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1877 Belfast Street Directory

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Mabin, Wm., pawn broker, 33 & 35 Dock Street
MacAdam Bros. & Co., engineers, machinists, millwrights, iron and brass founders, Soho Foundry, 28 & 30 Townsend Street
MacAdam, Robert (of MacAdam, Bros. & Co.); res., 18 College Square East
Macarthur, Thos., builder, etc., 17 Cluan Place
MacArthur & Co., stationers, cardboard & fancy paper makers, paper colorers and rulers, book binders, etc., 3 Wellington Place
Macarthy, Mary Ann, laundress, Adelaide Row, Malone Road
Macartney, James, shopman, 20 Frazer Street
Macartney, Thomas, spirit dealer, 33 Michael Street
Macartney, Thomas, spirit dealer, 6 Little George's Street
Macassey, Luke L., F.C.E., architect and engineer, 71 High Street; res., Slate House, Carrickfergus
Macaulay, Alex., carpenter, 38 Kendal Street
Macaulay, A. T., general manager, Belfast Bank, 14 University Square
Macaulay, Rev. A., adm. St. Peter's Church, Milford Street
Macaulay, John, & Co., Belfast Steam Flour Mills, 45 Donegall Quay, and 13 Steam Mill Lane
Macaulay, Robert, & Son, millers and flour merchant, Inver Mills, Larne; office, 46 Donegall Quay
Macaulay, James (of John Macaulay & Co., and Robt. Macaulay & Son); res., Glenville, Dunmurry
Macaulay, John (of J. Macaulay & Co., and Robt. Macaulay & Son); res., Redhall, Ballycarry
Macaulay, Joseph, coal merchant, 7 Landscape Terrace
Macaulay, Mrs., 23 Lavinia Street
Macaulay, Mrs., 10 Cherrymount, Crumlin Road
Macaulay, Peter, solicitor, 44 Donegall Street and 15 Wellington Quay, Dublin; res., Fern Bank, Holywood
Macaulay, Wm., car owner, 1 Little University Street
Macauley, H., pawn broker, 49 Albert Crescent
Macauley, Joseph, bandbox maker, 5 Church Street
Macauley, J., dyer & cleaner, 20 Wolff Street
Macauley, Wm. J., clerk, 3 Singleton Street
Macauley, Wm., & Co., commission agents, 22 King Street
Maccabe, James, tailor, 17 Wilson's Court
MacCallum, H., practical watch and clock maker, 29 High Street
MacCormac, Henry, M.D., 7 Fisherwick Place
MacCormac, John (of L. H. Guynet & Co.), Carnbinn, Whitehouse
MacDonald, John D., warehouseman, 65 Botanic View, University Road
MacDonald, William, draper, 10 Auburn Street
Macdonald, Wm., shoe maker, 85 Lancaster Street
MacDowell, Patrick, baker and general grocer, 168, 170 & 172 Shankhill Road
MacDouall, Charles, professor, Queen's College, 1 Lower Crescent
MacElheran, Wm. F., 30 Botanic Avenue
MacGeagh, John, 18 Claremont Street
MacGeagh & MacLaine (successors to John Martin & Co.), flax, tow and yarn merchants, 29 Ann Street, agents for Thos. MacGeagh & Co., Lille & Courtrai
MacGeagh, Robert (of MacGeagh & MacLaine), 6 Queen's Elma
MacIlwaine & Lewis, boiler makers, engineers and iron ship builders, Abercorn Basin
MacIlwaine, John (of MacIlwaine & Lewis), Brandon Villa, Strandtown
MacIlwaine, Rev. W., D.D., Incumbent of St. George's Church; res., Ulsterville Terrace, Lisburn Road
MacIntosh, Rev. John S., M.A., minister of May Street Church, Windsor Avenue
MacIntyre, John, Derby Terrace, Strandtown
MacIntyre & MacIntyre, 25 Donegall Place; res., 7 Lansdowne Terrace, Botanic Avenue
MacIver, Miss, 5 Pakenham Street
Mack, Charles J., draper, 90 Great George's Street
Mack, John, photographer and studio artist, 84 York Street
Mack, Hugh (of McGonigal & Mack); res., Lisburn
Mack, Miss, dress maker, 115 Great Victoria Street
Mack, The Misses, dress makers, 13 College Street South
Mackay, The Misses, Fortwilliam Park
Mackay, James, carpenter, 16 Lower Barrack Street
Mackay, James, store keeper, 116 Woodstock Road
Mackay, John, fancy bird dealer and foreign bird importer, 40 Hercules Street
Mackay, Robert, seedsman, 5 Fleetwood Street
Mackay, William, secretary Banbridge, Lisburn and Belfast Railway Co., and Banbridge Junction Railway, 4 The Castle
Mackay, William A., 7 University Square
Mackenzie & McMullen (Scotch House), drapers, silk mercers and haberdashers, 24 High Street
MacKeowin, G. F., solicitor, 65 Donegall Street
Mackey, James, carpenter, 39 Downing Street
Mackey, James, of Albert machine works, 98 Durham Street
Mackey, John, baker, 69 Bentinck Street
Mackey, Mrs., 35 Walnut Street
Mackey, Wm., commercial traveller, 63 Dublin Road
Mackey, Wm., boarding house, 64 John Street
Macken, John, carpenter, 13 McAdam Street
MacKeown, S., & Son, produce and commission agents, 55 Chichester Street
Mackenzie, R., brass founder, 36 Calvin Street
Mackie, James, manager for Thomas McKenzie & Son Limited, 19 Virginia Street
Mackie, William, linen merchant, Westburne, Windsor Avenue
Mackin, Annie, dress maker, 66 Clyde Terrace, Short Strand
Mackin, Patrick, cattle dealer, 156 Divis Street
Mackinnon, James F., architect and civil engineer, 27 Chichester Street
Mackinnon, Mrs., Pakenham Place, 80 Dublin Road
Mackisack, Mrs., 7 Upper Frank Street
Macklin, Jas., porter, 199 Shankhill Road
Macklin, Patrick, basket maker, 61 Millfield
Macklin, William, captain in commissariat department, Cliftonville Avenue
Mackrell, Margaret, eating house, 17 Gamble Street
Mackwood, John, foreman cooper, 6 Ventry Street
MacLaine, Alex., & Sons, ship builders - ship yard, 69 & 71 Pilot Street
MacLaine, A. (of Alex. MacLaine & Sons); Altmore, Antrim Road
MacLaine, George L. (of Andrews & MacLaine), Clerk of the crown for County Down, Princetown Lodge, Bangor
Maclean, Denis, seaman, 74 Great Patrick Street
MacMahon, James, spirit dealer, 11 Commercial Court, 1 Byron Street, Oldpark Road and 220 Crumlin Road
Macmillan, Mrs., 81 Stamford Terrace, Donegall Pass
MacNamara, H., branch inspector, Northern Bank, Fortwilliam Terrace, Antrim Road
MacNamara, H., sail maker, 73 Osborne Street
Macnaughtan, Rev. J., M.A., of Rosemary Street Presbyterian Church, Easton Lodge, Cliftonville
Macnaughtan, William, Dunderave, Strandtown
Maconey, Denis, figure maker, 28 Talbot Street
Macoun, J. R., & Co., linen manufacturers, 33 Linenhall Street
Macoun, Mrs., 132 Albion Place, Dublin Road
Macoun, Mrs., servants' registry office, 11 May Street; res., 34 University Street
Maniece, William, relieving officer and registrar, 29 Bentinck Street
MacPherson, Major-General, St. Oran's, Fortwilliam Park
Macready, Alexander, family grocer, 28 Powerscourt Street
Macready, Mrs., 20 Pine Street
Macriesh, James, spirit dealer and grocer, 100 Beersbridge Road
Macrory, Adam J., Duncairn, New Lodge Road
Macrory & Co., solicitors, 9, 10 & 14 Ulster Chambers, Waring Street; Dublin office, 31 Rutland Square
Macrory, Robert A., solicitor, Eia, Duncairn Street
MacVicker, Wm., tailor, 2 Napier Street
Madden, David, gas fitter, 6 McIvor's Place
Madden, John, grocer, 33 Wilson Street
Madden, J., copper and tinsmith, 3 Bilton Court
Madden, Mrs., 11 Ventry Street
Madden, M., spirit dealer, 74 Smithfield
Madden, Michael, spirit dealer, 31 Marquis Street
Madden, William, sawyer, 46 Boyne Square
Madden, Owen, R.I.C., 36 Welsh Street
Madden, Robert, tinsmith and gas fitter, 25 Lyle Street
Madine, George, funeral undertaker, 96a & 98a Divis Street; res., 2 Bertie Place
Madine, Thomas, clerk, 27 Everton Street
Madine, Wm., butcher, 11 Seymour Row
Magarry, Mary Ann, cook shop, 13 Winetavern Street
Mageffin, Wilson, & Co., bedding manufacturers, 29 Castle Street
Mageffin, James (of Mageffin, Wilson, & Co.), 2 Donegall Terrace, Duncairn Street
Magee, Alex., farmer, Whiterock Road, Ballygomartin
Magee, Arthur, car owner, 54 Charlotte Street
Magee, Catherine, 43 Ormeau Road
Magee, Catherine, boot and shoe warehouse, 4 York Street
Magee, Charles, mason, 12 Theodore Street
Magee, Daniel, grocer, 51 Carrick Hill
Magee, Daniel, bleacher, 61 Springfield Village
Magee, David, storeman, 9 Nelson Street
Magee, Edward, Fairview, Andersontown
Magee, Edward, spirit dealer, horse shoer and stabling yard, 164 North Street
Magee, Edward, groom, 17 William Street
Magee, Edward, printer, 1 Music Hall Lane
Magee, Edwd., fowl dealer, 42 Newtownards Road
Magee, George, grocer, 35 Little Grosvenor Street
Magee, Hamilton Joseph, wine and ale merchant, 10 Mountpleasant, Strandmillis Road
Magee, Henry, coal porter, 61 Brown's Square
Magee, Henry, plumber, 99 Mountpottinger Road
Magee, Henry, dairyman, 4 Arkwright Street
Magee, Henry, brick layer, 8 Lawther Place
Magee, Hugh, spirit grocer, Greencastle
Magee, James R., & Co., linen merchants, 4 Bedford Street
Magee, James R. (of James R. Magee & Co.), Chlorine, Malone Road
Magee, James, captain, 269 York Street
Magee, James, brick layer, 37 Edward Street
Magee, James, mechanic, 9 Paxton Street
Magee, James, pig dealer, 21 Brown Street
Magee, James, plasterer, 20 Robert Street
Magee, James, tobacconist, 114 Millfield
Magee, James, grocer, 72 Old Lodge Road
Magee, James, cooper, 20 Mustard Street
Magee, Jane, sempstress, 72 Anderson Street
Magee, Jeremiah, brick layer, 26 Dagmar Street
Magee, John, compositor, Lee Street
Magee, John, office of Northern perforated brickwork Co., 10 Telfair Street
Magee, John, joiner, 21 Sydney Street
Magee, John, horse dealer, 9 Stephen Street
Magee, John, clerk, 8 Hamill Square
Magee, John, captain, 10 Hamilton Street
Magee, John, engineer, Ballymurphy
Magee, John, Hopemount, Strandtown
Magee, John, dealer, 1 Hamill Square
Magee, Joseph, superintendent of harbour police and tobacconist and confectioner, 99 Corporation Street
Magee, J., grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Barrack Street
Magee, J. Thomas, R.I.C., 9 Grosvenor Street
Magee, Maria, spirit dealer, 113 Cromac Street
Magee, Mary, stitcher, 17 Catherine Street
Magee, Mary, 46 King Street
Magee, Miss, 22 Regent Street
Magee, Miss, news vendor, 28 John Street
Magee, The Misses, confectioners, Duncairn Street
Magee, Mrs., dealer, 21 Charles Street
Magee, Nicholas, dealer, 1 Graham's Place
Magee, Patrick, blacksmith, 9 Seymour Place
Magee, Thomas, caretaker, Gasfield Lodge, Ormeau Road
Magee, Tully, clerk, 50 East Street
Magee, Robert, carpenter, 46 East Street
Magee, Robert, shoe maker, 23 Police Square
Magee, Robert, nail manufacturer, 23 Winetavern Street
Magee, Wm., carpenter, 5 Peveril Street
Magee, Wm., blacksmith, 10 Maria Place
Magee, Wm., shoe maker, 34 Apsley Street
Magee, Wm., bleacher, 8 Springfield Village, Springfield Road
Magee, Wm., sample cutter, 32 Tyne Street
Magee, Wm., grocer, 2 Ward Street
Magee, Wm., fire man, 382 Newtownards Road
Magee, Wm., draper, 81 Shankhill Road
Mageean, James, 3 College Park East
Magennis, James, dealer, 79 Blackstaff Road
Magennis, James, Newgrove, Ballylesson
Magennis, Hugh, grainer and painter, 66 Joy Street
Magill, Arthur, grocer, Havelock View
Magill, Alex., sea captain, Greencastle
Magill, Catherine, spirit grocer, 27 Hamilton Street
Magill, Charles, wine and spirit merchant, 85 & 87 Academy Street; res., 16 Vicinage Park
Magill, David, family grocer, 11 Dublin Road
Magill, Erskine, & Co., brush and basket manufacturers, 6 Queen Street
Magill, George, foreman yarn bundler, 166 Shankhill Road
Magill, Henry, gas fitter, 22 Grattan Street
