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1861 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Donaghadee   Downpatrick   Dromara   Dromore   Dungannon


Donaghadee, is a market town and seaport in County Down, fourteen miles from Belfast and six from Newtownards, situated in the shore of the Irish Channel, it is the nearest port to Scotland, being twenty one miles from Portpatrick, the passage to which can be made in one hour and a half by steam vessels.  The town consists of several streets, which are wide and well kept.  The part of the town next the shore is built in the form of a crescent, and the shape, with the whiteness of the houses, gives the place a very pleasing appearance.  Donaghadee possesses all the advantages connected with a pleasant bathing place, having a fine beach, good lodging houses, baths and other requisites for the comfort and accommodation of visitors, with a railway from Belfast, Downpatrick and Ballynahinch.  In the town and neighbourhood many industrious females are employed in embroidering muslin.  Petty Sessions are held in the Court House on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month, a Manor Court on the 1st Thursday of each month for debts to the amount of 10 Irish.  Daniel Delacherois, Esq., Lord of the Manor, Robert Cassidy, Esq., Seneschal, and a court leet annually in May.  The church, built in 1641, is a large cruciform structure, with a lofty tower at its Western end, which was built by the late Captain Delacherois and Daniel Delacherois, Esq.  It is kept in good repair and contains a number of marble monuments.  The other places of worship are two churches for Presbyterians, a Wesleyan Methodist Chapel and a Roman Catholic Chapel.  At the Northern end of the town id a Danish rath, a mound of considerable height, and surmounted by a tower and fortress in miniature, from the summit of which is a beautiful prospect of the town and surrounding country, with a distant view of the Scotch Coast and the Copeland Islands, is commanded.  The market is held on Wednesday.  Fairs, Wednesday before June 11th, July 4th, August 16th, October 10th and first Wednesday in each December. Population in 1851, 2,821.

Post-Office, Mount Street - Postmaster, J. C. MacGowan.  Letters from England, Scotland, Ireland &c., arrive at 9 a.m., and are despatched at 4 p.m.
Parish Church - Rev. J. Hill, rector.
Parish Church, Carrowdore - Rev. a. G. Gilmore, incumbent.
Presbyterian Church, High Street - Rev. J. Macauley, sen., minister.
Presbyterian Church, Shore Street - Rev. Wm. Skelly, minister.
Presbyterian Church, Ballycopland - Rev. John Beatty, minister.
Presbyterian Church, Carrowdore - Rev. David Parke, minister.
Presbyterian Church, Millisle - Rev. J. Macauley, jun., minister.
Roman Catholic Chapel, High Street.
Coast Guard - Captain Douglas, R.N., inspecting commander, Lieutenant Edward J. B. Clarke, chief officer.
Custom House - Officer, Edward J. B. Clarke.
Constabulary Station - Constable Hicks.
Dispensary - Samuel Stuart, surgeon.
Church of England Endowed School, Carnatheon Place - Mr. Forsythe, teacher.
Wesleyan School, Mount Street - Wm. Morrison, teacher.
National School, Hunter's Lane - Isaac Lowry, master, J. Spence, mistress.

Gentry &c.

Bushell, Theo., Rockland Cottage.
Clarke, Edward J. B., chief officer of coast guard and harbour master.
Crommelin, Samuel Delacherois, J.P., Carrowdore Castle.
Delacherois, Samuel, Carnatheon Place.
Delacherois, Mrs.
Delacherois, Daniel, J.P., Manor House, Donaghadee.
Delacherois, Nicholas, J.P., Ballywilliam Cottage.
Douglas, Captain, R.N., Harmony Place.
Dunbar, George, J.P., Woburn.
Getty, Miss, William Street.
Leslie, Edmund F., J.P.
Leslie, Mrs. Admiral, Rosebank.
McMinn, Alexander, J.P., Herdstown House.
McMinn, John H., Killaughey Street.
McTear, R., Carnatheon Place.
Skinner, Captain C. G. McGregor, Erin Lodge.
Young, Wm., Carnatheon Place.

Clergy and Professional

Black, Rev. R., Ballycopland Manse.
Brown, Rev. Wm., Wesley Place.
Catherwood, Wm., M.D., High Street.
Cantrell, Mr., apothecary, New Street.
Gilmore, Rev. A. G., incumbent of Carrowdore.
Hill, Rev. John, The Rectory, Donaghadee.
Macauley, Rev. John, Presbyterian minister, Ballyvester House.
Macauley, Rev. John, jun., Presbyterian minister, Millisle.
MacGowan, John C., clerk of petty sessions, Mount Street.
Park, Rev. David, Presbyterian minister, Carrowdore.
Skelly, Rev. Wm. J., Mount Street.
Stuart, Samuel, surgeon, Parade.

Merchants, Traders &c.

Allan, James, sewed muslin agent, New Street.
Arthur, Mrs., Arthur's Hotel, Parade.
Barr, Wilson, car owner, Parade.
Barkley, John, Union Street.
Boyce, Sarah, spirit dealer, Mount Street.
Brown, John, grocer, Store (Shore) Street.
Brown, John, sewed muslin manufacturer, New Street, Miss Murphy, agent.
Brown, Robert, cabinet maker, Bridge Street.
Brown, Samuel, Robert & Thomas, of Glasgow, sewed muslin manufacturers, David Nevin, High Street, agent.
Buckle, Mrs., publican, Warren Road.
Bullock, Samuel, shuttle manufacturer, High Street.
Campbell, Alexander, baker, High Street.

