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1861 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Maghera   Magherafelt   Moira   Monaghan   Moneymore   Moy & Charlemont


Maghera, a market town in County Down, thirty six miles N. by W. from Belfast.  It consists of one long and spacious street, from which several smaller ones branch off, the houses, which are chiefly built of stone, and are modern buildings, have a respectable appearance.  Linen cloth is the staple trade.  Petty Sessions are held on alternate Saturdays, and a Manorial court monthly.  A constabulary station is in the town.  The market days are Tuesday and Friday, the latter for corn.  Fairs held on the last Tuesday of every month.  Maghera contained in 1851, 1,162 inhabitants.

Post-Office - M. Thompson, postmistress.  Letters from Dublin, the South of Ireland, and England, arrive every forenoon at 9.45, and are despatched every day at 3, mails also at 6.30 a.m., and 8.50 p.m.
Market and Sessions House.
Constabulary Station - John Grant, John McIntyre, head constables.
Sub Distributor of Stamps - Margaret Thompson.
Dispensary - Dr. Robert McD. Barr.
Parish Church - Rev. Jas. S. Knox, rector ; Rev. Hugh McMaster, curate.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Thomas Witherow, minister.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Revs. J. Donnelly, Patrick Hassan, and M. Conway, curates.
Parochial National School - H. Hewitt, teacher.
Maghera National School, Michael McKenna, teacher.
Female National School - Bessie Caldwell, teacher.
Milltown Male School - Mr. Boyd, teacher.

Clergy and Professional

Anderson, Wm., Blackhill.
Barr, Robert McD., M.D.
Brown, Wm., manager Ulster Bank.
Carson, Rev. Robert, Solitude.
Clarke, Alexander, Upperlands.
Clarke, James L., Lurgantocher.
Collins, Rev. Jas., Moninenea.
Devlin, Dr., surgeon.
Donnelly, Rev. Jas., Ballynock.
Hamilton, Rev. Richard, Killyleagh.
Hamilton, Rev. Mr., Kilcronoghan.
Henry, Alexander, solicitor.
Henry, James, surgeon.
Knox, Rev. Jas. Spencer, rector.
Mauleverer, B., Tanneymullan.
Montgomery, Rev. S. L., Ballynascreen.
Mooney, Rev. Daniel, Lavery.
McKenna, Rev. Jas., Termoneeny.
McNamee, Rev. James, Whitewater.
O'Loughlin, Rev. P., Ballynascreen.
Smith, Rev. Samuel, Sixtowns.
Torrens, Rev. Robert, Gortade.
Witherow, Rev. Thomas.

Traders &c.

Ballagh, John, linen manufacturer.
Barkley, James, woollen draper.
Begley, Bernard, nailer.
Brown, Hugh, shoe maker.
Cassidy, Hugh, coach builder.
Connor, John, carpenter.
Crockett, James, publican.
Clark, Messrs., linen manufacturers.
Clarke, John, shoe maker.
Clarke, Robert, shoe maker.
Clarke, Wm., linen manufacturer.
Connor, John, flax merchant.
Daly, Patrick, tailor.
Ferris, Daniel, haberdasher.
Greer, James, grocer.
Greer, James, whitesmith.
Gregg, James, carpenter.
Harkin, Mary, publican.
Henry, Mary, publican.
Henry, John, carpenter.
Hipson, Alexander, carpenter.

Irwine, James, tailor.
Kane, A. & M., dress makers.
Kane, Wm., painter.
Kennedy, Henry, tailor.
Kelly, Francis, publican.
Kelly, John, blacksmith.
Kerr, T. & M., grocers and hardware dealers.
Lagan, Michael, publican.
Lague, James, nailer.
Lytle, J., grocer and leather merchant.
Lytle, Jas., grocer and leather seller.
Lytle, Matthew, grocer and hardware dealer.
Malone, Bernard, blacksmith.
Marks, Jas., grocer and pawn broker.
Martha, George, shoe maker.
Mean, Hugh, carpenter.
Milling, Thomas, draper.
Miskelly, William, sewing agent.
Mitchell, John, shoe maker.
Mooney, Edward, Victoria Hotel.
Mullen, James, saddler.
McAfee, Rebecca, dress maker.
McClelland, James, baker.
McClelland, Jas., grocer and draper.
McCormick, Patrick, publican.
McElhone, Hugh carpenter.
McElhone, John, carpenter.
McEldowney, Patrick, reed maker.
McEneeny, John, baker.
McGuigan, John, shoe maker.
McGurk, John, shoe maker.
McGurk, T. & P., shoe makers.
McHenry, James, grocer and earthenware dealer.
McKanney, Hugh, provision dealer.
McKenna, Patrick, grocer.
McKenna, Matthew, publican.
McKeown, Thomas, watch maker.
McLaughlin, Hugh, blacksmith.
McLemon, John, baker.
McMullan, Catherine, bonnet maker.
McNamee, Patrick, publican.
O'Neill, Daniel, muslin agent.
O'Rorke, John, shoe maker.
Porter, James, nailer.
Porter, Sarah, dress maker.
Quinn, Patrick, publican.
Rainey, Sarah, bonnet maker.
Rickard, Patrick, hatter.
Richey, James.
Stewart, James, publican.
Stars, James, dealer in cutlery.
Swaney, Patrick, blacksmith.
Taylor, Jane, dress maker.
Wilson, Alexander, publican.
Wilson, Robert, mill wright.
Wilson, Wm., sawyer.
York, Henry, provision dealer.


To Castledawson, a mail car every day, leaving at 6.30 a.m. and returning at 9.40 a.m., again leaving at 3 p.m. and returning at 8.50 p.m.
Carriers - To Belfast, every Wednesday, Henry Dogherty and John McNichol.  To Coleraine, every Friday, J. Taylor.  To Londonderry, every Thursday, Robert Campbell.

                                       MAGHERAFELT                    back to top

Magherafelt, is a market town in County Derry, thirty five miles W.N.W. from Belfast, situated on the road from Coleraine to Dungannon.  It is a well built town, consisting of a spacious square, from which four streets radiate at the angles, and from these diverge smaller streets in various directions.  In the centre of the square stands the market house, the upper part contains apartments for transacting public business, and a bail room.  At the lower end of the town is the court-house, a convenient edifice, with a small bridewell attached.  The town is the property of the Salters' Company of London.  The linen manufacture employs a large proportion of the inhabitants.  Brewing, tanning and the general grain business, are branches extensively carried on, and in the retail drapery and a few other trades there are several well stored shops.  The Belfast Banking Company and the Northern Banking Company have each a branch in the town.  General Sessions of the peace are held in the court-house in January, April, July and October, as are detty (petty) sessions on the last Wednesday of each month.  The Parish church is a beautiful edifice, built in 1857, at a cost of 7,000, 4,000 of which was subscribed by the Salters' Company of London.  It is considered one of the handsomest churches in this part of the country.  The Presbyterian church has been erected at a cost of 3,000, 1,200 was subscribed by the Salters' Company of London.  It is situated at the top of Meeting Street, where a beautiful view is commanded of the town and surrounding country.  A very neat and comfortable manse has been erected for the minister, also a male and female school house.  The ground for erecting these buildings upon was given gratuitously by the Salters' Company.  The Wesleyan Methodists have a chapel in the town, and a short distance from it the Roman Catholics have a place of worship.  The charities comprise a dispensary and a union workhouse, and several schools for gratuitous education of both sexes, among these is Rainey's endowed school and apprenticeship fund.  The principal and general market is held on Thursday, and that for oats on Monday, and wheat on Wednesday.  The butter and linen market is held in Market Square, the pork, oats and wheat market in Charity Street, and potato market in Market Square, the flax market in Broad Street.  On the second Thursday in every month there is a large linen market, and extensive cattle markets of fairs are also held monthly.  The fairs are held on the last Thursday of every month.  The Parish of Magherafelt, in 1851, contained 6,592 inhabitants, and the town 1,390 of that number.

