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1861 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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of the principal

nb. where two places are mentioned, the residence is given after this  *

M Mc N O P Q

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MacAdam Brothers & Co., engineers, proprietors Soho Foundry, 22&24 Townsend Street. * J. MacAdam, 18 College Square East.
Macafee, Miss, 64 Bentinck Street.
Macaulay, A. T., Belfast Bank, 37 Chichester Street.
Macaulay, Constantine, box maker and carpenter, 9 Wellington Court.
Macaulay, Jasper & Co., proprietors Steam Flour Mills, 23 Corporation Square; offices and stores, Donegall Quay. * Jasper Macaulay, 7 Howard
                     Street; James Macaulay, 5 Royal Terrace.
Macaulay, Robert & Son, millers and flour merchants, Inver Mills, Larne. * Larne.
Macaulay, Miss J., 4 Canning Street.
Macaulay, Joseph, hat and bonnet box manufacturer, 22&24 Church Street.
MacClement, D., milliner, dress and mourning warehouse, 64 Donegall Street.
MacCormac, Dr. Henry, surgeon, 3 Wellington Place.
MacCormac, Dr. W., surgeon, 4 Howard Street.
MacDonald, A., fence and gate manufacturer, 55 May Street.
MacDonald, Alexander, cashier in J. Charley & Co.'s. * 43 Bentinck Street.
MacDonald, Edward, clerk, 36 Brougham Street.
MacKay, Misses, Mount Collyer Park.
Mack, Misses, milliners and dress makers, 14 Trinity Street.
MacKenzie, William, bank clerk, 18 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road.
MacKenzie, William, car owner, 21 Harding Street.
MacKenzie, John, damask designer, 72 Shaftesbury Place.
MacKenzie, Major, Richmond Terrace.
MacKenzie, Wm. J., edge tool maker and general smith, 44 Rosemary Street.
MacKeown, George F., solicitor, 53 Donegall Street.
Mackey, Mrs., 3 Glengall Place.
Macklin, C., car owner, 1&3 O'Haggarty Street.
Macklin, James, furniture dealer, 2 Smithfield.
Mackrell, James, boarding house, 17 Gamble Street.
Mackreth, William, Globe Hotel, 34 Gamble Street.
Maclean, James & Co., yarn and linen merchants, 60 Victoria Street.
Macloskie, Charles H., stationer, proprietor of the Ulster Magazine, 32 Great Edward Street.
MacLurcan, J. & J., silk mercers, 2 Donegall Place Buildings. * 51 Great Victoria Street.
MacNaughten, Miss, Cliftonville, New Lodge Road.
MacNaughten, Rev. John, Duncairn House.
MacNamee, Matilda, 28 Ardmoulin Street.
Macoubrey, J. street inspector, 24 Artillery Street.
Macoun, Francis, law clerk, 5 Milford Street.
Macoun, George, silk mercery and millinery establishment, 23&25 Castle Place. * Selville Lodge, Sydenham.
Macoun, John, sewed muslin manufacturer, Bedford Street. * 4 Windsor Terrace.
MacPherson, Liutenant (Lieutenant) Colonel, Clanchattan, Antrim Road.
Macrory, Adam J., Duncairn, entrance off New Lodge Road.
Macrory, Boyd & Macrory, solicitors. * Adam J. Macrory, Duncairn.
Madden, Mrs., boarding house, 78 Meadow Street.
Madden, Robert, copper and tinsmith, 3 Bilton Court.
Madden, William, linen merchant, 12 Donegall Street.
Madine, George, funeral undertaker and posting establishment, 25&27 York Street.
Madine, Robert, butcher, 29 York Street.
Magee & Co., plumbers and lead merchants, 32 Ann Street. * J. Magee, Cluan Cottage, Ballymacarrett.
Magee, Adam, book agent, 17 Thomas Street.
Magee, Catherine, grocer, 73 Little York Street.
Magee, Daniel, grocer, 27 Old Lodge Road, and 1 Alton Street.
Magee, Dr. Michael, York Street Medical Hall, 73&75 York Street.
Magee, James, dentist, 1 King Street.
Magee, James, grocer, 148 Old Lodge Road.
Magee, James, marine store, 174&176 Millfield.
Magee, James, linen merchant, 38 Mount Charles.
Magee, James R., office of the Springfield Bleaching Company, 13 Donegall Square North.
Magee, John, butcher, 3 Hercules Street.
Magee, Jane, dealer, 32 Hercules Street.
Magee, Mary, publican, 83 Cromac Street.
Magee, Mary Anne, 38 King Street.
Magee, S., boarding house, 32 King Street.
Magee, Mrs., boarding house, 65 Joy Street.
Magee, Mrs., grocer, 20 John Street.
Magee, Eliza, 1 Stanley Place, Little York Street.
Magee, J., spirit dealer and stabling yard, 17 Barrack Street.
Magee, James, cow dealer, 57&59 Christopher Street.
Magee, John, dealer, 1 Cullintree Road.
Magee, George, bookkeeper, 66 Cumberland Place.
Magee T., attorney's clerk, 42 East Street.
Magee, Richard, foreman, 78 North Queen Street.
Magee, J., printer &c., 44 Rosemary Street.
Magee, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 152&154 Nelson Street.
Magenis, George V., solicitor, 26 Wellington Place.
Magennis, P., shop, North Street. * 52 Johnston's Buildings.
Magennis, John, hide merchant, 29 Hercules Street.
Magennis, Francis, 44 Joy Street.
Magennis, E., school mistress, Alexander Street West National School.
Magennis, James, caretaker Orange Hall, 22 College Street.
Magill, Mary, proprietress Boyne Tavern, 1 Moore's Place.
Magill, James, marine store, 31 Pilot Street.
Magill, James, stationer, gilder and book seller, 6&7 Castle Buildings. * 33 King Street.
Magill, William, tailor, 59 Castle Street.
Magill, Joseph, commission merchant, 40 Fountain Street. * Cave Hill.
Magill, Mrs., 4 Williams' Place, University Road.
Magill, ladies' school, 33 King Street.
Magill, Robert, wollen draper and hatter, 1 Castle Buildings. * Antrim Road.
Magill, William, brewer, 65 Ormeau Place.
Magill, Joseph, general merchant, 31&33 Henry Street.
Magill, Catherine, lodgings, 31 Old Lodge Road.
Maginn, Theresa, haberdasher, 135 North Street.
Maginnis, Mary, grocer, mattress and palliass manufacturer, 139 Millfield.
Maginnis, John, wool and hide buyer, 45&47 Mill Street.
Maginnis, Rev. D., minister York Street Remonstrant Church. * 13 Canning Street.
Maguire, A., provision dealer, 26 Green Street.
Maguire, Edward, boot and shoe maker, 34 Church Lane.
Maguire, James, provision dealer, 6 Hill Street.
Maguire, John, spirit dealer, 35 Frederick Street.
Maguire, John, pawn broker, 33 Cromac Street.
Maguire, John, dyer, 19 Castle Street.
Maguire, Robert, shoe maker, 16 Bogan Street.
Maguire, Mrs., superioress Convent of Sisters of Mercy, Crumlin Road.
Maguire, Mary, boarding house, 55 Joy Street.
Maguire, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 3 Chichester Street.
Maguire, Patrick, dealer, 27 Smithfield.
Maguire, Sarah, pawn broker, office, 1 Chapel Lane. * 59 Castle Street.
Maguire, William, boot and shoe maker, 26 Church Lane.
Maguire, William, Longford Arms Hotel, 61 Donegall Quay.
Maguire, Wm., nail manufacturer, 44 Talbot Street.
Maguire, Thomas, agent, 35 California Street.
Mahaffey, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 121 North Street.
Maher, Mrs., dress maker, 11 Michael Street.
Mahir, Paul, soap and candle manufacturer, 170 North Street.
Mahood, Samuel, whitesmith, 21 Prince's Street.
Main, Alexander, hair dresser, wig maker &c., 39 Donegall Street.
Maitland, Francis A., librarian of People's Library and News Room. * 11 Wesley Place.
Maitland, Richard, provision dealer, 50 Academy Street. * 57 Little May Street.
Mairs, James, grocer &c., 124 North Street.
Mairs, J. & A. T., grocers, 14&16 Peter's Hill.
Mairs, William, boarding house, 33 Prince's Street.
Major Brothers, sewed muslin manufacturers, James Street South. * Jas. Major, 39 Botanic Terrace; J. Major, Sylvan Cottage, Lisburn Road.
Malet, Mrs., 1 Spamount.
Malcolm, Duncan, paper warehouse, Albert Buildings, Victoria Street. * 19 Canning Street.
Malcolm, Mrs., bonnet maker, 105&107 York Street.
Malcolm, William H., of Charley & Malcolm, Donegall Quay, 90 York Street.
Malcolm, Mrs., 12 Frederick Street.
Malcolm, John, room paper warehouse, Victoria Street. * 68 Fleet Street.
Malcolm, Robert, cooper and herring dealer, 12 Skipper Street.
Malcolmson & Baker, grocers and spice merchants, 26 Castle Place.
Malcolmson, J., Fairview House, Crumlin Road.
Malcolmson, S., soap and candle manufacturer, 54 North Street. * 134 Albion Place.
Malcolmson, A. J., grocer, 117 Carrick Hill.
Malcolmson, T., druggist, 12 Castle Place.
Mallaghan, H., clothes dealer, 30 Berry Street.
Mallaghan, Henry, auctioneer, 36 Berry Street and 71 Smithfield.
Mallaghan, T., auctioneer, 12 Berry Street and 69 Smithfield.
Mallaghan, M., clothes dealer, 15 Berry Street.
Mallin, Thomas, tailor, 5 Christopher Street.
Mallin, D., wood turner, 91 Carrick Hill.
Mallon, John, provision dealer, 28 Barrack Street.
Mallon, Hugh, Crimean Tavern, 199 Shankill Road.
Manderson, John, clerk, 8 Fleet Street.
Manly, Joseph, jun., Crown Life Assurance office, 6 Corporation Street.
Mann, Joseph, clothes dealer, 1&3 William Street South.
Manning, Edward, writing clerk, 100 Joy Street.
Manning, Edward, tailor, 60 Boyd Street.
Manning, Miss, 61 Agnes Street.
Mansfield, George, buyer in Ulster Arcade. * 98 Joy Street.
Mansfield, John, clerk, 54 Canning Street.
Mansfield, Edward, eating house, 17 Prince's Street.
Mantell, James, Eglinton Arms Hotel, 77 High Street.
Mark, David, wholesale and retail cheese merchant and grocer, 28 Skipper Street. * 40 Gloucester Street.
Mark, Rev. John, academy, 39 Chichester Street.
Markey, T. H., toy shop, 34 Cromac Street.
Marks, Sarah, grocer, 65 Boyd Street.
Markham, Alexander, quartermaster Royal Antrim Rifles.  ( no address)
Marlow, James, rope and twine manufacturer, 70 North Street.
Marmion, P., clerk, 31 Falls Road.
Marner, Rev. Richard, 97 Donegall Street.
Marshall, Hugh, bookkeeper, 4 Castlereagh Place, Ballymacarrett.
Marshall, Mrs., 27 Queen Street.
Marshall, Thomas, agent to the Castlebellingham Brewery, 12 Police Square.
Marshall, Mrs., 44 Little May Street.
Marshall, William, engineer, 8 Stewart Street.
Marshall, William & Co., druggists, apothecaries and wholesale perfumers, 67&100 High Street. * William Marshall, Rathmore, Greenisland;
                        Dr. Andrew Marshall, surgeon, Gortalee, Greenisland.
Marshall, Robert, ship broker, 10 Catherine Street North.
Marshall & Moore, ship brokers and commission agents, 17 Donegall Quay.
Martin, Ann, 1&3 Wilson Street.
Martin, James, grocer, Bradbury Place. * Albion Street.
Martin, James, horse dealer, 189 Herdman's Buildings.
Martin, James, commission agent, Castle Chambers. * 60 Apsley Place.
Martin, John, grain merchant, 6 Upper Church Lane. * 27 May Street.
Martin, John, boot maker, 68 Alexander Street West.
Martin, John, bookkeeper, 26 Eliza Street.
Martin, John & Co., merchants, 29 Ann Street.
Martin, John, Killyleagh Mills; office, 29 Ann Street.
Martin, Mrs., 92 Great George's Street.
Martin, John, dealer, 4 Police Square.
Martin, Mrs., 4 Mount Pottinger.
Martin, Mrs., grocer, 19 Grace Street.
Martin, Rev. James, Eglinton Street Presbyterian Church. * Eglinton Street.
Martin, M., haberdasher, 123 North Street.
Martin, Samuel, merchant, 29 Ann Street.
Martin, Thomas John, bookkeeper, 3 Ashley Place, Ballymacarrett.
Martin, Thomas, furniture dealer, 19 Smithfield.
Martin, Wm., linen manufacturer, 47 Academy Street. * 92 Great George's Street.
Martin, William, painter and glazier, 16 Talbot Street.
Martin, Isabella, dress maker, 46 Great Edward Street.
Martin, Agnes, eating house. 12 Great Edward Street.
Mason, William, organist in Christ's Church, 30 College Square North.
Massey, William, 9 Coal Exchange office, Queen's Quay. * 51 Glengall Street.
Massy, Fergus, tobacconist, 24 North Street.
Massy, George, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 12 North Street.
Masterson, William; office, 5 Skipper Street. * 23 May Street.
Mateer, Henry & Co., linen manufacturers, 5 Rosemary Place.
Mateer, John M., evening and day school, 76 Cromac Street.
Mateer, John, collector, Scotchmount, Lisburn Road.
Mateer, Robert, clerk, 214 Northburn Place.
Mathers, Francis, turner, block and pump maker, 17&19 Pilot Street.
Matthews, J., shoe warehouse, 19 Berry Street.
Matthews & Co., aerated water manufacturers, 33&35 Rosemary Street.
Matthews, J., clerk, 45 Donegall Pass.
Matthews, William, hair dresser and wig maker, 106 North Street.
Matthews, Robert, traveller, 25 California Street.
Mathison, James, 6 Alfred Street.
