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1861 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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of the principal

nb. where two places are mentioned, the residence is given after this  *


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Rafferty, Hugh, Rainbow Hotel and Tavern, 5 Wilson's Court.
Rafferty, G., grocer and publican, 48 Barrack Street.
Rafferty, Jane, grocer, 10 Bank Lane.
Rafferty, Mrs., grocer, 24 Little Corporation Street.
Rainey, Charles, teacher, 118 Joy Street.
Rainey, George, grocer and car owner, 48 Joy Street and 31 Henrietta Street.
Ralston, J. B. & Co., linen merchants, 2 Bedford Street.
Ramsey, Sinclair, haberdasher and trimming warehouse, 12 Hill Street. * 51 Great Patrick Street.
Rannigan, Bernard, hair cutter, wig maker and ornamental hair worker, 22&24 Castle Lane.
Rankin, William, clerk, 5 Grace Street.
Rankin, Hugh, sea captain, 58 Earl Street.
Raphael, John, inspector Ulster Bank. * 130 Albion Place.
Ratcliffe, Hugh, linen lapper, 57 Albert Crescent.
Rea, Alexander, eating house, 26 Great Edward Street.
Rea, Alexander, barber, 24 Great Edward Street.
Rea, Charles H., wine and spirit merchant, 26 Church Street. * Antrim Road.
Rea, J. F., agent for J. & R. Pritchard & Co., 16 St. Anne's Buildings. * Ballynafeigh.
Rea, Francis, 5 Seaview Place, Ballymacarrett.
Rea, Hugh, spirit dealer, 18 Mill Street.
Rea, James, borough accountant; office, Town Hall, Police Place.
Rea, James, boot and shoe maker, 27 North Street.
Rea, James, 10 Belvoir Terrace.
Rea, James, hair cutter, 62 May Street.
Rea, John, solicitor, 80 Donegall Street.
Rea, Miss, teacher Christ Church Infant School, Durham Street.
Rea, Samuel, surgeon, 27 College Square North.
Rea, Mrs. C., 55 Ormeau Road.
Read, Patrick, tobacconist and cigar dealer, 2 Castle Place. * Holywood.
Read, R. & D., printers and publishers, office of Morning News, 6 Crown Entry. * Holywood.
Read & Stevenson, grocers, 15&17 Green Street.
Reade, Dr. T., surgeon, 5 Donegall Square West.
Reddy, R. S., collegiate and English School, 7 Donegall Square South.
Redfern, Dr., professor Queen's College, 4 University Terrace.
Redmond, Bernard, marine store, 48 Smithfield.
Redpath, William, bill poster, boarding house, 30 Tomb Street.
Reed, James, clerk, 244 Old Lodge Road.
Reed, James, printer and book seller, 97 Victoria Street.
Reed, Mrs., 5 Glenfield Place.
Reichel, Rev. C. P., professor Queen's College, 8 Wilmont Terrace.
Reid, Dr. James Seaton, 2 Glengall Place.
Reid, George, clerk in the Lagan Foundry. * Lagan Village.
Reid, Elizabeth, grocer, 138 Corporation Street.
Reid, George, spirit dealer, 2&4 Valentine Street.
Reid, Henry, commission merchant and agent for Lancashire Fire and Life Insurance Company, 35 Donegall Street. * 133 Ormeau Road.
Reid, J. & E. C., house, land and insurance agents, 17 Chichester Street.
Reid, James, provision merchant, 14 Great George's Street. * 249 Abbotsford Place.
Reid, John, agent Belfast Total Abstinence Association, 16 Alton Street.
Reid, John, 118 Boundary Street.
Reid, John, clerk, 6 Cranbourne Street.
Reid, John, proprietor Ballymacarrett Foundry, New Road, Ballymacarrett.
Reid, John, wine and spirit dealer, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Reid, Miss, boarding house, 13 Hamilton Street.
Reid, Miss, dress maker,  50 May Street.
Reid, Mrs., 57 Joy Street.
Reid, Mrs., 138 Albion Place, Botanic Road.
Reid, Mrs., boarding house, 22 Henry Street.
Reid, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 154 York Street.
Reid, Robert, muslin manufacturer, 32 Fountain Street.
Reid, William, haberdasher, 73 High Street.
Reid, William, piano-forte maker, Botanic Cottage.
Reilly, William, haberdasher, 46 North Street.
Reilly, Bernard, provision dealer, 94 Ann Street.
Reilly, George, inspector of cars, Little May Street.
Reilly, John, clothes dealer, 35 Berry Street.
Reilly, John, bookkeeper, Ballymacarrett.
Reilly, M. J., commission merchant, 11 Victoria Street. * 6 Windsor Terrace.
Reilly, Patrick, clerk, 5 Eglinton Street.
Reilly, Patrick, sawyer and confectioner, 42 Verner Street.
Reilly, Thomas H., book binder, stationer and general printing office, 61 High Street.
Reilly, Val. W., commission merchant and agent for the Provincial Welsh Insurance Company, 1 Donegall Square West.
Reynolds Brothers, engineers and machine makers, Mill Street. * Peter Reynolds, 7 Athol Terrace; James Reynolds, 18 Ardmoulin Street.
Reynolds, John, boot and shoe maker, 18 King Street.
Rice, Edward, flour dealer, 24 Castle Market.
Rice, Mrs., flour store, 4 Castle Market.
Rice, Henry, spirit dealer, 3&5 Union Street.
Rice, James, butcher, 85&87 Hercules Street.
Rice, J., spirit dealer and dining and refreshment rooms, 36 Church Lane.
Rice, Mrs., butcher, 33 Hercules Street.
Rice, Mrs., 7 Henrietta Street.
Rice, Patrick, butcher, 187 North Street.
Rice, Edward, grocer, 105 Bradbury Place.
Rice, Miss, dress maker, 11 Hamilton Street.
Rice, Mrs., flour stores, 7 Castle Market. * 52 May Street.
Rice, Mrs. Rose, confectioner, 17 Hercules Place.
Rice, R., linen manufacturer, 4&6 Arthur Place.
Richards, Edward V., salesman, Colin View.
Richards, J. E., commission and forwarding agent, Spanish and Portuguese interpreter, Universal parcel office, 22 Waring Street
Richards, Mrs., governess' registry office, 3 College Street.
Richardson Brothers & Co., linen flax, linen yarn, grain and general commission merchants, 20 Donegall Place. * John G. Richardson, Moyallon
                           House, Banbridge; Joseph Richardson, Springfield, Lisburn; Joshua Pim, Castle Street, Lisburn.
Richardson, J. N., Sons & Owden, flax spinners, linen manufacturers and bleachers, 14 Donegall Place, Glenmore Green, Lisburn and
                          Bessbrook, Newry. * Jonathan Richardson, Glenmore, near Lisburn; J. Grubb Richardson, Moyallon House, Banbridge;
                          William Richardson, Brooklands, Lisburn Road, Belfast; John Owden, Seapark, Greenisland.
Richardson, J., Post-office clerk, 19 Dock Street.
Richardson Sons & Owden, linen box manufactory, 32 May Street; office Donegall Place. * W. Richardson's residence, Brooklands, Lisburn Rd.
Richardson, Thomas, traveller, 79 Cromac Street.
Richardson, William, grocer, 5 Huddleston Place, Ballymacarrett.
Richardson, William, master mariner, 10 Stanley Place.
Richey, Miss, 165 Corporation Street.
Riddell & Co., house furnishing and manufacturing iron mongers, 21 Donegall Place and 44&42 Fountain Street. * Beechmount.
Riddell & Son, iron merchants, 17 Church Lane.
Riddell, John & Son, iron, steel, tin plate and cast iron merchants, Hamilton's Court.
Riddell, John, wholesale iron monger and hardware merchant, 21 Donegall Place and 42&44 Fountain Street; manufactory and metal store, 2&4
                           Pottinger's Entry. * Beechmount.
Riddell, Alexander, reed maker, 45 John Street. * 15 Eglinton Street.
Riddell, E. & M., bonnet makers, 53 North Street.
Riddell, Miss, 21 Hamilton Street.
Ring, Edward, apothecary, dispensary station, Frederick Street.
Ringland, Thomas, manager Ulster Bank. * Windsor.
Rippet, Henry, cattle dealer, 57 Barrack Street.
Rippingham, Mrs. Mary, 100 Donegall Street.
Ritchie, David, salesman, 47 Little May Street.
Ritchie, Francis & Sons, chemists, felt and artificial manure manufacturers, New Road, Ballymacarrett. * F. Ritchie, 6 Mount Pottinger.
Ritchie, James, Seaview Cottage, Halliday's Road, Antrim Road.
Ritchie, James, grocer, 119 Lodge Road.
Ritchie, James, grain merchant, 5 Short Street.
Ritchie, John, commission agent, 93 Victoria Street. * 65 Corporation Street.
Ritchie, R., grocer, 11 Nile Street.
Ritchie, Robert, master mariner, 25 Ship Street.
Ritchie, Robert, tailor, 9 Arthur Square.
Ritchie, Thomas, salesman in Messrs. Hardy's, High Street. * Lagan Village, Ballymacarrett.
Ritchie, John, clerk, 216 Northburn Place, Old Lodge Road.
Ritchie, Daniel, clerk, 18 Spencer Street.
Ritchie, William, carpenter, 86&88 Union Street.
Roach, Thomas, waiter, Imperial Hotel, 67 Joy Street.
Robb, Gawn, sea captain, 89 Academy Street.
Robb, Patrick, clerk, 4 Stanley Lane.
