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1868 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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          A small seaport town in County Down, about twenty six miles from Belfast and three from Castlewellan, situated on the shore of Dundrum Bay. It is resorted to by many respectable families in the Summer, being a very fine bathing place. There are several large and handsome private dwellings, and numerous well furnished lodging houses; hot, cold and shower baths; and a handsome hotel built by Earl Annesley. The Earl's marine residence is Donard Lodge, laid out with great taste; and near it is a chalybeate spa, to which the public have access. The Slieve Donard mountain, at the foot of which is the Lodge, rises to the height of 3,000 feet above the sea. The places of worship in the town are - The Episcopalian Chapel of Ease - a handsome building; a Presbyterian church, a church for Wesleyan Methodists, a Roman Catholic chapel. There are schools, supported principally by the Earl and Countess Annesley. The population of the town in 1861 was 1,400.

Post-Office - John Hyland, postmaster. Letters for Newcastle arrive every morning at 7-30 and are despatched every evening at 5.
Coast Guard - Commander Lodder, R.N., inspecting commander
Constabulary Station - M. Collingwood Elrington, sub inspector

Places of Worship, &c.

Episcopal Chapel - Rev. William R. Slacke, A.B., incumbent
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Samuel J. Smith
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - Ministers, various
Endowed School - Guildford M. Dudley, and Catherine Dudley, teachers

Nobility, Gentry, Clergy &c.

Annesley, Hon. W. O. Beresford, Annesley Terrace
Annesley, Countess, Donard Lodge
Beers, William, Brook Cottage
Clarendon, Samuel, M.D., surgeon
Creery, Mrs. Mary, Mountain Villa
Decluzean, Captain, retired C.I. of constabulary
De Spalia, F.
Elrington, McCollingwood, S.I. constabulary
Fletcher, William, Warren Lodge
Gilmour, Mrs., Havelock House
Goslin, Commander, R.N.
Hanna, Rev. Hugh, P.P., Erlsdale (Earlsdale)
Hayward, Mr., coastguard
Knox, Vesey E., Shimna
Lodder, Commander, R.N.
McCreight, Miss Maria, Tollymore House
Martin, Henry
Martin, Mrs. James
Moore, Rev. J. R., Armitage House
Rea, Captain , Ashleigh
Scudamore, Mrs., River House
Slacke, Rev. William, Newcastle
Smith, Rev. Samuel J.
Steele, William, Rock Cottage
Tate, Mrs., Rowallan Place

Waring, William, Carryard Cottage
Wray, Captain, J.P., Ashleigh

Traders &c.

Barry, M., grocer
Barry, Ellen, haberdasher
Canaway, William, carpenter
Caughey, Hugh, baker
Collins, Daniel, baker, grocer and provision dealer
Coulter, Edward, painter and house decorator
Coulter, The Misses, dressmakers
Coulter, William, painter
Edgar, The Misses, dress makers
Farrell, the Misses, dress makers
Friers, Mary, delf shop
Gray, Robert, tailor
Hyland, John, postmaster
Laws, Mrs., boarding house
Leneghan, William, shoe maker
Lowey, Robert, spirit dealer
Macken, Mary, grocer and provision dealer
Mateer, William, grocer, provision dealer and agent for News Letter
Millis, Robert, spirit dealer
McCracken, Mrs., grocer and provision dealer
McKibbin, Ann Jane, dress maker
McNally, Patrick, boot and shoe maker
Neill, John, joiner and builder
Rodgers, Charles, blacksmith
Shallow, Miss, haberdasher
Sloan, Armstrong, plasterer
Smyth, Edward, tailor
Trousdale, William, Annesley Arms Hotel
Ward, John, butcher
Westerman, James, grocer and provision dealer


Licensed Cars - Wm. Trousdale, of the Annesley Arms; John and Robt. Lowey, Widow Smyth, Robert Thornton, and Denis Maginn, who besides keeping post cars, run an omnibus daily between Newcastle and Downpatrick


          Is an extensive market town and Parliamentary borough, in Down and Armagh counties, fifty miles N. by Dublin, and thirty from Belfast; comprising within the Parliamentary boundary 2,543 acres, of which 629 are in the town, and 1,914 in the rural district; population in 1861, 12,188 inhabitants. It is situated near the mouth of the Newry Water, which discharges itself into Carlingford Bay, five miles from the town. There are eight bridges, four of which are stone, and cross the river which separates the counties of Armagh and Down; the others are iron and wooden drawbridges across the canal. Newry is a very ancient town. In 1175 Maurice McLaughlin, King of Ireland, founded an abbey here, to which great immunities and endowments were granted, and afterwards confirmed by Hugh de Lacy, Earl of Ulster, in 1237. The abbot exercised Episcopal jurisdiction over the lordships of Newry and Mourne, which authority is now enjoyed by the trustees of the late lay proprietor (Earl Kilmorey), who, among other privileges, grants marriage licenses, and transacts the usual business of an ecclesiastical court, with as plenary and indisputable powers as any other ecclesiastical court in Ireland. They appoint a vicar to discharge the ministerial duties; and as, by virtue of the patent, they enjoy all Episcopal powers which can be possibly vested in a layman, the vicar is responsible for his conduct to them alone, and is not amenable to either bishop or primate. No writs can be served by the sheriff within the limits of the jurisdiction without (if the right were insisted on) their concurrence. The trustees, by virtue of this patent, are entitled to the tithes of the lordship of Newry, and have the right of presentation to the rectory of Mourne. In 1689 the Duke of Berwick, to secure his retreat to Dundalk from the English forces, under the command of the Duke of Schomberg, set fire to Newry, and left it in a very destitute and ruinous condition. The Northern entrance of the town is adorned with a chaste and elegant obelisk of chiselled granite, erected in honour of the late highly respected and generally lamented Trevor Corry, Esq., a favourite magistrate for many years. The Corry Arms, beautifully executed on Portland stone, appear on the North and South recesses, and eulogistic inscriptions on black marble are executed on the West and East sides of the monument. Immediately opposite is a neat, capacious edifice, known as the Orange Hall, erected by the Orangemen of the district, on a site granted by the Marquis of Downshire, in which the meetings of that body are usually held. The public buildings are - two Protestants churches (one of which was erected as far back as the reign of Elizabeth), five Presbyterian churches (three of them connected with the General Assembly), three Methodist churches, one Independent chapel, and two Roman Catholic chapels, two convents, two court houses, two bridewells, union workhouse, Scriptural schools, Freemason hall, national model school, fever hospital, Bank of Ireland, savings' bank, and barracks. In the ground in front of the Savings' Bank is placed a large Russian gun, beautifully mounted, as a memorial to the Newry heroes who fell in the Crimea. There are several corn and flour mills, a brewery, ten tan yards, three coach and car manufactories, iron and brass foundries, and spade and shovel manufactories. The other manufactories are linen, yarn, cotton, salt, iron, cordage &c. Quarter sessions are held here, as also in Ballybot, for a portion of the County Armagh. There is a fair on the first Monday of every month in that portion of the town, in the County of Armagh, called Ballybot; markets on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays - all toll free. The borough returns one Member to Parliament; constituency, under 13 & 14 Vic., cap. 60, in 1857, 510. The Bank of Ireland, the Belfast, the Northern, and the Provincial Banks have branches here. The port admits vessels of 1,000 tons to Warrenpoint, five miles from the town, where the larger vessels remain, but those drawing fifteen feet of water can go up by the ship canal to the Albert Basin, Newry. Barges ply by the Newry Canal Navigation to Lough Neagh, thirty two miles distant inland. The Newry Navigation Company have the management of the port and canal, the latter of which extends along the West side of the river. Steam boats regularly sail to Liverpool; and one steamer sails from Newry to Glasgow every week. A steam collier trades between here and the coal ports in England and Scotland. The Belfast Junction Railway passes convenient to the town, and at Goragh Wood is joined by the Newry and Armagh line branch into Newry, and thus the communication by railway between Newry, Dublin and Belfast is complete. The Newry and Armagh Railway is now open to Armagh direct, passing through Markethill. The Newry, Warrenpoint, and Rostrevor Railway is completed to Warrenpoint. A new railway company has been formed, called the Newry and Greenore Railway, and it purposes making a line, in connexion with the Newry and Armagh Railway to Greenore, passing through Omeath and Carlingford, thence to Greenore. It is understood that a steamer will run from Greenore direct to Holyhead, which is about the same distance from Holyhead as Kingstown. The principal exports are linen cloth, grain, provisions, cattle, eggs and butter.

