L., J.P., Montalto House.
McCully, William.
McCullough, James, surgeon and apothecary.
Sharkey, Rev. Daniel.
Shaw, Rev. John, Ballynahinch.
Stafford, A. W., S.I.

Traders &c.

Arnold, Margaret, bonnet maker and haberdasher.
Bailie, John, grocer, hardware and stationer, Market Square.
Bailie, Sarah, grocer, Market Square.
Burrows, R. C., grocer, wine and spirit merchant &c.
Campbell, Hugh, butter merchant and grocer, Market Square.
Cleland, Hugh, tailor &c., Market Square.

Cleland, Moses, woollen draper, haberdasher and spirit dealer, Bridge Street.
Croskerry, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, Main Street.
Cummons, Wm., shoe maker,.
Cummons, John, spirit dealer and shoe maker.
Davey, Alexander, blacksmith, Meetinghouse Street.
Graham, John, chandler, Market Square.
Hanna, John, reed maker and linen manufacturer, Main Street.
Hanna, J., grocer, Market Square.
Johnston, John, publican, Main Street.
Johnston, Wm., white smith &c.
Kenmare, William, watch and clock maker, Main Street.
Little, Mrs., milliner &c.
Logan, Thomas, blacksmith, Main Street.
Maguire, Thomas, painter, Main Street.
Massey, James, carpenter.
Mulveny, Patrick, grocer, post car and inn keeper, Market Square.
Mulveny, Patrick, publican, Main Street.
McCalla, Margaret, haberdasher, Main Street.
McCalla, J., saddler, Market Square.
McCauley, Jas., publican, Market Square.
McClelland, Ann & Margaret, haberdashers, Main Street.
McComb, Catherine, teacher, Market Square.
McCreery, John, grocer, Bridge Street.
McGee, Wm., leather cutter, Market Square.
McKee, Wm., publican, Main Street.
McNamara, Wm., tailor.
Osborne, John, weighmaster, Ballynahinch.
Osburn, Miss, haberdasher &c.
Rankin, John, earthenware and hardware dealer, grocer and spirit merchant, Main Street.
Robinson, Robert, leather seller and grocer, Horse Fair.
Scott, Jane, haberdasher, Main Street.
Scott, Wm., watch and clock maker, Main Street.
Scott, Sarah, bonnet maker.
Scott, Robert, baker.
Shaw, Wm., grocer and linen manufacturer.
Small, James, blacksmith, Horse Fair.
Walker, Mrs., hotel keeper, post horses and coach proprietress.
Wilson, Hugh, grocer and publican, Market Square.
Wilson, John, grocer.
Wilson, Mrs., grocer and publican, Main Street.


Ballyshannon, is a market town and seaport (formerly a Parliamentary borough) in the County of Donegal, 128 miles W. from Belfast, and 13 S.S.W. from Donegal, seated on both sides of the Erne, immediately above the influx of that river with Ballyshannon harbour, a creek of Donegal bay.  The harbour, which is about six hundred yards long, and three hundred and fifty broad, looks right through the centre of the bay's entrance into the open Atlantic.  Immediately above the head of the harbour, a large body of the Erne water falls tumultuously over a ridge of rocks sixteen feet above the level ordinary tides, and forms a cataract beautiful and interesting.  This is deemed one of the finest, if not the finest, salmon leap in all Ireland.  Nearly five hundred yards above the fall, a handsome stone bridge, of fourteen arches, connects the two sections of the town.  The fishing commences about the middle of April and continues till the latter end of August.  The principal public buildings, exclusive of those for Divine worship, are the Sessions and Market House, which constitute one building, in a central situation; a small Custom House, a Union Workhouse, a dispensary, public schools and a barrack - the last-named, in a fine healthy situation, is generally occupied by infantry.  In the town is also a station for constabulary.  In the reign of James I., this place, then called Balleshannan, was a village, but considered of sufficient consequence to be incorporated; the style of the municipal body was the "Portrieve Free Burgesses, and Community of the Borough of Balleshannan, or Ballyshannon."  The government of the town is now vested in the county and local magistrates.  The Parish Church, a new but neat structure, surmounts the summit of a hill on the West side of the town.  Presbyterians and Wesleyan Methodists have churches; and within the parishes to which the town belongs are other places of worship for various religious denominations.  One Roman Catholic chapel stands to the East of the principal street, and another on the South side of the Port.   There are also schools, in which children of the poor receive a useful education.  Besides these, the charities comprise the Union Workhouse and dispensary, before referred to.  In the environs is a fragment of the ancient castle of the earls of Tyrconnell, who were long chieftains of a large circumjacent district.  The market, a good one for grain, besides the usual commodities, is held on Saturday.  The fairs are held on the second day of every month (except February, August and on 18th September).  Population in 1851, 3,697.

Post-Office, the Port, Ballyshannon, John O'Donnell, postmaster - Letters from Dublin, Belfast and other places in Ireland, also from England and Scotland, arrive every day at 9.45 a.m., and are despatched at 2.50 p.m., letters from Londonderry arrive every afternoon at 12.40; letters from Sligo arrive at 11.30 a.m.

Places of Worship.

Parish Church (Kilbarron), Church Lane - Rev. G. N. Tredennick, A.M., rector ;  Rev. J. Taylor Coffey, curate.
Presbyterian Church, Mall - Rev. Andrew Lowry, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Mall - various ministers.
Primitive Methodist Chapel - various ministers.
Roman Catholic Chapel (Kilbarron), Chapel Street - Right Rev. Dr. Daniel McGettigan, parish priest ;  Rev. Daniel Spence and Rev. B. McMunnigle, curates.

Public Institutions &c.

Provincial Bank of Ireland, branch of, Main Street - T. T. Stubbs, manager ;  J. Rodgers, accountant.
National School, Chapel Street - Daniel Gibbons, master.
National School, Port - F. McGowan, master ;  Ann McGowan, mistress.
Infants; School - Eliza Buchannan, mistress.
Hibernian School, Church Lane - Mr. Johnston, master ;  Jane Gibson, mistress.
Newspaper, the Ballyshannon Herald (Friday), A. Green, proprietor.
Barrack, Barrack Hill - Wm. Gilchrist, care taker.
Constabulary Station, Main Street - Wm. Henry, sub inspector.
Custom House, Mall - Wm. Allingham, collector of customs.
Dispensary, Market Street - Simon Sheil, M.D., surgeon.
Excise Office - W. S. Colegate, supervisor, Chapel Lane.
Printing Office, Port - John Hinds.
Stamp Office, Castle Street - James McGloin, jun., sub distributor.
Union Workhouse, Carrickboy - R. W. Hassard, master ;  Mrs. Hassard, matron ;  Edward Kelly, M.D., surgeon ;  James McGowan, jun., clerk to guardians.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Allingham, Edward, J.P., Stonewald.
Allingham, John, Willybrook.
Allingham, William, Main Street.
Atkinson, Thomas John, J.P., Cavangarden.
Bloomfield, John, J.P., Castlecaldwell.
Brady, Patrick, attorney, Danby.
Crawford, Samuel, attorney, Mall Street.
Cullen, Curnes Cross, Loughmaron House.
Dixon, John, Tullaghan House.
Fausett, Francis, Rowantree Hill.
Forde, Francis, Main Street.
Hamilton, Alexander, J.P., Cockstown.
Hamilton, Andrew, Ballintra.
Hamilton, Wm., M.D., Cockstown.
Johnston, James, J.P., Magheramena House.
Johnston, Robert, barrister, Laputta.
Johnston, Robert, Portressan.
Johnston, W., J.P., Kinlough House.
Keogh, Lieutenant Colonel, R.M.
Lowry, Rev. Andrew, Mall.
Martin, M., publican, Bishop Street.
Magourty, Rev. James, Rosinver Cottage.
McGettigan, Right Rev. D., coadjutor bishop.
McNully, Peter, baker, Market Street.
O'Donnell, J. H. P., surgeon, Port.
Reynolds, Robert, Mullins.
Sanderson, Alexander, College Lane.
Sheil, Mrs. Francis, Waterloo House.
Sheil, D., J.P., M.D., College Lane.
Teevan, Johnston, attorney, Farncassidy.
Tottenham, Loftus, Glenade House.
Tredennick, J., J.P., Camlin Castle.
Tredennick, Wm., Fort William.
Tuthill, Hugh, Cherrymount.
Tuthill, Rev. James, J.P., Glebe, Castlecaldwell.
Welsh, John, M.D., Mall.