Carmichael, D. & W., flour millers and grain merchants, Millisle.
Caughey, Margaret, straw bonnet maker, New Street.
Claney, Wm., car owner and grocer, Shore Street.
Cochran, ? , grocer and ironmonger, New Street.
Cochran, ? , ironmonger, grocer &c., New Street.
Connolly, Mary, grocer and publican, High Street.
Donnan, James, civil bill officer, Schoolhouse Hill.
Duffy, James, ship owner and coal, lime & iron merchant, New Street.
Dunn, James, plasterer, Bow Street.
Ferguson, J., pawn broker, Shore Street.
Gibson, David, butcher, High Street.
Gibson, John, butcher, New Street.
Gourley, A., dress maker, Parade.
Gourley, Jas., cabinet maker, New Street.
Gray, Robert, carpenter and builder, Bow Street.
Hay, Wm., confectioner, Bridge Street.
Hull, C., pawn broker, Mount Street.
Heenan, Jane, earthenware dealer and grocer, Bow Lane.
Heron, Hugh, spirit dealer, New Street.
Hudson, John, woolen draper &c., Parade.
Hunter, Wm., haberdasher, High Street.
Jamison, John, sewed muslin manufacturer, Shore Street.
Johnson, R., saddler, Hunter's Lane.
Kelly, Mrs., publican, Main Street.
Kelly, Wm., Lloyd's agent and grocer, New Street.
Lindsay, peter, publican, Back Street.
Lowry, Thomas, Bow Street.
Lyons, Jane, grocer and publican, Shore Street.
Mark, Thomas, smith, Mount Street.
Magill, Alexander, tailor, Back Street.
Maxwell, Samuel, car owner, Mount Street.
Montgomery, C., grocer, Mount Street.
McAlpin, H., boot and shoe maker, High Street.
McCartney, Robert, grocer, Meetinghouse Street.
McConkey, J., carpenter, Mount Street.
McConkey, Robert, carpenter and boat builder, Railway Street.
McConnell, Martha, straw bonnet maker, New Street.
McCracken, John, boot and shoe maker, Shore Street.
McCready, Geo., jun., grocer, Bridge Street.
McCreery, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, New Street.
McCready, George, grocer, High Street.
McCready, Jas., general warehouse, New Street.
McDowell, Robert, woolen draper, High Street.
McKee, M., haberdasher, High Street.
McMechan, Mary Anne, grocer and publican, Mount Street.
McMeckan, David, grocer, High Street.
McMeekan, John, sewed muslin manufacturer, Parade.
McQuoid, George, coal dealer and ship owner, Parade.
Nicholson, Samuel, publican, Mount Street.
Norwell, Hugh, boot and shoe maker & grocer, New Street.
Orr, Jas., Commercial Hotel, Parade.
Patterson, J., painter and glazier, Bow Street.
Pentland, Thomas, baker, New Street.
Reid, John, woollen draper, Parade.
Ringland, Andrew, farm implement maker & blacksmith, Mount Street.
Robertson, M., grocer, Mount Street.
Robinson, John, boot and shoe maker, Bow Street.
Ross, Alexander, publican, Mount Street.
Saunders, Robert, butcher, High Street.
Sharpe & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers; Mrs. Martin, Shore Street, agent.
McIlwain, Wm., grocery and provision warehouse, High Street.
Smith, Hugh, boot and shoe maker, Meetinghouse Street.
Smith, John, grocer and ship owner, High Street.
Smith, Thomas, grocer, High Street.
Stevenson, James, boot and shoe maker, New Street.
Sempel, Luke, grocer, Shore Street.
Tanner, Robert, baker, Church Lane.
Vint, Samuel, painter and glazier, Mount Street.
Vint, William, painter and glazier, Schoolhouse Hill.
Walker, Robert, coal dealer and ship owner, New Street.
Wallace, James, draper and tailor, Mount Street.
Weir, Wm., jun., & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, Wm. Brown, agent.

                               DOWNPATRICK            back to top

Downpatrick, is a market town and Parliamentary borough, the seat of Down diocese, and the assize and principal town in that county, eighteen miles S.E. from Belfast.  This ancient town is built upon a group of hills on the South shore of the Western branch of Lough Cone, whose waters communicate with those of Strangford Lough, and flow up to near the town.  The ruins of Inch Abbey are near the town.  Downpatrick is celebrated as the burial place of Saint Patrick, and claims, according to some antiquaries, to be the oldest town in Ireland.  On the North-West side of the town stands a conical rath, sixty feet high, enclosed by two ramparts, one of which is thirty feet broad, and the whole circuit of the works is three quarters of a mile.  It is supposed to have been the site of the Palace of the Kings of Ulidia, or Down.  The town of composed of four mail streets, converging to a centre, and intersected by smaller ones and lanes.  In 1846, an act was obtained to light the town with gas.  The County Court House, the Crown Court and other portions of which was accidentally burned 1855, stands upon an eminence in English Street.  It is now a tasteful building, having been very much enlarged and remodelled.  The County Jail, situated at a convenient distance, and connected with the Court House by an underground passage, was completed in 1830 at a cost of 60,000 to the county.  A large building, called the County Rooms, adjoining the Court House, is occupied as reception rooms for the gentlemen of the county and the Grand Jury, and, in addition, there is a ball room of good size.  Quarter Sessions are held four times a year, viz.: in March, June, October and December, and Petty Sessions on alternate Thursdays.  The Manor Court has been abolished.  The borough returned two members to the Parliament so early as 1585, and exercised that privilege until the Union, since which the borough has sent one only to the Imperial Parliament, the present representative is D. S. Ker, Esq.  Constituency in 1853, 222.  Quoile Quay is the port of the town, and admits vessels of 100 tons.  The exports consist principally of agricultural produce, and imports are chiefly timber, iron, slates, coal and salt.  Brewing, tanning, soap making &c., are carried on here.  The County Down Railway, completed March, 1859, connects the town with Belfast.  Branches of the Northern Bank and the Ulster Bank are the monetary establishments.  The town is the head quarters of a constabulary district, comprising the stations of Downpatrick, Ardglass, Killough, Killyleagh, Portaferry and Strangford.
The Downpatrick Recorder is published on Saturday, C. Pilson, Esq., proprietor; the Downshire Protestant every Friday, William Johnston, Esq., proprietor.  Downpatrick was erected into a bishop's see by Saint Fergus.  The remains of St. Patrick were interred in the abbey of the Canons Regular, founded in 493, now the Cathedral.  The see was united to that of Connor, and subsequently to that of Dromore.  The Cathedral, a stately embattled edifice, is situated on an eminence at the top of English Street.  It is chiefly built of unhewn stone, supported externally by buttresses, and comprises a nave, choir and aisles, with a lofty tower at the West end.  It is furnished with a good organ, and there are handsome stalls for the dignitaries.  The Parish Church, which stands about the centre of the town, is a capacious and well finished edifice.  The other places of worship are two Presbyterian churches, two Methodist Chapels, and a Roman Catholic Chapel.  The Diocesan School of Down and Dromore diocese is in active operation here, and there is also a Blue Coat School.  Within a mile of the town is the race course, the meetings of which have been given up.  The market house stands in the centre of the town.  Fairs, First Tuesday in each month, markets, Tuesday and Saturday.  Population in 1851, 4,098.

