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1861 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Carrickfergus, an ancient market town, and maritime county of a town and parliamentary borough, situate on the N. shore of Carrickfergus Bay, or Belfast Lough, and enclosed on all other sides of Antrim County, is eight miles from Belfast.  The county of the town comprises an area of 16,700 acres, of which 12,483 are arable, 4,088 uncultivated and 129 in the town.  The surface is hilly; Lough Mourne, a lake of about 90 acres, is 556 feet above high sea level.  In 1851 the population of the town was 3,548.  It was formerly a place of great strength, and is rendered memorable by the landing of King William, in 1690, previous to the battle of the Boyne.  The suburbs are divided into two sections - namely, Irish Quarter, on the West, and Scotch Quarter, on the East.  The first named obtained its present appellation after the year 1677, when the Lord Lieutenant, the Duke of Ormond, issued a proclamation commanding all Roman Catholics resident in cities, corporate towns and forts, to remove beyond the walls.  The Scotch Quarter is occupied chiefly by fishermen, and had its name from a Scotch colony, who arrived about the year 1665 from Galloway and Argyleshire, and pursued the same occupation as their descendants do now.  The castle, supposed to have been built by Hugh de Lacy, in 1100, is a noble structure, boldly situated on a rock projecting into the sea; the inner yard, containing the barrack and different stores, is large and extensive.  The walls are of an immense thickness.  The batteries are at present undergoing improvement, for the purpose of being mounted with Armstrong guns. The magazine in the main building is bomb proof, and the different apartments upwards are occupied as stores for arms and other implements of war.  The view from the top is singularly extensive and beautiful.  The liberties of the town and county of the town of Carrickfergus extend for miles and is distinct from, but locally in, the County of Antrim.  The landing pier has been much improved, and vessels of one hundred tons can now discharge at it.  Salt was discovered at Duncrue (Carrickfergus), on the property of the Marquis of Downshire, in 1851; a company had since been formed to work the salt mine, and large quantities of rock are annually exported to England and elsewhere for purification.  The imports consist of coal, timber, slate, barley and salt ; and the exports of cattle and grain.  The parish church of Saint Nicholas possesses a few monumental memorials, and most remarkable and worthy of notice being one of the Chichester family.  Its public buildings are the Town Hall, market place, parish church, Presbyterian, Independent and the Methodist meeting houses, Roman Catholic chapel, court house and jail.  The corporation, which was styled "The Mayor, Sheriffs, Burgesses and Commonalty of the Town of Carrickfergus", under the provisions of the Municipal Reform Act was dissolved, and a board of municipal commissioners constituted, in whom is vested the corporate property, valued at 350 per annum.  The borough returns one member to Parliament; constituency under 13 & 14 Vic., c.69, in 1861, 1180.  The borough income derived chiefly from rents, tolls and dues, amounted in 1860 to 766 18s. 4d., the expenditure being 733 14s. 5 1/4d.  Out of the latter sum, 157 9s. 7d. was expended in salaries; the remainder on the harbour, markets and in supplying water for the town.  The town has much improved of late, and the several factories in the neighbourhood contribute greatly to its general prosperity, together with its extensive fisheries, the district of which comprises sixty one miles of maritime boundaries, and had in 1850, 433 registered vessels, employing 1,307 men and boys.  The oysters taken off the coast are prized for their size and flavour.  The customs duties having been purchased up in 1637, and the custom house transferred to Belfast, its value has a shipping port has ceased.  The Northern Bank has a branch in the town.  It is the head quarters of a coast guard station, as also of a constabulary district, comprising the stations of Carrickfergus, Ballyclare, Larne and Whitehouse.  A branch of the Belfast and Ballymena Railway terminates at the town, and a new railway is now being formed between it and Larne.  There are two hotels, the Victoria and the Old Rock, both in High Street.

Joint - Stock Companies

Carrickfergus Gas Company (Limited) - Office and works, Irish Quarter West.  The business of the company is "the manufacture and sale of gas for lighting the streets, quays, lanes, thoroughfares and buildings of and in Carrickfergus and its vicinity."  The capital stock of the company consists of 3,000 divided into 600 transferable shares of 5 each.  The dividend paid last year was 10 per cent.  Directors - John Borthwick, J.P., chairman ;  James Alexander,  John Legg, J.P.;  George Stuart,  R. Alexander,  S. D. S. Cunningham,  William Molony, LL.D.  Treasurer - The Northern Banking Company.  Auditor - Law Stewart,  Barrister-at-Law.  Solicitors - Bowman & Campbell, Town Hall and Belfast.  Secretary - John Thom, West Street.  Manager - Thomas O'Hara.
Salt Mining Company - Office, Corporation Square, Belfast.  Works, Duncrue.
Carrickfergus and Larne Railway Company - A company has been formed for the purpose of making a railway from this town to Larne, and arrangements are now being entered into for carrying out the project.  The capital amounts to 125,000, divided into 5,000 shares of 25 each.  Bankers - The Belfast Banking Company.  Engineer - Charles Lanyon.  Solicitor - James Torrens, Belfast and 65 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin.  Local Solicitor - John McNeill, Larne.  Brokers - Josias Cunningham & Co., and T. Bushell, Belfast.  Office of Company (pro tem),  Chamber of Commerce, Belfast.  Secretary - Samuel Vance.
Northern Counties Railway - A branch of this railway terminates here.  Traffic Manager - E. J. Cotton.  Secretary - Charles Stewart, Station, Belfast.  Station Master, Carrickfergus - Mr. Thomas Orr.
Penny Savings' Bank - President, The Very Rev. George Bull, Dean of Connor.  Vice President - Rev. James White.  Committee - Rev. J. Gillington,  Rev. J. N. Thompson,  S. D. S. Cunningham,  James Taylor, jun.,  Matthew Nelson,  Robert Alexander.   Ladies' Committee - Mrs. Cupples,  Mrs. D. Wilson,  Miss M. Spear,  Miss Johns,  Miss Kidley,  Miss Birnie.   Cashier - David Pasley.  Secretary - Alexander Johns.  Bankers - Northern Banking Company's Branch, Carrickfergus.  Deposits received and paid at the Union Hall, on Monday evenings, from 7 till 8 o'clock.  Rules - Deposits may be paid or withdrawn, in the presence of a member of the committee, every Monday evening.  The sum deposited at one time must not be less than one penny, or more than five shillings.  The total deposits of any one person not to exceed ten pounds.  When a depositor wishes to withdraw the whole or any portion of the amount deposited, notice must be given either verbally or in writing on the Monday evening previous.  Interest at the rate of 2 1/2 per cent, or sixpence in the pound per annum, will be allowed on every pound deposited, provided the money be left in the bank for three months.

Literary and Scientific Society of the Union Hall - Patron - The Most Noble the Marquis of Downshire.  President - Thomas Mercer Birnie, J.P.  Vice Presidents - Charles A. W. Stewart ;  John Borthwick, J.P.;  William Johns ;  Robert Alexander ;  Matthew Nelson.   Treasurer - Alexander Johns.  Secretary - William Molony, LL.D., T.C.D.  Assistant Secretary - Mr. David Pasley.  Committee - S. D. S. Cunningham,  John Rowan,  John McN. Stevenson,  Alexander Jones,  Thomas Moore,  John Hamilton,  William Stephens,  William Blair and the Treasurer, Secretary and Assistant Secretary (ex officio).  The objects of the society are - The delivery of lectures on the various subjects of natural philosophy; to promote the love of music and the cause of temperance.  In connexion with the society there are a library, museum and news room.

Gill's Charity - This charity was established pursuant to the will dated 23rd March, 1761, of Alderman Henry Gill, of Carrickfergus, and has for its object the annual support and maintenance for ever of fourteen aged men, decayed in their circumstances, and that are not able to get a maintenance to themselves, and that have been either born in or inhabitants of the town and parish of Carrickfergus from their youth.  The will expressly stipulates that none are to be admitted to the charity at any time "but such men as, while they were able, were careful, industrious and diligent in following their several trades, occupations or callings; and were not inclined or given to idleness or drunkenness in their youthful days, or at any time after, and that were remarkable for their inoffensiveness and good behaviour, and that did not at any time, from malicious wickedness, injure their neighbours or any others in their characters or properties," and also "that no common beggars, asking alms from house to house, be admitted to the said charity."  The property of the charity, which is vested in trustees appointed under the will, consists of lands and houses in and near Carrickfergus, and certain moneys invested on first class security, and produces at the present time an annual income of about 300, which is almost double what the yearly produce was at the date of the bequest.  It is believed that the entire of the income is applied by the trustees in accordance with the trusts of the will of the donor ; but, as the charity is a private one, no accounts are ever issued to the public.  On the death or removal of any of the trustees, the survivors, or any three of them, are empowered to elect others in their stead, and to continue the original number of trustees for ever.  The present trustees are:- Conway E. Dobbs ;  Marriott Dalway, J.P.;  Wm. Burleigh, J.P.;  Robert Torrens, M.P.;  Charles A. W. Stewart ;  C. R. Dobbs, D.L., J.P.;  S. R. Rice.

Post-Office - Matthew Nelson, postmaster.
Member for the Borough - Robert Torrens, Esq., Carlton Club and 180 Piccadilly, London.
High Sheriff - James Alexander, Esq., Carrickfergus.
Sub Sheriff - Robert Forbes, The Jail, Carrickfergus.
Magistrates - William Burleigh ;  Marriott Dalway and Marriott Robert Dalway, Bellahill ;  Stewart Dunn, Farmhill ;  John Legg, Glynn Park ;  Jas. Barnett ;  The Marquis of Downshire ;  Val. Wm. Magill ;  Thomas Battersby, Oakfield ;  Thomas M. Birnie ;  Andrew Forsythe, Scoutbush :and John Borthwick, Prospect.
Municipal Commissioners - William Johns, chairman ;  John Borthwick, J.P.;  Russell Ker Bowman ;  S. D. S. Cunningham ;  Andrew Forsythe, J.P.;  James Graham ;  William Hamilton, William Herdman, William Larmour, John Legg, J.P.;  V. W. Magill, J.P.;  Charles McBrinn, sen.,  William Robinson,  Edward Rowan,  W. H. Sproule,  C. A. W. Stewart and William Stewart, M.D., Esqrs.
Treasurer - James Wilson ; Town Clerk - R. Bowman ;  Weighmaster - William Craig ;  Town Porter - Jas. Burns.
Finance, Law & Property Committee - John Borthwick, Andrew Forsythe,  William Larmour,  S. D. S. Cunningham, John Legg,  Edward Rowan, C. A. W. Stewart, Wm. Hamilton (with the Chairman ex officio)
Coroner - Jas. K. Jackson, Belfast.
Inspector of Weights and Measures - John Smith, Back Lane.
Harbour Master - James Stannus.
Belfast Master - Alexander Jones.
Inspecting Commander of Coat Guard - Wm. Swinburne, R.N.; Naval Chief Officer - J. Campbell, late H.E.I.C.S.
Sub Distributor of Stamps - G. Stuart, Victoria Place.
Treasurer to the Grand Jury - Captain Edward Rowan ; Secretary to the Grand Jury - John Larmour ; Clerk to the Crown - Walter Bourne ; Deputy Clerk to the Crown - J. K. Jackson, Belfast.
Crown Solicitor - J. Birney, Lisburn.
County Surveyor - Charles Lanyon, C.E., Belfast.
Returning Officer - A. Larcy, 19 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin.
Town Hall - Robert Bowman, Town Clerk ; J. K. Jackson, Clerk of the Peace.
Constabulary Station, High Street - Sub Inspector, J. W. S. Cole ; Head Constable, ? Lambert.
Union Hall Literary and Scientific Society - President, T. M. Birnie ; Vice Presidents, C. A. W. Stewart, Wm. Johns, Robert Alexander, John Borthwick, Matthew Nelson ; Trustees, C. A. W. Stewart and James Barnett.
News Room, Town Hall and Union Hall
Law Courts - Criminal Sessions, twice each year ; Petty Sessions held by the magistrates of the borough every fortnight ; Petty Sessions for the County Antrim held each month.

Banks - Branch of the Northern Banking Company, manager, Alex. Johns ; accountant, David Pasley ; agent in Dublin, the Bank of Ireland.
Established Church, Church Street - The Very Rev. Edward Bull, Dean of Connor, rector ; Rev. Mr. Thompson, curate.
Presbyterian Church, North Street - Rev. James White, minister.
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. James Warwick.
Unitarian Meeting House, Joymount Bank - Rev. James N. Porter.
Independent Chapel, Castle Place - minister, Rev. W. D. Corken.
Methodist Chapel, West Street - Rev. James Murdock.
R. C. Chapel, Minorca - Rev. John Cunningham, P.P.
Church Education Society's School, Back Lane - Mr. E. O'H. Canavan, master ; Miss Laverty, mistress.
Infants' School, Old Court House - Jane Laverty, mistress.
National School, Lancaster Street - J. McN. Stevenson, master ; Elizabeth McFerran, mistress.
Private Schools - Ann Jane Hay, Church Street ; Mary Shannon, Irish Quarter South ; Wm. Larmour, Joymount Bank ; the Misses Nelson's day and boarding school, High Street ; Dr. Molony's day and boarding school, Governor's Place.

Gentry, Clergy, Professionals &c.

Allen, W. J. C., Faunoran.
Alexander, James, High Street.
Anderson, James, Innisglass.
Battersby, Thomas, J.P., Oakfield.
Birnie, T. M., J.P., Scotch Quarter.
Borthwick, John, J.P., Prospect.
Bowman, Robert, Rhanbuoy.
Bull, Very Rev. Dean, Red Hall, Ballycarry.
Burleigh, Wm., J.P., Scotch Quarter.
Cunningham, Miss, High Street.
Cunningham, Rev. John, P.P.
Cupples, Mrs., Glynn Park.
Dalway, Marriott, J.P., Bellahill.
Dalway, Marriott, R., J.P., Bellahill.
Daly, John H., Governor's Place.
Dawson, Rev. Hammond, Dunloskin.
Dobbs, C. R., D.L., J.P., Castle Dobbs.
Duncan, Catherine, Scotch Quarter.
Dunn, Stewart, J.P., Farmhill.
Forsythe, Andrew, J.P., Scoutbush.
Gamble, James, Irish Quarter.
Gwynne, Miss, Woodford.
Johns, Alexander, manager of Northern Bank, High Street.
Johnstone, Thomas, Glenfield.
Kidley, Misses, Rochlands.
Kirk, Charles E., Thornfield.
Lawrence, Edward, Scotch Quarter.
Legg, John, J.P., Glynn Park.
Magill, Valentine Wm. J.P., Carrickfergus.
Markham, A., Esq.
Marshall, Dr. Andrew, Greenisland.
Marshall, William, M.D., Rathmore, Greenisland.
Millin, Mrs., Ballynascreen.
Molony, William, LL.D., boarding school, Governor's Walk.
O'Rorke, Daniel, Mervue.
Owden, John, Seapark.
Payne, Rev. G. T., Killroot.
Patrick, W. Hugh, surgeon and medical officer, High Street.
Porter, Rev. James Nixon, High Street.
Rice, Stephen R., Scotch Quarter.
Ringland, Thomas, Esq., (Ulster Bank, Belfast), Ravenhill.
Robinson, James, Burleigh Hill.
Rowan, Captain Edward, R.N., High Street.
Shannon, Mrs., Irish Quarter.
Smyth, John, Back Lane.
Smyth, B. M., North Street.
Smyth, John, J.P., Orlands.
Spear, Misses, High Street.
Sproull, Wm. H., Scotch Quarter.
Stewart, Chas. A. W., barrister-at-law, Scotch Quarter and 10Henrietta Street, Dublin.

Stewart, Wm., surgeon, Castle Street.
Taggart, D., M.D., High Street.
Taylor, James, Barn Cottage.
Walker, James, Knockagh.
Warwick, Rev. James, The Manse, Joymount.
White, Rev. James, Market Square.
Wilson, James, Slate House.

Traders &c.