Merchants, Traders &c.

Allingham, Wm., agent for Alliance Insurance, Mall.
Armitage, Thomas, engine driver, Meetinghouse Street.
Armstrong, Robert, hotel keeper, Main Street.
Bailie, Samuel, cooper, Horse Fair.
Ballantine, F., plasterer, Alfred Street.
Barr, Robert, gunsmith and shuttle maker, Bridge Street.
Barry, W., woollen draper, Alfred Street.
Beatty, Wm., boot and shoe maker, Bachelor's Walk.
Bell, Alexander, grocer, Main Street.
Bell, Ephraim, publican, Main Street.
Bigger, Wm., butter buyer, Main Street.
Blakely, W., shoe maker, Horse Fair.
Bonner, John, tanner, Back Street.
Boyd, John, publican, Meetinghouse Street.
Breslin, Daniel, black and white smith, Port.
Browne & Co., flax spinners, Drumaness.
Bruce, W. J., woollen draper, Market Square.
Campbell, James, leather cutter and  grocer, East Port.
Carleton, John, hair dresser, Back Street.
Carlin, James, grocer, Main Street.
Cassidy, Henry, national teacher, West Port.
Cassidy, John, carpenter, College Street.
Chambers, W., shoe maker, Gas Lane.
Chambers, Mrs., dealer, Horse Fair.
Chism, Edward, corn merchant, grocer, earthenware dealer and provision merchant, Main Street.
Clements, Miss, haberdasher, Main Street.
Clokey, Jas., lodging house keeper, Main Street.
Cockburn, Mrs., commercial & family hotel, posting house, Main Street.
Colgan, N. S., Mall.
Collier, James, Methodist preacher, Main Street.
Conolly, Hamilton, weighmaster, Bishop Street.
Conolly, Francis, East Port.
Conolly, Patrick, process officer, College Street.
Corrigan, John, cooper, East Port.
Crail, Jordan, publican, Bridge Street.
Creden, Jas. & Son, timber, slate, iron and coal merchants, Port.
Crosbie, Wm., earthenware dealer, Alfred Street.
Cummins, John, carpenter, Port.
Daly, Edward, painter and glazier, Kinlough.
Daly, John, carpenter and cart maker, Port.
Daly, Wm., butcher, East Port.
Davis, Henry, nailer, Main Street.
Davis, Hugh, nailer, Meetinghouse Street.
Dobbin, Robert, lodging house keeper, Meetinghouse Street.
Doherty, Thomas, tinker, Back Street.
Dolly, James, summons server, Butcher's Row.
Downey, David, grocer, East Port.
Duff, David, gutta percha shoe maker, Meetinghouse Street.
Duffield, John, marine store, Horse Fair.
Duffield, Miss, teacher, Chapel Lane.
Duffield, Miss, Chapel Street.
Duffy, Daniel, iron monger, Port.
Dundas, Hugh, saddler and harness maker, Main Street.
Durnion, John, spirit dealer and grocer, Diamond.
Earls, Sarah, Main Street, wholesale and retail woollen and general fancy trade.
Edwards, Thomas, spirit dealer, Bishop Street.
Elliott, A., school teacher, Mall.
Elliott, John, spirit dealer, East Port.
Elliott, Edward, blacksmith, College Street.
Ferguson, Charles, leather cutter and grocer, Port.
Fitzpatrick, Ann, dealer in earthenware, Market Street.
Finnigan, Thomas, nailer, Bridge Street.
Finnigan, Patrick, carter, Bridge Street.
Flanaghan, Edward, hotel, Port.
Flanagan, Terence, tailor, West Port.
Flannigan, Edward, woollen draper &c., Main Street.
Flannigan, John, omnibus and car proprietor, Meetinghouse Street.
Flinn, James, general merchant, publican &c., Church Street.
Gallagher, H., butcher, Market Street.
Gallagher, James, boot and shoe maker, Mall.
Gallagher, William, spirit dealer, Castle Street.
Gavigan, Michael, grocer and iron monger, Market Street.
Gibson, Wm., publican and weighmaster, Horse Fair.
Gill, John, boot and shoe maker, Main Street.
Gill, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Main Street.
Gilfeather, Michael, spirit dealer, East Port.
Glenny, W. B., agent.
Gorman, Patrick, fish dealer, West Port.
Gourly, Jas., shoe maker, Market Square.
Graham, Matthew, blacksmith, Port.
Graham Brothers, merchants, Main Street.
Graham, Hans, woollen draper, Main Street.
Green, Andrew, editor Herald, Mall.
Green, Finlay, chandler, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, Main Street.
Green, Finlay, linen and woollen draper, Main Street.
Green, Finlay, grocer, East Port.
Green, William, Erne Mills, merchant & salt manufacturer, Port & Sligo.
Green, William, cabinet maker, Main Street.
Hagerty, Bernard, watch and clock maker, Main Street.
Haggerty, Lawrence, music teacher, Chapel Lane.
Hamilton, John, tinker, West Port.
Hannah, Catherine, milliner and dress maker, Main Street.
Harper, Miss, haberdasher, Church Street.
Henry, William, S.I., constabulary, Mall.
Herron, Samuel, painter and glazier, Bridge Street.
Hewitt, James, grocer and publican, Bridge Street.
Higgins, Edward, tailor, Market Street.
Hinds, John, printer &c., East Port.
Hobson, John, Rockville.

