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Garvagh and Aghadowey
1914 - 1918
Robert Thompson

Garvagh (this page)   Aghadowey

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Garvagh and Aghadowey War Memorials

     The Great War, because of the death of my Uncle Joe in it, is something I have always had an interest in.  The researching of local War Memorials, therefore has been a passion for many years.  But few War Memorials carry the names of those who returned.  In this both Garvagh and Aghadowey are almost unique as both carry the names of those who came back safely to their families.

     Research can be a time consuming job and in this I have been very fortunate.  In the beginning George and Linda Gilmore offered their help and it has been a pleasure and a great advantage to have their intimate knowledge of both areas.  Both have put in an enormous amount of work and been very helpful.  For this I am very grateful.

     Their families also, have been good with photographs and other details.  I hope that what is written in these pages will bring a little bit of honour to those young men who gave their lives so many years ago.

.............................Robert Thompson

Garvagh War Memorial

     Following the end of hostilities it was felt that a War Memorial in memory of the thirty-two men from Garvagh who had given their lives should be erected.  During the Summer of 1919 an unofficial committee was formed to attempt to raise funds for the erection of a suitable memorial.  There were twenty-seven collectors and by the end of the summer following a social evening in a barn loaned by Mr. R. J. Adams of Liscall a total of 556-1-6 had been raised.  It was now felt that a properly elected committee should be formed to carry the project forward and this committee included Mr. Daniel Boylan J.P., whose son had died while serving in the Army.

     John Robinson and Sons, who were sculptors in 46 York Street, Belfast, submitted plans for a six sided tower, thirty feet high and with a clock face on four sides.  This plan was placed in the window of Mr. Paul's shop (corner of Main Street and Kilrea Road, now the Card Shop).  This plan ran into difficulties, partly through the refusal of Lord Garvagh to donate a site and partly through difficulty in raising more funds, and was eventually rejected in March 1923.

     The present site was later donated by Edward Stronge who lived in Garvagh House after the Canning Family.

     Thomas Johnston, of Lisachrin, later Station Road, designed a square tower forty feet high, with four clock faces raised on a concrete base.  This design was accepted and following the submission of tenders the contract was given to Mr. Thomas Fleming of Killyvalley.  The tower was constructed by John Lamont, Robert and Hugh Faith, who were stone masons, and attended by James McCook.  Robert and Hugh were brothers of James Faith who had died of wounds on 26th June 1917.  By June 1923 the concrete base had been laid and on 3rd September building commenced.  It progressed slowly and six weeks later had reached the height of twenty four feet.  By early December building was almost complete with the tower now standing at thirty-seven feet.  It was now time to install the clock and an expert from Midlands Clock Works of Derby arrived in Garvagh.  He was assisted by Mr. A. L. Mann of Garvagh.  Towards the end of February 1924 the clock had been installed and the building finished.  The chimes weighted 6cwt.

     On 27th March 1924 the War Memorial was unveiled by Captain Charles Stronge of Lizard Manor and Mrs. Stronge had the honour of starting the clock.

     The total cost of the Memorial came to 850-00 and all but 100-00 was raised by public subscription.

     The Memorial carries the names of the thirty-two men who gave their lives and of the 139 who returned, among them seven nurses.

     Thomas Hall became the thirty third name on the Memorial being added later after the unveiling although already on those served.

37549 Driver William McCurdy
116th Bty Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Field Artillery

Killed in Action 17th November 1914
Born: Co. Londonderry
Husband of Clara Jane Cooper, three children

No known grave

Commemorated on Menin Gate Memorial, Panels 5 & 9

Commemorated on Londonderry and Garvagh War Memorial

William McCurdy (standing left)

10348 Private William James Weir
1st Bn. King's Own Scottish Borderers

Killed in Action 26th April 1915
Aged 25
brother of Edward (right)

Born: Moneymore 1890
Son of James and Margaret Weir
Enlisted: Glasgow

No known grave
Commemorated on Helles Memorial

10608 Sgt. Edward Alexander Weir
1st Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Died of Wounds 14th October 1918
Aged 22
brother of William (left)

Born: 1897
Son of James and Margaret Weir
Member of Timaconway L.O.L. 229

Interred in Terligyhun Cemetery, Boulogne Plot 5, Row E, Grave16

Lieutenant Oliver Babington Macausland
1st Bn. Royal Irish Rifles

Killed in Action 9th May 1915
Aged 19
Born: 1896
Son of Lieut. Colonel Redmond Conyngham Macausland JP and Jane Isabella (Keown), Woodbank House

