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1868 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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      Carrickfergus, an ancient market town, and maritime county of a town and parliamentary borough, situate on the N. shore of Carrickfergus Bay, or Belfast Lough, and enclosed on all other sides of Antrim County, is eight miles from Belfast. Carrickfergus was formerly a place of great strength, and is rendered memorable by the landing of King William, in 1690, previous to the battle of the Boyne. The suburbs are divided into two sections - the Irish Quarter and the Scotch Quarter. The first obtained its present appellation after the year 1677, when the Lord Lieutenant, the Duke of Ormond, issued a proclamation commanding all Roman Catholics resident in cities, corporate towns and forts, to remove beyond the walls. The Scotch Quarter is occupied chiefly by fishermen. The castle, supposed to have been built by Hugh de Lacy, in 1100, is a noble structure, situated on a rock projecting into the sea; the inner yard, containing the barrack, &c., is large and extensive. The walls are of an immense thickness. The batteries have recently undergone improvement, and have been mounted with Lancaster guns. The magazine in the main building is bomb proof, and the different apartments upwards are occupied as stores for arms and other warlike implements. The view from the top is singularly extensive and beautiful. The liberties of the town and county of the town of Carrickfergus extend for miles and is distinct from, but locally in, the County of Antrim. The landing pier has been much improved, and vessels of one hundred tons can now discharge at it. Salt was discovered at Duncrue (Carrickfergus), on the property of the Marquis of Downshire, in 1851; a company has since been formed to work the salt mine, and large quantities of rock are annually exported to England and elsewhere for purification. The imports consist of coal, timber, slates, barley and salt; and the exports of cattle and grain. The Parish Church of Saint Nicholas possesses a few monumental memorials, the most remarkable and worthy of notice being one of the Chichester family. Its public buildings are the Town Hall, Market place, Parish Church, two Presbyterian, an Independent, and two Methodist Churches; Roman Catholic chapel, Court house and Jail.  The corporation, which was styled "The Mayor, Sheriffs, Burgesses and Commonalty of the Town of Carrickfergus," under the provisions of the Municipal Reform Act was dissolved, and a board of Municipal Commissioners constituted, in whom is vested the corporate property, valued at 350 per annum. The borough returns one member to Parliament; constituency under 13 & 14 Vic., c.69, in 1864, 1082.  The town has much improved of late, and the several factories in the neighbourhood contribute greatly to its general prosperity, together with its fisheries, the district of which comprises sixty one miles of maritime boundaries, and had, a number of years ago, 433 registered vessels, employing 1,307 men and boys. The oysters taken off the coast are prized for their size and flavour. The customs duties having been purchased up in 1637, and the custom house transferred to Belfast, its value as a shipping port has ceased. The Northern Bank has a branch in the town. Carrickfergus is the head quarters of a coast guard division, as also of a constabulary district, comprising the stations of Carrickfergus, Ballyclare, Larne and Whitehouse. A branch of the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway terminates at the town, and a railway has been opened between it and Larne.  There are two hotels, the Victoria and the Old Rock, both in High Street. In 1851, the population of the town was 3,548; and in 1861, 4,028.

Joint - Stock Companies

       Carrickfergus Gas Company (Limited) - Office and works, Irish Quarter West. The capital stock of the company consists of 3,000 divided into 600 transferable shares of 5 each. The dividend paid last year was 10 per cent. Directors - John Borthwick, J.P., chairman;  Captain Thomas Cunningham,  Captain Rowan, R.N.; Johnston Boman, R. Alexander, S. D. S. Cunningham, William Molony, LL.D. Treasurers - The Northern Banking Company. Auditor - C. A. W. Stewart, Barrister-at-Law.  Solicitor - Robert Bowman, 31 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin. Secretary - John Thom, West Street. Manager - Thomas O'Hara.
     Salt Mining Company - Office, 111 Victoria Street, Belfast.  Works, Duncrue.
     Carrickfergus and Larne Railway Company - Capital 125,000, divided into 5,000 shares of 25 each.  Bankers - The Belfast Banking Company.  Engineer - Charles Lanyon.  Solicitor - James Torrens, Belfast and 65 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin.  Local Solicitor - John McNeil, Larne.  Brokers - Josias Cunningham & Co., and T. Bushell, Belfast. Secretary - Charles Stewart, York Street Terminus, Belfast. The railway was completed by the Messrs. Edwards, and opened for traffic on the 1st of October, 1862.
     Northern Counties Railway - A branch of this railway terminates here. Station Master, Carrickfergus - William Getty

     Literary and Scientific Society of the Union Hall - Patron - The Most Noble the Marquis of Downshire.  President - Thomas Mercer Birnie, J.P.  Vice Presidents - Charles A. W. Stewart ;  John Borthwick, J.P.;  William Johns;  Robert Alexander. Treasurer - David Pasley. Secretary - William Molony, LL.D., T.C.D.  Committee - John Rowan, John McN. Stevenson, Alexander Jones,  John Hamilton, William Stephens, James Gamble, Alex, Sutherland, and the Treasurer, Secretary (ex officio). The objects of the society are - The delivery of lectures on the various subjects of Natural Philosophy; to promote the love of music and the cause of temperance. In connexion with the Society there are a library, museum and news room.

     Gill's Charity - This charity was established pursuant to the will dated 23rd March, 1761, of Alderman Henry Gill, of Carrickfergus, and has for its object the annual support and maintenance for ever of fourteen aged men, decayed in their circumstances, and that are not able to get a maintenance to themselves, and that have either been born in, or inhabitants of, the town and parish of Carrickfergus from their youth. The property of the charity produces at the present time an annual income of about 300, which is almost double what the yearly produce was at the date of the bequest. The entire income is applied by the trustees in accordance with the terms of the will of the donor; but as the charity is a private one, no accounts are ever issued to the public. The present trustees are:- Conway E. Dobbs; Marriott Dalway, J.P.; Wm. Burleigh, J.P.; Robert Torrens, M.P.; Charles A. W. Stewart; C. R. Dobbs, D.L., J.P.;  S. R. Rice.

Post-Office - Miss Nelson, postmistress
Member for the Borough - Robert Torrens, Carlton Club and 19 Pall Mall, London.
High Sheriff - William Rowan Legg
Sub Sheriff - Henry H. Bottomley, 16 Donegall Place, Belfast
Magistrates - William Burleigh, M. Dalway and M. R. Dalway, Bellahill;  James Mehan, Glenpark; The Marquis of Downshire; Thomas Battersby, Oakfield; T. M. Birnie;  John Borthwick, Prospect.
Municipal Commissioners - John Borthwick, chairman;  Robert Alexander, Neilson Boyd, S. D. Stuart Cunningham, Samuel Graeme Fenton, James Gamble, William Hamilton, William Johns, William Larmour, William Rowan Legg, James Mehan, William Molony, George McMurray, Stephen R. Rice, Charles A. W. Stewart, Alex. Taylor, James Whiteford, William Duncan Davys Wilson
Harbour Commissioners - John Borthwick, chairman; Robert Alexander, Neilson Boyd, S. D. Stuart Cunningham, Samuel Graeme Fenton, James Gamble, William Hamilton, William Johns, William Larmour, Wm. Rowan Legg, James Mehan, Wm. Molony, Geo. McMurray, Stephen R. Rice, Charles A. W. Stewart, Alexander Taylor, James Whiteford, William Duncan Davys Wilson
Coroner - David Taggart, M.D.
Inspecting Commander of Coast Guards - Henry G. Belson, R.N.; Naval Chief Officer, Richard Jenkins
Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners' Benevolent Society - S. D. S. Cunningham, hon. agent
Sub Distributor of Stamps - S. D. S. Cunningham, High Street
Treasurer to the Grand Jury - Captain Edward Rowan; Secretary to the Grand Jury - John Larmour; Clerk of the Crown - Walter Bourne; Deputy Clerk to the Crown - H. U. McCormick, Belfast
Crown Solicitor - J. Birney, Oakley Park, Downpatrick
County Surveyor - Alexander Tate
Returning Officer - Andrew Caicy, 19 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin.

Places of Worship

Established Church, Church Street - The Very Rev. George Bull, Dean of Connor, rector; Rev. Mr. James Meighan, curate.
Presbyterian Church, North Street - Rev. James White
Joymount Presbyterian Church - Rev. James Warwick.
Unitarian Meeting House, Joymount Bank - Rev. Leonard Hunges
Independent Chapel, Castle Place - Rev. Wm. Graham
Methodist Chapel, West Street
United Methodist Free Church - Irish Quarter West
Baptist Chapel, Albert Road - Rev. Wm. Hamilton, pastor
Roman Catholic Chapel, Minorca - Rev. John Cunningham, P.P.

Public Institutions

Banks - Branch of the Northern Banking Company, manager, David Pasley; accountant, William Smyth; agents in Dublin, the Bank of Ireland.
Church Education Society's Schools, Back Lane - Joshua Chase and Miss Laverty, teachers
National Model Schools, Irish Quarter South - Teachers, John McNeill Stevenson and Miss Stephens; assistant, Miss Stewart; Infant School, Miss O'Connell; assistant, Miss Jenkins
National School, Lancasterian Street - Elizabeth McFerran, teacher
Infant School, Bank Lane - J. Laverty, teacher
Private Schools - Anne Jane Hay, Joymount; Dr. Molony's day and boarding school, Governor's Place.
Law Courts - Criminal Sessions, twice each year; Petty Sessions held by the magistrates of the borough every fortnight; and Petty Sessions for the County Antrim held each month
News Room, Town Hall and Union Hall
Town Hall - Thomas D. Johns, Town Clerk
Constabulary Station, High Street - Sub Inspector, C. D. Irwin; Head Constable, Peter Lambert.

Gentry, Clergy, Professionals &c.

Aicken, Miss, High Street
Alexander, Mrs., High Street
Andrews, Hugh, Scoutbush
Andrews, James, Innisglas
Ballard, Rev. Thomas, High Street
Barry, Ezekiel, The Knockagh
Battersby, Thomas, J.P., Oakfield
Bell, David
Birnie, T. M., J.P., Scotch Quarter
Blackburn, Henry, Glynn Park
Borthwick, John, J.P., Prospect
Bull, the Very Rev. George, Dean of Connor
Burleigh, Wm., J.P., Scotch Quarter
Close, Rev. William, Rockview
Cooke, Haldane, M.D., Back Lane
Craig, James, Sullatober
Crawford, Mrs., Scotch Quarter
Cunningham, Miss, High Street
Cunningham, Rev. John, P.P.
Dalway, Marriott, J.P., Bellahill
Dalway, Marriott, R., J.P., Belmont
Darby, Mrs., Bessfield
Dawson, Rev. Hammond, Dunloskin
Dobbs, C. R., D.L., J.P., Castle Dobbs
Douglass, Rev. H. McC., Woodford Place
Duncan, The Misses, Scotch Quarter
Erskine, James, solicitor, Antrim Street
Erskine, Mrs., High Street
Faussett, Rev. S. J., Irish Quarter South
Fenton, S. G., Rhanbuoy
Fletcher, Mrs., Irish Quarter South
Forbes, Miss, West Knockagh
Greeves, Thomas M., The Knockagh
Hamilton, William, Luberlady
Johns, William, Joymount
Johnston, Thomas, Glenfield
Kidley, The Misses, Rocklands
Kirk, The Misses, Thornfield
Macmurray, George, Governor's Place
Markham, A., coroner, Greenisland
Mehan, James, J.P., Glynn Park
Millar, Mrs., Ballynascreen
Molony, William, LL.D., boarding school, Governor's Place
Montgomery, Mrs., Governor's Place
Munro, Capt. Andrew, A.A., Joymount
McAuley, Peter, North Lodge
McAuley, C., Farmhill
McKinstry, Miss, Joymount
Nelson, Boyd, Irish Quarter South
Nichol, William John, Junction Road
Nolan, Capt. M., White Hall
Owden, John, Seapark
O'Rorke, Daniel, Mervue
Pasley, David, manager of Northern Bank
Patrick, J. W., surgeon and medical officer, High Street
Porter, Capt. William, Rose Cottage
Reeves, George, Botanical Doctor
Reid, Mrs., Barn Cottage
Rice, Stephen R., Scotch Quarter
Rowan, Captain Edward, R.N., High Street
Smith, Capt. D., Castle Street
Smyth, William, Orlands
Spear, The Misses, High Street
Sproull, William H., Scotch Quarter
Stannus, Mrs., White Hall
Stark, Mrs. M., Scotch Quarter
Stewart, Charles A., barrister-at-law, Scotch Quarter and 10 Henrietta Street, Dublin
Stewart, Mrs., Governor's Place
Stuart, Miss, Castle Street
Taggart, D., M.D., Governor's Place

Taylor, James, Scotch Quarter
Taylor, The Messrs., Barn Cottage (Misses?)
Thompson, Thomas, Governor's Place
Warwick, Rev. James, The Manse, Joymount
White, Rev. James, The Manse, Irish Quarter South
White, Rev. James, Whitehall
Wilson, James, Slate House

Traders &c.

Adamson & Logan, spirit store and leather cutters
Alexander, James & R., grocers and haberdashers, High Street
Andrews, Michael, bleacher, Kilroot
Apsley, John, Burleigh Hill
Apsley, Wm., blacksmith, Irish Quarter South
Barry, James, grocer and spirit dealer, North Street
Barry, Mrs., milliner, High Street
Baxter, Isaac, tinplate worker, West Street
Blair, W. & Co., grocers, West Street
Bowman, Daniel, grocer, West Street
Bowman, Johnston, watch maker, West Street
Boyd, Nelson & Co., vitriol works, Irish Quarter South
Boyd, M., fruit and toy shop, West Street
Bragg, Craig & Co., bleachers, Sullatober
Brown, Mrs., milliner, West Street
Byrtt, James, boot and shoe maker, North Street
Caesar, D., shoe maker, West Street
Canavan, Edward O. H., draper and toy shop, North Street
Caulfield, J., grocer, Irish Gate
Coburn, Agnes, dress maker, Irish Quarter West
Craig, James, sea captain, Irish Quarter South
Creely, William, carrier, Irish Quarter West
Cunningham & Co., grocers, wine, spirit, timber, and iron merchants, High Street
Davidson, J., grocer and spirit dealer, Green Street
Donald, J., butcher, Irish Quarter West
Dorman, William, car owner, Cheston Street
Duberdieu, James, grocer, North Street
Eccleston, George, grocer and spirit dealer, Irish Quarter West
Gamble, James, power-loom manufacturer, Woodburn Mills
George, Jas., grocer and spirit dealer, North Street
Gibson, David, book seller, High Street
Giffin, James, coal factor, Minorca
Gillespie, Mrs., milliner, North Street
Gillespie & Co., merchants, Victoria Place
Gorman, Richard, merchant tailor, West Street
Gorman, William, general merchant, Market Place
Gray, David, grocer, North Street
Green, John, carrier, Irish Quarter
Guy, J., cabinet maker, Joymount
Haggan, Hugh, grocer, Minorca
Haggan, William, grocer, Irish Quarter West
Hamilton, John, shoe maker, West Street
Hamilton, Joseph, sen., Market Square
Hamilton, R., spirit dealer, Irish Gate
Hamilton, Wm., grocer and provision merchant, West Street
Hamilton, Wm., spirit dealer, North Street
Harrison, George, carpenter, Lancasterian Street
Harrison, James, painter, North Street
Hart, James P., grocer, North Street
Hay, Mrs., spirit dealer, High Street
Hay, S., butcher, North Street
Herdman, Miss, milliner, Market Place
Hovell, Mrs., Victoria Hotel, High Street
Hutchinson, F., grocer, North Street
Ingram, James, billiard rooms and racket court, Joymount Bank
Jenkins, Mrs., spirit dealer, Castle Street
Johnston, Robert, ship builder, Clover Hill
Jones, Alex., spirit dealer and harbour master, Castle Street
Jones, R., grocer, Irish Quarter West
Kane, James, sewed muslin agent, North Street
Kane, Wm., grocer, West Street
Kane, John, grocer, Market Place
Kane, John, blacksmith, North Gate
Larmour, John, tailor
Larmour, John, relieving officer, Albert Road
Laverty, Henry, carpenter, Irish Quarter West
Legg, John, ship owner, Minorca
Lennon, Daniel, blacksmith, North Street
Lockhart, Thomas, saddler, West Street
Logan, Miss, grocer, Irish Quarter West
Logan, P., spirit dealer, Irish Quarter West
Lowe, Mary, grocer, West Street
Macmurray Bros., bleachers, Scotch Quarter
Milliken, Mrs., milliner, Irish Quarter West
Mills, Benjamin, spirit dealer, Davy Street
Miscampbell, James, tailor, Scotch Quarter
Moore, James, butcher, North Street.
Moore, Samuel, spirit dealer, North Street
Moore, Thomas, saddler, West Street
Morris, James, mason, Irish Quarter South
Morris, Thomas, North Street
Murdoch, Mrs., grocer, West Street
McComb, Samuel, leather cutter and shoe maker, High Street
McCreevy, Robert, watch maker, Market Street
McCulloch, H., painter, Castle Street
McElwaine, William, butcher, Castle Street
McFerran, Mrs., lodging house, Scotch Quarter
McGiffin, William, ship owner, Irish Quarter
McIlroy, John, butcher, North Street
McKee, H. A., draper, West Street
McKeown, F., draper, West Street
McKinney, Miss, milliner, West Street
McMillan, Donald, Irish Gate
McMurtry, Robert, spirit dealer, Scotch Quarter
McPherson, James, grocer, North Street
McQuitty, William, carrier, North Road
Nelson, Miss, post mistress, High Street
Norris, Samuel, tin plate worker and grocer, West Street
O'Hara, Robert, watch maker, Market Place
O'Hara, ?, North Gate Tavern
Parkhill, James, spirit dealer, Irish Quarter South
Picken, James, Grocer, Irish Quarter West
Pinkerton, John, inn keeper, High Street
Robinson, Thomas, butcher and grocer, Joymount Bank
Rodgers, James, baker, North Street
Rogers, Alexander, grocer, Irish Quarter
Rogers, Paul, manager of shipyard
Rowan, James, grocer and draper, West Street
Rowan, John, boot and shoe maker, West Street
Shannon, S., baker, Market Place
Smith, J., tailor, Irish Quarter West
Snoddy, S., tailor, Market Place
Stannus, James, builder, Irish Quarter South
Stephens, William, general merchant, High Street
Stephens, Miss, milliner, West Street
Stevenson, James, miller, Kilroot
Stewart, C., pawn broker, North Street
Taylor, James & Sons, flax spinners, Barn Mills
Thom, John, pawn broker, West Street
Turkington, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, Irish Quarter
Vint, John, grocer, Irish Quarter West
Vint, Mrs., milliner, West Street
Vint, W., baker, West Street
Walker, Miss, milliner, North Street
Watt, William, painter, Castle Street
Wetherup, James, tailor, West Street
Wheeler, M. C., grocer, West Street
Whiteabbey Spinning Co., flax spinners, Duncrue Mills
Wilson, James, spirit dealer, North Street
Wilson, James, brick and tile maker, Irish Quarter West
Woods, H., cotton spinner, Glenfield
Woodside, Brothers, tanners, West Street


The mail car starts from Carrickfergus to Larne, on the arrival of the first mail train from Belfast, and returns at 5-43 p.m., to the railway station at Carrickfergus


        A market town in County Monaghan, fifty one miles N.W. by N. from Dublin, ten S. from Castleblayney, situated on the mail road from Dublin to Londonderry. It derives its name from its situation upon a rock (Carricq), and from one of its early proprietors, Ross, a celebrated Irish Chieftain. The Eastern part of this barony now belongs to the Marquis of Bath, and the Western to E. P. Shirley, Esq., of Lough Fea Castle. The town consists of one wide principal street, with several lanes diverging; the houses in the main street are uniformly built,. A Roman Catholic chapel has been built. In 1844 a handsome Court house was erected. A Police Barrack has been erected in the main street by the Marquis of Bath. The Bridewell was built in 1836. Malting is carried on extensively by the Messrs. Gartlan & Sons. The Parish Church, a neat stone edifice, was erected in 1786. There are - a Dispensary, Fever Hospital, and a Union Workhouse; a free Grammar School, a school under the National Board of Education, and a parochial school. The market days are Wednesday and Saturday, for grain, and Thursday, general market.  Fairs, second Thursday in January, February, March, April and August, 27th May, 10th July, 27th September, 9th November and 10th December. Gas introduced 1858. Population in 1861, 2,070.