Robb, Gilbert, clerk, 12 Trinity Street.
Robb, J. & Co., wholesale and retail woollen drapers, silk mercers and general warehousemen, 15 Castle Place. * J. Robb, Downpatrick;
                                 Alexander O. Reid, Ballygowan.
Robb, Thomas John, 10 Hamilton Street.
Roberts, Thompson, boot and shoe maker, 78 Hardinge (Harding) Street.
Roberts, Archibald, boat builder, 14 Nile Street.
Roberts, John, soap and candle manufacturer, 23 Ann Street.
Roberts, John G., deputy high constable of cess, 7 Queen Street. * New Lodge Road.
Roberts, Miss, day school for young gentleman, 10 College Square East.
Robertson, Miss, milliner, 38 Arthur Street.
Robertson, James, manager of Springfield Cotton Spinning Company, Falls Road. * Springfield House.
Robertson, Richard, manager in Hamilton, Megaw & Thompson's Mill. * Queen's Quay.
Robinson, Mrs., Cromac Lodge.
Robinson, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 54 Joy Street.
Robinson, Captain, Cliftonville, New Lodge Road.
Robinson, Captain, 263 York Street.
Robinson, Eliza A., grocer, 8 Park Street.
Robinson, F., teacher of music, 30 College Street.
Robinson, John, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 27 Donegall Street. * 16 Sarah Street.
Robinson, Henry, grocer, 66 New Lodge Road.
Robinson, J., grocer, 87 Corporation Street.
Robinson, John, mill manager, 25 Falls Road.
Robinson, John, boot and shoe maker, 26 Church Lane.
Robinson, John, marble and stone yard, 46&48 York Street.
Robinson, Mrs., 2 Brougham Street.
Robinson, Mrs., commercial boarding house, 29 North Street.
Robinson, Nathaniel, grocer and publican, 13 Trafalgar Street.
Robinson, Thompson C., timber and mahogany scantling yard, 66&68 Corporation Street.
Robinson, John, photographic artist, Victoria Building, Queen's Island.
Robinson, David, baker, 80&82 Union Street.
Robinson, William J., copper smith, 10 Wall Street.
Robinson, W. A., acting secretary Lagan navigation office, 20 Police Square.
Robinson, Wm. A., accountant and share broker, 5&6 Commercial Buildings. * 2 Donegall Square East.
Robson, John, posting establishment, 31 Chichester Street and 2 Montgomery Street. * 48 Chichester Street.
Robson, John, Victoria horse bazaar, 33 Chichester Street.
Robson, Mrs. Richard, 30 Chichester Street.
Roche, Patrick J., draper, Colin View.
Roche, William John, muslin manufacturer, 8 Donegall Street Place. * 36 Great George's Street.
Roddy, Robert, linen and damask manufacturer and family linen warehouse, 18 Donegall Street. * 15 University Square.
Roden, Edward, marine store, 32 Talbot Street.
Roden, James, marine stores, 9,50&52 Great George's Street.
Rodgers, Alexander, 31 Little Patrick Street.
Rodgers, David, saddler, 37 Ann Street. * 201 York Street.
Rodgers, E., dress maker, 46 Edward Street.
Rodgers, George, office, 7 Elliott's Court.
Rodgers, James, mill manager, 31 Alexander Street West.
Rodgers, John, Belfast Wire Works, 43 Victoria Street. * Holywood.
Rodgers, Miss, 49 Victoria Terrace.
Rodgers, Peter, dealer, 3,4&73 Smithfield and 6 Miller's Lane.
Rodgers, William, auctioneer and valuator, 3 Rosemary Place.
Rodgers, William, manager of wire works, 6 Kearney's Buildings.
Rodgers, William J., clerk, 183 Shankill Road.
Rodgers, Gilbert, cabinet making establishment and scantling yard, Ferguson's Court, Smithfield.
Roe, Rev. Thomas W., incumbent Ballymacarrett Parish Church. * 5 Clarence Place.
Roe, Misses, boarding and day school, 5 Clarence Place.
Rogan, Aaron, grocer and publican, 2 Barrack Street.
Rogan, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 10 Little George's Street.
Rogan, Patrick, publican, 47&49 Carrick Hill.
Rogan, T., horse shoer and jobbing smith, 81 Cromac Street.
Rogers, Alexander, grocer, 2&4 Melbourne Street.
Rolleston, James, jeweller, 9 Donegall Street.
Rollins, G., grocer, 25 Berry Street.
Rollins, E. & M., dress makers, 50 Mill Street.
Rollins, George, grocer, 50 Mill Street.
Roney, Jane, 30 Brunswick Street.
Roney, Mary, 159 York Street.
Roney, James, butcher, 29 Hercules Place.
Roney, A., farmer and sand merchant, Old Malone Road.
Roney, James, cabinet maker, 12 Talbot Street.
Rooks, Misses, boarding and day school, 56 Upper Arthur Street.
Rooney, Daniel, wine and spirit merchants and rectifying distiller, 19 Church Lane. * 1 Carlisle Place.
Rosbotham, Daniel, hair dresser, 39 New Durham Street.
Rosbotham, William, spirit dealer, 14 Malone Road.
Rose, James, manager on Mr. Workman's warehouse, Victoria Street. * 237 York Street.
Rose, John, sewed muslin manufacturer, 16 Wesley Place.
Roseman, James, foreman in muslin wareroom, 44 Shaftesbury Place.
Ross & Thompson, proprietors Clonard Mill. * William Ross, 57 Falls Road; Robert Thompson, Brookfield.
Ross, Dr. Richard, surgeon, 28 Wellington Place.
Ross, James, grocer, 5 Eliza Street.
Ross, John, builder, 104 Great George's Street. * 80 York Street.
Ross, Charles, in Day & Bottomley's, 33 Joy Street.
Ross, William, mill manager, 47 Falls Road.
Ross, William, grocer and publican, 28 Sackville Street.
Ross, William, seminary, 9 Great Patrick Street.
Ross, John, grocer, Ballyhackamore.
Ross, M., dress maker, 32 Seymour Street.
Ross, John, confectioner, 97 Upper Peter's Hill.
Ross, Mrs., 3 Tamworth Place, Old Lodge Road.
Rounds, Mrs., 6 Windsor Terrace.
Rowan, James, carman's inn, 58 Great Patrick Street; stabling yard, 54 Great Patrick Street.
Rowan, John & Sons, proprietors Milewater Spinning Co., York Street.
Rowan, John & Sons, proprietors York Street Foundry, 150&152 York Street. * Mount Collyer.
Rowan, William, grocer, 51 Union Street.
Rowley, A., grocer, 8&10 Cargill Street.
Ruddell, David, upholstery and cabinet warerooms, 67&68 Smithfield.
Ruddell, William, cabinet warehouse, 6,7&51 Smithfield.
Ruddell, William, hardware dealer, 27 Smithfield.
Rule, Alexander, keeper of County Court house, Crumlin Road.
Rundall, George, grocer, 212 Agnes Street.
Rusk, William, Old Malone Road.
Russell, George, tailor, 49 Academy Street.
Russell, Henry, solicitor, 34 Arthur Street.
Russell, Houston, Edenderry.
Russell, James, steward Union Club, 9 Castle Buildings.
Russell, John, clerk, 3 McCrory's Row, Ballymacarrett.
Russell, John, gentleman, Portview, Old Road, Ballymacarrett.
Russell, John, clerk, 2 Alton Street.
Russell, M., grocer, 6 North Thomas Street.
Russell, Miss L., bonnet maker, 25 Hercules Place.
Russell, Mrs., milliner, 40 Joy Street.
Russell, Mrs., 3 Wellington Park.
Russell, Nelson, grocer, 78 Carrick Hill.
Russell, Ralph, grocer and spirit dealer, 108 Millfield and 1&3 Brown Street.
Russell, Rev. A., principal Belfast New Academy, Franklin Place.
Russell, Robert, grocer and publican, 16&18 Nelson Street and 39&41 Little Patrick Street.
Russell, William John, grocer and spirit dealer, 84 Peter's Hill.
Rutherford, James, ornamental painter and decorator, room paper warehouse, 10 Castle Buildings. * 5 Queen Street.
Rutherford, James, spirit dealer, 36 Ann Street.
Rutherford, Martin, clerk, 4 Unity Street.
Rutherford, John, grocer, 23 Ormeau Road.
Rutledge, Mrs., 23 Harmony Place.
Ryans, William, 8 Unity Street.
Rylsky, Victor, teacher of modern languages, 55 Victoria Terrace.

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Salters, David, hackle maker, 17 Fourth Street.
Sands, Susan, clothes dealer, 4 Smithfield.
Sarony, Oliver, photographic artist, 12 Bridge Street. * 19 College Street.
Saulter, Ross, linen merchant, 1 Donegall Square West. * Marsden Villa, Antrim Road.
Saulters, Martin, salesman, 77 Hopeton Place, Shankill Road.
Saulters, John, linen merchant, 1 University Street.
Saulters, Mrs., 20 Brougham Street.
Saunders, R. & M., dress makers, 8 Wall Street.
Saunders, Miss, 76 York Street.
Saunders, Thomas, brazier and tinsmith, 115 North Street.
Savage, James, soap and candle manufacturer, 8 Hercules Street.
Savage, Hugh, spirit dealer, 1 Earl Street and 2 Garmoyle Street.
Savage, James, marine store, 10&16 Tomb Street.
Savage, James, cooperage, 111 York Street.
Savage, James, spirit dealer and grocer, 33 Alexander Street and 26 Lancaster Street.