Mathison, Robert, clerk, 3 Mountview Terrace.
Matier, Henry & Co., cambric handkerchief manufacturers and linen yarn warehouse, 10 Waring Street. * 3 Glenfield Place.
Matier, Mrs., school, 46 Upper Arthur Street.
Matier, W. J., civil engineer, 44 Upper Arthur Street.
Matthewson, William, 23 Gloucester Street.
Mautner, James & Co., linen merchants, 27 Victoria Street.
Mawhinney, James, surgeon, medical hall, 42 Mill Street.
Mawhinney, James, hair dresser, 8 Hercules Street.
Mawhinney, James, coach maker, 8 Seymour Street. * 6 Russell Street.
Mawhinney, Mrs., grocer, 41 Frederick Street.
Mawhinney, William, surgeon, 46 Ann Street.
Maxwell, David, book seller, 38 Nelson Street.
Maxwell, James, cabinet maker, 41 Donegall Street.
Maxwell, Miss, 38 College Street.
Maxwell, William, builder and carpenter, 28 Queen Street.
Maxwell, Thomas, clerk, 3 Amelia Street.
Maxwell, E., trunk maker, 24 Black's Place.
Maxwell, Robert, printer, 15 Castle Street.
May, James T., professor of music, 1 Adelaide Place.
May, Mrs., 3 Claremont Terrace.
Mayfield, James, 2 Spamount.
Mayne, Andrew, grocer and druggist, 75 North Street.
Mayne, Alexander, printer, 7 High Street.
Mayne, Alexander & Co., news agents, 19 Corn Market.
Mayne, Alexander S., depository of Ulster tract and book society &c., Donegall Square East. * 1 Chichester Street.
Mayne, Isaac, dealer, 29 Nelson Street.
Mayne, John, professor of music, 19 College Street.
Mayne, Robert, hair dresser, 144 Earl Street.
Mayne, Patrick, spirit dealer, 39 Albert Crescent.
Mayne, W. A., 1 Donegall Square East.
Mayo, Henry, watch maker, 31 Joy Street.
Mays, Margaret, dress maker, 129 Durham Street.
Means, Thomas, poulterer, 2 Hammond's Court.
Mearns, Mrs., dress maker and milliner, 4 Chichester Street.
Meek, Moses, grocer, 48 Great Edward Street.
Meek, Moses, grocer, 13 New Durham Street.
Meek, Robert, traveller, 70 Earl Street.
Meenan, Margaret, fish monger and publican, 7 Hammond's Court and 9&10 Castle Market.
Meenan, P., dealer, 1 Derby Place.
Meenan, P., horse dealer, 22 East Street.
Meenan, Terence, poulterer, 10 Castle Lane.
Megarry, R., car owner, 3 Little York Street.
Megaw, Robert, of Hamilton, Megaw & Thompson, general merchants, 12 Corporation Street. * Tudor Hall, Holywood.
Megraw, Hugh, waste dealer, 10 Annette Street.
Mehaffy, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 121 North Street.
Meharg & Beck, fancy warehouse and hardware shop, 20 Castle Street.
Meharg, James, auctioneer, appraiser and iron monger, 23 Queen Street.
Meharg, James, auctioneer and appraiser, 63 Smithfield.
Meharg, Mrs., 4 Claremont Place, Ballymacarrett.
Meharry, R. & J., grocers, 9 Queen's Square.
Meighan, Patrick, spirit dealer, 96 Millfield.
Mellon, Francis, shoe maker, 12 Hercules Street.
Melville, William, dealer, 33 Great Edward Street.
Melville, Mrs., dealer, 6 Carrick Hill.
Menah, James, posting establishment, 5 University Street.
Menarry, William, sea captain, 46 Fleet Street.
Meneely, Rev. John, manse, Ashley Place, Ballymacarrett.
Meneely, David, tea dealer, 15 Cullintree Place.
Mercer, Kerr & Co., wholesale druggists and general merchants, 38&40 North Street. * W. Kerr, 30 North Queen Street.
Mercer & Kerr, grocers, druggists, spirit dealers, paint, oil and colour merchants, 31 Cromac Street.
Mercer, Joseph, bookkeeper, 16 Trinity Street.
Methuen, James, fish curer and salt merchant, 38 Tomb Street.
Milford, Henry, solicitor, 54 Donegall Street.
Milford, Miss, 8 Upper Crescent.
Milford, Thomas, draper, 3 Unity Street.
Millar, William, law clerk, 16 Unity Street.
Millburn, John, master mariner, 10 Shipboy Street.
Millen, Adam, publican and flour stores, 32 Prince's Street.
Millen, John, salt merchant, 11 Marlborough Street.
Millen, John, salesman, 112 Donegall Pass.
Millen, David S., bookkeeper, 33 Eglinton Street.
Millen, William, school master, 40 Nelson Street.
Millen, John, Millwright Arms, 25 Prince's Street.
Millen, William, haberdasher,  8 Castle Place.
Miller, Clendinning & Co., Manchester and Scotch warehouse, 32 North Street. * G. L. Miller, Malone Road.
Miller, David, custom house officer, Canmer's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Miller, George, overseer in mill, 65 Durham Street.
Miller, James C., publican and grocer, Crumlin Road and 1 Agnes Street.
Miller, John, at G. C. Hyndman's. * Cromac Cottage.
Miller, Robert, grocer and manufacturing jeweller, 20 Fountain Street.
Miller, John, clerk, 3 Fleet Street.
Miller, Mary, grocer, 7 Fountain Street.
Miller, Miss, dress maker, 10 Nelson Street.
Miller, Mrs., upholsteress, 2 Keyland's Place.
Miller, Rev. T. F., DD., vicar, The Vicarage, 57 Donegall Street.
Miller, P., buyer in Young & Andersons. * 128 Aughton Terrace.
Miller, Thomas, butcher, 66 Hercules Street.
Miller, Wm. & Sons, proprietors Northern Coach Factory, 30 Gloucester Street.
Miller, James, nailer, 31 Carrick Hill.
Miller, Thomas, grocer and publican, 46 Eliza Street.
Miller, William, commission agent, 5 Skipper Street.
Miller, John, box maker, 15 Combermere Street.
Miller, Wm., stained paper manufacturer, 8 Chapel Lane. * 73 Ormeau Place.
Milligan, Peter, rope and twine manufacturer, 7 Victoria Street.
Milligan, William H., grocer and tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 33 Ann Street.
Milliken, Francis, marine dealer, 83 Union Street.
Milliken, Robert, auctioneer and appraiser, 43 Berry Street.
Milliken, George, publican, 154 Falls Road.
Milliken, J. H., grocer, 66 Cromac Street.
Milliken, Miss, baby linen warehouse, 68 Donegall Street.
Milliken, Mrs., ladies' school, 41 Eglinton Street.
Milliken, Alexander, nailer, 5 Robert Street.
Milliken, R., pawn broker, 35 Devis (Divis) Street.
Milliken, Robert, saddler and harness maker, 49 North Street.
Millin, Thomas, butcher, 13 Verner Street.
Millin, Hugh, spirit store, Queen's Quay, Ballymacarrett.
Millin, H., aerated water manufacturer, 16 Great Edward Street.
Mills, John, upholsterer, 24 Cullintree Street.
Mills, William, wood turner, 64 Fleet Street.
Minniece, Rebecca, pawn broker, 3 Sussex Street.
Minniece, William, officer of customs, 40 Canning Street.
Miskimmon, Robert, grocer, 28 Robert Street.
Mitchell & Moore, block and pump makers, 22 Garmoyle Street.
Mitchell & Walker, hosiery and glove warehouse, 3 Donegall Place Buildings. * J. Mitchell, 86 Great George's Street.
Mitchell, Alexander, civil engineer, 2 Alfred Street.
Mitchell, Alfred, inland revenue officer, 39 Dock Street.
Mitchell Brothers, flax spinning mill, Crumlin Road. * 6 Wellington Place.
Mitchell, Charles C., accountant, 53 Victoria Terrace.
Mitchell, David, hardware and house furnishing warehouse, 14&16 Castle Street.
Mitchell, George, Navy Hotel and Tavern, 43 Prince's Dock.
Mitchell, Andrew, block maker, 5 Dock Lane.
Mitchell, Mrs., 5 Henrietta Street.
Mitten, John, grocer, 54 Henry Street.
Moffet, Mrs., 29 College Street.
Moffett, George, grain merchant, 7 Gamble Street.
Moffett, F., clerk, 18 Robinson's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Moffett, Miss, publican, 208 York Street.
Moffett, John, chandler, 51&52 Ann Street.
Moffett, Mrs., 18 Upper Queen Street.
Moffett, R., boot and shoe maker, 26 Arnon Street.
Moffett, William, shoe maker, 8 Melbourne Street.
Moffett, William, grocer, 78 Sandy Row.
Moffet, S. & M., millinery and straw bonnet warerooms, 13&15 York Street.
Mogey, Daniel, ship owner, 5 Dock Street.
Mogey, James, grocer, 2 Park Street.
Molloy, Joseph, drawing master Royal Academical Institution, Crumlin Road.
Molloy, Thomas, clerk, 54 Albert Street.
Molloy, William John, grocer, 59 Boundary Street.
Molyneaux, Mrs., 18 Eglinton Terrace.
Molyneaux & Ferguson, starch works, 85 Peter's Hill, office, 22 Unity Street.
Monaghan, B., delf and furniture dealer, 9 Kennedy's Row, Smithfield.
Monaghan, D., nailer, 38 Upper Kent Street.
Monaghan, P., coal dealer, 6 Alexander Street West.
Monaghan, E. J., chandler, 1 Mill Street.
Monaghan, E. G., soap and candle manufacturer, 71 High Street.
Moncrieff, Alexander, bookkeeper, 10 North Queen Street.
Moncrieff, J. W. & Co., oil and produce brokers, 5 Waring Street. * J. Moncrieff, 10 Mount Pottinger, Ballymacarrett.
Moneypenny, J., shopman, 6 Sackville Street.
Montague, B., corn buyer, 8 California Street.
Montgomery, Alexander, solicitor, 7 Donegall Street. * Ballymacarrett.
Montgomery, Druitt & Co., linen merchants, Linenhall.
Montgomery, E. & M., dress and bonnet makers, Pottinger Place, Ballymacarrett.
Montgomery, James, grocer, 112 Falls Road.
Montgomery, W., general broker, 22 Skipper Street. * 5 Clarendon Place.
Montgomery, M. A., milliner, 98 North Street.
Montgomery, James, 1 Amelia Street.
Montgomery, George, deputy harbour master, 43 Earl Street.
Montgomery, George, tailor, 9 Edward Street.
Montgomery, Mrs., 14 Hamilton Street.
Montgomery, Miss, 160 York Street.
Montgomery, Samuel, cooper, 61&63 Union Street.
Moody, Colonel, R. E., 16 Mount Charles.
Moody, Thomas, mill manager, 25 Hopeton Street.
Mooney, Mrs., 21 Gloucester Street.
Mooney, Patrick, butcher, 7 Hercules Street.
Mooney, Thomas, provision dealer, 19&21 Hill Street.
Mooney, B., block and pump maker, 1&3 Bradford Square.
Moorcroft, Mrs., school, 50 Nelson Street.
Moore & Weinberg, linen manufacturers and bleachers, 26 Fountain Street.
Moore, James, draper, 18 Waring Street.
Moore, A, milliner and dress maker, 232 Old Lodge Road.
Moore, Alexander, house and ornamental painter, 31 Arthur Street. * Prospect Terrace.
Moore, B., grocer, 195 Conway Street.
Moore, D., boot and shoe maker, 67 North Street.
Moore, Dr. James, surgeon, 7 Chichester Street.
Moore, F. M., chronometer, watch maker and optician, 114 High Street.
Moore, Alexander, brass founder, 52 Joy Street.
Moore, Samuel, porter in Queen's College, 23 Kensington Street.
Moore, George, chandler, 60 North Street.
Moore, Hanna, dealer, Antrim Road.
Moore, Henry, butcher, 59 Hercules Street.
Moore, Henry, publican, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Moore, Henry, bookkeeper, 27 Athol Street.
Moore, Dr. Hugh, surgeon and licentiate apothecary, 59 Victoria Street. * 2 Lonsdale Street.
Moore, Hugh, butcher, 83 Hercules Street.
Moore, James, clerk, 4 Kells Street.
Moore, James, carpenter and builder, 53 May Street.
Moore, James, clerk, Woodstock, Ballymacarrett.
Moore, James, custom house officer, 3 Claremont Place, Ballymacarrett.
Moore, James, dealer, 155 Durham Street.
Moore, John, clerk, 35 Keegan Street.
Moore, James, printer and news agent, 40 Ann Street.
Moore, James, shop man, 21 Athol Street.
Moore, John, boot and shoe maker, 7&11 Church Lane.
Moore, John, proprietor of Ravenhill patent brick and tile works, Ballynafeigh. * Ravenshill.
Moore, John, editor Morning News, 4 Downshire Place.
Moore, John, bookkeeper, 51 Boundary Street.
Moore, Alexander, carpenter, 5 Queen Street.
Moore, Mrs., 155 Botanic Street.
Moore, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, 4&5 Church Lane.
Moore, S., provision dealer, 13 Butter Market, Great Patrick Street and 9 Ann Street.
Moore, Samuel, solicitor, 37 Arthur Street.
Moore, Samuel, haberdasher, 46&48 North Queen Street.
Moore, Sarah, stationer and account book manufacturer, 5 Donegall Place; sub stamp office.
Moore, Robert, shoe maker, 24 College Street West.
Moore, Thomas, grocer, 3 Brown Square.
Moore, William, architect, 29 Chichester Street.
Moore, William, brush and trunk manufacturer, 56 North Street.
Moore, William, in Ulster Arcade, 16 Lonsdale Street.
Moore, William, furniture dealer, 10 Smithfield.
Moorehead, George, clerk, 75 Joy Street.
Moorehead, James, clerk, 32 Russell Street.
Moorehead, R., herring store, 28 Little Patrick Street.
Moorehead, A., brazier, 15 Pottinger's Entry.
Morain, F. G., clerk, 6 Eglinton Street.
