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1861 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Enniskillen, an inland town and Parliamentary borough, in County Fermanagh, ninety three miles W. by S. from Belfast, comprising an area of 129 acres, population in 1841, 5,688, inhabiting 771 houses, population in 1851, 5,998, inhabiting 749 houses.  The town is situated on an island in the river connecting the upper and lower lakes of Lough Erne, and on the adjoining mainland on both sides, which communicates with each other by two bridges.  The public buildings are, the parish church, Presbyterian and Methodist meeting houses and a Roman Catholic chapel, the county court house, prison and infirmary, a town hall, a royal school, a union workhouse and three barracks.  There are two tanneries and a well supplied market for corn and butter.  Fairs are held on the 10th of every month, on 26th May and 26th October, markets, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  The Corporation, styled "The Portreve, Free Burgesses and Commonalty of the Borough of Enniskillen," is now extinct, and its property vested in Town Commissioners, under 9 Geo. IV.  The borough returns one member to Parliament, constituency, under 13 and 14 Vic. c. 69, in 1853, 144.  The Provincial, Ulster and Belfast Banks have branches here.  The Savings' Bank, established in 1825, had 1,025 depositors in November, 1852, total amount deposited 39,557,15s, at a rate of 3 per cent.  The Union Workhouse was opened in December, 1845.  The annual amount of property valued for the Poor-rate of the Union is 75,075.  The Assizes for the County, and Quarter and Petty Sessions, are held in the town.  It is the head quarters of the constabulary district, comprising the stations of Cassicon, Lisbellaw, Tempo, Ballinamallard and Enniskillen.  Two newspapers are published in the town.

Member for the Borough - The Hon. John Cole, Q.C., Florence Court, 2 Mountjoy Square North, Dublin and Carlton Club, London.
Town Commissioners - Jas. Creden, Wm. Carson, Geo. Black, Dr. Geo. Mahood, Thomas Verner, George Willis, Thomas Gordon, James Graham, James Baker, Robert Beatty, John Morrison, John Kerr, Robert Gordon, Andrew McManus, George Kitron, Patrick Kerr, P. Maginn, Samuel Little, James Coates and William Armstrong, Esqrs; Solicitor, Archibald Collum ; town clerk, Robert Clegg ; agent, ? Gibson ; sergeant-at-mace, Wm. Johnston ; town crier, Andrew Brown ; keeper of the town hall, George Connor.
Distributor of Stamps - P. Maginn.
Crown Surveyor of Income Tax - J. Doyle, West Bridge.
Post-Office, Townhall Street - John Keys, postmaster.  Letters from the South, including Dublin, also England, arrive twice a day at 5.15 a.m., and 4.45 p.m., and are despatched at 8,20 a.m., and 7.10 p.m.  Letters from the North, including Belfast and Scotland, arrive at 5.15 a.m., and 4.45 p.m., and are despatched at 8.20 a.m., and 7.10 p.m.
Jail, Fairview - James Jeffreys, governor ; H. Morrison, deputy governor ; M. Morrison, matron ; Samuel Clark, Dane Street, local inspector ; Wm. Ovenden, M.D., surgeon ; George Mahood, apothecary ; Rev. William Connor Magee, Protestant Chaplain ; Rev. A. C. Maclatchy, Presbyterian Chaplain ; Rev. Mr. Boylan, Roman Catholic Chaplain.
Union Workhouse - Earl of Enniskillen, chairman of board ; Edward Archdall, vice chairman ; P. Dane, deputy vice chairman ; Alexander Price, master ; R. Carson, matron ; John West, R.N., surgeon ; Rev. Wm. Connor Magee, Protestant Chaplain ; Rev. A. C. Maclatchy, Presbyterian Chaplain ; Rev. Mr. Boylan, Roman Catholic Chaplain.
Barrack - Infantry Barrack, Queen Street ; Artillery Barrack, Castle Street ; Redoubt Barrack, Windmill Hill.  Barrack master, Mr. Peter ; armourer and ordnance store keeper, Hill Parkinson.
Constabulary - Wade Foot, county inspector ; S. J. Wm. Patterson, sub inspector ; Samuel Moore, head constable.
Infirmary - Wm. Ovenden, M.D., surgeon ; George Mahood, apothecary ; Miss Henderson, matron ; James Hall, secretary.
Corn and butter market, Boston Lane.
Banks - Belfast Bank, Townhall Street, Wm. Williams, manager ; Provincial Bank of Ireland, Darling Street, George Stewart, manager ; Ulster Bank, Samuel Clarke, manager ; Savings' Bank, Town Hall Street, S. Frith, secretary and treasurer.
Freeman's Charitable Club, Town Hall - For distributing loans to distressed tradesmen.
Parish Church, Hollow - Rev. Wm. Connor Magee, rector ; the Revs. Mr. Bradshaw and John McLaurin, curates.
Presbyterian Church, Main Street - Rev. A. C. Maclatchy, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Preaching Lane - Ministers, various.
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Main Street.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Darling Street - Rev. Mr. Boylan, P.P.
Royal School, Portora.
Church Education Society - Rev. H. A. Burke, secretary ; Rev. M. Whittaker, treasurer.
Church Education Society's Model and Training School, Forthill - Wm. Patterson, master.
Ladies' Seminary and Boarding School, East Bridge Street - Miss Clegg.
Ladies' Boarding and Day School, Wellington Place.
Bible Society's Depository, Darling Street - now Orange Hall - Mr. McMullen.
North West Library, Townhall Street - John Hamilton, librarian.
Newspapers - Fermanagh Reporter, every Thursday, William Trimble, proprietor.

Nobility and Gentry

Archdall, Henry Grey, J.P., Willoughby Place.
Archdall, Henry Mervyn, M.P., Riversdale.
Archdall, Nicholas Mervyn.
Archdall, Captain.
Armstrong, Montgomery, Innishmore Island.
Armstrong, Mrs., Willoughby Place.
Armstrong, William, Lara.
Bell, Alexander, Willoughby Place.
Bell, Captain W. F., Willoughby Place.
Belmore, Earl of, Castlecoole.
Betty, William, Willoughby Place.
Brien, John, Castletown.
Clarke, Samuel, Darling Street.
Cole, Hon. H. A., M.P., Florence Court.
Cole, Hon. John, Florence Court.
Drummond, Miss, Darling Street.
Echlin, H., J.P., Ann Street.
Enniskillen, Earl, Florence Court.
Foott, Wade, Willoughby Place.
Frith, B. Gamble, J.P., Willoughby Place.
Frith, William, Cross.
Gamble, Baptist, Graan.
Gamble, Hanna, Forthill.
Graham, Christopher, Goblusk.
Hume, Mrs., Willoughby Place.
Irvine, George, Belmore Street.
Irwin, Thomas, Willoughby Place.
Johnston, Mrs., Drumkeen.
Johnston, Mrs., East Bridge Street.
Jones, Charles John, Wellington Place.
Jones, William, Lisgoole Abbey.
Lindsay, Mrs., Wellington Place.
Loftus, Hon. Lord Augustus, Ely Lodge - London.
Loftus, Hon. Lord George, Ely Lodge - London.
Loftus, Hon. Lord Henry, Ely Lodge - London.
Loftus, Hon. Lord Viscount, Ely Lodge - London.
Maude, Maurice, J.P., Chanterhill, Lenaghan.
Montgomery, Hugh, Crocklean.
Montgomery, Mrs., Oakfield.
Moore, George, Innishmore Island, Drumbad.
Morony, Captain, Belmore Street.
McDonald, John, Wellington Place.
Nixon, Alexander, J.P., Fermanagh Militia.
Owen, John Barr.
Owens, Mrs., Wellington Place.
Rankin, Dorothy, Willoughby Place, Tully.
Redmond, Isabella, Fairview.
Richardson, Henry Mervyn, Rossfad.
Speare, Misses, Darling Street.
Saunderson, Major.
Teavan, Alexander, Raceview.
Weir, Thomas, Hall Craig.
West, John, R.N., Willoughby Place.
Wilkin, Jas., M.D., Carracreagh.
Wilson, David, Thomastown.
Wood, George, Willoughby Place.