Post-Office, Broad Street - Joshua Adams, postmaster.
Parish Church - Rev. Charles King Irwin, rector.
Presbyterian Church, Meeting Street - Rev. Alexander Montgomery, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Church Street - Rev. Robert Collier, minister.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Millbrook - Rev. John Quinn, P.P.; Rev. Mr. Campbell, curate.
Charity school, Charity Street - Rev. Charles K. Irwin, governor ; Robert Bear, master.
Church Education Society's School, Church Street - Wm. Charters, master.
Church Education Society's School (girls), Church Street - Miss Cowan, mistress.
National School, Back Road - Mr. Trainor, master.
Constabulary Station, Diamond - J. Aldworth, sub inspector.
Court House and Bridewell, Broad Street - John Adams, keeper.
Dispensary - John S. Vesey, M.D.
Stamp Office, Charity Street - R. Sands & Sons, distributors.
Union Workhouse - Scott Lindsay, master ; Ann Lindsay, mistress ; John Steele, clerk to guardians.
Belfast Banking Company (branch), Charity Street - John Walker & Sons, managers.
Northern Banking Company - Messrs. Gaussen & Duncan, managers.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Ash, Thomas, Spotswood, Millbrook.
Auterson, Francis, surgeon and apothecary, Market Square.
Cassidy, Major F. P., J.P., Glenbrook.
Donnelly, Rev. E., P.P., Brackagh.
Duncan, James, Broad Street.
Gaussen, Campbell, J.P., Lakeview.
Gaussen, Wm., Lake Lodge.
Glenholme, Hugh, apothecary and surgeon, Charity Street.
Glover, J., attorney, Broad Street, and 9 Suffolk Street, Dublin.
Irwin, Rev. Charles King, rectory.
Lawrence, John, attorney, Broad Street & 4 Fitzgibbon Street, Dublin.
Montgomery, Rev. Alexander.
McGee, Rev. Mr., C.C., Brackagh.
McIntyre, Wm., Warwick Lodge.
O'Connor, Rev. Mr., Moravian Settlement, Gracefield.
Pomeroy, the Hon. and Rev. A. W., Dromore Glebe.
Quinn, Rev. John, P.P., Sandy Hill.
Quinn, Rev. Patrick, Ballygrubey.
Shannon, Wm., M.D., physician and surgeon, Broad Street.
Spotswood, Andrew, J.P., Millbrook.
Vesey, John, M.D., physician and surgeon, Railway View.
Walker, Hugh, Charity Street.
Walker, Wm., Charity Street.
Waring, Rev. Mr., Desertmartin.
Wilkie, James, surgeon and apothecary, Charity Street.
Wilson, Rev. James, Locumfer.

Traders &c.

Adams, Joshua, watch and clock maker, Broad Street.
Agnew, Jas., baker, Charity Street.
Allen, A., woollen draper, Charity Street.
Anderson, John, linen merchant and manufacturer, Drumrainey.
Averell, Joseph, blacksmith, Back Road.
Billsland, Mr., accountant Northern Bank, Broad Street.
Brown, George, Diamond.
Brown, Wm., provision merchant, Moneymore Pass.
Burnett, Mr., accountant.
Caldwell, L., publican, Charity Street.
Campbell, John, clothes dealer, Charity Street.
Cassidy, George, grocer, Church Street.
Clarke, Wm., baker, Pass Street.
Cochran, Robert, grocer, Charity Street.
Daley, Mrs., grocer and publican, Broad Street.
Derby, J., linen merchant, Aughrim.
Derby, Samuel, grocer, linen merchant and manufacturer, Broad Street.
Devlin, John, publican, Charity Street.
Devlin, Bernard, haberdasher &c., Church Street.
Ditty, Samuel, grocer, Market Square.
Donaghey, Mrs., grocer, Market Square.
Donnelly, Richard, grocer, publican &c., Church Street.
Donnelly, R., builder, Church Street.
Duncan, David, grocer, Ballyronan.
Duncan, James, registrar of marriages, Broad Street.
Duncan, John, publican, Pass Street.
Gaussen, David & Sons, ironmongers, timber, slate & coal merchants, Ballyronan.
Gaussen, David, wine merchant, Ballyronan.
Gaussen, Wm., grain merchant.

Graham, David & Sons, woollen drapers, silk mercers, Market Square.
Graham, John, woollen draper, Market Square.
Greer, John, blacksmith, Church Street.
Greer, John, jun., blacksmith, Church Street.
Harbinson, James, linen merchant and manufacturer, Pass Street.
Harbinson, James, publican, Moneymore Pass.
Harbinson, Jas., leather seller and leather merchant, Ballyheifer.
Hastings, the Misses, milliners, Charity Street.
Hastings, W., publican, Charity Street.
Hull, Mrs., Market Square.
Hugh, H., woollen draper &c., Charity Street.
Johnston, David, blacksmith, Charity Street.
Johnston, Hugh, boot and shoe maker, Back Road.
Johnston, John, publican, Market Square.
Johnston, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Charity Street.
Keenan, Margaret, milliner and dress maker.
Keilt, Neill, rag dealer, Meeting Street.
Kelly, David, coroner, Castledawson.
Kelly, Henry, Looney & Coolcamb, maltsters and brewers.
Knowles & Co., cabinet makers, Church Street.
Lowden, Patrick, butcher.
Matthew, Lytle, grocer and leather merchant.
Mackin, John, clothes dealer, Pass Street.
Mason, W., auctioneer, Market Street.
Miller, Jennings, boot and shoe maker, Church Street.
Mitchell, Alexander, grocer and linen merchant, Ballymaquiggan.
Morgan, John, clothes dealer, Charity Street.
Morrow, Jos., painter &c., Pass Street.
Mulholland, Hugh, boot and shoe maker, Charity Street.
McCollum, Wm., grocer, ironmonger, corn merchant, timber and coal dealer, and agent to the European Life Assurance Company, London, Market Square.
McFall, Archibald, master extraordinary Court of Chancery, Broad Street.
McFall, James, saddler and harness maker, Market Square.
McFall, Mrs., hotel and posting establishment, Broad Street.
McGannarty, Patrick, grain merchant.
McGeniarty, Patrick, publican, Moneymore Pass.
McGuickin, John, clerk, Church Street.
McKeever, M., linen merchant, Loop.
McKendry, David, Back Road.
McKendry, James, provision dealer, Hillhead.
McKenna, Charles, butter merchant, Meetinghouse Street.
McKenna, Margaret, haberdasher, Charity Street.
McKeown, Sarah, bonnet maker, Church Street.
McKeown, Thomas, butcher, Moneymore Pass.
McLernon, John, grocer, Diamond.
McLoughlin, John, carpenter, Drumrainey.
McNamee, John, grocer and publican, Charity Street.
McTeague, Thomas, provision dealer, Charity Street.
McVey, Neill, painter, Diamond.
McWilliams, John, publican, Moneymore Pass.
Nodwill, John, linen merchant and manufacturer, Ballyronan.
Peacock, Oliver, boot and shoe maker, Charity Street.
Pollock, James, Broad Street.
Pollock, John, relieving officer, Church Street.
Potts, Jane, milliner and dress maker, Castledawson.
Richardson, Lewis & Son, printers, Church Street.
Sands, Robert, ironmonger, leather seller, timber and coal dealer, and grocer, Charity Street.
Smyth, Mrs., clothes dealer, Charity Street.
Smyth, Wm., woollen draper, Pass Street.
Steele, Miss, boot and shoe maker, Diamond.
Stewart, George, grocer, Charity Street.
Stinton, D., carpenter, Meeting Street.
Stinton, Mary Ann, bonnet maker, Meeting Street.
Taylor, Thomas, clerk, Broad Street.
Thompson, Sarah, hotel, Charity Street.
Thompson, Wm., grocer and baker, Pass Street.
Tohill, Francis, butcher, Moneymore Pass.
Tohill, John, butcher, Moneymore Pass.
Walker, John, accountant.
Walker, John & Sons, bleachers, linen merchants and manufacturers and corn merchants, Charity Street.
Walsh, M., publican, Meeting Street.
Walsh, Mrs., publican, Broad Street.
Wilson, Hugh, grocer and corn merchant, Market Square.
Wilson, Mary, grocer and glass dealer, Market Square.
York, Thomas, carpenter and cart maker, Moneymore Pass.
York, Jas., pawn broker, Moneymore Pass.
Young, Robert, agriculturist to the Magherafelt Estate, Backwood.