Post-Office, Main Street - William McAuley, postmaster. Mail car from Dundalk, with Dublin, England, South of Ireland, Belfast and Scotch mails, arrives at 6-20 a.m., and is despatched at 6-20 p.m.; mail car from Kells, Nobber and Kingscourt arrives at 9-30 p.m., and is despatched at 3-20 p.m., mail car from Inniskeen station with day mail, South of Ireland, Dublin and English letters, arrives at 12-15 p.m., and is despatched at 1-50 p.m.; Shercock foot post leaves at 7 a.m., and arrives at 6 p.m.

Places of Worship

Established Church, Main Street - Rev. Thomas Romney Robinson, D.D. (of Armagh), rector; Rev. T. St. Lawrence Smith, curate
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Dr. McMahon, P.P.; Rev. Patrick McCulloch, and Rev. J. J. Hughes, curates

Public Institutions

National Bank - John Fitzmaurice, manager; E. Vize, accountant; Charles Cochrane, teller
Bath and Shirley Industrial School - Elizabeth McMahon, sewing instructor; and M. A. Martin, teacher
National School - Edward McNally and Anne McNally, teachers
Grammar School - Thomas Shaw, M.A., teacher
Parochial School, Castle Street - R. Tackaberry, teacher
Union Workhouse - Francis Wallace, master; Mary Wallace, matron; R. M. Taggart, surgeon; Rev. T. St. Lawrence Smith, Protestant Chaplain; Rev. Dr. McMahon, Roman Catholic Chaplain; Henry Quinn, clerk to Guardians
Dispensary, Main Street - R. M. Taggart, surgeon
Fever Hospital - R. M. Taggart, surgeon
Stamp Office, Main Street - John O'Hagan sub distributor
Bridewell, Bridewell Lane - John Arthur, keeper

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Fleming, Thomas, surgeon and apothecary, Main Street
Forster, Sir George, Coolderry
Gartlan, Thomas McA., Moynalty
Gibson, Edward, Lisanisk
Hickson, Rev. G., Magheracloone
Hoey, Rev. John, Magheracloone
Holland, John T., Bellevue
Hughes, Rev. J. J., Distillery Lane
Johnston, Thomas, Longfield
Kenny, Charles, Rocksavage
Kenny, Plunkett, Moyles
Kernan, Hubert P., Capra
Lane, William, Derrylavin
Leslie, John, Kiltybegs
Moore, Major William, Main Street
Morant, George, agent to E. J. Shirley
Murphy, Rev. Patrick, Killaney
McMahon, Rev. Dr., Chapel House
Reed, Johns, Rahans
Reed, Rev. George H., Enniskeen Glebe
Rennick, George, Loughderry
Shaw, Thomas, Main Street
Shirley, E. Philip, Lough Fea Castle
Smith, Rev. J., St. Lawrence
Trench, William Stuart, agent to Marquis of Bath, Essex Castle
Twibill, Rev. William, Donaghmoine

Traders &c.

Agnew, James, whitesmith, Bath Street
Brennan, Mary, baker and spirit dealer
Byrne, Michael, leather cutter and grocer
Byrne, James, grocer, spirit dealer and baker, Main Street
Callan, Jane, baker, grocer and confectioner, Main Street
Callan, Thomas, saddler, New Street
Campbell, James, butcher, New Street
Campbell, Joseph, butcher, New Street
Campbell, Patrick, butcher, New Street
Carolan & Ward, haberdashers, Main Street
Cassidy, Sarah, in keeper, Monaghan Street
Clarke, John, spirit dealer, Main Street
Clarke, Patrick, spirit dealer, Main Street
Clinton, Anthony, baker, grocer, spirit dealer and meal stores

Conolly, Mary, spirit dealer and grocer, Main Street
Crowley, John, wheelwright, Penny Bridge
Cunningham, Nicholas, provision dealer, New Street
Devin, Patrick, pawn broker and draper
Donaghy, James, slater, Mullyora
Donaghy, J., plasterer, Mullyora
Downes, J. P., haberdasher, Main Street
Duffy, Michael, spirit dealer
Duffy, Thomas, provision dealer, Main Street
Dunn, William, rope maker, Gallows Hill
Eakins, Nathaniel, haberdasher, Main Street
Flaherty, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Chapel Lane
Finnigan, J., nail maker, Monaghan Street
Finnigan, Michael, baker, grocer and spirit dealer, Main Street
Finnigan, Edward, spirit dealer, Main Street
Flinn, James, nail maker, New Street
Gartlan, James & Sons, corn merchants and malsters, Distillery Lane (maltsters)
Gartlan, Patrick, provision dealer, Market Square
Gartlan, Thomas, spirit dealer, Main Street
Gearty, G., blacksmith, Magheross
Gordon, John, blacksmith, New Street
Halpen, Mary Ann, hardware, timber, grocer, and spirit dealer, Main Street
Halton, J., wheelwright, Castle Street
Hand, Bernard, boot and shoe maker, Bath Street
Hart, James, boot and shoe maker, Bath Street
Hoey, Peter, tanner, Main Street
Keelan, Daniel, baker, grocer and spirit dealer, Main Street
Keelan, Patrick, woollen draper, Main Street
Keenan, John, provision dealer, Evelyn Street
Lang, James, Petty Sessions clerk
Markey, James, nailer, New Street
Marron, James, tobacco manufacturer, Main Street
Marron, Jas., inn keeper and horse dealer, Bath Street
Martin, George, leather cutter
Martin, James, tailor, Magheross
Martin, John, painter and glazier, New Street
Martin, Michael, painter and glazier, Main Street
Martin, Patrick, tailor, Penny Bridge
Maxwell, Denis, nailer
Mohan, Thomas, provision dealer, Main Street
Murphy, Thomas, apothecary
Murphy, P., marine store, New Street
McAuley, W., postmaster, weighmaster, grocer and stationer, Main Street
McCabe, John, spirit dealer
McCaul, James & Sons, seed and general merchants
McCulloch, T., carpenter, Church Street
McDonald, Jas., baker and grocer, Main Street
McEntegart, Bernard, grocer and spirit dealer
McKenna, J., blacksmith, Magheross
McKenna, Thomas, haberdasher, Main Street
Noble, Thos. Howard, tailor, Evelyn Street
O'Connor, T., whitesmith, New Street
O'Hagan, John, grocer and spirit dealer
O'Neill, Jas., coach and car builder, and hotel keeper, Main Street
Patterson, George, tinplate worker, Bath Street
Quin, Henry, clerk to guardians, and agent for Thomas Murphy, apothecary
Richey, Reburn, spirit dealer
Rogers, Jas., carpenter, Church Street
Rourke, P., hairdresser, New Street
Smith, Eliza, spirit dealer, Main Street
Thomson, James, saddler, Main Street
Timmons, A., school, Magheross
Tobin, Michael, grocer and spirit dealer
Ward, Patrick, haberdasher
wheeler, R. J., apothecary, grocer and spirit dealer
White, Alex., hotel keeper
Witherington, H., hardware dealer and grocer
Woods, James, butcher, Bath Street
Woods, William, butcher and inn keeper, New Street
Woods, Michael, inn keeper, New Street


Mail car to Dundalk every day at 6-20 p.m., cars to the Enniskeen station, Dundalk and Enniskillen Railway, at 1-50 and 7 p.m.; at 7 a.m., 1-50 p.m. and 5 p.m., from the Shirley Arms and from O'Neill's Hotel


       Is a market town in County Monaghan. The town derives its name from the family of Blayney, and the Castle, which was erected here by Sir Edward Blayney, in the reign of James I., who created him Baron Blayney of Monaghan. The estate is now in possession of the widow of the late Henry Thomas Hope, Esq., of London, who is amicably carrying out the designs of her late husband. There is a Market house, a Court house, news room, and concert hall, in one building.  There is a county bridewell, a union poorhouse and a dispensary in the town. There are General Sessions of the Peace; and Petty Sessions are held every alternate week. There are two commodious and comfortable hotels.  The places of worship are - The Parish Church of Mucknoe (a chaste specimen of architecture), two Presbyterian churches, one for Wesleyan Methodists, and two Roman Catholic chapels.  The market days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, for grain, and Saturday, for sale of flax.  Fairs on the first Wednesday in each month.  Population in 1861, 1,822.

Post-Office, Market Square - Bernard McGinty, postmaster

Places of Worship

Parish Church of Mucknoe, Church Street - Rev. G. Irwin, incumbent, Glebe House; Rev. J. Percy, curate
Presbyterian Church, Lakeview - Rev. Joseph McAskie
Presbyterian Church, Frankford - Rev. Thomas Middlemiss
Presbyterian Church, Bloomfield - Rev. T. McCully
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Church Street
Roman Catholic Chapel, Church Street - Rev. P. Bermingham, D.D., P.P.; Rev. John Kelly and J. Byrne, curates

Public Institutions

Belfast Bank - A. McMath, manager
Mrs. Hope's School, Church Street - Eliza Clydesdale, teacher
National Schools, Church Street - P. McKenna and E. McKenna, teachers
Union Workhouse, New Street - S. Draffin, master; S. Gilmour, A.B., M.D.; Protestant Chaplain, Rev. G. Irvine; Presbyterian Chaplain, Rev. Thomas Middlemiss; Roman Catholic Chaplain, Rev. P. Bermingham, D.D.
Dispensary, West Street - E. Keogh, M.D., surgeon
Constabulary Station - Sub-Inspector, D. Smith; head constable, W. Thompson
Bridewell, York Street - W. Thompson, keeper

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Bermingham, Rev. P., P.P., Drumcrew Cottage
Brooke, Basil George, J.P., West Street
Fitzgerald, John
Greene, John Butler, R.M.
Heath, F. J., sub inspector of constabulary
Hope, Mrs., The Castle
Irwin, Rev. G., Glebe, Mucknoe
Middlemiss, Rev. T., Killycard
Morton, Robert, M.D., West Street
McAuley, Rev. M.
McCully, T., Broomfield
McEveigh, Rev. Francis, Broomfield
McMahon, Rev. R., Monagher Cottage
McMath, Andrew, J.P.
McMath, Hamilton, Thornford House
O'Callaghan, J., surveyor, West Street
Persse, J. G., solicitor, West Street
Swanzy, H., attorney, Market Square
Swanzy, John, Rockfield House
Wolff, The Venerable Archdeacon, Clontibret Glebe

Merchants, Traders &c.

Boyd, F., spirit dealer, West Street
Branagan, James, spirit dealer, West Street
Branagan, Peter, baker, Henry Street
Callan, Mrs., baker, West Street
Carbery, Jas., flax dealer, Noble Street
Casey, Henry, spirit dealer, Broomfield
Casey, Wm., tailor, Market Street
Clement, David, chandler, West Street
Comesky, J., iron, coal, leather and spirit dealer, Henry Street
Conry, Felix, flax dealer, Noble Street
Cooney, John, woollen draper
Coyle, M. B., spirit dealer, West Street
Creighton, J., veterinary surgeon
Crozier, George, miller, Liskeenan
Curley, John, miller, Recullis
Devlin, James, iron, coal and earthenware dealer, Noble Street
Devlin, John, grocer
Duffy, Francis, surgeon, West Street
Farnan, Owen, baker and grocer, Noble Street
Finnigan, Thomas, publican, Broomfield
Fitzpatrick, Mary, miller, Toam
Fleming, Robert, tin and copper smith, West Street

Forbes, Alexander, spirit dealer, Market Square
Gass, Wm., wheelwright, Noble Street
Gillen, Wm., blacksmith, West Street
Gillen, Thomas, smith and farrier, York Street
Gilmore, Samuel, B.A., F.R.C.S., Edinburgh; Castle Square
Hamilton, Wm., Petty Sessions clerk, Noble Street
Hammond, J., spirit dealer, Noble Street
Henan, K., butcher, West Street
Henry, Thomas, grocer and baker, Noble Street
Herron, Samuel, draper, Market Square
Hughes, Anne, spirit dealer, Noble Street
Hunter, Edward, grocer, West Street
Hunter, Ellen, draper, Noble Street
Hunter, John, spirit dealer, Noble Street
Hunter, W., ironmonger, Market Square
Johnston & Co., woollen drapers, West Street
Johnston, Wm., whitesmith & farming implement maker, Noble Street
Kelly, Mrs., milliner
Kelly, John, spirit dealer, Noble Street
Kirk, James, spirit dealer, Henry Street
Laverty, Charles, spirit dealer, Noble Street
Lewers, Wm., oil and colour dealer, West Street
Liggett, John, Lurganmore
Maguire, Jas., boot and shoe maker, Church Street
Miller, Wm., tailor, Henry Street
Miller, Robert, spirit dealer, Market Square
Mitchell, The Misses, haberdashers, Market Square
Molloy, William, iron and coal dealer, West Street
Morris, Ulysses, painter and glazier, West Street
Murphy, James, spirit dealer, West Street
Murphy, Lawrence, spirit dealer, West Street
McArdle, Edward, tobacco dealer, West Street
McArdle, James, spirit dealer, Seven Houses
McArdle, John, miller, Lara
McBride,, William, grocer, Noble Street
McBurney, Andrew, miller, Lurganmore
McDonald, Felix, butcher, New Street
McEneany, Nicholas, spirit dealer, West Street
McEneany, J., whitesmith, West Street
McKean, Mrs & Sons, bleachers, Lara
McLearney, Edward, Railway Tavern, West Street
McMahon, Patrick, grocer
McMahon, J., whitesmith, York Street
McMath, A. & H., tanners, Noble Street
McNamara, Stephen, shoe maker
McShane, Neal, grocer and leather dealer, Market Square
O'Callaghan, James, grocer, West Street
O'Neill, C., leather cutter, West Street
Quigley, Wm., baker and grocer, West Street
Ralson, John, Commercial Hotel
Ralson, Samuel, baker and spirit dealer, Noble Street
Rooney, James, grocer and spirit dealer, West Street
Ross, John, butcher, New Street
Sloan, John, printer, bookseller, and stationer, Noble Street
Sheridan, Thomas, spirit dealer, West Street
Smith, Peter, grocer &c., West Street
Stewart, Miss, school, Market Square
Stockdale, Robert, tea dealer, West Street
Trainor, P., whitesmith, Henry Street
Ward, Wm., shoe maker
Watters, J., Doohamlet
Whitby, J. G., solicitor's clerk, Conabury Cottage
Williamson, John, copper and tinsmith, Noble Street
Wilson, Wm., wheelwright, Noble Street
Woods, Edward, butcher, West Street
Whitley, W. J., pawn broker, Noble Street


To Dublin and Enniskillen, per railway; a car leaves the Post-Office at 7 a.m. each day for Armagh, returning at 3-48 p.m., and a van leaves for Armagh each day at 2 p.m., returning next day at 1 p.m.; to Newry, a mail car from Post-Office every morning at 5-45 a.m., passing through Newtownhamilton, and returning at 7-30 p.m.


        Castledawson town, in County Londonderry, about twenty four miles from Belfast, is delightfully situated on the Moyola River, on the road from Magherafelt to Ahoghill, and rather more than two miles N.W. of the North-Western extremity of Lough Neagh. The river is crossed by a stone bridge of one arch, supposed to be the largest span in Ireland, erected by the Dawson family, and hence its former name of Dawson's Bridge. A second bridge has since been erected. Its present appellation is derived from its proprietor, Joshua Dawson, Esq., who, in 1710, was Chief Secretary for Ireland, and erected, in 1713, a castle, of which only the ruins remain. Castledawson, the present seat of the family and residence of R. Peel Dawson, Esq., M.P., D.L., is nearly adjoining the town, situated in a beautiful demesne, through which passes an ancient avenue, three miles in length, opening to a magnificent view of Lough Neagh, to which it extends. The manufacture of cotton prevails in the town and neighbouring district, and the making of coarse earthenware and bricks is carried on most extensively. The stained glass windows of the church are much admired. There are also places of worship for Presbyterians and Wesleyan Methodists. A school house has lately been erected at the entrance to Moyola Park, by the Hon. Mrs. Dawson, at a cost of upwards of 200, which makes four schools in all, under the National Board. Population in 1861, 663.