Magill, James, moulder, 12 Aberdeen Street
Magill, James, fireman, 30 Walton Street
Magill, James, iron merchant, 79 & 81 Great George's Street
Magill, James, photographer, print seller and picture frame manufacturer, book seller, stationer and artists' colorman, also sub-distributor of stamps for Belfast, 2 Donegall Place; res., Clonvara, Jordanstown
Magill, Jas., carpenter, 108 North Queen Street
Magill, John, publican, Ballysillan
Magill, John, van driver, 21 Valentine Street
Magill, John, miller, 17 Ambrose Street
Magill, Michael, sailor, 25 Whitla Street
Magill, Richard, plater, 4 North Thomas Street
Magill, Robert, Dunedin, Antrim Road
Magill, Samuel, mechanic, 17 Sandy Row
Magill, Samuel, bookkeeper, 43 Thorndyke Street
Magill, Thomas, stone cutter, 35 Shipbuoy Street
Magill, William, merchant, Staghall, Whitehouse
Magill, Wm., commercial traveller, 25 Prospect Street
Magill, Wm., clerk of works, 21 Bentinck Street
Magilton, Thomas, miller, 19 California Street
Magin, Wm., baker, 10 Hartwell Street
Maginn, T., haberdasher, 135 North Street
Maginnes, Daniel, carpenter, 18 Thompson Street
Maginness, Jas., salesman, 4 Downshire Place
Maginess, Abraham, ship carpenter, 253 York Street
Maginness, Edward, baker, 65 Westmoreland Street
Maginness, Jas., stock keeper, 118 Hemsworth Street
Maginness, Patrick, boot and shoe manufacturer, 34 Berry Street
Maginnis, Andrew, inspector of letter carriers, 29 Earl Street
Maginnis, Arthur, farmer, Springfield Road
Maginnis, Constantine, spirit dealer, 22 & 24 Millfield
Maginnis, Daniel, mechanic, 51 Scotch Street
Maginnis, James K., spirit dealer, 3 Peter's Hill
Maginnis, John, hide, wool and sheepskin dealer, 29 Hercules Street
Maginnis, Mrs., clothes dealer, 121 Millfield
Maginnis, Thomas, hide and skin merchant, 16 Great Edward Street
Maginnis, Wm., bleacher, 136 McTier Street
Maginnis & McGahey, painters and decorators, 40 Corporation Street
Maglone, Edward, publican, 30 Albert Street
Maglone, John, house carpenter, 32 Henrietta Street
Magorian, Rose A., spirit dealer, 12 Little Patrick Street
Magovern, John, butcher, 95 Hercules Street
Magoveny, R. H., & Co., oil merchants, etc., 36 Academy Street
Magowan, George, contractor, 24 Donegore Street
Magowan, James, confectioner, 2 Upton Street
Magowan, J. L., bookkeeper, Lilliput House, North Queen Street
Magowan, Mich., pensioner, 12 Hamilton Place West
Magowan, Robt., machine maker, 36 Westmoreland Street
Magowan, Robert, painter, 52 Dagmar Street
Magowan, Saml., tailor, 81 Mountpottinger Road
Magowan, Thomas, hair dresser, 138 Peter's Hill
Magowan, T., cork manufacturer, 60 Malvern Street
Magowan, Thomas, overseer in Loopbridge Mill, 12 Moreland's Row, Castlereagh Road
Magowan, William, potato dealer, 69 May Street
Magowan, William, clerk, 33 Bentinck Street
Magowan, Wm., ship carpenter, 34 Spencer Street
Magowan, Wm. John, ship carpenter, 5 Canning Street Place
Magrath, J., lodging house, 24 & 26 Gamble Street
Maguiness, Nicholas, waiter, 26 Catherine Street North
Maguire, Andrew, draper, 2 Vicinage Park
Maguire, Ann, lodging house, 67 Leeson Street
Maguire, Ann, lodging house keeper, 19 Catherine Street North
Maguire, E., compositor, 48 Lagan Street
Maguire & Edwards, upholsterers and wholesale bedding manufacturers and commission agents, 60 Upper Arthur Street
Maguire, George, spirit dealer, 291 York Street
Maguire, Hugh, commission agent, 5 Connaught Terrace
Maguire, James, R.I.C., 10 Quadrant Street
Maguire, James, carpenter, 7 Upton Street
Maguire, James, spirit dealer, 102 Joy Street
Maguire, Jas., spirit dealer, 6 & 8 Castle Arcade
Maguire, John, carpenter, 74 Norfolk Street
Maguire, John, dyer and cleaner, 15 Queen Street
Maguire, John, spirit grocer, 45 & 47 Cullingtree Road
Maguire, John, dyer, 41 Cromac Street
Maguire, Joseph, traveller, 13 Ormeau Street
Maguire & McGill, drapers, 14 North Street
Maguire, Michael, printer, 12 Murphy Street
Maguire, Michael, grocer, 56 Falls Road
Maguire, Michael, grocer, 1 & 3 Colin Street
Maguire, Patrick, spinning master, 15 Lower Clonard Street
Maguire, Patrick, mechanic, 1 Albert Place
Maguire, Patrick, nailer, 22 William Street
Maguire, Skelton, tinsmith, 39 Trafalgar Street
Maguire, Rev. Thos. Cather, president of the Primitive Wesleyan Conference, 27 Fleetwood Street
Maguire, Tobias, yarn bundler, Suir Street
Maguire, Wm., boot and shoe maker, 8 James Street
Maguire, Wm., spirit dealer, 47 Donegall Quay
Maguire, W., marine dealer, 28 Mustard Street
Mahaffey, George & Co., boot and shoe warehouse, 29 North Street
Mahaffy, Robert, boot maker, 23 Bruce Street
Mahaffey, Samuel, carpenter, 4 Urney Street
Mahaffey, William, grocer, 94 Urney Street
Mahair, David, letter carrier, 54 Sandy Row
Mahood, James, gardener, 20 Everton Street
Mahood, Samuel, sea captain, 36 & 38 Prince's Street
Mahon, Eliza, wine and spirit dealer, 35 Shankhill Road
Mahon, Jas., carpenter, 16 Hemsworth Street
Mahon, Mrs., spirit dealer, 53 Lonsdale Street
Mahon, Patrick, mason, 28 Baltic Street
Mahoney, Michael, steam sawyer, 7 Reilly's Place
Maines, John, clothes dealer, 33 Hamill Square
Mairs, Daniel, engineer, 7 Cambrai Street
Mairs, Archd. T., grocer, 16 Peter's Hill
Mairs, James, grocer, 139 Agnes Street
Mairs, Jas., grocer, flour and bran merchant and stabling yard, 124 North Street
Maitland, Alex., librarian (Belfast Library), 375 Shankhill Road
Major, George, pawn broker, 6 & 8 Little Patrick Street
Major, James, sewed muslin manufacturer, Belvoir Hall, Newtownards Road
Major, Margaret, grocer, 71 Cupar Street
Major, Thomas, printer, 31 Paxton Street
Major, Thomas, Cambridge Villa, Strandtown
Majury, Andrew (Wellington Hotel), Castle Lane
Majury, Hamilton, miller, 123 Urney Street
Majury, Hans, miller, 10 Steen's Row
Makeson, Robert, Ballymurphy, Andersontown
Makin, Mrs., 119 North Queen Street
Malcolm & Pentland, manufacturers of linen cambric and bleachers, 8 Bedford Street
Malcolm, Duncan, room paper warehouse, 18 Victoria Street; res., 63 Atlantic Avenue
Malcolm, James, engineer, 22 Dock Street
Malcolm, John, stone cutter, 138 Elm Street
Malcolm, John, 13 Roden Terrace, Limestone Road
Malcolm, Mrs., 259 York Street
Malcolm, Robt., agent for Scottish Legal Insurance Co., 73 Shankhill Road
Malcolm, W. H. (of Charley & Malcolm), Holywood
Malcolm, Wm., & Co., engineers, 12 Hastings Street
Malcolm, William, engineer, 48 Lonsdale Street
Malcolm, Wm., foreman builder, 86 Hanover Street
Malcolmson, Andrew, carpenter, 46 Cavour Street
Malcolmson Bros. (London Tea House), family grocers, wine merchants and importers of foreign fruit, 24 & 26 Castle Place
Malcomson, James (of Malcolmson Bros.), 13 The Mount, Albert Bridge Road (Malcolmson)
Malcolmson, Greer (of Malcolmson Bros.), Shamrock Lodge
Malcolmson, David, baker and confectioner, 63 Cromac Street
Malcolmson, John, carpenter and joiner, 17 Cavour Street
Malcolmson, John, carpenter, 10 Eaton Street
Malcolmson, Mrs., 1 Mount Charles
Malcolmson, Robert, Henrietta Villas, Strandtown
Malcolmson, Samuel, 34 Donegall Pass
Malcolmson, Mrs., milliner, 23 California Street
Malcolmson, Wm., carpenter, 31 Percy Street
Mallaghan, Henry, clothes dealer and auctioneer, 16 Berry Street and 71 Smithfield Square; res., 107 New Lodge Road
Mallard, Samuel, stone cutter, 14 Wensley Street
Malet, Martha, 1 St. James Street
Mallen, Andrew, recruiting sergeant
Mallen, Henry, boot and shoe maker, 5 Crosier's Row
Malley, John, van driver, 22 Shipbuoy Street
Mallin, Francis, cattle dealer, 21 & 23 Crane Street
Mallon, Daniel, wood turner, 20 Artillery Street
Mallon, Eliza, wine and spirit dealer, 205 & 207 Shankhill Road
Mallon, James, overlooker, 100 Utility Street
Mallon, John, sawyer, 72 Carrick Hill
Mallon, Patrick, book seller and stationer, 8 York Street and 62 North Street
Malone, Francis, linen lapper, 41 Wall Street
Malone, Francis, stone cutter, 28 Sandcroft
Malone. John, wine and spirit merchant, 135 North Queen Street
Malone, John, cooper, 30 Henry Street
Malone, John, manager, Braemar Terrace, Lisburn Road
Malone, Patrick, traveller, 19 Hamilton Street
Malone Protestant Reformatory, Lisburn Road; James T. Bristow and Frederick Kinahan, hon. secretaries; D. Barclay, governor
Malone, Wm., railway guard, 8 Clyde Street
Maloney, James, coal vendor, 55 - 59 Union Street
Mammon, W., brick layer, 18 Arnon Street
Manders, Henry, Customhouse officer, 12 Hillview Street
Manderson, Franklin, spirit dealer, Newtownards Road
Manderson, John, salesman, 24 Washington Street
Manley, Henry, M.D., Whitehouse
Manley, Waring, linen yarn salesman, 1 Somerset Terrace, University Street
Mann, Alice, clothes dealer, 21 Cromac Street
Mann, George, carpenter, 39 Brown Street
Mann, James, brass finisher, 5 St. Andrew's Square
Mann, James, bookkeeper, 21 Spencer Street
Mann, J., pawn broker, 1 & 3 William Street South
Mann, Robt., butler, 73 Lindsay Street
Mann, R., sea captain, 3 Roden Terrace, Limestone Road
Mann, Wm., brass founder, 19 Lincoln Place
Manning, Ann, teacher, 5 Annesley Street
Manning, Edwd., 4 Kinnaird Street
Manse, John, boot closer, 41 Stanhope Street
Mansell, Thomas, brick layer, 3 Rosewood Street
Mansell, Thomas, brick layer, 10 Spruce Street
Mansfield, George, 104 Joy Street
Manson, George, tinsmith, 7 Emily Place
Mantell, James, linen merchant, 12 Cromwell Road
Mantell, Louis, & Co., linen merchants, 4 Donegall Square East
Mantell, Mrs. (Eglinton and Winton Hotel), 83 High Street
Marquis, Matthew, tailor, 44 Hemsworth Street
Marquis of Donegall's estate office - James Hannah, assistant agent, 43 Queen Street
Mark, David, grocer, 48 Gloucester Street
Mark, Joseph, M.D., L.R.C.P. & S.E., 15 Botanic Avenue
Markey, Robert, lathe maker, 18 Carnmoney Street
Markham, Mrs., Sunbeam Cottage, Greenisland
Marks, Thomas, 20 Lavinia Street
Marks, William, brick layer, 13 Pitt Street
Marks, Wm., house painter, decorator, etc., 43 Peter's Hill
Markland, James, engineer, 10 Dickson Street
Marley, Michael, baker, 20 Pound Street
Marley, John, sexton St. Mary's R.C. chapel, 7 Chapel Lane
Marley, Stephen, fish and fruit merchant, 5 & 7 Charlemont Street
Marlow, A., working jeweller, 33 Broadbent Street
Marlow, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, 122 Cullingtree Road
Marr, Wm. B., compositor, 42 McClure Street
Marron, James, boiler maker, 42 McCleery Street
Marron, John, fitter, 8 Carnmoney Street
Marrs, John, turner, 47 Shannon Street
Marrs, Robt., blacksmith, 34 Scotch Row
Marsh, John, & Co., biscuit manufacturers, bakers and confectioners, 73 York Street & 14 & 16 York Lane
Marsh, John (of John Marsh & Co.), Richmond, Antrim Road
Marsh, Joseph C., architect, 103 Donegall Street
Marsh, Mrs., 79 Carlisle Street
Marshall, Alex., pawn broker, 62 Academy Street
Marshall, Geo., sawyer. 18 Lawther Place
Marshall, Hugh, tailor, 7 Little Henry Street
Marshall, Hugh, Knock Lodge, Greenisland
Marshall, Rev. James, St. Mark's Parsonage, Ballysillan
Marshall, James, smith, 90 Old Lodge Road
Marshall, James, carding master, 2 Waterloo Street
Marshall, James, tailor, 4 Dock Street