Moreland Brothers, proprietors Loopbridge Flax Spinning Mill; office, 10 Donegall Street Place.
Moreland, William, shop man, 32 Nelson Street.
Moreland, Dr., surgeon, 73 Corporation Street.
Moreland, R. W., grocer, 8 Little Patrick Street.
Moreland, Margaret, grocer, 38 Henry Street.
Moreland, Miss, 34 Ormeau Road.
Moreland, Samuel, grocer, 82 Peter's Hill.
Moreland, William, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 15 Rosemary Street. * 52 Pakenham Place.
Morgan, Charles, photographic artist, 1 Bank Lane.
Morgan, James, general dealer, 15 Charles Street.
Morgan, Hiram, butcher, 2 Castle Market.
Morgan, J., clothes dealer, 29 Berry Street.
Morgan, Rev. James, DD., 13 Howard Street.
Morgan, Thomas & Co., leather dealers, 23 Mill Street.
Morrell, James, butcher, 39 Rosemary Street.
Morrell, John, butcher, 75 Hercules Street.
Morrie, James P., buyer in Thomas Greer & Sons. * 8 Ormeau Street.
Morris, Bridget, dealer, 25 Academy Street.
Morris, Martin, superintendent of public works, 13 Wilmont Terrace.
Morris, Mrs., 59 Eglinton Street.
Morris, Miss, furniture dealer, 62 Hercules Street.
Morris, William Henry, soap and candle manufacturer, 42&44 North Street. * Brookville, Antrim Road.
Morrison, H., tailor, 22 Academy Street.
Morrison, James, clerk.
Morrison, Alexander, customs officer, 105 Joy Street.
Morrison, James, publican and grocer, 56 Cromac Street.
Morrison, Jas., undertaking and posting establishment, 8 Montgomery Street.
Morrison, R., grocer, Gooseberry Corner, Ballymacarrett.
Morrison, Mrs., 16 Linenhall Street.
Morrison, R., publican, 15 William Street South.
Morrison, Robert, trunk and basket maker, 48 North Street.
Morrison, Charles, dealer, 32 Market Street.
Morrison, H., grocer, 2 Green Street.
Morrison, David, tailor, 11 Moffett Street.
Morrow, Andrew, tailor, 11 Talbot Street.
Morrow, David, assistant secretary to the Church Education Society; office, 49 Upper Arthur Street. * 33 Seymour Street.
Morrow, Hugh M., gentleman, 33 Alma Terrace.
Morrow, James, provision dealer, 157 North Street.
Morrow, Robert, stationer, 78 North Street.
Mortimer, James, shoe maker, 8 Church Lane.
Mortimer, J. & W., shoe makers, 2 Church Lane.
Morton, David, auctioneer and appraiser, 38&40 Berry Street.
Morton, James, English and mercantile school, 132 Kennedy's Place.
Morton, Thomas, dealer, 9 Chapel Lane.
Moskimmon (Miskimmon), William, tinplate worker, 14 Marquis Street.
Mourne, James, master mariner, 7 Kearney's Buildings, Ballymacarrrett.
Mowatt, J. A., reporter News Letter, 47 Christopher Street.
Muir 7 McCann, sewed muslin manufacturers, 1 Thompson's Court.
Muir, Spiers, book binder and circulating library, 10 Upper Townsend Street.
Muirhead, James, cooperage, 15 Prince's Dock.
Muldoon, William, 2 Eglinton Street.
Mulgrave, Samuel, grocer, 30 Welsh Street.
Mulgrew, John, blacking manufacturer, 19 Old Lodge Road.
Mulgrew, P., marine dealer, 140 Carrick Hill.
Mulholland, Dr., surgeon and apothecary, 61 Prospect Terrace.
Mulholland, Edward, cooper, 20 William Street South.
Mulholland, Henry, clerk, 120 Aughton Terrace.
Mulholland, J., haberdasher, 95 North Street.
Mulholland, John, grocer, 57 Milford Street.
Mulholland, John, York Street Flax Spinning Company's mills and offices. * Craigavad.
Mulholland, James, shoe maker, 9 Christian's Place.
Mulholland, T. F. H., gentleman, 82 Eliza Street.
Mulholland, J. R. T., 1 Ardmoulin Place.
Mulholland, Robert, spirit dealer, 11 Gamble Street.
Mulholland, William, master mariner, 98 Ann Street.
Mullan, P., book dealer, 15 Smithfield.
Mullan, Neill, marine dealer, 18&20 Winetavern Street.
Mullan, William, book seller, 8 Castle Buildings. * 17 Mount Charles.
Mullan, William, merchant, wholesale grocer, 39&41 Victoria Street. Brookvale, Cliftonville, New Lodge Road.
Mullen, Edward, clerk, 33 Upton Street.
Mullen, James, 29 Falls Road.
Mullin, James, spirit store, 14 Hercules Street.
Mulligan, Montagu Baldwin, partner in A. W. Craig & Co.'s weaving and spinning factory, Falls Road. * 63 Crumlin Terrace.
Mulligan, Mrs., 161 Botanic Road.
Mulligan, T., Manchester warehouse, 6 Donegall Street. * Sydenham.
Mulryne, W. & M., coach makers, 7&9 Montgomery Street. * 20&25 Gloucester Street.
Munce, Andrew, butcher, 13 Corn Market.
Munce, Alexander, tailor, 11 Donegall Street.
Munce, William, timber merchant, 66&68 Eliza Street.
Mundell, Miss, 253 York Street.
Munster, P. L. & Son, ship, fire and life insurance agents and commissioner merchants, 6 Corporation Street. * Holywood.
Munster, P. L., Danish Consul, 6 Corporation Street.
Munster, Alfred M., Swedish and Norwegian vice consul, 6 Corporation Street.
Munster, Edward F., Danish vice consul, 6 Corporation Street.
Murdoch, William, sewed muslin agent, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Murdoch, Mrs., eating house, 26 Pottinger's Entry.
Murdoch, Mrs., 60 Pakenham Place.
Murdoch, John, cork cutter, 15 Hercules Street.
Murdoch, George, smith and machine works, 58&60 Great George's Street.
Murdoch, J., boarding house, 14&16 Marlborough Street.
Murdoch, Alexander, clerk, 10 Thomas Street.
Murdoch, John, grocer &c., 23 Little Patrick Street.
Murland, William & Co., commission agents, Bridge Street Place.
Murney, Dr. Henry, surgeon, 35 Wellington Place.
Murney, George, wine merchant, agent for Colonial Life Insurance Co., and Kames's Gunpowder Co.,
Murney, Henry & Son, tea warehouse, tobacco and snuff manufacturers and importers of gunpowder, 18 High Street. * Tudor House, Holywood.
Murney, Mrs., 13 Gloucester Street.
Murphy, Alexander, mechanic and grocer, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Murphy, Arthur, spirit dealer, 72 John Street.
Murphy, C., grocer, 30 Little May Street.
Murphy, Daniel, flour and bran merchant, 35 Corporation Street.
Murphy, Hugh, manager for R. Roddy, 10 Lonsdale Street.
Murphy, Hugh, bookkeeper and grocer, 26 California Street.
Murphy, Isaac, mill owner, 1 Glengall Place.
Murphy, Jane, grocer, 117&119 North Queen Street.
Murphy, John f., proprietor of Union Foundry, 45 may Street. * 41 May Street.
Murphy, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Mill Street.
Murphy, John & Co., flax spinners, Linfield Mill. * William Murphy, 17 College Square East; Joseph J. Murphy, 13 College Square East.
Murphy, Mrs., boarding house, 85 Joy Street.
Murphy, Rev. Dr., professor of Hebrew, General Assembly's College, 19 University Square.
Murphy, John, grain merchant, 4 Catherine Street North.
Murphy, John, bookkeeper, 5 Downshire Place.
Murphy, James, lodging house, 61 John Street.
Murphy, Alexander, clerk, 8 Norman Street.
Murray & Quinn, spirit dealers, 2&4 Hercules Street and 1 Berry Street.
Murray, Anne, tobacco manufactory, 8 Calender Street and 25 Arthur Street.
Murray, Catherine, dress maker, 24 Lagan Street.
Murray, Charles, grocer, 106 Henry Street.
Murray, Dr., surgeon and licentiate apothecary, 6 Albert Terrace.
Murray, Daniel, proprietor Ballymacarrett Lime Works, Lagan Village, Ballymacarrett.
Murray, Daniel, spirit dealer, Lagan Village.
Murray, Dr., surgeon, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Murray, Dr., 2 Ardmoulin Street.
Murray, George & Co., wholesale grocers and tobacconists, 11 Queen's Square.
Murray, James, upholsterer, 87 Academy Street.
Murray, Henry, grocer, 118 Falls Road.
Murray, Henry, bookkeeper, 37 Athol Street.
Murray, J. J., merchant tailor, 33 Donegall Street.
Murray, James, wholesale stationer, 69&71 Victoria Street. * 67 Great Victoria Street.
Murray, John, brewer, 6 College Place North.
Murray, A., marine dealer, 12 Lower Kent Street.
Murray, Mrs., Malone Cottage.
Murray, Owen, grocer and provision dealer, 18 North Thomas Street.
Murray, Owen, ship owner and grocer, 28 Green Street.
Murray, Owen, 4 Coal Exchange office, Queen's Quay.
Murray, Patrick, lime burner, Antrim Road. * Lagan Village.
Murray, Robert, dyer, 9 Arthur Square.
Murray, William, grocer, 38&40 West Street.
Murray, Henry, in A. T. Stewart's, James's Street South, 77 Great Victoria Street.
Murray, Daniel, marine store, 82&84 Corporation Street.
Murray, William, master mariner, 4 Woodstock, Ballymacarrett.
Musgrave Brothers, wholesale and retail iron mongers, proprietors of Ann Street Iron Works, 59&63 High Street. * Drumglass, Lower Malone.
Musgrave, H. & E., tea and sugar merchants, 83&85 Ann Street. * Drumglass, Lower Malone.

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McAdam & Moore, linen merchants &c., 9 James' Street South. * Robert McAdam's residence, 7 Brunswick Street.
McAdam, John, 3 Mount Charles.
McAfee, George, boot and shoe maker, 32 Corn Market, 9 Ann Street and 61 Victoria Terrace.
McAfee, John, boot and shoe maker, 18 Corn Market.
McAlea, James, spirit dealer, salt and bran stores, 134 North Street.
McAlery, John, eating house keeper, 54 John Street.
McAlese, Daniel, shoe maker, 33&34 Ardmoulin Street.
McAllen, Thomas, pawn broker, 87&89 Shankill Road.
McAlinden, John, pork merchant, 77 Inkermann Terrace.
McAlister, Alexander, architect, 5 Castle Chambers.
McAlister, Alexander, spirit dealer, 25 Little May Street and 33 May Street.
McAlister, Catherine, commercial lodging house, 26 Gamble Street.
McAlister, Daniel, pawn broker, 64&66 Earl Street.
McAlister, James, dealer, 9 William Street South.
McAlister, John, spirit dealer, 196 York Street and 2 Bentinck Street.
McAlister, Joseph, soap and candle manufacturer, 96 North Street. * 101 Donegall Street.
McAlister, Martha, dress maker, 19 Little May Street.
McAlister, Mrs., rent agent, 111 Regent Buildings, Victoria Street. * Pebble Cottage, Antrim Road.
McAllister, Robert, clerk, 11 Hutchinson Street. (2 L's )
McAlister, Thomas, letter carrier, 64 Little York Street.
McAlister, William, stationer, 105 Durham Street.
McAlister, Alexander, builder, Beer's Bridge Place.
McAnally, Felix, grocer, 61 Cullintree Road.
McAnally, Patrick, butcher, 71 Hercules Street.
McAnulty, Susan, boarding house, 6 Orr's Entry.
McAreavy, John, corn dealer, 26 Cromac Street.
McAreavy, John, butcher, 21 Hercules Street.
McAughtry, John, 47&49 John Street.
McAuley, Mrs., stationer, 41 Castle Street.
McAuley, Rev. John, 97 Donegall Street.
McAuley, A., confectioner, 24 Church Lane.
McAuley, Bernard, boot and shoe maker, 90&94 North Street.
McAuley, Peter, carpenter, Arthur Lane. * 22 Trinity Street.
McAuley, William, master mariner, 14 Norman Street.
McAuley, William, flax merchant, Police Square.
McAuley, William, dealer, 16 Samuel Street.
McAuley, Patrick, hair dresser, 57 Cromac Street.
McAvoy, Mrs., pipe manufactory, 142 North Street.
McBean, G. N. B., 24 Hamilton Street.
McBlain, James, leather merchant, 139&141 North Street.
McBlain, James, green hide and leather merchant, 42&44 John Street and 8&10 William Street.
McBlain, John, leather warehouse, 40 Donegall Street; tan yard, 112 Carrick Hill.
McBratney, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 9 Church Lane.
McBratney, Robert, engineer, 21 Spencer Street.
McBratney, William, grocer and provision dealer, 91 North Street.
McBride, Patrick, 31 Fountain Street.
McBride, Daniel, butcher, 5 Little Patrick Street.
McBride, George and Thomas, muslin manufacturers, St. Anne's Buildings. * George McBride, 67 Inkermann Terrace.
McBride, Edward, lumper, 58 Little Patrick Street.
McBride, Margaret A., grocer, Ballyhackamore.
McBride, Henry, foreman printer, 86 Joy Street.
McBride, Mrs., spirit dealer, 5 Castle Lane.
McBride, John, buyer in J. Arnott & Co.'s. * 49 Cromac Street.
McBride, Miss, ladies' school, 31 Fountain Street.
McBride, R. & Co., muslin manufacturers, 4 Donegall Street.
McBride, Thomas, muslin manufacturers, St. Anne's Buildings. * Malone.
McBride, W., tea and tobacco merchant, 28 Corn Market.
McBurney, T., grocer, 80 Northumberland Street.
McCabe, Patrick, linen buyer, Bellevue Street, Shankill Road.
McCafferty, Charles, hatter, 2 Smithfield.
McCahen, Robert, grocer, 21 Cullintree Place.
McCaldin, James, hat and cap manufacturer and warehouseman, 18 Waring Street, * Holywood.