Adamson & Logan, spirit store and leather cutters.
Andrews, Michael, bleacher, Kilroot.
Alexander, James & R., grocers and haberdashers, High Street.
Barry, James.
Baxter, Isaac, tinplate worker, West Street.
Blair, W. & Co., grocers, West Street.
Bowman, Daniel, grocer, West Street.
Bowman, Mrs., milliner, High Street.
Bowman, Johnston, watch maker, West Street.
Bragg, Mrs., muslin bleacher, Woodburn.
Burrowes, George, spirit dealer and general merchant, West Street.
Byrtt, James, boot and shoe maker, North Street.
Campbell, Wm., publican, Irish Gate.
Carey, Thomas, ship owner, Governor's Place.
Coburn, Agnes, dress maker, Irish Quarter West.
Cowan & Co., flax spinners, Duncrue Mills.
Cox, John, boot and shoe maker, North Street.
Craig, Wm., publican, North Street.
Creely, Wm., carrier, Irish Quarter West.
Cunningham & Co., grocers, wine and spirit merchants, High Street.
Eccleston, George, grocer and spirit dealer, Irish Quarter West.
Forbes, Robert, commissioner for taking affidavits in four courts, Antrim Street.
Gamble, James, cotton spinner, Woodburn Mills.
Gorman, William, general merchants, Market Place.
Gray, David, grocer, North Street.
Hamilton, William, grocer and provision merchant, West Street.
Hamilton, Edward, gunsmith, Market Square.
Hamilton, Joseph, sen., Market Square.
Hamilton, Mrs., grocer, Joymount Bank.
Hamilton, Edward & Co., bakers, West Street.
Hamilton, Joseph, tanner, Loughview.
Hamilton, Wm., publican, North Street.
Harrison, George, carpenter, Lancasterian Street.
Hay, James, carpenter, Irish Quarter.
Hill, Robert, St. Bride's, North Road.
Hovell, Thomas, Victoria Hotel, High Street.
Hutchinson, F., publican, North Street.
Ingram, James, billiard rooms and racket court, Joymount Bank.
Jenkins, L., milliner and dress maker, Castle Street.
Jenkins, Mrs., publican, Castle Street.
Jenkins, Wm., painter, Castle Street.
Jones, Alexander, publican and harbour master, Castle Street.
Jones, R., grocer, Irish Quarter West.
Kane, James, sewed muslin agent, North Gate.
Kane, John, blacksmith, North Gate.
Kerr, R., carpenter, Joymount Bank.
Larmour, John, tailor, Scotch Street.
Larmour, John, relieving officer, North Street.
Larmour, William, school master, Joymount Bank.
Legg, John, grocer and ship owner, Minorca.
Lennon, Daniel, blacksmith, North Street.
Lockhart, Thomas, saddler, West Street.
Lowe, Mary, grocer, West Street.
Miscampble, James, tailor, Scotch Quarter.
Montgomery, Nathaniel, carrier, Irish Quarter South.
Moore, James, butcher, North Street.
Moore, Thomas, saddler, West Street.
Morris, Thomas, North Street.
McComb, Samuel, Old Rock Hotel, High Street.
McComb, Samuel, leather cutter and shoe maker, West Street.
McCreevy, Robert, watch maker, Market Street.
McCurley, Mrs., grocer, West Street.
McIlroy, John, butcher, North Street.
McKeown, E., confectioner and fruiterer, West Street.
McMillen, Donald, Irish Gate.
Nelson, Matthew, post master, High Street.
Norris, Samuel, tin plate worker and grocer, West Street.
Parkhill, James, publican, Irish Quarter South.
Parkhill, George, builder, North Street.
Paul, Marian, milliner &c., West Street.
Robinson, Thomas, butcher and grocer, Joymount Bank.
Rowan, John, boot and shoe maker, West Street.
Smyth, John, petty sessions clerk, Back Lane.
Stannus, Jas., builder and harbour master, Governor's Place.
Stephens, W., grocer, High Street.
Stephens, Miss, milliner, West Street.
Stevenson, James, miller, Kilroot.
Stewart, C., pawn broker, North Street.
Stuart, George, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, ironmonger &c., Victoria Place.
Stuart, George, timber, tile and slate merchant, Irish Quarter South.
Taylor, James & Sons, flax spinners, Barn Mills.
Thom, John, pawn broker, West Street.
Thompson, Thomas, North Street.
Turnbull & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, North Gate.
Vint, W., baker, Irish Quarter West.
Wallace, Sharp, & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, West Street.
Watson, Geo., butcher, North Street.
Wetherup, James, tailor, West Street.
Wheeler, M. C., grocer, West Street.
Wheeler, Thomas, ship owner, Joymount Tavern.
Wilson, G. L., publican, North Street.
Wilson, James, brick and tile maker, Irish Quarter West.
Woods, H., cotton spinner, Glenfield.
Woodside, James & Son, tanners and spirit dealers, West Street.
Young, Paul, publican, Irish Quarter West.


The mail car starts from Carrickfergus to Larne, on the arrival of the first mail train from Belfast, and returns at 5.43 p.m., to the railway station at Carrickfergus.  A car from Larne arrives at railway at 8.30, in time for 10 minutes past 9 a.m. train, returns on the arrival of the 9.30 a.m. train from Belfast.  A second train leaves Larne at 8.30 a.m. and arrives in Carrickfergus for the 11 a.m. train to Belfast, and returns to Larne on the arrival of the quarter past 4 p.m. train from Belfast. There is also a large number of well equipped jaunting cars on the stand, ready for hire at all hours.


Carrickmacross, a market town in County Monaghan, fifty one miles N.W. by N. from Dublin, ten S. from Castleblayney, situated on the mail road from Dublin to Londonderry.  It derives its name from its situation on a rock (Carricq), and from one of its early proprietors, Ross, a celebrated Irish Chieftain.  The Eastern part of this barony now belongs to the Marquis of Bath, and the Western to E. J. Shirley, Esq., of Lough Feagh Castle.  The town consists of one wide principal street, with several lanes diverging, the houses in the main street are uniformly built, but the market house, which stands in the centre, obstructs the view.  In 1844, a handsome court house was erected, it is situated at the North end of the town, fronting to Main Street, and is ornamental to that locality.  The bridewell was erected in 1836.  Malting is carried on extensively by the Messrs. Gartlan & Sons.  The parish church is a neat stone edifice, with a tower (in which is a clock with four dials), surmounted by a spire, it was erected in 1786.  The Roman Catholic chapel was built in 1783.  The benevolent institutions consist of a dispensary, fever hospital, erected in 1842, and a union workhouse, opened in 1843.  The educational establishments comprise a free grammar school, founded and endowed by Lord Weymouth in 1711, a school under the National Board of Education, and a parochial one.  The market days are Wednesday and Saturday, for grain, and Thursday, general market.  Fairs, second Thursday in January, February, March and August, 17th May, 10th July, 27th September, 9th November and 10th December.  Gas introduced 1858. Population in 1851, 2,534.

Post-Office, Main Street - William McAuley, postmaster. Main car from Dundalk, with Dublin, England, South of Ireland, Belfast and Scotch mail, arrives at 6.15 a.m., and is despatched at 6.30 p.m., mail car from Kells, Bailieborough and Kingscourt arrives at 9.30 p.m., and is despatched at 3.30 p.m., mail car from Inniskeen station with day mail, South of Ireland, Dublin and English letters, arrives at 12.15 p.m., and is despatched at 1.50 p.m., Shercock Foot post leaves at 7 a.m., and arrives at 6 p.m.
Bridewell, Bridewell Lane - John Arthur, keeper.
Dispensary, Main Street - R. M. Tagart, surgeon.
Fever Hospital - R. M. Tagart, surgeon.
Stamp Office, Main Street - Mrs. E. Smith, sub distributor.
Union Workhouse - Francis Wallace, master; Mary Wallace, matron; Peter Walsh, M.D., surgeon; Rev. T. St. Lawrence Smith, Protestant Chaplain; Rev. Dr. McMahon, Roman Catholic Chaplain; Henry Quinn, clerk to guardians.
Established Church, Main Street - Rev. Thomas Romney Robinson, D.D. (of Armagh), rector ; Rev. T. St. Lawrence Smith, curate.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Dr. McMahon, P.P.; Rev. J. Hoey and Rev. J. J. Hughes, curates.
Parochial School, Castle Street - T. Stratton, master.
National School - Edward McNally, master; Anne McNally, mistress.
Grammar School - Thomas Shaw, M.A., master.
Bath and Shirley Industrial School - Mary Brennan, work mistress; M. A. McKeon, literary teacher.
National Bank - William Augustus Mohony, manager; Edward Vize, accountant; Thomas L. Lefroy, teller.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Brickell, Captain James, New Street.
Carolan, Rev. Patrick, Magheracloone.
Fleming, Thomas, surgeon and apothecary, Main Street.
Foster, Sir George, M.P., Coolderry.
Gartlan, Thomas McA., Monalty.
Gibson, Edward, Lisanisk.
Gibson, Rev. Thomas, Donogue.
Grimstone, D. T., Ballymackney House.
Hickson, Rev. Geo., Magheracloone.
Holland, John T., Bellevue.
Hughes, Rev. J. J., Distillery Lane.
Johnston, Thomas, Longfield.
Kernan, Hubert P., Capra.
Lane, William, Derrylavin.
Leslie, John, Killybegs.
Morant, Geo., agent to E. J. Shirley.
Moore, Major Wm., Main Street.
Murphy, Rev. Patrick, Killaney.
McCormick, Rev. Jas., Donamoine.
McMahon, Rev. Dr., Chapel House.
Plunkett, Joseph, Rocksavage.
Reed, Johns, Rahans.
Reed, Rev. Geo. H., Eniskeen Glebe.
Rennick, George, Loughderry.
Shaw, Thomas, Main Street.
Shirley, E. Philip, Lough Fea Castle.
Smith, Rev. J., St. Lawrence.
Trench, Wm. Stuart, agent to Marquis of Bath, Essex Castle.
Welsh, Peter, surgeon.

Traders &c.

Agnew, Jas., whitesmith, Bath Street.
Brennan, Mary, baker and spirit dealer.
Byrne, J., leather cutter and grocer.
Byrne, James, grocer, publican and baker, Main Street.
Cain, John, slater, Bath Street.
Call, James, cooper, Evelyn Street.
Callan, Peter, haberdasher, Main Street.
Callan, Jane, baker, grocer and confectioner, Main Street.
Callan, Thomas, saddler, New Street.
Campbell, Joseph, butcher, New Street.
Carolan & Ward, haberdashers, Main Street.
Casey, Patrick, carpenter, Main Street.
Cassidy, John Jas., auctioneer, Bath Street.
Clinton, Anthony, baker, grocer, publican and meal stores.
Crowley, John, wheel wright, Penny Bridge.
Cunningham, Nicholas, provision dealer, New Street.
Daniel, Mary, apothecary and grocer.
Devin, Patrick, pawn broker.

Donaghey, James, slater, Mullyora.
Donaghey, J., plasterer, Mullyora.
Downes, J. P., haberdasher, Main Street.
Duffy, Michael, baker and publican,.
Dunn, Wm., rope maker, Gallowshill.
Flaherty, Lawrence, boot and shoe maker, Chapel Lane.
Fidgeon, Patrick, saddler, Cross Lane.
Fidgeon, Thomas, saddler, Evelyn Street.
Finigan, J., nail maker, Monaghan Street.
Finigan, Michael, baker, grocer and publican, Main Street.
Flinn, Jas., nail maker, New Street.
Gartlan, James & Sons, corn merchants and maltsters, Distillery Lane.
Garvey, John, marine store and delf shop, New Street.
Gearty, G., blacksmith, Magheross.
Gordon, John, blacksmith, Main Street.
Gordon, Edward, nailer, Evelyn Street.
Graham, Bernard, butcher, New Street.
Graham, James, butcher, New Street.
Graham, W., butcher, Penny Bridge.
Halfpenny, Mary Ann, hardware, timber, grocer and spirit dealer, Main Street.
Halton, J., wheel wright, Castle Street.
Hand, Bernard, boot and shoe maker, New Street.
Hart, James, boot and shoe maker, Bath Street.
Hoey, Peter, tanner, Main Street.
Keelan, Margaret, baker, grocer and publican, Main Street.
Keelan, Harriett, woollen draper, Main Street.
Keenan, John, provision dealer, Evelyn Street.
Kiernans, Henry, publican and leather seller, Main Street.
Lang, James, petty sessions clerk.
Maguire, John, watch and clock repairer, Bath Street.
Markey, James, nailer, New Street.
Mallon, Ann, publican, Main Street.
Marron, James, tobacco manufacturer, Main Street.
Martin, John, painter and glazier, New Street.
Martin, Michael, painter and glazier, Main Street.
Martin, James, tailor, Magheross.
Martin, Patrick, tailor, Penny Bridge.
Maxwell, Denis, nailer.
Murphy, Thomas, apothecary.
McAuley, Wm., postmaster, weighmaster, grocer and stationer, Main Street.
McCall, George, provision dealer, Main Street.
McCaul, James & Sons, seed and general merchants.
McCulloch, Bernard, carpenter, Chapel Lane.
McCulloch, T., carpenter, Church Street.
McDonnell, Terence, tailor, Main Street.
McEnany, Judith, provision dealer, Main Street.
McEntegart, Bernard, grocer and publican.
McKeown, John, baker, grocer and publican, Main Street.
McKenna, J., blacksmith, Magheross.
McKenna, Thomas, haberdasher, Main Street.
McNally, Philip, painter and glazier, Bath Street.
O'Connor, T., whitesmith, New Street.
O'Hagan, John, grocer and publican.
O'Neill, Jas., coach and car builder, Main Street.
Patterson, George, tinplate worker, Bath Street.
Quin, Henry, clerk to guardians, agent for Thomas Murphy, apothecary.
Rogers, Jas., carpenter, Church Street.
Rourke, P., hairdresser, New Street.
Ryan, J. C. & Co., grocers, publicans and bakers, Main Street.
Smith, Eliza, publican, Main Street.
Smith, Elizabeth, grocer and baker.
Timmons, A., school, Magheross.
Tobin, Michael, grocer and publican.
Ward, Patrick, haberdasher.
White, Alexander, publican.
Witherington, Henry, hardware dealer and grocer.
Woods, James, butcher, Bath Street.
Woods, James, stone mason, Distillery Lane.
Woods, L., stone mason, New Street.
Woods, George, cow jobber, Main Street.
Woods, William, butcher and inn keeper, New Street.
Woods, Michael, inn keeper, New Street.


Mail car to Dundalk every day, from John McKeon's at 6.30 p.m., cars to the Eniskeen station, Dundalk and Enniskillen Railway, at 1.50 and 7 p.m., from James O'Neill's posting establishment, at 7 a.m., 1.50 p.m. and 5 p.m.


Castleblayney, is a market town in County Monaghan.  The town derives its name from the family of Blayney, and the Castle, which was erected here by Sir Edward Blayney, in the reign of James I., who created him Baron Blayney of Monaghan.  The Blayney estate has passed from their hands to Henry Thomas Hope, Esq., of London, who has done everything in his power since he became proprietor to improve the condition of his tenantry and the appearance of the town.  In the centre of the town, in an elevated spot, stands the market house, court house, news room and concert hall, in one building.  There is a county bridewell, a union poor house and a dispensary in the town.  General Sessions of the Peace are held four times in the year, and Petty Sessions every alternate week.  The Dundalk and Enniskillen Railway passes close to the town.  Mr. John Ralston's Hotel is an exceedingly comfortable and well conducted house.  The places of worship are - The Parish church of Mucknoe, two Presbyterian churches, one for Wesleyan Methodists, and two Roman Catholic chapels.  The market days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (flax market), and Friday, the first and last for grain.  Fairs on the first Wednesday in each month.  Population in 1851, 2,084.  The demesne is well worth visiting, and is greatly improved by the present proprietor.

Post-Office, Market Square - Bernard McGinity, postmaster,
Constabulary Station - sub inspector, F. G. Heath ; head constable, J. Kean.
Bridewell, York Street - W. Thompson, keeper.
Dispensary, West Street - Wm. N. Irwin, M.D., surgeon.
Union Workhouse, New Street - S. McBirney, master ; Wm. Irwin, M.D.; Protestant Chaplain, Rev. Wm. Smith Burnside ; Presbyterian Chaplain, Rev. Thomas Boyd ; Roman Catholic Chaplain, Rev. James McMeel.
Belfast Bank - A. McMath, manager.
Parish Church of Mucknoe, Church Street - Rev. W. S. Burnside, incumbent, Glebe House ; Rev. A. E. Byrne, curate.
Presbyterian Church, Lakeview - Rev. Thomas Boyd, minister.
Presbyterian Church, Frankford - Rev. Thomas Middlemiss, minister.
Presbyterian Church, Broomfield - Rev. J. C. Huston, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Church Street - Rev. Thomas Cook, minister.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Church Street - Rev. James McMeel, P.P.; Rev. Thomas Murphy, curate.
H. T. Hope's School, Church Street - Eliza Clydesdale, mistress.
National Schools, Church Street - P. McKenna, master ; C. McKenna, mistress.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Brooke, Basil G., J.P., West Street.
Boyd, Rev. Thomas, Lakeview Cottage.
Burnside, Rev. w. S., Glebe, Mucknoe.
Duffy, Rev. James, P.P., Broomfield.
Fitzgerald, John.
Heath, F. G., sub inspector of constabulary.
Hope, Henry Thomas, The Castle. (see above H. T. Hope School)
Huston, J. C., Bloomfield.
Irwin, William, M.D., surgeon, West Street.
Middlemiss, Rev. T., Island View.
McAuley, Rev. M.
McBurney, John, surgeon, Market Square.
McEveigh, Rev. Francis, Bloomfield.
McKenna, Rev. P.
McMahon, Rev. R., Monager Cottage.
McMeel, Rev. Jas., P.P., Drumcrew Cottage.
McMath, Andrew, J.P.
McMath, Hamilton, J.P., Thornford House.
McWatty, James, J.P., West Street.
McWatty, Parker.
O'Callaghan, J., surveyor, West Street.
Persse, Alexander, cashier, Bank, Laurel Hill.
Persse, J. G., solicitor, West Street.
Russell, The Venerable Archdeacon, Clontibrett Glebe.
Swanzy, H., attorney, Market Square.
Swanzy, John, Rockfield House.

Merchants, Traders &c.