Hook, James, baker, Bridge Street.
Hough, Samuel, spirit dealer, East Port.
Hunter, John, grocer, Bridge Street.
Inniss, Misses, dress makers, Bridge Street.
Inniss, Wm., butcher, Bridge Street.
Inniss, James, butcher, Bridge Street.
Irvine, Mary, milliner and dress maker, Mall.
Irwin, James, Methodist preacher, Mall.
Ivers, Charles, apothecary, grocer and druggist, Main Street.
Ivers, Hugh, apothecary and surgeon, Castle Street.
Johnston, Thomas, grocer, Bridge Street.
Joyce, Thomas, rope and twine maker, Back Street.
Kee, John, timber merchant, carver &c., Horse Fair.
Keenan, Francis, tailor, Port.
Kerr, John, publican, Church Street.
Kerr, James, publican, Main Street.
Kerr, Felix, sewing agent, Church Street.
Kelly, John, carpenter, Port.
Kelly, John C., land surveyor, Main Street.
Kelly, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, brewer and malster, Mall.
Kelly, Peter, grocer and timber merchant, West Port.
Keon, Patrick, mason, East Port.
Killen, David, bailiff, Bridge Street.
Killen, Wm., painter and glazier, Main Street.
Kirkpatrick, John, saddler and harness maker, Port.
Lightbody, Robert, baker, Main Street.
Lipsett, James, agent for salmon fishery, commissioner for taking affidavits and registrar of marriages, Main Street.
Lennox, R. A., surveyor and drawer, Church Street.
Mack, R., coal merchant, Alfred Street.
Magee, Chas., cars for hire, Main Street.
Maginn, Denis, omnibus proprietor, Church Street.
Magowan, John, gas manufacturer.
Maguire, Constantine, baker, publican and grocer, Port.
Maguire, John, coach maker, East Port.
Maguire, Margaret, spirit dealer, East Port.
Maguire, J., lodging house keeper, Main Street.
Martin, John, haberdasher, Main Street.
Miskelly, D., shoe maker, Main Street.
Miskelly, David, shoe maker, Horse Fair.
Moohan, James, leather merchant, Bridge Street.
Montgomery, Matthew, auctioneer, Dunmuckram.
Morrow, Isaac, salt works, Milltown.
Morrow, Margaret, grocer, Market Square.
Mulhern, Mat., mason, East Port.
Mulhern, Matthew, woollen draper &c., Main Street.
Murray, Francis, grocer, West Port.
Murray, Mrs. Ellen, boarding school, Mall.
Murdock, Wm., grocer, Bridge Street.
Myles, John, clerk of petty sessions and ship agent.
Myles, Robert, grocer and dyer, Port.
McAlea, J., publican, Meetinghouse Street.
McCaddon, Henry, jun., carpenter, East Port.
McCaddon, Henry, carpenter, Port.
McCartney, Charles, chine and glass warehouse, Main Street.
McCalla, Samuel, grocer, Main Street.
McCalla, Samuel, grocer and publican, Church Street.
McCalla, John, grocer and publican, Alfred Street.
McCloskey, Elizabeth, dress maker, milliner & straw bonnet maker, Port
McComb, Wm., haberdasher & sewed muslin agent, Main Street.
McCormick, R. & T., woollendrapers, College Street.
McCormick, D., marine store, Horse Fair.
McCormick, Mrs., sewed muslin agent, Horse Fair.
McCoubry, Mary, fruiterer, Meetinghouse Street.
McCreery, James, sawyer and carpenter, Main Street.
McCullough, Jas., publican, Main Street.
McDermott, John, cooper, Port.
McDowell, Hamilton, auctioneer and valuator, Bridge Street.
McDowell, Samuel, teacher, Church Street.
McFadden, James, proprietor Erne Hotel, Main Street.
McGee, T., spirit dealer, Diamond.
McGennty, Misses, milliners, Market Square.
McGinley, Francis, spirit dealer, Main Street.
McGloin, Patrick, grocer and hide merchant, East Port.
McGloin, James, auctioneer, ironmonger, rope, twine and fishing tackle maker, Main Street.
McGonigle, Peter, spirit dealer, West Port.
McGonigle, John, baker, grocer and seed merchant, and inn keeper, Back Street.
McGowan, Bryan, clothes broker and ironmonger, Market Street.
McGowan, Hugh, spirit dealer, West Port.
McGowan, James, grocer and ironmonger, Port.
McGowan, Thomas, baker and grocer, Market Street.
McGowan, T., clothes broker, Mall.
McGrath, John, carter, Main Street.
McGuire, Jas., woollen draper, Port.
McGuire, John, grocer and baker, East Port.
McHugh, Mrs., publican, Market Street,
McIntyre, Jas., publican, Main Street.
McKeany, A., butcher, East Port.
McKeany, Denis, butcher, East Port.
McLoughlin, C. E., East Port.
McManus, H., butcher, Market Street.
McNulty, Anthony, mason, East Port.
McNulty, Daniel, draper, Back Street.
McNulty, Edward, bakery and provision store, Castle Street.
McNulty, Patrick, black and white smith, Port.
McNulty, Patrick, grocer, Back Street.
McQuade, John & Henry, black and white smiths, Port.
McQuade, Hugh, black and white smith, Port.
McShea, Terence, staff-sergeant, Port.
McStay, Hugh, publican, Church Street.
McVetty, Wm., boot and shoe maker, Market Street.
Neill, Mrs., car proprietor and publican, Main Street.
Nelson, William, turner and cart maker, Bishop Street.
O'Brien, John, butcher, Back Street.
O'Connor, John, tobacco merchant.
O'Neil, John, butcher, Main Street.
O'Neil, Patrick, carpenter, Port.
Owens, Jas., blacksmith, Main Street.
Owens, Patrick, butcher, Main Street.
Patterson, Thomas, boot and shoe shop, Main Street.
Patterson, James, timber merchant and builder, Horse Fair.
Phillips, Robert, cooper, Bishop Street.
Quin, F., clothes broker, Back Street.
Quinn, Jas., spirit dealer, West Port.
Quinn, Terence, teacher, Main Street.
Rea, Arthur, saddler, Church Street, gas works.
Regan, Michael, fishing tackle manufacturer, West Port.
Reid, James, reed maker, Meetinghouse Street.
Reid, George, shoe maker, Horse Fair.
Rice, Mrs. P., grocer &c., Main Street.
Rogers, S., confectioner, Port.
Rooney, D., lodging house, East Port.
Rowan, Francis, clothes broker, Mall.
Sadd, John, leather merchant and shoe shop, Main Street.
Sadd, W., boot and shoe maker, Mall.
Scanlan, John, carpenter, West Port.
Scanlin, Luke, coach maker, Port.
Scanlon, John, station master, Railway Station.
Scott, T., late inspector R.P., Mall.
Scott, James, shoe maker, Meetinghouse Street.
Scott, John, shoe maker, Meetinghouse Street.
Sharkey, J., tanner, leather seller and grocer, Market Street.
Sharkey, Patrick, publican, Main Street.
Shaw, Jane, green grocer, West Port.
Smith, J., hatter, Meetinghouse Street.
Smyth, Patrick, grocer, East Port.
Stephens, John, linen and woollen draper, Castle Street.
Sterrett, Samuel, plumber, Main Street.
Stewart, Wm., iron turner and publican, Alfred Street.
Stubbs, Thomas T., bank manager, Main Street.
Sweeny, M., spirit dealer, West Port.
Thompson, Robert, publican, Main Street.
Tighe, J. L., surgeon, h.p., Main Street.
Treacy, C., spirit dealer, East Port.
Wade, John, linen and woollen draper, Mall.
Walker, Wm., grocer, Bridge Street.
Ward, Winefred, lodging house, Bachelor's Walk.
Watt, J., teacher, Alfred Street.
Webb, Jas., shoe maker and barber, Gas Lane.
White, Bridget, straw and bonnet maker, Port.
Whittaker, W., shoe maker, Horse Fair.
Williamson, Robert, tinsmith, Meetinghouse Street.
Williams, James, summons server, Meetinghouse Street.
Wilson, Andrew, gutta percha shoe maker, Meetinghouse Street.
Wilson, Mary, straw and bonnet maker, Port.

A branch of the Northern Bank in Mr. R. Robinson's every Thursday.


To Dublin, the royal mail, every day at 2.50 p.m., goes through Enniskillen, Lisnaskea, Cavan, Kells, Slane, to Drogheda, thence by railway.
To Belfast, by the Dublin mail to Enniskillen, thence by the Belfast and Enniskillen mail.
To Donegal, a mail car every day at 12.10 p.m., also by the 12.6 p.m. mail to Londonderry.
A van leaves every day at 11.30 a.m., from the Erne Hotel, Ballyshannon (Sundays excepted) for Enniskillen.
To Enniskillen, cars (from Bundoran) calls at Flanaghan's Hotel, Port, and at Constantine Maguire's, Port, every morning (Sundays excepted) at 8 and 9 during the bathing season; also by the mail to Dublin.
To Londonderry, the royal mail, every day at 12.20 p.m., goes through Donegal, Ballybofey, Stranorlar, Raphoe, Johnstown.
To Sligo, the royal mail (from Londonderry), every day at 12.30 p.m., goes through Bundoran. Carriers - To Dublin, C. Gallagher, once a fortnight.  To Londonderry, John Elliott and J. Kelly.