Members for the Borough - David S. Ker, Esq.
Post-Office, Saul Street - Postmistress, Mrs. McIvor.  Letters from Dublin, Newry and all parts of the South of Ireland, also from England, arrive every morning at 40 minutes past 7, and are despatched at 10 a.m., 4.40 p.m.. and 7 p.m.  Letters from Belfast and all parts of the North of Ireland, also from Scotland, arrive at 7.40 a.m., and 3.45 p.m., at 10 a.m., 4.40 p.m.. and 7 p.m., and are despatched every morning at 25 minutes past 6.  Letters from Killyleagh, Strangford and Crossgar arrive every evening at 25 minutes past 6 and are despatched every morning at 30 minutes past 8.
Town Commissioners - Chairman, William Nevin Wallace (seneschal); James Murland, Andrew McEwen, Thomas Hanna, John Lloyd, William Bailie, John Jennings, R. T. Lithgow, John Lowry, John Todd, Robert Hutton, Edward McLester, William Jordan, Hugh Porter, George McIlroy, George Brown, Hugh Martin, Hugh Croskerry, John Robb.
Town Clerk - John Marshall.
Fever Hospital - J. K. McConchy, surgeon; Miss Erwin, matron.
County Infirmary - John King Maconchy, physician; Samuel K. Parkinson, surgeon &c.
Banks - Northern, English Street - Jas. Stevenson, manager; Ulster, Irish Street, William Davis, manager.
Petty Sessions Court, every alternate Thursday - J. B. McConnell, clerk.
Police Barracks, Saul Street - Richard Singleton, sub inspector.
The Cathedral, English Street - Bishop, Right Rev. Robert Knox, D.D.; Dean, Very Rev. Thomas Woodward, A.M.; Reader, Rev. Joseph S. Eager; Archdeacon, The Ven. Walter B. Many, A.M.; Precenter, Rev. Dr. T. Drew, A.M.; Chancellor, Rev. J. L. M. Scott, A.M.; Treasurer, Rev. G. H. McD. Johnston, A.B.; Secretary, Rev. John F. Gordon; Organist, J. H. Carroll.
Parish Church - Rev. George Holloway, curate; J. Herron, clerk.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Wm. White, minister.
Unitarian Church - Rev. S. C. Nelson, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - Rev. Henry Geddis, minister.
Primitive Methodist Chapel - Rev. Mr. Carr, minister.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Bernard McAuley, P.P.
Diocesan School - Rev. Jos. Cooper, A.B., minister.
Parochial School - George De Winter, master; Miss De Winter, mistress.
National School - John Bell, master; Miss Donaldson, mistress.
Infant School - Mrs. Gracey, mistress.
Endowed Hospital for ten old men & ten old women - D. S. Ker, patron.
Blue Coat School - Mr. Williams and Miss Macoubray, teachers.
County Down Masonic Lodge, Reading and Billiard Rooms, Church Lane - G. F. Echlin, secretary.
Mechanics' Institute - D. S. Ker, president; John Lowry, secretary.
Downpatrick Union Workhouse - Wm. G. Olpherts, clerk.
County Jail - G. F. Echlin, governor.
County Court House - Robert Moorhead, court keeper.
County Surveyor - Henry Smyth, office, County Court House.
Secretary to the Grand Jury - R. Gordon; office, County Court House.
Clerk of the Peace - Rowland Craig Laurie; deputy, John A. Ward.
Excise Office - George Spedding, supervisor.
Stamp office - Charles Knox, distributor.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Alder, Rev. Samuel, Downpatrick.
Bell, Rev. Daniel, Inch.
Birney, John, Oakley.
Butler, Rev. Pierce, Drumcullen.
Cleland, John, Vianstown.
Cooper, Rev. Joseph, Saul Street.
Eager, Rev. Joseph Seymour, Irish Street.
Echlin, George F., Jail.
Fallan, Rev. J. M., Ballee.
Forde, Lady Harriet, Drumcullen.
Freke, Rev. J. H., Saul Rectory.
Gordon, Robert, J.P., The Highlands.
Greer, James, J.P., Bishopscourt.
Gracy, Thomas, J.P., Ballyhosset.
Hastings, John, J.P., Irish Street.
Hastings, George, Irish Street.
Hastings, Miss, Irish Street.
Hodges, Samuel, veterinary surgeon.
Holloway, Rev. George, English Street.
Johnston, Wm., Ballykilbeg.
Keown, William, J.P., Ballydugan.
Keown, John, Kingsfield.
Knox, Charles, Saul Street.
Maxwell, John Waring, D.L., J.P., Finnebrogue.
Maconchy, J. K., M.D., County Infirmary.
Miller, Alexander, English Street.
Moffatt, Rev. Horatio, Hollymount.
Murland, James, Irish Street.
McAuley, Rev. Bernard, P.P.
McEwen, Andrew, Medical Hall.
McMullan, John, M.D., English Street.
Nelson, Rev. C. S., The Hill.
Nelson, Wellington, Irish Street.
Nelson, Wm. McCaw, sub sheriff.
Percival, Spencer, Dillon.
Pilson, Aynsworth, Bridge Street.
Pilson, C., proprietor of Recorder.
Quail, Mrs., Saul Street.
Saul, A. W., English Street.
Savage, Mark, solicitor.
Smyth, Henry, C.E., English Street.
Stevenson, James, English Street.
Seed, Miss, Irish Street.
Wallace, W. N., attorney, of Hugh Wallace & Company.
Ward, John A., coroner.
Warnock, John, of H. Wallace & Company.
White, Rev. Wm., Saul Street.
White, W. N., M.D., Irish Street.
Whyte, Rev. David, English Street.
Woodward, Very Rev. Thomas, Dean of Down, English Street.

Merchants, Traders &c.

Agnew, Samuel, grocer and publican, John Street.
Anderson, J. E., seedsman, English Street.
Archer, Thomas, painter and glazier, Irish Street.
Anderson, J. S., woolen draper, Irish Street, Downshire Arcade.
Beggs, Richard, publican, Quoile.
Bailie, James, watch maker, Saul Street.
Bailie, Wm., grocer and stationer, English Street.
Bell, John R., woolen draper, Scotch Street.
Bell, Wm., grocer, Infirmary Street.
Blaney, Neal, saddler, Irish Street.
Bell, John, teacher, Infirmary Street.
Bell, James H., librarian, Mechanics' Institute.
Brown, George, grocer, Scotch Street.
Brazier, Ann, milliner and bonnet maker, Irish Street.