No known grave

Commemorated on Neuve Chapelle Memorial, Panel 1 and St. Paul's Church, Garvagh

18698 Pte. James O'Reilly
1st Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers

Killed in Action 6th July 1915
Enlisted: Hamilton, Scotland

Interred in Artillery Wood Cemetery, Plot 3, Row D, Grave14

Commemorated on Diamond War Memorial, Londonderry


7315 Private Thomas O'Kane
2nd Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 16th May 1915
Aged 32


Born: 1883
Son of Thomas & Catherine (McKeown) O'Kane, Garvagh

No known grave

Commemorated on Le Touret Memorial, Panels 16 & 17


8763 Private James Mulholland
1st Bn. Highland Light Infantry

Killed in Action 30th June 1915

Son of James and Bridget (McNamee) Mulholland

Enlisted: Glasgow

Interred in Neuve Chapelle British Cemetery, Row B, Grave 3


1113A Private Patrick Bradley
1st Bn. Australian Infantry

Killed in Action 10th August 1915


Born: 1894
Son of Patrick & Isabella (Margey) Bradley, Garvagh
Enlisted: 19th September 1914

Commemorated at Special Memorial, C 12. in Lone Pine Cemetery, Anzac


Lieutenant Robert Fitzaustin Gavin
2nd Bn. Royal Irish Rifles

Killed in Action 25th September 1915


Son of George and Anne Brunel (Keown) Fitzaustin

No known grave

Commemorated on Menin Gate Memorial, Panel 40 and in St. Paul's Church, Garvagh


8965 L/Cpl. Matthew McIlwrath
1st Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Died of Wounds 4th March 1916 or 1917
Aged 29


Born: Ballyrogan 1885
Son of James & Mary Anne (Mulholland) McIlwrath, Garvagh
Enlisted: Coleraine

Interred in Grove Town Cemetery, Plot 3, Row C, Grave 31


1631 Private John McCooke
60th Bn. Australian Infantry

Killed in Action 19th July 1916


Born: 1896
Son of Thomas and Nancy McCooke, Moyletrakill, Garvagh
Enlisted: Geelong, Victoria 15th December 1914

Commemorated on V.C. Corner Australian Cemetery Memorial, Fromelles, Panel 21

23652 Private Robert Collins
10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 9th May 1916
Aged 16
Born: 15th August 1899
Son of Alexander & Margaret (Chambers) Collins, Carrowreagh, Garvagh

Interred in Forceville Communal Cemetery, Plot 1, Row C, Grave 12

Commemorated on Roll of Honour in Boveedy Orange Hall

S/6902 Private William Stewart
2nd Bn. Gordon Highlanders

Killed in Action 1st July 1916
Born: Errigal, Co. Londonderry 1897/93
Son of Margaret Lyons
Enlisted: Hamilton, Scotland

Commemorated at Special Memorial B.23 in Gordon Cemetery at Mametz, also in St. Paul's Church, Garvagh


346792 James Gayton MacLean
Royal Navy

Killed in Action 1st June 1916
Aged 30

Born: Moy, Co. Tyrone 17th September 1885
Son of James & Esther MacLean
Husband of Kathleen
Enlisted: 5th May 1904 R.N.

20894 Private Thomas Dale
11th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 1st July 1916
Aged 32

Born: 28th February 1884
Son of John & Isabella (Johnston) Dale
Husband of Jane Duncan McFarlane

Commemorated on Thiepval Memorial, 4D, 5B and in St. Paul's Church

13042 Private Samuel McElfatrick
11th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 1st July 1916
Aged 35
Born: 1881 Tamlaght, Co. Londonderry
Son of Mary & James McElfatrick, Garvagh
Husband of Hessie Doherty, 5 children
Enlisted: Garvagh

Poem by Hessie Doherty McElfatrick:-
My noble husband lies in his blood soaked garments through
In a nameless grave unknown lies the heart that beat so true
He sank, faint and weary, among the famous brave
And they laid him sad and lonely all in his lowly grave
No dear one was near him to mark his soft replies
No loving one was near him to close his soft dark eyes
No stone marks the grave where my husband lies so lone
In a nameless grave unknown with his blood soaked garments through
No more bugle will call our darling one
Rest, noble soldier, all in your grave unknown
But we will know you, we will find you among the good and true
Then you will wear a robe of white for your blood soaked garments through
Daddy, dear daddy, good night, good night
22027 Private James Lynch
7th Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers

Killed in Action 4th July 1916
Born: 6th August 1878
Son of James and Annie (McIlwrath) Lynch, Ballinameen, Garvagh

Enlisted: Partick

Interred in St. Patrick's Cemetery, Loos, in the Pas de Calais, Plot 3, Row C, Grave 2

Commemorated in St. Paul's Church, Garvagh

11319 Private Marshall Caskey
1st Bn. Royal Scots Fusiliers

Killed in Action 23rd July 1916
Aged 20
Born: Glasgow 17th April 1896
Son of Marshall & Margaret Jane (Bradley) Caskey, Garvagh
Enlisted: Kilmarnock

No known grave

Commemorated on Thiepval Memorial, Panel 3C

8/3623 Private Joseph Bamford Hazlett
2nd Bn. Otago Regiment, N.Z.E.F.