Banbridge, a flourishing market town, in the County of Down, twenty miles S.S.W. from Belfast, lying on the mail road from Belfast to Dublin, and on the left bank of the Bann, from which river, and the bridge (at the foot of the town) by which it is crossed, the name of the place originated.  The principal street, which commences at the bridge, is straight and spacious, and forms part of the thoroughfare between Belfast and Dublin.  There is a considerable market held every Monday, for the sale of flax, pork and butter, and a market for the sale of grain, hay, straw &c., every Tuesday and Friday.  The proximity of the town to the river is very advantageous to the numerous bleach-works,  The general aspect of the town is neat.  The market house, erected at the cost of the Marquis of Downshire, is a handsome building.  The spacious apartments over it are occupied as news and reading rooms, and afford also accommodation to the magistrates, who assemble here in Petty Sessions every alternate Thursday.  The Parish Church, situated in Church street, close to the Bann, is a chaste and elegant structure, in the Elizabethan or Tudor style - cruciform, with a tower surmounted by a spire.  The other places of worship are Presbyterian and Unitarian churches, Baptist and Methodist chapels, and a Roman Catholic chapel.  The town is lighted with gas.  A railway is opened to join the junction line at Scarva.  Another line of railway is at present being made to join the Ulster and Lisburn, passing by Dromore and Hillsborough.  The market days are Monday, Tuesday and Friday, the first named being the most important.  Fairs - January 12th (a large one for horses), June 9th and August 26th.  There is also a fair, or large market, held on the first Monday of every month, except January, June and August.  The population in 1851, 3,301.

Post-Office, Newry Street - Margaret Mitchell, postmistress.
Seapatrick Established Church, Church Street - Rev. D. Dickenson, rector; Rev. Mr. Metge, curate.
Presbyterian Church, Scarva Street - Rev. R. Anderson, minister.
1st Unitarian Church, Bridge Street - Rev. J. Montgomery, minister.
2nd Unitarian Church, Dromore Street - Rev. D. Gordon, minister.
Wesleyan Chapel, Rathfriland Street - ministers various.
Primitive Wesleyan Chapel, Scarva Street - ministers various.
Baptist Chapel, Newry Street - Rev. W. S. Eccles, minister.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Dromore Street - Rev. P. Pollard, C.C., and Rev. J. O'Brien, P.P.
Constabulary Station, Church Street - J. Owens, sub inspector ;  Gore Mervyn, head constable.
Provincial Bank, Bridge Street - James Johnston, manager.
Ulster Bank, Bridge Street - R. P. McKee, manager.
Corn Market and Sessions House, Bridge Street - Stewart Craig, clerk of the markets.
Dispensary, Scarva Street - George Tyrell, M.D., medical officer.
Union Workhouse - Thomas Sheridan, master ;  Mrs. Sheridan, matron:  Joseph Dickson, union clerk.
Registrar of Marriages - John Scott, Bridge Street.
Clerk of Petty Sessions - John McCormick, Dromore Street.
Downshire Office, Bridge Street - John T. Reilly, Esq., J.P., D.L., agent.
National School, Scarva Street - H. Small, master.
National School, Church Street - A. Glass, master :  E. Glass, mistress.
Church Education Society's School, Church Street - W. De Winter, mistress.
English and Classical Academy, Library Street - Andrew Mullan, principal.
English and Classical Academy, Dromore Street - Rev. J. Rutherford, principal.
Ladies' Select Day School, Bann Terrace - The Misses Lindsay.

Clergy, Gentry &c.

Anderson, Rev. Robert, Church Street.
Brownlow, Nathaniel, M.D., and surgeon, Rathfriland.
Crawford, Mrs., The Castle, Balliery.
Crawford, Thomas, J.P., Ballyvalley, Banbridge.
Chain, Robert, surgeon, Bridge Street.
Crozier, Thomas, solicitor, Dromore Street.
Dickenson, Rev. Daniel, Glebe House.
Eccles, Rev. W. S., Daisy Hill.
Evans, William, Ballyvalley, Banbridge.
Fennell, Robert, Church Street.
Gordon, Rev. David, Lurgan Road.
Hawthorn, John, surgeon, Newry Street.
Hayes, Richard, J.P., Millmount.
Hayes, William, Seapatrick.
Law, Samuel, Hazlebank.
Leonard, D., solicitor, Dromore Street.
Lindsay, Rev. Robert, Bann Terrace.
Lindsay, Miss, The Cottage.
Malcolmson, R., surgeon, Newry Street.
Metge, Rev. Wm., Rathfriland Street.
Montgomery, Rev. John, Dromore Street.
McClelland, Robert, physician and surgeon, Newry Street.
McClelland, Thomas, solicitor, Bridge Street.
McClelland, Robert, Bellmount.
McCormick, J., Bannview.
Reilly, J. T., D.L., Scarva House.
Rutherford, Rev. John, Ballyvalley.
Smyth, John, Milltown.
Tyrrell, George, M.D., coroner, Dromore Street.
Tyrrell, George C., solicitor, Bridge Street.
Walker, Wm., Church Street.
Waugh, Wm., J.P., The Fort, Ballyvalley.
Welsh, Mrs., Chinauley, Banbridge.

Traders &c.

Anderson, M., confectioner, Bridge Street.
Anderson, J., grocer, Newry Street.
Arderry, Margaret, milliner and dress maker, Bridge Street.
Bambrick, John, saddler, Newry Street.
Bambrick, William, saddler, Newry Street.
Baxter, Nathaniel, tinsmith and plumber, Rathfriland Street.
Beck, Eliza, grocer.
Bell, Hugh, provision store, Dromore Street.
Bittle, Wm., baker and grocer, Dromore Street.
Burgess, Titus, Commercial Hotel, Newry Street.
Byrne, J., publican, Newry Street.
Byrne, Hugh, publican, Rathfriland Street.
Card, George, coach maker and farming implement manufacturer, Dromore Street.
Card, Jas., grocer and timber merchant, Newry Street.
Cathcart, Robert, woollen draper and clothier, Bridge Street.
Chapman, George, linen manufacturer, Dromore Street.
Clibborn, Hill & Co., linen merchants, Bridge Street.
Close, James, tinsmith, gas fitter and plumber, Rathfriland Street.
Coburn, Jas., meal and flour stores, Newry Street.
Corr, Agnes, publican, Newry Street.
Craig, S., weigh master, Bridge Street.
Crawford, George & Co., linen merchants, Laurencetown.
Crothers, A., haberdasher, Bridge Street.
Darby, Joseph, tailor, Rathfriland Street.
Darragh, John, shuttle maker, Scarva Street.
Davidson, Joseph, carpenter, Rathfriland Street.
Dickson, J., grocer &c., Newry Street.
Dodd, Jas., grocer and spirit dealer, Bridge Street.
Gordon, E. A., printer, book binder and stationer, Bridge Street.
Ervine, Thomas, woollen draper, Bridge Street.
Eward, Wm., spirit dealer, Dromore Street.
Ferguson, Thomas, linen manufacturer, Lurgan Road.
Finlay, J., baker and grocer, Newry Street.
Finlay, John, baker and grocer, Bridge Street.
Finlay, W., baker and grocer, Bridge Street.
Fennell, Robert & Co., bleachers &c., Ballyvalley.
Geoghegan, Daniel, spirit dealer and seedsman, Dromore Street.
Glass, Hugh, slater and plasterer, Rathfriland Street.
Gordon, John, linen manufacturer, Dromore Street.
Gray, John, rope maker, Scarva Street.
Gribben, John, publican, Scarva Street.
Gribben, Patrick, baker, Bridge Street.
Glass, A. & E., haberdashers, milliners & dress makers, Bridge Street.
Halliday, Jacob, grocer and hardware merchant, Bridge Street.
Hamilton, James, baker, Bridge Street.
Hamilton, Robert, grocer, Newry Street.
Hargraves, David, spirit dealer, Dromore Street.
Hawthorn, David, publican, Scarva Street.
Hawthorn, T., publican, Scarva Street.

