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Garvagh and Aghadowey
1914 - 1918
Robert Thompson

Garvagh   Aghadowey (this page)

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Garvagh and Aghadowey War Memorials

     The Great War, because of the death of my Uncle Joe in it, is something I have always had an interest in.  The researching of local War Memorials, therefore has been a passion for many years.  But few War Memorials carry the names of those who returned.  In this both Garvagh and Aghadowey are almost unique as both carry the names of those who came back safely to their families.

     Research can be a time consuming job and in this I have been very fortunate.  In the beginning George and Linda Gilmore offered their help and it has been a pleasure and a great advantage to have their intimate knowledge of both areas.  Both have put in an enormous amount of work and been very helpful.  For this I am very grateful.

     Their families also, have been good with photographs and other details.  I hope that what is written in these pages will bring a little bit of honour to those young men who gave their lives so many years ago.

Aghadowey War Memorial

     The decision to build a War Memorial in Aghadowey must have been one of the first to be erected in Northern Ireland.  By December of 1918 much of the money required had been collected.  At a meeting in the schoolhouse on 17th December 1918 Captain Stronge congratulated the collectors on gathering together over 500.00 willingly given by all creeds and classes.  Mr. J. T. Moon informed the meeting that he had the liberty to state that a free site for the erection of the Memorial had been offered by Mr. George Gilmore, Carnrallagh, and he proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. Gilmore for a very kind and generous offer.  Dr. Morrison seconded the resolution, which was received amongst great applause, and the committee agreed to accept Mr. Gilmore's generous offer.  The site lies in the immediate vicinity of the Aghadowey Presbyterian and Episcopal Churches, and the schoolhouse and was considered a central and most suitable position.  By November 1921 the Memorial has been erected.  The panel on the front carries the names of those who made the supreme sacrifice with the names of those who returned on the other three sides.  It is an impressive obelisk.  The day on which the unveiling was to take place dawned cold and wet and as much as possible of the united service of commemoration was held in Aghadowey Presbyterian Church.  At the end of the service the names of the fallen were read out.

The Last Post was then sounded by R. and S. Platt, Coleraine

     Following a short address by Dr. Morrison in which he said that the unveiling ceremony would be performed by Lieut. Co. R. S. Knox the congregation removed to the small triangle which holds the memorial.  Lieut. Col. Knox was then presented with a pair of silver scissors by Miss Betty Morrison of Meath Park and when he cut the ribbon the Union jack fell away to reveal the list of names on all sides of the memorial.  At some stage after this a gun, which had been used in the war, was placed in front of the memorial.  It remained there for many years but has now disappeared.

12905 Private William Thomas Walker
8th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Died 5th January 1915
Aged 30
Born: 13th December 1884

Son of Thomas and Mary (McAlister) Walker, Carnrallagh.

Enlisted: Coleraine

Commemorated on Roll of Honour in Cullycapple School, also on Roll of Honour of Glenkeen Lodge Orange Order.

Interred in St. Guaires Parish Churchyard, Aghadowey

26785 Private Robert Millen
9th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 8th August 1916
Born: 28th August 1897

Son of Robert John and Susanna (Gibson) Millen, Shanlongford, Ringsend
Enlisted: Coleraine 1915

Interred in Authuille Military Cemetery, Row D, Grave 35


9571 L/Cpl. John McCafferty
'A' Company 1st Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 28th April 1915
Aged 24


Born: 1890/91
Son of John and Mary McCafferty
Enlisted: Coleraine

No known grave
Commemorated on Helles Memorial, panels 97-101


369 Rifleman John McKeeman
12th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles

Killed in Action 11th May 1916
Aged 22


Born: 23rd January 1894
Son of James and Maggie (Lynn) McKeeman
Husband of Nellie

Interred in Hamel Cemetery, Plot 1, Row A, Grave 28

2nd Lieut Gilbert McClelland Kennedy
6th Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)

Killed in Action 15th June 1915
Aged 19
Born: 5th March 1895

Son of Rev. Gilbert Alexander Kennedy and Mrs. Mary J. (Bryars) Kennedy, The Manse, Cambusnetham

No known grave, commemorated on the Le Touret Memorial, Panels 15 and 16.

Also Commemorated in Aghadowey Presbyterian Church

left to right: Margaret Adelaide, father Rev. Kennedy with Norman in front, Florence, Mrs. Kennedy, Gilbert
21243 Private William Barr
'D' Company, 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 1st July 1916
Aged 19
Born: 25th June 1897

Son of William and Hannah (McGoogan) Barr, Ballybritain, Aghadowey
Enlisted: Aghadowey

Interred in Connaught Cemetery, Plot 10, Row J, Grave 4.

Commemorated on Roll of Honour at Cullycapple School

2636 Private Matthew Archibald
16th Bn. Australian Infantry

Killed in Action 10th August 1916
Aged 23
Born: 9th October 1893, Gorton, Aghadowey

Son of Matthew and Jane (Morrell) Archibald
Enlisted: Blackboy Hill Camp, Australia, on 25th June 1915

Interred in Courcellette British Cemetery, Plot 7, Row C, Grave 30

Aghadowey M. N. School (Cullycapple) 1905
Back row: Jack Millar, Willie Bradley, Frank Bradley (served), Ernest Livingston (served), George Archibald (served, awarded the Croix de Guerre), Morrison Archibald, Bob Dickson, Stewart Doey.
2nd row: ? McMullan, John McKeeman (DOW 11.5.16), George Millar, Bertie Livingston (KIA 23.7.16), Matthew Macauley (served), Davey J. Harbison (served), Francis Millican (served), Johnnie Woodend (KIA 4.10.16), Tommie Doey (served), Jim Macauley, Willie Barr (KIA 1.7.16, ? McMullan
Front row: Jim Grissam (served), Hall Livingston, ? Moffett, Sam. McNeary, Ernie Archibald, Rousseau Milliken, ? McMullan, Dickie Grissam, Fred Harbison, Alex Doey, Sammy Doey.
19669 Private Samuel McCauley
10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 1st July 1916
Aged 40
Born: 13th October 1876

Son of Samuel and Ellen (Millican) McCauley.
Enlisted: Donegal

No known grave

Commemorated on Thiepval Memorial, Face 4d, 5b., also on Aghadowey Presbyterian Church ROH

2868 Pte. William James Kane
18th Bn. Australian Infantry

Killed in Action 5th August 1916
Aged 27
Born: 1889
Son of James and Elizabeth Kane, Ballygawley, Aghadowey
Enlisted: Australian Imperial Force at Holdsworthy on Friday 3rd September 1915.