Bray, Thomas, whitesmith, Scotch Street.
Brien, George, grocer, Scotch Street.
Basset, Thomas, publican and grocer, Church Street.
Bassset, Henry, publican, Church Street.
Carroll, J. H., organist, English Street.
Carr, John, butcher, Scotch Street.
Carson, Wm., grocer and publican, John Street.
Cochrane, H., woollen draper, Scotch Street.
Corriston, Edward, butcher, John Street.
Coulter, G., painter, Infirmary Lane.
Coulter, Thomas, blacksmith, Church Street.
Crawford, James, cart maker.
Crawley, Robert J., solicitor, Saul Street.
Crea, Wm. James, grocer, English Street.
Crickard, F., blacksmith, Scotch Street.
Crickard, Hugh, publican and tailor, Church Street.
Croskery, Hugh, grocer, wine, spirit and general merchant.
Darby, Bridget, baker, grocer and publican.
Denvir, Robert, inn keeper, English Street.
Dougherty, John, leather cutter, Saul Street.
Dougherty, Owen, harness maker.
Forsythe, John, ship owner, oil, colour, coal and lime merchant.
Ferguson, John, plumber, Irish Street.
Ferguson, David, saddler, Scotch Street.
Ferguson, Peter, painter, Irish Street.
Finlay, Charles, chandler, Irish Street.
Flannagan, Wm., publican, Bridge Street.
Flinn, John, publican, Irish Street.
Gilchrist, Hugh, jun., draper, Irish Street.
Gilchrist, Hugh, woolen draper, English Street.
Gilchrist, James, grocer and publican, Irish Street.
Gibson, Moses, publican, Church Street.
Hanna, T., woolen draper, Irish Street.
Harrison, Aubrey, solicitor, English Street.
Hastings, George, grain merchant, Irish Street.
Hastings, Samuel, stone cutter, Saul Street.
Hawthorn, Jas., shoe maker, Stream Street.
Herron, Edward, saddler, Scotch Street.
Hutton, Robert, chandler, Saul Street.
Hutton, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Irish Street.
Hurst, David, Victoria boot and  shoe house, English Street.
Jennings, Ellen J., publican, Church Street.
Jennings, John, Victoria Hotel, Irish Street.
Jennings, Wm., grocer and publican, Scotch Street.
Jennings, Wm., publican, Church Street.
Jervis, John, baker, Irish Street.
Johnston & Perry, timber merchants, Church Street.
Johnston, Thomas, tailor, Scotch Street.
Johnston, Wm., proprietor Downshire Protestant, Irish Street.
Johnston, W. J., Albert boot and shoe house, English Street.
Jordan, Wm., builder, Scotch Street.
Kearns, John, ironmonger, Irish Street.
Kelly, Rose, publican, Scotch Street.
Kennedy, Matthew, blacksmith, Mary Lane.
Keown, Sarah, grocer and publican, Scotch Street,
Lascelles, Wm., grocer and publican, John Street.
Lithgow, R. T., coach builder, Saul Street.
Lloyd, John, cabinet maker and auctioneer, Irish Street.
Lloyd, Thomas, butcher, Irish Street.
Lloyd, Wm., sen., butcher, Shambles.
Lloyd, Wm., jun., butcher, Irish Street.
Lowry, John, grocer and sewed muslin agent, Scotch Street.
Mackan, Anthony, publican and grocer, Church Street.
Magee, John, publican, Irish Street.
Maguire, Henry, tanner and tobacco manufacturer, Church Street.
Martin & Stockdale, builders, Church Street.
Martin, Robert, grocer and publican, Church Street.
Miller, Alexander, painter, English Street.
Martin, John, auctioneer, Scotch Street.
Montgomery & Agar, grocers, wine and spirit dealers, Irish Street.
Morrison, Thomas, butcher, John Street.
Murnin, John, publican, Irish Street.
Mullan, James, draper, Scotch Street.
McBride, William G. & Co., grocers, wine & spirit dealers, Irish Street.
McCabe, James, publican, Irish Street.
McCall, Samuel, cooper, Saul Street.
McCallister, Jane, grocer and publican, Church Street.
McCarten, Bernard, leather cutter, Stream Street.
McCartin, James, grocer and publican, Stream Street.
McClenaghan, S., tailor, Scotch Street.
McCreedy, Charles, grocer, English Street; weigh master at Market House
McClug, Charles, butcher, English Street.
McDowell, J., pawn broker, John Street.
McIlherron, John, hotel keeper, Irish Street.
McIlroy, Geo., grocer, publican, rope and twine maker, Scotch Street.
McKelvey, Margaret, publican, John Street.
McCutcheon, David, watch maker.
McNeagh, Alexander, shoe maker, Irish Street.
McNeagh, Hamilton, shoe maker, John Street.
Neill, Thomas, copper, tin and zinc worker, Irish Street.
Nesbitt, James, cooper, Scotch Street.
Nesbitt, Richard, cooper, Scotch Street.
Newell, Wm., whitesmith, Scotch Street.
Nixon, Alice, grocer, Irish Street.
Olpherts, W. G., clerk of the Union.
Pilson, C., printer, stationer, book seller and proprietor of the Downpatrick Recorder.
Porter, Hugh, woollen draper and haberdasher, Irish Street.
Parkinson, M., grocer, Scotch Street.
Quail, Gray, woollen draper, Irish Street.
Quail, Jas., cabinet maker, Irish Street.
Quail, Mary, milliner, Scotch Street.
Rea, James, saddler, Scotch Street.
Reid, Samuel, gunsmith, Irish Street.
Robb, John & Co., haberdashers, Irish Street.
Russell, John, tobacconist, Irish Street.
Saul, Arthur W., brewer, English Street.
Savage, J., hair dresser, Scotch Street.
Smith, H., coach builder, Church Street.
Skillen, Matthew & Thomas, tailors, Scotch Street.
Steele, James, grocer and publican, Bridge Street.
Stewart, Alice, publican, Stream Street.
Stewart, George, publican, Irish Street.
Tate, John, ironmonger, Irish Street.
Tate, Frs., leather cutter, Irish Street.
Tate, John, boot maker, Scotch Street.
Todd, J., woollen draper, Scotch Street.
Townley, Ann., haberdasher & milliner, Irish Street.
Waring, Margaret, hotel keeper, Church Street.
Wilson, the Misses, boarding and day school, Irish Street.
Wilson, David, draper, Irish Street.
Whisker, Jas., starch manufacturer.
Woods, Sarah, English Street.

                                       DROMARA                     back to top

Dromara, (formerly styled Annsborough, in compliment to a member of the Downshire family) is a neat village, situate on the Eastern bank of the River Lagan, and about three or four miles distant from the base of Sleive Croob, whence the river takes its rise.  Dromara, which is distant from Belfast about sixteen Irish miles, and is on the leading road from that city to Rathfriland, contains about one hundred houses, some of which are quite new, and possess a considerable amount of architectural beauty.  The public buildings of the place consist of the Established, the Presbyterian and the Methodist churches, the Petty Sessions Court House, the Dispensary House, one Corn Mill and two kilns, Constabulary Barracks and Market House, which last was built some years age at the sole expense of the lord of the soil, the Marquis of Downshire.  The markets in Dromara, which were formerly held on Fridays, are now held on Tuesdays, and the fairs, which are generally well attended, are held on the first Friday in the months of February, May, August and November, as also on the first Friday after the 15th day of the months of March, June, September and December.  The Petty Sessions are held on the first Thursday of each calendar month.  The present population of the village is about 260.

Established Church - Rev. H. E. Boyd, rector.
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. William Craig, minister.
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. William J. Paton, minister.
Wesleyan, Methodist Chapel.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. John Irvine, P.P.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Boyd, Rev. Haddington E., rector, The Glebe.
Black, Rev. Samuel, curate, Dromara.
Boyde, John Baxter, Woodvale.
Black, John.
Baxter, The Misses, Crossgar House.
Craig, Rev. Wm., M.A., The Manse.
Davison, Samuel, M.D., medical officer.
Campbell, David, grocer.
Craig, Robert, spirit dealer.
Cleland, Anne, grocer.
Dennison, James, grocer and spirit dealer.
Doran, Daniel, tailor and spirit dealer.
Gamble, William, grocer.
Hill, Mary, post mistress and grocer.
Hill, Robert, civil bill officer.
Irwin, Margaret, haberdasher and grocer.
Johnson, Robert, carpenter and undertaker.

Kerr, Samuel, spirit dealer.
Lavery, John, grocer and spirit dealer.
Mallon, John, grocer and spirit dealer.
Mulligan, John Henry, haberdasher.
McAuley, Bernard, grocer and saddler.
McIlwain, Thomas, tailor.
McKinney, Bridget, grocer and spirit dealer.
McMannus, John, spirit dealer and grocer.
Rice, John, tailor.
Taylor, John, flowering agent.
Doake, Samuel, Millvale.
Gilmer, James Birch, Mayfield.
Irvine, Rev. John, P.P., Parochial House.
Kennedy, James Birch, Marybrook.
King, Rev. Michael, C.C., Parochial House.
Macartney, David, Woodford.
Patton, Rev. Wm. John.
Waugh, Mrs., Sion Hill.

