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1861 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Omagh, is the capital of Tyrone, a distinction which it has enjoyed since the year 1768.  It is situated one hundred and nine English miles N.N.W. from Dublin, eighty seven W. from Belfast, thirty four S. from Londonderry, and is the principal station of the Londonderry and Enniskillen Railway.  There are ten principal streets, besides a number of smaller ones.  High Street, formerly called the Main Street, is particularly note worthy, being well built and spacious, and being on a rising ground with the county court house, a fine building with four Doric columns, standing at the head of the street, the effect is very imposing.  The town is lighted with gas, a gas company having been formed in 1850.  The public lighting, cleansing &c., is managed by town commissioners appointed under the Act 9th George 4, cap. 82.  The market day is Saturday in each week, and a monthly fair is held on the first Tuesday in each month.  The population of Omagh at the last census was 3,650, but the town has improved so much since then that the population may now be estimated at 4,500.  The principal public buildings, institutions and offices are the Omagh District Lunatic Asylum, erected in 1853, at a cost of 40,000, military barracks, county court house, jail and infirmary, the union workhouse, fever hospital and dispensary, the Parish church, two Presbyterian churches, Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Primitive Methodist chapel, Roman Catholic chapel, Loretto convent and Christian Brothers' school, the Omagh district model school, gas manufactory &c.  There are also four banks, a news room, police barracks, post office, and two good hotels.  The Dungannon and Omagh Junction Railway is expected to be opened during the Summer, and a good passenger station is to be built at Omagh.  At the last assizes a presentment for flagging the principal streets of Omagh was passed, and when the work is executed it will add very much to the respectable appearance of the town.

Post Office, Market Street - Thomas Harkin, postmaster.
Parish Church, Church Street - Rev. John B. Chapman, A.M., rector ; Rev. Charles A. Seymour, curate.
Presbyterian Church, Dublin Road - Rev. John Arnold, minister.
Presbyterian Church, John Street - Rev. Josias Mitchell, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Church Street - Rev. James C. Bass, 1st minister.
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Dublin Road - Rev. John Johnston, missionary.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Brooke Street - Rev. M. O'Kane, P.P.; Rev. B. McNamee, curate.
Loretto Convent, Brook Street - Superioress, Mrs. Murray.
Court House, High Street - Mrs. McFarland, keeper.
Petty Sessions Office, George's Street - John McKenny, clerk.
Constabulary Station - John Manby, county inspector ; G. A. Molony, sub inspector.
Infirmary, High Street - Treasurer, J. F. Alexander ; surgeon, Henry Thompson, M.D.
Dispensary, Abbey Street - Wm. S. Love, surgeon.
Excise Office, at the Abercorn Arms.
District Lunatic Asylum - Resident physician, Francis John West, M.D.; visiting physician, Henry Thompson, M.D.; clerk and storekeeper, George Quaile ; matron, Mrs. Hannan Hudson ; chaplains - Protestant, Rev. Richard Swift ; Presbyterian, Rev. John Arnold ; Roman Catholic, Rev. Daniel O'Doherty.
Union Workhouse, Lisnamallard - Master, James Young ; matron, Mrs. Young ; surgeon, Hans Fleming, M.D.; clerk and returning officer, Joseph McKnight.
Banks - Provincial Bank of Ireland, High Street, Jas. F. Alexander, manager ; Ulster Banking Company, High Street, Jas. Meeke, manager.
Savings' Bank, High Street - Robert Ferguson, actuary.
Loan Fund Bank, George's Street - Treasurer, Wm. Thomas McCreery.
Insurance Agents - Alliance Fire and Life, J. F. Alexander.  Hope Mutual Life, J. Carson.  Medical Invalid and General Life, John Nelis.  Scottish Amicable Life, William Elliott.  Northern Assurance, Richard Stack.  Kent Mutual Life, N. Carson.  Indisputable Life Policy, John McCrossan.
Life Association of Scotland, C. Coulson.  Crown Life and Lancashire Fire, Robert Graham.  Scottish Provincial, John McMaster.  Liverpool and London Fire, A. C. Buchanan.  Standard Life, Jas. Meeke.
Emigration Agents - Nathaniel Carson, William Elliott, jun., John L. Harvey.
Hotels - Abercorn Arms, Market Street, Mrs. Harkin.  White Hart, High Street, W. Mullen.
County Jail, Castle Place - Local Inspector, G. Rogers ; governor, W. McClelland ; chaplains - Protestant, Rev. M. N. Thompson ; Presbyterian, Rev. Josias Mitchell ; Roman Catholic, Rev. M. O'Kane.
Stamp Office - A. C. Buchanan, head distributor ; John Nelis, sub distributor, High Street.
Newspaper - Tyrone Constitution (Friday); John Nelis, proprietor and publisher.
Omagh District Model School, Mountjoy Road - Alexander Greer, head master.
Christian Brothers' School, Brook Street.
Female School, Convent, Brook Street.
National School, Gortmore - James O'Brien and M. A. Haley.
Parochial School, Church Street.
Castle Street Day School - James McArdle.
News Room, High Street.
Gas Works - Daniel McCallum, manager.

Gentry, Clergy and Professional

Alexander, J. F., Provincial Bank.
Alexander, Rev. S., Termon Glebe.
Arnold, Rev. John, P.M., Kevlin.
Auchinleck, Mrs., Crevenagh House.
Black, Rev. John, Gillygooley.
Black, W. F., J.P., Lislap.
Brown, Edmund, supervisor, John Street.
Buchanan, John B., Lisnamallard.
Buchanan, George, Lisnamallard.
Byrne, Rev. Jas., Erginagh Rectory.
Chambers, Rev. Robert, Fintona.
Chapman, Rev. J. B., Riverland.
Christie, Rev. Andrew, Sixmilecross.
Carter, Rev. Leslie, Sixmilecross.
Colhoun, Samuel, Lisonally House.
Coulson, R. D., R.M., Gortmore Terrace.
Davidson, Rev. John, Drumquin.
Dill, Rev. Jas. R., Dromore.
Dixon, Rev. R. V., Clougherney Glebe.
Eccles, Charles, J.P., D.L., Ecclesville, Fintona.
Ellis, Francis, J.P., Fecarry House.
Fleming, Hans, M.D., High Street.
Gahan, Alfred, county surveyor.
Galbraith, Samuel, J.P., Clanabogan.
Greer, James, sen., High Street.
Greer, James & Edward, solicitors, High Street.
Hamilton, Mrs., Castle Street.
Hamilton, Major, A. W. Cole, Beltrim, Gortin.
Hamilton, Rev. Wm., Edenderry.
Hamilton, Rev. John, Crossroads.
Hamilton, Captain W. C., Gortin.
Harmar, Lieutenant G. W. M., High Street.
Hickey, Rev. Thomas, Mullaghmore.
Houston, Captain Claude, Coneywarren.
Houston, Mrs., Coneywarren.
Houston, Rev. John, Ballynahatty.
Junk, Rev. T. W., Sixmilecross.
Laughlin, Dr. Alexander, R.N., Gortin.
Leatham, Rev. Moses, Upper Badoney Glebe, Gortin.
Lindsay, David, Lisnacreeve House, Fintona.
Logan, Rev. Matthew, Gortin.
Love, W. S., surgeon, Castle Street.
Lundie, Captain Wm., Military Barracks.
MacCrossan, John, attorney, Castle Place.
Mann, Captain Deane, J.P., Dunmoyle Lodge, Sixmilecross.
Manby, Captain J., Marlton House.
Maxwell, Joseph, M.D., Castle Street.
Meeke, James, Ulster Bank.
Mitchell, Rev. J., Coneywarren.
Molony, George A., S.I., Castle Place.
Monteith, Mrs., Mullaghmore, Seskanore.
Moore, Rev. E., Drumnakilly.
McFarland, Andrew, Fecarry.
McFarland, John, Gortmore Terrace.
McCausland, Mrs., Drumnakilly.
McClintock, Captain George P., J.P., Seskanore.
McLean, Captain Alexander, Marlton House.
Norris, John, Carnowen.
Orr, Wm. O., Crevenagh.
O'Kane, Rev. M., P.P., Castle Street.
Porter, Rev. John, Crevan.
Rogers, George A., Mullaghmore.
Rutledge, W. J., C.E., Mountjoy.
Scott, Rev. James Rowland, Erginagh.
Scott, Wm., Millbank Cottage.
Scott, Charles, J.P., Straghroy.
Scott, James, master extraordinary Court of Chancery, Lisnamallard.
Seymour, Rev. Charles A., Omagh.
Sproule, Robert, Coolnagard.
Sproule, Edward, Burrel's Folly, Drumquin.
Sproul, Dr. Oliver, R.N., Ballynahatty.