A mail car to draperstown, on the arrival of the 8.13 a.m., train returning at 4.27 p.m., for the mail train to Belfast and Dublin.

                          MOIRA             back to top

Moira, anciently called Moirath, is a post town in County Down, situated on the road from Belfast to Armagh, and within half a mile of the Ulster Railway Station.  The town, though small, is clean and consists of one long spacious street, containing a handsome court-house.  Petty Sessions are held once each month on Wednesdays.  The church was erected at the joint expense of Sir John Rawdon and the Earl of Hillsborough, it is a large and handsome Gothic edifice, with a square tower, surmounted by a spire, and from its situation, above the town, forms a conspicuous and picturesque object in this well planted district.  Sir Robert Bateson, of Belvoir Park, Belfast, is now the owner of the Moira Estate.  Fairs, the first Thursdays in February, May, August and November.  The parish of Moira contained, in 1851, 4,147 inhabitants, and the town 823 of that number.

Post-Office and Money Order Office - Postmaster, David McDowell.  Letters delivered by postman every morning in the town at 8 o'clock.
Parish Church (St. John's) - Rev. W. H. Wynne, rector ; Rev. Mr. Hanna curate.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Samuel Graham, minister.
Methodist Chapel - Rev. J. Black, minister.
Unitarian Meeting House - Rev. Jas. Mulligan, Manse.
Petty Sessions held 1st Wednesday in every month - Magistrates, R. Waddel, James L. Douie and Charles Douglass ; Mr. Stanfield, clerk of petty sessions.
Constabulary Station - Thomas Wilson, sergeant.

Gentry &c.

Archer, James, Legmore.
Berwick, ? , Berwick Hall.
Connor, James, surgeon.
Douie, James L., J.P.,
Gorman, Stafford, Broom Mount.
Graham, Rev. Samuel.
Munro, Daniel, Drumbane.
Munro, John, Hunter's Hall.
McLeavey, George, Drumbane.
Waring, Thomas, Waringfield.
Wynne, Rev. W. H., Glebe House.

Traders &c.

Agnew, Wm. John., shop keeper and provision merchant.
Balance, William, lodging house keeper.
Boyd, James, letter carrier.
Brown, John, carpenter.
Brownlee, Miss, parochial female teacher.
Clarke, Brothers, smiths, plough makers &c.
Crooks, Joseph, weaver.
Crooks, Robert, weaver.
Crooks, Wm., summons server.
Doak, Samuel, butcher.
Downey, Henry, civil bill officer.
Ferguson, Andrew, carpenter.
Friers, Miss, dress maker.
Gore, Jas. & Sons, boot and shoe makers.
Gornell, Robert.
Hanna, John & Alexander, sawyers.
Hanna, Maria, lodging house keeper.
Harper, Samuel, stonemason.
Hendry, Matthew, boot and shoe maker.

Hewitt, James, nursery man, green grocer &c.
Hewiit, Misses, dress makers.
Hull, John, manufacturer, Gartnamony.
Kingham, Wm., weigh master.
Lavey, John, tailor.
Lavey, William, tailor.
Lewis, William & Thomas, tailors.
Lynas, John, butcher.
Mahan, Mrs., dress maker.
Martin, Joseph, carman.
Megarrell, James, shop keeper and manufacturer.
Mercer, Mrs., dress maker.
Mills, Miss, dress maker.
Miles, Robert, grocer, woollen draper, coal and timber merchant.
Murphy, John, Bateson Arms Hotel and ironmonger, provision dealer.
Murray, John, farmer.
McCann, John, boot and shoe maker.
McCartens, the Misses, lodging house keepers.
McClure, Holt, grocer and provision merchant.
McConnell, Thomas & James, boot and shoe makers.
McDowell, David, shop keeper and post master.
McGaghy, James,.
McGeown, James, publican.
McGivern, W., lodging house keeper.
McKeown, J., lodging house keeper.
McMullan, James, nailer.
McVeigh, Jane.
O'Mulvenny, Eleanor & Eliza, shirt makers.
Potter, Wm., saddler.
Rafferty, Peter John, parochial school teacher.
Simpson, Thomas, manufacturer.
Smart, Joseph, woollen draper.
Smyth, Eliza, publican.
Spence, Thomas, weaver.
Stuart, the Misses.
Toulerton, W., boot and shoe maker.
Turkington, Oliver, lodging house keeper.
Turtle, James, baker.
Ward, Wm. & James, nailers.
Wilson, Mrs., publican.


Post messenger or runner from Lurgan to Moira every morning at 7.45, arrives at Moira, and is despatched from Moira to Lurgan at 6.15 p.m.
Day mail to Belfast, Dublin and Hillsborough, and Kingstown packet despatched at 12.10 p.m., and arrives at 1.55 p.m.

                                MONAGHAN                     back to top

Monaghan,  is a market town and assize town of its county, forty three miles S.W. by W. from Belfast.  The town consists of one principal square, in the centre, called the Diamond, of another spacious area (in which is the market house), and of the three streets diverging from the principal square in a triangular direction.  The county court-house is a handsome modern building of hewn stone, containing spacious courts and all requisite county offices.  The county jail, situated at the Western extremity of the town, on an elevated site, is a strong building, and capable of having a classification of prisoners.  The county infirmary occupies also an elevated situation at the North East corner of the Shamble Square.  There is a fever hospital about a quarter of a mile from the town.  At the North entrance is a cavalry barrack, and contiguous to it is the union workhouse.  The government of the town is now vested in municipal commissioners.  There is a linen market here, but the principal trade is the exchange of general merchandise for the agricultural produce of the surrounding country.  The Belfast, Ulster and Provincial banks have branches here, there is also a savings; bank.  The Parish church, standing in the centre of the town, is a handsome structure, in the later English style of architecture, with a square tower surmounted by a spire, it was erected on the site of the old church in 1836, at the expense of nearly 6,000, the interior contains some handsome monuments and marble tablets.  There is a Presbyterian church in the Market Place, and the Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists have chapels in other parts of the town.  The Roman Catholic chapel adjoins the town.  There are some good public schools.  Petty Sessions court held on each Tuesday.  Quarter Sessions four times and assizes twice each year.  The market days are Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, the first for the usual articles of consumption, the two latter for corn.  Fairs, the first Monday in every month.  Population of the town in 1851, 3,383.

