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1861 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Larne   Laurencetown   Lisburn   Londonderry   Loughbrickland   Lurgan


Larne, a market town and seaport in County Antrim, is seventeen miles from Belfast, nine miles North from Carrickfergus, lying on the road from Glenarm to Belfast, at the head of Lough Larne, on the coast of the North Channel, in the Irish Sea.  The town, which was originally called Inver, is divided into the old and new towns, the latter consisting chiefly of one long and regular street, the houses of which are of stone, and well built, but the streets of the other section are neither so spacious nor so well paved.  On a peninsula, called the Curran, stand the ruins of Oldfleet Castle, and on the road to it are the remains of a little chapel called Drumalas.  The castle is supposed to have been erected by one of the Bissetts, a powerful Scotch family, in the time of Henry III. At this spot Edward Bruce landed in 1315, with the design of making himself King of Ireland, causing much bloodshed, and producing many dreadful calamities to the English settlers in this part of the kingdom.  The trade of the port of Larne has been gradually improving for the last seven years.  The imports of foreign grain for the last three years, would average thirty cargoes yearly, yielding each year a revenue of upwards of 1,700.  The exports are lime, limestone, whiting, beans, flour, oats, barley, pork and butter, it has been said the fourth part of all the beans exported from Ireland are shipped at the port of Larne.  The shipping belonging to the port numbers upwards a 100 vessels.  There are some good quays on both sides of the Lough, about a mile from the town, the water not being of a sufficient depth to float vessels further up.  The linen and bleaching business is carried on.  The neighbourhood is pleasant, and the land of the district fertile.  Several handsome houses have been erected in the town and neighbourhood.  In the Summer season, Larne receives many visitants, attracted by its advantages as a salubrious retreat and well adapted bathing place.  Patty Sessions are held every alternate week.  The church was repaired and much altered in 1819, previous to which it had some specimens of ancient architecture.  The other places of worship are three Presbyterian churches and a Roman Catholic chapel, rebuilt in 1858.  Two very handsome mission houses have been built and endowed by Mr. John Getty, of Belfast.  The town was lighted with gas in 1851.  There is an excellent market each Wednesday for pork, butter, grain and potatoes.  The monthly market is held for the sale of black cattle, horses, sheep pigs &c., on the second Thursday of each month.  Fairs, July 31st and December 1st.  Population in 1854, 3,076.

Post-Office - Jas. Read, postmaster.
Custom House, Newtown - Daniel Sheriff, sub collector.
Union Workhouse - J. M. McCormick, clerk and returning officer ; John Miller, master ; Mrs. Suffern, matron ; Wm. Austin, schoolmaster ; Miss Patman, mistress ; S. J. Smylie, relieving officer.
Fever Hospital - Charles Ferris, attending surgeon.
Belfast Banking Company (branch) - Alexander Williams, manager.
Established Church - Rev. Charles Elrington McCay, rector ; Rev. Robert Gumeley, curate.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Dr. H. W. Molyneaux, minister.
Presbyterian (Unitarian) Church - Rev. Classon Porter, minister.
Presbyterian (Seceding) Church - Rev. Archibald Kennedy, minister.
Methodist Chapel - Ministers, various.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. F. McKenna, P.P.
Larne Model Agricultural and National School - W. Healey, teacher.
Female National School - Miss Rogers.
Infant National School - Miss Palmer.
Congregational School - James G. Davidson.
Parochial School - Miss Cunningham, teacher.

Nobility and Gentry.

Agnew, Jas., D.L., J.P., Cairncastle.
Agnew, Misses.
Agnew, William, J.P., Kilwaughter Castle.
Agnew, R. S., Seaview.
Apsley, Miss.
Barklie, A., Inver.
Barklie, James, Inver.
Barklie, Thomas, Inver.
Batt, Samuel H.
Beatty, Daniel McN., Hillmount.
Blair, Miss.
Burke, Alexander.
casement, E. McG., J.P., Invermore.
Chichester, Arthur, Ballysnod.
Chichester, Samuel, Browndodd.
Darcus, S., Gardenmore.
Johnston, George B., J.P., Glynn.
Kirkpatrick, Thomas.
Macaulay, John.
Macaulay, Robert.
McCormick, James M., Ardmore.
McGarel, Charles, D.L., J.P., Magheramorne.
McNeill, Malcolm, The Curran.
McTear, Miss.
Williams, Alexander.

Clergy and Professional

Campbell, Rev. Wm., Islandmagee.
Dobbs, Rev. F., curate.
Ferris, Charles, surgeon and apothecary.
Kennedy, Rev. Archibald, Presbyterian minister.
Lynar, Rev. W. K., rector, Islandmagee.
Molyneaux, Rev. Henry Wm., D.D., Presbyterian minister.
McCay, Rev. Charles Elrington, rector.
McComb, Hugh, surgeon and apothecary.
McKenna, Rev. Francis, P.P.
McNeill, John, attorney.
Porter, Rev. Classon.
Shaw, Rev. R. H., Islandmagee.
Stewart, Robert, surgeon and apothecary.
Ward, Rev. C., Cairncastle and Kilwaughter.
Waterson, Rev. F. W., Glynn.
Whiteford, Rev. James, Raloo.

Traders &c.

Abernethy, James, lodging house and haberdasher.
Alexander, Samuel, grocer, hardware and ironmonger.
Agnew, Robert, smith, grocer and hardware merchant.
Atkinson, Miles, linen & woollen draper &c.
Bailie, James, spirit dealer.
Baine, George, grocer and miller, Glynn Mills.
Baine, George, baker.
Barklie, John & A., linen merchants.
Beggs, Hugh, painter and glazier.
Beggs, Thomas, spirit dealer.
Bell, Mrs., painter and glazier.
Blair, Robert, barber.
Boyd, Jane, earthenware dealer.
Boyd, J. T. & Co., linen, woollen drapers & straw bonnet manufacturers.
Brown, Mrs., grocer.
Buchanan, Wm., agent for Tennent & Co.'s chemical works.
Burns, john, boot and shoe maker.
Carson, Wm., assistant manager, Inver Mills.
Cooch, Jas., weigh master, woollen draper and master in Chancery.
Cowan, Agnes, milliner and dress maker.
Craig, Mrs.., spirit dealer and grocer.
Crawford & Nelson, woollen drapers & stamp distributors.
Crawford, John, wine and spirit merchant.
Cunningham, Thomas, grocer and cooper.
Dixon, Thomas & Co., timber merchants & ironmongers.
Dugan, James, proprietor of Antrim Arms Hotel.
Eccles, Wm., accountant, agent for court house.

Elliott, John, plumber.
English, Robert, tailor and grocer.
Ferris, Charles, plasterer.
Fitzsimmons, M., adjuster and stamper of weights and measures and sanitary inspector.
Fitzsimmons, Mrs., dressmaker.
Fleming, Alexander.
Forbes, Robert, high constable and collector of county cess.
Foster, Edward, grocer and hardware merchant.
Foster, Joseph, publican.
Gawn, John, teacher and town clerk.
Gifford, George B., boot maker &c.
Girvan, John, grocer.
Girvin, James, grocer.
Graham, Gawn, saddler and harness maker.
Hamilton, Alexander, publican.
Hamilton, John, grain and butter merchant, miller and grocer.
Hamilton, James, publican.
Harvey, Mrs., grocer.
Hegan, William, spirit dealer.
Hunter, Robert, boot and shoe maker and leather seller.
Jackson, Mrs., victualler.
Jackson, Mrs., hardware and ironmongery.
Kane, Mrs., linen and woollen draper and milliner.
Kennedy, John, lodging house.
Kennedy, Patrick, mechanic and general smith.
Legg, Bernard, baker.
Legg, William, butcher.
Macaulay, Robert & Sons, grain merchants, millers, Inver Mills.
Meharg, Samuel, ironmonger.
Moore, Sarah, grocer.
McAlister, Randal, tin plate worker and bell hanger.
McCambridge & Co., tanners.
McCalmont, J. & Brothers, printers.
McCloy, D., grocer, leather seller and builder.
McComb, Hugh, M.D., ship agent.
McDowell, Alexander, saddler, grocer and leather merchant.
McDowell, John, grocer.
McFerran, William, flax spinner, Millbrook.
McGarel, C., proprietor Magheramorne Lime works.
McGavock, John, grain, butter & kelp merchant & spirit dealer.
McGivern, Felix, baker.
McGregor, Peter, manager gas works.
McKissock, John & James, boat builders.
McMaster, James, butter and pork merchant & grocer.
McMeekan, George, nailer.
McNeill, Catherine, publican,
McNeill, H., publican.
McQuillan, Thomas, grocer.
Nairn, John A., woollen draper and butter buyer.
Nicol, Malcolm, boot and shoe maker & leather seller.
Orr, John, boot and shoe maker.
Owens, Alexander, plasterer.
Palmer, Jas., manager of Inver Mills.
Petrie, W., butcher.
Rainey, Miss, principal boarding and day school.
Reid, Edward, grocer.
Reid, Jas., book seller, printer &c.
Reid, James, grocer and lodgings.
Richey, John, baker.
Rogers, Miss, milliner & dress maker.
Ross, James, clothier, dyer &c.
Ross, John, Larne Flour Mills.
Russell, John, tailor.
Saunderson, Margaret, grocer.
Shaw, Henry, Cairncastle.
Sheriff, D., sub collector of customs.
Small, David, cabinet maker.
Smiley, John, grain and coal merchant, and agent for Lloyd's.
Smyth, George, boot and shoe maker and leather cutter.
Smyth, Adam, boot and shoe maker and leather seller.
Smyth, John, grocer.
Stewart, Miss, King's Arms Hotel.
Thompson, John, sawyer.
Thompson, Mrs., private school.
Thompson, Mrs., bonnet maker.
Thompson, Wm., linen and woollen draper & earthenware dealer.
Turner, James, watch maker.
Turner, Miss, dress maker.
Walker, J., saddler.
Wiles, Francis, grocer.
Young, James, grocer.


Royal mail arrives at Larne from Belfast at 9 a.m., returns for Belfast at 3.50 p.m., daily, mail conveyance despatched from Larne for Ballycastle daily, at 9 a.m., mail conveyance arrives at Larne from Ballycastle at 3.30 p.m., passing through Cushendall and Glenarm daily, in time for the up mail to Belfast at 3.50 p.m., stage car leaves Larne for Belfast, per Carrickfergus station, at 6.30 a.m., omnibus leaves Larne for Belfast, per Carrickfergus railway, at 8.30 a.m., stage car arrives at Larne per Carrickfergus railway, at 12.30 p.m., omnibus arrives at Larne from Belfast, per Carrickfergus railway, at 7.15 p.m., stage cars always in readiness to convey passengers on arrival to the North.

                                 LAURENCETOWN                back to top
and neighbourhood

Laurencetown, is a small post town in the Parish of Tullylish, Barony of Lower Iveagh, and County of Down, situated on the banks of the River Bann, and on the leading road from Gilford to Banbridge, three miles North West of the latter, and two West of the former.  It possesses railway communication, and has a station on the Banbridge and Scarva Junction Railway.

Post-Office - Samuel H. Flynn, postmaster (branch of Banbridge).  Letters arrive from Banbridge every morning at 6.20 and are despatched every evening at 7.40.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Bell, James G., Tullylish House.
Bowen, George Edward, J.P., Laurencetown House.
Bewley, Rev. Franklin.
Byrne, Rev. john, P.P., Chapel House.
Dawson, Joseph, Moyallen.
Dawson, Rev. Abraham, Moyallen.
Herron, Henry, Gilford.
Johnston, Rev. Dr., Tullylish.
Law, Samuel, Hazlebank.
Law, William, Glenbanna.
Troy, Rev. Bernard, C.C., Chapel House.
Uprichard, Henry Jas, Moyallen.
Yeats, Rev. Wm. B.

Professionals, Schools &c.

Cooper, Sampson M., civil engineer.
Knocknagore Infants' Male and Female Schools - John Smart and wife, teachers.

Linen and Linen Thread Manufacturers and Bleachers.

Brennan, Bernard & Sons, Knocknagore.
Campbell, Bernard, linen manufacturer, Clare.
Crawford, George & Co., linen manufacturers, Hazlebank.
Law, Samuel, flax spinner, Hazlebank.
Lockhart, Richard, linen merchant, Clare.
Reid, Joseph, linen manufacturer, Laurencetown.
Uprichard, James Thomas & Henry, linen merchants and bleachers, Springvale.

Merchants, Traders &c.