Stack, George Hall, Mullaghmore.
Stack, Mrs. Captain, Church Street.
Stack, Richard, attorney, Church Street.
Stack, Rev. T. Lindsay, Langfield, Lower Drumquin.
Stack, Mrs. Edward, Church Street.
Stephens, Rev. N., Gortin.
St. George, Rev. Henry Lucas, Rectory, Dromore.
Stuart, Captain, Burleigh, Omagh.
Swift, Rev. R., Mountfield.
Thompson, Henry, M.D., Tyrone Infirmary.
Tottenham, Rev. Henry, A.M., Donaghcavey Glebe, Fintona.
Trenar, F., apothecary, John Street.
Vesey, Samuel, J.P., D.L., Derrabard House.
Wade, Mrs. Captain, Gortmore Terrace.
Weir, Rev. Wm. R., John Street.
West, F. J., M.D., Asylum.
Wilson, James, attorney, Church Street.
Wilson, Stewart, M.D., Gortmore Terrace.
Young, Rev. A., Somerset.

 Traders &c.

Adams, Robert, merchant tailor, draper &c., High Street.
Alcorn, Jas., tanner, leather seller, grocer and provision dealer, Market Street.
Allen, Isabella, baker, grocer, provision dealer and confectioner, High Street.
Bergin, John, painter and glazier, Market Street.
Blair, McCrea, auctioneer, Castle Street.
Booth, George, linen and woollen draper, George's Street.
Boyle, Edward, tobacco manufacturer, china, glass & delf warehouse, Market Street.
Boyle, John, wine and spirit merchant, George's Street.
Brown, Wm., baker, High Street.
Burke, James, boot and shoe maker, Bridge Street.
Campbell, Michael, tailor, John Street.
Canroy, Mrs., publican, High Street.
Cargo, Jas., muslin agent, Church Street.
Carson, Nathaniel, grocer, seedsman, book seller and stationer, High Street.
Carson, John, timber and wholesale provision merchant, High Street.
Cather, John, grocer and leather dealer, High Street.
Clements, Mrs., publican, grocer, dress maker, Market Street.
Coll, Thomas, haberdasher, High Street.
Crawford, William, grocer and ironmonger, High Street.
Devlin, Mary, publican, High Street.
Donnelly, P., haberdasher, Market Street.
Donnelly, John, miller, wine and spirit merchant, Market Street.
Doyle, P., coach builder, Castle Street.
Elliott, Wm., soap and candle manufacturer, baker, confectioner, china, glass, grocery, provision dealer, High Street.
Fox, John, publican, grocer, leather seller, provision dealer, High Street
Gallagher, W., glass dealer, George's Street.
Graham, Andrew, clothes dealer and pawn broker, George's Street.
Graham, Benjamin, druggist and grocer, George's Street.
Gray, David, cooper, Market Street.
Hacket, John, painter and glazier, Castle Street.
Hamilton, John, tailor, Bridge Street.
Harkin, Mrs., Abercorn Arms Hotel, Market Street.
Henderson, Mrs., draper and haberdasher, High Street.
Henry, Thomas, butter and egg merchant, Market Street.
Hill, Joseph, painter and glazier, Brook Street.
Hilly, Patrick, tailor, Church Street.
Hood, Patrick, grocer, George's Street.
Houston, John, cabinet maker, Market Street.
Houston, J., ironmonger, George's Street.
Houston, James, draper and haberdasher, High Street.
Hurst, James, saddler, Bridge Street.
Hurst, James, saddler, Bridge Street. (hm)
Johnston, William, egg merchant and grocer, John Street.
Kellie, J. E., painter and glazier, Bridge Street.
Kelly, Mrs., baker, grocer, provision dealer, High Street.
Kelly, Patrick, linen and woollen draper, George's Street.
Kiernan, James, baker, John Street.
King, Ann, milliner & dress maker, John Street.
Kirk, Hugh, gutta percha boot and shoe warehouse, Market Street.
Kirkpatrick, Wm., draper and merchant tailor, High Street.
Leitch & Mackay, Misses, milliners and haberdashers, Market Street.
Logue, R., news agent, Bridge Street.
Maguire, Jas., carpenter, Gortmore.
Maguire, John, grocer, provision dealer, publican, Market Street.
Matthews, Mary Ann, milliner and dress maker, High Street.
Meenan, John, woollen draper and haberdasher, High Street.
Moore, Isaiah George, muslin agent, Abbey Street.
Moran, Mrs., linen and woollen draper, High Street.
Mullally, J., auctioneer, Market Street.
Mullan, William, builder and White Hart Hotel, High Street.
McAdam, John, grocer and druggist, High Street.
McAleer, C., publican, John Street.
McAleer, John, publican, Bridge Street.
McAleer, James, grocer, Castle Street.
McAleer, John, grocer and leather seller, Market Street.
McCutcheon, Joseph, blacksmith, Dublin Road.
McFarland, John & Co., drapers and haberdashers, High Street.
McFarland, John, linen and woollen draper, High Street.
McGaughey, Fras., builder, George's Street.
McGinn, Daniel, baker and confectioner, High Street.
McGinn, Michael, baker and grocer, High Street.
McGinn, Neal, publican, High Street.
McGolrick, J., butcher, George's Street.
McGolrick, Michael, blacksmith, Church Street.
McGuire, Bernard, innkeeper and publican, High Street.
McKelvey, Hamilton, butter and egg merchant, Gortrush.
McKibbin, Alexander, plumber and gas fitter, George's Street.
McKnight, Joseph, linen and woollen draper, High Street.
McMaster, John, pawn broker, wholesale provision merchant, High Street.
McMaster, Robert, painter, glazier and pawn broker, Castle Street.
Nelis, John, printer, book seller and stationer, High Street.
Nelson, Robert, clock and watch maker &c., George's Street.
O'Neil, Henry, butcher, John Street.
Orr, Miss, King's Arms, High Street.
Orr, James, saddler, Market Street.
Orr, John, grocer, tanner and leather seller, High Street.
Patton, M. & W., woollen drapers and haberdashers, High Street.
Patterson, Mrs., watch and clock maker, High Street.
Porter, Jas., boot and shoe maker, Old Market Place.
Quin, Thomas, butcher, John Street.
Robinson, John, tailor, Bridge Street.
Rush, Edward, saddler, Bridge Street.
Scarlett, Robert, printer, Market Street.
Scarlett, Alexander, grocer and ironmonger, Bridge Street.
Scott, William, builder, meal and flour miller, Mill Bank Mills, Mountjoy Road.
Sherry, Charles, tailor, George's Street.
Skiffington, James, saddler, High Street.
Smith, T., haberdasher, High Street.
Smith, James, grocer, George's Street.
Smith, Joseph, wine and spirit merchant, Market Street.
Smith, Wm., publican, High Street.
Somerville, James, baker and grocer, High Street.
Thorpe, Esther, milliner and dress maker, High Street.
Todd, Mrs., milliner and haberdasher, High Street.
Todd, John, poulterer &c., High Street.
Trenar, Catherine, milliner and dress maker, High Street.
Wilson, W., ironmonger, George's Street.

                                PORTADOWN                 back to top

Portadown, a market town in County Armagh, twenty one miles S.W. by W. from Belfast, situated on the River Bann, over which is a stone bridge of five arches.  The Newry Canal joins the river about a mile above the town, and the latter falls into Lough Neagh, at its Southern side, and, issuing at the opposite side, forms the boundary between the Counties of Antrim and Derry, and loses itself in the sea below Coleraine, thus forming, in connexion with the canal, a water communication between that place, and Newry, Belfast, Enniskillen &c.  There is a station of the Ulster Railway here, which is joined by the Dublin and Belfast Junction line.  The ancient name of the place was Port-ne-doon, signifying "the port of the fortified eminence."  The town consists of a large, well built principal street, and several smaller ones branching from it in various directions.  In 1780 a general market was established by Mayor Obyns and George Woodhouse, Esq., and of late years the weekly sales of grain have greatly increased.  The trade in other agricultural produce, and in pork and cattle, is also very large.  The manufacturer of linen. lawn. cambric and sheeting is carried on extensively in the town and neighbourhood, and the weaving of cotton goods also affords employment to a considerable number of persons.  There are two branch bank establishments, a spinning mill and two steam flour mills.  Petty sessions are held every second Friday.  The Parish church of Drumcree, situated about a mile from the town, is a handsome edifice, in the early English style, with a tower at the Eastern end.  A chapel of ease, with a square tower, stands in the town, as do also a Presbyterian church, and chapels respectively for Primitive and Wesleyan Methodists.  The Wesleyans have recently built a new church, capable of holding 1,500 people, two manses for ministers, and school house, at a cost of over 5,000.  The Roman Catholic chapel is situates near the parish church.  The market, which is held on Saturday, is second to none in Ulster for the usual commodities, also on Easter Monday, Whit Monday, and November 13th.  Population in 1851, 3,091.  Since that time it has nearly doubled.