Member for the Borough - Arthur C. Innes, M.P., Dromantine
Local Magistrates - J. T. Butler, R.M.; T. G. Henry, Isaac Corry, D.L., Denis Maguire, Hill Irvine, Denis C. Brady, James McGeorge, John Moore, J. F. Erskine, P. G. Carville, J. Quin Henry
Town Commissioners - Meet every alternate Monday at their office, Hill Street. Members - John Moore, J.P., chairman; Robert Dempster, J. F. Erskine, J.P., Robert Blain, Edwd. Greer, Jas. Fegan, James Macmahon, Richard Downey, Wm. Henry, Joseph Lupton, Thos. Irvine, J. P. McNally, Patk. O'Rorke, A. J. Small, F. O'Hagan, Thomas Cardwell, J. J. O'Hagan, Dominick Daly; solicitor, J. M. Magee; surveyor, B. B. Murray; inspector, Hugh Dunsheath; assistant inspector, William Storey; collector of taxes, B. McCormick; clerk, John Treanor

Places of Worship

St. Mary's Church, Hill Street - Very Rev. D. Bagot, Dean of Dromore, and Vicar General of Newry and Mourne, vicar; Rev. T. B. Swanzer, curate
St. Patrick's Church, High Street - Rev. Francis King, A.B., chaplain; Rev. George F. Stokes, curate
Unitarian Church, Needham Place
First Presbyterian Church, Sandy's Street - Rev. John Henry Munro
Second Presbyterian Church, Downshire Road - Rev. John Dodd
Third Presbyterian Church, Riversdale, Basin Walk - Rev. Andrew C. Murphy
Covenanting Meeting House, High Street - Rev. T. C. Britton
Independent Chapel, Trevor Hill - Rev. J. W. Johnston
Wesleyan Methodist Church, Sandys Street - Rev. Messrs. Quarry and Johnston
Primitive Methodist Church, Kilmorey Street - Rev. ? McCormack
Roman Catholic (St. Patrick's) Cathedral, Hill Street - Right Rev. Dr. Leahy, bishop

Public Officers and Offices

Coroners - For the Newry Division of County Down, George Tyrrell, M.D., Banbridge. For the Ballybot division of County Armagh, J. M. Magee, solicitor, Newry
Consuls - Holland, Hugh Dalzell; Sweden, Norway and Denmark, Richard George Guy; Spain, George McCracken; France and Italy, Signor Mancini
Registrar of Marriages - James Burns, Kildare Street
Stamp Distributor - Andrew Jennings, North Street
Notaries Public - H. Boyd and W. H. Ogle
Paymaster of Out-Pensioners - Captain W. H. Greaves, Trevor Hill
Post Office, Hill Street - Henry Loughran, postmaster
Custom House, Merchants' Quay - D. C. Pagan, collector; C. Gill, comptroller; Joseph V. Grafton, clerk; John J. Moutray, searcher, measurer, tide surveyor &c.; J. Neylan, tide surveyor at Warrenpoint
Inland Revenue Bonded Stores, Canal Street - J. G. Thornley, supervisor; Samuel Smith, warehouse officer; George McCracken, owner
Excise Office, Downshire Place - John Terry, collector; J. Beattie, supervisor
Income Tax Office - Charles E. Isaacs, surveyor
County Down Bridewell, Kilmorey Street - John Matthews, keeper
County Armagh (Ballybot) Bridewell - J. Bourke, keeper
Sessions' House, Trevor Hill - Isaac Parsons, clerk of Petty Sessions
Constabulary Barracks - County Armagh side, Canal Street; Down side, Hyde Terrace
Military Barracks, Canal Quay - Sergt. Clooney, barrack sergeant
A Police Court is held every morning at the Magistrates' Office, 63 Hill Street. The Petty Sessions are held every Wednesday, in the Court House, Trevor Hill, where also a Borough Court for the disposal of cases under the Towns' Improvement Act is held every Friday morning, at 11 o'clock

Public Institutions

Banks - Bank of Ireland, Trevor Hill, Francis Horner, agent. Belfast Bank, Trevor Hill, James McFarland, jun, manager. Provincial Bank of Ireland, Hill Street, Robert Thompson, manager. Northern Bank, Trevor Hill, John C. Brady, manager; Savings' Bank, Sugar Island, George McCracken, actuary, and A. Little, auditor
Gas Works, Kilmorey Street - Jas. Gordon, secretary; Wm. Doyle, collector &c.
Water Works Office, Kilmorey Street - James Fegan, secretary
Navigation Office, Needham Bridge - R. Austin Plunkett, secretary
Union Workhouse, Monaghan Road - Thompson Cooke, master; Mrs. Cooke, matron; Joseph Bell, clerk. Guardians meet every Saturday
Fever Hospital, Windsor Hill - Dr. Morrison, medical attendant
Newry and Crobane Dispensary, The Mall - Andrew McBride, M.D., and R. Johnston, M.D., medical officers
Commercial News-room, Hill Street - John Moore, J.P., hon. sec.; Mrs. Prendergast, keeper
Newry Commercial Telegraph
- is published on the mornings of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Printing office, 77 Hill Street. H. G. Henderson, publisher

Schools, &c.

Collegiate School, Corry Square - F. A. Potterton, master
Scriptural Schools, Downshire Road - Joseph Dempsey and Mrs. White, teachers
Scriptural Schools, Downshire Road - Joseph Dempsey and Mrs. White, teachers
Ragged School held in Talbot Street
Windsor Hill National School - W. V. Nesbitt and Mrs. Gillespie, teachers
National Model School, Catherine Street - Hugh McCullough, F. Leonard, Miss Pollock and Mrs. Glenny, teachers
Infant School, High Street - Mrs. McGovern, mistress
Convent of St. Clare, High Street -
Convent of Sisters of Mercy, Catherine Street -


Victoria and Commercial Hotel, Hill Street - Mrs. Charlotte Hogg, proprietress
Imperial Hotel, Marcus Square - Mrs. Halligan, proprietress
Whitecross Hotel, Margaret Street - Francis Daly, proprietor

Gentry &c.

Atkins, Mrs. Elizabeth, Canal Street
Black, G. G., sub-inspector R.I.C., Hill Street
Brady, Denis C., J.P., Bridge Street
Brady, J. C., Trevor Hill
Brown, Mrs., Marcus Square
Burnside, W. J., Canal Street
Carter, The Misses, Canal Street
Close, M. C., D.L., Drumbanagher Castle
Corry, Isaac, D.L., J.P., Abbey Yard
Coulter, Richard, Ellenvale
Courtenay, Mrs., Downshire Road
Crozier, Miss Eliza, Canal Street
Dalzell, Hugh, Bellmont
Ellis, John, Creive
Erskine, James F., J.P., Canal Street
Glenny, Miss Anna, Marcus Square
Gordon, The Misses, Sheepbridge
Gordon, Mrs. George, Maryville
Grafton, J. V., Downshire Road
Gray, Mrs., Kilmorey Street
Greer, Edward, Ivy Lodge
Greer, James, Ashgrove
Henderson, H. G., Littleton
Henning, Mr., Downshire Road
Henry, Thomas G., J.P., Mill Street and The Abbey, Kilkeel
Henry, William, Southwark
Horner, F., Trevor Hill
Innes, Arthur C., M.P., D.L., J.P., Dromantine
Irvine, Hill, J.P., Dromalane
Jefferson, Miss Dorothea, Canal Street
MacMahon, James, Bellevue
Magee, J. M., Laurel Lodge
Maguire, Denis, J.P., Bridge Street
Moore, John, J.P., Hill Street
Moore, Miss Margaret, Canal Street
Murray, B. B., C.E., Downshire Road
McBlain, Mrs., Trevor Hill
McBlain, R., Hill Street
McCamly, Mrs., Sandys Street
McFarland, James, Trevor Hill
McGeorge, James, J.P., Carnmeen
McWatty, J., Mountkearney
Newell, Mrs., Downshire Road
Ogle, Francis Hutcheson, Ashton
Parsons, Mrs., Templegowran
Peacock, Miss, 10 Hill Street
Potterton, F. A., Corry Square
Quinn, Peter, J.P., Drumbanagher
Seaver, Mrs., Downshire Road
Stevenson, Hugh, New Street
Swanzey, Mrs., Corry Square
Switzer, Wellington, Primrose Cottage
Thompson, Miss Jane S., Canal Street
Thompson, Mrs. Ross, Greenwood Park
Thompson, Mrs. Wm. N., Collector's Open
Thompson, Robert, Hill Street
Thomson, Henry, Downshire House
Turner, Edward, Queen Street
Tuthill, R. R., C.E., New Street
Wallace, H. W., Cairn Hill
Wallace, Hugh J., Dromalane