Post-Office, Diamond - R. F. Blakney, postmaster.
Constabulary Station, Glasslough Street - James Stewart, county inspector ; Charles McKelvey, sub inspector.
Court House, Church Square.
Excise Office, at the Westenra Arms Hotel, Diamond.
Stamp Office, Diamond - James G. Lewers, head distributor.
County Jail, Hill Street - Governor, John Temple ; local inspector and chaplain, Rev. H. Moffat ; Presbyterian chaplain, Rev. J. Bleckley ; Roman Catholic chaplain, Rev. P. Clifford, C.C.; physician and surgeon, J. S. McDowell.
Union Workhouse, Kilnacloy - Master Thomas Armstrong ; matron, Margaret Akins ; surgeon, Wm. Temple, M.D.; Episcopalian chaplain, Rev. Henry Moffat ; Presbyterian chaplain, Rev. J. Bleckley, A.M.; Roman Catholic chaplain, Rev. Peter Bermingham.
Infirmary - Surgeon, Andrew K. Young, M.D.
Fever Hospital - Treasurer, Thomas Little ; surgeon, William Temple, M.D.; apothecary, John L. Robinson.
Dispensary, Mill Street - William Temple, M.D., medical officer.
Ulster Canal Carrying Company - James Spiller, agent.
Banks - Belfast Banking Company, Dublin Street, ?  Reid, manager ; Provincial Bank of Ireland, North Street, Philip O'Donnel, manager ; Ulster Banking Company, R. G. warren, manager ; Savings' Bank, Hill Street, Henry Rogers, manager.
Parish Church, Church Square - Rev. Henry Moffat, A.M., rector ; Rev. E. J. Bury, curate.
Presbyterian Church, Meetinghouse Square - Rev. John Bleckley, A.M.
Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Market Street - ministers, various.
Methodist Chapel, New Road - ministers, various.
Roman Catholic Chapel.
Bible Society's Depository, Diamond - Richard Robinson.

Nobility and Gentry

Brownlow, ? , Ballyleck.
Coote, Thomas, D.L., Brandrum.
Evatt, S. R. B., D.L., J.P., Mount Louise.
Fawcett, John, Drumaconnor.
Hamilton, James, J.P., Cornacassa.
Hunter, J. H., head inspector of national schools.
Johnston, H. G., Fort Johnston.
Johnston, W. J., Brookvale.
Kennedy, William, district inspector of national schools.
Lloyd, Henry, J.P., Camla.
Lucas, Right Hon. Edward, Castleshane.
Mitchell, Henry, Drumreaske.
Montgomery, T., county treasurer.
Murray, Andre A., Newbliss.
McDowell, John S., Townview.
McKean, William, Drummore.
McKelvey, Charles, S.I.
Richardson, Captain John, J.P., Poplar Vale.
Rossmore, Lord, Rossmore Park.
Waddell, W. C., Lisnavane House.
Warren, R. G., Diamond.

Clergy and Professional

Bleckley, Rev. John, A.M., Corlat.
Burnell, Maurice, attorney for the diocese of Clogher.
Bury, Rev. E. G., curate.
Mitchell, John, proctor and deputy clerk of the peace, Hill Street.
Moffat, Rev. Henry, Glebe.
Mooney, Rev. T., Townview.
McNally, Right Rev. Dr., Roman Catholic Bishop of Clogher, Chapel House.
McDowell, John S., M.D., Townview.
Rankin, Rev. John, Drumcaw.
Temple, Wm., M.D., Hill Street.
Young, Andrew K., M.D., The Terrace.


Hamilton, James, Cornacassa.
Coote, Thomas, Brandrum.
Lloyd, Captain Jesse, Camla.
Mitchell, Henry, Drumrisk, High Sheriff.
Johnston, H. G., Fort Johnston.
Lucas, Right Hon. Edward, Castelshane.
Murray, A. A., Newbliss.
Goudy, John, Culmain.
Fawcett, John, Drumaconnor.
Rogers, Henry, Hill, Monaghan.
Lucas, Edward, jun., Castleshane.
Doyd, Henry, senior, Camla House.
Singleton, ? , Stipendiary, Glasslough Street, Monaghan.
Lucas, Wm., Raconnell.
Watson, Wm., Galina, quarter master to militia.
Mitchell, W., Raconnell, Sub Sheriff.
Ross, James M., Liscarney.

Traders &c.

Adams, Francis, woollen draper, Market Street.
Adams, Francis, miller, Mill Street.
Armour, William, baker, Market Street.
Baxter, John, watch and clock maker, Market Street.
Barry, Patrick, lodgings, Glasslough Street.
Bateson, Samuel, publican, Glasslough Street.
Beckingham, Charles, publican and leather seller, Park Street.
Bell, Ann J., dress maker, Glasslough Street.
Blacker, John, publican, Diamond.
Blackurn, Edward, publican, Dublin Street.
Bond, Elizabeth, publican, Dublin Street.
Boylan, John, shoe maker, Glasslough Street.
Brady, Thomas, wheel wright, Park Street.
Brady, Patrick, lodgings, Market Street.
Breakey, Humphry, haberdasher, Diamond.
Broughton, F., manager of Ulster Railway, Glasslough Street.
Burnside, Samuel, baker, Market Street.
Burton, Hugh, tailor, Glasslough Street.
Campbell, Joseph, Stag Hotel, Dublin Street.
Campbell, Michael, painter and glazier, Market Street.
Campbell, Alexander, shoe maker, Glasslough Street.
Carroll, Catherine, publican, Glasslough Street.
Carroll, Daniel, whitesmith, Mill Street.
Carbon, Patrick, cooper, Park Street.
Clarke, Richard, publican, Market Street.
Clarke, Peter, private lodgings, Dublin Street.
Collins, Thomas, shoe maker, Dublin Street.
Coote, Major, agency office, Glasslough Street.
Corr, James, lodgings, Park Street.
Corrigan, Mary, publican, Meetinghouse Square.
Courtney, Misses, dress makers, Hill Street.
Corrigan, Bernard, lodgings, Market Street.
Coyle, Peter, tailor, Glasslough Street.
Crawford, Thomas, publican, Glasslough Street.
Creighton, Terence, butcher, Glasslough Street.
Crofton, Captain, militia officer, Hill Street.
Croarken, Catherine, provision store, Park Street.
Currens, Misses, Westenra Arms Hotel, Diamond.
Dawson, Catherine, grocer, Dublin Street.
Deighan, Peter, publican, Diamond.
Devlin, James, lodgings, Glasslough Street.
Donnelly, Edward, woollen draper, Church Square.
Duffy, William, nail maker, Market Street.
Duffy, Bartholomew, merchant, Dublin Street.
Duffy, John, lodgings, Dublin Street.
Duffy, J., carpenter, Glasslough Street.
Duffy, Ellen, lodgings, Market Street.
Dunlop, David, carpenter, Dublin Street.
Eakin, James, chandler, Glasslough Street.
Earls, Thomas & Co., wholesale spirit store, Diamond.
Edwards, John, railway contractor, North Street.
Evans, Matthew, publican, Dublin Street.
Fanning, John, publican, Market Street.
Ferris & Haslett, grocers, Diamond.
Fisher, Elizabeth, dyer, Dublin Street.
Fleming, Francis, grocer, Dublin Street.
Fleming, Richard, haberdasher, Diamond.
Fleming, Jonathan, coach factory, Glasslough Street.
Fleming, Mrs., private lodgings, Hill Street.
Fleming, Thomas, land agent, Mill Street.
Flood, Thomas, coach painter, Glasslough Street.
Forsyth, Sarah, dress maker, Market Street.
Gillespie, Charles, butter merchant, Church Square.
Gorman, Elizabeth, lodgings, Dublin Street.
Goudy, Robert, publican, Dublin Street.
Good, Francis, private lodgings, Dublin Street.
Gormly, Patrick, marine store, Market Street.
Graham, Robert, ironmonger.
Graham, Joseph, publican, Park Street.
Greenan, J., gardener, Glasslough Street.
Grimes, John, tailor, Glasslough Street.
Hasty, William, publican, Park Street.
Heasty. John, grocer, Dublin Street.
Heasty, Jas., grocer &c., Dublin Street.
Hagan, Catherine, grocer, Glasslough Street.
Hagan, Thomas, carpenter, Glasslough Street.
Harrison, Edward, tinsmith, Market Street.
Harvey, J., private lodgings, North Street.
Henesy, Wm., cabinet maker, Diamond.
Hillock, Ellen, lodgings, Glasslough Street.
Hollis, Robert, painter and glazier, Glasslough Street.
Holmes, John, proprietor, Northern Standard, printer and auctioneer, Mill Street.
Houston, Henry, publican, Dublin Street.
Hughes, Michael, boot and shoe maker, Glasslough Street.
Hughes, Philip, baker, Dublin Street.
Hughes, Patrick, publican and grocer, Market Street.
Humphreys, Wm., woollen draper, Diamond.
Irwin, John, publican, Market Street.
Jackson, Sarah, upholstress, Glasslough Street.
Jebb, John, publican, Glasslough Street.
Jebb, William, attorney, Mill Street.
Johnston, Henry, agency office, Glasslough Street.
Kearns, Thomas, publican, Diamond.
Keating, Michael, lodgings, Park Street.
Keeling, Michael, registry office, Glasslough Street.