No known grave

Commemorated on Villers Brettoneux Memorial at the Somme


17834 Rifleman Andrew Harkin
12th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles

Killed in Action 1st July 1916
Aged 19


Born: 22nd November 1897
Son of John and Eliza (Wilkinson) Harkin
Enlisted: Ballyclare (with his brother William who also died)
Interred in Serre Road Cemetery No. 2, Plot 17, Row DS, Grave 3.
Commemorated on ROH in Aghadowey Presbyterian Church, also in Muckamore Presbyterian Church

17835 Rifleman William James Harkin
12th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles

Killed in Action 28th September 1916
Aged 21


Born: 16th September 1895
Son of John and Eliza (Wilkinson) Harkin
Enlisted: Ballyclare (with his brother Andrew who also died)

Interred in La Plus Douve Farm Cemetery, Plot 4, Row A, Grave 13
Commemorated in Aghadowey and Muckamore Presbyterian Church

Workers at Ballydevitt Bleach Works early 1900's, James McCormick, foreman bleacher (extreme left) and Jock Ramsey (extreme right)

22947 Private John Downs
10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in action 1st July 1916
Aged 30


Born: 1886
Son of John and Margaret (McMichael) Downs
Enlisted: Coleraine

No known grave
Commemorated on Thiepval Memorial, Face 4d, 5b. also in Glenkeen Orange Hall


23739 Private Thomas Downs
10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 1st July 1916
Aged 25


Born: 1st April 1891
Son of John and Margaret (McMichael) Downs
Enlisted: Enniskillen

No known grave
Commemorated on Thiepval Memorial


2131 Private John Dunlop
9th Bn. Australian Infantry

Died of Wounds 5th July 1916
Aged 40


Born: 1876
Son of Bernard and Catherine Dunlop, Landagivey
Enlisted: Brisbane 31st March 1915

Interred in Longuenesse (St. Omer) Cemetery, Plot 2, Row C, Grave 26


148821 Private Joseph Dempsey
78th Bn Canadian Infantry (Manitoba, Canada)

Died of Wounds 19th April 1917
Aged 27


Born: Drumail, Aghadowey 7th May 1881
Son of William and Sarah (O'Kane) Dempsey
Enlisted: Winnipeg, Canada 2nd July 1915

Interred in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Plot 4, Row C, Grave 12


376 Sgt. Albert Hamilton Livingston
4th Bn. Australian Infantry

Killed in Action 23rd July 1916
Aged 23


Born: c1893
Son of Hamilton Jardine Livingston & Victoria (Hall)
Enlisted: 21st August 1914

Interred in Pozieres Cemetery, Plot 4, Row N, Grave 41


Captain Arthur Henry Hall MC
2nd Bn. Somerset Light Infantry, Attd. 8th Bn.

Killed in Action 19th November 1916
Aged 25


Born: c1891
son of Arthur Francis & Louise Jane (Lopdell) Hall

Interred in Ancre Valley Cemetery, Plot 7, Row E, Grave 7

80841 Gunner Robert Dinnen
17th Trench Mortar Battery, Royal Field Artillery

Died of Wounds 24th August 1916
Aged 27
Born: 26th January 1889

Son of John and Mary (McCloskey) Dinnen

Enlisted: Greenock

Interred Nunhead Cemetery (grave lost)
Commemorated on a screen wall to the right of the main entrance.

Commemorated in Aghadowey Presbyterian Church, also Cullycapple School


19560 Private William Dinnen
10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers


Killed in Action 6th February 1917
Aged 35


Born: 13th July 1881

Son of John and Mary (McCloskey) Dinnen

Enlisted: Finner Camp

Interred in Berks Cemetery Extension from Hyde Park Cemetery, Plot 1, Row N, Grave 16

Commemorated in Aghadowey Presbyterian Church

16109 Private John Milliken Woodend
'D' Coy, 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 4th October 1916
Aged 19
Born: 12th January 1896

Son of James and Mary (Milliken) Woodend

Enlisted: Donegal

Interred in Pond Farm Cemetery, Row C, Grave 12

183994 Private Samuel John Peden
7th Bn. Canadian Infantry

Killed in Action 8th April 1917
Aged 30
Born: 3rd March 1887

Son of William and Hannah (McFaul), Peden, Clintagh, Macosquin

Enlisted: Calgary 18th December 1915

Interred in Arras Road Cemetery, Roclincourt, Plot 1, Row B. Grave 32

7911 Private William John McGugan
2nd Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Died of Wounds 2nd August 1917
Aged 34
Born: c1883

Son of William and Mary (McQuilkin) McGugan

Husband of Adelaide Bruce Hutchinson

Interred in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Plot 4, Row A, Grave 52

23216 Private William Joseph Workman
10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 10th August 1917
Aged 20
Born: 12th April 1897, Ballygawley

Son of William T. & Grace (McLaughlin) Workman

Commemorated on Church Roll of Honour, and Aghadowey War Memorial, and the Garvagh War Memorial, also on Cullycapple School Roll of Honour

Interred in New Irish Farm Cemetery, Plot 7, Row C, Grave 19


1733 Private Robert Stewart
12th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles

Died of Wounds 11th August 1917
Aged 24


Born: c1893
Son of John and Isabella (Alexander) Stewart
Enlisted: Ballymoney
Husband of Anna (Hamill)

Interred in Brandhoek Cemetery, Plot 6, Row B, Grave 6


23194 L/Cpl. Thomas Stewart
11th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 16th August 1917
Aged 22


Born: 1895
Son of John and Rachel (Blake) Stewart, Keely, Aghadowey
Enlisted: Glasgow

Interred in New Irish Farm Cemetery, Plot 26, Row E. Grave 12
Commemorated in Aghadowey Presbyterian Church


23647 Private John Campbell
9th Bn. Attd. 109th Light Trench Mortar Battery, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 16th August 1917
Aged 20