Post-Office - Margaret Garvin, postmistress

Places of Worship

Presbyterian Church - Rev. Robert Gamble
Chapel of Ease - Rev. H. F. Stevenson, Bellaghy

Public Institutions

National School Teachers - Thomas Bowman, W. Gribben, Ellen Brittain, and Ann Lowry

Clergy, Gentry &c.

Casement, Julius, J.P., Ballyscullion House
Clarke, John, linen merchant ands bleacher
Cox, Captain W. S., Brecart Lodge
Cox, Wm. S., Moyola Lodge
Dawson, Captain Robert Peel, Moyola Park
Diamond, Captain, Fairview
Gaussen, Camphill, J.P., Parkview House
Gilmore, Thomas, Bellaghy House
Godfrey, Thomas, Leitrim House
Graves, Mrs., Gravesend Villa
Graves, Mrs. William, Castledawson
Gray, Samuel, agent for Captain Dawson
Hammersley, James
Hill, John, J.P., The Castle, Bellaghy
Johnston, Rev. W. D.
Kelly, David, coroner
Little, Robert R., M.D., Toombridge
Maclosky, Andrew
Morton, Robert, M.D.
McArthur, George
McArthur, Mrs. Torrens
McKee, Rev. James, Rossgarn
McMullen, John, M.D.
O'Neill, John, Toomebridge
Pollock, Charles, C.E.
Stevenson, Rev. Henry F., Rector, Bellaghy
Weir, John, Supervisor of Inland Revenue
York, Morrison

Traders &c.

Barclay, Thomas, tailor
Casey, Ennis, grocer
Davison, Joseph, carpenter
Davison, John, carpenter

Devlin, Bernard, blacksmith
Diamond, Margaret E., grocer
Dickson, Peter & Sons (of Carlisle), check & gingham manufacturers
Doherty, Cornelius, tailor
Doherty, Henry, nailer
Dougherty, John, spirit dealer, Bellaghy
Evans, Henry, blacksmith
Ferguson, John & Co. (of Carlisle), check & gingham manufacturers
Garvin, James, grocer
Garvin, George, hotel and posting establishment
Glover, James, grocer
Gray, Thomas H., spirit dealer
Gregg, James, blacksmith, Bellaghy
Heeney, James P., spirit dealer
Houston, James, boot and shoe maker
Houston, William, boot and shoe maker
Kane, Felix, carrier (to Belfast)
Keenan, R., nurseryman, Leitrim
Kennedy, Charlotte, spirit dealer, Bellaghy
Lafferty, John, general warehouse
Lindsay, J., grocer and draper, Bellaghy
Mann, Wm. Church, posting establishment
Mawhinney, Wm., linen manufacturer, Hill Head
Miller, Thomas, linen manufacturer, Greenhill
Miller, Hugh, linen manufacturer, Greenhill
Morrow, James, woollen draper and haberdasher
Mulholland, James, butcher
McCallen, William, grocer
McCluskey, James, boot and shoe maker
McHenry, The Misses, grocer and provision merchants, Hillhead
McKee, Ann, grocer
McKenna, Wm., tailor
McLernon, Mathew, grocer
McMullan, Alex., manufacturer
O'Hara, O., spirit dealer
Scullion, John, grocer and haberdasher
Speer, Andrew, farmer
Speer, Miss Annie, haberdasher
Stewart, James, grocer and haberdasher
Tipping, George, builder
Tipping, Thomas, carpenter
Wallace, James, publican.
Wallace, James, publisher.
Wallax, James, earthenware dealer, Leitrim.
Wilson, Mr., cotton manufacturer.


          Is a thriving market town, in the County Down, sixty three miles N. by E. from Dublin, nine S.W. from Downpatrick, ten from Ballynahinch, and four miles from the fashionable watering-place of Newcastle. At the foot of Slieve-na-lat (or the Rod Mountain), and on the shores of a beautiful lake, abounding with trout, stands the new and magnificent mansion of the Earl Annesley, who enjoys the title of Baron of Castlewellan, in the Peerage of Ireland. Within two miles of the town is Tollymore Park, the elegant seat of the Earl of Roden. There is a branch of the Northern Banking Company, also three Savings' Banks. The linen trade is carried on largely.  The spinning, weaving, and bleaching concerns of Messrs. Murland are on an extensive scale, propelled by steam and water power, and lighted by gas made on the premises. These enterprising and public spirited gentlemen give large employment in the neighbourhood, and greatly benefit the locality. The church was erected and endowed by Earl Annesley, at a cost of 6,000 or 7,000. It is built in the early English style of blue and white granite. There is also a Presbyterian and Methodist churches, and Roman Catholic chapel. The Court House stands in the centre of the town, in which Petty Sessions are held once every month. The market is on Monday, and the fairs monthly.  Population in 1861, 849.

Post-Office - John McKnight, postmaster.  Letters from Dublin and the South of Ireland, also from England, arrive every morning at ten minutes past six. Letters from Belfast and the North of Ireland, also from Scotland, arrive every evening at half past six, and are despatched every morning at ten minutes past six. A post car leaves every morning on arrival of post car from Bryansford and Newcastle, and returns by the same route in time for the Newry car in the evening.

Places of Worship

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Castlewellan - Rev. R. P. Young
Episcopal Chapel, Bryansford - Rev. Wm. St. George, curate
Presbyterian Meeting House, Castlewellan - Rev. Hugh Watson
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Castlewellan - Ministers, various
Roman Catholic Chapel, Castlewellan - Rev. Alexander Stuart, P.P.; Rev. James O'Boyle, curate

Public Institutions

National (No. 2) School - Henry Sherlock and Emily Sherlock, teachers
National School - P. Gilmore and Mrs. Gilmore, teachers
Endowed School, Bryansford - Mr. Lockhart and Miss Lockhart, teachers
Stamp Office - James Hanna
Dispensary, Bryansford - S. Clarendon, M.D.
Constabulary Station, Castlewellan - Ebrington, ? I., Newcastle

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Allen, John R., J.P., Mountpanther
Annesley, the Earl of, M.P., Castlewellan Castle
Ashleigh, Captain Wray, Newcastle
Clarendon, Samuel, M.D., Bryansford
Darcy, C. V., The Lodge, Bryansford
De Espalier, ?, Manor House, Newcastle
Dodds, Wm., grocer
Doyle, Bernard, M.D.
Drew, Dr., Seaforde
Duffin, Rev. Wm., Maghera
Forde, Lieutenant Colonel W. B., J.P., Seaforde
Gray, George, M.D.
Leslie, Captain John, J.P., Ballyward Lodge
Lindsay, Andrew, Maghera
Millar, ?, Maghera
Murland, Miss, Mountpanther, Clough
Murland, Samuel, J.P., Woodlawn
Murland, Charles, Annsboro' Cottage
McCreight, Miss Maria, Tollymore House
McDonnell, John, manager of Northern Bank
McLeanen, Rev. J., Ballybannon
McMurdoch, Rev. John, Seaforde
Roden, the Earl of, Tollymore Park, Bryansford.
Shaw, William E., J.P., R.N.
Watson, Rev. H.
Walsh, C., surgeon and apothecary
Young, Rev. William, J.P., Ballywillwill

Traders &c.

Baird, Andrew, blacksmith
Bigham, David
Bigham, James, pawn broker
Burns, James, spirit dealer
Burns, Patrick, boot and shoe maker
Burns, Patrick, butcher
Burns, Michael, butcher
Cinnamon, Thomas, boot and shoe maker
Clark, John, stone cutter
Cochran, ?, tin plate worker
Connolly, James, woollen draper
Donnelly, C., blacksmith, Bryansford
Dodds, William, grocer
Finnegan, Patrick
Flannigan, J., spirit dealer, car proprietor, etc.
Fitzpatrick, Ellen, spirit dealer, Clough
Gibson, James, painter and glazier
Gilmer, Peter, school master
Gracey, John, carpenter
Graham, Jane, grocer and haberdasher, Bryansford
Hagan, William, lodging house keeper
Hanna, James, haberdasher and sewed muslin agent
Hanna, James, grocer, haberdasher and woollen draper
Hanna, William, agent for D. McDonald.
Hanna, William, jun., linen merchant
Hanna, James, flax and corn miller

Hall, W., Excise officer
Henan, Peter, spirit dealer
Herron, Samuel, baker and spirit dealer
Herron, Henry, grocer
Hillyard, George Wm., clerk of Petty Sessions and woollen draper
Keenan, Arthur, grocer and haberdasher
Kelly, Daniel, grocer and leather seller
Kelly, James
Kennedy, Thomas, watch and clock maker
King, J., soda water manufacturer
King, Michael, boot and shoe maker
King, Miss Rose Ann, haberdasher
Leeson, James, lodging house keeper
Linten, Robert, tailor
Magee, Hugh, carpenter and China warehouse
Martin, R. & H., haberdashers
Martin, ?, farmer
Magennis, Arthur, spirit dealer
Matthers, Francis, boot and shoe maker.
Meharg, John, spirit dealer, grocer, ironmonger & posting establishment
Millar, ?, corn and flax miller, Maghera
Mitchell, Richard, tailor
Mooney, Brothers, grocers, wine and spirit merchants
Moore, James, carpenter
Morgan, James, sewed muslin agent
Munn, Eliza, straw bonnet maker
Murland, James, flax spinner and linen manufacturer
Murphy, Patrick, spirit dealer, Leitrim
Murray, James & Co., woollen drapers and haberdashers
McAleenan, Thomas, spirit dealer
McCann, John, spirit dealer and grocer
McCarten, James, baker
McCarten, James, spirit dealer, Backaderry
McCartan, John, spirit dealer, grocer and ironmonger
McCartan, Ann, haberdasher
McCartan, Michael, woollen draper
McCartan, Mrs., lodging house keeper
McCartan, Robert, baker
McCaul, James, cooper
McClean, Mrs., haberdasher
McCreedy, Mrs., book seller and stationer
McGreevy, James, hide merchant
McIlroy, Patrick, grocer, haberdasher and woollen draper
McIver, William, pawnbroker
McKnight, Andrew, blacksmith
McKnight, Robert, carpenter
McKnight, William, sewed muslin agent
McMahon, David, lodging house keeper
McMullan, James, leather seller
McMullan, John, grocer
McMullan, James, spirit dealer
McMullan, Mrs. James, haberdasher
McNulty, Mary, haberdasher
Ochiltree, Thomas, saddler
Owens, James, spirit dealer, Backaderry
O'Neill, Charles, grocer and spirit dealer
O'Flinn, James, deputy surveyor
O'Flinn, Peter, haberdasher and woollen draper
O'Halloran, Geo., haberdasher and woollen draper
O'Neill, Sarah, Commercial Hotel and posting house
Porter, William, painter and glazier
Porter, Jane, haberdasher
Quinn, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer
Radcliffe, William, tailor
Read, George, Roden Arms Hotel, livery stables and posting house, Bryansford
Rennington & Pelling, sewed muslin manufacturers, Belfast
Richmond, Thomas, grocer and haberdasher
Robinson, Samuel, haberdasher
Savage, Edward, grocer
Smith, William, saddler
Stranagean, William, grocer and iron monger
Thompson, James, spirit dealer
Thompson, William H., haberdasher and iron monger
Tomelty, James, boot and shoe maker
Ward, Edward, butcher
Ward, John, painter and glazier
White, John, spirit dealer


A three horse 'bus leaves Mr. J. Flanagan's at five o'clock every morning, except Sundays, for Ballynahinch, in time for half past seven train.
To Belfast - Mail car (from Newry) every morning at twenty minutes past four, passing through Castlewellan, Clough and Downpatrick, in time for ten o'clock mail train.
To Newry - A mail car every evening at half past six, goes through Rathfriland.


        A market and post town, the capital of the County of its name, formerly a Parliamentary borough. It is now a Township. Cavan is situate on the road between Dublin and Enniskillen, fifty five miles from Dublin, and sixty six from Belfast. The places of worship are - the Church - a handsome structure; a Presbyterian church, a Wesleyan church, a Primitive Methodist church, and a Roman  Catholic chapel. There is a Classical School, chartered by Charles I., the master being appointed by the Lord Lieutenant. The market for grain is held on Monday, and general market on Tuesday.  The fairs are held on the second Tuesday in each month, except May fair, on the 14th and November fair, on the 12th day of the month.  The population on 1861 was 3,?09.

Post-Office, Main Street - P. Fay, postmaster.; letters from Dublin and South of Ireland, also from England and Scotland, are delivered at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m., and are despatched at 1 p.m. and 6-5 a.m.

Places of Worship

Established Church, Farnham Street - Rev. Samuel Shone, rector; Rev. Wm. H. Hutchinson and Rev. J. Carson Moore, curates
Presbyterian Church, Farnham Street - Rev. James Carson
Wesleyan Church, Farnham Street - Rev. Alex. Fullerton
Primitive Methodist Chapel - Rev. W. Elliott
Roman Catholic Cathedral - Right Rev. Nicholas Conaty, D.D., bishop; Rev. P. Smith and Rev. James O'Reilly, curates

Public Institutions

Banks - Provincial bank of Ireland, Farnham Street - William Anderson, manager; Ulster banking Co. - James Wann, manager; Savings' Bank, Main Street - Wm. M. Brice, actuary
Royal School - Rev. William Prior Moore, principal
Farnham School, Farnham Street - Very Rev. Bernard Finnigan, president; Rev. P. Gallegan, professor
Bible Depository, Main Street - Chas. Stewart, agent
Union Workhouse - Ralph Mulligan, master; Mrs. Spinks, matron; Dr. Moore, medical officer; Chaplains, Established church, Rev. W. H. Hutchinson; Roman Catholic, Right Rev. N. Conaty, D.D.; Presbyterian, Rev. James Carson
County Infirmary, Main Street - Treasurer, Rev. W. H. Hutchinson; surgeon, Andrew Mease, M.D.; apothecary, ?; Matron, Mrs. Armstrong
Jail, Farnham Street - Governor, Geo. R. Galloghy; Surgeon, Andrew Mease, M.D.; Inspector, T. Thompson, J.P.
Registry Office, Diocese of Kilmore - Robert Erskine, registrar, Main Street
Township - J. Johnston, J.P., chairman; J. Fitzpatrick, clerk; office, Church Place
Stamp Office, Main Street - James Parker, distributor
Constabulary Station, College Street - County inspector, D. Paton; sub-inspector, Robt. Faussett
Cavan Gas Light Co. - James Brady, secretary
Hotels - Farnham Arms, J. Kennedy, proprietor; Globe, D. O'Reilly, proprietor

Nobility, Gentry, &c.

Anderson, William, Farnham Street
Black, William, Farnham Street
Burrowes, Robert, D.L., J.P., Stradone
Cuming, R. J., J.P., Main Street
Erskine, Robert, J.P., Main Street
Farnham, Right Hon. Lord, Farnham House
Humphrys, William, J.P., Ballyhaise House
Humphrys, A. E., Lisagoan House
Maxwell, Hon. S. R., Arley Cottage
Maxwell, Hon. Richard, Fortland, Mount Nugent
Montgomery, Nathaniel, J.P., Cullies
Moore, Miss, Waterloo Lodge
Moore, William, J.P., Aranmore
Roe, Richard J., Lisamaura
Saunderson, Llewellyn, Drumkeen
Stafford, The Misses, Tully
Storey, Joseph, J.P., Bingfield
Swanzy, The Misses, Wesley Street
Thompson, J., J.P., Forde Lodge
Wann, James, Farnham Street

Clergy and Professional

Armstrong, James, attorney, Farnham Street
Babington, William, M.D., J.P., Fortview
Brice, William M., apothecary, Main Street
Caffrey, Patrick, Deputy Clerk of Peace, Farnham Street
Carson, Rev. J., Farnham Street
Conaty, Right Rev., D.D., Farnham Street
Gahan, Alfred, county surveyor, The Rocks, Crossdoney
Hamilton, Henry Jones, Provincial Bank
Hopewell, James, assistant county surveyor, Cavan
Hutchinson, Rev. W. H., Farnham Street
Jebb, Rev. Thomas, Laragh, Stradone
Johnston, John A., M.D., Ballyhaise
Kennedy, Hugh P., solicitor, Farnham Street
Leslie, Rev. Charles, Dreeny
Moore, Mark, M.D., Farnham Street
Mathews, John, M.D., Main Street
Malcolmson, William, M.D., Farnham Street
Mease, Andrew, M.D., Church Street
Moore, Rev. J. C., Farnham Street
Moore, Rev. Wm. Prior, the College, Cavan
Magauran, Edward, solicitor, Farnham Street
O'Connor, Thomas, apothecary, Main Street, Farnham Street
Parker, James, stamp office, Main Street
Rodgers, H. W. M., Farnham Street, Inspector of National Schools
Shone, Rev. Saml., Rector of Cavan, Farnham Street
Tully, Matthew, attorney, Church Street
Verschoyle, Right Rev. Hamilton, Lord Bishop of Kilmore, Elphin, and Ardagh, Kilmore Palace

Traders &c.