Keiran, Philip, grocer, Park Street.
Kelly, Patrick, baker, Dublin Street.
Kelly, Henry, tailor, Glasslough Street.
Kelly, Elizabeth, publican, Market Street.
Kelly, James, publican, Mill Street.
Kennedy, E. A., milliner, Dublin Street.
Ker, Andrew A. Murray, agency office, Dublin Street.
Kernaghan, Thomas, grocer, Glasslough Street.
Kerr, Henry, cabinet maker, Glasslough Street.
Kiernan, Philip, blacksmith, New Road.
King, Catherine, private lodgings, Diamond.
King, Matthew, baker, Dublin Street.
Kisby, Mrs., lodgings, Market Street.
Lennon, Henry P., grocer, Mill Street.
Leslie, Isaiah, publican, Market Street.
Lewers, James, grocer and ironmonger, Diamond.
Lochead, James, nail maker, Glasslough Street.
Loughran, John, boot and shoe shop, Dublin Street.
Macklin, John, butcher, Dublin Street.
Maguire, Patrick, blacksmith, Park Street.
Maguire, John, butcher, Dublin Street.
Malone, Bernard, publican, Park Street.
Manning, Charles, excise officer, Hill Street.
Martin, Matilda, bonnet maker, Park Street.
Mason, James, land agent, Mill Street.
Meighan, Arthur, barber, Dublin Street.
Miller, Thomas, tailor, Glasslough Street.
Milligan, Edward, grocer and leather dealer, Market Street.
Mitchell, Robert, saddler, Glasslough Street.
Mitchell, Jas., woollen draper, Diamond.
Mitchell, John, deputy clerk of the peace, Hill Street.
Mitchell, Thomas, grocer, Glasslough Street.
Mitchell, W., grocer, Glasslough Street.
Mitchell, Richard, attorney, North Street.
Monaghan, James, lodgings, Glasslough Street.
Montgomery, Mary, grocer, Glasslough Street.
Moyne, J., woollen draper, Church Street.
Mullen, Catherine, lodgings, Park Street.
Mullen, Francis, corn dealer, Hill Street.
Mullen, James, cow dealer, Park Street.
Mulligan, W., boot and shoe maker, Park Street.
Murdock, Ann, earthenware dealer, Glasslough Street.
Murdock, Samuel, grocer and leather dealer, Glasslough Street.
Murdoch, Jane, grocer, Dublin Street.
Murdoch, Samuel, baker, Glasslough Street.
Murdoch, Jane, glass and china warehouse, Glasslough Street.
Murphy, Matthew, tin worker, Dublin Street.
Murphy, Bernard, baker, Dublin Street.
Murphy, Owen, publican, Glasslough Street.
Murphy, John, tailor, Glasslough Street.
Murray, John, chandler, Dublin Street.
Murray, James, attorney's clerk, Mill Street.
McAdam, Matthew, boot and shoe maker, Glasslough Street.
McArdle, Wm., post cars, Dublin Street.
McArdle, Henry, nail maker, Glasslough Street.
McCaffrey, Edward, baker, Dublin Street.
McCarron, Hugh, lodgings, Park Street.
McCarron, John, publican, Meetinghouse Square.
McCarren, Wm., pawn broker, Meetinghouse Square.
McCarren, Patrick, provision store, Park Street.
McCarron, John, baker, Glasslough Street.
McClean, Wm., carpenter, Park Street.
McCleery, Francis, publican, Dublin Street.
McCleery, Patrick, boot and shoe maker, Park Street.
McClelland, Samuel, publican, Glasslough Street.
McConnell, William, carpenter, Park Street.
McCormick, John, shoe maker, Glasslough Street.
McCormick, Edward, baker, Dublin Street.
McCoy & Peter, tinplate workers, plumbers and brass founders, Dublin Street.
McCormick, John, blacksmith, Glasslough Street.
McCourt, John, lodgings, Glasslough Street.
McCullough, Peter, grocer, publican, ironmonger, Market Street.
McCoy, T., flax dealer, Market Street.
McCready, Bernard, leather store, Market Street.
McDonnell, Jas., lodgings, Market Street.
McEnally, Bernard, publican, Market Street.
McEnally, Owen, meal store, Park Street.
McEnally, Arthur, publican, Glasslough Street.
McEntee, Francis, blacksmith, Park Street.
McEntee, James, grocer, Church Square.
McEneny, George, butcher, Glasslough Street.
McEneny, Edward, lodging, Mill Street.
McFadden, Francis, butcher, Dublin Street.
McGeough, Bernard, cabinet maker, Diamond.
McGinnis, James, flax dresser, Market Square.
McGinnis, Wm., flax dresser, Market Square.
McGinnis, Wm., publican, Market Street.
McGinniss, Terence, lodgings, Park Street.
McGlone, Robert, carpenter and turner, Meetinghouse Square.
McGloghlin, John, butcher, Dublin Street.
McGuire, George, butcher, Dublin Street.
McGuirk, Patrick, board and lodging, Church Square.
McKelvey, Charles, sub inspector of police, Hill Street.
McKenna, Bernard, baker, Dublin Street.
McKenna, Edward, baker, Dublin Street.
McKenna, Francis, baker, Glasslough Street.
McKenna, John, publican, Glasslough Street.
McKenna, Jas., grocer, Market Street.
McKeown, Wm., post cars, Glasslough Street.
McKnight, Thomas, woollen draper, Diamond.
McPhillips, Peter, innkeeper, Westenra Arms Hotel, Diamond.
McMahon, Catherine, publican, Church Square.
McNally, B., publican, Market Street.
McQuaid, Francis, tailor, Dublin Street.
McQuade, Henry, glass and china warehouse, Glasslough Street,
Nunn, Jeremiah, attorney, Mill Street.
Owens, John, lodgings, Oak Street.
O'Hanlon, John, grocer and publican, Diamond.
O'Neill, John, boot and shoe maker, Glasslough Street.
Rafferty, Patrick, publican, Park Street.
Reilly, John, attorney, Hill Street.
Reilly, Joseph, tailor, Glasslough Street.
Reilly, Michael, shoe maker, Glasslough Street.
Rice, James, posting establishment, Market Street.
Robinson, Richard, printer and book seller, Diamond.
Robinson, John L., apothecary, Diamond.
Rodgers, Henry, land agent, Hill Street.
Rodgers, Henry, Life Assurance Office, Hill Street.
Rule, Alexander, meal store, Glasslough Street.
Russell, John, haberdasher, Diamond.
Rush, Matthew G., surgeon, Church Square.
Ryan, Patrick, whitesmith, Glasslough Street.
Semple, William, M.D., Hill Street.
Shaw, Thomas, blacksmith, Rooskey.
Shaw, Isabella, stay maker, Glasslough Street.
Shiels, John, publican, Market Street.
Sherry, Patrick, publican, Park Street.
Sherry, Michael, lodgings, Mill Street.
Skelton, Richard, gunsmith, Market Square.
Slowey, Bernard, baker, Market Street.
Slowey, Charles, baker, Market Street.
Slowey, Bridget, baker, Market Street.
Smith, Thomas, baker, Park Street.
Smyth, William, publican, Glasslough Street.
Smyth, Vincent, land surveyor, Mill Street.
Spiller, James, agent for Ulster Canal Carrying Company and Black Ball Line Steamers to Melbourne.
Soraghan, Felix, publican, Park Street.
Stewart, John, carpenter, Jail Hill.
Sturgeon, Robert, hardware and seed merchant, Market Street.
Swan & Blakely, haberdashers, Diamond.
Taggart, Edward, blacksmith, Park Street.
Thompson, Jane, milliner, Dublin Street.
Thompson, Robert, saddler, Market Street.
Todd, Elizabeth, milliner, Glasslough Street.
Treanor, John, car owner, Dublin Street.
Treanor, Edward, post cars, Dublin Street.
Treanor, Jas., publican, Church Square.
Treanor, Charles, slater, Park Street.
Treanor, Ellen, lodgings, Mill Street.
Turtle, Isabella, confectioner, Diamond.
Vallely, Ellen, milliner, Market Street.
Wallace, Samuel, saddler, Market Street.
Warner, John, glass and china warehouse, Church Square.
Warners, Misses, boarding school, North Street.
Watkins, James, meal and flour store, Market Street.
Watkin, Jas., woollen draper, Market Street.
Whittle, Robert, pawn broker, Diamond.
Whitla, Robert, pawn broker, Diamond.
Whitla, Robert, pawn broker, Dublin Street.
Wilson, John, grocer, Dublin Street.
Wilson, Mary, publican, Dublin Street.
Wilson, Thomas, nailer, Mill Street.
Wilson, Talbot, & Co., woollen drapers, Diamond.
Wilson, Robert, saddler, Park Street.
Woods, John, clothes broker and hosier, Dublin Street.
Woods, John, baker, Market Street.
Woods, John, baker, Dublin Street.
Woods, John, grocer, Dublin Street.
Wright, Thomas, attorney, Hill Street.
Wright, Joseph, attorney, Mill Street.
Wright, James, publican, Market Street.
Wright, Joseph C., agency office, Glasslough Street.
Young, Andrew K., surgeon, Hill Street.