Killed in Action 15th September 1916
Aged 28
Born: 23rd September 1887
Son of Samuel and Nancy (Knox) Hazlett

Enlisted: Trentham Camp, N.Z., 29th October 1915

No known grave

Commemorated on New Zealand Memorial in Caterpillar Valley Cemetery at the Somme and Moneydig Presbyterian Church


3214 Private James Bradley
1st Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 9th August 1916
Aged 26


Born: Dungiven
Son of James and Margaret Bradley

Interred in Potijze Chateau Wood Cemetery, Row F, Grave 1


19559 Private James Dempsey
10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Died of Wounds 30th November 1916
Aged 25


Born: Garvagh 25th March 1891 (20th)
Son of James and Lizzie (Craig) Dempsey

Interred in Bailleul Cemetery, Plot 3, Row A, Grave 188

Commemorated in St. Paul's Parish Church

19134 Private William Caldwell
10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 20th January 1917
Aged 39
Born: 1878
Son of James and Elizabeth (Harrison) Caldwell
Enlisted: Kilrea

Interred in Berks Cemetery, Plot 1, Row K, Grave 11

Commemorated in St. Paul's Church, Garvagh

6695 Private Jeremiah Darby O'Kane
2nd Bn. Irish Guards

Killed in Action 31st July 1917
Aged 36
Born: 17th March 1881
Son of James and Susan O'Kane
Husband of Mary E. McLaughlin
Enlisted: Coleraine

Interred in Duhallow A.D.S. Cemetery, Plot 8, Row G, Grave 1


40842 Rifleman Thomas Hall
1st Bn. Royal Irish Rifles

Killed in Action 7th March 1917
Aged 26


Born: 1891
Son of Mary (Robertson) & William Hall, Grandson of Robert Robertson
Enlisted: Antrim

Interred in Sailly-Saillisel British Cemetery, Plot 12, Row A, Grave 2


208 Private Thomas Torrens
34th Bn. Australian Infantry

Killed in Action 7th June 1917
Aged 32


Born: 1885
Son of Thomas and Martha Jane (Holmes) Torrens

Enlisted: December 1915 in Gunnedah, Australia

Commemorated on Menin Gate in Ypres

19139 Private James Faith
10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 26th June 1917
Aged 45
Born: 3rd June 1875
Son of Robert and Sarah (Kelly) Faith
Husband of Martha Campbell
Enlisted: Limavady

Interred in Oosraverne Wood Cemetery

21073 L/Cpl. Robert McIlrath
2nd Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 21st March 1918
Aged 22
Born: 31st August 1896
Son of Samuel & Martha (McLaughlin) McIlrath

Commemorated in Boveedy Orange Hall

Commemorated on Pozieres Memorial

15/17344 C.Q.M.S. Robert Ernest Toye
15th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles

Killed in Action 6th August 1917
Aged 26
Born: 7th December 1890
Son of John and Elizabeth (Graham Wilson) Toye, Fortavon, Garvagh

Interred in Wieltje Farm Cemetery, Special Memorial B 10

Toye family 1907 Fortavon, Cullyrammer. Perry, William, Robert, David; Walton, Lena, John, Isobell, Elizabeth, Eva and Hugh


23216 Private William Joseph Workman
10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 10th August 1917
Aged 20


Born: 12th April 1897
Son of William & Grace (McLaughlin) Workman, Ballygawley, Aghadowey
Enlisted: Kilrea
Commemorated on Cullycapple School Roll of Honour and on Aghadowey War Memorial and Aghadowey Presbyterian Church
Buried in New Irish Farm Cemetery, Plot 7, Roc C, Grave 19

2537 Pte. William John Thompson
2nd Bn. Irish Guards

Killed in Action 27th March 1918


Husband of Rachel Davison, 2 children
Enlisted: Ballymoney

Interred in Douchy-les-Ayette British Cemetery, Plot 4, Row F, Grave 4

Commemorated on Arras Memorial, Bay 1


28599 L/Cpl Joseph Dickey Morrison
9th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 29th March 1918
Aged 19


Born: 15th August 1898
Son of John and Anna Bella (Dickey) Morrison
Enlisted: Coleraine

Commemorated on Pozieres Memorial, Panels 38-40

Commemorated on Moneydig Roll of Honour


326016 Private John Joseph Boylan M.M.
5th Bn. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

Died 1st July 1918
Aged 28


Born: 24th September 1889
Son of Daniel and Sarah (O'Kane) Boylan, Garvagh
Enlisted: Stirling, Scotland

Buried Bolerin Chapel

Main Street, Garvagh, looking up to where the War Memorial was erected, Daniel Boylan's premises were just off the picture on the left
62913 Private Hugh Clarke Black
2nd Bn. Otago Regiment

Killed in Action 24th August 1918
Aged 26
Born: 1882

Son of Hugh & Mary Jane (Wilson) Black, Gortfad

Interred in Beaulencourt British Cemetery, at Ligny Thilloy, Plot 3, Row H, Grave 18

39124 Rfn John McCay Torrens
1st Bn. 3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade

Killed in Action 1st September 1918
Born: 25th August 1895
Raised by Jane and James Torrens, his grandparents

Enlisted: Christchurch

Interred in Bancourt Cemetery, Bapaume Plot 1, Row F, Grave 10

< John McCay Torrens and Allston Neely (school friend) died within hour of each other and are buried together