Post Office - Richard Edgar, postmaster, Victoria Place.
Established Church, Seagoe - Ven. Archdeacon Saurin ; Rev. John Ouseley, curate.
Chapel of Ease - Rev. Augustus Fitzgerald, incumbent.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. L. D. Elliott, minister, licenser of marriages.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - Rev. John Duncan, minister.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. E. (Eugene) Crolly, P.P.; Rev. ? Campbell, curate.
Dispensary - Alexander Bredon, M.R.C.S.E., medical officer.
Constabulary Station - C. R. A. Cameron, sub inspector.
Stamp Office - A. Shillington, sub distributor.
Petty Sessions - John Eccles, clerk.
Belfast Bank - G. Kinkead, manager.
Ulster Bank - Robert James, manager.
Newspaper - Portadown News ; published every Saturday by John H. Farrell.

Gentry &c.

Atkinson, Joseph, J.P., Crowhill, Loughgall.
Atkinson, Woolsey, Eden Villa.
Atkinson, Mrs., Thomas Street.
Blacker, Stewart, Carrick.
Carleton, Thomas.
De Salis, Count, Mullahead.
Druitt, Joseph, Corcrain.
Hutchinson, Mrs., Woodside.
Little, Mrs., Devon Lodge.
Miller, W. Moore, R.M., Loughgall.
Nicholson, Joseph, J.P., Cranagill.
Nicholson, Rawdon, J.P., Stranmore House.
Pepper, Richard, Ballyworkan House.
Pepper, George J., Ballyworkan House.
Reed, Wm., J.P., Thomas Street.
Shillington, John, High Street.
Shillington, Thomas A., J.P., Tavanagh House.
Shillington, Thomas, jun., Church Street.
Trotter, Wm., Drumcree Cottage.
Wakefield, Charles Frederick, Corcrain Villa.

Clergy and Professional

Alexander, Rev. Charles, rector of Drumcree.
Bredon, Alexander, M.D., High Street.
Carleton, Thomas, solicitor, Church Street.
Crolly, Rev. Eugene, P.P., Drumcree.
Elliott, Rev. L. D., Presbyterian minister, Manse, Edenderry.
Hunt, Rev. G., Drumgoon Cottage.
McLoughlin, P., surgeon, High Street.
Pepper, George J., attorney, High Street.
Robinson, Rev. James, Wesleyan Methodist minister.
Stanley, Henry, M.D., Church Street.
Woodhouse, John Obyns, solicitor, Mary Street.

Traders &c.

Adams, Edward, shoe maker, John Street.
Albion, Alexander, carpenter, West Street.
Allen, John, blacksmith, West Street.
Annesley, William, grocer, Obins Street.
Armstrong & Watson, power loom line manufactory.
Barris, Isaac, Church Street.
Bassier, E., publican, Church Street.
Bechan, James, linen manufacturer, Bridge Street.
Berry, Mark, woollen draper, High Street.
Black, Jas., grocer, Woodhouse Street.
Boals, Samuel, shoe maker, Church Street.
Bowman, Richard, shoe maker, John Street.
Boyd, Mrs., publican, Bridge Street.
Bready, George, painter.
Bright & Co., grocers, Bridge End.
Brown, John, shoe maker, Woodhouse Street.
Brown, James, shoe maker, John Street.
Bulla, Daniel, publican, Church Street.
Bunting, Eleanor, dress maker, Church Street.
Bunting, Jane, dress maker, Church Street.
Burns, John, butcher, Obins Street.
Carleton, Cornelius, insurance agent, Bridge Street.
Carroll, Patrick, baker, High Street.
Carter, John, butcher, Bridge Street.
Casey, John, saddler, Woodhouse Street.
Clarke, James, mechanic, West Street.
Cochran, John, tinsmith, West Street.
Cochran, Robert, shoe maker, West Street.
Conn, Wm., publican and grocer, West Street.
Cosgrove, John, cooper, Thomas Street.
Cowdy, Anthony, linen manufacturer, Thomas Street.
Cox, Mary A., dress maker, Church Street.
Coyle, Edward, boot and shoe maker, High Street.
Cullin, Edward, farrier and blacksmith, Thomas Street.
Cultra, ? , clerk, High Street.
Cunningham, Edward, wheel wright, Obins Street.
Cunningham, John, loom maker, West Street.
Curran, John, publican, Woodhouse Street.
Darragh, R., Thomas Street.
Dawson, William J., grocer, High Street.
Devlin, John, publican, Woodhouse Street.
Devlin, John, Harp Hotel, High Street.
Dines, Valentine, butcher.
Donnelly, John, publican, Woodhouse Street.
Dowie, Robert, shoe maker, John Street.
Downing, Mary Jane, bonnet maker, Bridge Street.
Downing, Thomas, clerk, Bridge Street.
Dynes, Henry, tailor, Bridge Street.
Edgar, Richard, postmaster and seed merchant, Victoria Place.
Espy, Miss, haberdasher, High Street.
Farrell, John H., Portadown News office, Thomas Street.
Fergus, Samuel, nailer and publican, Bridge Street.
Ferguson, David, linen manufacturer, Obins Street.
Fowler, Henry, tinsmith, Church Street.
Fulton, John, grocer, Church Street.
Gallagher, Charles, blacksmith, Bridge Street.
Geatings, Patrick, carpenter, Thomas Street.
Gibson, John, boot and shoe maker, William Street.
Gibson, John, carpenter, William Street.
Gilbert, James, grocer, Castle Street.
Grew, Mrs., Queen's Arms Hotel, High Street.
Grimason, David, tailor, West Street.
Grimes, Patrick, publican, Woodhouse Street.
Guy, Thomas, town clerk, Church Street.
Hall, Wm., proprietor of Imperial Hotel, Victoria Place.
Hennan, Margaret, publican, Bridge Street.
Henry, Patrick, High Street.
Hill, James, carpenter, John Street.
Hollywood, James, boot and shoe maker, High Street.
Hollywood, John, boot and shoe maker, Bridge Street.
Hollywood, Robert, boot and shoe maker, High Street.
Holmes, John, Farmers' Inn, High Street.
Hoy, James, butcher, West Street.
Hoy, William, butcher, West Street.
Hughes, Edward, butcher High Street.
Irwin, W. & Co., linen yarn spinners.
Jelly, Henry, woollen draper, High Street.