To Dublin, by the conveyance to Monaghan Road Station, and thence by railway.  To Armagh, by car, at 5 p.m.  To Belfast, at 12.25 p.m.  To Dublin, at 12.25.  To Londonderry, at 12.20.  To Enniskillen, at 12.45.  To Clones, at 2 p.m.  To Omagh, at 1.50.  By water - To Belfast, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning.  To Belturbet, every Tuesday morning.  To Clones, every Thursday morning.  To Enniskillen, every Friday evening.  To Newry, Middleton, Caledon, Charlemont and Blackwatertown, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning.
Carriers - To Dublin, Thomas Brannigan and W. Hughes, once a week.

                                  MONEYMORE                   back to top

Moneymore, is a market town in County Derry, 32 Irish miles W.N.W. from Belfast.  The town and a large tract of the adjacent country are the property of the Drapers' Company, London, who have greatly improved the town and district.  Petty sessions are held on the first Tuesday in each month.  The whole estate belonging to the Company comprises sixty four townlands.  The Parish church of Desertlyn, in the town, is a very elegant structure, in the Norman style, erected in 1832, at an expense of 6,000, wholly defrayed by the Drapers' Company.  The Drapers' Company also built at their expense the Rev. Dr. Barnett's Presbyterian House, at a cost of 4,000, and subscribed liberally to the building of the Rev. Robert Sinclair's Presbyterian church.  Since the estate came into their possession, they have expended 50,000 in the improvement of the town of Moneymore alone, exclusive of about 100,000 upon other portions of the property.  The weekly market is held on Friday, and there is a general  market or fair on the 21st of each month.  Population in 1851, 781.

Post-Office, High Street - Jane Richey, postmistress.
Stamp-Office - Jane Richey, distributor.
Belfast Banking Company - Rowley and J. R. Miller, managers ; Jas. Moran, accountant.
Parish Church - Hon. and Rev. J. P. Hewitt, rector.
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. John Barnett, D.D., minister.
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. Robert Sinclair, minister.
Primitive Methodist Church - Ministers, various.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Patrick Quin, P.P.
Church Education Society's Male School - Robert Whittaker, teacher ; Female School, Miss Galway.
Drapers' Company's Male School - Andrew Harton, teacher ; Female School, Mrs. Whittaker ; Infant School, Miss Mary Carmichael.
Deaf and Dumb School - Miss Wright, Windsor Cottage.
Alliance Life and Fire Insurance office - Rowley and J. R. Miller, agents.
Agriculturist Insurance Company - David Allen, agent.

Nobility and Gentry.

Conyngham, Lieutenant Colonel, Londonderry Militia, Springhill.
Mailard, Miss, Desertlyn Cottage.
Miller, John R., J.P., Moneymore.
Miller, Miss Mary Ann, Moneymore.
Miller, Major Rowley, J.P., D.L., Londonderry Militia, Moneymore.
Miller, Henry R., Lieutenant, Londonderry Militia, Moneymore.
McCorry, Miss Alice, Springvale.
Newton, Robert, Coagh.
Newton, Mrs., Coagh.
Patchell, John, M.D., R.N., Burbuoy Cottage.
Smith, Mrs. Frances, Desertlyn Cottage.
Stirling, Captain G., Moneymore.
Wright, Mrs. Gertrude, Windsor Cottage.

Clergy and Professional

Bailie, Rev. K., D.D., Ardtrea Glebe.
Barnett, Rev. John, D.D., Moneymore.
Blair, Bryce, M.D., attendant Coagh Dispensary.
Greatorex, Rev. Thomas, curate, Moneymore.
Heron, Rev. Thomas, Springbank.
Hewitt, Hon. and Rev. J. P., rector, Crossnarea.
Holmes, Rev. Robert, Fairview, Coagh.
Jackson, Rev. John J., Ballinderry Glebe, Coagh.
Jones, Rev. J., curate, Ardtrea.
Maxwell, Zachariah, surgeon attendant at the Drapers' and Union Dispensary, Moneymore.
McKee, Rev. John, Violet Hill.
Otterson, M., surgeon, Moneymore.
Quin, Rev. Patrick, P.P., Moneymore.
Sinclair, Rev. Robert, Rushfield.
Twigg, Rev. S., Tamlaght Glebe.
Wilson, Rev. James, Lecumpher.
Weaney, Rev. J., C.C., Moneymore.