Clergy and Professional

Alexander, Rev. Henry, The Manse, Monaghan Street
Bagot, Very Rev. Daniel, Dean of Dromore &c., Abbey Yard
Banks, S., veterinary surgeon, Marcus Square
Boyd, Hutcheson, solicitor, Trevor Hill
Brown, R. J., attorney, Needham Place
Carey, Thomas, attorney, Marcus Square
Connor, S., surgeon and apothecary, Hill Street
Crozier, Rev. J. A., Downshire Road
Davis, William A., physician, surgeon and apothecary, Sugar Island
Denvir, M., attorney, Hill Street
Dodd, Rev. John, The Manse, Sandys Place
Erskine, Archibald, physician, Sandys Place
Garlan, C., M.D., physician and surgeon, Hill Street
Glenny, Matthew, attorney, Marcus Square
Greer, Edward, solicitor and commissioner for taking affidavits, Trevor Hill
Johnston, Robert, physician, surgeon and apothecary, Hill Street
Kean, Hugh J., M.D., surgeon and physician, Hill Street
King, Rev. Francis, A.B., Chequer Hill
Leahy, Right Rev. Dr., Violet Hill
Lett, Rev. H. W., Queen Street
Magee, Joshua M., attorney and coroner, Hill Street
Monroe, Rev. John H., The Manse, Downshire Place
Morrison, J., physician, Trevor Hill
Murphy, James, solicitor, 92 Hill Street
Murphy, Rev. A. C., Barrack Street
McBlaine, F. W., LL.D., barrister-at-law, Trevor Hill
McBride, Andrew, M.D., surgeon and apothecary, 73 Hill Street
Ogle, William H., solicitor, Needham Place, notary public, and commissioner for taking  affidavits and acknowledgments of deeds
Parsons, Isaac, attorney, Hill Street
Porter, D. C., inspector of National Schools, Belvidere Lodge
Savage, John, surgeon and apothecary, Marcus Square
Swanzey, Rev. Thomas B., Corry Square
Taylor, E., surgeon, Kilmorey Street
Thornley, J. G., M.D., surgeon and physician, Canal Street
Tuthill, R. R., C.E., New Street
Waddell, Alexander, surgeon, Upper North Street

Traders &c.

Anderson, J., grocer and spirit dealer, Water Street
Anderson, Mrs., pawn broker, High Street
Arbuthnot & Co., grocers, spirit merchants & seeds men, 54 Hill Street
Aylmer, Patrick, slater and plasterer, 29 Castle Street
Best, James E., grocer and spirit merchant, Sugar Island
Blackham, Maxwell, watch and clock maker, Hill Street
Brown, A., ornamental plasterer &c., Kilmorey Street
Boyd, Thomas, grocer, Water Street
Brannagan, James, butcher, Castle Street
Brennan, Edward, grocer and spirit dealer, Market Street
Brown, R., corn dealers, Merchants' Quay
Brown, S. & Co., meal mongers, Merchants' Quay
Burns, Ann, provision dealer, 8 Market Street