Jelly, Seth, grocer and leather dealer, Castle Street.
Jenkinson, Thomas, shoe maker, Bridge Street.
Jennet, Jas., boot and shoe maker, William Street.
Jennet, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, High Street.
Johnston, John, builder and pawn broker, Woodhouse Street.
Joyce, Wm., woolen draper, High Street.
Kelly, Frs., shuttle maker, West Street.
Kelly, Mr., publican, Woodhouse Street.
Kennedy, Robert, reed maker, John Street.
Kernan, J., boot, shoe and leather warehouse, High Street.
Kinkead, George, Belfast Bank, High Street.
Kilpatrick, James, publican, Woodhouse Street.
Kinney, Edward, wheel wright, West Street.
Lappin, John, brick maker, John Street.
Lappin, John, coach maker, Woodhouse Street.
Lavery, Patrick, chandler, Woodhouse Street.
Laverty, Wm., reed maker, John Street.
Leany, John, publican, Woodhouse Street.
Lewers, Miss, milliner and haberdasher.
Lewis, John, shoe maker, Obins Street.
Lock, William John, blacksmith, Woodhouse Street.
Logan, James, carpenter, Church Street.
Loughran, Michael, butcher, Church Street.
Maiden, Jas, publican, Church Street.
Magee, Jas., sawyer, Bridge Street.
Magee, Robert, sawyer, Obins Street.
Magee, Robert, blacksmith, Obins Street.
Maginnis, J., sawyer, Woodhouse Street.
Mahaffy, Jas., boot and shoe maker, High Street.
Malcolmson, Robert, publican, High Street.
Mallagh, John, publican and linen manufacturer, Obins Street.
Marley, John J., merchant, Bridge Street.
Martin, Thomas, publican and grocer, High Street.
Martin, Wm., Golden Lion Tavern, Woodhouse Street.
Matchett, William, town sergeant.
Mathews, David, chandler, West Street.
Mathews, Robert, painter and glazier, Church Street.
May, John, watch and clock maker, High Street.
Mitchell, Walter, miller and grain merchant.
Mitchell, John, boot and shoe maker, Woodhouse Street.
Mitchell, Robert James, manager Ulster Bank.
Montgomery, Harford, grocer and baker, Woodhouse Street.
Montgomery, Wm. & Co., yarn merchants, High Street.
Moore, Robert, linen draper, Church Street.
Morgan, John, publican and grocer, Church Street.
Morrison, Miss, seminary, Bridge Street.
Morrison, Robert, pawn broker, Woodhouse Street.
Morrison, Robert, tailor, Bridge Street.
Mulholland, Michael, butcher, West Street.
Munro, Stewart, grocer, High Street.
McAlinden, Hugh, linen manufacturer.
McCann, George & Co., grocers, Woodhouse Street.
McCann, O., publican, Woodhouse Street.
McCardle, John, slater, Woodhouse Street.
McCaughey, Joseph, tanner.
McClelland, Thomas, blacksmith.
McConnell, Jas., grocer, Church Street.
McCorry, Hugh, butcher, Church Street.
McCullen, Patrick, boot and shoe maker, John Street.
McCulloch, Samuel, Railway Hotel, Woodhouse Street.
McCutcheon, H., carpenter, Bridge Street.
McDowell, Wm., marine store, Obins Street.
McFadden & Brerton, woollen drapers and haberdashers, High Street.
McConvil, Edward, mason, Obins Street.
McCormick, John, grocer, Church Street.
McCusker, John, cooper, Thomas Street.
McEldoon, John, shoe maker, West Street.
McGee, Edward, sawyer, Obins Street.
McGee, James, sawyer, Thomas Street.
McGee, Robert, sawyer, Obins Street.
McGladdery, John, butcher.
McGowan, ? , tailor, John Street.
McGowan, Robert C., Bridge Street.
McGregor, John, engineer, John Street.
McIlveen, Samuel, baker and grocer, High Street.
Murdoch, Robert, manager of gas works, Bridge Street.
McKenna, Terence, butcher, John Street.
McKinley, James, saddler, Woodhouse Street.
McMullan, James, cooper, John Street.
McNight, Robert, nailer, West Street.
McShane, Charles, nailer, William Street.
Neal, James, shoe maker, Church Street.
Nelson, C., shuttle maker, Thomas Street.
Norton, Thomas, tailor, Marlay Street.
O'Hanlon, Felix, publican, High Street.
O'Hanlon, James, grocery and hardware, High Street.
O'Hanlon, J., sen., mason, West Street.
O'Hanlon, J., jun., mason, Castle Street.
Paul, W. & Son, woollen drapers, High Street.
Porter, R., cooper, Woodhouse Street.
Porter, Samuel, brick layer, West Street.
Reavy, John, shoe maker, William Street.
Reed, the Misses, ladies' seminary, Alma Terrace.
Renshaw, Jas., delf and glass warehouse, Woodhouse Street.
Rice, John, reed maker, John Street.
Robb, Benjamin, grain merchant, Thomas Street.
Robb, Hamilton, linen manufacturer, Bridge Street.
Rooney, James, cooper, Castle Street.
Rooney, James, publican, Castle Street.
Rooney, S., dress maker, Bridge Street.
Saul, Thomas B., teacher of select school, High Street.
Saunderson, Francis, clothes dealer, Woodhouse Street.
Saunderson, H., painter and glazier, Woodhouse Street.
Saunderson, R., painter and glazier, West Street.
Sheppard, Elizabeth, haberdasher, High Street.
Shillington, Averell, woollen draper, High Street.
Shillington, John, chandler, High Street.
Shillington, Thomas A., slate, coal, iron and timber yard, Woodhouse Street.
Sloan, James, upholsterer, Woodhouse Street.
Smart, Henry, fowl and butter merchant, Thomas Street.
Stewart, Wm., dealer, Church Street.
Summerville, J., shoe maker, West Street.
Sweeney, P., whitesmith, Thomas Street.
Taylor, John, Church Street.
Tedford, George, auctioneer, Thomas Street.
Thornton, D., grocer &c., High Street.
Thornton, A., spirit dealer, High Street.
Thornton, S. & Co., pork curers and provision dealers, Thomas Street.
Todd, J., Northern Tavern, High Street.
Totten, Stewart, butcher, Church Street.
Totten, Wm., shoe maker, John Street.
Walker, Robert, manager of Ulster Railway, Bridge Street.
Watson, J., hotel keeper, Bridge Street.
Waugh, David W., Manchester Arms Hotel, High Street.
Weir, H., grocer and leather seller, Church Street.
Williamson, John, Railway Tavern, Woodhouse Street.
Williamson, W., publican, Market Street.
Wilson, Lodwick C., Church Street.
Wilson, Mary A., milliner, Church Street.
Woodhouse, Wm., publican, Woodhouse Street.
Woolsey, John, engineer, Bridge Street.
Wright, James, publican, Church Street.
Wright, Joseph, jun., painter and glazier, Woodhouse Street.

                             PORTAFERRY              back to top

Portaferry, is a thriving seaport and market town in County Down, twenty nine miles S.E. by S. from Belfast, situated on the Eastern shore of the strait to the sea that forms the entrance to Strangford Lough.  From the strength of the current the name Strong-ford, and hence, by corruption, Strangford is derived.  At Portaferry is a good quay, where vessels of light burthen can discharge their cargoes.  There is a considerable trade in corn and agricultural produce, and that in coal and timber is of importance, and the merchants and ship owners of the port are respectable.  The embroidering of muslin is the occupation of numerous females in the town and neighbourhood.  The herring fishery is carried on in the months of June to September inclusive.  The town consists of a small square, three streets and a range of houses along the quay.  The market house, situated in the square, is a commodious building, in the upper portion an apartment is appropriated to the use of the magistrates, who hold petty sessions there every third Thursday,  The places of worship are - the Parish church of Ballyphilip, a neat structure, a handsome Presbyterian church, Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist chapels, and a Roman Catholic chapel.  The charitable institutions consist of a dispensary and two public schools, one endowed, the other under the National Board.  Andrew Nugent, Esq., the proprietor of Portaferry, has a fine mansion and demesne immediately contiguous to the town.  The remains of the ancient castle, built by the family of the Savages, who assisted the renowned John De Courcy in the conquest of Ulster, in the twelfth century, are still to be seen in the neighbourhood, and near them the ruins of an old chapel, roofed with stone.  The market is held on Saturday, and the fairs on the 31st July and 12th December, and the second Tuesday, monthly.  The town contained in 1851, 2,074 inhabitants.

Post office - Eliza Press, postmistress.
Established Church - Rev. James Leslie Montgomery Scott, chancellor rector.
Established Church, Ardquin - Rev. Ralph Peacock.
Unitarian Meeting House, Ballyhamlin, Kirkcubbin - Rev. Alexander Orr, minister.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. John Orr, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - Ministers, various.
Primitive Methodist Chapel - Ministers, various.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Jas. Killen, P.P.
Endowed School - William Egan, master.
National School - C. Todd, master.
Wesleyan Methodist School - Samuel Bailie, master.
Constabulary Station - John Knox, constable.
Petty Sessions - Samuel Boyd, clerk.
Dispensary - Alexander B. Filson, M.D., surgeon.
Mechanics' Institution - Charles Todd, secretary.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Allen, James, Nunsquarter, Kirkcubbin.
Bailie, Samuel, Portlochane, Strangford.
Bowden, Hugh & Alexander.
Bullock, Rev. Alexander, Ardkeen.
Chermside, the Misses.
De Ros, Lord, Old Court, Strangford.
Filson, Alexander Bell, apothecary and surgeon.
Gardner, Mrs. Jane.
Greer, William.
Killen, Rev. James.
Miller, James & Henry, agents to A. Nugent, Portaferry.
Nugent, Andrew, Portaferry House.
Orr, Rev. John, A.M.
Peacock, Rev. Ralph.
Rowan, Rev. James, Innishagie.
Savage, the Misses.
Scott, Rev. James L. M., Ballyphilip Rectory.

Traders &c.