Traders &c.

Bell, James, grocer.
Black, Samuel, grocer.
Brown, Hugh, grocer and linen manufacturer.
Brown, David, grocer and haberdasher.
Boden, Arthur, carpenter and undertaker.

                                  DROMORE               back to top

Dromore, a market town in the County Down, fourteen miles distant from Belfast, seated on the river Lagan, and on the road from Dublin to Belfast.  The name DRUM-MOR corrupted into Dromore, signifies the great back of a hill, and is significant of the town's position on the side of a rising ground.  The ecclesiastical see of Dromore is said to have been founded in the sixth century, the records, however, as to this particular, are not to be relied upon.  The town consists of a square, and several streets radiating from it.  It is healthy, clean and well kept, and is lighted with gas  The town has recently been placed under the provisions of the Towns' Improvement Act, 1844.  An act was passed, for the making of a line of railway from Banbridge to Lisburn, passing through Dromore and Hillsborough, which will, when finished, be of great advantage to these towns and neighbourhood.  This undertaking, and its success, is mainly owing to the great exertions of Mr. Filgate, Hillsborough, and Mr. Dickson, of Dromore.  The Parish or Cathedral Church has undergone various repairs, and has been lately much improved.  It derives most of its peculiar interest by having been erected by the great and good bishop, the celebrated Jeremy Taylor, and containing his remains, as well as those of the late Bishop Percy, and other bishops of the diocese or see.  The Episcopal residence adjoins the town, and was built in the time of Bishop Bernard, and the woods around it planted by Bishop Percy.  In the See House resided the several bishops of the diocese up to 1843, when, at the death of Bishop Saurin, the diocese was annexed to Down and Connor, and the See House has passed into other hands, and is now the seat of James Quinn, Esq., J.P.  The other places of worship in Dromore are three Presbyterian churches, two Methodist chapels, and one for Covenanters, and a Roman Catholic Chapel.  The market is held on Saturday.  Fairs on the first Saturday in March, on 12th May, first Saturday in August, 10th October, and the Saturday but one previous to Christmas in each year, being in all five fairs in the town, which are well attended.  Population in 1851, 1,852

Post-Office, Market Square - John Fegan, postmaster; Letters for Dublin &c., despatched every morning at 8 a.m., and evening at 8 p.m. Letters for Belfast at 8 p.m., and 10 p.m.
Bishop, Right Rev. R. Knox, D.D.
Rector, Rev. Edward Kent, Hillsborough.
Curates, Rev. John Alexander Kerr, and Rev. R. A. Agar.
Dean, Rev. D. Bagot, Newry.
Archdeacon, Rev. Jas. Saurin, Portadown.
Prebendary, Rev. H. E. Boyd, Dromara.
Precentor, Rev. H. Murphy, Magheralin.
Chancellor, Rev. E. Richards, Clonallen.
Treasurer, Rev. Edward Kent, Hillsborough.
Vicar General, Rev. Thomas Knox, Lurgan.
Registrar, Mark A. Saurin.
Deputy do., H. Stewart, Dromore.
Apparitor, W. Faulkiner, Dromore.
First Presbyterian Church, Rev. J. K. Strain.
Second Presbyterian Church, Rev. John McKee.
Wesleyan Church, Rev. Wm. Molloy.
Primitive Wesleyan Church - Rev. Wm. Conlon.
Unitarian Church - Rev. Samuel Ferguson.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Wm. McCarten, P.P.
Petty Sessions are held in Dromore on the third Thursday of every month.  Magistrates attending - Col. Keogh, R.M., George Brush, James Quinn, Wm. Cosby and Roger Magennis.  Solicitors attending - Messrs. Joseph & A. Dickson, Belfast, and Robert Morris, Lurgan.
Clerk of Petty Sessions - John Carrothers; offices, Dromore, Dromara and Ballynahinch.
Constable of Police - John Tuthill - acting do., Thomas Hayes.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Agar, Rev. Richard, A., Dromore.
Brush, Henry, Gilhall Castle.
Brush, George, J.P., Gilhall Castle.
Burrowes, Waldron, J.P.
Dickson, Joseph, attorney.
Ferguson, Rev. S., Dromore.
Gillmer, J. B., Mayfield.
Graham, Henry, surgeon &c.
Hungerford, Beecher.
Kent, Rev. Edward.
Kerr, Rev. John A., rectory.
Hawthorn, S. F., M.B., surgeon, R.C.S.E.
Hull, Mrs., Mount Ida.
Harrison, Miss, Mount Ida.
Harrison, John, Dromore.
Lindsay, Maurice, Ashfield.
Magenis, Roger, J.P., Ballela.
Mulloy, Rev. Wm., Dromore.
McCarten, Rev. Wm., P.P., Dromore.
Montgomery, Rev. Thomas, Springfield.
Minniss, Rev. W. B., Mossvale.
McClelland, Wm., Clanmurry.
McMurray, Wm., Dromore House.
McKee, Rev. John, Mountview.
Quinn, James, J.P., Dromore House.
Stewart, Hugh, Princes Street.
Vaughan, George, Quilly House.
Weir, Marshall, surgeon, dispensary.

Traders &c.

Arlow, George, watch maker *c.
Ardery, Wm. & James, clothiers &c.
Black, Wm., spirit dealer.
Bennett, Thomas, mechanic.
Brennan, Bernard, spirit dealer.
Brush, Crane, spirit dealer.
Clarke, Robert, teacher.
Clarke, John, weaving agent.
Clarke, James, spirit dealer.
Cosbie, James, linen merchant.
Corry, Samuel, timber merchant.
Darley, John, tailor.
Dawson, W., weaving agent for W. Ewart, Esq.
Dawson, John, car owner and spirit dealer.