Hayes, Frederick Wm. & Co., linen manufacturers and flax spinners, Seapatrick.
Hayes, Wm. & Son, bleachers and linen manufacturers, Millmount.
Hayes, Wm., spinner and thread manufacturer.
Hill, Hugh, publican, Bridge Street.
Hughes, Jas., blacksmith, Newry Street.
Hutchinson, James, ironmonger, Bridge Street.
Hutchinson, Thomas, haberdasher, Bridge Street.
Jamison, John, provision shop.
Jamieson, M., grocer, Bridge Street.
Kennedy, J., haberdasher, Bridge Street.
Kerr, Jonathan, publican, Dromore Street.
Kildare, E., milliner and haberdasher, Newry Street.
Kinley, John, butcher, Bridge Street.
Kinley, Samuel, butcher, Bridge Street.
Kinley, Wm., butcher, Newry Street.
Law, E., dress maker and haberdasher, Dromore Street.
Leckey, Mary, publican, Bridge Street.
Leetch, W., Downshire Arms Hotel, Newry Street.
Lindsay, G. & J., linen merchants, Ballydown.
Linn, George, provision merchant, Newry Street.
Logan, J., rope manufacturer and pawn broker, Scarva Street.
Love, John, grocer and haberdasher, Bridge Street.
Love, Robert, grocer, Bridge Street.
Makey, Joseph, baker.
Macklen, Mary, milliner and haberdasher.
Megaw, H., woollen draper, Bridge Street.
Maguire, Jas., baker, Newry Street.
Main, Alexander, & Co., haberdashers, Bridge Street.
Main, J., woollen draper, Newry Street.
Main, Jas., grocer, Newry Street.
Maitland, John, grocer and publican, Dromore Street.
Malcolmson, S. M., grocer, iron monger and hardware merchant, Bridge Street.
Matchet, Jonathan, grocer and spirit dealer, Scarva Street.
Megarry, Sarah, haberdasher, Rathfriland Street.
Mercer, Robert, butcher, Newry Street.
Merren, E., haberdasher and milliner, Bridge Street.
Moore, David, grocer, Dromore Street.
Moore, Hamilton, baker and grocer, Newry Street.
Morrow, Jane, grocer, Dromore Street.
Morton, A., Albert Hotel, Newry Street.
Morton, J. & J., provision merchants, Newry Street.
Morton, J., provision shop, Newry Street.
Morton, Mary, grocer, Bridge Street.
Mullan, Andrew, principal academy, Library Street.
Mulligan, Francis, publican, Rathfriland Street.
McAleavy, Jas., publican, Scarva Street.
McAreavy, Anthony, cabinet maker.
McAnerny, H., auctioneer and clothes dealer, Newry Street.
McCartney, J., publican, Church Street.
McCammon, John, reed maker and pawn broker, Newry Street.
McClelland, A. & Sons, linen merchants, Bellmount.
McCombish, Joseph, painter and glazier, Newry Street.
McConnell, Finlay, & Co., linen manufacturers, Bridge Street.
McCormick, John, clerk of petty sessions, Dromore Street.
McCrory, Chas., posting establishment, Newry Street.
McCullough, John, pawn broker, Newry Street.
McCullough & Spiers, grocers and hardware merchants, Newry Street.
McDowell, M., grocer, Bridge Street.
McGrath, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Bridge Street.
McMahon, Patrick, chandler and provision merchant, Bridge Street.
McCarten, J., spirit dealer, Dromore Street.
McGinness, N., chandler, Bridge Street.
McKee, Hugh, timber merchant and carpenter, Newry Street.
McMullan, Thomas, reed maker, Newry Street.
McMullen, Hugh, coach builder &c., Dromore Street.
McTeer, R., haberdasher, Bridge Street.
McTier, Robert, nailer, Dromore Street.
McWilliams, James, linen manufacturer, Newry Street.
McWilliams, William, pawn broker, Bridge Street.
Nelson, John, baker and publican, Rathfriland Street.
Norris, R., professor of music, Bridge Street.
O'Flagherty, G., grocery and seed house, Bridge Street.
Porter, W., clothes dealer, Newry Street.
Powers, Thomas, tailor, Newry Street.
Prenter, John, saddler, Scarva Street.
Preston, Thomas, tailor, Church Street.
Robinson, J., publican and posting establishment, Newry Street.
Robinson, George, spirit dealer & posting establishment, Bridge Street.
Robinson, John & Sons, linen merchants, Ballydown.
Robinson, Wm., Rockview.
Russell, Samuel, spirit dealer, Rathfriland Street.
Scott, John, woollen draper, Sun Insurance office, master extraordinary and commissioner for affidavits in superior courts, Bridge Street.
Sheeren, Joseph, civil bill officer, Reilly Street.
Shekelton, Thomas, spirit dealer and grocer, Bridge Street.
Smart, Samuel, haberdasher, Bridge Street.
Smith, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Newry Street.
Smith, Wm., linen manufacturer and bleacher, Milltown.
Sterling, R., cabinet maker, Newry Street.
Strong, T., haberdasher, Bridge Street.
Scott, John, brass founder and gas fitter, Rathfriland Street.
Swan, Wm., grocer and spirit dealer, Bridge Street.
Templeton, Robert, baker and grocer, Bridge Street.
Templeton, W., baker, spirit dealer and grocer, Bridge Street.
Thompson, Jas., grocer, Newry Street.
Thompson, John, spirit dealer, Rathfriland Street.
Urey, R., grocer and leather dealer, Rathfriland Street.
Wallace, J., publican, Rathfriland Street.
Waddell, Samuel, haberdasher, Bridge Street.
Watt, S., painter and glazier, Newry Street.
Waugh, William & Co., linen merchants, Dromore Street.
White, John, grocer, Rathfriland Street.
Wilson, W., lithographer and photographer, Church Street.
Williamson, Wm., boot and shoe maker, Newry Street.
Woods, J., woollen draper, Newry Street.
Woods, S., woollen draper, Newry Street.
Woods, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Newry Street.
Woods, Moses, grocer and spirit dealer, Scarva Street.
Willas, J., blacksmith, Scarva Street.
Willas, R., spirit dealer, Newry Street.
Willas, Geo., publican, Newry Street.


To Newry, the royal mail car, every morning at half past 9 ; a car every morning to Lisburn at 8 o'clock.
Railway to Belfast 8.55, 11.35, 4.10, 7.20; to Dublin, 7.45, 1.05, 5.10.