Clergy and Professional

Boylan, Rev. Mr. P.P., Roseville.
Bradshaw, Rev. Wm. Hanna.
Chittick, Jas., attorney, Darling Street.
Clarke, Rev. John S., Letterbreen.
Collum, Archibald, attorney, Main Street.
Collum, John, attorney, Bellview.
Dane, Wm. Auchinleck, attorney, Wellington Place and Dublin.
Doyle, J., income tax collector, West Bridge.
Frith, B. G., M.D., and surgeon, Willoughby Place.
Graham, John, attorney, Darling Street.
Gray, Roderick, C.S., Willoughby Place.
Halliday, Alexander, Dromard.
Jones, A., attorney, Darling Street.
Keenan, Patrick, pawn broker, Darling Street.
Keys, John, postmaster.
Keys, Robert, attorney, Fort Lodge.
Kiernan, J., M.D., and surgeon, Darling Street.
Maclatchy, Rev. A. Cooper, M.A., The Hill.
Mills, C. A., professor of music, Darling Street.
Morphy, H. M., sub sheriff.
Nixon, A., surgeon, Willoughby Place.
Ovenden, Wm., M.D., and surgeon, Darling Street.
Reade, Rev. L. G., J.P., Levelly Glebe.
Rodgers, Robert, surgeon, Ann Street.
Sharp, Captain, staff officer, Willoughby Place.
Steele, Rev. Wm., Portora House.
West, John, R.N., surgeon, Willoughby Place.
Whittaker, Rev. Mark, Willoughby Place.
Wilson, Rev. John, Derrybrusk.
Young, Rev. Walter, Lisbellaw.

Traders &c.

Annon, E., butcher, Diamond.
Armstrong, William, pawn broker, Church Street.
Arthur, wm., grocer and ironmonger, High Street.
Baker, James, draper, Townhall Street.
Ball, John, apothecary, Townhall Street.
Ball, John, carpenter, Tonystick.
Bannon, J., grocer, Townhall Street.
Beatty, Mrs., bonnet maker, Darling Street.
Bell, Wm., druggist, Church Street.
Betty, John, tailor, Darling Street.
Betty, Robert, saddle and harness maker, East Bridge Street.
Bigham, David, pawn broker, East Bridge Street.
Black, George, grocer and seedsman, High Street.
Bleakley, John, butcher, Darling Street.
Bowlan, Andrew, blacksmith, Brooke Street.
Boyd, John, boot and shoe maker, East Bridge Street.
Bradshaw, Hugh, timber merchant, East Bridge Street.
Bready, Patrick, general clothier, Water Street.
Breen, Edward, grocer, Darling Street.
Brennan, Ellen, publican, Tonystick.
Brennan, Jas., clothes broker, Main Street.
Brennan, Thomas, clothes broker, Main Street.

Brown, James, clothes broker, Main Street.
Busby, Joseph, blacksmith, Tonystick.
Campbell, James, tailor, Darling Street.
Campbell, Wm., cabinet maker, Ann Street.
Campbell, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Strand Street.
Carleton, Thomas, publican, Down Street.
Carrolin, J., draper, High Street.
Carson, Mary J. & R., milliners, High Street.
Carson, William, haberdasher, High Street.
Cassiday, Andrew, grocer and meal store, High Street.
Clarke, Samuel, British Commercial Life Insurance Office, Darling Street.
Clegg, Robert, builder, East Bridge Street.
Cooney, Wm., publican, High Street.
Copeland, Hugh, draper, Townhall Street.
Coulter, James, grocer, baker and confectioner, Hollow.
Coulter, Wm., grocer, baker and confectioner, Main Street.
Corrigan, Patrick, butcher.
Costello, Jas., butcher, Eden Lane.
Cox, Mark, cooper, Tonystick.
Creden, H., grocer and ironmonger, Barrack Lane.
Creden, James, timber merchant, builder, grocer and ironmonger, Barrack Street and Darling Street.
Crooke, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Darling Street.
Crowe, Mary Ann, straw bonnet maker, Darling Street.
Crowe, Thomas, painter, Darling Street.
Darragh, Alexander J., baker, Church Street.
Davis, A. J., straw bonnet maker, Castle Street.
Donnelly, Daniel, butcher, High Street.
Donnelly, Patrick, butcher, High Street.
Donnelly, Thomas, draper, High Street.
Drennan, James, spirit and porter dealer, Tonystick.
Dundass, Jas., draper, Hollow.
Durnian, Michael, boot and shoe maker, Schoolhouse Lane.
Elliott, Thomas, inn keeper, Ann Street.
Fairis, Patrick, butcher.
Fallon, John, grocer and spirit store, High Street.
Feely, George, blacksmith, Brook Street.
Fisher, John, publican, Barrack Street.
Fitzsimmons, James, porter store, Anne Street.
Flanigan, James, publican, Ann Street.
Forster, Archibald, spirit and porter dealer, Townhall Street.
Fox, Michael, coach builder, Townhall Street.
Frith, Alexander, fishing tackle dealer and grocer, East Bridge Street.
Frith, Ann, dress maker, Belmore Street.
Frith, J. H., builder, Tonystick.
Frith, Mr., miller, Millview.
Frith, Wm., builder, Tonystick.
Gallagher, John, butcher, Tonystick.
Gallogly, John, Fairview.
Gamble, Christopher, apothecary and registrar of marriages, Wellington Place.
Gamble, Mary, publican, Barrack Street.
Gamble, Edward, grocer, Ann Street.
Gibson, F., straw bonnet maker, Courthouse Yard.
Goddard, J., hair dresser, Darling Street.
Gonigle, Daniel, painter and glazier, Strand Street.
Gonigle, Hugh, carpenter, Main Street.
Gordon, Robert, grocer and ironmonger, Townhall Street.
Gordon, Thomas, grocer, Church Street.
Graham, James, grocer and ironmonger, Darling Street.
Graham, George, Family Hotel, East Bridge.
Grant, A., book seller, Wellington Street.
Gray, Hugh, whitesmith, Tonystick.
Gunning, J., cabinet maker, Darling Street.
Gunning, J., druggist, Darling Street.
Halfpenny, John, provision merchant, Church Street.
Halliday, Wm., miller, Ballycassidy.
Hamilton, Jas., printer, Townhall Street.
Harnan, Patrick, coach builder, Belmore Street.
Harris, Miss, grocer, Townhall Street.
Harrison, James, butcher, High Street.
Hill, Alexander, grocer, Tonystick.
Hoey, Wm., tailor, Belmore Street.
Holden & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, Anne Street.
Hughes, Thomas, baker, Darling Street.
Hurles, R., cutler, East Bridge Street.
Hyland, John, baker, Darling Street.
Innis, Edward H., wine and spirit merchant, Schoolhouse Lane.
Irvine, John, gunsmith, Main Street.
Irvine, Miss, haberdashery, Church Street.
Johnston, Wm., East Bridge Street.
Johnston, Thomas & John, merchants, High Street.
Keenan, James, publican, Down Street.
Kelly, George, tailor, Barrack Street.
Kerr, John, grocer and haberdasher, Hollow.
Kerr, Patrick, grocer and draper, Townhall Street.
Kirkpatrick, Mary, earthenware dealer, Church Street.
Kittson, George, draper, Townhall Street.
Kyle, Thomas, publican, Ann Street.
Leeth, Wm., auctioneer and general valuator, Townhall Street.
Leith, Wm., auctioneer, Townhall Street.
Lemon, John, grocer, linen merchant & ironmonger, East Bridge Street.
Leonard, E., cabinet maker, Wesley Street.
Leonard, Henry, tailor, Eden Lane.
Leonard, John, boot and shoe maker, East Bridge Street.
Little, Nehm., publican, Church Street.
Little, Samuel, wine and spirit merchant, High Street.
Love, Terence, boot and shoe maker, Shamble Square.
Lowry, George, tanner, Tonystick.
Lucy, Mervyn, publican, Tonystick.
Lyons, John, Mill Street.
Magahy, John, earthenware dealer, Eden Lane.
Magoven, Hugh, butcher, Henry Street.
Maguire, J., draper, High Street.
Maguire, John, publican, Main Street.
Maguire, J., whitesmith, Paget's Lane.
Mahood, George, M.D., apothecary, Main Street.
Malan, George, gas works, Belmore Street.
Martin, John, publican, Main Street.
Martin, Patrick, cooper, Cole's Row.
Martin, P., publican, Henry Street.
Mee, Henry, grocer and spirit store, High Street.
Mehan, T., butcher, Galbraith's Row.
Miller, George, publican, Darling Street.
Molyneaux, John, ironmonger, watch maker & jeweller, High Street.
Monaghan, J., publican, Town Hall.
Morrison, John, baker and confectioner, Darling Street.
Mossman, Mr., spirit store, Brook Street.
Muldoon, Wm., Bridge Street.
Murphy, D., whitesmith, Brook Street.
McBirnie, Wm., hotel, Commons.
McCauley, John, Traveller's Inn, Corn Market.
McCormick, Wm., publican, Hollow.
McDonald, Matthew, clothes broker, East Bridge Street.
McElgunn, J., publican, Ann Street.
McElgum, James, publican, Ann Street.
McGinn, Patrick, grocer, Darling Street.
McKeague, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Darling Street.
McKeague, Samuel, publican, Down Street.
McLean, G., saddler, Diamond.
McManus, A., draper, Church Street.
McNeilly, Catherine, bonnet maker, Darling Street.
Nelson, R., painter and glazier, Main Street.
Noble, Hamilton, Brook Street.
Nolan, E., auctioneer, Windmill Hill (Hall), billiard room, Castle Street.
O'Brien, Francis, publican, Darling Street.
O'Brien, John, grocer and leather seller, Main Street.
O'Donnell, W., publican, Coleshill.
Ovens, John, publican, Henry Street.
Pannett, J., Victoria Hotel, Belmore Street.
Parkinson, Misses, plumbers, Townhall Street.
Peterson, Daniel, Enniskillen Hotel, Darling Street.
Plunkett, Thomas, grocer and druggist, High Street.
Plunkett, Thomas, merchant, High Street.
Polson, T. R. J., book seller, printer, publisher and insurance agent, Wellington Place.
Preston, C., grocer, Darling Street.
Price, Henry, slater, painter and glazier.
Quinton, John, grocer &c., Church Street.
Quinton, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, Darling Street.
Rankin, T., cooper, Schoolhouse Lane.
Robinson, Jas., carpenter, Darling Street.
Robinson, James, draper, High Street.
Rutledge, James, publican, West Bridge.
Scollan, P., butcher, Commons.
Scollan, ? , butcher, Darling Street.
Sharkey, Daniel, butcher, Tonystick.
Smith, Richard, gunsmith, Main Street.
Thompson, Wm., butcher, Darling Street.
Tickel, Wm., plumber, East Bridge Street.
Trimble, Wm., book seller, printer and publisher, East Bridge Street.
Trotter, Alexander, boarding house, Willoughby Place.
Verner, Thomas, carpenter, grocer, meal and flour store, Main Street.
Watt, William, carpenter, Belmore Street.
White, Wm., veterinary surgeon.
Whitley, Misses, haberdashers, High Street.
Whitley, John, baker and confectioner, High Street.
Whitley, Thomas, grocer, High Street.
Whitley, Joseph, leather store, High Street.
Willis, Mary Ann, White Hart Hotel, Townhall Street.
Willoughby, Edward, baker and grocer, Darling Street.
Williamson, Robert, grocer, Head Street.
Wilkin, David, grocer, Church Street.
Wilson, Margaret, dress maker, Castle Street.
Wilson, John, fancy goods, High Street.