Savage, John, flax and yarn merchant, 24 Victoria Street. * 2 Lower Crescent.
Savage, John, grocer, and publican, 158 Peter's Hill.
Savage, Mrs., 49 Joy Street.
Savage, Mrs., 13 University Square.
Savage, Mrs., nurse tender, 29 Friendly Street.
Savage, Patrick, Bath Tavern, 50 Devis (Divis) Street.
Savage, Patrick, solicitor, 13 Arthur Street.
Savage, Samuel, spirit dealer, 55 Dock Street.
Savage, J., publican, 75 Boundary Street.
Savage, Hugh, spirit dealer, 2 Garmoyle Street.
Savage, James C., tailor, 49&51 Townsend Street.
Savage, Samuel, American Hotel, 1 Short Street.
Savage, Thomas, hatter, 48 Rosemary Street.
Scarborough, John V., clog and patten maker, 18 Ann Street. * 20 Athol Street.
Schwann, Kell & Co., linen merchants, 1 Donegall Square West.
Scotland, A., draper, 25 College Street.
Scott & Co., grocers, 2 Brookfield Street.
Scott, A., grocer, 199 Agnes Street.
Scott, Allen S., manager Magnetic Telegraph Office, 1 Donegall Street.
Scott, Mrs., 15 Dock Street.
Scott, Christian, grocer and spirit dealer, 112 Nelson Street.
Scott, David, pawn broker, 35 Union Street. * 35 Eglinton Street.
Scott, Edward, brewery, 85 Cromac Street. * Sydenham.
Scott, George, bookkeeper, 12 Glentilt Place.
Scott, George, at J. Arnott & Co.'s. * Colin View.
Scott, Hugh J., commission agent, 9 Thompson's Court. * 133 York Street.
Scott, J. K., agent for John G. Rathborne, oil merchants, Dublin. * 59 Donegall Street.
Scott, James, grocer, 38 Ann Street.
Scott, James, Theatre Royal, 1 Arthur Street.
Scott, James, spirit dealer, 2 Mustard Street.
Scott, James, provision and butter merchant, 10 Butter Market, Great Patrick Street. * 24 Great Patrick Street.
Scott, John, 65 Victoria Terrace.
Scott, John, contractor, 34 Great George's Street.
Scott, John, millwright and engineer, foundry, 42 May Street. * 59 Victoria Terrace.
Scott, John, pawn broker, 82 Millfield.
Scott, John, butcher, 21 Great Edward Street.
Scott, Joseph, tobacconist, 51 Castle Street.
Scott, Joseph, spirit dealer, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Scott, Joseph, commercial traveller, 133 York Street.
Scott, Mary, grocer and publican, 61 Sandy Row.
Scott, Mrs. James, 3 Bedford Terrace.
Scott, Margaret, 8 Spencer Street.
Scott, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, 41 Trafalgar Street.
Scott, Thomas & Co., cabinet makers, upholsterers and undertakers, 19 High Street. * T. Scott, Sydenham.
Scott, Robert, linen and shirt merchant and commission agent, 9 Commercial Court. * 16 Canning Street.
Scott, Eliza, dress maker, 2 Brown Street.
Scott, Thomas, muslin warehouseman, 23 Wesley Place.
Scott, Vere, board and lodgings, 81 Prince's Street.
Scott, Vere, timber merchant, 15 Cromac Street.
Scott & Cinnamond, chandlers and grocers, 28 Mill Street.
Scullin, John, spirit dealer, 173 Nelson Street.
Scully & Shannon, plumbers and lead merchants, 14,16&18 Talbot Street and Mill Street.
Searson, E., toy and fancy bazaar, 5 Castle Street.
Seaver, Rev. Charles, incumbent of St. John's Church, 5 Mount Pottinger, Ballymacarrett.
Seeds, Henry & William, solicitors and proctors, 31 Castle Lane. * H. Seeds, 1 Queen's Elms; William Seeds, 14 Clarendon Place.
Seeds, Mrs., 180 York Street.
Sempill, J., clerk, Court of Probate Office, Donegall Place Buildings.
Semple, John Rea, 127 Shankill Road.
Semple, Hugh, butter  buyer, 36 Stanhope Street.
Sepler, Henry, bookkeeper, 46 Bentinck Street.
Sergison, Eliza, furrier, 72 Ann Street.
Sergison, William, copper and tin smith, 71 Ann Street.
Service, Mrs., 19 Lonsdale Street.
Service, William, bookkeeper, 5 Spencer Street.
Service, Elizabeth, grocer, 10 Little Patrick Street.
Seymour, Rev. John, curate Christ Church. * 29 Alma Terrace.
Shannon, Thomas, bookkeeper, 22 Catherine Street.
Shanks, Thomas, grocer, 27 Stanley Street.
Shaw, Captain E. M., superintendent of police, 9 Murray's Terrace.
Shaw & Finlay, soap and candle manufacturers, 31 Ann Street.
Shaw, Charles W., linen merchant, Victoria Chambers. * 11 University Square.
Shaw, Edward & Co., general merchants, Victoria Street. * James Shaw, Ballyoran; C. W. Shaw, 11 University Square.
Shaw, Henry, muslin manufacturer, 4 Elliott's Court.
Shaw, Hugh, spirit dealer, 40 Great George's Street; stabling yard, 42 Great George's Street.
Shaw, Jane, dress maker, 18 Townsend Street.
Shaw, John & Sons, wine and spirit merchants, 9&10 Victoria Chambers. * Ballysillan House.
Shaw, Mrs. E., 3 Donegall Square West.
Shaw, John, Eglinton Cottage, rear of Richmond Terrace.
Shaw, John, foreman, 49 Lancaster Terrace.
Shaw, James, shopman, 31 Christopher Street.
Shaw, Martin, bookkeeper, 3 Windsor Terrace.
Shaw, Mrs. Jane, 1 Ormeau Street.
Shaw, Rev. George, Wellington Park.
Shaw, Robert, hair cutter, wig maker and perfumer, 19 Castle Place.
Shaw, Robert, 2 Glentilt Place; office, Donegall Street.
Shaw, Robert Jackson, mill manager, Belleview Street, Shankill Road.
Shaw, Samuel, muslin manufacturer, 19 Church Street. * Sydenham.
Shaw, Samuel, butcher, 39 Hercules Street.
Shaw, Samuel, hatter, 10 Orr's Entry.
Shaw, Samuel, superintendent of ballast delivery, 35 Henry Street.
Shaw, Thomas, wholesale grocer, 29 Ann Street.
Shaw, William, 10 Glentilt Place; office, Curtis Street.
Shaw, William, clerk in Ulster Bank, 67 Ormeau Road.
Shaw, William, tailor, 44 Frederick Street.
Shaw, John, car owner, 10 Brown Street.
Sheals, James, bird preserver, 32 Corporation Street.
Sheals, John, pawnbroker, 2 Conway Street.
Sheals, Patrick, solicitor, 70 Donegall Street and 5 Talbot Street, Dublin.
Sheals, William, spirit dealer, 18 Church Street.
Shearer, Edward, proprietor of Colosseum Tavern, Orr's Entry.
Shearer, James, traveller, Wellington Park.
Shelly, J., collector of customs, Custom house. * Glen House, Whiteabbey.
Sherlock, Henry, clerk, 49 Earl Street.
Sherlock, Mrs. E., 8 Thomas Street.
Sherrard, Connolly, house and land agent, 14 Calender Street. * 2 Chichester Street.
Sherrard, H., of H. L. J., & E. F. Sherrard, hardware merchants, Castle Street. * 147 Botanic Road.
Sherrard, Henry, Leslie J., & Edward F., jewellers, ironmongers and hardware merchants, 42,44&47 Castle Street. * Leslie J. & Edward F.
                                              Sherrard, Holywood.
Sherrie, Mrs., milliner, 33 Academy Street.
Sherrie, M., boxmaker, 61 Academy Street.
Sherrie, William, wholesale and retail brush manufacturer and gutta percha agent, 16 North Street. * 11 Albion Place.
Sherrock, Miss, boarding and day school, 1 Lonsdale Street.
Shiel, W., 78 Belvidere Place.
Shields, James, pawn broker, 46&48 Academy Street.
Shiels, James, 33 Dock Street.
Shields, Thomas, bookkeeper, 51 Ship Street.
Shoebridge, Mrs., 28 Gloucester Street.
Shoort, (Short) John & Co., bakery and flour stores, 151&153 North Street. 
Sibbald, George, in Belfast Bank, 64 University Road.
Sibbett, Miss, female teacher in Seaman's Friend Society National School, Pilot Street.
Silly, Thomas, master mariner, 84 Great George's Street.
Silly, George, captain of Malvina (ss) 62 Nelson Street.
Silo, Modesto & Sons, carvers, gilders, upholsterers and picture frame manufacturers, 42 Upper Arthur Street.
Silo, Modesto, Italian interpreter, 42 Upper Arthur Street.
Simmington, Archibald, cabinet maker, 130 Kennedy's Place.
Simmon, John, sea captain, 10 Nile Street.
Simms & McIntyre, wholesale publishers, 7 Thompson's Court. * R. Simms, Throne House, Antrim Road; James McIntyre, Holywood.
Simms, James, boarding house, 64 John Street.
Simms, John, secretary for the Banbridge Railway Co., office, 5 Donegall Square South.
Simms, Miss, school, 96 Donegall Street.
Simms, Mrs., 81 Ormeau Road.
Simms, Reuben, poor law auditor, 3 University Terrace.
Simms, William, chamberlain of Linenhall, rent agent and accountant, 140 Albion Place, Dublin Road.