28408 Private William Patton
9th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in Action 15th October 1918
Aged 17


Born: 1891c Upperlands
Son of Thomas & Ellen Jane (McIlwrath) Patton, Craigall, Moneydig
Enlisted: Cookstown

Commemorated in ROH at Boveedy Orange Hall and Tyne Cot Memorial
No known grave


9845 P.O. Mech John Herbert Wilson Millar
Russian Armoured Car Division

Died of illness 30th November 1919
Aged 31


Born: 29th October 1888
Son of Thomas & Mary (Wilson) Millar
Enlisted: 16th November 1915

Commemorated on Plaque in Portrush Presbyterian Church

Interred in Ballywillan Old Cemetery

Garvagh - Men Who Served
Adams, Thomas Alexander, Capt. R.A.M.C., Egyptian Ex. Force, born 7th October 1886, son of Dr. A. M. Adams, J.P. & Jeannie Henderson, Garvagh. 2 years active service.

Alexander, Robert "Bob" joined the R.A.F. 15th October 1918. Died of pneumonia following influenza at the Military Camp Hosp., Blandford, Dorset 31st October 1918. Son of Mrs. Martha Alexander and the late Robert Alexander, Culnaman.

Bell, Robert, Scotch Guards

Bell, William, 12th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born c1899, son of John & Susan Bell, Mettican. Training in the Lewis Gun Section at Oswestry in England. Left for the western front September 1918.

Blake, Robert, 3rd Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Wounded & prisoner of war. See Aghadowey War Memorial.

Boyce, Robert John, born 13th February 1893, son of Robert James & Mary Eliza Boyce, Crockindolg. To U.S. 1913. Believed to be in WW1. Worked for Ford Motor Company in Michigan. Died 20th May 1964.

Boylan, John Joseph, Cpl. M.M., 5th Bn. Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, died of pneumonia 1st July 1918, son of Daniel Boylan, J.P., Garvagh. Awarded M.M.

Bradley, C.

Bradley, Robert, 1st Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Commemorated St. Paul's Church of Ireland Roll of Honour.

Bradley, Thomas, Cpl., 1st Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers/Army Service Corps. Commemorated St. Paul's Church of Ireland Roll of Honour.

Bradley, William, 1st Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Commemorated St. Paul's Church of Ireland Roll of Honour.

Bradshaw, William David, Lieut., King's African Rifles, son of Rev. Wm. Butler Bradshaw, formerly rector of Kilgar Diocese of Raphoe. Living in Garvagh.

Burnside, Samuel, 9th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, late Trooper North Irish Horse, son of James Burnside & Lizzie Winchester, Edenbane. Worked in a saw-mill while prisoner of war Heilsberg, East Prussia 27th March, 1918. Married and went to Australia.

Caldwell, James, 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, married 1913 Lizzie Dempsey. Wounded 1917 and in hospital England. Wounded again October 1918 and in hospital England. Brother William Killed in Action 20th January 1917.

Cameron, William Cochrane, born 21st May 1887, son of James Cameron & Martha Johnston, Ballinrees, Macosquin. Married 1916 Margaret Jane McCurdy and lived at Belraugh.

Carton, Joseph, Cpl., Highland Light Infantry.

Cathcart, William, Trooper, North Irish Horse/9th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of William Cathcart & Jane McConaghy, Garvagh. Awarded Mons. Star. Married 1921 to Margaret Jane Kerr. Emigrated to Canada 1927.

Chambers, David S., Sgt., Engineers (American Army), emigrated to U.S. c1908 with brothers Henry & James (who were in training camps 1918). Son of Alex Chambers & Mary Anne Nelson, Farrantemple.

Clarke, R.

Collins, Andrew, 10th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, seriously wounded 1st July, received King's Certificate of Honour stating that he was discharged after being disabled in the Great War.

Collins, John, #58043, 37th Reinforcements N.Z. Field Artillery, son of Mrs. Margaret Collins and the late Andrew Collins, Ballyagan. A farmhand before enlisting.

Collins, Thomas, 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, seriously wounded on 13th July 1916. Honourably discharged October 1918. Brother of Andrew & John (above) and also Robert Killed in Action 9th May 1916.

Craig, Robert, 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Commemorated St. Paul's Church of Ireland roll of honour. April 1919 mentioned in Constitution as not yet demobilized.

Cranston, William J., Sapper, 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, wounded 1918. Prior to enlisting worked to Thomas Johnston, Lisachrin & Station Road. Died 15th March 1959, buried in Johnston family plot.

Curry, John, Royal Navy, born 1877, eldest son of William Curry & Nancy Brown. Lived various places before moving to Kurin. Killed by a bus in Liverpool.

Dallas, John, Merchant Navy, son of Richard Dallas & Sarah Dean, Ballyagan. Dallas family well known as stonemasons Married 1909 Tille McAlister and emigrated to Australia around 1923.

Dallas, George, #23808 13th Reinforcements Wellington Infantry Bn. B Company, N.Z. Forces, son of George Dallas. Wounded at Passchendaele Ridge in October 1917. Honourably discharged 1918.