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Gilford, is a post town in County Down, fourteen miles North from Newry, and five miles N.W. from Banbridge, pleasantly situated at the Eastern verge of the county on the River Bann, and on the road to Tandragee and Portadown.  The town lies on both sides of the river and is crossed by a stone bridge with two arches.  The linen manufacture is largely carried on here, and it is famous for its bleach grounds, and the beautiful country by which they are surrounded.  The canal from Lough Neagh to Newry, passes within half a mile of the town, and on its banks, at the park, is a wharf and warehouses.  Petty Sessions are held on alternate Wednesdays, and a constabulary police station is in the town.  The places of worship are the Parish church of Tullylish, a plain, stone building, a Presbyterian meeting-house, a Wesleyan chapel, a Roman Catholic chapel, Gilford gives the inferior title of Baron to the Earl of Clanwilliam.  There is a station of the Dublin and Belfast Junction Railway Company one mile from the town.  Population in 1851, 2,814.

Post-Office - Miss Jamison, postmistress.
Established Church, Tullylish - Rev. Wm. Butler Yeates, rector.
Presbyterian Church, Gilford - Rev. Wm. Gordon, minister.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Tullylish - Rev. John Byrne, P.P., Rev. C. Troy, curate.
Fever Hospital, Dunbarton - Henry McBride, surgeon and apothecary.
Presbyterian Church, Tullylish - Rev. John Johnston, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Gilford - Ministers, various.
National School, Gilford - James Parker, master ; Anna Martin, mistress.
National School, Dunbarton - Male, Hugh Martin, teacher ; female, Eliza Wilson ; infant, Elizabeth Thompson.

Clergy, Gentry &c.

Acheson, Geo., surgeon and apothecary.
Bell, James, Tullylish.
Bowen, Captain, Lawrencetown House.
Byrne, Rev. John.
Dawson, Joseph, Moyallen.
Dickson, Benjamin, Banbridge Street.
Dickson, James, Elmfield.
Gordon, ev. Wm. (as in book)
Herron, Henry, Mill Street.
Hull, Misses, Cosseville.
Johnston, Rev. John, Tullylish.
Law, George, Mill Street.
Martin, John, Banbridge Street.
McBride, Henry, physician, surgeon and apothecary, Mill Street.
McCreight, Wm.
McNaughten, Wm., Moyallen.
Nicholson, Rawdon, Stranmore House.
Orr, Rev. James, Moyallen.
Phelps, Joseph, Moyallen.
Troy, Rev. Charles, C.C.
Wakefield, Thomas, Moyallen.
Wise, James L., Woodbank Lodge.

Traders &c.

Allen, J., spirit dealer, Banbridge Street.
Archibald, Aston, saddler and harness maker, Mill Street.
Byrne, John, Clanwilliam Arms Hotel, Mill Street.
Cochrane, H., grocer, Banbridge Street.

Co-operative Society, Dunbar Street.
Conlan, Charles, blacksmith, Banbridge Street.
Crawford, George & Co., linen manufacturers & bleachers, Hazlebank.
Cullens, Richard, publican.
Doak, James, pawnbroker, Mill Street.
Douds, Deborah, publican and grocer, Banbridge Street.
Duffy, Peter, spirit dealer & baker, Banbridge Street.
Dunbar, Dickson & Co., linen manufacturers and bleachers, Dunbarton.
Dunbar, McMaster & Co., flax spinners and linen thread manufacturers, Dunbarton.
Dunbar, McMaster & Co., linen merchants &c., Mill Street.
Fox, Terence, general merchant, Mill Street.
Frazer, Sarah Anne, haberdasher, Dunbar Place.
Getgood, Wm., haberdasher, Mill Street.
Gourley, Henry, publican, Mill Street.
Hall, Jas., haberdasher, Dunbarton.
Hayes, Wm., flax spinner and linen thread manufacturer, Seapatrick.
Hunter, John, pawn broker.
Kennedy, Henry, spirit dealer, Dunbar Place.
Law, Samuel, flax spinner and linen thread manufacturer, Hazlebank.
Law, Samuel, linen manufacturer and bleacher, Hazlebank.
Lockhart, Robert, linen manufacturer and bleacher, Gilford.
Lynch, James, linen manufacturer.
Meredith, Joseph, carpenter, Mill Street.
Mullen, George & Co., corn millers.
McCallister, Alice, baker and publican, Mill Street.
McConnell, Bridget, spirit dealer.
McConnell, Hugh, pawn broker, clothing establishment, Dunbar Place.
McConnell, Margaret, dress maker, Banbridge Street.
McGuinness, Edward, dealer in old clothes, Mill Street.
McKee, Mary, publican, Mill Street.
O'Hanlon, Jas., grocer, Dunbar Place.
Parkes, Benjamin Thomas, publican, Mill Street.
Rock, John, Mill Street.
Thompson, Thomas, grocer, Dunbar Place.
Thompson, ? , provision dealer, Mill Street.
Uprichard, James Thomas & Henry, linen merchants & linen bleachers,


Railway Station, one mile from Gilford.  Cars run to Gilford and Banbridge on the arrival of each train, proprietor, Joseph Davison, of Madden Inn Hotel.