Auld, John, station master, Railway Station.
Bailie, Ann, haberdasher and delf shop, West Street.
Boyd, F., spirit dealer, West Street.
Boyd, Ellen, spirit dealer, Noble Street.
Branagan, James, spirit dealer, West Street.
Branagan, Peter, baker, Henry Street.
Callan, Mrs., baker, West Street.
Callan, Miss, haberdasher, West Street.
Carbary, Jas., flax dealer, Noble Street.
Casey, Henry, publican, Bloomfield.
Casey, Wm., tailor, West Street.
Clark, Charles, painter and glazier, West Street.
Clement, David, chandler, West Street.
Conry, Felix, flax dealer, Noble Street.
Comesky, J., iron, coal, leather and spirit dealer, Henry Street.
Coyle, Michael B., spirit dealer, West Street.
Crozier, Geo., miller, Liskeenan.
Curley, John, miller, Recullis.
Daly, John, leather seller, West Street.
Devlin, James, iron, coal and earthenware dealer, Noble Street.
Dickson, David, Noble Street.
Farnan, Owen, baker and grocer, Noble Street.
Finnigan, Thomas, publican, Broomfield.
Fitzpatrick, Mary, miller, Toam.
Fleming, Robert, tin and copper smith, West Street.
Forbes, Alexander, spirit dealer, Market Square.
Gass, Wm., wheel wright, Noble Street.
Gilmore, Samuel B. A., F.R.C.S., Edinburgh, Noble Street.
Gillen, Wm., blacksmith, West Street.
Gillen, Thomas, smith and farrier, York Street.
Graham, Thomas, wheel wright, West Street.
Hammond, J., spirit dealer, Noble Street.

Hamilton, Wm., earthenware dealer, Noble Street.
Hanneway, John, grocer &c., Mucknoe Street.
Henry, Thomas, grocer and baker, Noble Street.
Henan, James, butcher, West Street.
Herron, Samuel, draper, Market Square.
Hughes, Anne, spirit dealer, Noble Street.
Hunter, Edward, grocer, West Street.
Hunter, Ellen, draper, West Street.
Hunter, Henry, publican, Noble Street.
Hunter, W., grocer, Market Square.
Johnston & Co., woollen drapers, West Street.
Johnston, Wm., whitesmith & farming implement maker, Noble Street.
Kelly, Mrs., milliner.
Kelly, John, spirit dealer, Noble Street.
Kirk, James, publican, Henry Street.
Laverty, Chas., spirit dealer, Noble Street.
Lewers, Mary, spirit, oil and colour dealer, West Street.
Liggett, John, publican, Lurganmore.
Maguire, Jas., boot and shoe maker, Church Street.
Meegan, Patrick, spirit dealer, West Street.
Miller, Wm., tailor, Henry Street.
Miller, Robert, spirit dealer, Market Square.
Miller, W., sewing agent, Henry Street.
Mitchell, The Misses, haberdashers, Market Square.
Molloy, James, grocer, West Street.
Molloy, Wm., iron and coal dealer, West Street.
Morris, Ulysses, painter and glazier, West Street.
Murphy, Jas., spirit dealer, West Street.
Murphy, P., spirit dealer, West Street.
McArdle, Edward, tobacco dealer, West Street.
McArdle, James, spirit dealer, Seven Houses.
McArdle, John, miller, Lara.
McBride,, William, grocer, Noble Street.
McBurney, Andrew, miller, Lurganmore.
McDonald, Felix, butcher, New Street.
McEneany, O., publican, West Street.
McEneany, J., whitesmith, West Street.
McGinity, Bernard, grocer and provision store, Market Square.
McGinity, Bernard, corn stores, Castle Square.
McGuire, Eliza, milliner and dress maker, York Street.
McKean, Mrs & Sons, bleachers, Lara.
McLearny, M., grocer, West Street.
McLearny, Edward, Railway Tavern, West Street.
McMahon, Patrick, grocer.
McMahon, J., whitesmith, York Street.
McMath, James, tanner, Market Square.
McMath, A. & H., tanners, Noble Street.
McNamara, Stephen, shoe maker.
McShane, Neal, grocer and leather dealer, Market Square.
McWatty, Parker, miller, Drumleck.
O'Callaghan, Jas., grocer, West Street.
O'Neill, C., spirit dealer, West Street.
Quigley, Wm., baker and grocer, West Street.
Quin, R., woollen draper, Market Square.
Ralson, John, Commercial Hotel.
Ralson, Samuel, baker and spirit dealer, Noble Street.
Ross, John, butcher, New Street.
Rooney, James, grocer and spirit dealer, West Street.
Sloan, John, printer, Noble Street.
Sheridan, Thomas, spirit dealer, West Street.
Skifflington, G., Hope Arms Hotel, West Street.
Smith, Peter, grocer &c., West Street.
Stewart, Miss, school, Market Square.
Stockdale, Robert, tea dealer, Market Square.
Toner, Thomas, surgeon and apothecary, West Street.
Tomaney, Patrick, grocer and spirit dealer, Noble Street.
Treanor, Michael, haberdasher and spirit dealer, West Street.
Trainor, P., whitesmith, Henry Street.
Watters, J., publican, Doohamlet.
Whitby, M., draper, Market Square.
Whitby, Jessie, milliner and dress maker, Market Square.
Whitby, J. G., solicitor's clerk, Conabury Cottage.
Williamson, John, copper and tinsmith, Noble Street.
Wilson, Wm., wheel wright, Noble Street.
Woods, Edward, butcher, West Street.
Ward, William, shoe maker.


To Dublin and Enniskillen, per railway to Armagh, a car leaves the Post-Office at 5.45 a.m. each day, returning at 9.40 p.m., and a car leaving West Street at 2 p.m., passing through Keady to Ballibay and Monaghan ; a car leaves the Post-Office every evening at 9.30 to Londonderry and Cootehill, per rail ; to Newry, a mail car from Post-Office, every morning at 5.45 a.m., passing through Newtownhamilton, and returning at 7.30 p.m.


Castledawson, is an inland town, in County Londonderry, about twenty four miles from Belfast, delightfully situated on the Mayola River, on the road from Magherafelt to Ahoghill, and rather more than two miles N.W. of the North-Western extremity, of Lough Neagh.  The river is crossed by a stone bridge of one arch, supposed the largest span in Ireland, erected by the Dawson family, and hence its former name of Dawson's Bridge.  (A second bridge has since been erected)  Its present appellation is derived from its proprietor, Joshua Dawson, Esq., who, in 1710, was Chief Secretary for Ireland, and erected, in 1713, a castle, of which only the ruins remain.  The present seat of the family and residence of Captain Robert Peel Dawson, Castledawson, is nearly adjoining the town, situated in a beautiful demesne, through which passes an ancient avenue, three miles in length, opening to a magnificent view of Lough Neagh, to which it extends.  The town consists of two principal and a few smaller streets, some of the houses composing which are large and well built, of stone.  The manufacture of cotton prevails in the town and neighbouring district, and the making of coarse earthenware and bricks is carried on most extensively.  The church, which stands on the Western side of the river, in the parish of Ballyscullion, was erected by the later Right Hon. G. R. Dawson, and by him beautifully ornamented; among other embellishments, its stained glass window is much admired.  The other places of worship are for Presbyterian and Wesleyan Methodists. Population in 1851, 663.

Post-Office - Stephen Garvin, postmaster.
Chapel of Ease - Rev. H. F. Stevenson.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Robert Gamble, minister.
National School - Andrew McCluskey, master.

Clergy, Gentry &c.

Cox, Captain W. S., Brecart Lodge.
Crawford, Hugh.
Dawson, Captain Robert Peel, Mayola Park.
Graves, Mrs., Gravesend Villa.
Gray, Thomas H.
Hall, Francis E., M.D., physician, Toomebridge dispensary.
Henry, Rev. H., C.C.
Johnston, Robert, M.D.
Kelly, Rev. Mr. R.C.C.
Kelly, David, coroner.
Little, R., M.D.
McArthur, George.
McKee, Rev. James, Rossgarn.
McManus, Mrs. Helen, Toome House.
McMullen, John, M.D.
Reed, Rev. G. F.
Stevenson, Rev. Henry F.

Traders &c.

Barclay, Thomas, tailor.
Casey, Ennis, grocer.
Devlin, Bernard, blacksmith.
Diamond, Margaret E., grocer.
Dixon, Peter & Sons (of Carlisle), check & gingham manufacturers.
Dogherty, Cornelius, tailor.
Ellis, James, brickmaker.
Dougherty, John, publican.
Evans, Henry, blacksmith.

Ferguson, John & Co. (of Carlisle), check & gingham manufacturers.
Garvin, James, grocer.
Garvin, Stephen, hotel and posting establishment.
Glover, James, grocer.
Gregg, James, blacksmith.
Houston, Alexander, boot and shoe maker.
Johnston, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer.
Kane, Felix, carrier (to Belfast).
Keenan, Mary, milliner and dress maker.
Keenan, R., nurseryman, Leitrim.
Kennedy, Charlotte, publican.
Lafferty, John, general warehouse.
Lindsay, J., grocer and draper.
Mann, Wm. Church, hotel keeper and posting establishment.
Mawhinney, Wm., linen manufacturer & earthenware dealer, Hill Head.
Miller, Thomas, linen manufacturer, Greenhill.
Miller, Hugh, linen manufacturer, Greenhill.
Morrow, James, woollen draper and haberdasher.
McCallen, William, grocer.
McCluskey, James, boot and shoe maker.
McHenry, James, grocer, Hill Head.
McKee, Ann, grocer.
McVeagh, Edward.
O'Hara, O., spirit dealer.
Pepper, William, grocer.
Potts, M., grocer.
Rice, Margaret, milliner &c.
Shaw, George, bleacher.
Shiel, John, spirit dealer, Creagh.
Scullion, John, grocer and tailor.
Stewart, James, grocer.
Thompson, John, blacksmith.
Tipping, Thomas, carpenter.
Wallace, James, publican.
Wallace, James, publisher.
Wallax, James, earthenware dealer, Leitrim.
Wilson, Mr., cotton manufacturer.


Castlewellan, is a market town in County Down, sixty three miles N. by E. from Dublin, nine S.W. from Downpatrick.  It is environed by eminences.  Near the foot of Slieve-na-lat, and on the border of a lake, is an elegant cottage built by Earl Annesley, and on the tasteful pleasure grounds is a temple, from which a fine view of the surrounding scenery is commanded.  Earl Annesley enjoys the inferior title of Baron of Castlewellan, in the Peerage of Ireland.  Within two miles of the town is Tollymore Park, the elegant seat of the Earl of Roden, the demesne abounding with delightful scenery, enriched with water, and all that can adorn a beautiful landscape.  There are several other handsome dwellings, occupying pleasant situations, in the vicinity of the town.  Castlewellan consists principally of an upper and lower square, connected by a main street.  Bleaching of linen is carried on largely.  The bleach greens belonging to the Messrs. Murland are on a very extensive scale.  These gentlemen have also erected two large mills for spinning yarn, the machinery of the one propelled by water power, the other by steam, and both lighted by gas made on the premises.  The yarn produced from these works is for the most part manufactured into linen in the houses here, and furnishes employment to numerous families in the town and neighbouring districts.  There has been erected and munificently endowed a new church by Earl Annesley, at a cost of 6,000 or 7,000. it is built in the early English style of blue and white granite.  There is also a Presbyterian and Methodist church, and Roman Catholic chapel.  J. Murland, Esq., munificently built and endowed a school for children of both sexes, and there is one upon the National plan.  There is also a neatly fitted up Court House, in which Petty Sessions are held once every month.  William Beers, Esq., Brook Cottage, is seneschal.  The market is on Monday, and fairs on the 1st February, 1st May, 1st June, 1st September, second Monday of April, July, August and October, 13th November and Tuesday before Christmas.  Population of the town in 1851, 849.

Post-Office - James O'Neill, postmaster.  Letters from Dublin and the South of Ireland, also from England , arrive every morning at half past five, and are despatched every evening at twenty five minutes past six.  Letters from Belfast and the North of Ireland, also from Scotland, arrive every evening at half past six, and are despatched every morning at half past five.
Constabulary Station, Castlewellan - F. W. Janns, S.I., Newcastle.
Dispensary, Bryansford - Samuel Clarendon, M.D.
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Castlewellan - Rev. R. P. Young, minister.
Episcopal Chapel, Bryansford - Rev. E. Burland, curate.
Presbyterian Meeting House, Castlewellan - Rev. Hugh Watson.
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Castlewellan - Ministers, various.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Castlewellan - Rev. James McLeanon, P.P.; John Lardy, curate.
Stamp Office - James Hanna.
Endowed Schools - G. Rea, master; E. Rea, mistress.
National School - P. Gilmore, master; Mrs. Gilmore, mistress.
Endowed School, Bryansford - N. Hall, master; Miss Hutchinson, mistress.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Allen, John R., J.P., Mountpanther.
Annesley, the Earl of, M.P., Castlewellan Lodge.
Ashleigh, Captain Wray, Newcastle.
Brooke, Rev. E. P., Rock House.
Chambers, R., surgeon and apothecary.
Crothers, Jas., surgeon and apothecary.
Clarendon, Samuel, M.D., Bryansford.
Drew, Dr., Seaforde.
Duffin, Rev. Wm., Maghera.
Forde, Lieutenant Colonel W. B., J.P., Seaforde.
Jocelyn, Hon. Captain John, The Lodge, Bryansford.
Johnston, Rev. G. H. McD., J.P., Ballywillwill.
Lardy, Rev. J., C.C.
Leslie, Francis Charles, Ballyward Lodge.
Lindsay, Andrew, Maghera.
Murland, Miss, Annsborough.
Murland, Samuel, J.P., Woodlawn.
Murland, Charles, Annsborough Cottage.
McCreight, Miss Maria, Tollymore House.
McLeanen, Rev. J., Ballybannon.
McMurdoch, Rev. John, Seaforde.
Roden, the Earl of, Tollymore Park, Bryansford.
Shaw, George, J.P.
Stewart, Major, Manor House, Bryansford.
Watson, Rev. H.
Walsh, C., surgeon and apothecary.

Traders &c.

Baird, Andrew, blacksmith.
Bigham, David, publican.
Bigham, Jas., boot and shoe maker.
Bigham, James, pawn broker.
Brennan, John, tailor.
Burns, Daniel, grocer and china warehouse.
Burns, Michael, tailor.
Burns, Patrick, boot and shoe maker.
Burns, Patrick, butcher.
Burns, Michael, butcher.
Cowan, L., boot and shoe maker.
Cinnamon, Thomas, boot and shoe maker.
Dennelly, C., blacksmith, Bryansford.
Durie, Walter, bookkeeper, Annsborough.
Finnegan, Patrick, grocer.
Fitzpatrick, Ellen, publican, Clough.
Gibson, James, painter and glazier.
Graham, John, chandler.
Hanna, James, haberdasher and sewed muslin agent.
Hanna, James, grocer, haberdasher and woollen draper.
Hanna, James, corn and flax buyer. (above p's in book)
Hanna, Wm., agent for D, McDonald.
Henan, Peter, publican.
Herron, Samuel, baker and publican.
Herron, Eliza, straw bonnet maker.

Herron, Wm., grocer, haberdasher and ironmonger.
Hillyard, Geo. Wm., clerk of petty sessions.
Keely, Jane, grocer and haberdasher, Bryansford.
Kelly, Daniel, grocer and leather seller.
Kelly, Patrick, publican and posting establishment.
Kennedy, Thomas, watch and clock maker.
Kennedy, Robert, tailor.
Kennedy, Alexander, grocer and wine merchant.
King, J., soda water manufacturer.
Magee, John, carpenter.
Martin, A. J., haberdasher.
Martin, Andrew, saddler.
Martin, John, grocer.
Mathers, Francis, boot and shoe maker.
Meehan, Charles, excise officer.
Meharg, John, publican, grocer, ironmonger & posting establishment.
Mitchell, Richard, tailor.
Mooney, Brothers, grocers and tallow chandlers.
Moore, James, carpenter.
Munn, Eliza, straw bonnet maker.
Murland, James, flax spinner and linen manufacturer.
Murphy, Patrick, publican, Leitrim.
McAnally, Henry, butcher.
McCann, John, publican and grocer.
McCartan, James, baker.
McCartan, James, publican, Backaderry.
McCartan, John, publican, grocer and ironmonger.
McCartan, John, jun., publican and grocer.
McCartan, Mark, publican, Burren.
McCartan, Robert, baker.
McIlroy, Patrick, grocer, pawn broker, haberdasher and woollen draper.
McKnight, Andrew, blacksmith.
McKnight, John, china warehouse.
McKnight, Robert, carpenter.
McKnight, Thomas, cabinet maker.
McMillan, James, grocer.
McMullan, James, leather seller.
McMullan, James, grocer.
McMullan, John, publican.
McMullan, Wm., haberdasher.
Ochiltree, John, grocer.
Owens, James, publican, Backaderry.
O'Neill, Charles, grocer.
O'Flinn, James, deputy surveyor.
O'Flinn, Peter, haberdasher.
O'Halloran, Geo., haberdasher and woollen draper.
O'Neill, Sarah, Commercial Hotel and posting house.
Hanna, James, corn and flax buyer.
Porter, Thomas, Commercial Hotel.
Porter, Wm., painter and glazier.
Quinn, Alexander, grocer and publican.
Read, George, Roden Arms Hotel, livery stables and posting house, Bryansford.
Rennington & Pelling, sewed muslin manufacturers, Belfast.
Richmond, T. J., grocers and haberdashers.
Robinson, Samuel, haberdasher.
Robinson, John, corn and flax miller, Maghera.
Savage, Edward, grocer.
Savage, John, publican, grocer and leather dealer.
Shaw, Margaret, straw bonnet maker.
Smith, Hugh.
Stranagean, Wm., grocer and iron monger.
Thompson, James, publican.
Thompson, William H., haberdasher.
White, Sophia, publican.