Dallas, Thomas, joined the Canadians. Son of George Dallas, watch maker & photographer, Garvagh, & Hannah Mitchell, brother of George (above). Honourably discharged being medically unfit.

Dempsey, William Henry, Royal Horse Artillery, brought up by his Aunt and Uncle William & Mary Jane Dempsey, Trinaltinagh. Served his time as a boot and shoe maker.

Devennie, James, L/Cpl. #13254 13th Bn. Royal Scots, son of James Devennie & Mary Ann McCloy, Killykergan, wounded on three occasions, died in hospital Edinburgh, 9th March 1918.

Diamond, Daniel, born 15th March 1883, son of John & Bridget Diamond, Brockagh, emigrated to U.S. 27th March 1911 on Caledonia is a possibility.

Dickson, Marcus, Sgt., arrived New York on Columbia from Derry 12th March 1912, son of Thomas Dickson, merchant, Garvagh. Joined American Army. Returned to Garvagh 1921.

Dickson, Robert, Sgt., arrived N.Y. on Caledonia 25th April 1909 from Derry. Brother of Marcus (above). Worked to Baldwin Locomotive Co. Believed to have joined the Americans.

Diffin, William John, 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. On furlough with brother Florence August 1918 (has been 4 years at the front and never received a scratch). Sister died in Derry August 1918.

Ferguson, William, L/Cpl., 12th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, nephew of Harry Ferguson, Main Street. Wounded March 1917 and owing to his disablement served in Military Police.

Fleming, Samuel, Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery, commemorated on Main Street Presbyterian Church roll of honour.

Galway, Robert, served 26 years 156 days in Garrison Artillery, 20 months in 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and 10 months in Army Service Corps. Discharged on pension 1918.

Garvagh, Lord Leopold Ernest Stratford George Canning, Lieut., only child of Charles John Spencer George Canning, 3rd Baron Garvagh.

Gibson, Joseph, Royal Scots, son of Thomas Gibson, Mettican, brother of Samuel, Garvagh & Thomas, jun., Mettican. Born 13th December 1872. Was through the South African War.

Gibson, James, Canadians, son of Robert Gibson & Martha Cochrane. See Aghadowey War Memorial.

Gibson, Robert, Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery, son of Thomas & Mary Anne Gibson, Moyletratoy. Commemorated on Boveedy L.O.L. 175 roll of honour.

Gibson, Thomas James, 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born 30th November 1896, son of Thomas Gibson, jun. & Maggie Peden, Mettican. Gassed and in hospital June 1919. Working as carpenter December 1918.

Gilmore, Alexander, 174 Labour Corps, Drumeene. Commemorated Moneydig Presbyterian Church roll of honour.

Gilmore, William, Bombardier, Royal Garrison Artillery, born 15th August 1894, son of Thomas Gilmore & late Martha Ann Lyttle, Killyvalley. Emigrated to New Zealand.

Gilmore, William, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Drumeene, died. Commemorated on Moneydig Presbyterian Church roll of honour. Possibly same William as Kilrea Heroes page 37.

Gould, Robert Alex., Trooper, 5th Light Horse Reg. 1st Australian Imp. Force, son of James Gould & Margaret Jane Ritchie, Crockindolg. Emigrated around 1910, enlisted 21st December 1914.

Graham, John A., Cpl., 12th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of Thomas Graham, Garvagh. Gassed 6th September 1918, progressing favourably in a convalescent home in France.

Graham, Robert, born c1882, son of John & Ann Elizabeth Graham, Garvagh. Postman in Garvagh and afterwards in Moneymore. Joined Royal Air Force towards end of war.

Gray, William John, Sapper, Royal Engineers, joined the colours October 1918, son of William Gray & Annie Brewster, Coolyvenny. Born 3rd January 1888, baptised Macosquin Presbyterian Church

Hall, Thomas, Rifleman, 1st Bn. Royal Irish Rifles, son of William Hall & Mary Robertson, Garvagh. Died 7th March 1917. His name later added to those who made the supreme sacrifice.

Hayland, George Dominic, Major, Major Indian Army, son of Col. Arthur Rowley Heyland, 1st Bombay Lancers. Died at Ballintemple 22nd March 1934.

Hunter, John, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, married 24th September 1895 to Mary Elder, Gortfad. Enlisted June 1915 along with his son William (below). Daughter Annie married 1921 to John Hunter, Ardverness who was awarded D.C.M. in 1916.

Hunter, William, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of John (above). Captured by the Germans March 1918 and by September 1918 working on a farm as a prisoner. Arrived Newtownards with wife December 1918.

Irwin, Robert, 9th Bn/12th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Commemorated St. Paul's Church of Ireland roll of honour. May 1919 Chronicle mentions him rejoining and being given a send-off in Movenis Orange Hall before leaving.

Jamieson, Daniel, 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, nephew of Mrs. Albert Moore, Bridge Street, Garvagh. Bullet wound in thigh 1916 and hand badly injured 1918.