Anderson, Samuel, tinplate worker, Dublin Road
Anderson, William, Alliance Fire & Life Assurance agent, Farnham Street
Bannon, Ellen, baker, grocer and spirit merchant, Main Street
Blake, Mrs., grocer and baker, Main Street
Brady, Philip, spirit dealer, Main Street
Brady, Stephen, saddler, Bridge Street
Brady, P., spirit dealer, Main Street
Bride, Patrick, baker, Bridge Street

Brogan, Mrs., entertainment, Bridge Street
Brogan, Patrick, entertainment, Bridge Street
Brogan, P., cart maker, Church Lane
Brannigan, Michael, grocer, Bridge Street
Brady, James, draper, Main Street
Carroll, Mrs., broker, Main Street
Clerkin, John, grocer, Main Street
Cosgrove, Hugh, grocer, Main Street
Cronley, John, confectioner, Main Street
Daniel, J., coach builder, Main Street
Davis, Fanny, delf shop, Bridge Street
Dobbyn, Thomas, boot maker, Farnham Road
Doherty, Alice, milliner and dress maker, Market Square
Dolan, Philip, plumber, Bridge Street
Donnelly, Eliza, grocer, Main Street
Downie, John, draper, Main Street
Downie, The Missed, school, Fountain Street
Douglas, Henry, grocer and insurance agent, Church Street and Main Street
Ellis, Arthur, butter factor, Bridge Street
Fay, John, draper, Main Street
Fay, John, tobacco manufacturer, Main Street
Fay, P. & Co., grocers and chandlers, Main Street
Fegan, John, printer, proprietor of Cavan Weekly News, Main Street
Fegan, Edward & Co., auctioneer, Bridge Street
Fegan, William, process officer, Main Street
Fitzsimons, Charles, car maker, Dublin Road
Fitzsimons, J., carpenter, Church Lane
Flood, John, tailor, Bridge Street
Foster, John, grocer, Bridge Street
Gannon, John & Co., drapers, Main Street
Glancey, Patrick, cooper, Bridge Street
Hague, William, builder, hardware and timber merchant, Market Square
Hamilton, Wm. S., tailor, Wesley Street
Harman, Alexander, draper, Main Street
Hartley, James, draper, Main Street
Haughton, Mrs., confectioner, Main Street
Higgins, Patrick, stone mason, Bridge Street
Keirnan, J., pawn broker, Bridge Street
Kelly, James, commission agent, Farnham Road
Kelly, M. A., grocer, Main Street
Kennedy, Edward, tobacco manufacturer and chandler, Main Street
Kennedy, James, proprietor of Farnham Arms Hotel, Main Street
Keogan, Edward, Market Street
Keogan, Hugh, stonemason, Farnham Road
Kettyle, Alexander, draper and leather merchant, Bridge Street
Kinnear, James, cartwright, Mill Street
Leckey, James, cartwright, Mill Street
Lough, Matthew, grocer, iron monger, and timber merchant, Main Street
Lowden, Adam, butcher, Main Street
Maguire, Charles, grocer, &c., Bridge Street
Maguire, John, grocer, &c., Bridge Street
Mallon, Edward, spirit dealer, Main Street
Masterson, Mary, spirit dealer, Church Street
Matthews, Stephen, painter and glazier, Main Street
Mertz, John, watch maker, Main Street
Mervyn, John J., clerk, Main Street
Mervyn, Robert H., grocer, Main Street
Moore, E. H. C. & A., drapers, Main Street
Moore, William, boot maker, Wesley Street
Morris, William, plumber, Main Street
Morris, John, tinplate worker, Half Acre
Morren, Martha, earthenware dealer, Market Street
Mulligan, John, spirit dealer, Market Street
McCabe, Francis, grocer and leather merchant, Main Street
McCabe, John, clerk patty sessions, Church Street
McCabe, James, grocer and seed merchant, Main Street
McCann, Miss, haberdasher, Main Street
McCann, grocer and tanner, Main Street
McClintock, John, cabinet maker, Main Street
McGinness, William, baker, Bridge Street
Noble, John, boot maker, College Street
O'Brien, James, printer, book seller and stationer, Main Street
O'Brien, John, provision dealer & posting establishment, Bridge Street
O'Donnell, James, broker, Market Street
O'Reilly, Mary, spirit dealer, College Street
O'Reilly, Daniel, Globe Hotel, Main Street
Patterson, Mary, spirit dealer, Market Street
Reilly, Patrick, tailor, Halfacre
Reilly, John, deputy crane master, Market Square
Reilly, Philip, carrier
Sheridan, Charles, blacksmith, Bridge Street
Sheridan, Thomas, blacksmith, Bridge Street
Simons, James, saddler, Main Street
Sixsmith, Thomas William, draper, Main Street
Smith, Samuel, dealer, Halfacre
Smyth, Andrew, butcher, Halfacre
Smyth, Thomas J., printer, book seller and stationer, Main Street
Stewart, Miss, draper and toy shop, Main Street
Thompson, J., grocer, Main Street
Vertue, Thomas, Main Street
Wales, Bernard, victualler, Main Street
Wallace, Sylvester, grocer, Main Street


"Cavan Weekly News," published on Friday; office, 19 Main Street; price 1d. Proprietor, John Fegan
"Anglo-Celt," published on Saturday. Proprietor, P. Fitzpatrick; price 2d


      Clones is a market town in County Monaghan, fifty three miles from Belfast, twelve and a half S.S.W. from Monaghan.  There is a good market house. Clones is now connected by railway with Cavan, Dundalk, Enniskillen, and Belfast. The market is held on Thursday, and the fairs on the last Thursday in each month. Population in 1861, about 2,390.

Post-Office, Fermanagh Street - William Thompson, postmaster, Fermanagh Street. Letters from Dublin and South of Ireland, also from England, arrive every morning at 2-30, and are despatched every evening at 8-30; letters from Belfast and the North of Ireland, also from Scotland, arrive every morning at 2-30, and are despatched every evening at 9-55; letters from Enniskillen and the West of Ireland arrive every evening at 9-55 and are despatched the following day at 12 o'clock.

Places of Worship

Parish Church, Market Place - Rev. Thomas Hand, A.M., rector; Rev. J. M. Dockeray, curate
Presbyterian Church, Stone Bridge - Rev. W. White
Presbyterian Church, Clones - Rev. J. Gass
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Whitehall Street
Wesleyan Methodist Church, Cara Street
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Jas. Smyth, P.P.

Public Institutions

Northern Bank, (branch office), Diamond - John Brady & Son, managers
National School, Pound Hill - John McMahon, teacher
National School, Cara Street - David Carson, teacher
Union Workhouse - Richard Henry, M.D., medical officer; G. Little, teacher; Miss Coulson, teacher; Alexander Bailie, clerk
Fever Hospital - Alexander Knight, medical officer
Bridewell Keeper - John Kelly
Constabulary Station, Diamond - John Patterson, head-constable

Gentry &c.

Armstrong, James, Farmhill
Armstrong, Robert, Clinkahan
Brady, John, J.P., Johnstown
Brown, James, The Diamond
Campbell, Samuel, Gortgranard
Crawford, Jason, Analore Cottage
Ellis, Hercules, Lisnarow
Fitzgerald, Francis, Clincorn
Foster, William, Ballynure, J.P.
Hamill, David, J.P., Rooskey
Hamilton, Alexander, Oakfield
Hawkshaw, Charles, J.P., Diamond
Jackson, Henry, Cara
Kerr, Richard, The Leger
Kerr, Murray Andre, J.P., Newbliss
Knight, Luke, Curcimmons
Knight, James, Lismackohellas
Madden, Captain John, J.P., Springgrove
Madden, John, J.P., Hilton
Moore, Marshall, Scarva
Moorehead, John, Kilruskey
Moorehead, Joseph C., Clonkelick
Nixon, R., J.P., Gleer
Shegog, George, Murelly
Smith, David, J.P., Lakeview
Wall, N. M., J.P., Gleer
Whiteside, Henry, Cappa
Wilson, Richard, Ahatin

Clergy and Professional

Dockeray, Rev. J. W., Mount Salem
Dudgeon, John, T.C.S., Diamond
Gillespie, J., M.D., Fermanagh Street
Hand, Rev. Thomas, The Rectory
Henry, Richard, M.D., Diamond
Hirst, Rev. F., Whitehall Street
Hoskins, Joshua Thomas, surgeon and apothecary, Whitehall Street
Kelly, Wm. Bingham, sub-inspector of constabulary, Diamond
Kerry, Rev. James, Wesleyan minister, Cara Street
Knight, George, attorney, Diamond
Knight, Alex., M.D., Etna Cottage
Lough, James, land surveyor, Whitehall Street
McIlroy, Tobrus, C.C., Pound Hill
McLoughlan, James, C.C., Pound Hill
Moore, William, attorney, Diamond
O'Reilly, Wm., M.D., Diamond
Robotham, Rev. Robert, Currin, Drum (Rosbotham)
Rutherford, Rev. James, P.M., Ballyhow
Scott, Ralph & Richard, attorneys, Diamond
Taylor, Rev. Thomas E., curate, Diamond
Wherry, Rev. John, Wesleyan Minister, Whitehall Street

Traders &c.

Abbey Lane

Coyle, Mrs., lodging house keeper
McKenny, J. & M., blacksmiths
Reynolds, Nathaniel, nailer
Robinson, William, engine driver

Analore Street

Brown, J. & T., general merchants
Jordan, Samuel
Kerr, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer
Keenan, Bernard, tailor
Latter, John, lodging house keeper
Leghorn, John
Lynch, Bernard, blacksmith
McClelland, Alexander, shoe maker
McClelland, John, shoe maker
McConnell, Robert, butcher
McCoy, Samuel, lodging house
McDonald, Ronald, tinplate worker
McGowan, Mrs., grocer
McKenny, John, grocer and spirit dealer
Noble, John, coach builder
Sweeny, Edward, tailor
Tully, Mrs., dress maker
Williams, John, hatter

Cara Street

Brady, Philip, spirit dealer
Cassidy, Edward, spirit dealer
Duffy, Charles, spirit dealer
Eager, John, lodging house
Elliott, George, grocer
Fitzpatrick, Thomas, baker
Graham, William, baker
Hogg, James, painter and glazier
White, James, tinplate worker


Aiken, Gerard, woollen draper
Annesley, John, spirit dealer and grocer
Armstrong, Miss, milliner and haberdasher
Beatty, Edwin, woollen draper
Brogan, John, butcher
Clerkin, Francis, spirit dealer and grocer
Cole, John, draper and pawn broker
Connolly, Catherine, spirit dealer
Courtenay, John, grocer and haberdasher
Cullen, Pierce, butcher
Donnelly, John, grocer
Donnelly, Peter, woollen draper
Duffy, Philip, saddler
Geough, John, commercial hotel
Gourly, Hugh, woollen draper
Johnston, William, grocer
Kennedy, George, shoe maker
Lowe, Henry, grocer and delf warehouse
McDowell, Miss, milliner and haberdasher
Porter, James, crotchet warehouse
Reynolds, Robert, clerk
Storey, Richard, boot and shoe maker
Thompson, Mrs., Dacre Arms Hotel
Thompson, Williams, grocer and delf warehouse

Fermanagh Street

Bogne, John, spirit dealer and grocer
Boyle, Robert, cooper and butter merchant
Byrne, Alex., painter and glazier
Campbell, James, butcher
Coffey, Thomas, spirit dealer and grocer
Connolly, John, tailor
Cosgrove, Cornelius, grocer and spirit dealer
Cosgrove, John, spirit dealer
D'Arcy, Mrs., confectioner
Dickson, Robert, spirit dealer and grocer
Ferguson, James, saddler
Fitzgerald, Ralph, pawn broker
Forrester, Simon, lodging house
Geddis, Mrs., spirit dealer
Gillespie, Mrs., grocer
Glenn, William, grocer and draper
Goodwin, Bernard, spirit dealer and grocer
Graham, Francis, auctioneer
Graydon, James, grocer and baker
Hall, Benjamin, grocer and jeweller
Hamilton, Edward, tinplate worker
Hobson, Francis, lodging house
Kennedy, Jas. & Henry, boot and shoe makers
Kirkpatrick, John, spirit dealer
Masterson, Thomas, grocery, hardware, &c., &c.
Mayne, John, spirit dealer
Mills, William, posting establishment
McAvenil, Mrs., lodging house
McCarney, James, spirit dealer and grocer
McCullim, Thos., grocer and spirit dealer
McCullough, Miss, milliner
McDermid, John, spirit dealer
McDonald, Mrs., spirit dealer
McIlroy, Hugh, tailor
McKee, William, grocer and auctioneer
Nicholl, Simon, contractor and builder
Presho, John, grocer
Robinson, William, draper
Sheals, Mrs., haberdasher
Smart, John, pork and fowl dealer
Welsh, Samuel, whitesmith
Wilson, Adam, tailor

Monaghan Road

McCormick, John, car driver
McGinness, Edward, cattle dealer
Swan, Joseph, spirit dealer and grocer

Pound Hill

Kerrig, Samuel, civil bill officer
Maguire, Patrick, cattle dealer
Monaghan, William, shoe maker
McDonald, James, cattle dealer
Patterson, Thomas, shoe maker
Smith, William, shoe maker

Roslea Road

Averil, Theophilus
Bowes, John
Boyle, John, tailor
Martin, Thomas

Whitehall Street

Bird, John, spirit dealer
Brady, Mrs. W.
Brownlow, Mrs.
Bryans, William
Clarke, Andrew, grocer
Connolly, Patrick, grocer and spirit dealer
Crawford, John, civil bill officer
Dalton, James, spirit dealer
Dunwoodie, Mrs. Orr, sewed muslin agent
Elliott, William, saddler
Graham, John, sewed muslin agent
Hayes, Mrs.
King, Isaac, lodging house
Leghorn, George, grocer
Lough, James, surveyor
Monaghan, John, blacksmith
Murray, Miss
McCormack, Hugh, grocer
McCullough, John, sewed muslin agent
Reed, Miss
Robinson, Joseph, watch and clock maker
Welsh, Miss
Wilson, James, printer


        Is a maritime and Parliamentary borough in the N.E. Liberties of Coleraine, 145 miles N. from Dublin, comprising a municipal area of 207 acres, in the County of Londonderry, 44 miles N. of Belfast. It is a manufacturing and commercial town, and is situated on the River Bann. This town has been long remarkable for the fineness of its linen cloth, the excellence of its salmon fishery, and the beauty of its rural scenery. The population in 1861 was 5,631, inhabiting 1,079 houses. The town is built on each side of the Bann, four miles from the sea, over which is a splendid stone bridge of three arches, ninety six yards in length by thirty two in breadth, and cost 14,500; erected in 1844. The public buildings are - two Parish churches, three Presbyterian, one Independent, one Methodist, one Baptist Meeting House, and two Roman Catholic Chapels; the Town Hall, Court House, new Market place, and an Endowed School. A National Model School and Academical Institution have lately been erected in Killowen, adjoining the town. Coleraine Parish Church - built in 1613 - is one of the oldest in the North of Ireland. The linen trade has been long and extensively carried on here, particularly in a fine description called "Coleraines," the annual sales of which have been known to amount to about 600,000; but latterly this branch of manufacture has fallen off.  Coleraine is rapidly improving in spinning and weaving factories, and also in pork-curing establishments. Here also soap, candles and leather manufactured. The salmon and eel fisheries on the river are farmed at 1,200 annually by the Irish Society to Messrs. Alexander, of Newtownlimavady. A brisk export trade, chiefly to Glasgow by steam, is carried on through Portrush, the shipping port at the mouth of the Bann; vessels of 200 tons can discharge at the quay of Coleraine. The Provincial Belfast and Northern Banks have branches here. Gas Works have been erected. The Workhouse was opened on the 11th April 1842. The borough returns one member to Parliament; constituency in 1866, 252. The ancient Curfew Bell is still rung at the Town Hall, daily, at 5-45 a.m. and 9 p.m., ending with tolling the day of the month. There is a steamer for towing vessels from the bar up to Coleraine quay. A steamer plys twice a week to Toome. Quarter Sessions are held here, and Petty Sessions every second Friday. Fairs are held on the 12th May and 12th November for the sale of black cattle and for hiring farm servants. Horse fair second Tuesday in February, August and November. Markets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, for grain; and Saturdays for general market. The town is the head quarters of the Constabulary of the district. Rateable value of property, 11,569.

Member for the Borough - Sir H. H. Bruce, Bart., D.L., J.P., Downhill House, Coleraine; Trelydan Hall, Welshpool, Montgomeryshire; 72 Portland Place, London, W.; and Junior United Service Club, London, S.W.
Magistrates - John Cromie, D.L., Cromore; Sir H. H. Bruce, Bart., M.P., D.L., Downhill; J. M. Tittle, Portstewart; Edmund R. F. Stronge, Jackson Hall; Thos. Bennett, Castleroe; George C. Beresford Stirling, Aghadowey; William G. Lawrence, Bannfield; Henry Kyle, Laurel Hill; Butler Mildmay Giveen, Cooldarragh; Thomas R. Richardson, D.L., Somerset; James Sinclair, jun., Dromore; Daniel Taylor, Diamond; R. Given, Diamond
Coroner for the town and liberties, and half barony - Daniel Gailey, Diamond
Town Commissioners - Stewart Hunter, chairman; Dr. William Cavin, James Moore, Daniel Taylor, J.P., Dr. James Barr, Wm. Warkem Richard Fawcett, Edward Gribbon, John Lusk, Thomas Andrews, Robert Nevin, Thomas Henry, John Mathews, Joseph Cuthbert, John Baxter, John Huey, William Nevin
Clerk of Commissioners - John McKillop
Stamp Distributor and Notary Public - Robert Given, Diamond
Agents for Lloyds - John A. Smyth & Co.
Commissioners of Affidavits, &c. - Wm. Warke
Barony Cess Collector for town and liberties of Coleraine - Thomas Knox; residence, Portstewart
Quarter Sessions are held in January, April, July, and October in each year. Jas. Charles Coffey, Esq., Q.C., barrister; William Gregg, Clerk of the Peace for town and county; Jas. W. Gregg, Londonderry, deputy Clerk of the Peace
Petty Sessions, every alternate Friday - E. Hay, Clerk
Constabulary - George Hill Wray, sub inspector
Bridewell and Court House, Waterside - Adam Thompson, keeper
Registrar of Marriages - William Young; office, Meetinghouse Street
Superintendent-Registrar of Births, deaths and marriages, J. V. Fleming, clerk of the Union
Coleraine Farming Society - President, Sir H. Hervey Bruce, Bart., M.P.; treasurer, Dr. Cavin; secretary, A. J. H. Moody
Town Missionary - Thomas Collins, Cross Lane
Town Officer and Nuisance Inspector - Robert Jenkins

House of Worship

Coleraine Parish Church, Church Street - Rev. James O'Hara, A.M., rector; Rev. Arthur B. Irvine, curate
Killowen Parish Church, Killowen Street - Rev. William Wharton Sillitto, rector
First Presbyterian Church, Meetinghouse Place - Rev. R. W. Fleming
Second Presbyterian Church, New Row - Rev. Robert Wallace
Third Presbyterian Church, Terrace Row - Rev. Joseph Macdonnell
Independent Congregational Church, New Row - Rev. John Kidd
Baptist Chapel, Meetinghouse Place - Rev. F. L. Pearce
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Preachinghouse Lane - Rev. W. H. Quarry
St. Malachy's Roman Catholic Chapel, Chapel Square - Rev. Alex. McMullan, P.P.
St. John's Roman Catholic Chapel, Killowen Street - Rev. E. O'Dogherty, P.P. Curates - Rev. J. McNamee and Rev. W. Henry