McCaldin, Mrs., 5 Ormeau Road.
McCall, Hugh, pawn broker, 39 Corporation Street and 1 Curtis Street. * Lisburn.
McCall, Flora, oyster house, 11 Joy's Entry.
McCall, James, spirit dealer, 103 Durham Street and 1 Cullintree Street.
McCall, Mrs., Mount Pottinger post office, Ballymacarrett.
McCall, William, spirit dealer, 80 Falls Road.
McCalla, Francis, county cess collector, 50 Townsend Street.
McCalla, Mary, haberdasher, 62 North Street.
McCallin, Bernard & Co., proprietors of Coalisland fire brick and tile works, and drain pipe manufactory, Canal Quay and 8 Ormeau Road. *
                         6 Ormeau Road.
McCallum, Mr., 150 Albion Place.
McCallum, James, haberdasher and laceman, hosiery and Berlin wool establishment, 2 Castle Buildings. * 21 May Street.
McCallum, Robert, shoe maker, 7 Pottinger's Entry.
McCallum, James, draper, 48 Lonsdale Street.
McCamley, John, haberdasher, 66 Nelson Street.
McCammon, Agnes, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 Park Street.
McCammon, Alex, gentleman, Mount Pottinger Cottages, Ballymacarrett.
McCammon, Thomas, tanner, leather merchant and flour miller, 23 King Street.
McCance, H. J. & F., linen and commission merchants, 1 Donegall Square North and 13 Calender Street. * H. J. McCance, Suffolk, Dunmurry;
                                 Finlay McCance, 12 University Square.
McCann, Hugh, butcher, 17 Old Lodge Road.
McCann, James, hair dresser, 6 Arthur Square.
McCann, James, brass founder and gas fitter, 53 Hill Street.
McCann, James, damask machine maker and publican, 25 Marquis Street.
McCann, James, soap and candle manufacturer, 11 North Street. * 3 Winecellar Entry.
McCann, John S., spirit dealer, 4 Prince's Street.
McCann, John, spirit dealer and family grocer, 29 High Street. * 2 Belvoir Terrace.
McCann, Luke, ginger ale manufacturer, 196 North Street.
McCann, Mrs., 163 York Street.
McCann, Mrs., 26 Gloucester Street.
McCann, Patrick, car owner, 4 College Court.
McCann, Daniel, car owner, 5 Townsend Street.
McCann, William, master mariner, 50 Lonsdale Street.
McCann, Samuel, spirit dealer, Railway and Steam packet Tavern, 22 Castle Street.
McCann & Garland, brass founders, 69 Townsend Street.
McCann, Thomas, hatter and merchant clothier, 41 High Street.
McCann, Thomas, sewed muslin manufacturer, 29 Eliza Street.
McCann, W. J., of Eliza Street Flax Spinning Company. * 52 Apsley Place.
McCann, Hugh, of Eliza Street Flax Spinning Company. * 63 Victoria Place.
McCann, Francis, law clerk, 66 Alexander Street West.
McCapin, Thomas, cabinet maker, 53 Joy Street.
McCara, Mrs., nurse tender, 10 Glenalpin Street.
McCarroll, Rev. William, minister Covenanter's Meeting house. * 8 College Street South.
McCarroll, Jane, boarding house, 13 Grattan Street.
McCartan, James, wine and spirit dealer, 62 Grattan Street.
McCarter, Joseph, clerk, 242 Old Lodge Road.
McCarter, William, bakery, 52 Castle Street. * 6 College Street.
McCarthy, Joseph, hair dresser, 24 Peter's Hill.
McCarthy, John, bookkeeper, 259 York Street.
McCartin, Daniel, grocer, 45 Shankill Road.
McCartin, E., hair dresser, 9&11 Castle Lane.
McCartney, Maria, school mistress, 178 Nelson Street.
McCartney, John, general smith works, 6 Garmoyle Street.
McCartney, Thomas, spirit dealer, 23 Michael Street.
McCartney, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 6 Little George's Street.
McCashin, Henry, traveller, 112 Joy Street.
McCaul, Margaret, nurse tender, 20 Catherine Street North.
McCausland, William, school master, 2 Bedford Street, Shankill Road.
McCausland, John Killen, 9 Lower Crescent.
McCausland, Samuel, wholesale grocer, tobacco manufacturer, ship owner and seed merchant, 30 North Street. * Cherryvale, Ormeau Road.
McCaw, James F., merchant, 2 College Square North.
McCaw, Mrs. Isabella, 70 Cumberland Place.
McCaw, William, manager for William Dobbin & Co., North Street. * 14 Franklin Place.
McCaw, John, 6 Bond Street.
McCay, H. & Co., paint, oil and glass merchants and dry salters, 10 Cotton Court. * 134 Corporation Street.
McClarnon, James, leather merchant, North Street. * 39 Bentinck Street.
McClarnon, Patrick, weaving factory, 27 Lancaster Street. * Cranfield, near Randalstown.
McClarnon, William, confectioner, 192 North Street.
McClean, A. & A. T., gentlemen, 4 Donegall Square South.
McClean, Bernard, 33 Brougham Street.
McClean, Hugh, rag store and huckster, 36,38&40 Grattan Street.
McClean, James, currier and leather merchant, 26 North Street.
McClean, James, commercial traveller, 13 Thomas Street.
McClean, James, 49 Brougham Street.
McClean, Matthew, silver plater, 24 Bank Lane.
McCleave, George, saddler, 16 Gloucester Street.
McCleave, James & Son, saddle and harness makers, 6 Castle Place.
McCleave, Miss, dress maker, 33 Fountain Street.
McCleave, S. R., stone seal engraver, 6 Castle Place.
McCleave, J., draper, 10&12 Charlemont Street.
McCleery, James, apothecary and surgeon, 43 York Street.
McCleery, James, pawn broker, 108&110 Nelson Street.
McCleery, Henry, rent agent and accountant, 23 Waring Street.
McCleery, Mrs., 6 Claremont Place, Ballymacarrett.
McCleery, Robert, bookkeeper, 4 Glentilt Place.
McCleery,  ?, grain merchant, 14 Cromac Street.
McClelland, Frederick W., clerk, 257 York Street.
McClelland, Hugh, flax merchant, 14,16&18 Police Square.
McClelland, H., linen merchant, 9 Chichester Street.
McClelland, Mrs., milliner, 7 Joy Street.
McClelland, Robert, farming implement maker, 84 Cromac Street.
McClelland, P., horse shoer, 6 Union Street.
McClelland, J., horse breaker, 25 New Durham Street.
McClelland, Thomas, solicitor, 95 Victoria Street. * Antrim Road and Ashville House, Banbridge.
McClelland, William, lodging house, 8 Great Edward Street.
McClement, Misses, 13 Chichester Street.
McClements, Hugh, clerk, 45 Cromac Street.
McClements, H., grocer, 72&74 Peter's Hill.
McClenaghan, W. J., tailor, 116 Cromac Street.
McClenaghan, Margaret, confectioner, 20 Mill Street.
McClenaghan, Robert, mill wright, 20 Mill Street.
McClenaghan, Thomas, gentleman, 55 Agnes Street.
McClenaghan, Mrs., dress maker, 20 Wilson Street.
McClesh, Henry, spirit dealer, 5&7 Millfield.
McClintock & Thompson, chandlers, 12&14 Caxton Street.
McClintock, William, baker and grocer, 65 Lancaster Street.
McClinton & Thomson, chandlers, 53 Academy Street, * J. McClinton, 6 North Queen Street; Mr. Thompson, 4 Lonsdale Street.
McClinton, Thomas, Belfast Seminary, 81 Donegall Street.
McCloskey, William, grocer, Lower Kent Street.
McCloy, Joseph, carpet, damask and room paper warehouse, 75 Victoria Street. * 53 Ship Street.
McCloy, William, butcher, 131 York Street.
McCluney, William, lodging house, 21&23 Green Street.
McClurcan, Samuel, cooper, 95 Academy Street.
McClure, William & Son, merchants, 16 Corporation Street. * T. McClure, Belmont.
McClure, Finlay & Co., linen yarn and flax merchants, 16 Corporation Street. * C. Finlay, University Square; W. L. Finlay, Wellington Park;
                                 W. C. Smith, Ballygoland, Whitehouse.
McClure, James, Birkmyre's Bakery, 108 Ann Street.
McClure, Martha, grocer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett.
McClure, Miss, dress maker, 11 Townsend Street.
McClure, R., boot and shoe maker, 48 Ann Street.
McClure, Samuel, provision dealer, 35 Church Lane.
McClure, John, shoe maker, 1 Carrick Hill.
McClure, Miss, school, Mount Pottinger.
McClure, Thomas, provision dealer, 5 Hill Street.
McClure, Thomas, printer, 35 Ann Street. * 88 Joy Street.
McClure, Samuel, 13 Stanhope Street.
McClure, William John, shop man, 4 Thomas Street.
McClure, Samuel, manager in A. Kirker's bakery, 59 Cromac Street.
McClurcan, Samuel, cooper, 17 Great Patrick Street.
McCluskey, Henry, grocer, 23 Union Street.
McCluskey, James, pawn broker, 36&38 Hill Street.
McCluskey, John, hat and cap warehouse, 14 North Street.
McCollum, Archibald, general broker and commission merchant, 22 Skipper Street. * 150 Albion Place.
McComb, John, mill manager, 25 Falls Road.
McComb, James, butter merchant, butter market, Great Patrick Street. * 76 Johnston's Buildings, Shankill Road.
McComb, John, pawn broker, 51 Brown Street.
McComb, Mrs., grocer, 78 Old Lodge Road.
McComb, William, book seller, publisher and stationer and registrar of marriages in Belfast district, 1 High Street. * 7 Clarence Place.
McComish, Elizabeth, butcher, 31 Ormeau Road.
McConnell, James, sewed muslin manufacturer, 11 Great Patrick Street.
McConnell, James & John, tea, wine and spirit merchants, and rectifying distillers, 52 Tomb Street. * Comber.
McConnell, John & James, muslin manufacturers, 7 Lower Kent Street. * 102 Donegall Street.
McConnell, John, bookkeeper, 5 Unity Street.
McConnell, John, pawn broker, 208 Northburn Street.
McConnell, John, proprietor of Thatched house Tavern, 28 Frederick Street.
McConnell, Mary, grocer, 92 Union Street.
McConnell, Miss, dress maker, 29 Little May Street.
McConnell, R. & J., 28 Academy Street.
McConnell, Samuel, clerk, 4 Stanley Place.
McConnell, Henry, butcher, 33 Peter's Hill.
McConnell, Samuel, provision merchant, 6 Butter Market, Great Patrick Street and 94,96&145 York Street.
McConnell, Hugh, pawn broker, 72 Cullintree Road.
McConnell, William, wholesale grocer, 7 Skipper Street.
McConnell, William J., butcher, 32 John Street.
McConnell, William J., spirit dealer, 2 Malone Road.
McConkey, John, clerk, 213 Agnes Street.
McConkey, Hiram, tinsmith, 13 Charlemont Street.
McConkey, John, grocer, 83 Durham Street.
McConkey, L., dress maker, 213 Agnes Street.
McCool, John, muslin manufacturer, 76 Eliza Street.
McCord, Thomas, clerk, 205 York Street.
McCord, Charles, marine store, 25 Millfield.
McCormick, Ann, haberdasher, 129 Pennington Place.
McCormick & Hennesey, Misses, school, 22 Dock Street.
McCormick D., grocer, 55 Pound Street.
McCormick, Edward, manager for A. Smith & Co. * Trinity Street.
McCormick, Hugh, salesman in Neill Brothers, 6 Canning Street.
McCormick, James, grocer, wine and spirit dealer, 12 Garmoyle Street.
McCormick, John, grocer, 17 Smithfield.
McCormick, John, machinist, News Letter office, 21 College Square North.
McCormick, John, sexton of St. Paul's Church, 57 Thomas Street North.
McCormick, J., spirit dealer, 39 Henry Street.
McCormick, Hugh, butcher, 23 Black's Place.
McCormick, James, flax buyer, 5 Derby Street.
McCormick, J., 15 Donegall Street. * 36 Lonsdale Street.
McCormick, James, sewed muslin agent for J. Wishart & Co., of Glasgow, 22 Great Patrick Street.
McCormick, Samuel E. & David Dunlop, proprietors Banner of Ulster, 51 Donegall Street. * S. E. McCormick, 21 Lonsdale Street. * D. Dunlop
                  3 Great Patrick Street.
McCormick, Thomas, grocer and haberdasher, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
McCormick, J., spirit dealer, 79 North Thomas Street,
McCormick, Thomas, grocer, 23 Prince's Street.
McCormick, William, cooper, 18 William Street.
McCormick, William, stationer, 11 Hercules Street.
McCormick, William, cork cutter, 13 Lancaster Street.
McCorry, Catherine, publican and grocer, 9 Boundary Street.
McCorry, Richard, spirit dealer, Institution Place.
McCosh, Rev. Dr., professor of Logic and Metaphysics, Queen's College. * 6 University Square.
McCosker, John, butcher, 73 Hercules Street.
McCoubry, Miss, dress maker, 29 Wesley Place.
McCourt, P., oyster house, 21 Joy's Entry.
McCourt, James, horse shoer, 61 York Street.
McCourt, John, veterinary surgeon, 61 York Street.
McCourt, James, proprietor curds and cream gardens, Old Road, Ballymacarrett.
McCourtney, Hugh, stationer, 19 John Street.
McCoy, William, foreman fancy box maker, 14 Arnon Street.
McCoy, John, shop man, 5 Campbell's Row, Townsend Street.
McCoy, Kendrick, grocer, 21 Mustard Street.
McCoy, William John, French polisher, 32 Marquis Road.
McCoyd, William, bookkeeper, Patterson Street, Falls Road.
McCracken, A., boot and shoe maker, 28 Bridge Street.
McCracken, Francis, 75 Donegall Street.
McCracken, Francis, York Lane Cotton Mill. * Richmond.
McCracken, Henry Joy, custom house officer, 1 Old Park Terrace.
McCracken, Henry, Trainview Cottage, Ballymacarrett.