Burns, James, printer, Kildare Street
Burns, Walter, printer, book seller &c., Hill Street
Byrne, E., tanner & currier, Boat Street
Byrne, James, spirit dealer, Edward Street
Byrne, Michael, spirit dealer and baker, Lower Water Street
Campbell, F., auctioneer, Sugar Island
Cardwell, Thomas, corn merchant, Edward Street
Carvill, F. & Son, iron and timber merchants and ship owners, Merchants' Quay
Cathcart, Joseph, iron merchant, Upper North Street
Coleman, Bernard, tallow chandler, soap boiler, Castle Street
Collins, Arthur, provision dealer, 25 Market Street
Collins, H., pawn broker and chandler, Castle Street
Collins, R., butcher, 12 Castle Street
Collins, William, butcher, Castle Street
Collins & Co., printer and stationer, 34 Hill Street
Conlon, M., leather seller, 41 Mill Street
Connolly, P., slater and plasterer, Shamble Yard
Connolly, Thomas, blacksmith, 9 Canal Street
Cordner, W. H., watch maker and jeweller, ?? Hill Street
Crawford, Patrick, butcher, 6 Castle Street
Crilly, James, butcher, 14 Castle Street
Cunningham, John, boot and shoe maker, North Street
Cunningham, Michael, tanner and currier, Needham Place
Daly, Dominic, corn dealer, Edward Street
Daly, F., Whitecross, Margaret Street
Dalzell, Hugh, salt manufacturer, Sugar Island
Davidson, William, rope maker, 19 Sugar Island
Dempsey, Mrs., baker, 17 Sugar Island
Dempster, Robt., flax spinner, Old Corn Market
Denvir, Michael & Son, woollen drapers &c., Hill Street
Dickson, A. G. & J., provision merchants, Monaghan Street
Donaghy, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Upper North Street
Donnelly, Brothers, butchers, Hill Street
Donnelly, Peter, provision dealer, Boat Street
Donnelly, Rose, spirit dealer, 14 Sugar Island
Dowling, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, Needham Place
Downey, Richard, grocer and spirit dealer, 10 Market Street & Mill Street
Doyle, Mrs., haberdasher, Hill Street
Dromgoole, C., spirit dealer, Monaghan Street
Elliott, J., boot and shoe maker, Upper North Street
Elliott, John, brass founder and gas fitter, Basin Walk
Farmer, Peter, provision dealer, 56 Mill Street
Farrell, J., provision dealer, 32 Boat Street
Fegan, James, house and land agent, Kilmorey Street
Finlay, Miss, 1 Lower North Street
Fleming, John, brazier and tin plate worker, 38 North Street
Forrest, William, tanner, Downshire Road
Fowler, James, grocer and spirit dealer, Water Street
Fowler, Joseph, solicitor's clerk, Arthur Street
Fowler, Wm., brick and tile manufacturer, Talbot Street
Galbraith, Wm., grocer, 19 Sugar Island
Glenny, I., pawn broker, 146 High Street
Glenny, Joseph, pawn broker, Lower North Street and Downshire Road
Glenny, Robert, Trevor Hill
Gordon, Joseph, grocer, North Street
Grant, Charles, grain merchant, Kildare Street
Grant, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Upper North Street
Grant, Eliza, spirit dealer, Mill Street
Grant, Hugh, ironmonger, North Street
Grant, James, corn merchant, Trevor Hill.
Grant, Patrick, earthenware dealer, 3 Lower North Street
Greacen, John, spirit dealer, 22 King Street
Greer & Co., corn merchants, Merchants' Quay
Guy, George, & Co., timber and slate merchants, Merchants' Quay
Guy, George, jun., spirit dealer, ship broker & sail maker, Merchants' Quay
Halton, James, leather seller, 8 Mill Street
Hamilton, R. S., hairdresser, &c., Hill Street
Hamilton, W. R., chemist and druggist, Hill Street
Hancock, R., harness maker and saddler, 27 Hill Street
Harold, Wm., haberdasher, 20 Market Street
Heather, John, grocer, Water Street
Hennessy, David, haberdasher, North Street
Hennessy, D., cabinet maker, North Street
Henry, Thomas, carpenter & builder, 28 Canal Street
Henry, Wm., brewer and maltster, Queen Street
Hill, Edward, boot and shoe maker, 1 Hill Street
Hoey, Thomas D., wine and spirit merchant, Merchants' Quay
Hogg, Mrs., Victoria and Commercial Hotel, Hill Street
Holywood, J., whitesmith, King Street
Hunter, James, turner and block maker, Buttercrane Quay
Hunter, Moses, block maker, William Street
Irvine, Robert, grocer and spirit merchant, High Street
Irvine, Thomas, grocer and spirit merchant, 30 Hill Street
Ivor, David, stationer and book binder, New Street
Jennings, Andrew, iron merchant and stamp distributor, North Street
Jennings, M. & Son, spirit merchants, 12 Mill Street
Johnston, Robert J., boot maker, Hill Street
Kean, Wm., cork cutter, The Mall
Kearney & Co., confectioner, Hill Street
Keating, Mary, dyer,, Mill Street
Keating, Michael, dyer, Mill Street
Kernaghan, Adam, boot and shoe maker, 36 Upper North Street
Kerr, Patrick, grocer, Margaret Street
Killen, A., grocer, Water Street
Laing, Thomas, pawn broker, Market Square & Downshire Road
Lawson, Charles, coach builder, Hill Street
Lee, James, pianoforte and music seller, &c., 20 Hill Street
Loughran, Joseph, auctioneer, Queen Street
Lowry, James, spirit dealer, Castle Street
Lucas, Richard & Son, plumbers, iron & brass founders, Soho Foundry
Lupton, J., corn merchant and miller, Queen Street
MacMahon, James, stone and marble cutter, timber & coal merchant, 24 Merchants' Quay
Madden, J., spirit dealer, Monaghan Street
Madine, John, baker, 38 Castle Street
Magennis, Edward A., baker and flour merchant, 8 North Street
Magill & Thompson, grocers and spirit dealers, Kildare Street
Magill, James, spirit dealer and posting establishment, Monaghan Street
Maginnis, Bernard, builder, &c., Canal Quay
Maginnis, Edward, engraver and copperplate printer, The Mall
Maginnis, James, fowl dealer, North Street
Mark, C. A., spirit dealer and grocer, Sugar Island
Markey, Eliza, spirit dealer, Edward Street
Markey, Mr., saddler, 54 Water Street
Marron, M., grocer and spirit dealer, Hill Street
Marron, Mrs., spirit dealer and provision dealer, 3 Mill Street
Marshall, John, watch and clock maker, Hill Street
Martin, D., jun., & Co., grocer, Hill Street
Martin, Louis V., spirit dealer and grocer, Merchants' Quay
Massy, John, provision dealer and grocer, Monaghan Street
Mathers, Francis, boot and shoe maker, Hill Street
Meek, Mrs., confectioner, Upper North Street
Miller, James, gas fitter, Mill Entry
Monaghan, Bernard, butcher, Castle Street
Mooney, John, blacksmith, 97 Hill Street
Moore, John, grocer and spirit merchant, Hill Street
Morgan, Mrs., Bridge Street
Mulholland, Charles, butter merchant, King Street
Murphy, M., spirit dealer, 28 King Street
Murphy, Peter, tanner and currier, Marcus Square
McAlinden, Henry, confectioner, Hill Street
McAlpine, R., merchant tailor, 71 Hill Street
McArevey, John, cabinet maker, Hill Street
McBlain, Robert & Co., grocers, wine and spirit merchants and seeds men, 32 Hill Street
McCall, John, butcher, 20 North Street
McCallister, Robert, spirit dealer, Water Street
McCallister, S. & W., Canal Street
McCann, T., baker, 20 Castle Street
McCaul & Campbell, general commission merchants and mineral water manufacturers, Sugar Island
McCarroll, S. & R., pawn brokers, Castle Street
McCaw, W. J., merchant clothier, Sugar Island
McClelland, Robert, blacksmith, Hill Street
McClory, John, butter dealer, Canal Street
McCracken, George, coal merchant, Canal Street
McCulla, Wm., grocer, spirit dealer, 2 Lower North Street
McDowell, John, grocer, 38 Water Street
McElroy, P. & Co., ironmongers, North Street
McGeorge, James & Co., haberdashers, 4 Lower North Street
McGinnis, Patrick, provision dealer, 27 Market Street
McGrath, James, sheet iron, copper and tin worker, 44 Canal Street
McGrath, W., whitesmith, 22 Mill Street
McGuiggan, J., butcher, 55 North Street
McGuiggan, Thomas, butcher, 8 Castle Street
McKeown, John, coach builder, 95 Hill Street
McKenna, James, hair dresser, 5 Mill Street
McKenna, Mrs., tanner and currier, 24 Mill Street
McKevitt, B., provision dealer, chandler, spirit dealer, 1 Market Street
McKevitt, Terence, hairdresser, &c., Water Street
McLoughlin, T., leather seller, 20 Mill Street
McLoughlin, Thomas, tanner and currier, 40 Mill Street
McMahon & Co., grocers, spirit dealers, sail makers, ship brokers, Soho Place
McNally, J. P., spirit dealer, Hill Street
McNeice, John, watch & clock maker, Margaret Street
Nixon, S., & Co., boot makers, Hill Street
O'Hagan, Felix, grocer, Water Street
O'Hagan, John J., woollen draper, 13 & 14 Upper North Street
O'Hagan, Joseph, grocer, Water Street
O'Hare, John, wheelwright, Needham Street
O'Hare, Owen, spirit dealer, Hill Street
O'Rorke, P., haberdasher, 20 Upper North Street
Patterson, R., grocer, Canal Street
Pattison, William, brazier and tinplate worker, 1 Margaret Street
Quigley, Misses, boarding and day school, 83 Hill Street
Quin, John, grocer, Lower North Street
Quin, Edward & Sons ironmongers, Margaret Street
Quin, Thomas, spirit dealer, Boat Street
Radcliffe, James, tailor, Dromalane
Ralston & Clements, chandlers and soap boilers, Sugar Island
Rea, Arthur, saddler, 11 Lower Water Street
Reside, Henry, painter and glazier, Talbot Street
Rice, D., saddler, Hill Street
Rice, Patrick, pawn broker, Chapel Street
Rooney, D. & Co., grocers and spirit dealers, Merchants' Quay
Russell, John, pawn broker, Castle Street
Russell, M. A., spirit dealer, Hyde Market
Ryan, Anne, grocer and spirit dealer, Boat Street
Savage, James, jun., & Co., coal merchants, Merchants' Quay
Savage, James, bonded store keeper, Basin Walk House
Savage, Patrick, tailor, Hill Street
Scott, George, wholesale and family grocers and gunpowder merchants, agents for Atlas Assurance Company, New Buildings, 35 Hill Street
Sinclair & Son, corn and meal merchants and millers, Sugar Island
Small, Arthur John, grocer and spirit dealer, Margaret Street
Smith, James, grocer, baker and spirit dealer, Kildare Street
Stanton, James & Co., drapers, North Street
Stewart, Donald, herring merchant, Canal Quay
Stewart, Robert, public weigh master, The Mall
Stewart, The Misses, milliners, 47 Hill Street
Thompson, Andrew, painter, Sugar Island
Thompson, J., painter and glazier, 10 Hill Street
Thompson, James, grocer, Market Street
Thompson, R., gunsmith, 25 Lower North Street
Thomson, Henry, wine and spirit merchant, Trevor Hill
Torley, James, boot and shoe maker, Upper North Street
Treanor, John, clerk to town commissioners, Chapel Street
Treanor, Mrs., trimming dealer, 29 Market Street
Tweedy, William, pawn broker, King Street
Vallely, John & Co., woollen drapers, 62 Hill Street
Walch, David, photographic artist, Corry Square
Walker, Abraham R., meal, flour & grain stores, Mill Street
Wallace, H. J., corn and meal merchant, Merchants' Quay
Wallace, John H. & Co., wine and spirit merchants; agents for Alliance Fire and Life Assurance Company, Hill Street
Weir, Andrew, painter and glazier, Hill Street
Weller, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, Hill Street
Whelan, John, assistant clerk, Petty Sessions, Hill Street
Wiggins, Thomas, cabinet maker, Hyde Market
Woods, James & Co., wine and spirit merchant, 86 Hill Street
Wood, Thomas & Co., haberdashers, North Street
Wright, Henry, crane master and auctioneer, Monaghan Street
Wright, John, printer, stationer and agent for News Letter, Water Street
Wright, John, spirit dealer and grocer, Water Street
Wylie, Alexander, veterinary surgeon, Margaret Square
Wyly, Mrs., haberdasher, Hill Street