Marshall, Jas., seaman, 28 Nore Street
Marshall, John & Co., hosiers, glovers, clothiers, shirt and collar manufacturers and outfitters, Paris boot and shoe warehouse, 2 & 4 Castle Place
Marshall, John (of John Marshall & Co.), 102 Richmond Terrace, Great Victoria Street
Marshall, John, tea merchant, 24 Melrose Terrace, Wolseley Street
Marshall, John, 8 Vicinage Park
Marshall, John, boot and shoe maker, 74 Urney Street
Marshall, John, wholesale grocer and tea merchant, 1 & 3 Donegall Street Place; res., 24 Melrose Terrace, Wolseley Street
Marshall, John L., Brooklands, Knock
Marshall, John, tinsmith, 23 Benwell Street
Marshall, Miss, Gortalee, Greenisland
Marshall, Mrs., 163 Shankhill Road
Marshall, Richard, linen packer, 11 Weir Street
Marshall, Robert, roper, 62 Skipton Street
Marshall, Robert, ship broker, 73 Corporation Street
Marshall, Robert, tailor, 8 Weir Street
Marshall, Robt., whitesmith, 112 Henry Street
Marshall, William, of Corporation Gas Works, 1 Coyle Street
Marshall, Wm. (late Bathurst's), Belfast Coach Factory, 26 & 28 Chichester Street
Marshall, William, coach builder, 8 Sussex Place
Marshall, Wm., dealer, 31 Sackville Street
Marshall, Wm., linen pressman, 8 Grace Street
Martin, Adam, cattle dealer, 24 Blayney Street
Martin, Agnes, boarding house, 12 Great Edward Street
Martin, Alexander, baker, 45 Apsley Street
Martin, Alex. T., rent agent, 29 Fountain Street
Martin, Allen, general dealer, 34 Fairview Street
Martin, Andrew, grocer, 145 Old Lodge Road
Martin, Arthur, rope maker, 33 Lemon's Row, Mountpottinger Road
Martin, Arthur, baker, 44 Abbey Street
Martin, A. L., commercial traveller, 18 Spencer Street
Martin, Charles, 17 Fleetwood Street
Martin, Charles, barber, 6 Ardilea Street
Martin & Co., hair dressers and tobacconists, 3 Castle Arcade
Martin, David Philip, sewing agent, 24 Athol Street
Martin, Edward, shoe maker, 8 Grove Street East
Martin, Edward, smith, 47 Tea Lane
Martin, Rev. E. T., minister of Dundonald Presbyterian Church; res., Bessmount, Dundonald
Martin, Francis, gardener, 107 Strandmillis Road
Martin, Francis C., whitesmith, 30 Berry Street
Martin, George, Rushford, Knock
Martin, George, pig dealer, 34 Durham Street
Martin, Hamilton, horse dealer, 33 Aberdeen Street
Martin, Hans, harbour constable, 274 Conway Street
Martin, Henry, smith, 55 Tea Lane
Martin, H. & J., builders, 68 Belvidere Place, Great Victoria Street
Martin, Henry (of H. & J. Martin), 70 Belvidere Place, Great Victoria Street
Martin, John (of H. & J. Martin), 90 Marlborough Terrace, University Street
Martin, Israel, carpenter, 42 Andrew Street
Martin, Rev. James (minister of Eglinton Presbyterian Church), Eglintoun, Antrim Road
Martin, James, joiner, 6 Thomas Street
Martin, James, handloom weaver, 2 Clements Street
Martin, James, plumber, 41 Broadbent Street
Martin, Jane, lodging house keeper, 19 Seymour Street
Martin, James, spirit grocer, 41 Whitla Street
Martin, John, poulterer and fruiterer, 120 Dublin Road
Martin, John, M.D., surgeon, 9 Clarence Place
Martin, John, painter, 75 Talbot Street
Martin, John, joiner, 11 Emily Place
Martin, John, fireman, 9 Kildare Street
Martin, John, warder, 87 McTier Street
Martin, John, cattle dealer, 10 Seymour Street
Martin, John, hay and straw merchant, 43, 45 & 47 Police Square
Martin, John, carpenter, 32 Welsh Street
Martin, J., clerk, 58 Canning Street
Martin, Margaret, boarding house, 50 Great Edward Street
Martin, Michael, shoe maker, 14 Abyssinia Street
Martin, Miss, dress maker, Abbeyhill Cottage, Whitehouse
Martin, Miss, 11 Clarence Place
Martin, Moses, caretaker, 4 The Castle
Martin, Mrs., 18 University Street
Martin, Mrs., grocer, 1 & 3 Wilson Street
Martin, Mrs., 81 Ormeau Road
Martin, Mrs., laundress, 21 Singleton Street
Martin, Mrs., 144 Donegall Pass
Martin, Mrs., 30 Frederick Terrace, Posnett Street
Martin, Patrick, shoe maker, 33 Ward Street
Martin, Patrick, gate keeper, 56 Little George's Street
Martin, Patrick, wood turner, 23 Milliken Street
Martin, Peter, rope spinner, 57 Mountpottinger Road
Martin, Peter, cart body maker, 8 Boomer Street
Martin, Robert, house carpenter and joiner, 67 Bentinck Street
Martin, Robert, carpenter, 30 Dagmar Street
Martin, Robert, grocer, 132 Sandy Row
Martin, Robert, van man, 10 Napier Street
Martin, R. D., linen merchant and bleacher, 12 Linenhall Street
Martin, Samuel, finisher of cambric handkerchiefs, 20 James' Street South
Martin, Samuel, 2 Lavinia Street
Martin, Samuel, carpenter, New Lodge Road
Martin, Samuel, bread server, 60 Carlow Street
Martin, Samuel, carpenter, 32 & 34 Shandon Street
Martin, Thomas John, 152 Ashley Place, Albert Bridge Road
Martin, Thomas, baker, 232 Old Lodge Road
Martin, Thos. S., rent agent, 154 Grosvenor Street
Martin, Thos. S., commission agent, 81 High Street; res., Laburnum Terrace, Duncairn Street
Martin, Thos., butler, 31 McClure Street
Martin, Thos., salesman, 93 McClure Street
Martin, Thos., storeman, 12 Nile Street
Martin, Thos., customs officer, 43 North Queen Street
Martin, Thos., warehouseman, 20 Thompson Street
Martin, William John, iron moulder, 56 North Boundary Street
Martin, William, Jordanstown
Martin, William, cess collector, Finaghy, Dunmurry
Martin, William, fireman, 27 Wilton Street
Martin, William, clerk, 13 George's Lane
Martin, William, house painter, 32 Hamilton Street
Martin, William, wine and spirit dealer, 159 & 161 Shankhill Road
Martin, Wm. J., roughing master, 41 Cambrai Street
Martin, Wm., block printer, 12 Dysart Street
Martin, Wm. John, clerk, 76 Hanover Street
Martin, Wm., store keeper, 22 Rosewood Street
Martin, Wm., lamp lighter, 32 Sandy Row
Martin, Wm., hardware merchant, 59 Brougham Street
Martin, Wm., law clerk, 16 University Street
Marwood, Andrew, butcher, 8 Rochelle Place
Mason, George, mechanic, 15 Canmore Street
Mason, Major, S.O.P., 56 Belvidere Place, Great Victoria Street
Masonic Lodge, No. 10, 16 Alfred Street - H. H. Bottomley, sec.; John Mercer, caretaker
Massey, Mrs., 5 Pine Street
Massey, Mrs., 19 Wellington Park Terrace, Wellington Park
Masterson, John, commission merchant, 5 Walnut Place
Masterson, Wm., tea broker, 63 Victoria Street; res., Upper Sydenham House, Strandtown
Mateer, Daniel, 1 Landscape Terrace
Mateer, John, 125 Hertford Place, Dublin Road
Mateer, Rev. J., mercantile and classical school, 39 Joy Street
Mateer, Rev. Samuel, 3 Claremont Street
Mateer, W., boot and shoe maker, 98 McTier Street
Matier, Henry, & Co., cambric handkerchief and linen manufacturers, bleachers and merchants, 1 Clarence Place
Matier, Henry (of Henry Matier & Co.), Dunlambert, Fortwilliam Park
Matier, Mrs., and the Misses, ladies' school, 94 Great Victoria Street
Matier, Sands, & Co., carpet, damask, room paper and general house furnishing warehouse, 28 High Street
Matier, W. T., C.E., architect, 44 Upper Arthur Street; res., 94 Richmond Terrace, Great Victoria Street
Mathers, Henry A., student, 40 Ormeau Street
Mathers, Henry, clerk, 17 Brunswick Street
Mathers, James, grocer, 309 Shankhill Road
Mathers, Jas., beamer, 11 Elliott's Row, Springfield Road
Mathers, Thomas, whitesmith, 36 Smithfield
Matheson, Chas., muslin printer, 16 Artillery Street
Matheson, E., pork cutter, 72 Stanhope Street
Mathew, Rev. James, 2 Wellwood Place
Mathews, David, car driver, 46 Peter's Hill
Mathews, Hugh, miller, 6 Tilly Street
Mathews, James, shoe maker, 41 Grosvenor Place
Mathews, John, caulker, 12 Tilly Street
Mathews, John, boarding house, 84 & 86 Great Patrick Street
Mathews, Mrs., eating house, 30 Gamble Street
Mathews, T., fowl merchant, 21 York Street
Mathews. Wm. J., hatter, 27 Edward Street
Mathews. William, salesman, 34 Alton Street
Mathewson, R. K., 47 Mountview Terrace, Crumlin Road
Mathewson, Robt., engine driver, 16 Winburne Street
Matthews, Brothers, wholesale and family grocers, 20 High Street, 137 North Street and 28 Woodstock Street
Matthews, Hugh K. (of Matthews Bros.), 4 Colinview Terrace, Colinview
Mathews, Samuel (of Mathews Bros.), 4 Colinview Terrace, Colinview
Mathews, John, teacher of music, 39 Willow Street
Matthews, John, clothes dealer, 19 Berry Street
Matthews, Mary A., 5 Antrim Place, Duncairn Street
Matthews, R. B. (Golden Plough Seed Warehouse), nurseryman & seed merchant, 65 & 67 Victoria Street; stores, 6, 8, 10 & 12 William Street; nurseries, Cave Hill Road
Matthews, John, manager R. B. Matthews' nurseries, 23 Cave Hill Road
Matthews, Thomas, bookkeeper, 21 Wellington Park Terrace, Wellington Park
Matthews, William, hair dresser, 106 North Street and 63 John Street
Maule, James, traveller, 15 Bedeque Street
Maunsell & Calvert, marine surveyors and consulting engineers, 15 Arthur Street
Maunsell, Matthew, builder, 6 Cook Street
Maunsell, Richard, brick layer, 36 Lindsay Street
Mawhinney, James, sawyer, 12 Lancaster Street
Mawhinney, James, seaman, 6 Stanley Place
Mawhinney, James, carpenter, 51 Welsh Street
Mawhinney, John, sample maker, 92 Eliza Street
Mawhinney, Miss, Parkview Villas, Strandtown
Mawhinney, Samuel, publican, 169 Brookfield Place, Crumlin Road
Mawhirter, Wm. J., bread server, 4 Percy Street
Maxwell, D. A., carpenter and builder, 24 Great Victoria Street; res., 5 Ulsterville Avenue
Maxwell, George, fruiterer, 3 Crumlin Road
Maxwell, George, diver, 15 Frazer Street
Maxwell, George, riveter, 18 Baltic Street
Maxwell, G., fruit dealer, 13 Union Street
Maxwell, Hugh, stone mason, 60 Sixth Street
Maxwell, James, linen lapper, 24 Bentham Street
Maxwell, James, clerk, 40 Hamill Street
Maxwell, James, carpenter, 61 Hanna Street
Maxwell, James, miller, New Ballynafeigh Road
Maxwell, John, grocer, 5 Eliza Street
Maxwell, John, joiner, 3 Ambrose Street
Maxwell, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Whiteabbey
Maxwell, John, printer, 22 Thompson Street
Maxwell, Miss, 20 University Street
Maxwell, Mrs., 11 Upper Townsend Street
Maxwell, Mrs., fruiterer and green grocer, 135 York Street
Maxwell, Patrick, dealer, 21 Bell's Lane
Maxwell, Samuel, engineer, 37 Agnes Street
Maxwell, Wm. George, dyer, 10 Braemar Street
Maxwell, Wm. J., draper, 16 Upper Townsend Street
Maxwell, Wm., town missionary, 27 Virginia Street
May, Edward, clerk, 15 Halliday's Road
May, George (of Capper, May & Co.), 14 University Street
May, Hugh, iron moulder, 28 Mountpottinger Road
May, John, hay and straw dealer, 120 & 122 Peter's Hill
May, Mrs., newsagent and fruiterer, 23 Mill Street
May, Mrs., 3 University Street
May, Richard, rope maker, 125 Mountpottinger Road
May, Samuel, flesher, 82 Bridge End
May, Thomas, druggist, 205 York Street
Mayers, David, baker, 8 Norwood Street
Mayers, James C., cabinet maker and general house furnisher, 16 Castle Street; res., 62 Adela Terrace, Duncairn Street
Mayne, A., printer and publisher, 46 Gordon Street; res., 100 Donegall Street
Mayne, Brothers, commission and goods forwarding agents, and express parcels carriers, 21 Waring Street; grain stores and stables, 8, 10 & 12 Henry Street
Mayne, Alex. S., jun. (of Mayne Brothers); res., Edenview, Strandtown