A three horse buss leaves Mr. J. Flanagan's at 5 o'clock every morning, except Sundays, for Ballynahinch, in time for half past 7 train.
To Belfast - Mail car (from Newry) every morning at twenty minutes past four, passing through Castlewellan, Clough and Downpatrick, in time for ten o'clock mail train.
To Newry - A mail car every evening at half past six, goes through Rathfriland.


Cavan, a market and post town, the capital of the County of its name, formerly a Parliamentary borough.  It has still commissioners and borough rates.  It has lately been erected into a township, with extended boundaries, under the provisions of "The Towns Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854." Cavan is situate on the road between Dublin and Enniskillen, fifty five miles from Dublin, and sixty six from Belfast.  The town consists of two parallel streets, with a few smaller ones branching from them.  The places of worship are the church - a handsome structure, a Presbyterian church, a Wesleyan chapel, a Primitive Methodist chapel, and a Roman  Catholic chapel.  About a quarter of a mile from the town is a classical school, chartered by Charles I., and its management, by a late Act pf Parliament, transferred to a board of commissioners of education, the master being appointed by the Lord Lieutenant.  The school house, re-erected in 1819, in a beautiful situation, is a spacious building, calculated for the reception of one hundred pupils.  At the North end of the town is situated the residence of the Roman Catholic bishop, at the rear of which stands the diocesan college, with its beautiful and extensive pleasure grounds.  The market for grain is held on Monday, and general market on Tuesday.  The fairs are held on the second Tuesday in each month, except May fair, on the 14th and November fair, on the 12th day of the month.  The population on 1851 was 3,254.

Post-Office, Main Street - P. Fay, postmaster.  Letters from Dublin and South of Ireland, also from England and Scotland, arrive each morning at 5.40, and are despatched every evening at 6.50.
Township - Wm. Babington, J.P., M.D., chairman; J. Fitzpatrick, clerk; office, Market Square.
Union Workhouse - Ralph Mulligan, master; Mrs. Spinks, matron; Dr. Moore, medical officer; Rev. J. Carson, Presbyterian Chaplain; Blayney Grier, clerk and returning officer.
Infirmary, Main Street - A. Meade, Esq., M.D., surgeon; W. M. Brice, apothecary; Miss Johnston, house keeper; Mrs. Holden, head nurse.
Jail, Farnham Street - Geo. Robert Gallogly, governor; A. Meade, M.D., surgeon; T. Thompson, J.P., inspector.
Constabulary Station, College Street - D. Patten, county inspector; W. R. Napier, sub inspector.
Stamp Office, Main Street - James Parker, sub distributor.
Banks - Provincial, Farnham Street, Wm. Anderson, manager; Ulster, Erskine Terrace, James Wann, manager; Savings' Bank, Main Street, open every Saturday.
Presbyterian Church, Farnham Street - Rev. T. Carson, minister.
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Wesley Street - Rev. Mr. Lindsay, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Bridge Street.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Farnham Street - Right Rev. Jas. Browne, D.D., bishop; Rev. T. Mulvany and Rev. John McEnroe, curates.
Royal School - Rev. William Prior Moore, A.M., master; Messrs. Beaurpere and Ushers.
Farnham School, Farnham Street.
Roman Catholic Diocesan College, Farnham Street - Rev. P. McGinness, president; O. McConnell, master.
Bible Depository, Main Street - W. Johnston, agent.
Registry Office, Diocese of Kilmore - Robert Erskine, Main Street, registrar.
Cavan Gas Light Company's Office and Works, Church Lane.

Nobility and Gentry

Anderson, Wm., Farnham Street.
Black, Wm. M., Farnham Street.
Brady, Mrs., Drumbar Cottage.
Brush, Abraham, J.P., Drumbar Lodge.
Burrowes, Robert, M.P., Stradone House.
Burrowes, James, Lisnamandra.
Carden, Andrew, J.P., Drumkeen.
Cuming, R. J., Crover.
Elliott, Mrs. Jane, Farnham Street.
Erskine, Captain Robert, J.P., Main Street.
Farnham, Right Hon. Lord, Farnham House.
Humphreys, Wm., J.P., Ballyhaise House.
Maxwell, Hon. James P., M.P., Farnham House.
Maxwell, Hon. S. R., Arley Cottage.
Maxwell, Hon. Richard, Fortland.
Montgomery, Nathaniel, J.P., Cullies.
Moore, Samuel, Crossdoney.
Moore, Mrs., Waterloo Cottage.
Moore, W. A., J.P., Arnmore Lodge.
Stafford, The Misses, Tully.
Swanzy, The Misses, Wesley Street.
Thomson, Theo., B.A.L., J.P., Ford Lodge.
Veitch, Mrs. Rose Ann., Wesley Street.

Clergy and Professional.

Armstrong, Jas., attorney, Erskine Terrace.
Babington, William, M.D., J.P., Fortview.
Beresford, Right Rev. Marcus G., Lord Bishop of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh, Kilmore Palace.
Brice, W. M., apothecary, Main Street.
Brown, Right Rev. James, D.D., Roman Catholic Bishop, Farnham Street.
Caffrey, Patrick, deputy clerk of the peace, Farnham Street.
Carmichael, J., attorney, Dublin.
Carson, Rev. J., Presbyterian minister, Farnham Street.
Dickson, Rev. James Lowry, Lavey.
Erskine, Captain Robert, J.P., registrar for the diocese of Kilmore, Main Street.
Gahan, T., county surveyor, Church Street.
Hopewell, James, assistant county surveyor, Cavan.
Jackson, Rev. T., Drumard.
Jamieson, Rev. T., Bawnboy.
Jebb, Rev. Thomas, Laragh Cottage.
Leslie, Rev. Charles, A.M., Drung.
Malcolmson, William, M.D., surgeon, Cavan Militia, Farnham Street.
Moore, Rev. William Prior, A.M., Cavan College.
McGauran, E., attorney, Church Street.
McKenny, H., assistant county surveyor, Bailieborough.
O'Connor, Thomas, apothecary, Main Street.
Parker, James, master extraordinary and commissioner for taking affidavits, Main Street.
Tully, Matthew, attorney, Church Street.

Traders &c.

Anderson, Samuel, tinplate worker, Dublin Road.
Anderson, Wm., Alliance Fire & Life Assurance agent, Farnham Street.
Bannon, Mrs., baker, grocer and spirit merchant, Market Street.
Brady, Peter, Cock and Punch Bowl Tavern, Church Street.
Brady, Philip, publican, Main Street.
Brady, Stephen, saddler, Bridge Street.
Bride, Patrick, publican, Market Street.
Brogan, Mrs., publican, Bridge Street.

Brogan, Patrick, publican, Bridge Street.
Brogan, P., cart maker, Church Lane.
Carroll, Francis, broker, Main Street.
Chadwick, George, auctioneer,  Barrack Hill.
Connor, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Bridge Street.
Clemenger, John, coach builder, College Street.
Davis, R., earthenware dealer and grocer, Bridge Street.
Dobbin, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Farnham Street.
Dogherty, Mrs., milliner and dress maker, Market Square.
Downey, John, draper, Main Street.
Downie, Miss, school for young ladies, Wesley Street.
Douglas, Henry, grocer, Main Street.
Ellis, Arthur, baker and grocer, Bridge Street.
Farrelly, Misses, milliners and dress makers, Bridge Street.
Fay, James, draper, Main Street.
Fay, James, tobacco manufacturer, Main Street.
Fay, Patrick & Co., grocers and tallow chandlers, Main Street.
Fegan, Edward, auctioneer, College Street.
Fegan, William, process officer, Main Street.
Finnegan, Mrs. & Miss, young ladies' school, Farnham Street.
Fitzpatrick, John, boot and shoe maker, Church Lane.
Fitzsimmons, Charles, jaunting car maker, Wesley Street.
Fitzsimmons, J., carpenter, Church Lane.
Flood, John, tailor, Bridge Street.
Gallagher, ? , publican, Market Street.
Gannon, John & Co., drapers, Main Street.
Glancey, Patrick, cooper, Bridge Street.
Hague, William, builder, hardware and timber merchant, Market Square.
Hartly, James, draper, Main Street.
Hopkins & Co., drapers, Hibernian House, Main Street.
Houghton, Mrs., confectioner, Main Street.
Higgins, Wm., stone mason, College Street.
Johnston, Wm., book seller and stationer and agent for Medical Invalid Insurance Company, Main Street.
Kelly, ? , grocer and provision dealer, Main Street.
Kennedy, Edward, grocer, publican, timber merchant, iron monger and tobacco manufacturer, Market Street.
Keogan, Edward, publican, Market Street.
Keogan, Hugh, stonemason, Farnham Road.
Kettyle, Alexander, draper, Main Street.
Kinnear, Jas., boot and shoe maker, Market Square.
Leckey, James, wheel wright, Main Street.
Louden, Adam, butcher, Market Street.
Lough, Matthew, grocer and iron monger, Main Street.
Magennis, W., baker, College Street.
Maguire, Charles, grocer and provision merchant, wine and spirit dealer, Bridge Street.
Maguire, Mrs., pawn broker, Bridge Street.
Mallon, Edward, publican, Bridge Street.
Masterson, Mrs., publican, Church Street.
Mathews, Stephen, painter and glazier.
Mathews, T. W., grocer, earthenware dealer, painter and glazier, Market Street.
Mervyn, Jones, grocer and leather seller, Main Street.
Moore, Wm., draper, Main Street.
Morris, John, tinplate worker, Half Acre.
Morrow, Martha, earthenware dealer, Main Street.
Murray, Miss, watch and clock maker, Main Street.
McCabe, Francis, grocer, wool merchant & leather seller, Main Street.
McCabe, John, clerk patty sessions, Church Street.
McCann, Miss, haberdasher, Main Street.
McCann, Peter, grocer and tanner, Main Street.
McGauran, Mrs., Globe Hotel, Main Street.
McGervey, Michael, tailor, Barrack Hill.
McMullan, George, carpenter, Farnham Road.
Noble, John, boot and shoe maker, College Street.
O'Brien, James, printer, book seller and stationer, Main Street.
O'Brien, John, provision dealer & posting establishment, Bridge Street.
O'Donnell, James, broker, Market Street.
O'Reilly, Mary, publican, College Street.
Parker, J., draper and tea agent, Main Street.
Parr, Rose, grocer &c., Bridge Street.
Patterson, Thomas, publican, College Street.
Prunty, Mrs., publican, Main Street.
Queale, Charles, publican, Main Street.
Reilly, Bernard, tailor, Half Acre.
Reilly, Jas., Farnham Arms Hotel & posting establishment, Main Street.
Reilly, John, deputy crane master & inspector of weights & measures, Market Square.
Reilly, Mrs. B., publican, Main Street.
Ruddy, T., publican, Bridge Street.
Sheridan, Charles, blacksmith, Main Street.
Sheridan, Thomas, blacksmith, Bridge Street.
Simons, James, saddler, Main Street.
Smith, James, auctioneer, publican, Main Street.
Smith, Patrick, grocer and baker, Main Street.
Smyth, ? , butcher, Half Acre.
Talbot, John, boot and shoe maker, Dublin Road.
Tierney, John, cabinet maker, Bridge Street.
Vertue, Mrs., straw bonnet maker, Main Street.
Walls, Bernard, butcher, Main Street.


To Dublin, a train every day at 7 a.m., and 5.30 p.m., to Arvagh, a car every morning at 6 o'clock, to Armagh, via Clones, a car at 10 o'clock every morning, to Killeshandra, a car every second day at 4 o'clock (Sundays excepted)


Clogher, is a small market town (the head of a diocese, the bishopric of which was united to the Primacy of Armagh) in the County of Tyrone, ninety eight miles N.N.W., from Dublin, and nine miles W. from Aughnacloy, situated on the road from the latter town to Enniskillen, on the banks of the Blackwater.  This ancient Episcopal city, now only a village in appearance, is said to have derived its name from a stone covered with gold, the Clochoir, or "Golden Stone," and these is still a very ancient stone lying on the South side of the cathedral tower, which many believe to be the real clochoir.  The town is now the property of G. C. Brackenridge, Esq., J.P.  The Episcopal palace is a large and handsome edifice, close to the cathedral on the South side of the town, and consists of a centre and two wings.  It is entered by an elegant portico, supported by lofty fluted columns.  The erection of this palace was commenced by Lord John Beresford, Primate of Armagh, while Bishop of Clogher, and completed by Lord R. P. Tottenham, bishop, who died 29th April 1850.  The palace and demesne are now occupied by John Wm. Ellison, Esq., J.P., son-in-law of the Rev. J. G. Porter, the owner of both.  The cathedral dedicated to Saint Macartan, and from time immemorial the parish church, is a large and handsome cruciform structure, with a lofty square tower, rising from the West front.  There are several elegant monuments, and the throne of the bishop is very beautiful, besides which the interior is handsomely fitted up.  Two Presbyterian churches and four Roman Catholic chapels are the other places of worship.  A union workhouse and a dispensary are the principal charities.  The market is held on Saturday, and the fairs (with exception of the Spring fair, on the 26th May and Lammas, 26th July), on the 20th day of every month.  The Spring fair is held on the 6th May. Clogher contains 613 inhabitants.

Post-Office, Clogher - John Murphy, postmaster.  Letters from all parts, including England and Scotland, arrive every morning at 7, and are despatched every afternoon at 7.
The Ulster Bank (Aughnacloy branch) has an office open every Saturday from 10 till 2 o'clock - Mr. Thomas Montgomery, manager.  The Savings' Bank is open during the same hours every Saturday - The Hon. and Very Rev. Dean Maude, manager.
Established Church - The Rev. and Hon. R. Maude, Dean of Clogher, rector; Rev. W. B. Ashe, curate; Rev. Chas. Maginniss, curate.
Presbyterian Church, Clogher - Rev. Jas. G. Robb, minister; Aughentain, Clogher, Rev. Jas. Malcolmson, minister.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Clogher - Right Rev. Chas. McNally, Monaghan, bishop.
Endowed School, Clogher - John Rolston, master.
Constabulary Station, Clogher - D. Harrell, sub inspector; J. Comsty, head constable.
Court House and Bridewell, Clogher - John Brown, keeper of Bridewell.
Dispensary - Dr. Scraggs, physician.
Stamp Office - A. Steen, distributor.
Union Workhouse, Clogher - Hugh Lynch, master and clerk; Eliza Lynch, matron; Miss Forde, school mistress.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Anketell, J. K., Brookvale.
Ashe, Rev. Wm. B., Clogher.
Brackenridge, George Charles, J.P., Ashfield Park.
Brown, Thomas, Aughentain.

Caldwell, William, solicitor.
Connolly, Rev. A.
Ellison, John Wm. McCartney, J.P., The Palace.
Gervais, Francis J., J.P., Cecil.
Gladstane, Ambrose, J.P., Upton.
Irvine, Rev. J.
Malcolmson, Rev. Jas., Tullinavart.
Moutray, Anketell, Favor Royal.
McArdle, Rev. John.
Patterson, Wm., Fivemiletown.
Robb, Rev. James Gardner.
Simpson, John, Daisy Hill.
Storey, Rev. J. B., Corick.
Taylor, J. Edward, Cranbrooke.
Twig, Richard, M.D., surgeon, Clogher.

Traders &c.

Alexander, James, saddler.
Baird, Andrew, grocer and druggist.
Cole, Edward, hide and leather dealer.
Gilliland, Miss, teacher of infant school.
Murphy, John, victualler and leather cutter.
Shepherd, George, hotel keeper and posting establishment.
Steen, Alexander, grocer and druggist.
Trainor, Bernard, grocer and baker.
Trimble, Jas., woollen draper, grocer and registrar.
Trimble, Jas., jun., woollen draper.
West, James, woollen draper.


Clones, is a market town, in County Monaghan, fifty three miles from Belfast, twelve and a half S.S.W. from Monaghan.  The town consists chiefly of five streets, which converge towards the market place, a spacious triangular area, called the Diamond, on the West side of which stands the market house.  The market is held on Thursday, and the fairs on the last Thursday in each month.  Population in 1858, about 3,000.

Post-Office, Fermanagh Street - Mrs. Irwin, postmistress.  Letters from Dublin and South of Ireland, also from England, arrive every morning at 2.30 and are despatched every evening at 9.55; letters from Belfast and the North of Ireland, also from Scotland, arrive every morning at 2.30, and are despatched every evening at 9.55; letters from Enniskillen and the West of Ireland arrive every evening at 9.55 and are despatched the following day at 12 o'clock.
Parish Church, Market Place - Rev. Thomas Hand, A.M., rector; Rev. J. M. Dockeray, curate.
Presbyterian Church, Stone Bridge - Rev. W. White, minister.
Presbyterian Church, Clones - Rev. J. Gass, minister.
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Whitehall Street.
Wesleyan Methodist Church, Cara Street.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Jas. Smyth, P.P., Rev. Mr. McNally, curate.
Church Education Society's School, Cara Street - ? Wallace, master.
National School, Pound Hill - Thomas Cosgrove, master; Mrs. Mars, mistress.
Union Workhouse - R. Henry, medical officer; G. Little, master; Miss Coulson, mistress; ?, Rickey, clerk.
Fever Hospital - Alexander Knight, medical officer.
Bridewell - John Kelly, keeper.
Northern Bank, (branch office), Diamond - John Brady, manager.