Donaldson, W., blacksmith, Knocknagore.
Doran, Francis, shoe maker.
Kerr, Andrew, publican.
Lockhart, David, corn miller, Point Mills.
Lynch, Henry, grocer.
McConville, Patrick, publican.
Tyrrell, Margaret, publican.

                                       LISBURN                      back to top

Lisburn, is a market town and Parliamentary borough, partly in County Antrim, seven miles S.W. by South from Belfast.  The place, which, in the reign of James I., and long subsequent, was called Lisnegarvey, was raised from obscurity chiefly by Edward Viscount Conway, to whom Charles granted the manor of Killultagh, and this nobleman built a castle, which became the head of the manor.  Soon after the erection of the castle, some English and Welsh families were induced by the proprietor to settle here, and thus the foundation was laid of a town, which has subsequently become one of large population, and considerable manufacturing consequence.  The spinning of flax, and the manufacture of linen and linen thread, and damask, together with bleaching, is carried on extensively in the town and its neighbourhood, particularly at Lambeg.  Near the middle of the main street is rather a spacious triangular area, in the centre of which stands the market house.  The castle gardens are kept in fine order, at the expense of the Marquis of Hertford, as a public promenade for the inhabitants.  Altogether, Lisburn may be pronounced one of the handsomest and cleanest towns in Ireland, and its inhabitants most respectable.  According to its present municipal boundary it contains 1,364 acres, population in 1841, 7,524, inhabiting 1,071 houses, population in 1851, 6,567, inhabiting 987 houses, present population, about 8,000.  The town is situate on the Lagan.  The borough returns one member to the Imperial Parliament - constituency in 1858, 287.  The present representative is Jonathan Richardson, Esq., Lambeg.  The seneschal of the manor of Killultagh, William Gregg, Esq., is the returning officer.  The same gentleman holds a court for the manor, which has jurisdiction to 20, every third Thursday, and courts-leets twice a year.  Petty Sessions are held in a large handsome court-house fortnightly.  The parish church is a spacious and handsome building, with a tower, in which an octagonal spire was added in 1808, at the expense of the Marquis of Hertford, and a fine organ has been presented to it by the same nobleman.  It is the cathedral church of the united diocese of Down and Connor and Dromore, and contains a few interesting monuments, amongst which is one to the memory of the celebrated Dr. Jeremy Taylor, who died here in 1667.  There is also a church on the line of the road to Hillsborough.  The other places of worship are a Presbyterian church, a Roman Catholic chapel, a meeting house for the Society of Friends, Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist chapels, and a Salem chapel.  The principal market day is Tuesday.  The fairs, which are large, are held on the 21st of July and 5th of October, two new fairs have lately been established, one on the first Tuesday in January, the other the first Tuesday in May.

Member for the Borough - Jonathan Richardson, Lambeg, Lisburn.
Town Commissioners - Jonathan J. Richardson, chairman ; Lucas Waring, George Stephenson, Dr. Musgrave, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Kelso, J. Millar, Matthew Mussen, George Duncan, David Mack, Redmond Jefferson, Arthur Macartney, Robert Mussen and John Sloan.
Post-Office, Castle Street - John McClure, postmaster.  Letters from Dublin arrive at 1.20 p.m. and 2.50 a.m., and are despatched at 12.15 a.m. and 10 p.m.  Letters from Enniskillen arrive at 8.45 a.m. and are despatched at 7.30 p.m.  Letters from Belfast arrive at 6.55 a.m., 12.20, 7.55 and 10 p.m., and are despatched at 2.50 and 8.30 a.m. and 1 and 10 p.m.
Town Clerk - John Pennington, solicitor, Railway Street.
Workhouse - Chairman of Guardians, Marquis of Downshire ; vice chairman, F. Filgate, J.P.; deputy vice chairman, Jonathan Richardson ; clerk, Wm. Sinclair ; master, G. McKee ; matron, E. McKee.  Chaplains Established Church, Rev. H. Hodson ; Presbyterian, Rev. W. Breakey ; Roman Catholic, Rev. ? , Kelly, Board day Tuesday.
County Infirmary, Castle Street - Wm. Thompson, M.D., surgeon.
Constabulary Station, Railway Street - John Stafford, head constable.
Distributor of Stamps - Miss Lennon.
Gas Works, Bridge Street - John Millar, chairman ; manager, R. H. Neill
Banks - Northern Bank, H. J. Manly, manager ; G. Wilson, accountant. Savings' Bank, George Major, secretary ; James Coates, clerk.
The Cathedral, Market Square - Very Rev. Dean Stannus, rector ; Rev. Mr. Lindsay, curate.
Free Church - Rev. H. Hodson, curate.
Presbyterian Church, Market Square - Rev. Wm. Breakey.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Market Street - Rev. J. Mulloy and Rev. Daniel McAfee.
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Hillsborough Road - Rev. J. Carlisle.
Salem Chapel, Linenhall Street - Rev. T. Seymour.
Friends' Meeting House, Railway Street - rebuilt 1853.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Chapel Hill.
Free School for Boys, Hillsborough Road - Wm. McCann, teacher.
National Schools, male and female, R. C. Chapel Yard - Patrick Lenaghan and Eliza McLoughlin, teachers.
Female Free School, Seymour Street - Miss Coombe, teacher.
Infant School, Seymour Street - Miss A. Coombe, teacher.
Infant School, established and endowed by Miss Stewart, Longstone - Miss Connor, teacher.
Society of Friends' School, Prospect Hill.
Dispensary - Samuel Musgrave, surgeon, medical officer.
Lisburn News Room, established 1836 - A general supply of London, Dublin and the local newspapers, regularly taken, also a few of the leading periodicals and reviews of the day. Secretary, Mr. A. Miller, treasurer, Mr. George Duncan.
Literary Society - Established in 1851, for the diffusion of useful knowledge by means of public lectures and a library, consisting of 1,000 vols., supported by subscription, and a moderate charge for the use of the library to the working classes. 100 members at present. President of the council, John Birney ; secretary, John Millar ; treasurer, George Major ; librarian, John Stevenson.

Gentry &c.

Andrews, Michael, Glenone.
Barbour, J. D., Hilden.
Barbour, William, Hilden.
Beatty, David, Bow Street.
Bolton, James, R.N., Castle Street.
Carleton, Edward, Blaris.
Carleton, Mrs., Rosevale.
Clibborn, Mrs., Lisnegarvey.
Coulson, William, Market Square.
Fowler, J. B., Blaris Lodge.
Fulton, J. W., J.P., Pine Hill.
Garrett, Henry J., Avonmore.
Garrett, Miss, Chapel Hill.
Garrett, Colonel, Castle Street.
Gregg, Mrs. Mary Anne, Castle Street.
Gregg, Wm., seneschal, Derryvolgie.
Greer, James Agnew, Bow Street.
Higginson, Fanny, Tanna Cottage.
Higginson, Sir James McCulley, Brookhill.
Johnston, Mrs. Mary, Ballymacash.
Kennedy, Robert, Mills.
Kennedy, Thomas, Railway Street.
Malcolmson, Mrs., Lisnegarvey.
Manly, Henry J., Castle Street.
Moore, Miss, Warren Cottage.
Mussen, Matthew, Market Square.
Mussenden, Daniel, Larchfield House.
McCall, Robert, Chapel Hill.
Nicholson, Mrs., Castle Street.
Niven, Richard, Chrome Hill.
Pim, Joshua, Castle Street.
Richardson, J. N., Lissue.
Richardson, John, Castle Street.
Richardson, Jonathan, J.P., M.P., Lambeg.
Richardson, Jonathan, Glenmore House.
Richardson, Jonathan Joseph, J.P., The Island.
Richardson, Joshua P., Aberdelgy.
Richardson, Joseph, Springfield.
Seeds, Hugh, Railway Street.
Stannus, Thomas R., Castle Street.
Stannus, Very Rev. Dean, Castle Street.
Stannus, Walter Trevor, J.P., agent to the Marquis of Hertford, Manor House.
Stewart, Robert, Bow Street.
Ward, James, Market Square.
Whitla, Wm., Castle Street.
Walkington, Thomas, J.P., Ballinderry.

Clergy and Professional

Birney, John, solicitor, Castle Street.
Campbell, John, M.D., Market Square.
Darkin, W. S., sub inspector of factories.
Lindsay, Rev. Mr., curate.
Hodson, Rev. Hartley, incumbent.
Kelso, John J., M.D., Market Square.
Kennedy, Samuel, solicitor.
Musgrave, Samuel, surgeon, Castle Street.
McHarg (Meharg), Michael, surgeon and apothecary, Market Square.
McKay, Rev. Dr., Magheragall.
McKay, Rev. M., Magheragall.
Cosgrove, Rev. A., Lambeg Glebe.
Orr, James, physician, Ballylesson.
Pennington, J., proctor and solicitor, Railway Street.
Powell, Rev. J., P.M.
Scott, Rev. R. S., Castle Street.
Smyth, Matthew J., solicitor, Castle Street.
Stannus, the Very Rev. Dean.
Stephenson, George, solicitor, Castle Street.
Thompson, Wm., M.D., physician, Castle Street.
Vaughan, Mrs., Castle Street.
Waring, Lucas, solicitor, Castle Street.

Traders &c.

Abbott, Thomas, reed maker, Linenhall Street.
Alister, J., muslin agent.
Alister, R., muslin agent.
Armstrong, G., tailor, Bow Street.
Armstrong, Mrs., Railway Hotel.
Arnold, Mary, spirit dealer, Bow Street.
Atkinson, Arthur, shoe maker.
Balmer, Joseph, grocer, Bridge Street.
Banister, J., publican, Market Square.
Barbour, Wm. & Son, flax spinners and thread manufacturers, Hilden, and at London and Manchester.
Beatty, David, tanner, Bow Street.
Beatty, G., publican, Market Square.
Bell, Ann & Sons, woollen drapers & haberdashers, Bridge Street.
Bell, Henry, grocer and publican, Smithfield.
Bell, Joseph, grocer, Market Square.
Bell, Robert, grocer and publican, Chapel Hill.
Bell, Wm., clothes dealer.
Belshaw, John, publican, Bow Street.
Belshaw, Mary, milliner.
Boomer, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Market Square.
Boomer, John, publican, Bow Street.