Mayne, Thomas S. (of Mayne Brothers); res. Wandsworth House, Strandtown
Mayne, Alex. S., Fernville, Strandtown
Mayne, W. E., book seller and stationer (Ulster tract and book depository), 1 Donegall Square East; res., Fernville, Strandtown
Mayne, Henry, carpenter, 16 Northumberland Street
Mayne, John, caretaker, 99 Abercorn Rooms, Victoria Street
Mayne, Matthew, engineer, 47 California Street
Mayne, Thomas, 29 Dunluce Street
Maynes, John, letter carrier, 32 Alexander Street West
Maynes, Thomas, poulterer, 2 Castle Arcade
Maze, S., & Son, linen merchants, 2 Clarence Place
Maze, James (of S. Maze & Son), 11 Abercorn Terrace, Brookvale Avenue
May, Thomas, storeman, 6 Brown's Square
Meadley, Thomas, flax and flaxseed merchant, 8 Corporation Street; res., 3 Eaton Terrace, Rugby Road
Meares, Robert, clerk, 4 Cluan Place
Mecock, Thomas, cork cutter, 44 Stanhope Street
Mecredy, Rev. John (of Clifton Street Presbyterian Church), The Manse, 24 Clifton Street
Mecredy, Wills H., B.A., solicitor, Donegall Street; res., Grosvenor Street
Meehan, Charles, distiller, 138 Urney Street
Meehan, John, turner, 67 Hopeton Street
Meek, Charles, pawn broker, 61 Union Street
Meek, David, grocer, 66 Regent Street
Meek, Moses, & Co., wholesale grocers, 52 Great Edward Street & 60 Newtownards Road
Meek, Moses, grocer, 1 Clonallon Street
Meek, Richard, carpenter, 52 Agnes Street
Meeke, W. C., commission agent, 33 Ulster Buildings, Waring Street; res., Brighton House, Dunmurry
Meenan, Alex., fish monger, Castle Market; res., 5 Castle Arcade
Meenan, Wm., nailer, 21 Kent Street
Megarry, George, cloth passer, 3 Wilton Square South
Megarry, James, fisherman, 3 Spinner Street
Megarry, John, 32 Virginia Street
Megarry, Rev. James, LL.D., D.C.L. (of University Road Wesleyan Church), 18 Melrose Terrace, Wolseley Street
Megarry, Samuel, traveller, 19 Kearney's Buildings, Bridge End
Megarry, Thomas, spirit dealer, 96, 98 & 100 Cullingtree Road
Megarry, Wm., weaver, 305 Newtownards Road
Megarry, Wm., butcher, 35 Hercules Street
Megaw, John, packing case maker, 23 College Street South; res., 29 & 31 College Street South
Megaw, Robert (of Hamilton, Megaw & Thomson), The Prairie, Holywood
Megoff, Patrick, miller, 43 Grosvenor Place
Mehaffey, James, porter, 11 Bentinck Street
Mehaffy, Mrs., confectioner, 119 North Street
Mahaffey, Samuel, shoe maker, 35 Arnon Street
Meharg, Hugh, car owner, 16 Gaffikin Street
Meharg, James, auctioneer and appraiser, 35 Queen Street
Meharg, J., preparing master, 49 Agnes Street
Meharg, W. J., caretaker of Oddfellows' Hall, 65 Academy Street
Meharry, John, dairyman, 71 Vernon Street
Meharry, R. & J., wholesale grocers, 11 & 13 Queen's Square
Meighan, Thomas, horse shoer, 11 Little May Street
Meickle, W., block printer, 57 Westmoreland Street
Meikle, Wm., tailor, 13 Lindsay Street
Meissner, Dr. A. L., professor Queen's University, 7 Hampden Terrace, Rugby Road
Meldon, Hannah, lodging house keeper, 65 Carrick Hill
Mellon, Francis, shoe maker, 12 Hercules Street
Melville, Andrew, posting establishment and funeral undertaker, 89 & 91 Townsend Street
Melville, Samuel, brass founder and gas fitter, 39 Divis Street
Melville, Wm., mechanic, 10 Woodstock Street
Melville, Wm., gardener, 183 Woodstock Road
Melville, Wm., baker, 30 Peter's Hill
Menah, James, car owner, 17 University Street
Menah, Jas., bookkeeper, 27 Ashley Avenue
Menah, Joseph, shoe maker, 49 Blackstaff Road
Menagh, Mrs., music teacher, 28 University Street
Menagh, Thos., bookkeeper, 226 York Street
Menary, Mrs., grocer and refreshment rooms, 182 York Street
Menary, Samuel, Sunnyside, Dunmurry
Menaul, R. M., spirit dealer, 98 Newtownards Road
Meneely, James, venetian blind maker, 27 Killarney Street
Meneely, Jas., Newtown Lodge, Newtownbreda
Meneely, James, traveller, 65 Hopeton Street
Meneely, Rev. John, minister of Ballymacarrett Presbyterian Church, and Moderator of the General Assembly, The Manse, Albert Bridge Road
Meneely, Wm., spinning master, 25 Cambrai Street
Mercer, David - Moyallen Mills, Gilford (rep. by James Best), 2 Corporation Street
Mercer, George, chemist, 9 Moore Street
Mercer, G., winding master, 91 Grosvenor Street
Mercer, James, gilder, 50 Hartley Street
Mercer, John, tobacconist, 25 Tyrone Street
Mercer, John, spirit dealer, 370 Newtownards Road
Mercer, Joseph, clerk, 67 Sir Henry's Buildings, Albert Bridge Road
Mercer, Matthew, moulder, 13 Third Street
Mercer, Saml., relieving officer, 14 Carlisle Street
Mercer, Samuel, painter, 74 Union Street
Mercer, William S. (of Malcolm & Pentland's, Lurgan and Belfast), 9 Brookvale Avenue
Mercer, Wm., cloth passer, 91 Craigmore Street
Mercer, Wm., clerk, 1 Holmes Street
Merricks, Charles, traveller, 10 Mount Street
Merrick, Alex. Stewart, M.D., L.R.C.S.E., Co. Antrim, Asylum, Falls Road
Merrick, J. L. B., accountant, 160 Parkview, Albert Bridge Road
Metcalfe, Robt., auctioneer, 16 Pine Street
Mervyn, James, wood turner, 142 George Street
Middleton, Jas., horse dealer, 19 & 21 William Street
Middleton, Thos., fireman, 27 Artillery Street
Milbey, James, tobacco spinner, 25 Sydney Street
Milburn, John, sea captain, 68 Nelson Street
Miles, Adolphus, commission agent, 11 Chichester Street; res., 2 Cambridge Terrace, Ormeau Road
Miles, George, butcher, 133 Cromac Street
Miles, Wm., dairyman, 50 Cosgrave Street
Milford, Henry, solicitor, 54 Donegall Street
Milford, Samuel, carpenter, 20 Washington Street
Milfort Spinning Company - Wm. Malcolmson & Co., linen merchants, 10 Donegall Square West
Millan, Catherine, publican, 1 Copeland Street
Millar, Adam, saddler, 142 Cromac Street
Millar, Andrew, clerk, 34 Essex Street
Millar, Andrew, block and pump maker, 9 Hopewell Street
Millar, Andrew, jams, jellies and marmalade manufacturer, 18, 20 & 22 Clifton Street; res., Fortwilliam Terrace, Antrim Road
Millar, Arthur, carpenter, 29 Tyrone Street
Millar, Casement, collector of taxes, 45 Coomassie Terrace, Strandmillis Road
Millar, Daniel, grocer, 104 Boundary Street
Millar, Jas. Gilbert, com. traveller, 1 Colinview, Lisburn Road
Millar, James, traveller, 48 Spruce Street
Millar, James, surveyor, 41 Coomassie Terrace, Strandmillis Road
Millar, John, spirit dealer and straw merchant, 30 & 32 Cromac Street
Millar, Joseph, stone cutter, 62 Hartley Street
Millar, Mrs., 1 Lonsdale Street
Millar, Mrs., Concrete Cottage, Jordanstown
Millar, Robert, sailor, 31 Shore Street
Millar, Thomas, painter, 39 Denmark Street
Millar, Wm. John, cabinet maker, 19 Sarah Street
Millar, William H., powerloom factory manager, 10 Claremont Street
Millar, Wm., bookkeeper, 62 Eglinton Street
Millar, Wm., mechanic, 20 Cavour Street
Millar, Wm. J., confectioner, 59 Boundary Street
Millen, Adam, grocer, 29 Prince's Street
Millen, Dan., seaman, 9 & 11 Albert Bridge Road
Millen, Jas., wood turner, 19 Dundee Street
Millen, John, head spinning master, 22 Everton Street
Millen & Rankin, soda water manufacturers and bottling stores, 60 Tomb Street
Millin, Thomas, butcher, 15 Sarah Street
Milling, James, carpenter and builder, 2 Ventry Street
Miller, Alex., upholsterer, 43 Broadbent Street
Miller, Boyd, & Reid, wholesale woollen and Manchester warehouse, 42 & 44 Castle Street
Miller, Chas., boarding house, 81 Corporation Street
Miller, Charles, outfitter, 93 Corporation Street
Miller, Daniel, grocer, 4 Upper Cargill Street
Miller, David, clerk H.M. Customs (first class), 189 Lorne Terrace, Albert Bridge Road
Miller, H., cabinet maker, 116 Wellwood Place, Mountpottinger Road
Miller, James, cooper, 29 Erin Street
Miller, Jas., tailor, Durham Street
Miller, James, R.I.C., 62 Sandy Row
Miller, James, carpenter, 2 St. Andrew's Square
Miller, James. store keeper, 52 Trafalgar Street
Miller, James, gardener, 1 Shannon Street
Miller, James, carpenter, 4 Ariel Street
Miller, James, dealer, 12 Eton Street
Miller, James, painter, 17 Annette Street
Miller, Jane, toy shop, 129 Cromac Street
Miller, John, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 10 Ann Street
Miller, John, cloth passer, 34 Arkwright Street
Miller, John, buyer, Rosetta Avenue
Miller, J., dress maker, 57 Nelson Street
Miller, John, builder, 195 Nelson Street
Miller, John, carpenter, 10 Roden Street
Miller, John, tailor, 34 Skipton Street
Miller, John, brick layer, 29 Wesley Street
Miller, Joseph, Beaconsfield, Knock
Miller, Joseph, painter, 5 Bradford Square
Miller, Mrs., dress maker, 4 & 6 Garmoyle Street
Miller, Mrs., Ballymascreen, Greenisland
Miller, Peter, warehouseman, 2 Florenceville Avenue
Miller, Robt., bread server, 42 Beresford Street
Miller, Robt., sailor, 19 Skipton Street
Miller, Robert, sawyer, 33 Union Place
Miller, Robert, traveller, 5 Courtrai Street
Miller, Robert, compositor, 5 Belmore Street
Miller, Samuel, blacksmith, Purdysburn
Miller, Thos., store keeper, 15 Lower Barrow Street
Miller, Thomas, carpenter, 49 Whitla Street
Miller, Thomas, grocer, 46 Eliza Street
Miller, Thos., commercial traveller, 223 Rosemount Terrace, Albert Bridge Road
Miller, T., horse nail maker, 45 Arnon Street
Miller, Wm., cabinet maker, 8 King Street Mews
Miller, Wm. H., law clerk, 16 Unity Street
Miller, Wm., spinning master, 19 Berlin Street
Miller, Wm., builder, 18 Athol Street
Miller, Wm., gas fitter and brass finisher, 22 Dover Street
Millett, Michael, clerk, 116 Cullingtree Road
Milligan, Alex., railway constable, 5 Wardlow Row
Milligan, David, sea captain, Little York Street
Milligan, Henry, tailor, 8 Upton Street
Milligan, James, painter and glazier, 6 Cullingtree Street
Milligan, James, boot and shoe maker, 208 Shankhill Road
Milligan, John, agent, Station Street
Milligan, John, fireman, 5 Upper Barrow Street
Milligan, Mrs., 67 Shankhill Road
Milligan, Mrs., grocer, 84 Carrick Hill
Milligan, Peter, hemp and wire rope manufacturer, and ship chandler, 37 Queen's Square; res., Ravenhill Terrace, Ballynafeigh Road
Milligan, Robt., smith, 15 Pitt Street
Milligan, Thos., commission agent, 6 Waring Street
Milligan, W. H. & Co., tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 37 Ann Street
Milligan, Wm. J., commission agent, 6 Waring Street
Milligan, William George, joiner, 46 Northumberland Street
Milligan, W. H., & Co., tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 27 Ann Street
Milligan, W. J., commercial traveller, 4 Donegall Terrace, Duncairn Street
Milligen, John C., agent for Gauchalland Coal Co., Scottish Amicable Assurance Buildings, Ulster Street
Milliken, David, solicitor, 97 Donegall Street
Milliken, Emmanuel, grocer, 79 Newtownards Road
Milliken, Geo., roving master, 63 Blackstaff Road
Milliken, John, clerk, 44 Little Corporation Street
Milliken, John, teacher, 23 Fairview Street
Milliken, John, secretary Belfast and Co. Down Railway Co., Knock
Milliken, Mrs., Brenthamville, Knock
Milliken, Miss, grocer and spirit dealer, Whiteabbey
Milliken, M., grocer, 2 Seaforde Street
Milliken, Robt., 35 College Street South
Milliken, Samuel, mechanic, 68 Verner Street
Milliken, T. S., broker and commission agent, 27 Victoria Street
Milliken, Wm., box maker, 2 Kensington Street