Gentry &c.

Armstrong, James, Farmhill.
Brady, John, Diamond.
Cochrane, Wm., Diamond.
Crumly, Miss, Diamond.
Ellis, Nicholas, Lisnarow.
Fitzgerald, Francis, Clincorn.
Foster, Wm., Ballynure.
Hamilton, John P., J.P., Oakfield.
Jackson, James, Clintevern.
Madden, Mrs., Hilton.
Madden, Captain John, J.P., Springgrove.
Murray, Andre A., J.P., Newbliss.
Parr, John George, Diamond.
Shegog, Wm., Munelly.
Smith, David, J.P., Lakeview.

Clergy and Professional.

Dockeray, Rev. J. W.
Dudgeon, Alexander, attorney, Sterling Lodge.
Dudgeon, John, Diamond.
Hand, Rev. Thomas, The Rectory.
Henry, Richard, M.D., Diamond.
Hobotham, Rev. Robert, Currin, Drumard.
Hoskins, Joshua Thomas, surgeon and apothecary, Diamond.
Kirwan, Henry, sub inspector of constabulary, Whitehall Street.
Lough, Jas., land surveyor, Whitehall Street.
Moore, William, attorney, Diamond.
O'Reilly, Wm., M.D., Diamond.
Richardson, Rev. John, Summerhill.
Scott, Ralph & Richard, attorneys, Diamond.
Welsh, Rev. Charles, Etna Cottage.
White, Rev. W., Granshaw.

Traders &c.

Andrews, David, gunsmith, Cara Street.
Annesley, John, grocer, Diamond.
Averall, Theophilus, grocer, Fermanagh Street.
Baker, J., woollen draper, Diamond.
Benson, Samuel, agricultural implement maker, Stonebridge.
Bogue, John, grocer and publican, Fermanagh Street.
Boyle, John, tailor, Swift's Row.
Boyle, J., cooper, Fermanagh Street.
Brady, John, agent for Standard Life Assurance Company, master extraordinary in Chancery and commissioner for taking affidavits in the Four Courts, Dublin, Diamond.

Brady, William, baker and leather seller and grocer, Fermanagh Street
Brogan, John, butcher, Analore Street.
Brown, J. & T., bakers, grocers, spirit, leather, iron and timber merchants, Analore Street.
Lowe, H., stamp office, Fermanagh Street.
Clarke, Andrew, corn merchant and iron monger, Whitehall Street.
Clarke, James, flour, meal and corn merchant, Whitehall Street.
Clark, Andrew, draper and grocer, Whitehall Street.
Craig, Alexander, Diamond.
Clerkin, Francis, baker and publican, Fermanagh Street.
Cole, J., pawnbroker, Whitehall Street.
Connolly, Jas., baker, carpenter and builder.
Courtney, John, draper and grocer, Diamond.
Devany, Hugh, tailor, Diamond.
Donnelly, Peter, baker, grocer and woollen draper, Diamond.
Duffy, Philip, saddler, Cara Street.
Faris, Miss, milliner, Diamond.
Farquhar, Robert, draper, Diamond.
Farquhar, Robert, watch and clock maker, Diamond.
Fitzgerald, Ralph, pawn broker, Fermanagh Street.
Gallagher, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Cara Street.
Gillespie, Mrs., haberdasher, Fermanagh Street.
Goodwin, Bernard, grocer, draper &c., Fermanagh Street.
Graham, Fras., painter and glazier, Fermanagh Street.
Gray, Johnston, cooper, Poundhill.
Graydon, Amina, milliner and dressmaker.
Graydon, Jas., baker, Fermanagh Street.
Hand, Patrick, carpenter, Swift's Row.
Hetherington, Thomas, painter and glazier, Cara Street.
Jordon, Robert, carpenter, Analore Street.
Kirkpatrick, John, publican.
Leghorn, George, Whitehall Street.
Leghorn, John, butcher and tanner, Analore Street.
Lynch, Bernard, blacksmith, Analore Street.
Magwood, John, butcher, Fermanagh Street.
Monahan, Patrick, butcher, Analore Street.
Monahan, William, blacksmith, Whitehall Street.
Maginnis, John, nurseryman, Clonkeen Cottage.
Moore, M. & E., corn merchants, Analore Street.
Morgan, Robert, boot and shoe maker, Cara Street.
Morris, Patrick, butcher, Diamond.
Morrison, J., grocer, Diamond.
Morrison, Jeremiah, baker, Diamond.
Murray, L., publican, Analore Street.
McAveney, Patrick, cooper, Fermanagh Street.
McCabe, P., blacksmith, Abbey Lane.
McConnell, Wm., publican, Analore Street.
McDonald, John, baker, Analore Street.
McDermott, ?, grocer and publican, Fermanagh Street.
McKeany, John, baker and publican, Analore Street.
McMahon, H., carpenter, Abbey Lane.
O'Connor, Owen, grocer, Poundhill.
Porter, J., sewing agent, Diamond.
Reynolds, T., Cara Street, sexton of parish church.
Robinson, Joseph, watch and clock maker, Whitehall Street.
Robinson, Mary Ann, milliner and dress maker, Cara Street.
Sharp, Robert, general grocer, agent for the Black Ball line of packets to Australia and Liverpool line of steamers to New York, licensed auctioneer and valuator, house and land agency office.
Shegog, Miss Mary Ann, Cara Street.
Shiel, Edward, woolen draper, Fermanagh Street.
Shiel, Francis, boot and shoe maker, Whitehall Street.
Smith, John, coach maker, Cara Street.
Stinson, James, saddler, Whitehall Street.
Story, Richard, publican, Cara Street.
Thompson, Wm., baker, grocer and earthenware dealer, Fermanagh Street.
Thompson, Mrs. Ann, Dacre Arms Hotel, Diamond.
Turner, Jas., butter dealer, Clonkirk.
Wilson, Jas., printer, Cara Street.
White, Mrs., tinplate worker, Cara Street.


Coleraine, is a Parliamentary borough, in County Londonderry, forty four miles N. of Belfast.  It is a manufacturing and commercial town, and is situated on the River Bann.  This town has been long remarkable for the fineness of its linen cloth, the excellence of its salmon fishery, and the beauty of its rural scenery.  The population in 1851 was 5,920 inhabiting 1,063 houses.  The town is built on each side of the Bann, four miles from the sea, over which is a splendid stone bridge of three arches, ninety six yards in length by thirty two feet in breadth, and cost 14,500.  It consists of a central square called the Diamond, and several diverging streets.  The portion on the West side of the Bann is called Waterside, or Killowen.   The public buildings are - two Parish churches, three Presbyterian, one Independent, one Methodist, one Baptist Meeting House, and two Roman Catholic chapels; the Town Hall, Court House and Market House, and an Endowed School.  A national model school and Academical Institution have lately been erected in Killowen, adjoining the town.  The linen trade has been long and extensively carried on here, particularly in a fine description, called "Coleraines", the annual sales are estimated to amount to about 600,000.  Here are also soap, candles and leather manufactured.  The salmon and eel fisheries on the river are farmed at 1,200 annually by the Irish Society to Messrs. Allen and Gordon.  A brisk export trade, chiefly to Liverpool by steam, is carried on through Portrush, the shipping port at the mouth of the Bann, five miles from the town, the harbour, of which is formed by two moles or break waters, one 800, and the other 650 feet in length, with an entrance of 200 feet wide, and the whole covering as area of eight acres, with from fifteen to twenty feet depth of water at the wharf's, but vessels of 200 tons can discharge at the quay of Coleraine.  A Government survey of the River Bann, from Coleraine to the sea, has been completed.  The town is now connected with Belfast and Derry by railway, with a branch to Portrush harbour.  The Provincial Bank and Northern Banks have branches here.  Gas Works have been erected.  The Workhouse was opened on the 11th April 1842.  The corporation, whole style was "The Mayor, Alderman and Burgesses of the town of Coleraine," has become extinct, and its property, amounting in 1844 to 1,335, chiefly arising from rents and the tolls and customs, is now vested in the Town Commissioners.  The borough returns one member to Parliament, constituency in 1853, 246.  Quarter Sessions are held here, and Petty Sessions every second Friday.  Fairs are held on the 12th May and 12th November, horse fair second Tuesday in February, August and November.  Markets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, for grain, and Saturdays, for regular market.  The town is the head quarters of the constabulary of the county and district.

Member for the Borough - John Boyd, Dunduan, Coleraine and Carlton Club, London.
Magistrates - John Dunduan; John Cromie, D.L., Cromore; Wm. Moore, LL.D., Moorefort; J. M. Tittle, Portstewart; Andrew Orr, Millburne; Edward Stronge. J.P., Jackson Hall; Sir H. H. Bruce, Bart, D.L., Downhill; Thomas Bennett, Castlerow; Samuel Laurence, Bansfield; Henry Kyle, Laurel Hill; Butler M. Giveen, Portstewart; John Sinclaire, Dromore; William Warke.
Coroner - Daniel Gailey, Diamond.
Town Commissioners - Wm. Warke, chairman; Dr. Sharp, Thomas Hyndman. Dr. James Barr, Daniel Taylor, James Moore, Patrick McLaughlin, A. J. H. Moody, Joseph Orr, John Lusk, Richard Fawcett, John McFarland, Robert Nevin, John Matthews, John Glenn, Dr. Clarke, Jas. H. Coyle, Warren Baxter.
Treasurer and agent - John Boyd, J.P., Dunduan, Coleraine; town clerk Samuel W. Knox; clerk, John McKillip;  town officer, Robert Jenkins.
Town hall or Market House, centre of the Diamond - contains the news-room, Coleraine Library, Savings' Bank, night guard room, and large public assembly room, and is let for concerts. balls &c.
Quarter Sessions - Wm. Armstrong, Esq., Q.C., assistant barrister; Wm. Gregg, clerk of the peace for town and county; James W. Gregg, deputy clerk of the peace.
Petty Sessions, every alternate Friday - Clerk, John Taggart, Hanover Place.
Constabulary Barrack - H. Crawford, head constable; Joseph Hume, sub inspector.
Registrar - W. Young, 32 Meetinghouse Street.
Post-Office, Church Street - John McCandless, postmaster.
Bridewell, Court House - James Thompson, keeper; Daniel Spears, superintendent night watch.
Custom House, Hanover Place - C. McAnally, collector; C. Claxton, comptroller.
Harbour, under Portrush Harbour Commissioners - Secretary, John Taggart; collectors, Given & Co.
Excise Office, New Row.
Gas Works, Bann Side - Property of the town, vested in the commissioners; John Boyd, treasurer; J. McKillop. secretary; John Robinson, manager.
Markets - Monday, Wednesday and Friday, corn &c., Saturday, the principal market day; clerk of the market, William Young.
Shambles, Meetinghouse Street - Contains eighteen stalls, open every lawful day for the sale of meat and fish, present proprietor, Hugh O. Kane.
Banks - Northern Bank, Diamond, J. H. McAuley, manager; Belfast Bank, Diamond, Jas. Macfarland, manager; Provincial Bank, Hanover Place, W. M. Rowan, manager; Savings' Bank, Meetinghouse Street, John Canning, actuary.
Stamp Distributor and Notary Public - John Taggart, Hanover Place.
Poor Law Union Workhouse, Mountsandel Road - To accommodate 860; John Cromie, D.L., chairman; Andrew Orr, vice chairman; H. Kyle, deputy chairman; Mr. Bond, master, Isabella Hemphill, matron. Chaplains - Episcopal, Rev. K. Homan; Rev. John Martin, Presbyterian;
Rev. A. Macmullan, Roman Catholic; medical officer, J. C. L. Carson, M.D.; clerk, J. V. Fleming; relieving officer, Wm. Simpson, Cross Lane.
Fever Hospital, to accommodate, sixty, contiguous to workhouse, J. C. L. Carson, M.D., medical attendant.
Dispensary, near Hanover Place - Open Tuesday and Friday from nine till twelve, Dr. McIntire, medical attendant.
Coleraine Parish Church, Church Street - Rev. Jas. O'Hara, rector; Rev. ? , Ratcliffe, curate.
Killowen Parish Church, Killowen Street - Rev. Wm. Wharton, Silletto, rector.
First Presbyterian Church, Meetinghouse Place - Rev. R. W. Fleming.
Second Presbyterian Church, Meetinghouse Place - Rev. Jas. Alfred Canning.
Third Presbyterian Church, Terrace Row - Rev. J. Macdonald.
Independent Congregational Meeting House - Rev. Thomas Kidd.
Baptist Chapel, Meetinghouse Place - T. W. Medhurst, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Meetinghouse Lane - Rev. G. Vance, Rev. W. B. Monaghan.
St. Malachi's Roman Catholic Chapel, Square Commons - Rev. Mr. Macmullan, P.P.
St. John's Roman Catholic Chapel, Killowen - Rev. Charles Flannigan, P.P.
Coleraine Library, Market House - Robert Given, secretary.
District National Model School, Upper Captain Street - Average attendance, males, 50; females, 54; infants, 50; principal master, John Johnston, six assistants; principal mistresses, Miss Caldwell, Miss Hanson, and Miss Macormick.
Mechanics' Institute, Town Hall - W. McIntyre, secretary.
The Irish Society's Male and Female School, Beresford Place - John and Mrs. Canning, teachers' Mrs. Charleton and Mrs. McAleese, assistants.
Irish Society's Female School, Killowen - Mrs. Long, mistress.
Killowen Roman Catholic National Male and Female School - J. Quinn and Mrs. McCardle, teachers.
Coleraine Roman Catholic National School - Mr. Healy and Mrs. Deighan, teachers.
Infant School, Society's School House - Miss Greaves, mistress.
Public News Room, Town Hall.
Newspaper - Coleraine Chronicle, every Saturday; J. McCombie, publisher and proprietor.

Nobility and Gentry.

Austin, Andrew, Waterford Place.
Black, Thomas, Rock Cottage.
Boyce, James, Brookhall.
Boyd, John, J.P., M.P., Dunduan.
Bruce, Sir H. H., Bart., Downhill.
Cromie, John, D.L., J.P., Cromore.
Dunlop, Mrs., Rothesay House.
Galt, Griffin, Curtis, Ballysally.
Galt, Misses, Cross Lane.
Given, Daniel, New Row.
Given, Miss, Meetinghouse Place.
Harvey, Mrs. and Miss, Northbrook.
Harley, Alexander, Spring Villa.
Hunter, Robert, Hanover Place.
Kyle, Henry, Laurel Hill.
Lang, Misses, Chapelfield.
Laurence, Miss, Hanover Place.
Laurence, Samuel, Bannfield House.
Laurence, Misses and Miss Cox, New Row.
Lyle, James A., Knocktarna.
Orr, Andrew, Milburne House.
Orr, Samuel, Flowerfield.
Richardson, Thomas R., Somerset.
Richardson, Lady Emily, Somerset.
Sinclaire, James, Dromore.
Smith, H., Lodge.

Clergy, Professionals &c.

Barr, Jas., surgeon and apothecary, New Row.
Canning, Rev. J. A., New Row.
Carson, J. C. L., M.D., and licentiate apothecary, Diamond.
Cavin, Wm., M.D., Ferryquay Street.
Clarke, Andrew, surgeon and licentiate apothecary, Church Street.
Ffolliott, Rev. H., curate, Portrush.
Flanaghan, Rev. Charles, P.P., Killowen.
Fleming, Rev. R. W., Manse, Meetinghouse Place.
Galvey, Very Rev. Archdeacon, Articlave.
Gwynn, Rev. Stephen, Agherton Rectory, near Portstewart.
Homan, Rev. Mr., Fermoyle.
Kidd, Rev. Thomas, Independent minister, Meetinghouse Place.
Knox, Samuel W., solicitor, New Row.
Lyle, Rev. John, Knocktarna.
Lyle, Rev. W., A.M., Fairview House.
Martin, Rev. John, Camus.
Macaldin, J. J., M.D., F.R.C.S.I., New Row.
MacDonnell, Rev. Joseph.
Macmullan, Rev. Alexander, P.P., St. Malachy's, Church Street.
Monahan, Rev. W. B., Wesleyan minister.
McClellan, Rev. Thomas, Macosquin.
McFarland, John, solicitor, Meetinghouse Place.
McKeag, Daniel, M.D., and licentiate apothecary, Waterside.
O'Hara, Rev. James, The Rectory.
Oulton, Rev. W. P., Balroshane.
Ratcliffe, Rev. Mr., curate, Coleraine.
Sharpe, Dr., Kingsgate Street.
Silletto, Rev. W. Wharton, Killowen Glebe.
Vance, Rev. G., Wesleyan minister.

Traders &c.

Agnew, W., aerated water manufacturer, Preachinghouse Street.
Anderson, Alexander, spirit store, Church Street.
Anderson, A., carter, Brook Street.
Andrews, Thomas, of McIlwaine & Co., Bridge Street.
Barber, James, baker, Waterside.
Baxter, J. & D., house painters, paper hangers &c., Brookfield Place.
Bellas, H. & T., ironmongers, Church Street.
Bellas, H. & T., timber yard, near Beresford Place.
Birch, Waterson & Co., drapers, Diamond.
Bishop, S., shoe and boot maker, Meetinghouse Place.