Simpson, Martin, car owner, 102 Cromac Street.
Simpson & Marshall, hosiers and shirt makers, 37 Castle Place.
Simpson, B. K., linen merchant, 4 Bedford Street. * Woodville.
Simpson, M.A., cotton band manufacturer, 1&3 Fourth Street. * 12 Boundary Street.
Simpson, Thomas, grocer &c., Ballynafeigh.
Simpson, Robert, goods manager, Ulster Railway, 185 Durham Street.
Simpson, Mrs., 9 Upper Crescent.
Simpson, William, hair dresser, 36 Great Patrick Street.
Simpson, James, oyster house, 19&21 Pottinger's Entry.
Sinclair & Boyd, West Indian and general merchants, agents for Lloyd's Liverpool and Glasgow Association of Underwriters &c, 45 Donegall
                                            Quay. * Robert Boyd, Bloomfield.
Sinclair, George, boot and shoe maker, Wellwood Place, Ballymacarrett.
Sinclair, J. & T., provision and general merchants and ship owners, 7&9 Tomb Street. * T. Sinclair, Hopefield.
Sinclair, Mary, dress maker, 8 King Street.
Sinclair, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 49 Agnes Street.
Sinclair, Mrs., boarding house, 25 Hamilton Street.
Sinclair, Samuel, clerk, 1 Castlereagh Place, Ballymacarrett.
Sinclair, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 30 Prince's Street.
Sinclair, William, grocer, 2 Abbey Street.
Sinclair, William, street inspector, 1 Arnon Street.
Skelton, Mrs., 50 Upper Arthur Street.
Skene, James, spirit dealer, Stag's Head Tavern, 2 North Street and 1&3 Rosemary Street.
Skene, James, tanyard, 16 Grattan Street.
Skillen, James, painter &c., 3 Edward Street.
Skillen, George, watch glass maker, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Skillen, Robert, grocer, 171 Nelson Street.
Sloan, Andrew & Co., firebrick and tile yard, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Sloan, A., cabinet maker and upholsterer, 33 Castle Place. * Holywood.
Sloan, James, family linen warehouse, 21 Arthur Street. * 11 Ventry Street.
Sloan, John, spirit grocer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett.
Sloan, John, commission agent, 98 Great George's Street.
Sloan, Mrs., 41 Joy Street.
Sloan, Thomas, grocer, Gooseberry Corner, Ballymacarrett.
Small, Michael, master mariner, 12 North Thomas Street.
Small, P. A., clerk, 19 Eglinton Street.
Small, John, house and rent agent, 21 Waring Street.
Smilie, William, boot and shoe maker, 17 Police Place.
Smith & McMillen, bakery, 68 Great Patrick Street.
Smith & Petticrew, sewed muslin manufacturers, 89 Donegall Street. * J. Smith, 27 Eliza Street; W. J. Pettigrew, Mealough, Co. Down.
Smith, Alexander, builder, 1 Franklin Place.
Smith, Archibald & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, Glasgow; Edward McCormick, manager. * 6 Trinity Street.
Smith, Bernard, clerk, 32 Catherine Street North.
Smith, Denis, publican and horse repository, 31 Great Edward Street.
Smith, Dr., surgeon &c., 16 Castle Place.
Smith, Dr., surgeon, 1 Clarence Place.
Smith, E., milliner and dress maker, 46 Rosemary Street.
Smith, William H., upholsterer, 185 Herdman's Buildings.
Smith, John, hairdresser, 103 Union Street.
Smith, Edward & Son, linen merchants, Linenhall. * Whiteabbey.
Smith, Eliza, grocer, 65 Old Lodge Road.
Smith, George, accountant, Lindsay Brothers, Donegall Place. * 6 Donegall Square South.
Smith, George, dentist, 18 Chichester Street.
Smith, Eliza, grocer, Old Lodge Road.
Smith, George, engineer to Harbour Corporation. * Cliftonville, New Lodge Road.
Smith, George K., solicitor, 3 The Castle, Castle Buildings. * Meadow Bank, Whiteabbey.
Smith, Helena, dress maker, 9 Boyd Street.
Smith, H. H., solicitor, 75 Donegall Street and 103 Capel Street, Dublin.
Smith, William, clerk, 7 Ship Street.
Smith, H., proprietor of Hargrave's Commercial Hotel, 56 Victoria Street.
Smith, Mrs., 4 College Street.
Smith, J. & T., butter and general merchants, 3 Butter Market and 6 Tomb Street. * T. Smith, 24 Henry Street; John Smith, Glendevis Cottage,
Smith, James, dealer, 51 Joy Street.
Smith, Harriett, 39 Spencer Street.
Smith, James, pawn broker, 65 Cromac Street. * 27 Eliza Street.
Smith, James, 24 Henry Street.
Smith, John, boot and shoe maker, 32 Waring Street.
Smith, John, civil engineer, 21 Joy Street.
Smith, John, looking glass maker, 178 North Street.
Smith, John G., income tax office, 2 The Castle, Castle Buildings.
Smith, Michael, spirit dealer, 68 Great George's Street.
Smith, Miss, 100 Joy Street.
Smith, Mrs., 33 Ship Street.
Smith, Hugh, grocer, 187 York Street.
Smith, Miss, 12 Thomas Street.
Smith, Mrs., 183 York Street.
Smith, Mrs., 4 Garmoyle Street.
Smith, J., ship carpenter and grocer, 5 Little George's Street.
Smith, Roland, drawing master, 22 Ardmoulin Street.
Smith, Thomas, grocer, 15 Leadbetter Street.
Smith, Thomas, grocer, 2 Bilton Court.
Smith, Thomas, clerk, 96 McTier Street.
Smith, David, clerk, 62 Bentinck Street.
Smirl, Adam, clerk, 17 Gloucester Street.
Smylie, Miss, dress and bonnet maker, 6 Sarah Street.
Smyth, J. & T., engravers, 33 Castle Street.
Smyth, F., dress maker, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Smyth, John, coach maker, Chichester Street. * 22 Joy Street.
Smyth, Hugh, hair dresser, 78 Union Street.
Smyth, James, dealer, 28 Cromac Street.
Smyth, Robert, watch maker, 12 Hughes Buildings.
Smyth, Edward, spirit store, 105 North Queen Street.
Smyth, Francis, spirit and provision dealer, 19 Welsh Street.
Smyth, Francis, grocer and spirit dealer, 33&35 Stanfield Street.
Smyth, H., linen merchant of Preston, Smyth & Co. * 3 Lower Crescent.
Smyth, Miss, 44 Williams' Place.
Smyth, Robert, sewed muslin manufacturer, 78 Eliza Street.
Smyth, Thomas, grocer, 35 Wilson Street.
Smyth, Samuel, coach maker, 65 Donegall Street.
Smyth, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, 52 Ann Street.
Smyth, William, spirit dealer, 164 North Street.
Smyth, Samuel, stabling yard, 164 North Street.
Smyth, Anne, milliner, 12 Great Edward Street.
Snoddy, Mrs., 8 Meadow Street.
Somersett, Hugh, grocer, 20&22 Wilson Street.
Somerville, Daniel, shoe maker, 12 Church Lane.
Somerville, J., provision dealer, 13 Cromac Street.
Somerville, John S., watch maker, 12 Ann Street.
Sourley, butcher, 18 Hercules Street.
Spackman, William, merchant tailor, draper and hatter, 116 High Street and 73&75 Victoria Street.
Sparling, George, buyer in Ulster Arcade. * 152 Albion Place.
Sparling, Miss, 44 Upper Arthur Street.
Sparrow, Chas., statuary and artificial stone manufacturer, 20 Church Street.
Speers, Rev. J., secretary General Assembly's Missions &c., 20 Arthur Street.
Spence, John, traveller, 7 Combermere Street.
Spence, William, cattle dealer, 114&116 Boundary Street.
Spence, Robert, boot maker &c., 186 North Street.
Spillane, William, musician, 10 Letitia Street.
Spiller, Mrs., 5 Henry Street.
Spiller, William, in Belfast Bank, 5 Henry Street.
Spotten, Mrs., Temperance Hotel, 22 Rosemary Street.
Spotten, William, manager in Dunbar, McMaster & Co.'s, Howard Street. * Cliftonville, New Lodge Road.
Spratt, James, clerk of markets, 5 Castle Market; market office, 14 Castle Lane. * 48 Eliza Street.
Sproull, Mrs. Eleanor, 32 College Street.
Stafford, Miss, manager working classes' refreshment and reading rooms, 1,3&5 John Street.
Standfield, James, gentleman, 78 York Street.
Stannus, Anthony, artist, 13 Donegall Place.
Stannus, Mrs. & Miss Meek, millinery and dress rooms, 5 Chichester Street.
Starke, Mrs., 23 Canning Street.
Staunton, Coates & Co., carpet, damask and house furnishing warehouse, 9 Donegall Place.
Staunton, R. J., wholesale and retail room paper manufacturer; manufactory, 23 Welsh Street; shop, 9 Donegall Place.
Staunton, Thomas, butcher, 190 North Street.
Stavely, James, commercial traveller, 4 Glengall Place.
Stavely, Miss, seminary, 20 College Street.
Steele, Thomas, grocer, 11 Wesley Street.
Steele, John, woollen draper and hatter, 7 Donegall Street. * 4 Antrim Place.
Steen, Rev. Isaiah, head master mathematical school Royal Academical Institution. * 46 Pakenham Place.