Milliken, W. J., school teacher, 3 Fairview Street
Millin, David, clerk, 35 & 37 Newtownards Road
Millin, Wm., 1 Lansdowne Terrace, Botanic Avenue
Milling, Andrew, grocer, 92 Old Lodge Road
Milling, Robt., baker, 10 & 12 King Street
Milling, Wm., Washington House, Knock
Mills, Charles, harbour constable, 57 Osborne Street
Mills, Isabella, lodging house, 24 Francis Street
Mills, John, smith works, 3 Donegall Lane
Mills, John, cabinet maker, 15 Concord Street
Mills, Lindsay, & Co., book sellers, stationers, librarians, etc., 97 Donegall Street
Mills, Martha, machine sewing factory, 180 & 182 Agnes Street
Mills, Richd., merchant, Ardeen Villa, Antrim Road
Mills, Stephen, nailer, 73 Kent Street
Mills, Wm., carpenter, 10 Dagmar Street
Mills, Wm., cabinet maker, 67 Corporation Street
Mills, Wm., baker, 16 Silvergrove Street
Mills, Wm., wood turner, 64 Fleet Street
Milne, Alexander, & Co., gas works engineers and lessees, 11 Chichester Street
Milne, Wm., landscape gardener, 6 Franklin Street
Miniece, Jordan, bread server, 26 Langford Street
Minnis, David, builder, 13 Harmony Place, Dublin Road
Minnis, David, coachman, 35 Utility Street
Minnis, Joseph, commission agent, 3 Ormeau Road
Minnis, Wm., general grocer, 71 Shankhill Road
Miskelly, James K., grocer, Sunnyside, Dunmurry
Miskelly, James, stone mason, 1 Derry Street
Miskelly, John (of Morrow, Lemon & Co.), 132 Pottinger Place, Albert Bridge Road
Miskelly, John, boot and shoe maker, 378 Newtownards Road
Miskelly, Thomas, clerk, 9 Cross Street
Miskimmins, F., mechanic, 81 Hardinge Street
Miskimmins, James, clerk, 28 Carlisle Street
Miskimmon, John, carpenter, 17 Bellevue Street
Miskimmin, John, carpenter, 129 Sandy Row
Miskimmons, R., carpenter, 66 Agnes Street
Miskimmon, Samuel, carpenter, 135 Cupar Street
Miskimmons, Samuel, blacksmith, 23 Matlock Street
Miskimmon, Wm., carpenter, Pebble Cottage, Duncairn Street
Mitchell & Co., wholesale wine and spirit merchants, 86 & 88 Tomb Street; bonded stores 33 & 34 Donegall Quay and 7 & 9 Steam Mill Lane (stack S); cooperage, 86 Tomb Street
Mitchell, Wm. C., Iveagh Villa, Sydenham, Strandtown
Mitchell, Alex., carpenter, 8 Loftus Street
Mitchell, Alex., goods manager, Great Northern Railway Co. (Ireland), 48 Grosvenor Street
Mitchell, Andrew, cabinet salesman, 42 Frederick Terrace, Posnett Street
Mitchell, Alfred, secretary Protestant Orphan Society, 4 Connaught Terrace, University Street
Mitchell Bros., cambric lawn manufacturers, 8 James' Street South
Mitchell Bros. (Rosebank Mill), flax spinners and weavers; mill, factory and office, Flax Street
Mitchell, Alex. (of Mitchell Bros.), Glencraig, Craigavad
Mitchell, Joseph (of Mitchell Bros.), Olinda, Craigavad
Mitchell, Wm. S. (of Mitchell Bros.), Olinda, Craigavad
Mitchell, David, storeman, 57 Stanley Street
Mitchell, David, hardware merchant, house furnisher, iron monger and jeweller, 12 Castle Street; res., 141 Donegall Street
Mitchell, Edward, major R.E., 56 Prince Arthur Terrace, Crumlin Road
Mitchell, George, sea captain, 15 Dock Street
Michael, George, carpenter, 55 Cavour Street
Mitchell, G., cloth beetler, 112 Wilton Street
Mitchell, Henderson, bottler, 34 Sandy Row
Mitchell, Irvine D., commission and insurance agent, 1 & 3 North Street; res., 1 Osborne Terrace, Lisburn Road
Mitchell, James, draper, 5 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Mitchell, Mrs. John, fish monger, 21 & 23 Castle Lane; oyster and lobster house, 1 William Street South
Mitchell, John, plasterer, 17 Henrietta Street
Mitchell, John K., hosier, glover and outfitter, 9 & 11 High Street
Mitchell, John, compositor, 123 Vernon Street
Mitchell, John, foreman, fire brigade, 19 Police Square
Mitchell, J., caretaker Victoria Hall, Victoria Street
Mitchell, Rev. J. K. (of Crumlin Road Presbyterian Church), Fortwilliam Park
Mitchell, Robert, mate, 22 My Lady's Road
Mitchell, Robt., commercial traveller, 103 Claremont Place, Albert Bridge Road
Mitchell, R., school teacher, 55 North Queen Street
Mitchell, Samuel, winding master, 5 Lower Urney Street
Mitchell, Samuel, fireman, 24 Wilton Street
Mitchell, Wm., silk buyer (Hawkins, Robertson, Ferguson & Co.'s), 5 Ormeau Road
Mitchell, Wm., ship builder, 78 Grove Street
Mitchell, Wm. S., family grocer, 31 Crescent Terrace, University Road
Mitchell, Wm. J., cabinet maker, 6 Catherine Court
Mitchell, William, smith, 4 Canning Street
Mitchell, Wm., & Co., woollen drapers, 6 North Queen Street
Moag, John, grocer, Ligoniel
Moarn, James, sea captain, 96 Alfred Terrace, Mountpottinger Road
Moarn, Thomas, mill furnisher, 16 Queen Street
Moat, Bros., steam printers and stereotypers, 4 & 9 Pottinger's Court
Moat, Joseph (of Moat Bros.), 80 Forthingale Street
Moat, John (of Moat Bros.), 21 Fairview Street
Moat, Thomas, blacksmith, 49 Langford Street
Model School, Falls Road - George L. Moore, head master
Moffat, Geo., boot and shoe maker 33 Arthur Street
Moffat, Geo., traveller, 90 River Terrace, Short Strand
Moffat, Geo., grain and flour merchant and broker, 16 Waring Street
Moffat, Jas., sexton St. Matthew's, Shankhill Road
Moffat, W. J., bookkeeper, 78 Denmark Street
Moffat, Wm., secretary York Street Flax-Spinning Co. Ltd., 3 Lower Crescent
Moffett, H., 25 Lavinia Street
Moffet, James, shoe maker, 30 Broadbent Street
Moffett, John, soap and candle manufacturer, 57 Ann Street
Moffett, Margaret (Princess's Hotel), spirit dealer, 198 & 200 York Street
Moffett, Robt., sail maker, 53 North Thomas Street
Moffet, Samuel, carpenter, 3 Gilbert Street
Moffet, Thomas, mechanic, 30 Denmark Street
Moffit, Henry, car owner, 130 Leeson Street
Mogey, Alfred (of McCracken & Mogey), 12 Brougham Street
Mogey, Daniel, ship owner, 12 Brougham Street
Mogey, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 131 Grosvenor Street
Mogey, Joseph, clerk, 18 Limestone Road
Mohan, James, Scripture reader, 7 Perth Street
Mohan, John, butcher, 58 North Queen Street
Molds, John, smith, 23 Riga Street
Moles, Mrs., 82 Dalriada Terrace, Donegall Pass
Molloy, Charles, clerk, 12 Upton Street
Molloy, J., timber merchant, 36 Hardinge Street
Molloy, Rev. Wm., 124 Hughes' Buildings, Divis Street
Molloy, Robert, hackle maker, 18 Eton Street
Molloy, William, grocer, 65 Stanfield Street
Molyneux & Ferguson, starch manufacturers, 18 & 20 Unity Street; and Wilton Square South
Molyneux, George, post master, 19 Rugby Road
Molyneux, John, grocer, 263 Shankhill Road
Molyneux, Miss, 3 Fitzwilliam Street
Molyneux, S., clerk, 12 Hanover Street
Molyneux, W. R., managing partner, Ulster Brush Co., 6 Florence Place
Monahan, John, baker, 6 Dysart Street
Monahan, Robert J., steam sawyer, 23 Reilly's Place
Monaghan, Daniel, captain, 96 Upper Earl Street
Monaghan, Eliza, grocer, 122 Great George's Street
Monaghan, James, bleacher, 15 Elliott's Row, Springfield Road
Monaghan, Patrick, general dealer, 57, 58 & 59 Smithfield and 39 Smithfield Square
Moncrieff, J. W., & Co., commission agents, St. Anne's Buildings
Moncrieff, James W. (of J. W. Moncrieff & Co.), Dunedin, Antrim Road
Moncrieff, Mrs., 18 Dunluce Terrace, Lisburn Road
Moncrieff, Thos. W., commission agent, 61 Upper Church Lane
Moneypenny, James, moulder, 20 Kendal Street
Moneypenny, Mrs., 69 Fitzroy Avenue
Moneypenny, J., brass founder, 44 Castlereagh Street
Moneypenny & Watson, linen manufacturers, 10 James' Street South
Monroe, Richardson, brick manufacturer, 7 Colinview Terrace, Colinview
Monteith, Mrs., 26 Ashley Avenue
Monteith, Robert, clerk, 4 Waterford Street
Montgomery, Alex., clerk, 17 Arnon Street
Montgomery, Alex., stone cutter, 75 Craigmore Street
Montgomery, Andrew, pattern maker, 46 Israel Street
Montgomery, C. & Co., linen merchants, Linen Hall
Montgomery, C. & J., pharmaceutical chemists, 70 & 74 Donegall Street
Montgomery, Druitt, & Co., damask and diaper manufacturers, Linen Hall
Montgomery, Geo., bleacher, 7 Courtrai Street
Montgomery, H., mechanic, 179 Warwick Terrace, Woodstock Road
Montgomery, H., baker, 66 Wall Street
Montgomery, Hugh, miller, 14 Hartwell Street
Montgomery, H., carpenter, 15 North Thomas Street
Montgomery, Henry, tailor, 26 Thompson Street
Montgomery, J. J., borough surveyor - office, Town Hall; res., 23 Great Victoria Street
Montgomery, Jas., farmer, Ballymurphy
Montgomery, James, 103 Colinview
Montgomery, James, painter, 46 Linfield Road
Montgomery, James, 135 Grosvenor Street
Montgomery, James, roper, 36 Skipton Street
Montgomery, James, grocer and delf merchant, 62 Shankhill Road
Montgomery, Jas., caulker, 37 Vere Street
Montgomery, Jas., fitter, 62 Urney Street
Montgomery, James, clerk, 11 Rutherford Street
Montgomery, James, Wolfhill House, Ligoniel
Montgomery, J., watchman, 58 Seaforde Street
Montgomery, John, carpenter, 54 Glengall Street
Montgomery, John, wine and spirit dealer, 311 Shankhill Road
Montgomery, John, iron moulder, 34 Maria Place
Montgomery, John, grocer, 6 Fleetwood Street
Montgomery, John, mill manager, 93 City View Terrace, Falls Road
Montgomery, John, mechanic, 94 Upper Earl Street
Montgomery, Jonathan, clerk, 21 Thomas Street
Montgomery, Launcelot (of Pratt & Montgomery), Oldpark Terrace, Oldpark Road
Montgomery, M., nurse tender, 11 Lower California Street
Montgomery, Matthew, clerk, 31 Sandy Row
Montgomery, Miss M., 20 Elmwood Avenue
Montgomery, Miss, dress maker, 25 Spencer Street
Montgomery, Mrs., Mount Eden, Shankhill Road
Montgomery, Mrs., 9 Murray's Terrace
Montgomery, Mrs., 25 Posnett Street
Montgomery, Mrs., Wilmont Terrace
Montgomery, R., carpenter, 21 Rosewood Street
Montgomery, Rev. Robt., minister of Great Victoria Street Presbyterian Church, 189 Great Victoria Street
Montgomery, Robert, stone cutter, 72 Eliza Street
Montgomery, Saml., cooper, 6 Upper Townsend Street
Montgomery, S., bookkeeper, 63 Castlereagh Street
Montgomery, Thos., ship carpenter, 17 North Ann Street
Montgomery, Thos., grocer and spirit dealer 50 Elizabeth Street
Montgomery, Thomas, butler, 14 Lindsay Street
Montgomery, Thomas, director, Northern Bank, Ballydrain, Dunmurry
Montgomery, Wm., carpenter, 8 Carson's Row, Lisburn Road
Montgomery, Wm. John, carpenter, 37 Kendal Street
Montgomery, Wm., mechanic, 10 Kendal Street
Montgomery, William, iron moulder, 14 Riversdale Street
Montgomery, Wm., salesman, 46 Hanover Street
Montgomery, William John, baker, 47 Carlow Street
Montgomery, Wm., carpenter, 20 Blayney Street
Montgomery, Wm., auctioneer, valuer, surveyor of risks, and general brokers; and agents for Imperial Fire Insurance Co., 100 Donegall Street; res., 1 Hampden Terrace, Rugby Street
Moody, John, blacksmith, 204 York Street
Moody, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, 27 Samuel Street
Moody, Saml., mill strapping manufacturer, 28 Upper Townsend Street
Moon, James, nut and bolt maker, 42 Crimea Street
Mooney, Bernard, block and pump maker, 1 & 3 Bradford Square
Mooney, Bridget, marine store dealer, 65 Green Street
Mooney, Edward, carpenter, 53 Cullingtree Road
Mooney, Hugh, sawyer, 39 New Lodge Road
Mooney, John, insurance agent, 83 Carrick Hill