Anderson, Hessy, linen draper, haberdasher, milliner and dress maker.
Anderson, Mary, earthenware dealer and grocer.
Bailey, Samuel, earthenware dealer.
Bailie, Samuel, Commercial Hotel, ironmonger, flint and crown glass, manufacturer of ginger ale, lemonade &c.
Baird, Robert, carpenter.
Basset, Edward, sewing agent and grocer.
Baxter, Alexander, blacksmith.
Boyd, Samuel, clerk of petty sessions.
Brain, Sarah, straw bonnet maker.
Browne, Hugh, timber, slate, flag, coal and corn merchant, harbour master and ship owner.
Browne, S. R. & T., sewed muslin manufacturers, and Glasgow, Joshua McCausland, agent.
Bryce, Edward, grocer and publican.
Byrne, Eliza, grocer.
Caldwell, Thomas, painter and glazier.
Caughey, Jas., carpenter and grocer.
Caughey, John, miller, Ballyculter, Strangford.
Chermside, Edward, carpenter.

Clarke, Andrew, grocer.
Clarke, Jane, dress maker.
Coates, Henry, Harp Hotel.
Coates, James, agent for A. Nugent, Castleward, Strangford.
Coates, James, miller, Castleward Mills, Strangford.
Conway, George, ship owner.
Doonan, Hugh, timber, corn and coal merchant, publican, ship owner, linen draper and haberdasher.
Doonan, Wm., grocer and publican.
Douglas, Wm., master mariner.
Edmund, John, ship owner.
Geddes, James, sewed muslin agent for T. & R. Brown & Co., Bangor.
Gunning, Hester, grocer, publican, ironmonger & china & earthenware dealer.
Hawkins, Daniel, blacksmith.
Hogan, Ann, grocer.
Johnston, David, carpenter.
Johnston, Ellen, grocer.
Kerr, James, boot and shoe maker.
Lawson, John, linen draper, haberdasher, woollen draper and fire assurance agent.
Lennon, Bernard, boot and shoe maker.
Lennon, Robert, tailor.
Linney, Edward, publican and grocer.
Little, Eliza Ann, linen draper, haberdasher, milliner and dress maker.
Maffett, E., milliner and dress maker.
Magee, James, saddler and harness maker.
Maguire, James, earthenware dealer and grocer.
Maxwell, James, ship owner.
Moreland, Francis, grocer.
Moreland, James, baker.
Moreland, Jas., woollen draper and haberdasher.
Morrison, Jane, linen draper, haberdasher, milliner and dress maker.
Murray, James, publican and grocer.
Murray, James, ship owner.
McAnally, Charles, carpenter.
McCausland, John, grocer.
McCleery, William, miller and stamp distributor, and agent for Lloyd's.
McCracken, Fras., watch and clock maker.
McDonnell, James, grocer, tallow chandler and soap boiler.
McGifford, Isabella, milliner and dress maker.
McGrath, Edward, cabinet maker and upholsterer.
McGrath, Edward, jun., carpenter.
McGrath, Henry, carpenter.
McGrath, Mary, straw bonnet maker.
McKenney, Jane, grocer &c.
McKeown, Thomas, butcher.
McMullan, Hugh, tailor.
McMullan, Mary, grocer, linen draper, haberdasher and woollen draper.
Parkinson, John, painter and glazier.
Ringland, John, baker.
Robinson, Misses, day school.
Russell, William, jun., commission agent, Strangford.
Rutherford, John, boot and shoe maker.
Seeds, Rose, grocer.
Stitt, James and John, painters, glaziers and stucco plasterers.
Stoop, Eliza, hotel and posting establishment.
Turney, Hugh, grocer, publican, ironmonger, flint, crown glass merchant.
Wallace, Joseph, sewed muslin manufacturer.
Wilson, Jane, grocer.

                               PORTRUSH                back to top

Portrush, is a seaport and bathing place in County Antrim, between four and five miles N.E. from Coleraine.  This place has had its importance augmented owing to the railway from Ballymena being completed, of which it is the terminus.  Portrush is much resorted to in the bathing season, and there are many comfortable lodging houses for the accommodation of visitors.  Portrush contained in 1851 about 750 inhabitants.

Post Office - Miss Thompson, postmistress.  Letters from all parts arrive every morning, per mail car, at 10.50, and are despatched at 2.05 p.m., the mail car arrives at 6.40 p.m., and is despatched at 7 a.m., and 2 p.m.
Established Church - Rev. William Mill, rector ; Rev. G. V. Chichester and Rev. H. Ffoliott, curates.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Jonathan Simpson.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. H. McCann.
Landing Waiter and Tide Surveyor - Mitchell Breen.
Dispensary - Alexander S. Warke, M.D., medical officer.
Baths - John Carr, proprietor.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Beresford, J. C., Craig-dhu-varron House.
Boyle, James, Church Street.
Boyle, Miss, Church Street.
Boyd, Hugh.
Burrel, Mrs., Church Street.
Chichester, Rev. G. V., Glebe.
Davison, Commander, R.N., Kilgour.
Ffoliott, Rev. Henry, curate.
Gage, Mrs., Church Street.
Hetherington, Mr., Church Street.
Hutcheson, Misses.
Jenkins, Mrs., Cragvarra Terrace.
Knox, Samuel W., Rockryan House.
Marrow, Misses, Church Street.
Rice, Miss, Old Rockryan.
Richardson, Mrs. Marcus.
Richardson, Robert.
Richardson, William, J.P.
Simpson, Rev. Jonathan.

Traders &c.

Adamson, Mrs.
Black, Thomas, merchant.
Bradshaw, ? , grocer.
Caldwell, James, Londonderry and Glasgow Steam Packet agent.
Caldwell, John, baker.
Campbell, James, architect and builder.
Campbell, Dr., M.D., Kerr Street.
Carson, Mrs.
Coleman, Wm., hotel.
Dallas, Miss.
Dargan, Wm., foreman.

Davenport, Miss.
Dinsmore, Bernard, carpenter.
Fall, Daniel, grocer.
Flemming, H., boot and shoe maker.
Flemming, John, boot and shoe maker.
Gage, Marcus, Kerr Street.
Gillespie, William, Kerr Street.
Glenn, John, spirit dealer.
Glenn, Mrs., spirit dealer.
Greves, Mrs.
Hazlett, Samuel, boot and shoe maker.
Hunt, Charles.
Hunter, Andrew, grocer &c.
Hunter, David, spirit dealer.
Huston, Andrew, teacher.
Johnston, Miss, Kerr Street.
Keown, Captain Henry, Antrim Place.
Kitchen, Samuel, Kerr Street.
Kitty, John, plasterer.
Mears, Mr., station master, Harbour Road.
Medcalf, ? , hotel and refreshment rooms.
Money, ? , teacher.
McCollum, Daniel, tailor and clothier.
McKeag, Daniel, Lord Antrim's under agent.
McClintock, Samuel, Kerr Street.
McIlroy, Thomas, Kerr Street.
Parsons, William, Antrim Arms Hotel.
Paton, Samuel, harbour master.
Rogan, Mrs.
Scott, George.
Shannon, Mrs., seminary for young ladies.
Shields, John, grocer.
Sheills, John, family grocer and general house agent.
Stewart, Bernard, woollen draper.
Stevenson, Mrs.
Thompson, Archibald, agent for the Glasgow Steamer.
Wallace, Wm., chief boatman.
Ward, Hugh P., teacher.
Watt, J. R.
Williamson, John, architect and builder.
Wilson, Misses, Bath Road.
Young, Joseph, spirit dealer.


The mail car leaves Coleraine at 9.30 a.m., and 5.30 p.m., leaves Portrush at 7 a.m., and 2.p.m.

                                   PORTSTEWART                 back to top

Portstewart, is a seaport and watering place in County Derry, four miles North from Coleraine, and ten from the celebrated Giant's Causeway, very prettily and romantically situated at the foot of a branch of the great basaltic range of mountains, and commands as extensive view of the estuary of the Bann, the entrance into Lough Foyle, and the promontory of Downhill, with the peninsula of Ennishowen in the distance.  The air here is pure, the scenery grand and picturesque, and the facilities for bathing very great.  There are public baths, lodging houses and a first rate hotel, the latter fitted up with every accommodation for families and visitors.  In appearance the town resembles an English watering place, and is a favourite place of resort during the Summer, and even in the Winter months, having a dry, sandy soil, and being sheltered from Easterly winds.  The place is plentifully supplied with fish.  The population in 1851 was upwards of 600.