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Glenarm, is a picturesque town in County Antrim, twenty five miles North from Belfast, on the road coastwise between Larne and Ballycastle.  It is delightfully situated in a deep glen opening to the sea, and on the Glenarm River, which here flows into the bay of its name, it is crescented by bold, romantic and imposing scenery, and at the distance of ten miles are the lovely villages of Cushendall and Cushendun.  Glenarm Castle, now the beautiful seat of the Earl of Antrim, was for many years the residence of the McDonnells, Earls of Antrim, of whom Randal McDonnell, Marquis of Antrim, was attained during the Protectorate.  The mansion is a noble quadrangular pile, embellished with minarets and surmounted by stately domes, the demesne is richly planted, and the grounds laid out with exquisite taste.  Glenarm possessing these attractions, causes a considerable influx of visitors to it in the Summer season.  The harbour, which is small, is chiefly frequented by vessels from the opposite coast of Scotland, which bring coal and take back grain, whiting, propwood, lime and limestone, of the latter, large quantities are exported by the Glenarm Mining and Lime Company to England as well as to Scotland.  The places of worship are the Parish church, Presbyterian and Methodist meeting houses, and a Roman Catholic chapel.  The charitable institutions comprise a dispensary and a school for the education of children of either sex.  Fairs are held on 26th January, 26th may, 30th August and 29th October.

Post-Office - S. Dick, postmaster.  Letters from Dublin, Belfast, Carrickfergus, Larne &c., arrive at 10.45 a.m., & 9 p.m., from Ballymena
11.05 a.m., Ballycastle & Cushendall, 1.55 p.m.  Letters are despatched to Larne, Belfast, Dublin &c., 6.40 a.m., 1.55 p.m., to Cushendall and Ballycastle at 10.45 a.m., and Ballymena, 1.30 p.m.
Established Church - Rev. David C. Courtenay.
Presbyterian Meeting House - Rev. Hugh Waddel, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - ministers, various.
Presbyterian (Unitarian) Meeting House - Rev. James Calwell.
R. C. Chapel - Rev. P. Starkey.
Dispensary - Dr. john Moore, surgeon.
Police Station - Wm. S. Irwine, sub inspector, Main Street.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Antrim, Earl of, Glenarm Castle.
Beattie, Mrs.
Boyd, Captain James.
Calwell, Rev. James.
Courtney, Rev. David C.
Disney, the Misses.
Hannah, James.
Hannah, Mrs.
McKibbin, Mrs.
Parker, John.
Stuart, Mrs.
Moore, Dr. J.
Starkey, Rev. Patrick.
Waddel, Rev. Hugh.

Traders &c.

Darragh, Wm., spirit dealer.
Dick, S., grocer and haberdasher.
Dunn, Bryan, grocer.
Galbraith, Alexander, spirit dealer.
Lowry, Wm., leather cutter.
Murphy, Rose, spirit dealer.
McCay, Charles, Antrim Arms Hotel.
McMullan, John, grain, iron and coal dealer.
McNeile, A., baker and grocer.
McNeill, John, butcher.
McKay, Alexander, Commercial Hotel.
McKay, John, spirit dealer.
Orr & Semple, grocers.
Thompson, Wm., carpenter.
Wilson, John, grocer and draper.


Mail car from the Post-Office to Larne every morning at 6.40. To Ballycastle a mail car from Antrim Arms Hotel, at 10.45 and goes through Cushendall and Cushendun.  To Ballymena, a mail car from Commercial Hotel, every day at 1.30 p.m. Mail car to Larne every day, at 1.55, the car returns to Glenarm at 9 at night, by which passengers leaving Belfast by the 4.35 train arrives.

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Hillsborough, a market town, (formerly a Parliamentary borough) in County Down, ten miles from Belfast, on the road from Dublin to Belfast.  This town is built on a slope of a hill, and there is so much neatness in its construction, and it joins so harmoniously to the fine demesne of the Marquis of Downshire, that it may be called one of the most agreeable small towns in Ireland.  The Corporation Arms Hotel is a respectable and comfortable house.  General Sessions of the Peace are held here twice a year, and Petty Sessions every second Saturday.  The Court House, a handsome building in the centre of the market place, was erected by the late Marquis.  The Parish Church is a very elegant building, consisting of a nave and cross aisles, the tower, which is upwards of 100 feet high, and the steeple, 100 more, form together a beautiful and conspicuous object at a considerable distance, there are also two smaller towers at the sides.  The interior corresponds with the exterior in neatness, is furnished with a good organ, and every window is adorned with stained glass.  A monument by Nollekens, to the memory of Archdeacon Leslie, erected by the Marquis of Downshire, is worthy of notice, as also a monument erected by the present Marquis of Downshire to the memory of William E. Reilly, Esq., agent to the late Marquis.  There are also two other churches of the Establishment in the parish, built by the late Marquis, and one endowed by him, and there is one Presbyterian church.  The charitable institutions are a dispensary, a school for children of both sexes, conducted on the modern system of education, founded by the late Marquis, and a Sunday school, patronised by the Downshire family.  The Downshire demesne is contiguous to the town, the mansion, garden and lawn being on the West side of it.  On a hill at the Dromore side of the town is a splendid monument to the memory of the late Marquis of Downshire.  It was erected by public subscription.  Hillsborough Castle, now in ruin, on the demesne, was built in the reign of Charles I., and was afterwards constituted a royal fort, of which the hereditary constableship is held by the present Marquis.  King William III. stopped here when passing on to Drogheda, and it was here he signed the Regium Donum grant to Presbyterian ministers.  Hillsborough gives the inferior titles of Earl and Viscount to the Marquis of Downshire.  The Savings' Bank was established in the year 1832, and the deposits exceed at present 19,000.  A joint stock company was lately formed for the manufacture of gas for the town and neighbourhood, and is now in full operation, capital, 2,000.  The market is held on Wednesday, fairs, third Wednesday in each month.  Population in 1851, 1,300.

Post-Office - Dr. Wm. Boyd, postmaster.  Letters from Belfast, the North of Ireland and Scotland, arrive at 7.45 a.m., and are despatched at 5.20 p.m. From Dublin, the South and various other parts of Ireland, also from England, at 7.45 a.m., and 5 p.m., and are despatched at 8 p.m.
Fort and Castlewarder - Sergeant Whatley, The Cottage.
Dispensary, Ballynahinch Street - Wm. Boyd, physician.
Petty Sessions - Arthur Stanfield, clerk.
Markets - Thomas Crozier, weigh master.
Police Station, Main Street - M. B. Kelly, C.I.
Royal South Down Militia Depot - Captain Jas. Balcombe, Adjutant; John McGroarty, Quartermaster.
Savings' Bank, Ballynahinch Street - Open on Wednesdays.
St. John's Established Church - Rev. Howard B. St. George.
Established Church - Ven. Walter B. Mant, Archdeacon of Down, rector.
Presbyterian Church, Lisburn Street - Rev. Mr. Johnston, minister.
Hillsborough Schools, Main Street - J. McCarthy, master ; Catherine Puleston and Maria Ashenhurst, mistresses.
Gar Works - Thomas Larkin, manager.

Nobility and Gentry.

Balcombe, Captain James, Ballynahinch Street.
Bradshaw, H., J.P., Culcavy Cottage.
Decluzean, S. H., Eglantine.
Downshire, Most Noble the Marquis of, Hillsborough Castle.
Filgate, F., J.P., Ballynahinch Street.
Grange, Mrs., Park Street.
Green, John, Orrfield.
Henderson, James, Millvale.
Howe, T. S., Main Street.
Kent, Rev. Edward, Wellington Lodge.
MacGroarty, John, Royal South Down Regiment, Lisburn Street.
Moreland, Mrs., Carnbane.
Mulholland, S. K., J.P., Eglantine.
Murray, Henry, Main Street.
McClughan, John, Lisburn Street.
McConkey, John, Sion Hill.
McDonald, Alexander, Ballynahinch Street.
Nash, Charles F., Newforge.
Sands, William, Square.
Stafford, Thomas, Lisadian Cottage.
Teague, Wm. E., Main Street.
Vaughan, James, Lisburn Street.
Wardhaugh, Mark, Park Street.

Clergy and Professional

Boyd, William, surgeon.
Croker, George, physician Royal South Down Militia, The Lodge.
Harper, Edmund B., professor of music.
Johnston, Rev. Mr.
Manning, Robert, C.E., Dromantanty.
Mant, Ven. Archdeacon W. B., Archdeaconry.
Murray, Thomas, surgeon.
Murray, Henry, surgeon.
St. George, Rev. H. B., St Johns's Parsonage.

Traders &c.