McCracken, James, builder, 73 Devis (Divis) Street.
McCracken, James, builder, 7 Lancaster Street.
McCracken, John, tailor, 148 Sandy Row.
McCracken, John W., notary public and insurance agent, 26 Corporation Street. * 233 York Street.
McCracken, Joseph, spirit dealer, 72&74 Brown Square.
McCracken, M., boot and shoe maker, 3 Bridge Street. * 94 Great George's Street.
McCracken, Miss, milliner, 8 Arthur Street.
McCracken, Robert, 1 Kells Street.
McCracken, Samuel, clerk, 6 Stewart Street.
McCracken, William, grain dealer, 98 McTier Street.
McCracken, William, of Northern Bank, 93 Donegall Street.
McCracken, Mary, publican, 47 Carrick Hill.
McCraig, Duncan, engineer, 4 Great George's Street.
McCrea, Robert, grocer, 80 Cromac Street.
McCrea, Samuel, general emigration agent, 37 Waring Street. * 75 Corporation Street.
McCrea, Archibald, builder, 63 Peter's Hill.
McCready, John, grocer, Lagan Village.
McCready, Miss, boarding house, 12 Little Brunswick Street.
McCready, Joseph, sewed muslin warehouse, John Street. * 26 Earl Street.
McCreary, John, scantling and timber yard, 52&54 York Street.
McCreedy, Hugh, teacher, 143 Agnes Street.
McCreedy, H., boot and shoe maker, Old Road, Ballymacarrett.
McCreevy, Thomas, clerk, Crumlin Road.
McCreight, Patrick, cardmaker, 43 Hercules Street.
McCrory, B., hotel, 4 Pottinger's Entry.
McCrudden, Miss, dress maker, 5 Richmond Street.
McCrum, Sarah, 91 North Queen Street.
McCulla, Mrs. Ann, boarding house, 7 College Square East.
McCullough, A. G. S., steam packet agent, 39 Donegall Quay. * 8 Murray's Terrace.
McCullough & Filson, Phoenix Flour Mills, 26 Great George's Street.
McCullough & Totten, woollen drapers, silk mercers and hatters, 53&55 High Street. * H. McCullough, 2 Kensington Place.
McCullough, Eliza, dress maker, 7 King Street.
McCullough, Andrew, 106 Crumlin Place.
McCullough, David, butter merchant, 11 Butter Market. * 45 Great Patrick Street.
McCullough, George, steward of Masonic Hall, 15 Donegall Place.
McCullough, J., nailer, 46 Hercules Street.
McCullough, James, 17 Brougham Street.
McCullough, James, Vulcan Tavern, 95 Peter's Hill.
McCullough, James, grocer, tea and coffee dealer, 54 High Street. * Dundonald.
McCullough, James, woollen draper and hatter, 88&90 High Street.
McCullough, Joseph, grocer and spirit dealer, 137 Durham Street.
McCullough, Joseph, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Grosvenor Street.
McCullough, Mary, grocer, 63 Cullintree Road.
McCullough, Mrs., 77 Corporation Street.
McCullough, S. J., Court house Tavern, Crumlin Road.
McCullough, S., 2 Agnes Street.
McCullough, John, marine store, 113 Millfield.
McCullough, Thomas, ballast supplier, Antrim Road.
McCullough, T., car man's yard, 4 Antrim Road.
McCullough, Thomas, lime works, McClelland's Lane.
McCullough, William, bookkeeper, Cromac House, Donegall Pass.
McCullough, William, clothier, merchant tailor and hatter, 75 High Street.
McCully, Andrew, salesman, Adela Street.
McCully, Robert, coal merchant, 1 Queen's Quay coal yards.
McCune, E., Milliner, 13 Academy Street.
McCune, William, clothes dealer, 13 Berry Street.
McCurry, Mrs., grocer, 32 Alton Street.
McCutcheon, James, leather merchant, 74 Ann Street. * 24 Gloucester Street.
McCutcheon, John, pilot master, 28 Spencer Street.
McDade, William, salesman, 32 Arnon Street.
McDermott, Matthew, farrier, 5 Seymour Street.
McDermott, Mrs., boarding house, 12 Earl Street.
McDermott, Thomas, clerk, 116 Donegall Pass.
McDonald, Alexander, mahogany and timber merchant, 3 Hamilton Street. * 1 Windsor Terrace.
McDonald, Alex., cashier in J. Charley & co.'s coal office. * 187 York Street.
McDonald, David, proprietor of Caledonian Hotel, 19 Gamble Street.
McDonald, Michael, coal merchant, 5 Queen's Quay coal yards.
McDonald, Peter, grocer, 2 Hartley Street.
McDonald, Samuel, pawn broker, 62 North Queen Street.
McDonald, William, shoe maker, 77 North Queen Street.
McDonald, Francis, dealer, 112&114 Cullintree Road.
McDonnell, J., boarding house, 35 Prince's Street.
McDonnell, David, barber, 3&5 Prince's Street.
McDonnell, F., pawn broker, 30 Rosemary Street.
McDonnell, John, tobacconist and grocer, 4 North Street.
McDonnell, Mrs., 243 Abbotsford Place.
McDonnell, Mrs., tobacconist, 5 High Street. * 17 Chichester Street.
McDonnell, Thomas, QC., Eglantine, Lisburn Road.
McDornan, John, pawn broker, Durham Street. * 48 College Street South. * 118 Sandy Row.
McDouall, Professor, 3 Upper Crescent.
McDowell, Cunningham, engineer, Wellwood Place, Ballymacarrett.
McDowell, J., spirit grocer, 2 Second Street.
McDowell, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 18 North Howard Street.
McDowell, John, grocer, 49 Little George's Street.
McDowell, John, grocer, 34&36 Joy Street.
McDowell, John, grocer, 82 Cullintree Road.
McDowell, John, carpenter and dealer, 159 Durham Street.
McDowell, Charles, clerk, 74 Mateer Street.
McDowell, John, grocer, Lagan Village, Ballymacarrett.
McDowell, Margaret M., boarding house, 3 Gamble Street.
McDowell, Miss, agent for J. McCreedy. * 24 Earl Street.
McDowell, Mrs., 58 University Road.
McDowell, Robert, clothes dealer, 39 Berry Street.
McDowell, T., wine and spirit dealer, 130 York Street.
McDowell, Thomas, carpenter and builder, 132 York Street.
McDuff, John, seeds man, 49 Victoria Street. * 2 Henry Place.
McEntee, Edward, stationer, 3 Mill Street.
McEntee, John, officer of customs, 18 Alexander Street West.
McEntee, Francis, grocer, 42 Hercules Street.
McEntire, J. A., wholesale rope, twine and thread manufacturer, 22 Donegall Street. * Greenisland, Carrickfergus.
McEntire, John, general merchant, 91 Victoria Street. * 146 Albion Place, Botanic Road.
McErlane, Edward, painter and glazier, 9 John Street.
McEwen, Mrs., 12 Queen Street.
McEwen, John, thread manufacturer, Springfield. * 18 College Square North.
McFadden, James, stave merchant, 44 Tomb Street. * Glenfield.
McFall, J., clerk, 71 Alexander Street West.
McFarlan, John, publican, 41 William Street.
McFarland, Adam, cooperage and grocer and spirit dealer, 62&70 Great Patrick Street.
McFarland, J., cigar importer, 14 Bridge Street.
McFarland, Robert, reporter, 9 Eliza Street.
McFarland, Joseph, cooper, 9 Caroline Street.
McFarlane, James & Co., manufacturers and dealers in threads, twines and cotton banding, 6 Elliott's Court.
McFarlane, John, watch maker, 122 North Street.
McFarlane, P., office, 7 Queen's Square. * 14 Eglinton Street.
McFerran, James, 140 York Street.
McFerran, William, sprit dealer, 24 Prince's Street.
McFerrin, James, tailor, 18 Curtis Street.
McGahey, David, music and piano-forte warehouse, 10 Chichester Street.
McGahey, Francis, of Boyd & Co., starch manufacturers, Boyd Street. * Richmond Terrace.
McGarry, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 41,43&45 Lancaster Street.
McGartland, James, jobbing smith, 62 Green Street.
McGeagh, R. T. & Co., woollen drapers, 39 Castle Place. * R. T. McGeagh, 4 Franklin Place.
McGeagh, Robert, of Martin & Co., Ann Street, * 11 Mount Pottinger.
McGeahey, Robert, draper, 66 Shaftesbury Place.
McGee, John G. & Co., clothiers, merchant tailors and general out fitters, 46,48&50 High Street. * J. G. McGee, 8 Donegall Square South.
McGee, Samuel M., of John G. McGee & Co., High Street. * 10 Alfred Street.
McGee, William, MD., JP., surgeon, 10 College Square North.
McGeown, Neill, grocer, 32 McTier Street.
McGibben, William, confectioner, 3&5 North Queen Street.
McGiffin, Miss, dress maker, 195 York Street.
McGinley, John, grocer, 44 Falls Road.
McGimpsey, John, grocer, 133 North Street.
McGivern, William, stone mason, 96 Roseann Place.
McGlade, Bernard, grocer and spirit merchant, 2 Little Patrick Street, 34 Edward Street and 97 York Street.
McGlade, C. & P., spirit store, 33&35 Caxton Street.
McGlade, Francis, publican and grocer, 48&50 Cromac Street.
McGlade, Henry, spirit dealer, 35 Great Patrick Street and 53&55 Edward Street.
McGlade, John, grocer, 138 Upper Peter's Hill.
McGlade, Patrick, wine and spirit stores, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
McGlade, Patrick, spirit stores, 71&72 Smithfield and 25 Fountain Street.
McGladdery, James, clerk, Mount Pottinger.
McGladery, William, spirit dealer. Antrim Road.
McGlone, Patrick, grocer, 5 New Durham Street.
McGlone, Patrick, green grocer, 32 Barrack Street.
McGlone, Edward, butcher, 48 Falls Road.
McGonical, John, of Murray & McGonical, master coopers, 37 Dock Street.
McGonical & Mack, wholesale haberdashers and trimming warehouse, 21 High Street.
McGoverns, John, butcher, 31 Hercules Street.
McGowan, Anthony, grocer, 33 Boundary Street.
McGowan, John, grocer, 49 Cullintree Road.
McGrady, John, furniture remover, 6&8 College Court.
McGrath, Edward, Cherrymount Tavern, Crumlin Road.
McGrath, Edward, hardware dealer &c., 36 North Street.
McGrath, John, hay and straw dealer &c., 64 May Street.
McGraw, Thomas. stabling yard, 89 Ann Street.
McGreevy, Richard, captain of the Vesta tug steamer, 45 Pilot Street.
McGreevy, Thomas, tailor, 188 North Street.
McGreevy, William, marine store, 68&70 Green Street.
McGregor, Surgeon James, homoeopathic practitioner, 13 College Square North.
McGribben, Robert, confectioner, 161 North Street.
McGuickan, James, spirit dealer, 1&3 Milford Street.
McGuigan, E., butcher, 59 Mill Street.
McGuigan, John, locksmith, 1 Meetinghouse Lane.
McGuigan, Edward, butcher, 59 Mill Street.
McGuinness, Patrick, gutta percha boot and shoe shop, 9 North Street.
McGuirk, Isabella, provision dealer, 55 Alexander Street.
McGuirk, Hugh, saddler, 49 Mill Street.
McGuirk, Thomas, spirit dealer, 58&60 North Queen Street.
McHenry, Patrick, grocer, 46 Milford Street.
McHenry, Henry, shoe maker, 5 Melbourne Street.
McHinch, Robert, bookkeeper in Shaw & Finlay's, 7 Mount Pottinger.
MgHugh, Bernard & Edward, wholesale and retail haberdashers, linen and linen yarn merchants, 8,10&12 Rosemary Street.
McHugh, Edward, merchant, Rosemary Street. * 58 Arthur Street Upper.
McIlherron, David, master Belfast Union Workhouse, Lisburn Road.
McIlhone, Henry, spirit dealer, 100 Cullintree Road.
McIlroy, Patrick, marine dealer, 40 New Lodge Road.
McIlroy, Bernard, grocer, 12 Hamill Street.
McIlroy, Daniel, clerk post office, 46 Canning Street.
McIlroy, G. & H., grocers and spirit dealers, 86 Durham Street.
McIlroy, Samuel, confectioner, 143 North Street.
McIlroy, Thomas, book seller and stationer, Arthur Square. * Anna's Cottage, Ballynafeigh.
McIlroy, William, grocer, 50 Carrick Hill.
McIlroy, William, publican, 30 Gardiner Street.
McIlroy, William, grocer, 1 Park Street.
McIlroy, Eliza, boarding house, 20 New Durham Street.
McIlroy, Hugh, detective officer, 5 Bilton Court, Wilson Street, Millfield.
McIlroy, John, grocer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett.
McIlvea, William, calico printer, 7 John Street.
McIlveen, John T., College Street South.
McIlvenan, Alexander, officer of customs, 24 Meadow Street.
McIlvenny, Thomas, car owner, 62 North Boundary Street.
McIlwaine, Rev. William, Hampton, Windsor.
McIlwee, R., spirit dealer, 62 Waring Street.
McIlwrath, William, secretary to the Indian Flax Company (Limited) and Linen Trade Committee, agent and accountant 16&17 Victoria Chambers.
                 * 10 Fitzwilliam Street, University Road.
McIntyre & Patterson, linen yarn and flax merchants, 10 Corporation Street.
McKavanagh, H. & J., round timber yard and saw mill, Clarence Street.
McKavanagh, John & Henry, timber yard, 15 Queen Street. * J. McKavanagh, 13 Queen Street.
McKay, Mary, dress maker and milliner, 11 Queen Street.
McKay, John, lodgings, 11 Prince's Street.
McKay, Miss, ladies' school, 43 Eglinton Street.
McKay, Mrs., spirit dealer, 1 Chichester Street Lower and 2 Great Edward Street.
McKean, D., agent for S. R., & T., Brown, sewed muslin manufacturer. * 82 Donegall Street.
McKedy, Miss, 33 York Street.
McKee, Daniel, school master, Adela Street.
McKee, E., grocer, 7 Ann Street.