Black, Edward, grocer, Meetinghouse Street.
Boyd, Robert, builder, New Row.
Boylan & McKillop, Clothworkers' Arms Hotel.
Caldwell, Mrs. Eliza Ann, grocer, oil and colour shop, Waterside.
Caldwell, James, saddler and harness maker, Preachinghouse Lane.
Caldwell, Mrs., grocer, Waterside.
Cheyne, Hugh, sewing agent, Mew (New) Row West.
Christy, Daniel, marble and stone works, Meetinghouse Street.
Church, John, boot and shoe maker, Church Street.
Clarke, Jas., grocer, druggist and passage broker.
Clarke, Robert, confectioner and baker, Church Street.
Cochrane, Misses, sewing agents, Meetinghouse Street.
Cochrane, Mrs., silk mercer, haberdasher &c., Diamond.
Coyle, James, builder, King's Gate.
Crawford, Isaac, saddler, King's Gate.
Craig, J., stone works, Newham.
Cunningham, Bernard, hide and leather dealer, Church Street.
Crowe, J., grocer and haberdasher, Killowen.
Curry, Arthur, grocer, Church Street.
Curry, John, publican, Church Street.
Cuthbert, Joseph, tan yard; residence, Northbrook.
Daly, Charles, seedsman, Bridge Street.
Darragh, Neal, grocer, Newmarket Street.
Dempsey, James, publican, Newmarket Street.
Dillon, John, pawn broker, Church Street.
Doherty, Charles, cabinet maker, auction and commission mart, Bridge Street.
Dornan, Constantine, builder, Captain Street.
Dougherty, H., spirit dealer, Long Commons.
Dunlop, R., Liverpool Bakery, Kings Gate.
Eccles, Mrs. Anne, book seller, stationer, printer and room paper warehouse &c.
Ellis, Wm., family grocer, Bridge Street.
Esdale, Joseph, carpenter &c.
Ferris, Robert, carpenter, New Row West.
Ferris, Joseph, coach builder, Cross Lane.
Fleming, John, grocer, meal and flour dealer, Waterside.
Gaw, Thomas, book seller and stationer, Bridge Street.
Given, John, wholesale grocer, Hanover Place.
Given & Co., wine, iron and timber merchants, Diamond.
Getty, John, wine and spirit merchant, Church Street.
Gillespie, James, publican, Diamond.
Glenn, John, publican, Diamond.
Gilmour, Jas., watch maker, jeweller &c., Diamond.
Glenn, J., publican, Newmarket Street.
Gordon, Thomas, family grocer, tea, glass and china, Bridge Street.
Greaves, James, nail manufacturer, Lowerstone Row.
Gribbon, Edward & Son, woollen drapers & haberdashers, Waterside.
Gribbon, Edward & Sons, linen manufacturers & linen merchants, Killowen.
Groves, William, boot and shoe maker, Kings Gate.
Haddock, Misses, boarding and day school, Kingsgate Street.
Hall, John, auctioneer, New Row.
Haltridge, John & Sons, coach builders, New Row.
Harkin, John, music and dancing academy, Stone Row.
Hay, Edward, coach factory, Stone Row.
Henry, Thomas, grocer, Waterside.
Horner & Crawford, hardware merchants, Bridge Street.
Huey, John, grain merchant, Church Street.
Hughes, John, butcher, Meetinghouse Street and Killowen.
Hughes, Nicholas, draper, Bridge Street.
Hunter, Mrs., saddler and harness maker, Diamond.
Hunter, Stewart, general grocer, Bridge Street.
Hinde, Mrs., silk mercer and haberdasher, New Row.
Hinde, Wm., baker, New Row.
Hyndman, Thomas, hardware & house furnishing shop. Bridge Street.
Jenkins, J., publican, Newmarket Street.
Kane, Daniel, cabinet maker, Meetinghouse Street.
Kane, H., auctioneer and appraiser, Meetinghouse Street.
Kane, Ann, grocer, Killowen.
Kane, John, grocer and publican, Killowen.
Keith, Jas., confectioner, Meetinghouse Street.
Kelly, James, painter and glazier, Society Street.
Kennedy, Hugh, iron and brass founder, Terrace Row.
Kennedy, John, publican, Brook Street.
Kirkpatrick, Samuel, architect, Blindgate Street.
Lowry, J., sewing agent, New Row West.
Loughrey, Mrs., publican, Captain Street.
Lusk, J., grain merchant, Church Street.
Lyle, Hugh, grocer, Waterside.
Lyons, Adam, grocer and general hardware shop. Newmarket Street.
Lyons, Adam, meal and salt store, New Row.
Lyons, J., publican, Newmarket Street.
Lyons, John, boot and shoe maker, Church Street.
Lynn, Wm., grocer, Church Street.
McAtamney, Hugh, baker, Church Street.
Mains, ? , pawn broker, Meetinghouse Street.
Magilligan, Mrs., clothes broker, Meetinghouse Street.
Magowan, Patrick, cabinet maker, Bridge Street.
Magowan, A., tailor, Hanover Place.
Martin, Peter, grocer, Waterside.
Mathers, A., watch maker, Church Street.
Matthews, John & James, woollen drapers, haberdashers &c., Bridge Street.
Miller, David, whitesmith, Killowen.
Milligan, Robert, publican, Charles Street.
Montgomery, Charles, boot maker, Diamond.
Moody, A. J. H., family grocer, wine and spirit dealer, Church Street.
Moore, Misses, milliners &c., Church Street.
Moore, James, Coleraine Distillery, Newmarket Street; residence, Northbrook House.
McCandless, John, grocer, Church Street.
McCarter, Joseph, tanner, New Row.
McCaughey, Moses, coach builder, Stone Row.
McClenahan, Miss, milliner, New Row.
McCombie, John, printer and publisher of the Coleraine Chronicle, 7 Meetinghouse Street.
McCormick, John, book seller and stationer, Diamond.
McCurdy, James, corn dealer, coal, timber and ironmonger, Killowen.
McCurdy, John, family grocer & spirit merchant, Diamond & Church Street.
McCurdy, Misses, milliners, Church Street.
McElwain, Archibald & Co., woollen hall & carpet warehouse, Bridge Street.
McGee, W. & P., tailors, Preachinghouse Lane.
McGeagh & Co., drapers &c., Waterside.
McGrath, Daniel, butcher, Meetinghouse Street.
McGrotty, Mrs., Corporation Arms Hotel, Diamond.
McIntyre, W., hardware merchant, Diamond.
McKay, Adam, inn keeper.
McKillop, John, town clerk, Waterside.
McKinlay, E., delf and china shop, Diamond.
McLaughlin, John, spirit store, Diamond.
McLaughlin, Patrick, wine and spirit merchant, Waterside.
McNabb, Robert, saddler and harness maker, Church Street.
Nevin, James, grocer, Church Street.
Nevin, Robert, grocer, Church Street.
Nevin, William, grocer, King's Gate.
Nicholson, A., grocer and posting house, Meetinghouse Street.
Orr, Joseph, Queen's Arms Hotel, Bridge Street.
Orr, Wm., haberdasher, Church Street.
Paul, Mrs. C. J., milliner, Waterside.
Paul, Mrs., publican, Waterside.
Robinson, James, woolen draper and haberdasher, Bridge Street.
Rodgers, Samuel, watch maker, Church Street.
Rodgerson & Co., grocers, Church Street.
Scobey, Rachel, delf and china shop, Bridge Street.
Self, John, shirt factory, New Row.
Sharp, Robert, soap and candle manufactory, Church Street.
Smith, Misses, millinery, New Row.
Smith, Misses Jane & Mary, sewing agents, Kingsgate Street.
Stewart, Wm., provision merchant, Stone Row.
Taylor, D. & R., family grocers and seed merchants, Diamond.
Troy, John, bellman, Ferryquay Street.
Thompson, Robert, haberdasher & silk mercer, Diamond & Church Street.
Thompson, Sarah, milliner, New Row.
Tomb, Wm., publican and saddler, Killowen Street.
Wade & Co., clothiers and drapers, New Row.
Ward, Mrs., stationery, book, music and fancy warehouse, Diamond.
Warke, Wm., wine and timber merchant, Diamond.
Warke, Wm., timber yard & bonded stores, Beresford Place.
Weir, Misses, boarding and day school, New Row.
Woods, Mrs., dress maker, Meetinghouse Street.
Woods, J., sewed muslin agent, Meetinghouse Street.
Young, John, yarn store and grocer, Bridge Street.
Young, Robert, confectioner and grocer, Meetinghouse Street.


To Londonderry - Londonderry and Coleraine Railway from Brook Street station daily; Portrush and Ballymena railway; several times daily, station, Brook Street. Omnibuses and cars attend the trains.
To Ballycastle - A van every Saturday, at 3 p.m., from Gillespie's Diamond Street.  One horse cars several times daily to Portstewart, Portrush &c., besides trains.


Comber, or Cumber, is a market town in County Down, fourteen miles from Downpatrick, seven E.S.E. from Belfast, situated on the road from Belfast to Downpatrick.  It is tolerably well built, and formed of four main streets, which intersect each other at right angles, and terminates in a handsome square, in the centre of which is a Masonic monument to General Gillespie, erected by subscription.  The river Comber, upon whose banks the town is situated, and from which its name derived, runs into Strangford Lough, on the east side of the parish, and the tide flows to within a short distance of the town.  The principal fuel consumed here is turf, which is supplied from an extensive bog in the neighbourhood, called Moneygreer, or the Royal Bog, from which great quantities are also sent to Belfast and other places.  There are two extensive distilleries here, the same number of corn mills, two respectable hotels, and a large bleach green.  A manorial court is held every third Thursday, for the manor of Comber, for recovery of debts not exceeding 10.  The church is a small handsome building.  There are places of worship for Presbyterian, Unitarians and Wesleyan Methodists.  The educational institutions are a school, founded by Viscountess Castlereagh in 1813; one under Erasmus Smith's charity, and congregational and national schools.  The market is held on Tuesday.  Fairs - January 5th, April 5th, June 28th and October 19th.

Post-Office, Downpatrick Street - Joseph Shean, postmaster.  Letters from Dublin and all parts of the south of Ireland, also from England, arrive every morning at 8, and are despatched at 9.15 a.m., letters from Belfast and all parts of the North of Ireland arrive every afternoon at 3, and are despatched every morning at 9; letters from Downpatrick and intermediate places arrive every morning at 9 and are despatched every afternoon at 3.30.
Parish Church,, Square - Rev. W. D. Crommelin, rector.
Presbyterian Church, Downpatrick Street - Rev. John Rogers.
Presbyterian Church, High Street - Rev. James M. Killen.
Unitarian Church, Mill Street - Rev. John Orr.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Bridge Street - ministers, various.
Erasmus Smith's School, Square - D. Skilling, master.
Infant school, Downpatrick Street - Miss De Winter, mistress.
Constabulary Station, Mill Street - Patrick Fitzpatrick, constable.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Andrews, John, J.P., Mill Street.
Andrews, Wm. G., Mill Street.
Andrews, Isaac, Square.
Birch, James, Ballybeen.
Birch, Misses Mary & Margaret, Bridge Street.
Boyd, Wm., Ballywilliam Flax Mills.
Carson, Samuel, Ballyrenny House.
Crommelin, Rev. William D., Glebe House.
Douglass, Wm., Camperdown.
Frame, James, surgeon, Square.
Gordon, Robert, D.L., J.P., Florida Manor.
Kennedy, Wm., surgeon, Bridge Street.
Killen, Rev. James, High Street.
Miller, John, Square.
McCance, the Misses, Bridge Street.
McConnell, Mrs. Eleanor, Mill Street.
McIlroth, Captain Thomas, J.P., Killynether.
Orr, Rev. John, Mill Street.
Rogers, Rev. John, Square.
Stone, Guy, J.P., Barnhill.

Traders &c.

Andrews, James & Sons, millers and linen merchants, Mill Street.
Andrews, W. G. & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, Mill Street.
Anderson, J., spirit dealer, High Street.
Allen, George, tanner, Square.
Bole, Brothers, grocers and leather cutters, Square.
Bowman, Hugh, saddler, High Street.
Braithwaite, Robert, supervisor, inland revenue, Square.
Buchanan, Mrs. Alice, milliner &c., Mill Street.
Cameron, M. J., dress maker, Bridge Street.
Carse, Maria, straw bonnet maker, Mill Street.
Conkey, William, watch maker &c., Mill Street.
Corbett, John, watch maker, Mill Street.
Davidson, J. R. & Co., drapers, Square.
Duncan, Agnes, publican, High Street.

Gibson, Thomas, saddler, Mill Street.
Gibson, John, carpenter, Bridge Street.
Gillan, Wm., inland revenue officer, Square.
Halliday, Wm., grocer, High Street.
Hargin, Edward, marine dealer.
Heaney, Robert, grocer, Square.
Jeffrey's Hotel, Square.
Jeffrey, James, publican, Square.
Jervis, Geo., publican, Main Street.
Kennedy, Wm., grocer, Downpatrick Street.
Lindsay, Robert & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, Square, Robert Withers, agent.
Lindsay, Wm. J., publican, Mill Street.
Maginn, Margaret, dyer, Downpatrick Street.
Milling, James, publican, Square.
Miller, Archibald, letter carrier.
Miller, John, maltster and distiller, Downpatrick Street & Bridge Street.
Morrow, Miss, dress maker, Mill Street.
Munn, Wm., blacksmith.
Murphy, Wm., publican and smith, Square.
Murray, Wm., grocer, Bridge Street.
McBriar, J., draper, Mill Street.
McCaw, Wm., boot and shoe maker, High Street.
McCulloch, Robert, tailor, Bridge Street.
McDonald, Jas., posting establishment, Mill Street.
McDowell, Jane, milliner, Bridge Street.
McIlrath, J., blacksmith, Mill Street.
Mckeag, Wm., carpenter, Square.
McMaster, John, railway tavern, Mill Street.
McMoran, George, grocer, Mill Street.
Orram, John Smith, Bridge Street.
Rea, Charles, publican and carpenter, Mill Street.
Rea, Francis, butcher, Mill Street.
Riddle, H., High Street.
Riddle, James, grocer, Mill Street.
Ritchie, Henry D., grocer, spirit, hardware & seed merchant, High Street.
Robb, Gawn, tailor, Mill Street.
Robb, Susan, dress maker, Mill Street.
Robb, Wm., wheel wright, Mill Street.
Robinson, James, Bridge Street.
Robinson, John, cabinet maker, Bridge Street.
Shean, Joseph, woollen draper & Haberdasher, Downpatrick Street.
Simpson, Robert, publican, Downpatrick Street.
Spiers, John, grocer., Mill Street.
Stockdale, W., miller, Maxwell's Court.
Todd, Michael, railway tavern & grocer &c., Mill Street.
Wilson, David, grocer, Downpatrick Street.


Train carries mail, and a coach (from Killyleagh) calls at James Milling's every morning, Sunday excepted, ay 8.30. To Killyleagh, a coach (from Belfast) calls at Milling's Hotel every afternoon, Sunday excepted, at 4.45.


Cookstown, is a flourishing and respectable market town in County Tyrone, thirty five miles W. from Belfast, very pleasantly seated on the Kildress rivulet, and on the great North Road from Armagh, at the point where it communicates with the roads leading respectively towards Londonderry and Coleraine.  Its main street, or chief thoroughfare, is spacious and ornamented with fine lofty trees on wither side.  This principal street, with its trees, presents the appearance of a mall, and is so intimately connected with the adjacent finely wooded demesne of Killymoon, as to possess a delightfully rural character.  The mansion or castle of Killymoon is a superb edifice, in the Saxon style, built from designs by Nash, at a reputed cost of 80,000.  The staple of Cookstown may be considered its linen trade, in which many respectable merchants are embarked, and there are several extensive bleach greens, flax mills, corn and meal mills and seed merchants.  At the South end of the town a corn mill has lately been erected, Godfrey O. Lyle, proprietor.  A factory for weaving linen by steam power has been in operation some time, giving employment to 150 operatives, John Gunning & Sons, proprietors.  Petty Sessions are held each alternate Friday by the local magistrates.  The Town Commissioners meet the first Monday in each month, in the Town hall, James' Street, Henry Graves, M.B., and F.R.S.A., chairman  for the time being.  A new mansion has lately been built at the east of the town, at a cost of 3,000, by H. R. Charles & Co., for Jas Gunning, Esq.  The site is the best about the town, having a view of a large part of the County of Antrim, as well as of Lough Neagh.  The parish church of Derryloran is being rebuilt.  The other places of worship are three Presbyterian churches, two Methodist meeting houses and a Roman Catholic chapel.  There are several educational and other charitable institutions - the former comprises national and ragged schools, supported by public subscription.  The market days are Tuesday and Saturday, the latter for farming produce, which is brought in abundance, the former for grain.  Fairs - First Saturday in each month.  Population in 1851, 2,993.