          Is a market town in County Down, eight miles East from Belfast, situated near the Northern extremity of Lough Strangford. James I., after the forfeiture of the surrounding territory by O'Neill's rebellion, granted lands and the neighbouring monasteries to Sir James Hamilton and Sir Hugh Montgomery, from whom they passed to the Mount-Alexander family, and from them by exchange into that of the Colville family, whose remains are interred in the old church, and from them to that of Londonderry, and the present Marquis is now the proprietor of Newtownards, and a large extent of country around. In the square stands the commodious Town Hall, erected in 1770 by the first Marquis of Londonderry. Nearly in the centre of the town stands the lofty and beautiful pedestal of an ancient cross, erected in 1636, ornamented with armorial sculptures, defaced by the rebels in 1653, and restored by the inhabitants in 1666. Mount Stewart, the seat of the Marquis of Londonderry, is within three miles of it. The weaving of muslin employs a large number of the male population, and the embroidering of muslin, for the manufacturers of Belfast and Glasgow, a considerable number of females. About a mile from the town, convenient to the road leading to Bangor, are extensive lead mines, held on lease from the Marquis of Londonderry by a spirited company; the ore, which is very rich, is shipped at Bangor, for Flint, in North Wales, where it is smelted. There are likewise, in the neighbourhood, at Scrabo, several prolific quarries, producing a stone little inferior to that of Portland. A handsome monument to the memory of the late General, Marquis of Londonderry, is erected on Scrabo Hill. The General Sessions for the county are held quarterly, in the Court house, and Petty Sessions on the first and third Saturdays of every month. The Parish Church, built in 1817, is an elegant cruciform edifice, with a lofty and finely proportioned spire enlarged in 1844 at considerable expense, and in 1867 a new north aisle added to it, which will give accommodation for 900 sittings, at a cost of 2,800. The four Presbyterian churches are convenient and neat edifices. The other places of worship are churches for Unitarians, the Wesleyan and New Connexion Methodists, two Covenanting Meeting Houses and a Roman Catholic chapel. There are - a Fever Hospital, Dispensary, Union Workhouse, and public schools; among the latter is a large one supported by the Londonderry family. The new Model School is a splendid building, situated on the Old Belfast Road leading to Scrabo. The Belfast Banking Company have erected a handsome branch bank in the town. The market, which is held on Saturday, is abundantly supplied with provisions of all kinds, cattle &c. The annual fairs are held on the 23rd January, 14th May, 23rd September, and second Saturday of every month. The County Down Railway has a station at Newtownards, and trains run six times daily between it and Belfast. The Messrs. Walker & Bell have a flax spinning mill in the Castle Gardens, which gives employment to a great number. Population in 1861, 9,543.

Post Office, Francis Street - E. White, postmistress. Letters from Dublin and Belfast, and from England, arrive every morning at 7-50, and every evening at 2-25, and are despatched every afternoon at 7-20. Letters from Donaghadee, Portaferry, and all intermediate places arrive every evening at half past four, and are despatched at half past eight morning
Constabulary Station, High Street - Sub-Inspector, Wm. Wallace
Court House and Bridewell, Regent Street - R. Mathews, keeper
Stamp Office, Francis Street - Jas. Collins, sub distributor
Railway Station, foot of Church Street - Wm. Hill, manager

Places of Worship

Parish Church, Church Street - Rev. J. G. Pooler, incumbent
Presbyterian Church, Francis Street - Rev. W. McCauley
Presbyterian Church, Mary Street - Rev. James Young
Presbyterian Church, Regent Street - Rev. T. Watters
Presbyterian Church, Court Street - Rev. G. Hughes
Presbyterian Church, West Street - Rev. W. T. Martin
Unitarian Meeting House, Francis Street - Rev. Hugh Moore
Covenanting Meeting House, Ann Street - Rev. R. Stewart
Wesleyan Church, Regent Street - Rev. Jeremiah Wilson and Rev. F. Elliott
Wesleyan Church (New Connexion), Zion Place - Rev. F. Hill
Roman Catholic Chapel, Ann Street - Rev. J. McConvery

Public Institutions

Banks - Belfast, William Parr, manager; Ulster, P. McIntosh, manager, Francis Street and Regent Street
Gas Works, Court Street - William Saunderson, secretary and manager
Union Workhouse, off Church Street - J. Adair, master; Mrs. Kelly, matron; Robert Brown, clerk of union; Dr. Armstrong, medical officer; Robert Nicholson, Esq., Balla, chairman of board of guardians
Erasmus Smith's School, Francis Street - R. Love, teacher
National School, East Street - Miss Thompson, teacher
East National School (No. 2) - ? McConkey, teacher
Academy, West Street - ? ?

Nobility, Gentry &c.

Bradshaw, Jonathan, Milecross House
Dalzell, David, Castle Place
Dickson, Mrs., Mountpleasant
Howie, Mrs., Francis Street
Londonderry, Marquis of, Mountstewart
Menzies, G., capt. and quartermaster R.N.D. Rifles, Church Street
Montgomery, Francis O., D.L., J.P., colonel commandant North Down Rifles, Regent Street
Montgomery, Hugh, Rosemount, Greyabbey
Moore, Samuel, Frances Street
Murphy, John, Scrabo Cottage
McFadden, Wm., Hardford Lodge
McIlwrath, Wm., High Street
McIlwaine, John, Solitude Place
Parr, W., manager of Belfast Bank, Regent Street
Quaile, Mrs., Regent Street
Rankin, Richard, Brooklands
Stitt, James, Rosebud Cottage
Strain, Thomas, High Street.

Clergy and Professional

Armstrong, J. S., surgeon, R.N.D., Rifles, Regent Street
Bradshaw, Rev. Joseph, Milecross Lodge
Elliott, Rev. F.
Hill, Rev. F., Zion Hill
Hill, Rev. J., Court Street
Hughes, Rev. G., Movilla Street
Jamison, David, M.D., Conway Square
Martin, Rev. W. T., West Street
Moore, Rev. Hugh, Church Street
McCauley, Rev. W.
McConvery, Rev. J., Ann Street
Pooler, Rev. J. G., incumbent, Parsonage
Stewart, Rev. R., Ann Street
Watters, Rev. Thomas, High Street
Wilson, Rev. Jeremiah
Woods, Dr., Francis Street
Young, Rev. James, Movilla Street

Traders &c.

Aird, H., grocer and baker, High Street
Alexander, Eleanor, grocer and delf dealer, Castle Place
Alexander, Jane, woollen draper, High Street
Alexander, Peter, reed maker, South Street
Andrews, J., cabinet maker, High Street
Apperson, J., shoe maker, Hugh Street
Arnold, Alexander, grocer, Movilla Street
Baird, William, woollen draper, Conway Square
Barclay, A., grocer, Church Street
Bashford, Jane, dress maker, Francis Street
Bennett, James, pawn broker, Frederick Street
Benwell, E. W., excise officer, Church Street
Beatty, Thomas, tanner, Regent Street
Beresford, Miss, dress maker, Lower Francis Street
Blackstock, James, grocer and flax buyer, Mill Street
Boak, Ann Jane, Church Street
Boal, Jane, spirit dealer, Conway Street
Boal, James, county cess collector, Greenwell Street
Boyle, James, corn merchant, grocer, spirit dealer, provision and hardware merchant, Castle Place
Boal, William, grocer, Francis Street
Brown, Hugh, grocer, George's Street
Brown, John C., baker, Francis Street
Brown, J., provision dealer, Little Francis Street
Brown, Robert, clerk to Union, Francis Street
Brown, Robert, pawn broker, Francis Street
Cairns, Hugh, grocer, South Street
Campbell, Jane, grocer, West Street
Carr, George, grocer, Little Francis Street
Caughey, R. J. B., painter and glazier, Francis Street
Clark, James, haberdasher, Francis Street
Collins, James, printer, book seller and stationer, and agent for News Letter, Francis Street
Conley, James, spirit dealer, Francis Street
Cooper, G., delf merchant, grocer and timber merchant, Regent Street
Copeland, John, innkeeper, Mary Street
Croft, James, baker, Castle Place
Curragh, H., sewed muslin agent, Regent Street
Dalzell, Robert, cooper, Mill Street
Dalzell, William, cooper, Movilla Street
Davidson, James, chandler, High Street
Davidson, Margaret, milliner, High Street
Davison, David, shoe maker, Movilla Street
Davison, Mrs., milliner and dress maker, Frederick Street
Dickson, Alexander & Sons, seed merchants and nurserymen, Francis Street
Dickson, James, boot and shoe maker, Mill Street
Digman, John, spirit dealer, Mill Street
Ditty, Elizabeth, innkeeper
Dobbin, William, muslin agent, Court Street
Dugan, Joseph, freestone quarry proprietor
Edgar, Mrs., grocer, William Street