Public Institutions

Post-Office, Church Street - John McCandless, postmaster; Samuel McCandless, clerk; Wm. John McHenry and David McCandless, letter carriers
Banks: Northern Bank, Diamond - James H. Macaulay, manager; E. Jamieson, cashier
Belfast Bank, Diamond - James McFarland, manager; Jas. Laughlin, sub-manager; Thos. McCombe, cashier
Provincial Bank, Hanover Place - William N. Rowan, manager; J. J. C. Canning, cashier
Savings' Bank, Meetinghouse Street - Open on Saturdays from 12 till 3; John Canning, secretary; J. B. Greaves, auditor
Town Hall - Centre of Diamond - Contains the News-room, Board-room, Mechanics' Institute, Coleraine Library, Night Guard room, and large public assembly room, which is let for concerts, lectures, soirees, balls, exhibitions, and other purposes. Keeper of the Hall - Samuel Kennedy
Portrush Harbour Company - Secretary, Dr. Alexander T. Carson, Coleraine; Hon. Treasurer, Wm. Gregory Lawrence, Coleraine; Receiver of Dues, Robert Givin, Coleraine; Harbour Master, Samuel Patton, Portrush
Lower Bann Steam Navigation Company - John McCombie, secretary; James C. Caldwell, manager. The screw steamer "Kitty of Coleraine" leaves Coleraine twice a week for Toome, calling at Agivey, Kilrea, and Portglenone, carrying foods and passengers; arriving at Toome in time for trains to Belfast, &c.
Custom House, Hanover Place - Charles R. Palmer, collector and receiver of wreck; Robert McNaull, examining officer; J. Hogg, locker; David Morgan, examining officer at Portrush; Francis Hay, assistant examining officer at Portrush
Inland Revenue Office, New Row - R. Fawcett, collector; Joseph Bassett, Robt. Jas. Pressley, and Michael Cue, clerks
Surveying Department - Patrick Persse, supervisor; Jos. Kennedy, distillery officer; Thos. Murray, warehouse keeper; John Saul, ride officer
Gas Works, Bann Side, erected by the Town Commissioners in 1845 - John McKillip, secretary and treasurer; J. Robinson, manager
Coleraine Union Workhouse, Mountsandel Road (Counties Londonderry and Antrim), 20 Electoral Divisions - To accommodate 860 inmates, opened in 1842, with fever hospital attached, which accommodates 60 patients; Workhouse Cemetery, end of Dervock and Newmills Roads. Treasurer - Belfast Bank, Coleraine. The Board of Guardians meets every Saturday. Chairman of Board of Guardians, J. Cromie, Esq., J.P., D.L., Cromore, Portstewart; vice chairman, Sir Henry Hervey Bruce, Bart., M.P., Downhill, Articlave; deputy chairman, Henry Kyle, Esq., J.P., Laurel Hill, Coleraine; Wm. Henry, master; Isabella Hemphill, matron; medical officer of the house and fever hospital, James C. L. Carson, M.D.; union clerk and returning officer, John V. Fleming, Mountsandel; relieving officer for the union, Thompson Kennedy, New Row; Robert Donaldson and Miss King, teachers; Rose Bradley, fever hospital nurse. Chaplains - Rev. A. B. Irvine, Episcopalian; Rev. John Martin, Presbyterian; Rev. Alex. McMullan, Roman Catholic
Dispensary, Preaching-house Lane - Open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9 to 11 a.m. Medical attendant, Dr. Richard L. McIntire, M.B., F.R.C.S.I.
Railway Station, Highland Row - Archibald Hamilton, station master; John McCormick, goods manager; Andw. Hamilton, ticket clerk; James T. McCord, outside goods manager
Magnetic Telegraph Office, Railway Station - Samuel McNeill, telegraph clerk
Markets - Grain market on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Linen, pork, flax, butter, and potatoe market on Saturdays. Saturday is also the general market day. Clerk of the markets - William Young; assistant clerk, Jos. Hay
Shambles, Meetinghouse Street - Contains 18 stalls; open daily for the sale of meat and fish; Hugh O'Kane, proprietor
District National Model School, Upper Captain Street - Average attendance:- males, 70; females, 75; infants, 40. Inspector and manager under the Board, Wm. Bole; James Bresland and Miss Caldwell, teachers; needlework, Miss Hanson; infant school, Miss McCormick, teacher
Coleraine Academical Institutions, West side of river Bann, on elevated ground, beyond the Model School; erected 1860; accommodates 50 boarders, besides day scholars - Principal, Alexander Waugh Young, B.A.; assistant classical teacher, James Shaw; resident English teacher, Henry Taylor; assistant English and writing teacher, William John Collins; matron, Miss Wilson
The Honorary the Irish Society's Male, Female, and Infant Schools - Average attendance - Males, 100; females, 100; infants, 80. Teachers - John Canning and Miss Weir; infant school, Miss Jane Greaves
Ragged School, Stone Row - Miss Adams, teacher
Coleraine Roman Catholic National School, Male and Female, Chapel Square - N. M. McGonegal and Mrs. Deighan, teachers
Killowen Roman Catholic National Male and Female School, Killowen Street - J. Quinn and Miss Dornan, teachers
Building Society - Andrew Steedman, secretary
River Bann Rowing Club - T. R. Richardson, president; W. G. Lawrence and A. T. Carson, M.D., honorary secretaries; J. V. Fleming, acting secretary; T. McCombe, treasurer; A. Frizzel, boat keeper
Harmonic Society - Henry Taylor, conductor; Patrick Persse, Secretary
Choral Society - G. F. Greaves, conductor; H. A. Macaulay, Secretary
Coleraine Library, Town Hall - Robert Given, secretary; Daniel McFarland, librarian
Mechanics' Institute, Town Hall, has a lending library, news and reading room. David Baxter, secretary; James Caldwell, treasurer
Public News Room, Town Hall - Thos. Andrews, treasurer and secretary
"Coleraine Chronicle" every Saturday; John McCombie, publisher and proprietor

Nobility and Gentry

Adams, John, J.P., Ballydivitt
Adams, James, Ballydivitt
Allan, The Misses, Lisconnel
Anderson, Mrs., Bushmills
Anderson, Henry, J.P., Manor House, Rusky, Aghadowey
Anderson, William, Rosnashane
Ashe, Wm. H., Hermitage, Garvagh
Austin, Andrew, Waterford Terrace
Austin, Mrs., Hanover Place
Barklie, Alexander, Mullamore
Barklie, Thomas, Cullycapple
Barklie, George, Portrush
Beers, J. Leslie, Riversdale
Bellas, Hugh, Portstewart
Bennet, Thomas, J.P., Castleroe
Bennet, Mrs. Richard, Ardverness
Beresford, J. C., Craig-dhu-varren, Portrush
Black, Thomas, Portrush
Boyce, James, Chapelfield
Bruce, Sir Henry Hervey, Bart., M.P., D.L., J.P., Downhill House, and 72 Portland Place, London, W., and Junior United Service Club, London, S.W.
Bryan, Smyth, Portrush
Bryan, J. T., Ballinamore
Brown, Mrs. Wm., Blackrock House, Portrush
Campbell, C. D. H., Newtownlimavady
Casement, Mrs., Ferryquay Street
Cathcart, John Steel, Chapelfield
Cathcart, Martin, Chapelfield
Chaine, Mrs., Portrush
Chaine, Stafford, Portrush
Chaine, Wm., Portrush
Clarke, William, Portrush
Cromie, J., D.L., J.P., Cromore, Portstewart
Cuthbert, The Misses, Portrush
Davenport, Miss Jane, Portrush
Douglas, Mrs. Richard, Portballintrae
Douglass, Charles, J.P., Portballintrae
Dunlop, Mrs., Rothesay House
Fraser, Charles, Portrush
Fraser, The Misses, Portrush
Gage, Mrs., Bellarena
Gage, Marcus, Ballinacree, Ballymoney
Galt, Captain Griffin Curtis, Ballysally
Garvagh, Right Hon. Lord, D.L., Garvagh House, Garvagh
Getty, John, Carthall
Giveen, Butler M., J.P., Cooldarragh
Giveen, George, Blackrock
Givin, Daniel, New Row
Givin, Miss, Meetinghouse Place
Givin, S., Clifton Terrace
Goodridge, Edward, The Curragh
Greer, Samuel McC., Springvale
Hannay, Mrs., Ballylough
Harvey, The Misses, Northbrook
Hazlett, Robert, Bovagh
Hemphill, James, Aghadowey House
Hemphill, William, Greenfield
Heygate, Sir Frederick, Ballarena
Houston, Miss, Rothesay House
Hurley, Alexander, Spring Garden Villa
Hutchison, The Misses, Ballyarton
Jefferson, W., Greenfield
Johnston, Miss M. W., Portrush
Johnstone, Miss Agnes, Portrush
Keown, Major, Ballyness House, Castleroe
Knox, Alexander, Strandmore House, Portrush
Knox, Mrs. Charles J., Mountsandel Cottage
Knox, Robert, Rushbrook
Kyle, Henry, J.P., Laurel Hill
Lawrence, Miss, Hanover Place
Lawrence, Miss, New Row
Lawrence, William Gregory, J.P., Banfield House
Leckey, Hugh, Beardiville
Leslie, James E., D.L., J.P., Leslie Hill, Ballymoney
Lyle, George R., Finvoy Lodge
Lyle, James A., Portstewart
Macausland, Mrs., Woodbank, Garvagh
Mackay, Alexander, Carnalbanagh
Macneill, Mrs., The Garden, Mosside
MacNaghten, Sir Edmund W., Bart., J.P., Dundarave House, Bushmills
Maddison, Mrs., Agivey House, Aghadowey
Montgomery, John, D.L., J.P., Benvarden
Moody, Miss, The Umbra
Moore, Captain, J.P., Ballydivitt
Moore, Mrs., Drumnagessan
Moore, William, J.P., LL.D., Moorefort
Moore, William, Ballyvelton
Neill, Mrs., Portrush
Norris, John, Portstewart
O'Hara, Charles, J.P., O'Harabrook
Orr, James, Flowerfield
Orr, Captain Wm., St. Margaret's, Aghadowey
Orr, Samuel, Flowerfield
Oulton, Mrs., Ballyrashane
Pollock, William, Englishtown
Rice, Miss Rebecca, Portrush
Richardson, Thomas, Rumbold, Somerset
Richardson, William, J.P., Portrush
Robinson, Miss, Portstewart
Ross, Miss, Portstewart
Samson, Mrs., The Umbra, Magilligan
Sinclair, James, jun., J.P., Dromore
Smith, David, Heathfield, Aghadowey
Smyth, Hamill, The Lodge
Stirling, Blair, Oatlands, Ballymoney
Stirling, Captain George Claudius Beresford, Kelly, Aghadowey
Stott, Mrs., Portrush
Stronge, Captain Edmond Robert Francis, The Manor House
Stuart, Charles, Ballyhivistock, Dervock
Stuart, Mrs., Drumnagessan
Tittle, Captain John Moore, Portstewart
Weir, Joseph, Glenara Cottage, Castleroe
Whiteside, John, Ballyarton
Wilson, Mrs. John, Drumcroon
Wilson, Mrs. James, Meath Park
Woodside, William, Dunduan

Clergy, Professionals &c.

Alexander, Rev. Robert, Blackheath
Alexander, Rev. John, Ballyrashane
Barr, James, M.D., L.R.C.S., New Row
Beauclerk, Rev. Charles, Dunseverick
Black, Rev. Samuel, curate, Mosside
Boyle, Rev. James, Bushmills
Brown, Rev. John, D.D., Aghadowey
Butler, Rev. H. M., Magilligan
Campbell, Samuel, M.D., Portrush
Campbell, Rev. Theophilus, Rector Finvoy, Ballymoney
Carson, J. C. L., M.D., surgeon, Licentiate of the Irish Apothecaries' Hall, Licentiate of the Anglesey Lying-in Hospital, Dublin; physician and surgeon to the Coleraine Infirmary and Fever Hospital
Carson, Alexander T., M.D., Edin.; M.R.C.S. London; Licentiate of the Irish Apothecaries, Hall; Licentiate in Midwifery, London, Edinburgh and Dublin
Cavin, William, M.D., Ferryquay Street
Clark, Andrew C., surgeon and licentiate apothecary, Church Street
Cooper, Rev. Thomas, curate, Agherton
Cramsie, James, jun., solicitor, Hanover Place
Crookshank, Brothers & Knox, solicitors, New Row
Ffolliott, Rev. Henry, Rector, Portrush
Finlay, Rev. Samuel, Kilraughts
Fleming, Rev. R. W., Bannview House, Castleroe
Gage, Rev. Robert, Rector, Garvagh
Galwey, The Venerable Archdeacon, Dunboe, Articlave
Gwynn, Rev. Stephen, Agherton Rectory, near Portstewart
Hart, Rev. John, Ballylaggan
Hayden, William, solicitor, Diamond
Hincks, Rev. Thomas, Archdeacon of Connor, Billy, Bushmills
Hodson, Rev. Hartley, Rector, Derrykeighan
Hunter, Rev. Nathaniel Henry, curate, Draperstown
Huston, Rev. James Dick, Ballyclabber Manse
Irvine, Rev. Arthur B., curate, Parish Church, Waterford Terrace
Kennedy, Rev. Robert, Myroe
Knox, Robert Kyle, solicitor, New Row
Kydd, Rev. John, Independent minister, Rathaene Cottage, Mountsandel
Lane, Alexander, M.D., Aghadowey
Lyle, Rev. John, Rector of Kildolagh, Knucktarna (Knocktarna)
Lowe, Rev. William, Fermoyle
Macaw, Dr. James, Bushmills
MacDonnell, Rev. Joseph, Lismurphy
Macmullan, Rev. Alexander, P.P., St. Malachy's, Meetinghouse Street
Mark, Rev. John, Dunboe, Articlave
Martin, Rev. John, Crossgar
Mathews, Rev. William, Ballylintagh
Moorhead, Dr., Articlave
McClellan, Rev. Thomas, The Rectory, Macosquin
McFarland, John, solicitor, Meetinghouse Place
McIntire, Richard L., M.B., medical officer to Coleraine Dispensary, Castleview Terrace
McKeag, Daniel, M.D., and licentiate apothecary, Waterside
O'Hara, Rev. Henry, curate, Ballyrashane
O'Hara, Rev. James, rector, Parish Church, The Rectory
O'Dogherty, Rev. Edward, P.P., St. John's, Chapel Gate, Killowen Street
Oliver, Rev. William, Dunluce
Pearce, Rev. F. L., Baptist minister
Reddy, Rev. Thomas, Blackheath
Rentoul, Rev. James B., Garvagh
Robinson, Rev. Samuel, Macosquin
Rodgers, Rev. J. W., Kilrea
Ross, Rev. John, Ballyboggy
Scott, Rev. George, Rector, Banagher
Sharpe, Robert, M.D., Kingsgate Street

Sillito, Rev. Wm. Wharton, Killowen Rectory
Simpson, Rev. Jonathan, Portrush
Smyth, Rev. George, Rectory, Kilrea
Smyth, Rev. Mitchell, Ballintemple, Garvagh
Stewart, Rev. John, Portstewart
Steen, Rev. John, Castletoothery
Sturgeon, Rev. William, Dunalis
Todd, Rev. Andrew, Finvoy
Turnbull, Rev. Matthew, Ringsend
Ussher, Rev. James, Ballymoney
Wallace, Rev. Robert, New Row Presbyterian Church
Walker, Rev. Thomas, Harvey Hill, Kilrea
Woodburn, Rev. Matthew, Ballywillan

Traders &c.