Johnston, James, 1st Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Kelly, Robert John, Sgt.-Major, London Regt./Middlesex Regt., son of David Kelly & Jane McNeill, Cah.  Wounded 1918 (legs, knees & thigh), in hospital, Birmingham.

Laffan, Peter, son of John Laffan, plumber, Coleraine. Married 11th April 1919 to Mary Bradley, Garvagh, daughter of William Bradley, labourer.

Lamont, John Alexander, Cadet, Officers Training Corps, b.c.1894, son of Robert Lamont & Eliza Jane Thompson, grocers, Garvagh. Brother Samuel, Newcastle (England) Police Force who died 1919.

Lamont, William, Private, Canadian Rifles, married 1905 to Isabella W. McNeary. Emigrated to Canada 1912 with 4 children. Enlisted 18th February 1916 in Vancouver when 44 years old.

Lindsay, William Alexander, L/Cpl., married 26th August 1909 to Elizabeth Caldwell is a possibility.

Linton, J.

Linton, Robert, Sgt. #25268 Private 14th Reinforcements J. Company N.Z. Force, son of Mrs. William J. Linton, Rockland Vale, Carballintober. Emigrated around 1911.

Linton, Samuel Scott, #45704 Rifleman, N.Z. Force, son of John Linton & Martha Jane Dougherty, "Woodtown", husband of Maude Linton, Elsthorpe, Hawke's Bay, N.Z.

Linton, William John, Capt. M.C., 10th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles, son of Mrs. William J. Linton, Rockland Vale, Carballintober. Awarded M.C. Brother of Robert (above)

Lynch, Thomas Alexander, 9th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of James Lynch & Annie Rath, Garvagh. Went to Scotland. Brother of William Bruce (below) and James Killed in Action July 1916.

Lynch, William Bruce, L/Cpl., 7th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, slightly wounded at Cambrai and Ypres. Married 1925 to Nancy Ann Chestnutt, sister of Samuel & Alexander, WW1 veterans.

Lyttle, William McCay, Royal Navy, Able-Seaman, S.S. Australia. Son of Mrs. Lyttle, Moyletra, and the late Mr. John Lyttle.

Madill, Joseph Herbert, Capt., Royal Army Medical Corps, attached to Black Watch, British Expeditionary Force. Brother of James Miller and Thomas (below)

Madill, James Miller, Capt., Chaplain to the Forces, Minister of Elgin in Scotland, son of rev. Thomas Madill LL.D, who was for over 50 years minister of 1st Garvagh Presbyterian Church.

Madill, Thomas, Cadet, R.N. Surgeon Probationer, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, youngest of three Madill brothers.

Macausland, Redmond Alexander, Capt., Croix-de-Guerre, 45th Rattrays Sikhs (Indian Army), son of Lt. Col. R. C. S. Macausland, J.P. Awarded Croix-de-Guerre 1917.

May, Samuel, 1st Canadian Division (Motor Transport), son of Robert May, school master Bellury. Was an electrician. Enlisted 22nd September 1914 at Valcartier, Quebec.

McCafferty, Frank, 10th Div. Cyclist Co., son of Francis McCafferty & Mary Forgrave, Cah. First man to join up after declaration of war even before Ulster Division was formed.

McAllister, Thomas, Scottish Rifles. Commemorated on St. Paul's Church of Ireland roll of honour.

McAtamney, James, motor transport driver, American Army. Left Londonderry 27th November 1911 on Caledonia to New York, son of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McAtamney, Moneydig. Died New Jersey October 1970.

McCann, Michael, Royal Irish Fusiliers, son of Henry McCann, Mettican. Enlisted June 1915, badly wounded 1918. Received King's certificate showing that he was honourably discharged.

McCaughey, Alexander, L/Cpl., 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, writing to Alexander Blake, Main Street, Garvagh from a hospital fifteen miles out of London says he got hurt on 2nd May 1916.

McClean, R. John, Gunner, Royal Field Artillery (Guards Div.), known as the "Dungiven Poet" and also the "Soldier Poet." Wife Mrs. McLean living at Cah.

McClenaghan, William John, North Irish Horse, born 1878, son of John McClenaghan & Margaret Thompson, Kurin. Married 1919 to Rachel Gilmore Johnston, Caulhame. Died 1949.

McGuigan, Thomas, Royal Irish Regt., son of Thomas & Mrs. McGuigan, Lisachrin. Twice wounded. Was in Salonica and Egypt as well as France.

McIlrath, James, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders.

McIlroy, Robert, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, born 7th July 1891, son of William McIlroy & Annie Jackson, Moneydig. Went to Larne.

McIntyre, David John, Sgt. M.M., 2nd Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, son of Robert & Mary McIntyre, Blackhill House. Awarded the M.M. 1919 and mentioned in despatches. Died 24th October 1960.

McMaster, James Thomas, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Ballymoney. Son of Samuel McMaster & Catherine Kennedy, Inchaleen. Father Samuel died 5th August 1917. Taken prisoner of war 27th March 1918.

McMichael, William, Cpl., 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays), son of David (d.1912) & Ellen (d.1917). Originally from Crossgar, latterly Mettican when father David worked at Garvagh House farm.