Derry, Richard, leather merchant.
Drake, John, wine and spirit merchant.
Fegan, John, grocer and haberdasher, Post-Office.
Ferris, John, butter merchant.
Frackleton, James, grocer &c.
Frazer, Robert, cabinet maker.
Frazer, Hugh, cabinet maker.
Gibson, H., grocer and town clerk.
Hammond, Joseph, woollen draper.
Harrison, John & Company, linen manufacturers.
Harrison, Brothers, linen manufacturers.
Harrison, Robert, chandler and tanner.
Herron, Hugh, spirit dealer.
Herron, Henry, grocer.
Hewitt, John, grocer and spirit dealer.
Hughes, John, saddler.
Hobart, George, linen merchant.
Jardine, John, general merchant.
Jardine, Wm., linen merchant.
Lindsay, Maurice, linen manufacturer.
Lovall, Edmund, excise officer.
Lilburn, Samuel, wholesale and retail grocer &c.
Ledgett, James, butcher.
Magee, The Misses, milliners, dress makers &c.
Mahood, Robert Reid, grocer.
Martin, Miss, milliner & haberdasher.
Mathers, Frederick, grocer, delf, wine and spirit merchant.
Mercer, George, leather cutter &c.
Mercer, James, woollen draper &c.
Miller, Wm., publican and builder.
Mills, Joseph, publican and reed maker.
Munro, John, hotel keeper.
Murphy, Francis, head constable.
McAuley, Wm., saddler and harness maker.
McAuley, Charles, haberdasher and woollen draper.
McAvoy, Bernard, grocer and publican.
McCartney, Edward, grocer, miller &c.
McCrea, Samuel, grocer, wine and spirit merchant.
McDade, John, grocer, haberdasher and leather cutter.
McDade, Henry, grocer and leather merchant.
McDade, Wm., baker, haberdasher and leather shop.
McGrady, Wm., delf shop &c.
McIlduff, John & Patrick, bakers.
McMurray, Robert, builder and publican.
McMurray, Wm. & Co., linen merchants and bleachers.
McQuoide, John and Stephen, linen merchants.
Napier, Henry, blacksmith.
Nelson, John, pawn broker.
Nelson, Joseph, watch maker.
O'Neill, J., baker, flour merchant &c.
Pantridge, Jas., dealer and publican.
Pantridge, Isaac, carpenter &c.
Prenter, Wm., merchant.
Preston, George, auctioneer and dealer in old clothes.
Roden, James, tailor.
Rowan, John, grocer and spirit dealer.
Saul, Wm., haberdasher and woollen draper.
Seeds, H., foreman lapper.
Spence, E. George & Co., woolen drapers &c.
Sprott, Hugh, weaving agent.
Sprott, Wm. & Co., linen manufacturers.
Sterling, Robert, watch maker.
Stewart, Hugh, stamp office.
Wallace, Robert, grocer, iron and hardware merchant.
Walker, James, publican.
Weir, James, pawn broker.
Welsh, A. C., painter and glazier.
Woods, James, grocer &c.


To Banbridge and Newry, the royal mail car every morning at 8, returning at 4.  To Belfast, Hillsborough and Lisburn, mail car every afternoon at 4.  To Lurgan, a car from Campbell McMurray's every Thursday at 9 o'clock a.m., and a mail car at 8 every evening.  To Banbridge, a car every Monday, from Edward McCartney's, at 10 a.m.  To Lisburn, every morning (Sunday excepted) from Dawson's and McCartney's, in time for first train, and for 45 minutes past 10 train to Belfast.

                          DUNGANNON          back to top

Dungannon, is a Parliamentary borough, market and post town, in County Tyrone, thirty two miles W. by S. from Belfast.  It was the seat of the O'Neill's from its earliest days, and on a hill, crowning the town, formerly stood a castle, erected by those powerful chiefs.  This castle was surrendered to Gerald, ninth Earl of Kildare, and in 1517, with  the town, by him condemned to the flames.  In 1619 the town consisted of six houses of stone, six of wood and plaster, an unroofed church and a bawn.  In 1782 the delegates of the Irish Volunteers assembled here to declare the independence of the Irish Parliament.  Dungannon confers the title of Viscount on the family of Trevor, of Brynkinalt, near Chirk, North Wales.  The town consists of a square and four principal, with several smaller, streets.  There is a literary society in a flourishing condition, with a library and museum.  Courts of quarter and petty sessions are regularly held.  The court house has a bridewell at the back.  The original parish church of Drumglass was destroyed in the commotions during the reign of Elizabeth, and a new one erected by Sir Arthur Chichester in 1619.  This building shared the fate of its predecessor in 1641, was restored in 1672, and rebuilt in 1799.  It is now condemned as unsafe, and a new building is about to be erected on the same site.  The other places of worship are two Presbyterian churches, two Methodist Chapels, and a Roman Catholic chapel.  The principal charities consist of free schools, by which the children of the poor are educated, a fever hospital, a dispensary, and union workhouse, opened in 1842.  The College, or Royal School, one of the five regal endowments, was founded by Charles L., in 1628, as a free grammar school, and largely endowed.  The present building, which was erected in 1786 by Primate Robinson, is situated on the East side of the town, and comprises a centre and two deeply receding wings, erected at an expense of upwards 4,500.  The present Principal is the Rev. F. H. Ringwood, M.A.  This school is at present in a most flourishing condition and a large additional wing has just been erected.  The representative of the borough is the Hon. W. Stuart Knox, uncle of the Earl of Ranfurly, who is a minor.  Drumglass collieries are rather more than a mile from town, they are now the property of Mr. Samuel Hughes.  The trade in linen and grain is the most important here.  There are dye and bleach works, the leather trade is of some importance and earthenware, bricks and tiles are manufactured in the vicinity.  There are several corn mills actively at work.  The monetary establishments comprise branches of the Belfast Banking Company and Provincial Bank of Ireland and a Savings' Bank.  The market days are Monday and Thursday, the first for corn and the other for the usual commodities.  Coalisland, which is situated three miles from Dungannon and two from Stewartstown, is a place of some importance, an extensive pottery trade is carried on in it, and the Ulster Canal runs through it, one of the Company's offices being in the town.  The population in 1851, according to the census, was 3,854.

Member for the Borough - The Hon. Major Wm. Stuart Knox, brother of the late Earl of Ranfurly, Dungannon Park, Dungannon, and Carlton Club, London, D.L., J.P.
Town Commissioners - Chairman, James Brown,  C. C. Davidson,  Henry Speer,  Charles Macshane,  Joseph Moore,  Dickson Patterson,  John Stevenson,  Thomas Sinton,  Wm. Rodgers,  Thomas Lilburn,  John Spence,  James Maxwell,  John Lowry,  James Mackin,  Robinson McIlroy,  Edward Hurson,  Hugh Quinn,  James Hamilton,  Thomas Dickson,  Robert Black and James Creagh.  Clerk, John Ewing.
Seneschal - Basil George Brooke.
Literary Society - Vice Presidents, Lord Claude Hamilton, M.P., The Hon. Henry L. Corry, M.P., Hon. Wm. Stuart Knox, M.P., John Ynyr (Younger) Burges, D.L., Jas. C. Lowry,  Edward Litton,  Richard Nun,  Rev. John R. Darley and Frederick Lindsay, D.L.;  President, Rev. Wm. Quain.  There is also a Council of twelve.
Post-Office - Robert Bloomfield, post master.  Letters from Dublin and all parts of the South, also from England and Scotland, arrive at 3.50 a.m., and are despatched to the North at 4 a.m.  Delivery commences at 7 with Dublin and English letters, Northern mail arrives at 8 p.m., and is despatched to Dublin at 9.  There is also a delivery at half past 2 p.m. and 9 p.m.
Stamp Office, Church Street - Thomas Agnew, sub distributor.
Constabulary Station, Market Square - Thomas Smith, sub inspector.
Dispensary, Perry Street - William Nevill, M.D., surgeon.
Gas Works, Washingford Row - Charles Reilly, manager.
Union Workhouse - George Moon, clerk to guardians.
Belfast Banking Company (branch), Bank Building, Market Square - H. M. Pentland, manager, F. Lochrane, cashier.
Provincial Bank of Ireland (branch), Scotch Street - John Patchell, manager, O. Sturdy, cashier.
Savings' Bank, George's Street - James Irwin, actuary.
Provident Loan Society, Coalisland - John Lynass, clerk.
Parish Church, Church Street - Rev. Wm. Quain, rector and surrogate, Rev. E. Gaussen, curate.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Charles L. Morell, minister.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Andrew Wilson, minister.
Independent Chapel, Donaghmore - Rev. James Hanson, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Perry Street.
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Shamble Lane - ministers, various.
Friends' Meeting House, Grange.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Northland Row - Rev. F. Slane, P.P., Rev. Mr. Quinn, curate.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Donaghmore - Rev. D. Hughes, curate.
Registrar of Marriages - Mr. Ewing.
Royal School, Northland Row - Rev. F. H. Ringwood, principal.
Church Society's School, Castlecaulfield - Harcourt Lee, master; Mrs. Frazer, mistress.
Church Society's School, Donaghmore - D. J. Pece. master; Mary C. Pece, mistress.
Church Society's School, Newmills - John Hart, master.
Church Society's School, Coalisland - John Lynass, master.
Earl of Ranfurly's School, William Street - E. Hackett, mistress.
Erasmus Smith 's School - Mr. Leech, master; Mrs. Leech, mistress.
Infants' School (Mrs. Lyle 's), Donaghmore - Sophia Ann Wardlaw, mistress.
National School, Coalisland - J. O'Neill, master; Sarah Hopkins, mistress.
National School, Donaghmore - Stephen Porter, master.
National School, Northland Row - James Daly, master.
News Room and Public Library, Scotch Street - H. Speer, secretary.