Post Office - John Parker, postmaster.  Mails arrive every morning at 30 minutes past 9, and evening at 30 minutes past 5, and are despatched every evening at 10 minutes past 3 and 45 minutes past 7.  On Sunday, arrives at 10 minutes past 10 a.m., and despatched at 45 minutes past 2 p.m.
Established Church - Rev. Stephen Gwynn, Agherton Rectory.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. John Stewart.
Dispensary - Dr. McIntire, medical officer,
Public Baths - William Mackay, proprietor.
Constabulary - John Cavally, constable.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Babington, Lieutenant Colonel.
Beatty, Mrs.
Bellis, Hugh.
Bellis, Rev. Joseph.
Boyle, Miss.
Brownlow, James, Millbank.
Campbell, Hon., Mrs., Portstewart Castle.
Cromie, John, J.P., Cromore.
Cromie, Miss.
Ffolliott, Rev. James, curate.
Galt, Miss Jane.
Giveen, Captain B. M., J.P., Rock Castle.
Gwynn, Rev. Stephen, Agherton Rectory.
Hunt, Charles.
Knox, Lieutenant Colonel.
Mackay, Miss.
Mackay, Miss Mary Ann.
Mackay, Mrs. Ann.
Moore, Miss.
Moore, Mrs.
McBride, Captain.
McCausland, Robert.
McFarland, Mrs.
Norris, John.
Ross, Miss.
Ross, Miss Matilda.
Ross, Miss Mary.
Stewart, Rev. John, Burnside Cottage.
Tittle, Captain John M.
Williamson, Hugh.

Traders &c.

Aikin, John, coast guard.
Cavarly, John, constable.
Doherty, John, spirit dealer.
Gray, Robert, grocer.
Henry, John, grocer.
Kerr, William, tailor.
London, Samuel, shoe maker.
Martin, William, grocer.
Mooney, James, spirit dealer.
McConaghy, William, carpenter.
McGowan, Angus, baker.
McIlreavy, Archibald, carpenter.
McLaughlin, John, spirit dealer.
McWilliam, Thomas, grocer.
Parker, John, book seller, stationer, haberdasher &c.
Shields, John, spirit dealer.
Tickle, James, coast guard.
Trainor, Archibald, grocer.


A car leaves Portstewart for Coleraine every morning at 11 (Sunday excepted), and leaves Coleraine at 3, returning, and during the Summer months, cars leaves Coleraine for Portstewart every weekday at 9 a.m., and 4 p.m., from Portstewart, at 11 a.m., and 7 p.m.
The railway station is within one mile from Portstewart, cars attend all the trains during the Summer.

                              RANDALSTOWN                 back to top

Randalstown, is a market town in County Antrim, seventeen miles N.W. by W. from Belfast, two miles North from the nearest part of Lough Neagh.  The Maine is crossed at the entrance to the town, by a stone bridge of nine arches, whence it pursues its course to Lough Neagh, through Shane's Castle Park.  This magnificent park (one of the largest in the United Kingdom), where stand the interesting ruins of that once majestic castle, "Edenduffcarrick", for ages the seat of the princely house of O'Neill, is close to the town, and extends from it Southwards for upwards of five miles, through a richly wooded demesne, on "Lough Neagh's Banks," constituting a most attractive feature in the scenery of the neighbourhood, and affording recreation to the inhabitants of the surrounding country, for whose amusement it is kindly thrown open by its indulgent and hospitable proprietor, every Thursday and Friday.  The town in ancient times was called "Muileanniarann" (Iron Mills), from a mill for smelting iron, which stood at its entrance - the relics of which are still found in the locality, but Rose O'Neill, sole heiress of the great family estates, having, about the year 1678, married Randal, first Marquis of Antrim, in compliment to her husband, changed it to the much more agreeable name of Randalstown.  On the banks of the Maine, adjoining the town, stand the corn, flax, beetling and linen yarn spinning mills of S. G. Fenton & Co., who have expended a large sum on the corn mill.  Petty sessions every Tuesday.  The Parish church of Drummaul, a handsome Gothic structure, is situated in a commanding position close to the town.  The rectorial tithes of the parish are lay impropriate, the property of the Marquis of Donegall, who has also the right of presentation, the vicarial tithes (now rent charge) belong to the vicar or incumbent.  There are also three Presbyterian churches, a Wesleyan Methodist chapel, a Roman Catholic chapel, a spacious court house, a national school, and one established and maintained by the Rev. Wm. Chichester O'Neill, for the benefit of the children of his tenantry in the locality, under the superintendence of Mr. and Miss Coome, and an infant school, capable of holding 150 children, erected by Miss Alexander (daughter of the late Bishop of Meath), under the superintendence of Miss Wallace.  The dispensary for the district, under the Medical Charities Act, is held in the town in a commodious building, comfortably and handsomely fitted up by the late Lord O'Neill for the purpose, without making any demand for rent or expenses.  There is an extensive weekly market every Wednesday, for grain, pork, butter, meat, poultry, eggs &c., and on 1st Wednesday in each month a great general market.  There are two fairs held here in the year, on the 16th July and first November.  The late Lord O'Neill built and fitted up a commodious and elegant hotel, an extensive walled in market square, shedded on all sides, containing butchers' stalls, butter store, weigh bridge &c., with ample convenience for every commodity brought to market, and abundant accommodation for all attending it (also free of expense).  Randalstown, according to census of 1851, contains about 1,050 inhabitants.

Post Office - Mrs. McDowell, postmistress.
Parish Church, Drummaul - Rev. Dr. Hogg, vicar.
1st Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. B. Houston, minister.
2nd Presbyterian Church - Rev. Henry Stewart, minister.
3rd Presbyterian Church - Rev. R. Marr.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. H. O'Laughlin, P.P., and Rev. John Lennon, C.C.
Dispensary - James McKee, M.D., medical officer.
Hotel - O'Neill Arms, John Cashell.

Gentry &c.

Cooper, John, Greenbank.
Cunningham, Thomas, Hermitage.
Gunning, Wm., Duneden Lodge.
Kerr, Mrs. Jane, Neillsbrook.
Long, Wm., Park Cottage.
Marr, Rev. Robert, Old Congregation.
McClintock, Major, J.P., Hillmount.
Neeson, Mrs. Jane, Millview.
O'Neill, Rev. William Chichester, Shane's Castle.
Thompson, Shepherd, Hollybrook.

Clergy and Professional

Denham, Rev. Wm., Stranagh.
Hall, Francis, surgeon.
Hogg, Rev. Robert, LL.D., Drummaul Vicarage.
Houston, Rev. James B.
Marr, Rev. Robert, Drumminaway.
McDonnell, Michael, surgeon.
McKee, James, M.D.
Smythe, Rev. Hugh, Craigmore.

Traders &c.

Barnett, Robert, grocer and dealer.
Barnett, Thomas, grocer and yarn boiler.
Blayney, Rose, haberdasher.
Barclay, John, spirit dealer.
Butler, John, haberdasher and draper.
Cashell, John, O'Neill Arms Hotel.
Connor, Mary, grocer.
Conway, Rose Ann, haberdasher.
Copeland, Miss, bonnet maker.
Corry, James, assistant county surveyor.
French, Thomas, grocer and dealer.
French, James, publican and grocer.
French, Samuel, grocer.
French, Rachel, publican.
Gaine, James, publican.
Glover, Matthew, provision merchant.
Gardiner, Misses, milliners and haberdashers.
Hannan, Mrs., haberdasher and publican.
Hart, Charles, grocer and leather cutter.
Higgins, George, saddler.
Howard, Whiteside, spirit dealer.
Johnston, Francis, tailor.
Loughlin, Alexander, woollen draper.
Magee, James, leather cutter.
Mateer, Thomas, grocer.
Moore, Mary Jane, grocer.
Moore, Samuel, saddler.
Mooney, Catherine, grocer.
Montgomery, Wm., surveyor.
McAleer, William, butcher.
McAllister, Daniel, dealer.
McAuay (McAulay maybe), Bernard, innkeeper.
McCleary, John, boot and shoe maker.
McErlaine, George, baker.
McEwen, Margaret, grocer.
Neeson, Peter, painter, glazier and grocer.
Nesbitt, William, haberdasher.
Irwin, James, civil engineer.
O'Kane, John, grocer and spirit dealer.
Robinson, Alexander, publican and grocer.
Robinson, Edmund, grocer, tobacconist and timber merchant &c.
Stevenson, John, grocer and haberdasher.
Sherwood, John, railway station master. (I have it on good authority that this name should be Sherrard) *** see below
Steel, James, nailer.
Swan, Thomas, grocer and weigh master.
Tew, Gustavus, grocer and dealer.
Wright, Robert, grocer and leather cutter.

Sherrard :- see above
He came from Ballyearl and was the first railway station master in Randalstown.
He married Martha WHITTLEY of WHITTLEYs pub at Kingsmoss townland, Ballylinny Parish.