Born: 23rd June 1897
Son of William and Elizabeth (Murphy) Campbell, Ruskey, Aghadowey
Enlisted: Coleraine

No known grave
Commemorated on Tyne Cot Memorial


28741 L/Cpl. Thomas Campbell
9th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Died at Home 13th July 1918
Aged 26


Born: 23rd June 1892
Son of William and Elizabeth (Murphy) Campbell, Ruskey, Aghadowey

Interred in Aghadowey Parish Churchyard


28056 Private Hugh Taylor
9th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 6th December 1917
Aged 21


Born: 17th August 1896
Son of Matthew and Isabella (Speers) Taylor
Enlisted: Londonderry

No known grave
Commemorated on Cambrai Memorial, Louverval. also Aghadowey Presbyterian Church


15673 Private Robert Knox
9th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 29th March 1918
Aged 24


Born: 6th May 1893
Son of Joseph and Margaret (McMichael) Knox, Agivey, Aghadowey
Enlisted: Finner Camp

Commemorated on Cullycapple School Roll of Honour and ROH of Pres. Ch. HQ and Aghadowey Pres. Ch.
Interred in Ham Cemetery at Muille -Villette, Plot 2, Row D, Grave 24

483837 L/Cpl. James Devennie
465th Agricultural Coy, Labour Corps

Died 9th March 1918
Aged 44
Born: 11th September 1873

Son of James and Mary Ann (McCloy) Devennie, Killykergan, Garvagh

Husband of Rachel Murray

Enlisted: Bramshott

Interred in Edinburgh (Comely Bank) Cemetery, Grave D 14

Commemorated in Aghadowey Presbyterian Church

2978 Private Thomas Lennox Lynn
31st Bn. Australian Infantry

Killed in Action 10th April 1918
Aged 34
Born: 19th February 1884
Son of Robert and Lavinia (Gilmore) Lynn
Enlisted: Casula, New South Wales 10th December 1915

Interred in Crucifix Corner Cemetery, Plot 5, Row C, Grave 10


S/21467 Private Robert Henry
1st Bn. Gordon Highlanders

Killed in Action 12th April 1918
Aged 18


Born: 16th April 1899
Son of David and Tillie (Gilmore) Henry
Enlisted: Stirling

No known grave
Commemorated on Ploegsteert Memorial, Panel 9
Commemorated in Boveedy Presbyterian Church


36550 Sergeant James Marks Doherty
1st Bn. East Surrey Regt.

Killed in Action 23rd August 1918
Aged 32


Born: 16th April 1886
Son of Robert John and Hester (Callagher) Doherty
Enlisted: Grove Park, Kent

Commemorated in Cullycapple School Roll of Honour, also Glenkeen Orange Lodge L.O.L. 361 Roll of Honour
Commemorated on Vis-en-Artois Memorial, Panel 6


187104 Sgt. David Kennedy Mayrs
8th Bn. Canadian Infantry Manitoba Regt.

Killed in Action 29th September 1918
Aged 25


Born: 24th May 1892
Son of John and Margaret Black Mayrs

Interred in Sancourt British Cemetery, Plot 1, Row B, Grave 40


Nurse Annie Kelly Shirley

Aged 35

Born: 20th July 1883

Daughter of John Mooney and Rachel (Cochrane) Shirley

Died of pneumonia 1918


25459 Private John Wilson McIntyre
9th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Died of Wounds 9th October 1918
Aged 36


Born: c1882
Son of Thomas and Mary Jane (Chestnutt) McIntyre
Husband of Annie Jane Frizzle
Enlisted: Coleraine

Interred in Niederzwehren Cemetery, Germany, Plot 4, Row M, Grave 16


44718 L/Cpl. William John Glenn
'A' Coy 2nd Bn. New Zealand Rifle Brigade

Died 13th May 1919
Aged 43


Born: 2nd December 1875
Son of William and Mary (McMullan) Glenn
Re-enlisted: Auckland 20th November 1916

Interred in St. Guaires Parish Churchyard, Aghadowey


816010 Sgt. Joseph Hunter Smyth
58 Sqdn. Royal Air Force (Aux. Air Force)


Killed in Action 7th September 1941
Aged 24
Mrs. Violet Riley has asked me if I would include the story of her Uncle. R.T.

Born: 11th February 1917, Ballyquin, Blackhill, Coleraine

Son of Alfred and Agnes Smyth

Interred in Kiel War Cemetery, Germany, Plot 2, Row F, Grave 9

Commemorated on WW2 Section of Aghadowey War Memorial

15826 Cpl. William McFadden
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Born: 2nd February 1874

Enlisted: 21st September 1914

Discharged 1st September 1919

William McFadden (back row, extreme right), others unknown
Boyd, A. E. - Army Pay Corps

Boyd, J. McA. - Royal Navy

* Barr, W. - 10th R Innis F

Barr, W. J. - 12th R Innis F

* Campbell, J. - 10th R Innis F

Campbell, F. - 10th R Innis F

* Doherty, J. M. - East Surrey Regt

Doherty, A. - 10th R Innis F

Doherty, D. - 10th R Innis F

Devennie, J. - 10th R Innis F

* Dinnen, R. - R Field Art.

Glenn, F. - Canadian Exp. Forces

Glenn, R. - Army Flying Corps

Hunter, J. - North Irish Horse

Jamieson, J. - 10th R Innis F

Jamieson, S. - R. Army Service Corps

Kennedy, D. - 10th R. Innis F

Presented by the Barr Family

Kennedy, J. - North Irish Horse

* Knox, R. - 10th R Innis Fus

* Livingstone, B. - Aus. Exp. Force

McIlroy, E. - Kings R Rifle Corps

McIlroy, C. - Royal Field Art.

McDowell, J. - 10th R Innis F

McQuigg, J. F. - 10th R Innis F

Milliken, G. - Royal Scots

Neill, R. - 10th R Innis F

O'Hara. J. - Royal Navy

Patterson, A. - R. Field Art.

Spiers, W. - 2nd R I R

Walker, W. - R I R

* Woodend, D. - 10th R Innis F

* Workman, W. - 10th R Innis F

Watterson, J. - W.A.A.C.