Nobility and Gentry

Barclay, Mrs., Northland Row.
Brown, James, jun., Northland Place.
Burges, John Ynyr, D.L., J.P., Parkanaur.
Burges, Lady Caroline, Parkanaur.
Burrows, Eliza & Ellen, Market Square.
Cranston, John, J.P., Cranebrook.
Dickson, Lieutenant Colonel, Northland Row.
Evans, Edward, Gortmerron.
Evans, Robert, J.P., Gortmerron.
Greer, Thomas, J.P., Tullylagan.
Irwin, Captain Wm. M., Tullycullion.
Irwin, James, Springfield.
Lowry, Wm., Drumreagh.
Lyle, Alexander Mackenzie, J.P., Donaghmore.
Murray, John S., Castlehill.
McAvoy, John M., Perry Street.
Pike, Richard, Torren Hill.
Robinson, Wm., Coalisland.
Slevin, George, Beech Valley.
Smyth, Francis J., Northland Row.
Stanley, Charles, J.P., Roughan.
Stuart, George E., Northland Row.
Stuart, Mrs., Perry Street.
Stuart, Miss, Perry Street.
Ward, Thomas, Mount Hamilton.
Young, James, Annaguinea.

Clergy and Professional

Acheson, Rev. Robert, Killiliss.
Atwell, Rev. Wm. E., B.D., Clanoe Glebe.
Carpendale, Rev. Thomas, Mullaghmore Glebe.
Dickson, Benjamin, physician and surgeon, R.M., Union Place.
Disney, Rev. Jas., Killyman Glebe.
Hamilton, James, physician and surgeon, Northland Row.
Hanson, Rev. James, Donaghmore.
Kingsmore, Rev. Robert, Coalisland.
Morell, Rev. Charles L., Market Square.
McGuickian, Rev. N., Donaghmore.
Neville, Wm., M.B., Perry Street.
Newtown, Andrew & Courtenay, solicitors, Northland Row.
Peebles, Wm., solicitor, Market Square.
Porter, Rev. Thomas H., D.D., Ballymully Glebe, Tullyhogue.
Quain, Rev. Wm., Glebe Hill.
Ringwood, Rev. F. H., College.

Traders &c.

Agnew, Thomas, grocer and seedsman, Church Street.
Agnew, Thomas, pawn broker, Church Street.
Anderson, Thomas, postmaster and haberdasher, Castlecaulfield.
Anderson, Wm., grocer, Scotch Street.
Atwell, John, baker, Irish Street.
Barcroft, John Pim, linen merchant, Strangmore.
Barcroft, Wm. J., miller, Redford.
Barton, Wm., watch maker, Market Square.
Birnie, Hugh, tailor, Irish Street.
Black, Robert, haberdasher, Market Square.
Blair, Wm., tailor, Park Road.
Bloomer, Michael, carpenter, Scotch Street.
Bloomer, Michael, grocer, Scotch Street.
Bloomer, M., leather seller, Scotch Street.
Bloomfield, Robert, rent master and emigration agent.
Bradley, Wm., whitesmith, Ann Street.
Brady, John, carpenter, Milltown.
Brown, D. & Sons, bakers, Donaghmore.
Bryars, Jas., leather seller, Scotch Street.
Burns, James, earthenware manufacturer, Corr.
Burns, Wm., earthenware manufacturer, Ballinakelly.
Campbell, Henry, clothes dealer, Irish Street.
Campbell, Wm., earthenware manufacturer, Creenagh.
Cardwell, Robert, earthenware manufacturer, Creenagh.
Carpmill, James, carpenter, Castlecaulfield.
Carrol, Wm., hatter, Scotch Street.
Cavanagh, Bernard, cooper, Perry Street.
Cochran, James, grocer and spirit dealer, Scotch Street.
Corr, Charles, publican, Coalisland.
Corr, James, carpenter, Milltown.
Courtenay, Mary Ann, confectioner, Perry Street.
Craig, John, publican, Castlecaulfield.
Creagh, James, merchant tailor and habit maker.
Crossin, Denis, blacksmith, Coalisland.
Cullan, Maurice, butcher, Shamble Lane.
Cunningham, Jane, haberdasher &c., Market Square.
Daly, Wm., blacksmith, Castlecaulfield.
Devlin, Patrick, auctioneer, Eskra.
Devlin, Patrick, cooper, Coalisland.
Dickson, Thomas, baker &c., Scotch Street.
Dickson, Thomas, grocer, Scotch Street.