Post-Office, James' Street - Margaret Patterson, postmistress.  Letters from Dublin and all parts of the South of Ireland, also from England and Scotland, arrive every morning at 7.15 and 8.15, and are despatched every morning at 9, and every evening at 4.10 and 6.10.
Constabulary Station, James' Street - Jas. McMullan, sub inspector.
Stamp Office, James' Street - Joseph Dinsmore, sub distributor.
Union Workhouse - Fras. Murphy, master; Wm. Ballantine, clerk.
Union Workhouse Hospital - D. J. Hamilton, surgeon.
Savings' Bank, James' Street - Wm. Ballantine, actuary.
Ulster Banking Company (branch), William Street - Robert Stark, manager; R. Quinton, accountant.
Belfast Banking Company (branch), James' Street - Thomas A. Vessey, manager; Hugh W. Rodgers, accountant.
Penny Savings' Bank, James' Street - Clarke Moore, actuary.
Loan Fund, William Street - Silas E. Weir, treasurer; Jos. McCormick, secretary.
Parish Church, Gartalowry - Rev. F. Crawford, rector.
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. H. B. Wilson, minister.
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. P. Wilson, minister.
Third Presbyterian Church - Rev. John Knox Leslie, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, James' Street - ministers, various.
Primitive Methodist Chapel, James' Street - ministers, various.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Gortalowry - Rev. Francis Montague, P.P.; Rev. Mr. Gallogly, curate.
Church Education School, Gortalowry - Mr. Vance, teacher.
National School, Gortalowry.
National School, Loy.
National School, Cookstown - Mr. Sloan, teacher.
Ragged School, Cookstown - Wm. McCormick, teacher.
Ladies' Boarding School, Loy House - Matilda Miller, teacher.
Cookstown Academy, James' Street - John a. Smyth, principal.
Gas Works - William Drummond, manager; Clarke Moore, secretary.

Gentry &c.

Agnew, Margaret, William Street.
Alwood, M., Gortalowry.
Aston, William D.
Baillie, Mrs., Turneskea.
Brady, Major W. S. R., D.L., J.P., Oaklands.
Bryson, ? , Wellbrooke.
Cluff, James, James' Street.
Cooper, J. D., Killymoon.
Field, George, William Street.
Fulton, Adam, Gortalowry.
Greer, Thomas, J.P., Tullylagan.
Griffith, Henry, Killycolp.
Gunning, W. A., Loy House.
Gunning, James, J.P.
Gunning, Henry, Loy.
Houston, Wm., William Street.
Irvine, Colonel, Gortalowry.
Knox, E. C., J.P., Desertcreight.
Lindsay, F. L., J.P., Loughry.
Lind, Jane, William Street.
Magill, S. R., J.P., Crieve.
Massey, Major, Oaklands.
Paul, Wm., William Street.
Powell, J. B., William Street.
Priarie, Jervis, Tullyhogue.
Staples, Sir T., Q.C., J.P., Lissan.
Stark, Robert, William Street.
Tener, John K., J.P., Moree Rock.
Vesey, T. A., James' Street.
Wilson, John, William Street.

Clergy and Professional

Allen, Rev. Francis, curate, Kildress.
Charles, D. H., M.D., James' Street.
Charles, Henry R., M.D., William Street.
Ferguson, Rev. Wm., Teivenagh.
Geddis, Rev. J., Sandholes.
Gallogly, Rev. John, R.C.C., Loy.
Graves, Henry, M.D., James' Street.
Hamilton, D. J., surgeon, James' Street.
Hoey, Rev. W., Wesleyan minister, Cookstown.
Harris, Frederick, attorney, William Street.
Leslie, Rev. J. K., James' Street.
Little, John, attorney, William Street.
Magill, Robert, attorney, William Street.
Montagu, Rev. Francis, P.P., Loy.
Murray, John, M.D., William Street.
McGowan, Rev. J. G., Orritor.
Porter, Rev. T. H., D.D., Ballymully.
Reid, Rev. David, William Street.
Sloan, George, surgeon, William Street.
Stewart, Rev. Richard, rector, Drumshambo Glebe.
Smyth, T. J., auctioneer, William Street.
Thompson, ? , attorney, William Street.
Wilson, Rev. J. P., James' Street.
Wilson, Rev. H. B., James' Street.
Wray, Rev. W., Orritor.

Traders &c.

Adair, Thomas & Co., bleachers, Greenvale.
Adair & Gunning, spinners, Greenvale.
Allen, John, jun., whitesmith, Orritor Street.
Allen, W., blacksmith, Orritor Street.
Allen, Sarah, grocer &c., William Street.
Anderson, David, baker, grocer and china merchant, William Street.
Anderson, Geo., flax miller, Tullywiggan.
Anderson, Jas., saddler, James' Street.
Aston, William D., writing clerk, William Street.
Atcheson, ? , boot and shoe maker, Orritor Street.
Acheson, R., carpenter and blacksmith, Loy.
Ballantine, John, boot maker and leather seller, William Street.
Bell, John, grocer and car owner, William Street.
Black, John, corn miller, grocer, iron monger and leather dealer, William Street.
Black, Wm., flax miller, Corkhill.
Bole, James, grocer, William Street.
Buchanan, Andrew, whitesmith, Gortalowry.
Carlton, James, boot maker, Loy.
Campbell, Andrew, confectioner, James' Street.
Chambers, Jane, dress maker, Gortalowry.
Cluff, Richard, cabinet maker, James' Street.
Crawford, W. S., grocer and butter merchant, Railway Road.
Collins, Mary, dress maker, William Street.
Coffey, W., Railway Hotel, James' Street.
Charles, John H., watch maker, William Street.
Charles, Thomas, grocer, William Street.
Corr, Patrick, saddler, William Street.
Cochrane, Joshua, haberdasher, James' Street.
Devlin, James, grocer and publican, William Street.
Devlin, John, boot maker, Coagh Street.
Devlin, Mark, cooper and spirit dealer, James' Street.
Devlin, Mary, dress maker, Coagh Street.
Dickson, Jas., flax and corn miller, Tulnacross.
Dickson, Robert, corn miller, grocer and linen manufacturer, Orritor.
Derby, T. & J., woollen drapers, William Street.
Dobson, S. L., butter merchant, grocer & seed merchant, William Street.
Donnelly, John, pawn broker & clothes broker, William Street.
Dillon, John, reed maker, Orritor Street.
Duncan, A., dress maker & milliner, William Street.
Dunseth, Robert, tailor, William Street.
Douras, J., horse shoer, William Street.
Devlin, Daniel, reed maker, Orritor Street.
Davison, Jos., publican, William Street.
Dinsmore, Joseph, grocer, James' Street.
Donaghy, Joseph, nailer, Loy.
Devlin, Daniel, grocer & publican, Orritor.
Eagleson, D., baker, William Street.
Eccles, John, publican, William Street.
Eagleson, E., grocer and publican, Loy.
Ferguson, A., watch maker, Ardtrea.
Ferguson, A. T., baker, Coach Street. (Coagh)
Ferguson, E., dress maker, William Street.
Ferguson, J., boot maker, William Street.
Ferguson, S. A., grocer, William Street.
Ferguson, A., boot maker, James' Street.
Fleming, Geo., grocer, Gortalowry.
Galway, James, butcher, William Street.

Glasgow, Benjamin, book seller & stationer, grocer, baker &c., William Street.
Galway, John, carpenter, Coagh Street.
Gourley, J., hardware &c., James' Street.
Glasgow, Benjamin & Wm., spinners, Drapersfield.
Graham, Charles, grocer and butter merchant, Loy.
Galway, B., watch maker, William Street.
Gamble, Jas., grocer and publican, Gortalowry.
Gunning, John & Sons, power loom linen manufacturers.
Harbinson, Francis, saddler, wine and spirit dealer and hotel keeper, William Street.
Harbinson, John, spirit dealer, grocer, baker & seedsman, William Street.
Henderson, M. & Son, linen manufacturers, Sherrygroom.
Huey, Jas., watch maker, William Street.
Hughes, Margaret, dress maker, Coagh Street.
Hunter, John, woolen draper, William Street.
Hutchinson, ? , publican, William Street.
Houston, Isaac, grocer & iron monger, agent for the British Protector Life Assurance Society, William Street.
Henry, James, linen draper, Killycurragh.
Hamilton, Robert, carpenter, blacksmith & rag merchant, Loy.
Hanna, John, grocer, Gortalowry.
Huey, Jas., watch maker, William Street.
Johnston, Benjamin, grocer, Gortalowry.
Johnston, Joseph, builder, Loy.
Johnston, Wm., earthenware dealer, Orritor Street.
Kane, John, carpenter and blacksmith, Loy.
Kelly, J., grocer, Orritor Street.
Kelly, Wm., flax merchant, Coagh Street.
Kirk, Samuel, haberdasher, James' Street.
Kyle, Jas., clothes broker, William Street.
Kyle, Jemima, dress maker, William Street.
Lambert, Jas., reed maker, William Street.
Langford, Bernard, boot maker, Loy.
Leslie, John, tailor, Loy.
Lindsay, F., flax miller, Rock Lodge.
Little, Wm., publican, William Street.
Lyttle, Wm., grocer and leather merchant, William Street.
Lynd, Robert, tailor, Orritor Street.
Logue, James, tailor, Orritor Street.
Mackenzie, ? , publican, William Street.
Mackenzie, ? , grocer, William Street.
Magill, S. R., flax miller, Green Lodge.
Magill, Wm., corn miller, Dunmore.
Mallan, Bernard, woolen draper, William Street.
Maxwell, Jas., carpenter, William Street.
Mayne, John, cooper, Orritor Street.
Miller, Robert, boot maker, Loy.
Mitchell, Jas., carpenter, Coagh Street.
Molloy, Hugh, butcher, James' Street.
Molloy, Patrick, wholesale and retail spirit merchant, and Stewart's Arms Hotel, James' Street.
Mayne, Jas., hide merchant, Gortalowry.
Mooney, Michael, blacksmith, Gortalowry.
Moore, Joseph, publican and car owner, William Street.
Morgan, Wm., tailor, James' Street.
Malone, ? , baker and grocer, William Street.
Moran, Robert, grocer and shoe maker, Loy.
Morgan, Wm., meal merchant, tea dealer and agent for the Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society, James' Street.
Murray, Thomas, Son 7 Co., blacksmiths, Orritor Street.
Musgrave, Richard, boarding house, William Street.
Miller, Thomas, car owner, William Street.
Miller, James, publican and car driver, Orritor Street.
Molloy, Thomas, sewed muslin agent, William Street.
Mackay, David, grocer and hardware merchant, William Street.
Mullen, James, clothes dealer, William Street.
Millar, M., grocer, Gortalowry.
Millen, John, grocer, William Street.
McAleer, Hugh, publican, Coagh Street.
McAlister, Robert, flax and corn miller, Kildress.
McAlister, Thomas, grocer and publican, James' Street.
McClelland, Jas., grocer and leather merchant, James' Street.
McCollum, A., grocer, William Street.
McCormick, Elizabeth, grocer, James' Street.
McCord, Wm., boot and shoe maker, leather merchant, Gortalowry.
McDowell, John & Alex., builders, William Street.
McElhatton, Cornelius, flax merchant, Loy.
McAtee, P., tailor, Gortalowry.
McEntyre, James, publican, William Street.
McGaghey, Robert, linen manufacturer, Tattykeel.
McGeagh, Robert, woolen draper, merchant tailor, William Street.
McGeagh, Anne, boarding house, William Street.
McGeagh, John, linen manufacturer, William Street.
McGuckin, John, publican, Coagh Street.
McIver, Robert, flax merchant, Coagh Street.
McLoughlin, B., & H., coopers, Gortalowry.
McKenna, Chas., grocer, Orritor Street.
McMaster, Richard, grocer and earthenware dealer, William Street.
McMillen, H. & J., woolen drapers, William Street.
McNally, Hugh, boot and shoe maker, William Street.
McNiece, William, flax merchant, Coagh Street.
McSloy, John, blacksmith, Orritor Street.
Nale, James, publican, Coagh Street.
Owen, Daniel, feather merchant, Gortalowry.
O'Farrell, E., publican, James' Street.
O'Farrell, John, clothes broker, James' Street.
O'Neill, Chas., grocer, William Street.
O'Neill, John, grocer and tailor, James' Street.
O'Neill, Ann, grocer, Orritor Street.
Patterson, Robert, grocer, seedsman and hardware merchant, James' Street.
Paul, William, linen merchant, William Street.
Porter, Wm., publican, William Street.
Paul, Thomas, linen manufacturer, William Street.
Quin, Edward, clothes broker and grocer, James' Street.
Quin, J. & T., grocers, William Street.
Quin, Michael & Co., woolen drapers, James' Street.
Rankin, Robert, boot maker, Orritor Street.
Reed, Matthew, seed merchant, James' Street.
Reid, Jane, milliner, James' Street.
Rickard, John, woollen draper, William Street.
Riddell, Mary, confectioner, William Street.
Robinson, John, gutta percha boot & shoe warehouse, James' Street.
Roberts, James, tailor, Gortalowry.
Roberts, Jane, publican, Orritor Street.
Rodgers, E. & S., milliners, William Street.
Rutherford, Geo., publican, Gortalowry.
Shaw, George, & Co., linen manufacturers, Greenvale.
Sheppard, John, grocer, ironmonger & leather merchant, William Street.
Simpson, John & Brother, clothes brokers, William Street.
Sloan, John & Son, linen manufacturer, Tullyweary.
Smith, Eliza, dress maker, William Street.
Smith, Hugh, painter and glazier, William Street.
Smith, James, linen manufacturer, James' Street.
Smith, W. & D., grocers, bakers & candle manufacturers, William Street.
Smith, William, flax miller, Grouse Lodge.
Smith, M., milliner, William Street.
Smyth, John A., academy, James' Street.
Stark, Robert, agent for the West of England Fire Insurance Company, William Street.
Stirling, Jas., woolen draper, James' Street.
Taylor, Alfred, flax merchant, Coagh Street.
Teggart, Robert, grocer, William Street.
Thompson, John, grocer, James' Street.
Warnock, Wm., painter and glazier, James' Street.
Weir, S. E., draper and silk mercer and agent for the Standard Life Assurance Company, James' Street.
Weir, William, linen manufacturer, Unagh.
White, William, pawn broker, William Street.
White, Ellen, bonnet maker, William Street.
Wilson, John, linen merchant, William Street.
Wilson, Amelia, stay maker, William Street.
Wilson, Chas.., linen manufacturer, William Street.
Wilson, Wm., grocer, Loy.


A mail bus leaves Cookstown on arrival of the 6 o'clock a.m. train from Belfast, for Dungannon, passing through Stewartstown and Coalisland, returning on arrival of the 8 o'clock train from Dublin, in time for the train leaving Cookstown at 4.30.


Cootehill, a market town in County Cavan, sixty six miles N.N.W. from Dublin, fifteen South from Monaghan, pleasantly situated on the Cootehill River, and on the road from Dublin to Clones.  The town consists of four spacious streets, and the country around is embellished with some handsome mansions.  The linen branch prevails in the district, but not so extensively as formerly, and in the town are established branches of two banks, and a savings' bank.  The principal hotel here, the Bellamont Arms, is a well conducted house.  General Sessions of the Peace are held at Easter, and in the month of October, and Petty Sessions every second Saturday, they are held in a neat court house, at the back of which is a secure bridewell.  There are no fewer than eight places of worship in Cootehill, namely - the Parish church, two Presbyterian churches, a Meeting House for the Society of Friends, two Methodist chapels, A Moravian Chapel and a Roman Catholic chapel.  The church, situated at the lower extremity of the town, fronting to the Main Street, is a large and handsome structure, in the Elizabethan or Tudor style of architecture, with a tower surmounted by a spire.  The charities comprises a fever hospital, a dispensary, a union workhouse and a school under the National Board of Education.  The markets are Friday and Saturday, the former for general produce, the latter for grain.  Fairs, second Friday in every month.  Population in 1851, 2,105.

Post-Office, Market Street - Jane Corry, postmistress.
Established Church (parish of Drumgoon), Market Street - Rev. J. R. Darley, rector.
Chapel of Ease, Dernaclish - Rev. N. Archdall.
Presbyterian Meeting House, Bridge Street - Rev. Jas. Bones, minister.
Presbyterian Meeting House, Bridge Street - Rev. Wm. Lyttle, minister.
Friends' Meeting House, Church Street.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Bridge Street - ministers, various.
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Cavan Street - Rev. R. Campbell.
R. C. Chapel, Chapel Lane - Rev. Terence O'Reilly, P.P.
Moravian Chapel, Derrycock.
Constabulary - Sub Inspector, ? Moriarty; head constable, ? Henderson.
Dispensary - James Sharpe, surgeon.
Union Workhouse - James Lucas, master; Miss Kelly, matron; R. Graham, clerk to the Board.
Excise Office - W. McDunna, officer, Market Street.
Stamp Office, Market Street - Edward Brown, sub distributor.
Bridewell, Market Street - John Simons, keeper.
National School - Philip Smyth, master; Mary Gargan, mistress.
Provincial Bank of Ireland (branch), Market Street - Wm. Leslie, manager.
Ulster Banking Company (branch), Market Street - Wm. Jamieson, manager.
Town Commissioners - W. Jamison, chairman; John Campbell; Edward Brown: John Shera; Henry Maxwell; Patrick Horan; Samuel Fisher; John McNally; Edward Cooney; Peter Gartian; John McGahan; Edward McNulty; Thomas Fay.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Berry, John, Fairmount.
Bones, Rev. James, Bride Street.
Boyd, John, Clementstown.
Boyle, Charles, J.P., Tenagh.
Boyle, Maxwell James, J.P., Tullyvin House.
Brown, James, Rockcorry Mills.
Campbell, R., Cavan Street.
Clements, Henry T., J.P., Ashfield Lodge.
Coote, Captain, Bellamont Forest, Cootehill.
Cremorne, Right Hon. Lord, Dartry House.
Darley, Rev. J. R., Glebe House.
Douglas, Wm., Freemount.
Finlay, John West, Dromore Lodge.
Fleming, J., Bridge Street.
Flood, John, scutch mills, Killscreeny. (with w's in book)
Godley, Rev. James, Ashfield.
Horan, Thomas, apothecary and surgeon, Market Street.
Foster, Rev. John, Bridge Street.
Leslie, William, Cootehill.
Lyttle, Rev. Wm., Derrycock.
Magovern, Peter, physician and surgeon, Church Street.
Marsden, John, Tullyvin Mills.
Moorehead, Samuel, J.P., Fortwilliam.
Murphy, Charles, Newgrove Mills.
Murray, Wm., J.P., agent.
McFadden, John, coroner, Cootehill.
O'Reilly, Rev. Daniel.
O'Reilly, Rev. Terence, P.P.
O'Brien, Rev. ?, rector, Kill.
Sharpe, James, M.D., Market Street.
Smith, Rev. Thomas, R.C.C., Madaghbawn.
Whitley, Charles, Riverview Mills.
Flood, John, scutch mills, Killscreeny.
Wolf, Rev. J. C., rector, Ematrice, Dawson Grove.
Worthey, Wm., Lisnagroan Mills.
Wright, Thomas Edmund, attorney.