Adams, John, House proprietor, Brook Street
Anderson, Alexander, spirit store, Church Street
Anderson, A., carter, Brook Street
Anderson, J. S., & Co., drapers and haberdashers, Diamond and Church Street
Anderson, Robert, milliner, Church Street
Andrews, Thomas, woollen, carpet and hat warehouse, Bridge Street
Barber, James, baker, Waterside
Barr, James, coach builder, Stone Row
Baxter, J. & D., house painters, paper hangers glaziers, and room paper warehouse, Diamond
Bellas, H. & T., ironmongers, Church Street and New Row; timber yard near Beresford Place; residence, Cranbanagh Cottage and Portrush
Birch, James, lemonade manufacturer, Preachinghouse Lane
Birch, Hugh H. & Co., drapers and haberdashers, Diamond
Bishop, Stephen, shoe and boot maker, Diamond
Black, Edward, grocer, Meetinghouse Street
Bird, Alexander L., currier, Highland Row
Black, William, smith, Cross Lane
Blair, Adam, hairdresser, New Row
Blair, Andrew, grocer, Preaching house lane
Blair, Robert, grocer, Killowen Street
Boyd, Robert, builder, New Row
Boyd, S., smith, Long commons
Boyd, Thomas, builder, Waterford Terrace
Boyle, John, spirit dealer, New Market Street
Bradley, Eliza, grocer, Waterside
Brookes, James, saddler, Church Street
Brown, Hiram, veterinary surgeon, Preaching house lane
Brown, William, sewing agent, New Row West
Bullick, Robert Francis, millinery, mantle and dress warerooms, Diamond
Caldwell, James, saddler and harness maker, Diamond
Caldwell, James C., ship broker and commission agent; office, Bridge Street
Caldwell, Miss Jane, Glenvale
Cameron, Laughlin, cooper, Killowen Street
Cameron, P., cooper, Brook Street
Cassidy, A., milliner, Meetinghouse Street
Cassidy, J., baker, Church Street
Caskey & Co., Berlin wool and toy shop, Church Street
Chambers, Robert, painter and paper hanger, Meetinghouse Street
Cheyne, H., draper and haberdasher, Church Street
Christie, Daniel, plumber, gasfitter, marble and stone works, Diamond
Clarke, James S., grocer, druggist and passage broker, Bridge Street
Clarke, Robert, butcher, Meetinghouse Street
Clarke, S. & J., butchers, Meetinghouse Street
Clements, James, tailor, Preachinghouse Lane
Cochrane, Miss, sewing agent, New Market Street
Cochrane & Grant, silk mercers, haberdashers & drapers, Diamond
Conville, Edward, auctioneer, Stone Row; Birmingham and Sheffield Warehouse, Diamond
Coyle, C., builder, timber, grocery and hardware store, Kingsgate
Coyle, James H., builder and steam saw mill, Highland Row
Craig, James, spirit dealer and stone cutter, New Market Street
Crawford, A., hardware and house furnishing warehouse, Bridge Street
Cunningham, David, flax store, New Row
Curry, Arthur, grocer, Church Street
Cuthbert, Joseph, tan yard, Northbrook; leather warehouse, Kingsgate; res., Millburn Road
Daly, Charles, & Son, seedsmen and nurserymen, Bridge Street; nursery, Lodge Road
Darrah, Neal, grocer, New Market Street
Davies, Mrs., Waterford Place
Dempsey, Neal, smith and dealer in marine stores, Stone Row
Dillon, James, baker, Church Street
Dillon, William, grocer, Alma Place
Dinsmore, James, cooper and grocer, Alma Place
Doherty, Charles, & Son, cabinet makers, auction and commission mart, Bridge Street
Dornan, John, builder, New Row
Duffy, Edward, tailor, Preachinghouse Lane
Duff, David, spirit dealer, New Market Street
Dugan, A., carpenter, Bell House Lane
Dunlop, Mrs., baker and grocer, Kingsgate
Eccles, Mrs. Anne, book seller, stationer, printer and room paper warehouse, Diamond
Edmiston, Mary, fish and oyster shop, Meetinghouse Street
Edmiston, William, butcher, Meetinghouse Street
Ellis, Mrs., servants' registry office, Long Commons
Ellis, William, grocer and spirit store, Diamond; coal yard and weighbridge, Circular Road
Esdale, J., builder and carpenter, New Row West
Ferris, J., coach builder, Cross Lane
Ferris, Robert, carpenter, New Row West
Ferguson, J., tailor, New Row West
Ferguson, James, spirit dealer, Kilowen Street (Killowen)
Finlay, Robert, tailor, Bridge Street
Flanagan, Thomas, auctioneer and dealer, Meetinghouse Street
Fleming, John V., Clerk of Union, Mountsandel
Gage, Mathew, carpenter, Killowen Street
Gage, R., shoe maker, Stable Lane
Gailey, Daniel, flax, corn, and commission merchant, Diamond
Gallagher, J., chimney sweep, Cross Lane
Gaw, James, book seller, book binder, and stationer, roompaper warehouse, and newspaper office, Bridge Street
Giveen, Robert, bill poster, Upper New Row
Given & Co., wine, iron and timber merchants, Diamond; timber yard, Stone Row and Quay
Givins, John, teacher, Castleroe
Gilmour, James, watch maker, jeweller &c., Diamond
Glenn, John, wine and spirit stores, Diamond
Gray, James, spirit dealer, New Market Street
Gray, John, copper and tinplate worker, Long Commons Row
Greaves, G. F., organist of Parish Church, Stone
Greaves, John B., woollen draper and haberdasher, Church Street
Gribbon, Edward & Sons, linen manufacturers, Killowen Street and Strand; bleach green, Dundarg; res. Waterside
Griffith, John, turner, Upper New Row
Groves, William, boot and shoe maker, Kingsgate
Guthrie, The Misses, dressmakers, Meetinghouse Place
Haddock, The Misses, boarding and day school, Kingsgate Street
Hall, J., cabinet maker, auctioneer, upholsterer, and undertaker, New Row
Haltridge, John, jun., coach builder, New Row
Hamilton, Thomas, grain and hay dealer, and gutta percha shoe shop, Bridge Street
Hanson, Mrs., grocer, New Row West
Hanson, William, meal monger, Killowen Street
Harbison, John, hotel, Castlerock
Harkin, Miss, music and dancing academy, Stone Row
Harper, Mrs., Railway Inn, Highland Row
Hartford, John, carter, Brook Street
Harvey, John, surveyor and clothes dealer, Cross Lane
Hay, Edward, process server and coach maker, New Row
Hay, James, solicitor's clerk, New Row
Henry, Samuel, Railway Tavern, brook Street
Henry, Thomas, grocer, corn and flour dealer, Waterside
Hill, Henry, meal and seed store, Mill Street
Huey, John, grain merchant, Church Street; res., Clifton Terrace
Hughes, John, butcher, Meetinghouse Street
Hughes, Nicholas, draper, Bridge Street
Hunter, Mrs., Preachinghouse Lane
Hunter, Stewart, tea importer and general grocer, Bridge Street; res., Upper Captain Street
Hurley, E., Corporation Arms Hotel, Diamond
Irwin, Alex., butter and egg dealer, Society Street
Jackson, J., tailor, New Row West
Jamieson, Andrew, grocer, Brook Street
Jenkins, Robert, town officer and nuisance inspector, Stone Row
Jewell, R. W., cork factory, New Row
Johnston, John, Lodge Road
Johnston, John, teacher, Cloyfin
Kane, Wilson, chimney sweep, Killowen Street
Keith, James, confectioner, Meetinghouse Street
Kennedy, Hugh, & Son, iron and brass founders, Terrace Row; res., New Market
Kennedy, D., grocer and spirit dealer, Waterside
Kennedy, David, road contractor, Quilly
Kennedy, Thompson, relieving officer, New Row
Kirkpatrick, Samuel, architect, Blindgate Street
Knox, Joseph, meal monger, New Row
Knox, Samuel, plasterer and paper hanger, New Row West
Lawrence Brothers, Bann steam flour mills, Blindgate; res., Bannfield House
Leighton, Henry, shoe maker, Bellhouse Lane
Leighton, William, boot maker, Church Street
Liken, John, egg and provision store, Stone Row
Lithgow, M. & M., shoe makers, Kingsgate Street
Lithgow, Samuel, grocer, Kingsgate Street
Long, Thomas, cabinet maker, New Row
Loughrey, Mrs., spirit dealer, Captain Street
Lowry, Hugh, sewing agent, Church Street
Lusk, John, grain merchant, Church Street
Lyle, Hugh, New Row
Lynn, William, grocer, Church Street
Lyons, James, spirit dealer, Newmarket Street
Lyons, The Misses, dress makers, New Row
Lyttle, Joseph, spirit dealer, New Market Street
Macauley, James, spirit dealer, New Market Street
Mack, John, photographer, Brook Street North
Magee, John, shoe maker, Preaching house lane
Magee, Thomas, spirit dealer, Captain Street
Magill, Mrs., lodgings, New Row Upper
Magilligan, Mrs., clothes dealer, Meetinghouse Street.
Magowan, Alexander, tailor, Hanover Place
Magowan, Patrick, cabinet maker, Bridge Street
Mains, Patrick, pawn broker, Meetinghouse Street
Martin, Peter, shoe maker, Waterside
Martin, Robert, pawn broker, Stone Row
Mathers, Mrs., earthenware and glass shop, Church Street
Mathews, John & James, woollen drapers, haberdashers &c., Bridge Street; residence, Cabin Hill
Miller, David, shoe maker, Captain Street
Miller, Hugh, grocer, New Row and Brook Street
Miller, James, lodgings, Brook Street
Millican, Robert, spirit dealer, Church Street
Mills, John, grocer, Newmarket Street
Mitchell, Joseph, grocer, Killowen Street
Mongans, Andrew, hardware shop, Diamond
Moody, A. J. H., family grocer, Church Street
Mooney, George, auctioneer, Waterford Place
Mooney, Sarah, swan vaults, Bridge Street
Moore, James, distillery, New Market Street; and brewery, Brook Street; residence, Northbrook House
Moore, James (of Taylor & Moore, grocers), Clifton Terrace
Moore, James B., spirit merchant, Lime Market
Moore, John, grocer, Kingsgate Street
Moore, John, brewery, Brook Street
Moore, William, tinsmith, Brook Street
McAtamney, Hugh, baker and grocer, Church Street
McCandless, James, tailor, Church Street
McCandless, John, grocer & post office, Church Street
McCann, Owen, oyster & fruit dealer, Bell House
McCarter, Joseph, tanner, New Row
McClean, Robert, preparatory school, Meetinghouse Street
McClenahan, Miss, milliner, New Row
McColgan, Mrs., milliner and draper, New Row
McColgan, Wm., wine and spirit store, Church Street
McComb & Co., provision merchants, Long Commons
McCombie, John, printer and publisher of the Coleraine Chronicle, Meetinghouse Street; residence, Cutt's House, Castleroe
McCooey, D., Oak Tavern, Meetinghouse Street
McCurdy, James, Castle View Terrace
McCurdy, John, family grocer, wine & spirit merchant, Diamond & Church Street
McCurdy, The Misses, milliners, Diamond
McCurry, John, oyster and game dealer, Society Street
McDermott, Robert, grocer & builder, Killowen Street
McDevitt, Bernard, spirit dealer, Killowen Street
McElwain, Archibald, River View Terrace
McElwain, Alexander, posting establishment, Society Street
McGee, W. & P., tailors, Preachinghouse Lane
McGill, John, wine & spirit dealer, Brook Street
McGonigle, John, spirit dealer, Brook Street
McGowan, William, spirit dealer, Killowen Street
McGrath, Daniel, butcher, Meetinghouse Street
McGrath, Samuel, tailor, New Row
McGrotty, James, painter, &c., Kingsgate Street
McIntyre, Samuel B., teacher, Cranagh Hill
McKay, Adam, inn keeper, Diamond
McKay, N., saddler, New Row
McKee, Wm., shoe maker, Stone Row
McKillip, John, Clothworkers' Arms Hotel, Waterside
McKillip, The Misses, Ram's-head Inn, Diamond
McLaughlin, James, Swan Vaults, Bridge Street
McLaughlin, John, wine and spirit merchant, Diamond; residence, Carthall
McLaughlin, Patrick, wine and spirit merchant, Waterside
McLaughlin, William, rope and twine manufacturer, Brook Street
McLernon, Robert, grocer, Bridge Street
McMullin, D., painter, Alma Road
McMurdy, William, spirit dealer, Brook Street
McMurdy, W. H., printer and toy dealer, Church Street
McNabb, Robert, saddler and harness maker, Church Street
McReynolds, John C., aerated water and lemonade manufacturer, Hanover Place
McVicker, R. & A., tailors and drapers, Hanover Place
Nevin, Hugh, boot and shoe maker, and china and glass warehouse, Bridge Street
Nevin, James, grocer, Church Street
Nevin, Robert, grocer, Church Street; meal & salt store, New Row
Nevin, William, grocer, Kingsgate
Nicholson, Adam, grocer and posting house, Meetinghouse Street
Nimmocks, John, photographer, Castlerock
Orr, Matthew, Queen's Arms Hotel, Bridge Street
Orr, William, haberdasher, Church Street
O'Kane, Hugh, auctioneer, Meetinghouse Street
O'Kane, James, spirit dealer, Long Commons
O'Kane, Joseph, spirit dealer, Kingsgate Street
Parkhill, Robert, Stone Row
Pattison, Mary, grocer, Brook Street
Perry, Francis, tailor, Meetinghouse Street
Reid, Mrs., agricultural inn, Church Street
Reid, The Misses, young ladies' seminary, Meetinghouse Place
Robertson, Peter. Downhill
Rogers, Samuel, watch maker & jeweller, Church Street
Rogers, Henry, shirt factory, New Street
Ross, John, saddler, Waterside
Shannon, James, woollen draper, Waterside
Shannon, John, reporter to Coleraine Chronicle, Meetinghouse Place
Shannon, The Misses, bonnet and dress makers, Ferryquay Street
Shannon, Smith McKee, The Cranagh
Sharp, Robert, soap and candle manufacturer, Church Street
Shiels, Robert, grocer, Waterside
Smith, Hugh, County cess collector, Bushtown
Smith, Samuel, commercial inn, Church Street
Smith, The Misses, drapers & milliners, New Row
Smith, The Misses, sewing agents, Waterford Terrace
Steedman, Andrew, provision merchant, Waterside; residence, Clifton Terrace
Stevens, Daniel, publican, New Market Street
Stewart, Joseph, potato & tow dealer, Preachinghouse Lane
Sutton, W., turner, Preachinghouse Lane
Tannahill, Alexander, draper, Waterside
Tate, James, surveyor, Laurel Hill
Taylor, Ann, spirit dealer, Brook Street
Taylor, D. & R., family grocers and seed merchants - wholesale, Diamond; retail, Bridge Street; residence, Millburn
Taylor, W., Plough Tavern, Waterside
Taylor & Moore, grocery and Italian warehouse, Bridge Street
Thompson, Mrs. John, dress maker, Kingsgate
Thompson, Sarah, milliner & draper, Bridge Street
Thompson, William, Laurel Hill
Thomson, John, Cullycapple, Aghadowey
Tomb, Mrs., saddlery & post car establishment, Killowen Street
Troy, John, bell man, Ferryquay Street
Wade, John & Co., clothiers and drapers, New Row
Warke, William, & Co., wine, coal and timber merchants, Diamond; yard and bonded stores, Beresford Place
Weir, John, brass founder, Brook Street
Weir, The Misses, young ladies' seminary, Portrush
Wickliffe, Joseph, baker, New Row
Williamson, Alexander D., plumber, gas fitter, and bell hanger, Bridge Street
Williamson, Miss, boot and shoe shop, Meetinghouse Street
Wilson, David, Glenstall Mills flour store, Church Street
Wilson, Mary, spirit dealer, Highland Row
Wilson, Thomas, smith, Rosemary Lane
Woodburn, M. W., grocer and posting house, Highland Row
Woods, John H., grocer & sewing agent, Church Street
Woods, Mrs., dress maker, Church Street
Workman, Richard, grocer, Bridge Street
Wright, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Castleroe
Young, John, grocer and yarn store, Bridge Street
Young, William, market clerk and registrar of marriages, Meetinghouse Street


By railway to Belfast, Ballymoney, Ballymena, Antrim, Londonderry, Newtownlimavady, Castlerock, Portstewart, and Portrush, three or four times daily, from the Station, Highland Row. Trains to and from Portrush and Portstewart, nine or ten times each way every day during the Summer months. Omnibuses and cars attend all trains.
Mail Car to Garvagh, from Adam McKay's Diamond, daily, at 9-15 a.m.; to Kilrea, from Queen's Arms Hotel, daily at 3 p.m.; to Bushmills, from Reid's Agricultural Inn, Church Street, at 9-10 a.m., and 5-10 p.m.
To Ballycastle - A passenger van leaves Ram's Head Inn, Diamond, every Saturday, at 3 p.m.
One horse cars, daily, to Portstewart, Sunday's excepted, during the Summer months.


        Comber is a market town in County Down, fourteen miles from Downpatrick, seven E.S.E. from Belfast, situated on the road from Belfast to Downpatrick. There is a handsome Masonic monument to General Gillespie. The river Comber, upon whose banks the town is situated, and from which its name is derived, runs into Strangford Lough, on the East side of the parish, and the tide flows to within a short distance of the town. There are two extensive distilleries, corn mills, hotels, a bleach green, and a spinning mill. The church is a small, handsome building. There are places of worship for Presbyterians, Unitarians and Wesleyan Methodists. The educational institutions are a school, founded by Viscountess Castlereagh in 1813; one under Erasmus Smith's Charity, and Congregational and National Schools. A new National School is attached to the Second Presbyterian Church, called Smyth's National School. The market is held on Tuesday. Fairs - January 5th, April 5th, June 28th and October 19th. Population in 1861, 1,713.

Post-Office, Downpatrick Street - Joseph Shean, postmaster.  Letters from Dublin and all parts of the South of Ireland, also from England, arrive every morning at 2-15, and are despatched at 10-30 a.m. Letters from Scotland, Belfast and other parts of Ireland, arrive at 8 in the morning; the Scotch letters are despatched at 5 p.m., to be in time for the Scotch boats. Letters from Downpatrick and intermediate places arrive every morning at 9, and are despatched every afternoon at 2-35. The last mail despatched daily is at 7-35 p.m.
Constabulary Station, Mill Street - Robert Parker, constable
Inland Revenue Officers - John Garnett, Bridge Street; William Long, Bridge Street; John Millmine, The Square

Places of Worship

Parish Church, Square - Rev. W. D. Crommelin, rector
Presbyterian Church and Manse, Downpatrick Street - Rev. John Rogers
Presbyterian Church and Manse, High Street - Rev. James M. Killen
Unitarian Church and Manse, Mill Street - Rev. John Orr
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Bridge Street - ministers, various

Public Institutions

Erasmus Smith's School, Square - John Russell, teacher
Infant School, Downpatrick Street - Miss De Winter, teacher

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Allen, George, Unicarville
Andrew, Wm. G., Mill Street
Andrews, Isaac, Square
Andrews, James
Andrews, John
Andrews, Thomas
Birch, James, Ballybeen
Birch, Miss Mary, Bridge Street
Boyd, William, Ballywilliam Flax Mills
Colville, James, Booten Cottage
Cowan, Andrew, Killynether
Crommelin, Rev. William D., Glebe House
Fisher, James, Camperdown
Frame, James, surgeon, High Street
Killen, Rev. James, High Street
Millar, John, distiller, Square
McCance, the Misses, Bridge Street
McConnell, Mrs. Eleanor, Mill Street
McKee, Rev. James, Maxwell's Court
Orr, David, Eden Cottage
Orr, Rev. John, Mill Street
Orr, James, The Booten
Rogers, Rev. John, The Manse
Ritchie, Henry D., New Comber House
Simonton, John, Nursery Villa
Stone, Samuel
Whitla, John, Ballyhenry House

Traders &c.