Boyd, James, boot and shoe maker, Market Square.
Brown, John, grocer, Bow Street.
Brownlee, William & John, Lagan Steam Corn Mills.
Bryson, J., muslin manufacturer.
Cairns, James, shoe maker and leather dealer.
Carlisle, David, muslin manufacturer.
Chapman, E. J., book seller.
Chapman, Wm., tailor.
Clarke, Mary Ann, haberdasher, Market Square.
Cordner, Robert, manufacturer, Bridge Street.
Coulson, James Ward, damask manufacturer.
Coulson, William, damask manufacturer.
Connolly, Wm., publican.
Convery, Peter, publican, Bridge Street.
Dempsey, William, grocer.
Dickey, Henry, butcher.
Doran, Thomas, whitesmith, Linenhall Street.
Dornan, Robert, whitesmith.
Duncan, George, woollen draper, Market Square.
Dunwoody, W., publican, Bridge Street.
Drake, Charles, butcher.
Edgar, Eliza, haberdasher, Bow Street.
Fawcett, Thomas & Son, linen and shirt front manufacturers, Laurel Hill.
Ferguson, Alexander, grocer, Haslem's Lane.
Finlay, John, hardware dealer, seed merchant & grocer, Bow Street.
Foote, Wm., grocer, Bridge Street.
Gallery, James, grocer, Linenhall Street.
Gamble, Arthur, pawn broker.
Gardner, John, publican.
Graham, John, shoe maker.
Graham, Wm., brewer and tanner.
Greer, Eliza, grocer, Bow Street.
Hagan, Eliza, publican, Market Square.
Halliday, James, grocer, Bridge Street.
Hanna, Alexander, grocer, Bow Street.
Hanna, Wm., grocer, Chapel Hill.
Harlin, A., haberdasher and grocer, Bow Street.
Heaney, John, pawn broker, Bridge Street.
Hart, Margaret, grocer, Bridge Street.
Hill & Co., woollen drapers.
Harvey, Thomas, publican, Bow Street.
Harvey, William John, grocer and leather dealer, Market Square.
Hawthorn, Mrs., muslin agent.
Herron, John, cabinet maker & auctioneer, Smithfield.
Hermon, John, grocer, Longstone.
Irwin, Robert, boot and shoe maker, Bridge Street.
Jefferson, Redmond, grocer, leather, hardware and timber merchant, Bow Street.
Johnston, M. J., haberdasher, Market Square.
Johnston, S., whitesmith, Castle Street.
Kain, John, muslin agent.
Kelly, Hugh, car owner, Railway Street.
Kelly, John, carpenter, Railway Street.
Kidd, James, builder, Seymour Street.
Kenmuir, Alexander, watch and clock maker, Bow Street.
Kenmuir, Wm., watch maker and jeweller, Market Square.
Kelso, John J., M.D. and apothecary, agent of Sun Fire and Life Insurance Company, Market Street.
Kennedy, R. & T., flour and starch manufacturers.
Kennedy, Russell, woollen draper, Market Square.
Knox, William J., plumber, Railway Street.
Knox, James, cutler, Castle Street.
Lavery, W. H., grocer, Smithfield.
Lavery, John, butcher, Smithfield.
Lennon, Mrs. Edmund, Hertford Arms Hotel, Market Square and Railway Street.
Linn, Michael, grocer, Bow Street.
Loughlin, Timothy, saddler, Bow Street.
Lynass, Robert, grocer, Bow Street.
Macartney, Arthur, baker and grocer, Bow Street.
Magee, Thomas, butcher, Smithfield.
Mack, David, woollen draper, Market Square.
Magennis, T., temperance coffee rooms and grocery, Bow Street.
Magee, W. J., damask manufacturer.
Major, Henry, registrar of marriages, Market Square.
Maxwell, George, grocer, Bridge Street.
Miller, John, grain and coal merchant, Market Square.
Millan, Jas., muslin manufacturer.
Mooran, Peter, tailor, Bow Street.
Mussen, Robert, chandler, Market Square.
Mussen, Jas., woollen draper, Market Square.
Mussen, Mrs., pawn broker, Market Square.
McBlain, David, spirit store, Market Square.
McBride, Thomas, butcher, Market Square.
McCall, Hugh, pawn broker, Bow Street.
McCallister, Thomas, tailor, Castle Street.
McCloy, M. & J., painters and glaziers, Castle Street.
McClure, Adam, bakery and spirit shop, Market Square.
McConnell, Robert, grocer, Castle Street.
McConnell, John, cabinet maker, Bow Street.
McConnell, Samuel, grocer and shuttle maker, Bridge Street.
McCaghley, Hugh, tailor, Bridge Street.
McCann, Henry, nailer, Bridge Street.
McCluskey, Thomas, civil bill officer, Chapel Hill.
McCready, Joseph, grocer, Bow Street.
McCreight, Thomas, Queen's Arms Hotel.
McIntyre, Agnes, linen warehouse.
McIntyre, John, cabinet maker, Market Square.
McKevney, Henry, provision dealer, Bridge Street.
McKeavney, Mark, grocer and publisher, Chapel Hill.
McKey, J., carpenter, Railway Street.
McKinstry, Lee, haberdasher, Market Square.
McLaughlin, Mary, publican, Antrim Street.
McLernan, Daniel, publican, Bow Street.
McNeight, David, Bow Street.
McNeight, John, baker, Castle Street.
Neilly, Erskine, pawn broker, Market Square.
Neill, R. H., manager gas company.
Pattison, Thomas, surveyor, Seymour Street.
Pelan, Bryson, chandler, oil, colour and glass shop, Market Square.
Phillips, Jas., spirit dealer, Market Street.
Reid, John, Market Square.
Reid, Robert, publican, Bow Street.
Reilly & Son, stationers and book sellers, Market Square.
Rice, James, car owner, Bow Street.
Rice, John, fish dealer, John Street.
Richardson & Co., linen bleachers, Lambeg.
Richardson, Jonathan J., flax spinner, The Island.
Richardson, Sons & Owden, linen manufacturers & bleachers, Millbrook and Glenmore.
Riddel, Alexander, reed maker, Railway Street.
Robb, Thomas, painter, Castle Street.
Russell, Eliza, grocery, glass and delf shop, Bow Street.
Sands, Joseph, provision dealer, Market Square.
Savage, Edward, publican, Smithfield.
Savage, Jas., publican, Market Square.
Savage, Thomas, pork dealer, Bow Street.
Singleton, William,  haberdasher, Chapel Hill.
Sloan, John, sewed muslin agent.
Stevenson, William, publican, Bow Street.
Stewart, Robert & Sons, flax spinners and thread manufacturers.
Stewart, Wm., confectioner, Railway Street.
Taylor, Wm., grocer, Bow Street.
Thompson, George, leather dealer, boot and shoe maker, Bow Street.
Thompson, Robert, teacher, Castle Street.
Titterington, Alexander, watch maker and jeweller, Market Square.
Turner, James, publican and grocer, Seymour Street.
Turner, Mary, grocer, Seymour Street.
Turtle, James, grocer, Castle Street.
Vaughan, W. J., grocer, Bow Street.
Vernon, Jas., carpenter and builder.
Walsh, Peter, grocer, Bridge Street.
Walsh, Wm., publican, Bow Street.
Watson, Henry, provision dealer and grocer, Bridge Street.
Watson, John, spirit store, Bridge Street.
Wilson & Co., grocers, Bridge Street.
Wilson, Carlisle, shoe maker, Bridge Street.
Wilson, George, shoe maker, Bow Street.
Woods, Michael, baker and confectioner, Bridge Street.
Woods, P., clothier, Market Square.
Yates, Brown & Howat, sewed muslin agents, Railway Street.
Young, W. & S., spirit dealers and grocers, Market Square.
Young, Samuel, publican, Bridge Street.

                                    LONDONDERRY                   back to top

Londonderry, a maritime city and Parliamentary borough, in County Londonderry, sixty nine miles N.W. by West from Belfast, comprising an area of 497 acres within its municipal boundary.  The city is situate on a hill, 119 feet above high water, projecting into the Western side of the River Foyle, and is surrounded by an ancient rampart, a mile in circumference, with six gates, beyond which the buildings have been considerably extended.  A square in the centre, from which the four principal streets diverge, is called the Diamond.  As a business and manufacturing city, it is of considerable importance, and the fisheries of the Foyle give employment to a large number of people.  The original name, Doire, or place of Oaks, was first Anglicised Derry, and the prefix of London was added by charter of James I., 1613, on the incorporation of the Irish Society.  In 1689, it successfully sustained a desperate siege, protracted for 105 days, against the army of James II.  The guns used on this memorable occasion are preserved, and the principal one, " Roaring Meg," 11 feet long, 4 feet 6 inches in circumference, is still to be seen on the walls.  These walls remain almost as perfect as when built, more than two centuries ago.  The public buildings, and the ecclesiastical edifices, the Walker testimonial monument, and its situation, being "city on a hill," gives Londonderry a most effectively picturesque appearance.  The river is crossed by a wooden bridge 1,068 feet long, connecting the city with the suburb of Waterside, on its East Shore.  A new iron bridge is in course of construction.  It will cost upwards of 60,000.  The new line of quays has been completed at a cost of 30,000.  The new graving dock is to be completed this year at a cost of 20,000.  The harbour has also been improved, about 30,000 having been expended in deepening "The Flats," dredging &c.  The public buildings are - the Cathedral of the see of Derry, and two other Episcopal churches, six Presbyterian churches, an Independent and two Methodist Meeting Houses, two Roman Catholic Chapels, the Episcopal Palace, Foyle College, Magee Presbyterian College, Gwyn's Charitable Institution, National Model School, the County and city Court House, Prison, and Infirmary, Corporation Hall, the Custom House, the District Lunatic Asylum, Workhouse and a Barrack.  In one of the city bastions there is a pillar erected in memory of the Rev. George Walker, governor of the city during the siege of 1688-9.  There are several flour mills, two distilleries, two breweries, two large and several small rope walks, two foundries and five tan yards.  The city returns one member to Parliament, constituency in 1853, 823.  The Municipal government is vested in the Mayor, elected by the corporation, six aldermen and eighteen councillors, and borough magistrates, appointed by the Lord Lieutenant.  The Mayor is also a magistrate for the county during the time of his Mayoralty.  The Recorder holds Quarter Sessions.  The fairs are held on the 17th June, 4th September and 17th October, besides a monthly horse fair.  Markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays, flax market day, Thursday.  The Bank of Ireland and the Provincial, Belfast, Ulster and Northern Banks, have branches here.  The Savings' Bank was established in 1815.  The Lunatic Asylum, erected at an expense of 25,678, maintains 214 patients.  The Union Workhouse was opened 10th November, 1840.  The port is formed by the River Foyle, which here expands into a spacious and navigable estuary, possessing great natural advantages.  It is under the jurisdiction of the Irish Society, who appoint a Vice Admiral over it and the lough and the adjacent coast.  It is also in charge of a Board of Ballast Commissioners.  There are several steamers belonging to the port, which ply to Liverpool, Glasgow and Belfast.  Londonderry and Dublin are connected by railway, and the Coleraine and Derry line of railway is also complete, thus connecting Belfast to Derry by railway.  The coasting trade is considerable.  An extensive emigration takes place, chiefly to the United States and Canada.  The Montreal Steam Shipping Company's line of screw steamers, carrying mails, call and depart weekly.  Their station is off Moville, in Lough Foyle.  Population in 1851, 19,650.