Finlay, Isaac, corn merchant, spirit dealer and grocer, Movilla Street and Castle Place
Finlay, James, Court Street
Finlay, James, inn keeper, Francis Street
Finlay, John, spirit dealer, Movilla Street
Finlay, Samuel, tailor, Greenwell Street
Finlay, William, corn merchant, Court Street
Finlay, William, spirit dealer and leather seller, Greenwell Street
Fleming, Agnes, haberdasher, High Street
Frederick, Agnes, Railway Hotel, Church Street
Frederick, Margaret, Belfast Hotel, Francis Street
Freeman, Robert, grocer, North Street
Gibson, William, hardware dealer, High Street
Gilfillan, Thomas, grocer and muslin agent, West Street
Gilmore, Patrick, tinsmith and gas fitter, High Street
Gordon, James, tailor, Regent Street
Grant, Jane, provision dealer, Mill Street
Harrison, Ann, spirit dealer, Mill Street
Harrison, George, Manor Mills and Francis Street
Hayes, Ellen, confectioner, Francis Street
Hutchinson, Mary, grocer, Movilla Street
Iveston, John, grocer and innkeeper, Francis Street
Jackson, Mary, provision dealer, Little Francis Street
Jamieson, James, linen and woollen draper, Conway Square
Jamieson, William, deal and timber yard, Castle Place
Jeffrey, James, auctioneer, North Street
Johnston, John, grocer, Little Francis Street
Johnston, Samuel, muslin agent, East Street
Johnston, William, auctioneer and clothier, Francis Street
Jones, J., grocer, Church Street
Jordon, J., clog maker, Little Francis Street
Kennedy, Hugh, tailor, Mill Street
Kennedy, W. J., grocer and spirit dealer, Mill Street
Kirk, William, grocer, Francis Street
Ledgwood, W., boot and shoe maker, Frederick Street
Little, J., spirit dealer, Francis Street
Lowry, Jane, grocer, Regent Street
Logan, Joseph, spirit dealer, Francis Street
Magill, James, butcher, Conway Square
Martin, Alexander, grocer, Church Street
Mayne, William, grocer, High Street
Mena, Elizabeth, grocer and haberdasher, High Street
Montgomery, David, pawn broker, Movilla Street
Moore, Andrew, grocer, High Street
Moore, James, baker, High Street
Moore, James, corn merchant and grocer, Movilla Street and High Street
Moore, Jane, sewing agent, Regent Street
Moore, John, grocer, High Street
Moore, John, shoe maker, Mary Street
Moore, Margaret, milliner and dress maker, High Street
Moore, William, cutler, North Street
Munce, Robert, corn merchant, Court Street
Murdock, John, cabinet maker, Francis Street
Murphy, William, grocer, Mill Street
Murphy, Margaret, hardware dealer, Conway Square
Murray, William, spirit dealer, Mill Street
McAlpin, James, tailor, Church Street
McAuley, William, boot and shoe maker, North Street
McBride, James, grocer, Movilla Street
McBride, John, spirit dealer, Mill Street
McBride, Mary, grocer and delf dealer, Regent Street
McBride, Wm. H., boot and shoe maker, High Street
McCall, Edward, haberdasher, High Street
McCance, Sarah, bonnet maker, Francis Street
McCandles (McCandless), A., hairdresser, Francis Street
McClean, Matthew, hotel keeper, posting establishment, Francis Street.
McClure, Essy, spirit dealer, Conway Square
McCully, James, grocer, Greenwell Street
McCutcheon, John, saddler, High Street
McDonnell, James, grocer, Mill Street
McDonnell, R., inspector of schools, Francis Street
McDowell, J., woollen draper, Conway Street
McGrattan, David, boot and shoe maker, Ann Street
McIlvenna, James, pawn broker, Regent Street
McGilton, Martha, grocer, George Street
McKee, Alexander, haberdasher and grocer, High Street
McKee, John, spirit dealer and corn merchant, Castle Place
McKeown, Francis & Co., woollen drapers, High Street
McKittrick, John, woollen draper, Conway Square
McLean, Henry, inn keeper, Conway Square
McLoughlin, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Regent Street
McMahon, James, tailor, West Street
McMahon, William, smith, North Street
McMahon, William, tailor, East Street
McVane, John, sewed muslin and weaving agent, Francis Street
McWhinney, Hugh, grocer, Little Francis Street
McWilliams, William, grocer and spirit dealer, Regent Street
Nelson, Charles, spirit dealer, Conway Street and High Street
O'Neill, John, grocer, Mill Street
Patterson, David, rent agent, Francis Street
Patterson, John, grocer, Mark Street
Patterson, Mary, haberdasher and stationer, High Street
Patterson, Thomas, town clerk and muslin manufacturer, Regent Street
Patton, James, spirit dealer, Frederick Street
Patton, James, watch and clock maker, High Street
Patton, William, Castle Street
Potter, John, saddler, Francis Street
Porter, Miss, music teacher, milliner and haberdasher, Conway Street
Purse, Hans, spirit dealer, corn factor, Castle Place
Ramsay, John, sewing agent, Francis Street
Rea, James, spirit dealer, Russell Place
Russell, Robert, tailor, Regent Street
Saunderson, William, Londonderry Arms Hotel, High Street
Saunderson, William, manager Newtownards Brewing Company
Savage, Isabella, dress maker, Little Francis Street
Shaw, Henry, grocer, Francis Street
Shaw, James, grocer, North Street
Sheppard, J., inn keeper, Regent Street
Simpson, Andrew, hardware merchant, High Street
Simpson, Robert, spirit dealer, Castle Place
Skilling, Stephen, grocer and teacher, Mill Street
Smith, James, grocer, South Street
Smith, John, grocer, High Street
Stewart, Robert, spirit dealer, Regent Street
Stormont, David, spirit dealer, Castle Place
Taylor, John, corn merchant, grocer and woollen draper, High Street
Taylor, Nathaniel, spirit dealer and corn merchant, Castle Place
Taylor, Nathaniel, grocer., baker and confectioner, High Street
Thompson, Hugh, boot and shoe maker, Zion Place
Thompson, J., surveyor, Frederick Street
Wallace, J., haberdasher, Conway Square
Warnock, J., woollen draper, High Street
Waugh, Francis, woollen draper and haberdasher, Francis Street
White, Mrs., grocer &c., Frederick Street
White, James, corn merchant; and registrar of marriages, North Street
Whiteside, J., inn keeper, Zion Place
Whiteside, Stephen, High Street
Wilson, John, boot and shoe maker, Mill Street
Wright, Hugh, grocer, Mark Street