Mooney, John, woollen buyer, 25 Claremont Street
Mooney, John, riddle maker, 7 Smithfield Court
Mooney, John, painter, 112 Durham Street
Mooney, Mrs., 98 New Ballynafeigh Road
Mooney, M., builder, 42 Unity Street
Mooney, Patrick, butcher, 7 Hercules Street
Mooney, William, gardener, 91 Strandmillis Road
Mooney, Robert, reed maker, 48 Spinner Street
Mooney, Roger, weigh master, 131 Nelson Street
Moore, A. & A., brokers and commission agents, 6 Ulster Chambers, Waring Street
Moore, Alex., tea merchant, 18 Ball's Buildings, St. Lawrence Street
Moore, Andw., commission agent, 32 Ball's Buildings, St. Lawrence Street
Moore, Archibald, farmer, Broomhill, Andersontown
Moore, Alex., chandler, 58 Hanover Street
Moore, Arthur, hair dresser, 17 McTier Street
Moore, Andrew, hair dresser, 10 Millfield
Moore, Agnes, 7 Franklin Street
Moore, Alex., painter and decorator, 29 Arthur Street; res., 33 Prospect Terrace, University Road
Moore, Alex., brass founder, 81 Craigmore Street
Moore, A. B., linen merchant, 9 Donegall Square North
Moore Brothers, commission and colliery agents, the Northern Steam Navigation Co. (Limited), Belfast and Bangor steamer, 18 Donegall Quay
Moore & Co., aerated water manufacturers, 28 Fountain Street
Moore, Charles, coal porter, 26 Stephen Street
Moore, Catherine, furniture dealer, 58 & 60 Hercules Street; and butcher, 63 & 65 Hercules Street, 49 & 51 Divis Street
Moore, David, hemp dresser, 140 Boundary Street
Moore, Dan., tile manufacturer, 3 & 5 Innes' Place
Moore, David, grocer, 47 North Queen Street
Moore, David, horse dealer, 58 Wall Street
Moore, David, carpenter, 11 Lee Street
Moore, D. W., provision merchant, 26 Wellington Park
Moore, Edward, linen lapper, 5 Rosewood Street
Moore, Eliza, grocer, 154 Nelson Street
Moore, Francis, wine and spirit merchant, 28 Great Edward Street
Moore, Francis M., chronometer and practical watch maker, nautical instrument maker, optician, etc., 102 High Street, Belfast, & 23 Eden Quay, Dublin; res., 60 Fitzroy Crescent
Moore, F., & Co. Limited, Monkstown Mill, Whiteabbey
Moore, George, commercial traveller, 30 University Street
Moore, Geo., bookkeeper, Tun Street
Moore, Geo., head master, Model School, Ravenhill Terrace, Old Ballynafeigh Road
Moore, Henry, painter, Blackwater Street
Moore, Henry, painter, 64 Hartley Street
Moore, Henry, sexton, 37 Tyrone Street
Moore, Hugh, butcher, 21 Hercules Place
Moore, Hugh, draper, etc., 108 Durham Street
Moore, Hugh, 15 University Square
Moore, Jas., mercantile stationer, account book manufacturer, engraver, lithographer and letterpress printer, etc., 17 & 19 Donegall Place
Moore, James, printer, stationer and general dealer, 24 & 26 Church Lane
Moore, James, M.D., surgeon, 7 Chichester Street
Moore, James, porter, 14 Bruce Street
Moore, James, clerk of works, Corunna House, Old Ballynafeigh Road
Moore, James, account book maker, stationer, lithographer and printer, 36 High Street
Moore, James, engineer, 190 Grosvenor Street
Moore, James, foreman, 52 Duncairn Street
Moore, James (Millfield Foundry), iron founder, 106 & 108 Millfield; res., 90 Dover Street
Moore, James, lamp lighter, 2 Kenmare Street
Moore, James, bookkeeper, 13 Great George's Street
Moore, James, linen lapper, 1 Scotchmount, Lisburn Road
Moore, James, 2 Ball's Buildings, St. Lawrence Street
Moore, James, carpenter, 3 McCleery Street
Moore, Jas., painter, 11 Sussex Street
Moore, James, mill furnisher, Newtownbreda
Moore, James, land steward, Purdysburn
Moore, Jane, 18 Eglinton Terrace, Crumlin Road
Moore, Janet, 114 Donegall Pass
Moore, John, painter and glazier, Christopher Street
Moore, John, pork cutter, 6 Brownlow Street
Moore, John, coach man, 60 Brownlow Street
Moore, John William, 11 Eblana Street
Moore, John J., collector, 32 Essex Street
Moore, John, 10 Wellington Park
Moore, John, clerk, 148 Old Lodge Road
Moore, John, confectioner, 25 Old Lodge Road
Moore, John, plumber and gas fitter, 30 Lindsay Street
Moore, John, overseer, 44 Upton Street
Moore, John, dyer, 86 Lincoln Street
Moore, John, butcher, New Ballynafeigh Road
Moore, John, commercial traveller, 91 McMillan's Buildings, Albert Bridge Road
Moore, John, mechanic, 192 Agnes Street
Moore, John, M.D., 2 Carlisle Terrace, Crumlin Road
Moore, Joseph, publican, 88 Abyssinia Street
Moore, Malcolm, boot maker, 11 Donegall Street; res., 12 Adela Street
Moore, Maurice, tobacco spinner, 4 Sarah Street
Moore, Mrs., 14 Elmwood Avenue
Moore, Mrs., haberdasher, 147 Old Lodge Road
Moore, Mrs., 23 Claremont Street
Moore, McKee, & Co., rectifying distillers, wine and spirit merchants, 20 Waring Street
Moore, Nathaniel, spirit dealer and stabling, 42, 44 & 46 Great George's Street
Moore, Patrick, overseer, 6 Cambridge Street
Moore, Richard, brick layer, 45 Blackstaff Road
Moore, Robt., assistant grocer, 10 Fleetwood Street
Moore, R., linen lapper, 80 Joy Street
Moore, R. C., commission agent and merchant, 9 Fountain Street
Moore, Robert, rent and land agent, 32 Gloucester Street
Moore, Robert, carpenter, 3 Russell Street
Moore, Robt., grocer, 96 Old Lodge Road
Moore, R. S., spirit merchant, Whitewell
Moore, Robert, carpenter, 19 Bedeque Street
Moore, Robert, draper, 20 Upper Cargill Street
Moore, Robt., boot and shoe maker, 15 Academy Street
Moore, Robinson, & Co., wholesale woollen and Manchester warehousemen, 11 Waring Street
Moore, Jno. (of Moore, Robinson & Co.), 5 Ulster Terrace, Lisburn Road
Moore, Rev. J. H., minister of Elmwood, The Manse, University Road
Moore, Rev. S. M., The Vicarage, Derriaghy, Dunmurry
Moore, Samuel, provision merchant, 4 Glenfield Place, Ormeau Road
Moore, Samuel, car owner, 2 Wesley Street
Moore, Samuel, iron turner, 56 Northumberland Street
Moore, Samuel, haberdasher, 48 North Street
Moore, Samuel, boot and shoe manufacturer, 19 North Street
Moore, Samuel, shipwright, 185 Nelson Street
Moore, Sarah, grocer, 27 Stanley Street
Moore, Samuel, butcher, 23 Hercules Street Place
Moore,  Sam. N., teacher, 148 Agnes Street
Moore, Samuel, grocer, butter and provision merchant, 9 Ann Street
Moore, Selina, cork cutter, 76 Hercules Street
Moore, Thomas, cutter, 44 Hartley Street
Moore, Thos., pattern maker, 25 Downing Street
Moore, Thomas C., 7 Richmond Crescent, Antrim Road
Moore, Wildridge, coal dealer, 59 Downing Street
Moore, Wm., Scripture reader, 26 Foyle Street
Moore, Wm., linen dresser, 18 Glentilt Street
Moore, Wm., boot maker, 6 Grace Street
Moore, William, chandler, 60 Hartley Street
Moore, Wm., ship and insurance broker and commission merchant, 15 Victoria Street
Moore, Wm. J., French polisher, 41 Riga Street
Moore & Weinberg, linen manufacturers, bleachers and linen yarn merchants, 12 Linenhall Street
Moore, Wm., smith, 11 St. Andrew's Square
Moore, Wm. J., traveller, 36 Stanley Street
Moore, Wm., furniture dealer, 9 Smithfield Square
Moore, Wm., publican, 75 Upper Church Lane
Moore, William, tar refiner, 5 Brownlow Street
Moore, Wm., bottling stores, 3 & 5 Gable Street
Moore, Wm., painter, 5 Berlin Street
Moorcroft, Mrs., private school, 50 Nelson Street
Moorehead, David, carpenter, 34 Mountpottinger Road
Moorehead, James, grocer and cooperage, 44 & 46 Pilot Street
Moorehead, J. C., deputy superintendent of fire brigade, 9 Police Square
Moorhead, James, cooperage, 19 Prince's Dock
Moorehead, James, fireman, 18 Clements Street
Moorehead, Robert B., 3 Alexandra Terrace
Moorehead, R., bookkeeper, 34 Cavour Street
Moorehead, Robert, sawyer, 25 Southwell Street
Moorehead, William, baker, 47 Welsh Street
Moorehead, William, commission agent, 2 Lackagh Street
Moran, Edwd., lithographic printer, 40 Hamilton Street
Moran, Edw., accountant and insurance agent, 44 Upper Arthur Street
Moran, John, bottle blower, 125 Carrick Hill
Moran, Patrick, lithographic printer, 7 Kildare Street
Moran, Rev. John (of Belmont Presbyterian Church), The Manse, Belmont
Moreland, Andrew, pawn broker, 113 Peter's Hill
Moreland, A., shoe maker, 4 Valentine Street
Moreland, Brothers, flax spinners and linen manufacturers (Loopbridge Mill), Castlereagh Road; office, 30 Donegall Place
Moreland, Alex. (of Moreland Bros.), Loopbridge House, Castlereagh Road
Moreland, William H. (of Moreland Bros.), Bloomfield House, Bloomfield
Moreland, Hugh, M.D., 83 Corporation Street
Moreland, Hugh, foreman, 29 Kenilworth Street
Moreland, John H., Kensington House, Knock
Moreland, John, linen lapper, 6 Steen's Row
Moreland & Legg, coal merchants, Whiteabbey
Moreland, James (of Moreland & Legg); res., Ballyduff, Carnmoney, Whiteabbey
Moreland, Robert, farmer, 101 Grovefield Terrace, Woodstock Road
Moreland, R. & W., grocers, 14 Little Patrick Street
Moreland, Robert, draper's assistant, 22 Broadbent Street
Moreland, Saml., grocer, meal, flour and bran store, 55 Peter's Hill
Moreland, Wm., grease and tallow merchant, 47 New Bond Street
Moreland, Wm., cabinet maker, 5 Tyrone Street
Moreland, Wm., merchant, 3 Newington Terrace, Limestone Road
Morgan, Albert, printer, 5 Sackville Place
Morgan, Bernard, shoe maker, 8 Francis Street Place
Morgan, Chas., linen lapper, 10 Percy Street
Morgan, Charles J., bookseller, 31 Walnut Street
Morgan, Francis, printer, 19 Erin Street
Morgan, Hiram, butcher, 130 Cromac Street
Morgan, Jas., fowl dealer, 17 Verner Street
Morgan, James, carpenter, 5 Little Grosvenor Street
Morgan, Jas., spirit merchant, 2 & 4 Malcolm Street
Morgan, John, rougher, 10 Rothesay Street
Morgan, Margaret, grocer, 26 Lagan Street
Morgan, Margt., refreshment rooms, 124 Corporation Street
Morgan, Mrs., Viewmount, Windsor Avenue
Morgan, Murtagh, spirit dealer, 81 Divis Street
Morgan, Miss, dress maker, 30 Arnon Street
Morgan, Patrick, tailor, 107 McTier Street
Morgan, Patrick, spirit dealer, 2 Murphy Street
Morgan, Robert, moulder, 14 Norfolk Street
Morgan, R., pawn broker and spirit dealer, 171 & 173 Sandy Row and 3 & 5 Blackstaff Road
Morgan, Silas, draper, 14 Athol Street
Morgan, Wm., insurance agent, 35 Canning Street
Morman, Mrs., grocer, 8 Bow Street
Mornan, John, teacher, 1 Sheals Street
Morrell, James, butcher, 39 Rosemary Street
Morrell, Jas., butcher, 60 Little Patrick Street
Morrell, John, butcher, 81 Hercules Street
Morris, Abraham, commercial traveller, 43 Sunnyside Street
Morris, Archibald, buyer, Rosetta Avenue
Morris, Jas., mechanic, 40 Westmoreland Street
Morris, Mrs., spirit grocer, 30 Joy Street
Morris, Miss, 44 Peter's Hill
Morris, Ralph, china, glass and delf warehouse, 37 & 39 Shankhill Road
Morris, Wm. H., soap and candle manufacturer, 42 & 44 North Street
Morris, Wm. A., manufacturer, 8 Belvoir Terrace, University Street
Morris, Wm., linen lapper, 16 Stanhope Street
Morrison, Alex. (Dublin Bridge Hotel), 3 Dublin Road and 1 & 3 Bruce Street
Morrison, Alexander, spout maker, 32 Hartley Street
Morrison, A., confectioner, 41 Rosemary Street
Morrison, Rev. A. M. (of Mountpottinger Independent Church), 52 Calvin Street
Morrison, A. M., draper's assistant, 53 Brougham Street
Morrison, Arthur, horse shoer, 72 North Boundary Street
Morrison, Charles, engine driver, 52 Frederick Street