Dilworth, Miss, dress maker, Church Street.
Donnelly, Bernard, publican, Donaghmore.
Doris, Denis, blacksmith, Newmills.
Douglas, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, Perry Street.
Douglas, Wm., printer, book seller and stationer, Market Square.
Dunlop, Alexander, hatter.
Eccles, John, publican and miller, Coalisland.
Ewing, John, grocer and registrar of marriages, Scotch Street.
Fowler, Enoch, earthenware manufacturer, Derryboy.
Frizell, Patrick, grocer, Scotch Street.
Frizell, John, cabinet maker, Scotch Street.
Frizell, Mrs., leather seller, George's Street.
Fullin, Thomas, earthenware dealer, Coalisland.
Gaffney, Jas., tailor, Coalisland.
Gallogly, Patrick, carpenter, Donaghmore.
Gattens, Patrick, carpenter, William Street.
Gill, William, boot maker, Church Street.
Gillon, J., carpenter, Donaghmore.
Gorman, John, publican, Scotch Street.
Gray, Jas. & Co., brick and tile manufacturers, Coalisland.
Grimes, Bridget, dealer in earthenware, Coalisland.
Guiney, Wm., grocer and spirit dealer, Scotch Street.
Hagan, John, baker, Irish Street.
Hall, Jas., blacksmith, Castlecaulfield.
Hancock, Thomas, saddler, Church Street.
Hamilton, Jas., boot and shoe maker, Anne Street.
Hamilton, James, haberdasher and grocer, Market Square.
Harvey, Hamilton, publican, William Street.
Hayden, John, grocer and publican, Irish Street.
Hazelton, Dawson, linen manufacturer, Bogbawn.
Henry, Margaret, publican, Newmills.
Hughes, B., tailor, Coalisland.
Hughes, Johnston, painter and glazier, Market Square.
Hughes, John, earthenware manufacturer, Gortgonis.
Hughes, John, earthenware manufacturer. Brocagh.
Hughes, S., Drumglass Colliery.
Hughes, Samuel & Co., brick and tile manufacturers, Coalisland.
Hughes, Thomas, grocer, George's Street.
Hurson, Edward, grocer and spirit dealer, Scotch Street.
Hurson, Michael, publican, Donaghmore.
Irwin, Mrs., grocer, Irish Street.
Irwin, Margaret, confectioner, Perry Street.
Irwin, Robert, painter and glazier, Perry Street.
Kilpatrick, J., earthenware manufacturer, Cohannan.
Kelly, James, tailor, Irish Street.
Kerr, John, grocer, Church Street.
Kerr, John, flax merchant, Tullyaran.
King, Robert, miller, Coalisland.
Leslie, Dickson, haberdasher and umbrella maker, Church Street.
Lilburn, John, architect and builder, Eskra.
Lilburn, T., architect and builder, Ranfurley Arms Hotel, George's Street.
Lindsay, A., watch maker, Perry Street.
Loughran, J., carpenter, Donaghmore.
Loughran, Patrick, clothes dealer, Irish Street.
Lowry, John, grocer, Perry Street.
Mackenzie, Alexander & Co., maltsters, Scotch Street.
Mackenzie, Alexander & Co., millers, Donaghmore.
Mackin, Hughes & Co., Market Square.
Mackin, Hughes & Co., woollen drapers.
Macshane, Charles, merchant tailor and habit maker.
Madden, Michael, clothes dealer, Irish Street.
Manson, D., blacksmith, Donaghmore.
Marshall, George, blacksmith, Market Square.
Marshall, G. M., druggist, Church Street.
Maxwell, J., haberdasher, Scotch Street.
Millin, Jas., carpenter, Coalisland.
Milling, James, builder, Coalisland.
Moore, Joseph, Imperial Hotel, Market Square.
Morrison, F., butcher, Shamble Lane.
Morrison, Ferdinand, jun., butcher, Shamble Lane.
Morrison, Patrick, butcher, Scotch Street.
Morton, Wm., tinplate worker, Irish Street.
Mulholland, James, boot and shoe maker, Coalisland.
Mullan, John, butcher, Scotch Street.
Mullan, M., clothes dealer, Irish Street.
Mullan, M. A. & E., dress makers, Church Street.
Mullan, John, wheel wright, Anne Street.
Murphy, Hugh, watch and clock maker, Irish Street.
Murphy, Thomas, publican, Coalisland.
McAlister, Isaac, haberdasher, Market Square.
McAnally, Francis, provision dealer, Church Street.
McAnally, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Donaghmore.
McCaughey, James, flax merchant, Anne Street.
McCausland, J., publican, Donaghmore.
McClean, Archibald, spade maker, Mullaghatague.
McClean, John, spade maker, Coalisland.
McClean, John, miller, Coalisland.
McClean, Robert, coach builder, Market Square.
McClelland, Thomas, linen manufacturer, Mullaghmore.
McClintock, John, cabinet maker, Church Street.
McCluskey, john, linen manufacturer, Coalisland.
McDonald, John, linen manufacturer, Cohannan.
McElhone, Felix, publican, Irish Street.
McElhone, John, grocer, Irish Street.
McGerr, Edward, publican, Anne Street.
McGuickian, Hugh & Andrew, blacksmiths, Market Square.
McGuickian, Jas., publican, Perry Street.
McGuffin, Robert, boot and shoe maker, William Street.
McIlroy, R., draper, Market Square.
McKell, Miss, milliner and draper, Church Street.
McMullan, James, cattle dealer, Irish Street.
McMullan, John, butcher, Scotch Street.
McNiece, Jas., linen manufacturer, Cavenett.
McNiece, W., cabinet maker, Church Street.
McShane, Peter, mason, Irish Street.
Orr, Jas., linen and flax merchant, Strangmore.
O'Connor, Bernard, boot and shoe maker, Donaghmore.
O'Neill, Constantine, baker, Irish Street.
O'Neill, H., carpenter, Donaghmore.
O'Neill, H., linen manufacturer, Coash.
O'Neill, H., publican, Donaghmore.
Patterson, Dickson, linen and woolen draper, Market Square.
Pearce, John, tailor, Perry Street.
Pike, J. & Son, linen manufacturers, Beech Grove.
Quin, Daniel, publican, Coalisland.
Quin, Hugh, flax merchant, Irish Street.
Quin, James, haberdasher, Anne Street.
Quinn, Cornelius, blacksmith, Sloan Street.
Quinn, Jas., publican and chandler, Anne Street.
Quinn, James, baker, Irish Street.
Quinn, Owen, clothes dealer, Irish Street.
Ranfurley Arms Hotel, Patrick Mahon, proprietor, Market Square.
Richardson, G., boot and shoe maker, Church Street.
Robinson, Isaiah, tinplate worker, Barrack Street.
Robinson, Mary, earthenware dealer, Corr.
Rodgers, Thomas, tailor, Church Street.
Rodgers, Wm., grocer, Scotch Street.
Sharkey, Wm., grocer, Irish Street.
Simpson, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, Market Square.
Sloan, George, baker, Coalisland.
Sloan, Andrew & Co., coal proprietors, Coalisland.
Smith, Margaret, dyer, Ann Street.
Speer, Henry, linen and woollen draper and insurance agent, Market Square.
Spence, J., haberdasher, Scotch Street.
Steele, Jas., butcher, Shamble Lane.
Stevenson, J., grocer, ironmonger and timber merchant, Church Street.
Stevenson, Robert, grain merchant, New Mills.
Stewart, John, saddler, Scotch Street.
Stewart, Patrick, butcher, Scotch Street.
Tague, William, tailor, Scotch Street.
Taylor, George, carpenter, Milltown.
Tener, T., publican, Castlecaulfield.
Thompson, Eliza, confectioner, Market Square.
Thompson, T. H., auctioneer, Market Square.
Thornberry, John, boot and shoe maker, Donaghmore.
Timony, Patrick, grocer, Donaghmore.
Vallely & Co., linen and woolen drapers, Scotch Street.
Walker, Mrs., haberdasher, Market Square.
Woods, Charles, linen merchant, Moygashel.
Wright, John, spirit dealer, Friendship Tavern, George's Street.

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