          Or, more properly, Limavady, is a place of great antiquity. It was the residence of the celebrated O'Cahan, or the modern O'Kane, who was chief of one of those powerful "septs" of Ulster that were so constant and determined in their opposition, at all times, to the English, from the year in which Sir John de Courcy received this Northern province from the first of the Plantagenets till the days when they were finally subdued under the first of the Stuarts. Through the middle of Newtownlimavady, beautiful for situation, flows the Ruagh (Anglice, Roe) or red river, so called from its muddy waters. The vale of the Roe has been designated by an able writer "the garden of the North." The chief places of antiquarian interest are the "Limavady," alluding to the "Dog's Leap;" "O'Kane's Rock," in Deerpark; the foundations of the old castle, close by; "McQuillan's Grave," near the "Curly Burn;" and the ruins of Drumachose ancient church, in Drenagh, with its burial place, bearing evidences of Cromwell's sojourn in this island. With the different revolutions of this country this town is honorably associated. In 1641, during the O'Neill persecution, it suffered greatly; in it a large body of horse, A.D. 1688, was raised for the defence of Derry; through it King James, with Marshal de Rosen and the Duke of Berwick, passed to besiege that city; and at Newtownlimavady, during the rebellion of 1798, a small band of yeomen opposed the march towards the Maiden City, from Belfast, of 5,000 United Irishmen, and thereby gave the death blow in the North to that fraternity. Newtownlimavady has good facilities for trade. Daily communication with Derry and Belfast, by means of rail and telegraph, is available. The town can now boast of a public hall, erected at a cost of 2,000, Mr. Samuel Mercer being the builder, a large amount of the outlay being defrayed by public subscription. It contains an assembly room, an ante-room, a news-room, a savings bank, and caretaker's rooms. There are two spacious market places, owned by private individuals. The new market (now in possession of R. Macrory, Esq.) is being converted into a large steam mill. A spinning and weaving factory has also been built at Ballyclose, by the Limavady Spinning and Weaving Co. T. Lowry, Esq. (of the firm of Lowry, Valentine & Kirk, Belfast) is the chairman of the Board of Directors; H. Reynolds, manager; and R. Osborne, clerk. A spinning factory has also been built at Carrick (two miles distant), by Andrew Given, Esq. Various arrangements have been recently made for the better conducting of sales, and it is hoped that these changes will improve the already good trade of this locality. Of our several benevolent and beneficial associations the most interesting are the Young Men's Societies. Of these there are three - the Mutual Improvement, the Christian Association, and Parochial Young Men's Christian. With these may be connected the Bible and Colportage Society, together with the Provident Society, managed by a committee of the ladies of the town. Another institution worthy of mention is the Kennaught Farming Society. It is for the encouragement of agriculture, and the rearing of a superior class of cattle. The population of the town in 1862 was 3,000.

Post Office, Main Street - John B. Martin, postmaster
Town Commissioners - Thomas Cather, chairman; Henry Tyler, Hugh Lane, Geo. Proctor, William Lane, M.D., J. Fleming, Samuel Jackson, Michael Coghlan; Alex. McKillip, clerk
Magistrates - Sir F. W. Heygate, Bart., M.P.; R. L. Ogilby, J. Given, Henry Tyler, Thomas Cather, C. T. McCausland, S. M. Alexander, J. Alexander, Robert Macrory, C. M. Gage, William C. Gage, John B. Beresford, William Osborne, and Rev. J. Colthurst
Constabulary - Captain W. E. Crofton, sub-inspector; Patrick McGlade, head-constable; Thomas McGovern, inspector of weights and measures
Stamp Office, Main Street - V. G. Lynch, Main Street

Places of Worship

Drumachose Parish Church - Rev. G. W. Stuart, A.M., rector; Rev. R. Galbraith, curate
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. G. Hamill
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. G. Steen
Drumachose Presbyterian Church - Rev. Nathl. McAuley Brown
Wesleyan Methodist Church - Rev. Thomas McLorinan
Unitarian Meetinghouse - Rev. Jos. A. Newell
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. John Kearney, P.P., Rev. Edward McKenna, curate

Public Institutions

Bank Agents - Northern Catherine Street, Messrs. Wm. Cather and Wm. Clendinnen; Belfast, Main Street, Thos. Moody; Savings' Bank, Market Street, V. G. Lynch, actuary; Post office Savings' Bank, Main Street, J. B. Martin; Penny Savings' Bank, Wm. S. Fleming, secretary
Assurance Agents - Royal, Robert Macrory, office, Ballyclose; Standard, William Wilson, Main Street; Scottish Amicable Northern Fire, J. B. L. Smith, Main Street; The Scottish Provincial, J. Hunter, Catherine Street
Workhouse - James Eaton, clerk of the union; John Meekan, master; Miss Leah M. Reilly, matron; Charles Gilmore, agriculturist and porter; Mrs. E. Elder, fever nurse; Miss M. E. Adams, infirmary nurse; William Lane, medical officer; John B. Martin, relieving officer; chaplains, Rev. Richard Galbraith, E.C.; Rev. George Steen, Presbyterian; Rev. John Kennedy, R.C.
National School, Main Street - Jas. Wilson and Miss M. Wilson, teachers
National School, Irish Green - Mr. and Mrs. Logan, teachers
Classical and Commercial Academy - R. A. Brandon, teacher
Erasmus Smith's School - Mr. and Miss Watson, teachers
Infant School, Main Street - Miss Warnock, teacher
Private School, Main Street - Miss Dick, teacher

Clergy, Gentry, &c.

Alexander, S. M., J.P.
Alexander, John
Beresford, John B., D.L., J.P., Main Street
Boyle, Alexander, Bridge Hill
Brown, Rev. Nathaniel McAuley, Drumachose
Cather, Wm., Hermitage
Cather, George, Carrickhugh
Cather, Thomas D., Bridgehill
Church, James, Oatlands
Galbraith, Rev. R., Main Street
Given, Andrew, Catherine Street
Given, John, J.P., Farloe
Hamill, Rev. G., Newtownlimavady
Kearney, Rev. John, P.P., Irish Green
Lancy, Thomas, The Lodge
Macrory, Robert, Ardmore
McCausland, Frederick, Bessbrook
McCausland, C. T., D.L., J.P., Drenagh
McKenna, Rev. Edward, C.C., Irish Green
McLorinan, Rev. Thomas, Newtownlimavady
Newell, Rev. Joseph A., Mansfield Cottage
Ogilby, James, D.L., J.P., Pellipar
Ogilby, Robert L., D.L., J.P., Ardnargle
Ross, W. S., Barley Park
Steen, Rev. G., Whitehill Cottage
Stuart, Rev. G. W., A.M., Drumachose
Tyler, Henry


Allison, Jas., architect & builder, Catherine Street
Boyd, Robert, architect and builder, Irish Green
Cherry, John, teacher of music, Isle of Man Street
Fleming, Samuel, surgeon, Main Street
Given, George, architect and builder, Main Street
Lane, Hugh, solicitor, Main Street
Lane, Albert & Wm., physicians, Main Street
Martin & King, solicitors and law agents, Catherine Street
Mercer, John W., auctioneer
Mercer, Samuel, architect and builder, Main Street
McLaughlin, Jackson, physician, Main Street
McKay, James, auctioneer, Ballyclose
Proctor, George, solicitor, Catherine Street
Sherrard, Wm., auctioneer, Catherine Street
Walker, Wm., artist, Linenhall Street
Wark, Charles, physician, Catherine Street
Wilson, Wm., solicitor, Main Street

Traders, &c.