McQuaide, J.

Meabank, George, Sgt., 12th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles, son of William Meabank & Martha T. McMaster (sister of James Thomas McMaster -above), Inchaleen. George gassed 1918.

Millar, John Herbert Wilson, Royal Naval Air Service, son of late Thomas Millar & Mary Wilson, Inchaleen. Married and lived in Portrush. Died 30th November 1919.

Miller, R.

Moore, John, 6th South African Infantry, son of Edward Moore, Tamneymore. Joined Army at Druban, Natal in October 1915, giving up a lucrative position.

Moore, David, #7031, Private, Australian Imperial Force, son of James & Elizabeth Jane Moore, Caulhame. In hospital in France suffering from influenza August 1918.

Moore, Thomas J. C., American Infantry, brother of the Misses Moore, Bridge Street. Emigrated to U.S. around 1913. Landed in France September 1918.

Morrison, David, L/Cpl., Otago Regt. N.Z., born c1889, son of George & Lizzie Morrison, Belraugh. Home on leave August 1918. Commemorated on roll of honour Ringsend Presbyterian Church.

Morrison, Charles George, Lieut., Leinsters/South African Mounted Rifles, son of Rev. Dr. Morrison, rector of Garvagh. Gassed 21st March 1918.

Morrison, Fitzgerald H. C., Major, Royal Field Artillery. Commemorated St. Paul's Church of Ireland roll of honour.

Mullan, James, L/Cpl., 2nd Border Regt./16th Bn. Middlesex Regt., disabled and honourably discharged 1918. Returned to Jones Bros., London where he had been before the war.

Mullan, Hugh, 9th Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers, late North Irish Horse, son of James Mullan, cattle dealer, Garvagh. Brother of James (above). Prisoner of war 27th March 1918 Giessen, Germany.

Mullan, M.

Neely, George, Irish Guards, born 9th January 1880, son of Robert Neely & Hester Millar, Craigavole. Enlisted in R.I.C. 1900.

Neely, Hugh Woods, Sgt., D.C.M., Royal Irish Rifles, younger brother of George (above). Right arm badly injured 1st July 1916. Awarded D.C.M. for gallantry. Died 1992 aged 101.

O'Brien, P.

O'Kane, Alex., Irish Guards

O'Kane, Daniel, April 1919 mentioned in Constitution as not yet demobilized.

Orr, Adam, Sapper, Royal Engineers, No. 1 Tech Advisor. Eldest son of Alex & Sarah Orr, Ballyagan. Gave up a lucrative position at outbreak of war to join army.

Patterson, Alexander, Sgt., Royal Field Artillery, born 13th August 1893, eldest son of Alexander Patterson & Annie M. Stewart, Drumacrow. Also on Aghadowey War Memorial.

Patton, Samuel, Australian Imperial Force, son of Thomas Patton & Ellen Jane McIlwrath, Craigall. Brother of William Killed in Action 15th October 1918. Enlisted 26th February 1916, gassed 1918.

Paul, Edward Arthur, Sgt. "Eddie", son of Robert J. & Mary Paul, Trinaltinagh. Worshipful Master of Boveedy L.O.L. 175 for a time and commemorated on their roll of honour.

Paul, Robert J. was the eldest son of Robert J. & Mary Paul, Trinaltinagh but cannot confirm if he also served.

Rafferty, Arthur, Cpl., Royal Dublin Fusiliers, wounded at Messines. With John and Thomas (below) believed to be sons of Thomas Rafferty living at Enfield Terrace, Portstewart during WW1.

Rafferty, John, 3rd Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers. With Arthur & Thomas also believed to be sons of Thomas, school teacher, Boleran & Mary, shop keeper, Garvagh, who may have retired to Portstewart.

Rafferty, Thomas Martin, 3rd Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers. Trench Mortar Battery, wounded 1917, dangerously wounded 1918.

Rankin, James, Lieut., 19th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles, acted as recruiting officer during the war in Belfast. Purchased "Danesfort" towards the end of the war.

Robertson, Ralph, Cpl., M.M., Motor dispatch rider Signal Co. Royal Engineers. Enlisted January 1915. Son of late Robert Robertson, lived with aunt Mrs. Anderson, "Ardavon." M.M. 1918.

Stewart, W.

Scott, Alexander, #2188, Sgt., 2nd A.I.F., born 25 July 1891, eldest son of Hugh Scott & Hannah Jane Lyttle, Moyletragh. Emigrated to Australia c1913. Fought at the Dardanelles.

Smith, James, L/Cpl., Royal Irish Fusiliers. Spent 3 months furlough with uncle William Smyth, Moyletra in 1919 before rejoining for a period of 4 years.

Smith, Gilbert, 1st. Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers.

Smyth, Arthur Ferguson Hyland, Capt., M.C., 6th Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers, son of Major Arthur Smyth, J.P., Ballintemple. Was in U.S. on outbreak of war, joined the forces in Canada. Severely wounded 1918.

Smyth, William Johnston, Army Service Corps, born 1882, eldest son of William Smyth & Mary Ann Johnston, Gortnamoyagh.