Steen, James & Co., general merchants, 5 Talbot Street. * J. Steen, Skeigoneil; W. Steen, Beersbridge.
Steen, James, Owen O'Cork Mill Company, Mount Pottinger Cottages, Ballymacarrett.
Steen, Mrs., milliner and dress maker, 20 Hughes' Buildings.
Steen, Robert, Ph. D., resident head master classical school Royal Academical Institution.
Steenson, James, commercial traveller, 40 Spencer Street.
Stelfox, James, manager of Belfast Gasworks, Gasfield House, Ormeau Road.
Stephen, Alexander, spirit dealer, 39 Rosemary Street.
Stephenson, Dr. Robert, surgeon, 11 Wellington Place.
Stephenson, William, 3 College Square North.
Stevelly, Dr., professor in Queen's College, Wellington Park.
Stevenson, George, solicitor, 12 Castle Chambers. * Lisburn.
Stevenson, H. & Co., linen merchants, 2 Talbot Street. * Robert Thompson, 5 Antrim Place.
Stevenson, James, salesman, 2 Malone Place.
Stevenson, John, clerk, 72 Belvidere Place.
Stevenson, William, engineer, 83 Inkermann Terrace.
Stevenson, Alexander, clerk, 76 Vere Street.
Stevenson, Gilbert, 157 York Street.
Stevenson, John, grocer, 49 Old Lodge Road.
Stevenson, Miss, dress maker, 61 Joy Street.
Stevenson, Robert, grocer, 51 Bentinck Street.
Stevenson, Richard, income tax officer, 23 Eliza Street.
Stevenson, Robert, bookkeeper, 35 Ship Street.
Stevenson, Samuel, tailor and clothier, 27 Arthur Street.
Stevenson, Thomas, tailor, 39 Mill Street.
Stevenson, William, 2 Fitzwilliam Place, University Road.
Stewart, A. T. & Co., linen merchants, James' Street South.
Stewart, Alexander, publican, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Stewart, Rev. Alexander, 97 Donegall Street.
Stewart, Andrew, butcher, 26 Great Edward Street and 10 Gloucester Street.
Stewart, Charles, secretary Belfast and Northern Counties Railway. * Richmond Terrace.
Stewart, David, butcher, 25 Hamill Street.
Stewart, Christopher G., confectioner, 5 Wesley Place.
Stewart, J., milliner, 12 Eliza Street.
Stewart, James, librarian, Linenhall Library.
Stewart, James, painter and grocer, 22&24 John Street.
Stewart, John, sewed muslin manufacturer, 26 Donegall Street. * Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Stewart, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 41 Wall Street.
Stewart, Major Peter, 14 Upper Queen Street.
Stewart, Mrs., Woodstock, Mount Pottinger.
Stewart, Mrs., dress maker, 14 Spencer Street.
Stewart, Mrs., boarding house, 1 North Ann Street.
Stewart, Mrs., milliner and dress maker, 67 Upper Arthur Street.
Stewart, Letitia, 8 King Street.
Stewart, Mrs., 35 King Street.
Stewart, Mrs., 4 Fitzwilliam Street.
Stewart, Mrs., 86 Napoleon Terrace, Donegall Pass.
Stewart, R., baker, 7 Upper Church Lane.
Stewart, R. & W. & Co., linen handkerchief and sewed muslin manufacturers, 26 Donegall Street.
Stewart, Robert, MD., resident physician and manager District Lunatic Asylum, Falls Road.
Stewart, Robert, lamp manufacturer and gas fitter, 63 Victoria Street.
Stewart, Samuel, grocer, 246 Old Lodge Road.
Stewart, Wm. & S., trunk, bellows and brush manufacturers, 6 North Street.
Stewart, William, clothes dealer, 34&47 Smithfield.
Stewart, Henry, builder, 104 Great George's Street.
Stewart, William, muslin and linen manufacturer, 8 Lower Kent Street. * 15 Lonsdale Street.
Stirling, Mrs., 2 Clarence Place.
Stirling, Robert, bellhanger, 47 Joy Street.
Stirratt, Robert, sewed muslin manufacturer, 16 St. Anne's Buildings.
Stirrat, James, sewed muslin agent, 9 Bank Lane.
Stirrit, Thomas, smith, 2 Cotton Court and 15 Grattan Street.
Stitt, J., manager refreshment rooms, 80 Ann Street.
Stitt, Jas. 3 Coal Exchange office, Queen's Quay. * 11&13 Richmond Street.
Stitt, Misses Elizabeth & Mary, day school, 28 Hamilton Street.
Stitt, Robert, baker, 198 North Street.
Stitt, William, general timber dealer, 41 Smithfield.
Stitt, Alexander, coal factor, 35 East Street.
Stockman, Ralph, nail manufacturer, 7 Nelson Street.
Stokesberry, Charles, butcher, 109 York Street.
Stokesberry, William, butcher, 5 Hercules Place.
Stormont, Miss, 108 Donegall Pass.
Strachan, John, builder, 204 York Street.
Strain, Patrick, master mariner, 63 Lagan Street.
Strain, Thomas, spirit dealer, 168 Sandy Row.
Strain, Hugh, car owner, 45 Annette Street.
Strane, Alexander, bookkeeper, 62 Johnston's Buildings.
Stretch, Edward, clothes dealer, 24 Berry Street.
Stronge, Dr., surgeon, 3 Fisherwick Place.
Sturgeon, Campbell, grocer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett.
Suffern, John, solicitor, 76 Donegall Street and 12 Upper Temple Street, Dublin. * Windsor.
Suffern, Murray, gentleman, 2 Howard Street.
Suffern, Robert, provision dealer, 21 Corn Market.
Suffern, William, gentleman, Windsor.
Sugars, Richard, clerk in income tax office, 1 Seaview Place, Ballymacarrett.
Sullivan, James, law clerk, 60 Joy Street.
Sullivan, John, publican, 47 Samuel Street.
Sullivan, John, spirit dealer, 119 Millfield.
Surplis, Richard, designer, 11 Athol Street.
Swaine, Hugh, clerk, 15 Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett.
Swain, Henry, tobacco spinner, 14 Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett.
Swan, Thomas F., bookkeeper, 21 Eglinton Street.
Sweeny, William, mechanic, 17 Meadow Street.
Sweeny, John, cooper, 8 Gamble Street.
Swinburne, Isaac, draper, 23 Hopeton Street.
Sykes, David, car owner, Joy Lodge, Antrim Road.
Symington, Samuel, traveller, 7 Bellvue Place.
Symmonds, S. R., general commission agent, 1 Thomas Street.

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Taggart, Thomas, sexton of York Street Presbyterian Church.
Talbot, Richard, clerk, 141 Agnes Street.
Tannyhill, Mrs., boarding house, 32 Joy Street.
Tarleton, Francis, inspector of income tax, 111 University Terrace.
Tate, S. & R., soap and candle manufacturers, 88 Hercules Street.
Tate & Davidson, woollen drapers, 5 Bridge Street.
Tate, George, gentleman, 1 Wellington Park.
Tate, Miss, 1 Little Victoria Street.
Tate, William, green hide, leather and nail stores, 85 North Street.
Tate, William, grocer and tea importer, 83 North Street.
Taylor, A. O'D., yarn and linen and commission merchant, agent for the Standard Life Assurance and County Fire Office, 77 Victoria Street. *
                                      6 Murray's Terrace.
Taylor, Mrs., 64 Joy Street.
Taylor, Robert, clerk, 2 Hope Street.
Taylor, Henry, clerk, post office receiving house, 191 Herdman's Buildings.
Taylor, Arthur, posting establishment, 16 Curtis Street.
Taylor, David, of Messrs. J. Arnott & Co., Bridge Street. * Bertha House, Windsor.
Taylor, Gilbert, Albion Hotel, 69 York Street.
Taylor, Hugh, painter and glazier, 43 Chichester Street. * 10&12 Seymour Street.
Taylor, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 Ormeau Road.
Taylor, John, publican, 70 Sandy Row.
Taylor, Joseph, grocer, draper and publican, 2 Wesley Place.
Taylor, Robert, carpenter, 73 Joy Street.
Taylor, Samuel, bookkeeper, 3 Murray's Terrace.
Taylor, William, linen manufacturer, Sackville Street. * 47 Eglinton Street.
Tedford, James, ship chandler and sail maker, 7 Donegall Quay. * 20 Great George's Street.
Teirney, Samuel, linen manufacturer &c., 9 Elliott's Court. * Glenbana, County Down.
Templeton, Ellen, 25 Cumber Place, Old Lodge Road.
Templeton, Mrs., Cranmore, Old Malone Road.
Tennant, Charles & Co., of St. Rollox Chemical Works, Glasgow, manufacturing chemists and general merchants, 45 John Street and 6 York
Thacker, E., stationer and bookseller, 51 High Street.
Thoburn, David, pawn broker, 1&3 Nelson Street.
Thom. William, 19&21 Nelson Street.
Thomas, P. W., clerk, News Letter office, 54 Johnston's Buildings.
Thomas, John, office, Franklin Street. * Woodstock, Mount Pottinger.
Thomas, John & Co., muslin manufacturers. ( J. Thomas, Woodstock, Mount Pottinger.
Thomas, Samuel, bell hanger, 2 Arthur Lane.
Thompson, Alice, haberdasher, 27 Great Edward Street.
Thompson, M., dress maker, 16 Catherine Street.
Thompson & Co., iron founders, machine makers and engineers, 73&79 Townsend Street. * W. Thompson, Brown Square.
Thompson, Benjamin & Co., provision merchants, 48 Talbot Street. * B. Thompson, 75 University Road.