* Killed in Action

Jane Thomson

Jane Thomson, born c1847, was a daughter of James Thomson, merchant, and Jemima McPherson, 'Fairlea' Cullycapple.  Jane was either the eighth or ninth child in a large family of ten children, the eldest, John, was the only boy.

In 1914 the ladies of Aghadowey Presbyterian Church and district met to consider how best they could contribute to the encouragement, comfort and assistance of the soldiers who are at present fighting so heroically at the Front. It was agreed to knit socks, mufflers, etc., prepare bandages and provide chocolate.  Miss Jane Thomson was appointed to take charge of donations of chocolate and subscriptions

The original version of Jane Thomson's poem 'To The Ulster Volunteers' was published in the Coleraine Chronicle of January 29th 1916. It has appeared many times in the newspapers and other publications over the years. Some words have changed as in verse four 'leal', an old Scottish word meaning loyal, has been replaced by 'real'

From 1920 onwards, one by one, the elderly sisters passed on, until Jane, the last surviving member of the family of James and Jemima Thomson passed away on 6th August 1937 and was laid to rest in the family plot in Aghadowey Presbyterian Churchyard.

To The Ulster Volunteers

Ye brave, brave, sons of Ulster, who rallied to the call
Left your friends and peaceful homes and sacrifices your all
To meet and fight and put to flight that grasping cruel foe
Who caused grim desolation, and heartache, pain and woe.

Courage, boys, courage
Be this your daily cry
But don't forget to trust in God
And keep your powder dry.

For many years the Germans had been making deep their plan
Had worshipped militarism, had drilled their every man
While other peaceful nations thought them cultured, honest, true
The Germans forced this awful war like starting bolt from blue
Courage, boys, courage, etc.

Then gallant little Belgium had first to face the foe
Her land was devastated, her precious shrines laid low
What cruel sad atrocities were daily practised there
By the Germans in their bitter hate - Ah! the thought is hard to bear
Courage, boys, courage, etc.

But Britain to the rescue came, France, Russia, Italy too
Supported by our colonies, brave hearted, leal and true
To conquer wrong, uphold the right, and make the weak ones strong
With this as glorious motive, may great power to them belong
Courage, boys, courage, etc.

Our Ulster Volunteers set out, with ready pluck and vim
They joined the Empire's army, to fight for home and King
To show to all the World they were patriots staunch and true
And to uphold the grand old flag of red and white and blue
Courage, boys, courage, etc.

Brave boys from Aghadowey, we've a special word for you
We have known you from your childhood, we have seen each in his pew
Listening to the Word of Life, joining in prayer and praise
And now we pray that God may give 'strength equal to your days'
Courage, boys, courage, etc.

And when the strife has ended, and fearful war is o'er
You'll have a warm glad welcome back to your native shore
You'll tread once more the valleys where the little shamrock grows
And gain new health and vigour 'mid Ulster's calm repose
Courage, boys, courage, etc.

We mourn those noble soldiers who'll return, alas, no more
They've crossed the bar', and landed upon the other shore
But if Christ has been their Captain, they inherit full reward
And their dust will rest in foreign land, as in the old Churchyard
Courage, boys, courage, etc.

We thank our noble army, we thank our navy too
But, more than they, we thank our God, to whom all praise is due
That He kept the heartless Germans, despite their craft and guile
From invading and destroying our own beloved green isle
Courage, boys, courage, etc.

Jane Thomson, Cullycapple, January 1916

Aghadowey - Men Who Served

Alexander, Robert, 2nd Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, native of Aghadowey, chauffeur at Laurel Hill before the War. Wounded on the back, arm and leg 1915.

Archibald, Alexander, Capt., Canadian Army Medical Corps. Emigrated to U.S. on Luisitania 14th April 1911, son of Wm. & Ellen C. (Patterson) Archibald, Gospel Hill, Carnrallagh.

Archibald, George, Croix de Guerre, Machine Gun Corps, London Yeomanry, son of George Archibald & Sarah J. McQuilkin, Whitehill, Aghadowey. Awarded French Croix de Guerre 1918.

Archibald, Samuel, Coldstream Guards, 6th son of James Archibald & Catherine Millar, Mullahinch, both parents died January 1915. Samuel died 27th February 1961.

Archibald, William A., 9th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born Scotland, son of Robert J. Archibald & Nancy McLeister, Caheny, cousin of William Hugh & Matthew (below)

Archibald, William Hugh, Cpl., A.I.F., son of Matthew Archibald & Jane M. Morrell, Caheny. Brother of Cpl. Matthew Archibald, A.I.F. KIA 10th August 1916.

Barr, William, 12th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born 23rd August 1899, son of Robert John Barr, stone mason & Nancy Cunningham. Lived Culcrow in 1901 and later 'Tin Terrace' Mullaghmore.

Blair Thomas James, Sergt., R.F.C., eldest son of John Blair & Martha Barr, Ballylintagh. Married at Aldershot 1st July 1916 to Ida Florence Hunter of 31 Clifton Drive, Belfast.

Blake, Robert, 3rd Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, husband of Mrs. Margaret Blake, Killykergan, wounded 2nd May 1916. 1917 wounded and in hospital Stoke-on-Trent. 1918 POW in Kassel, Germany.

Bolton, Sloan McIlrath, Lieut., R.I.R., son of Dr. Samuel Bolton, J.P., Medical Officer for Aghadowey. Seriously wounded in chest, abdomen and thigh 1916.

Boyd, Alfred Edgar #22262 Army Pay Corps, born 1879, joined 2nd May 1918 Omagh. Principal of Cullycapple School, brother-in-law Capt. A. Archibald (left).

Boyd, John Brown, Cpl., American Expeditionary Force, son of John Boyd, Ringsend. Left Derry on Caledonia arrived N.Y. 5th May 1912 to go to aunt in Philadelphia.

Boyd, John McAllister, R.N., born 12th January 1903, eldest son of Alfred E. and Margaret (Archibald) Boyd. Joined R.N. in April 1918 when only 15 years of age.

Bradley, Francis McCay, named after son of Rev. Wm. McCay, Mount Pleasant, where father James Bradley was a servant, lived at Carrowreagh and later Ardreagh.