Member for the Borough - William McCormick, Lisabally and 14 Buckingham Street, Strand, London.
Borough Magistrates - The Mayor, William McCormick, M.P.; J. E. Miller, M.D.; H. Nicholson ; J. Dysart ; J. Murray ; D. Baird ; W. Haslett ; Sir R. Bateson, Bart.; A. Lindsay ; J. Munn ; Henry Darcus, the Recorder. John Dysart ; George Tomkins ; John Mehan.
Recorder - Alexander Mehan ; Registrar, J. W. Gregg.
Corporation - Mayor, Bartholomew McCorkell.  Aldermen - North Ward, Pitt Skipton and B. McCorkell.  East Ward, A. Lindsay and J. E. Miller.  South Ward - S. Gilliland and T. H. Babington.  Town Councillors - North Ward - A. H. Stewart, Edward Toy, W. Coppin, W. J. Foster, J. Cooke, W. Thompson.  East Ward - J. Thompson, E. McCarter, J. Mehan, John Lyon, Alexander Black, Thomas Lindsay.  South Ward - S. Smith, W. D. Porter, J. Greer, H. Darcus, W. Huffington, George Skipton.  Town Clerk - J. W. Clegg.  Town Surveyor - John McCarter.  Ballast Master - A. Stewart.  Harbour and Pilot Master - James McGhee.  Quay Master - John Hamilton.
Custom House, Ship Quay - Collector, D. Williams.  Comptroller and Surveyor of warehouses - John P. Penberthy.  First Clerk - Charles Scott.  Second Clerk - John Gilliland.  Landing Waiters - A. Dysart, John Pirie.  Tide Surveyor - John Carr.  Clerk to Shipping Master - J. Pemberty.
Excise Office, Shipquay Street - Collector, Arthur G. Geogheghan ; Supervisor, Thomas Beetham.
Post-Office, Castle Street - Postmaster, John Lyttle.
Stamp Office, Pump Street - Distributor, Anthony Babington.
Income Tax Office - Thomas W. French, crown surveyor.
Bridge Commissioners (meet quarterly) - Chairman, W. C. Gage ; Secretary, A. H. Stewart ; Solicitor, Isaac Colhoun ; Treasurer, Pitt Skipton.
Port and Harbour Commissioners (meet first Friday in every month) - Chairman, Daniel Baird ; secretary, A. H. Stewart ; solicitors, Crawford, McCorkell & Huffington.
Consuls for foreign powers - Denmark, B. McCorkell ; France, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Spain and the two Sicilies, Samuel Morrison,
Holland, J. Kyle ; Sweden, Norway and Prussia, Abraham H. Stewart ; United States, James Corscaden.
Government Emigration Officer - J. Keele, Captain, R.N.
Superintendent of Out Pensioners - Major Hamilton.
Coroner - Minchin Lloyd, Summerhill.
Union Workhouse, East side of Foyle, to accommodate 1,100 inmates - Thomas Scott, chairman ; Samuel Kennedy, clerk ; William Rogers, master ; Ellen Cochrane, matron. Chaplains - R. D. Babington, Established ; Rev. Henry Carson, Presbyterian ; Rev. E. Nugent, Roman Catholic ; Dr. White, medical attendant ; R. Waller, Shipquay Street, collector of rates for the city district.
General Dispensary, Bishop Street - open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Medical attendant, William Browne, M.D., apothecary, Thomas Corbett, Shipquay Street.
County and City Infirmary and Fever Hospital, Edenballymore - Thomas H. Babington, M.D., physician and surgeon ; Alexander Cuthbert, M.D., house surgeon ; A. H. Stewart, treasurer and secretary ; John Kennedy, house steward and manager.
Lunatic Asylum for Derry and Donegal, built to accommodate 200 patients - William F. Rogan, M.B., T.C.D., resident physician, manager; B. P. White, visiting physician; J. A. Eames, M.D., apothecary ; Mrs. Eliza Grant, matron ; Thomas Colhoun, clerk and store keeper ; Rev. W. Craig, A.M., Protestant Chaplain ; Rev. Dr. Denham, Presbyterian ; Rev. David Magee, Roman Catholic.
Banks - Bank of Ireland, Shipquay Street, James Thompson Macky, agent; Belfast Banking Company, Shipquay Street; William Haslett, manager; Northern Banking Company, Magazine Street; John Wallace, manager; Provincial Bank, Shipquay Street; David Webster, manager; Ulster Banking Company, Foyle Street, John Jackson, manager.
Loan Fund, Bank Place - Archibald McCorkell, secretary.
Notaries Public - Wm. Scott, Middle Road; Archibald McCorkell, Shipquay Street.
Agents for Lloyds - W. D. Smith.
Registry Office for Servants, Linenhall Street - Mrs. Wallace.
Registrar of Marriages for the District - Thomas McCarter, Shipquay Street.
Commissioners for receiving affidavits - Thomas McCarter, Shipquay Street; J. C. Kyle, Shipquay Street.
Commissioner for taking affidavits in Admiralty Court - Thomas Chambers, Shipquay Street; S. L. Crawford, East Wall.
Masonic Hall, Magazine Street - Alexander Gray, caretaker.
The Cathedral, Bishop Street, founded by the London Corporation 1628 - The Right Rev. Dr. Higgin, Lord Bishop of Londonderry and Raphoe; the Very Rev. H. N. Tighe, Dean of Londonderry; Rev. Charles Galway, Dunboe, archdeacon; Rev. Wm. Edwards, chaplain to the bishop; Revs. F. Smith and Wm. M. Beresford, curates; Mr. Walsh, organist.
Chapel of Ease, the West Wall - Rev. Wm. Battersby.
Free Church, Great James' Street - Rev. W. Craig and Rev. R. Bailie.
First Presbyterian Church, Meetinghouse Row - Rev. Wm. McClure and Rev. Richard Smith.
Second Presbyterian Church, Strand - Rev. James Crawford and Rev. M. Wilson.
Third Presbyterian Church, Great James' Street - Rev. J. Denham, D.D.
Fourth Presbyterian Church, Widow's Row - Rev. Robert Ross.
Covenanters' Meeting House, Clarendon Street - Rev. Robert Nevin.
Reformed Presbyterian Meeting House, Waterside.
Independent Chapel, Great James' Street - Rev. Robert Sewell.
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Magazine Street - Rev. Samuel Larminie, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, East Wall - Rev. Messrs. Dwyer and Fitzhenry.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Long Tower - Right Rev. Francis Kelly, D.D., bishop ; Revs. Wm. McLaughlin, Daniel Magee, and Michael Tracey, curates; residence, Parochial House, Shipquay Street.
St. Columb's Chapel, Waterside - Rev. Hugh Nugent, P.P.; Revs. Patrick Campbell, James McGeoghegan and Edward O'Donnell, curates.
Sisters of Mercy, Convent, Pump Street - Mrs. Locke, superioress.
Londonderry (Hibernian) Bible Society - Revs. W. McClure and W. Craig secretaries.
Londonderry (Edinburgh) Bible Society - depository, Pump Street; treasurer, M. J. Alexander.
Derry Diocesan School (usually called Foyle College) - A grammar school, with accommodation for eight boarders. Patron, the Lord Bishop of Derry ; trustees, the Dean and Chapter of Derry; head master, Rev. W. E. Escott.
Endowed School, in connexion with the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Waterside - William McCullough, teacher.
Deanery Infant and Female Schools, Pump Street - Misses Johnston, teachers.
Gwyn's (Gwynn) Charitable Institution - Established in 1833 for the maintenance and education of male orphan children, who have been resident in the city and liberties of Londonderry.  The institution was established by the late Mr. John Gwynn, a merchant belonging to the city of Derry, who bequeathed a large sum for that purpose.  The children are taken in at the ages of from 8 to 12, and maintained, clothed, educated and apprenticed out of it.  There are at present 120 boys in the house.  The institution is managed by a board of 21 trustees - Treasurer, Pechell Irvin; secretary, Pitt Skipton; medical attendant, Wm. Browne, M.D.; head master and resident superintendent, M. Philson; second master, J. D. Edgar.
Templemoyle Agricultural Seminary, five miles from Londonderry - Established in 1827 for giving a more suitable education to the sons of farmers and persons intended for agricultural pursuits. Attached to the building, which is capable of accommodating 88 boarders, is a farm containing 171 acres, cultivated in accordance with the most recent discoveries and improvements in agricultural.  The institution is governed by a committee of management, chosen from the subscribers and patrons.  Treasurer, the Ulster Bank ; hon. secretary, Pitt Skipton ; head farmer, Mr. Wm. Gillespie ; head master, Mr. Houston.
Londonderry Library Association and Public News Room, Shipquay Street - Established 1824; George Smart, resident librarian and manager. Admission by ballot, terms, 30s. per annum.
Mechanics' Institute, Diamond - President, the Mayor; J. McIlrath and M. Craig, secretaries.
Ladies' Penny Society for the relief of destitute room keepers - Miss Renwick, secretary, St. Columb's Court.
Londonderry Young Men's Literary Association, Shipquay Street - J. Peattie and James Rosson, secretaries.
Young Men's Christian Association, Linenhall Street - Wm. McClean, secretary.
Newspapers - Londonderry Journal, Wednesday; proprietor and publisher, Thomas McCarter. Londonderry Sentinel, Friday, Thomas Chambers and James Colhoun, proprietors and publishers, John Edward Finlay, editor.  Londonderry Standard, Thursday, James Macpherson, proprietor and publisher, Dr. McKnight, editor.  The Guardian, proprietor, editor and publisher, G. A. O'Driscoll.

Nobility and Gentry.

Alexander, Mrs., Bishop Street.
Babington, Dr., Pump Street.
Bateson, Sir Robert, Bart., D.D., J.P., Castruse.
Baird, Daniel, Boom Hall.
Baldrick, Miss Ann, Magazine Street.
Bond, Miss Mary, Bishop Street.
Bond, Mrs., Pump Street.
Brown, Miss, East Wall.
Brown, Mrs., James' Street.
Browne, Dr., Pump Street.
Crompton, Misses, Waterloo Place.
Dysart, John, J.P., Meetinghouse Row.
Ellis, Miss Sarah, Mall Wall.
Gregg, Mrs. Ann, Pump Street.
Haslett, Wm., J.P., Belfast Bank.
Hay, Mrs. Elizabeth, Shipquay Street.
Larminie, Rev. Samuel, Bishop Street.
Morton, Miss, Clarendon Street.
McAuley, Misses, Great James' Street.
McCausland, Marcus, East Wall.
McClure, John, Pump Street.
Nicholson, Harvey, J.P., Shipquay.
Renwick, Miss, St. Columb's Court.
Smithwick, Mrs., East Wall.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Baillie, Rev. Richard, Clarendon Street.
Battersby, Rev. Wm., Great James' Street.
Beresford, Rev. Wm., Meetinghouse Row.
Burgess, John, solicitor, East Wall.
Browne, Wm., M.D., Pump Street.
Carey, Tristram, M.D., Pump Street.
Chambers, Thomas, solicitor and sub sheriff, Shipquay Street.
Colhoun & Son, solicitors and land agents, Shipquay Street.
Collins, Robert, C.E., Widow's Row.
Corbett, Thomas, surgeon and licentiate apothecary, Shipquay Street.
Craig, Rev. Wm., Strand.
Crawford, A., solicitor.
Crawford, Rev. James, Braehead.
Crawford, S. L., solicitor, East Wall.
Denham, Rev. James, D.D., Great James' Street.
Doherty, J. W., solicitor, East Wall.
Duddy, George, surgeon and druggist, Waterside.
Dunn, Wm., M.D.,  surgeon, licentiate apothecary, Diamond.
Dwyer, Rev. J., East Wall.
Eames, W. J., surgeon and licentiate apothecary, Ferryquay Street.
Eames, Robert, solicitor, Shipquay Street.
Escott, Rev. W. E., Foyle College.
Frazer, Ferguson, & Frazer, architects and surveyors, Shipquay Street.
Fitzhenry, Rev. Mr., Shipquay Street.
Franks, G., solicitor, Pump Street.
Gillies, David, surgeon dentist, Shipquay Street.
Hall, Thomas, professor of Latin and Greek, Society Street.
Higgin, Right Rev., The Palace, Bishop Street.
Huffington, Wm., solicitor, Waterloo Place.
Hughes & Rogan, solicitors, Shipquay Street.
Johnston, David, civil engineer, Great James' Street.
Knox, Robert, solicitor, Shipquay Street.
Lane, M. B., solicitor, Castle Street.
Lane, Hughes, Bishop Street.
Logier, Henry, professor of music, Great James' Street.
Louch, Fitzgibbon, C.E., Sackville Street.
Loughery, M., solicitor.
Miller, Joseph E., M.D., surgeon, Pump Street.
Miller, William, M.D., surgeon, Pump Street.
McCay, H., LL.B., solicitor, Bishop Street.
McClure, Rev. Wm., Rossdowney, Waterside.
McCorkell, Arthur, solicitor and proctor in Admiralty Court, Strand.
McIntire, John, solicitor, London Street.
McLaughlin, Wm., M.D., surgeon, Castle Street.
Nesbitt, Jas. E., solicitor and registrar, Shipquay Street.
Nevin, Rev. Robert, Strand.
Proctor, George, St. Columb's Court.
Reid, Forest, attorney, Richmond Street.
Rogan, William F., M.D., surgeon, Asylum.
Ross, Rev. Robert, Waterside.
Skipton, George, The Casino.
Smith, Rev. Richard, Clarendon Street.
Smith, Rev. F., Artillery Lane.
Sewell, Rev. R., Queen Street.
Staunton, Thomas, drawing master in Foyle College, Great James' Street.
Stevenson, Messrs., solicitors, Richmond Street.
Tighe, Very Rev. H. U., Deanery.
Thompson, Andrew, surgeon, licentiate apothecary, Strand Road.
White, Barnewell, M.D., surgeon, Pump Street.
Wilson, Rev. Matthew, Braehead.

Merchants, Traders &c.