McKee, James, scripture reader, 17 Combermere Street.
McKee, James, pawn broker, 112 High Street.
McKee, Mrs., 2 Bedford Terrace, Sandy Row.
McKee, William, provision store, 34 Great Edward Street.
McKee, James, spirit dealer, 100 Tomb Street.
McKee, John, confectioner, 38 Union Street.
McKee, A., milliner, 41 Earl Street.
McKee, James, spirit dealer, 13 Corporation Square.
McKee, Robert, chandler, 8 Cotton Court.
McKee, Mrs., 2 Bedford Terrace.
McKee, Hamilton, 124 Corporation Street.
McKee, James, sewed muslin manufacturer, 16 Seymour Street.
McKee, John, boot maker, 94 Corporation Street.
McKee, John, Eglinton Tavern, 65 Eglinton Street.
McKee, John, agent for the Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Steam Ship Company, and secretary Belfast Steam Ship Company, 103
                    Regent Buildings.
McKee, Joseph, commission agent, 26 Skipper Street. * Pottinger Place, Ballymacarrett.
McKee, Mary Anne, dress maker, 33 New Durham Street.
McKee, Patrick, butcher, 49 Hercules Street.
McKee, Samuel & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 39 Great Patrick Street.
McKee, William, book binder and paper ruler, 18 Pottinger's Entry.
McKee, William, designer, 204 Agnes Street.
McKegney, William, flax buyer, 8 Hughes' Buildings.
McKeiver, Ellen, 43 Ormeau Road.
McKelvey, C., sewed muslin manufacturer, 6 Frederick Street.
McKelvey, Mrs., 2 Seaview Place, Ballymacarrett.
McKendry, Hugh & Co., glass, oil and colour warehouse, 6 Waring Street.
McKenna, James, provision dealer, 22 Barrack Street.
McKenna, James & John, grocers and spirit merchants, 19 Lagan Street.
McKenna, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 50,52&54 Grattan Street.
McKenna, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 58 Talbot Street.
McKenna, John, butcher, 1 Corporation Square.
McKenna, John & Sons, foreign fruit, tea and Italian warehouse, 69&73 Donegall Street and 1&3 York Street, 45 Academy Street and 29
                                Robert Street.
McKenna, John, grocer and publican, 2 Charles Street.
McKenna, John, publican, 27&29 Union Street.
McKenna, John, ships' victualler, 70 Corporation Street. 
McKenna, John K., spirit dealer, 200 North Street.
McKenna, Patrick, seamen's clothier, 11 Garmoyle Street.
McKenna, Stephen, pawn broker, 8 Great Patrick Street.
McKenna, Terence, clothes dealer, 10 Berry Street.
McKenna, William, spirit dealer, 1&3 Little Donegall Street and 23 John Street.
McKenna, William, veterinary surgeon, horse bazaar and veterinary establishment, 26 May Street. * 42 Gloucester Street.
McKenna, Edward, barber, 30 New Durham Street.
McKenzie, R., grocer, 8 Arthur Square.
McKenzie, Hugh, painter &c., 34 Great Patrick Street.
McKenzie, John, farming implement maker, 24 Pembroke Place.
McKenzie, Robert, draper, silk mercer and haberdasher, 34,36&38 High Street. * 247 Abbotsford Place.
McKenzie, William, shoe maker, 9 Melbourne Street.
McKenzie, R., designer, 169 Agnes Street.
McKeown, Arthur, grocer, 130&132 Carrick Hill.
McKeown, Francis, woollen draper, 44 Donegall Street.
McKeown, Hugh, grocer, 189 North Street.
McKeown, J., grocer, 107 North Street.
McKeown, James, publican, 28 Chapel Lane.
McKeown, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 24 Millfield.
McKeown, John, clerk, 10 Unity Street.
McKeown, Patrick, grocer, 146 Upper Peter's Hill.
McKeown, Hugh, stabling yard and posting establishment, 198 North Street.
McKeown, Philip, clerk, 18 Townsend Place.
McKeown, Rose, grocer, 35 Millfield.
McKeown, Susan, dress maker, 8 Union Street.
McKeown, William, tan yard, 160 North Street. * 9 Eglinton Street.
McKeown, Mrs., lodgings, 72 Carrick Hill.
McKerr, Catherine, grocer, 45 Winetavern Street.
McKibben, James, grocer, 35&148 Falls Road.
McKibben, David, tailor, 12 Fountain Street.
McKibben, J., grocer and publican, Cupar Street.
McKibben, John, coal merchant, office, 12 Queen's Quay. * Ashley Lodge, Ballymacarrett.
McKibben, John, inland revenue officer, Mount Pottinger.
McKibben, Mrs., 16 Hamilton Street.
McKibben, Mrs., 147 York Street.
McKibbin, Alexander, grocer, 137 Nelson Street.
McKibbin, Hugh, grocer, 51 Victoria Street.
McKibbin, Robert, tailor, 66 Sandy Row.
McKinley, Samuel, provision dealer and publican, 66 Great George's Street.
McKinney, Daniel, round timber merchant, 13&16 Eliza Street.
McKinney, Edward, boot maker, 16 Church Lane.
McKinney, E. & Co., boot and shoe maker, 7 Mill Street.
McKinney, William John, boot and shoe maker, 20 Ann Street.
McKinney, William, timber merchant, 1 Mill Street.
McKinney, Hugh, spirit dealer, 2 Great Edward Street.
McKinny, Thomas, tailor, 4 Hamilton Street.
McKinny, T., solicitor, 32 Castle Lane.
McKinstry, Robert, mill manager, 36 Northumberland Street, Falls Road.
McKinstry, Lee, income tax receiving officer, 32 York Street.
McKinstry, Mrs., 75 Inkermann Terrace.
McKisack, James, linen yarn merchant, 2 Donegall Street Place. * Holywood.
McKittrick, Henry J. & Co., cap manufacturers, 7 High Street.
McKittrick, James, chief-constable of say police, 12 Henrietta Street.
McKnight, George, car owner, 136 Millfield.
McKnight, Wesley, saddler, 9 Victoria Street.
McKnight, Raphael, watch and clock maker, 3 Raphael Street.
McLaine, John, bookkeeper, 24 Christopher Street.
McLaine, Alexander & Sons, ship builders &c., Corporation Street.
McLaine, Mrs., 163 Corporation Street.
McLarnon, James, hair dresser, 10 Gamble Street.
McLarnon, John, barber, 17 Lancaster Street.
McLarnon, Patrick, shoe maker, 57 North Street.
McLaughlin & Harvey, builders, 146 York Street.
McLaughlin, Gregory, publican, 81 McTier Street.
McLaughlin, Henry, builder, 10 Bentinck Street.
McLaughlin, J. & J., tobacco manufacturers and grocers, 65 High Street. * John McLaughlin, Holywood.
McLaughlin, Jas., Glenwood Tavern and pleasure gardens, Shankill Road.
McLaughlin, John, spirit dealer and undertaker, 17&21 West Street.
McLaughlin, Mary, spirit dealer, Antrim Road.
McLaughlin, James, cart maker and blacksmith. ( no address )
McLaverty, Arthur, grocer, 149 Nelson Street.
McLea, James, grocer, 17 Berry Street.
McLean, James, solicitor, 35 Arthur Street. * Holywood.
McLean, Robert, grocer, 29 Grattan Street.
McLean, John, caretaker Sailor's Home, 89 Corporation Street.
McLelland, Mrs., 21 College Street.
McLeish, William, chemist, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
McLorinan, John, chandler, 24 Mill Street.
McLorinan, Hugh, builder, 46 Institution Place.
McLorinan, Daniel, marine store, 70 Union Street.
McLorinan, Henry, china, glass and earthenware establishment, 41&42 Smithfield.
McLorinan, Samuel, in Ulster Arcade. * Colin View, Lisburn Road.
McLornan, John, foreman Printer, 5 Rockview Buildings, Shankill Road.
McLoughlin, Catherine, grocer, 26 Little George's Street.
McLoughlin, John, spirit dealer, 2,3&4 Gamble Street.
McLoughlin, Henry, clerk, 32 Athol Street.
McMahon, James, grocer, 30 Smithfield.
McMahon, John, commission and rent agent and ale and porter stores. 8 Arthur Street. * 13 Catherine Street.
McMahon, John, manager in Lindsay & Co.'s ribbon factory, 15 Annette Street.
McMahon, John, clerk, 4 Napier Street.
McMahon, John, news vender, book seller and circulating library, 76 Great George's Street.
McMahon, Mrs., milliner, 125 Durham Street.
McMahon, William, master mariner, 20 Dock Street.
McMahon, Robert James, watch maker, 18 Cranbourne Street.
McMahon, Thomas, butcher, 81 Hercules Street.
McMahon, William, butcher, 73 John Street.
McMahon, John, 63 Bentinck Street.
McMain, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 16 Earl Street.
McManus, Charles, traveller, 70 Joy Street.
McManus, J., spirit dealer, 82 Little Donegall Street.
McManus, John, damask weaver, 91&93 Union Street.
McManus, James, spirit dealer, 1&3 Birch Street.
McManus, M., clerk, 53 Falls Road.
McManus, Daniel, boarding house, 62 John Street.
McManus, Felix, tailor, 40 Lagan Street.
McMaster, William, builder, 1 Lancaster Street.
McMaster, Alexander, clerk, 8 Claremont Place, Ballymacarrett.
McMaster, Archibald, carpenter, 3 King Street.
McMaster, Robert, assistant clerk of the peace, 31 Donegall Street.
McMath, Mrs., dress maker, 34 Dock Street.
McMeekan, Samuel, grocer, 64&66 Milford Street.
McMichael, James, book seller, 7 California Street.
McMillan, James, grocer, Lagan Village, Ballymacarrett.
McMillan, John, spirit dealer, 21&23 North Queen Street.
McMillen, James, bookkeeper, 5 Cranston Place.
McMillen, Mrs., milliner and dress maker, 56 John Street.
McMillen, Robert, bookkeeper, 70 Johnston's Buildings.
McMillen, A., pawn broker, 67 Old Lodge Road.
McMillen, Samuel, pawn broker, 41 Henry Street.
McMinn, Francis, surgeon, 8 Belvoir Terrace.
McMinn, Francis C., linen yarn merchant and commission and insurance agent, 21 Victoria Chambers, Waring Street.
McMoran, Margaret, Gooseberry Corner, Ballymacarrett.
McMoran, Michael, alabaster manufacturer, 6 Michael Street.
McMullan, Daniel, clerk, 32 Welsh Street.
McMullan, Ann, stay and corset maker, 10 Mill Street.
McMullan, Ann, grocer, 126 Conway Street.
McMullan, Hugh, clerk, 63 Verner Street.
McMullan, Michael, car owner, 1 Wellington Street.
McMullan, David, boot and shoe maker, 3 Pottinger's Entry.
McMullan, Hugh, spirit dealer, 59 Carrick Hill.
McMullan, Hugh, shoe maker, 3 Meadow Lane.
McMullan, John, tailor, 16 Fountain Street.
McMullan, Margaret, grocer, 16 Henrietta Street.
McMullan, Matthew, soap and candle manufacturer and window glass merchants, 26 Corn Market.
McMullan, Robert, 7 Brougham Street; office, 4 Elliott's Court.
McMullan, Samuel, tailor, 10 Mill Street.
McMullan, Thomas, drug warehouse, 69 Victoria Street. * 27 Spencer Street.
McMullan, William John, reporter, 207 Nelson Street.
McMullan, Robert, traveller, 8 Canning Street.
McMullin, Patrick, tanner and leather merchant, 48 Mill Street.
McMullen, Alexander, grocer, 1 Ormeau Road.
McMurray, Rev. John, 1 Claremont Place, Ballymacarrett.
McMurray, Thomas, grain and flour merchant and commission agent, 113 Regent Buildings, Victoria Street. * Alma Cottage.
McMurry,  ? , gilder, 49 Combersmere Street.
McNair, Thomas, writing clerk, 6 Glentilt Street.
McNally, James, master mariner, 177 Nelson Street.
McNally, James, printer, 6&8 Rosemary Street.
McNally, Joseph & Sons, ship brokers and commission agents, 82 Tomb Street.
McNally, Miss, dress maker, 27 King Street.
McNally, Robert, teacher of navigation, 20 Garmoyle Street.
McNamee, P., grocer and spirit dealer, 26 Verner Street.
McNamee, M., 25 Eglinton Street; office, Hercules Street.
McNaughten, Mrs., 58 Johnston's Buildings.
McNaughten, Robert, bookkeeper, 7 Malone Place.
McNea, James, architect and surveyor, 5 Donegall Street. * 161 York Street.
McNeill, James, civil bill officer, 10 California Street.
McNeill, James, clothes renovator, 11 Lancaster Street.
McNeill, Owen, spirit grocer, 47 Smithfield.
McNeill, Mrs., 16 Hughes' Buildings, Falls Road.
McNeill, William, house furnishing iron monger, 17 Corn Market. * 5 Upper Crescent.
McNeilly, Traill, & Co., (late Gray) watch makers, jewellers &c., 18 Castle Place.
McNeilly, James, saleman, 53 Meadow Street.
McNeilly, R., dress maker, 15 Harmony Place.
McNeilly, John, inn keeper, 17&19 William Street South and 1&3 George's Lane.
McNeilly Brothers, watch makers & jewellers, 4 Donegall Place Buildings.
McNiece, G. L., in Dunbar, McMaster & Co.'s, Richmond Terrace.
McParlan, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 29 John Street.
McParland, Mrs., clothes dealer, 9 Berry Street.
McPeak, Mrs., dealer, 59 Alexander Street.
McPeake, Elizabeth, grocer, 32 Charlemont Street.
McPollin, Elizabeth, milliner and dress maker, 56 Carrick Hill.
McQuade, B., grocer and spirit dealer, 35 Mustard Street.
McQuoid, Robert, butcher, 45 Donegall Street.
McQuillan, John, boot and shoe maker, 7 Peter's Hill.
McQuillan, Alexander, engraver, 1 Kildare Street.
McQuillan, James, teacher of Alexander Street West National School.
McQuillan, R., teacher of Cullintree National School.