Allen, George, tanner, Square
Andrews, James & Sons, millers and linen merchants, Mill Street
Andrews, John & Co., flaxspinners
Anderson, J., spirit dealer, High Street
Boal, Messrs., grocers, Square
Bole, Brothers, grocers and leather cutters, Square

Bowman, Hugh, saddler, High Street
Braithwaite, Robert, supervisor, inland revenue, Square
Buchanan, John, carpenter
Buchanan, Mrs. Alice, milliner, Mill Street
Carse, Maria, grocer, Mill Street
Corbett, John, watch maker, Mill Street
Davidson, J. R., draper, Square
Gibson, James, grocer, Mill Street
Gibson, John, carpenter, Bridge Street
Gibson, Thomas, saddler, Square
Gillan, Wm., inland revenue officer, Square
Halliday, Wm., grocer, High Street
Hamilton, Miss, dress maker, Bridge Street
Heaney, Robert, grocer, Square
Jeffrey's Hotel, Square
Jeffrey, James, spirit dealer, Square
Jervis, George, spirit dealer, Main Street
Kennedy, William, grocer, Downpatrick Street
Lindsay, Robert & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, Square; Robert Withers, agent
Lindsay, Wm. J., spirit dealer, Mill Street
Long, Ann, grocer and sewing agent, Downpatrick Street
Maginn, Margaret, dyer, Downpatrick Street
Miller, Archibald, letter carrier
Miller, John, maltster and distiller, Downpatrick Street & Bridge Street
Milling, James, hotel, Square
Morrow, Miss, dress maker, Mill Street
Munn, William, blacksmith
Murphy, Wm., spirit dealer and smith, Square
Murray, Wm., spirit dealer, Square
McBriar, A., draper, Mill Street
McCaw, Wm., boot and shoe maker, High Street
McCulloch, Robert, tailor, Bridge Street
McDonald, Jas., posting establishment, Mill Street
McDowell, Jane, milliner, Mill Street
McDowell, John, sewing agent, Mill Street
McKeag, Wm., carpenter, Square
McMoran, George, grocer, Mill Street
Orram, John Smith, Bridge Street
Patton, Robt., Railway Inn, Mill Street
Rea, John, butcher, Bridge Street
Riddle, H., High Street
Riddle, James, Mill Street
Ritchie, Henry D., grocer, spirit, hardware & seed merchant, High Street
Robb, Gawn, tailor, Mill Street
Robb, Susan, dress maker, Mill Street
Robb, Wm., wheelwright, Mill Street
Robinson, James, Bridge Street
Robinson, J., cabinet maker, Bridge Street
Shean, Joseph, woollen draper & haberdasher, Downpatrick Street
Simpson, Robert, spirit dealer, Downpatrick Street
Simpson, Robert, grain merchant, South Street
Spiers, John, grocer., Mill Street
Todd, M., railway tavern, grocer &c., Mill Street
Waddle, Robert, shoe maker, Mill Street
Wilson, David, grocer, Downpatrick Street
Wilson, David, grain merchant, South Street
Withers, Robert, grocer, Square


Train carries mail; and a coach (from Killyleagh) calls at James Milling's every morning, Sunday excepted, ay 8. To Killyleagh, a coach (from Belfast) calls at Milling's Hotel every afternoon, Sunday excepted, at 4-45.


          Cookstown is a flourishing and respectable market town in County Tyrone, thirty five miles W. from Belfast, with direct communication by rail with Belfast, very pleasantly seated on the Kildress rivulet, and on the great North Road from Armagh. The mansion or castle of Killymoon is a superb edifice, in the Saxon style, built from designs by Nash, at a reputed cost of 80,000; John Douglas Cooper, Esq., J.P., proprietor. The staple of Cookstown is its linen trade, in which many respectable merchants are embarked. There are several flax mills and corn and meal mills in the neighbourhood. At Millburn Works, near the town, John Gunning & Sons, have a power loom weaving factory for the manufacture of plain linens, diapers and damasks, which contains over 300 looms, and when in full operation will give employment to more than 500 hands; they have also added a large beetling and finishing concern, which is driven by steam power. Petty Sessions are held each alternate Friday by the local magistrates. The Town Commissioners meet the first Monday in each month, in the Town hall, James' Street; David H. Charles, Esq., M.D., chairman for the time being. The site of the new mansion on Loymount, the property of John Gunning, Esq., J.P., is the finest about the town, having a view of a large part of the County of Antrim, as well as of Lough Neagh. The Parish Church of Derryloran has lately been rebuilt. The other places of worship are three Presbyterian churches, two Methodist meeting houses and a Roman Catholic chapel. There are several Educational and other Charitable Institutions - the former comprises National and Ragged Schools, supported by public subscription. The market days are Tuesday and Saturday, the latter for farming produce, which is brought in abundance, the former for grain. Fairs - First Saturday in each month.  Population in 1861, 3,513.

Post-Office, James Street - Margaret Patterson, postmistress. Letters from Dublin and all parts of the South of Ireland, also from England and Scotland, arrive every morning at 6-20 and 8.15, and are despatched every morning and evening at 6-50 and 8-45.

Places of Worship

Parish Church, Gartalowry - Rev. F. Crawford, clerk; Rev. W. C. Barker, curate
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. H. B. Wilson, minister
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. P. Wilson, minister
Third Presbyterian Church - Rev. John Knox Leslie, minister
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, James Street - ministers, various
Primitive Methodist Chapel, James Street - ministers, various.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Gortalowry - Rev. ? McCrystal, P.P.; Revs. Messrs. Lavery and McShane, curates

Public Institutions

Ulster Banking Company (branch), William Street - John Raphael, manager; Samuel Carlile, accountant
Belfast Banking Company (branch), James Street - Howard Burton, manager; W. T. K. Ruddell, accountant
Savings Bank, James Street - Rev. H. B. Wilson, actuary
Loan Fund, Markey yard - J. M. Weir, treasurer; Joseph McCormick, secretary
Cookstown Academy, James Street - Samuel McMullan, principal
Church Education School, Gortalowry - William McKenna, teacher
National School, Gortalowry
National School, Loy - G. G. Sinclair, teacher
National School, Cookstown - H. Waide, teacher
Ladies' School, Loy House - The Misses Matilda Miller, teacher
Union Workhouse - John Hunter, clerk; John Parker, master; Mrs. Parker, matron
Union Workhouse Hospital - D. J. Hamilton, surgeon
Gas Works - William Scott, manager; John Hunter, secretary
Stamp Office, James Street - Joseph Dinsmore, sub distributor
Constabulary Station, William Street - T. H. Ross, sub inspector

Gentry &c.

Agnew, Margaret, William Street
Aston, William D.
Atkinson, George, Lime Park, Tullybogue
Bailie, Mrs., Turnaskea
Ballantine, William, Loy
Burton, Howard, James Street
Cluff, James, Kildress House
Cluff, Richard, James Street
Cooper, J. D., J.P., Killymoon
Craig, William, Loy
Davison, Edward, Clare
Devlin, Wm. James, William Street
Fulton, Adam, Gortalowry
Glasgow, Benjamin, Tullyveigh
Glasgow, William, Drapersfield
Gunning, James, J.P., Loymount
Gunning, W. A., Loy House
Horan, ?, Gortalowry
Houston, William, William Street
Hunter, John, Loy
Irvine, Mrs., Gortalowry.
Jervis, Thomas, The Prairie, Tullybogue
Johnston, Benjamin, Gortalowry
Knox, Captain E. C., J.P., Desertcreight
Lavens, John, Loy
Lecky, E., Aughless
Lindsay, F. L., J.P., Loughry
Magill, R., William Street
Moffat, John, Loy
McCormick, Joseph, Waterloo Cottage
McGeagh, John, William Street
Paul, Thomas, William Street
Paul, William, William Street
Potter, John, William Street
Raphael, John, William Street
Ross, T. H., Loy
Smyth, John A., Loy
Stark, Robert, James Street
Stuart, Viscount, J.P., Oaklands
Tener, John K., J.P., Moree, Rock
Turkington, Hamilton, William Street
Walsh, Robert, Gortalowry
Watson, Robert, Loy
Wilson, M., Loy

Clergy and Professional

Allen, Rev. Robert, Legnacash
Charles, D. H., M.D., James Street
Charles, Henry R., M.D., William Street
Crawford, Rev. F., Clerk, Derryloran Glebe
Ferguson, Rev. William, Teivenagh
Graves, Henry, M.D., James Street
Hamilton, D. J., surgeon, James Street
Harris, Frederick, attorney, William Street and Stewartstown
Leslie, Rev. J. K., James Street
Magill, Robert, attorney, William Street
Macloskie, Rev. George, Ballygonney
Murray, John, M.D., William Street
McCaw, Rev. H., Claggin
McCrystal, Rev. ?, P.P., Loy
Porter, Rev. T. H., D.D., Ballynully
Sloan, George, surgeon, William Street
Stewart, Rev. Richard, rector, Drumshambo Glebe
Smyth, T. J., auctioneer, William Street
Wilson, Rev. J. P., James Street
Wilson, Rev. H. B., James Street
Wray, Rev. W., Orritor

Traders &c.

Acheson, James, carpenter, Gortalowry
Acheson, R., carpenter and blacksmith, Loy
Adair, Thomas & Son, bleachers, Greenvale
Adair & Gunning, spinners, Greenvale
Allen, John, jun., whitesmith, Orritor Street
Allen, Sarah, Imperial Hotel, Railway Road
Allen, W., blacksmith, Orritor Street
Anderson, David, baker, grocer and seed merchant, William Street
Anderson, Geo., flax miller, Tullywiggan
Anderson, James, saddler, James Street
Aston, William D., writing clerk, William Street
Atcheson, ? , boot and shoe maker, Orritor Street
Ballantine, John, boot maker,  leather seller, and grocer, William Street
Bingham, Samuel, grocer and flax merchant, William Street
Black, Thomas, butcher, William Street
Black, Wm., flax miller, Corkhill
Black, Wm., butcher, Tullogh
Bole, James, grocer, William Street
Britton, Lawrence, spinning mill manager, Gortalowry
Burnett, James, carpenter, Orritor Street
Burns, James, baker, Loy
Burton, Howard, West of England Fire Insurance Company, James Street
Campbell, Andrew, confectioner, James Street
Carlton, James, boot maker, Loy
Carson, Ann, Millburn Place
Chambers, Jane, dress maker, Gortalowry
Charles, Thomas, grocer, William Street
Charles, Thos., flax and corn miller, Tulnacrop
Charles, William, watch maker, William Street
Cluff, Richard, cabinet maker, James Street
Coffey, W., Railway Hotel, James Street
Conlin, Patrick, saddler, William Street
Corr, Patrick, saddler, William Street
Craig, Charles, clothes broker, Coagh Street
Crawford, W. S., grocer and butter merchant, Railway Road
Davison, Jas., Clerk of Winders, Milburne Place
Derby, T. & J., woollen drapers, William Street
Devlin, Daniel, grocer and spirit dealer, Orritor
Devlin, James, grocer and spirit dealer, William Street
Devlin, M., cooper and spirit dealer, James Street
Devlin, Mary, dress maker, Coagh Street
Devlin, Wm., boot maker, William Street
Devlin, Wm. James, flax merchant, William Street
Dickson, James, flax and corn miller, Tulnacross
Dickson, Robert, corn miller, grocer and linen manufacturer, Orritor
Dinsmore, Joseph, grocer, James Street
Donaghy, Joseph, nailor and grocer, Loy
Donnelly, John, pawn broker & clothes broker, William Street
Douras, J., horse shoer, William Street
Duncan, A., dress maker & milliner, William Street
Dunlop, William, hatter, William Street
Dunseath, Robert, merchant tailor, William Street
Eagleson, R., grocer and spirit dealer, Loy
Eccles, John, spirit dealer, William Street
Ferguson, A., watch maker, Ardtrea
Ferguson, A., boot maker, James Street
Ferguson, A. T., spirit dealer, Coagh Street
Ferguson, E., dress maker, William Street
Ferguson, John, carpenter, Coagh Street

Ferguson, J., boot maker, William Street
Ferguson, S. A., grocer, William Street
Galway, John, carpenter, Coagh Street
Galway, Robert, watch maker, William Street
Gamble, Wm., spirit dealer, Gortnalowry
Gillin, ?, clothes broker, William Street
Gillin, J., grocer and boarding house, William Street
Glasgow, Allen, grocer, Drumnamalta
Glasgow, Benjamin, book seller, seed merchant, grocer, baker &c., William Street
Glasgow, Benjamin and William, spinners, Drapersfield
Gordon, Hugh, painter, Millburne Place
Gourley, J., hardware &c., James Street
Graham, C., grocer and butter merchant, Loy
Graham, Thos. H., boarding house, Orritor Street
Gunning, John & Son, power loom linen manufacturers
Hall, Robert, tenter, Millburne Place
Hagan, Charles, boarding house, Orritor Street
Hamilton, Robert, carpenter, timber merchant, and blacksmith, Loy
Hamilton, Robert, labourer, Millburne Place
Hanna, Francis, grocer, china and delf merchant, Railway Road
Hanna, John, grocer, Gortalowry
Hanna, Robert, grocer, Gortalowry
Harbison, Francis, wine and spirit dealer and hotel keeper, William Street
Harbison, J., spirit dealer, grocer, baker & seedsman, William Street
Henderson, M. & Son, linen manufacturers, Sherrygroom
Henry, Bernard, grocer and flax merchant, William Street
Henry, James, linen draper, Killycurragh
Houston, Isaac, grocer & iron monger, agent for the British Protector Life Assurance Society, William Street
Hughes, Margaret, dress maker, Coagh Street
Hughes, Robert, boarding house, James Street
Johnston, Robert, watchman, Millburne Place
Johnston, W., earthenware dealer, Orritor Street
Kane, John, carpenter and blacksmith, Loy
Keightly, Samuel, boarding house, William Street
Kelly, William, flax merchant, Coagh Street
Knight, Robert, grocer, James Street
Kyle, James, clothes broker, William Street
Kyle, Jemima, dress maker, William Street
Lagley, Charles, labourer, Millburne Place
Lambert, James, reed maker, William Street
Langford, Bernard, boot maker, Loy
Lecky, James, mechanic, Millburne Place
Liddle, E., grocer, hardware and timber merchant, James Street
Lindsay, F., flax miller, Rock Lodge
Loudon, F., grocer Gortalowry
Lyttle, William, grocer and leather merchant, William Street
Mackenzie, ? , spirit dealer, William Street
Macmillan, H. & J., milliners and woollen drapers, William Street
Magill, William, corn miller, Dunmore
Maginnis, Dominick, hide merchant, Gortalowry
Malone, Peter, baker, grocer, and hide merchant, William Street
Mallon, Bernard, woollen draper, William Street
Mallon, John, nailor, Loy
Marks, Robert, boarding house, William Street
Maxwell, James, carpenter, Clare
Mayne, John, cooper, Orritor Street
Millar, J., flax miller, Greer Lodge
Millar, M., grocer, Gortalowry
Miller, James, spirit dealer and car owner, Orritor Street
Miller, Robert, boot maker, Loy
Miller, T., car owner, William Street
Mills, Charles, tinsmith, Orritor Street
Mills, William, tinsmith, Orritor Street
Mitchell, James, carpenter, Coagh Street
Molloy, Hugh, butcher, James Street
Molloy, Patrick, wholesale and retail spirit merchant, and Stewart's Arms Hotel, James Street
Moody, Robert, labourer, Millburne Place
Moran, Robert, grocer and shoe maker, Loy
Morgan, William, tailor, James Street
Morgan, William, meal merchant and tea dealer and Agent for the Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society, James Street
Morrison, James, tailor, William Street
Mullan, James, spirit dealer and flax merchant, William Street
Mullen, P., boarding house, James Street
Murray, James, blacksmith, William Street
Murray, Thomas, blacksmith, Orritor Street
Musgrave, Richard, boarding house, William Street
McAleer, Hugh, spirit dealer, Coagh Street
McAleer, Joseph, grocer and spirit dealer
McAlister, Robert, flax and corn miller, Kildress
McAtee, P., tailor, Gortalowry
McClelland, Margaret, milliner, James Street
McClelland, Thomas, printer and stationer, William Street
McCollum, A., grocer and spirit dealer, William Street
McCooke, M., milliner, James Street
McCord, James, boot and shoe maker, Gortalowry
McCormick, John & Alex., builders, William Street
McDowell, John & Alex., builders, William Street
McElhatton, John, pawn broker, James Street
McElhannan, James, cooper, William Street
McElhannan, A., dress maker, William Street
McElhone, P., grocer, William Street
McGaghey, Robert, linen manufacturer, Tallykeel
McGeagh, Robert, woollen draper and merchant tailor, William Street
McGeagh, John, linen manufacturer, William Street
McGuckin, Benjamin, spirit dealer, Coagh Street
McIver, Robert, flax merchant, Coagh Street
McKennett, Thomas, carpenter, Millburne Place
McKeown, Paul, shoe maker, Coagh Street
McLoughlin, B. & H., coopers, Gortalowry
McLoughlin, John, rag merchant, Gortalowry
McMaster, Richard, grocer and earthenware dealer, William Street
McNally, Hugh, boot and shoe maker, William Street
McSherry, Thomas, flax buyer, Gortalowry
McSloy, John, blacksmith, Orritor Street
Nale, ?, spirit dealer, Coagh Street
Newberry, Andrew, butcher, William Street
O'Neill, John, spirit dealer, James Street.
O'Neill, Ann, grocer, Orritor Street
Paul, Thomas, linen manufacturer, William Street
Paul, William, linen merchant, William Street
Perry, John, yarn dresser, Millburne Place
Porter, William John, spirit dealer, William Street
Quin, J. & T., grocers, William Street
Quin, Michael & Co., woollen drapers, James Street
Rankin, Robert, boot maker, Orritor Street
Reilly & Skiffington, plumbers and gasfitters, William Street
Richard, John, woollen draper, William Street
Riddell, Mary, confectioner, William Street
Roberts, James, tailor, Gortalowry
Roberts, Jane, spirit dealer, Orritor Street
Robinson, John, gutta percha boot & shoe warehouse, James Street
Rogers, S., milliner, William Street
Rutherford, Wm., road contractor, William Street
Sands, ?, earthenware dealer, William Street
Sheppard, John, grocer, ironmonger & leather merchant, William Street
Simpson, John, clothes broker, William Street
Sloan, John & Son, linen manufacturer, Tullyweary
Smith, Eliza, dress maker, William Street
Smith, Elizabeth, spirit dealer, William Street
Smith, James, linen manufacturer, James Street
Smith, M., milliner, William Street
Smith, W. & D., grocers and bakers, William Street
Smyth, Samuel, reed maker, Millburn Place
Staunton, John, flax miller, Ballyfoslea and Derryconney
Steele, R., boarding house, William Street
Stewart, Adam, spirit dealer, corner of Coagh and William Streets
Stirling, James, woollen draper, James Street
Suitor, David, laborer, Millburn Place (labourer)
Suitor, James, baker, William Street
Taylor, Alfred, flax buyer, Coagh Street
Thompson, John, grocer, James Street
Toner, John, grocer, Gortalowry
Trowton, ?, clerk, Millburn Place
Warnock, Wm., painter and glazier, William Street
Weir, James, shoe maker, Orritor Street
Weir, S. E., & Co., drapers, silk mercers and milliners; also agents for the Standard Life Assurance Company, James Street
Weir, William, linen manufacturer
Weir, ?, grocer, Una
White, Ann, dress maker, Loy
Wilson, Amelia, stay maker, William Street
Wilson, Irvine, tailor, pawn broker, and clothes broker, William Street
Windsor, William, merchant tailor, William Street
Windsor, ?, milliner, William Street
Wright, George, carpenter, Millburne Place
Young, James, carpenter, Millburne Place


A mail 'bus leaves Cookstown at 10 a.m., and a mail car every evening at 6-10, for Dungannon, returning every morning at 6-20, passing through Stewartstown and Coalisland, returning on arrival of the 8 o'clock train from Dublin, in time for the train leaving Cookstown at 4.10.