Morrison, David, Killeen Cottage, Dundonald
Morrison, David, engine driver, 49 Norwood Street
Morrison, Daniel, bookkeeper, 29 Percy Street
Morrison, Edward, mechanic, 21 Percy Street
Morrison, George, mechanic, 9 Saunderson Street
Morrison, Geo., tailor, 14 Christopher Street
Morrison & Gough, ship brokers and general commission agents, 32 Garmoyle Street
Morrison, Henry, packer, 29 Eureka Street
Morrison, Hugh, mechanic, 280 Shankhill Road
Morrison, Hugh, farmer, Whiterock Road, Ballymurphy
Morrison, Hugh, tailor, 22 Academy Street
Morrison, Hugh, clerk, Ballysillan
Morrison, James, Belgrave Villas, Strandtown
Morrison, James, coach builder, 4 Keegan Street
Morrison, James, 11 Howard Street
Morrison, James, bread server, 138 Sandy Row
Morrison, James, spirit dealer, 105 & 107 Donegall Pass
Morrison, James, compositor and stationer, 98 Cromac Street
Morrison, James, carpenter, 7 Cavour Street
Morrison, John, iron turner, 22 Blayney Street
Morrison, J. & J., and Thompson, brewers, Edinburgh - Colin McCall, agent, 46 Smithfield
Morrison, John, mechanic, 17 Kensington Street
Morrison, Matthew, pawn broker, 69 Shankhill Road
Morrison, Mary Jane, sempstress, 10 Letitia Street
Morrison, M., shipwright, 21 Springmount Street
Morrison, Miss, dress maker, 29 Grosvenor Street
Morrison, Miss, servants' registry office, 21 College Street
Morrison, Richard, printer, 13 McCleery Street
Morrison, Robert, bread server, 15 Killarney Street
Morrison, Robert, R.I.C., 17 Linview Street
Morrison, Robert, butler, Grove Cottage, Shore Road
Morrison, Robert, ship carpenter, 25 Shipbuoy Street
Morrison, Robert, grocer, 42 Woodstock Road
Morrison, Robt., trunk maker, 60 North Street; res., Brookvale Avenue
Morrison, Robert, tailor, 4 Anglesea Street
Morrison, Samuel, grocer, 12 Welsh Street
Morrison, Samuel, draper, Havelock View
Morrison, Samuel, clerk, 20 Dunluce Terrace, Lisburn Road
Morrison, Thomas, tailor, 34 Erin Street
Morrison, Thomas, Ulster General Advertiser, & general printing establishment, 2a Donegall Street; res., 84 Great George's Street
Morrison, Thos., storeman, 50 Grove Street
Morrison, Thomas, shoe maker, 27 Linfield Road
Morrison, Thomas, painter, 40 Brown Street
Morrison, Wm., sea captain, 120 Castlereagh Street
Morrison, William, seaman, 28 Caroline Street
Morrison, Wm., car owner, 62 Boyd Street
Morrison, Wm., shoe maker, 11 Cargill Street
Morrison, Wm. (Commercial Temperance Hotel), 10 & 12 Gamble Street
Morrison, William, Margaret Villa, Strandtown
Morrison, William, Kincora Villas, Strandtown
Morrison, William, clerk, Castlereagh
Morrison, Wm., store keeper, 9 Woodstock Street
Morrison, William, car man, 26 East Street
Morrison, Wm., tailor, 8 Tilly Street
Morrow, A., tailor, 19 Talbot Street
Morrow, Alexander, carpenter, 26 Peveril Street
Morrow, Alexander, roper, 11 Skipton Street
Morrow, Alex., builder, Jocelyn Cottage, Woodstock Road
Morrow, Alex., inspector harbour police, 68 Earl Street
Morrow, Anderson, weaver, 9 Scotch Row
Morrow, Andrew, guard, 22 Glenalpin Street
Morrow, Andrew, linen cuff and collar manufacturer, 20 Castlereagh Street
Morrow, Andw., iron monger, 5 Adela Place
Morrow, Andrew, hackle setter, 46 Aberdeen Street
Morrow, Charles, preparing master, 250 Shankhill Road
Morrow, David, secretary to Diocesan Council of Down and Connor and Dromore, 9 Dunluce Street
Morrow, Geo., painter, 18 North Queen Street
Morrow, H., 6 Trinity Street
Morrow, James, tailor, 10 Sackville Street
Morrow, James, tenter, 183 Wilton Street
Morrow, James, grocer and sergeant-at-mace, 24 & 26 Little May Street
Morrow, John, dairyman, 46 Seaforde Street
Morrow, John, pork cutter, 18 Shipbuoy Street
Morrow, John, joiner, 94 Eliza Street
Morrow, John, bookkeeper, 94 Grosvenor Terrace, Grosvenor Street
Morrow, Lemon, & Co., patent rope and twine manufacturers, sail makers and ship chandlers, 4 Short Strand, Ballymacarrett, 61 Ann Street and 7 Corporation Square
Morrow, David (of Morrow, Lemon & Co.), Jocelyn Cottage, Woodstock Road
Morrow, Martin, grocer and provision merchant, 14 & 16 Garmoyle Street
Morrow, Mrs., pawn broker, 113 Durham Street
Morrow, Mrs., 6 Zetland Street
Morrow, Miss E., 76 Denmark Street
Morrow, Richard, boot and shoe maker, 4 Carlow Street
Morrow, Robert, grocer, 116 & 118 Crumlin Road
Morrow, Robert, 9 Landscape Avenue
Morrow, Robt., jeweller, 5 Perth Street
Morrow, R. L., cashier and bookkeeper, 44 Fitzroy Avenue
Morrow, Saml., carpenter, 75 Vernon Street
Morrow, Wm., & Co., manufacturers of jams, jellies, marmalade and confectionery, 20, 22 & 24 Peter's Hill; stores, 20 Millfield
Morrow, Wm. J., pork curer, 24 Linfield Road
Morrow, Wm., boot & shoe maker, 43 Willow Street
Morrow, William, Henryvale, Dundonald
Morrow, Wm., merchant, 55 Eglinton Street
Morrow, Wm., bookkeeper, 7 Elm Street
Morrow, Wm., bookkeeper, 19 Talbot Street
Morrow, Wm., bread server, 17 Pernau Street
Morrow, Wm., shoe maker, 1 Charlotte Street
Morrow, William, lodging house, 62 Carrick Hill
Morrow, Wm., brick layer, 5 Bentinck Street
Mortimer, James, boot and shoe manufacturer, 5 College Street South
Mortimer, John & Wm., boot and shoe makers, 8 Church Lane
Mortimer, Robert, umbrella and walking-stick manufacturer, 16 North Street; res., Holywood
Morton, Andw., stock broker, 11 St. James Street
Morton, Alex., painter, 23 Rotterdam Street
Morton, A., carpenter, 12 Unity Street
Morton, Mrs. A. J., wine and spirit dealer, 71 Walton Street
Morton, David, auctioneer, etc., 42, 46 & 48 Berry Street and 70 Smithfield
Morton, David, foreman riveter, 42 Cosgrove Street
Morton, James, mechanic, 60 Aberdeen Street
Morton, James, tramway driver, 74 McDonnell Street
Morton, James, auctioneer (Ulster saleroom), 9 Queen's Square
Morton, Jas., solicitor, 33 Ulster Buildings, Waring Street; res., 213 Rosemount Terrace, Albert Bridge Road
Morton, John, ale and porter bottler, 5 Donegall Lane; res., Islandgreen, Newtownbreda
Morton, John, bookkeeper, 16 Regent Street
Morton, John, accountant, 1 Donegall Terrace, Duncairn Street
Morton, John, flax buyer, 13 Landscape Avenue
Morton, Joseph, bookkeeper, 65 Devonshire Street
Morton, Mrs., 36 Granville Terrace, Magdala Street
Morton, Miss, 53 Eglinton Street
Morton, Thomas, publican, Ligoniel
Morton, Robt., custom house officer, 41 Waverley Terrace, Ashley Avenue
Morton, Samuel, auctioneer, 46 Berry Street
Morton, Thomas, engineer, 20 Boundary Street
Morton, W. John, mechanic, 3 Albany Street
Morton, Wm., superintendent Bank buildings, 58 Castlereagh Street
Morton, Wm. B., Brookhill Terrace, Cliftonville
Morton, Wm., R.I.C., 23 Distillery Street
Morton, William, bookkeeper, 4 Windsor Street
Motherwell, Sarah, 24 Thorndale Avenue
Motherwell, Wm., lithographic printer, 101 McClure Street
Moulds, John, clerk, 63 Norwood Street
Mountstephens, Joseph, Customs officer, 11 Clandeboye Street
Moutray, Alex., 4 Murray's Terrace
Moutray, Wm., pensioner, 10 Utility Street
Muchan, James, car owner, 24 California Street
Muir, Alex., block printer, 10 Arkwright Street
Muir, David, 43 Lilliput Street
Muir, W. S., circulating library, 12 Upper Townsend Street
Muirhead, Geo., bookkeeper, 16 Sussex Place
Muirhead, John, dyer and cleaner, 135 Donegall Street
Muldoon, Francis, paper dealer, 22 Chapel Lane
Muldoon, James, dealer, 5 Francis Street
Muldoon, James, grocer, 42 & 54 Carrick Hill
Muldoon, John, engineer, 77 North Queen Street
Muldoon, Michael, car owner, 24 Milford Street
Muldrew, Wm. John, clerk, Baltic Street East
Mulgrave, John, linen lapper, 114 Hughes's Buildings, Divis Street
Mulgrave, Samuel, grocer, 14 Welsh Street
Mulgrew, James, linen merchant, 1 College Street
Mulgrew, John, shoe maker, 40 Newtownards Road
Mulgrew, Mrs., dealer, 97 Carrick Hill
Mulgrew, Patrick, wine and spirit dealer, 56, 58 & 60 Massereene Street
Mulhearn, J., rope spinner, 123 Lemon's Row, Mountpottinger Road
Mulholland, B., engine driver, 25 Springmount Street
Mulholland, Cunningham, M.D., surgeon and apothecary, 41 Prospect Terrace, University Road
Mulholland, David, spirit dealer, 1 Norfolk Street
Mulholland, Denis, brick layer, 31 Hamill Street
Mulholland, Fras., carpenter, 85 Sussex Street
Mulholland, Geo., newsagent, etc., Whitehouse
Mulholland, Geo., seaman, 111 North Queen Street
Mulholland, Hy., boat builder, 6 Shaftesbury Street
Mulholland, Hugh, turner, 50 Linfield Road
Mulholland, J. H., commission, rent and insurance agent, 8 Telfair Street; res., Meadowbank Street
Mulholland, Jas., grocer and publican, 57 Hanover Street
Mulholland, John, carpenter, 58 Hardinge Street
Mulholland, John, foreman carpenter, 7 Earl Street
Mulholland, J., linen lapper, 10 Beech Street
Mulholland, John, bleacher, 37 Linden Street
Mulholland, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 37 Milford Street
Mulholland, J. R. T. (of Northern Spinning and Weaving Co.); res., Tyne Cottage, Whiteabbey
Mulholland, Joseph, rope maker, 152 Leeson Street
Mulholland, Joseph, rope maker, 175 Cupar Street
Mulholland, Mary, grocer, 71 Durham Street
Mulholland, Mary Ann, haberdasher, 97 North Street
Mulholland, Miss, dress maker, 41 Essex Street
Mulholland, Mrs., 7 Fountainville Avenue
Mulholland, Mrs., 25 Meadowbank Street
Mulholland, Samuel, moulder, 8 Northland Street
Mulholland, Wm., sailor, 198 Nelson Street
Mulholland, Wm., tinsmith, 112 Walton Street
Mulholland, William, carpenter, 76 Beresford Street
Mulholland, William, sea captain, 28 & 30 Prince's Dock
Mullan, Abraham, linen lapper, 25 Silvergrove Street
Mullan, Alexander, mechanic, 43 Moscow Street
Mullan, Charles, seaman, 4 Quinn Street
Mullan, David, plasterer, 48 Carrick Hill
Mullan, Francis, joiner, 23 Lilliput Street
Mullan, Francis, baker and flour merchant, 161 North Queen Street
Mullan, James, whip maker, 46 Millfield
Mullan, James, grocer, 127 McDonnell Street
Mullan, James, carpenter, 32 North Queen Street
Mullan, James, linen lapper, 39 Ward Street
Mullan, John, brick layer, 69 Riga Street
Mullan, John, slater, 49 Pound Street
Mullan, Matthew, whip manufacturer, 66 Millfield
Mullan, Mrs., 31 Upper Townsend Street
Mullan, Neil, spirit dealer, 129 North Street
Mullan, Patrick, hair dresser, 39 Arnon Street
Mullan, Mrs. R. J., fancy warehouse, 19 Cromac Street
Mullan, Samuel, sea captain, 59 Earl Street
Mullan, Wm., spirit dealer, 13 Corporation Square
Mullan, Wm., wholesale and retail book seller and publisher, 4 Donegall Place; res., Strandtown
Mullan, William, wholesale grocer and general merchant, 81 Victoria Street; res., Willowfield, Woodstock Road
Mullan, William, Lismullan, Strandtown
Mullen, Andrew, spinning master, 12 Linwood Street
Mullen, Bernard, foreman, 4 Ross Street
Mullen, Henry, blacksmith, 10 Lawyer Street
Mullen, James, grocer, 133 Leeson Street
Mullen, James, Cherryvale, My Lady's Road
Mullen, James, rent agent, 41 Hopeton Street
Mullen, Patrick, fruit and potato dealer, 14 East Street
Mullen, Patrick, grocer, 2, 4 & 6 Wardlow Street
Mullen, Patrick, carpenter, 27 Broadbent Street
Mullen, Patrick, pork cutter, 1 Edward Street