Allison, James, woollen draper, Market Street
Begley, Marcus, grocer, Catherine Street
Begley, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Ballyclose
Boyd, John, spirit dealer, Linenhall Street
Boyd, Joseph D., woollen draper, Market Street
Boyle, Robert, spirit dealer, Ballyclose
Bryson, Edward, haberdasher, Market Street
Buchanan, Mrs., bonnet maker, Methodist Lane
Buchanan, A., book seller, printer, and stationer, Linenhall Street
Caldwell, Miss, haberdasher, Main Street
Callaghan, Robert, butcher, Catherine Street
Callaghan, John, butcher, Linenhall Street
Callaghan, James, shoe maker and leather merchant, Catherine Street
Callaghan, James, grocer, Main Street
Callaghan, Wm., butcher, Main Street
Campbell, Wm., flax dealer, Main Street
Campbell, W. F., news agent, Main Street
Carten, Denis, grocer, Linenhall Street
Cather, Geo., grain merchant, Carrickhugh Mills
Cherry, John, pianoforte tuner, Isle of Man Street
Cochlan, Michael, leather and hide merchant, Market Street
Coglan, Michael, grocer, baker, and spirit dealer, Market Street
Coghlan & Co., drapers, Main Street
Connell, Mrs., grocer, Main Street
Connell, John, grocer, Catherine Street
Connor, Mrs., haberdasher, Market Street
Connor, John, spirit dealer, Market Street
Craig, James, baker, Irish Green
Craig, W. J., woollen draper, Main Street
Crawford, George, carpenter, Market Street
Crawford, Mrs., dress maker, Market Street
Crawford, W., grocer, Catherine Street
Creighton, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, Catherine Street
Daley, George, butcher, Linenhall Street
Dogherty, Mrs., jun., woollen draper, Main Street
Doherty, Mrs., sen., haberdasher, Main Street
Doherty, Roderick, butcher, Kennaught
Doherty, Michael, spirit dealer, Main Street
Donaghy, John, spirit dealer, Main Street

Donaghy, John, posting establishment, Main Street
Donaghey, Mrs., spirit dealer, Market Street
Douglass, Jane, baker and grocer, Catherine Street
Douglass, Robert, baker and grocer, Catherine Street
Douglass, Robert, guano and seed merchant, Catherine Street
Douthett, James, whitesmith, Irish Green
Dunbar, Robert, spirit dealer, Market Street
Dunlop, H., cabinet maker (Fleming's Court), Main Street
Eakin, R. T., grocer, Main Street
Eakin, Miss, shirt maker and sewed muslin agent, Catherine Street
Ferguson, Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer, Irish Green
Fleming, Wm., general merchant, Main Street
Gallagher, E., posting establishment, Main Street
Galloway, James, grain merchant and maltster, Roe Mill
Ghastin, J., grocer, Ballyclose
Gaston, John, baker and confectioner, Ballyclose
Given, Andrew, watch maker, Main Street
Given, Mrs., milliner, Ballyclose
Hamilton, David R., coal merchant, Station
Hamilton, Wm., shoe maker, Linenhall Street
Hamilton & Telfridge, The Misses, shirt makers and sewed muslin agents, Linenhall Street
Hanson, J. P., grocer, Main Street
Hare, Mary Ann, grocer and spirit dealer, Catherine Street
Harvey, Robert, grain merchant, Kennaught
Hegarty, C., spirit dealer, Market Street
Henry, Joseph, spirit dealer, Ballyclose
Holmes, John, carpenter, Catherine Street
Horner, John, haberdasher, Market Street
Hunter, Alexander, woollen draper, Main Street
Hunter, Samuel, grocer and spirit dealer, Market Street
Hunter, Samuel, grocer and spirit dealer, Irish Green
Irwin, James, miller, Drummond
Irwin, Joseph, grocer, Catherine Street
Irwin, John, miller, Roe Mill
Jackson, James, coal merchant, seedsman, and grocer, Main Street
Jackson, Andrew, grocer, Catherine Street
Jackson, Samuel, grocer, Maine Street
Kane, Mrs., grocer, Bridge Street
Kane, John, butcher, Linenhall Street
Kane, John, butcher, Irish Green
Kane, James, butcher, Irish green
Kennedy, Thomas, saddler, Catherine Street
King, Robt., grocer & spirit dealer, Catherine Street
Lighton, W., grocer, Catherine Street
Lighton, Thomas, whitesmith, Catherine Street
Lonton, Jacob, grain merchant, Crossmacdonnell
Logan, J. & W., shoe makers, Main Street
Long, Miss, haberdasher, Main Street
Long, Margaret, spirit dealer, Main Street
Louden, Robert, tailor, Linenhall Street
Lynch, Mrs., haberdasher, Main Street
Lynn, John, whitesmith, Ballyclose
Lynn, James, baker, Ballyclose
Macrory, Robert, grain merchant and miller, Ardmore
Martin, J. B., shoe maker, Main Street
Mercer, Samuel, posting establishment, Queen's Arms Hotel
Mercer, Samuel, spirit dealer, Market Street
Millen, R., grain merchant & miller, Glenn Mill
Miller, John, grocer, Main Street
Miller, Robert, grocer, Market Street
Moffat, Miss, milliner and haberdasher, Main Street
Monaghan, W., butcher, Kennaught
Moody, William, coal merchant, Main Street
Moody, Wm., grocer and spirit dealer, Ballyclose
Mooney, John, room paper warehouse, Linenhall Street
Moore, Samuel, tinsmith, Irish Green
Moore, John, saddler, Main Street
Moore, George, haberdasher, Main Street
Morrison, W., grocer & spirit dealer, Catherine Street
Murdock, Robert, baker, Linenhall Street
McCabe, James, plasterer, Irish Green
McCallion, W., shoe maker, Main Street
McCallion, Daniel, blacksmith, Main Street
McCartney, Michael, grocer and spirit dealer, Catherine Street
McClenaghan, John, grain merchant, Market Street
McColgan, Paul, shoe maker, Ballyclose
McColgan, Joseph, shoe maker, Market Street
McCormick, James, spirit dealer Catherine Street
McFall, John, whitesmith, Irish Green
McGee, James, cooper, Catherine Street
McGee, Charles, cooper, Catherine Street
McGee, Wm., cooper, Catherine Street
McGilligan, Michael, baker and grocer, Irish Green
McGinnis, J., grocer & spirit dealer, Catherine Street
McGranaghan, Paul, spirit dealer, Ballyclose
McGranaghan, William, grocer
McGretty, James, cooper, Catherine Street
McIntosh, Robert, grocer and seed merchant, Ballyclose
McKay, James, grocer, Ballyclose
McKay, Joseph, tailor, Irish Green
McKay, Thomas, whitesmith, Irish Green
McKeown, James, tailor, Main Street
McLaughlin, Messrs., butchers, Catherine Street
McLaughlin, Charles, butcher, Irish Green
McLaughlin, Miss, dress maker
McLeod, Alexander, saddler, Linenhall Street
McLoughlin, James, tailor, Pound Lane
McLoughlin, William, tailor, Irish Green
Neely, Samuel, carpenter, Main Street
Oliver, W., carpenter, Irish Green
O'Brien, George, butcher, Catherine Street
O'Brien, Charles, butcher, Irish Green
O'Brien, Charles, jun., butcher, Linenhall Street
O'Brien, James, butcher, Irish Green
Proctor, Mrs., pawn broker, Catherine Street
Proctor, James, china, delf, and glass warehouse, and grocer, Linenhall Street
Quigley, Miss, bonnet maker, Meeting house Lane
Quinn, Elizabeth, dress maker, Main Street
Quinn, Thomas, plasterer, Main Street
Rankin, James, shoe maker & leather merchant, Ballyclose
Ritchie, Miss, spirit dealer, Market Street
Robinson, J. & J., shoe makers, Bridge Hill
Robinson, Mrs., bonnet maker, Bridge Hill
Roden, William, blacksmith, Irish Green
Rodden, Mrs., dress maker
Rodgers, Robert, grocer, Irish Green
Rodgers, Robert, gunsmith, Bridge Hill
Rogers, Alex., general merchant, Catherine Street
Scholey, Richard, book binder, Irish Green
Sherrard, W., grocer, Catherine Street
Smith, J., haberdasher, Main Street
Steele, John, saddler, Linenhall Street
Steele, Mrs., sen., grocer, Ballyclose
Stevenson, James, grocer and spirit dealer, Market Street
Stewart, Hunter, haberdasher
Stewart, Hunter, timber merchant, Main Street
Stirling, Miss, stay maker, Main Street
Stirling, Brothers, carpenters, Ballyclose
Stirling, John McC., cabinet makers, Main Street
Summers, James, tailor, Market Street
Swan, T., grocer, Catherine Street
Toner, John, spirit dealer, Market Street
Toner, James, tailor, Linenhall
Walker, John, book seller, stationer, and news agent, Linenhall Street
Wallace, William, leather and hide merchant, Catherine Street
Warnock, James, saddler, Catherine Street
Warnock, John, woollen draper, Main Street
Wilson, Miss, Alexander Arms' Hotel and posting establishment
Wilson, William, grocer, Catherine Street
Wilson, James, baker, Main Street

1868 BSD Index

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