Traders &c.

Adams, Jos., baker, grocer, leather seller and posting hotel.
Alcock, William, Market Street.
Bonner, John, tinplate worker, Bridge Street.
Bowman, Matthew, inn keeper, Bridge Street.
Boyle, James, nailer, Bridge Street.
Boyd, Mrs., Bridge Street.
Brady, James, carpenter, Bridge Street.
Brady, John, grocer, Market Street.
Brady, Patrick, lodgings, Market Street.
Brady, Andrew, boot and shoe maker, Cavan Street.
Brady, Patrick, cooper, Market Street.
Brown, Edward, ironmonger, grocer and timber merchant, commissioner for taking acknowledgements of deeds by married women and district registrar of marriages, Market Street.
Brown, Richard, currier, wholesale, retail leather dealer, coal merchant, ironmonger and provision store, Market Street.
Brown, Samuel, nail maker, Bridge Street.
Campbell, John, woollen draper, Market Street.
Campbell, Joseph, painter and glazier, Bridge Street.
Carrol, Patrick, entertainment, Church Street.
Carolin, Elizabeth, baker and grocer, Bridge Street.
Cavanagh, Thomas, stone mason, Chapel Lane.
Cassidy, Jane, Market Street.
Charles, Andrew, blacksmith, Bridge Street.
Chapman, Isaac, earthenware dealer, Church Street.
Collins, Patrick, blacksmith, Bridge Street.
Coney, James, tanner, Market Street.
Conley, Michael, baker, Market Street.
Connell, Rose, grocer, Market Street.
Connor, Patrick, cart maker, Bridge Street.
Constabulary Barrack.
Cooney, Edward & Co., woollen drapers, Market Street.
Cooney, Isabella, haberdasher, Market Street.
Corbit, S., entertainment, Bridge Street.
Corry, James, butcher, Bridge Street.
Corry, Jane, grocer, Market Street.
Cosley, Charles.
Cotter, John, nailer, Bridge Street.
Coyle, Robert, boot and shoe maker, Church Street.
Coalston, Thomas, tailor, Bridge Street.
Creeth, Ruth, woollen draper and tea agent, Market Street.
Crossin, ? , butcher, Market Street.
Crumy, Patrick, butcher, Market Street.
Dempsey, Edward, turner and cart maker, Church Street.
Diamond, Jas., boot and shoe maker, Church Street.
Dolan, Mrs., publican, Market Street.
Donohoe, John, Commercial Hotel, Bridge Street.
Downey, Jas., publican, Bridge Street.
Duffy, Owen, painter and glazier, Church Street.
Dunn, John, apothecary and druggist, Market Street.
Dowd, M., shoe maker, Bridge Street.
Duffy, Robert, painter, Bridge Street.
Dowd, John, carpenter, Church Street.
Dunn, Andrew, blacksmith, Bridge Street.
Dixon, Wm., inn keeper, Church Street.
Dawsire, Miss, haberdasher, Market Street.
Eagon, Allen, carpenter and builder, Campstown Cottage.
Eaking, Alexander, grocer, Market Street.
Fay, Thomas, woolen draper and tallow chandler, Market Street.
Fay, Bernard, baker &c., Market Street.
Finlay, Patrick, Traveller's Home, Market Street.
Fisher, Samuel, pawn broker, Market Street.
Fleming, Joseph, woolen draper and grocer, Market Street.

Foy, John, baker and publican, Church Street.
Foy, John, inn keeper, baker and grocer, Church Street.
Freeman, James, tailor, Bridge Street.
Gartlan, Peter, baker and grocer, Market Street.
Germain, Mary, grocer, Church Street.
Germain, John, inn keeper, Church Street.
Garrighan, Patrick, tailor, Market Street.
Hartley, Ambrose, grocer, Bridge Street.
Halfpenny, Mary, entertainment, Market Street.
Henratty, Thomas, entertainment, Church Street.
Hewett, Thomas, blacksmith, Market Street.
Higgins, Terence, turner and wheel wright, Chapel Lane.
Hodgins, Mr., New Cavan Street.
Holmes, Andrew, grocer, Bridge Street.
Horan, Patrick, baker and grocer, Market Street.
Hutcheson & Martin, publicans and grocers, Market Street.
Irwin, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Cavan Street.
Lennon, Denis, baker and grocer, Market Street.
Leslie, Arnold, boot and shoe maker, Bridge Street.
Little, Rev. Wm., Derrycock.
Livingston, Alexander, reed maker, Bridge Street.
Logan, John, Church Street.
Lynch, Matthew, publican, Church Street.
Lynn, Robert, carpenter, Bridge Street.
Magee, Richard, saddler and harness maker, Cavan Street.
Malone, A., entertainment, Bridge Street.
Markey, Bernard, hotel and grocer, Market Street.
Markey, Thomas, woolen draper, Market Street.
Markey, Patrick, grocer, Markey (Market) Street.
Markey, Mrs., haberdasher, Market Street.
Martin, Hugh, publican, Market Street.
Maxwell, Henry, grocer, wine and spirit merchant and ironmonger, Market Street.
Moore, M., haberdasher, Market Street.
Morgan, Peter, clerk to the town commissioners, Market Street.
Morrison, George, boot and shoe maker, Church Street.
Morrow, James, butcher, Bridge Street.
Mulholland, Patrick, stone mason, Cornacarrow.
Murphy, Peter, baker, Market Street.
Murphy, Edward, veterinary surgeon.
Murray, John, stone mason, Bridge Street.
McCabe, Bernard, grocer, Market Street.
McCabe, Alexander, publican and baker, Market Street.
McCabe, Eleanor, Bellamont Arms Hotel (commercial and posting), Market Street.
McCabe, John, saddler, Market Street.
McCabe, Andrew, inn keeper, Bridge Street.
McCabe, John, inn keeper, Bridge Street.
McCann, Ann, grocer, Market Street.
McCay, William, grocer and spirit dealer, Market Street.
McCormick, J., butcher, Bridge Street.
McCracken, John, watch and clock maker.
McCracken, John, auctioneer, valuator &c., Market Street.
McCudden, Patrick, grocer, baker and spirit store, Market Street.
McDonagh, Mary & Jane, school, Bridge Street.
McDonald, Owen, entertainment, Church Street.
McFadden, John, M.D., master extraordinary and commissioner for taking acknowledgements of deeds by married women and county coroner, Cavan Street.
McFaddin, Miss, dress maker, Market Street.
McGahan, Ann, publican, Market Street.
McGahey, ? , book seller and stationer, Market Street.
McGinn, Mrs., inn keeper, Bridge Street.
McGovern, Farrell, publican, Market Street.
McEniff, Michael, inn keeper, Bridge Street.
McEnroe, Charles, publican and grocer, Bridge Street.
McEntosh, Miss.
McKenna, Patrick, grocer, Bridge Street.
McKeown, Rose, butcher, Bridge Street.
McKittrick, ? , letter carrier, Bridge Street.
McLaughlin, Jas., shoe maker, Cavan Street.
McManus, James, cooper, Bridge Street.
McMahon, Mrs., lodgings, Bridge Street.
McMinn, Robert, clerk petty sessions, Bridge Street.
McMullen, Nathaniel, butcher, Bridge Street.
McNally, ? , grocers and seedsmen, Market Street.
McNulty, Edward, woolen draper, Market Street.
McPhillips, Miss, dress maker, Bridge Street.
McQuade, John, baker, Market Street.
Nugent, Patrick, carpenter, Bridge Street.
Oaks, Alexander, provision dealer, Main Street.
O'Hare 's rag store, Bridge Street.
Oliver, John, woolen draper.
Patt, John, blacksmith, Chapel Lane.
Peatt, Bigger, cooper, Bridge Street.
Peatt, John, inn keeper, Bridge Street.
Pinder, Jas., shoe maker, Bridge Street.
Piles, William, blacksmith, Bridge Street.
Reddy, Michael Wm., reporter.
Reilly, Cornelius, carpenter, Bridge Street.
Reilly, Jas., provision store, Bridge Street.
Reilly, Wm., carpenter, Bridge Street.
Reilly, James, publican, Market Street.
Rice, John, baker, grocer and news agent, Market Street.
Ross, Robert, school.
Rohal, James, delf and china warehouse, Bridge Street.
Sellery, Philip, posting establishment, Bridge Street.
Scott, Miss, fancy warehouse, Market Street.
Scurr, Wm., Bridge Street.
Sharpe, James, apothecary, Market Street.
Sharpe, John, grocer, Church Street.
Shera, John, ironmonger, grocer, timber & wine merchant, Market Street.
Sherlog, ? , nailer, Bridge Street.
Smith, James, boot and shoe maker, Cavan Street.
Smith, John, inn keeper and publican, Bridge Street.
Smith, Roger, publican, Clementstown.
Smyth, Thomas, nail maker, Church Street.
Stephens, John, boot and shoe maker, Cavan Street.
Stephens, John, shoe maker, Bridge Street.
Stuart, Wm., apothecary and surgeon, Cavan Street.
Sullivan, Sarah, straw bonnet maker, Market Street.
Swan, Thomas, shoe maker, Bridge Street.
Swarbick, Ann, milliner and dress maker, Bridge Street.
Swarbrock & Donohoe, blacksmiths, Bridge Street.
Swift, James, publican, Cavan Street.
Swift, James, inn keeper, Bridge Street.
Taylor, Joseph, inn keeper.
Tierney, Lawrence, posting establishment, Bridge Street.
Trainor, Edward, publican, Market Street.
Tully, Elizabeth, grocer, Bridge Street.
Walker, Henry, boot and shoe maker, New Cavan Street.
Wallace, Jane, haberdasher, Market Street.
Whitley, James, Derrycock.
Whitley, Mrs., grocer, Market Street.
Wildridge, John, carpenter, Cavan Street.
Wildridge, Thomas.
Woods, Jas., flax merchant, Church Street.
Woods, Thomas, baker and grocer, Market Street.


Carriers - To Dublin, John McCabe, once a week; to Belfast, Thomas Connolly, once a week.


Crumlin, is a small post-town in the County Antrim, thirteen English miles W. to N. from Belfast, situated on the road between Antrim and Lurgan and two miles and a half East of the head of the bay of Lough Neagh.  On the Camlin, which skirts the town, and from which river its name is a corruption, are extensive corn and flour mills.  From the situation of the town near Lough Neagh, it derives facility of communication by water with Belfast, Newry, Antrim, Magherafelt and other towns.  Petty Sessions are held on the first and third Monday of every month, and a station of the constabulary force is established here.  The parish church was destroyed by the army of James II., in 1609, and its ruins, which are very interesting, remain a monument of the sacrilegious act.  The Presbyterians and Unitarians have each a place of worship, and there are two free schools and a dispensary.  One of the schools was built and endowed by the late Major General the Hon. Sir H. R. Pakenham, of Langford Lodge, the other is under the National Board of Education.  Fairs, the first Monday, monthly.  There is also a market every Monday for the sale of pork, butter and eggs.  Population on 1851, 398.

Post-Office - Jane Campbell, postmistress.  Letters from Dublin, and all parts of the South of Ireland, also from England, arrive every morning at 2 minutes after 5 and are despatched every evening at half past 7, letters from Belfast and the North, also from Scotland, arrive (from Antrim) every evening at half past 7 and are despatched every morning at 5 minutes after 5.
Dispensary - G. A. Hume, surgeon.
Parish Church, Killead - The Rev. Roger Bickerstaff, vicar; Rev. E. Mockler, curate.
Presbyterian Meeting House - Rev. Alexander C. Canning, minister.
Unitarian Meeting House - Rev. J. Jennings, minister.
National School - John Berryhill, master.
Free School - John Dickson, master, Laurel Vale.
Boarding and Day school for Young Ladies - English, French, Italian, German, Music &c., Conducted by Miss M. Haddock.
Day School for Young Ladies - English, French, Italian, German, Music &c., Conducted by Mrs. Jennings, Crumlin.
Magistrates who preside at Petty Sessions - Rev. Arthur H. Pakenham, Captain G. T. Brooke and Thomas Walkington.

Clergy, Gentry &c.

Bell, Dolway, surgeon, Bellgrove, Parish of Camlin.
Bell, John, Glenfield, Crumlin.
Bell, Edward, Lennymore, Crumlin.
Bickerstaff, Rev. R., Killead Glebe.
Canning, Rev. Alexander C.
Charters, James, Glendonagh.
Cooper, Rev. Francis, Established Church, Glenavy.
Donaldson, Samuel, Tromary Cottage, Crumlin.
Dowglass, Captain George, Gobrana.
Gore, Mrs., Goremount.
Harris, George H., officer of inland revenue.
Hume, Geo. A., M.D., and surgeon.
Irvine, Rev. R., Established Church.
Jennings, Rev. John.
Mockler, Rev. Edward, Killead.
McKee, William Alexander, Gobrana.
McConnell, Wm., Cherryvalley.
Pakenham, Lieutenant Colonel. T. H., M.P., Langford Lodge.
Pakenham, Rev. Arthur H., Langford Lodge.
Pakenham, Thomas, Glen Oak, Crumlin.
Pollock, Henry A., Goremount.
Pye, Rev. George, P.P., Glenavy.
Poe, Wm. Thomas, Ben-neagh.
Roe, Rev. Edward P., incumbent of Gartree.
Smyth, Rev. Edward Johnston, vicar, the Glebe, parish of Camlin.
Whitfield, John S.

Traders &c.

Armstrong, John, spirit dealer.
Bell, Wm., blacksmith, Ballycessey.
Boyd, Robert, blacksmith.
Boyd, Wm., shoe maker.
Burgess, John, shoe maker.
Byrne, Jas., Pakenham Arms Hotel and livery stables.
Campbell, Jane, postmistress.
Campbell, Wm., carpenter.
Cormican, Thomas, saddler and harness maker.
Cousins, Henry, grocer and haberdasher.
Cousins, Isaac, spirit dealer.
Cuddy, Thomas, blacksmith.
Dempsey, Bridget, grocer.
Donnigan, Arthur, grocer.
Dornan, Henry, grocer.
English, Joseph, petty sessions' clerk & clerk to board of conservators of fisheries, Coleraine district.
Finton, Amelia, straw bonnet maker.
Gilbert, Thomas, grocer and haberdasher.
Haddock, Robert, miller.
Hamilton, Margaret, confectioner.
Hunter, M. & C., dress makers.
Hunter, James, miller, Crumlin Mills and Glenconway.
Hunter, Sarah, grocer and haberdasher.
Ingram, Leonard, stone mason.
Johnston, Jas., grocer, haberdasher and baker.
Kernaghan, Hugh, shoe maker.
Kilpatrick, Mary, grocer and confectioner.
Mateer, Wm. Henry, tailor.
Montgomery, Alexander, miller.
Montgomery, Margaret and Isabella, dress makers.
McCluney, Edward, butcher and grocer.
McCluskey, Jas., provision dealer and weigh master.
McCorry, Richard, saddler and harness maker.
McFadden, Charles, turner.
McIlvenna, Joseph, carpenter.
McKendry, James, grocer and shoe maker.
McPeake, Joseph, cooper.
Neison, James, shoe maker.
Neison, William, shoe maker.
Palmer, James, nailer.
Palmer, Maria, spirit dealer.
Palmer, Benjamin, baker.
Palmer, Wm. John, nailer.
Quigley, Thomas, civil bill officer.
Toland, Daniel, tailor, draper, grocer and haberdasher.


A two horse machine from the Pakenham Arms four times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, at 7 in the morning to Belfast, and leaves Belfast at 4 in the evening.
A two horse van, the property of Andrew Bell, Glenavy, leaves Mr. Isaac Cousins, innkeeper, Crumlin, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning at 7 o'clock, arriving at John Casey's North Street, Belfast, at 9 o'clock, returning same evening at 4 o'clock.

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