Bradley, James, son of James and Nancy Kyle Bradley, elder brother of Frank (above), born at Carrowreagh near Garvagh, baptised 21st May 1888 at Moneydig Presbyterian Church.

Bradshaw, Humphrey Ion, Lieut., Gordon Highlanders, son of H. L. Bradshaw & Mrs. Louie Hall (nee Lopdell). Half brother of Arthur Henry Hall M.C. KIA 19th November 1916. Married 1930 to Miss Maitland.

Calderwood, Hugh, Driver Army Service Corps, son of Alexander Catherwood, Glenbuck, Dunlop and Lizzie Knox Archibald, Clagan. Living at Clagan 1912 when he signed the Ulster Covenant. Enlisted 4th June 1915 aged 19 years, 8 months.

Carrick, Robert John, R.N., son of William Carrick & Lizzie Sherard, Gorran & Ballyclough. On HMS Columbela 1918. Later emigrated to Hoboken, New Jersey, U.S.

Chestnutt, Alexander, emigrated to Quebec 1913, living in Lonsdale, Rhode Island, U.S. Joined the Canadians 4th march 1918. Father Samuel died soon after on 19th April 1918.

Chestnutt, Samuel, 12th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of Samuel Chestnutt & Nancy Ann McCahon, Moneycarrie. Wounded 1918, discharged with pension. Brother of Alexander (above)

Clarke, John Walter, Lieut., joined up in Canada, serving in Royal Flying Corps. Born 1888, eldest son of Thomas Clarke & Catherine Boyd, both school teachers.

Clarke, Kennedy Hunter, Cpl., Cyclist Corps, Ulster Div., younger brother of John (above). Their father Thomas Clarke taught Killeague School and lived at Crossmakeever.

Corr, Joseph, born c1882 living at Landagivey in 1901 with mother Catherine and sister Mary is a possibility.

Dallas, A.

Dallas, G.

Dallas, R. J.

Deighan, W.

Dempsey, F.

Dempsey, J.

Dempsey, J.

Dempsey, J.

Devenney, James, #24904, 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of John Devenney & Mary T. Archibald, Cullycapple. Enlisted 16th July 1915, certificate for leading bombing attacks at Thiepval 1st July 1916. POW 22nd August 1918 to 19th November 1918.

Dillon, Michael, Gunner, R.G.A., married in 1912 to Lizzie Chestnutt, Moneycarrie, sister of Alexander & Samuel (above). On furlough at Main Street, Garvagh, May 1919.

Dogherty, Albert, Cpl., 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of John Dogherty & Anne Jane Wallace, Cullycapple. Severely wounded at Somme 1916. Married on 10th July 1917 to Maggie McMichael.

Dogherty, David, Sergt., 12th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers/10th Bn. 1917, younger brother of Albert (above), 3rd son of John and Ann. Died at his home in Toronto, Canada on 29th June 1965.

Dogherty, William, born c1887 Co. Antrim, son of Thomas & Martha Doherty, Droghead, is a possibility.

Donaghy, William, 12th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of James Donaghy & Martha Hemphill, Lisnamuck. Wrote home "if the war lasts another year, what is left of the Ulster Division will go home on a side-car."

Dooey, Thomas, 12th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born c1894, son of Stewart Doey & Ann Jane Forsythe, Ballybritain. Attended Aghadowey School and is in 1905 school photograph.

Downs, John, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born 23rd July 1895, living with grandparents at Craiglea Glebe in 1901. Came from Killeague School to Collins School 5th October 1903.

Duff, Thompson, #1015551, Canadians, born 25th December 1880, emigrated to Canada 1904. Had been a miner before enlisting 23rd June 1916. Brother Robert lived at 44 Sussex Street, Glasgow.

Dunlop, Bernard, R.N., son of late Bernard & Mrs. Dunlop, Landagivey. Brother John Australian Infantry. KIA 5th July 1916.

Dunn, Robert John, who lived with wife Margaret at Culcrow, died 14th October 1966 is a possibility.

Faith, Matthew Perry, #257, Australians, enlisted 13th July 1915, son of late Thomas Faith & Rachel Ross, Moneybrannon. Returned to Australia 9th December 1918. Died 11th August 1959.

Ferris, William Wilson, R.N., born c1870, son of John Ferris and Mary McAlister, Ballynacally.

Finlay, S., L/Cpl.

Forgrave, James, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, eldest son of Samuel Forgrave & Lizzie Kyle Donaghy, lived at Ardreagh then Curragh where James attended Culcrow School.

Gibson, James, Canadians, son of Robert Gibson & Martha Cochrane, Craiglea, emigrated to U.S., acetylene welder and pipe fitter in Cleveland, Ohio. Enlisted London, Ontario, 10th January 1918.

Gibson, John Roxborough, born c1890, son of James Gibson & Ann Morrison, Ballymenagh. Cousin of James Gibson (above) and Robbie Millen KIA 8th May 1916.

Glenn, James Ferguson, Sergt., bank clerk before enlisting in Canadians 24th June 1915. Son of late James Ferguson Glenn, auctioneer & Mary Wilson of 'Fairmount' Cullycapple.

Glenn, Robert Wilson, Army Flying Corps, brother of James F. (above) and nephew of William J. (below). Robert & James F. commemorated on Roll of Honour Cullycapple School.

Glenn, Thomas, MM, D.C.M., 2nd Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of John Glenn, Castlerock, married 1914 to Jeannie McGowan who was living at Ballygawley in 1918 when Thomas was awarded MM.

Glenn, William John, L/Cpl. #44718 'A' Coy. 2nd Bn. N.Z. Rifle Brigade, brother of late James Ferguson Glenn, Cullycapple, died in England 13th May 1919 and buried St. Guaire's parish Church.

Gould, Robert, emigrated to Australia c1910 with 2 brothers. Joined A.I.F. 21st December 1914. Son of James Gould, Crockindolg. Served with British Forces at Dardanelles.

Grissam, James, #19769, 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born 1st March 1898, eldest son of Richard Grissam & Lizzie Moore. Joined at Finner Camp 27th January 1915.

Hanna, Alexander, farrier, came from Co. Down, married Mary "Minnie" McAfee of Clairehill.