Adair, Sloan & Co., grocers &c., Waterside.
Agnew, Alexander, aerated water maker, Sackville Street.
Aickin, William, butter merchant, Strand.
Aitken, Thomas, sail maker, Shipquay Street.
Allan, Thomas, grocer, Waterside.
Allen, Andrew, grocer, Waterside.
Allen, James, hardware, clock and fancy warehouse, Shipquay Street.
Allen, John, wine merchant, Linenhall Street.
Allen, J. P. & Co., general merchants, Foyle Street.
Allen, Robert, general merchant & agent for Life Association, Scotland, Shipquay Place, residence, Great James' Street.
Allen, T., leather dealer, Waterside.
Alexander, Irvine & Co., woollen, linen and hat house, Ferryquay Street.
Alexander, J. & J., coal merchants, Shipquay Street.
Alexander & Rankin, coal merchants, Shipquay Street.
Alexander, Matthew James, bread and biscuit baker, grocer and confectioner, Ferryquay Street.
Andrews, Wm., shirt manufacturer, Butcher Street.
Anderson, Brothers, seedsmen, Butcher Street.
Anderson, John, family grocer and baker, William Street.
Andrews, William, watch maker and jeweller, Foyle Street.
Arthur & Co., shirt manufacturers, Artillery Lane.
Babington, Misses, book sellers & stationers, Diamond.
Baird, Daniel & Co., general merchants & ship owners, Strand.
Ballantine, T., miller, Waterside.
Barber, Joseph, grocer, Waterside.
Barr, James, book binder and stationer, London Street.
Barr, Peter, poulterer, Shipquay Street.
Bass, H. R., soap and candle agent, Sackville Street.
Baxter, A., plumber and gas fitter, Shipquay Street.
Beatty, Henry, hatter, Bishop Street.
Bell, Richard, butter dealer, Bishop Street.
Bell, Samuel, cutler, Society Street.
Begg, Alexander & Co., shuttle manufacturers, William Street.
Bible, J. H., hardware merchant, Cowbog.
Bigger, Wm. F., pork merchant, Foyle Street.
Black & Co., wholesale grocers, Shipquay Street.
Black, Alexander & Co., wine and spirit merchants, Waterloo Place.
Black, Alexander, tailoring and cloth establishment, Bishop Street.
Blair, Elizabeth, publican, Society Street.
Bogan, Jas., furniture dealer, Ferryquay Street.
Boarland, S., coach maker, Great James' Street.
Bond, Robert, wholesale grocer, oil and colour merchant, Shipquay Street.
Borland, J., saddler, Waterside.
Boyd, Brothers, builders, Strand.
Boyd, Hamilton, printer, Richmond Street.
Boyle, James, butcher, Cowbog.
Boyle, James, grocer, Rossville Street.
Bradley, J., cabinet maker, Bridge Street.
Bradley, Alexander, grocer, Bishop Street.
Bradley, P., pawn broker, Rossville Street.
Bredin, Thomas, hardware merchant, Ferryquay Street.
Breden, Ezekiel, grocer, Strand.
Breden, Misses, haberdashers, Butcher Street.
Brown & Co., general merchants, Foyle Street.
Brown, Wm., flesher, Bishopsgate.
Bryson, John, publican, Waterside.
Byrne, Patrick H., chiropodist and perfumer, Artillery Lane.
Campbell, Denis, cooper, Cowbog.
Cairns, J., emigration agent, Foyle Street.
Campbell, John, butcher, Shipquay Street.
Campbell, Robert, cabinet maker &c., Bishop Street.
Campbell, W., painter, Richmond Street.
Campbell, Brothers, general merchants, Strand.
Campbell, Robert, saddler and harness maker, Bishop Street.
Campbell, W., butter dealer, Bishop Street.
Carson, James & Co., brewers, William Street.
Cargill, Thomas, book binder, Ferryquay Street.
Cary, McClelland & Co., grain merchants and bleachers, Waterside and Larchmount.
Casey, J., publican and ship bread baker, and grocer, Foyle Street.
Cherry, Maria, woollen and linen draper and hatter, Diamond.
Christie, John, steam flour and grain mills, Foyle Street.
Christie, W. & H., general merchants, emigration agents, Foyle Street.
Christie, W. & H., Globe Insurance office, Foyle street.
Clarke, B., draper, Waterside.
Clarke, Eliza, ladies' and children's show warehouse, Artillery Lane.
Clarke, Joseph, woollen draper and haberdasher, Waterside.
Clarke, Richard, cutler, Butcher Street.
Cochrane, Mrs., milliner, East Wall.
Colhoun & Chambers, printers, Pump Street.
Colhoun, Andrew, merchant tailor and woollen draper, Shipquay Street.
Collins, Wm., cooper, William Street.
Collum, Edward, butter and egg dealer, Bank Place.
Cooke, Joseph & John, ship owners and timber merchants, Strand.
Cooke, R., general grocer, Butcher Street.
Cooper, Margaret, haberdasher, Shipquay Street and Diamond.
Coppin, Captain Wm., ship builder and iron founder, Strand Street.
Corscaden, James & Co., grain merchants, Shipquay Place.
Corscaden, Jas., Northern Fire & Life & Caledonian Life Assurance office, Shipquay Place.
Coyle, Wm., teacher, William Street.
Coyle, Neal, aerated water maker, Shipquay.
Crawford, David, grocer, Waterside.
Crockett, A. & J., milliners, Bishop Street.
Cunningham, David, merchant, Foyle Street.
Cunningham, George, publican, Foyle Street.
Cunningham, Miss, haberdasher, Butcher Street.
Cunningham, James, woollen draper, haberdasher and leather dealer, Waterside.
Cunningham, J. & R., grocer, Butcher Street.