Arundell, C. M., Royal Corporation Arms Hotel.
Bell, George, grocer, Lisburn Street.
Buchanan, Moses, muslin agent, Square.
Burrows, Alexander, Park Street.
Coulter, William, Park Street.
Creagan, C., spirit dealer, Main Street.
Crozier, T., watch maker, Inn Lane.
Davis, Lennox, nursery and seedsman, Oglesgrove.
Ellis, Henry, Lisburn Street.
Ellis, James, grocer, Lisburn Street.
Foots, John, nailer, Square.
Galley, David, blacksmith, Lisburn Street.
Greene, Anne, haberdasher, Square.
Halliday, Mrs., Square.
Hamilton, Abel, blacksmith, Ballynahinch Street.
Henderson, Robert, nailer.
Ingram, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Main Street.
Irwin, Samuel, spirit dealer, Lisburn Street.
Jefferson, Miss, draper, Main Street.
Johnston, Joseph, builder, Main Street.
Johnston, Robert, carpenter.
Johnston, Robert, shoe maker.
Loughlin, Thomas, spirit dealer, Square.
Lutton, Sarah, Square.
Magennis, George, grocer, Ballynahinch Street.
Morrow, Hugh, sewing agent.
Mulligan, John, merchant and grocer, Lisburn Street.
McCaw, Jas., spirit dealer, Lisburn Street.
McCaulley, George, grocer.
McCullen, Joseph, Commercial Hotel, Main Street.
McGowan, Roger, tailor, Lisburn Street.
McKee, George, carrier, Park Street.
McQuiggan, John, grocer, Square.
O'Hagan, John, tailor, Lisburn Street.
Patterson, H., grocer, Ballynahinch Street.
Patterson, S., haberdasher, Main Street.
Rosborough, George, Park Lane.
Scott, T., baker and grocer, Main Street.
Whatley, Samuel, Park Lane.

                                 HOLYWOOD                 back to top

Holywood, is four and a quarter miles from Belfast, and is remarkable as having been a place of some note since about the seventh century.  In it was a monastery of the Franciscans, on the site of which are the ruins of the old church.  Holywood is widely known as a watering place, and within the last fifteen years it has been rapidly increasing in extent and population.  Large sums of money have been expended in speculation, chiefly by Belfast merchants, in the erection of numerous elegant mansions in the town and neighbourhood, while gradually the old, uncomfortable cottages and houses through the town have been removed, and replaced by dwellings of a superior class.  The shops and hotels have also been improved.  Holywood is a particularly healthy locality.  The opinion of the late eminent Dr. Forsythe was, that no place in the neighbourhood of Belfast was so favourable as a residence for invalids, and numbers of his patients, acting under his urgent advice, took up their abode in Holywood.  There are no mills or factories in the town, but there is a constant demand for labour, and the sewing trade gives regular employment to great numbers of the families of the working classes.  The railway had proved of great advantage to the place, as many Belfast merchants, through its convenience, have been enabled to become permanent residents.  The baths have lately been put in the best of order, and, owing to a desirable arrangement with the railway company, will be useful and convenient for Belfast people.  The schools are, in general, admirably conducted.  The Post-office delivery begins in Holywood at half past seven o'clock each morning, and letters are received in the despatch box up till a quarter before six o'clock in the evening, at which time the mail car leaves for Belfast.  Through an absurd arrangement, letters for Craigavad, Crawfordsburn or the district of Tillysburn, if posted in Holywood, are sent not to these places but to Belfast, whence next morning they are forwarded for delivery.  It thus takes a letter two days to reach Craigavad from Holywood, being a distance of scarce two miles.  Population in 1851, 1,408.  By a late arrangement with the post office authorities, there is now a second delivery and despatch of letters.  Letters posted at half past eight o'clock in the morning are despatched by a runner at nine o'clock to Belfast, and the carrier returns at half past four o'clock p.m., and then delivers the letters conveyed by him from Belfast.

Post-Office - Jas. Greenfield, postmaster.
Police Commissioners - John Burgoyne, chairman ; John Finlay, vice chairman ; J. Chermside, clerk.
Petty Sessions Court, held every alternate Monday.
Gas Company (Limited) - Mr. Marshall, clerk ; Mr. Hugh Rea, Hon. secretary.
Established Church - Right Rev. The Lord Bishop of Down ; Rev. J. C. Flood, vicar ; Rev. J. Kennedy, curate ; Rev. John Bristow, Craigavad.
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. Henry Henderson, minister.
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. S. Denham.
Unitarian Church - Rev. C. J. McAlester, minister.
Wesleyan Chapel.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. J. Killen, P.P., Ballymacarrett.
Bible Depository - Miss Foster.
Dispensary Committee - Rev. H. Henderson, secretary ; A. D. Dunlop, M.D., medical officer.
Destitute Sick Society - Rev. Henry Henderson, secretary.
Literary and Scientific Society - Lord Bishop of Down, president ; Professor Craik, vice president ; Dr. Greenfield, secretary.
Loan Fund - The Lord Bishop of Down, Rev. J. C. Flood, Rev. H. Henderson, Rev. C. J. McAlester, Rev. J. S. Denham, Thomas Greg, J.P., trustees - Messrs. Armstrong and Johnston, clerks ; Jas. Jackson, treasurer ; Rev. H. Henderson, hon. sec.
Schools - Mr. W. Shepherd's English, mercantile and classical academy ; Miss Stitt's, Mrs. Marshall's, Miss Thorn's and Miss Harrison's ladies' school ; Miss Mulligan's preparatory school, Bangor Road Church School House ; Parochial National School ; Churchview National Schools.
Assembly and News Room.
Constabulary Station - Constable Watters.
Coast Guard Station - Cultra.
Baths' Company - David McCance, chairman ; Robert Forsythe, secretary ; J. B. Kennedy, lessee of baths.
Working Classes' Association - W. Browne, president ; W. H. Hamilton and W. Robertson, vice presidents.


Alexander, James, St. Clair Lodge.
Adair, Hugh, High Street.
Aird, Lieutenant, R.N., Craigavad.
Anderson, Mr., Knocknagoney.
Anderson, John, Hillbrook.
Armstrong, Wm., Shore Street.
Ashmore, Mrs., Bangor Road.
Ash, George, Stewart's Place.
Ash, Miss, High Street.
Bain, John, Church Street.
Barbour, Mrs., Shore Street.
Beattie, Mrs., High Street.
Bell, W. L., Glenside.
Bell, Mrs., Victoria Road.
Biggar, D., Victoria Road.
Black, Mrs., Churchfield.
Blackwood, John O'Reilly, Ballymenoch.
Boyd, James, Knocknagoney.
Boyd, Mrs., Shore Street.
Browne, W., Millmoat.
Bristow, Rev. John, Cultra.
Butler, John, grocer, High Street.
Butler, Andrew, Ballykeel.
Campbell, J., High Street.
Campbell, Miss, Churchview.
Carr, the Misses, High Holywood.
Carruthers, Geo. A., Marine Parade.
Carson, William, High Street.
Cavan, Mr., High Street.
Charley, Henry, Ardmore Terrace.
Charley, John, Ardmore Terrace.
Chermside, J., Spamount.
Clarke, Allan, Hillbrook.
Clawson, John, Knocknagoney.
Cooley, Alexander, Craigavad.
Coombe, J., Crofton.
Cordukes, Jonathan, Spafield.
Craik, Professor, Marine Parade.
Crawford, Wm., Dalchoolin.
Currell, D., Tudor Hall.
Crymble, Samuel, Hibernia Place.
Dale, J., Marine Parade.
Dawson, Misses, Hillbrook.
Dixon, Ann, Hibernia Place.
Dobbin, Hamilton, Kinnegar Villa.
Dunville, Wm., Richmond Lodge.
Ferrie, Professor, Marine Parade.
Forrester, Alexander, High Street.
Forsythe, Robert, Shore Street.
Forsythe, Alexander, Walmer Terrace.
Forsythe, John.
Forsythe, Robert, Shore Street.
Fraser, Mr., teacher, Creightons Green National School.
Frazer, Captain, R.N., Marino.
Gardner, Captain, Gardenvale.
Gamble, B., Martello Terrace.
Gerrard, Wm., Martello Cottage.
Gilmer, Mrs., High Street.
Gilmer, William, High Street.
Gilmore, Robert, High Street.
Glasgow, Rev., Adam, Shore Street.
Goddard, Mrs., Ailsa Lodge.
Gordon, R. F., Craigdarragh.
Gray, John, Marine Parade.
Greenfield, John, Jackson Hall.
Greenfield, A., Crescent.
Greg, Thomas, J.P., Ballymenoch.
Gunning, J., Craigavad.
Halliday, Mr., Crescent.
Hamilton, Captain, J.P., Craigdarragh.
Hamilton, Wm., Ardmore Terrace.
Harrison, George Howard, Mertoun.
Harrison, Henry, J.P., Holywood House.
Harrison, Captain, Mertoun.
Hanson, John, Marino.
Harpur, J., Glebe Road.
Henderson, John, Shore Street.
Heron, John, Maryfield.
Higginson, J. M., Tudor Hall.
Holden, John, High Street.
Hoskyns, Commander, R.N., Marino.
Hodgson, John, Stewart's Place.
Hume, Miss, Marine Parade.
Hunter, John, Martello Terrace.
Ireland, James, Oakley.
Jackson, George, Gardenvale.
Jackson, James, Ballygrainey.
Jaffe, J., Brooklyn.
Kennedy, H., J.P., Cultra.
Kirkpatrick, Robert, Marine Parade.
Lattimore, John, Shore Street.
Lemon, James, Ardville.
May, Captain, Rockfort House.
May, Mrs., Rockfort House.
Martin, Mrs., High Street.
Marshall, J. D., M.D., Shore Street.
Marshall, ? , Ardmore Terrace.
Megaw, Robert, Tudor Hall.
Middleton, Miss, Strand Street.
Mitchell, George, Orlinda.
Moffett, Thomas, Loughview Cottage.
Moore, W., Marine Parade.
Moore, Richard, High Street.
Morrow, Wm., High Street.
Mulholland, John, J.P., Craigavad.
Mulholland, Miss, High Street.
Munster, Paul L., Bellevue.
Murdoch, Mrs., Shore Street.
Murney, Henry, Tudor House.
McBurney, Arthur.
McCance, David, Clifton.
McConnell, A., Shore Street.
McCammon, Thomas, Marino.
McCutcheon, James, Craigavad.
McCutcheon, Hugh, High Street.
McDowell, Alexander, Ballydavy.
McIntyre, J., Victoria Road.