Harbison, David John, born 14th July 1897, son of Samuel Harbison & Margaret Boyce, Ballywillan. Father was sexton for Aghadowey Presbyterian Church between 1900 and 1913.

Harbison, James, born 7th December 1894 and his brothers John and Robert Milliken, sons of James Harbison & Ellen Milliken, are the best match found for these three names.

Harbison, John, born 5th June 1898 was baptised Aghadowey Presbyterian Church 4th September 1898. This was his mother's church although father was from Macosquin. Family then moved to Scotland.

Harbison, Robert Milliken, born 4th June 1890, eldest son of James Harbison & Ellen Milliken who were living at 8 Livingstone Street, Clydebank in 1901. Robert emigrated to Canada 1924.

Hegharty, J.

Henry, Matthew Douglas, joined Canadians 10th November 1917, son of Matthew Henry & Sarah Tannahill, "Blackheath", Craiglea Glebe. 1932 family moved to Ultimo House, Ballymoyle, Coagh.

Hazlet, Charles Owen, Major, D.S.O., R.G.A., son of Lt. Col. R. J. Hezlett, J.P., Bovagh. Awarded D.S.O. at Cambrai 1917, three times mentioned in despatches. Died 22nd November 1965.

Hazlet, Robert Knox, Lt./Col., D.S.O., R.F.A., older brother of Charles (above), also awarded D.S.O. Retired from Army prior to WWII and died 14th January 1963.

Holmes, R. J.

Hunter, Joseph, Trooper, North Irish Horse, son of Thomas Hunter & Mary B, McIntyre, Droghed. Father died 1903, Droghed was sold. Joseph went to Belfast and Scotland, married Margaret Bell.

Jamieson, Samuel, Royal Army Service Corps., born 11th October 1887, eldest son of Thomas Jamieson & Margaret Gormley. Brother of Thomas (below). Married 7th June 1917 Anita Irene Ireland.

Jamieson, Thomas, 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born 1894, son of Thomas & Margaret, Ruskey & Clarehill. Brother of Samuel (above). Wounded. Married 18th June 1919 to Rebecca Barr.

Joy, Leopold, Army Service Corps, mentioned by Dr. Morrison in his book Modern Ulster.

Kane, N.

Kane, R., M.M.

Kennedy, David, 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born c1892, son of James Kennedy & Nancy Craig, Mullamore. David and brother James both commemorated on Roll of Honour at Cullycapple School.

Kennedy, Edward Stuart, Canadian Expeditionary Force, son of James Kennedy & Jane Henry, Ballyclough. Emigrated 1913, cashier in Canadian Bank of Commerce, wounded 1917.

Kennedy, James, North Irish Horse, born c1899, son of James Kennedy & Nancy Craig, Mullamore, brother of David (above)

Kennedy, James Torrens, #506824JC Manitoba Regt., born 29th march 1890, son of John Kennedy & Margaret Reid, Mayoughill, died at Brandon, Manitoba 14th October 1972.

Kennedy, Norman Robert, Lieut., M.C., 1st Bn. Royal Scots., born Aghadowey when father Rev. Gilbert A. Kennedy, M.A. was minister there. Awarded M.C. 1918. Brother Lt. G. Kennedy, KIA 15th June 1915.

Livingston, J. Ernest, bomb thrower with London Territorials, nephew of Mr. J. T. Hall, Ardreagh. Seriously wounded 1915. Brother Bertie KIA 23rd July 1916.

Lynd, William Wallace, Lt., 217 Bn. Canadians, son of Thomas Lynd & Rachel Gillespie, Scalty and Ballybrakes. To Canada c 1906, studied law before enlisting March 1916, wounded 1918, completed law studies after war, died July 1992 aged 100.

McAleese, Robert, 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. (Transport Section), son of John McAleese & Annie McNabb, "Greenhill Cottage" Aghadowey. Married with family at Drumcroon 1918.

Macauley, Jamison, #3105293 Canadians, son of James Macauley & Sarah Anne Jackson, Ballywillin. Emigrated to U.S. 1914, living in Philadelphia, enlisted Toronto 12th October, 1917, returned to U.S.

Macauley, Matthew, Black Watch, born 11th July 1893, son of late Matthew Macauley & Marianne Stuart, Ballybritain. Married Jeannie Bolton and bought farm at Knockinkerragh 1927.

Macauley, William Jackson, R.I.R., born 9th January 1894, son of James McAuley & Sarah Anne Jackson, brother of Jamison (above)

McCormick, William Johnston, born 24th December 1874, son of Archibald Campbell McCormick & Mary Ann Johnston, "Bogvale" Carnrallagh, went to England.

McDowell, James, 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of Henry McDowell & Mary Jane Arthur, originally from Eden and moved to Clarehill. Wounded. Married 1923 to Rachel Faith, Moneybrannon.

McFadden, James, Sergt., D.C.M. #9289 3rd Bn. Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders (formerly 10th Bn.), native of Ballygawley, awarded D.C.M. for carrying wounded officer to safety.

McFadden, Richard "Dick", 'D' Coy 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of Robert McFadden & Sarah Grissam, Greenhill Cottages. Struck by shrapnel and lost eye March 1916.

McFadden, William, 'D' Coy 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born Shanlongford 2nd December 1894, brother of Dick (above), cousin of James (above) and Hugh McFadden, Coleraine, KIA 22nd May 1915.

McIlroy, James Clarke, Capt., M.C., R.F.A., son of Patrick McIlroy & Maggie C. Craig, Inchadoghill, worked in uncles' drapery business in England.

McIlroy, Robert Ernest, Kings Own Rifles/Prince Ruperts Horse, born 27th September 1895, brother of James Clarke (above). Prisoner in Germany December 1915: "he is assisting in the making of a canal."

McIlroy, William, Sergt., 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of John McIlroy & Jane Gray, Agivey. In October 1918 was on leave from France at mother's home in Culcrow. Marries 1919 to Maggie Dunlop.

McIntyre, David John, Sergt., M.M., 2nd Bn./10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of Robert & Mary McIntyre, Blackhill House. Awarded M.M. and mentioned in despatches.

McLary, Bernard, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Ringsend.

McLary, T.