Mullen, Peter, general dealer, 14 Smithfield Square
Mullen, Richard, dairyman, 1 Turnley Street
Mullen, Samuel, shoe maker, 32 Walton Street
Mullen, Wm., carpenter, 12 Auburn Street
Mullin, Thos., musician, 7 Singleton Street
Mulligan, Angus James, Ulster Bank, 2 Fitzroy Avenue
Mulligan, James, mill manager, 1 Everton Terrace, Crumlin Road
Mulligan, James, dairyman, 4 Kendal Street
Mulligan, John, boarding house, 14 Amelia Street
Mulligan, John, cook, 33 Joy Street
Mulligan, J. F., solicitor, 22 Arthur Street; res., 13 Cameron Street
Mulligan, Mrs., 32 Breadalbane Place, Great Victoria Street
Mulligan, Mrs., Ashburne, Strandtown
Mulligan, Richd., boot and shoe maker, Shankhill Road
Mulligan, Samuel, Antrim Place, Duncairn Street
Mulligan, Thomas, bookkeeper, 26 Cromac Street
Mulligan, T. A., cook and confectioner, 89 Joy Street
Mulligan, W. G., (of Springfield Bleaching Co. and Dye Works), Springfield Road
Mulloy, John, flesher, 148 North Street
Mulryne, Michael, coach builder, 8 McMillan's Place
Mulryne, Patrick, coach builder, 11 Great Edward Street
Mulryne, Patrick, coach maker, 12 Seymour Street
Mulville, Henry, clerk, 84 River Terrace, Short Strand
Munce, Andrew, flesher, 145 Shankhill Road
Munce, Andrew, flesher, 13 Corn Market and 1 Oxford Buildings, Donegall Pass
Munce, Andrew, Millbank, Dundonald
Munce, David, builder, 37 Bentinck Street
Munce, James, flesher, 156 Shankhill Road
Munce, John, grocer, 64 & 66 New Lodge Road
Munce, John, grocer, 1 Pinkerton Street
Mince, Mrs., 8 Wellington Park
Munce, Robert, flesher, 180 Shankhill Road
Munn, Wm. John, coachman, Carson's Place, Lisburn Road
Munroe, Lawrence, painter, 75 Vere Street
Munroe, Samuel, compositor, 11 Thomas Street
Munster, Alfred M., commission merchant, Royal Swedish and Norwegian Consulate, 1 Corn Exchange Buildings, Victoria Street
Munster, E. F., Danish consul for Ireland, 6 Corporation Street
Munster, P. L., & Sons, ship brokers, commission merchants, and insurance agents, 6 Corporation Street
Murdoch, Alex., carpenter, 114 Cullingtree Road
Murdoch, A. D., printer, 30 Essex Street
Murdoch, Andw., stone cutter, 9 Shannon Street
Murdoch, George, publican, 3 Adela Place
Murdoch, George E., Inland Revenue officer, 53 Clanbrassil Terrace, Castlereagh Street
Murdoch, George, engineer, 4 Wesley Place
Murdoch, G., engine driver, 27 Warwick Street
Murdoch, Geo., manufacturer of steam engines, etc., 45 & 47 Mill Street
Murdoch, H., foreman, 70 Denmark Street
Murdoch, I., foreman lapper, 7 College Street South
Murdoch, Isaac, fireman, 31 Gibson Street
Murdoch, James, brick layer, 28 Silvergrove Street
Murdoch, John, coach trimmer, 68 Bentinck Street
Murdoch, John, car owner, 60 Craigmore Street
Murdoch, Miss, 19 Harmony Place, Dublin Road
Murdoch, Ross, linen lapper, 42 Stanley Street
Murdoch, Samuel, boarding house, 31 Prince's Street
Murdoch, S., basket maker, 306 Newtownards Road
Murdoch, Samuel, pork cutter, 21 Alton Street
Murdoch, T., publican, 149 Agnes Street
Murdoch, Thomas, house painter and decorator, 53 Carlisle Street
Murdoch, Thos., hair dresser, 55 Stanley Street
Murdoch, Wm., compositor, 38 Spruce Street
Murdoch, William, linen lapper, Blackwater Street
Murdock, D., insurance agent, 52 Silvergrove Street
Murdock, John, cork manufacturer, 7 Napier Street
Murdock, John, roper, 52 Skipton Street
Murdock, John, cork cutter, 15 Hercules Street
Murdock, Wm., carpenter, 315 Springfield Place, Newtownards Road
Murie, John, currier, 42 California Street
Murland, Jas., flax spinner and bleacher, Castlewellan; town office, 41 Donegall Place
Murney, Henry & Son, tea warehouse, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, wine merchants and importers of gun powder, 8 High Street
Murney, Henry, J.P. (of Henry Murney & Son); res., Tudor House, Holywood
Murney, George (of Henry Murney & Son); res., Tudor House, Holywood
Murney, Henry, M.D., J.P., surgeon, 8 Donegall Square East
Murney, James, musician, 6 Hamill Square
Murphy, A., coal merchant, 41 & 43 Bridge End
Murphy, Arthur, teacher, 70 Brown Street
Murphy, Andrew, polisher, 36 Ashmore Street
Murphy, Catherine, teacher, 12 New Bond Street
Murphy, Charles O. B., reporter, News-Letter office, 10 St. James Street
Murphy & Sons, grain and seed merchants, 44 & 46 Great Patrick Street
Murphy, D. (of Murphy & Sons), 30 Lonsdale Terrace, Crumlin Road
Murphy, Dr., professor of Greek, Assembly's College, College Park, College Park East
Murphy, Elizabeth, grocer, 21 Smithfield
Murphy, Ferris, & Sons, shipwrights, Dock Yard, Corporation Street and Station Street
Murphy, George, grocer, 42 Alexander Street
Murphy, Isaac J. (Springmount Bleaching Co.), 7 & 8 Donegall Square North; res., Glenburn House, Dunmurry
Murphy, James, printer, 55 Charles Street South
Murphy, James, traveller, 21 New Dock Street
Murphy, Jas., roving master, 21 Glentilt Street
Murphy, James, butcher, 73 Hercules Street
Murphy, James, carpenter, 109 Westmoreland Street
Murphy, John, store keeper, 50 Westmoreland Street
Murphy, J. F. (of Union Foundry), 13 May Street
Murphy, John, blacksmith, 68 Lawther Street
Murphy, John, shoe maker, 1 Abercorn Street North
Murphy, John, linen lapper, Blackwater Street
Murphy, John, publican (Beehive), Falls Road
Murphy, John, sea captain, 7 Bentinck Street
Murphy, John (of Archer & Sons), Donegall Place
Murphy, Joseph John, Old Forge, Dunmurry
Murphy, Louisa, spirit dealer, 49 & 51 Brown Street
Murphy, Mary, pawn broker, 60 Pound Street
Murphy, Mrs., lodging house, 120 Carrick Hill
Murphy, Miss, 62 Apsley Place, Donegal Pass
Murphy & Orr, wholesale and retail family linen warehouse, 18 Donegall Street
Murphy, Hugh (of Murphy & Orr), 19 College Street South
Murphy, Patrick, master slater, 44 Denmark Street
Murphy, Patrick, compositor, 37 Institution Place
Murphy, Patrick, grocer and provision dealer, 9 & 11 Garmoyle Street
Murphy, Patrick, loft man, 27 Springfield Village, Springfield Road
Murphy, Robt., mechanic, 31 Grosvenor Place
Murphy, Robert, carpenter, 122 Henry Street
Murphy, Robt., smith, 22 Cullingtree Road
Murphy, Robert, boatman, 51 Little Patrick Street
Murphy, Robt., carpenter, 65 McCleery Street
Murphy, Robert, Castlereagh
Murphy, Saml., manufacturer, 80 Grosvenor Terrace, Grosvenor Street
Murphy, Saml. John, clerk, 47 Ship Street
Murphy, Saml., law clerk, Summer Street
Murphy, Thomas, collector of accounts, 14 Milford Street
Murphy, Thomas, clerk, 9 Berlin Street
Murphy, Wm., linen merchant, 8 Donegall Square North; res., Strandmillis House
Murphy, William, pensioner, 30 Gibson Street
Murphy, Wm., manufacturer, 90 Grosvenor Terrace, Grosvenor Street
Murphy, Wm., bread server, 25 Lee Street
Murphy, Wm., caretaker, Ulster Hall, Linenhall Street
Murphy, Wm., bleacher, 34 Springfield Village, Springfield Road
Murray, Alex., mechanic, 40 Denmark Street
Murray, Andw., paper dealer, 55 Smithfield
Murray, Charles, brick layer, 2 Ross Street
Murray, C., preparing master, 6 Antigua Street
Murray, Daniel, builder, 18 Bridge End
Murray, Daniel, dealer, 76 & 78 Corporation Street
Murray, Daniel, draper, 40 Lagan Street
Murray, Daniel, shoe maker, 68 Lagan Village Road
Murray, Daniel, builder, 7 Memel Street
Murray, D., ship carpenter, 6 Waterloo Street
Murray, D. A., bank clerk, 5 Crecy Terrace
Murray, Edward, wood turner, 4 Cargill Street
Murray, Edward, manager, 35 Woodstock Road
Murray, Francis, dealer, 40 Boundary Street
Murray, H., boot and shoe maker, 9 Short Strand
Murray, H., warehouse manager, 51 Balmoral Terrace, Great Victoria Street
Murray, Henry, blacksmith, 23 Newtownards Road
Murray, Henry, M.D., 3 College Square East
Murray, Hugh, brick layer, 26 Cullingtree Road
Murray, Hugh, R.I.C., 36 Elizabeth Street
Murray, Hugh, spirit dealer, 22 Great George's Street
Murray, Hugh, carpenter, 129 Vernon Street
Murray, James, painter, 27 Lady Street
Murray, James, painter, 41 Woodstock Road
Murray, James, ship owner, 1 Woodstock Street
Murray, James, car owner, 25 East Street
Murray, James, car owner, 25 Institution Place
Murray, James J., tailor, 6 California Street
Murray, James, ship owner, Loughview House, 35 Bridge End
Murray, John, pork cutter, 76 Stanfield Street
Murphy, John, pensioner, 57 Stephen Street
Murray, John, gardener, 42 Weaver Street
Murray, John, tailor, 12 White Street
Murray, John, butcher, 20 Little Patrick Street
Murrray, Kate, 27 Linenhall Street (Murray)
Murray, Lockie, carpenter, 9 Stanfield Street
Murray, Margaret, spirit grocer, 36 Macaulay Street
Murray, Margaret, grocer, 18 Gibson Street
Murray, Michl., railway guard, 56 McDonnell Street
Murray, Mrs., farmer, Purdysburn
Murray, Mrs., Strandtown Villa, Strandtown
Murray, Mrs., Fortwilliam, Shore Road
Murray, P., & Co., Lime Works, 35 Short Strand
Murray, Patrick, carpenter, 15 Lagan Village Road
Murray, Patrick, pavior, 57 North Queen Street
Murray, Patrick, railway guard, 74 Anderson Street
Murray, Patrick, coach wheeler, 13 Erin Street
Murray, Patrick, grocer, 13 Great Edward Street
Murray, Patrick, lime burner, 5 Cranston Place, Duncairn, Street
Murray, Robert, silk and woollen dyer and cleaner, 9 Arthur Square
Murray, Robert, timber merchant, 134 Albion Place, Dublin Road
Murray, Robert, cloth cutter, 17 Gertrude Street
Murray, Robt. & Co., carpenters, builder & packing case makers, 37 College Street
Murray, Robert, carpenter, 16 New Street
Murray, Samuel, mechanic, 43 Short Strand
Murray, Samuel, painter, 124 Hemsworth Street
Murray, Sidney, brick layer, 18 Donegore Street
Murray, Sons, & Co., tobacco manufacturers, 23 Arthur Street
Murray, Thomas, glue manufacturer, Cregagh Road, Castlereagh
Murray, Thos., grocer, 2 Annadale Street
Murray, William Godfrey, bookkeeper, 35 Westmoreland Street
Murray, Wm., post master & grocer, Purdysburn
Murray, Wm., sea captain, 40 Dock Street
Murray, Wm., sawyer, 28 Durham Street
Murray, Wm., hay dealer, 4 Eliza Street
Murray, Wm., dyer, 3 Abercorn Street North
Murtagh, Edward, spirit dealer, 52 Divis Street
Murtagh, George, carpenter, 45 Bradford Street
Murtagh, George, spirit dealer, 102 North Street
Murtagh, Patk., wine and spirit dealer, 72 Mill Street
Murtagh, Thomas, spirit dealer, 12 Castle Lane; res., Botanic View Cottage, Malone Road
Murtagh, Wm., pork cutter, 4 Campbell Street
Museum, 7 College Square North - William Darragh, curator
Musgrave, H. & E., wholesale tea and sugar merchants, 69 Ann Street
Musgrave & Co. Limited, Ann Street Iron Works (65 Ann Street) and Cromac Foundry; directors - John R. Musgrave, Drumglass House; Jas. Musgrave, Drumglass House; John A. Hanna, Marietta, Knock; Thomas F. Shillington, 2 Upper Crescent
Musgrave, James )of Musgrave & Co.), Drumglass House
Musgrave, John R. (of Musgrave & Co.), Drumglass House
Musgrave, Wm., tenter, 7 Thames Street
Mussen, Henry, pawn broker, 50 & 52 Carrick Hill; res., 1 Cranston Place, Duncairn Street
Mussen, Mrs., dress maker, 81 Old Lodge Road
Mussen, Wm., spirit dealer, 41 Talbot Street
Mussen, Wm., bill discounter, 84 Donegall Street; res., Cregagh Road
Myers, John, rigger, 68 Fleet Street