Traders &c.

Agnew, Alexander, painter and glazier.
Agnew, Lindsay, butcher.
Allen, David, agricultural implement manufacturer.
Allen, Thomas, blacksmith.
Anderson, James, teacher, Coltrim.
Anderson, Samuel J., grocer and hardware merchant.
Boyle, James, corn miller.
Boyle, Margaret, grocer.
Brooks, James, tailor.
Brown, Robert, grocer and linen manufacturer, Moneyhaw.
Burkett, Richard, spirit dealer.

Butler, Edward, station master.
Caldwell, Wm., woollen draper.
Campbell, James, woollen draper.
Campbell, John, shoe maker.
Campbell, Margaret, grocer and haberdasher.
Carleton, John, spirit dealer.
Collins, Wm., provision dealer.
Diver, Joseph, petty sessions clerk and emigration agent.
Duncan, D., clerk in Drapers' office.
Ekin, Samuel, linen manufacturer, Ballindrum.
Fields, Alexander, slater and stucco plasterer.
Galway, Miss, dress maker,
Gibson, Joseph, spirit dealer.
Gibson, Samuel, spirit dealer.
Graham, James, horse shoer.
Hamilton, Brown, reed maker.
Harbison, M., linen manufacturer.
Harbison, William, wine and spirit merchant.
Harris, Miss, dress maker.
Hodder, Robert, forester and agriculturist to the Drapers' Company.
Hutchison, Wm., Farmers' Hotel.
Loughry, John, cabinet maker.
Lowry, James, Drapers' School teacher, Cranny.
Marshall, James, carpenter.
Maxwell, Arthur, joiner and builder.
Maxwell, James, carpenter.
Mulholland, James, butcher.
McCleery, George, grocer.
McCorry, R., Drapers' Arms Hotel.
McCullagh, Sloan, baker and grocer.
McCullough, Kennedy, grocer and general merchant.
McGee, Daniel, builder and grocer.
McGee, James, spirit dealer.
McGeown, James, railway porter.
McGovern, James, provision dealer.
McGowan, Samuel, grocer.
McIver, William, carpenter.
McKee, Eliza, grocer, Moneyhaw.
McKee, James, National School teacher, Ballindrum.
McKeever, Michael, linen manufacturer, Ballygurk.
McKinney, James, mason.
McLaughlin, Samuel, tailor and sexton.
O'Neill, David, shoe maker.
O'Neill, Francis, shoe maker.
O'Neill, Thomas, boot and shoe maker.
Otterson, Samuel, publican.
Park, David, shoe maker.
Paul, Mrs. Inniscairn, female teacher, Drapers' School.
Peirce, Benjamin, grocer and news agent.
Rankin, Robert, boot maker.
Reed, William, shoe maker.
Richey, Jane, grocer.
Scott, John, grocer, ironmonger, seed merchant and woollen draper.
Sloan, Thomas, linen manufacturer, Ballydawley.
Sterret, Margaret, mantua maker.
Stevenson, John, land steward.
Taylor, William, carpenter.
Thompson, William George, linen merchant, Ballydawley.
Watson, Richard, land steward.
Wilkinson, George, grocer.
Wilson, Archibald, carpenter and mill wright.


A mail train to Cookstown arrives here at 8.20 and leaves Cookstown at 4.20 p.m. every day.
Trains arrive from Belfast at 8.28 a.m., 12.25 p.m., and 7.41, arrive from Cookstown at 9.12 a.m., 4.19 p.m. and 5.45.

                            MOY AND CHARLEMONT             back to top

Moy, is a small market town in County Tyrone, forty nine miles S.W. from Belfast, situated on the River Blackwater, on the road from Armagh to Dungannon.  It was designed, in the year 1764, by the late Earl of Charlemont, the proprietor, after the plan of Marengo, in Italy.  Two quays on the river were erected by the Charlemont family, with extensive stores, and the Blackwater being navigable from Lough Neagh for lighters of sixty tons burthen, an immediate communication is formed with Belfast and Newry by the Lagan and Newry Canals, and with Lough Erne by the Ulster Canal.  A handsome market place, with court house and news room, was erected by the Earl of Charlemont in 1828.  Petty sessions are held every Monday fortnight.  A constabulary barrack adjoins the market place.  In the immediate neighbourhood of the town and of Charlemont are several extensive linen manufactories.  The church is in the early English style, with a handsome square tower.  There are places of worship for Presbyterians, Independents and Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists.  The Roman Catholic chapel has a Doric front.  On an adjacent hill is Roxborough House, the beautiful residence of Lord Charlemont, originally commenced in 1774, by his uncle, the Hon. Francis Caulfield.  The fine plantations, tastefully laid out grounds, and elegant entrance, greatly enhance the general appearance of the town, while a handsome tower to the East is a picturesque feature in its beauty.  On the first Friday of every month is held one of the best attended horse fairs in the North of Ireland.  Population in 1851, 833.

Charlemont, a market and garrison town in County Armagh, divided from Moy by the Blackwater River, over which is a neat stone bridge of five arches, built about 1706, and rebuilt in 1858 by the two counties, Tyrone and Armagh, and is a perfect model in style and architecture, and adds considerably to the two towns it unites together, as well as to the magnificent entrance of the Earl of Charlemont, which it immediately adjoins.  The castle (built in 1602) is now the ordnance depot for the North of Ireland.  The town participates with Moy in the linen manufacture.  A new church was erected in 1833, on ground given by Lord Charlemont, it is a handsome structure, resembling in front one of the grand altars of York Minster.  The celebrated and pious John Wesley frequently preached in Charlemont, and occasionally in the fort.

Post-Office, Charlemont Square, Moy - Joseph Patterson, postmaster.  Letters from Dublin, the South of Ireland, England and Scotland, arrive every morning at 2.40, and are despatched every evening at 9.50.  Letters from Coleraine arrive every evening at 9.50, and are despatched every evening at 2.40, a second Dublin and Belfast mail despatched every morning at 10.50, and arrives every evening at 1.30 from England, Scotland and Dublin.
Constabulary Station, Charlemont Square - Jas. Woods, head constable.
Charcoal Manufactory, Maghery - Francis Dubourdieu, C.E., Innismore Cottage.
Episcopal Church, Moy - Rev. Richard Wrightson, curate.
Episcopal Church, Charlemont - Rev. Abraham Nixon, curate.
Presbyterian Church, Moy - Rev. Thomas Johnston, minister.
Independent Chapel, Moy - Rev. E. Tocock.
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Moy - Ministers, various.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Moy - Ministers, various.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Moy - Rev. Michael Coyne, P.P.; Rev. F. O. Tool, curate.
Church Society School, Moy - Rodger McClean, master.
Church Education Parochial School - Mr. Rice, master.
Church Infant School, Charlemont Square - Miss Trimmitt, mistress.
Chapel National School, Benburb Street - P. Keirns, master.
News Room, Charlemont Square - James Sloan, treasurer.