McQuillan, William, spirit dealer, 64 Pilot Street.
McQuillon, Hugh, spirit dealer, 24 Gamble Street.
McQuiston, John, painter, 22 William Street South.
McQuiston, Thomas, glazier and house painter, 26 Arthur Street.
McQuiston, William, Adelaide Lodge, Old Malone Road.
McQuitty, James, shop man, 68 Christopher Street.
McRoberts, Hugh, green grocer, 42 Corporation Street.
McRoberts, Samuel, spirit dealer, 45 Chichester Street and 1 Great Edward Street.
McRoberts, William & James, pork merchants, 5 Nelson Street. * 70 Nelson Street.
McRoberts, Hugh, hackle maker, 44 Canning Street.
McRoberts, Andrew, painter, 64 Cromac Street.
McSherry, Richard, tavern keeper, 20 Gamble Street and 58 Tomb Street.
McShurley, James, butcher, 31 Edward Street.
McSorley, John, butcher, 51 Hercules Street.
McStay, William, dentist, 5 Spamount.
McStravack, Patrick, marine dealer, 5 Curtis Street.
McTear, George & Son, merchants and steam packet agents, 33,35&37 Donegall Quay. * G. McTear, 2 Carlisle Terrace.
McTear, John, grocer, publican and provision merchant, 37 Corporation Street.
McTear, Mrs., 143 Botanic Road.
McTeir, James, gentleman, Vernant Lodge, Oldpark Road.
McTier, James, sexton Salem Chapel, York Street, 12 Nelson Street.
McVeagh, Thomas, spirit dealer, Marlborough Street.
McVeigh, David, feather dealer, 10&12 Church Street.
McVeigh, William, feather merchant, 13 Church Lane.
McVeigh, Edward, butcher, 55757 John Street.
McVeigh, Thomas, yard and stabling, Prince's Street.
McVeigh, John, confectioner, 21 Cromac Street.
McVeigh, D., green grocer, 23&25 Cromac Street.
McVeigh, Joseph, shoe maker, 101&103 Bradbury Place.
McVickar, John, sexton, 30 Durham Street.
McVicker, Alexander, Northern boot and shoe warehouse, 12 Donegall Place. * 85 Balmoral Terrace.
McVicker, John & Sons, merchant clothiers, 3 Donegall Place. * John McVicker, 2 Woodstock Place, Mount Pottinger; S. McVicker, 22
                          Hamilton Street.
McVicker, William, tailor, 3 Napier Street.
McVogue, Michael, grocer and spirit dealer, 10 Durham Street.
McWade, Ann, grocer and spirit dealer, 48 Union Street.
McWade, James, proprietor Ballymacarrett Pottery Works, Bridge End.
McWha, James, basket maker, Old Road, Ballymacarrett.
McWhitty, Robert, clerk, 27 Cromac Street.
McWilliams, James, slip keeper, Queen's Island.
McWilliams, Miss, confectioner, Queen's Island.
McWilliams, Mrs., stabling yard, 26 Winetavern Street.

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Napier, J., tailor, 17 Pottinger's Entry.
Neeson, Daniel, marine dealer, 50 Green Street.
Neill & White, wholesale wine and spirit merchants, 7 Winecellar Entry.
Neill Brothers, watch and chronometer makers, jewellers, silver smiths and opticians, 23 High Street. * John Neill, Holywood.
Neill, James, clerk, 10 College Place North.
Neill, James, watch maker, jeweller and optician, 6 Donegall Place.
Neill, John, in Day & Bottomley's, 69 Prospect Terrace.
Neill, Margaret, 79 Balmoral Terrace.
Neill, John, gun maker and bird preserve, 80 High Street.
Nelson, A., spirit dealer and grocer, Antrim Road.
Nelson & Bryson, provision store, 28 Great George's Street.
Nelson, William, clerk, 4 Greenland Street.
Nelson, James S., clerk, 17 Shipboy Street.
Nelson, G., tailor, 6 Pottinger's Entry.
Nelson, George, publican, 108 Great George's Street.
Nelson, John, tailor, 3 Harmony Lane.
Nelson, James, bookkeeper, 6 Wesley Place.
Nelson, James, clerk, 68 Johnston's Buildings.
Nelson, John, grocer, 63&65 Fourth Street.
Nelson, Mrs., 1 Bedford Terrace.
Nelson, Mrs., 71 Bentinck Street.
Nelson, Mrs., 19 Gloucester Street.
Nelson, Rev. Isaac, Donegall Street Presbyterian Church. * Sugarfield, Shankill Road.
Nelson, Mrs., visiting governess, 5 Adela Street.
Nelson, Samuel, West India merchant, Linenhall. * Holywood.
Nelson, William, land and house agent, surveyor, valuator &c., 102 Donegall Street.
Nelson, Robert, tanner, 3 Israel Street.
Nesbitt, Robert, at Arnott & Co.'s, Bridge Street. * 46 Lonsdale Street.
Nesbitt, James, clock maker, 195 Agnes Street.
Nesbitt, Robert, inspector of National Schools, 21 Canning Street.
Nesbitt, James, clerk, 25 Eliza Street.
Newburn, William, letter carrier, 22 College Street West.
Newell, Andrew, clerk, 3 Curtis Street.
Newell, Hamilton, grocer, 64 Sandy Row.
Newett, Mrs., boarding house, 2 College Street South.
Nettleton, E., dress maker, 26 King Street.
Nichol, Henry, commission merchant and agent for the National Marine and Life Assurance Company, 1 Albert Square. * 3 Mount Pottinger.
Nichol, James, provision curer, 8 Hamilton Street.
Nicholas, William, commercial traveller, 3 Windsor Place.
Nicholl, Edward, grocer, 16 Russell Street.
Nicholl, J., Railway Hotel, 208&210 York Street.
Nicholl, Joseph, dealer, 115 Cromac Street.
Nicholl, Richard, 182 York Street.
Nicholl, Patrick, in McTear & Co.'s, 3 James' Street South.
Nicholl, William John, of Forster Green & Co., High Street. * 5 College Square East.
Nicholson, Edward, picture frame maker, 19 Wilson's Court.
Nicholson, Mark, grocer, 73 Carrick Hill.
Nimack, Joseph, cabinet maker, 30 Castle Street. * 4 Fountain Street.
Nocher, Margaret, 3 Cromac Street.
Nolan, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 52 Hercules Street.
Nolan, Lewis, bailiff, 32 Boyd Street.
Noon, Henry, grocer and publican, 54 Mill Street.
Norris, James, grocer, 61 Alexander Street.
Norris, James, grocer, 114 Great George's Street.
Norwood, Andrew, butcher, 21 Bank Lane.
Nugent, Mrs., boarding house, 9 Corporation Square.

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Oakman, Nicholas, of the firm of Greer & Oakman, warehousemen, Donegall Street. * 13 College Street South.
O'Brien, Andrew, lodgings, 24&26 Prince's Street.
O'Brien Brothers, spirit dealers and grocers, 41 Barrack Street and 1,3&5 Devis (Divis) Street.
O'Brien, James, agricultural implement manufacturer, 46 May Street.
O'Brien, John, grocer, 10 Barrack Street.
O'Brien, C., clerk, 6 Ardmoulin Street.
O'Brien, Lawrence, hair cutter, 27 Robert Street.
O'Brien, Mrs., baby linen warehouse, 19 Donegall Place.
O'Brien, Terence, hide and provision merchant, 6&8 Commercial Court. * 30 Canning Street.
O'Brien, Thomas, linen bleacher, 2 Apsley Place.
O'Connor, E. & Co., corn merchants, 14 Chapel Lane.
O'Connor, James, publican, 65&67 North Queen Street.
O'Connor, Edward, 5 Lower Crescent.
O'Connor, Miss, dress maker, 5 Wellington Street.
O'Donnell, Mrs., 7 Hill Street.
O'Donoghue, Captain, 76th Regiment, 8 North Queen Street.
O' Driscoll, James, tailor, 37 Arnon Street.
O'Farrell, Mrs., milliner and dress maker, 23 Arthur Street.
Officer, John, tailor, Stanley Place, Little York Street.
Officer, Miss, 1 Mountview Terrace.
Ogilvie, Miss, Wellington Park.
Ogle, Frederick, tea, wine, spirit and general merchant, 10 Waring Street and 16 Donegall Place. * 75 Victoria Place.
Ogston, Miss, confectioner, 39 High Street.
O'Hagan, Charles, undertaker, 75&77 Union Street.
O'Hagan, Daniel, spirit dealer, 47 Winetavern Street.
O'Hagan, John, clothes dealer, 26 Berry Street.
O'Hagan, T., clothes dealer, 21 Berry Street.
O'Hagan, B., clothes dealer, 33 Berry Street.
O'Hanlon, Terence, proprietor Ulster Railway Hotel and Tavern, 5 Great Victoria Street.
O'Hanlon, John, secretary Liberal Executive Committee, 26 Castle Lane.
O'Hara, John, butcher, 75 Peter's Hill.
O'Hara, Owen, clerk and grocer, 70 Hercules Street.
O'Hare, Owen, MD., and licentiate apothecary, 38 Castle Street.
O'Hayer, Francis, saddler, 1 Donegall Place Buildings.
O'Here, James, haberdasher, 40 Church Street.
O'Kane, Edward, spirit dealer, 65 John Street.
O'Kane, J. & R., wholesale tea dealers and general commission merchants, 26 Donegall Street.
O'Kane, Thomas, spirit store, 12 McCrory's Row, Ballymacarrett.
O'Laverty, Rev. James, dean of seminary, 97 Donegall Street.
Oldrin, M. & S., baby linen warehouse, 4 Arthur Street.
Oliver, John, shop man, 29 Boyd Street.
O'Neill, Gordon J., publican, 2 Old Lodge Road, and 5 Peter's Hill.
O'Neill, C., bookkeeper, 135 North Queen Street.
O'Neill, Charles, grocer, 63 Lancaster Street.
O'Neill, Constantine, grocer and spirit dealer, 54 Falls Road and 2 Peel Street.
O'Neill, Daniel, grocer and publican, 21&23 Marquis Street.
O'Neill, Edward, cooper, 72 Tomb Street.
O'Neill, J., grocer and spirit store, 37 Falls Road.
O'Neill, James, publican, 14 Barrack Street.
O'Neill, James, grocer, 151 Shankill Road.
O'Neill, James, spirit dealer, 11 Cromac Street.
O'Neill, John, auctioneer, 3 Smithfield.
O'Neill, John, auctioneer, 68 Smithfield.
O'Neill, John, huckster, 69 Barrack Street.
O'Neill, John, publican, 12 Barrack Street.
O'Neill, Mary, lodging house, 13 John Street.
O'Neill, Mrs., 25 Dock Street.
O'Neill, Mrs., grocer and publican, 31 Smithfield.
O'Neill, P., boot and shoe maker, 111 North Street.
O'Neill, Patrick, spirit store, 17&19 Robert Street.
O'Neill, Robert, furniture dealer, 9 Smithfield.
O'Neill, James, nailer, 44 Bank Lane.
O'Neill, John, hair cutter, 44 Cromac Street.
O'Neill, John, corn dealer, 4 Lennon's Lane.
O'Neill, James, hair dresser, 28 Smithfield.
Orde & Co., photographic artists, 7 Donegall Place Buildings.
O'Reilly, Robert, boarding house, 39 Great Edward Street.
O'Rorke, Alexander, solicitor, 83 Donegall Street, 23 Eccles Street, Dublin and 43 High Street, Ballymena. * Greenmount.
O'Rorke, Daniel, solicitor, agent to the Eagle Life Assurance Company, 14 Donegall Street.* Tinamara, Greenisland.
Orr, Charles, commercial traveller, 3 Ship Street.
Orr & Co., stock and share brokers, 19 Waring Street. * 100 Great George's Street.
Orr, Mary, milliner &c., 85 Old Lodge Road.
Orr, Mrs., milliner &c., 50 North Queen Street.
Orr, Mrs., 35 Botanic Terrace.
Orr, Mrs., Pottinger Place, Ballymacarrett.
Orr, Mrs., confectioner, 5 New Durham Street.
Orr, Edward, grocer, 225&227 York Street.
Orr, George S., sewed muslin manufacturer, 6 Bedford Street and Franklin Street. * 50 Apsley Place.
Orr, Hugh, 16 Queen Street.
Orr, John, blacksmith, 37&39 May Street.
Orr, John & Co., steam biscuit manufacturers, 22 Robert Street.
Orr, Joseph, seed merchant, 5 Castle Place. * 29 Joy Street.
Orr, Mrs., servants'' registry office, 3 Academy Street.
Orr, Mrs., 7 Upper Crescent.
Orr, Robert, grocer, 144 Upper Peter's Hill.
Orr, Robert, publican, 42 Ann Street.
Orr, William, grocer, 74 North Queen Street.
Osbourne, Samuel, wholesale druggist &c., Elliott's Court. * 4 Eglinton Street.
Oulton, John, flax merchant, 4 University Square.
Oulton, Plato, of Bell & Oulton, Waring Street. * 4 University Square.
Overend, Miss, boarding and day school, 4 Claremont Terrace.
Overend, Mrs., 9 Howard Street.
Overend, John, in Stamp office. * 5 Linenhall Street.
Owden, John, of Richardson, Sons & Owden, 14 Donegall Place. * Seapark, Greenisland.
Owen, James B., pawnbroker, 38 Townsend Street.
Owen, James B., pawnbroker, 19 Barrack Street.
Owen, Mrs., matron of Magdalene Asylum, Donegall Pass.
Owen, Mrs., pawn broker, 42 Henry Street.
Owens, Samuel, flour merchant, 20 Great Patrick Street.
Owens, Thomas, provision dealer, 96&98 Nelson Street.
Owens, Dorothea, marine dealer, 49 Upper Kent Street.
Owens, Margaret, marine store, 105 Union Street.
Oysten, Thomas, gentleman, 2 Cranston Place.
Oyston, John, flax buyer, 17 Cumber Place.

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Paisley, James, classical, English and mercantile seminary, 33 King Street.
Palfreyman, William, saw sharper, 78 Hercules Street.