Cunningham, John, grocer, Bishop Street.
Cunningham, John, tobacco manufacturer, Foyle Street.
Cunningham, Robert, steam oatmeal mill, Foyle Street.
Cuthbert, Hugh, shoe maker, grocer and publican, Ferryquay Street.
Davenport, Edward, tanner and bark merchant, William Street.
Darcus, Henry, land agent, Great James' Street.
Deering, Sophia, haberdasher and dress maker, Diamond.
Devlin, Jas., skinner and publican, Bridge Street.
Dickson, Entrican & Co., wholesale and retail woollen drapers and haberdashers, Bishop Street.
Dock, John, furniture dealer, Bridge Street.
Doherty, Philip, marble and stone cutter, Chamberlain Street.
Donaghy, M., delf &c., Diamond.
Donaghy, Patrick, City delf, china and glass house, Diamond.
Donaghey & Gamble, grocers, Cowbog.
Donnelly, Mrs., Foyle Arms Hotel, Foyle Street.
Dougal, George, Bishop Street.
Dougherty, Charity, hardware and jewellery shop, Shipquay Street.
Dougherty, Denis, cutler, Bridge Street.
Dougherty, W., publican, Shipquay Place.
Dougherty, Michael, pipe maker & tobacconist, Foyle Street.
Dougherty, John, tailor, Waterside.
Dougherty, James, saddler, Waterside.
Doherty, James, grocer, Strand.
Doherty, Mrs., woollen draper, Diamond.
Doherty, James, baker, Strand.
Downing, Charlotte, milliner and haberdasher, Ferryquay Street.
Duddy, George, druggist, oil and colour shop, Waterside.
Dunlop, John, grocer, Bishop Street.
Dunn, Robert, miller, provision dealer and grocer, Waterside.
Dunn, Wm., apothecary, Ferryquay Street.
Eaton, Oliver, grocer, Waterside.
Eccles, John, baker, Strand.
Evans, Wm., plumber, gas fitter, brass founder & tinsmith, Pump Street.
Edwards, Thomas, grocer, Waterloo Place.
Ewing, Jas., carpenter, East Wall.
Ewing, John, saddler and harness maker, Waterloo Place.
Fairman, Isaac, carpenter, Stable Lane.
Ferguson, John, commission agent, Shipquay Place.
Ferguson, W., bonnet maker, Bridge Street.
Ferguson, Robert, builder, Pump Street.
Ferguson, George, stained glass maker, Pump Street.
Ferguson, J., carpenter, London Street.
Fisher, Robert, grocer and emigration agent, Foyle Street.
Fleming, Charles, tailor, Castle Street.
Fleming, Samuel, grocer, Bishop Street.
Floyd, Andrew, piano-forte rooms and tuner, Magazine Street.
Forde & McKee, flax, tow and general commission merchants, Foyle Street.
Foster & Co., tanners and bark merchants, Strand.
Foy, Wm., portrait painter, Bishop Street.
Foy, Thomas, coach factory, Foyle Street.
Forsythe, Wm., grocer, Shipquay Street.
Foyle Ropewalk Co., Shipquay Place.
Friel, Patrick, tailor, London Street.
Friel, Patrick, tobacconist, Shipquay Place.
Friel, W., cabinet maker, Society Street.
Friel, Wm., butcher, Cowbog.
Galbraith, David, druggist, Foyle Street.
Gallagher, John, woollen draper and haberdasher, Diamond.
Gallagher, Wm., butcher, Shipquay Street.
Gardner, Wm., commission and tea merchant, Shipquay Street.
Gill Brothers, boot and shoe makers, Ferryquay Street.
Gill, Samuel, engraver, Artillery Lane.
Gillespie, Francis, pawn broker, Bridge Street.
Gillespie, Loughlin, spirit dealer, Bishop Street.
Gilliland, Samuel, flour miller, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, Bishop Street.
Gilmour, James, flax and general corn merchant, Foyle Street.
Gore, John, marble and stone cutter, Strand.
Gorman, Matthew, skinner, Cowbog.
Graham, James, wholesale grocer, Shipquay Street.
Grant Brothers, shirt manufacturers, Foyle Street.
Graham Brothers, general merchants, Foyle Street.
Gray, Mrs., Imperial Hotel, Bishop Street.
Green, John, publican and butcher, Foyle Street.
Green, George, foundry, Foyle Street.
Green, Miss, baker, Foyle Street.
Greer, Jas., family grocer, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, Ferryquay Street.
Gregg, Daniel, flour and meal merchant, Foyle Street.
Gresham, James, baker and grocer, Ferryquay Street.
Gribben, James, tobacco and snuff shop, Waterloo Place.
Griffith, Wm., gunmaker, Ferryquay Street.
Hagan, D., publican, Linenhall Street.
Hagarty, Jas., woollen draper and haberdasher, Diamond.
Hamilton & Alexander, hardware merchants, Waterloo Place.
Hamilton, Robert, grocer and general merchant, Foyle Street.
Hamilton, Mrs., haberdasher, Bishop Street.
Hamilton, Robert, book seller and stationer, Shipquay Street.
Hamilton, Wm., grocer, Bank Place.
Hancock, Daniel, merchant and agent for Atlas Fire & Life Assurance Company, Strand.
Hanna, J., milliner &c., Waterside.
Hannigan, Denis, pawn broker, Waterside.
Hastings & Corbett, grocers, Foyle Street.
Hannigan, William, butter dealer, Society Street.
Henry, H., draper, Bishop Street.
Harvey, J., wine store, Magazine Street.
Hempton, Jas., book seller, printer & stationer, Shipquay Street.
Hempton, J., book seller, stationer and piano-forte seller, Diamond.
Henderson, R., wholesale grocer, Shipquay Place.
Henry, Andrew, delf, glass and provision shop and sub postmaster, Waterside.
Hislop, Mrs. & Miss, ladies' school, Bishop Street.
Holmes, W. H., grocer, Shipquay Place.
Horratt, Bryce, veterinary surgeon, Chapel Lane.
Hughes, George, military bootmaker, Ferryquay Street.
Hughes, John, chandler, Bridge Street.
Hughes, Thomas, grocer, Cowbog.
Hunter, Samuel, marble and stone cutter, Waterside.
Hunter, James, piano-forte tuner, Fountain Street.
Hunter, John, woollen hall, Bishop Street.
Hunter, Miss, dress maker, Artillery Lane.
Hyndman, Samuel, hardware merchant, Shipquay Street.
Irvine & Orr, grocers, Richmond Street.
Johnston, Robert, grocer, Bridge Street.
Johnston, the Misses, boarding and day seminary, Sackville Street.
Jones, James, dealer, Bishop Street.
Kane, Patrick, publican, Foyle Street.
Kearney, Daniel, publican and grocer, William Street.
Kyle, J., coals, slate and salt dealer, Foyle Street.
Kelly, O., family grocer, Waterside.
Kelly, Thomas, publican and butter dealer, Bishop Street.
Kerr, Hart, Maiden City Tavern, Linenhall Street.
Kerr, John, saddler, Waterloo Place.
Kyle, J. C., accountant &c., Shipquay Street.
Laughlin, Ellen, shoe maker, Linenhall Street.
Laughlin, Samuel, baker and grocer, Waterloo Place.
Lowther & Wright, bakers, Fountain Street.
Lecky, H., pawn broker, Foyle Street.
Love, Joseph, smith, Fountain Street.
Leitch, A., milliner and haberdasher, Ferryquay Street.
Lindsay, Alex, Son & Co., wholesale and retail woollen drapers and silk mercers, Bishop Street.
Lindsay, T., lime works, Waterside.
Little & Long, hardware merchants, Waterloo Place.
Lloyd, M., general agency office, London Street.
Lloyd, M. P., agent, London Street.
Logue, Mary, grocer and publican, Bishop Street.
Lowrie, Wm., grocer, Waterside.
Lynch, Edward, grocer and publican, Strand.
Lynch, Fitzgibbon, C.E., architect and surveyor, Sackville Street.
Lyon, J., steam boat agent, Foyle Street.
Macky, J. T., Bank of Ireland, agent for Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation.
Macanulty, Charles, pawn broker, Rossville Street.
Macpherson, F., block maker, Shipquay.
Magowan, Wm., baker and grocer, Ferryquay Street.
Maguire, Jas., pawn broker, Rossville Street.
Maguiness, D., painter, William Street.
Mailley, John, butcher, Linenhall Street.
Mailley, Michael, butcher, Shambles.
Mathewson, John, grocer, iron and saltfish dealer, Waterside.
Maxwell & Gailey, builders, Strand.
Mehan, Francis, Cowbog.
Mehan, Jas., wine and spirit store, Foyle Street.
Mehan, John, brewer and distiller, Waterside.
Mehan, Francis, barber, Cowbog.
Methuen, James, herring store, Waterside and Foyle Street.
Miles, Thomas, grocer, Waterloo Place.
Milligan, John, Tirkeran Arms Hotel, Waterside.
Milligan, Margaret, Queen's Arms Inn, Market Street.
Minniece, James, watch maker, Mall Wall.
Molseed, A., publican, Bishop Street.
Montgomery, Jas., draper, Bishop Street.
Montgomery, John, whitesmith, Great James' Street.
Montgomery, James, watch maker, Diamond.
Moses, H. & E., shirt manufacturers, Sackville Street.
Morrison, Samuel, ship broker, Middle Quay.
Mulholland, M. & Co., wholesale & retail haberdashers, Bishop Street.
Mullan, Jas., grocer, Waterside.
Munn, John, City Spinning Mills, Queen Street.
Murray, Wm., barber, Shipquay Place.
Murphy, A., Agricultural Inn, grocery and delf shop, Bishop Street.
McAdam, W., corn factor, Foyle Street.
McAdoo, John, family grocer, Shipquay Street.
McArthur, Wm. & Co., wholesale woollen, linen and Manchester house, Ferryquay Street.
McAvoy, Denis, pipe manufacturer, Fahan Street.
McAvoy, John, pipe manufacturer, Cowbog.
McBride, J., flax merchant, Foyle Street.
McBride, Patrick, grocer and publican, William Street.
McCafferty, Andrew, grocer, Foyle Street.
McCarter, George & W., leather dealers, Foyle Street.
McCarter, John, builder, Foyle Street.
McCarter, Thomas, printer and publisher, Shipquay Street.
McCarter, William, leather dealer, Waterside.
McCausland, John, butcher, Butcher Street.
McCausland, Patrick, butcher, Linenhall Street.
McCay, Archibald, hair dresser, Richmond Street.
McCay, J., woollen draper, Diamond.
McCandless, T., merchant tailor, Shipquay Street.
McClelland, Jas., family grocer, oil & colour merchant, Waterloo Place.
McClelland, Matthew, builder and architect, agent for Garnkirk Coal Company, Strand Street.
McCloskey, John, smith and bell hanger, Chamberlain Street.
McCool, Charles, painter & glazier, Waterloo Place.
McCorkell, Wm. & Co., timber merchant, Strand.
McCorkell, Shaw & Co., family grocers, Shipquay Street.
McCormack, W. H., Travellers' Home, Foyle Street.
McCormick, Alexander, Commercial Hotel, Foyle Street.
McDade, B., butcher, Bridge Street.
McDermott, Thomas, aerated water maker, Roseville Street.
McElligott, Michael, publican, Butcher's Gate.
McFeeley, Michael, grocer and publican, Foyle Street.
McGhee, James, harbour master, Sackville Street.
McGee, George, coal dealer, Bishop Street.
McGinley, Hugh, builder, Strand.
Machutchison, Alexander, hotel and restaurant, Richmond Street.
McGowan & Doherty, accountants and scriveners, Linenhall Street.
McIlwee, Alexander, builder and architect, Strand and Great James' Street.
McIlwee, William, carpenter and builder, Foyle Street and Clarendon Street.
McIntyre, Hogg & Co., shirt manufacturers.
McIntyre, Edward, woollen draper, Butcher Street.
McIntyre, Philip, publican, Waterside.
McLaughlin, Philip, publican, Bishop Street.
McLaughlin, John, cork cutter, Butcher Street.
McLaughlin, Alexander, coach maker, Great James' Street.
McLaughlin, Patrick, boot and shoe maker, Ferryquay Street.
McMahon, P., Plough Hotel, Foyle Street.
McMillen, A., baker, Bishop Street.
McMonagle, Hugh, butter dealer, Bishop Street.
McMullan, J., boot and shoe maker, Waterside.
McMurray, William, auctioneer, appraiser and haberdasher, Butcher Street.
McNeely, John, silk mercer and haberdasher, Bishop Street.
McPeake, James, grocer and publican, Ferryquay Street.
McPherson, James, printer, Pump Street.
McQuilken, Samuel, boarding and day school, Mall Wall.
McQuoid, Isabella, Berlin wool and fancy warehouse, Diamond.
McReynolds, John, hardware and fancy warehouse, Bishop Street.
McVicker, R. & A., merchant tailors, Shipquay Street.
Nash, Wm., house furnishing warehouse, Butcher Street.
Neills & Minniece, watch makers, jewellers and opticians, Shipquay Street.
Nelis, James H., book seller, binder and stationer, Ferryquay Street.
Newton, R. W., miller, Waterside.
Nolan, H., surveyor, Linenhall Street.
O'Donnell, Thomas, grocer and baker, Cowbog Street.
O'Driscoll, G. A., printer, Shipquay Street.
O'Neill, Francis, book seller and stationer, Foyle Street.
O'Neill, John & Co., general merchants, agents for the Royal Assurance Company, Foyle Street.
O'Neill & McHenry, grocers, Foyle Street.
O'Neill, Wm., publican and shoe maker, Bridge Street.
Orr, Jas. & Co., ship brokers, Shipquay Place.
Osborne, Misses, ladies' school, William Street.
Osborne & Patton, family grocers, Italian warehouse, Shipquay Street.
Osborne, John, merchant, Foyle Street.
Osborne & Rankin, merchants, Foyle Street.
Osborne, Wm., grocer and publican, Foyle Street.
Patton, Daniel, painter and glazier, Cowbog.
Patterson, Adam, family grocer, Ferryquay Street.
Patterson, J. & H., shirt manufacturers, Shipquay.
Pearson, James, printer, Linenhall Street.
Perry, Robert, grocer, Waterside.
Pinkerton, John, baker and grocer, Waterside.
Porter, W. D. & Co., tobacco & snuff manufacturers, Magazine Street.
Porter, John, of the firm of Watt & Co., wine and spirit merchants, Shipquay Street.
Presdee, Joseph, tin and cooper smith, Bridge Street.
Quigley, George, butcher, Bishop Street.
Ramsey, James, court house keeper.
Rankin, Mrs., milliner and dress maker, Diamond.
Reid, James, butcher, Sackville Street.
Reid & Orr, grocers, Richmond Street.
Risk, Samuel, butcher, Waterside.
Robinson, W., coal merchant, Shipquay.
Roddy, Michael, George and Dragon Inn, Society Street.
Rodgers, Charles, wine and spirit store and billiard room, Foyle Street.
Rodgers, Francis, gun maker and fishing tackle warehouse, Bridge Street.
Rodgers, John, publican and boarding house, Shipquay Street.
Rosborough, Andrew, grocer, Ferryquay Street.
Rose, Miss, milliner and dress maker, Shipquay Street.
Ross, Mrs., grocer, Castle Gate.
Roulston, John, ship owner and general merchant, Middle Quay.
Russell, James, grain merchant, Foyle Street.
Sabel & Searle, emigration agents, Foyle Street.
Sawers, W., china and glass warehouse, Bishop Street.
Savage, Henry, grocer, Bridge Street.
Scott, Henry, woollen draper, Waterloo Place.
Scott, Wm., shirt maker, Bennet's Lane.
Shaw, Finlay & Co., chandlers, Ferryquay Street.
Shannon, Wm., grocer, Bishop Street.
Shannon, Elizabeth, Neptune Hotel, Ship Quay.
Shannon, James, painter, Orchard Street.
Sherrard, J., grocer, leather dealer &c., Bishop Street.
Silo, Andrew, carver and gilder, Pump Street.
Skipton & Walker, general agents, West of England Fire and Life Assurance Office, Shipquay Street.
Smart, George, confectioner, Bishop Street.
Smith, Osborne, agent for Imperial Fire and Imperial Life Assurance Company, Foyle Street.
Smith, Samuel, flax and spirit merchant, Magazine Street.
Smyth, Wm. D., agent for Lloyd's grain store, Waterloo Place.
Smyth, W. D. & Co., millers and general merchants, Waterloo Place.
Smith, Samuel, cabinet maker, Ferryquay Street.
Smyth, Brothers, cabinet makers and upholsterers, Diamond.
Snodgrass, W., boot and shoe maker, Diamond.
Steen, Thomas, bread and biscuit baker and family grocer, Ferryquay Street.
Stevenson, David, baker & confectioner, Diamond & Rossville Street.
Stevenson, Hugh, bread and biscuit baker, William Street & Waterloo Place.
Stevenson, Samuel, grocer, William Street.
Stewart, Abraham, Government emigration agent, Ballast Office.
Stewart, Jas., grocer, Great James' Street.
Stilley, Andrew, baker, Diamond.
Stirling, W., plate glass warehouse, painter, glazier and room paper warehouse &c., Pump Street.
Thompson, Joseph, grocer, Strand.
Thompson, H., grocer, Waterloo Place.
Thompson, James, wholesale grocer &c., Waterloo Place.
Thompson, William, grocer and oil warehouse, Shipquay Street.
Thomas, ? , grocer, Waterside.
Tilley & Henderson, shirt factory, Foyle Road.
Torrens, Joseph, builder, Strand.
Tower & McCrossan, cabinet makers, Society Street.
Toy, E., City Hotel, Foyle Street.
Waddy, E., publican, Middle Quay.
Walker, George, salt and lime works, Foyle Street.
Walker, George & Co., grocers, Bishop Street.
Walker, H., seed merchant, Diamond.
Walters, G., auctioneer, general commission agent, Richmond Street.
Wardlow, H. A., publican, Foyle Street.
Waterson, James, grocer and baker, Waterside.
Watson, Daniel, hair dresser, Shipquay Street.
Watt & Co., distillers, Abbey Street.
Watt & Co., wine and spirit store, Shipquay Street.
Watt, Rebecca, haberdasher, Diamond.
Watt, R., rope maker, Shipquay Street.
Welsh, Margetson & Co., Foyle Street.
White, Francis, grocer, Waterside.
Wiley, John, grocer, Strand.
Wiley, J., grocer and spirit dealer, Strand.
Wilson, J. & R., corn and general merchants, and agents for Standard Life Assurance Company, Foyle Street.
Wilson, Mackay, & Findlay, grocers, Foyle Street.
Wilson, W. J., flax dealer, Sackville Street.
Woolgar, Charles, hardware merchant, Foyle Street.
Wybrant, Misses, milliners &c., Butcher Street.
Wylie, Wm. A., spirit dealer, Bishop Street.
Wylie, Thomas, butter merchant, Little James' Street.
Young, T., coach factory, Foyle Street.
Young, Wm., merchant, Foyle Street.
Young, Mrs., teacher, Market Street.

                                       LOUGHBRICKLAND                   back to top

Loughbrickland, is a small post town in County Down, situated on the road from Newry to Banbridge, within three miles of the latter, and on the lake from which its name is derived, which is said to have obtained its appellation from the speckled fish with which it formerly abounded.  The Parish church of Aghaderg is rather a handsome structure, having a square tower, surmounted by an octagonal spire, it stands in the centre of the town, and opposite to it is a Roman Catholic chapel.  A Presbyterian meeting-house, and a chapel each for Covenanters and Wesleyan Methodists, are the other places of worship.  There are National and Parochial schools for gratuitous instruction.  Fairs are held on the 3rd Tuesday in every month.  The population is about 600.

Post-Office - Nathaniel O'Flagherty, postmaster.
Established Church, Aghaderg - Rev. Jeffrey Lefroy, rector ; Rev. Mr. Radcliff, curate.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Robert Crawford, minister.
Covenanters' Meeting House - Rev. Samuel Simms, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - Ministers, various.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Peter McKay, P.P.; Rev. B. McAleenan, curate.
Polices Station - J. Gould, constable.
Glebe School - J. Parnell, master; Mrs. Parnell, mistress.
National School - Patrick Cowan, master.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Ansell, Edward Francis.
Carsewell, John.
Crawford, William.
Crawford, Rev. Robert.
Fegan, Rev. B.
Lefroy, Rev. Jeffry (Jeffrey), Glebe.
Loftie, John H., Colnacron.
McAleenan, Rev. Bernard.
McKain, John, M.D.
McKay, Rev. Peter.
O'Flagherty, Nathaniel.
Radcliffe, Rev. William.

Traders &c.

Campbell, John, draper and grocer.
Carsewell, John, linen manufacturer.
Flynn, Edward, horse shoer.
Gray, Wm., grocer.
Lyons, Joseph, tailor.
Matthew, M., haberdasher.
Miller, A., gun and whitesmith.
Miniss, Samuel, reed maker.
Miskimon, Rankin, plough maker.
Millar, Thomas, whitesmith.
Miskimmon, George, horse shoer.
McClelland, ? , corn miller.
McClelland, John, flax dresser and miller.
McClelland, Thomas, grocer and publican.
O'Flagherty, Nathaniel, grocer and spirit dealer.
O'Hare, Patrick, publican.
O'Hare, Mary, publican.
Wallace, James, flax dresser.
Wallace, Hugh, grocer and spirit merchant.
Simms, Rev. Samuel.
Trevor, Mrs.
Whyte, John Joseph, J.P.