Nobility and Gentry

Bond, Walter M., J.P., Argory.
Charlemont, Earl of, Roxborough.
Eyre, John, J.P., Moydown.
Goodlate, D. R., Salem Lodge.
Greer, Misses, Fortview.
Hamilton, Thomas, J.P., Grange House.
Harper, Thomas H., Gorestown.
Jackson, James E., J.P., Tullydory.
Lawson, Mrs. Elizabeth, Charlemont.
Lloyd, Jackson, Brookfield.
Lloyd, Richard, Tamnamore.
Molesworth, Mrs., Harriett.
McClelland, Mrs. Mary.
McCreight, A. W.
Oaks, H. H.
Olpherts, Wm., J.P., Dartry Lodge.
Rawlings, Mrs. Frances.
Richardson, Jas. G., Trew Cottage.
Verner, Sir Wm., M.P., Churchhill.
Verner, William, J.P., Churchhill.

Clergy and Professional

Coyne, Rev. Michael.
Disney, Rev. Jas., Killyman Glebe.
Dubourdieu, Francis, C.E., Innismore Cottage, Maghery.
Hall, Rev. A. L., curate.
Hanson, Rev. W.
Johnston, Rev. Thomas.
Montgomery, Rev. Jas., Benburb.
Nixon, Rev. Abraham.
Stevenson, Rev. Joseph, Clonfeacle Glebe.
Tocock, Rev. Edward.
Wrightson, Rev. Richard.

Traders &c.

Alderdice, David, grocer, haberdasher &c., Charlemont.
Aken, Jackson, publican.
Barns, Dr., druggist, Charlemont.
Barry, Robert, carpenter, Charlemont Street.
Barry, Robert, grocer, haberdasher, corn merchant, Charlemont Street.
Best, James, Charlemont Square.
Biars, Jackson, merchant, Charlemont.
Blevins, Thomas, publican, Charlemont.
Boyle, Bernard, haberdasher, Charlemont.
Bowser, Adam, Laurelvale.
Brown, Joseph, tailor, Killyman Street.
Carlisle, James, carpenter, Dungannon Street.
Carson, Robert, boot and shoe maker and letter carrier, Dungannon Street.
Clarke, Robert, grocer, linen manufacturer, linen and woollen draper, Charlemont.
Corrigan, Robert, linen manufacturer, Moss Spring.
Corrigan, Samuel, linen manufacturer, Fairdown.
Cross, Samuel, linen manufacturer, Killyman.
Daly, Bernard, publican, Dungannon Street.
Davidson, Ann, straw bonnet maker, Benburb Street.
Dilling, John, spirit and bacon store.
Dobson, John, grocer and chandler, Killyman Street.
Ferguson, Joseph, saddler.
Forrest, Wm., Hotel, Charlemont Square.
Fulton, Andrew, linen manufacturer, Drummond.
Gray, G. M., pawn broker, Charlemont Square.

Grimason, Thomas, tailor, Charlemont.
Hagan, Thomas, publican, Charlemont.
Hazelton, Dawson, linen manufacturer, Killyman.
Heather, John, saddler, Charlemont.
Henderson, George, barber, Charlemont Square.
Henry, James, blacksmith, Charlemont.
Hobson, W., haberdasher and merchant, Killyman Street.
Hughes, Neill, tailor, Charlemont Street.
Hughes, Peter, builder, Charlemont.
Hughes, Thomas, publican, Charlemont Street.
Hughes, Cecilia, grocer, Charlemont.
Johnston, Margaret, leather seller, linen yarn buyer, ironmonger, grocer, linen and woollen draper, Killyman Street.
Joyce, Francis W., publican, Charlemont Square.
Kearney, Patrick, publican, Charlemont.
Kerr, John, grocery and tin warehouse, Charlemont.
Kilpatrick, William, mason, Charlemont.
Kingsmill, John, blacksmith, Charlemont Street.
Lavery, Marriott, boot and shoe maker, Charlemont Street.
Lowry, Jane, publican, Charlemont Square.
Lutton, Joshua, publican and horse dealer, Charlemont Square.
Mackey, Mr., grocer and hosier, Charlemont.
Maize, Thomas, grocer.
Menagh, Simon, boot and shoe maker, Charlemont Square.
Menagh, John, crane master and sexton of Church, Killyman Street.
Mooney, Edward B.
Moore, Wm., shoe maker, Charlemont.
Moore, William, book seller, Charlemont.
Moreland, Eliza, grocer, Charlemont.
Murphy, John, butcher, Killyman Street.
McAnespy, Owen, publican, Charlemont.
McCall, James, tailor, Charlemont.
McClinton, Samuel, linen yarn buyer, linen and woollendraper, grocer, Charlemont Street.
McDonnell, Nicholas, grocer, Charlemont.
McDowell, William, grocer and tin warehouse, Killyman Street.
McKell, Samuel, leather seller, baker and grocer, Charlemont Street.
McKell, Thomas, grocer, baker and chandler, Dungannon Street.
McKenna, Francis, carpenter, Killyman Street.
McKeown, William, corn merchant, Dungannon Street.
McKinnely, John, boot and shoe maker, Charlemont Street.
McMullin, John, blacksmith, Charlemont Street.
McNeice, Thomas, carpenter, Killyman Street.
McNeice, Felix, linen manufacturer, Listamnet.
Nelson, John, blacksmith, Killyman Street.
Orr, James, publican, Charlemont.
O'Neill, Daniel, turner, publican, grocer, Killyman Street.
O'Neill, Hugh & Felix, linen manufacturers, Killyman.
Patterson, Joseph, baker, grocer, postmaster, linen yarn and woollen draper, corn merchant &c., Charlemont Square.
Peebles, Nathaniel, shoe maker and publican, Charlemont Street.
Quinn, John, blacksmith, Charlemont Square.
Reid, Mary, haberdasher, Charlemont Square.
Robinson, Richard, linen manufacturer, Killyman.
Rolston, Brown, linen manufacturer, Aughinlig.
Sheils, John, boot and shoe maker, Charlemont Square.
Sheppard, John, reed maker, Charlemont Street.
Short, Jane, haberdasher, milliner, dress maker, Charlemont Square.
Sinclair, Simon, linen manufacturer, Kinnery.
Sloan, Jas., grocer, linen and woollen draper, ironmonger and ship owner, Charlemont Street.
Tinneson, ? , nailer, Charlemont.
Tole, Henry, nailer and whitesmith, Killyman Street.
Tomney, J., publican, Killyman Street.
Venables, Mrs., dress maker, Charlemont Street.
Warburton, P., publican, Charlemont.
Watson, Richard, wood turner, Killyman Street.
Watson, Wm., grocer and mason, Charlemont.
Waugh, Mrs., grocer.
Weir, Armour, boot and shoe maker, Brick Row.
Weir, Edward, confectioner, Charlemont.
Wright, John, reed maker, Dungannon Street.
Young, Francis, grocer, Charlemont.

>>>> In the foregoing list Charlemont is printed after the names of its residents; the remainder all belong to Moy.  Charlemont Square and Charlemont Street are in Moy.


To Dublin, the royal mail, from Dungannon every evening, at 8.50.  Dungannon, every morning, at 7.  Mail from Dublin, every morning, at 2.40.  Railway open from Portadown to Dungannon, stopping at Trew station, Moy, being two miles from the latter, at which station a car from the Hotel, Moy, attends the trains to accommodate passengers travelling to and from Moy.
By Canal, The Ulster Canal Steam Carrying Company, Charlemont Street, Andrew Marshall, manager.  Goods forwarded to and from Belfast and Newry, and the following places:- Blackwatertown, Caledon,
Charlemont, Clones, Enniskillen, Lisnaskea, Monaghan, Moy, Portadown, Templetate and Wattlebridge, twice a week.

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