McIlroy. Mrs., Shore Street.
McKee, John, Spamount.
McKissack, J., High Street.
McWilliams, Robert, Knocknagoney.
Neill, James, High Street.
Orr, Miss, High Street.
Orr, Mrs., High Street.
O'Reilly, John Blackwood, Ballymenoch.
Parsons, W., J.P., Walmer Terrace.
Patterson, George, High Street.
Patty, J., High Street.
Patton, Hugh, Ballymenoch.
Patton, Miss M., High Street.
Patton, Samuel, Ballymenoch.
Power, John, Hotel.
Rea, Hugh, Stanley.
Reid, Robert, Wilmont.
Reid, Daniel, Wilmont.
Reid, R., Millmoat.
Ross, Mr.
Rogers, John, Kinnegas.
Rowley, Widow.
Simms, Hugh, Ballykeel.
Simms, J., Burnleigh.
Sloan, Archibald, Church Street.
Smith, Mrs., Bellevue.
Smith, Dr., Victoria Road.
Skinner, Captain, R.N., Ardmore.
Stewart, Hugh.
Suffern, Mrs., Churchfield House.
Sullivan, Captain D., Churchview.
Sullivan, Captain Mark, High Street.
Thompson, Robert, J.P.
Thorn, Mrs., Victoria Road.
Ward, Mrs., Martello Cottage.
Wetherall, William.
Wilson, Robert, High Street.
Wilson, Guy S., Victoria Terrace.
Wilson, Mrs., Victoria Terrace.
Wilson, Mr., Church Street.

Clergy and Professional

Carson, William, solicitor, Walmer Terrace, High Street.
Denham, Rev. J. S., Presbyterian minister.
Dunlop, Dr. A., Dispensary House.
Flood, Rev. J. C., incumbent.
Gabbey, J., surgeon, High Street.
Galgey, Dr., High Street.
Greenfield, W., M.D., High Street.
Henderson, Rev. H., Presbyterian minister, Thornbank.
Kennedy, Rev. Mr.
Knox, Right Rev. Dr., Lord Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore, The Palace.
Marshall, Dr. J. S., Shore Street.
McAlester, Rev. C. J., Unitarian minister.
McLean, James, solicitor, High Street.
Oulton, Rev. Richard, High Street.
Poole, Rev. John, Hibernia Place.
Smith, Henry N., Farmhill.

Traders &c.

Anderson, A., tailor, Church Street.
Anderson, James, tailor, Ballykeel.
Anderson, John, publican, High Street.
Anderson, Mrs., Bangor Hotel.
Anderson, Mrs., Churchview.
Bailey, John, carpenter, Church Street.
Ballagh, John, coal yard, High Street.
Barry, John, smith, High Street.
Boyd, Misses, grocers.
Brown, Samuel, tailor, Ballydavey.
Burns, Mrs., Railway Hotel.
Butler, J., grocer and baker, High Street.
Carson, Rowley, grocer.
Carswell, J., tailor, Craigavad.
Clarke, Samuel, car driver, High Street.
Collins, Mrs., dress maker, Church Street.
Connelly, Archibald, painter.
Cooper, Eliza, green grocer.
Corry, J., grocer.
Doggart, Isaac, bailiff, Church Street.
Dunwoody, Mrs., washer woman.
Dunwoody, W., railway clerk.
Epperson, John, boatman.
Foster, Miss, stationer &c.
Gardner, J., baker and confectioner, High Street and Hibernia Place.
Gardner, Robert, lodging house, High Street.
Gourley, James, publican, High Street.
Heslip, Mrs., dress maker, High Street.
Irwin, David, bailiff, Victoria Road.
Park, Mrs., stationery, toy shop &c.
Taggart, Moses, commercial traveller, High Street.
Taggart, Henry K., commercial traveller, Shore Street.
Taggart, Jas., warehouseman, High Street.
Johnston, James, grocer, High Street.
Johnston, James, loan fund clerk.
Kennedy, Susan, dress maker, High Street.
Killips, J., grocer, High Street.
Killips, Mrs., publican.
Lanaghan, Robert, car driver, High Street.
Langridge, William.
Ledlie, Mrs., Crescent.
Lemon, Henry, grocer, High Street.
Lennox, A., washer woman, Church Street.
Lennox, David, publican.
Lennox, Miss, dress maker, High Street.
Lennox, Mrs., lodgings.
Long, Mrs., dress maker, Shore Street.
Lowry, Mrs., washer woman, Hibernia Place.
Marshall, Mrs., Glen Cottage.
Marshall, Thomas, tea store, High Street.
Moore, Samuel, butcher &c., High Street.
McCullough, Miles, car driver, High Street.
McCutcheon, Hugh, watch maker.
McCutcheon, Samuel, tailor, High Street.
McDowell, Patrick, shoe maker, High Street.
McIlwaine, Mrs., washer woman, Lemon Buildings.
McKibben, E., dress maker, Strand Street.
McKnight, Margaret, green grocer.
McMurray, J., spirit dealer.
McNally, Jas., car driver, High Street.
Nimmick, Mrs., publican, High Street.
Nimmick, Wm., builder, High Street.
O'Neill, H., carpenter and builder, Church Street.
Orr, Mrs., washer woman, Patton's Court.
Patton, David, shoe maker, High Street.
Gray, James, farmer, Knocknagoney.
Pollock, Mrs., High Street.
Power, John, Belfast Hotel.
Rea, James, High Street.
Robertson, J., Hillbrook.
Robinson, Finlay, car driver, Craigavad.
Saunders, John, butcher, High Street.
Sedgewick, J., shoe maker, High Street.
Shepherd, Joseph, smith, High Street.
Simms, Miss, grocer.
Sloan, Francis, car driver, Shore Street.
Sloan, Hugh, plasterer.
Sloan, John, car driver, Shore Street.
Smith, Miss, milliner.
Spence, John, butcher, High Street.
Stevenson, Miss, milliner.
Trotter, Mrs., milliner, Shore Street.
Ross, Mrs., lodgings, High Street.
Usher, Mrs., lodgings, Cultra.
Wilson, Martha McG., provision store and grocery, High Street.
Wilson, Wm., shoe maker, High Street.
Williamson, J., Ballykeel.
White, J., High Street.
Withers, James, publican.
Woodehouse, Mr., Shore Street.
Young, John, cart maker, High Street.

                                   KEADY                    back to top

Keady, is a small market and post town six miles S.S.W. from Armagh, situated on the River Callan, on the road to Castleblayney.  The manufacture of linen is carried on to a considerable extent in the neighbourhood, and in the town are corn mills, and one for spinning flax.  The places of worship are the Church, a neat, plain edifice, houses for Presbyterians and Wesleyan Methodists, and a Roman Catholic chapel.  The town was first lighted with gas on 20th February 1853.  A Young Men's Society, with a good library, has been established, and public lectures are delivered monthly.  Markets for corn are held on Monday and Thursday, and on Friday for general commodities.  Fairs, the second Friday in every month.  Population of the town in 1851, 1,252.