McMaster, Archibald, 12th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born 6th February 1899, son of Archibald McMaster & Rebecca Downs, half-brother of Samuel, Thomas and William (below). Emigrated to Canada after the war.

McMaster, Samuel, Canadians, emigrated to Canada 1913 with brother Thomas. Enlisted at Woodstock, Ontario 14th January 1915 giving date of birth as 28th February 1893.

McMaster, Thomas, Canadians, born 5th September 1895, son of Archibald McMaster & Margaret Earl, brother of Samuel and William, half-brother of Archibald. Married 1916 in Woodstock to Eileen Ballman.

McMaster, William, #675230 Canadians, enlisted 8th January 1916 stating that he had served 3 years in Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Born 14th March 1890, married 25th June 1910 to Eliza Doherty.

McMurtry, Samuel, Sapper, Royal Engineers, son of James McMurtry & Mary Boyce, Lisnamuck. Sister Elizabeth married to Sgt.-Major W. G. Taylor, R.G.A.

McQuigg, James Torrens, 12th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Machine Gun Corps, son of Henry & Elizabeth McQuigg, Glenkeen. Married 10th June 1918 to Jennie Morrison, died 26th June 1971.

McQuilken, Archibald, 2nd class mechanic, Royal Air Service, training at Salisbury for R.F.C. 1918. Son of John McQuilken, Gortin Mayoughill, married 1912 to Mary Chestnutt.

Maxwell, David, L/Cpl. #41095 Rifleman N.Z. Force, son of Robert Maxwell & Ann Moore, Ballynacally. He had been a grocer's assistant before enlisting.

Millar, Edward Stronge "Eddie", Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born 1st May 1898, son of Sarah & late William Millar who died 7th October 1915 at his residence Agivey. Prisoner in Germany 1918.

Millar, Henry "Harry", Trooper, North Irish Horse, born 10th April 1900, brother of Eddie (above). Both boys attended Culcrow School.

Millican, Frank, #15738, 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born 22nd January 1896, son of late Frank Millican & Mary Eliza McAlister, Keely. Married Hannah Stinson and died 12th December 1945.

Millican, George, R.I.R., son of John & Jane Milliken ?, Ballydevitt where father was watchman at bleachgreen. George married 1915 to Maggie Barr, sister of Willie KIA 1st July 1916.

Millican, George, 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born 10th February 1894, son of George Millican, bleacher at Ballydevitt, & Jane McNeill. Lived at Lisnamuck, Ballybritain and Clarehill.

Millican, Samuel, Sergt., 12th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of James Thomas Millican & Ellen Neill, Ardreagh. Married Mary Canning and lived railway gatehouse, Ardreagh.

Mitchell, Daniel "Dan", joined the Americans, youngest son of John Mitchell & Nancy Dunlop, Glasgort. Emigrated to U.S. 1913, died in Boston 1934.

Moffett, David, Cpl. R.G.A., son of David Moffett, blacksmith. Already a soldier in 1903 when he married Lizzie Hemphill, Crevolea.

Moffett, Robert, Gunner, R.G.A., believed to be a son of Robert Moffett & Sarah Carton, Craigmore. Commemorated roll of honour Ringsend Presbyterian Church.

Moffett, William John, Sapper, Royal Engineers, son of Thomas Moffett & Annie McLaughlin, Ballygawley. Father a blacksmith, probably related to David (above).

Montgomery, James, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of Samuel Montgomery & Hannah McAlister, Gortin, severely wounded in France 1918. Brother of William Montgomery, Ballynacally.

Moon, William John Kirk, Capt., M.C., 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, (9th Bn. 1919), son of James Thomas Moon & Rebecca K. Millar, Ballydevitt. Promoted to Capt. 1916, wounded 1918. Awarded M.C. 1919.

Mooney, T., Royal Navy.

Moore, James, L/Cpl., 3rd Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, youngest son of James Moore & Martha Paul, Ardreagh. Best shot in his company in Omagh. Wounded 1915, 7 months in hospital. Emigrated to Canada 1921.

Morrison, Albert John McClure Chesney, Capt., Royal Army Medical Corps., eldest son of Dr. H. S. Morrison & Louisa Jane Whitley, "Bellevue" Aghadowey. Thrice wounded. Married 1920 to Gladys Eva Squires.

Morrison, Hugh Ranken, Lieut., Army Service Corps. Serb Decoration. Married 1910 Annie Louisa, daughter of William Ranken, J.P., Newpark. Lived Meathpark, later Wigmore. Brother of Albert (above).

Morrow, James, Trooper, Royal Irish Hussars, born c1899, son of William Morrow, farmer, & Agnus Morrison, Craigmore. Commemorated on roll of honour Ringsend Presbyterian Church.

Mullan, G.

Mullan, Joseph, born c1892, son of Patrick & Dora Mullan, Mullaghmore. Mentioned as being a soldier in Coleraine Chronicle of August 30th 1919.

Neill, Robert "Bob", L/Cpl., 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born c1888, son of David Neill & late Ann McIlroy, Claggan, Mullamore and Cullycapple. Wounded 1916. Brother of James KIA 8th October 1917.

Neill, Richard, M.M., Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born 23rd May 1880, son of Richard Neill & Margaret Jane McKeage, Balnamore. Cousin of Bobby (above). Wounded. Awarded M.M.

Nelson, H., Royal Navy

Nelson, J.

Nelson, William J., 12th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of John Nelson, married 10th February 1919 to Jeane Logan.

O'Hara, Thomas, Royal Navy, born 1st May 1893, son of Thomas Hara & Nancy Morrell.

O'Riley, J.

Patterson, Andrew, Lieut., M.C., 12th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of Robert Patterson & Violet McAlister, Culdrum, working in Shrewsbury when war was declared. Awarded M.C. 1917.

Patterson, Alexander, Sergt., M.S.M., R.F.A., eldest son of Alexander Patterson & Annie M. Stewart, Drumacrow, born 13th August 1893, died Somerton Park, Belfast 21st August 1952.

Peden, Robert William, #2006298 Canadian Engineers, son of James Peden & Mary Jane Boyd, Mayoughill. To Burlington, Vermont. Enlisted Canadians 18th July 1917. Brother James joined Americans.