Dublin day mail arrives by mail car from Newry at 2.50 p.m., night mail at 5.15, a.m.

                                       LURGAN                       back to top

Lurgan, is a thriving market town, in County Armagh, seventeen miles S.W. from Belfast, and on the line of the Ulster Railway, for which the town is a station.  The principal part of the town extends, for nearly a mile, along the Belfast and Armagh road, and is spacious, airy, well built and remarkably clean.  That which may be considered the suburban part of Lurgan is extensive, and has extended very much since 1851, principally on account of the increase and extension of the linen and cambric manufacturing, and also the granting of leases in perpetuity by Lord Lurgan.  Several new streets are laid off, and are rapidly filling up with buildings, particularly since the introduction of the Towns' Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854.  Brownlow House, the seat of Lord Lurgan, proprietor of the town, extends along the North East of it, and the entrance is by as elegant lodge from near the centre of the street.  The mansion was some years ago rebuilt in the Elizabethan style, with beautiful freestone brought from Scotland.  The grounds which are generously thrown open to the public, are richly embellished with thriving plantations, reflected in a fine sheet of water, and encompassed by a well kept gravel walk.  The Court House is a stone building and the Diaper Hall is a spacious building erected in 1825.  The linen and cambric manufacturer is the staple trade of Lurgan, and in producing the variety of fabrics, as lawns, diapers, damasks (and of late years a large number of persons are employed in the manufacture of cambric handkerchiefs) &c., a large proportion of the population of the town and its vicinity are employed, while some of the establishments of the yarn and linen merchants are extensive.  Two noted breweries and the hotels are the other principal establishments.  The Belfast Banking Company, the Northern Banking Company, and the Ulster Bank, have each a branch in operation here.  A facility of intercourse with Belfast is afforded by Lough Neagh and the Lagan Navigation.  The general quarter sessions of the county are held in Lurgan and the petty sessions every alternate Tuesday.  A section of the constabulary police is stationed in the town, which has lately been made a first class station.  The parish church of Shankill is a handsome structure, but is to be pulled down immediately, and be replaced by one considerably larger, which will have 2,000 free sittings.  There are places of worship for Presbyterians, the Society of Friends and Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists.  The Roman Catholic parochial chapel is a Gothic building.  The free educational establishments are - a school supported by Erasmus Smith's charity, and an infant school solely supported by Lady Lurgan.  A Mechanics' Institute is established in the town.  It was originated by William Watson, Esq., of New York, who, while on a visit to his native town, generously offered the princely sum of 1,000 guineas, as a commencement.  His brothers, Francis and Hugh Watson, Esqs., most liberally seconded his views, and subscribed 500.  The whole 1,500 was to be paid on a similar sum being raised by the inhabitants.  Lord Lurgan met this generous offer in a kindred spirit, and the sum of 1,500 has also been subscribed by his Lordship and the other inhabitants.  The other charities are a dispensary and a Union Workhouse.  The market, which is held on Thursday, is abundantly supplied with provisions, and is besides a considerable one for the manufacturers of the town and district.  Fairs, 5th August and 22nd November.

Town Commissioners for 1861 - Lord Lurgan, chairman ; Arthur Donnell ; W. W. Paul ; John Ross ; Samuel Rodgers ; William Murray ; John Hancock ; John Hazleton ; James McCrory ; Jas. Uprichard ; George Carrick ; John Capper ; D. Moore.
Officers - Treasurers, the Northern Banking Company ; auditor, H. Greer ; surveyor and town clerk, H. Rankin, C.E.; collector of rates, John Morrow ; inspector of nuisances, town sergeant &c., Bryan Malone ; scavengers, Wm. McCorry.
Post-Office, Market Street - Miss Dora McLevey, postmistress.  Mails are made up as follows:- for Lisburn and Belfast, 7.40 a.m.; England, Dublin, South and West of Ireland, Belfast & Scotland, 12.15 p.m.; Portadown, Armagh, Enniskillen &c., 9.30 p.m.; Dublin, Belfast & England, 8.45 p.m.; letters can be posted 10 minutes later than the times here named by affixing the additional postage stamp, such letters to be given in at the window; deliveries commence at 7.15 a.m., 9.15 a.m., and 1.15 p.m.; on Sunday there is but one delivery at the window till 10 a.m., money orders are granted from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Court House, Market Street - Jane Ferguson, keeper.
Bridewell, William Street - William Neill, keeper.
Union Workhouse - Edward Despard, master ; Miss Anderson, matron  George Ruddell, relieving officer ' James Ruddell, clerk.
Constabulary Station - Neal McCarron, head constable.
Dispensary, Market Street - Robert S. Hannay, surgeon.
Stamp Office, Market Street - Miss McLevey, sub distributor.
Belfast Bank, High Street - William Fairs, manager ; Thomas R. Patterson, accountant and cashier ; M. S. Wynne, assistant.
Northern Bank, Market Street - H. Megarry, manager ; T. M. G. Perse, accountant and cashier.
Ulster Bank, Market Street - Henry C. Macandie, manager ; J. A. Roebuck Cardwell, cashier and accountant ; H. White, assistant.
Railway Station, lower end of William Street - James Wilkinson, head clerk.
Gas Works - Manager, J. Thompson ; secretary, R. S. Morrow ; treasurer, Ulster Bank.
Parish Church, Church Place - Rev. Thomas Knox, rector ; Rev. Daniel Donovan, curate.
Presbyterian Church, High Street - Rev. Lowry E. Berkley, minister.
Wesleyan Chapel, High Street - Rev. Benjamin Bayley ; Rev. Frederick Elliott, ministers.
Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Queen Street - Rev. George Hamilton ; Rev. George J. Cook, ministers.
Friends' Meeting House, Queen Street.
Roman Catholic Chapel, North Street - Very Rev. Wm. O'Brien, V.G., P.P.; Rev. John Gribben, curate.
Young Men's Christian Association - President, Rev. M. H. Murphy ; vice presidents, William Mahaffy and William Fairly ; treasurer, Henry Mathers ; secretary, Thomas Hanna ; committee, Messrs. Murphy, Mahaffy, Fairley, H. Mathers, William Douglass, McCabe, Harper and Courtney ; librarian, W. Douglass.
Mechanics' Institute - President, Lord Lurgan ; vice president, F. Watson ; trustees, Lord Lurgan, J. W. Greer, J.P., John Hancock, J.P., Francis Watson and James Malcolm ; treasurer, Dr. Shaw ; committee of management, John W. Greer, J.P.; chairman, Lord Lurgan, Francis, Watson, Hugh Watson, John Hancock, J.P., Robert Armstrong, Joseph Murphy, S. A. Bell, James Malcolm, W. W. Paul, Dr. Shaw, William Crossley, Matthew Wells, William Macoun, Wm. Turkington ; hon. secretary, John Hancock, J.P.
Friendly Societies - There are three of these societies in Lurgan, 1st - The Lurgan Friendly Society, established by the Rev. William P. Oulton, in 1845.  2nd - The Lurgan Power-Loom Factory Friendly Society, established 1860, under the patronage of J. Malcolm.  3rd - The Elbenezer Tent, No. 1,106, of the Independent Order of Rechabites.
Free Schools, North Street - Henry Clarke, master ; Mrs. Anderson, mistress.
Infant Schools - There are two infant schools, one in the demesne, patronised by Lady Lurgan, which is conducted by Mrs. Bullick and the other in Union Street, conducted by Mrs. Murrow.
Lurgan Demesne Cricket Club - President, Lord Lurgan ; treasurer, John Arthur Roebuck Cardwell ; secretary, Wm. Baird - contains upwards of thirty members, and meets for play three times weekly during the Summer months in Lord Lurgan's demesne.
Tullygally School, under the Church Education Society - Wm. Verner, master.
Lurgan National School - Patron, Rev. L. E. Berkeley ; male teacher, Thomas Donaldson ; assistants, John Nelson, William Dalton, William Morrison ; female teacher, Miss Lowry ; assistants, Miss Stewart, Miss Ginn.  Music class, Samuel McGowan, teacher.
Dougher National School - Patron, Very Rev. William O'Brien ; master, William Cullen ; assistant teacher, John Marshall ; monitor, Murtagh Kennedy ; mistress, Mrs. McKeown ; assistant, Miss Ward ; mistress, Miss Larkin.
United Church Young Men's Society - Hon. secretary and treasurer, W. W. Paul ; librarian, Jas. Collins.
Ladies' Clothing Committee - Committee, Lady Lurgan, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Conn, Miss Girdwood, Mrs. Greer, Miss C. Greer, Mrs. Hancock, Miss E. Lockhart, Miss May, Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. H. Watson, Miss Watson, treasurer, Mrs. Crossley.
Penny Savings' Bank - President, Lord Lurgan ; vice presidents, John W. Greer, J.P., James Malcolm, Francis Watson, John Hancock, J.P., Thomas R. Patterson ; Bankers, Belfast Banking Company.

Gentry &c.

Armstrong, Wm., High Street.
Boyd, Mrs. M., High Street.
Cuppage, Thomas, Silverwood.
Douglas, Charles, D.L., J.P., Grace Hall.
Douglas, Miss, Grace Hall.
Fforde, Francis, Raughlin.
Greer, John Waite, J.P., Woodvale.
Greer, Francis, Wilderness.
Greer, Wm., Wilderness.
Greer, Miss, Wilderness.
Greer, Miss Catherine, Wilderness.
Greer, Henry, North Street.
Girdwood, John, High Street.
Hall, Miss, High Street.
Hall, Miss Jane, High Street.
Hancock, John, J.P., Market Street.
Hazlett, Miss D., Market Street.
Lurgan, Right Hon. Lord, Brownlow House.
Mercer, Henry, Laurel Vale.
Morriss, Wm. B., Market Street.
Overend, Miss, Church Square.
Watson, Francis, Lakeview.
Watson, Hugh, Beechpark.

Clergy and Professional

Gilbert, Jonathan, surgeon and apothecary, Church Square.
Hazlett, John, solicitors, Church Square.
Hanny, R. S., surgeon and apothecary, Market Street.
Knox, Rev. Thomas, A.M., official surrogate and one of the Bishop's domestic and examining chaplains, rural dean &c., Glebe House.
Maclaughlin, Wm. Ross, surgeon and physician.
Morris, Robert, solicitor, High Street.
O'Brien, Rev. Dr., P.P., vicar general, Chapel House, North Street.
Rankin, Hamilton, civil engineer, town clerk and town surveyor; also surveyor to the estates of the Right Hon. Lord Lurgan, William Street.
Rodgers, Samuel, surgeon &c., Market Street.
Shaw, William, surgeon &c., Market Street.

Traders &c.