Thompson, Dr., 2 Wellington Park.
Thompson, Dr. Wyville, professor of Geology, Queen's College. * 6 University Terrace. 
Thompson, E. & A. J., grocers and spirit dealers, 24 Garmoyle Street and 49 Dock Street.
Thompson, George, linen merchant, 80 Eliza Street.
Thompson, John, carpenter, 16 Catherine Street.
Thompson, George, barber, 5 Hammond's Court.
Thompson, George, spirit grocer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett.
Thompson, H. M. & Co., linen merchants, Donegall Street Place. * H. M. Thompson, Myrtlefield, Malone; Geo. Thompson, 71 Prospect Terrace.
Thompson, Richard, rent and general agent, 5 Donegall Street. * 161 York Street.
Thompson, J., in Harbour office. * 137 York Street.
Thompson, J., provision store, 64 Millfield.
Thompson, W. J., grocer, 45 North Queen Street.
Thompson, H., 78 Ann Street. * 41 Victoria Place.
Thompson, James, grocer, 30 May Street.
Thompson, James, baker and flour merchant, 61 North Street.
Thompson, James M., insurance  agent, 52 Lonsdale Street.
Thompson, A., file cutter, 25 Little Donegall Street.
Thompson, John, fancy box maker, 68 Henry Street.
Thompson, Samuel, printer, 45 Keegan Street.
Thompson, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, 42 Hill Street.
Thompson, James, linen merchant, 89 Ormeau Road.
Thompson, John, watch maker, 41 Rosemary Street.
Thompson, Joseph, grocer and spirit dealer, 56&58 North Thomas Street and Garmoyle Street.
Thompson, Mrs., 105 Donegall Street.
Thompson, Mrs. S., 27 Harmony Place.
Thompson, Mrs., Fountainville Cottage, University Road.
Thompson, R., linen warehouse manager, 2 Wilmont Terrace.
Thompson, Richard, publican, 4 Hammond's Court.
Thompson, R., traveller, 181 Agnes Street.
Thompson, Robert, yarn merchant, Talbot Street. * 5 Antrim Place.
Thompson, Robert, of the firm of Ross & Thompson, proprietors of Clonard Mills. * Brookfield.
Thompson, Ann, thread manufacturer, 43 Cromac Street.
Thompson, Robert, engraver, die sinker and copperplate printer, 26 Castle Street.
Thompson, Robert, grocer, 28 Gardiner Street.
Thompson, Mrs., Mount Pottinger.
Thompson, John, clerk, 2 Sussex Place.
Thompson, Samuel A., Northern Bank. * 7 Eglinton Street.
Thompson, Thomas, agent for Donaghmore Brewery, 52 Stanhope Street.
Thompson, Thomas, 49 Academy Street.
Thompson, W. & A., iron founders, 22&24 Brown Square.
Thompson, William, secretary to Harbour Commissioners. * Garden Hill, Old Carrickfergus Road.
Thompson, Anne, white worker, 11&13 Robert Street.
Thompson, Wm. L., secretary Ulster Bank. * Locust Lodge, Ballynafeigh.
Thompson, William, grocer, 60 Alexander Street West.
Thompson, William, dining rooms, 43 Ann Street.
Thompson, William, cabinet maker, 7 Ann Street.
Thompson, William, cabinet maker, 9 Gloucester Street.
Thompson, C., cook and confectioner and restaurant, 2&4 Donegall Place.
Thomson, H., bonnet maker, 23 Garmoyle Street.
Thomson, Gordon A., gentleman, Bedeque House, Crumlin Road.
Thomson, Mrs., Milliner &c., 29 Fountain Street.
Thomson, Dr. Thomas, 102 Donegall Street.
Thomson, E. & A., dress makers, 5 King Street.
Thomson, James, civil engineer and surveyor, professor in Queen's College. * 2 Donegall Square West.
Thomson, Joseph G., life assurance, land and general agent, 190&192 York Street. * 25 Canning Street.
Thomson, Margaret, nurse tender, 4 Boyd Street.
Thomson, Robert, JP., Castleton.
Thomson, Samuel, manager Gregg's iron works, 14 Eliza Street.
Thomson, Samuel, merchant, local director of Provincial Bank, 1 Corporation Street. * 14 University Square.
Thomson, William & Son, hat and cap manufacturers, 3 Corn Market.
Thornton, Arthur Hill, 26 Robert Street.
Thornton, A. H., jun., printer, 67 Academy Street.
Thornton, Ewing & Co., linen merchants, 5 Donegall Square South. P. Ewing. * 55 Prospect Terrace.
Threlkeld, A., nurseryman, seedsman and landscape gardener, Old Malone Road.
Tilly, James, muslin and linen manufacturer, McTier Street. * 4 Mount Pleasant, Crumlin Road.
Tinsdale, John R., compositor, 6 Washington Street.
Tinsley, Thomas, grocer, 7 Rockview Buildings.
Tittle, James H., solicitor, 53 Upper Arthur Street.
Todd, Mrs., matron Lancasterian Industrial and Infant National School, Frederick Street.
Todd, William, hair dresser, 159 North Street.
Todd, Mrs., lodgings, 90 Napoleon Terrace, Donegall Pass.
Todd, Mr., sewed muslin manufacturer, 73 Academy Street.
Todd, William B., auctioneer and appraiser, 24 Smithfield.
Todd, J., agent for H. Hamilton, 31 Lancaster Street.
Toman, S., grocer, 44 Ann Street.
Tomlin, Robert K., manager for James Lindsay & Co., Ulster Arcade, Wellington Park.
Toner, Patrick, provision merchant, 11&17 Long Lane. * 23 Eglinton Street.
Tonor, Miss, dress maker, 13 Wellington Street.
Torbett, Mrs., 17 College Square North.
Torbitt, James, jun., wine merchant and spirit dealer, 58 North Street. * 55 York Street.
Tosh, C., clothes dealer, 1 Kennedy's Row.
Torrens, James, of Davison & Torrens, solicitors, 9 Wellington Place. * Edenmore, Whiteabbey.
Townley, John, confectioner, 148 North Street.
Toye, Rev. Thomas, The Manse, 13 Great George's Street.
Trabucco, Pietro, statuary and artificial stone manufacturer and moulder, 5 Academy Street.
Tracy, W. S., R. M., Tudor Lodge, Crumlin Road.
Trainor, Michael, bleacher, 21&23 Combermere Street.
Trainor, Michael, confectioner, 5 Chapel Lane.
Trainor, James, spirit dealer, 40&42 Falls Road.
Trainor, James, baker and biscuit manufacturer, 221 York Street.
Trainor, William, woollen draper and hatter, 20 Bridge Street.
Trelford, William, custom house officer, 31 Ship Street.
Trevor, Francis, Wellington Arms Hotel, 18 Castle Lane.
Trimble, J., teacher in Huss School, 211 Agnes Street.
Trimble, James, grocer, 112 Conway Street.
Trimble, William, boot and shoe shop, 37 Church Lane.
Tripp, Thomas M., resident manager of Belfast Savings Bank, 29&31 King Street.
Tripp, Wm. John, landing waiter Custom house, 109 University Terrace.
Trotter, James, general out fitting establishment, 3 Corporation Square.
Trotter, Robert, manager of Belfast Bank. * Chlorine Place.
Trueman, John, rope and twine manufacturer, 92 Ann Street. * 22 Brunswick Street.
Trueman, John, English bakery, 32&34 Castle Street. * 14 Queen Street.
Trueman, John, proprietor Dublin Bakery, 8&10 Donegall Street.
Truesdale, John, bookkeeper, 45 Albert Crescent.
Tucker, Edward, proprietor of Belfast starch and glue works, 156 Millfield and 27 Waring Street. * 132 Albion Place.
Turnbull, Alexander, manager of Gas Company's accountant department, 25 Castle Street. * 5 Claremont Terrace.
Turner, Henry, clerk, 39 Gilford Street.
Turner, John, at George C. Pim & Co.'s, Donegall Quay. * 69 Arthur Street Upper.
Turner, E., clerk, McCrory's Row, Ballymacarrett.
Turner, Thomas, architect, 8&9 Donegall Place Buildings.
Turner, William, manager Cavehill Lime Works.
Turner, William, tailor, 14&16 Gamble Street.
Turney, Captain, 26 Fleet Street.
Turnock, Rev. Benjamin, 37 Great George's Street.
Turtle, J., spirit dealer, Club Row Lane, Old Road, Ballymacarrett.
Turtle, Launcelot, tobacco manufacturer, 82 North Street.
Twigg, Isabella, clothes dealer, 25 Rosemary Street.
Twigg, Mrs., 2 Catherine Street North.
Twigley, James, grocer, 25 Gardiner Street.
Twyford, Hans, butcher, 23 Devis (Divis) Street.
Tydd, Major, Casino, Antrim Road.

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Underwood, Mrs., 5 Ship Street.
Unitarian Young Men's' Christian Association Reading Rooms, Victoria Hall.
Usher, Miss E., servants' registry office, 8 Mill Street.
Usher, James, 14 Bentinck Street.

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Vail, W. K., merchant tailor and hatter, 12 Donegall Square North.
Valentine, Thomas, of A. W. Craig & Co., weaving and spinning factory, Falls Road. * 59 Crumlin Terrace.
Vance, Adam, spirit dealer, Ballyhackamore, Ballymacarrett.
Vance, Gilbert, muslin manufacturer, 38&40 Rosemary Street. * 2 Adelaide Place.