      A market town in County Cavan, sixty six miles N.N.W. from Dublin, fifteen South from Monaghan, pleasantly situated on the Cootehill River, and on the road from Dublin to Clones. The town consists of four spacious streets, and the country around is embellished with some handsome mansions. The linen branch prevails in the district, but not so extensively as formerly, and in the town are established branches of two banks and a savings bank. The principal hotel here, the Bellamont Arms. General Sessions of the Peace are held four times in the year, and Petty Sessions every second Saturday; they are held in a neat court house, at the back of which is a secure bridewell. There are eight places of worship - the Parish Church, two Presbyterian Churches, two Methodist Churches, a Meeting House for the Society of Friends, A Moravian Chapel and a Roman Catholic chapel. The church, situated at the lower extremity of the town, fronting the Main Street, is a large and handsome structure, in the Elizabethan or Tudor style of architecture, with a tower surmounted by a spire. The charities comprises a handsome school house, built by the Rev. J. R. Darley, for education, and supported out of his own private purse;  a dispensary, a union workhouse, and a school under the National Board of Education. The markets are Friday and Saturday - the former for general produce, the latter for grain. Fairs, third Friday in every month. Population in 1861, 1,994.

Post-Office, Market Street - Jane Corry, postmistress
Town Commissioners - W. Jamison, chairman; John Campbell, John Shera, James Cooney, Edward Cooney, Dr. McFadden, P. Carney, P. Horan

Places of Worship

Established Church (parish of Dungannon), Market Street - Rev. J. Moore, rector
Presbyterian Church, Bridge Street - Rev. James Bones
Rev. J. A. McGennis (2nd Cootehill), minister
Chapel of Ease, Dernaclish - Rev. W. Symmons
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Bridge Street - ministers, various
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Cavan Street - Ministers various
Friends' Meeting House, Church Street
Moravian Chapel, Derrycock
R. C. Chapel, Chapel Lane - Rev. T. O'Reilly, P.P.

Public Institutions

Provincial Bank of Ireland (branch), Market Street - William Leslie, manager
Ulster Banking Company (branch), Market Street - William Jamieson, manager
Excise Office - Mr. Lynch, May Cottage
Stamp Office, Market Street, Henry Brown, sub distributor
Bridewell, Market Street, ? ?, keeper
National School - Mary Gargan, teacher
Union Workhouse - James Lucas, master; Mrs. Taylor, matron; R. Graham, clerk to the Board
Dispensary - James Sharpe, surgeon
Constabulary - Head constable O'Brien

Nobility, Gentry, Clergy &c.

Adams, J. Rakane
Berry, John, Fairmount
Bones, Rev. James, Bridge Street
Boyle, Charles, J.P., Tenagh
Browne, James, Rockcorry Mills
Campbell, Lieut.-Col. R., Cavan Street
Clements, Henry T., J.P., Ashfield Lodge
Clements, J., J.P., Rathkenny House
Coote, Captain, Bellamont Forest, Cootehill
Cremorne, Right Hon. Lord, Dartry House
Douglas, William, Freemount
Fleming, J., Market Street
Flood, John, scutch mills, Killacreeny
Gamble, A. S., Dromore Lodge
Leslie, William, Cootehill
Marsden, John, Annalee House
Moorehead, Samuel, J.P., Fortwilliam
Murphy, Charles, Newgrove Mills
Murray, William, J.P., agent
McFadden, John, coroner, Cootehill
McGennis, Rev. J. A.
McLeod, Captain, Tullyvin Mills
O'Brien, the Hon. and Rev. Henry, Cordough
O'Reilly, Rev. Terence, P.P.
Richards, R. L., Ashfield Glebe
Riddle, Dr., Market Street
Sharpe, James, M.D., Market Street
Sheridan, Rev. B., R.C.C.
Smith, Rev. John, R.C.C., Madaghbawn
Smith, Rev. P., P.P., Kill
Townley, John, J.P., Tullyvin House
Whitely, Mrs., Riverview Mills
Worthey, William, Lisnagoan Mills
Wright, Thomas Edmund, attorney

Traders &c.

Abbott, John, Derrycock
Alcock, William, Market Street
Boyle, James, nailor, Bridge Street
Boyle, Patrick
Boyd, Mrs., Bridge Street
Brady, Andrew, boot and shoe maker, Cavan Street
Brady, James, carpenter, Bridge Street
Brady, John, grocer, Market Street
Brady, Patrick, lodgings, Market Street
Brady, Patrick, cooper, Market Street
Brady, Thomas, inn keeper
Brown, Miss, haberdashery, Market Street
Brown, Henry, ironmonger, grocer and timber merchant; commissioner for taking acknowledgements of deeds by married women and district registrar of marriages, Market Street
Brown, Samuel, nail maker, Bridge Street
Campbell, J., woollen draper, Market Street
Campbell, Joseph, painter and glazier, Bridge Street
Carney, Philip, wine and spirit merchant, grocer and baker, Bridge Street
Carrol, Patrick, entertainment, Church Street
Carolin, Elizabeth, Bridge Street
Cassidy, Jane, Market Street
Cavanagh, Thomas, stone mason, Chapel Lane
Chapman, Isaac, earthenware dealer, Church Street
Coalston, Thomas, tailor, Bridge Street
Collins, Patrick, blacksmith, Bridge Street
Coney, James, tanner, Market Street
Conley, Michael, baker, Market Street
Connor, Patrick, cart maker, Bridge Street
Constabulary Barrack
Cooney, Isabella, haberdasher, Market Street
Cooney, James, tanner
Cooney, Henry, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, and ironmonger, Market Street
Corbit, S., entertainment, Bridge Street
Corry, James, butcher, Bridge Street
Corry, Jane, grocer, Market Street
Cotter, John, nailor, Bridge Street
Coyle, Robert, boot and shoe maker, Church Street
Crummy, Patrick, butcher, Market Street
Dawsire, Miss, haberdasher, Market Street
Dempsey, Edward, turner and cart maker, Church Street
Diamond, James, boot and shoe maker, Church Street
Dolan, Patrick, Market Street
Donohoe, John, Commercial Hotel, Bridge Street

Dowd, John, carpenter, Church Street
Dowd, M., shoe maker, Bridge Street
Downey, James, spirit dealer, Bridge Street
Duffy, Owen, painter and glazier, Church Street
Duffy, Robert, painter, Bridge Street
Dunn, Andrew, blacksmith, Bridge Street
Dunn, John, apothecary and druggist, Market Street
Eagon, Allen, carpenter and builder, Campstown Cottage
Eaking, Alexander, grocer, Market Street
Egan, Mary, grocer, Church Street
Fay, Thomas, woollen draper and tallow chandler, Market Street
Fisher, Thomas, pawn broker, Market Street
Fleming, Joseph, woollen draper and grocer, Market Street
Garrighan, Patrick, tailor, Market Street
Gartlan, Peter, baker and grocer, Market Street
Germain, John, inn keeper, Church Street
Hewett, Thomas, blacksmith, Market Street
Higgins, Terence, turner and wheelwright, Chapel Lane
Horan, Patrick, baker and grocer, Market Street
Hutchinson & Martin, spirit dealers and grocers, Market Street
Irwin, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Cavan Street
Lennon, Denis, baker and grocer, Market Street
Leslie, Arnold, boot and shoe maker, Market Street
Livingstone, Alexander, reed maker, Bridge Street
Love, A., china warehouse
Lynch, Matthew, publican, Church Street
Lynn, Robert, carpenter, Bridge Street
Magee, Richard, saddler and harness maker, Market Street
Maguire, H., baker, spirit dealer and grocer, Church Street
Malone, A., entertainment, Bridge Street
Malone, Bridget, grocer, Market Street
Markey, Bernard, hotel and grocer, Market Street
Markey, Thomas, woollen draper, Market Street
Markey, Patrick, grocer, Market Street
Markey, Mrs., haberdasher, Market Street
Morgan, Peter, clerk to the Town Commissioners, Market Street
Morrison, George, boot and shoe maker, Market Street
Mulholland, Patrick, stone mason, Cornacarrow
Murphy, Edward, veterinary surgeon
Murray, John, stone mason, Bridge Street
McCabe, Alexander, spirit dealer and baker, Market Street
McCabe, Andrew, inn keeper, Bridge Street
McCabe, John, inn keeper, Bridge Street
McCabe, John, saddler, Market Street
McCabe, Thomas, Bellamont Arms Hotel (commercial and posting), Market Street
McCoy, Geo., grocer and spirit dealer, Market Street
McCoy, William, grocer, Bridge Street
McCormick, J., butcher, Bridge Street
McCracken, John, watch and clock maker
McCracken, John, auctioneer, valuator &c., Market Street
McCudden, James, grocer, baker and spirit store, Market Street
McDonagh, Jane, school, Bridge Street
McDonald, Catherine, entertainment, Church Street
McEniff, Michael, inn keeper, Bridge Street
McEnroe, Charles, spirit dealer and grocer, Bridge Street
McFadden, Miss
McFadden, John, M.D., master extraordinary and commissioner for taking acknowledgements of deeds by married women and county coroner, Cavan Street
McFaddin, Miss, dress maker, Market Street
McGahan, Ann, spirit dealer, Market Street
McGinn, Mrs., inn keeper, Bridge Street
McKenna, Patrick, grocer, Bridge Street
McKeown, Rose, butcher's shop, Bridge Street
McKittrick, ?, letter carrier, Bridge Street
McLaughlin, James, shoe maker, Cavan Street
McManus, James, cooper, Bridge Street
McMinn, Robert, clerk of Petty Sessions, Bridge Street
McMullan, Nathaniel, butcher, Bridge Street
McNulty, Edward, woollen draper, Market Street
McPhillips, Miss, dress maker, Bridge Street
McQuade, John, baker, Market Street
Nugent, Patrick, carpenter, Bridge Street
Oaks, Alexander, provision dealer, Main Street
O'Hare, rag store, Bridge Street
Oliver, John, woollen draper
Patt, John, blacksmith, Chapel Lane
Peatt, Bigger, cooper, Bridge Street
Pinder, James, shoe maker, Bridge Street
Piles, William, blacksmith, Bridge Street
Reilly, Cornelius, carpenter, Bridge Street
Reilly, James, provision store, Bridge Street
Reilly, James, spirit dealer, Market Street
Reilly, William, carpenter, Bridge Street
Rice, John, baker, grocer and news agent, Market Street
Ross, Robert, school teacher
Scurr, Wm., Bridge Street
Sellery, Philip, posting establishment, Bridge Street
Sharpe, James, apothecary, Market Street
Shemield, ?, gas manager
Shera, John, ironmonger, grocer, timber & wine merchant, Market Street
Sherlog, ?, nailer, Bridge Street
Smith, James, boot and shoe maker, Cavan Street
Smith, John, inn keeper and spirit dealer, Bridge Street
Smith, John, auctioneer and valuator
Smyth, Thomas, nail maker, Church Street
Stephens, John, boot and shoe maker, Cavan Street
Stephens, John, shoe maker, Bridge Street
Stuart, William, apothecary and surgeon, Cavan Street
Swan, Thomas, shoe maker, Bridge Street
Swarbrick & Donohoe, blacksmiths, Bridge Street
Swarbrick, Ann, milliner and dress maker, Bridge Street
Swift, James, spirit dealer, Cavan Street
Taylor, Tho0mas Brady, inn keeper
Tierney, Lawrence, posting establishment, Bridge Street
Trainor, Edward, baker & grocer, Market Street
Tully, Elizabeth, grocer, Bridge Street
Walker, Henry, boot and shoe maker, New Cavan Street
Whitley, Mrs., grocer, Market Street
Wildridge, John, carpenter, Cavan Street
Wildridge, Thomas
Woods, Jas., flax merchant, Church Street
Woods, Thomas, baker and grocer, Market Street


        Is a small post-town, parish of Camlin, in the County Antrim, fourteen and one-third English miles W. to N. from Belfast, situated on the road between Antrim and Lurgan, and two miles and a half East of the head of the bay of Lough Neagh. On the Camlin, which skirts the town, and from which river its name is a corruption, are extensive corn and flour mills. From the situation of the town near Lough Neagh, it derives facility of communication by water with Belfast, Newry, Antrim, Magherafelt and other towns. Petty Sessions are held on the second and fourth Monday of every month. The Parish Church was destroyed by the army of James II., in 1689, and its ruins, which are very interesting, remain a monument of the sacrilegious act. The Presbyterians and Unitarians have each a place of worship; and there are two free schools and a dispensary. One of the schools was built and endowed by the late Major General the Hon. Sir H. R. Pakenham, of Langford Lodge; the other is under the National Board of Education. Fairs, the first Monday monthly. There is also a market every Monday for the sale of pork, butter and eggs. Population on 1861, 459.

Post-Office - Jane Campbell, postmistress; letters from Dublin, and all parts of the South of Ireland, also from England, arrive every morning at 8-50, and are despatched every evening at 6 o'clock. Letters from Belfast and the North, also from Scotland, arrive (from Antrim) every evening at 5-50, and are despatched every morning at 7 o'clock.
Magistrates who preside at Petty Sessions - Rev. Arthur H. Pakenham, Captain G. T. Brooke, Thomas Walkington, and James Hunter
Clerk of Petty Sessions, and Clerk to Board of Conservators of Fisheries - Joseph English, Crumlin

Places of Worship

Parish Church, Killead - Rev. Roger Bickerstaff, vicar
Presbyterian Church - Rev. A. C. Canning
Unitarian Church - Rev. Robert Cleland

Public Institutions

National School - John Berryhill, teacher
Free School - G. Dixon and Mrs. Dixon, teachers
Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies - Conducted by Miss M. Haddock
Dispensaries - Crumlin, G. A. Hume, surgeon; Glenavy, Arthur Mussen, M.D., med. officer

Clergy, Gentry &c.

Bell, Edward, Lennymore
Bell, John, Glenfield
Bickerstaff, Rev. R., Killead Glebe
Brooke, Thomas Henry Charles, Glendarragh
Canning, Rev. Alexander C.
Charters, Adolphus, Glendonagh
Cleland, Rev. William
Donaldson, Samuel, Tromary Cottage
Dowglasse, Captain George, Gobrana
Hume, George A., M.D., and surgeon
Murray, John Gregg, High-Constable of Upper Massereene, Stoneyford, Lisburn
McConnell, William, High-Constable of Lower Massereene, Cherryvalley
McKee, William Alexander, Gobrana
Pakenham, Lieutenant Colonel. T. H., Langford Lodge
Pakenham, Rev. Arthur H., J.P., Langford Lodge
Peel, Jonathan, Ben Neagh
Pye, Rev. George, P.P., Glenavy
Roe, Rev. Edward P., incumbent of Gartree
Smyth, Thomas Johnston, Goremount, Glenavy
Smyth, Rev. Wm. Johnston, vicar, the Glebe, Glenavy
Smyth, Rev. Edward Johnston, vicar, The Glebe, Parish of Camlin
Suffern, Samuel
Whitfield, John S.

Traders &c.

Armstrong, S., spirit dealer
Bell, William, blacksmith, Ballycessey
Bolton, John, blacksmith, Ballycessey
Boyd, Robert, blacksmith
Boyd, William, shoe maker
Campbell, Jane, postmistress
Campbell, William, carpenter
Connor, Ann Jane & Margaret, milliners
Cormican, Thomas, saddler and harness maker
Cousins, Henry, grocer and haberdasher
Cousins, Isaac, spirit dealer
Dempsey, Bridget, grocer
Dornan, Henry, grocer
Farr, Hiram, flax scutching mill
Ferguson, David, tailor
Finton, Amelia, straw bonnet maker
Holmes, William, baker
Hunter, M. & C., dress makers
Hunter, James, miller, Crumlin Mills and Glenconway
Hunter, Sarah, grocer and haberdasher
Johnston, James, grocer, haberdasher and baker
Johnston, Robert, watch maker
Mateer, William Henry, tailor
Montgomery, Alexander, miller
Montgomery, Margaret and Isabella, dress makers
McAteer, John, stone mason
McCluney, Edward, butcher and grocer
McCluskey, James, provision dealer and grocer
McColgan, James, Pakenham Arms and livery stables
McIlvenna, Joseph, carpenter
McKendry, James, grocer and shoe maker
McPeake, Joseph, cooper
Neeson, James and William, shoe makers
Palmer, James, nailer
Palmer, Maria, spirit dealer
Palmer, William John, nailer
Quigley, Thomas, civil bill officer
Toland, Daniel, tailor, draper, grocer and haberdasher


A three horse van, the property of Andrew Bell, Glenavy, leaves Mr. Isaac Cousin's, innkeeper, Crumlin, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning at 7 o'clock, arriving at John Casey's North Street, Belfast, at 9 o'clock, returning same evening at 4 o'clock.

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