Agnew, W. J., general outfitter, Market Street and Dromore.
Anderson, James, yarn merchant &c., of Joseph Wilson & Co., Church Square.
Anderson, John E., seedsman, Market Square.
Anderson, Robert, damask and diaper manufacturer, Lawn Mount.
Anderson, Wm., cart wright, William Street.
Anderson, Wm., clerk, William Street.
Anderson, William, cabinet maker, North Street.
Anderson, Wm., bookkeeper, Union Street.
Ardrie, W. J., general outfitter, Market Street and Dromore.
Armstrong & Wynne, linen merchants, dyers, finishers, William Street.
Armstrong & Mathers, haberdashers, silk mercers, woollen drapers, hosiers &c., Market Street.
Armstrong & Co., timber, coal, iron, meal & flour stores, Market Street.
Armstrong, Robert, wholesale and retail grocer and hardware merchant, Market Street.
Atkinson, Anthony, bailiff for the Lurgan estates, Kilmain Street.
Baird, Wm., bookkeeper, chief clerk in Lord Lurgan's office, Hill Street.
Bell, John, druggist, High Street.
Bell, Thomas & Co., cambric handkerchief manufacturers, Bellview.
Bell, Samuel, of S. Bell & Co., Bellview.
Berwick, Anthony, saddler, William Street.
Berwick, James, baker, Queen Street.
Black, John, boot and shoe maker, Market Street.
Blaney, Jas., publican, Market Street.
Bingham, Clements, boot and shoe maker, Market Street.
Brassfield, Charles, green grocer and market gardener, William Street.
Brennian, Henry Nassau William, teacher of English classics, North Street.
Brown, William, pawn broker and grocer, Queen Street.
Bullick, John, wheel wright, Market Street.
Bullick, M., wheel wright, High Street.
Burns, John, grocer, Market Street.
Byrne, Mrs., Linenhall Hotel, Church Square.
Campbell, James, cabinet maker, delf & china merchant, High Street.
Campbell, Mrs., servants' registry office, High Street.
Capper, Hannah, millinery & bonnet shop, Market Street.
Capper, John, linen yarn merchant, Market Street.
Carlisle, James, plumbers and lead merchants.
Carlisle, Wm., of McCaw and Carlisle, Tegnavin.
Carrick, George, grain merchant, High Street.
Clarke, W., officer of inland revenue, Brownlow Arms Hotel.
Clarke, Thomas, victualler, Market Street.
Clarkston, ? , foreman cutter, Union Street.
Chapman, John, coach builder and jobbing smith, High Street.
Cherry, Andrew, watch and clock maker, jeweller &c., Market Street.
Cherry, Brothers, cabinet makers &c., Market Street.
Clendinning, James, cambric handkerchief manufacturer, Union Lodge, Union Street.
Close, James, lapper, Factory Lane.
Carter, Wm., book seller, William Street.
Cochrane, Hugh Hall, watch and clock maker, William Street.
Colvin, Henry, builder, Castle Lane.
Colvin, James, carpenter, North Street.
Conn, Joseph, grocer and provision dealer, Market Street.
Cordner, John, painter and glazier, William Street.
Cordner, Bell William, confectioner and general grocer, North Street and William Street and Tandragee.
Cordner, Alexander, cambric handkerchief manufacturer.
Crawford, W., soda water and lemonade manufacturer, High Street.
Crawford, Dunlop, pawn broker, High Street.
Crossley, Wm., of Robert Watson & Son, Golconda Cottage.
Cunningham, John, pavier, North Street.
Curran, H. Wm., linen lapper, William Street.
Curran, J., ornamental carver in oak, North Street.
Dines, James, old clothes dealer, Market Street.
Dixon, Wm., general provision merchant, North Street.
Donnelly, Arthur, publican, grocer &c., Market Street.
Donnelly, Wm., carpenter, High Street.

Douglas, John, cambric handkerchief manufacturer, Market Street.
Douglas, George, cambric handkerchief manufacturer, William Street.
Douglas, Thomas, grocer, Queen Street.
Dougan, James, replevinger for Co. Armagh, rent agent and proctor, William Street.
Downey, Hugh, haberdasher, Market Street.
Downey, John, blacksmith, Black's Court.
Duffy, James, baker, Castle Lane.
Elliott, John, linen, lawn and diaper manufacturer, High Street.
Ellis, Mrs., publican, Market Street.
Ellison, John, whitesmith, bell hanger &c., Middle Row.
Emerson, Thomas, publican, Market Street.
Evans, R. J., printer and stationer, Market Street.
Falloon, Henry, linen lapper, Mary Street.
Finch, James, baker and grocer, North Street.
Flemming, John, saddler, Market Street.
French, John, tinsmith, Middle Row.
Furfy, Samuel, bookkeeper, North Street.
Gaddiss, Andrew, publican, Market Street.
Gaffney, Peter, tailor, High Street.
Gallagher, Jas., blacksmith, Castle Lane.
Gilbert, Thomas, grocer, Market Street.
Gilchrist, R., haberdasher, Market Street.
Glass, James, cambric handkerchief manufacturer, High Street.
Gorman, Wm., carpenter, John Street.
Gorman, Thomas, lawn and cambric manufacturer, Knocknashane.
Gorman, Thomas, Albert Hotel & general posting master, High Street.
Green, Mrs., academy for young ladies.
Greer, Samuel, inspector of weights and measures for Lurgan district of County Armagh, also inspector of gas meters, North Street.
Halfpenny, Hugh, tinsmith and gas fitter, Castle Lane.
Hall, Joseph Henry, general grocer &c., North Street.
Hamilton, James, butcher and cow jobber, Queen Street.
Hanna, Wm., grocer, High Street.
Hannay, R. S., surgeon and apothecary, Market Street.
Harbinson, Mrs., publican, William Street.
Harkin, Charles, mason, William Street.
Harper, Jas., cabinet maker, William Street.
Harvey & Woods, gutta percha shoe warehouse, High Street.
Hazelton & Sheppard, cambric handkerchief manufacturers, Market Street.
Hazelton, John, pawn broker, Market Street.
Henderson, James, general grocer, Market Street.
Henning & Son, John, cambric handkerchief manufacturers, Waringstown.
Heron & Co., William, cambric and shirt front manufacturers, William Street and Moira.
Higgins, Mr., Market Street.
Holmes, Edward, mason, Castle Lane.
Hussian, Patrick, blacksmith, Church Square.
Irwin, Robert, Brownlow Arms Hotel, Market Street.
Jenkinson, J. B., professor of music, Queen Street.
Johnston, John, brewer & tobacco & snuff manufacturer, High Street.
Kennedy, James, baker and grocer, High Street.
Kerr, Andrew Thomas, chandler, Market Street.
Kerns, Hugh, publican, Queen Street.
Kirk, Miss, haberdasher, Market Street.
Lavery, Charles, publican, Portadown Street.
Lavery, Thomas, grocer and manufacturing agent, Queen Street.
Lawson, Alexander, cambric manufacturer, Queen Street.
Lindsay, John, bookkeeper for T. Bell & Co.
Little, A., haberdasher, Market Street.
Lockhart, John George, Market Street.
Lockhart, Isaac, linen yarn merchant, diaper and drill manufacturer, High Street.
Loughlan, John, bookkeeper, Mary Street.
Macoun, Wm. & Jas., cambric handkerchief manufacturers, Brownlow Terrace and Mary Street.
Macoun, John, linen manufacturer, Moyraverty.
Macdonagh, William, cutler, Frederick Place.
Magee, Brown & Liddell, damask, linen and cambric manufacturers, Queen Street.
Magee, Charles, victualler, wine and spirit merchant, High Street and Union Street.
Malcolm, James, power loom factory, manufacturer of lawns and cambric handkerchiefs &c.
Malcolmson, D., grocer and wine and spirit merchant, Market Street.
Martin, Thomas, bookkeeper, North Street.
May, George, watch and clock maker, Market Street.
Matier, Henry & Co., linen and cambric handkerchief manufacturers, High Street.
Mehaffy, Wm., boot and shoe maker, High Street.
Midgley, J., reed maker, Queen Street.
Milligan, William, builder, North Street and Omeath and Banbridge.
Montgomery, Wm., coach builder and jobbing smith, Market Street.
Moore, Dunlop, saddler and harness maker, Main Street.
Morgan, Mary, stationer, William Street.
Morris, W. B., clerk of the petty sessions, Market Street.
Murchie, Archibald, tailor, High Street.
Murphy, Joseph, linen yarn merchant, William Street.
Murray, Edward, Ulster Railway Hotel, posting establishment and livery stables, William Street.
Murray, Wm., publican, grocer and butter merchant, Market Street.
Murrow, R. L., organist of Lurgan Church, Union Street.
McAllister, James & Co., damask manufacturers, Annsbro' House.
McCabe, Edward, William Street.
McCaw & Carlisle, linen manufacturers, Tegnavin.
McCaw, Robert, of McCaw & Carlisle, Tegnavin.
McClure, Wm., wholesale and retail grocery and ironmongery warehouse, High Street.
McConnell, Robert, builder and general contractor, William Street.
McConvill, ? , linen yarn merchant, Market Street.
McCorry, Charles, linen, lawn and cambric manufacturer, Kilmore.
McCorry, James, provision merchant, Market Street.
McCorry, John, publican, Market Street.
McCrory, Jane, bonnet maker, Castle Lane.
McCrory, John, public weighmaster, Castle Lane.
McCullagh, Wm., baker, High Street.
McGeown, P., publican, Church Square.
McIlveen, St. John, baker and general grocer, Church Square.
McKee, James, leather seller and old clothes dealer, Market Street.
McKeown, Alexander, stucco and ornamental plasterer, William Street.
McKeown, Edward, publican, Church Square.
McKeown, Hugh, grocer and leather seller, Market Street.
McKeown, Thomas, stucco and ornamental plasterer, William Street.
McKernan, Hugh, butcher, Market Street.
McMullan, John, tinsmith and china and delf shop, Market Street.
McMullen, Henry, cambric manufacturer, Comecinegar.
McNall, Charles, plumber, North Street.
McVeigh, Jos., blacksmith, Portadown Street.
Neill, Wm., bridewell keeper, William Street.
Nelson, Robert, publican, Church Square.
Nettleton, the Misses, dress makers &c., High Street.
Nicholson, James, manufacturing agent for Hazelton & Sheppard, William Street.
Nicholson, Robert, publican, Church Square.
O'Brien, Edward, grocer and publican, Church Square.
O'Brien, Charles, publican, William Street.
Parkinson, E. J., lapper of linen and cambric goods on commission, Edward Street.
Paul & Co., woollen drapers, haberdashers, hosiers, hatters &c., Market Street.
Paul, Wentworth Wm., of Paul & Co., Market Street.
Pauley, John, manufacturing agent for Samuel McCullagh, High Street.
Pelan, John, builder, Union Street.
Pentland, Allen John, cambric handkerchief manufacturer, William Street.
Pentland, Wm., registrar of marriages, William Street.
Pickering & Richardson, Milltown Bleach Works.
Ridgeway, John, boot and shoe maker, Market Street.
Ritchie, Woods & Co., plain and ornamental stucco plasterers, North Street.
Roberts, Walter, linen lapper, High Street.
Robinson, John, painter and glazier, Market Street.
Robinson, James, painter and glazier, Church Square.
Rogers, Samuel, surgeon and apothecary, Market Street, residence, Hill Street.
Roney, John, chandler and soap boiler, William Street.
Ross, John, representative of the Lurgan Cambric Company, Glasgow, High Street.
Ross, Robert, linen yarn merchant, High Street.
Ross, Wm., publican, Market Street.
Ruddell, George, Market Street, also wine and spirit merchant and general grocer.
Ruddell, James, clerk of the Lurgan Union, Market Street.
Ruddell, Samuel, spirit grocer, Church Square.
Russell, George, provision dealer, William Street.
Russell, Dorah, milliner, Market Street.
Scott, John, grain merchant, North Street.
Shannon, Sandy, foreman of Armstrong & Co.'s steam saw mill.
Shaw, Wm., surgeon and apothecary, Market Street.
Smith, Alexander, grocer and publican, Church Square.
Smyth, Mrs., publican, Market Street.
Smyth, Wm., grocer, Market Street.
Stanley, T. D., publican, Market Street.
Starkey, Charles, saddler, Church Square.
Stevenson & Co., linen bleachers &c., Newforge Green, Magheralin.
Stewart, William, damask manufacturer, William Street.
Summerville, Jane, publican, Castle Lane.
Taaffe, (as in book), Wm., cabinet maker, Market Street.
Tate, Misses, dress makers and milliners, William Street.
Taylor, James, wholesale and retail grocer, wine and spirit merchant, Market Street.
Thompson, Thomas, reed maker, Church Square.
Thompson, J., reed maker, Church Square.
Toner, Bernard, woollen draper and haberdasher, Market Street.
Turkington, Wm., baker, High Street.
Uprichard, James, lawn manufacturer, Church Square.
Uprichard, Leonard, cambric manufacturer, High Street.
Vance, John, publican, Queen Street.
Waite, John, publican, Market Street.
Warren, John, parish sexton, Portadown Street.
Watson, Robert & Sons, cambric handkerchief and damask manufacturers, Flush.
Watson, Jas., grocer and hardware merchant, Market Street.
Wells, David, land steward to Lord Lurgan, Lake Street.
Wells, Matthew, cambric and linen manufacturer and pawn broker, Market Street.
Wilkinson, James, manager of the Ulster Railway Station, William Street.
Wilson, Joseph & Co., linen yarn merchants and manufacturers, Market Street.
Wilson, Joseph, of Joseph Wilson & Co., Derry Lodge.
Young, S. & Co., grocers, wine and spirit merchants, Market Street.
Yauges, Mrs., general refreshment rooms and restaurant, High Street.


Trains leave Lurgan daily for Belfast at 8.05, 10.15 12.27, 5.30, 8.20 and Belfast for Armagh, via Lurgan, 7, 8, 11, 1, 4.30, 9.30; the 7, 1, and 4.30 trains take passengers to Dublin.  On Sundays trains leave Lurgan for Belfast at 9.15, 5, and 7.50 and trains leave Belfast for Armagh, via Lurgan, 9, 3.30 and 7.15.

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