RATHFRILAND                 back to top

Rathfriland, is a market town in County Down, twenty four miles S.S.W. from Belfast, situated between Newry and Downpatrick, it stands on the acclivities of a hill, consisting of five principal streets, which radiate downward from a tolerably spacious square, towards the five roads, which  meet at its site.  The summit of the hill, which commands an extensive view of the surrounding country, is crowned by the ruins of an old castle, anciently one of the fortified residences of the Magennises, lords of Iveagh.  A good business is carried on with the adjacent district.  The market house is in the centre of the square, in the upper part of which a petty sessions court is held every second Friday.  The Parish church of Drumgath, situated on the South side of the square, is a small, neat edifice, with a tower.  There are three Presbyterian churches, the Covenanters and Society of Friends have meeting houses, the Methodists a chapel, and there is also a spacious Roman Catholic chapel.  The charitable establishments are public schools for children of both sexes, and a dispensary.  The markets are held on Wednesday, the fairs are on the second Wednesday after 11th February, the second Wednesday after 18th April, Wednesday after Trinity Sunday, third Wednesday after 11th July, Wednesday after 18th September, Wednesday after 18th October, and Wednesday before 12th December.  The town contained in 1851, 2,053 inhabitants.

Post Office - J. Fagan, postmaster.
Established Church, Church Street - Rev. Charles B. Knox, rector.
Presbyterian Church, Newry Street - Rev. H. Osborne, M.A.
Presbyterian Church, Newry Street - Rev. Joseph Dickie.
Presbyterian Church, Newry Street - Rev. Henry McCreedy.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Church Street - Ministers, various.
Covenanters' Chapel, Castle Street - Rev. Thomas Hart.
Friends' Meeting House.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Newry Street - Rev. Thomas Brady, parish priest ; Rev. Charles O'Hare, curate.
Dispensary, Church Street - Samuel Swan, surgeon and apothecary.
Constabulary Station - Wm. Wray, sub inspector.
Petty Sessions House, Market Street - John Fagan, clerk.
Reading Room - David Allen, secretary.
Gas Works - Joseph Hudson, jun., secretary.
Cricket Club - Joseph Haslett, secretary.
Clothing and Firing Club - Mrs. Knox, manager.
Young Men's Presbyterian Association - R. Corbett, secretary.
Choral Society - David Allen, secretary.
Amateur Band - John Watson, secretary.
Henry Street National Schools - Mr. and Mrs. Walmsley, teachers.
Commons National Schools - Mr. Grant and Mrs. Lowry, teachers.
Rathfriland Classical Academy, Downpatrick Street - Hugh Larkin, teacher.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Barron, W. N., J.P., Kinghill.
Brady, Rev. Thomas, Barmeen.
Corbett, James, surgeon and apothecary, Dromore Street.
Dickie, Rev. Joseph, Newry Street.
Edgar, Rev. Samuel, Church Street.
Garstin, Rev. C., Ballyroney Glebe.
Knox, Rev. Charles B.
May, Joseph, physician, surgeon and apothecary.
Murphy, Joseph, Main Street.
Murphy, Samuel, Dromore Street.
McClenaghan, James Martin, J.P., Church Street.
McCourt, Arthur, surgeon, Main Street.
McCreedy, Rev. H., Cavan.
McNeilly, David Waddell, Downpatrick Street.
Scott, Thomas, J.P., Newry Street.
Swan, Samuel, surgeon and apothecary, Church Street.
Wood, Wm., surgeon and apothecary, Main Street.
Wray, Wm., S.I., Newry Street.

Traders &c.

Aiken, Henry, boot maker, Downpatrick Street.
Allen, James, grocer, ironmonger and linen merchant, Church Street.
Allen, Wm., grocer, haberdasher and corn factor, Church Street.
Anderson, D., grocer, Downpatrick Street.
Andrews, John, gutta percha worker &c., Main Street.
Bell, Martha, grocer, Church Street.
Bell, Robert, grocer, Downpatrick Street.
Bell, Mrs., bonnet maker, Castle Street.
Bennet, John, shoe maker, leather cutter and gutta percha worker, Newry Street.
Bigham, Andrew, shoe maker, Dromore Street.
Brantie, John, tailor, Downpatrick Street.
Brantie, John, grocer and wine merchant, Dromore Street.
Brown, Robert, reed maker, Downpatrick Street.
Caldwell, Samuel, publican, Dromore Street.
Clark, Miss, dress maker, Newry Street.
Cochran, Samuel, shoe maker, Downpatrick Street.
Cochran, William, tinsmith, Castle Street.
Cochran, Joseph, tinsmith, Castle Street.
Cochran, John, tinsmith, Castle Street.
Corbett, Wm., grocer, Newry Street.
Cromie, John, whitesmith and armourer, Newry Street.
Cromie, Misses, dress makers, Newry Street.
Davison, William, woollen draper, posting establishment, Church Street.
Davidson, Wm., publican, Main Street.
Dickson, John, publican, Newry Street.
Dickson, Isaac, haberdasher, Dromore Street.
Donnelly, Jos., publican and grocer.
Dodd, Robert, woollen draper, Main Street.
Doran, Daniel, publican, Church Street.
Douglass, James, shoe maker, Castle Street.
Fegan, Jas., grocer, soap and candle manufacturer, Church Street.
Ferguson, Wm., haberdasher, Downpatrick Street.
Fisher, Margaret, straw bonnet maker, Newry Street.
Fitzpatrick, Peter, cooper, Downpatrick Street.
Hanna, Robert, baker, Downpatrick Street.
Harbinson, Wm., surgeon, Main Street.
Hardy, Matthew, painter, glazier and publican, Newry Street.
Hart, the Misses, dress makers, Downpatrick Street.
Haslip, Alexander, publican, Church Street.
Haslett, Joseph, haberdasher, Main Street.
Haslett & Co., grocers and spirit dealers, Newry Street.
Heslip, David, leather seller, Main Street.

Hudson, James, grocer and reed maker, Downpatrick Street.
Hudson, James, jun., book seller and stationer.
Hudson, Samuel, grocer and reed maker, Downpatrick Street.
Hudson, James, jun., book seller and stationer, Main Street.
Hutchison, J., carpenter, Newry Street.
Kennedy, Samuel, watch maker, Downpatrick Street.
Keown, Robert, carpenter, Newry Street.
Lurley, Felix, haberdasher, Downpatrick Street.
Jardine, J., publican, Downpatrick Street.
Johnston, Robert, publican, Church Street.
Johnston, Wm., grocer, Church Street.
Kennedy, P., shoe maker, book seller and stationer, Newry Street.
Lavery, M., publican, Newry Street.
Little, John, sewing agent, Downpatrick Street.
Lynch, Thomas, shoe maker, Main Street.
Lynch, Jas., publican, Downpatrick Street.
Lynch, David, shoe maker, Downpatrick Street.
Lynch, Matthew, publican, Main Street.
Macaulay, Henry, watch maker, Dromore Street.
Magee, Patrick, marine store, Main Street.
Magill, Robert, Albert Hotel, Caddel Street.
Maginn, Jas., furniture dealer, Castle Street.
Main, James, haberdasher, Main Street.
Malcolm, Miss, bonnet maker, Newry Street.
Martin, David, grocer, soap boiler and chandler, Main Street.
Martin, Jas., grocer and ironmonger, Main Street.
May, Joseph, provision merchant, Castle Street.