Vance, Robert, secretary Corn Exchange and publisher Belfast Mercantile Journal, 174 Agnes Street.
Vance, Miss, 4 Upper Crescent.
Vance, J., clerk, 8 Great George's Street.
Vance, Samuel, secretary of Chamber of Commerce and public accountant, 36 Waring Street. *11 Chichester Street.
Vance, William, relieving officer, 32&34 Millfield.
Verner, Thomas, JP., Lilliput House, Carrickfergus Old Road.
Vint, Jonathan, wine and spirit merchant, 66 Little Donegall Street. * 22 Lonsdale Terrace.
Vint, William, painter and glazier, 27 Talbot Street.
Vinycomb, John, engraver, 47 Cromac Street.
Virgin, Nicholas, foreman printer News Letter office, 59 Joy Street.
Vivash, Wm., in James Magill's, Donegall Place, 44 College Street South.

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Waddell, William, clerk, 164 Old Lodge Road.
Waite, Richard, traveller, 80 Belvidere Place.
Wales, George F., surgeon, 99 York Street.
Wales, Mrs. Sarah, 261 York Street.
Walker, William, hosier, Donegall Place. * Colin View, Lisburn Road.
Walker, David, confectioner and restaurant, 19 Bridge Street. * 1 Claremont Street, Malone Road.
Walker, William John, Prince of Wales Restaurant, 3 Donegall Place.
Walker, Mrs., 1 Windsor Terrace.
Walker, Hannah, grocer, 67 Peter's Hill.
Walker, John, confectioner, 61 Donegall Street.
Walker, John, grocer, 37 Union Street.
Walker, Robert, shipping clerk, 95 Dover Street.
Walker, Robert, of Clonard Printing Company, 43 Falls Road; Whitehouse Dye Works.
Walker, William, upholsterer, 46 Mill Street.
Walker, Mrs., grocer, 27 Stanhope Street.
Walker, Thomas, grocer, 1 Hartley Street and 71 Old Lodge Road.
Walker, Emma, dress maker, 5 Christian's Place.
Walker, James, car owner, 91&93 Dover Street.
Walkington, Edward & Son., druggists, oil and colour merchants, 9,11&13 Rosemary Street. * Snugville, Shankill Road.
Walkington, Thomas, of E. Walkington & Son. * 15 College Square East.
Wall, Daniel, feather purifier, 81 Joy Street.
Wallace, Hugh & Co., solicitors, 81 Victoria Street. * Wm. N. Wallace, Downpatrick.
Wallace, J., brick manufacturer, Ann's Place.
Wallace, James, sewed muslin manufacturer, 116 Corporation Street.
Wallace, James, boarding house, 43 Prince's Street.
Wallace, Jane, grocer, 47 Great Patrick Street.
Wallace, John, parcel agent for the Belfast and Northern Counties and County Down Railway Companies, proprietor of the Ulster General
                              Advertiser, 2 Donegall Street. * 17 Eglinton Street.
Wallace, John, watchmaker, jeweller and sliver smith, 49 High Street.
Wallace, Mrs., Edenderry, Crumlin Road.
Wallace, R., spirit grocer, 228 Old Lodge Road.
Wallace, Rev. Robert, 6 Upper Queen Street.
Wallace, Samuel, at Arnott & Co.'s, Bridge Street. * 4 Cranston Place.
Wallace, Thos, commission merchant, 5 Skipper Street. * 59 Ormeau Road.
Wallace, William, sewed muslin manufacturer, 6 York Street. * 16 Eglinton Street.
Wallace, James, stabling yard, 8 Marlborough Street.
Wallace, W., sewed muslin agent to Hay, Bartholomew & Co., Glasgow, 24 Great Patrick Street.
Wallace, Agnes, 48 Canning Street.
Walls, Thomas, cutter in Mr. Ewart's shirt factory, 19 Eliza Street.
Walls, Robert, cheese monger, 6 Hammond's Court.
Walsh, Edward, in post office, 1 Mount Charles.
Walsh, James, spirit dealer, 51 North Queen Street.
Walsh, James, grocer, 19 Boundary Street.
Walsh, W., sanitary constable, 74 Christopher Street/
Wann, Thomas, Veremount, Old Malone Road.
Ward, Charles H., house and land agent, 11 Mill Street.
Ward, Charles, scripture reader, 102 Great George's Street.
Ward, James, grain stores, 1 Murphy's Lane. * 67 Verner Street.
Ward, James, grocer, 67 Verner Street.
Ward, Marcus & co., wholesale and retail stationers, book binders, engravers, ornamental and lithographic printers, 13 Donegall Place. * F. D.
                                     Ward, 69 Victoria Place; John Ward, 20 Wilmont Terrace.
Ward, Ellen, 14 Alfred Street.
Ward, Robert, pawn broker, 20&22 Lancaster Street.
Ward & Hodgkinson, hackle manufacturers, 17 Hill Street.
Ward, Thomas, pawn broker, 44&46 Barrack Street.
Ward, Thomas, pawn broker, 10 Hughes' Buildings.
Ward, Thomas, secretary Belfast and County Down Railway. * Cherryhill.
Ward, William, contractor, 60 Israel Street.
Ward, Thomas, manager for Messrs. Riddel, Donegall Place. * 101 Joy Street.
Ward, William, school master, 7 Kildare Street.
Ward, John, spirit dealer, Lisburn Road.
Ward, Mrs., 23 Ship Street.
Ward, Joseph, hosier, 15 Castle Street.
Ward, Thomas, flax buyer, 69 Durham Street.
Warden, R. H., emigration agent &c., 44 Waring Street.
Wardlow, Hugh, ship owner, Windsor.
Wardlow, William, tailor, 11 Skipper Street.
Ware, Richard, haberdasher, 116 North Street.
Ware, William, butter merchant and provision store, 57 Great Patrick Street; office and stores, 28 Great Patrick Street. * 4 Oldpark Terrace.
Waring, Richard, provision merchant, 151 York Street. * 153 York Street.
Waring, Robert, woollen draper &c., 1 Donegall Street.
Waring, James, grocer, 27 Cullintree Road.
Warner, William, teacher Mechanics' Institute, 17 Queen Street.
Warnock, James, chandler, 42 Great Edward Street.
Warnock, Joseph, pawn broker, 24 Robert Street.
Warnock, Mrs., aerated water manufacturer, 24 Academy Street. * 13 Lonsdale Street.
Warwick, Dr., surgeon, 47 Corporation Street.
Warwick, S., grocer, 54 Peter's Hill.
Washington, George, teacher Model School, 55 Falls Road.
Waters, Miss, grocer, 104 Corporation Street.
Waterson, Wm. Thos., solicitor, 106 Ann Street. * Sydenham, Strandtown.
Watson, John, grocer, 16 Portview, Ballymacarrett.
Watson, James, compositor, 28 Gordon Street.
Watson, T., spirit dealer, Watson's Buildings, Ballymacarrett.
Watson, James, Dublin and Armagh Hotel and livery stables, 2&4 Great Victoria Street.
Watson, Mrs., grocer, 63 Sandy Row.
Watson, Robert, weigh master, 29 Upton Street.
Watson, William, Sandymount.
Watt Brothers, grocers, 156 Upper Peter's Hill.
Watt, J. & W., grocers, 60 Ann Street.
Watt, James, clerk, Albion Street.
Watt, Joseph, collector of poor rate, 52 Upper Arthur Street.
Watt, Mary, publican, 55&59 Little Donegall Street.
Watt, T. & W., grocers, 99 North Street.
Watt, William & Co., grocers, Hamill Street.
Watt, William & Co., grocers, 72 Mill Street.
Watt, William, grocer, 1 Wesley Place.
Watt, William, grocer, 85 York Street.
Watters, William, law messenger, 124 Kennedy's Place.
Watters, W. R., surveyor and valuator, 13 Chichester Street.
Watters, Allen, baker and grocer, 5 Corporation Square.
Watters, Robert, 5 Corporation Square.
Watters, Thomas, copper and tinsmith, 45 Corporation Street.
Waugh & Smith, coach builders, 22 Chichester Street. * J. Waugh, 20 Chichester Street.
Waugh, J. & J., leather warehouse, 132 North Street.
Waugh, Mrs., 28 Joy Street.
Waugh, Thomas, sewed muslin manufacturer, 13 Church Street. * 12 Lancaster Street.
Weaver, M., school mistress, 7 North Boundary Street.
Webster, William, 57 Glengall Street.
Weir, Arthur C., Dunmurry Flax Spinning Mill. * 7 University Square.
Weir, Gilbert & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 7 Queen's Square. * G. Weir, Antrim Road; P. Macfarlane, 14 Eglinton Street.
Weir, John K., in Provincial Bank. * 59 Meadow Street.
Weir, Peter & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 9 Arthur Place.
Weir, Samuel, spirit dealer, 28 Devis (Divis) Street.
Weldon, Miss, 19 King Street.
Wells, William, inspector of local police force, 29 Henrietta Street.
Wetherall, William, tan yard, 25 Mill Street. * Holywood.
Welsh, Mrs., 5 Malone Place, Lisburn Road.
Wethered, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 19 Cromac Street.
Wetherhead, Captain, Ulsterville House, Lisburn Road.
Wharton, William, starch works, 35 York Lane.
Wharton, Henry, Scotch Bazaar, 79 York Street.
Wheatcroft, William, printer, 37 Little May Street.
Wheeler, Thomas K., surgeon, High Street. * 13 Clarendon Place.
Wheeler, William, lime burner, Court Street, Old Lodge Road.