Bangor, a seaport town in the County of Down, ten miles distant from Belfast.  The terminus of the County Down Railway at Newtownards is within three miles and a half from Bangor.  The town is very ancient.  It is said the first stone and limestone house built in Ireland was built in Bangor.  It is stated that Saint Comgall founded an abbey about the middle of the sixth century, which was burned in 674 and rebuilt in 1125, by Malachy O'Morgair, then abbott; he also added an oratory or chapel, of white stone, from which the place derived the name of Beauchoir, now Bangor, signifying the "White Church" or "Fair Choir."  Part of the abbey ruins still exist, and the traces of the foundations show it to have been of great extent.  The town has greatly improved within the last few years;  the harbour is good and commodious - there is a good pier, a steamboat wharf, and fine beach, well adapted for bathing.  Near the beach are many neat furnished houses and villas, built for the accommodation of parties visiting this favourite bathing shore.  Two steamers ply between Belfast and Bangor thrice daily each during the Summer season.  The principal hotel, "The Royal", Mr. Henry McFall's, is in a most agreeable position, facing the sea, commanding beautiful views of the Lough and of the County Antrim, on the other side.  These conveniences and attractions, together with hot and cold baths, render this one of the most agreeable localities for the Summer season.  The vicinity is enriched with several elegant seats.  R. E. Ward, D.L., J.P., part proprietor of the town, has erected a splendid new castle, in the Elizabethan style of architecture.  It is a superb building, and well worth notice.  The castle is surrounded by an extensive demesne, tastefully planted, and is contiguous to the town.  Crawfordsburn is the residence of Wm. Sharman Crawford, Esq., D.L., J.P., and the splendid seat of Lord Dufferin is within two miles of the town.  The sewed muslin business is carried on to a very great extent, giving employment to thousands of females through the country and town.  Bangor was incorporated by charter of James I., and previous to the Union the corporation returned two members to the Irish Parliament, since which period the borough has ceased to be represented.  A court of Petty Sessions is held by the magistrates of the county occasionally.  The church is a beautiful edifice, with a lofty spire; there are two Presbyterian churches.  The Wesleyan Methodists have one place of worship.  There is also a Roman Catholic chapel.  A parochial school, an infant school and a dispensary are the established charities.  Fairs - January 12th, May 1st, August 1st and November 22nd. Population in 1851, 2,850.

Post-Office, Front Street - Mrs. Louden, postmistress - Letters from Dublin, Belfast, Scotland and North of England, arrive every morning at 9 o'clock and are despatched at 20 minutes to 5.
Established Church - Rector, Rev. Dr. Richard Binney ; curate, Rev. Mr. Cousins.
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. C. McCullough.
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. Wm. Patterson.
Methodist Chapel - Rev. Mr. Nicholson.
Coast Guard - Chief boatman, Mr. Harrison.
Constabulary Station, Main Street - Serjeant (sargeant) Murphy.
Endowed School, Main Street - teacher, Mr. Gowdy.
Gas Works, Ballymagee Street.
Dispensary (under Medical Charities Act), Catherine Place - Philip C. Russell, surgeon.  The committee of management meet at the dispensary on the 3rd Monday of the month.  Chairman of committee, William Sharman Crawford, D.L., J.P.;  vice chairman, Mr. John Boyd ; Hon. Sec. Mr. H. McFall ; Hon. assistant secretary, Mr. McCulloch.

Nobility, Gentry &c.

Cleland, Mrs., Rathgael House.
Crawford, William Sharman, J.P., Crawfordsburn.
Dufferin, Dowager Lady, Glenghana.
Dufferin, Lord, Clandeboye.
Godfrey, Lyle, J.P., land agent, office, Market House.
Jackson, Mrs., Catherine Place.
Leathly, Forde, Sandy Row.
Maxwell, R. Percival, J.P., Groomsport House.
Nicholson, R. Steele, J.P., Balloo.
Ward, R. E., D.L., J.P., The Castle.
Ross, Major D. R., Main Street.

Clergy, Professionals &c.

Nicholson, Rev. Mr., Catherine Place.
Binney, Rev. R., rector and J.P., Parsonage.
McCullough, Rev. J. C., Catherine Place.
Patteson, Rev. W., Sandy Row.
McKnight, Dr., Ballymagee Street.
Ritchey, Wm., surgeon, Main Street.
Russell, Philip Crampton, A.B., M.D., dispensary surgeon, Main Street.
Cousins, Rev. Mr., Catherine Place.
Woods, Rev. Hugh, Woodville.

Traders &c.

Aicken, Stewart, publican, Main Street.
Anderson, Edward, rent office clerk, Main Street.
Baldwin, Philip, new bakery, Ballymagee Street.
Ball, Wm. H., teacher, Main Street.
Ball, Miss, haberdasher, Main Street.
Barr, John, saddler, Main Street.
Barr, Wm., grocer, Ballymagee Street.
Barr, Wilson, publican and grocer, Ballymagee Street.
Barr, Mrs., dealer, Main Street.
Bell, John, carter, Ballymagee Street.
Bowman, John, butcher, Ballymagee Street.
Bowman, Robert, butcher, Main Street.
Brown, Mrs., chandler and grocer, Castle Street.
Brown, Jane, grocer, Ballymagee Street.
Brown, J. & R. & Co., woollen drapers and grocers, Main Street.
Brown, J. & R. & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, Castle Street.
Buchanan, John, bailiff, Main Street.
Campbell, Hugh, carpenter, Main Street.
Campbell, Hugh, grocer, Main Street.
Campbell, James, tailor, Main Street.
Campbell, Robert, boot and shoe shop.
Campbell, John, watch maker, Main Street.
Connor, David, commission agent, Clifton.
Crawford, Pat., car owner, Castle Street.
Crosby, Miss, dress maker, Sandy Row.
Crosby, William, dealer, Sandy Row.
Davis, John, manager of Ballymagee Street Gas Works.
Davis, John, jun., sewing agent, Ballymagee Street.
Dill, David, publican, Ballymagee Street.
Echlin, Peter, Commercial Hotel, Main Street.
Edgar, Robert, baker and grocer, Main Street.
Fitzpatrick, D., blacksmith, Church Quarter.
Furey, Hugh, grocer and woollen draper, spirit dealer &c., Main Street.
Gibson, Alex., butcher, Main Street.
Gibson, James, butcher, Main Street.
Gordon, Charles D., organist and teacher of the piano &c., Sandy Row.
Gowdy, Mr., teacher of endowed school, Main Street.
Gray, Mr., teacher, Market House.
Halliday, Mary, publican, Castle Street.

Halliday, Hamilton, gardener, Catherine Place.
Hayes, Samuel, grocer, Main Street.
Heaney, Mrs., confectioner, Main Street.
Heyburn, Chas., car owner, Quay Street.
Hughes, R., grocer and publican, Ballymagee Street.
Hunter, John, carter, Ballymagee Street.
Jameson, John, painter, Main Street.
Jamieson, Alex., painter and glazier, Main Street.
Johnson, Robert, publican, Ballymagee Street.
Johnston, Alex., grocer, Church Street.
Johnston, John, saddler, Quay Street.
Kelly, James, grocer, Sandy Row.
Kelly, Thomas, publican, Quay Street.
Kennedy, Archibald, carpenter, Fisher Hill.
Kennedy, James, pilot.
Lee, Mrs., Lodge School, Lodge House.
Leonard, ? , publican, Main Street.
Leonard, Miss, dress maker, Main Street.
Long, Miss, stationer, Main Street.
Louden, George, dealer, Quay Street.
Lowry, James, corn and flax merchant, Ballymaconnell.
Lyndsay, Thomas, carter, Ballymagee Street.
Manderson, Jas., grocer, Fisher Hill.
Martin, Henry, grocer, Main Street.
Martin, Mrs., grocer, Sandy Row.
Martin, Mrs., dress maker, Front Street.
Matthews, J., Belfast Hotel, Main Street.
Miller, A., pawn broker, Sooter's Row.
Miller, Alex., carpenter, Main Street.
Miller, Mrs., grocer, Main Street.
Mitchell, Miss, grocer, Sandy Row.
Montgomery, Henry, merchant tailor, Main Street.
Moore, Miss, stationer, Main Street.
Moore, Mrs., grocer, Main Street.
Morgan, Robert, grocer, Sandy Row.
McBriar, Robert, grocer, Castle Street.
McBurney, Hugh, car owner, Fisher Hill.
McCulloch, J., car owner, Sandy Row.
McCune, Wm., grocer, Church Street.
McFall, Henry, harbour master, Royal Hotel and Livery Stables, The Parade, poor law guardian.
McGilvery, Miss, national school, Sandy Row.
McKee, James, tailor, Sandy Row.
McKee, James, tailor, Quay Street.
McKee, Mrs., bonnet maker and milliner, Front Street.
McKee, Wm., sewed muslin agent, Croft Place.
McKee, Wm., grocer, Church Quarter.
McKerrall, Jas., grocer, Main Street.
McMurray, Samuel, corn miller, Ballymagee Street.
McVane, Miss, sewed muslin agent, Main Street.
McWha, Wm., car owner, Sooter's Row.
Neill, Mrs., boot and shoe shop, Church Street.
Neill, Chas., publican &c., Quay Street.
Neill, Robert, boot and shoe maker, Main Street.
Neill, Robert, ship owner and coal merchant, Sandy Row.
Oliver, Jas., grocer, Church Quarter.
Orr, Wm., painter, Main Street.
Patterson, John, baker, Castle Street.
Petticrew, John, carter, Quay Street.
Pollock, James, carter, Ballymagee Street.
Pride, Mrs., grocer &c., Main Street.
Pride, Thomas, land steward, The Castle.
Ritchie, Allan, muslin manufacturer, Sandy Row.
Ritchie, Henry, grocer, Ballymagee Street.
Russell, James, grocer and spirit dealer, Main Street.
Russell, Robert, woollen draper, Main Street.
Seay, A., grocer and lime burner, Church Quarter.
Sibbison, Magnus, cabinet maker, Ballymagee Street.
Small, Hugh, bog oak carver, Ballymagee Street.
Smith, Bryce, publican, Church Street.
Syers, Mrs., dress maker, Main Street.
Thompson, Samuel, carter, Ballymagee Street.
Thompson, John, Quay Street.
Truswell, Geo., grocer &c., Quay Street.
Walsh, The Misses, ladies' school, Catherine Place.
Whannell, T., car owner, Kinnegar.