Post-Office - Thomas Small, postmaster.  Letters from Dublin and all parts of the South, likewise from England, arrive every morning at 6, and are despatched every evening at 9.10.  Letters from Scotland, via Armagh, arrive every day at 2.45 and despatched every morning at 9.45.
Established Church - Rev. Samuel Simpson, rector ; Rev. J. R. Greer, curate.
Presbyterian Church - First congregation, Rev. Henry W. Carson, D.D., minister ; Second congregation, Rev. Joseph Jenkins, minister ; Rev. George Steen, assistant.
Wesleyan Chapel - ministers, various.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. P. Kelly, P.P.
National School - A. A. Ross, master.
Church Education Society's School - G. Strong, master ; Mrs. Strong, mistress.
R. C. School - Edward Quinn, master.
Constabulary Station - John Bond, constable.

Clergy and Professional

Carson, Rev. Henry W., D.D.
Dobbin, John, surgeon.
Clarke, Rev. K. S., curate.
Jenkins, Rev. Joseph.
Kelly, Rev. P., P.P.
Kirk, William, J.P., Annavale.
Lepper, John, surgeon to dispensary and fever hospital.
McCrea, James.
Oulton, Rev. ? , rector.
Steen, Rev. George.
Taffe, Rev. George, C.C.

Traders &c.

Andrews, David, rope maker.
Bell, David, grocer.
Campbell, Abraham, grocer and publican.
Campbell, Jane, hotel keeper.
Campbell, Thomas, grocer.
Conry, John, sen., grocer.
Conry, John, grocer and publican.
Campbell, Peter, woollen draper.
Caraher, P., boot maker.
Clark, A., publican.
Dobbin, James, publican.
Eccles, Robert J., grocer and publican.
Ferguson, D., muslin agent.
Freeland, S., grocer.

Gallagher, William, saddler.
Gibson, Mary, haberdasher.
Gibson, J., grocer.
Gollagly, Denis, tailor.
Graham, Joseph, woollen draper.
Haghey, Francis, haberdasher.
Heanon, J., butcher.
Hughes, John, haberdasher.
Hutchinson, Richard, grocer, baker and publican.
Jellie, James, publican and baker.
Keenan, Patrick, grocer.
Kelly, Henry, tailor.
Kidd, Wm. D., grocer and publican.
Kilpatrick, Jane, grocer.
Mills, W., butcher.
McBride, Joseph, grocer and baker.
McBride, Wm., grocer and delf dealer.
McElroy, J., muslin agent.
McGrath, John, grocer and publican.
McKean, Sons & Co., flax spinners.
McKean, W. H., flax spinner.
McMurday, J., boot maker.
McTear, P., publican.
Nicholson, Francis & John, grocers.
Nugent, Felix, grocer.
Rafferty, Thomas, blacksmith and publican.
Reynolds, Rose, publican.
Runnett, Wilson, haberdasher and woollen draper.
Small, Thomas, woolen draper.
Smyth, R., muslin agent.
Thompson, J., boot maker.
Tuchan, S., publican.
Valleley, Mary, grocer.
Walker, J., grocer.
Whitsett, J., draper.
Woods, Patrick, grocer and publican.


A one horse car arrives at Keady from Castleblayney at 7.15 a.m., leaves at 7.30, arriving at Armagh in time for the train to Belfast at 9.30, returning by Keady at 7.30 to Castleblayney.  A two horse van arrives at Keady from Armagh at 11 a.m., and arrives in Castleblayney at 12 a.m., in time for the train to Dublin, returns by Keady at 3.30 p.m.., to Armagh, also a one horse car leaves Keady at 1.45 a.m., carrying the day mail, which arrives in Armagh at 11.15, in time for train to Dublin and Belfast, and returns from Armagh at 1.30 p.m, arriving at Keady at 4.45 p.m.

                                        KILKEEL                     back to top

Kilkeel, is a small thriving town in the Barony of Mourne, fourteen and a half miles from Newry, and nearly half a mile from the open coast.  "The River Foot" and the little harbour of Derryogue, some distance East and West of the town, afford indifferent shelter to the small fishing crafts in Northerly and Westerly winds, but the beach of Greencastle, inside the bar of Carlingford, three miles from Kilkeel, gives facility for the discharge of larger vessels, and the trade of the place increases annually.  There is a neat church, of mixed Saxon and Gothic architecture, a market house, the Kilmoney Arms Hotel and the Police Barracks, form three sides of a small square.  On the opposite side stands the Presbyterian meeting house, a spacious, handsome building, re-edified in 1831, and which, with its extensive burying ground and frontage, is always kept in excellent order.  On the Eastern side of the town, beyond the bridge leading to Newcastle, are the ruins of the old church and its church yard, the burying places to this day of numerous ancient families of the district.  A Moravian meeting house, with a pretty residence for the preacher attached, also another small place of worship for Presbyterians.  There is a market every Wednesday, and a fair the first Wednesday of every month.  The Petty Sessions Court is held the first Tuesday in each month.  There are free schools, supported solely by the trustees of the Earl of Kilmoney and the rector of the parish.  Master of the male school, Mr. Cooke, mistress of the female school, Miss McConnell, also a very interesting infant school, similarly supported, mistress, Miss Eliza McConnell.

Post-Office - Henry Vaughan, postmistress. (postmaster).  A night and day mail.
Kilkeel Union Workhouse - Chairman, Earl of Roden ; vice chairman, Thomas Gibson Henry, J.P.; deputy vice chairman, John Shannon Moore, J.P.; clerk, John Boyd ; master, Thomas Graham ; matron, Miss Martin ; chaplains, Established Church, Rev. Edward I. B. Pratt ; Presbyterian, Rev. George Nesbitt ; Roman Catholic, Rev. George Maguire, P.P. Board Day, Monday.
Parish Church - Rev. John Forbes Close, rector ; Rev. E. O'Brien Pratt, curate.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Samuel Mateer.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. George Nesbitt.
Moravian Meeting House - Rev. Mr. Lee.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. George Maguire.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Anderson, Charles James, medical officer, Kilkeel Dispensary.
Belcher, J. Henry, The Fort.
Close, Rev. J. F., Mourne Rectory.
Chesney, Major General, Packolet.
Coates, James, D.L., J.P., Eastwood.
Dudgeon, Rev. Alexander, Annalong Cottage.
Hayden, Mrs., Greenfield.
Henry, Thomas Gibson, J.P., Mourne Abbey.
Lewis, Miss.
Lee, Rev. Mr., Moravian Minister.
McIlwaine, Mrs.
McIlwaine, The Misses.
Moore, Mrs.
Moore, John Shannon, J.P., Shannon Grove.
Moore, John, Moore Lodge.
McNeilly, James, Glassdrummond.
Pratt, Rev. E. O. B., Woodside.
Reid, John, surgeon.
Senior, Colonel Henry, J.P., Glassdrummond House.
Thompson, James K., Brakenagh.
Thompson, Stephen, Benagh.
Thompson, Ross, Glassdrummond.
Waring, George, Lisnacree.
Walmsley, James, Ballykeel.
Walmsley, James, The Green.
Walmsley, Andrew, Riverside.
Wood, W., master, R.N., Cranfield.

Traders &c.

Annet, Jane, dressmaker,
Allen, Robert, sewing agent.
Annet, George, woollen draper.
Boyd, John, clerk of the union and dealer in china, glass and hardware.
Beck, Alexander, grocer.
Boyd, John, woollen draper.
Boyd, Robert, watch maker and petty sessions clerk.