Wheeler & Whittaker, proprietors Belfast Apothecaries' Hall, 33 High Street. * Walter Wheeler, 45 Victoria Place.
Wheeler, William, linen merchant, 5 Belleview Place.
Wheeler, W. M., alabaster manufacturer, 9&11 Carrick Hill.
Wheeler, Walter, lime works, 18 Carrick Hill.
Wherry, David, grocer, 58 Mill Street.
Whisker, John, butcher, 144 Boundary Street.
Whisker, James, victualler and poulterer, 50 Rosemary Street and 33 Hercules Place.
Whitaker, Mr., teacher in Model School, 24 Ardmoulin Street.
White, Hugh, of Neill & White, Winecellar Entry. * 53 Mountview Terrace.
White, J., commission merchant, 89 Donegall Street.
White, James, dairyman, Railway Cottage, Lisburn Road.
White, James, harbour master, 184 York Street.
White, W., inspector of night police, 23 Little May Street.
White, John, pawn broker, 141 Nelson Street.
White, Miss, teacher Lancasterian Industrial and Infant National Schools, Frederick Street.
White, Mrs., nurse tender, 40 Cullintree Street.
White, Miss, school, 189 Agnes Street.
White, William, pawn broker, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
White, William, spirit grocer, 121&123 Shankill Road.
White, Mrs., 57 Earl Street.
Whitla, Valentine, Linenhall. * Ben Eden.
Whittaker, Joseph, boot and shoe manufactory, 25 Corn Market.
Whittle, Misses, boarding school, 1 Fisherwick Place.
Wicklow, John, cabinet maker, 16 Pottinger's Entry.
Wigan, E. L., agent for Wm. Young & Co.'s Edinburgh Brewery, E. C. Irvine, manager. * 6 Glenfield Place.
Wiggins, Mrs., 73 Inkermann Terrace.
Wight, W. J. & Co., commission agents, 7 Commercial Buildings.
Wightman, John, grocer, 41 Ann Street.
Wightman, Miss, 20 Upper Queen Street.
Wightman, R. & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 47 York Street. * 18 Great Patrick Street.
Wiley, E. & J., boarding house, 2 Little George's Street.
Wilkinson, Mrs. J. A., earthenware manufacturer, china and glass warehouse, 108 High Street. * Hope Cottage, Ballymacarrett.
Wilkinson, John, grocer, 10 Pilot Street.
Wilkinson, William, clerk, 31 Dock Street.
Williams, Captain William, 128 Albion Place.
Williams, E., grocer and spirit dealer, 6 Sandy Row.
Williams, Robert, hay dealer, 76 Barrack Street.
Williamson, Matthew, comb maker, 41 Mill Street.
Williamson, Robert, grocer, 87 Barrack Street and 34 New Durham Street.
Williamson, John, carter, 5&7 Canning Street.
Williamson, Thomas, furniture dealer, 55 Smithfield.
Williamson, R. & W. J., leather merchants, 58 North Street.
Williamson, William, 20 Joy Street.
Williamson, William J., painter, 27 Frederick Street.
Willis, Solomon, hay and straw dealer, 51 Millfield.
Willis, John, professor of music, 5 College Street South.
Wilson, Alexander, clerk, 62 Shaftesbury Place.
Wilson & Woods, woollen drapers, hatters and outfitters, 68 High Street.
Wilson & Stephen, stationers, 62 High Street.
Wilson, George, spirit grocer, 29 Barrack Street.
Wilson, Guy S., rectifying distiller, 11 Mill Street.
Wilson, Hans, grocer, 103 New Lodge Road.
Wilson, James, bookkeeper, 10 Macaulay Street.
Wilson, James, machine shop, 4 Trinity Street.
Wilson, James, smith works, 38 York Street.
Wilson, James, wine and spirit dealer, 29 Church Lane.
Wilson, James, watch maker and jeweller, 7 High Street. * 28 Henry Street.
Wilson, J. Gordon, jeweller, 7 High Street.
Wilson, John, grocer, 6 Peter's Hill.
Wilson, James, wholesale tea, wine and spirit merchant, 45 Victoria Street.
Wilson, John, spirit dealer, 30 Washington Street.
Wilson, Mary, boarding house, 4 Great Edward Street.
Wilson, Mary, linen and damask warehouse, 58 Donegall Street.
Wilson, John., copper and tin smith, 20 Beresford Street.
Wilson, Joseph, clerk, 220 Conway Street.
Wilson, Mr., 87 Dover Street.
Wilson, Charles, clerk, 25 Garmoyle Street.
Wilson, Stewart, clerk, 47 Little George's Street.
Wilson, John H., sewed muslin manufacturer, 43 Henry Street.
Wilson, Mrs., 97 Joy Street.
Wilson, Ellen, boarding house, 11 Little May Street.
Wilson, Mrs., grocer, 40 Ship Street.
Wilson, Misses, corset warehouse, 4 Upper Queen Street.
Wilson, Mrs., Maryville, Old Malone Road.
Wilson, Mrs., 20 Earl Street.
Wilson, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, 20 Ship Street.
Wilson, Mrs., 31 Queen Street.
Wilson, Rev. G. H., 8 Glenfield Place.
Wilson, Robert, master mariner, 59 Earl Street.
Wilson, Alexander Mackey, gentleman, Thornhill, Malone Road.
Wilson, Thomas & Co., hosiery and trimming warehouse, 32 High Street.
Wilson, Thomas, cart maker, 32 Carrickhill and 8 Antrim Road.
Wilson, William, builder, 78 Joy Street.
Wilson, William, cutler and surgical instrument maker, 3 Skipper Street.
Wilson, William, manager in Staunton, Coates & Co.'s, 39 Athol Street.
Wilson, William, spirit dealer, 74 Great George's Street.
Wilson, William, in J. Robb & Co.'s, Castle Place, 104 Donegall Pass.
Wilson, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 18 Lynas Lane.
Wilson & Woods, woollen drapers, hatter and outfitters, 68 High Street.
Winnard, Miss, school, 7 Fisherwick Place.
Winnington, Edward, brush maker, 1 Hurst Street.
Winters, H., boot and shoe maker, 46 Frederick Street.
Withers, James, grocer and provision dealer, 13 Barrack Street.
Wood, Benjamin, clerk, 28 Canning Street.
wood, Nathaniel, ladies' bazaar, millinery and family mourning warehouse, 12 Donegall Place.
Wood, Mr., 122 Aughton Terrace.
Woods, James, grocer, 59 John Street.
Woods, James, High Street. * 42 College Street South.
Woods, Frederick D., brown linen merchant, 5 Donegall Square South. * Holywood.
Woods, William, barber, Hammond's Court.
Woods, Robert, tailor, 8 Durham Street.
Woods, John, cart maker yard, 33&35 Christopher Street.
Woods, Michael, jeweller, 25 Spencer Street.
Woodcock, Henry, poulterer, 36 Corporation Street.
Workman, J. & R., manufacturers, 4 Bedford Street. * John Workman, jun., Wellington Park; Robert Workman, Windsor.
Workman, John & Son, manufacturers, 5 Bedford Street. * J. Workman, Edgecumbe, County Down.
Workman, Robert & Co.'s sewed muslin warerooms, 8 Corporation Street. * R. Workman, 92 York Street.
Worthington, John, accountant, 32 Gloucester Street.
Wright, A. W. & Co., pawn brokers, 45 Ann Street.
Wright, John, grocer, 46&48 McTier Street.
Wright, Mrs., 8 Donegall Square East.
Wright, Philip, coal merchant, 10 Coal Exchange, Queen's Quay. * 171 Shankill Road.
Wright, Robert, publican, 10 Pottinger's Entry.
Wright, William, grocer and publican, Upper Peter's Hill and 1&3 Christopher Street.
Wright, Grace, dress maker, 31 Talbot Street.
Wrixon, Rev. John, 3 Fitzwilliam Place.
Wylie, John, wholesale grocer, Victoria Street. * 16 University Square.
Wylie, Richard, clerk, 1 Wellwood Place, Mount Pottinger.
Wylie, Henry, sawyer, Clarence Street.
Wylie, Samuel, painter, 38 Mill Street.
Wylie, John, cabinet maker, 5&7 Russell Street.

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Yeates, William, in M. Ward & Co.'s. * 16 Sir Henry's Buildings, Mount Pottinger.
Young & Anderson, manufacturers and wholesale warehousemen, 19 Donegall Street. * William Young, Richmond; John Anderson, Hillbrook,
Young, Anne, Belfast Arms, 57 Donegall Quay.
Young, James, LL.D., Collegiate School, 11 Howard Street.
Young, James, publican, 8&10 Ann Street.
Young, James, solicitor, 3 Arthur Square. * Fox Lodge, Ballynafeigh.
Young, Miss, dress maker, 179 York Street.
Young, Mrs., 9 Dock Street.
Young, Rev. J., 34 College Street.
Young, Robert, civil engineer and architect, 13 Donegall Place. * Richmond.
Young, Samuel, at Day & Bottomley's, Rose Lodge.
Young, Thomas, leather cutter, 106 North Street.
Young, William E., cashier to Harbour Commissioners, Antrimville.
Young, William, head master Brown Street School, 3 Melbourne Street.
Young, William, pawn broker, 38 Mill Street.
Young, William, pawn broker, 66&68 Union Street.
Young, William, mill manager, 61 Earl Street.
Young, William, 26 Little York Street. * 48 Nelson Street.
Young, Hugh A., grocer and spirit dealer and butter dealer, 66 Great Patrick Street.
Young, Captain, 49th Regiment, Carlisle Place.

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