Meek, B. B., provision and seed merchant, baker &c., Red House, Newry Street.
Moore, John, shoe maker, Downpatrick Street.
Morgan, R., publican, Church Street.
Morgan, Samuel, shoe maker, Downpatrick Street.
Morrison, Mrs., haberdasher, Main Street.
Mulholland, Edward, grocer and publican, Downpatrick Street.
Mullan, Samuel, shoe maker, Downpatrick Street.
Murphy, Peter, auctioneer and appraiser, Lower Church Street.
Murphy, Sarah, straw bonnet maker, Newry Street.
Murphy, Wm., manor bailiff, Newry Street.
McAbrey, Stewart, grocer and haberdasher, Dromore Street.
McAbrey, Samuel, grocer and wine merchant, Dromore Street.
McAleary, Hugh, baker and grocer, Newry Street.
McAmith, J., lodging house, Dromore Street.
McAuley, Samuel, saddler &c., Dromore Street.
McAuley, Samuel, saddler and sewing agent, Dromore Street.
McAvoy, Hugh, boot maker.
McAvoy, Jas., boot and shoe maker, Downpatrick Street.
McCaulay, Miss, grocer, Newry Street.
McClorey, Hugh, publican, Main Street.
McConville, John, lodging house, Downpatrick Street.
McConvill, Daniel, butcher, Main Street.
McCracken, John, woollen draper, haberdasher, Church Street.
McCutcheon, J., sewing agent, Newry Street.
McFadden, Robert, reed maker, Downpatrick Street.
McIlroy, John, saddler and harness maker, Main Street.
McKee, Ebenezer, haberdasher, Dromore Street.
McMahon, J., publican, Dromore Street.
McNarney, J., haberdasher, Newry Street.
McNarney, J., stamp office, Newry Street.
McNaught, George, sewing agent, Downpatrick Street.
McNaught, George, jun., sewing agent, Downpatrick Street.
McNuff, Hugh, tailor, Newry Street.
McNuff, R., tailor, Lower Church Street.
McPoland, Jas., tinsmith, Dromore Street.
Nelison, Patrick, sewing agent, Downpatrick Street.
Nixon, Misses, milliners, Main Street.
Phillips, Edward, reed maker, Downpatrick Street.
Ratcliff, William, tailor, Dromore Street.
Reilly, Miss, dress maker, Downpatrick Street.
Ross, John, painter and glazier, Main Street.
Smith, Robert, carpenter, Church Street.
Spiers, Wm., publican, Dromore Street.
Swan, Robert, flax miller, Grallagh.
Toman, Stephen, publican, Downpatrick Street.
Toman, Bernard, publican, Newry Street.
Travers, John, blacksmith, Downpatrick Street.
Tufts, John, bailiff, John Street.
Vint, Mrs., provision store, Downpatrick Street.
Vint, George, butcher, Newry Street.
Watson, John, sewing agent, Main Street.
Watson, James, sewing agent, Dromore Street.
Weir, Joseph, butcher, Downpatrick Street.
Wilson, R., pawn broker, Church Street.
Wright, William, provision dealer, Church Street.


A mail car arrives at Rathfriland from Newry at 3.15 a.m., and leaves every evening at 9 p.m.  An additional mail car leaves Rathfriland every morning at 9.20 to Newry, and returns same evening at 4.10.  To Newry, a car every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at nine.  To Dromore, a car every Tuesday and Friday evening at 5.

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Richhill, is a post town in County Armagh, and about five miles E. by N. from Armagh, situated on the River Tallwater, in the heart of a rich agricultural and populous district, interested also deeply in the linen manufacture.  There is a station of the Ulster Railway about one mile from the town.  The market house, a substantial building, was erected in 1753, by William Richardson, Esq., it is now converted into a neat Episcopalian chapel-of-ease.  There are also places of worship for Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Wesleyan Methodists and the Society of Friends.  Population of the town about 700.  Fairs, Shrove Tuesday, 26th July and 15th October.

Post Office - William Bertram, postmaster.
Parish Church, Kilmore - Rev. Jas. Jones, rector ; Rev. Henry Charles Groves, A.M.; Rev. Mr. Hearne and Rev. Mark Baxter, curates.
Richhill Church - Rev. J. Jones, jun.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Andrew McCaldin, minister.
Independent Chapel - Rev. G. H. Jackson, minister.
Erasmus Smith's School - Master, J. Hewett ; mistress, Miss Hewett.
Constabulary Station - Constable McCacham.
Dispensary - James Gibson, M.D., medical officer.

Gentry, Clergy and Professional

Bacon, Mrs.
Crozier, Richard, physician and surgeon.
Gibson, James, M.D., dispensary.
Jones, Rev. James, jun.
Jones, Rev. J., A.M., Kilmore Rectory.
Morrison, Edward Hoop, surgeon.
McCaldin, Rev. Andrew.
Timoth, Rev. John.

Traders &c.

Beck, Wm., horse dealer.
Bertram, Wm., postmaster.
Best, James, grocer and draper.
Creilly, J., spirit and porter dealer.
Gibson, William, farmer.
Greer, William, provision dealer and reed maker.
Hardy, Alexander, tanner.
Hardy, Charles, spirit dealer.
Jackson, John, tanner.
Jackson, Joseph, seneschal.
Sloan, Ann, provision, china and glass dealer.
Spence, David, provision dealer.
Spence, George, cabinet maker and furniture dealer.
Spence, Henry, spirit dealer.

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Rosstrevor, is a beautiful watering place, in the County Down.  It is not quite two miles distant East from Warrenpoint, not similarly situated as Warrenpoint, for Rosstrevor is completely sheltered from the East winds by the mountains, and thus as advantageous place in point of climate for invalids, and particularly recommended for pulmonary disorders.  The town is delightfully seated on a gentle declivity, which rises from a little cove of Lough Carlingford, and commands beautiful views of the woods, mountains and waters of the lough's basin.  Mr. Inglis, in noticing Rosstrevor, says, it is " one of the most beautiful spots in Ireland."  About a quarter of a mile South West of the town stands a handsome monument to the memory of the late General Ross, who fell while leading on his troops to victory at Bladensburg, in America.  The trade is very little except the extensive bleach green belonging to the Messrs. Martin, and Forest Brook spade mill, alabaster and cement works of Carvill & Sons.  The Parish church is a handsome structure, placed in a commanding situation, and with its lofty tower, buttresses, and pinnacles, forms a conspicuous object to the quiet aspect of the place, at the entrance to the village from Warrenpoint has lately been erected a Presbyterian church, of very chaste Gothic architecture, a manse is connected with the church, at the upper end of the village is a Roman Catholic chapel, and near it is a school house.  In the church yard is a handsome cross, after the fashion of the ancient Irish crosses, erected to the memory of the later Mrs. Ross, of Bladensburg, designed and executed by the Hon. Mrs. Ross, of Bladensburg.  It is of Caen stone, and stands about sixteen feet high from base to top.  The whole is covered with bas relief's taken from scriptural subjects.  Fairs, Monday before Shrove Tuesday, Easter Monday, Whit Tuesday, 1st August, 19th September, 1st November and 11th December.

Post Office - Thomas Emerson, postmaster.  Letters arrive every morning at 5.30 a.m., and at 4.00 p.m., and are despatched at 9.30 a.m., and 7.30 p.m.
Established Church, Kilbroney - Rev. Guy L'Estrange, vicar ; Rev. J. Gregg, curate.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Thomas Morgan, minister.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. B. Mooney, P.P., J. McKenna, C.C.
Dispensary - J. H. Clarke, A.B., &c., medical officer.

Gentry, Clergy &c.

Balfour, Lady Florence, Fairy Hill.
Ball, Miss, The Villa.
Bruce, Dowager Countess of, Green Park.
Carleton, Hugh, Drumseek Cottage.
Carvill, Mrs., Forest Brook.
Corry, Mrs., Old Hall.
Curties, Edward, Arnos Vale.
Douglas, W. C., Bellevue.
Ensor, Mrs., Riverside Cottage.
Forde, Mrs., Carpenham.
Gregg, Rev. J.
Clarke, J. H., St. Bruno's.
Hall, Major, Moygannon.
L'Estrange, Rev. G.
Martin, David, Kilbroney House.
Morgan, Rev. Thomas, The Manse.
Mooney, Rev. B., P.P.
McNeil, Mrs., Tiny Lodge.
Pollard, G., J.P., Lowwood House.
Pollard, Mrs., Ranfurly Villa.
Ramadge, S., Craig House.
Ramadge, Captain, Woodhouse.

Ramsay, Captain, Morne Park.
Ross, David, of Bladensburg, Car-rag-bhan.
Roxborough, Colonel, The Lodge.
Spencer, Miss, Mary Street.
Squires, Mrs., West View.
Stead, David, Steadly.
Steigletz, C. A, Von, Knockbarrough park.
Stewart, Alexander, J.P., Ballyedmond House.
Waring, Mrs., Clooneaven.

Traders &c.

Aikin, R., publican.
Boyd, Samuel, lodging house.
Calvert, John, general grocer.
Calvert, Wm., general grocer.
Cautwel (Cantwel, Cartwel), P., publican.
Cull, J., publican.
Doyle, Miss, haberdasher.
Emerson, Mrs., lodging house.
Emerson, Miss, milliner and haberdasher.
Fearon, Miss, lodging house.
Fearon, Owen, butcher.
Fearon, Thomas, publican.
McCullough, John, baker and grocer.
McGivern, P., publican.
Saultar, ? , lodging house, Millvale.
Sanxter, W., Queen's Arms Hotel.
Soutar, Mrs., haberdasher and lodging house.
Trainor, J., publican.
Willis, Mr., lodging house.
Willis, Mrs., haberdasher and lodging house.
Wiley, J., publican.

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