Byrne, Mrs.
Crutchley, Robert, woollen draper and publican.
Curragh, James, woollen draper.
Cunningham, John, woollen draper.
Clark, Neal, grocer.
Cunnungham, J., painter and glazier.
Cunningham, Patrick, grocer and leather dealer.
Casey, Elizabeth, butter and egg buyer.
Clarke, Wm., saddler.
Dunlop, Anne, haberdasher.
Donoughoe, James, turner.
Doyle, Mary, publican.
Doran, Patrick, Newcastle Mail Car.
Doyle, John, publican and dealer.
Dunlop, Andrew, civil bill officer.
Doran, Patrick, omnibus to Warrenpoint.
Floyd, Samuel, grocer and importer of timber, slates and coal stores and kilns at Millbay; registrar of marriages and stamp distributor.
Forde, Robert, tailor.
Gills, Thomas, shoe maker.
Gordon, Robert, grocer &c.
Hagan, James, baker, publican and grocer.
Henderson, John, publican.
Hill, Moses, publican.
Hanna, Isabella, haberdasher.
Henry, John, sewing agent.
Irvine, John, shoe maker.
Kelly, John, Kilkeel Omnibus.
Kenmure, Robert, painter and glazier.
Martin, Hugh, tailor.
Martin, Matthew, baker and publican.
Mathers, James, nailer.
Mines, Adam, publican and leather dealer.
Miller, Sarah, haberdasher.
Morgan, Jas., publican, baker and grocer.
Morgan, Edward, carpenter and grocer.
McCullagh, John, blacksmith.
McClelland, Miss, bonnet maker.
McKibben, James, woollen draper.
McKee, Thomas, baker.
McVeagh, James, saddler.
Nugent, John, shoe maker.
Orr, Francis, woollen draper.
O'Hare, Thomas, butcher.
Rooney, Charles, tailor.
Ross, Henry, baker.
Shannon, John, Kilmoney Arms Hotel.
Sloane, William, baker.
Sergison, William, shoe maker.
Vaughan, Henry, woollen draper.
Walmsley, Hugh, saddler.
Wright, Wm., grocer and publican.
Wright, J., sexton of Kilkeel Church.
Woods, Daniel, nailer.

                                KILLYLEAGH                 back to top  

Killyleagh, a market and seaport town, formerly a Parliamentary borough, in the County Down, about fifteen miles S.E. from Belfast, situated at the head of a creek on the West shore of Lough Strangford, on the road from Downpatrick to Newtownards.  An extensive cotton manufactory was established here in 1825, to which has been subsequently added that of linen yarn, the entire giving employment to many of the industrious class, a second linen manufactory has also been established.  The Hamiltons, created Lords of Clandeboye, and subsequently Earls of Cranbrassil, formerly resided in an ancient castle at one extremity of the town, it is now the residence of the Hamilton family, who, with Lord Dufferin, own the town and estate contiguous.  The magistrates assemble in petty sessions every alternate Friday.  The church is a handsome cruciform structure, with a tower, surmounted by a spire of good proportions.  It was originally erected in 1640, and in 1812 was rebuilt, when the tower and spire were added, towards the expense of which Lord Dufferin contributed a large sum.  The other places of worship are two Presbyterian churches, a Methodist and a Roman Catholic Chapel.  Two National schools, and one supported by the Dowager Lady Dufferin, are the principal benevolent institutions.  Sir Hans Sloane, the celebrated naturalist and physician, was born here on the 16th April, 1660.  The market is held on Friday.  Fairs - April 10th and October 11th.  The town contained in 1851, 1,086 inhabitants.

Post-Office, Front Street - Hugh Sylvester Guiney, postmaster.  Letters from Dublin and all parts of the South of Ireland, also from England, arrive every morning at 7.30 and are despatched every afternoon at a quarter before 5.  Letters from Belfast and the North of Ireland, also from Scotland, arrive every afternoon at a quarter before 5 and are despatched every morning at 7.
Parish Church - Rev. E. Hincks, D.D., rector.
First Presbyterian Church, Plantation Lane - Rev. Andrew Breakey.
Second Presbyterian Church, Cow Street - Rev. A. McCreery.
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Shore Street - Ministers, various.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Irish Street.
Bibile Depository, Front Street - John Girven, depository.
National School in connexion with Second Presbyterian Congregation, Irish Street - James McMeekin, master.
Lady Dufferin's School, Square - Robert Thompson, master ; Louisa McCrea, mistress.
Reading Room and Library, Front Street.
Stamp Office, Front Street - Hugh S. Guiney, distributor.
Constabulary Station - Back Street.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Bailie, Jas., D.L., J.P., Ringdufferin.
Breakey, Rev. Andrew.
Doyle, Mrs., Cow Street.
Dufferin, the Right on. Lord.
Farrell, Rev. Mr., Toye House.
Gordon, Rev. James C., J.P., Dellamont.
Hamilton, Mrs., Killyleagh Castle.
Hart, John, Ballymacannon House.
Heron, Francis, Irish Street.
Heron, Robert, J.P., Ardigon House.
Heron, James, Tullyverry House.
Hincks, Rev. Edward, D.D., Glebe House.
Howe, Mrs., Back Street.
Howe, William, Front Street.
Johnston, R., Ballywoollen House.
Lowry, Thomas Kennedy, Ballytrim.
Matthews, Charles, Ballytrim.
Martin, John, Shrigley.
McCreery, Rev. A.
Reid, Miss, Back Street.
Ringland, Robert, Front Street.
Russel, Rev. Mr., Cow Street.
Shaw, John, surgeon and apothecary, Front Street.
Shiel, R. G., M.D., surgeon, medical officer of dispensary.
Thomson, Mortimer, agent to the Dufferin Estate.
Wallace, W. N., Goshen.

Traders &c.

Carr, John, flax spinner, Cow Street.
Cavert, John, carpenter, Tullyverry.
Clelland, S. & C., milliners, Front Street.
Clelland, Thomas, publican, Front Street.
Clelland, Thomas, jun., draper, front Street.
Clelland, John, baker, Cow Street.
Connor, James, painter, Churchhill Street.
Coulter, Andrew, grocer, Tullyverry.
Coulter, H. H., carpenter, Shore Street.
Coulter, Hugh, publican, Front Street.
Craig, George, shoe maker, Front Street.
Craig, Mrs., milliner, Cow Street.
Davidson, George, grocer and draper, Tullyverry.

Davidson, ? , baker, Front Street.
Davidson, Wm., woollen draper and grocer, Front Street.
Dunphy, Henry, mason, Irish Street.
Eakin, Sarah, dress maker, Front Street.
Ferguson, Eliza, grocer, Front Street.
Field, James, shoe maker, Cow Street.
Field, John, grocer and leather seller, Front Street.
Field, Thomas, grocer and earthenware dealer, Front Street.
Field Wm., boot and shoe maker, Irish Street.
Field, John, jun., ship owner and timber merchant, Front Street.
Fitzsimmons, Jas., jun., shoe maker, Irish Street.
Furey, James, commercial inn and posting house.
Furey, Francis, grocer.
Furey, Joseph, publican.
Furey, Wm., blacksmith, Cow Street.
Geddis, Hamilton, spirit dealer and posting establishment.
Girven, John, shoe and leather seller, Front Street.
Gilmore, C., dress maker, Irish Street.
Gordon, C., dress maker, Irish Street.
Gordon, Mary, grocer, Front Street.
Greer, David, carpenter, Irish Street.
Guiney, Hugh S., draper, distributor of stamps, postmaster, Front Street.
Hamilton, John, mason, Shore Street.
Hamilton, George, mason, Back Street.
Hamilton, John, jun., mason, Front Street.
Henderson, James, grocer, Cow Street.
Holland, Jas., tailor, Churchhill Street.
Ingram, J., shoe maker, Shore Street.
Madine, Robert, butcher, Front Street.
Martin, A., grocer and haberdasher.
Martin, John, flax and tow spinner, Killyleagh Mills.
Milligan, Mary, publican, Cow Street.
Morrow, Alexander, tailor, Cow Street.
Murland, John, blacksmith, Cow Street.
McCausland, J., grocer and timber merchant.
McConnell, J., dress maker, Irish Street.
McConnell, John, carpenter, Irish Street.
McCray, Joseph, nailer, Back Street.
McKee, Martha, grocer and earthenware dealer, Cow Street.
Neill, James, grocer, Cow Street.
O'Halloran, F. & G., woollen drapers and haberdashers, Front Street.
Patten, George, carpenter, Irish Street.
Patterson, Jas., grocer and earthenware dealer, Front Street.
Ringland, Robert, corn merchant, Front Street.
Scott, J., machine maker, Back Street.
Scott, Wm. John, machine maker, Irish Street.
Shaw, Finlay, shoe maker, Cow Street.
Skillen, Jas., shoemaker, Shore Street.
Watson, David, publican.
Watson, J., slater, Churchhill Street.
Watson, Wm., grocer, Cow street.
Watson, Robert, grocer, Front Street.
Yates, Mary, grocer, Front Street.
Yonner, Joseph, grocer, Front Street.


A mail car from Downpatrick every morning at 7.30.
A coach starts from Killyleagh every morning, Sunday excepted, at half past 6 o'clock, for Comber, to catch the train for Belfast at 9 o'clock, and returns to Killyleagh every evening after the arrival of the 4.30 train from Belfast.

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