Cars - To Belfast every morning (Sunday excepted), at 8 o'clock, from Whannell's, Kinngar;  Drennan's, Ballymagee Street ; & McWha's, Sooter's Row.  To Newtownards Railway, from Keenan's, Main Street, at 9 o'clock morning and 1 and 4 o'clock afternoon.  Omnibus from Royal Hotel to Holywood at 8.45 every morning, returning at 4.45 p.m. from Holywood.


Belturbet, a market town in County Cavan, fifteen miles N.N.W. from Cavan, pleasantly situated on the banks of the Erne, which river is crossed by a handsome stone bridge of three arches, erected in 1836,  It owes its origin to the Lanesborough family, whose patronage contributed materially to the prosperity of the town, which is the property of the present Earl, as is much of the neighbouring land.  The town, which contains some well built houses and a good market house of stone, is situated on the road from Cavan to Ballyconnell.  The River Erne opens a communication through Lough Erne to within three miles of Ballyshannon and the Ulster Canal, by which regular means of transit are effected to the important towns of Belfast, Newry and the intermediate district.  A large amount of linen is produced from the numerous looms of the neighbourhood; and there is an extensive distillery and mills.  The government of the town is vested in commissioners appointed under the regulations of the Municipal Act.  Petty Sessions are held every Saturday in the Town Hall.  A station of constabulary police and barracks are established here.  The parish church of Annagh, situated in the town, is a neat edifice, with a tower, surmounted by a spire, erected in 1828-9.  One of the most handsome Presbyterian churches in the North of Ireland was erected in the centre of the town in 1857.  The site was given by the Earl of Lanesborough.  The other places of worship are two Methodist chapels, and one Roman Catholic chapel.  The market day id Thursday.  Annual fairs, Ash Wednesday, 4th September and the first Thursday in every other month.  Population of the town in 1851, 2,054.

Post-Office, Holborn Hill; David Jones, postmaster.  Letters from Dublin and all parts of Ireland, likewise from England, arrive every morning at 4.15 and are despatched every afternoon at 8.  Mails are also despatched for England and Dublin at 10.25 a.m.  Mails received from aforesaid at 3.40 p.m.
Established Church, Church Street - Rev. Andrew McCreight, rector ;  Rev. Mr. Johnston, curate.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. James Thomson, Lawn.
Wesleyan Methodist Church - Rev. E. Guard.
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Green Street - minister various.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Green Street - Rev. P. Gilroy, P.P.
Erasmus Smith's School, Deanery Street - Abraham Brown, master and parish clerk.
National School - A. Lackey, master ;  Miss Murray, mistress.
Free School (girls), Green Street - Miss Murray, mistress.
Dispensary, Church Street - Nugent Edmond, M.D., surgeon.
Excise Office, Lawn - T. Thompson, Church Street, supervisor ; Mr. Graham R., officer.
Constabulary Station - W. H. Mathew, sub inspector.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Armstrong, John, solicitor.
Baker, Mrs. Frances, Barrack Street.
Clarke, Thomas, Barrack Street.
Dudgeon, Rev. Walter V., Prospect House.
Gerrard, Charles, Fairview Cottage.
Gloster, Rev. Thomas, chaplain to the Earl of Lanesborough.
Griffith, Mrs., Lodge, Milltown.
Gumley, John, J.P., Church Street.
Johnston, Rev. Mr., curate.
Jones, D. F., Nahileah Cottage.
Kelly, Williams H., drainage office, Holborn Hill.
Knipe, T. Frederick, J.P.
Knipe, S. N., attorney, Sugarloaf.
Lanesborough, The Right Hon. the Earl of, Lanesborough Lodge.
Lang, Alexander, Riversdale House.
Latournell, John, Butler Street.
Moffit, Rev. Geo. Batty, Drumlane.
McCreight, Rev. Andrew, Rectory.
Nesbitt, Arthur, Killicar Lodge.
O'Donovan, Richard White, surgeon and apothecary, Market Square.
Palmer, Thomas Lewis, agent Ulster Railway, Butler Street.
Phillips, Captain Michael, J.P., Glenview.
Reilly, Mrs. Orr., Anna House.
Rogers, John, J.P., land agent, Market Square.
Saunderson, Hon. Mrs., Castle Saunderson.
Saunderson, Edward, Castle Saunderson.
Saunderson, Miss, Cloverhill.
Smith, T., high constable, Milltown.
Sothergill, Thomas Wm., M.D. and surgeon, Deanery Street.
Story, Captain James, J.P., Ture.
Story, James H., J.P., Ture.
Vernon, John E., D.L., J.P., Erne Hill.
Vernon, John E., J.P., D.L.
Wade, Wm. Maxwell, M.D., Lawn.

Traders &c.

Armstrong, Wm., merchant, Holborn Hill.
Barrett Pat., blacksmith, Waterlane.
Brady, Patrick John, blacksmith, Holborn Hill.
Campbell, James, baker, publican and grocer, Market Square.
Clarke, Thomas, clerk to the commissioners, magistrates and petty sessions, Butler Street.
Cosgrove, Wm., leather seller, Butler Street.
Coyle, Patrick, carpenter, Upper Bridge Street.
Davis, John, professor of music, lecturer and vocalist, Fairview Cottage, Belturbet and Westmoreland Street, Dublin.
Dickson, J., Thompson & Co., distillers, Belturbet Distillery.
Dolan, Thomas, grocer and leather merchant, Butler Street.
Donaldson, William, tailor, Holborn Hill.
Donegan, John, draper, Butler Street.