Stewart, David, 12th Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers, Moneydig. Father of John Thomas & William (below) who were living with their mother Mrs. Sarah Stewart at Cullyramer in 1901.

Stewart, John, 10th Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers. In a letter home to mother from France in September 1918, he says he has found a lot of souvenirs on the ground recently taken over from the Germans.

Stewart, John George, #52659, Rifleman, N.Z. Forces, born 13th September, 1885, son of Isaac Stewart & Sarah Torrens, Liscall & Culnaman.

Stewart, Robert, "Bobby", 10th/12th Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers, son of Mrs. Margaret Lyons, Blackhill, brother of William Killed in Action 1st July 1916.

Stewart, Thomas, Sgt., 1st Cameron Highlanders, at the Front since December, 1914, in hospital after being shot through both legs October 1915. In Egypt September 1918 when he wrote letter to his mother.

Stewart, Rev. William H., Capt., Moneydig. Chaplain with 19th Div. of Royal Field Artillery until March 1918. Posted to machine Gun Corps, later to Gordon Highlanders at Phoenix Park.

Stewart, William, 10th Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers, spent 9 months in U.V.F. Hospital, Belfast after getting wounded in left arm and side and going through 3 operations for blood poisoning.

Stratton, Thomas, born 19th January 1888, son of James Stratton & Susan Andrews, Gortnamoyagh. Father was dead before 1901.

Thompson, Alfred Church, North Irish Horse, son of Thomas Thompson & Margaret J. Maxwell, Kurin. Thomas died 8th December 1915. Alfred Church died 17th February 1958.

Toye, David A. Wilson, C.S.M., Wellington Infantry, N.Z. Overseas Forces, shot through lung and gassed. Awarded M.S.M. Died 12th September, 1927. North Island N.Z.

Toye, Samuel Perry, Wellington Infantry, N.Z. Seriously wounded at Gallipoli and invalided home to N.Z. in 1916 as unfit for further service. Died in N.Z. 5th February 1963.

Toye, William, C.P.O., Chief Petty Officer, R.N. H.M.S. Murray, electrical engineer, son of John Toye & Lizzie Wilson, "Fortavon" Cullyrammer. Brother of David & Perry (above).

Wade, Robert, Gorticloughan, called at R.I.C. Barracks, Garvagh, October 1918 and got railway warrant from Sgt. Patton to enable him to join up at Recruiting Office, Coleraine.

Watt, John, 10th Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers, son of William Watt, Ballinameen. Shell Shocked. Lance Cpl. Watt still wasn't demobilised at beginning of April 1919.

Weir, Robert John, 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers, joined up early in 1913, son of James weir. Brother of William James (Killed in Action 26th April, 1915) and Edward (Died of Wounds 14th October 1918).

Wilson, Alexander, Gunner, Signal Corps, Royal Garrison Artillery, born 6th October 1899, son of James A. Wilson & Maggie Thompson, Ballyagan. Brother of Thomas (below). James was a mill owner and farmer.

Wilson, James, Trooper, North Irish Horse (attached to an English infantry Regt., October 1918), son of W. Wilson, Movenis. Awarded Mons Star.

Wilson, James Wallace, Sgt., D.C.M. #3153. A.I.F., enlisted 14th July 1915, son of Thomas S. Wilson & Mary Wallace, Trinaltinagh. Twice wounded, awarded D.C.M. 1919.

Wilson, Thomas, Gunner, R.G.A. Born 11th April 1898. Brother of Alexander (above) - both home on leave October 1918 owing to death of sister. Trained at Winchester.

Witherow, James, Cpl., Lancashire Fusiliers, on Boveedy Presbyterian Church roll of honour. A James Witherow born 7th July 1886, son of John Witherow & Matilda Barnett, baptised in Boveedy.


T. Diamond

M. Elder - Possibly either Margaret Jane born 29th August 1894 or Martha born 1st January 1897, daughters of Paul Elder & Margaret Caskey, Gortfad.

Macausland, Dorothea Florence, 4 years service, 26th Dorset Voluntary Aid Detachment under British Red Cross Society, daughter of Lt. Col. & Mrs. Macausland, "Woodbank." Established 1st Womens Institute in Ireland at Garvagh 1932.

McNeary, Annie Roberts, V.A.D. at Canadian Military Hospital, Basingstoke. Younger daughter of Thomas A. McNeary & Emily R. McCutcheon, Main Street, Garvagh.

McNeary, Possible Sarah Adair, born c1874, daughter of Oliver McNeary & Catherine McCormick, Coleraine and Magheramore.

Smyth, H. S. F.

Wilson, A., Niece of Mr. & Mrs. T. A. McNeary, Main Street, Garvagh, also V.A.D. nurse at Canadian Military Hospital, Basingstoke.


George and Linda Gilmore of Garvagh who have done an enormous amount of the research for this book.

Jeff Kildea of Australia who has been most helpful with Australian men.

Mike McNicholas of England for his willingness to take photographs for me.
Robert Thompson