Perry, William John, Corporal, North Somerset Yeomanry, son of late Samuel Perry & Catherine Toye, Ballywillin. Wounded and taken prisoner by the Germans April 1918.

Quigg, W., Cpl.

Rothwell, Arthur Balfour, Lieut., enlisted first in 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, by late 1915 in 17th R.I.R. Pronounced unfit for active service 1916, back in France January 1918. September 1918 suffering from heart trouble due to gas attacks.

Rothwell, B. Frank, #088394 Driver A.S.C., Blackheath House, enlisted when almost 45? years of age (actually may have been over 60). 11 months in France, discharged 30th October 1917, father of Arthur and Norman.

Rothwell, Norman, Lieut., enlisted Winnipeg Rifles, 23rd September 1914 when only 17. Wounded for 3rd time at storming of Passchendaele Ridge 25th October 1917. Joined the Flying Corps.

Savage, Charles Lynd, Sergt., and twin sister Sarah Craig born 8th March 1885, Culcrow. Father Samuel died before they were born 21st December 1884. Mother was Eliza McShane.

Scullion, Alexander, born c1897, son of Patrick & Hannah Scullion, Bovagh is a possibility.

Shirley, James, #109027, Driver R.H. and R.F.A., son of Alexander Shirley & Margaret Loughridge, Culcrow. Worked to Edward Stronge at Keely House and Garvagh House. Died 22nd October 1957.

Shirley, J.

Shirley, P., R. N.

Shirley, Robert, R.N., HMS Iron Duke 1916, a native of Aghadowey took part in the North Sea battle writes: The din of battle was stunning and deafening as hundreds of the heaviest guns in the world gave tongue at once.

Smith, Robert, Cpl., probably, Ballyclough, brother of Thomas (below)

Smith, Thomas, #234792 Winnipeg Rifles, son of late Henry Smyth & Catherine Jane Blair, Ballyclough. To Canada 1912, enlisted 19th April 1916, wounded at Passchendaele. Married 1919, back to Canada 1925.

Steen, Robert John, 2nd Rhodesian Reg., born 1886, son of John Steen & late Catherine King, Craiglea Glebe. Returned home in later life and died 1951. Interred Ringsend Presbyterian Churchyard.

Stewart, James, sen., Military Police, Dublin.

Stewart, Wilson, R.I.R., born c1888 Co. Antrim, son of John Stewart & Isabella Alexander. Living at Inchadoghill 1901. Brother of Robert who died of wounds 11th August 1917.

Stronge, Charles Norman Lockhart, Capt., M.C., 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of Capt. C. E. Strong, D.L., Lizard Manor. Awarded MC 1918 and also Belgian Croix de Guerre.

Tannahill, Kennedy, #3056116 Canadians, emigrated c1908, son of late Douglas Tannahill & Ellen Kennedy, Ballycaghan. Bookkeeper living 165 Arthur Street, Ottawa with brother William.

Wallace, James, R.I.R., born 29th April 1885, son of David Wallace & Rachel Harkin living at Ballydevitt in 1901 is a possibility.

Wallace, Stephen, #49951 Wellington Infantry Regiment, N.Z. Forces, son of William Wallace & Margaret Anne Wallace, Mullahinch. Died in N.Z. 18th June 1956.

Warwick, John Alexander, 13th Bn. Tank Corps, son of late John Warwick, Moyletragh & Anne Jane McFetridge. Sometime after the death of his father in 1906 the family moved to Droghed.

Watson, Henry, born 16th August 1883, son of James Watson & Martha Torrens, Bovagh is a possibility.

Wilson, George Woodburn, R.G.A., born 25th April 1897, son of William James & Rebecca Wilson, Ballygawley and Portrush. Died 20th December 1966.

Wilson, Robert, L/Cpl., Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born 21st February 1892, elder son of William James & Rebecca Wilson, brother of George W. (above)

Woodend, David "Teddy", 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, eldest son of David & Martha Woodend, Kilrea. Lived with aunts at Glenkeen. Gassed and later taken prisoner March 1918. Served WWII. Died 1958.

Woodend, J.


Carrick, Sarah, V.A.D., born c1891, daughter of James Carrick, grocer & Elizabeth Cunningham, Ballynacally. Married Samuel Gibson Millen 29th August 1918 (brother of Robbie KIA 8th May 1916)

Clarke, Mary Adelaide Frances, Royal Red Cross. nurse in one of the military hospitals in France, daughter of Thomas Clarke, teacher, Killeague.

Hazlet, E.

Kennedy, Margaret Adelaide, V.A.D., A.N., Stobhill, Glasgow, 24th Gen. Hospital. B.E.F., and Royal Herbert Hospital, Woolwich. Sister of Lt. G. Kennedy, KIA 15th June 1915.

Kennedy, M.

Macauley, M., believed to be Margaret Morrison "Maggie" born 6th August 1888, daughter of Matthew Macauley & Mary Stuart, Ballybritain.

Hall, E., M.T.

Moon, Mary Ethel, St. John's Ambulance Association. Daughter of James Thomas Moon & Rebecca K. Millar, Ballydevitt. Sister of Capt. W. J. K. Moon, M.C.

Peden, Martha Ann, born 18890, daughter of John Peden, carpenter, and Margaret Eliza Gibson, Clintagh.

Rothwell, Constance, daughter of Frank & Jane Rothwell, Blackheath House. Father Frank and brothers Arthur and Norman all served in The Great War.

Tannahill, Ellen, born 15th April 1893, daughter of Alexander Tannahill & Mary J. McCahon, Killeague. Commemorated in Macosquin Presbyterian Church.

Wallace, A. C.

Wallace, E.

Watterson, Sarah M., Q.M.A.A.C., #37922 Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps. Probably daughter of T. J. Watterson, station master, Aghadowey.

Sam Burnside

Matthew Perry Faith

Bruce Lynch

Alexander Chestnutt

Andrew Collins

Thomas Collins

John C. Collins

David W. Toye

Samuel Perry Toye

William Toye


George and Linda Gilmore of Garvagh who have done an enormous amount of the research for this book.

Jeff Kildea of Australia who has been most helpful with Australian men.

Mike McNicholas of England for his willingness to take photographs for me.
Robert Thompson