Donnelly, Peter, timber merchant, leather seller, iron monger, baker and grocer, Butler Street.
Donohoe, Patrick, blacksmith.
Dunavan, P., cooper, Castle Hill.
Fitzpatrick, Bernard, butcher, Butler Street.
Fitzpatrick, Andrew, grocer, Butler Street.
Fitzpatrick, John, cooper, Upper Bridge Street.
Fitzpatrick, Luke, publican, Butler Street.
Fitzpatrick, Sarah, grocer, Kilcunny Street.
Fitzpatrick, Terence, tailor, Barrack Street.
Follis, James, grocer, Upper Bridge Street.
Gallagher, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Weaver's Row.
Graham, James, saddler.
Griffith, Jas., boot and shoe maker, Butler Street.
Hague, Hugh, publican, Holborn Hill.
Harman, Robert, painter and glazier, Holborn Hill.
Howard, James, carpenter, Holborn Hill.
Jones, David, woollen draper, Butler Street.
Lang, Alexander, grocer, wine, spirit and timber merchant, Butler Street.
Lovett, James, grocer.
Magaghcan, John.
Magennis, Mary, timber & coal merchant, ironmonger & grocer, Butler Street.
McGovern, J., publican, Butler Street.
Mallison, McCabe & Co., drapers, Holborn Hill.
Mayne, Henry, wheel wright, Kilcunny.
Mee, Henry, draper, Holborn Hill.
Mervyn, Henry, grocer, Holborn Hill.
Morton, John, Lanesborough Arms Hotel, Holborn Hill.
Murphy, Mrs., publican.
McArdle, James, stamp distributor and news agent, Lawn.
McCabe, Henry, publican, Barrack Hill.
McCaffrey, Thomas, blacksmith, Kilcunny.
McCally, Thomas, stone mason, Holborn Hill.
McCann, Farrell, publican, Upper Bridge Street.
McClean, Alexander, stone mason, Kilcunny.
McEvay, Thomas, tailor, Holborn Hill.
McManus, Chas., grocer, Kilcunny.
McNally, T., carpenter, Deanery Street.
Nunn, Thomas, painter and glazier, Holborn Hill.
Palmer, Thomas, woollen draper, Butler Street.
Quinn, P., blacksmith, Kilcunny.
Reilly, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Holborn Hill.
Reilly, Edward, land surveyor, Barrack Street.
Reilly, John, boot and shoe maker, Barrack Street.
Reilly, Luke, publican, Butler Street.
Reilly, John, saddler and harness maker, Holborn Hill.
Reilly, Edward, publican.
Reilly, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Holborn Hill.
Reynolds, Patrick, slater, Lower Bridge Street.
Richmond, Francis, grocer, Barrack Street.
Sharkey, Patrick, blacksmith, Butler Street.
Slicoin, P., publican, Holborn Hill.
Small, Terence, china and glass dealer and haberdasher, Upper Bridge Street.
Small, Terence, jun., pawn broker, Upper Bridge Street.
Sothergill, Thomas W., M.D., Deanery Street.
Stewart, J.
Sullivan, Patrick, cooper, Kilcunny.
Tate, McLeod & Co.,
Thompson, Thomas, Church Street.
Trace, Hugh, cart maker, Castle Hill.
Welsh, James, painter and glazier, Lower Bridge Street.
Whyte, & Co., grocers &c.
Winslow, Edmund, Butler's Arms Hotel, Butler Street.
Wynn, Owen, publican, Lower Bridge Street.
Yaw, John, grocer, baker and publican, Kilcunny.


Mail car leaves Post-Office at 10.25 a.m., to meet the train at Clones at 12.55, for Belfast and Dublin


Blackwatertown, a post town in the Parish of Clonfeacle, County Armagh, thirty nine English miles South West from Belfast.  It is situated on the Northern bank of the Blackwater, from which stream the town derives its name.  The ancient cemetery of Clonfeacle is in the Western side of the river.  The Ulster Canal lies near it, and sloops of fifty tons burthen can deliver their cargoes at the quay, which gives it local facilities for trade.  A constabulary station, a dispensary and national school, are the only public establishments.

Post-Office - Postmistress, Mary McClean.  Letters arrive at 6.50 a.m., and are despatched at 7.10 p.m.
Constabulary Station, Blackwatertown - Samuel Deviss, constable.
Dispensary - Dr. T. Martin, surgeon.
Clonfeacle Parish Church, Benburb - Rev. J. Stevenson, D.D., rector ;  Rev. J. Hanson, curate ;  Ben Beatty, clerk.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Clonfeacle - Rev. Michael Coyne, P.P., Rev. Arthur O'Toole, curate.
National Male School - D. Campbell, master.
National Female School - Miss McGuigan, mistress.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Armstrong, W. J., J.P., Glennal House.
Cross, John, Carrickaness.
Crothers, Alexander.
Hanson, Rev. J., Benburb.
Jackson, Jas. Eyre, J.P., Tullydoey.
Martin, Thomas, M.D., and surgeon.
Olpherts, Wm. J.P., Dartrey Lodge.
Reid, James, Blackwatertown.
Rigg, William.
Stevenson, Rev. J., Clonfeacle Rectory.

Traders &c.

Brannigan, Denis, shoe maker.
Crothers, Alexander, timber and coal merchant.
Clarke, James, grocer.
Crumy, Catherine, publican.
Dooney, T., carpenter, Clonfeacle.
Fox, Hugh, shoe maker.
Fox, Felix, baker.
Fox, John, carpenter.
Frazer, Joseph, grocer and linen draper.
Fullon, Peter, tailor.
Hagan, James, publican.
Kelly, Mary, grocer.
Kelly, Francis, carpenter.
Lamb, Wm., grocer.
McCann, Michael, blacksmith.
McClean, Mary, grocer.
McClean, John, publican.
McGean, John, baker, Clonfeacle.
McKenna, Mulholland, blacksmith.
McKeogh, Mary, haberdasher.
McKeogh, James, classical academy.
Queen, Arthur, blacksmith.
Rafferty, Thomas, blacksmith.
Reid, Robert, shoe maker.


Bushmills, is a small market town in the County of Antrim, about six miles N.E. by N. from Coleraine, on the road to the Giant's Causeway.  It is celebrated for the superior "Bush" whiskey produced, and of which large quantities are exported to England &c., independent of that retained for the consumption of Ireland, which is likewise very considerable.  The town, which is pleasantly situated near the mouth of the River Bush, from which it derives its name, is neatly built, and is passed through by parties visiting the Giant's Causeway.  The parish church of Dunluce, a small structure. is situated in the town; and there is a school, supported from Erasmus Smith's charity.  The market is entitled to be held on Tuesday.  Fairs, on the first Tuesday of each month.  Population in 1851, 987.

Post-Office - Samuel Steele, postmaster.  Letters arrive at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., and are despatched at 7 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Dunluce Established Church - Rev. John Gibbs.
Presbyterian Meeting House - Rev. Hugh Hamill.
Presbyterian Meeting House - Rev. William Oliver.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Hugh McCann, P.P., Portrush.
National School - John Hill, master.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Anderson, Stewart.
Gibbs, Rev. John.
Hamill, Rev. Hugh.
Macnaughten, Sir E. W., Baronet Dundarave.
McCaw, James, M.D.
Oliver, Rev. William.
Smith, Rev. Jas., Archdeacon, Billy.
Warke, A. T., M.D., surgeon &c.

Traders &c.

Anderson, D., spirit grocer.
Boyd, Robert, grocer, ironmonger &c.
Bridges, Thomas, grocer.
Barr, Edward, grocer.
Corrigan & Co., distillers.
Dinsmore, George, miller.
Haill, Neill, tailor.
Hall, John, builder.
Hopkins, Robert, spirit dealer.
McKeown, J. S., haberdasher.
McMullan, D., haberdasher.
McMullen, Wm., tailor.
Reid, Mrs., hotel.
Sinclair, James, miller.
Steele, S., draper.
Taggart, L., grocer.
Woods, John, iron works and manufacturer of agricultural implements.

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