Palmer, Thompson, saddler, 19 Great Edward Street.
Palmer, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 77 Peter's Hill.
Palmer, Mrs., 24 Queen's Street.
Palmer, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 6 Church Lane.
Palmer, William, boot and shoe maker, 3 Church Lane.
Park, Miss, 56 Pakenham Place.
Park, William, grocer, 12 Willow Street.
Park, Samuel, sea captain, 14 Thomas Street.
Park, William John, tailor, 25 Talbot Street.
Park, William, grocer, 20 Hutchinson Street.
Park, Miss, 18 Trinity Street.
Parke, Andrew, 16 Ardmoulin Street.
Parker, George, Burns Commercial Hotel, 27 Queen's Square.
Parker, George, flesher, 25 Queen's Square.
Parker, John, grocer, 27&29 Charlemont Street.
Parker, Mrs., 17 Great Edward Street.
Parker, Mrs., 4 Ardmoulin Street.
Parker, James, shoe maker, 14 Lagan Street.
Parker, Thomas, butcher, 47 Hercules Street.
Parkhill, Jane, milliner, 47 Devis (Divis) Street.
Parkinson, Mrs., 27 Lonsdale Street.
Pascoe, John, master mariner, 7 Spencer Street.
Pascoe, Mrs., 40 North Queen Street.
Patrick, Hugh, 64 Johnston's Buildings.
Patrick, Miss and Miss Garland, shoe shop, 108 North Street.
Patrick, Robert, pawn broker, 62 Henry Street and 1&3 Southwell Street.
Patrick, John, porter in Queen's College, 109 Bradbury Place.
Patterson, Ann, dress maker, 122 Cromac Street.
Patterson, David, bookkeeper, 14 Hughes Buildings.
Patterson, Francis, grocer, 3 Sandy Row.
Patterson, Mrs. David, milliner, 19 Arthur Street.
Patterson, David, provision merchant, 30 Corn Market.
Patterson, Thomas, muslin agent, 187 Herdman's Buildings.
Patterson, Dr. James, 4 Donegall Square East.
Patterson, Mrs., dress maker, 30 Church Lane.
Patterson, Henry, sewed muslin warehouse and emigration office, 7 Corporation Street.
Patterson, John, bookkeeper, 44 Nelson Street.
Patterson, Hugh, clerk, Patton's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Patterson, Mary, dress maker, 30 Clonard Street.
Patterson, John, grocer, 188 Old Lodge Road.
Patterson, John, foreman printer, 45 Spencer Street.
Patterson, Joseph, picture frame manufacturer, 23 Hercules Place.
Patterson, Mrs., 50 Breadalbane Place.
Patterson, Robert & D. J., hardware and house furnishing iron mongers, 40 High Street. * Robert Patterson, 6 College Square North.
Patterson, Robert, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Patterson, S., grocer and provision dealer, 2 Dock Street.
Patterson, William John, commercial traveller, 104 Donegall Street.
Patterson, William, hardware merchant, 69 Inkermann Terrace.
Patterson, Thomas L., 187 Shankill Road.
Patterson, M. A., milliner and dress maker, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Patterson & Stevenson, bakers and flour merchants, 31 Mill Street.
Patten, Michael, boarding house and spirit grocer, 13 Gamble Street.
Patten, Margaret, dress maker, 14 Christian's Place.
Patton, Archibald, spirit grocer, New Road, Ballymacarrett.
Patton, George, house agent and accountant, 150 Corporation Street.
Patton, Thomas, master mariner, 5 Lancaster Street.
Payne, Edwin, bookkeeper, 4 Montgomery Street.
Payne, Richard, bookkeeper, 64 Cumberland Place.
Peacock, Mrs., boarding house, 9 Sussex Place.
Peak, Mrs., publican and lodging house keeper, 24 Ann Street.
Peake, Hugh, spirit dealer, 59&61 Lancaster Street.
Pearson, William, house painter, 19 Talbot Street.
Peel, Alexander, clerk, 12 Bentinck Street.
Peebles, Hans, publican, 118 Upper Peter's Hill.
Peel, Robert, baker and spirit dealer, 144 Shankill Road and 115 Northumberland Street.
Pelan, Robert & Co., Prince of Wales Bazaar and basket manufactory, 6&8 Bridge Street and 37,39&41 York Street.
Pelan, G., clerk, 6 Antrim Place.
Pelan, George, accountant and insurance agent, 46 Donegall Street.
Pelan, James, grocer and publican, 100 Durham Street.
Pelan, George, soap and candle manufacturer, 10 Castle Street.
Pelan, Mrs., boarding house, 5 College Street.
Pelling, Charles & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers and commission agents, 5 Thompson's Court, Donegall Street. * C. Pelling, Wellington Park.
Pendry, Mrs., 74 Joy Street.
Pentland, Mrs., 3 Victoria Place.
Pentland, William, car owner, 16&14 Verner Street and 13 East Street.
Penton, W. B., commission agent, 5 Skipper Street.
Perceval, Mrs., dress maker, Mount Pottinger.
Percy, Mrs., Claremont Place, Ballymacarrett.
Percy, R., tailor, 22 Shankill Road.
Percy, Joseph, blacksmith, 36 Robert Street.
Perry, Mrs., milliner, 132 Falls Road.
Petrey, Charles, ship builder, 81 Meadow Street.
Petticrew, Hugh, bookkeeper, 8 Malone Place.
Peyton, Charles, gentleman, 6 Howard Street.
Peyton, James, master mariner, 1 Garston Street.
Phillips & Moore, ship brokers, 101 Regent Buildings. * J. Phillips, 5 Claremont Place.
Phillips, George & Son, book sellers, stationers and librarians, 26 Bridge Street. * 8 Linenhall Street.
Phillips, Henry, brush and bellows manufacturer, 7 Union Street.
Phillips, William, bellows maker, 18 Union Street.
Phillips, James, coal merchant, 10 Claremont Place, Ballymacarrett.
Phillips, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 48 Devis (Divis) Street.
Phillips, T. G., proprietor Hotel, 28 Castle Lane.
Phillips, William, grocer and provision store, 1 Townsend Street.
Phillips, William H., of G. Phillips and Son, Bridge Street. * 12 Alfred Street.
Piccione, Signor & E. Birnie, photographic artists, Hammond's Court.
Pickra, William, brush maker, 11 Alexander Street.
Pierson, Ann, grocer, 43 Vere Street.
Pigot, John, grocer, 27 Barrack Street.
Pileau, Dr., surgeon-major, 26 University Square.
Pilsbury, Misses, seminary, 26 Queen Street.
Pim, Edward & George, tea dealers, wine importers and general grocers, agents for Britannia Life Assurance Company, 27&29 High Street.
                               * E. Pim, Holywood; George C. Pim, 21 University Square.
Pim, George C. & Co., corn factors and flour merchants, 43 Donegall Quay. * 21 University Square.
Pim, John 7 Son, commission merchants and insurance agents, 20 Waring Street. * Crumlin Terrace.
Pink, Hamilton, commission agent, 2 Windsor Place.
Pinkerton, Joseph C., Hanoverian and Sardinian consul, of the firm of Clotworthy & Pinkerton, Tomb Street. * 18 Great George's Street.
Pinkerton, George, bookkeeper, 11 Park Street.
Pinkerton, W., clerk, 10 Hamilton Street.
Pirrie, Dr. Samuel, 5 Fisherwick Place.
Pitt, William, hatter and clothes renovator, 21 Peter's Hill.
Pittis & Stewart, Isle of Wight bakery, 37 Castle Street.
Plunkett, Francis, commission merchant, office, 2 St. Anne's Buildings, Donegall Street. * 20 Lonsdale Terrace.
Pollock & Smith, tailors, 47 Cromac Street.
Pollock, Mary, book seller, 62 North Street.
Pollock, Samuel, whip maker, 53 John Street.
Pollock, Sarah, grocer, 114 Sandy Row.
Pollock, Wm. J., agent for Blackie & Son, publishers, Glasgow, 3 Chichester Street. * 29 Christopher Street.
Pollock, William, brush maker, 1 Carlow Street.
Poole, James, car owner, East Street.
Poole, David, clerk, 111 Bradbury Place.
Popham, Jeremiah, suspender maker, 53 Mill Street.
Porteous, James & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 94 Donegall Street, Robert Houston, agent.
Porter, Mary, bonnet maker, 45 Devis (Divis) Street.
Porter, Hugh, clerk, 84 Donegall Street.
Porter, John, blacksmith, 64 Great Patrick Street.
Porter, Rev. J. Scott, 16 College Square East.
Porter, Rev. John, Windsor.
Porter, John, rent office, Hamilton's Court.
Porter, John, 8 Cromac Street.
Porter, Catherine, 60 Earl Street.
Porter, Mary, 34 Joy Street.
Porter, Tobias, manager of Belfast Flour Mills, 8 Lower Crescent.
Posnett, George, JP., agent for Lord Viscount Dungannon, 17 Upper Arthur Street.
Potburry, Mary Jane, boarding house, 153 Nelson Street.
Potter, Mrs., Marine Hotel and Tavern, 15 Corporation Square.
Potts, J., egg and fowl dealer, 40 Corporation Street.
Potts, John, grocer, 116 Carrick Hill.
Potts, J. & R., iron merchants, 31 North Street. * John Potts, 1 Antrim Terrace; Robert Potts, Rosemount, Antrim Road.
Potts, Margaret, spirit dealer, 32 Henry Street.
Pourre, Madle., professor of languages, 7 Lonsdale Street.
Powell, Matthew, shoe maker, 50 Barrack Street.
Powell, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, 109 Upper Peter's Hill.
Power, Matthew, sewed muslin manufacturer, 61 Academy Street. * 22 Canning Street.
Prenter, Edward, 26 Spencer Street.
Prenter, Thomas, Antrim Paper Mills warehouses, 11 Calender Street.
Prenter, William E., tea and commission agent, 13 Queen's Square. * 26 Henry Street.
Prenter, R., grocer, 19 Lancaster Street.
Prentice, Mrs., 196 Agnes Street.
Presbyterian Young Men's Association Reading Rooms, 15 Donegall Street.
Preston, John & Co., linen yarn and flax merchants, 12 Calender Street. * J. Preston, Dunmore, Antrim Road.
Preston, Smyth & Co., linen manufacturers and merchants, 1 Donegall Square West. * Henry Smyth, 3 Lower Crescent.
Price, William, master mariner, 14 Shipboy Street.
Price, William, butcher, 32 Peter's Hill.
Price, Henry, butcher, 125 Pennington Place.
Price, Hugh, dealer, 35 Bank Lane.
Price, Margaret, haberdasher, 177 North Street.
Price, Thomas, notary public, commissioner for taking affidavits and commission agent, 14 Donegall Street. * 97 North Queen Street.
Priestly & McKeown, grocers, 16 Townsend Street.
Prince, Samuel, boarding house, 9 Marlborough Street.
Pring, Richd. W., licentiate apothecary, of Grattan & Co., 10 Corn Market.
Pringle, Alexander, Windsor.
Pritchard, J. & R., sewed muslin manufacturers, 16 St. Anne's Buildings, J. F. Rea, agent. * Ballynafeigh.
Pritchard, Mary, dealer, 48 Hercules Street.
Pullman, Thomas, sewed muslin manufacturer, 46 Brougham Street.
Purcell, Edward, bookkeeper in Bank of Ireland, 25 Brougham Street.
Purdon, Dr. Charles D., surgeon, 8 Wellington Place.
Purdon, Dr. Thomas Henry, surgeon, 5 Wellington Place.
Purdon, James, bookkeeper, 99 Joy Street.
Purdon, Miss, 35 Queen Street.
Purdy, Joseph, grocer, 122 Falls Road.
Purkis, J. & Co., hackle manufacturers, 3&5 Marquis Street.
Purkeston, William, clerk, 8 Hamilton Street.
Purse, A., jun., plumber, 106 York Street.
Purse, Arthur, grocer and spirit dealer, 106 York Street and 48 Henry Street.
Purse, John, builder, 23&25 Meadow Street.
Purvis, Oliver, land steward, 20 Meadow Street.
Pyper, John, principal of Belfast Mercantile Academy, 1 North Queen Street. * 7 Adela Street.
Pyper, H., grocer and provision dealer, 8 John Street.
Pyper, Thomas, grocer, 143 North Street.
Pyper, Samuel, saddler, 71 Millfield.

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Quee, William, butcher, 15 Durham Street.
Quee, Robert, painter and glazier, 4 Portview, Old Road, Ballymacarrett.
Quee, John, butcher, 30&32 Devis (Divis) Street.
Quirey, Mrs., 23 Bentinck Street.
Quigley, Samuel, grain and flour merchant, 20&22 Cromac Street.
Quigley, Sarah, spirit dealer, 3 Short Street.
Quin, Bernard, reporter, 2 Joy Street.
Quin, James, spirt dealer, 114 Nelson Street.
Quin, Peter, waterproof cloth manufacturer, coal merchant and ship owner, 49 Corporation Street.
Quin, Daniel, salesman, 24 Hughes' Buildings.
Quin, Richard, salesman, 25 Hartley Street.
Quinn, Thomas, White Cross Inn, 80 North Street.
Quinn, Thomas, grocer, 1 Murphy Street.
Quinn, John, 129 Shankill Road.
Quinn, Patrick, clerk, 21 Union Place.
Quinn, Felix, provision dealer, 19&21 Catherine Street North.
Quinn, Ann, spirit dealer and Queen's Square coffee house; 19 Queen's Square.
Quinn, Hugh, caravansery, 6 Talbot Street.
Quinn, G., principal Eglinton Street Academy. * 5 Cumber Place.
Quinn, Hamilton, spirit dealer and grocer, 11 Falls Road.
Quinn, James, publican, 28 Trafalgar Street.
Quinn, Mrs., 10 Upper Queen Street.
Quinn, Richard, spirit dealer, 18 Hill Street.
Quinn, Thomas, grocer, 25 Maria Street.
Quinn, Mrs., dress maker, 39 Alton Street.
Quirey, James, manager for Messrs. Johnston & Carlisle. * Crumlin Road.
Quirey, James, clerk, 37 Spencer Street.

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